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Chelsea Small /// Part 1 /// 495

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Chelsea Small /// Part 1 /// 495

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November 12, 2013 - 30 year-old Chelsea Small was fatally shot while working at a Cash Advance business in Taylor, Michigan. Questions facing detectives is wether Chelsea knew her attacker and the actual motive for the attack in the first place. The killer made off with a small amount of cash. Security tapes show male suspect with age ranging from 25- 50. Possible white male with dark bushy hair, ball cap with emblem, dark clothing that could be some type of work uniform and light colored boots or shoes. The man appears to remain extremely calm during the entirety on the crimes committed. Please watch the footage and look at the pictures of the suspect that have been released over the years. Someone will be able to identify this man. Detectives would like everyone to pay close attention to the man’s unique clothing and the label / tag on the man’s pants. They believe the clothing / tag could be the break in the case. We agree and would also like to point out that the weapon used was unique and the suspect may have committed additional crimes. Anyone with ANY information should submit a tip by phone at 1-800-speak-up or online at 1800speakup.org

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The welcome to true crime garage where view or whatever you're doing thanks for listening. I'm your hosts naked with me as always, is a man. Would like for everyone to know that the attendant did not strap him in here is the cap. It's going to be seen in this good to see you thanks for listing and things
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ass, but certainly not least, we have megan in north chicago. So a big thank you goes out to everyone who has contributed to the true crime garage Yeah yeah be the way you double. Are you in beer, rhine and, if on the mainland list, make sure you check your inbox they'll, be a promo code to the store of your on. The mailing list on the mailing list, and that is enough of the beer or on everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime
at the most are solved fairly quickly. This the worst and most heart breaking of crimes? Murder law? enforcement use, information collected at the crime scene and eye witnesses to lead them to the perpetrator or perpetrators. the crimes they are investigating and then an arrest is made after that, it's left to the core
send off often a jury of one's peers, to sort it out and it's another bad guy or killer off the streets. But then there are those crimes. Scenes yield little in the way of clues and after with persons in the area. You discover to our aims to provide only a tiny amount of helpful and useful information. Doesn't happen often, but when it does Law enforcement rely on their greatest of allies, the general public, because the public together is powerful. and generally despises criminals, especially the violent ones as much as the women and men with badges working so hard. track them down, is what we have on tap here in the garage this week you crime of the worst kind, a killer with brief interaction with the victim and then just insulator. He vanishes
police with little to work with one of the first articles regarding This murder is from the detroit free press from november thirteenth, two thousand and thirteen and reads taylor michigan clerk at cash advanced store. Killed police are investigating the fatal shooting of a thirty year old, female clerk at advance america cash advance store. Two twenty nine telegraph. One question in facing detectives is whether small, a mother of two from gibraltar knew her attacker. An alarm was just before noon, tuesday, police say officers found small dead. The killer had fled security tapes show a male suspect. One eight hundred speak up. If you have information, but Regulars will know that
We have a much larger story to tell join us we tell this horrific, true crime story and asked the public's help to track down a killer. This the true crime garage the before we get your balls deep into this week's case. I think it is most fitting to paint a picture of the area of where this horrific crime took place. This week's unsolved homicide
does not belong in any town or city, but its incredibly out of character for where it did take place. So today we are going to go to tailor michigan, which is located in weighing county michigan and taylor is south west of detroit. The population is a little more than sixty thousand good hard working people. The crime rate in taylor is not what I would call particularly high for a city of that size, but we should know in the last twenty years on a scale of one to one hundred the. U s. Violent crime rate is twenty two point: seven and taylor. Michigan violent crime rate comes in at twenty seven point, one so a little above the national average, but sixty thousand people is a considerable population and due to the city's location, it's near detroit and the other nearby cities are pretty well populated to taylor, sees its fair share of traffic and passers through
I've never been to taylor only drove through myself, but from what I can tell this is typical nice michigan city named for Zachary taylor a one time, national hero and our twelfth president. taylor. We have a well travelled road where the unsolved homicide that we are discussing this week. This is where this went down. This is on telegraph. Road telegraph is part of. U s highway. Twenty four the highway runs through three counties in south eastern michigan. This is monroe wayne and oakland counties. So obviously this is a well travelled road. This is telegraph road. Now, back in two thousand and thirteen on telegraph road, we had the advice
ants america check cashing store. This is one of those high interest rate loan joints. Every city has won in larger cities. You'll certainly see several of these types of businesses, advances, specializes in lines of credit, payday loans which short term loan typically paid typically do on your next payday, and so summit loans and title loans, where you get money by offering up the title to your vehicle, but you still get to drive your vehicle as you pay that back and I don't know today, but back in two thousand and thirteen, some of these locations offered tax services as well. I am unsure captain of the business hours a year,
is ago, but I wouldn't imagine that the business hours would vary too much from the current hours, which are as follows, closed on Sunday orton, especially in this case now we are going to take you back to tuesday november twelfth two thousand and thirteen. We have thirty year old, chelsea small. She is working solo at the advance america, low heated at eight thousand, two hundred and twenty nine telegraph road in taylor, the business up at ten, a dot m. So I would imagine this mean she is arriving shortly before ten, a dot m depending on the opening duties,
see as working any manager capacity, which would be expected if she is opening and operating the business by herself, which is the case on this day according to check these mother. Debbie came around ten thirty. Eight, the two of them talked briefly on the phone Debbie says, Chelsea told her that she had just finish up. Of her early morning task and really everything sounded like business. As usual chelsea's only complaint was It seem like they were dumping a lot of work on her at this current time. We all experiences at work right, another day, especially middle of the weak, when you just want to get all of your work done yet the work day over with and go home. So this is very likely the way that Chelsea fell on this tuesday, so everything was plain and simple normal. This is until twelve o four,
p m, so this is a lunch hour on a very busy rode away. knock on the door of the advance america. Now we say knox we don't know for certain, but in the I'm a decision that they show the man knocked or tapped on the door. But what we do know for certain is that there would be some type of notification that the man wanted to enter the business, be it simply, visual or otherwise, because the store front is glass, including the front door, but the door is always locked its typical for these businesses to always be locked even during business hours, and even Is it some banks and jewelry stores and such so think of a jewelry store, a bank where you have to be buzzed in? This is the same thing you can't enter until a staff member hits the button which unlocked the door, and then you are free to
seed inside now. Some robberies are obvious right. You see a mask a weapon or someone you know to be bad news and you don't hit the button. You don't unlocked the door. Some robberies are obvious. This one was not much else. He would have seen when look at the man standing at the door, waiting to be buzzed in is a pretty average looking stocky middle aged man. She buzzes him in. He opens the door and war inside now, the layout of the business is very basic. You have the store front where the customers enter and there is probably about eight feet deep, maybe a little more but all the way across the entire width of the store, this is standing room only space where lines can form this standing space leads up to counters, where staff can assist the clients. The counter goes all the way,
also picture a line that goes from one wall all the way to the other. This completely separates the staff from the customers. On the other side, there is a little door in the middle of the counter, and the counter is like chest. High and the little door looks to be just slightly shorter than the counter of chelsea is sitting at the counter space furthest to the left of the man. So he walks in and approaches chelsea, At this counter space to the left, it looks to me like she starts to get up, and this could be for a number of reasons simply just to greet the customer or she could have noticed something, because this man has a gun. Now the gun is not obvious to me before. He is standing right in front of her. In fact, he brought with him
a dark bag. So I have seen and heard this bag describe two different ways: one like a banker type bag. This could be with a zipper or some of them even have maybe a lock, but the way that it's most commonly described and described by detectives as well is it. The bag is more like one of those flimsy draw string, type bags and again I have seen and watched the security camera footage repeatedly and it absolutely looks like a cheap drawstring bag to me, and I gotta tell ya captain it looks way too much like a draw string type bag.
That I'm awfully shocked that there's even that bank bag description? I think that that just kind of muddies the waters a bit as girl or more in depth of what we see. We have a white male wearing a black baseball cap. Dark blue. I can't tell if it's a shirt or if it's a jacket, but it looks like it's either tucked into his pants or maybe it's a elastic waist. If it's a jacket he's wearing black pants- and it looks like they look like tennis shoes to me, but I can't tell if they're dislike dirty. tennis shoes or, if they're supposed to be like ten they're described by law enforcement as light colored boots or shoes, and then also you notice on the baseball cap. There's a little white marking on one side So there's an emblem on the front of the ball cap and an emblem
on one side of the cap and there is also some kind of white tag or some kind of white emblem somewhere on his pants it. My me it's near the bell area, if, for those that have not seen pictures of this perpetrator, but from what I can tell the purple arrived at the advance america store with the bag, so then he will take as with him when he leaves so other than what can be seen on the security footage. Of course, no one knows where certain exactly what kind of bag it is. We can only look at it from the footage and describe it. It's dark and color and if I had to guess it's black, but again, we can't say for sure- and I had agreed with you most of the pictures that you see of this bag. I would agree with your looks like a cheap draw string type bag, but there is one image where it looks like. Maybe there's a zipper across
whole top or maybe it's on the low per somethin sticking out. There's one picture that maybe looks more like a bank bag. Yeah definitely appears to open on the top or on one side. Okay, so the man walks in and goes to the counter at the far left. Chelsea is sitting and appears to start to stand up either to greet him or because she is alarmed by seeing the gun. My guess captain is that the gun was in this ban and as he gets to the counter, and then he pulls the gun from the bag, and he immediately shoots chelsea, small shoots or once he then appears to place the bank on the counter, and then he walks- and I want to strongly emphasise this- for those who have not seen this footage he walks, it does not run. In fact he walks very calmly to his right to that little door, the door that separates the counters
He reaches over the door again, the doors just a little shorter than the counters to the left, and he hit some kind. lasher lever on the staff side of the door. This freeze the door for him to push it open and walk still very calmly. Behind the counter to the left up to the victim and then fires the gun again. He then can be seen Looking around like on some of the counters behind counters, and then he walked towards the back wall. Still in the same room appears to check some kind of cabinet and calmly walked back to the front of the sea. Now he's in the customer area again and then I believe he puts the gun back inside of this bag. I can't tell for certain but the gun goes away, and then he walks out of the store when off,
answers arrive on the scene. They arrive within minutes and they find chelsea small dead behind the counter. Now, a few things happened during the course of these events and we'll go through each item after I list them here. One the killer did make off with some money to chelsea activated the silent alarm. This is how law enforcement new to arrive on the scene, indicating that a robbery was in progress and three at some point. During this whole situation, the killers gun jammed or malfunctioned at some point, so the killer entered the advanced america store at one thousand two hundred and four p dot m. This is a very specific time of detectives would know this obviously based off of the security camera footage, but likely from the tronic magnet door lock as well. Now the building I worked in years ago, it would make an electronic record every
and the door was unlocked and opened. So while he would need to be buzzed in one simply trigger the infrared proximity sensor and click the door unlock, so he could leave the store, needs to be buzzed and buzz does not need to be buzzed out now before we get into those three pieces of information captain. I want to talk about the timing of all of this along with the door to the business. So we know thanks to the security measures and technology that the perpetrator entered at one thousand two hundred and four p dot m this again The lunch hour on a very busy road and then, as or, as we are being told, nobody sees a thing. What we are being told is simply that this charity. Camera is our only I witness, so the timing seems weird, but no When we went through the business hours on tuesdays advance, america is
only from ten a dot m to two p dot m. So it's the shortest hours of operation for the entire week remind me where they open on mondays. The businesses closed on sunday open from ten a dot m to six p dot m monday, wednesday, thursday friday. Ten am to two pm on tuesday and nine a dot m to one p dot m on saturdays, so maybe the perpetrator knows that there could be less customers on tuesday or possibly he knows that there is less employees on tuesday because of the shorter schedule. Right answer whereby had goes is, I believe this tells us one of two things, possibly both for the business itself either. The structure of this day is significant to the business due to some kind of operational procedure required by the business rang.
Or- and maybe it's an end- or this is most often the day when the business receives the least amount of traffic. The least amount of tuesday to generate more business. Less traffic means less staff, so you you got to wonder is this kind of random? Did he just pick this day at random because it was good for his schedule, or did he want to do this on this day because of the limited hours So did the killer know this and was this short, his choice of hitting the business on a tuesday part of some kind of bigger play right. If I'm robbing the place are targeting someone that works there well, this is a good day for me, too
this out, as I should in most likelihood encounter less tellers or staff, also less customers less people in the parking lot. But the my other question, though, to as if this is the day that the businesses currency, the least amount of customers, is it possible. This is the day that they carry the least amount of cash. When, with inside the building It's a good question and again I I also point out the possibility that it has something to do with the the behind the scenes operation of the business right in that might just be the case. We don't know for certain, but regardless the
the hours that are posted, that people could easily find. I personally believe that it's it's not so random that he picked this day and it happens to be their shorter stay. I kind of feel like we're working with a sophisticated criminal, someone that takes a lot of time and planning goes into crimes as well as a man that a criminal, that's patient, I agree because, like you said when he come when he gets into the building, he shoots her right away. It's almost like he, he had a plan and he he really stuck to his plan, and that's what's so damn tricky about this it's because you go all right? Well, he shoots right away, so was he? Was he there just to commit the murder and then take some cash to make it a little confusing right to appear as the motive being robbery and not murder, or did he?
decide in advance. You know I make this robbery, I'm not leaving any witnesses right or did he did he some I'll figure out that she hit the panic button the sheet triggered the silent alarm. So I spoke with one of the detectives. It's work this case. He told me it was in fact you know a very traditional silent alarm. The the robber would not have heard anything. It's not a you know like most people's home security systems, there's a loud siren, that's going off! This would have been a button that she would have. Push that that he may have seen her push it he may not. Have we can't tell from the security footage I'm on this idea right now of the parking lot captain, because if he did choose this day, I think he chose this day for the purpose of their beef. less staff, they are probably number one good chance of less customers, less people in the parking lot. You'd
one people seeing you in and out of this business on this day. So speaking of the parking lot we've already mentioned that this is a major road. There are a lot of. This is obviously on the street in two thousand and thirteen. The advance located was located at eighty two, twenty nine telegraph. Now it's no longer there there is a tax, place there. Now. I believe from my understanding is that once this homicide took place, I am not certain that the business ever opened back up or if they did, people stop going there there's a tax there, a tax place there now. So this was on the east side of the street in a shared building, there's room for four businesses in this building with their own storefronts, so you would have the addresses of eight thousand two hundred and twenty five, eight thousand two hundred and twenty nine eight thousand two hundred and thirty, three and eight thousand two hundred and thirty
in eighteen to twenty nine is advanced markka. It's this second from the left, when your facing the building there were two other businesses in operation at that time, so I am in the parking lot in two thousand and thirteen would have been configured about the same as it is today, and it looks to be that there are just six parking spaces in front of the businesses. That's a total of six, not six, each The building is book ended by additional parking. The problem with our case is We don't have any witnesses to the crime other than this. Single security camera inside the advance, america. We don't have security footage from outside advance, which could provide some answers right, like one. ass in the other workers and other building, never even heard gunshots, you'd love to know
kind of vehicle. This guy was driving. You make Oh here, maybe even a plate. Number you'd you'd love to know where the, I parked because hears the other troubling thing. We don't have any eye witnesses saying they saw this guy outside of the ants america, we don't. Have anybody telling us what kind of vehicle he was driving where he came from it? Of course, where did he go? Makes you wonder if somebody dropped him off, and I mean this is such a quick attack, quick plan executed that did so may drop him off for her back around and pick him up and had out of town wonder if he didn't park there or didn't get dropped off and on base and that off of fact that we don't have? but he's telling us that they saw him coming or going from the store, and this is bizarre because it really were binds me a lot of the eye. Seventy killer case where we had a suspect description and a gun description, but how
all of those attacks, no one seemed to know what the guy was driving where he came from and where he went now and suspicion. In that case, in the I seventy case was it, the perpetrator was parking the neighborhoods that the business is backed up to, and that could very well be the case here, as that is a possibility, if you look it up on the map, their houses behind the advance america building west point street runs behind the businesses and, in fact, was dead ends twice, so the road stops, it's not complete, so there are houses on west point it dead ends. There's like one lot size of space, that is, grass, And then the road starts again and there are some more houses, so someone could park their vehicle along west point road or at either the dead and spots cut through a year again, there's that space that is
grass or you don't really have to you know you need a cut through someone's actual property walk calmly. No one notices you! If you look like you should be there, it's a busy road lots of people. Moving about you all calmly to the parking lot walk past the pizza place up to the door of the advancing ok and earlier, we said knocked on the door to notify chelsea that he wanted in, because that's it went down in the position, but from the news footage. I looked at the news footage from that november. Two thousand third, team now mind you, the cameras that are trying to film this. This is after crime, scene tape is set up and everybody already knows what went down, but the cameras are back by the street, so they're a little distance away. So it's a little hard to tell, but it looks to me captain like there's
button to the left of the door. This is probably a bell or buzzer that the customers push that trigger some kind of noise notification to the staff, or so they can make a quick visual check of the person, unlocked the door and let the customer- and in this case the man and now you're thought, go Two. Well then, this buzzer or bell would be the one thing for certain that we know the killer touched. So let's try to pull some prints off of this say now again, I've watched the security footage, that was released to the news outlets over and over again- and I am one hundred percent convinced that the man is wearing gloves. In fact, I believe, he's wearing white or off white latex gloves and if so, fingerprints-
be a factor in the only thing you really see him touch on the camera. Footage once he's inside is that latch on the back of the door to go behind the counter on the footage, I believe that I'm seeing a much different color do, let's pretends not wearing gloves, it would looked to me like his his face, color in hand skin color or completely different. That's what I'm kind of basing that off of that. It looks to me that he could be wearing gloves. and now a word from our sponsor better help. It's my favorite spot, it's the one I use most often it's. What has
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Arrived were back. Shears may tease cheers to you. Chris b of the krispijn colonels, cheers captain and I will be posting. This surveillance, footage on our instagram facebook and also our website at true krim garage, so check it out cause I'd, be interested to see if people see anything different than we are picking up on. The other thing to is think of this week's episodes is more of a commercial right. It's a commercial asking everyone for their help. Put your eyes on this footage. Let us know what you see. Let the police know if you know something or recognizes man in the captain every week. Thank you for listening thanks you for telling a friend this week. We wouldn't
de thank you for telling a friend about this case, not necessarily about our show, but about the chelsea small case. Her sister has said this. She believes that the reason why this case has not yet been solved is it the right set of eyes have not seen this case, the local police department, the detective say that they put the probability rate of solving this case very high. We just need a lot of people to take a break and take a quick look at this footage. Somebody out there will recognise something now. The general on topsy information in this case captain is that our victim was shot twice once in the chest and then once in the head, the killer did make off with some money. The reports I have seen states that the killer
it off with two hundred dollars cash. So very simple. The shooter comes in walks right up to chelsea. Now there is no audio on the security footage, but it does appear that briefly, that there are some words exchanged between the shooter and victim and at some point, chelsea activates, the silent alarm indicating a robbery in progress. The killer shoots her once walks around the back of the cow and shoots her again, and then he looks around very quickly. This is interesting to me because he could be king for more money. Obviously, but when he goes to the back part of me, yours. If he's looking to see if there was any one else in the business, you know me sure that there's no, this very good point no other eye witnesses, orb or maybe looking for somebody else him. He makes a move to go to the back, but as calm as he is, he does seem to want to
yet in rather get in and out rather quickly, but again could just be looking for money there, their businesses money, I just don't understand why they have won and poorly. I almost I'd almost assume that there would have to employees even on a half day like on their half day on tuesdays and eighty just one of em didn't show up that day. and from every report. That's out there. The he's. Only inside of this business, depending on which report you look at sixty to seventy seconds, sixty to seventy second, so everything was happening very fast and unfortunately, this man was very efficient at whatever was it he was doing now he said to. Shots fired, but at some point in the commission of these crimes, the killer's gun jammed or malfunctioned at some point. So this left a live round is on the side of the store that is nearest the door so,
silent alarm at that business on a major road is a very high priority. Call for police, my guess A tuesday around noon, you're dispatching multiple cars to that scene. When police arrive, the killer is gone, the door is locked and now, given the current situation, there is no one to buzz open the door for the police to come in and take a look around. but that live round. That bullet is on the floor and police. See this. and that changes everything right because then they very quickly break the glass. Store they go in and unfortunately they find this young woman chelsea small dead on arrival, while this case so frustrating because, like you said,
I don't know if I see that he's wearing gloves, but we have no fingerprints as far as what he was setting out to do did a good job of that other than the gun being jammed, and possibly this shell casing. I don't see what mistake he made but I can't definitively tell you what the motive was. Was the motive to kill chelsea, and then to get a little money to then confuse cops or make people think that it was just a robbery.
or was it just a simple robbery and she was sent by sooner? Do your feelings are spot on because the detectives it of work this case there? It's a mixed bag between their opinions on the motive of what went down there are some detectives. It say absolutely. This was a robbery he didn't want to leave any I went, as is their other detectives essay. The robbery makes no sense. He walks right in shoots her Sure that she's dead too, with the second shop rang, and that makes me lean towards the mode of being murder correct and he did the other thing to as he doesn't attempt to access a safe or some of the detectives and again these are just. This is just acceleration in people's opinions, which nobody really truly knows for sure, but some detective say
look him looking around seems like he's not really looking for anything in particular or looking for money and that's why I wonder with the idea when he went to the back if he was looking for another person to see to make sure that there was nobody else in that building because, like you said regular dude, myself included, we would expect there to be more than one person inside that building at that time. So one of the best things that I've heard a detective say in this case. As far as for what the It may be is that if he was simply going in there to rob the place and make sure that he didn't leave any witnesses, this may would be smart enough to know. Most people would be smart enough to know that the best witness the best eye- witness in this case is the camera
Not necessarily are victim unless the victim knows this man, so you can take out the human element, the human eye witness, but he doesn't take out the computer I witnessed. So that is very interesting. Its of its a mixed bag amongst the tailor police department as to what the motive may be and that carries on to the public as well. Now her family, Chelsea family seem to think that there has got to be some kind of connect, in between the killer and their loved one. They say that it could be something as simple as she may have known him, but only knew him through that business brian. This is a type of business, so there's a lot a paper paperwork, a lot of paper trail here, I almost feel like. If it was somebody that's related to the business to her her from work, did they would have been able to come up with something
But therein lies again a whole another set of possible motives that do not have to include robbery do not have to include trip chelsea as the actual target while, like you said Ik, it could be a customer, and yes, there'd, be a paper trail, but how many customers are we talking about? Your bank may be seat. One thousand some different customers within a month that that just brings a very large suspect pool, and, yes, you can start breaking it down by age, weigh in but I dunno it's tricky one, and this guy is so common. Looking means me. He looks like some of that would be out on the delivery or maybe a maintenance worker, or maybe some that works in a garage. Your spot on again the detectives of all said that they believe that he might be wearing some work type clothing. You know that that is more of a uniform rather
a casual outfit die. I agree and the same thing that I said you know: Chelsea's family has said that they think she probably buzzed him in because maybe she read Nice him and I dont not trying to take anything away from them. They know this case better than I do obviously, and about I when I see here, captain is what you just said, such an average looking regular Joe. He he's gotta. Look like there's gotta, be one thousand other guys that look like this guy in that area there are sixty thousand people plus living in this area. He looks just like a regular guy that you would owe here.
the buzzer you hear the notification you'll look up regular dude at the door. Buzzer man he's just a customer, regular old customer, but, like you said when we were talking about uniform, the saucer looks like a uniform that may be a delivery driver would wear like somebody that was like delivering like, let's say appliances or it could be like a semi truck driver so like it still looks like a work uniform to me almost head to toe uniform to me, yeah right, like from from the hat all the way down to the possible work boots. I can't say one hundred percent certain that those are boots. That's what it appears to me. Other people say they see tennis shoes but yeah
to me topped bottom bork type outfit. Now, if we're going to go into this and say well, was chelsea a target. Is that what was going on here? I think we should briefly discuss victim ology, who was chelsea small. She grew up in gibraltar. Michigan, that's pretty close to tailor just about a twenty minute, dr bright, maybe about a twenty eight minute, DR north, from gibraltar, to the crime scene, but in two thousand and thirteen chelsea was thirty years old with two small children. She obviously was working at advance america, but was also attending school at wayne county community college, where she very proudly and appropriately. So proud chelsea was on the dean's list. These cases are all sad and heartbreaking, but especially so when we are-
talking about a mother, a young woman from a close family, I I want to emphasize that this seems like a very close family to me up she's, also a person who was doing all of the right things working and going to school and this really this job is just that it's just a job. This is not a career for her advance america. This was just a stepping stone. Something to build. Her reza may make a decent wage to pay her bills, provide for her kids until she graduated colleges and would be moving on to bigger and better things and unfortunately, in seventy seconds, that's all gone for what to do bucks. Now, what's her relationship with her ex, it seems to me- and I only have two basis off of his words but he's the father of both of them.
Haha. They were never married and at some point they they separated, but He, according to him, remained very much a team in regards to taking care of the kids. I wonder if he ever fought for custody cause I'd be a motive. He says that he considers Debbie Cayman, who is Chelsea's mother to be like a second mother to him. So I don't know if he stayed close with her family since two thousand and thirteen, but according to him and his name's rick ferrell according to rick. They were in the process he and Chelsea were in the process of of discussing building rebuilding their lives together their family together. Now we're just talk about Two hundred bucks, I want to make sure we are very clear on something before we
Move on I've said two hundred bucks a couple times. That is the amount cited in a couple of different sources: news coverage sources- I dont have proof of this, but I believe that that is done the generic number. Again, I don't have proof, but I think somewhere along the line. Someone said two hundred dollars and it's been repeated ever since then, but I believe that the taylor police department stance on this information has never been in inexact dollar amount. Dollar statement has always been a small amount of cash less two hundred and fifty dollars. So therein lies really another big piece of this mystery. What was the gunman's motive for going into the sea, as you pointed out earlier, captain in any of these cases, we've seen this with yogurt shop with the in bryant shooting lock
says bowling alley I mean delicious goes on and on win win the day all amount. Look, no dollar amount is equal to taking lives but when the dollar amount is so small and the loss of life is so significant, there's it's unbalanced right that doesn't seem to be. It doesn't seem to be right or make any sense, and then you go didn't share that the motive was even robbery, here's my other issue with the way that this sum dick we'd looks like the? U will we were taught him eyes outfit and we know what looks like workers outfit, but it wouldn't be that crazy. If I was going to become a hitman and it was my my first hit, I could see wherein an outfit like that,
Yeah you see what and so like, even if it was your second or third hit Right behind me and like it say it in a very poor jane, but many were there's not a lot of identifying on any of the articles of clothing yeah. Unfortunately, we can't make out the emblem on the pants. Nor could we on the hat I did say earlier that there's an emblem on the front of the hat and the side. There's one one hundred per cent and emblem on the side of the hat: The the front is a little it. We should leave open ended a little one question there, because I don't think I can say one hundred percent that I see an emblem on the front of the hat. bug again there so many pictures and the earlier? When we're talking I kept gone, I don't really see the gloves now. I cannot not see gloves So once you see there to be
It's like, like you, said, they're, not the it's not like he's wearing bright white gloves there. It's almost like there's something just kind of distorting his skin like like. Maybe it's like clear. I think it's like latex, gloves out clear, latex gloves or something, but it just doesn't make a lot of sense. You know because you go on so the so you're saying that, and I'm not saying it's a hitman, but it's very hitman like when you watch there's been other people to say that even police have speculated that and the thing is he he walks in he's in and out and he's again the clothing. You said the same thing: it would be nondescript, clothing and everything's tucked in nice and neat
There is not like a is very buttoned up in a way to not to show reveal to much of him or to possibly leave strands of hair. There is very little interaction with the victim herself that there's no indication that he even physically touched her right, which is strange because he openly as his hair flowing underneath his baseball cap? But he's got to look normal enough for her to buzz him in, but he normal enough to get into the building right like not not just for her to buzz and but for other people walking by walking to and from the building to not raise any alarms, but put was weird here in her mother, talk about while there were customers that may be had crushes honour that maybe she was interrupted in, but you can't rule those guys out now, just because this looks like a hip, because some
people. There is no emotion, even though people go well what they killed this person because they weren't receiving their advances right, but some people are just that cold. All. She doesn't care about me while I wondered dead but I can do it in such a way where I I can leave my emotions out of this to make sure I don't get caught because it seems like very cold come into the building shoot shoot the victim go, look around for some money. Shooter again take off will think about when we covered the superbikes case that out
health care. Liner super bike was the name of the business. Someone went in and shot several shot and killed several of the workers it went on solve for many years. They eventually solved it end up being todd coal, help who committed those crimes, but it went on solve because they couldn't david Looking for a connection between one of the victims and the killer, a personal connection, there was no personal connection, there was a business connection, but he didn't care who it was that he killed he wanted. Revenge against the business itself. He went in there one day and he thought they were laughing at him and poking fun at him. and he went in there. He waited till. He didn't think he would count or anybody else to the place would be empty and almost very hitman. even though he's acting on his own behalf.
Goes in there and shoots everybody up. Why could be the same thing here? Where it has nothing to do with. Felsi has nothing to do with really the money. It's just a man like you said people stop come in there. so they shut down the business and could in a way he be an indirect customer right like let's say because he's we can agree. His age. He would ease a middle aged man or appears to be cut. He be somebody that I don't know, purchased a vehicle for theirs in her daughter and then they went and took out a loan against the title. You don't pay
the loan back. They come and take your car. Could he could? He have wanted some kind of revenge that he's not directly a customer not directly affected by something the business was doing it. It all gets a little. It gets very tricky, but I think we're gonna start to see. Some leads here now kind, a wrap it up on the victim ology. Here a little bit in regards to Chelsea herself, you brought up the the ex boyfriend. It's my understanding that since two thousand and thirteen he has had custody of both of the children and her mother and her sister, so she has of her parents were separated at some point and her mother remarried. So unfortunately, she left behind a sister mother, step, father, father and and some step sisters.
but her sister, Anne morceau, her mother Debbie, came and have been the loudest voices to keep this case alive and the most visible of the family. To keep this case alive again, the ex boyfriend rick fairly, the father of the children, has answered questions and done interviews publicly, so he's not hiding their ducking from any. one I've been told by detectives that he was looked at. You know you're going to look at anybody, that's close to the victim and he was looked at and it sounds like. He's, not our guy. They don't have anything to connect him to the case, but one thing: that's really tricky n, so there have been three detectives who have been up centre working this case over the last eight years. That seems like a lot the case lead has changed,
into retirement, but the retired detectives keep a close eye on this case. This is a case that is being worked as a team by the taylor detective bureau. When I asked the current lead, this is detective, Alex Delaney about the case. He said he would put the probability rate of solving this case at very high. So while we're talking about possible motives here- because that's the weirdest part of this case I mean, let's say: Chelsea- knew her killer. This guy thought he had some kind of reason to killer, but why do it there? What right, you would expect anyone with half a brain knows that there's going to be a camera there yeah. But if I do it, there
take a little bit of money. I confused the whole situation right. If I, if I killer in her car, even outside the place- and I don't steal her purse or something then we just know- this was about murder and that's it but again for me, I understand wanting to kind of confused the situation make it look like on crime. When really it was all along another crime bray, but I don't know that I love the risk of being caught on camera. Doing anything or the potential of encountering another customer or another staff member yeah, but if also if it was a hit,
that's an. I don't know why this mother or two would they want. Somebody would put a hit out on her, but it's better to do it there, because you're you're not going to have the kids around. I agree that of course course, but again, not wanting people around. We know there's going to be I just seems to me, like you, could have found a space a place, a time where you could have. You could have caught her alone and done it then, and there, and not have to worry about any of camera at all. Now, one very tricky variable in this case is that somebody was planning this out well, Chelsea was cut ring for another staff, member that tuesday and some of the reports,
that it may have been a little bit of a last minute, not a very last minute, but a little bit of a last minute change. The most detailed report of this I could find says that it was a few days before the day of the homicide that she signed up for the shift. So what is not in question is he's one hundred per cent covering that shift for another team member on that day that she's killed. So this is not true these regularly scheduled work day. This is out of her routine. The change it sounds like came at chelsea sort,
west. You know you trade shifts with someone when you need a day off. Chelsea took a day off to celebrate her son's fifth birthday. This was just a few days prior to the incident again. How many people did she tell how many people would have known that, then you have to wonder captain. Does that mean if this person working that day was the intended target of a homicide? Was this man who acted so calm and callous, says every he's every part of the definition of a cold blooded killer, was he targeting somebody else when he walked into the advance america that day?
the thanks for joining us here in the garage, if you need more true crime garage for your, your balls, then check out of the record if you're nasty, what is off the record, it's true rogers bonus, show its every other week. Would you case updates, and sometimes we just talk about silliness or sometimes behind the scenes stuff this week? Where do in our crime con? Twenty twenty woman recap: that's right, that's available honest, It's your premium, make sure you go and check that out. You get a lot of other excellent chose to go along with off the record, join us back here in the house. tomorrow until then be good, be kind and don't let her
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