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Best of 2020 ////// 452

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Grab a chair, grab a beer and let’s revisit the Garage’s best shows of the year we would all like to forget - 2020!

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The The. welcome to true crime garage wherever you are whatever you were doing. Thank you for listening. I'm your hosts, nick and with me, as always, is a man that says after twenty twenty we we all know what it feels like to be a bubble boy here is the captain
it's good to be seen, and it's good to see you will please do not touch the bubble. Today. Friends, we are drinking must go faster by one of the very best brewers in the business. That's tactical brewing company This is a delicious imperial new england p, a double dry with IPA row and citra nine point three percent: be vague, aroused great four and three quarter bottle caps out of five and here is cheers to some of our friends that are just as hopped up for today show, as I am, here's a happy heart These cheers to hunter and northwood new hampshire things, the us in an emerald texas, a huge thank you would be time cheers to our friend, jordan, oh and chambersburg pennsylvania, a big we like to jib
those two kyle, are and tolstoy Oklahoma, there's a cheers to lisa and canvas bare and united kingdom and last, but certainly not least, we have kristin in mount airy maryland everyone we just true crime garage and helped out with this beer fund, and for that we yeah, the body the are you in. Beer rhine, make sure, when you're at the website to sign up on our mailing list will, sending out? All next year will be sending out discount codes, and all you have to You assign sign up on the mailing list to get those all right. That's enough of the business everybody gather round. Grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime, and the the
all right boys and girls captain. This is something we ve been wanting to do for a while, I guess at least the entirety of two thousand and twenty, as we ve been putting together great, shows and great cases for the whole year. Every one of them was great. That was, we took a vote and everybody confirmed every one of the shows was absolutely great, but you- and I are going to talk about the ones that we enjoy the most. Now we put out a pawn ever base at every absurd was number one tied for number one. Some would say it was the last year we ever had some would say that, today we're going to each talk about our top five, our five favorite shows of this last year of the great year that was twenty twenty. I liked
think that you know about fifteen twenty years from now, when we're sitting around and were all very old and were sip in our beer, maybe were drinking it through a strong at that point that we're gonna go hey you guys remember that year, when we stayed inside didn't go anywhere, so that was nice. That was nice. football was completely weird. The buckeyes are looking for their sixth victory here in december, all right without further do I'm I'm assuming we gave Carlos the day off, he's not here to out of town now he's not here. We we gotta get. We had to lay people off because of because of the coven. We gotta talk to him and see if we can get him back in the garage for twenty twenty one said he will not.
for free, or I get in here is my number five for best of twenty one d. The responsible side of me said to go with the eye. Seventy killer, because it's such a fascinating mystery. Where did the pillar go? Why did you start abruptly and then stopped abruptly. But the fan boys side of me went with our mine hunter John Douglas episodes. This would be episodes four, forty, five and four forty six from november from just last month of this year. I went with this because it's no secret, the colonel loves John Douglas. I his books are fantastic. I've been a fan of his career and everything that he has done and the interesting thing that we had with this,
years. Episodes in this year's interview with him one weep and very lucky to interview john douglas at all. Right I mean he is the top named in true crime, in my opinion, in this in this form of infotainment, that we do, if not the top name, at least in the top five or top names correct, I mean. We've talked to Paul holes, he's fascinating, he's he's considered. One of the big names he's fascinating, he's handsome is very handsome. That's right and he's passionate about all the unsolved cases out there and I love hearing Paul talk about the delphi case. He's one of the top names we ve met nancy grace top mom, I'm she is. It is such a delightful birth in an incredibly funny and charming she's one of the top names. But for me I think the top name is John Douglas silver. In luck,
to interview him. He spoke with us last year and last year it was like okay, please stick to the book. That's coming out. That's the killer across the table and He doesn't do very many shows, so when he did our little garage show in a and then agreed to do it a second time I thought well either either we fall the garage guys come up with whatever you want to talk about my oh, he walks in this interview no idea what random questions that what's gonna throw out and we talked about everything from the zodiac act to
in a ramsay to the west Memphis three. I just peppered him with questions all these old cases, cases that he worked as an f b I agent or cases that he worked as a consultant after he retired some cases. He just looked into for the media's perspective. Yeah. He only had one requirement was: there's no captain. I think he'd, like the tables not big enough for the both of us captain. He likes the captain, but yeah, I was just such a pleasure to have John douglas on the show again, and it was it just. my day made my whole week. In fact, to hear him say: hey I'd like to come on again next year, so we're hoping to have. Mister Douglas the mind hunter on again next year and twenty twenty one bond just think about it. All those years ago said in in the hot garage laptop, I think the
top fan was goin a million miles a minute, sweat dripping down. We had to ex, but only one of whom was nice, if I would have told yet after that episode, hey guess what we hear from now: you're gonna interview, John Douglas twice you would be like you must be really drunk this episode. I would have said you're, a liar. That's my by five, their boys and girls, mine, hunter, John Douglas episodes for forty five and forty six. If you ve not check those out, because somebody some people do not dig, the interview shows I get that they want more of the story telling with a new case, if
You have followed the zodiac job in a west Memphis three. I can't even think of all the cases we talked about what we talked about married her. If you like, sounds and lambs. If you like red dragon, that's right. He gave us a little insight into the mine hunter season. Three as well So, yes, added error of correct, so check check that out. If you enjoy any of those old
My number five is, I guess self, serving because the more I went over the list of shows for two thousand and twenty I kept on going back to the fact that the the hi fi murders to me, that might have been my best theme music all year. So I had to put that on the list: high five murders episodes, four hundred and two and four hundred and three and anybody with the stitcher app that wants to go back and listen to some of these older ones. They have the ability to do that. If you don't have the stitcher app, you get it for
and check out these old episodes. The hi fi case is a very interesting one. It's it's a spoiler alert if you've not listened, it's a solved case, but the police work. The investigation is very interesting. The the brutality of the crime is horrific yeah and really, at the end of the day, it was thought to be that it was just some. Is that we're looking to steal some very expensive stereo equipment, and when an rob. This stereo store take all of this, the expensive equipment that they have, but it turns ugly, very, very quickly. It's up that's a horrific case, thank god that its solved, but a very interesting one, and it gives it it gives you the perspective of a very violent crime and of Every thorough investigation that followed along with the trials and such that took place that will
bring me to my number for their captain. I went with taylor robinson. This was a case that we were asked to be involved and to to shine a spotlight in this case, taylor robinson, was a nineteen year old kent state student. She was to be a nurse and worked as a home health care aide taylor was known as a kind person who volunteered at church and worked with special needs: children just a fantastic person, somebody that we need. We need more people like taylor, Robinson in this world. A one night in may of two thousand and thirteen her mother dropped her off at work. She was working at a house she would stay overnight to watch a special needs child, the mother. the child was at work in the next morning, when taylor's mom went to the house to pick her up taylor, wasn't there the mother
child who arrived home shortly before yells at taylor's mom? because she's, like you know where your daughter she left my my child home alone, all night long mother, explains, as she dropped taylor Does she was there she's as concerned as as the patient's mother is taylor's coat and shoes were left at the house, There is no sign of tailor so immediately her mother and her family. They know something terrible has happened and it wasn't until four months later bones were found at the Cuyahoga valley. National park fifteen miles away from where taylor was working. That night, her clothing found within a mile of her remains. She was found in a Heaven He wooded area and a heavily wooded part of the park. This is an area that would not be easily accessible by vehicle when we covered this case, captain we pretty
She laid out for every one. What happened that night and without naming names we we were not given ability by law enforcement to name names here in this particular case, but They have pretty much narrowed it down to two people either. One of individuals was involved in her murder and, more importantly, the disposal of her remains because She would not have been easy to move to the location where she was found, so they actually believe that two people were involved in the I hate to say this: the clean up of the murder itself and getting rid of taylor's body, and we were asked to get involved and spotlight this case. It's one that's near and dear to my heart, so I put it at the before on my list and as a reminder, anybody in north east ohio. Let me know if this came true, because the
rumor was last year when we covered it Soon they were going to be putting up billboards with taylor robinson's face and her name in information on there to help bring more awareness to the cause and to her her unsolved case, one that is now what I would deem a cold case. I don't know if that happen or not. You know the two twenty has been wacky and wild, so a lot of things have not come to fruition, but if any I seen those billboards, please email! Me, let me know I would love to know if those are up and just a quick reminder to nobody has any information. Even if this stuff, you ve been whole, not you for years and in haven't been able to tell anybody, we I have a gentleman that you can reach out to TIM dem off he's with the s a c s. Consulting he's been working with taylor's family to solve this case he can be reached at
three: three: zero: seven, three zero three five thousand four or by twenty four at by a at off at s, a c s consulting dot com. number four on my list is Maura murray Julie, murray interview, those that's episode, three sixty eight and three sixty nine, and I think it's because, while one it's the first long form interview that she's pretty much ever done, and then the the family wanted to use the interview to put on their website for people that are looking into their sister, their daughters there. The members case, Maura Murray, being a girl that disappeared in two thousand and four her case has really become one of the most famous cases on the internet for people to die.
I been to so. I think the reason why I like it is the idea that we're adding to an investigation we're adding something to the true crime community. It wasn't just our take on possibly what happened. We were working with their family to get a interview where Julie would be able to talk openly about her sister. And that canada is, gives you a better profile of the victim. It was a fascinating interview and I know you and her go no kind of way back bit of friends, so is very interesting to listen in on what is an interview, but also just generally a conversation and about mara's case, and some of it really cleared a few things up too. I believe that were just things that were misconstrued over the
years about mara, her personality, her her characteristics and the case itself, so was a fascinating look and I think you're right. I think it did very much add something to the true crime landscape. For that case, in particular, my number three captain we're moving right along here. I went with jabez spann. This is a case we covered in January episodes number three sixty six and three sixty seven, the case is eerily similar to tailor robinson's case that we covered in june of last year. That was episode for oh six and forty seven. If I failed to mention that earlier, but Jabez his case is eerily similar in a sense that police pretty much know who did the sore or have a good idea of who was involved to the point where they have the names of these ya who's. The committed this crime and
We came under some fire because I must have said the word thugs about a thousand times during those episodes. But I don't know if there's a better term to label people that they kill. In the streets and then abduct a child. the thing about people that are out committing crimes, constant and then they're committing murders to cover up their other crimes and that's what these individuals are, and the Sarasota police department desperately needs help in jabez his case which also is very much involved with several other homicides that they have out there. They ve been able to close some other cases that are that are connected to jabez his case, but they still need help. We're talking about jabez are come here. He was fourteen years old when he disappeared on labour day in two thousand and seventeen
his last seen at a candlelight vigil in Sarasota, just two blocks away from his home, Now witness saw Jabez with two other boys around one in the morning and he disappeared in an hour or two of that siding. It was January of twenty twenty when we covered it and that was roughly about a year so his skeletal remains were found. He had been sing from his home since september of twenty seventeen. It is
when grandmother and family were just destroyed and devastated by him having gone missing and then, of course, years later they find his remains in. That was from a press conference that took place in February two thousand and nineteen, when the sarasota police and the manatee county sheriff's office reported that a man working a fence line in a rural parts of manatee county found, The remains of of just fourteen year old jabez span of a kid with a beautiful smile. It luck, he was it nature. He wasn't a saint Neither was I when I was fourteen years old, but he his whole life ahead of them and I think, tat s what it went on to do some great things in this really stinks because it's the murder of a child, but also the murder to cover up other homicides and other crimes in a particularly.
an area of what is a good community. What is a good area? Sarasota Florida, the we say that they are still asking for anyone who has any information again. they know who did this? They just need some evidence and they need to build cases against these individuals. That's right! Plural individuals, you! We need to get these people off of the streets because they're a danger to everyone in that community They need people to come forward. The reward money for information, leading to an arrest and jabez his case. I believe believers up as high as fifty thousand dollars and people can submit tips anonymously to crime stoppers down there at nine for one three, six, six, a four seven seven or you can reach out
do the sarasota police department just a word to the wise something we've talked about plenty of times on true crime garage. If you do have it nation and you are willing to come forward in any case at all. If you call crimestoppers it's anonymous to the where you cannot even leave your name or any of your information. They do not want it. So if you want to be contacted, if you want to be involved, if you think that there is more help that you can provide at a later date later time call the police department and make sure that you give the tip to them directly asked to speak with the detective involved, the sarasota police department in this ace is the investigating agency, their numbers, nine, four one, three, six, six, eight thousand, I'm sure. If you really wanted to leave here, you have information, you'd, be able to figure it out. Well, good luck. I mean I've, I've contacted crimestoppers.
in the past, and I've insisted on leaving my information and they they will not take personal information. Now it's sad and two thousand twenty one cleaning house, that's what we'll be doing if you're listening to a show and new and and individuals take a fourteen year old and kill him and dispose of his body. as he witnessed the murder another murder, so they murder him The cover up, that murder will call those individuals, whatever the fuck. We want to well and there's there's rumour too, and so suggestion that they may have even held jabez for a period of time before, before the homicide and before disposing of of the the body either. I just am so tired. You can't you just called them thugs, while the captain probably call them pieces of shit too.
and we won't get emails about that, but we get some silly emails sometimes and you just think they killed a fourteen year old boy in a word about learned of level. What label we give them your work. bout. What label we gave the murderers and arresting. Yet. That's where I say: focus on the victims focus on the crime and, let's, let's do our part to help rather than just be speed, bumps along the way. But that was Jabez his case and we covered that back in january of twenty twenty interesting case. It was one that the us,
course that we're passionate about and that's why it's on my list, but also interesting from the perspective of yet another case where we worked with the private investigator. This is an interesting case where the the the private investigator, usually they work with the family with family members of victims. In this case they worked for basically the community. They worked with the family. Obviously, They worked with law enforcement and worked with the community as a whole, and one thing that we were really pounding our fist on the table when we, when we covered jabez his case is that is what this case is: it's a crime against that community against that family against Jabez, of course, but in this case very very much a crime against the community as a whole.
all right. My number three is this series. We did called shaker heights again, pat on the back, because there's an excellent theme song excellent. And if people don't know why go back and listen to that theme and and listen for the shaker, the shaker, that's the best part. The rump shaker listened for the rump shaker. I think it's because it was different. I think the case is very fascinating. Obviously, it's not solved in some people's eyes solved in other people's eyes, but I think it was just. working with with everybody from bob rough to TIM, from the missing maura murray working with maggie James
a bunch of other true crime people just to try something different. We had the transcripts of these interviews that took place and we tried to lay out the story in a different manner than we normally do, and also just let the transcript speak for themselves. We didn't go hey. This is what we think you should think which a lot of people at the end went wait, wait a second I'm used to you telling me what you think you forgot to do this in that series. So people have requested. You know that we covered the case. Typical way our normal form, but I think it was just a mean- it was a very long process between
recording the other people and then editing those altogether and tweaking everybody's vocals to try to make them sound. Similar to little sound effects, if, if you listen closely you'll hear like fax machines and stuff going off in the background during some of that interviews or the interrogation, so it was just kind of a different project and it was definitely a different project. It was kind of like it. I mean it was a radio drama of how a case a real life case unfolded and one thing that I think is unique and will take everybody behind the curtain here for a little bit, but obviously it was. It was fun for us because we got to work with a lot of the friends that we've made along the way in our true crime podcasting adventure here, but we started working on that that show the actual production of shaker heights, which was six episodes,
now in february, but we started working on that in our free time and are extra time after already working on our each case. Week after week, in october of twenty nineteen, so it was very much a long process for the colonel and the captain, but was fun along the way and it was we had to have a little party a little too man garage party when it was finally completed because it was it, was a lot of hard work went into putting that together,. and now a word from our sponsor better help, it's my favorite sponsor,
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Alright, we're back cheers mates, let the good time let the guitar I was raul, let the good times roll a live, good times rolling towards at on a cheers to you, captain cheers from I'm a whole county away. We are playing it safe. That's how you you social distance, you you stay! county to away men and both wherein our mask a minimum of fifteen miles, apart in all directions from anybody whose living and breathe
that goes for our furry friends as well. So long distance cheers to you my friend number two. We are just blazing right through aren't list blazing through all of twenty twenty burning that bridge try. That gives us number two on the colonels list. I went with the evans dale murders. This was episodes three thirty, I'm sorry, three, ninety three and three. Ninety four back in April this was the case of cousins. Lyric cook ten years old and Elizabeth collins, eight years old, they were riding their bikes on a friday afternoon, in July of twenty twelve, their grandmother isbill to be the last one or one of the last people to have seen the young girls on that day,
would have been around twelve twenty p m in the afternoon went off writing their bikes near myers lake and evans, dale iowa, where they were seen for the last time. Five months later, their bodies were recovered at seven bridges park twenty five miles away from the abduction site and to this day the killer, their killer or killers remain at large marge. This made it onto my list captain because it had all of the elements that I think it takes to. One cover a case in its most thorough, in our most thorough ability, but also a case that has enough me on the bone that the you can. You can start to formulate theories in spain
the suspects and speculation. In your own mind, this is a perfect armchair detective case. We we laid out the mapping of where they would have been at the abduction time. We also laid out possibilities of who could be involved, or the type of person that would be involved or who had the ability to abduct two girls at that time of day in that area, and we went through the offender profile of the of the believe defender, and so this is a case that again still unsolved after we covered it. You know we covered it in April. No, if we got to this on off the record or not for those of you, unfamiliar with off the record. If there's an update on a case, if we get
new information on a case. That's generally, where we put that new information. So one one thing that I, when I first got into true crime, be it on t v or podcast. One thing that I didn't like is rarely not most shows did never. They never went and revisited a case even years after the fact, and when, when the captain- and I We were going to do true crime. We said you know what what we're going to cover these cases, we're going to try to go more in depth than most shows and we're gonna try to bring you some tidbit of information that you may not hear anywhere else, but it's true and factual and it's important to the case, but weren't to take it a step further and when we have new information, we're going to make sure that we bring it back to the audience and remind them hey. This case is still unsolved, but here's a little new nugget that just came out be it from
the area, the media or law enforcement themselves. After we covered It- and I dont of not there's no belief that it's because we covered it, but it doesn't We helped shine a light on this unsolved case: double homicide, the in july of twenty twenty. They were interviewing family about the case and this is uplifting to hear one of the family members said. I think that it will be solved soon now, of course, we're sitting here five months later, and we know that it has yet to be solved, but that should still be uplifting and optimistic for everybody out there, because is a lot of times. In some of these cases we hear family members or people in the community, goin yeah. I don't think the police have a clue or yeah. I think they stopped working this case. I can't believe they haven't solved it. That's not what they're saying here in this Evan stale case. We have positive thinking. We have positive results.
it's insane. I think it will be solved soon. I'm hoping it will be. It was interesting. Because so many people have tied this case. I don't know if they next it or not, but we did certainly talk about the possibility. A lot of people have tied this case because it has some similar it is to the delphi murders case. So it was, it was perfect and we didn't We plan this out. Geniuses people think we might be as genius for his dumb as people think we might be. I don't think we planned this out, but it was. It was kind of perfect that we follow up the Evans dale murders our coverage of their case. The following week we did the delphi murders, discussion, episode, because there was a lot of rumors and stuff in the delphi case and a quick oh reminder for again Evans they'll case.
The one with information still unsolved. You can email, mail or missing, iowa girls at D s, doc, state dot, I a dot? U s, yeah that fascinating case there, there are so many looking back looking back and gone well, that was a fascinating case. it was at one of my favorites and it's not easy to put these lists together right. It's not easy to take a look back on a whole year and just narrow it down to five shows. I thought the the lico kenny case was very fascinating. I thought our interview with barbara about west Memphis three was really good, but I also think it's sometimes for us when, when it's looking back, it could be as simple as well. I I liked the work I did on that show are lists would be very skewed compared to a listener's lists: yeah yeah the
well that's why people can hop on the blog in type up your your favorite five for the year, so we could see that their like thousands of people right now go on. This is the time list of two: in hundred and twenty I've ever heard. The stick around. are you not? I, Not this my top, you know what who cares this This is my list and you got your list and I am not going to lady a gap and I was beaten myself up pretty bad. I was like I was going through all of twenty twenty trying to make the hard decision It's trying to narrow it down to five, but then I had to remind myself. I'm, like you know what this is just my list. The captain is gone. To have his own list, and I was actually hoping that you would have different cases,
what I had so that it would it automatically expands it to ten for for all of us. So so far without comparison, we we did not sit down in an advanced and compare list here we are. I have no idea what the captain's going to say as usual, so it's so far we ve we ve not hit on any of the same cases. What would shorter bumpy bumpy flicking? What was your number to captain number two- and this is this- is the meant when I realized last night, when I was going over my list and double checking it is, I think I I used to say I didn't care so much. for gore I don't think that's true anymore, and I don't know if that's I I may
that's how it's always been is never really bothered me to talk about, like some aid can talk about a severed head and not by going. Ok, though, and I think it's because I dont picture it, I'm just in the conversation, so I think some people, when they start talking about his hand, was cut off or whatever I dont picture it. So it doesn't bother me so much where other people will hear graphic natured cases and terms them off and and some people can't listen to that, and I respect that. If that's not your thing is so number two. Is the ice box murders episode?
I would for forty three and four forty four. Those are recent episodes that we just did, but its very graphic, but there is also a lotta twist and turn. Yes is a fascinating case and again it's another one of those cases where its technically unsolved, but police are pretty certain who they believe, did the double homicide and then fled the area afterward, but yeah. It's up so fascinating case in some people have really put forward some interesting theories and speculation. In that case which- lead you to some other mysteries and bigtime mysteries. We should one. I think this is the one where you were saying if, if somebody is eating- and it's like look, if you turned on a true crime podcast while you're eating, that's all
you re. You made my decision. I can't put that on anymore. We've done four hundred and some episodes you kind of know what you're going to get so, if you, if you got that turkey on rye, put it in your mouth, don't blame me Yes, my number one is in this is simply because one, I think the ep assaults themselves were were good and great and put together very well the storytelling, pat myself on the back. I thought I did a great job. Captain was fantastic, but more so it's about the mystery. This is a big time mystery. For me, this is one that keeps me up at night and when we dover into this case, I couldn't shaken for weeks and weeks and weeks, I'm talking about the loss, cruises bowling alley massacre which occurred in lost cruises new mexico, on
Beware: a tenth of nineteen. Ninety seven people were shot for were shot fatally by two unidentified robbers at the last cruises bowling alley, which is on amateur avenue. After they shot the victims rob the place they set. The building on fire wealth attempted to burn down the entire building, but started the fire in the office where they shot the victims prior to the two robbers leaving the building. Now these guys were spotted by several people. So we have a good description of of what the the offenders what the murders look like here we are thirty years later, and it's still unsolved. This was the case that we covered in it was on june. July. First, four o nine of four ten unsolved. Mr
he's an I'm talking, not the netflix version on talk in the original version. With with the the king of true crime tv, Robert stack, you know they covered this, case way back when and what was a very interesting was they covered it in a very short for five minutes segment, and it was simply because the case had just happen in February and I think they were at least it like April the first week of April of that same year, and it was really just unsolved. Mysteries was a big show at the time lots of ratings reaching out to everyone. cross the united states and even beyond, and they were really just trying to find the individuals that did this. So unsolved mysteries put together a short segment about the crimes themselves and as as cheesy as some of those reenactments can be. different shows
They were a little cheesy on non solve mysteries one. It was still horrific to watch. I mean it was around. This was a case that just shook me to the core and so for that reason, and many other reasons- that's why it's my number one- but I was thinking about this after I put my list together and we talk about unsolved. Mysteries Netflix has done two seasons I need to get caught up cap. Then I haven't watched any of the. I think it might be like a season, then the ok I know I haven't got this technically. I haven't got to summon what they're calling the volume to. I guess I haven't got to some of the stories yet in volume two, but I think that this would be a fascinating case for unsolved mysteries netflix to cover like, like I said, unsolved, mysteries covered this in just a short four five minute segment back in the day. This is a case that you could do lol
form? They could do one of their forty five minute or hour long segments on this case. There are some very interesting theories and speculation. As said, the offenders were seen by several people, but this is also known as hugely popular case and what's been good about the new ones of mysteries, is they ve been covering cases that haven't been covered a hundred times by other source as correct, so for them to go back to something that they try to shine light on so many years ago and then to revisit it again a case. That's not brought up by a hundred different,
source yeah. So my number one for twenty twenty I'm going to go with las cruces bowling alley massacre, yeah a lot of people. In that case, a lot of people from that area wrote into us to. Let us know some different local theories and a lot of people believe that the owner got into some. He was kind of like famously known for gambling, so the community- eventually, I think, kind of just chalked it up to the idea that or this guy was a massive gambler and he probably didn't pay somebody, and this is their revenge or the drugs were at the heart of it. We had the weird situation where the owners, the bowling alleys,
Our sun was involved with some shady characters and involved with drugs himself. So there's some very interesting theories, very plausible theories as well. One thing we did in one thing that I was pretty proud of in our coverage of loss- curses ball was I can't say that we definitively linked the bowling alley massacre to another crime, but we It did to another crime that there's a lot of similarities and there's a lot of reason to believe whoever committed this previous crime was involved in in the later crime at the las cruces bowl yeah. I think it's interesting with these towns, where a big.
crime takes place like the pike county. Murders were we're pretty close to Adams county and a lot of my friends that live down there, and I I used to work down there, but it's interesting to have such a horrific crime happen and that the the community around the crime comes up with multiple possible solutions or possible. I guess the wave possible story lines of of why it played out of the way it did and how it played out the way it did, and then they can almost move on, but until they do that cause. Like, I said, a lot of friends from that area, I keep friends that could not stop talking about it, but once they came up with their own theory, it was like
It's news to them, then, obviously, later the truth comes out- and it was none of the theories that they were brain into my attention, but it's almost like they had to be able to wrap their head around it before they can move on with their own lives, and I think that's what I solved by getting so many emails. The emails that we got from the local people were fascinating because there's also theories on where these two individuals may have gone after committing this crime, because we have the descriptions of them their faces were plastered everywhere in that area. so it's very hard to believe that they would be able to stick around and remain in the area and then still go undetected all right. Best of twenty twenty: let's go over the list, real, quick! How about you go over your Okay, so mine were in order from from five.
The one number five douglas hunter, John douglas episodes, forty five and four forty six Taylor Robinson, is my number four from june of twenty twenty episode for oh six and forty seven jabez span from January episodes. Three sixty six and three sixty seven and then at number two I had the evans dale murders. This is the double homicide we covered in an April episode three, ninety three three ninety, and my number one was the las cruces bowling alley massacre from episodes. Four hundred and nine and four hundred and ten number. Fifty four me was high five murders episode, four hundred and two and four hundred and three number for was Maura murray interview with julie, Murray episode, three sixty eight and three sixty nine number, three shaker heights series,
I know what that is off the top of my head. I know we did we put that out in February. If you just go and search a shaker heights, true crime garage it pops up number two: the ice, a box, murders episodes for forty, three n four forty four number one- and this is how I know its number one of best of twenty twenty best of twenty twenty. I have mine hunter, so it's the only episode that repeats on our top five less. Yes, it's number five for you, it's number one for me, but because there is a cross over, that means number there one. I settled twenty twenty, but for me because I wasn't even really a part of the episode I mean I did the intros and outros and I probably read the the commercials or whatever I got a nice email, the guy said you're really good when you just
Read the commercials yet dumb dumb, I he got I got another one that says I really like when sit there and shut your mouth and then your the commercials yet dum dum was a girl alone. We too haters gonna hate but yeah my in turn. I think, because one I had to edit the interview, and so normally you start cutting out the us in the inner weird noise. Is that people make and john makes a lot of them because there's so much information is head that he's sifting through, and I think I hear edited like two or three minutes and then I went back and listened to it and it made absolute, absolutely no sense, and all I was editing out was us, and you know noises really so then I just went he. This doesn't make any sense. I just have to kind of keep it. The way it is.
Is that what I thought was so cool being a part of the show and in starting the show years ago, in your garage and and sweating and sweat dripping on notes. I remember one time looking down at my notes by couldn't read them cause the square made the ink smear everywhere, the old hot garage, but I think with all this time passing and so many years of doing this show there's multiple too and the apple sewed again, where John Douglas is sifting through times of information, thousands and thousands of cases his covered or read about, or just maybe had
talk about an interview, and sometimes when he gets stuck on a name, he would defer to you neck. What's the guy's name and again, something so small, but by like the third time he did it. You realize, while this guy is having a conversation with the crispy us of the colonels, he's having a conversation, I too I if that makes any sense and it was deferring to you and to think about where we started and the hours that we have spent talking about crime, to hear somebody like John douglas, basically talkin to you as if you guys were
calls it was need to experience. It was almost like watching your buddy go, take batting practice at lake wrigley field or something and in the hidden, a home, run or somethin. Why? Why they're doing a bad in practice? And maybe I enjoyed it too, because I was on the pacific, where I think some things that were so great about just that conversation with John first off I did have somebody approach man. There said dumb, John douglas, that that guy yeah he's fascinating, but he he says a lot and I said I headed and form the basis of what you do understand. Mister Douglas is not a tv personality he's not someone who spent
his life studying broadcasting or someone who is on tv week after week, he's a real life fbi, agent, who's now retired and he's willing to talk about his career in cases that he has actually worked. And so, when you hear those us, I liken it to you know when we were little kids. Captain people had these encyclopedia, anna, where you had volume after volume and if you look at it on a bookshelf, it usually took up the entire shelf and you would have a a volume for a all the way through to z, and then there was a book full of man. And in geography and other things, so we're talking thirty books, big and the collection and it covered dornier everything you could think of. I think of John Douglas as a walking real.
I crime encyclopedia and those as you are hearing. That's him mentally verbally flipping through The pages in his mind of cases that he's worked, and you have to keep in mind too there probably a lot of stuff along the way that he's not allowed to talk about, but he witnessed it. He saw it he experienced it. He worked it and he has to remind himself when he goes through some of those cases of the things he can and cannot say so, I'm kind of sifting. It out, in real life in real time, yeah john Douglass has square and he smells better better than old books, but yeah he's kind of like a walking encyclopedia. My my family was so poor that You'd have to make payments, so we had a and b, but we never got past that. So we had encyclopedia. and then be in, and we start making payments, and so on
every time we had to do a report, I tried to pick a subject that was a or b yes well in it. So if you have any questions in the the question involves anything that starts with the letter a or b captain is your go to guy anything after that about it forget about it I'm a walking to book encyclopedia set Well, in the other thing I want to thing. I want to point out two with with that, in our view with with John douglas that maybe, while not maybe the people would know this, we did not supply him. Any questions in it ants heat he didn't yeah. This is off the tommy. I didn't ask for any questions in advance. Some sometimes the interviews we do. They want questions in advance or they say this is the topic in the only topic that we can talk about now when we talked to John D,
this last time. He said, ask me anything about anything, so he walked into the camp. lately blind completely unprepared to know what questions we were going to talk about what cases we were going to talk about and just fascinating the the answers that he supplied to to us in the listeners out. There but yeah good list. I want to thank everybody for supporting us this year and look sometimes we make mistakes during the episode, times were not our game right in I don't mind when people call us out for that. I don't mind people, send an email, saying, hey. You said this in and that term is bad towards this group of in the visuals ray. I don't have any. I don't have a problem.
people pointing out areas where I can learn and to grow, and I think that's one of the reasons why we've been doing this so many years is, I feel, like we continue to grow and we continue to get better we're always trying to fight the good fight the victims of the case, yet bringing awareness to unsolved cases and keeping these stories alive and keeping them in the in the thoughts of everyone out there- and you can do your part by, like the captain says not just listening but telling a friend some one else: hey, maybe it's not telling him hey. I love the garage hey. I love true crime garage check out the show, but maybe it's hey. Did you know this unsolved murder or this cold case took place here and in our state or our home town- and it was years ago that that helps as well keeping
the cases alive. That's what we're hoping to do and bring a little bit of an entertainment along the way. So your list captain fascinating my list even better but go to true crime garage dotcom. Let us know what your favorite show of twenty twenty was for you. And the the Thank you guys. So much for listening make sure you subscribe to the show hope you guys had as fun going over this list. As we did. for all of our old episodes, download the stitcher, app they're, free and check out. Our bonus show called off the record and join us back here
in the garage next week. Until then we want you to be good, be kind and don't let the.
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