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Body Barrel /// Part 2 /// 88

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Body Barrel /// Part 2 /// 88


n 1985 a 55 gallon barrel drum is found in a wooded area in Allenstown, New Hampshire. Inside are two decomposed female bodies. From the very start the investigation is an up hill struggle as the identity of the bodies is unknown. Usually this is reason enough to get into the garage, crack open a beer and the case file, but this case is one of the strangest we have seen yet. This investigation spans over 30 years, through several states and leads us to a man of many names. The body barrel found in New Hampshire is Pandora's box. Who knows what we will find? Join us in the garage for one of the strangest cases you have ever heard.

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In new orleans, twenty twelve bruce catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the parking lot where the address should have been. He was shot and killed. I'm deal you d amber join me for the newest season of counter clock, as I dive into the motive behind bruces murder and a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now. Binge all fourteen episodes of counter clock season, five, wherever you listen to pod, casts within
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The investigator said: Bob Evans is responsible for the deaths of Denise Bowden for unidentified people in our town, and you do. Let's take a closer look at exactly these victims are now we begin with Denise Bowden, who graduated from goffstown high school in nineteen. Seventy six. She worked at carroll, cable and the demars nursing home in manchester before her disappearance, the wind bowden was twenty. Three years old, she lived at nine twenty five hayward street in manchester, with evans, who was her boyfriend at the time. Shortly after thanksgiving at nineteen, eighty one bogey disappeared. Her body never found. Four years later, the bodies of an adult woman and a female child related to that woman were found in a barrel. In a wooded area of Allen's town, the adult described as a white woman with brown hair twenty three to thirty three years old, the child described as white and between the ages of five and eleven. Then in two thousand, two more children were found in barrels on the same alan's town property. Both girls were around two or three years old. New dna results show that the girl on the left is the daughter of Bob evans and the girl on the right is also related to the unidentified woman found in the first barrel. None of the bodies have been identified fast forward. A year later, in august, two thousand and one Eun Soo june, had an unofficial back yard marriage ceremony with evans in richmond California. She was reported missing in september of the following year and later found buried in her basement a couple of months later, evans was arrested and eventually convicted for her murder. The we have been discussing the Allen's town for the for an identified victims that were found in Allen's town, the first two found in a barrel, nineteen eighty five, the second two found in almost
same similar barrel and. Thousand and victims have remained unidentified, while in january of this year there becomes a huge break in this case, so the new Hampshire attorney general announced that they believe that they have discovered the man involved and the bear murders, also known as the alan towns for to be clear. the state of new Hampshire attorney general. He announced in a press conference after thirty, some years of looking, the police are confident guards the for female victims found an allowance down in the two barrels. They now believe that they have their man, which is pretty crazy, though right, because I'm in this is the first time that I have ever heard of a case where we we, Identify the murderer it still can identify the victims yeah and he starts If the press conference by saying that that exact same statement, you yeah that that you,
Julie. You know you have to theirs, though, that general process that you identify the victims and you take it from there and there you you catch the killer. This duration quite a bit different, but that their putting out this information, because there, hoping to receive some information in return the thing is we're going to see that there is a lot of information that still needed on this case. This is going to be something that you are going to see work very hard in the next year or two. I think we're going to see further information come out, but, let's, through what we do know as of this year, so The new hampshire attack, a general stated that robert or by evans, is below. to be the killer of these for victims. So who is Bob Evans, actually com we call him robert evans captain does I dont want to disturb my my weekend. Breakfast
so Robert Evans is a man that just pretty recently police have been able to place him in new Hampshire as late as nineteen eighty one, and we will show you how they are able to connect him to the fore female victims and alan stout. But to do so we have to first talk about California because Robert Evans was serving a fifteen year sentence for murder in california for killing his girl. friends, slash wife, unseen june. Rain, do that. We can go back to the year two thousand and two yeah september, two thousand and two. This story starts starts off in california, contra cost a county we have a missing persons case. The person in question is unsound june. First signs emerged that there is something that is not right. when she did not show up for a scheduled lunch with a friend. She also started missing her regular pottery classes that she attended, a friend of Jews was decided five with the answers that she
getting in regards to june's whereabouts from her husband, stop believing explanations and excuses as to where friend, was, and then she called The contra costa sheriff's department and friend, decides to file missing persons report in this report, the friends dates. The last time that she had seen on soon june was around and may thirty, first, two thousand and two and she at this she was married to Robert Evans, yeah they had. Some people will refer to them as husband and wife, or they will refer to this robert evans as a boyfriend. as they were married in some like backyard ceremony. So wasn't like super official what happens is after that missing persons report is filed. The share department. There miss persons crime unit, they decide to go. Do a welfare check at the woman's home, which is located in east richmond heights, the husband, a man who was actually going by.
The name of a larry banner hold the investigators that she was out of the state and he like he's he's very cooperative. Will people that old larry now we we have to. We have to kind of touch upon something here and it's gonna come around full circle and we can explain it as we go, but we're going to start to see a lot of different names in this story and a lot of those names are being used by one character. So Robert Evans, using multiple names throughout this story. When larry banner and robert evans are the same person. We will get into that a little bit you'll see how that's connected so when Larry Van he so operative. Well, these investigators, we should decide Larry a k. Robert ok
Larry. I take it a K. A robber is so cooperative with the investigators that he agrees to go down to the department to answer some questions regarding the where out of his wife interview him for cod sometime and banner, was given a phone and he makes us call he calls a number a number they. He calls for memory, which turns to be a licence? Therapists, eugene organ now to detect if would later state how she That was really weird because he had this number memorize and she believed it was part of like a ruse like the fact that he had gone this far too who form some kind of plan in advance, as she couldn't really put her finger on. Was this something that he kept his back pocket as a plan to get out of this particular situation or really
was this something he would do to get out of any situation right right. The detective quickly realises that the name lawrence william banner, which is an aim that the man had given, had a paper trail. He had no driver's license in the state of california. He had no driver's license in any state in the: u s that they could find, and here a criminal history or records of any kind, nothing that they. looked for in their data bases at the sheriffs department turned up regarding the name lawrence william banner, but this guy he's ill agrees to keep talking to her answering actions and he even agrees to be fingerprinted, so she also said that they made quite a bit of small talk, and mainly this is because the guy seem to be very chatty She also commented that he had these really strange super blue twinkly eyes, but as far as washing when he was a very personal, Jai ugly eyes like the with from seinfeld get yet,
much like the with sometimes van or even spoke in a type of like sing song iii vice when they were talking, anyway, so he gives I never really understood that sing song. Anything does somebody talk like this, so something like this musical they watch they do while you re right, but that's a handful song but sing song. He talk well we'll van, or did this from time to time during the questioning process, and he does give his finger prints. As we said, and while the live scan began to run the prince through the database, the detectives took Van are out to a corner store so that he could get a drink in a pack of cigarettes. The detective an attempt to get some more information about this man asked him if his accent was from the east coast as to your accents, very interesting where you grow up Van or then stopped talking, and he leaned in real close to the detectives, personal space and with a completely
different tone. He said: that's not your goddamn business, she said It was like a flock of a switch from the normal behaviour that she had seen before. He completely chow, sean artist yeah he gets very aggressive with her and then she says that he then switch off again and he kept carrying on as normal, like nothing had happened, and I'm going to pose some pictures of this guy of old. Evans eyes ease deafening be lookin he's like a creep clown there. You know he's a good sadistic clown with twinkly blue eyes. Yes get the hair on the sides and none on the top and he's gonna get that cloud face this other picture to where he's wearing a mickey mouse shirt ages, cameroon, mickey mouse for me for the next week or so, and breakfast fingerprints come back and What they learned from the fingerprints gets here
even stranger, ok, so this now shows that Larry Van was this in person as a man named Curtis, mayo Kimball, a man who was once convicted of abusing and abandoning a little girl at an army park and nineteen. Eighty six, what had happened was he was parole for that conviction and he'd like the day they let him out instead of checking in doing all the stuff you're supposed to do on parole too, you know really incorporate yourself back into society. Instead, he just takes off so the detect If then reads him his rights because, of course, Larry Van ickes he's this kimball guy and he's needs to be taken into custody for the parole violation and, of course, Larry van at this point stops talking to the detective brain boilers up. I I don't know they didn't cover that in this,
this portion of the story. I dont think that he actually lore lawyers up at this point. My dear said on that talk, because this is all kind of happening, very quick. Now your goddamn business, so now what he said to her. They decide that his premises are subject to a search, so they go and they get the appropriate warrant and they too, the key to june's house from larry banners, belongings and then they go to the house and there. They find pictures of the missing woman still on refrigerator then they don't find any women's clothing in the house and then they always those pictures. Well, above all in the house, it's gonna get it's gonna, get police weird, because now they start to notice the weird stuff There are some areas on the property that look to have been recently dug up there was a dried up dead kitten over the back fence, that's that is weird yeah, the
you're. Gonna dig up some of the property at least put the cat, the dead cat in one of those all right, the garage was padlocked so open, the padlock to the garage, and inside they find pottery killed and a pot. We'll. These are all june's items at the back. of the garage. They find a small door, they open the door. Now. This is a very deep room so they're using flashlights at this point, I can see a water heater and near the water. He Peter is a pile of kitty letter its mounted over some extension courts there workshop lights, that are hung up in this cramped little space that they are not on but they also see a small acts in a reciprocating, saw well This is where they're starting to feel fear
very bad now now we ve got to call in the forensics unit, rightly because this whole place might be a crime scene, the crime scene unit came in and they started off by taking photographs of the entire place now becomes time to move the mound of cat letter, so they vary. carefully moved just a little bit of the cat letter at first this is when they discovered a human foot still in a rubber flip flop, but but its fully mummified last point and rain, but yesterday that life lesson that we learned right. What was it you remember life lesson that we learned yesterday, don't go looking in the barrel dog open the barrel. Yet this is, our job. This is different, But I'm saying it's it's what you can take away from the show what can learn as individual. This is not our job. Our job is to flex golden pipes on these microphones, but so
lesson number one. Yesterday do not open the barrel, and number two today is don't move the cat litter, don't touch the kitty there, So, of course, murder charges followed for the man that they knew as Vanna and kimball right so he is charged is what real quick question, though so we'd know that he is kimball rattling where new year's we know that larry banner is curtis, kimball, right and kurdish Curtis Campbell actually has some kind of record. We have fingerprints on file you and that's why I think they charge him as Curtis Kimball and not as this Larry Van or because there is some paper trail for Curtis. Kimball now can you explain to me how we get to robert evans. Yes, but it's gonna it up. gonna take a little more level, more explanation and trust, This all come back round full circle at the end, I promise so he
appointment to me boy he's charges, Curtis Campbell, but Every one surprise he ends up plein guilty to the charge. He. guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to fifteen years to life in prison. Snuff man, sir What is a pat? What what ends up happening? This turns out to be a good thing for Mr Kimball, a k, a banner, because this avoids the man a trial and, more importantly, to him in the into the man calling himself lawrence factor, right. So the short of that is this detective. Not only this man behind bars, but she establishes through the fingerprint match that Lawrence Vainer is also Curtis, kimball and Curtis Kim was wanted on parole, violation for abuse and abandonment of a minor, a minor that the key. system believed to be his child. Now this awesome did active decides that you know what
We should trace this guy as far back as we can write because, of course, thought being here is: if he is guilty of this kind of stuff, He is used more than one name. We might ones at least round the bases once to just to be they have to see what else we can dig up in the process? as we know, is a martyr, and we know that the whole child pedophilia stuff and then Nor am, I repeat, offenders yeah, and you know it. My thought here is at the very least they might one of, Try to reach out to that child to see what name he was going by when he was. The child was he was he Kimball was banner. Was he a day front name, you know than theirs. Only so much that they even have on this kimball guy, you know they are, banner to Kimball they only One arrest for this kimball dude soap, she tracks vainer a campbell and she figures out that he had had
a relationship with June that big in two thousand. This was the the murdered. Wife for that. This detail if believes that he had lived and worked in contra caustic california, from about nineteen ninety to the year two thousand, so from ninety ninety before that there quite a bit of a grey area, because you don't really have much information on him until the or of nineteen. Eighty six. As far as this detective his concern right so the other than him being arrested and nineteen. Eighty six for the abandonment of a girl that he lisa. This was in our view, park in northern california she couldn't find anything else on him, and she says you know that just didn't make any sense to me that this guy had this little girl and nineteen. Eighty six. So she does. She orders a dna paternity test in two thousand and three. This is short
after he please guilty to the murder charge. This is. determine whether or not he is the biological father of the girl called LISA you're, the one that was abandoned and army park. So what happen is now they determine you know is is he the biological father, the dns dna tests come in and it turns out that he, in fact is not the father of the girl, namely someone so now we have this girl that he had abandoned and no one knew where this girl had come from. So Now we have to go back a little bit further right, wait: let's go back to the child abuse abandonment charge that he faced as Curtis, Kimball So so now we we go back to this. This man Curtis Kimball shows up in january of nineteen eighty six, this man is a living, and working at the holiday host are v park in scots valley. This, isn't Northern california and he
living there working there and with him is a girl believed to be about five years old, and he, calling the girl LISA he in june or July of nineteen eighty six he leaves LISA with a family that lives in the army park, so the that these charges come about is that after she is living with the family for several months. Lisa starts telling the family about the man who had abandoned her and she believes him to be her father she's telling the family about some of the things that took place, and we don't have details of that- and that's probably a good thing, but what ends up happening. Is this family then notifies law enforcement to to tell them. You know something: not only was this girl abandoned, but we believe she was abused before she was abandoned.
And so that's how we get to these charges against Curtis Kimball. Now we have a very strange situation, though, here captain. This is something that doesn't happen very. often at all what the detective clay realises this young girl. That was called LISA. She might have been five years old. They just appeared in this. rv park right well now she's an adult and she is basic We are living jane, doe blair, which We are very seldom see that so now. We have a situation where we have a person, that's lived most of their life and they really dont know who they are or where there from manas creepy stuff. And then kinda makes a wanderer like when you meet. Somebody is are they who they say. They are right. I mean right has really until you see any kind of documentation. You just take
for their. What does matter, if you see documentation, really mean this guy, I'm scott white Well, you definitely vanilla yeah. You know what, though, I'm speaking to a guy that uses a because as an alias, so maybe you shouldn't be they kind of frown upon it. If you'd teaching children they frowned upon, you talkin about murder, I get on the internet. So that's why that happen, I'll, get some others make some sense of this. Let's recap this real quickly. Oh Robert Evans, we we now know that he is responsible for the deaths and the the four victims that were or unidentified victims in Alan's down new hampshire, yes right and from there they trace back to california, and the california connection is the murder of his wife.
girlfriend that he lived with in two thousand and two using the name: Larry yuppie Larry Vana, from there with the fingerprint match they train back to that are we park from that choice in nineteen eighty six of banding minor, with with possible abuse and in in regard to that, No, he was sentence. I believe it was a three year sentence. He serve one year and they and left the first day of his parole. Murphy, seated and I and what I think they do not know if they ve done this. By have they Did this living jane doze dna with any of the dna from the barrels? I leave that they have but we're gonna get. There is a whole bunch of dna that that comes up out of this, but we will have to get into that after this beer bring, the
in new orleans twenty twelve bruce catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the parking lot where the address should have been. He was shot and killed. I'm dvd umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock, as I dive into the motive behind bruce's murder and a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now. Binge all fourteen episodes of counter clock season- five, wherever you listen to pod, casts no insecure, delivers more than groceries even get tech view office applies sporting goods and more all delivered right to your door and as fast as an hour, so whether you're cooking dinner or your phone chargers cooked you can save yourself. Multiple trips by shopping over one thousand stores in the instigated app visitin stick die com to get free delivery on your first, three orders offer valid for a limited time. Ten dollar minimum per order, additional terms apply ready. pop the question the jewellers
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in two thousand and thirteen. That is when the dna test is requested of or required of, this robert evans purse so in august. Two thousand and thirteen the dna testing determines that robert evans an lisa, the girl that he had abandoned at the army park were now. Biologically related. So now we, have a situation where we're trying to initiate an investigation into the true identity of this girl named lisa. She was living under the name of elisa Jensen. and that was a name that was given to her by this man. again: we have a strain. Situation, where we have a living, jane, doe law and he's good at coming up with names sob. I mean it doesn't come up with good names. No raises coming up with names of bob. and I mean he could have seen a sign
I hope you do. She burger so in two thousand and fourteen san bernardino, the c o s o enlisted the assistance of dna adoption dot com. This is one of those like genealogy type things. You try to find your where you can from your family background or that's. That's actually interesting has won the listeners posted yesterday if, if they did it theology on the victims of the barrels which which is something that police are working on doing right now, more, that's good! So what we'll get back to that as a good listener thought? I was saying exactly that some of these listeners should be involved in these cases, and so they are with the assistance of dna adoption, com. They use one of their search. Angels is what I guess they call me a
netteke genealogist, to identify links to possible relatives of this lisa girl and what they finally takes quite a bit of time, but in two thousand and sixteen they discuss a first cousin and the grandfather of LISA Now these two people are identified and they are living in new Hampshire, which lead approving the lisa had ties to new Hampshire right, which would mean that Robert would have ties to new Hampshire as well. Exactly so what they discover after talking with these people. Meeting with these people is, the lisa in fact, is the again that was known by the name of dawn boat in and she happens to be the daughter of a missing person persons name is Denise boat and now the
ass, known, citing of Denise Boden, would have been in november of nineteen eighty one, so the police suspect the Denise Bowden she went missing shortly after thanksgiving of nineteen. Eighty one, the time she had a six month old daughter, this being done on Boden and she had a boyfriend that was going by the name of Robert evans or bob evans, and they lived in manchester new hampshire, what it happened was she either spoken to or visited her family for thanksgiving and they there. quite sure, win the when these three people kind of discipline from the area They believe that it would have been it have been after thanksgiving, but it was definitely before cod smith, so some time in that early december time period. They believe that these three have disappeared, and the thing that A blows my mind about all this is we have a missing
in that went missing and eighty one and is not until two thousand sixteen that she's reported missing career and that's was saying before him in the whole idea with you know that some of them live that kind of life for earth, people that have those kind of friends or family, around them. That would not report the missing. It's it's a very sad thing. You know Well, we don't know the dynamics of their family it may not have been any wrong doing on their park at sea is definitely strange. One hundred percent- I mean you're talking about me years go by before she reported as missing right and then we have that information about the other serial killer robinson and how he would yell, basically, kidnaps. her take some a hostage and then he would write to the parent, saint odds, ok or you know- I'm moving all with my life. And you are just talking earlier about how you also believed that our
robinson would have these vic sign pieces of paper, and so I, having you know a signature, maybe type up the letter, but with that the you in the family. Can it believes it, and I guess. I think the problem here, though, is you know if I was a father and getting some love letter from either a guy or get a letter? That's quota, from my daughter typed, but with her signature right, but then there trying to tell me she doesn't want to be a part of my life will again. Hopefully I'm not you know of I'm decent father. and if I was a decent father and son I wanted to do. be rid of me for no reason arm in arm gonna fight that so I bought it but again, you again, like you said we don't know their social dynamic. So who knows the thought here is what
the family, would tell us in two thousand and sixteen the reason they didn't report either them there or the daughter as being missing, was that it was scented to them. Now it's clear to us, the general public. If it was robert, evans presenting this to them or if it was their own daughter, presenting this. m Denise Boden, but was presented to them that they basically owed a whole bunch of money to everybody in the area of manchester new hampshire where they lived. So the thought they were going to uproot move well swear transplant and in set up shop elsewhere and create a new life somewhere debt free. Emily, probably thought they were doing their daughter. Some favours by not leading the past that collectors to her. that being the thought again, though thirteen years go by it's strange yeah again it mean
you know- maybe you don't hear from the first christmas and you know, me, no no big deal now she's. She started her new life, but by the second christmas, I'm looking for this person I mean. How can he does your daughter to disappear am us. Yet and- and I said you know- we don't know if it was robert Evans that presented that their story to them or if it was their own daughter. My guess is, it might have been the daughter presenting it because the vibe I got from the attorney general and from the officers that were splaining this whole situation to the public, the bible, I was that the family was not a fan of the robert evans, like that he was somebody that they write in light from the gates, is more of a reasoned, go. Find him punch him in this, stupid fucking face. And then his clown face as clown face and then mp in his little twinkly eyes on make his little eyes twinkled. While and his face. It just
real now, because the here's one again pissed off about it, because what we are seeing is the cycle and it in it involves pedophilia, that's what involves that's what it comes down to why? Why was this girl missing for thirty years because she had a daughter? he prayed on her any and it was the daughter he wanted, the daughter see this time and time again where these duisburg, just come out and they pray on single mothers, with daughters or sons, and they molest those kids and then once the mother finds out about it. Well now you gotta killed the mother and that what does Robert Evans was due in time and time again. Getting into situations, and I guarantee you his friend. Slash wife, probably why she ended up dead and why they found her her house dead, because she I figured out tat. He was doing this shit or the
figured out tat. He had some very sketchy. Past You know any things possible regarding that we should state very clearly here that deny, bonus still technically a missing parson she's not been identified as having been found anywhere or she's dead were to be living anywhere in your exactly right. The way that this has been presented by the attorney general is that they expect it knowing Robert evans past and knowing what capable of the firmly in the amount of time that's gone by frankly. They firmly believed that did there look, Four remains as far as Denise bone would go. Alright Celeste connect this altogether. so in the summer of two thousand and sixteen the san bernardino county, sheriff's office, they contact the manchester police. Parliament regarding the identification of dawn boden so
LISA Johnson, the girl there was left at the army park, is actually dawn, Boden, the daughter of Denise boat I'm so glad that they did their work, so she at least has closure and that she has some sense of actual pass before this monster Yeah. Can you imagine that, though, the this this law the girl she's living with the name lisa for all these years, and she was adopted out and went on to live a very normal happy life from what we have heard. Can you imagine that situation, though, that that you you You really basically have no family background or understanding of your family background or where you came from you. You know your mom you well. Sometimes I wish I didn't and now my family background you have this guy. That you think is your father, that that probably abused you at the very least he abandoned you and
so. You probably consider yourself lucky to have survived and got out of that situation and then all. These years later, your contacted you're living your normal life. You know in your doing your normal things, and then you get contacted in your told. You know that that guy, they left you at the army park. We figured out the That was not his real name and he is now your father, so sorry, I guess tractor back to the summer of two thousand and sixteen. This is when california contacts the Hampshire manchester police department regarding the identification of dawn boden, the girl, action with a missing female Denise Bowden, the mother, and they let them know that the person suspect of being involved in this disappearance would be person, the dave already convicted, of homicide in two thousand and two right. So
that same year, a multi agency investigation begins to determine the bob evans, Robert Evans, his determine his connections to manchester new Hampshire and Alan sound new hampshire. What's a major connect, and between all robber I hopped evans and the the or in the barrel, so october of two thousand, and sixteen they take Robert Evans dna profile. Remember they already have this from from check with the lisa girl and Compare that profile to all of the three female. These are the minor female victims there were found in our and stout right. The results showed that Robert Evans was the father of the middle child. remember. This is the child that is non maternity related to the other victims, so What are the alan's town connections be on that of the dna this
What the officers are able to determine that is. point in the late nineteenth seventies, a man that shows up using the name, robert evans or friends or cover where's he's known as bob evans the he lived and worked in manchester new hampshire. He get the warm back mills in manchester as a mechanic, an electrician. He when he was working there. He worked with. The owner of the proper, and Alan's down where the barrels with the bodies in them were found in nineteen eighty five or deserves that little store. Yet in it. thousand he I did electrical work to the bare brook store that was located on that property, and he Here's the thing, though, to It makes you wonder, captain once you kind of sea this situation with Robert evans, and you know that the allotted
these crimes might be driven by his pedophilia brain and then here about the owner? His last name is callaghan own. That property worked with him at the wan back mills, it makes you wonder: does this callaghan character with his background and pedophilia deal wonder if there's if there some kind of connection there. It seems a little too big of a car incidents, to me right a couple since initially that come up one? Was it the pedophilia that brought them together and then they decided to work today, or was it through work and odd conversation- I don't know how that conversation starts, but I dont want ever have that happen. I think it's slapped the person, but then weird thought can, apart in my head, what? If a lot of this had a stuff. What is this? other guy wasn't actually that involved.
No, I mean- and I was just happens dancers it's it's possible. I the thing here is yo yo. You imagine if this callaghan guys guilty of lesser crimes, I don't he's letting somebody dump bodies on his property, I actually guilty guilty of anything you're. Not letting people would dump bodies on your property. One This starts making me feel a little more like the whole. Idea of sex trafficking, human trafficking, yeah, it appears to be something of that nature. We we have these unidentified people that that one could think part. They are there unidentified because they were brought into that area. Another connect, and here is that the first barrel that was found with the adult and oldest child that were dismembered in this barrel. Remember they were found in trash bags, but these were multiple trash bags. So what,
Robert Evans did or whomever placed him there did was to package these things together. The trash bags were I, together with electrical wire, and we He said that he has a background, as an electrician makes sense. This elect because wire could be could potentially be traced back to a place called carol cable. Now this is interesting because that is where Denise Boden worked. So it might, the I do want to throw this out there, though it is a bit of a loose connection, because it's been put to me that that type of cable, that type of wire was actually a very common type of wire, but again here That would be another big coincidence: bright lobby fact of the matter. With all these cases he had her daughter, he her daughter across the country,
No, when we see this pattern with them, you know as far as martyrs go and you know, so we don't. We don't have to sit there and say while he He had some cable because he probably worked at this cable company. That's where she worked. It's another nail on the head or I don't need any more nails in the head. You know the guy right. I think it's more of a connection to the four unidentified bodies and in re hard to Denise Boden. There were people that provided law enforcement with pictures of this robert evans with death, bone, so it's not just somebody coming forward in saying I know. There's robert Evans guy was within these boat. No there. They have photographic proof, some other kind of loose ends. Here we have with the Alan sound victims, remember the though the girlfriend wife, did he killed in California. All five of these victims died from blunt force. Trauma
and the the several all all these victims as well, where dismembered so We see a bit of a pattern as far as cleaning up at sea, and getting rid of bodies and through, and segregation. They were able to uncover that Robert evans, was known to actually dump stuff on the site before Yannick confirmed. The barrels from the mill from the wan back mill were dumped on the price. But he is well now they're saying in regard to the actual two barrels where the bodies were found stuffed into? Is it these they're? Not they place them as having come from the warm back mill, but but it makes Hence I mean you're somewhere there very similar, yes and then sometimes you know if you workin any warehouse sometimes you have like everything. My comes in this crate or in this barrel right. but then every now and then you just get a couple- creates workable. Bear
that look, a little different, get a one off right and those might have been put to the side and he possibly could have used those because they weren't using them at at his work. they now remember. We had said that they were able to establish that at some point in the late nineteenth seventys, the robber t Evans had moved into the mansion, Stir. New Hampshire area they have him living there until approximately nineteen eighty one when he leaves with Denise bone in her daughter. They are. Well to confirm they don't know the exact time or date that he would have moved into this property, but they have him as living at at nine to five haywire. street in manchester new hampshire? Now, what is it? can place since all of this uncovering has happened. Is that day have gone back to that property and me Only they went back there to look for the remains of Denise Boden rob
they spent almost. I think they spent three or four days there with the fbi and other agencies involved, and they were able to find any trace of remains Human remains? there aren't any right on. The problem is its thirty, some years later, so Where's police are still looking for Denise bone, she's been missing since november of nineteen eighty one she was twice three years old at the time that she had disappeared or was last seen she had brought herr brown eyes. She was about five foot, four to five foot. Six inches taller modern, twenty, two hundred forty pounds she had a noticeable over bite. and, as we had said, she was known to have been living in the manchester new Hampshire area The problem, though, is when you have a guy like robert e Evans, who moves all over the country with all these different names you I know where you could potentially find this person
she might even be a jane doe in some other state. Did that's been sitting there waiting to be named all these years did the do a dna tests between the girl that he left abandoned and the girls that were in the barrel. If there was some kind of connection there there I believe they have, and I believe that there is not any type of connection to to as far as being relatives sowed out this, be it be suspect me that that, and that the middle child that they believe is connect. the bomb, evans or robert evans would be may be related to the boat yeah things a possibility at this point. So what do we? Let's try to point what we think we know about robert evans, because we have these little patches and time where we don't have inform non where he is, and becomes a big problem, because we were starting to see what this guy is probably capable of
we need a chameleon right. He he's a that moves into an area while marmion here's what we do now, as we do know that is capable of kidnapping. We know capable of abandoned children. We now that he's capable he is in a worked. probably was in cahoots with pet of with a known, pedophile and he's capable Well, we know he's capable of a lot and its it's not it's very equally that he's a serial killer. That's been moving around this country for decades The police estimate that Robert Evans was born between the years of nineteen, thirty, six and nineteen. Fifty two well, that's quite spam time there that's groups his years of of not being able that scary, when, when you have this guy that you're saying, he's our number one aspect he's probably guilty of this, but We don't even know if this is his real name, and we can't tell you how old he is either
so the reason, the way that they come up with these years as having been possum. Birth dates that he was born sometime during this time. Is it You know certain paperwork that he had filled out over the years. He use different aids that fell within this. This range, did die in prison. in december of two thousand and ten so he will be unable to face justice regarding these victims that we have an ounce down he's also gonna be unable to provide us with any information as to who he is or potential adduced. More victims that he may. Why can t? I can tell you who he is well. He too, his name obviously frequently. he had some, there's a lot of suspected aliases, but we can go through the confirmed aliases. He he had lived or worked under these names at one time or another speaking, Robert e Evans, also key
this mayo kimball general jerry mocker men, gordon curtis Johnson and Lawrence william vander, which was the name that he was using when he murdered his his girlfriend that he was living with occupations, he had worked at different times. Is a attrition or man mechanic. They have a suspicion that he might have possibly worked at the manchester new Hampshire vs and here Here's one thing that there really looking into right now regarding him is it they think they suspect. he might have some form of military background and they kind of specified that they believe that might be the navy and just being because of the way that he would work right dates. The way that he carried himself the way that he talk to people and jobs that he had had. And they re even say that he was known to kind of rights.
Things, rather than fix them that he would rig them in a manner that was would be something that, would be used to seeing in a military fashion right, so he would Can a g airy rig a bunch of stuff enough, but he was also an unknown alcoholic as as- yeah. They believe that he was probably an alcoholic for most of his life kind. got cigarettes and and and booze and since night tempest here you ve got business weimar well, and he was obviously you know as far as characteristics go. He was obviously a transient and they can confirm that he throughout his life lived indifferent, campgrounds trailer park Motels, you know really lying routes in two. places or too many place for a very long period of time confirmed locations now, this is or because they are trying to figure out one where the sky was from? You know he pops up on the map in the late seventies. They have nothing of him before the, but his confer.
locations would be obviously new, Hampshire and in california but they also have tied him to the state of idaho, and this is because he was arrested in the mid eighties in California, with a stolen vehicle from the state of idaho now, what they're really looking for and hoping for is that somebody comes forward, and in says you know what I know you know. I knew the guy that stole my vehicle, worn where he lived down the street. Neither he went by this name right, so those confirm locations they. Have some possible locations where they think that he may have lived. What has he could? He could possibly been in jail for other, herders now and so the hospital locations of where he he may have lived at some point would be state of washington organ arizona Why owning colorado, Missouri, virginia georgia, louisiana hawaii small part of,
canada and quebec, canada or possibly hawaiian in that would make sense of it in the navy. Yet he could have been station. Therefore, for whatever reason and So the the state of texas Now. I do want to throw this out there this. I is obviously not to be believed on anything. You know mean that while we, you know I know people that that tell stories- and you say well- take what they say with a grain of salt. I I don't even think you'd use a grain of salt when you're talking about robert evans. Here the these are locations that they question, because he has some ties, or he is said, mentioned these places to people at some point in his life out. Any of background stories that he was giving to these people could be completely fabricated right, complete malarkey, yet they seem to be really focusing on the state of texas. As far as law enforcement goes there there really and arrested in the state of Texas
him yeah and I think, what's going to come down to, is they're going to they're doing a lot of hard work, and I- and I am grateful for them to do that, because there are other missing in cases there is theirs other john, our john doe. Cried jane, does, in this scenario is missing person cases there's jane dose out there that are connected to this guy, and they just need to keep doing the work do that maybe bring closure to somebody and well that leaves is perfectly into this, because then you start to wander bob evans, Robert Evans, his victims and potential victims, who would be his potential victims, will obviously the alan's down, for which seem like he's very, very likely the guilty person in that situation. we also have the disappearance of Denise Boden, who still not been found, who went missing a nineteen eighty, one rate, of course, his his
wife ex girlfriend that hit the he killed and in california, but we also have the mother of the middle child in Alan's town. We have this this whole other woman. That's not! We don't have a name for we don't we don't know anything about this person by this is a whole potential victim that we don't know Think about now is some suspicions regarding Possibilities of who could be that middle childs, mother this being a woman that they are trying to figure out if she even existed or not in her name would be Elizabeth Evans, so in january of of nineteen. Eighty us, five letter addressed to Robert Evans was signed for by a person by the name of Elizabeth evans. At two points in in that same year he was arrested.
Both of those times are both of those times. He'd listed his spouses name as Elizabeth now this sitting here, though, is on later arrest date in october, Nineteen. Eighty he's arrested again and this time he does not list a spouse. So again, there unable to confirm if this person even exist or not or could it be somebody living under an alias that's travelling along with him right, but it right, but but but by force his hands, in other words more likely if, if he was travelling with somebody again here, their conning them or its by force. These hold holding people. That's goes back to the whole sex trafficking, and if this Elizabeth Evans person is not the mother of the middle child then you increase your potential victimless by by another person. It's it's,
it's a crazy case, one of the strangest that that I've seen I gotta say here, though, captain what what really kind of drives this whole thing. What I'm really excited about in it is to see somebody in law enforcement. Take it the extra steps that detective that put away from murder in california back in two thousand, and two I love that she gets a gut feeling that something just doesn't sit right with her and she decides. You know what we're gonna mandate. This do take a dna test, because this passed away since then. If this unnoticed back then we would be sitting here would knowing. I know we have a whole bunch of extra questions involved, but we'd be sitting here with no answers at all. She, Not only did her darndest put him behind bars ill when we don't have a lot of cases where we we have talked of, in a women and law enforcement, so scandal serendipitous,
since then, she has been promoted to captain and off and she is nearing retirement. She's, a captain, yes she's, a captain to outdo of but she's a captain of a much bigger, prestigious, than this one. I'm captain my captain, that's right. she glue her she's coming up on retirement, and she said that she is hoping to southern wrong with older lady heard of you can you can, you can send her some fan mail on euro, that I'm about some flowers or some socks per se, but she she's coming up on retirement. She does say that she plans to assist the new hampshire state police, even well into retirement as far Robert evans is concerned. What here's what I like about, as normally when law enforcement gets, the man rightly get there Do they think responsible for murder, are for a crime normally stars. My man
we don't need going further and the I understand that we're gonna keep diving into this robber. This guy, because we want to know if he had any other victims and can we enclosure team by else. But we still have these four identify, unidentified people and these barrels, an run, it continued to do some work to try to figure out who they are because cause they deserve answers. they deserve it end of their story, and they believe that, with presenting to the public who this killer is, who killed those people, then they that now they might be able to put an identity that these people by tracing it through that of Robert Evans or any of these other aliases it he had given throughout the years and what was so great. As you know, I posted dna where they reconstruct what they think they would look like, I posted that picture on our instagram and and twitter, and everything and lotta people retweeted it and,
I mean that's nice because it promotes, but it's also does to get this picture out. Their honey of hundreds, here's the thing that drives me In saying that, somebody, like you know, concur dashi in some way will pose something on the internet and millions and millions, and for what in another put your fat, ass away. You now and go ruin another guys. Career conny, hasn't put out shit sensed he's been with you, nothing good anyways, but if people- of that power. If they put out this picture and millions of people saw the maid, get some closure in some of this stuff. And I'm hoping that this in catches fire, because you know the way thing in researching this case. First of all, it wasn't Wasn't a case that I knew too much about and when I saw diving into it, I said, it seeing you no witnesses people coming forward in the state of new Hampshire that are saying- and I should say women.
As these are people being interviewed for for news stating that you know it I didn't I hadn't heard of this case until five six years ago, which I was crazy. I'm is for bodies in a barrel, but again it and it never win anywhere, saw the longevity of this. You know starting way back in the eighties, and then you know well most ten years later than another barrel and then almost another fifteen years later. Dna evidence and now a guy who, still but again, we still have for victims that remain nameless and they're they're working very hard. They gotta lotta leads that their working on one of those being something you mentioned earlier, where they are going to use that same those same ways that they found out who LISA Boden was in their using those same methods to try to trace genealogy with the with the three on three and four unknown victims in our midst. Hopefully we get some answers
thing here is, though I such upon something to that that I want to just take a quick second dimension. You know there really curious about the state of texas for some reason and they won't fully disclose. Why my suspicion used said something. Maybe he had served time in prison at one point in may, that's why he just kind of pops up on the map, all the sun in the nineteen seventy seven and you would think yes, you can connect him via the fingerprints to an end. But maybe they ve, not tested it against the right sample the thing. as I want on is also so old yeah and remember one week when we covered the yogurt shop murders. We talked about how the state of texas was releasing prisons due to overcrowding in the seventies, this guy just so all of a sudden in the seventies, their focusing on state of taxes, I'm curious if he might have serve some time in the state of texas maybe maybe the other thing, though, is he's he's a runaway. The joined, the military,
the navy and he doesn't pop up until he he gets added the navy. it's a fascinating case. I really do think that we're going to see a lot of information come out regarding robert evans, and hopefully, these unidentified victims within this next year, again, yeah they will get some answers and again thanks for sharing all the stuff on social media, and I do we have a recommended reading for this week waited a recommended reading and a recommended viewing. First, the reading, of course, the book we discussed yesterday expecting to die by LISA jackson. That's a fictional thriller! You can pick them We have that listed on our recommended page on our website, and you can pick that up through the amazon banner there and for russia the viewing I'm pretty pumped up about this captain. It's called capture, kill riddle Yes, it's about a young married couple. The documents, their dissent down the rabbit hall as they seek to fulfil one of their darkest desires
is loosely based off of the real life cannon barbie murders, which of course is one of them. famous cases from our brothers and sisters up north in canada, so check out capture, kill, release that just came out this week in that's available on amazon is well again. Big. Happy happy, happy, happy happy women's day, so proud of you crazy freaks that listen to murder shows. Anyways always were listening. Thanks for the support, I will see you next week and until then be good, be kind and don't let her
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