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Amy Hooper /// Part 1 /// 294

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Amy Hooper /// Part 1 /// 294


March, 1992 - Columbus, Ohio - A young woman is brutally attacked and killed in her home. To this day her killer remains at large. This is a case that is solvable and hopefully will be soon. This week Nic and the Captain take a look at a cold Columbus homicide case. Beer of the Week - Sohio Stout by Columbus Brewing Company Garage Grade - 4 and a quarter bottle caps out of 5

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I the welcome to true crime garage. Where have you are whatever you are doing, thanks for listening, I'm your host naked with me, as always, is a guy that thinks my existence is a nuisance. He is the captain. I'm the host with the most this
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Everybody gather around grab a chair grab here. Let's talk some true cried the website, ohio attorney general dot. Gov contains many resources, one resource on their the post saddens me and angers. Me is a list of cold case homicides all taking place in my home state, the great state of ohio you can browse this list by certain.
A specific name or do, as I have many times start at the beginning, and go in chronological order through the years many cases on their have caught my eye. Several of them. I have personally looked into hunting down old newspaper articles sifting through online message boards, looking for not only information but theories and suspects. After all, this is my home state where my family and friends live, and, according to this list, killers are walking amongst us. One of the cases that caught my eye was that of a young woman killed at home alone in her apartment,
the case was initially of interest to me, because I noticed that I once lived in the neighborhood in which she was killed on the government website. This is case number seventeen, the victims name Amy Hooper. This was just one of many cases that for me, stuff being just a number on some list and became a name on a file folder. However, I am slightly ashamed to say that the file ended up on a shelf in my office collecting dust later through conversations, I learned of an even closer connection. I had to the unsolved murder case my mother and Amy's mother taught at the same school. My father followed the case in
papers and on tv. Not too long ago, I was busy cleaning out the old office and sifting through some old case files, some that we have covered here on true crime, garage and others that we hope to. I found amy's folder flipped through it and looked at her photo. The sadness and anger returned so I decided to revisit this case. Amy was only twenty years old when some savage took her life. She was very close with their family and had many friends. The motive for this cold blooded killing is not obvious from the killer remains hiding in the shadows. This week we take a look at just one of a highly many cold case homicides
this is the case of Aimee Hooper. Amy joy? Hooper was one of three daughters, boys apparent joy and polish hooper. was born on november. Second, nineteen. Seventy one her sisters were quite a bit older holly was eight and sandy was ten, so amy was the baby of the family. Joy Hooper said that amy was spoiled from all. Mother and her sisters treated her like a little baby doll. They actually took care of me. Amy when their mother was ill for a time and was unable to do so
Amy was blonde with curly, ringlets and hazel eyes and has an adult she was on the smaller sighed. She was maybe five foot three inches tall. The website that we discussed lists her at all in three pounds, but according to her family, she was quote about ninety pound soaking wet the hookers lived in Columbus and Amy, attended, westland high school for a time, but Amy sisters, holly and sandy tell us it amy and her mother joy clashed a little when Amy was a teenager. This, for my understanding, to be fairly normal for teenage girls according to the family. Some of this clashing had to do with a boyfriend whom the parents of viewed as a b. If an amy's mother joy was very concerned because Amy actually have been hit on two separate occasions by this boyfriend. Also, this boy's mother worked in the school cavity
korea and it sounds like she may have harassed Amy after Amy try to break up with her son. Yet after Amy's sophomore year out westland high school, her parents are going try to move her to get away from this bag. Well, after being given a choice of where to live, she was offered the choice of living with either her aunt or her sister Amy decided to go out to california to live with her. So You're sandy sandy moved out. There are nineteen. Eighty two, the two sisters were very close despite the ten year age. Difference between the two Amy, did her junior year at high school in california and hung out with sandy and sand boyfriend re. But after her When year amy move back to ohio and went to live with her aunt and a nearby town and graduated from a different high school. This would have been in nineteen eighty nine after graduating from high school amy, move back to columbus and moved in with her mom hollow?
enjoy, had very recently gone through a divorce, and although this was not acrimonious, it was a tough time for everyone. Amy wanted to save money, so she could return to california to go to college she loved fashion and she look for job that would allow her to work in that industry should gotta. as a manager at a wilson's leather store in the westland mall, which many media reports refer to as Berman's leather, because Berman's was bought out by wilson's leather at some point. While she worked there for about months, a job that she reportedly loved and she was very responsible, never showing up late, never missing a day of work. She also occasion Design, display windows for the lazarus department store. She wrote the bus, so she didn't have to spend money on a car
wanting to know about Amy is that she'd loved animals and had a soft spot for anything furry at the time of her death. She had two cats that she had taken in articles about Amy state that she was very social, had a lot of friends and was known to frequent a west side bar called cocoanuts. She also it has been reported dated black men almost exclusively like the abusive boyfriend from west on high school. This fact will become significant. Later. Also, her family describes her as very trusting friendly, and although she was stubborn, she would stay her ground when she needed to yeah now, Amy's twenty and she's gonna write her own apartment. This starts on February seventeen
Nineteen ninety two renting an apartment at forty, nine, forty, two medfield way in lincoln village and columbus. Now, even though this was an apartment, it wasn't a big high rise type building, Amy's ground floor apartment door opened into a grassy open, area outside punctuated by a spider web of walkways, leading between the various apartments and the street. So to get to Amy's front door. Also, one had to do is walk up to. There were no entrance ways gates our doors or security measures whatsoever These buildings were not equipped with security cameras, amy least, Apartment on her own, but allowed a friend to move in with her rent free. This is a woman whose name we don't know, but we No, that she had a small child. The family in certain how Amy knew this roommate, but her sister sandy says Amy told them
She was going to let them live. There really caution taking the man to help them. Aimee had a kind heart and right in the in her baby really had nowhere to go? Who cares how they became friends? It's simply here's Amy! She has a place here. As a single mother, hey come stay with me for awhile. Let's get you on your feet. It sounds like that may be Amy to move this girl into her mom's house when she was still living there. But after a few days, her mother was like no we're not having outsiders. Come and free load off of our family and to stay here. You know this woman, apparently and have a job at the time or at least that the family knew of so Amy, rented the new apartment and let her friend in the baby move in with her amy in this mate were really still getting settled at the time. Even Amy's mother had not visited the apartment yet because the women were still getting the place.
gather and they were actually lacking in the way of furniture. At this time, Amy sister holly was also living in Columbus, but she wasn't serious relationship with someone in cleveland. Now friday march sixth holly planted travel up to cleveland to see her boyfriend so in Amy made some kind of arrangement where Amy would moral holly's car and take care of holly's dog for the weekend. It turned now the amy wanted the car so that she can go up to see her boyfriend who was going to bowling green at the time this was a young guy, who's name, we we won't use holly did not work. amy driving her vehicle all the way up to bowling green. So what happened amy borrowed her mothers car instead and left her sisters car with her mother for the get now. Everybody has a car to use. Amy did not.
Her mother that she was planning on going to bowling green, and it seems that joy. did not know about this boyfriend. She never met him. She only heard about him after Amy's death weekend, I'm going to bring up the fact that it's early nineties. So it's not like you- have a lot of internet dating or a lot of ways of communication. With some of these people, it could be somebody she went to high school with that went bowling green for college or move there with their family. On Monday march, ninth Amy sister holly returned to town from her weekend in cleveland, and she went straight to work actually returned the night before from her weekend and went out with some unnamed friends the night before the planned amy was supposed to meet holly on Holly's lunch hour that day to return her car. Now, when Amy failed to show up holly called her,
heart meant numerous times to no avail. We don't know whether she also called amy's work, but she told us that she couldn't find Amy that day. It was later ordered that by one p, m, Amy's, friends and co workers started call each other. Looking for Amy, meanwhile, holly called her father father and he gave her a ride to Amy's new apartment. Holly had a key to her car, was hoping to be able to retrieve the vehicle she and her father knock repeatedly on Amy's apartment door, but there was no response yet, but were able to find her car yeah holly's car was in fact still there and because she had the key She was able to open the car door and then drive the vehicle back to her work. Hollis also left at this likely figuring that there had been some kind of mixed up
one thing we have no information on is whether the police ever took a look at holly's cos which we know Amy drove that morning. So we don't know if it was ever dusted for prints were examined for signs of a struggle or even things out of place Now. At this point, holly called her mom joy, if she knew where Amy was she had a really bad feeling when she able to locate her car at Amy's apartment, but amy was nowhere to be found. Joy was a teacher, and was in the classroom all day long. So it was hard for her to talk on the phone but eventually around three thirty june gathering mail at the school where she worked and people from Amy's work started to contact her because Joy was listed as Amy's emergency contact person amy fail to show up for work
Then, when joy was finally able to call Holly joy, told holly that Aimee had been to her house in grove city around six thirty that morning and returned her car and took holly's com. The two chatted while joy put on her make up getting ready for work and he told her mother at that time, there was a managers meeting? There was scheduled for work that day later that morning and she was supposed to be a part of this meat from what I could tell from what I could find the main Yours meeting was to be around noon, or at least that's what some reports say: roy, said Amy seem normal at this time when they were talking that morning and very happy that morning. So just a quick, summarised version of that time line because there's a lot of moving pieces imports here, ok, so that the general timeline. Is this amy returns to Columbus sunday night. We don't know what time she goes out.
Some france early Monday morning at six thirty, a m she's at her mother's house remember they have to switch out the vehicles and so at six thirty, she talks or mother everything. Everything seems normal and happy and good at that time. There's nothing strange on with Amy. She takes her sisters car presumably goes straight. Her apartment. now where we are now is we have multiple people we have reached out to a. Mother trying to get All of our because they're, like we haven't in amy we have any Mr Holly, who I found my vehicle amy's apartment, but no amy, we have her work, calling joy because she is the emergency contact listed on. information because they have not seen. either she supposed to have been at a managers meeting that day and night if you she's work, therefore, over six months and never today of work,
so this is raising all kinds of alarms. You know the red flags are going up, especially for joy, one, sometimes mother, just now. Well, she's already heard from one daughter and she's heard from Amy's work, and she saying as soon as this went down, she knew right away that something bad happened right so boy, Amy's mother, ass holly, the sister to meet her amy's apartment. They wanted to go the rental office and ask it they had seen anything trying, there's still trying to find Amy and they wild amy's father to meet them there's. Well, so once they dr Hollis. Her father tries the door to Amy's apartment and found it locked. They decided to go to the super office and ask them to open up the door. Now joy, the mother had to be present. In order for the super to open up the apartment door, he had to receive permission from a person listed on Amy's least documentation as a person who could actually author,
I entry into Amy hookers apartment, so around four p m Amy's dad and the super entered the apartment. Holly enjoy state outside think, thank god. This is what hollis and the super found, according to the newspaper reports upon entering the apartment they would find Amy lying naked and bound face up. On the hardwood floor of an upstairs room in her apartment, she had been beaten over the head suffering, a crack skull, which one early story in the columbus dispatch described as a split and that she was stabbed in the neck and heart her hands were bound behind her with a nylon cord dangling from a unique pendant tucked into her hands and the police state did they were unsure whether this belong to Amy or if it was brought into the apartment by the killer
This was a wood and leather medallion. A heart shaped painted with colors of red, yellow and green glued to a black would circle. Was there any sign of our sexual assault, There was, according to the newspapers that is unclear now regarding this medallion itself. The newspapers asked if this could mean something even asking if the killer was making some kind of statement, because Amy was dating an african american man, or
this just something that was lying around, but what does a medallion have to do with an african american may well mind you, the colors that were on their? We have read, yellow green, so we have colours of the african flag. I would believe the yeah right or is it somebody that saw a white woman with a black man, and I want to make her pay for that. Correct me. Is that what you're saying that's, what the papers or say? Ok, I wanna be very clear about that. That's what the newspapers and ninety ninety two were saying, not what the when all is saying not in two thousand and nineteen, I'm simply reporting what was reported. So the question here regarding this, this medallion this Nicholas whatever you want to call. It is. Did this actually mean something? Did the killer bring this to the apartment with them.
The air was just something that was lying around that was found in Amy's apartment that the killer used to tie her up newspapers even suggested that this might be the key to the case Police told the media, the amy may have been rendered helpless with her hands tied and then struck on the back of the head. The family has stated that the blow to the head is what in fact killed. Amy the stab wounds were all post mortem and the family say that they were told that there were thirteen or fourteen stab wounds, and all was it to me. That seems like act of passion, rave, so more likely somebody she knew well, that's that's pretty spot on, thereby you captain good job at a? U, because, according to the detectives, what they told the papers was. Whoever did this to Amy was harbouring some kind of rage against her now the knife
it was used, was found at the scene. Ah, that's always nice when they leave that beyond for you, but the puzzling thing is the weapon that was used to bludgeon Amy on the head. The blow that killed her was never found. So real, quick before we move on regarding the knife. We know that it's found at the scene, although we ve never been told. No one could tell us if this was something that the killer brought to the scene or some the killer found already in the apartment. We don't know if this knife belong to a or even the roommate right, but they believe those stab wounds were post mortem. So whereas this object that hit or on the head to split the score? Well, they didn't find that at the scene you know, unlike the knife, they did not find this weapon and in fact they according to investigators, they weren't really even certain what type of weapon it was. The only thing that they told
media was that they all they know is. It was a sharp heavy object so almost immediately after finding Amy's body investigators, their searching alleys, dumpsters garbage and in the area there. Looking for, of course, not only clues, but looking for the sharp heavy object. They killed her right, but they found nothing nor, even though that they found not, then around her apartment do you have anything else that we know more information about the scene of the crime? We do have some more detailed information here regarding the murder scene. We know that Hollis, the father discovered the horrifying traumatic sight of his daughter lying dead on the floor, the franklin county, sheriffs department. They were called in to investigate,
They were the lead on this murder case, the nine when one call came from Amy's family at for twenty one p m. That day, detectives were very quick to close off the scene and they started their investigation immediately now the apartment for windows or really anything otherwise showed absolutely no signs of forced entry. There was, so very little sign of a struggle and the apartment. There was a phone cord. Now this was found to be ripped out of the wall police from what could see at the scene surmise that amy taking a shower that morning. Bond this comment gives us some kind of a window of when the time a death would be. yet in this is actually very important to our investigation here, because we, we have here. Captain is. We know that around four o'clock is when her father enters the apartment,
By for twenty one, we have detectives on the scene. They ve already blocked everything off. So, regarding the time of death, we a couple of indicators to tell us what that could be. We know She was at her mother's house at six thirty, and then she were turned were presuming that she came straight to her apartment. Maybe He stopped off along the way, but what we do in fact know that, once she returned to her apartment, she did take a shower. And we'll get into the details of this more. Why we know this to be absolute fact. This is not something where anybody needs the let us She could have taken a shower the night before or before she went to go pick up the car. Now we have details that point out the matter of fact. She took a shower after returning to her home. So what getting out here with the window of time of of the frame of time that we need to be concerned with to find this affair Is the narrow, the cot narrow, the time of death down to this
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Time was police publicly would only say that Aimee had apparently been dead for several hours by the time she was found. What other information do we have from the scene of the crime, whether there were things the scene captain. That would give the appearance that she may have been getting ready to go to work at the time when this attack went down right. Ok, so she had a plastic pink carry all that held her make up and hair. As this was found lying open on the bedroom floor, you know ready for use right the she had an electric blanket on a pull out sofa. Remember we said that they had just moved in and they were kind of lacking in the area of actual furniture. Everybody knows this when you go out move at a mom and dad house for the first time you realize I dont know anything they with a fourth and fifth time
I don't want anything so she was actually using a pull out sofa at the time as her bed. So the pull out soon sofa still set up for her bed and she hadn't electric blanket on that which was still plugged in at this time. Her hair drier was plugged in as well so here this paints a picture of this young woman who had returned home I'd, even guess that she may have taken a nap, maybe went back to sleep for a little bit of time possible, but there are people that does leave things plugged in all the time, so that is possible and then decides to get up and start getting ready for work, and then somehow this attack happens right, so we know that she was found in the nude. There is some question was she did? Was she surprised
you know, was, was she coming out of the shower when she was attacked or did the killer stripper yoke is know? The shower part, and the mega part makes me seem to me, makes it seem like she's gettin, ready for work and also, then it goes back to the idea that some, I knows our schedule as they would know when she would have to go to work or somebody watched her go into her apartment alone. Right is another possibility, so regarding this, this whole situation of her getting ready for work. What we do know is this that this was not in the newspapers but detectives specifically I her family that they believe that amy may have opened the door and was in her robe at the time that she opened the door and we don't know or have details as to why they would come to this conclusion or two
family that what we do know is we have no signs of a forced entry, so that has to be a consideration. Did some, simply knock on the door ring the doorbell and she lets them in or opens the door and they forced their way in. Now. The other thing that I wonder about regarding the situation of telling the family, that we believe I opened up the door and was in her robe at that time. We know that she was found dead upstairs did they find the robed downstairs near the front door? You know those are the questions that that you wonder how they came to that conclusion, or at least why they are telling the family that now regarding the scene itself, we have Chris Floyd. He was one of the deputy sheriffs. Who was, he was actually the first officer on the scene.
An he noted the position of Aimee s body, and he says that he found it to be quite bizarre. He said quote: she was displayed. It wasn't as if she fell that way. My first thought was this was to make a statement this hard to know what the reason why he believes this: could we have a sleeved and see how she was displayed so, but I'm guessing there. there's some kind of reason well use the using just his words. I think what we can we can deduce from that is. He is of the opinion that she was displayed that she didn't fall like that. Some one positioned her in that manner in his opinion right, but we also have possible post mortem wounds and does that come into play of where she I'd assume that comes into the play of where she's going to be lane. If you're attacking
howdy after she's our dead. Well, let's talk about that medallion for while because so much has been made in the newspapers about that medallion. If you look up this case, unfortunately, there is not a lot of news coverage on this case is there's a handful of of good newspaper articles. I'll say that that word good newspaper articles there not great in a sense that some of the lengthy are ones while they make for a good type of murder mystery if it were to be fictional. This is a true story and the truth of some of this stuff seems to be left out of the papers now in their defence. This may be information that they just don't know. Ok, so this meant million. If you look up the columbus dispatch news stories regarding this case- and I am sure that there is proper-
one or two that made their way through the associated press, but they have time and time again asked. The question: is this medallion? Is this necklace the key to the case, because they're they're asking the obvious question here? Was this something that the killer brought to the scene with them used it to tie her up and then either forgot about it was startled and had to leave the scene earlier than they wanted to buy, or you know left it or for any number of reasons. The truth about that medallion is it's very likely, not the key to this case at all, because we know this. This is one thing that we know to be fact. Her sister sandy, her older sister, remember that she lived with for a time in California, oh say, and he says- to us that that medallion was not only We did. It belong to Amy,
But I know that it belonged to her because I purchase this for her prey. Sandy says she bought the what she called a rastafarians themed medallion for Amy when the who attended a reggae festival in san diego when Amy was out in california, with sandy Then. Furthermore, sandy went on to tell me that not only did she purchase this for her little sister, but she knew, the amy would often keep necklaces. Hey on a this is how was described him anyway, hanging on a from a lamp that was near her bed. I think this was up on a desk or table of some sort. And they all of em just cut a hung from this lamp. Well, we No, the amy was found in an upstairs bedroom. My thought is that this turns out to just be something handy there,
already at the scene. We know this per her sister sandy and that the killer grabbed it and used it to tie amy up and then never felt the need to take it with them because it wasn't, there is in the first place, it had likely had no connection to the killer at all one the fact that her sister story is so detailed, hey. I know where I bought this for my sister rom and then also it makes the idea of what the police are saying. They think that she answers the door in a robe or something like that when she's getting ready to go to work, because maybe she had this in her hand or in the pocket of the but whatever when she's gettin ready, because she was gonna, put it on well and in the defence of the reporters. I think that this is really just a detail that has got lost somewhere else. the way that's, got lost between the investigation and the reporting of the murder and the investigation, because
Sandy was not questioners look into until about two days after Amy was actually killed. Remember she saw out california, so she has to fly back. She wants to be with her family and during that time is when she spoke with the investigators. So my guess is the way this thing went down. Is it very early on the newspapers are given some deed rules regarding the crime in the crime scene. Right which includes medallion or necklace whatever you want to call it an a kind of ran with this idea. I dont know that december. It information ever got to them that that is not the case that they don't have to question this.
italian in it being in the apartment any more because it was supposed to be there right in a lifetime. Some people cover story. Again. They just read the article and then repeat a lot of that stuff. And then then you have another paper saying hey this medallion might have something to do with the connection you know I I buy more of our sister store that she for her sister. Well, I'm stating, as fact, I have no reason to believe that anything other than exactly what she said happened. So I was actually talking to a friend of mine regarding this case, because this is a bit of a pet case of mine. You know you talk about red light cases. This is this is one for me. And we were talking about this- this medallion, this necklace thing and they asked me but why would the detectives on the case still continue to lie?
The newspapers believed that this medallion might be a big key to solving the case in my answer is simply this one. The detectives don't owe that information to the newspapers they may be wanting to hold that information back, but then, on top of that, as detectives they're, just happy that somebody's reporting about this case because we talk about so many times that you need the public's help and if this case can stay some in the public eye, even though it has not, you know, that's probably their hopes there and I A point out something regarding this case as well, that there have been a couple detectives over the years that have worked this case, and I have not question their efforts and I don't think anybody should I that from the detectives that I've spoke to an from retire
individuals that I've spoke to there. There has been a lot of effort made on this case. This case is not called for because of lack of effort on the investigate. Jarrod, let's be honest, mean the end of the eighties early nineties was a different time than now and there there was definitely more prejudice and more racism going on and and more people being vocal about that, and so to have a twenty year old white girl dating. You know pretty much all black guys. There could be some police officers on the case that are prejudiced or racist, but that really doesn't seem that way. In this case, it really seems like they were trying their best to solve this case for this family. Well, speaking of investigators, there was
franklin, county, sheriffs, detective clark. He has been the one that is often cited in the newspapers when talking about Amy Hooper case and one thing one statement that he is made is that quote: there are a couple of significant things that only the killer would now end quote. So one of these things might be the actual murder weapon, because, although the We have told the press repeatedly ray and even as recently as two thousand and eleven that they didn't know what bludgeoning weapon was they did tell the family Amy hookers family at the time of the murder at first that it might have been a high Now we don't know if they're just guessing here, that it could be a hammer orphan fact, they did find the actual weapon
and they're holding that information back right, because a lot of times when they're doing the autopsy they will go. Okay, here is the here's. The Woon there's, maybe a puncture wound. What are we looking for? What kind of object and, and they might have a broad strokes of what that object is? But but you said, the hammer could just be a gas yeah, and then they told the family that it looked like to them. That Aimee had run. to her landline phone. Ok. So this is kind of the full story of what investigators are working with the it what the evidence is showing them is it. This is something this is how this might have went down right, that she answered the door in her robe and then the killer either is welcomed into the home or forces their way into. The apart
And then, at some point, Amy made a move for the land line phone, possibly to call for help. They believed that the killer then grab the phone and hit her over the head with the actual fur according to one family member, they were told that blood was found on the phone itself. Now that, Some have to mean that she was hit with the phone. We do now
did the only really true sign of struggle that was shown inside. That apartment was the phone cord being ripped out of the wall and the fact that she'd dated a guy that was abusive too to her. He no one where's his whereabouts. This day is, is he a round? I believe that some of the men need to look into and also the men that she was dating. Was there any history of abuse with them? Maybe not that she reported to the family or friends, but do they have any a rest by being abused?
to somebody else that they dated, and so now you have those kind of suspects. And then we have her wanting to go to bowling green right to hang out with a friend she. She came back the day before yeah right and so does she have somebody at home that she c n that would be jealous of the fact that she went to go hang out with somebody in bowling green, so you're saying we should get to some possible suspects here, captain yeah, what I'm saying well and I'm starting with the highschool douche bag. Okay, who you know not a highschool wart, but the guy that she dated in highschool well finish up with the crime scene, stuff first and then we'll get to the possible suspect. So one thing they in the investigators are keeping mum on and won't even discuss with the family is whether Amy was sexually assaulted or not.
Now later. All these years later, we do know that dna was found at the scene. We do know That dna does not belong to a me. This has been publicly stated. We do not know the source of their dna with doing of its male or female. Well wise as like, we don't know shit. Well, here's here's! Where am I to go with this? They ve they ve, never said. Publicly ok we're we're we're basing our story off of what has been stated publicly throughout this course of this very long investigation, but what we can do for you is. We can pick a the pieces of investigation and really tell you kind of what's going on with it, based off of their actions- and we do this often when we look at these investigations,
How do we know that dna was found at the scene where we know that, because they ve publicly publicly stated that they have cleared possible suspects when testing dna re? Ok, the only suspects that they have publicly stated have been cleared by dna testing. Our males so where I'm going with this is, I believe that they have knowledge that the dna found at the scene that was not Amy's is that of a male, that our fender is in fact a man right, because there there could have been females that you would. You would test right, yeah so they must know that this dna belongs to a man and they have tested said individuals and cleared them based off of their dna evidence welkin view star with the acts the abusive for eating,
store yes, so earlier we mentioned Amy's abusive boyfriend from when they attended westland high school together. We'll get this the the family said that they have reason to believe that this guy actually tried to follow. Amy to California. Remember her parents suggest, hey you gotta get away from this guy. You can go move Your aunt who lives in another part of ohio or you could go live with euro adult sister, Alan California. She chooses California, what I've been told the family says. We have reason to believe that this do try to follow her out to california, but from what we can recall, whatever reason he failed to do so, meaning he now were caught up with Amy, while she was in california.
So then, you wonder, was he waiting for her when she returned to ohio yeah, or did he her about her return in and go ass, she's back timed time to go back to being a jerk store as far as the family is aware of Amy hookers Emily, they say that they are not certain. They have no reason to believe that the two actually ever saw each other ever again after Amy moved outcome, for new, even when she moved back right, but it certainly seems oh, that he was a good candidate for a suspect to be the murderer, given that he was violent and vindictive, but according to one of Amy's family members, it seems that he has been ruled out. Ok, I've been told: by her family that this individual. What
not only rolled out, but he was cleared using dna test. Okay, so maybe they weren't art dummy said. I had nothing to do with it. Here's my dna clear me yeah I have not seen earn. God knows how long I will cooperate with your investigation, so where do they go to next? The more recent boyfriend well yeah, that is the obvious place they probably maven went there before any up anybody else. So. least honed in on her current boyfriend- remember this is some that the family was unaware of he's a student at bowling green state university at the time and Amy spent the weekend with this boyfriend in bali, green. What we end up learning here is that he does speak to police and he's very cooperative. He tells police the hey. I gave her a mall diamond ring that very weak and the last weekend that I saw her and in fact it was.
on her left hand when she died when police found her son, but as he said, Amy's mom, didn't know about this boyfriend and Amy didn't show her. at diamond ring when she came over that Monday morning the morning that she was killed. Yeah, sometimes it's you know sometimes that sensitive with your your parents, you don't want to tom you're, jumping into something too serious Give him a little time well, and I do want to. I wouldn't want to remind you about something to his amy's intentions, Amy was very much wanting to be in the fashion industry. That's why she took that job sheep she applied for that managers job at the leather. For bread- and she was working towards that, she was saving up for college. Her intention was to move back to california and attend school there. So.
I can totally see a situation where maybe this wasn't as serious for Amy as it was for the current boyfriend or maybe this is not something that you want to discuss with mom, knowing that she plans to move out so my I know how it is. You d want to get him one of the long conversations with with one in your parents regarding what you're doing and how the order that you're Choosing to do them it I'm, I preferred to never talked my parents about relationships sex or any a main or that I'm even alive, so the family does not know about the boyfriend They didn't know about the ring at the time later, they did find out that he was not only a good student at both. Green, but he was also a football player regarding this boyfriend, though he was cleared now as far as
acknowledge goes what I could find in the newspapers. We dont know why or how that was never stated publicly other than he was cleared so much so that police have gone on in state. That he's not a suspect where I have only said he's, not a suspect. This is happening monday morning, cracked, so would he be at school? Yes, and then they would have some recorded went to class well, have a lotta alibis does, if he's in a class of thirty than he is, thirty alibis and plus a is a hefty dr, it's a two and a half hour drive roughly, so That's five hours room beyond the road, so Well, we got like he would be easy to clear. Yes, while one hundred percent- it's it's, it would be easy to either put clear him or put him right on this aspect list, and so what
think we have here is its early on in the investigation where they are stating they being law enforcement. Stating that he, the current boyfriend, is not a suspect guess is that you're, probably spot on here, captain that there are men, the people who are able to account for his whereabouts? during that window of time and really, that window of time only has to be from six thirty a m until four p m that day right so less than a full day. and if he's at school all day long. Well, then he's not a good candidate for a suspect and what I've been told here is that its believed that even at a later date I want. I want to point something out here: it's not like they find Amy's body, and then there are immediately plucking suspects in lasting dna and clearing people. This isn't happening rapidly. This is happening slowly
over a long period of time and we have him who very quickly is named as not a suspect? from my understanding that even at a later date, even much after being named as not a suspect he per dna and they were able to clear him in that way there is absolutely no question in regards to the boy friend, that's doing your due diligence right there, you go k. We have alibis, we have cleared him. We don't think there's any way possible that he was even in columbus at the time, but we're still gonna go back down that we have dna and make this mother said take a dna test. Well, that's why I stated earlier that I dont believe that this has not been solved because of a lack of effort. This is really circling the wagons here and stating you know what we're gonna double check. Every thing: we're gonna double triple check everything until we get this thing, salt
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