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Delphi Murders /// A New Suspect /// Part 1 /// 486

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Delphi Murders /// A New Suspect /// Part 1 /// 486

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This week we continue our coverage of the Delphi Double Homicide investigation. Recently it was announced that the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office (who is the lead in this case) has investigators looking into James Brian Chadwell ii. Chadwell is a 42 year old Indiana man with a criminal history who is now on the radar due to his recent arrest in Lafayette. Chadwell was charged with an unrelated kidnapping and attempted murder of a young girl in April 2021.

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Further, this investigation we have concluded the first sketch released will become secondary as of today, the all of the new information intelligence overtime leads us I believe, the sketch, which We'll see shortly. Is the person responsible for the murders of these two little girls. We also believe this person is from delphi currently or, as previously lived here,
visits, delphi, a regular basis or works here. We This person is currently between the age range of eighteen and forty, but might appear younger than his true age, dirk directly to the killer, who may be in this room We believe you are hiding in plain sight. For more than two years. You never thought shift gears to a different investigative strategy. But we have. We likely have interviewed you or something. close to you, We know that this is about power to you.
and you want to know what we know from one day. You will. The question to you: what will those Closest to you think of a find. Did you brutally murdered two little girls to children. Only a coward would do such a thing. We are confident that you have told someone what you have done at the very least they know because of how different you are, since the murders to the murderer I believe you have just a little bit of a conscience left and I can assure you. That how you left them and now woods is not it.
what they're experiencing today? This is from the journal and courier here captain, and I will read this to you and everybody out there and listener land indiana detectives investigating the february thirteenth two thousand and seventeen killings of be german and abbe williams have taken notice of James Brian Chad. Well, the second tippy canoe county prosecutes accused of luring a nine year old girl into his house at seven hundred and fourteen park avenue on April 19th April 19th of this year? Twenty twenty
one. Once inside his house, Chadwell allegedly beat the girl sexually assaulted. Her and locked her in the basement until police knocked on his door quote the information. Has obviously been shared with us, and our investigators are look into him, said carroll county sheriff tobe lesson be. He did not elaborate on any details about the investigation into Chad. Well, Indiana state police, sergeant, Jeremy peers said they do not comment on whom detectives might be investigating but noted that the state police works collaboratively with asian these in the district, which we know to be true specifically here. Captain in the delphi double murders investigation, that's ongoing, going on way too long. We all thought we would catch bridge guy within weeks of the case, and here we sit over four years later.
we know that the carroll county, sheriff's department is working the case. We know that the delphi city police are assisting carroll county sheriff's office. And we also know the indiana state police, who have really been at the kind of the front line of this at least from a media and press perspective, they're working the case, and we also have federal bureau of investigation, the f to the b to the eye working. The investigation is well well. What's really fast in here with James Brian Chad. Well is he's really the first person of interest or suspect in quotation marks to hit be on the regional or local level and actually get talked about and national me
a sense, Daniel nations, or are we just so starved for information or starved for a real, viable suspect at this point that we are pushing it? You know out of proportion here, possibly process of charge, chadwell with attempted murder, child molesting attempted child molesting, kidnapping criminal confinement battery resulting in serious bodily injury and strangulation? They also filed a sentence enhancing charge of being an habitual offender which, if guilty, could add between six and twenty years to chadwell sentence, but this guy Regardless, if he's bridge guy or in any way involved in the delphi case, this guy is, is one bad dude one
it needs to be off the streets and who knows what he would have done to this victim if police had not got hip to him being the possible suspect here, why is a giant bag of shit Is what he is, but it's fascinating to me that that when a round looking it doesn't seem, like he's a direct neighbour of her, but in the neighborhood. at some point. They knock on his door. He answers. He tells please Oh yeah. I saw her earlier right, but she's not here, and that kind of some question as their goin back and search in different areas. They go. Let's go back to that guy cuz he's now. The only person, I believe, an area that said. Oh, I saw her during this time period, So then, when they go back together, this from law enforcement standpoint. You go back and this guy, let you into the house.
As you're walking around you see chains around the door, or some kind of lock system around the the the basement door and you're going to okay. Well, now we need to go down there. We need him, but he lets them in as as far as their records. Oh, he goes away. I go down to the basement. Search It was like he knew he was caught and he might as well just give in. But could you imagine what's going through law, enforcement's head at the time on what they're going to see and probably what they did see is still hard for them to believe right now, I guarantee it's it's shocking. Even to these officers, who have seen a lot and europe you try to put yourself in that mines, and though the way that I think of this here, captain as this whole thing going down and often it is in
act like a neighbor or somebody living in the neighborhood, especially when you see someone around this age. our victim is in that age of, like the six to twelve year old range and- and I I never am surprised any more hit me early in my teens when you'd see this stuff on on news coverage, we're looking for. And so you know, police in in cans, City are looking for nine year old police in or less Florida are looking for an eleven year old child that was as seen in their neighborhood or or was presumed to have got off the bus that day, but never came home, and it's usually rather quick that they make the connection and find that the perpetrator was in fact living that neighborhood so much so that now, when I see the news break on a child missing of that age, my mom immediately goes to. Why hope that
or combing this neighborhood very well, because it often a being someone in that neighbourhood, and we know the statistics tell us that, specifically with these child cases, the end in the younger victims that once they are abducted a lot at times, they are not going to be returned and its rather quickly that they become they go from being abducted victim to a murder victims. What I think that's what would happen here, a form foresman. didn't go back in question: James Brian Chad, while the second time so with chad. Well, I wonder a couple things here going around there. Obviously canvassing the the the neighborhood they're knocking on doors- and you know people are little sensitive to some of the questions that might be out there in regard to how police and how the tactics my conduct there
their questioning, even if it's in a casual manner searching for answers in whatever. Case it. It is, I know in particular, with the west Memphis three case. There are people that are sensitive and don't like the nine questions of the f b. I put together for the detectives to ask members of those that area down there west memphis, but these quest- and are put together in this way to really help the officers. Be it a bee cop or a season detail, to really give them a nice gauge on the honesty level or how quickly do we pee or ties this person as a possible lead in our case when or how quickly can we d priority? put them lower on the list, because especially in this case with this young, girl, she's missing. We we're not
even to the point of worried about who did this were not even worried about convicting someone of of ducking this little girl? Our whole thought is find her right, find her make her safe as soon as possible. So you see that they, crafted questions the fbi for investigators in West Memphis and I wonder here captain if we have a similar situation office go on a round in you know, knocking on doors p, answering the doors you're asking very quick questions you seen along a little girl. That's going to be your you're, very quick. Your first go to your second sean and in chad wells case. This is what I think they did. I think they you throw out a question that you can kind of. Have the needle point too. Is he guilty of something easy
hiding something? Or is this somebody we can quickly move on from, and you say something to the effect of Well, MR chad. Well, thank you for your time today, o is there I would somebody tell us that they saw you talking to a little girl earlier today, you're, not saying anybody told you that you're not saying that you saw the the victim in you know near his house or near his property you're saying Why would someone you know just like asked, Damien Echols. Why would we find your fingerprints at the crime scene? They didn't. He doesn't know that, but you. ordered in a way that you're not really, a truly lying to the person you're questioning case. I wonder if that's exactly what they did because, most of the time captain a guilty person. Somebody.
something to hide their immediate knee jerk reaction is going to be well. I have to explain this away and an innocent manner, and then these guys if they believe me well, though, just move on to the next house, as so often they'll sit they'll put themselves at the crime scene, those Why might have been seen there because I drive by there every or I might have seen in this area, because I think, on that particular day, I got lost and turned around, and so on. So here. Why would someone tell did they saw you talking to a little girl? Oh, I think she was around here earlier, came by here earlier, but I haven't seen her in a while
as soon as you hear that you're going old crap, this guy, just admitted to us that he has spoke to likely, spoke to our victim and we're searching for this girl. Immediate thought is get this girl save this girl protect this girl, this dude to he's got a criminal three he's got a police record now, a big one. So now you're telling us dude, I dont know and will get into this as we go in some of this I'm to learn, as we venture along here to captain, but my guess would be he's on probation for something right year. Going to bring that up, especially if you you, in his name, he's on probation for something when they say they came back to his house, and then he let them in and they searched. You have to wonder why, that coming back to his house as quickly as walking away from talking to him him saying
yeah, I saw her earlier and I'm running a background check on this dude. We have a james Brian Chadwell, the second who lives at this address on park, avenue tell us what you know they pull up his record. Oh he's on probation, Let's go strong arm, this guy he's going to very quickly actually let you into his home whether he's hiding anything or not a lot of times that that's one thing, that's interesting and a lot of these cases. You know we talk about something like like what we had last week with the branson perry case, where the the the ablest jumper cables were returned to the shed mysteriously they weren't there before when he went missing and then two weeks go by and they appear well, if an innocent
earth and replace them and the police put out to the public. We want to know who had those jumper cables. Where did they come from the innocent person comes forward, and even if the person has a pair I get it. You know hey, I don't want to be. I don't it turned into some kind of frame job for this case because I got a lengthy criminal background here. a lot of times what you will see, especially when it comes to sex offenders and to people on probation as soon as asked we talk about the pervert round. all the time in these cases a lot of these sexual offenders will come forward have to go knock on their door they want to tell you. This is where I was that day. I'm innocent I had nothing to do with this. I do not want to be locked up for fifteen years, brain so probably strong, arm demi. You know we said he's gonna background he's probably on probation, you know you should
probably let us in here's the other thing in a lot of states. I no about indiana, the goods, the hoosier state. But in a lot of states they don't necessarily have to have a search warrant to force their way into a home of an individual. That's on probation, no, because what they can do is call your p, o brien europaea, can go in there. So it's not a matter of us getting a search warrant, MR chad. Well, it's add or of european, is officer so and so well, it's only It's a matter of how long it takes them to drive over here, and they just walk into your home button one of the reasons. Why am I not a detective or a cop? I mean because have you ever watched true detective season one, and how would you know woody harrelson character handles justice midway through is probably what would happen The case of me once they go down to the basement, they see this nine year old has been raped either. Different reports of bruce
on her legs bite marks from the dog on her legs and The rumor was that there was blood coming out of her eyes because of how badly he strangled her You see that on a nine year old and I'm home a gun and be very hard not to pull the trigger and get it over with. Well, there bad cops do that they get locked up and there's good caps it did on off. We should classify them as a bad. Well, I I would prefer that did that my off the are making arrest and not just shooting people, vigilante style, but the good cops folk. on making the arrest in making it in a lawful way that you will secure secure. Eviction later, because that's their job is to arrest not to know not not to carry out the the sentence themselves. I understand that. That's why I'm saying I'm not
the right. So I just want to have it in me: I wouldn't have it in me, like maybe you don't the guy, but I don't have it in me not to be the living shit out of guy, and so that's why? I'm I'm not a police officer, your application has been denied. Mr cap, the other go. If this happened. What would you do? beat the shit out of a guy. Well, you got a lot of things going on here once you enter the premises, so you're you and one other officer at this time, what you have in this situation. Is you have a dog to concern yourself with dogs, for whatever reason they don't like the mailman and they don't like police? It might be the uniform. I don't know, but you have a dog. We contend with, and you have this individual that you know has a criminal record and you're now you're, playing on away game, it's his home turf. You don't know. What's inside that house
and so you're, going to have one officer who is going to focus on the individual, Mr Chadwell, And the other officer is going to be observing everything looking for a reason why this girl I have either been in the premises at some point or was still inside and so one of them is going to notice that there's some type of lock and we'll get into that and then, when you do when you notice it there's some kind of control caption, locking up the basement door you're going to and one officer down there and the others going to stay up there with upstairs with Mr Chad. Well, so he doesn't give you the old sneak attack and, as you pointed out here earlier, captain Chadwell is just that. latest among, what's being growing list of suspects. As far as the public and the media is concerned, and the journal
courier goes on to say, chad wells, not the first person accused of an objection crime who has been investigated as a person of interests in the delphi martyrs. None of the other people of interest turned out to be a suspect this again, according to this disaster, right, but what has also stating as we've had so many people that have come, the radar as far as social media, and maybe they get a blimp in the actual media, but this is one of the first individuals that there's national coverage of him, and multiple national coverage. People following up on the story, There was a lot of coverage on Daniel nations. Yes, there what I mean, but that's all I'm saying is, but but between the options, n, n, chadwell,
We ve had how many individuals that people have been comparing side by side too. Oh, my dear you, we couldn't even count the number as far as the major ones go, there's been a good handful, but yeah there's been hundreds, if not a thousand or more that people online have have done, reside by sides and so on and so forth. So go on with this article. Here they say on April nineteen, the nine year old girls parents reported her missing about seven p m. She been gone for about thirty minutes of the parents, god bless them were in a very smart fully, so were quick to act here, Chad wells next door. Neighbor jason walling, told the journal courier last week that he was
home from work, turned into his alley and noticed chadwick speaking with a woman in the alley. It was after that the girl was reported pieces. This was after the girl was reported missing. because a few minutes later, police cars were parked in front of his house, and officers were focused on Chad, wells house right. The police officers knocked on Chad wells door. The journal courier says this might have saved the little girls life prosecutors The girl told police she believed Chad well was going to kill her the knock forced James Shad, well to stop his sexual assault, quickly, dress and answer the door according to the prosecutors, probable cause. Affidavit Chad well
allowed officers to search his house, and they found the girl locked in the basement. She had been beaten, strangled, attacked by chad, wells, dog and sexually assaulted, according to police ass, a uterus. Meanwhile, anyone with information about libyan abbeys killings is encouraged to contact law enforcement by email at abbey and Libby tipp at sea. A ceo s, age are f dot com and, of course, you can find that information as well at the indiana state power, his website. I think once this individual comes on their radar and they have him in custody for this crime now. What we do know is: is this individual? Is this individual capable of murder well from all accounts of this crime? He was in the process of murdering a nine year old, and then you go a step further.
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Injured, missing nine year old girl in his basement on April nineteenth of this year and, as you pointed out, the authorities in nearby delphi. only fifteen miles away said they are investigating him as a possible suspect in the notorious unsolved two thousand and seventeen martyrs. Of delphi, teens, Abigail Williams in liberty, german, the detectives tone Would a b c news that their quote might air quotes might be a connection but stress that there is no specific link as of yet connecting chad well to the delphi case. While I guess that I think the first connection is distance, I think ever baker agree that
that big of a distance to cover no fifteen miles, not not big at all, and that I think, would go along with a lot of speculation that come from people there. listen to this show and posted our blog, that a lot of people seem to think that the guy would have some kind of local ties to the delphi area. Right, maybe was, it's from there and hasn't live there in years or returned for whatever reason or like in Chad wells case it. Somebody that simply hop in a vehicle and have drove down there. On that day, this here captain is from the probable cause affidavit for Chad wells a rest, so this will give us the legal speak of what the police found says. On April, nineteen two thousand and twenty one officers were dispatched regarding me
child report near park avenue in lafayette indiana upon I've all officers took a report stating victim one: a female child, approximately ten years old, had left her residence at approximately six thirty p m and could not be found while officers were searching, the neighborhood they made contact with James Chad. Well, who told officers victim one had been at his residence earlier, but had left the residence after being unable to locate victim one officers turned to chad, wells residence and asked him for permission to check his residence for victim. One chadwick allowed officers into his residence in officer, tate and servies. I hope I'm saying his last name re checked the basement, which was cured with a chain lock most people, I wouldn't, I know it. My house no chain lock on the colonels basement in the basement,
tate found a young girl who said Chad well tried to kill her. That's that's the thing you you you pointed out is this individual is, is james, chadwick, capable of murder, and you said yes based off this crime. You think that's what was going to happen. I agree one hundred percent, but we don't even have to give our opinions here. We had this child victim, tells the officers This guy was glum, he was trying to kill me and I- and I don't again- I don't know if it's where Mary here say that there was blood. Whenever I saw, but that I'm saying you see something like that, as a police officer going to want you're going to want to take justice into your own hands lawyer. You have to be a a very special individual to hold back and say: dump I gotta do my due diligence collect all the information. Do it as
professional as I can so we can make sure that this animal is behind bars and never does this again well, right hand. That's the one that I draw my gun with and that's when it starts getting that shake gone so were you o, K brain brain in heart, control this hand, because it's starting to get a mind of it's own okay, so from this article it says he allowed them into the home they found the basement was secured with a chain and it goes into a little more detail here- says found a young girl who was visibly distraught and crying with her clothing on the floor. Beside her again, she was in the basement, She was identified as the missing girl and said that Chad will try to kill her. She was injured and taken to the hospital for treatment. The girl described
going into Chad wells residents to pet his dogs, while inside the home chadwick attacker. She said the girl said: Chad well quote hitter in the head multiple times, because she was free, getting back victim. One said chadwell was also choking her with his hand it's on her neck and also you. seeing his arm in a headlock to the point where, She passed out. Ok, just a quick aside here. This guy and there's there's plenty of pictures of him online, but he's not small. I found a couple pictures where he's rather looks rather bill, or rather to be rather good shape and thus
what pictures you're, seeing while I'll show you one when these mics aren't on- and I think you'll agree with me, but I now I've asked whatever pictures I've seen of him. This guy's trash that just likes to take his shirt off and shows trash tattoos right. Well, regardless. I'm just pointing out here captain that this is. This is a full size grown men, one man attacking a small girl and so when I would say, he's overweight for his height, which would make him look a little bit larger Right, I mean again there's there's plenty of pictures out there and I'm sure he's probably varied in is depending on what picture you're looking at pays five, a eight right. He used her hold on, she used
his hands on her neck and also using his arm in a headlong to the point where she passed out victim once said. Most of her clothes were off when she regained consciousness, so he ok, you're out, and then she wakes up. You know she fighting back. He chokes her out. She wakes up most. her clothes are off when she comes to and as the chad took her into the basement, he attempted to have sexual intercourse her and then made her perform oral sex on him. The affidavit alleges at one point, Chadwell got dressed to go answer the door. This we now know is when police knock on the door. Rain. across her neck is says: when police found her found the victim in his basement oscar neckwear, lateral asian marks and she had broken blood vessels with black eyes. Anybody
has seen you know, m m, a or or you know, street fights where someone gets choked out, they have those bro, in blood vessels in their eyes, and often black- almost you know, raccoon in march, the round their their eyes on the outside of the skin and then on the inside. That's where you get the the blood shot and I'm not talking to a morning after a night of tequila, bloodshot, eyes talking about red, where the where, where there was once white, there is now red. They found bruising to her head arms and legs and bite marks according to the court document. This would be the at least one dogged by then. She suffered during this horrific horrific incident, and you wonder if this is Not so much a him sick in the dog honor, but just these too are fighting each other
I'm dogs are gonna react when they see that court records show that Chad well faces the fall. Charges. Attempted murder attempted intentional killing of another child molesting where the defendant is. This means chadwell the suspect is at least twenty one years of age kidnapping where the victim is less than fourteen years of age. Because the reason why they define it? That way is there will be a different sentencing protocol, different penalties for this type of specific crime, criminal confinement. holding and serious bodily injury battery, holding in serious bodily injury, an strangulation, a post on facebook, from a woman who said she was related, to the nine year old victim
Chad well quote, strangled her, so bad blood came out of her eyes. Her trachea is damaged to where all she can do is eat through a strong if it hadn't been for the speed of the lobby police department arriving on the scene. She would be dead. She only nine he's punching her and his people is biting her. and this woman goes on to praise the first responders. yeah, and this really makes you think here. Captain we've had some stories we've told over the years some true crime stories that we've told over the years, where some police certain. You know some of these cases go back decades and, and we always
to get better. Hopefully we're doing things better today than we did thirty years ago, but we ve had these cases that we discuss where police are not quick tat and you wonder, could things of turned out differently in that case, and and thank god they they were quick to act in this case they save this little girls life that the parents and the police acting quick. Lee and very intelligently saved this little girls life, but obviously, as this story blows up and I think really also catches, some legs catches. Some traction is because one it's so close to these murderers that took place for years prior similar type victim, and you could also say that
this murderer or attempted murder, looks similar to the sketch to the first sketch that was released by law enforcement and the delphi farmer? the first. I actually think he looks more like the second sketch that was released, the younger version I mean I've. Seen people compare both yeah yeah. I guess you're right. Well, I mean sketch one in two: don't look Craig, I mean they look like different people, but but again you and I have said in question this over the years. Could you I envision you know, when we finally do make an arrest that you could take sketch one and two and overlap them, and that's what the guy and up looking like right. I mean that certainly
believable, you're, right captain I can see features on on this guy. That's do appear to look similar to sketch one and also sketch too as well. He, we said each forty two years old, I dont know what your perception is: your cat what everybody else is, but you know carter Indiana state police officer, Doug carter, who did the press conferences for the delphi murders, and I I just I love listening that man speak. I love hearing the passion in his his voice. In his words when he's talking about
The the community, the families and getting in catching bridge guy carter said it himself that you know this. This is the age range. This is kind of our physical profile of this dude of bridge guy. He falls with in this age group, but Carter says he he may appear. He may look younger than his actual age and general perception here my general thoughts as far as james Brian Chad. Well go is. I think he looks younger than forty two to me yeah? I don't know who was the trash tattoos or or or what but it, but I look at him in my first guess would not be forty. Two well. Now I be clear, I'm off for I'm all tattoos. I love tattoos, just don't get bad tattoo, don't get shitty tattoos
no right away when you, when you see this guy, I was thinking mid, thinkin mid, even though it seems like he kind of had I a rough go of life probably probably brought on by himself rank he? He seems- and I think some of it too is the style of closing and stuff here go into, but yeah right away, it's like okay, maybe thirty, thirty, five or so till he puts us that's another thing, so we have a individual. That is roughly the same age as our suspect. We also know he in the area or could been in the area and he is capable of the crimes that were committed that day in delphi. So we have three things going for him that definitely, the the cops have to say: hey. We have to look into this individual now
I wonder is: was this: However, on the radio radar before and because the story got some traction, did they feel like it, had to come out and say: hey, hey, we're yeah we're going to look into this guy, and is it just a dog and pony show, or is this a guy that that they actually think could be a very good suspect? I suspect we won't hear much Lest they decide to charge, was something right because, with all of the other quota quote good suspects that they ve had so, let's get you those roquat we have Daniel nations, who we already mentioned, he's the guy Swinging hatchets at people out in woodland park, colorado, they arrested him. He looked somewhat like the sketch he had. criminal history
believe he was a sex offender registered sex offender in the indiana state. They looked at him. He was one of the first paul at who, in two thousand and nineteen, was wanted for kidnapping and raping a twenty six year old woman in tippy canoe county indiana, Five days later, he was the one that was surrounded by police and after a stand off. He ends up, kill himself in his car. Then we have thomas bruce. This was the guy that this get this game completely bizarre o case to me: formerly worked as a pastor was charged with fatally shooting one woman and sexually assaulting two others. This is the guy that went into that that store in the in the strip mall and
he pulls a gun on these people, orders them into the back room assaults them in the back room and later he. Identified as the killer a person that attacked these poor people in that store. Thankfully, he's abducted charles Eldridge he's the big giant ogre, looking dude that many of you will recall- was arrested in union city indiana and charged with multiple charges of child molestation and child soliciting He gets thrown onto the radar by the public and by the media and social media, because he looks a lot or similar to the first sketch of bridge guy, and that leads us to the most recent james Brian Chad, while the second and a lot of people have been looking up this guy. As said captain. This seems to be a bigger news than some of the other suspects. It looks to me like I'm. Most of
these social media that James Brian Chad well. The second was going by Brian Chad. Well, when you can see me and on those actually. Every account that he was on a no people were able to look at pictures that he had on facebook avid like hiker seem to be into bridges. I don't know if he was essentially into a or if he was just into nature in general, but see. I have somewhat of a fascination with bridges. So then you go okay! Well, now get this guy kind of matches the sketch live, roughly in the area he has, he has priors he's capable of committing these I'm and all by the way he likes to be outdoors, he likes to go to parks. He likes to take pictures of bridges, seems to be fastened
but by them well in speaking of criminal history, this again from heavy dot com. chad will has a lengthy assaultive criminal history in the states of indiana and south dakota, and they go on to say that the probable cause avid David shows that Chad well has an extensive criminal history. He was once convicted of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon which was a felony in that county in miami counting. He was convicted in two thousand in pennington county south dakota of assault aggravated a felony and was convicted of stolen
property he was convicted in: u s district court and south dakota of being a phelan in possession of a firearm that was in two thousand and one he was convicted in many ha ha county. South dakota of assault aggravated this again a felony, and this was in two thousand and three, and this is a list man. He was convicted in cascading indiana for receiving stolen property in two thousand and sixteen he was convicted of o w. I, with a prior. This was in two thousand and twenty and then again in two thousand and twenty he was convicted of criminal trespass and criminal mischief and while he was still on probation, I don't know what what a
is in there or what you can find out. I'd like to know more about the these trespassing charges that he has, because when you look at the park and delphi, that bridge is closed off you're you're not supposed to go across that bridge and then once their across the bridge. We know that the murderer takes these. To take these two girls down the hill across the stream over to land does now not the park land, but this is private property that would be trespassing as well. So what this individual? No, this area because you would have been cutting through and using this as a entrance and exit his own entrance and exit
to this park well and then getting into the specifics on where he may have been living at the time of the delphi homicides. It says it. Chad will had an ongoing court case in two thousand and seventeen this for receiving stolen property and the problem in violation, and there were no hearings for that court case in february when the girls were killed of two thousand and seventeen, but it says, however, there were hearings in that case in the months after that time frame, and at that time he was listing his address as kokomo. indiana, and it's pointed out that that's thirty four miles from delphi, so again, local, but not local. He was he was sentenced in june of two thousand sixteen for probation violation, and these are I'm with you captain.
I would like to know some more of the specifics of some of these charges and I'm sure there's people out there digging this information up, but I think we should point out here too that he was. He received a three hundred and sixty five day jail sentence. So he was locked up, for this would have been sounds like he was locked up for most, if not all, of twenty twenty right and then at some point he says that he lived in Peru, Indiana. This is around that twenty twenty timeframe and his father. We filed a notice of claim to evict him from that address, so he must.
Living with his father and Peru, indiana and then evicted from their in twenty twenty so for a portion of this involves investigation in the dell case. At least this guy was locked up, and that brings us to a really good question. I think it's a burning question for every one out there and has been since february, of two thousand and seventeen when the girls were killed, because we all looked at that case captain. We all examined that case and thought. There's there's a couple possible It is here bridge guy is either a serial killer, who has acted before or he's a serial killer, and this might be his first attempt through his first is, first actual killing in what would then be a series,
So you have to wonder on either of those regards. If either a true you wonder, woodbridge guy act again, would he act again eventually yeah and that's always been my thought and belief that eventually he would he his compulsion would be to it. It would control him one. I think they that's what these these this crime is about. The delphi murders about power control, manipulation sex. I think as a lot to do with all those things, and so therefore killers like that, once they kill they'll kill again. This is a cooling off period right and we ve said it often on this showed that it's almost for some of these guys, the zero rapist or serial killers its that's. There
rug of choice, or maybe even not their choice. May again it controls them it's their addiction. Eventually they will have to give in to this compulsion. Urge will be too strong with it nation will be too great right that no matter the risk level that they will re offend because isn't that the shoe right, we're all waiting for the other shoe to drop in the delphi case? There's a lot that can't be agreed upon. Out there in the twitter sphere in the internets, it's it's difficult in a lot there's a lot of opinions out there a lot of varying opinions, but it seems to me The majority of the people captain seemed to believe that, yes, this is cereal offender or the person that did the delphi. Homicides certainly has the make up of a serial, fender and
So here we are waiting for, unfortunately, the other shoe to drop and that he will at some point re offend and then we will be on to him for sure, because that's what seen time and time again with the media and with speculation about bridge guy and about delphi. They any time. One of these guys goes out commit some horrible horrible crime. The now we're boom put his face on up this is the guy that we've been looking for the whole time, thanks for joining us here in the garage for all of our old episodes. You can find them. Wherever you listen to podcasts and we have a bonus show called off the record. So if you need more
true crime garage in your ear balls go to stitcher premium and check out off the record by true crime, garage join us back here in the garage. Until then, be kind.
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