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Delphi Murders /// 4 Years Later /// Part 2 /// 469

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Delphi Murders /// 4 Years Later /// Part 2 /// 469

Part 2 of 2


February 13 marked four years since two middle school students Liberty German and Abigail Williams went for a hike on the Monon High Bridge Trail and did not return alive. It was announced that there would be no press conference on the fourth anniversary. Many are looking for an update and some more information on this case. Well here it is. Join Nic & the Captain in the Garage as they take a look at the now four year old investigation. This week TCG explores some new information coming out of Carroll County, Indiana. This is a case that the Garage has followed from the start and will be there when it is finally over.

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fi murder investigation. We now reach the point where we are discussing what they are calling the communication portion of the questions submitted to the good sheriff. The question here is the lack of communication on the part of your department and law enforcement is a significant concern for many individuals. The exception seems to be the first. please of the victims? Why do you think this is the case? Sheriff lesson be says. I respectfully disagree with this statement. As I have said since the beginning, much of what we protect and keep close to the vast is preserved for the court room and trial. To release too much information would, in my opinion, potentially taint a jury before a trial even begins, and as most no, the double jeopardy clause exist in the u s: constitution, which means, in short, the prosecutor only
one chance at prosecuting this case. I feel a sheriff. I have been very open and accessible released to mainstream media and answered most questions reasonably while couple of things there one when they try this case, and they will one day they're going to seek the death penalty period and that's even harder to get a conviction when you seek that? That's what they'll seek that's what they'll, delicate indiana will execute this murderer. The other reason that the public public wants more information that doesn't mean that we deserve more information. The people that do deserve more information is the family. But again, if you look at a lot of interviews from kelsey, it seems
as if her grandparents have seen all the video footage. Listen to all the audio footage probably have seen more information than the public has been allowed to see. Yes, what I have been told by kelsey spices. ugly and what I've seen other family members say in enter, whose or on record is that? Yes, they have seen additional portions of the video and heard additional portions of the yo and there's nothing really on there is what what they have said. What I find to be very interesting is toe blazon, be his answers really very similar. Well, why haven't you released more of the video? If you have it, he doesn't say we don't have more video, audio. He says: there's nothing! Earth's ring on their. That would tell john q public, Oh now, I know who did this there's? Nothing! That's going
move anybody in that way and take this a step further here, captain I have heard in one interview where Lazenby said- that there wasn't really any useful, additional audio of bridge guy right in the recording bond. They had one of the sheriffs on the down the hill documentaries it's not a super lengthy video that they have, the general consensus seems to be what about two and a half minutes potentially a video and or audio yeah. I think, there's a bunch of different rumors there, but I think the thing to for the public at first law enforcement releases one photo
which is from a video and then they go. Hatless thus add a little bit to that. Then they give you a little bit more after a time period of nobody coming forward and saying one hundred percent for certainty that that's the guy and then they're able to lock up the guy with those pictures. If there was a better image, they would have released the better image correct. That's probably the best image that they have, and I want to take this a step further here: captain Another thing that has been said so the most common questions that I see recycled time and time again to law enforcement is: why have You released additional audio and or video if it does in fact exist and why Have you not disclose the cause of death, the manner of of death in this investigation to hit on that? Second, one they have outwardly said, and I agree with this one hundred percent. They say that the manner of death would,
help. Anybody in the public again say well, I now know who did this. I now can submit because I know how they were killed right. That has to be true. I backed that up one hundred percent. does the prosecutor rely on you to determine what information is given to the public, or does he make that decision independently and hear tobler somebody's going to point out that, they are both elected officials. They are both held to a different set of rules, so they both. act accordingly inside those set of rules, so he saying no the prosecutor doesn't tell me what I can or cannot say and no, I do not tell him what he can and cannot say. The next question is there is a surging movement across the nation from professional investigators and others, insisting the police really more details about the crime scene and the investigation not to mention the entirety of the video audio found on Libby's phone,
opera, leasing, information and go on to reference text written by searchers? on the scene are now on the internet. For everyone to see there is also batch audio from when the girls were found on the internet. Now, given these facts, how can you justify not releasing more information he's going to give the same, answer here, as we've seen before, I respectfully disagree with the statement he's trying to prove protect the integrity of their investigation, reminding that, because of double jeopardy, the prosecutor has one shot at this thing, question the prosecutor fought in court not to release the nine hundred one tapes of the flora fire and one he has publicly stated all release information concerning the delphi girls must go through him All murders are unsolved for four plus years. National statistics, state
after one year that there is less than five percent chance of an arrest is carol doing the right thing by guarding information after four years or are they endangering other children due to the prosecutor's office? Lack of experience, based on your professional experience, gathering evidence again he's going to respectfully disagree with this statement as well: they're, not releasing more information, for they don't want to potentially taint a jury before a trial even begins. I found one thing to be quite interesting and their clever and a bit sad? One of the mothers of of the victims said in the down the hill to part special
she said we all hear how bad and how difficult a case can be to solve. After forty, eight hours has expired. Now we have this case and it's been forty eight months, yeah we're between a rock. hard place and I don't think any of us thought we would be sitting here having the same conversation of who is bridge guy? Why do we don't know what happened after forty. Eight months I on, if you picked up on this, but lately in some of the interviews I've listened to and then with the documentary it seems like they're they're, one hundred percent, confident that this, the jaws is a local well- and I agree with that- but but it's a much longer answer than just that. They say we believe if he he lives in delphi, or from delphi he's. You know a local or was local at one point or may work here. So there's some
There's a local aspect to this suspect and it could be thing where he grew up in the area. Maybe he lived there for the first twenty years of his life and he's not been there the law several years or, however old he is or yes, he is a local or he works there. I I believe that to be true, for many reasons, one, I think that's one thing, that's very telling is kelsey she's, a sister of one of the victims and other family members of these two victims have said that there are people that live in although they have never walked across that bridge. There are people, delphi, they have never gone to those trails I don't even know that bridge exist correct so, and I believe that that bridge was a big part of his strategy
for four cornering as a trap, I think we both believe that bridge was used as a trap and I think again, moving There's two different theories. I think me and you have we butt heads a little bit on this. I think you believe that the individuals part possibly at the cemetery and that use leading them to the cemetery and maybe a struggle happen, and he decided to or or got angry and decided to murder him there. I believe he moved them in that reckon because he knew where Logan's house was a new in order to go get them away from anybody that We could see him wear them. You would have to move them in that direction because if you move him in any other direction or one you're not going to take him back,
over the bridge and you're not going to move em in any other direction, because there's property there and houses there yeah and one thing I think we can, agree on for certain and where our theories kind of overlap is that all of those actions would be the same. In both theory where europe you're moving. You used the bridge as a strategy to corner you victims, whoever they would be and then you're moving your victim and or victims in a manner that you're going away from where you will be spotted where would run into some trouble, and so the bridge and all well that land, private and otherwise, on the other side of the bridge where the girls were killed, was part of that strategy and for it to be part of the strategy. This is knowledge that this man had, prior to that day, something he very likely thought about and considered when going,
about the business of that day, moving onto the terrain portion of the questions captain, this question is There are many residents of the county that have never been on the trails described the term of where the girls were found. What is the most direct route out of the area they were found? how long of a walk from where they entered to where they were found. His answer is very similar to one of the state parks? I am guessing. He saying that's about how the the size of the place a lot of hills, brush, trees, etc directly south of the morning heights cemetery, but on private property. I do not recall
while the specific distance okay, so that must be where they were found. That's his vague answer is directly south of the morning heights cemetery, but on private property. I do not recall the specific distance it. Here's where you can go from the from the bridge entrance or exit our view, the end of the bridge south end of the hot hybrids right, what it would be called to the crime scene or or where the bodies were found. That's less Then a quarter mile away from that where the bodies were found to the cemetery is roughly about a quarter mile. And this next question follows along that same, the same thoughts that we are having in ensuring right now are in step with what we ve been talking about, Logan, has stated on news programs the only way to get to the site. I guess the where the girls were found. The murder scene is over difficult terrain and private property. Given the dip,
aldi getting to where the bodies were found, many believe the killer or killers were familiar with the area. Do you, as a law enforcement officer, believe that as well and his answer is very much so as part of the reason why we continually feel it is a quote local or someone who was very familiar with the area. Here's what I know for certain. I feel this a hundred per cent and my bones this individual has it their own entrance and exit to the bridge or to that park again we differ on how they get there, but this area that's how they enter an exit. Yes, if a vehicle is used or was used in this crime, I have a whole different set of ideas. But one thing that is fascinating to me is
if this person would have been able to arrive on scene by foot and leave the scene by foot there again. You would have a whole lot. Less likelihood that there be any other video from other sources on bridge guy and that my explain why we don't have any other image from anywhere else of bridge guy, leaving the scene or arriving on the scene. I hundred percent believe he arrived and exited it by foot and I also believe that's why there's zero eye witness with, as many people were at the park with the distance, he would had to cover go back through the actual entrance and exit of the park that somebody would have saw this individual and this individual would have had to be covered in blood. That's what is proof to me that this individual showed up on foot and left on foot,
next question who organise the search teams on February thirteenth in february, fourteenth how were individuals divided into teams and how, where the search areas determined answer, it was a combined effort involving a number of first responders police fire e m s and community volunteers, the it mainly by their association with various entities. Firefighters, went with firefighters and so forth, and but does listen to our show for awhile will know from from cases that we've covered specifically with missing persons cases that a lot of the searches might be overseen by law enforcement or the sheriffs department. But the fire fighters have a different skill set in a different set of techniques and their very good at certain askew that's what they do when your house is on fire right often times we'll see and have seen in many cases that we ve covered the fired apart
is usually a very big part in. deciding the leadership of the search teams and the goals you know are or how there going to go about searching a particular area or where they do, sir. So that question Answer makes a lot of sense. What is not question I failed to put it on my questions but One thing that I asked kelsey when I spoke with her and it's something that I've asked anybody, that's gotten close to this case. That's talked to the people in charge, and I said did they require any kind of identification. I the people that showed up to search on the fourteenth did you take records of any those people? Did you write down their names, their addresses their phone number? Did you do you for identification before they signed up the search.
How organised was it and we know from other cereal since these guys returned to the area. We talked about Amy Mahal of ex case. There's a guy, that's a suspect right now, because they believe that they saw his vehicle the day that her body he was found months later after the abduction. They believe they saw vehicle passing through a four way, stop near the body recovery site. and he had no reason to be their whatsoever right. So that puts him on a whole different list of prioritized suspects and here I would not be shocked if bridge guy returned to the scene to assist in the search efforts on the fourteenth if he was in fact that relaxed. If he, if, if
if we can dump him in the category of any of these other monsters that we've discussed on the show. It would not shock me. It would not surprise me if, in fact, he ended up on a search team on the fourteenth lama. We what we hit. We've learned from other cases like stephen, every that that crime scene or that location where there are looking for individuals was in a pretty contained and pretty small compared to a park, and there are several people that showed up to those searches that never signed in and some of the people that work conducting the searches didn't sign in, I think again, a hundred sat this individual was there on the fourteenth. They knew what they did and they knew that by being there at the search that hey you yellow we gotta. he's of clothing, a mine or you got a cub with some day I have mine on it. While I can argue that
the way that I was at the search? Of course, you have an item from me that I left behind the next two sets of questions will really be based around the command centre and the county safety, the safety of the residents in the county, since it is an answer, homicide case, and I love this round of questioning, because this is really the checks and balances portion, the quality control portion you got to check in with these officials. You know how many people this toe blessing be answer to not many is the answer, how many people the prosecutor answer to not many, but at the end of the day they're both elected officials, the answer to the community as a whole So I love that we had this little bit of checks and balances. I loved seeing the of one of the victims say in her interview. You know there.
I feel like I should drive over to the the police department, the sheriff's department and say: okay: as what is it that we're doing today. What on our investigation. Are we working on today? working on anything cause has been four year. So let's go through this quality control bit right here. Captain. The first question is: why is the investigative Keen assuming there is one still at the city building, why was it ever at the city building? This is where they set up their command centre. In his answer says, the main reason is space. The county does not have a facility which adequately provides for what is needed The investigation follow up question who monitors and supervises the county investigators, and how is that monitoring done or their written records of time spent on
the investigation. He says a sheriff. I am in charge of that responsibility, but also our county investigators are professional and experienced. I trust their abilities. We talk frequently a lot of times daily. Granted there are days, there's nothing new to discuss and yes, records are kept next question. Is there we're a team of investigators. How many comprise that team and how often do they meet his answers? Yes to county detectives, to Indiana, state police detectives and from time to time outside detectives from other police agencies, including the f b. I a portion of the he meets almost daily, but with technology meetings are not always in person, obviously with cove it. Some meetings have been by zoom, and this is a question I have for you captain, and I was wondering about this.
we're. Looking at this investigation and going ok, well, it's forty eight months later, it's four years later in a lot of you we're going to judge the quality. of the investigation based off of it's been this long and it's not solved sure if anybody out there, be grading on a curve a little bit, because because of covert because things have been shut down and because things have not been quote unquote normal for approximately a year. Now now I agree with it's: it's a murder should be solved as soon as possible and for all we know, they're doing everything in their power and all we can hope for is they're doing everything in their power to get solved immediately and just because other walks of life can't go and work
normal, I don't see how covid or anything like that would have affected the investigation. It may have delayed things a touch, but but I don't see how it would really directly affect the the investigation will. The way I think it's going to affect the investigation mainly, is that the individual, the local individual, is not going to be out amongst people. This individual, I believe, is nervous nervous about being caught if the killer. is stuck in their house and isolated, then you're not going to have him slip up and say something that may be makes some a suspicious or you he might not. To that might not be around the person. Where he's he maybe he's telling his kids are telling somebody else's kids, hey guys, let's go over here,
and that's enough for somebody to go. Wait a second I've heard that voice before. So that's what it's doing its isolating the killer by himself and there will be several follow up questions to the questions. We just went through as far as quality control and what's going on with the inner workings of the investigation, and I was kind of sum up his answers, their he's basically saying looked: we have to county detectives that are worth this case that this is their primary case, that they work we got to team from our agency, there's two from the indiana state these who overseas them will. Obviously, I oversee my detectives. Indiana state police oversee their detectives there,
Is there an f b I agent stationed at the command center daily, and the answer is no, and he says, but through technology it's not difficult to communicate with the f b. I this is interesting. Is the command center secure how many people have keys to the commit center outside of yourself, the indiana state police, to county detectives in the fbi, who has access to that room. And you see why it's obvious why this is an important question. He says that the people that have asked to that room is any one that is tied closely to the investigation. Then a follow up question given the command center is out side of your jurisdiction How do you as a sheriff, assure residents there
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local yokels they could to go loco and go out and do this again. Yeah. Here's our question, former delphi police chief, Steve Mullen stated at the first press conference quo. Our people know what to do and after being asked. If the community was in danger and what precautions should residents take parents of school age, children were taken aback by the statement as the county's chief law enforcement officer Our residents, particularly young girls, of carroll county, endanger, given the unsolved murders of six young girls, so anybody that's not familiar with the area. That area His head was in the past five years. There has been six
young girls in two incidents, murder and all of those cases are unsolved to this day down. So his answer is comparing carol county to others jurisdictions, and our annual statistics I feel karel county is, one of the safest areas to live in. I would much rather raise a family here than say a larger metropolitan area. I think it's a fair answer. I think it's a nice way of dancing around. Do you think this guy is going to kill again that that that that's really the question? Should parents be concerned, and I think this guy is scared. I think they know he's scared. I think he knows he's being watched and he knows that he slipped up a little bit and
has it been caught yet so he says, corn. I can't I can't slip up again well and we kicked around the idea and everybody comes back to this. Is this a serial killer? Is this someone who's killed before or as some one that will kill again the serial killer, or do they have the makings of being becoming a serial killer, and I think if in fact, they do if they do have. The makings of becoming a serial killer- and this was the first quote- unquote event and what would be a series? Look, there's a cooling off period between murders, for guys and maybe his image, his likeness his voice being broadcast to everyone nationwide has made this going off period extensive, maybe it's the rest of his life, but I I feel like if it if this guy we're going to act again,
had that audio in the video not come out right. I think he would have already run the cycle of kill cool off start hunting again and kill again and that's again where we have to applaud our two victims- are too brave little victims here. that while they were not able to escape this man, we have information on this guy that, I believe, has forced him to lie dormant and not act urges that he very likely has completely agree. The carroll county and I'll fire are small town usa. Yet there has been a significant number of violent deaths in the last. or years, including the double murder on state rule, twenty nine. Where victims, if female were shot and burned a was shot and killed near deer, creek and a delphi police
This was recently found dead for a county with under twenty thousand people that is two plus murders per year, with the majority being female. According to national data, males make up seventy eight percent of all murder victims. It appears the opposite. In Carroll, county are females at a high. a risk for violence and carol county? Mr lesson be says: in my professional opinion I would say no a lot of the situations again, in my opinion, are coincidental and here's a good question captain they want to know. In the professional opinion of the sheriff, what he described, the deaths of the six females and again we're talking about the floor, a case with the four young victims and the delphi case with two female victims. What he described these days
as planned, and he goes on to say no rather victims of circumstance or opportunity. Additionally, Indiana state police is the lead with the floor investigation. Our agency is not actively involved in that investigation, so it to clear things up: he's basically stating the the floor investigation, we don't have anything to do with so give my professional expert opinion on something that I'm not involved in based off of that, we have to believe that his answer is indirect elation to the delphi murders case. Exactly do you feel these murders are planned, that these deaths are planned, and he says no rather victims of circumstance or opportunity
It's a very interesting answer by think. That's that becomes a thing. Is we both believe the bridge was used as some four form of trap like this individual would go to this park and go to these areas and and it's happenstance if ever a victim comes along great going to force it, but I have my trap. I have my idea of what I want to do in that context. It's like oh yeah, the whole idea was planned and maybe the whole idea was fantasize about, but the then a vigil never acted upon. It has maybe he never had the opportune time and then the question becomes Did this killer actually mean to kill them or was his intention something else and he lost control of the situation and lost control of himself and look if you're, depending on your life and your
play hood by approaching these girls? Maybe by taking control of 'em in some manner Maybe one attacks you or fights back or whatever, and you go well. If they go to cops and they say I was trying to sexually harass them or offer them money for sexual favors, and they turn me in my life is over. I think that becomes a question: did this killer mean to kill them, or was he reacting? their reaction to whatever he was trying are attempting to do right and that's fascinating. What I think is very interesting, though: the the overlaps again, where our theories overlap and in our strong feelings about the case overlap, is again all centralized on the bridge itself that the bridge was part of this man's planned strategy. Now he says these are victims of
from stance or opportunity, so then that means, if I'm using this bridge, to my benefit to my advantage. Or my would be victim are victims. Then I am either waiting and- sitting lying in wait, waiting of watching looking for a potential victim and they present themselves They come to the area by themselves and then I strike or if going to use the bridge. I have to lure my victim here. If it's somebody that I planned or picked out, I have to get them to this area. So it's it's very interesting. I keep going back to the bridge because I think it's such a centralized part of this case in a really a big reason why things went down where and how that they did. That day in february, die thinks some of this summer till I get TED Bundy.
where Jeffrey Dahmer, where they go around their neighborhood, looking in windows fantasizing about killing- and I think this individual did the same thing with that park. But, like I said, I believe this individual has their own entrance and exit. So sometimes people do even know that he was there. This next question is: a judge has now stepped down for personal indiscretions with a prostitute, the prostitute stated the judge tracked. Via the court system. The same judge jailed, MR logan. This would be wrong. Logan, who people familiar with the case will know his property. He is right near where the the girls were found. The same judge jailed mister we're for probation violation shortly after the killings and called him a danger to the community. Now, four years later, the judge has resigned, the prosecutor has resigned and no killer is behind bars,
Conversely, Mr Logan has been cooperative with law enforcement. He was visibly shaken by the bodies being on his property and he openly allowed law enforcement and media on his property in your professional It was Mr Logan targeted by the prosecutor or law enforcement and or judge, and our answer is now it may have appeared to be that way. But a lot of it dealt with timing on the part of the court system and when MR against case was handled? Look that may be true, and I have no reason at all to not agree he or to not believe what the sheriff is saying and in fact I applaud the sheriff for taking the time to answer these questions. I think
he wants to be potentially even more transparent than than they have, and I think because you have multiple agencies working together, that maybe he's not said as much as he would like to put out there, but being a team player, so I have no reason to not believe MR lies and be, but I get what you say and that it was just kind of coincidental on that aiming of everything that they were working with with mr ron Logan, but at the same time I do think that any of this stuff would have been amplified or magnified about RON Logan's actions that day until the bought this all came about because those bodies were found and, of course he needs to be looked at, they're found on his property. Then they very quickly figure Well, he violated some some of his, nation rules right on this day. You know,
He was he drove to the dump, which does not appear I don't know if that was part of his parole violation, but he's not to be king and driving, and he was at a bar either the night before or that or the day that they were found or outside the day that they went missing. More importantly, he was at a bar, and that's a big, no no for MR logan and they did. They went after him pretty hard for all of that. So I think that in this situation, then share flies and be can only answer for his actions. Where he's been asked. Question that involves a judge and a prosecutor as well, and what went and logan might be more of their actions than the sheriff's war again. Another example of this is, about these sketches and people are going hey, there's a sex offender.
in that area. That kind of looks like this sketch check him out, and then they go and find out that the vendors, not living where they're registered to be our arrests will be made and the people will have to be punished for that? It's just kind of you know it's it's just what happens and- and I think in this case, there's probably been a bunch of people that had nothing to do with this crime, but now are locked up or charges were brought against them because they weren't doing what they were supposed to do with their life, The next question is how many total tips have been received, how many this year, how many this month and his answer is going to be vague, but I think we can put in our own little work here and figure this out. He says total throughout the investigation is approximately five. Fifty thousand total throughout this investigation
approximately fifty thousand so he's not giving an answer on how many tips have been submitted this year or this month, just giving a total number for the four years altogether? believe that it was in february or march of twenty twenty, that it was reported that they had received forty three thousand tips, roughly forty three thousand tips at that time. So you do the math Get out the old abacus counted up on your fingers and toes it would appear that seven thousand roughly would be in the last year, the last three hundred and sixty five days. So that's still a good amount of tips. If, if my
It is, in fact correct their cap yet because this community wants to see this case solved when a tip comes in. Take us through the step by step process of how that tip is processed by the tip line operator to how it is distributed to the investigators. Please describe what tipsters are told and the follow up, and his answer is tips which come into the system are entered into a database. Each tip is then reviewed by investigators and prioritized email tips. Receive an automated response. If investigators need additional information from a tipster, they contact that in it'll directly. This is something we've talked about before, plenty of times on the show. I've had people complain to me directly about other cases, not delphi, specifically, but other cases where they say I've submitted a tip to long for That was a year ago. I've never heard back from them. That's not their job, they're not going to get back.
You can say all right, a colonel. This is what we did with your tip: buddy yeah. You don't submit a tip and then become a visor alright on the case I submitted a tip so now, do I get a b on the grand jury that does doesn't work now, of course there are aged, sees that are lazy and then there, or other agencies that just do their due diligence and go above and beyond and work their butts off and gets get things solved, but nine times out of ten. If even greater percentage than that you're not getting it call back or any type of follow up unless need more information from you write. Normally, what ever you give them if it's substantial, they'll be able to confirm or deny your request pretty quickly. That's correct what I
they would work harder on is like we ve said this is a step in the right direction. You can't sit there and tell me that the profile is too close to the chest where you can't share the profile. I think that's what we should do. We should get behind first, our movement of stop global whining, but also specific to this case. Let's wants not and stop sniffing, but, let's, up up this idea of hey. If you got a profile which they should I mean there, they ve worked on this case for four years. If you ve got a profile, let's release that to the public. Let's put that out there. I think it's well overdue for effect. Next question: you stated in last week's article that additional audio recording on Libby's cell phone would not be released, but it has been stated by the h, l and interviewer that in fact,
additional two minutes of recording was shared with the family. How can you justify this? Okay? So what they're referencing Here you stated in last week's article they received so many questions that were sent into the carroll county comment for sheriff. And be that they actually had a run it back to back weeks because they had so many questions they give them to the sheriff, and he said you know what our open this up to a second round of of questions. This goes back to exactly what we were. Think about before. We all know that there's additional audio. We know that from, what the family members have said throughout this whole for years it just it doesn't appear that any of that, as of of any value to finding bridge guy somebody clean up the audio maybe as fbi. Maybe they had to have a local technician. Do it they probably heard the extra audio. I don't think there's any
monumental thing that we're going to learn from the extra audio we're going to learn more from a profile being released than anything, and I really I'm going to keep harping on this, but I think they should have released it because every profile I've seen from X, f, b, I or or other individuals- and of in this case will, as far as I can, when their being interviewed and they go. Why things individuals this or blah blah blah? If you put all that together, there's a profile and we would have learned like I said so much more from that profile- the then maybe even the sketch, and I think they believe that this individual is not a criminal has not been in the system and that's why look ever wait a like. I said any time there was a murder that took place or or there was a registered sex offender or a rapist or whoever
the whole true crime world when all that must be bridge guy hm, and so I think we all been looking for a criminal the whole time- and I don't think this end. Joy is, or he someone that has the ability to commit crimes and go undetected. While I mean. Here's a couple of things that I gathered from these interviews. Crime was sexual, is about power and control. This individual was calm, may be so calm that therapy like a sociopath, his local, the bridge was a trap. He is normal, he's not threatening, He probably has a good job probably makes more money than the average individual and delphi he's. Probably married has kids K killer. Like I mean, that's, that's a lot of stuff and
go and state killer. I mean you can the list goes on and on and on of these, these monsters that are able to live in different compartments, live double lives right and go under acted and may even be seen as an upstanding citizen in the community or yeah. That's couple of other things up. This individual was somebody that nobody would believe is capable of a crime like this. This individual is connected to a church similar to bt j well along the same lines capped- and here we are again right in step with the the questions that were provided in the answers that sheriff lesson be gave to those questions is, as does a database exist that contains carol county violent crime data. If so, how can the power access this. This goes to the idea that this would be some guy that, without committing
and we are aware that he's doing these on a list somewhere in a database and sheriff les and answer is obviously we have extensive records of each jail booking which reflect each individual's particular arrest violation. It can be publicly accessed, but the request must be specific to a person or their alleged arrest. Elation slash crime, meaning you can't just get on there and go I'm looking for somebody who did something despicable out in the woods somewhere and then you get up whom a list of people- and you know well bridge guy- might be on this list somewhere. Now you need to be researched. In looking up a specific person and Is there a ledge arrest violation in crime? What stores
information. Do investigators continue to look at for this case. I love this answer. It's very vague, but I think it's on point. His answer is several aspects specifically associated with february thirteenth, two thousand and seventeen meaning That day is by far the most important day to these investigators. That Oh, so much more than we do right, then, the other day as far as they're concerned. That means the day that the bodies were found. The day before when they went missing, is more important. The day that so and so was arrested or counties over four sexual homicide February 13th, in seventeen is more important than that day. More important than any day and any other suspect that came about via the public or the internet. They know that the one piece remember there still
king. For that one piece they say we will know what that one pieces will be able to identify as soon as it's presented to us or we we find it ourselves. They know that the one piece are looking for is going to be some information that is based off of something that happened on February two thousand and seventeen. It could be something as small as in a certain person in a certain area, at a certain time, and maybe what they're getting at with that is. Does this person have some kind of alibi that they don't believe a good alibi, correct is this someone that was traveling on that day. What the thing that's, that's variant, his thing and one thing that we have to remind ourselves: it's very easy to to get very confused and to get torn apart by all this differ stuff, going on the minutiae of this case of things it that have been presented that probably have nothing to do with the solution to this investigation right. You got
Look at the very bare bones of it and remind yourself of one simple fact: Okay, we know that the snapchat picture of the girls going across the bridge was posted a little after two p dot m and then we have law enforcement on record stating that we have strong reason to believe or almost at times talking about it like it's a fact that everything it's over with said and done at three Thirty p so We know this dude bridge guy was unaccounted for, for that hour and a half to two thousand three hundred and thirty. Where was he somebody that you suspect, and he wasn't at work at that time. I don't care if he got off work at one. Forty five, I don't care. If you saw him at three fifteen and he was clean as a whistle
this guy was unaccounted for. For that hour and a half. We know that to be fact- and I think it's really what they're honing in on and and about way maybe reminding the public of that as well as the colonel give him a heated up next question: do the investigators follow tips from social media? This is interesting. One person, a sean harmon posted that his father and son were connected to the homicides and I gotta be fully honest here. Captain Barry, I don't know who sean harmon is, but he's he's listed in this article here, yeah he's a guy that came forward and said, hey my, I believe my father and my son had something to do with this, and if you look at his father, he looks like bridge guy number, one. The first sketch his son looks like bridge guy number, two, the second sketch yeah and and his I believe his son was a part of the military for a while so
The weird thing death tried to throw your dad and your son under the bus at the same time and then you're named publicly as having done that yeah, and so what they want to know. Was this tipp investigative fully and sheriff lazily says the simple response is yes, information which is felt to be legitimate to the investigation is followed into. This is not the arena for speaking to a particular inquiry or tipp, but he sang look if we find something on social media that we find of interest to the case will investigate if something's presented to us, they came social media that we think is important to the investigation we follow up on. It makes sense and then another follow up question to what we're really pounding.
the desk, for is there a profile of the killer or killers in his answer, as it has been discussed with experts. So again, I think we just need to echo the idea of its time to to really strongly consider releasing that profile to the public. Now share. lesson be again. I want to applaud him for taking up his valuable time to answer the questions of the community, I think it it shows his dedicate. into the investigation and shows his dedication to the the community that he serves and to the community that his department serves? He does offer up a final comment that says it has been intriguing and thought provoking to be able to engage in these
Scented questions the past two weeks. I realise not all agree with my responses. However, I have received responses of the affirmative aspect too, as sheriff the utmost importance, in my opinion, is the end integrity of the investigation. The only way we will resolve to gain justice for Abby and Libby for their respective families and our caring community is to remain dedicated to the preservation of said integrity. I believe we whole hot Thirdly, owe that to these two wonderful young, ladys, alright, colonel or should I call you billy billy go what are your thoughts this case. Four years later, I'm losing optimism and I've done this and other places as well, and it doesn't take me much to get back on board. But I'm losing optimism. I understand the tips of still come in. I asked
seven thousand in the last three hundred and sixty five days. I question the quality of those tips we have two thousand overall in the investigation, I think, there's probably a lot of fluff in there. Unfortunately, investigators have had to sift through. I do not say that to I to deter anybody from reaching out to law enforcement or providing a tip want to be clear about that? I'm I'm standing the top of the mountain and shouting it as loud as I can. If you see something say something if you know something tell law enforcement because I do I believe, one hundred percent. They are, in fact just that one piece away I did hearing the sheriff say: look that one peace. What is it well are trained. Experts will know it. It's not something that will did will good, be lost,
on us in the moment. This is something that we will know right away. I also believe what I have said for the past year. Year and a half, maybe even two years I had said it point that I was very optimistic. Believing that the case would it have been solved by the end of that year, and I believe I said that it in twenty twenty but Seeing optimism in that way, and a large part of it is going back do something I've said all along. Believe. For whatever reason bridge guy had help that day or since then- and this has been a huge speed bump in the it may have even sent detectives and investigators looking elsewhere. I think someone is either willingly unknowingly providing some type of false,
by four bridge guy and his whereabouts, I would say noon and five p m. If you got a guy that you suspect- or you think is capable of this- let's underline that capable of this, because it's very few people capable of something like this. If you don't know where he was between noon and five and he's he's a local, or has reason to have been in the delphi area? On february, thirteenth brian, give that name to law enforcement. That's how they're going to find their answer. What about what are your thoughts for? there's later either you're exactly right. I have somebody that I think, is a suspect. I think their wife is their alibi. I think she's lied about the alibi. I think she has pieces
information that prove possibly where they were to prove their alibi? I think that's. What's holding up law enforcement, I think she's lying about that. I think it's easily of a bull that she is line about it. I believe that she has stated to people that, glad. We have an alibi, so we don't become suspects. I believe this is ended. ensure the as which is a bizarre thing to say normal people, don't say I glad that we have a timeline of our whereabouts, so we're not suspects and
the matters. I know that she is lying. I have confirmation that she's lying about your guys, his whereabouts. I think this individual makes good money. Nobody would expect that he would do this is connected to his church. He has kids, possibly grandkids kids, I think he's older than what their claiming the suspect is and the drawing a thing they said, seventeen two forty, I think he was older. I think it was late forties, but such a young face that he can
look, probably late 30s and I think he's local. He entered on foot exit on foot. He knows the area, he knows all the properties around there that's the direction he goes to enter the park. He uses that bridge when he enters the park, and I think he was able to get to a place of safety without being detected being covered in blood and go to be able to get to a facility where he could, Get rid of all the evidence, all his clothes, I think again, he makes more money than the average person and delphi his house is worth anywhere from five to six times more than the average house, average property and delphi again,
I think this is an individual that nobody around him thinks he's even capable of this, but I think this is about the crime of sexual nature. Power control. He remained calm. I think this individual is very smart is very intelligent. Beyond college graduate school again leader of a company, this is his second career already had a career. This is a second career, I believe maybe there's somebody in his circle that suspects him and if you do call pick up the phone. And just say, look I I know this guy and- and I I suspect him. I also believe that this person claimed at one point that they're going to leave the area due to it not being safe, And maybe they've even lied about selling property, leaving the area and anyone out there scratch
their heads right now going. Well, how would this person be acted in the community. How would this guide not be known help how do We not know the people that know this man the best. How do they not suspect them? Well, keep a mind Dennis rader BT k volunteered at his church for years, and he used the churches, property to carry out at least one of his murders. Nobody church knew this guy was capable of doing what he did what we now know, for fact that Dennis rader did, and he did it time and time again in this case in delphi,
the one thing that I am most confident about and what can be? What puts this monster into a different category than someone that just goes out and commits a crime of passion or some dumb criminal that does, A crime on impulse is, I think, a big reason why he seems so calm on that day, so relaxed, and you almost hear it in his tone is because he has fantasized about aspects of this crime for years. He's thought about it for years and he was acting on those fantasies when he went out there on february thirteenth, I would not be surprised
if he was acting on those same fantasies at an earlier date, while he sat there watching and waiting looking for what he would determined to be the perfect victim and for whatever reason he acted on february thirteenth, but the one thing we we do know that he has not is, he has not sense, somebody else I'm the one that killed those two girls, I'm the bridge guy, if he has told someone else, the person that has see that information from this guy has such a little heart It's such a little soul, maybe no soul at all that they have not reported that anyone. I think this in them.
it's when they released the new drawing the new sketch that they eased up a little bit and went there further away from me that I think they are but look. The stampede is coming. Your flood is coming and they're, not gonna. Let you on to Noah's ark they're, going to catch you you'll, probably crumble like a baby and tell him anything and everything they want to know to try. spare your own life. What you deserve is death, that's what you deserve and your flood is coming my friend
and I hope they don't even give you the option to take that off the table. I hope they're holding so much close to their chests and not telling the public, because when they get to this is personal to them. Now and your day is coming, your flood is coming if you need more true crime garage all of our episodes Available now, everywhere, apple podcast spotify, wherever you'd, listen to podcast check out our bonus show off the record. That's only on if your premium, sometimes we all need a break from reality. So this is perfect on this week's recommended reading. We picked a book that was released just this. Week recommending a novel called every last fear by Alex Finlay in every
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