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D.C. Mansion Murders /// Part 2 /// 300

2019-05-01 | 🔗

D.C. Mansion Murders /// Part 2 /// 300

Part 2 of 2


On May 14th, 2015 the Washington D.C. Fire Department received a call that a large home in the city’s most exclusive neighborhood was on fire. Inside firefighters discovered bodies. Several people were dead and someone burnt this house down. The fire did not kill these people. This week join us as we discuss a truly horrifying case- The D.C. Mansion murders. Beer of the Week - Coffee Red by Sibling Revelry Brewing Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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after the quadruple homicides and the arson remembered, the police chief said publicly that the elaborate crime probably required the presence and assistance of more than one person, and that there were probably other suspects, authorities arrested. Only darin went. We need a circle back to someone we discussed earlier. This is jordan, wallace savez twenty eight year old personal assistant. He is a very significant part of the story. Jordan was the son of a police officer who was on the duty at the time of the survivalist family murders, Jordan, was into race cars and, by all accounts, scar driving was his passion. He had oh his own race car and had participated in several races. Jordan met sabah in two thousand, and thirteen at the autobahn go cart race, corset, jessup maryland the two men bonded over their love of cars and saw the high.
jordan march of two thousand and fifteen. This is just months before the martyrs to be his personal assistant. After jordan, was laid off from autobahn. Jordan, told people close to him that this was his dream job. He got to dry fancy cars travel and make decent money down sabah, as we have seen, trust jordan with every task, including handling forty thousand dollars in cash. On that fateful day, one plus your boss. He was your friend before he was your boss, but some people Loading investigators began to wonder whether jordan could have been in on the plan to extort the family for money while he's the personal system right. So he would know there were bouts he's been inside their home yet, and he knows the family schedule and daily comings and goings. Any certainly was aware of how much money they had right. He could ve. Easily have been the mastermind behind the whole thing. Feeding this info,
nation to win or someone else. Second, he had deleted the last photo from his phone, the photo of the cash in the red bag right. He told police that he had deleted the photo right away, but actually he deleted it after the fire, there were several other photos on his phone of him inside the various luxury cars owned by the family right, but he's a car guy right and yeah. That would be a natural thing. I think that this suspicious thing is the photo of the cash well, and you probably shouldn't be taking pictures of your boss's car or what you have, or these I got a bunch of cash, probably shouldn't take pictures of those, because if that information gets out again These people are so wealthy that they have a target on their back for crimes like this hmm well, and they had some other item sue that they were concerned about. One george wallace's being w was found on
afternoon of may fourteenth parked right near this of apple is home, Jordan told police. It was because he had driven to the house when he heard of the fire, because he was actually asked to check on the family right, the vehicle was impounded and searched those part there. Why wasn't heat? Why didn't he move it afterwards? Well, it's very likely he wasn't given the opportunity to move the vehicle. The way, this probably down. He returns to the house, remind you, he's been asked by his boss, his company, to go to the house and see what's going on they contact at him. He goes to the house and he's like he responds back to the person. They asked him to go to the home. This was dead. Master that we discussed earlier. He calls earns his look. I'm here. The house is on fire there, not letting me go inside. I don't know what's going on and so figure. The way that this works is that he parks near the who. And then once they're putting out the fire in the pool
it's arrive in the detectives? Are there they probably block everything? Often sorry, jordan, but your car was right in front of the house. Wright said, but my question is: did somebody come pick them up? Do we know this information? No, I don't know that one thing that they also found curious was at jordan's, father, lived in the same apartment, complex, where Darren went, sister and two of wince brothers lived and where went occasionally, crashed according to says yeah, that's pretty suspicious right. According to some reports and went actually lived in the same building or at least in very close proximity, and, as you pointed out, it is quite a coincidence. Most people didn't think it could be just a coincidence, Finally, the police stated in their affidavit for daring whence arrest that Jordan had lied to them repeatedly. He was interviewed by
actors for four and a half hours immediately after the fire, so he likely was taken directly from the scene to be question immediately to figure out going on these are some of these are little tiny lies as law enforcement. You have to go well. What do these little tiny lies equal to, so some of the things that they were pretty quickly discovered to be untrue, in his statements. You know this is where you look at these any go. Are these actual lies or just mistakes and, of course, georgians? Gonna claim that these were just mistakes he made in his statements, so that if a david says jordan change his account of how things with the money went down initially told police that he received the voice mail from sabah telling him to pick up the package on thursday morning. We know that he actually received it on Wednesday evening. The message to do so
He initially toll police that ted chase handed him. The four thousand forty thousand dollars cash in manila, manila envelope, actually ted handed Jordan for stacks of bills and Jordan later place the money in an envelope re. He initially to
police, that the red sports car remember where he was supposed to deliver the money to that. He found it locked and he had a fine, the key in a cabinet inside the garage to open it up when actually they were able to prove that it was unlocked. What it seems like could have been happening with these lies or misstatements, which seems somewhat inconsequential. Is that jordan told these things to police before they looked through his phone right once they did. They saw the discrepancies, it's possible, that he was tired and stressed out and upset, because his boss and friend had just been murdered and he was you know, afraid of how things would look or how he would look or as some thought as possible. This guy was hiding something very serious, but if you have them,
me and near the mast her mind, and you know that they're gonna be murdered. Why drop off the money? Anyways? That's a good question night cause. It he's the only one that we have left to tell us that the money got there. So police obviously were quite interested in Jordan wallis. Law enforcement obtained multiple search warrants for george car and they took possession of his phone laptop to backpacks and various receipts and documents gathers dirt bag and went, and he has connections to the personal assistant of a major corporation. That's fishy yeah and I think the other giant red flag there that we should point out here is this is what would stand out to me as an investigator, this personal assistant, they might know the routine and the comings and goings of this family better than any one. What other than may be the housekeepers it of work, therefore
a period of time is this personal assistant, because he he has intimate knowledge of what's going on, but the red flag is you're like this. Dude was only hired a few months before the murders, right It's not like this is a long time personal assistant now should point out here. Jordan, completely cooperated with the investigation even submit in a dna sample held on he, he he cooperated after. He told him a bunch of lies right, but again it it's. I mean we're talking. He he's the first guy they're talking to after he finds out. This family's been murdered right, so he he cooperates in this as per the investigate, there's not per jordan wealth wallace. He submitted dna sample willingly. There was gasoline It was detected in the interior of his car, which obviously does not look good but Joe.
and pointed out that he worked on race, cars all the time and transported parts and gasoline in his car. The title to one of savez sports cars was actually found in Jordan, scar, but Jordan, told police part of his job was updating the registration at the dmz right, and you know your days of property management workin for Some are situations that this is common practice. One of my job duties, which didn't occur very often, ok, one of my job duties was to renew somebody's licence driver's licence at which sounds like well. How do you actually do that without being the person? There are ways, if you know their personal information and also
One of the things that I did was to renew the registration, the tags on the vehicles. So, let's talk about, let's go back to evidence because this is a unique case where there is actually much more physical evidence than circumstantial. Given that we have went dead to rights thanks to the pizza dna, but we don't have much circumstantial evidence. We do have some. So let's go through that at this point, because right now there owing to build a case against, went, were also trying to determine who these other suspects could be went was idea, I'd positively by a woman who on may fourteenth saw loitering in the parking lot of the church around five p, Where minutes later someone torched the porch she described
the physical appearance of a man she saw two police before they had even identified, went through the dna. She described this person as a muscular shorter african american mail with dread, locks and ponytail wearing a white shirt dark genes and a necklace two yard workers at the australian ambassadors, home think about the australian ambassadors home. That's how important a neighborhood! This is now located across thirty second street from the garage I of this awful is home, said that on thursday may fourteenth they both saw an effort,
american mail, would read locks wearing a white t, shirt and dark genes with a string backpack on his back, walk with purpose down the sidewalk in duck down under the still opening garage door of this of apple is home or seem to open for him and closed immediately behind him right. But that seems kind of suspicious too that this guy walks up the door opens almost as if he has the power to open it, and then it goes inside and the door closes right. What would our personal system have the gravest or opener right this? This seems like a situation where either one of two things are happening here either when is walking up to the home and an accomplice inside opens up the garage door allows him in and then closing.
behind him or he's walking with the garage door open her on his person right orgies, timing, a family member and train the garage. So this was spotted by eye witnesses, and this was around noon on the fourteenth. Now, as we discussed, whence phone went dark not coming katy with any one on may thirteenth until the evening of the fourteenth the two days, it are in question In the days after the murders went made several incriminating searches on his phone. He searched for ten hideout cities for fugitives.
five countries with no? U S, extradition treaty, how to be allied, attacked or test, and several searches for how to reset an iphone. He also tax it his girlfriend a photo of two white iphones on the night of may fourteenth, exactly like those owned by saga and amy and asked her whether iphones could be tracked. He also deleted a number of photos taken on his phone that were taken on the thirteenth in the fourteenth. and then, of course, we have in the days after the murders went, is seen with law large numbers of one hundred dollar bills on surveillance. Footage at these stores, vanessa, told police member. The girlfriend that went had been wearing a hoodie that had a big red staying on it. He told her that he had cut himself
one of the young women in the chevy cruze with went when he was arrested, told investigators that she noticed that whence dreads smelled like smoke as if he had been around a fire like a bonfire yeah that that smell you can't get rid of. But, ladies here's a little dating advice for you, a guy comes to your place. To hang out with. You may be possibly to take you out on a date as he did take her out to dinner, I took her to buy some things he comes over. He has a hoodie with a big spot on it, that's blood and says he cut himself. You go, I'm not good on that date, I'm not I gone now, and even if you believe him, you see his mug shut on tv later and then go to a hotel with them now I also wonder, though, given his violent nature, that we are very where a well aware of at any time was maybe she intimidated too
the hotel- or you don't owe me- was she just complying with his demands yeah when he's and rubber when he comes in, and you see this giants, Bonnie go hey suckers that that blood- and he goes- oh yeah, Don't worry about this blood on me. I cut myself, don't worry about it, don't worry about it! I'm thinking more about that blood. What she needs to do is say: go get my hair done. I got used the restroom. I got called wishes, That is what you do, because you see you at my door step bloodstain come on in yes, and this has been dating with the captain. I so, let's get to some of what I think is some of the more juicy or stuff re. So we still have this in pending trial, because what their building in this case
against, went right, so daring went finally went to trial in september of two thousand and eighteen. This is on twenty counts of murder, kidnapping gallery extortion, felony murder theft and arson aggravating circumstances, which would mean that he would get life without parole were alleged because the crimes were especially heinous, atrocious and cruel, went play
not guilty told you that the war by the blood in pre, trial, hearings and motions his lawyers with the district public defender service gave a glimpse into their planned defense. They said they uncovered evidence implicating someone else. As the killer over the objections of prosecutors, the judge allowed the defense to wait until trial to publicly disclose this alternative suspect's identity. His attorneys had been hinting at their strategy for some time stating publicly went our client,
lacks the intellectual capabilities to orchestrate this complicated of an operation. When the opening day of the trial came, prosecutors didn't hold back in their opening remarks, they described what happened. The family was held, hostage, beaten, eggs, fixated, stabbed, tortured and killed by daring, went the motive. Money grew and revenge. Dna doesn't lie, said the: u s attorney christopher Brockman and whence dna was found on the pizza. The knife handle the construction vest and the hard hat prosecuting attorney stated that dare and went was likely solely responsible for the former there's and that they would prove this throughout the course of the trial, which was expected to last eight weeks when it came time for defence attorneys to make their opening statements
They dropped a bombshell. Everyone had anticipated, did they were likely to allege, went had had accomplices, but instead they allege that went was totally innocent and in fact his brother darrell went had been the perpetrator, or that makes sense, so they should just let him get out of jail, dare and went they said was set up by darrell in Stefan went and by jordan walls. If you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it wondering louis podcast, frozen head hosted by ashen alina of the hit show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence pilgrim,
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Alright, cheers mates make sure you check out our old episodes exclusively on the stage for app and check on our weekly bonus show call off the record on stage or premium. So what kind of evidence was the defence going to use to show that went? Was innocent yeah does on the surface, This does seem like a crime that would be done by more than one individual. Well, I think what the shocker is here is not so much that they were told that other people were involved but to be told that went was innocent. Any was actually set up by these other individuals. So first they pointed to a witness statement that reported a short haired man driving the porch went headlong dread locks. Stefan went
had very short, hair and lived right across the street from where the porch was burnt right. They pointed to the video of the man in the church parking lot carrying the bucket a man whom the witness from the parking lot said was not the man she saw earlier. Darin went remember, she describes, dared, went she, also telling police the person in your video is not the man that I saw ray and in fact this video shop. The man carrying this bucket wearing a dark hoodie which the woman saw, went in the parking lot said he was wearing a white shirt so who was this other man. The yard workers across the street saw went outside
home ducking under the garage door to enter the house clearly went had not been in the house. He had come from somewhere outside of the home, so they pointed out that some one else must have been there with the hostages and open the garage door for went to enter defence. Attorneys point out that darrell went the brother of the suspect, the brother of the one being tried. He had a conviction and had serve time for assault with a knife. He didn't have much of an alibi for those two days and dare had been the one to ask chelsea to purchase money orders for him. the hairs found on the hard hat and the bedding inside the home could not be attributed exclusively and with certainty to dare and went. This is what the debate
so. Let us keep in mind. Mitochondrial dna is the same and people with the same maternal lineage, right right, right so stiff. in daring, went shared a mother and would have the same profile for the purposes of the hair and now- never mind that Stefan had very short hair and the hairs that were found were long but enemy. They left that Porto. It seems that as the trial progressed, The fence attorneys decided to move away from allegations that jordan wallace was involved. They didn't really present anything against him. Where you see them clearly pointing out things against wince brothers. Now Jordan did testify, but he testified for the prosecution and he was considered by most to be a believable witness. He spoke tearfully of his head. Duration for this of apple is family, he said
he had never met or even heard of any of the winds he never had. Keys to this of apple is home or a garage accessed of I and did not know the alarm code or how to work? The system hit We bend to the house on occasion. Furthermore, experts for the prosecution testified that cell phone tracking technology put jordan's phone at exactly the places he said he had been on the thirteenth in the fourteenth of met more good than he was scared into actually told the truth. For an early darin went took, this and in allege that darryl and Stefan had set em up the store, he told was this the ready for a story kept okay, okay, so Darren went says his brother darryl promised him some work that day as a jr walter, so the two men up around six, a m on the thirteenth darrell, then told went there. He asked
He didn't have any work form, but he needed to use whence van for the day after they had breakfast darrell dropped went at his friends house. This is man is named ed, but went accidently left his phone in the van, was now with his brother. Because of this he couldn't reach anyone all day or go anywhere. Went het, hung out with add all day and they got drunk went past out that evening and woke up the next day. At this point he got in touch with his brother darrow, who came to pick him up in a porsche turbo. They drove to the site where darrell said he was working. This was the survival is home when they arrived, went and darrell went into the home after darrell gave him a neon vast and hard hat to wear.
well. I didn't see or hear anyone else, but he did eat a piece of pizza that darrow offered him darrell. He noted was wearing work gloves when he handled the p a box went said he never went upstairs in the home. He laughed at one point to help them. move the van and when he came back, he ducked under the garage or to get in after darrell opened it for him. He admitted that He was the man, the yard workers at the australian ambassadors home saw entering the garage. Then he said, Darrell told him that he Darrell was going to rob the place and went well nothing to do with that, so he laughed and walk toward a bus. Stop, but darrell picked him up in the porch and they drove down new york avenue
Darrell was the short haired man wearing the neo, invest spotted by a witness. How darrell is it was bought by when also admitted that he was the man that lorry Atkinson saw in the church parking lot. He had dropped off there to go home by darrell after darrow gave him to iphones in six. thousand dollars for the purchase of his van. He searched for how to pass a law detector, when he saw the fire in the murders on the news, and realized, what his brothers must have done. He had no explanation for how his dna got on the knife handle by way of explanation for almost everything else right, so maybe they just kick gave up by that point wally, which we did the best we could. We can't figure out that knife handle them well. So, needless to say it
That's quite a tale. Prosecutors were now that there they have an uphill battle at this point right, so they need to set out to work thoroughly, dismantling his story with their rebuttal witnesses and evidence. So, first what they did was they showed that darrell, though the one that's been, the brother that's been implicated by dare and whose on trial they show that darrell's phone and credit card had been used to order a pizza quite away away in maryland at twelve sixteen p m on the fourteenth. These brothers were the like that pizza and darrell, and Stefan took the stand.
at trial, both denied that they were ever anywhere near the survival is home right. Darrell testified that went should be ashamed of himself for attempting to implicate him prosecutors produced cell tower evidence to prove the stefan and darrow were in fact in maryland on the days in question. They produced time cards from Stefan job at a painting company to show that he was at work that day and all day on the fourteenth, at least for the actual crimes that took place in the home. Darrell and Stefan I mean it impossible that they were present bright and Stefan testified that went had threatened his family when he was asked to leave his mother's apartment. Finally, prosecutors made sure
that the jury knew that Darrell actually helped police apprehend his brother darin went remember he was traveling in that convoy, but they were able to point out that darrell was on the phone with the the arresting officers. Now so he cooperated in the arrest of daring, went one of the final witnesses to testify in the trial in the prosecutions. Rebuttal was the medical examiner who protested to the horrific injuries inflicted on the family that she viewed first hand. The prosecutors wanted the jury to go into deliberations with the horrific images of the crime on their brains.
they show graphic and gruesome autopsy photos, including the blackened unrecognizable remains of little philip. They pull savez bloody shirt out of a sealed evidence, bag and it smelled of decay so badly. The sum of the jurors looked visibly sickened the medical examiner ten,
defied the sava was stabbed with a large blade through the back of the neck to the front. Amy's neck was sliced in three quick cuts and she had been stabbed a total of eight times and philip was stabbed three times, including a stab wound in his lower abdomen. That went almost through his body. The stabbings were, on top of the brutal beatings, with the baseball bat causing multiple skull fractures and exposing the skulls and her closing arguments. The lead prosecutor, laura bach, told jurors that even if they did not believe went could have committed the
arms by himself they could still find him guilty of murder if they conclude, he participated after retiring to the deliberation room with forty five pages of jury. Instructions on the twenty counts. The jury deliberated for twenty hours before finding darin went guilty on all counts at whence sentencing in february of two thousand and nineteen, the judge through the book at him, handing down a sense of four consecutive life terms with no possibility of pearl keep in mind DC does not have the death penalty, went, showed no emotion and had no family in the courtroom, but course he had no family in the courtroom. He blamed family members
the actual crime ray ray, and yet he has no friends at this time either. I don't think he had friends before this time, so a little theory here, a little garage theory, if you will to kind of tie everything up and and how this very likely went down, using the evidence that we know that was presented at trial so very likely. The daring went his life was. It seemed to be in rapid, a rapid downward spiral. He had been kicked out of his moms house
he had nowhere to live right. He had been alienated by his family members. You didn't have a job boys violent towards everybody. His green card was likely going to be revoked and he was gonna be shipped out of the country and has his van registration was expired and he couldn't renew it without the green card. He told his brother in law that he wanted to ask vanessa his girlfriend to marry him, but he didn't have any money for a ring. We don't know exactly what he was planning or how long he had been planning it for when he made the decision to go to thirty two zero one woodland drive on that day. It seems likely that either he was out for revenge against the boss, who had him fired.
All those years ago, or this of all were the only rich people he knew whom he could rob Roy, possibly both right and things seem to have gotten out of control, went ended up staying in the house for almost twenty four hours very risky move and then killing everyone inside, even though he got what he wanted, the money Another question that has never been answered, as we said, is exactly how went access the home on that day. But its believed he watched amy leave cut the phone lines as soon as she laughed. He incapacitated, philip and vera put dogs in the basement and then waited for Amy to come home. We can only imagine what her reaction was when she walked in
ass, a gaiters believe that went used, threats to philip to manipulate the parents and get them to do what he wanted. He forced amy to make the five thirty phone call to solve telling him to come home. We have to wonder whether she considered giving him any kind of signal or code word, perhaps went made her make the call on speaker phone, so he could hear if there was any funny business there once Sava entered the home. He almost certainly was an pushed in the foyer, where we saw signs of a struggle and where investigators found a second baseball bat with blood on it near by had sava been able to get to his upstairs office, he would have grabbed one of the guns in the filing cabinet drawer. But that didn't happen. There remains quite a that we do not now some of the forty thousand dollars was never found, neither
were Amy and savez phones. Another thing doesn't really add up is who was the other man carrying the bucket in the video he has never been identified? He was likely helping went, carry gasoline to burn the porch or may have just been somebody that happened to be there around that time, adjure who was interviewed after the trial so that the jurors all read. The man on the video was not went and was not darrell. Also, who was the and the witness all driving the poor shoe had short hair according to the witness, was the witness just mistaken and didn't see: wince pulled back dread locks or with somebody else involved, but the single part of this case that both scares and sends me The most it seems likely that neither parent during all of those phone calls try to signal anyone, because,
there, they were too afraid of, went hurting philip or the really believe that if they paid him off, he would leave and they would be ok and that could have been his initial plan, but we're talking about a very violent individual that That's over anything. We will never know exactly what went down in the house during that twenty two hour period between three fifteen p m on the thirteenth and the fire at one fifteen p m on the fourteenth of courses. certain that we would really want to know. As prosecutor. Lord Bach said, these are the things that nightmares are made of In the end, Darren went was convicted on all twenty counts by a unanimous jury. There has been any evidence whatsoever that Jordan Wallis was in any way involved and invest. Data found no evidence that either of the winter
others or any one else was responsible for the four murders. This of apple s house was restored after the fire and put up for sale, but no buyers materialised. Since then. It has been demolished, leaving an abandoned law. That is a sad. de reminder of what happened: the couples, daughters, occasionally post online tributes to the parents, one post that I love is by katerina when she posted a quote that she had tributes to her father. It reads quote: who gives a shit? What other people think let's go make some more poor decisions, this of obvious lived law. To the force until daring went, took it all away, The how about
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