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Bodies in the Basement /// Part 2 /// 467

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Bodies in the Basement /// Part 2 /// 467

Part 2 of 2


This week we take a look and profile a very unique serial killer "Crazy Dave." David Maust is a killer that most have not heard of before. Join us in the Garage for a couple of cold ones as we try to dissect this monster.

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where we left off yesterday, captain we are going through the timeline of David, edward maust, one that I would categorize as a unique serial killer. As said in two thousand and three, they discovered the bodies of three teenage boys in his basement, and then
the community discovers that this man that they are resting in charging with a triple homicide, he's already been convicted twice of murder. So why was he living in their neighborhood? This leads us up to nineteen sixty seven when mouse was just thought Teen years old, he's now been institutionalized place there by his mother for about four years. At this point he was sent from the psychiatric hospital to the Alex children's home, which had a reputation for sexual abuse. This is according to the monster indiana types, this part captain gets a little fuzzy because mouse was then sent back to the mental hospital in nineteen. Seventy. The reasons for this knock but I'm sure that if there were
if he was living in a situation that had a reputation for sexual abuse, even though he did not like living at the psychiatric hospital. He probably was glad to be sent back to this hospital. After leaving the hospital, David Maus worked construction, Then he enrolled in the army. This was when he was seventeen years old. He went through basic training. It was sent to frankfurt, germany in nineteen, seventy two to serve as an army cook in germany, for some reason The mouth was spending time in the company of a thirteen year old american boy named jimmy MC lister, whose parents were stationed in germany The two met at a bowling alley. According to court documents, Jimmy called mouse a queer and told
others that he saw mouse masturbate while that's the fastest way to become friends. As a result, other started making fun of David mast. David Maus engineered an outing with this kid with Jimmy riding. A pair of stolen, mopeds in a german forest. So so he became friends with the guy there was running around telling everybody he was caught. Jerking off here, already friends with him and says that you know he caught mouse. Masturbating tells everybody. This now everybody's making fun of David Mouse. Okay, I'm just trying to get this right. We have this kid. That's abandoned by his family. Put into a psychiatric home then goes to this other facility for basically orphans
he's molested. There goes back to this. I may have been he it's a place. It's rep has a reputation for sexual abuse so from there he has sent back to the psychiatric ward he's. Therefore, while kids out yet disease, he seventeen is almost an adult by this point. So then he goes to the army, and now ye be friends is younger. please send yeah. He goes to basic training after basic training. Then they give you a job in the army and he sent to germany to work as an army cook. This one thousand nine hundred and seventy two and while he's there for some reason who does he become friends with he becomes friend with friends with a child, not with other adults. He starts hanging out with thirteen year old american boy who the thirteen year old, Eric and boys there, because his parents are in the army as well and station there. What one has a connection because or both american but two
you'd have to say, or have to think that his social skills, his social maturity, was that probably of a younger kid than a seven in your old well, and this is something that we ve seen with adults as well, that you this sometimes when people institutionalized that they have a different maturity, because They did not mature that much during the and that they were institutionalized. That's why we have come If the profilers say the most difficult thing to determine in your profile is the age of the offender? If you don't have any statements from eye witnesses, because you don't know the maturity level of someone that's been potentially locked up for fifteen twenty years, they don't the same way that you and I would out here. living amongst other people and society right to captain. It looks to me like
whatever went down between mouse in this thirteen year old boy right, the David moust wanted to either shut pick it up or he wanted revenge against the kid, because now, everybody's king on him and making fun of him at common flicking. So it seems like he engineered this plot to get the key to come out and hang out with them. The two were out riding on a pair of stolen mopeds out in the forest, while out in the forest mouse hit jimmy over the head. He then tied the boy to a tree and beat him to death with a board that had nails sticking out of him. Jesus David Mouse hid body in some of the brush, the boy's body was not found until about a month later I mean look, he he catch. Somebody masturbating just never, never tell anybody. Never! You can be beaten to death with a board with nails. This. The weird thing here, cap
and is that mouse was only convicted of manslaughter and he was he was convicted of manslaughter and larceny this for stealing the moat but was not charged with murder, because there- no witnesses that could place Jimmy and David Mouse together on the same day that Jimmy died of his own, because I can't play some together than how the heck, as he responsible in any way, shape or form, are they say and while because each still stalled, oh pen, in the thirteen year old, was on the mopeds that that's how he died. Well, this is a difficult situation. What I think happened here is that they cannot put the killer and victim together they have nobody that can testify at court and say these two were together on that day or right mouse tricked this kid out
into the forest with him, and then later we found his body a month later. What I think happened here is that we have a plea bargain. I think that they had a suspicions surrounding David moust, specially. If this there's theirs is right, we're going around that the kid caught him master, waiting and told everybody about it, caught him, this duty, this dude It's going to be your number one suspect when the kid goes missing and when- find his body a month later you're going to keep confront I'm in confronting him and say hey. We know this, and we know that about you, David Mouse, what we, no from the two thousand and three martyrs. He eventually confessed to all three of them. Brazil that that is who he is. That's his makeup, so very likely. What happened here is he says: okay, you're you're suspicious of me yeah. I was with him what he, what his story is,
is is that we were out riding together on these mopeds in the forest and little Jimmy smacked into a tree like sonny bono and died, and I just I just hit his body and then left, I got scared and laugh. So they did. They can kind of peace to what they believe happened. They don't have any way of proving that in court and in fact this was a a court marshalled situation and he was sentenced to some sources say five years and some sources say four years at fort leavenworth this situation again because he's enrolled into the the military, I wonder if that had something to do with him being charged with the lesser crime I I again I'm guessing it's what he was agreeing to be to be convicted of rain. He probably stuck to his story that the kid died on
in some kind of accident on the stolen mopeds out and the force what's weird here, and I know I keep saying that, but if the mouse to me seems to be a very unique serial killer and we'll get into why. I believe that here in a bit, but he gets this very light sentence right captain- depending on, which source four or five years he is, getting paroled after serving just three years during the parole portion, he's telling authorities do not parole me. Do not let me out I don't want to be. Let out of prison, keep me here this was either ignored or denied, and he was released in nineteen. Seventy seven. Never you see this occasionally or at least through, like the journals or the thoughts or interviews how many serial killers were they go. I killed this guy
I told myself never again, and so I think this is a situation where he's gone. Just keep me locked up, because I'm going to do this again right. I think he has a realization of who he is of what he's capable of and maybe he's even afraid of their himself and does not like who he is- does not want to be evil, but he believes himself to be an almost it's like. I can't control myself. Me here. Please. I don't want to hurt anybody else, one after his release he's gonna he's gonna get back to America he's going to be living in Chicago and he's going to be committing more crimes there, violent crimes, and these are situations where it's just it's just bizarre, because this next event wins far as that he was actually tried and went to trial for this in nineteen. Eighty four armed violence attempted murder and
faded battery. This was from a stabbing that took place in nineteen. Seventy nine, the victim's name, mark earnhardt, who was a co worker with David mouse at the if J lytle machine company in Chicago mouse have been working with this company for eight months. He was making about a thousand bucks a month as a machinist. He and more we're hanging out one night when mouse suddenly stabbed who David Mouse refers to as his friend he stabs his friend in the abdomen. With an eight inch knife, while he just be as one friend's death with a board with nails sticking out a few years earlier, so he likes to be friends with these people and then it's almost like this guy hates himself. So much that if you're friends with him, he wants you dead
yeah and thankfully mark lived through the situation. David Mouse lie on the witness stand, apparently saying that this whole incident was an accident. It sounds to me like they're. Just was not enough evidence to convict moust of anything, so he was found to be not guilty in this situation, but what we're pointing out here captain? Is it David mouse one got off light for murder in germany and then got away with it entirely for an attempted murder here in chicago just a couple of years later. I wonder if this friend caught him jerking off. Well, I don't know, but a couple of months later mouse stabbed someone else this time the guy died. Here's what happened this per the chicago beauty in august of nineteen. Eighty one David mouse started to believe that the cause of his violent behavior was from a homosexual
incident or homosexual activity that he had engaged with with a a boy just a few years player, so he's all mad and worked up about this situation. He decides he's going to go out and look for this teenager and when he finds him he's going to kill him, maybe he was afraid that the the boy would tell people about it at the time mouse was living in wood, Alle, a western suburb of chicago, so he drove to his former neighbourhood of green view. Where he knew that the teenager was living at the time. asking around about this kid and he learned that the kid was in jail, so his target,
if the person he's all enraged at that, he wants to find and kill he's not going to be able to do because this kid's locked up in jail, so he decides on the spot. You know what I'll just go after someone else and really any one else. He spots, donald jones age, fifteen. This is almost like a surrogate victim for mouse. He somehow it's this fifteen year old into his vehicle? He drove to a remote haitian. This was a gravel quarry where he stabbed the teenager. In the stomach and then threw him in a water filled, gravel pit. The kid of course begging for his life years later. Moust would would write about this attack, and this is he saying things like he: could
even years later. He could still hear Donald jones, the fifteen year old, saying I'm only fifteen. Please do not kill me. Please don't hurt me. The fifteen year old drowned in that water filled. Gravel pit is amazing that David was able to read or write with his horrible up name and the lack of education yeah. The body of this kid would not be found until almost two months later I have no idea captain to be perfectly with everyone. It's comply really unclear to me how David Mouse was caught for this in, but he was eventually charged with the murder of Donald jones. This is a stranger on stranger attack right. I don't know what led to him, but what we do know is that before David mouse could be prosecuted, he decides boom arm outta here he took off, for
axis. So in december of nineteen eighty one the same year while mouse was in the lone star state, the following incident took place. A fourteen year old boy named Steven Anderson was walking home from a seven eleven. That's for those not familiar It's an old gas station in galveston, Texas, he's walking home with his buddy richard sweet mouse up in a two tone, chevy blazer and asked if they wanted to earn some money doing some work for him. They both say yes, but mouse says I only need one of you, so richard sweet, easy. As you know it, I had a bad feeling about the situation, so I just said you know what I'm not interested the other boy, Stephen Anderson, climbed into the blazer.
and told David Mouse that he needed to call his mother to let her know where he was so. Mouse drove the kid to a motel, a few blocks away as Stephen walked into the motel room before he could use the phone mouse punched him in the back of the head. Then he put him on the bed and kept punching stephen threatening that if he screamed or yelled, he would kill him. Mouse took off the boys, pants and stephen says he does not recall anything after that. Up to this point, where moust drops the kid off at a park just a few hours later, ray
tries to give the kid some money saying you know, don't tell anybody what happened here. Some money? Don't talk about this. According to the police report, the kid was in the hospital for this attack for about a week. He had several. Andrews, severe injuries to his arms face had shoulders and chest and establish to the abdomen. There were marks on this kid's risk. The indicated that he was tied up and bound at sea point during this attack. He later told the newspaper quote, my mom said that they did test on me at the hospital and I wasn't raped I think he did rape me and my mom was just protecting me the time I maybe something that his blocked out of his memory mouse. Charged with causing bodily injury to a child, he pled guilty and was sentenced to five years, the texas authorities,
We all aware of his outstanding warrant for the jones murder in illinois. And so while he was in prison in galveston cook county, Illinois officials arrived down there to talk with him about the donald jones murder case. There again we see the repeated actions of this guy. He confesses to police that he killed donald jones. However, he refused to sign any type of to Britain's damn it. I mean this guy's, an absolute monster monster, and what also is apparent here, I think, is.
he's a loose cannon, it seems like a lot of these attacks. There's definitely some sexual aspects to a lot of this behavior, but also a lot of this seems revenge filled in in in in hate filled. Where it doesn't take much to make him fly off the rails and in attacks attack. Someone point where he stabbing people yeah, and I know I was making the joke that he looks like nick nolte mixed with the ultimate warrior. It's almost without the the the whole character of vaults, but where was come in here and be explosive in and then you're done right and it's, but it seems like that's kind of characteristic of of how David acts to captain he's locked up for this attack. This way-
You could almost determined to be attempted murder, but only charged with causing bodily harm to a juvenile locked up in texas, Ellen. Officials come down and he virtually confesses to killing Donald Jones will not sign a written statement. What's discussed behind the scenes is that all of the parties involved determine that we need to extra die David mouse. back to chicago, so that he can be charged for the murder of Donald jones, The. and now a word from our sponsor better help. It's my favorite spot,
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all right. We're back cheers mates, make sure you check out the store page and I'm just really proud of the beer run shirts. I think you're going to enjoy 'em all of this stuff with David mouse is now happening in nineteen. Eighty three captain he's extradited from texas backup the illinois he's twenty eight years old at this time. This next part gets very confusing because he's extradited to face murder charges the victim again donal. jones, but what takes place is David. Mouse was institutionalized and basically sits there for an entire decade wild A whole lot happens with the murder charge itself. This is because there crying to evaluate David mouse to see if he is saying or not so there was a big discrepancy between the act,
bertz, who disagreed in their assessments of this man sanity some of the accord into court records. Some of the medical experts found him to be insane and others found him to be quite sane and that he should be tried for this morning. They all found him to be a pile of shit. What did it won? The pleas of serve right, somethin like home on the cover of this where he says, is a bad guy, Gacy type yeah, that was from the extradition paperwork, where one of the detectives called him a gacy type, which is very interesting, because that is what we would later c in the two thousand and three martyrs. So much like casey. But it's a I mean it's like being core all. We ve seen this time and time again
Jeffrey Dahmer, was doing the same thing if you want to. If you want to attract teenage boys to hang with you and you're in adult. Give em alcohol, given some money, give him some air and that stuff that they can't get elsewhere, and they will hang out with you and then we we've also seen that after you give those said tina boys, marijuana or beer that even times where these guys are their offering him a rub and tug or offering them. You know how about you suck me off where I suck you off or whatever it is right. It's almost. Some of these teach these teenagers will just go well, I didn't know if he was joking or not, or or I thought that was strange, but you ve never touch me. Bob board della did the same thing. The way that he's a little bit dick from Gacy and more like, isn't a fat slob more like dean,
coral and more like John Opinion is that he mouse decor to his own words. Later was looking for a victim, and I know Gacy was looking for a victim, but the situation we gaze, he was a little different. Most of the his victims were for him or the law or the the ruse was giving them jobs. You said jobs where end this situation. It's simply moust supplying them with alcohol and drugs steam. Coral very sit, similar situation, although the The candy man had other teenagers bringing these team just to his jeffrey Dahmer. Simply picked on on poor people he picked on poor. Young victims in would use small amounts of money and a lot of occasions to get these teenage boys back to his apartment. Every down with the sugar dead, David mouse
told detectives causing asked and they like. Well, how did you pick your victims and he said I would watch in the neighborhood, and I would see the kids whose parents never seem to be around, the kids who were always out hanging out on the street ones that are always outside, and I knew that I could approach them and I could offer them things. They probably wanted beer cigarettes. Barrow want of money in such an I could get them to become my friend and spend time with me yeah. Why think? The other thing there, too, is because was, I guess, would say, abandoned by his family. There prey had to be a lonely this there for David and so far
in other individuals that are lonely, because the common thread it seems like an most. These crimes are at least a high percentage of the crimes that he's committing, or just like you said, their friends. They became friends that they were friends before became victims, so David Mouse was finally held legally accountable for the donald jones murder, but, as we said, he pretty much sat there for a decade. While tried to determine if he was saying or not to charge him with this, so he's not charged till may of nineteen, ninety four to which, captain. I know you know what what takes place here. He pled guilty but, like you said, that's kind of. It's his makeup yeah, but I think that has a lot to do with, as far as when they say he's
insane or not insane. I think the fact that he is confessing to these crimes proves that year. is of saint mine. He's seen enough to say what done is insane and I should not be around other people. He fled guilty. He was sentenced to thirty five years in prison. At his sentencing, the brother of the victim stands up and tells the cook county circuit court. Judge quote: please do not let him out to hurt any other kid again. David Mouse was out of prison. Five years later, he said he was sentenced to thirty five years. Yes and he gets out and five ok. So this is what's horrific.
But he must be a seriously who must be given hand, jobs it to every parole officer will know there was. There is some laws they were in place at the time that were just bad laws, and other states have been guilty of this two throughout our history, where they have the. Prison population is overcrowded, so they're they're trying to speed up the process and and of doing is letting these guys out way too soon, and this particular situation, what we have is in nineteen eighty one, the year the mouse killed donald jones in the state of illinois, state law called for murderers and others to get credit for every day served. It was under this situation captain, thereby, it's getting a two for one on the days served keep in mind.
He's been sitting there this whole time, while they try to determine if he's sane or insane. This is roughly about twelve years. So mouse gets credit for all twelve of these years. He serve I've years in prison so now are up to seventeen and he's getting a too for one credit. So if you do the math according to mouse in according through the sentencing laws at the time he did almost all of the thirty five year sentence. It's just it's just a broken system It's ok, it's a bad law and just thing about what's happening at this time. We have the war, drugs is happening there, they're, locking up individuals for selling crack for marijuana and put him in jail for all this time, But, on the other hand, you have a situation here we were David mouses, let out it's absolutely ridiculous. So now David Mouse is getting out of prison again and every victim after this should sue the state. Will they
still be alive. It's it's again. It's just bad state law time and they did go on to change that and make mainly because of this case and in some others as well, but he's getting out after this time served David Mouse did not again. He does not want out of Is it only enough? Ninety, ninety nine mouse row, a five page letter to the illinois department of corrections asking that he not be released from prison, even though he had done his time most wanted to be classified as a sexually violent prisoner eligible to be held indefinitely. He wrote quote when I came to prison. I would sit up at night thinking about how I would feel about the possible of staying in prison for the rest of my life and I came to conclusion it's the right thing for my life.
Being in prison is where I belong, because I gave up the right to be free when I committed the crimes that brought me here in the place like I think. Maybe there will be a difference. This guy seems apologetic, maybe even a little bit reformed, possibly So they're going about the decision let him out it's not so bad. If you would have stated you know what, me out. I'm gonna, do it again, you let me I'm going to befriend somebody going to murder them, and- and if you let me do that I'm going to befriend another one and kill them and befriend another one and kill them, and I'm just not stop killing people, because that's who I am well, the department of corrections stated that he did not meet the criteria to be placed on any to be placed on that list and basically held in their facilities. So, despite all of this he's, this
and on parole in nineteen, ninety nine he lived in oak park illinois, you know he's not going to be allowed to leave the state, while he still on parole, so he's going to live there until two thousand and one well. until two thousand and one without committing any known crimes re, because There's later he said that he attacked and ex prison mate. This man's name is anthony. Mazer now said that he had anthony visit him with the I missed that the two would start a marijuana grow operation together. Mouse said that he had the funds to buy a large piece of property and start up this whole operation. But of course this was all a lie. Mouse attacked, anthony mazer, with a pipe and according to anthony, he says he yelled at mouse to stop, and eventually he did so
maser survived mouse then took Anthony to the hospital, even signing the papers, to admit him to the hospital the attack, one anthony mazer required anthony to get forty eight staples in twenty six stitches. and of course we later learned that mouse says that he he lied out the marijuana grow farm. He made the whole thing up because he wanted a friend. He later quote it's true that I only met anthony because I lied to him and I told him I had lots of money from selling drugs rain. I was here. in time, I could turn that lie into a truth. As we became better friends but Anthony wanted to live in wisconsin.
So that saturday afternoon I tried to get him drunk, and then I beat his head in with a pipe end, quote Anthony decided to try to press charges, but this was after several months he waited so. This was, after several months and police later said that they didn't have sufficient evidence. Foreign arrest after that much time had passed so that now we're very violent. Vicious attack that almost left another person dead and murdered he's not even charged with anything in this situation was so strange to see in this case may be a little bit different because his friend wants a move to wisconsin. So I think, there's a part of him that while I'll kill him so he can- leave me doesn't leave me out. I don't want to leave me, but- and I think that makes this victim different. As the other ones, and maybe he befriended these people, then then he was afraid we
we don't know if there was an interaction between any of these other victims were all. I said something, and I I didn't think there were many friends with me more so I killed them too. I almost think there's part part of something in his psyche, like a before something that is telling him you, like me, you're my friend, and that makes you awful could be in it's himself and therefore he hates anybody that would accept them or like him right, but what's interesting what you're getting at here too. Is that time and time again he is friends with all of these comes before they are his victim. With the exception of Donald jones, who is basically a surrogate victim for the person he sought for the teenager, he went looking for and could not find re. So David mouse parole ended in two thousand and two and it was then early the next year in two thousand and three that he moved to hammond, indiana
where we now know that he killed the three teenage boys, they were hanging out that his parliament and bury them and see met and his basement he's boy. On that immediately people, when they lie about David Mouse he's not a very well known serial killer. He is in north western indiana because that's where they, he killed. Three victims. most people when they learn about David mouse, they say he's got to have more victims, this space, of crimes between the murders. It's it's twenty nine years and three murders at the end of one spectrum and two at the beginning of the other, twenty nine years he's got to have more victims. He has more victims, he just didn't kill them is what it appears to me, because what we need to keep in mind is Out of that, twenty nine years he's basically locked up for about
any one years of that time, period he's not out and free for that entire twenty nine years has his situations very unique. He's convicted of murder serve some time and he's release. Later convicted of another murder, serve some time and has released again. We ve seen this. In other cases, it kenneth macduff the broomstick killer we talked about when we covered the yogurt shop murders Is another situation where he murdered someone? He was convicted of murder and then released. He gets out. He kills again jack henry abbot. The author, In the belly of the beast same thing here murdered someone here, prison, he writes the book in the belly of the beast. People fall in love this guy? They read his book and they're, like oh he's, he's a victim on some level himself and he served a good amount of prison time. Let's go ahead and let him out his fans cos
for him to be let out they let him. And sure enough. He kills somebody else again. So this is not something that we haven't seen before, but it it is: A very uncommon situation where you kill served I'm your released, you kill again mouse. Does this three different times, which is incredibly unique, But then you also have the situation of. He is a rare serial killer because of more. This guy almost shows contrition. Where he's, remorseful and penitent of of his crimes in of his murders and he's weird, because that word remorse is really difficult to slap on to David maus,
I said multiple times. My victims did not deserve what they got right. What I did these people they did not deserve of this, so he at least at the very least, identifies them as a victim. Some serial killers blame their actions on the victims themselves. With David Mouse. I don't know that I would use the word remorse. I think that it's misused in this situation. I think that Situation seems to me more of he recognizes himself as evil. He does not approve of his actions, and he knows the only way that he's not going to do. These again is if he remains locked up, lock me up and throw away the key. So I can't go out there and be evil bribe a b. What we see with David, is they lock him up and they always release him? Yes, yes, he is
and that's even when he even when they go to release him. He goes don't you dont release me and I think at some point he had to go. This system is not good and protecting by us. You know I can't stop whatever I'm doing. I been telling everybody, I can't stop but they keep. Let me out so vengefully I'll, get out of our fleet will do this again well in in reviewing this case captain when I saw that first conviction for murder he bought guilty in the first situation, any says as part of my plea agreement, I would like to not be put in the general prison population, and I always thought at first that maybe that is because he does not what prison
is to come down on him. You know. We said this time and time again. Charles Manson was terrified. There's somebody was going to murder him in prison right and he in a lot of things, made a lot of maneuvering so that he would be kept in isolation or in special housing or special wing, the prison, so it'd be less likely that somebody could attack and kill him. I assume that going into this with David Mouse. I now look at this and well is there a chance that he didn't want to be put in the print in the general prison population, because he thought he kill somebody there there because people are lonely in prison, they become friends and what does David do with his friends? He murders them or or tries to murder them after David Mouse was convicted and sentenced to three life terms this in two thousand and five David mouse.
To the detective in charge of the case in hammond Indiana, the the one that at him David, a detective johnson who, at this point after being convicted David mouse, considers the detective to be a friend of his. He writes to him- and he says quote not now, but when the time is right, I will do the right thing for the parents and for the taxpayers, who have to be pissed with the thought of having to pay to keep an evil person like me alive and quote then, in january of two thousand and six mouse got word that he was about to be transferred to the d o c facility to begin serving his
I've sentence. He was still in the late county jail at this time. His attorney his defence attorney was thomas veins, who visited him the day before the transfer. He said that he saw no hint that David was going to kill himself. We asked some diversion I resign, but mouse did tell him that he was thinking about it and he told his attorney. He was thinking about it in some vague terms where he said some day. I will kill myself, but at the end of this meeting, David Mouse gave his defense attorney several of his pr items the next day on january, 19th at three hundred and fifty a dot m with a braided bedsheet in his cell the hanging broke his neck and he was found brain dead.
He's alive but brain dead, so they transferred him too. anthony medical center. In crown point, but the next day, I wonder who While the trophy has his brother debated. Turning off the life support, moust died of heart failure must wonder, for the universe, wanted masters suffer a little bit well, his attorney thomas vain said: king I think he was determined to die on his own terms and if he couldn't get the death penalty, this was his second choice of David Mouse did leave a seven page suicide note, and here are some excerpts from that, if I surrender my be says, my brother was right about one thing I should have been given the death sentence for all of my evil acts of violence that I committed in life. There on to say the day after the hamon police came to my home, I decide to leave for some place unknown. I wasn't running to keep from being punished, because I am,
these new. I should be destroyed and killed like they sometimes do to a wild animal that escapes from confinement, for I know how to punish myself I only left that day to punish myself for the shameful all evil life I lived and because of the embarrassment, I would cause the people who knew me and allowed me into their homes. My greatest fear of suffering was for the pain, sorry and grief the parents would feel when they learned their loving sons were gone again, insane acts, but he knows there insane, which I believe makes him a sane person. We talk about in people. Question did David MAO. Commit more murders, and one thing that I find fascinating is that his defense attorney says
He does not believe David Mouse committed any other murders, and this is because David Moust wrote a lot He was in prison toward the end of his life before he took his life, not just in the suicide note. There was several pages long, but he also kept a diary where he talked about attacks. The law enforcement were not aware of, or attacks that didn't led to do ended murder, but it didn't end in a conviction either, and I think that his attorney is His attorney is the real deal. This attorney veins because vein this- has seen this from both ends from both sides of the fence: veins used to be a prosecutor, he prosecuted other murder He sent other murders to death sentences.
and then later in life, he became a defense attorney and defends this serial killer and much like with the people that defended Gacy you or your obligation really to your client at that point when you know this guy is one hundred percent guilty of murdering people an evil any. All is not to keep him out of prison. It's to keep him from getting the death penalty, and I think that vein as the one that says luck. There's no doubt my mind: the David moust wanted to die and we know that for effect, because he did kill himself in vain says that Had he committed any other murders. Had David Mouse committed any other murders that would have got him a step closer to the death penalty. He would have told us about the death penalty was
is number one choice on to die suicide was his second option. Another note from this suicide note another piece from the suicide, no captain David Mouse wrote in my life. I committed five horrible murders. I killed it jane mc lister, eight thirteen donald jones aged sixteen nicholas james aged nineteen, james regarding aged sixteen and Michael dennis H. Thirteen for these five were very special and how they were so kind caring, thoughtful joyful and loving young people who did not deserve to die, and I have prayed many days that I could go back through time and and
the pain, sorrow and grief that I have caused their families, friends and the neighbors from their communities. For I know these five were very much loved and will forever be dismissed for, like David Edward mouse attorney said it best. When he said quote: David mouse was a one of a kind client with an outsized drive for self understanding and atonement. He was capable of horrific violence with an equal capacity for contrition David was genuinely sorry for hurting others right up to the time that he did it again.
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night by Tom Henderson, and you can find that great time and many more on our recommended page, a true crime garage dotcom and until Next week be good, be kind and don't let.
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