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Brandon Lawson 911 Tape /// Part 2 /// 86

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Brandon Lawson 911 Tape /// Part 2 ////// 86


August 9th - 2013, Bronte, Texas- A young father of four left his home in the middle of the night. While driving his truck to his father's house he runs out of gas. Brandon Lawson is on a dark highway in the middle of nowhere. Armed with only his cell phone Brandon goes walking in search of gas. Something happened that scared Brandon because just before 1 am, he calls 911. I'm in a field... I need the cops... Please hurry...Are these Brandon's last words? Tonight we go through the timeline of Brandon's disappearance and we try to dissect the now famous 911 call.

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The Brandon lawson oil field worker and father of four was last seen when he left the san angelo texas home on august, eight, two thousand and thirteen while traveling on highway two seventy seven he ran out of gas. He called nine one one and he has not been seen since Alpha is also missing, brandon the caucasian man. He was twenty six years of age at the time of his disappearance, Brandon
the five foot, nine inches tall, two hundred and thirty pounds with brown hair blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a yellow shirt and camo shorts and white nike air max shoes. If you have any information, go to missing brandon lawson dot com or where we left off. We were I setting Brandon lawson's nine one one phone call,
this has been at the centre of this mystery. A lot of people have speculated if you could just figure out. Why he is saying during that nine one one call we could figure out what happened to Brandon what he was afraid of and maybe here he is today. So, let's take a list is that on one call- and this is gonna- be in its original form. hero, fifty and thirty. Eight second level on emergency, our goal. dr weir noble out again, are you? Ok, we're not wearing carpet yo yo!
you ran into I'm ok I know need to call okay. Anybody hurt. hello, nine, two thousand and thirteen zero, fifty and thirty, a second level. One emergency in order to produce hurricane garage over here. don't worry about it again therefore, border doktor was required. No one that rubbing your heart you're ready. You ran into I'm ok,
we are now only the call. Ok, anybody hurt. You were right. captain we got through the first, what I would call first two sentences and what we want. We believe we are hearing there. Is you I'm in the middle of field, state trooper pulled some guys over where we got hung up is what I would call the third sentence, and that was the wear out here. They are out here going towards our leaner, get gambling.
And those on both sides. So let's let's hear that, let's hear what we're calling the third sentence and try to break that down we're going to learn about god? So what I'm hearing here is? I hear they're out here going toward blank on both sides, they're out here, going towards gambling on both sides which gavel and doesn't really register with anything write to us right. But are you hearing the same they're out here? I think it sounds more like we're out here we're out we're going towards blank on both side right, which, which seems which either way, whether you, whether whether we go with what you think it is or what I think it is. It still gives us you know kind of parameter of what where it makes sense. As far as the conversation yeah
but go on towards something on both sides with the. What does that mean? Does that mean because they're on picturing, like two vehicles going in the opposite? on the on the same road. You know that you can't be going towards the same thing facing opposite directions: rights as a lily clear and unless, unless he's talking about people being over on the side of the road brain thereon. Size may be one once pulled over on one side of the road once pulled over on the other side of the road. You know that that's the best I can come up with their either there out here going toward blank on both sides or we're out here goin towards blank on both sides ray. We both agree on both sides, so this play the next clip and see if that clears the air on anything turn gas, a the one around again,
third world order so I'm hearing here my truck ran out of gas and some one got chase to the woods or I got chased into the woods It- sounds like he sang woods at the end there, but we, We do have a little information going into listening it's nine one, one call. We know that his truck ran out of gas, so that makes it kind of easy to hear, but I, but I think we could hear it in a in a slowed version. we, the warm out of gas. Now that sounds completely different to me when you slow down like that, because now I'm hearing, there's one car here, it almost sounds like there's one car here, guys chased him to the woods of that. I found in arresting one oz dissecting. If you take the part that everybody can see
on the internet agreed upon is my truck ran out of gas now I'm just gonna loop, the mai when you slow down that beginning part, the mai to me sounds more like a fur is now so it's almost frightened truck ran and the gas. Now I don't know how much I actually buy that. I I think it's I think. Some of that is when you are slowing things down. It starts kind of messing with your head a little bit. There's there's a couple things in there that that I question right away. So you know we ve said he sounds to be out of breath in iran. sounds to me that when he's talking to the dispatcher that some of these words are distorted because he's like he's inhaling and exhaling, as he saying these words right and therefore, with with me. I do here the
but but it almost sounds like that part of that is him kind of exhaling into the word. One point out, not so much to say: hey look, I think he say in front more support. And the idea that when you do slow down- and you start manipulating these things- you're going to hear things this way different than you're normally used to hearing something. So again a my start, sound like front truck now, but we do know from you know his also other people that his truck did run. I guess so. My makes a lot more sense again taken into account that this guy's scared now. You gotta take him to a couple accounts. One is he scared, because there's these guys here and this the in and this state trooper pulled these people over or somebody pulled them over. You know it it's very possible that he says state trooper, but for some reason he says state trooper. Maybe he only thinks it's estate troop trooper, it's out there, it's dark, it's the middle of the night,
How long he's been up? Maybe it's a security car or one thing with lights on it, you would think was a cop car or a state trooper. When there's a lot of old cop cars that they sell to people that don't have the red and blue lights, they still have the giant spot yeah. So by having the spotlight. Maybe he thinks oh well. This disdain happened and somebody shined a spot. This is a state trooper. This was a police officer blue spot. Where can I get a blue spot while the the thing here to captain is that I'm thinkin like ok- and I know I shouldn't do this- I said- throw everything out in and create with a blank canvas and kind of fear out just let your ears tell you what he sang, don't put any preconceived notions any of it. But, however, this portion is so garbled to me that I almost half use what I think I'm hearing and apply the the previous things to it. So again my truck ran out. Gas. We know he ran out of gas and if we, if we
leave our first two sentences. Yes, I'm in the middle of the field, steeper state trooper pulled some guys over What what I'm goin out with that is that that that last line, I'm good guys chased him to the woods the reason why I'm kind of coming up with that is he's already referred to a group of people of as guys earlier, there's one car here. If we're right, there. pulled some guys over. We would assume that there's one car here and meaning there's one card that it's not marked: it's, not the state troopers car right or since he's com for cops, he's, saying: hey, look, there's one: one cop car here. That's a possibility is well within then, but where I'm goin is guys, chased him to the woods. Well, the old, He refers to the group of guys as guys, so
He uses that same word again too, to describe these unknown people to him where he says him. I kind of believed that he might be talking about the state true or because he's already kind of identified him specifically as a state trooper right. You know, you know he pulled some guys over state trooper pull some guys over guys chased him to the woods. Yes, oh, I think as Hell we're not gonna figure it all out, but Let's start with the idea that there's him their state trooper and there's guys at least two ro in the store we possibly have for maybe five could maybe there's somebody with that. The state trooper thus dive into the next millennium regarding well, that's very clear. You know he saying please hurry. That's very easy for us to detect right there, let's connected to the poor
the us line to see if that helps us out in order not to regard yeah. I heard one quarter of the one regarding a couple of initial thoughts when I listened to the whole phrase when he states on the guy chased him there's like a kind of cause if there's gonna be a at it, that's a time for at it. But what we can clearly here, And what I mean by edit is that there are some odd stuff happening as far as the audio clip goes. Ok, where it's like a kind of sounds clipped not so
no. Ah, he is running out of breath right and then I think that's clear, and so we gotta take that into account, but that little phrase it's kind of clips. So it's almost like, maybe there's a edit there. If there was going to be edit there that would make it make it. The clip part would make sense. There was an edit, ah but again with his breathing pattern. Being so cunning erratic and he's site forced himself to talk and I'm still trying to catch his breath, it's hard to know for sure no it's weird here. I almost feel like he's. Did running again at around this line like because this line is so like the pause you said in the breathing heavy. I almost feel like he stopped to to make this nine. When one call he thought he could make the call very quick lee, he's very afraid of something that's going on out there and so he's here.
Trying to stay on the move. It's almost like he he's at the end of what he's going to tell the dispatcher he thinks provided enough information right for them. Send some help and he's gonna on the move. Again, please hurry. You know meme, meaning that he he d. I think he was so afraid that he didn't want to, he had a way. Do I stop running to make a phone call and try to save myself or or does it put me a more danger almost like I make this phone call and man as soon as the things done almost start up running again, I haven't done any kind of friends. Ic audio before but a lot of people when they're talking about that the transcription is. You know that the issue is any time she talks. We know what she's saying we know the dispatcher saying not allowed people have been diving into what he saying why she's talking yet lobby was next line is her talking. So this play that line. Let's go,
lines that I got some more questions for you. Ok, we're not rubbing, ok, now we're not wearing. Can you play that the slow version? Ok? Now? Ok, now wearing my first questions that I have for you captain There's a couple of things here that I want to talk about. First off, I'm assuming that. she sounds a lot more clear than he does. Obviously is that must be partially because of the recording. We I assume that she's being recorded much clearer because she's, where is on a landline he's on a cell phone in it a bad area as far cellphone reception goes here,
yeah he's labour breathing by and by when the calls are coming in its polly recorded on the dispatchers end, and so that would make it clear to, but, furthermore, to make it even harder to hear Brandon is now you know the way you know the way, how an ear responds to certain noises and sounds better than the rest of us somewhat. If someone's talking in a higher pitch Compared to Brandon, who has a lower tone that it's my understanding, the higher pitch will be clear. Does that correct while you're right? That's? Why most people don't understand me as well as they understand you, because I'm so low and manly and sexy and I know no badges are
yours are adapted to hear higher frequencies. In the end, normally around you look at like five k. Six k frequency wise is like roughly the human voice sits nicely and Kinase is and that in that frequency can also become here seen as well- ok the thing here so she sang. Can you run that by me again? She almost can't get that whole sentence out right, she's in the same boat. We are, we discussed. We can't pick apart everything sand yeah he's out of breath and that's clear and then he cuts are often says, though I'm talkin, to whom he he starts to talk, and I can't hear the first one, third or, if he's like, building up to talk or just breathing, and I hear and we're not talking to
Yeah we're not talking to him or the one I'm talkin to whom or when I'm talkin to him, which which it appears that the other thought that I have on this on this particular, this line almost sounds to me like he might be still on the phone with the dispatcher, but actually talking to somebody else. That's it in front of him, kids very possible and we're not talking to him like somebody else, asked him a question, because he almost seems to be saying something that doesn't go along with what she's asking him and it's almost like he's, spawning to somebody else. That's asked him a question yet either Some may ask me my final opinion on that line of what he sat. I'd say: it's an audible to me. Ok,
go. I'm gonna go with and we are not talking to and here's the next line. No, no I'll do that again slowed down No, no I'm hearing, not too, I ran into whom or I totally ran into him. But but the thing I start to question here, captain is: is he correcting him? self? I'm almost wondering if maybe that first line, maybe he misspoke right, because the disease drank catches, we're not talking to him. I totally ran into whom I you know, I really close ye. I wonder if he's almost correcting himself that he that he misspoke partially, because the dispatchers talking He's not fully registering what's going on, there's a lot going on at the moment for Brandon and I think
that's only way. I can almost makes sense out of that first line, we're not talking to I totally ran into your words to me in, and maybe you don't find this odd, but it's boats its efforts. I play this stuff over and over like this. It's like it's like it gets sadder sadder beak because it it sounds more scary at the more we. Dive into it. Really I mean the more you like think about the lines and think about what's going on with Brandon it does get, it does get more add it. You know when you listen to it at full speed just once through it doesn't really it you yet how scared he sounds until until you really get into it here. I think it's that desire that protect her and me, were you just wishes that you can it's cause you're hearing it, so it feels like it's it's happening right now and that you are some way that you could help him you're exactly right.
You can't do anything but to listen and try to dissect. The next line we will hear is the dispatcher talking Uranium. Ok,. You ran into them, okay, so a lot of people speculate that they can hear gunshots. I would say that you could possibly make something out, there's definitely a guy hit. Ok and our happened right after like right when she starts talk in new york I ran into ok. You ran into them. Okay, now that could be distortion. That could be anything happening. It could be her hitting her hand on a desk or or anything so Brandon could be coughing.
well you sometimes when you're out of breath, you're running, there's a cough right in it to me. If he was coughing, it was his holding the phone away from him when he cough which most people would do catch it. So, let's dive into the next line. Let's hear that again, one more time initially. What I hear him say is I got the first guy or got the first guy now there's a lot of other regulation that people think he sang shot the first guy yeah. That's that's the scary line that a lot of people go to his. He shot the first guy or they shot the first guy. I hear just the first guy. like like he's answering the dispatcher when she goes, you ran into em just the first as the first guy but I've all
heard people say yes, the first guy or he got the fur sky, you know remember we're talking. Maybe somebody got chased into the woods. Right got the first category. I got the first shot the first guy. I really to me my ear says: he's responding to the dispatcher any saying just the first guy again go on with the thought that there's more than one guy there he doesn't know or recognise you can't put a name or title to these people and he's clarifying I ran into him, but it was just the first guy there's a couple things: I've during this clip when I was like slowing it down, and p? Lady, more that I think will you'll find pretty interesting about, will get to that right after this quick beer break when people are curious, they turn to google with Google ad.
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cheers maids less dive into some of the things I find we're about this clip. I'm gonna actually slow it down. Unless, let's see if you could see what I'm talkin about, ok, I guess here would be the better word before he starts talking. There seems to be about three syllables and he can visually see it on the way form. Can you just loop that section that's not prevent its voice at all like it doesn't have the same tone it doesn't like. It doesn't even come off to me as if the phone is away from his face and in your hearing brandon talk. It's doesn't sound. Look to me like him at all. going to hear another clip later. Look you know not much later were allowed. People speculate that it's another person talking.
But I've never seen on any message board and now what I did was I took that clip. It's the you know the slow down version. I took that clip and all I did was you'll cut off the front part, and then I added some volume to so. You can hear it, but that's all I did and it's it's definitely. You know it's weird cause. I I hear no god bless you or confession yeah. I heard confession to or is that you or he asked that you. The thing here is: that's even more scary, the captain and look here's. What I can tell you at this as far as audio in near goes like a lot of people. Talk about that. If somebody was far away, look, maybe a couple feet away: they not everything that they read. Not everything that they say is on a register on a cell phone right, but this was loud enough that it registered away form a guy said:
or you can visually seed. Yes, I saw it on your computer right there and I was actually convinced that there was nothing there until you view pointed it out on the computer to me slowed down, and then we hear it confession that the end again, it's not brandons voice. I think I would put my stamp on that. The thing that scares me big time is what would your stamps, captain morning, one morning before the police and beer, that's the thing that scares me though here is where, before I thought before you slow that down. I thought he saying just the first guy response linked to the dispatcher right now. It almost sounds like these, this? Is somebody asking him a question, not the dispatcher, he's responding to whomever that person is no. That's not what I hear now
I hear it, as is the guy's talking and saying something, and he is telling the dispatcher that's the first guy oh like like ok, you got his voice on recording right, that's the first guy, but he Ok, so he had thought and then the whole idea. When I said why ran until now- and then we ve talked about well just the first guy, but but now with this other, Peace information, maybe he's saying, hey, that's the first guy now owing to assume here, because I dont know for certain, but he has a droid. Razor phone is what's listed as his phone and I am assuming that that would work. Very much the same as the iphone that might the microphone on the iphone depends on
and then who you ask where gas or summer you you know apple us tonight. If I'd say they're all there are pretty compatible. I'm halfway asking you and halfway thinking through this out loud here, but I'm Thinking with, but with my phone, like you said it, it's If I pulled a certain distance from my face, you not going day, you may not hear me talk at all right. That would be a blessing, But the thing is this: guy, whoever whoever says it's Am I crazy soundly a definite sounds like a man's voice to me? No, he he's loud enough or he's close enough, that it put got picked up by the phone did he got picked up and if you, right, where he's trying to point out the dispatcher that that's the first guy, then then its lead,
enough to Brandon that he thinks it's being recorded in very clearly as well on walden changes. Your perception before we ve kind of thought that you know he ran into some bad deeds and there's some stuff goin down, maybe with the state trooper, who knows but that he was running away. But what, if you know he ran out of gas, ran into this situation? The cop, ah, you know, ran after these guys and he ran after the other guy. You know that's like guys trying to get away or something and he chased him down and that's why he's calling the cops? I need the cops now cause I got. You know cause think about this way. If I broke up a fight, you know who Am I gonna call. I can't contain them forever. I need the cops you know. I got one of the guys right here, but if he's responding to this purpose that we cannot see that we cannot identify. Then it do you feel like
that must be somebody in an authoritative enough, authoritative figure, meaning like he's east choosing to to this person over the dispatcher. At this point you know he's the the batteries essentially his lifeline right, so you they decide whom you're going to answer. If you only think you may have a limited amount of time to speak clearly only if he is responding to this person that we don't don't know anything about it, person, may maybe A situation to two that brandon thinks he is more important to answer that man than the than the dispatcher now I dont than his answer, and the man, though, is what I'm saying I think he's telling dispatcher, that's the first, because if he was answer that guy, he might know sometimes When you're talking on the phone and some may actual question, then he moved the phone away and so,
and then his volume one got smaller. I would have been quite her. It doesn't get smaller menaces answers the same. That's the first guy is the phone. Is the phone at? That point is not moving away from his face, yet wherever tat, when he started the the sentence, it's there the entire time. Ok, the next line is going to be the dispatcher, in new york, so a lot of people talk. Okay again, I haven't seen a live dissection of this. I in the gunshots a lot of people talk about during the whole tape. You can kind of hear these gunshots. In the background I saw some of them that people claim are gunshots. They didn't even register in the way file that there is really no movement and this one I hear a gunshot at the beginning, so listen for that. I didn't even hear
Do you know me? I want the solo that just the part where I think I hear gunshots, going to make a little louder, but that's the second time that you think that your hearing, a similar noise that you're described as a possible gunshot yeah the first time that we, you know any time that we pick case always about how do we pay Can we bring anything to it? It's the site now that the? The request for jon, benet ramsey, have kind of you know simmered down a little bit because, ah at you know, the documentary did such a good job. What can we bring to that? I don't know and and there's a lot of other podcasts that covered this. You know a good friends of ours. She don't get at the vanish covered it. I was really good episode of generation y. Those are great guys both were fantastic episodes by the way right.
but we really wanted to dive into just the nine one. One call because when you and I looked into this case, we couldn't we couldn't terror ourselves away from the nine one. One call I mean that's I just I set my guy satin. Car and listen to a dozen times at different speeds, and and when I got home I I was convinced I couldn't hear it clear enough because I was in my car, and there is other nor this guy, and so then I listened to it in the basement at my house, in the quietest room that I could find. Yan Arthur, like I like us, trying to say before us, so rudely interrupted first so as much as I interrupt you you're allowed. No, I just try and say that if we don't think we can bring anything to the case, we don't normally cover right now, there's no point of us covering cases that covered so many times but, like you said, he listened to a couple of episodes kind of dive into what's happening, and I stopped everybody's podcast since our list
into the audio books over and over, and then I have the ability to throw this into a recording programme can amend. Play some of the free frequencies, I can loop stuff. I can slow it down. I spent hours and hours and there's deftly I'll know four five times that there's possible gunshots. Well, let me ask you this bit is ok, go if not a gunshot right, Let's just say that there is a bang happening, a little bit of a distance from him and but its loud enough to register on the phone and to be clear, your stating that this is the second time in the record. but you ve heard a similar noise and the first time it is more faint it. It seems to be I at or further away from him, for whatever reason it am. I correct there because to me this
this one that you just pointed out right, but you're a little more clearly than the first time rank rent in uk. That initially. But then, when I looped it, I raised the volume. So it's going to be a little bit louder, but here's the thing that you have to think about. If he's running away from the scene It depends on where the phone is facing, cause we're gonna, look at the phone as a microphone, no serve the you know it. When I'm talking here, it sounds one way, but if I start talking here, you know it's whatever direction the the phone is facing right now, any chance. Ok, it's your saying possible and shot at least a bang, at least on a gang. It doesn't to be honest with you to me. It doesn't sound either time it doesn't sound like a gunshot, but it also is not clear enough me to decide what it sounds like. That's cause you not from the streets and now I've I've heard one. One theory that I liked was did somebody
described the noise that, like a semi truck, might make it. You know, sometimes when you hear a semi truck going over a bridge, and you hear that plaque clack clack in what what this person's theory is? Is that you're here the semi truck in the distance going over something in that's. Why he thinks it gets louder because it's getting closer to wear brandons bonus, that's very possible! That's very past the other thing I I wonder about though, to is, is this something could this be noise, that's being created because Brandon might be running, you know he mickey stay on brush or going through going through. You know rough terrain, maybe gap, but to me it sounds more like a hit, but there's more than just the potential gunshot going
and right. There yeah, I think, one of the things when people are analyzing. This stuff is they're, not listening. Why she's talking right and he's clearly saying something? So we have this bang possible gunshot and when she starts talking, he is saying something or someone also saying something in the background: do you slow it down, so we can hear were more time play it again. so right before she starts talking. When I hear is a clear and that's coming from someone is very, close to the phone rang. Hira aura
And then, in the background you hear that gas heart. yet it does sound like it does sound like someone is saying that guy's her. Let me ask you this because not that's gun shot, or it sounds more to me like that, guy's, her, yeah it the thing is. I want to ask you not so much what your hearing, but what you're seeing on the screening there, because there are certain certain levels here and you can see certain You know sizes on the screen, which kind of indicate to me how close or how loud something is according to the microphone while right, but the problem is that she's talking so she is setting basically the bar of how high the wave is going to be because it's kind of like water right, okay, we got two streams of water per stream, is pushing more through
but and there are still other water coming through catch it so, and so I can see how loud the total file is or how much total water is. But I can't find out how much too how loud they are. So if that's brandon talking neither or if its somebody in the background talking it there their low enough that
being basically surrounded audio wise by if it is brandon talking. His phone is not by his face at that point. Okay, so let's just take a a loop that again, if he is saying that guy's hurt right, he did it. It wouldn't come off to me as he's responding to the dispatcher, and this is what sc. This is. What scares me. This is what is making me very angry sitting here. Listening to this, it makes me feel.
The thing here is heat. I don't think he's responding to the dispatcher and the problem I have with that is: did he if he saying that guy's hurt to somebody else, that's their? Why is heat speaking for them? The the the person must be so hurt or unconscious something that they they cannot respond themselves. Scary thing here to me as if he said
that guy's hurt and whoever you talk into he's, not afraid of russia, then less hypothetically state trooper pulls some guys over he's walkin onto it. Shit starts going crazy. He starts running right. Maybe there's two state troopers right one. You know the chase them into the woods and then I'll send a he's with this may, like I said, maybe he chase down one of the guys, but the guy was already heard, for whatever reason this a state trooper. Somebody of that you know somebody that he's not half frayed to talk to comes up to him and he says
that guy's hurt and then and that's pretty much it, and so at that point what, if the state, trooper or whoever takes his phone. I I feel like here that that the person that he's talking about that, he saying that guy's hurt that whomever he's responding to did that he doesn't identify that guy, that's hurt as being with the person he's responding to that's just that's just kinda My gut feeling there, where I think, if you saw two people and similar uniforms, you identify them as being together, and you know I I would think he would say he's hurt. I you know, I'm I'm really may be looking into this now but night. I kind of feel like that guy's, her kindness he is talking about, when that he doesn't identify two to be with the persons responding to will thus play every them. Everything that we have up to this point.
Real time, let alone emergency. I feel like I'm in the middle of the order. Type project parking garage over here. Don't worry about it again. Are you ok we're not going up the hill No uranium. Ok,. So here's what I have so far captain I have Yes, I'm in the middle of a field. State trooper pulled some guys over there out here going towards blank on both sides. My truck ran out of gas there's one car here. The guy's chased him to the woods. Please hurry and then he's you know, then he's interrupted the dispatcher and then he says and we're not talking to him.
Not till. We ran into him just the first guy, and we hear that faint to me. What sounds like that? Guy's hurt lesser play. The next clip see if we can find anything odd there no need to call okay. Now I need to call okay. Now, I'm going to play this clip slowed down twice and I'm going to make it even slower. Twice The call or call now call came.
No, I mean the call came on this clip, there's a lot of speculation that the first yeah is coming from another person and, like I said, I do believe that there's times on this tape that there's somebody else talking on the phone other than burnt brandon. So, but in this case I actually don't hear it as being such, I actually hear the yeah as being brandon. If you look also at the wave forms the the times that I think it's possibly somebody else talking, waveforms are a lot smaller, so meaningless, also disquiet or this one is very comparable. The yeah is almost you know, it's just a slight offers. It's a hair off of What that no, I need the copses yet, and I think the situation here is dead. He's I think, he's correcting himself again, because I think he is anticipating that she's going to say we're gonna send the car you know that
police, are on their way in it. It's almost like because he doesn't know that she hasn't understood what he has said right. I think he thinks she knows what he saw him: yeah yeah, any he's he's rethinking it gets. No, I need the cops his next line and it's pretty much just the dispatcher. Anybody hurt. I play this whole in clip slowed down and in the whole length. So you hear the whole thing The hurt the the
the. now what I'm going do is actually take the and between parts where she's not talking our make those a little louder. in the hurt the the oh I had to listen to this like this again made the he bt beat yes, oh here's. What I think I'm hearing there from you know with will once we,
moved the dispatcher in almost sounds to me like, like a quick inhale and then an exhale, and then there's some clicks happening there and they had bead the phone in the pocket that can just be have enough phone down by its side. the tough thing here for me as there is never a time or or never at times, I can find where there's a spike so it doesn't seem like brandon dropped. The phone, no you'd, think that you'd here, canada, rattle or somethin in any he really don't do you hear like there's a portion there towards the last time that she says hello, there's a port?
isn't there that it almost sounds like there's a a droning noise or like a fan or something while MIKE while it's it's slowed down, but some of my other thought is when you speed that section up, it kind of sounds like kind of get Click and then you get this almost like a car is drive and right. That's why I hear like a like a motorcycle or car yeah or some kind of orange truck or something else but yeah I dunno it's it its creeping, but but you also think you might hear someone talking. I think I can hear some talk him before the last hello. I can hear human and I need to spend more time on that section I mean I could try to. the problem, is sometimes when you take these clips, you can take a very small clip and you can normalize it and that does basically boosts the overall gain that again makes it more distorted.
But what am I was. I would really like to take this in with guys I went to school with then that don't really know much about the case at all and have fresh years. Listen to it and and and the actual studio mean we were in our garage and we have some studio like quality, but nothing like they have. Do you think that do you think? If what I think I'm hearing is the inhale exhale do that's possibly coming from the dispatcher as well. Ok and. Ok, so, basically, after listening in dissecting all this, we come to that Inclusion that we know less really than when we started well, but here thing. I'm looking over what I wrote down You might have another one more time I trying to do
What are you saying that people? Because he can tell that my brain hurts from all this editor Yes, I'm in the middle of a field, state trooper pull some guys over thereof,. Going towards gambling on both sides, my truck rain out a gas there's one car here, gas chased him to the woods. Please hurry em! not talking to him, not till we ran into him just the first guy deck eyes, her yeah! No, I need the cops now. The thing here is- and this is what just reviewing what I wrote down and I'm not saying that I am right, but but the thing that debt- that's it you're, guess This is my guess, after looking at it, but this is the That doesn't make any sense. Let's say to me when I read through this: All of the line seem to work together in a way the line doesn't really make any sense. Is that one in the middle and we're not talking to that? That one just does
seem to really fit really anything else and in what I mean is like the next line is not till. We ran into according to me that, yes, there, lines go together, but what I'm saying hears we ran into them kind of goes with with what story you think you're here in the beginning, where we're not talking to him, doesn't really doesn't really seem to make sense with any of the other stuff. Here, I mean, there's a lot that doesn't make sense and again the the issue here is: that if he had no no prior drug use, then people wouldn't jump to that they're jumped maybe maybes, intoxicated and I think people start getting that embedded in their head subconsciously when they keep slowing down the tape he sounds. Intoxicated so therefore, is intoxicated when it's played at normal speed. I do not hear intoxicated guy. I hear a guy. That is scared. I hear a guide that, ah his you know he you know his adrenaline,
racing and and its as weird and then the problem with all this is that he is the brother gets a call sayer down the road and and- and I think we have evidence. from the nine one wanted that he's moving yeah so he's moving, so that no statement lines up and then he says that he's bleeding yeah so did he get hit by somebody and the thing is you know, I've heard people say that at the end of that tape that that they you're, someone saying help me. I don't hear that anywhere. I dont, even here, what sounds like anybody close to the phone saying talking to into the far right
the thing here, though, to is it? You know, because some people say well, that was brandons last words it couldn't have been because we know that he later than called his brother, you know so one thing, though, to captain is we. We definitely have a situation here with what We're going down is not doesn't sound to me like it's going down around his vehicle. Around brandons truck is sounds to me like he's in another location, like he's already started, walking and distanced himself from that truck, did did. Did it did somebody pick him up and offer to help when, and they ran into somebody not till we ran into you know, did they run into somebody's vehicle? You know that the first call goes out to two key at twelve thirty, eight, the nine when one call is at twelve fifty now I wouldn't think he would have gotten too far on foot man, the most, maybe a mile- yes, let's say a mile and then
but we have the kyle saying he didn't get to the officer until one tat So now we have twenty minutes go by where, where brandon is reaching out to the brother again, after the nine, when one call so oh yeah, again another miles down the road, maybe more yeah, but you would think that, whatever Whatever sounds like he's trying to describe sounds like a pretty chaotic seem to me. If, if what I think he's trying to describe is going down to me, it would have had of happened more than a mile away from his truck. I think that that kyle or the deputy would have seen
some kind of commotion or heard something at some point: hmm yeah! I don't it's. I mean that's why it's a crazy mystery, and so I don't know if we'll ever know, I'm really frustrated I'll I'll I'll I'll type this up and leave it on our on blog to you know to to play what I to write down what I think I heard yeah, I'm freaking exhausted, so final thoughts, right yeah, the final thought If I'm going by what I think I hear, there's him, there's a state trooper, there's two guys at least two guys. I he me I've got a car with somebody before he entered. You know came across these. trooper and the other guys. I think the he's saying that the state trooper got shot into the woods by these guys. The problem
I have with their stories, you think you would have that that's enough worthy story. That's not something that just happens and in its never reported. I mean state troopers call for back up if, if able, if estate Burma is missing or go down. Yeah again, it's depend and how you go with it was? Was he being chased or was he chasing somebody, and I I think it comes down to you. Other eu either believed that he's on drugs- and this is all this fictitious and his head or he's not on drugs and what he is saying is actually true. There there was a report of his cell phone pinging near the colorado river, but I wanna be it, but this
it is also only like I don't know like three or four miles from his vehicle. The problem here is that what they have stated is as far as the technology goes, is it those pings can be off by anywhere from a mile and a half to three. My right so therefore that I don't think I can tell you anything what that, where that ping is yet, my final thoughts on this earth is kind of simple me, I think what you say and makes sense with the evidence that shown on the tape, and I also believe that there's gonna be ecology and probably some people out there that have better tools and better skills than I have that could probably uncover some of the things. I Can'T- and I think that's like I said, there's a bunch of evidence. I think on the tape to kind of coincide with what he's saying, so you know that it's
it's a tough one in my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and his friends and and I'm gonna try to do more, diving in, and I think it was kind of a interesting experiment to canada dive into these. This audio clips as much as we have well. You are absolutely able to point out some things to me that I was unable to hear on my own. in it and I didn't hear them because you pointed out to me. I heard them because you enhanced it and you brought it up to a level or slowed it to a level that I could hear things that I was missing before or man. I appreciate you pointing those out to all of us in taking the time and in really editing his thing and dissecting it and chopping it up as much as you did it was. It was a lot of work for you. Alright, let's get outta here, because it is taco.
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