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Brandon Lawson 911 Tape /// Part 1 /// 85

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Brandon Lawson 911 Tape /// Part 1 /// 85


August 9th - 2013, Bronte, Texas- A young father of four left his home in the middle of the night. While driving his truck to his father's house he runs out of gas. Brandon Lawson is on a dark highway in the middle of nowhere. Armed with only his cell phone Brandon goes walking in search of gas. Something happened that scared Brandon because just before 1 am, he calls 911. I'm in a field... I need the cops... Please hurry...Are these Brandon's last words? Tonight we go through the timeline of Brandon's disappearance and we try to dissect the now famous 911 call.Beer of the week - One Hundred Million Angels Singing by Texas Ale ProjectGarage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of five

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Brandon was an oil field. Worker and father of poor was last seen when he left the same angelo taxes home on august, two thousand and thirteen while travelling on high wage and seventy seven he ran out of gas he called nine one one and he has not been seen since his self is also missing brandon a caucasian male. He was twenty six years of age at the time of his disappearance, Brandon is
I foot nine inches tall, two hundred and thirty pounds with brown, hair blue eyes, He was last seen wearing a yellow shirt, cameo shorts and white nike air max shoes. If you have any information go to missing, Brandon lawson dot com, Brandon.
and was last seen when he left his home in san angelo taxes. This was August eight two thousand and thirteen he left at eleven. Fifty three p m. This is after an argument with his girlfriend le des aloft. In so Brandon called his father, and he wants to go to his father's place for the night brandons father bradley has said that he had told his son. It would be best if Brandon just stay put. He recommended that brand and not make the two hour drive to his house, but I'm guessing bring thought different because he does decide to go for a drive and start to make his way to his father's house. I dont want to hang on this for too long, but I'm guessing that it would have had to be some kind of argument. You know, like some big disagreement for someone to leave in the middle of the night and drive to ours. Yes, possibly, but it was real
I did that Brandon was working sometimes over ninety hours a week and that he also had four children yeah. So he had been with la dessa for about ten years and they had three children together and he had one child from a previous relationship, so not just leaving the house but leaving his family in the middle of the night as well, and that's a lot of responsibility for a twenty six year old. A lot of responsible. That's a lot of responsibility for anybody. Now, Brandon had called a little earlier than when he had departed. He called his father earlier than when he left, while branded did not leave his house until almost midnight ye actually called his father around eleven
yeah? So almost an hour later, he sets off on this trip, while in rout he is going to make some phone calls because his truck runs out of gas. His first call will be to his brother kyle at twelve, thirty, eight, a m yeah- and this is basically you know anything you would think it would be. You know I I need help. I've run out a gas on highway to seventy seven by this time. Brandon is near brought texas, he runs out of gas, but he is unable to get the pickup truck completely off of the highway. He basically has like the tail end of the truck sticking out onto the road of it, so the brother kyle and his girlfriend audrey. They call the des brandons girlfriend to tell her
that Brandon had run out of gas, and he needed to borrow their das can tell a lot time if you're looking up this case, that you'll hear that lead esa is his wife or common law. Wife. For this episode, and for this case we're gonna just refer to her as a girlfriend. They were not legally married right. I don't like that whole common law, wife thing anyway, you know, I guess you eat certain states. You live with somebody for a certain amount of time in there all of a sudden, your wife, I have buddies. If that were the case, I have buddies that would have been married like four or five times so kyle called to bar the gas can and la dessa tells kyle that she's going to leave the gas can on the porch, because she's going to take a shower and then go to bed, because it's extremely late at night. We should point out here that kyle has no money.
his paycheck is not going to clear in his bank account until friday morning. So kyle's not going to be able to fill up the gas can, but he figured that once he got to brandon with the gas can that he would just drive brand into these stripes convenient mark. This is a twenty four hour gas station. Slash, store and branded could pay for the gas there, and then he would drive branded backed the truck and he and audrey would be done for the night.
Go back to their home. What is no next is that the following that, following his phone call to his brother, while something happened, because brandon calls nine one one telling that his dispatcher that he needs help, he calls nine one one at twelve, fifty a m- and we won't go through that called yet because we want to finish the timeline, so we can really really go through that call. Another call was made to nine one one. This is by a passer by a big rig. Truck driver calls nine when one at twelve fifty seven a m. This is regarding brain and struck parked crooked on the side of the road posing a hazard. You know somebody could potentially hit this vehicle if they weren't paying attention when kyle arrived at,
on ten a m, there is no sign of brandon a sheriff deputy arrived at the truck at the same time as kyle and audrey. Now kyle was traveling. One direction to get to brand and struck in the deputy was coming from the opposite direction this is deputy kneel and neither can I'll, nor Deborah deputy neil see Brandon walking on the side of the road on their way to the vehicle. We should also point out that, at this point, I'll is unaware that brandon has called nine one one and may be in danger. The officer deputy neil per probably is unaware of the nine when one call from Brandon as well at speculate in reported in this case that law enforcement are responding to the truck drivers, call not brandons on brain. This time a one call it's not very clear where he sat. or who he is who is with down here? and we bring this up simply for the fact that Kyle probably considered that there's a chance at Brandon may be walking on the
of the road. We shouldn't assume that deputy neil was actively looking for someone walking on the side of the road as he's dead, living in his cruiser to the abandoned truck you know cause a lot of ties. The police get a lot of these abandoned vehicle calls it's a very common call. And a lot of the time. What we don't know what that call was yeah, but but a lot of time when, when these vehicles are abandoned, the driver in the passengers are barred. Long gone by the time of safety services officer finds the abandoned vehicle to ticket tag. or told the vehicle. When so this point in the timeline we have Kyle audrey and deputy neil at brandons truck yeah. In once he's there, the deputy observes the follow there is no visible sign of damage to brandon struck and his keys in his cell phone were not inside the vehicle, while talking with the deputy kyle received a call for
brandon in which Brandon cell was going in and out, and it was very hard for him to understand what brandon was saying. What kyle understood was I'm in a field? kyle felt. Maybe Brandon was hiding in the field due to an outstanding warrant from about two years ago that Brandon himself just learned about it was going to address the following week. A core to the family. So kyle made no mention to the deputy of brandon being on the phone to sower clear that warm was for a drug charge and he didn't pay a fee for the correct yet so that inlets dive into this, because there is a lot of speculation regarding this drug charge warrant out for Brandon lawson The situation sounds like this right, so he had this ward outstanding warrant that he found out. about when he went to transfer a title. One of these or something they they mentioned to him? Are you aware,
There's a warrant out for you, I'm I'm pretty for sure that his brother where that he had a warrant, but this was kind of a reminder put well possibly yeah. The thing here I wanna throughout my own little story, because at one time I did have a worn out for me. That I was unaware of. I get a phone call one day from my father and he's very upset and he says you know, there's a warrant out for ya. I was talking to so and so and they told me there's a warrant out for you now, and I said you know he sounds angry at me and I'm, like you know, I'm getting on the defensive, because this is my dad and I'm like right. I don't know anything about this. I don't know what you're talking about So what happened was I went down to the clerk of courts and asked them? What's this warrant not knowing if they were gonna arrest me on that day. But I wish they would have it yeah. I would I'd still be in there, but technically it was a bench warrant, what cabin was in its. This sounds funny because people like how do you not know there's a worn out for what
and was I got a speeding ticket frightened. I that speeding take it in my my jacket was stolen I had it in my coat. It was it had the check written, it was going to be paid and all yeah that sounds pretty fish sounds very fishy. I get ya and I'm sure my dad doesn't believe me either, but any regardless I didn't pay the ticket and kind of forgot about it, because the stolen jacket became more of a concern to me than the ticket. Basically, to go downtown and pay a speeding tickets, so they wouldn't come and arrest me alive. Lee though this was not a huge deal right, though captain because they work, and sound like, they were actively looking for Brandon lawson right. This wasn't thing that they were looking to lock him up for a long period of time. It's exactly what you said. It's something that he was planning to pay. It sounds like a fine that was needed to be paid right, but to be clear, though, charges were drug related at one eighteen, a m audrey text bring,
and saying a cop is at your truck. It is assumed she did such as she wanted to warn him due to his warrant again audrey knows nothing of brandon calling nine one. What in statements giving given to police, as explained by the family, I did admit, brandons earlier call to them and which he told his brother and audrey, that he was ten minutes up the road and was bleeding now. Mind you. This was the call that was going in and out. So this is the as much that they could get from from the call right. So what we know about this cause that maybe he's gonna kill me he's ten minutes up the road which way we don't know, and maybe he's bleeding get busy. You know how it is once when the cause cut in and out. Sometimes you have no clue what they're saying you just kind of fragments. The important thing is. This was also not reported to deputy neil at the sea
of brandon struck. It is also understood. The deputy neil did not report to kyle that Brandon phone nine when one is still again clear if deputy neo even knew about the time on one call from Brandon himself, I would guess that he did not know about the call in and weep. You know have said why, because it doesn't like they even knew who was making the call or why, when Appealing neil found the truck again He found it unlocked with no damage done to the vehicle. This vehicle was not in any accident keys were not in the truck There was no cell phone, no wallet, Brandon left that truck and presumably went looking for gas, and he took his keys and self When and while it with him, w kneeled then turn on the flashes of the truck, and then they locked the truck, and then he left them
I mean yeah, he arranged for a to to arrive a tow truck to arrive in the morning and to Brandon's truck to the impound lot. Don't you think? Those flashers, though, would make the battery go dead, very likely, but are you gotta, do something so they're gonna see the vehicle at this time. This was a very dark road to. In its you know, when you say it's kind of out in the middle of nowhere, really feels like out in the middle of nowhere. According to reports, the deputy then drove up and down the road way to see if he could spot brandon walking kyle in his girlfriend left the empty gas can in the bed of the truck thinking of brandon came back. He would at least have a can that he could go retreat some gas, they and began to look for Brandon as well, when the more
and came, and there was still no sign of Brandon kyle's money was now available in his bank account. It is this point where he goes back to the truck and he gets a gas can any fills it up and returns to the truck. At this point he was now starting to become very concerned- and he felt that Brandon may not have been hiding in the bushes from the officer and you might have been hiding because he was in some kind of trouble. This is when they talk investigators, and he now gives them the full account of brandon being on the phone at the time the deputy was at the truck. It wasn't known, brandons family that he had called nine when one until brandons girlfriend fidessa saw an itemised cell phone bill when the odessa woke up
The next morning there were several missed calls on her cell phone. Three of these were from Brandon and I believe there were ten miss calls from kyle because remember kyle spent most of the night looking for brandon and probably reaching out to la dessa time and time again trying to wake her or get some input from her. Have you seen Brandon? can you come help with the search something of that nature? This this speculation has been a little weird on this part of the of the story as well, because we have a girlfriend whose missed all of these calls. However, her story is that the the phone was not in the house was in her vehicle charging. Now some people know that you have you can charger your
I just using a usb cord and plug it into your car yeah and with older cars. You'd have to have the car turned on, so it run out your battery. If you just had a half turned and the battery was on, you can charge it that way or you'd have to turn your car fully on, which would run out. the gas. It's believed that she had a newer car and some of the newer cars you can just plug stuff in and will charge even if it's not on yeah, there has been no activity on brandons bank accounts or his cell phone. Since that time There was a search organised by le desolate shortly after brandon disappeared. This would have been either on that sunday or monday, so just two or three days after I apology but there are several reports that differ on the exact date, but there was an extensive search conducted at that point. The so we're clear, there's lost speculation in this case and he went missing on the eighth Brandon witness and on the eighth and their number,
save his cell phone records to know that he called nine one one for a whole. Other month right. And, furthermore, once they find out that he called nine one. One le des is going to request that the the tape of that nine one one call- and it's going to be quite some time before she gets that as well. I believe she said for about four months. there's about four and a half months regarding the searches, because there was, actual professional team that came in and conducted an extensive search, but this was not until october twenty fourth of two thousand and thirteen they, search the area around the abandoned truck. Now this was texts are who brought in hr dogs and that's the texas search and rescue team, and they bring in these. Basically cadaver dogs or human remains dogs. The problem here, though captain is, we see the situation where two and a half months have have elapsed. Insurance,
you're gonna do the search, that's quite a bit of time, a time and the other problem that we have here too. There's a lot of the like wild hogs in this area and I guess what thing like these dogs are really well trained, but one thing they can screw up. These dogs are the smells that come from these wild, august warrant out this assume any smell from another animal. What kind of mess up there there sent? It has been pointed out that this in particular, and while they did receive some hits on some sense. smells that they found. You know these dogs went off in certain areas. They think that most of that that might have been, like you said, from wild life. It wasn't from actual brandon lawson that they they believed that the dogs were track again. If you have any animal dead than theirs, picking up those sense as well. They ve done a lot of aerial searches with with airplanes. Again there's some problems with this, though, to become
When you do these aerial searches, you want to do these very soon after somebody goes missing because there looking for abnormal activity, which that's going to disappear over any length of time. Sometimes there just looking for buzzards swarming dayton spot anything that would that led them to brand. Obviously, and furthermore they did these these searches. Somebody searches were paid for by LA dessa, This is a family that that was currently living paycheck the paycheck. Now the now the boy winners gone brandons gone, and you know so I while her efforts for paying for these searches says we been doing the podcast at baffles me. It's a very confusing to me that we don't take these situations as syria I mean, there's tons of missing people, there's tons of people that go missing and there's always this time lapse like while he'll show up or well
we didn't know exactly where he was at, but then he missed work so that we decide it was a big deal right and then we search days later. It's like a you know if they had better communication with the cops, if one also the better cellphone reception, all that stuff, but If you started looking immediately worst case scenario right as it is you either get more answers, get more leads, you know or, or you find the person right now, even if they're dead, you find them. You know or they show up and you're, like of theirs. Brandon always spent eight hours lookin for you, but you don't give a shit those eight hours I lost eight hours, but I found you thanks no awesome. Yet it is something We ve seen time and time again and reviewing some of these cases. It's it's a weird thing, though, captain because
have a situation where it's not not. Everything is, as it appears when you're riving at the truck. You know we're artless a whose choose your n. You know if you're the deputy, you think you're responding to this abandoned vehicle and you think is tat. This can all gonna bring it up. We do not know what the information was given. Two nine one, one based off the tracker from the tree, Rather we must know of whose abandon truck call right. I would love to figure out what that callers, but regardless I would say you have a situation where people arriving at a scene may not before. Aware of what their walking into you have the brother that just knows that the vehicle ran out of gas. We have the deputy that may just think he's responding to an abandoned vehicle. They meet up and now the your piecing two things together, the deputies probably told eight. I spoke to my brother. He said that the vehicle ran out again Did you happen to see anybody walking? No, I didn't
and when really there, if this could be a much, different situation than I you know than either those two had any clue of right and men like I said, I'm not not and put any blame on his family or friends or anybody I'm just saying that may be, because we've had all these situation. We've had all these missing person cases. Maybe we should start collectively, taking these very serious from from the word, go we're very connected now as a society. So, if somebody goes missing know from the word, go, Let's take these low, more serious and maybe would have less missing person cases. He had the other sad thing here too, as we have a situation where you have an area of land that very large and a very small sheriffs department. They don't have a whole lot of people on staff, so that makes it very
have to search and calm that entire area. We have a man that was travelling from from a bigger town from saint Angelo randy's he's heading he's close sees reported as missing from brought taxes now. The thing here is brought, as only like three thousand people were talking about a very small town. Yes, I understand that, but we are also talking about a human, That is not gonna, you know, he's not on in a car is not on a motorcycle is on foot if Brandon's on foot he can only get so far. You know from that truck a mile radius, you, even if you start the search in the morning and even if he, if he walked pretty quickly we're talkin he's he's not, in twenty some miles away now through the radius becomes. What I'm saying a smaller. There is actually right in. There were only really a couple directions to go. You know you he could have walked towards brought or he gonna walked back towards. You know where he came from what
yeah. I would agree with you on that other than the fact that we have possibly to cause where he's stating he's in a field some which direction when well what I mean by you. Well, I get what you're saying, but what I mean by that is I'm believing that he would be in search of gas and that he would probably be heading in one or two directions where he knows that he can get a gas station right. the other situation that we have here to captain. Am I I really want to spend too much time on it, but we should mention it because the police, it's been reported that the police went under the assumption that brandon left on his own will ready the he left because he wanted to oh off with another woman, now how they arrived at this conclusion, I'm not certain it. It was stated
in their local newspaper that they believe that he was picked up by a woman and drove off genome but more, but we clearly we have the call to the brother. That's he's looking for gas if he, if he had help, if you had some one helping him drive somewhere the I don't feel like that call would be made to the brutal war and I couldn't find any information on line on his cell phone records, but I'd be interested to see what it that cellphone log look like, and you know as far as the family in the family, identify every number that was called right and if in if those numbers, if there is one that is not identified, then can we identify that now. We should also point out that the mc cutchen family owned the local newspaper and the mc has a connection to the sheriff's office. The ad sheriff is sheriff MC cutchen. His wife is the operator of this local newspaper.
Is a journalist them journalists. Well in this is where it's been reported that they believe he left with another woman. It there's been a lot of bickering back and forth between the loss. The family and the the local newspaper wallet. Okay, so my thoughts are one of the lawson family. Look at this whole idea that everything is law enforcement conspiracy that that happens with so many cases do, I think, there's an in every case. There's some ray area, but let us start with what they could have done. We have him calling that why a deputies there tell them, who cares that he has a warning that it comes down to safety? But you know- and this guy saying I'm in a filled he's saying to his brother on possibly bleeding I am calling my brother on the phone, and he can't understand me and
I'm saying I'm in a field and I'm put their peers than impossibly bleeding. I don't give a shit about a warrant, tell the deputy and he come find me will sort out the warrant stuff later, but again I would rather spend a nightingale. Or because of a warrant than to just go missing for the rest of my life, and so I think. As far as that goes yes, I I understand where their head is coming. Maybe he's hiding, I dont want to turn a man, but now comes down to safety. Deal deal with that later. Err on the side of caution. And you're saying right now. We are only about twenty minutes into the show and you're already getting very angry. I can see the steam coming out of your coming out of your ears was tasty beer though so, but hey, let's get another one. Let's take a quick beer break. Steel knows dad loves tools that work as hard as he does so this
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Brandon lawson was last seen august. Eighth, he left his home went to go to his father's house. He runs out of gas, he's technically listed as missing august nine because we have some phone Unification with him that evening, when the deputy arrives, they can't find brandon, He goes up and down the road, the rest of the night, looking for brandon walking somewhere, and we have the brother kyle who's out. Looking for Brandon as well, case does keeps get more interesting because there are so many questions like what exactly was that fight about yeah and was he actually even heading to his father's house? I mean we have the phone call hake AL says that he's coming over, but we have almost an hour that goes by before he actually leaves the house, and this is after his own father- tells him you should probably just stay home cool off, don't worry about it! You shouldn't come out this way. It's a two hour drive right, maybe he's driving around just to blow off steam. We also have his phone records and
I have not seen any evidence. Maybe he called somebody else that were not aware of and there also, what was his name on one call that came from the truck driver right? What was that call about? You not really be interested for them to release that tape, and when I first looked at it, I thought it was a little strange that trucker called nine when one, but then you know, I reminded myself. This is a guy. Probably a long distance driver is not aware of the local sheriffs department phone number does this not in it a nine one, one type emergency, but he finally just calling the number that he knows will read. While you keep speculating, then it's not an emergency. We have no clue what that call was about if, if we take it for what it is reported, as is just an abandoned vehicle call, it's not
when one one emergency currency on right and then the other question is that we have long forced coming out later in talking to a local newspaper, saying, hey this guy, probably just went off with some girl. What's their evidence, to prove that and furthermore we have the family. That is constantly said. You know this is not. This is out of character for brandon. It wouldn't be. He was not of the type to just Lee, you know we mention he had for kids sounds like he was a devoted father. He had his girlfriend there. He was very close to his father. Very close to his brother seems like lotta reasons to stay. I'm not gonna lady, a captain for could be in twenty six having kids and working ninety five hours a week sounds I'm good reason to leave, but his face is how do you sound like a really nice guy it? His family is adamant that this would be out of character for brandon. He would not leave his children so
a lot of questions and a lot of things would just don't know. But what we you have is the nine one, one tape that was released to the family, about for four and a half months after they requested it yet, and there in itself is a big question right. You wonder You asked for this nine when one tape and we're assuming it, it was some time had elapsed before their requesting it right. But then we see a whole lot of time. Go by before their release this this tape, you know I shouldn't take that long of time period to get a nine when one call that brings up speculation, that this tape was doctored before given to the family and that's why we thought that it would be key to really dissect this nine one. One called it to try to figure out what's going on in the call what he is actually saying,
You know the thing here: captain is: we have some technology, that's not readily available to to everybody in everyone's garage. You know we have some sound equipment here and we also have a secret weapon. We have the captain, he's he's a legit bona fide sound engineer and he's gonna help us dissect. This. be right now we're gonna when a bring this into the garage we're going to take it apart. Look at it piece by piece, put it back together and see if it runs. Basically, this episode is for all the haters. That thing I bring nothing to the show, Alright captain! So please play the nine one. One call it in its entirety at normal speed, but play it two times in a row: nine to eighteen, zero ft. Thirty eight seconds nine one one emergency call in the middle of the parking garage over or going to a traveler know about that.
the border guards would regard. Ok now We're not wearing. I probably know you went into I'm ok no need to call okay. Anybody, ok, hello, hello, hello, nine! thirteen, zero, fifty and thirty eight second level on emergency in the middle of Europe, I got over her. Don't worry about that border guards.
regarding okay now run around in your heart ready you ran into them. No, I need to call okay, anybody hurt hello, hello, hello, so I'm trying not to alter the tape too much as you can tell like, we have these big sexy man, voices and there's oh yeah, and this nine one. One tape is a little piercing while here's a good exercise for everybody to do stop what you're doing right now get out some paper and a pencil. And we're gonna go through this line. By line I want buddy to write down what they think Brandon his say, and you can see
let those on our blog at true crime garage dotcom. Let the dissection began captain play this at a slower beat yet they have a time code on this. So I'm not gonna play the time code every time that a law, annoying colleague, mac. Ok, now, when labelling
I don't know you ran into them. Okay, the no on the call. Okay, the heard the now in the original tape. There's three hollows and I just cut those out for this slow down version Jes,
So we can focus on the meat and potatoes. Now what happens with the sound quality that it goes down a little bit. The quality gets worse when you slow something down, because basically, what you're doing is you're expanding, ah you're stretching the sound wave and then you're put in bits of silence in there right and because of those bits of silence, it starts kinda, distorting it a little bit. So that's why it's a little bit less of a quality. Ah, at the slower speed, okay, let's hear that again at that same speed
Ok now were never allowing pop and no longer okay. We are now on the call open anybody hurt The call is chilling to say the least. I mean every time I hear it it it chills me to the bone. Can we play it at an even lower. Speed got it. Were
If. The third one, Ok, where Ok, the the call.
The herc, the oh so slide down even more were taken those sound files, those sound waves or stretching home and putting even more pockets of silence in there. So you get more distortion. Ok, let's play it at that speed one more time and then we'll talk, about the kind of our initial thoughts murder, got it. Were
we are on going down and learn all about that for dad or Ok No No. Ok! Paul.
The the Ok. This is a good time to you. That pencil and, though in paper and put down your initial thoughts, because as we start talking about this, you know we might start, moulding you're thinking as far as what you think that you're here right so first off he is. He sounds out of breath to me right right. He sounds scared to me as well, not be misled
in a time that you slow down any bade? They also sound like their possibly intoxicated yet, which is just something interesting. You- and I were talking about earlier here because there's been some people Well, maybe he was drunk. You know you gonna fight, maybe he went got drunk, maybe he you know it and let s says he was not intoxicated or had not been drinking, but he laughed, and I think if you listen to the original and he listened at the normal speed, he doesn't sound, intoxicated to me, but obviously like us at once. You start slowing down every by sounds intoxicated yet because finally on the first. The first slowed down version and approve of that is the the the person answering the nine when one call she goes now I'm wanna emergency. You know, that's. We everybody's got a friend a female friend. The sounds like that. After a few shots were less talk a little bit about the nine one one dispatcher most counties would have actual dispatch group of nine when one this county was really
small. So when you called nine one, one actually went to a nursing home, correct and the nurses on staff or train to answer these nine one. One yeah there's been a lot of people. They have said The nine one one person wasn't doing a very good job that night. You know that that she never asked for brandon's name. She never asked for brandon's location, and I don't know I I kind of I kind of have to defend the dispatcher here in my in my opinion, because, first of all he he's he's got a very thick accent he's out of It's hard to understand what I'm saying it sounds to me like she's, trying to assess the situation now asking if he needs an amber. It? Is anybody hurt and I guess they could. They used maybe more training, obviously, but we all can use more drink. We all could use some more training you're exactly right that the thing here is captain. I dont know how: how quickly are they supposed to ask
four somebody's name. Isn't it is his name even that important beginning part of the conversation I mean. Does she had the the lady to to carry on the conversation and dispatch. Whatever he's calling for you know whether it be the cops or an ambulance right in there is at least two or three times where she is going to say something or trying to say somethin and he's in algae. Like the captain, you know stepping all over somebody else's works. I've been trying to get better at that. My first thoughts here captain are the after hearing it those three different speeds. You know, there's obvious signs it There are certain words and certain lines that he is saying that are much clearer than others and much more precise. What I think we could do you now, since we have the tools. Maybe we look at this thing line by line and try to pick apart, the ones that are that are tougher to hear, because some of the lines almost sound like he's rolling into the next sentence,
while so what you're going to hear now is the first line and we'll play that at normal speed and I'm going to actually put it on a loop. I prefer to go over your karma in the middle of the order type, our job in the middle of Europe, Our middle of the order, type or description garage over, so that the very first half of that sounds very clear to me. I think I'm hearing, yes, I'm in the middle of a field The second line is much less clear to me. It sounds like saying steeper just pushed but
so here steeper just pulled some guys over I'll play that clip again on a loop and slow it down. so we both agree that we think he started off by saying yes, I'm in the middle of the field or yes, I'm in the middle of a field right rates of the night that he's he's not on the road he's trying to give a general description to the dispatcher where he is Yes, I'm in the middle of the field, and it almost like the yes is, like you know, you're waiting when you urgently way. For somebody to pick up now. You know she's nice.
emergency. Yes, I'm in the middle of a field, and then it's weird cause. It sounds like us stay per day per Jes when it slowed down. It sounds more like pushed here exactly right, but again, because you're creating those pockets of silence and distorts things so can be making more of us sound with somebody say pushed somebody I mean you wouldn't. If you were talking about ok staple first of all, what I thought was a state. What is a step? We don't win all now I mean but it, but it's well, you know I when we first listened to it, I thought- maybe you know I heard stapler ah cause I'm trying to not think about what his situation is. I'm trying not to think about this guy being out in the middle of nowhere. It's midnight, it's very late, he's
calling I I'm trying to adrenaline goin yeah, I'm trying to push all of that. Our ingest right down on her per se, pleasurable, I said, put I'm trying to I'm trying to clear all that out and just just write down what I hear yeah and steeper is really what I hear I mean I I wanted to it to make sense so, like escape her, you know or you know, was a two words rolled together. Steeper, that's what soundly to me. Yes, I'm in the middle filled steeper now again saw that the big speculation there has been with steeper is that they doctored the tape right that you know that both what four and a half months to alter the tape and so that now here's the problem. So I am taking this recording not put an end to
who are recording programme and normally, when there's a edit, if there's a bad at it, there's a pop when I'm when I was looking at these wave files, I could not see any visual sign, of a bad at. It doesn't mean that there was an end at it. This means that there was an a at it, so we're both pretty convinced of what we think he sang in that first phrase,
So, let's uh, let's just solo out that first phrase, here's that first phrase at original speed, looped common common common. So as you hear at the end of each loop, there's a little pop as in it's like, I said, if you, if there's a bad at it, you'll hear a pop that edit that bad at it is on my part that you created that. So why did he I didn't create it? I just sent because I'm cutting to a cut in the wave and half so by doing that when it gets the it pops every yeah. It sounds like something like shutting off or a click or a b or a b, like you said, a pop right. So that's my edit not there's play that next section for me, but slow it down and loop it.
Why are are are okay, steeper, just pushed some guys over or possibly steeper just pulled some guys over yeah when, when you play in the original speed, I hear steeper just pulled some guys over that slower speed sounds steeper. Just pushed some guys over. You know the staples very clear, but there's been a lot of speculation regarding that word, right, yeah and, and just talk about this theory that was left on a message board yeah. So in this this will kind of change. The whole thought of the first two lines that we hear right, so I read meant that some one had said that steeper is actually a slang term. You know if you, if, if I asked siri for the definition of steeper, she tells me what the definition of steeper is when I type it into google search, I get the definite.
four staple are because there's no state our word right. The thing here is this comment or said that steeper is slaying term for like an oil worker and did the just of his comments. Are her comments? I don't know who this person is, but they're saying did. Did he saying steeper just pushed some guy over meaning that the an oil worker pushed some guy like into an oil tanker oil. no right and then the other idea is that he starts off by and I'm in the middle of a field, and so now it's not if some arbitrary field- but you know I'm in the middle of the oil field and a stapler just push some guy over or push some guys over, and I I gotta be honest with you. I know nothing about oil fields. I I you know. I know I've been to Texas a couple of times. I loved the state. You might hear a story,
our little texas tang on on subsidies. We mean no disrespect, love taxes, but you know there are people in the area- or people that are familiar with oil work. I would love to hear their comments estate A word is an actual term that people use because again it does. It changes that first line from the middle of a field to the middle of an oil field and a state or just push some guy over and the other speculation or the kind of conspiracy theory out there as that state, whereas actually, where I add it was made before that, you know that if it took four, once release the tape. So within that four months, then they made this at it now. So what we're gonna do is its third, the staple edit moment right. Ok, so I'm gonna
is away. You could make this edit and create this new word steeper, so you gotta start by what word do people think they're covering up, and it states Trooper has a lot of people believe he's saying, I'm in the middle of a field and a state trooper just pulled some guys over. So the word is state trooper now want you to say the word state trooper, okay, now going to make this edit and the next going to tell you how long it took me to make the edit ok state per state per state per that took four months. Now it happened and took a maybe four seconds now now the problem here is nick is talking in a very clean room was countered, but I don t garage but
Does the audio quality is clear as a lot easier to make that at it? Ok so took four seconds, not that hard to make the end. It is also not hard to make a clean at it. So therefore, you don't you're a pop. The problem is, with the phone call there'd be so much static, a lot harder to make a clean at it without a pop. Let let me see if I understand you completely: okay, so you're saying that if there were at you know, when you look at the wave file, you dont visually see an edit point, however, but she would not see if it's clean at it. Ok, but, however you're saying in this situation, it is obviously was very easy for you to create
the word steeper from state trooper. So in your expertise is this? Is it an edit? I mean clear that up for me, I dont visually c and at it, but it's definitely possible that they made a clean at it. Ok, so let's let me just I'm gonna hang on this for a second, because this word has been of much. Speculation ran, changes everything because if, if it at once, at edit than what he is clearly stating as I'm in the middle of a field and the state trooper just pulled some guys over, and that is why people would believe that The tape was held on due for so long tat. They had some things I wanted to take out, remove from the the the voice message and they wanted to clean it up for their purposes.
whatever the whatever their covering up or whatever there trying to hide right now would be the conspiracy theory. Can we compare those two clips side by side, so the one clip would be of me, which you created of me, saying steeper compared to brand and sang steeper state per state per state per I be here's the thing captain I feel like I'm saying it slower than he is so maybe if we compare it to the the slower version, here's even slower version. It sounds very much. The same to me right the steeper right and the in thing that people have to kind their head around. Is we have a guy? That's too.
In thirty some pounds add a breath full of adrenalin, and this word he might have slurred over. So it possibly is not even edit. Yes, he's just not clearly stating whatever word he's trying to say and again. I think that falls as far as logic, I'm in the middle of the field, a state trooper just pulled me over yeah. It will walk a state. Trooper just pulled some guys over sorry if it's not ok, then I kind of here state, trooper, state, trooper le you know almost like it he's rolling. You know he never so the second tee of state in it goes right into trooper
which- which I wonder now that if I've gotten too hung up on the word steeper- and I just really quickly assumed the next word is just steeper- just pulled this guy over steeper- just pulled these guys over it, because if, if just is not if just as not the word they're right, if it's actually some weird way of saying state trooper got some guys over yeah and and yeah I mean at the like. I said I just think. Logically, it goes towards some kind of version of state trooper yeah. Then the question then becomes is
he in his right mind because, if he's not in his right mind, then everything he's saying no and what I say not in his right, mind, intoxicated or on drugs or may be sleep deprived. If you have of your sleep ah of your sleep, deprived long enough, you could possibly hallucinate I've. I've actually had that happen once sorry to break from this for a second here, but a disco sound crazy. I worked a thirty six. our shift and at some point so I came in around like six in the morning and I didn't leave until the following afternoon, but sometime around on six in the morning after rout right around that twenty four hour mark right, I'm drinking coffee again and other people start coming back into work to to do there. There next day shift I'm still hunt by my one shift and I swear there was probably about food, five to ten minutes where I I was hallucinating, but but I would,
still of enough mine to realise that I was hallucinating and it was just little things like I thought people were saying things that they might not have been saying in people looked looked a little weird to me why I I've seen people. You worked with a look weird anyway, but but tell me that you weren't salary, tommy or hourly now I was there- was a salary, as it happens, say gather bunnies, worthily. Here's the thing, though captain and I hate to keep having you poor little, things and in play it, but that's what we're doing, but now what I want to know is having talked about. Is this stay to state trooper If that's, if he's rolling it or if he's out of breath and that's how it's coming out and coming through, I really want to hear those next for five words again. You know because because
now I'm concerned is, if I go with its state, trooper or state trooper. It is the next word just pulled this guy just pulled these guys, just pulled some. Eyes, you see what I mean and I wanna hear it guy or guys was played a couple times slow from that part. We're gonna. got it in regard to the pushed is weird: it's you know and have you ever heard like older folks, say push you know rather than push and again at that part right. There is a conundrum for me, because I I tell ya you play at once. I hear pulled you play at a
In time I hear pushed I'd, be of a guy. I get a push on through here ray you're bay. You gotta keep an eye count that there is distortion and so was sometimes when you do slow something down where defiling. When you slow down that word, it definitely sounds more like pushed pulled. Ah, but also we can remember, people miss speak so one little slip, you know push some guys pulled some guys again at their days starts common more around this idea of I'm in the middle of a failed state and a state trooper does pulled some guys, over. It's definitely some guys over I'm right, one hundred percent on that racism eyes over rights are now part of the story is we we have. Brandon gave a state trooper and we have some guys yeah yeah.
If here I'm writing down as we go, ok- and this is where I haven't- I actually removed the word just from the second line. I just I feel like it's not there. I have yes, I'm in the middle of a field. State trooper pulled some guys over That's what I got all right, I'll play the next phrase here, don't order about frog, oh god, what about god arrogant or got? What about god? Now from the comments that I've read captain you know because- and I'm am only keep going back to these comments, because I got on a bunch of different websites regarding this brandon loss and mystery, and I wanted to hear Other people thought they were hearing, because you know, I don't trust yourself. Well, Ideally, you would get many people many years in one room and play it and get a general consensus it, sir. to me that the general consensus on this line is he saying thereof. here going to amber lean on both sides.
Have you have you seen that and what sounds like right? Well, let's hear that slowed down work, hard work, hard work, hard see! That's you know when I, when I type in list of texas cities right there,
is in abilene and there's an aberdeen as well, which would sound very similar. I think to one another, given his accent and how fast and out of breath he's. You know right to me. It sounds like a g sound though, And- and I I hear you too, because when we slowed it down, it sounds like the word starts with a g: how about yeah, how about just solo that section and and go real slow with it? Sometimes when you slow things down, they become almost inaudible while looking at at the list of names of cities in texas. If we go with a gi they're the ones that sound similar to maybe what he's saying would be galveston, there's also a golson
grover tim or groveton, sorry, but the the thing here is captain. I have to ask you this, because what there are certain letters right that are pronounced a certain way that that are more prominent than others like? Are there some things that we should be listening? Thank for when we're going through these. As far as peas are usually very pretty pronounced, yeah and gee, I would think a g or a J might be a harder. A letter like that yeah, I think, is confusing. I think at the end of the day at it it sounds like it's. You know gone towards something on both sides, so I you know, I think it would be nice to have every word be audible, but the.
I think it's necessary in order to get the picture of what's happening well in theirs. That famous paragraph out there, where the author purposely jumbled up the words while not the words but the letters of each word, and when somebody reads through it, you can actually read and tell what it's supposed to say. Even though, when you were look at the words individually, they make no sense right. So we don't maybe know what word that is we don't know if that's a city or not, but we cannot have the framework around it. So what are we have so far? What I have so far is the I'm convinced on the first two lines that we have. Yes, I'm in the middle of a field, state trooper.
Pour some guys over I'm I've can't say what I'm here and on the third one for certain. Yet I think we gotta go through the third line, a little more. The thing here is so captain we try to put out these episodes tuesday evening and it's getting very late here in the garage and if we don't take a break now. This episode won't come out until wednesday morning and we're not going to do that. Anybody so, let's, let's stop it now. Ah, t's sava now we'll take a quick beer break and we'll get back at it to record the next episode What do you think put these out a little closer in in essence, but I had to wait so long, gotcha catholics who can if I feel like we're, stop and halfway through right here. And you captain, and we will see everybody right here back in the garage and a couple of hours and until then
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