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Delphi Murders - Off the Record /// Part 2 /// 323

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Delphi Murders - Off the Record /// Part 2 /// 323

Part 2 of 2


With so much left to discuss regarding the unsolved Delphi Murders case we decided to leave the mics on and go off the record. Join us as we wrap up our coverage of the Delphi Murders.

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Bedtime is rough even for peanut. That's why people will try any turning to fall, asleep head stands before bed, even blowing bubbles but actually has a trick. That works every time. A new temper, peter mattress, it adapts to europe. these needs to help. You fall asleep, faster and stay asleep. A longer you'll, wake up feeling refreshed every day, even et agrees so did the west he bedtime rituals had to actually to take home a temp repeated today. Well, that's why I think it's important to examine the possibilities and the reasons why this has not been solved, and I think one thing
we can get into captain in part of it that that we talked about last week was I kept. Referencing. Maybe the investigators have just been unlucky. Maybe You know, because you see this and you like, we got, we got the video, we got the voice. We have. I witness statements on their work. With a b, and an end again. They might have dna we could say my I'm gonna go with. They do ok, I'd think they'd, probably very quickly and to this day They realise that they had dna and they thought this thing was gonna, be over and done very quickly and took a while, and they realize this dude many of the systems. We can't. We can't track this guy. now that we have nothing to compare it to, and I think that Why you see there was a delay in pudding. Take taking that still image and then releasing the actual short little video there
and then there's the delay between that sure that that still image and this sketch the original sketch that comes out, because what that income out too what june or July of the year of the crime, there were several months that went by so here's one thing where I've, I wonder the one thing: let's get until buncher things where they ve been where investigators may have just unlucky, one the no match of dna. Where talked about that too, I think I'm starting to think that the bridge guys appearance on the pics waited video may almost give a false sense of his actual true appearance, and I think that that's why king in his favor and working against investigators. For one thing, when you first see the video right, when you saw the still image didn't you think we were lookin for like a pudgy guy, like kind of a kind of a fluffy fat guy,
or at least slightly overweight, then later, when they were lease the video and you see the individual walking, you can see that those pants the genes or a lot bag year than what his actual legs may require right. When you see that leg move you almost That the legs, or much thinner than those genes, chicken legs and then have to wonder how many layers of clothing is. That's the thing that I wonder why it for summary, he did stand out and he must have in some former fashion, because we have witnesses or believed witnesses that did they saw him on one of the trails. I dont know that the the detecting factor for and would be that all I saw a guy with wet genes we went through that conversation last week. You may not have been able to visually c and determine that his genes were wet. They may have just appear to be. Darker shade of blue, but it was a warm day, four february, to me
the guy, looks at least on the you know. The upper half of him looks to be very overdressed for the temperature that day. almost appears at he's wearing a hoodie or or something of significance, underneath a jacket and one thing going in his favor to here again. I believe that there's there's a collar too that jacket there's a part of that jacket. That sticking up. in point an he's looking down to watch his feet. His foot placement on that bridge. That's concealing his, a little bit he may be wearing a hat or that might just be wearing a hoodie with the hood up that I feel like we're we're getting a false sense of his true appearance, because it is a pixelate, a video. Now
here's. Here's the thing you were talking about. Do we have more video footage, I think there's more video, and this is pure speculation. Ok, pure speculation, don t Don't put all the blog untrue, I'm saying this not be true, I'm just guessing here. I think that they have more video footage. Unfortunately, I dont think that their so video to watch. What I mean by that is, I think that shortly after Libby was filming this guy on the bridge and he's very quickly, king, his way we're not seeing that clip in real speed. I don't care what anybody says. I we I don't believe we're seeing that at real speed. They get some points she had to conceal her phone from him. I,
Hold it in a way that she's not filming, or it's not obvious to him, that he's being caught on camera or she stuck it in her pocket, and that might that might be. The reason why we are hearing the words and it sounds muffled guys down the hill. It may sound muffled because it might be in her pocket, and I think that her, I think that she did the video was running and filming. It just might not have had any thing additional to film because it was concealed in her pocket and I think that her phone went dead so quickly. Anybody that's run the camera feature. I mean well kamer feature and or the video feature the video record feature on their phone realise that kills your phone very quickly yeah, and They were saying very quickly. Her calls we're going straight, the voicemail they weren't ringing anymore, and I I think that this guy v
likely did not know that he was filmed did not know that his voice was was caught on her brown or phone and he left the phone there, because look I don't give this asshole any credit, but he's smart enough to eat eastbourne up there got away with this so far while it wasn't a smart cause that that's one of the four lucky enough. Well, I I think I got a better word for you, one of the things that they were kind of talking about it and profiling. This individual is he organized or disorganized, and so I think, there's a lot of evidence that shows that he's organized and then, but then, taking the phone that seems ike disorganization. Well, you could take that either way. I was thinking about that too. Not taking the floor
You go all that disorganized. He didn't didn't plan it out then put much thought into it. What if what if he did put thought into it in advance, and he said I'm not taking any of their phones, because what if they trace their phones, the? you know what, if they follow the pings on their phones to me, because I took them with me what, if, what, if he destroyed her phone at this mean not knowing that it captured any of his image or anything like that is around dead by that point or if he just just left it there or tossed it in the water it at all. Tossed in the water, is an interesting thing too, because we talked about the clothing right, the victims clothing. Last week we were talking about where they found clothed they found in the new where they found was the clothing, in fact ever even found, if, if they were it would if it wasn't on their person,.
I still don't know the answer to that, but I did find I did find some info that was saying that Clothing may have been found in the creek, and this would be the point of deer creek. Would be nearest where their bodies were found. So when its, but again it's a very vague broad statement of clothing found in We we don't know if it belonged to the victims. We don't know fact that there was clothing found in the greek. But what I can say this is when, when they were searching for the girls they were held, Does that were flying overhead and they were filming some of the search that was going on for the girls. It did not found the body yet you can clearly see through three or four searchers, and the reason why you can see them as because their wearing those those those red like suits head to toe suits them.
in these red suits and they're in the water and there's clearly there's something there with them. They're they're, examining something that they found there again. That could have been. The victim's clothing could have in an item discarded by the killer that belong to him, we could have been libya phone bone turbine weapon here yeah. One thing was found in that water. We don't. We just don't know what the significance is one of the rumours I come carrying this week was that there were actually found but there are wearing each other's close. So. whatever they were wearing before they switched and again. This is not just one random rumours, and then it becomes oh when they both wearing jeans. Is it possible that the shirts were just changed? Who knows but yeah I mean there's again,
we we talked about that a bit and to me that would almost imply that the killer, redress them right or dress them, it doesn't after me for that. But I resign thereby ngos their size. Wise there are different size, girls and anne, but I could see a situation where the pants were put back on correctly, but maybe the shirts weren't so well, yeah abbeys bayard rumour had zyobite wet shirt, yeah city, it it's a weird rumour, it's one of those it's one things it when you first read that or see that it can't you're like whoa whoa What is this and then I really think about it. I'm like what we have very short window of time and theirs it answered. A lot of things might have had to take place during that short window of time. I don't know
I don't know that we have the time to redress the victim and get that wrong. Afterward yeah I I dunno and and again the source that I have gone back to. I brought this up and again it was something that they just didn't. come on, but nor my that look, like I said, there's been several times were I've said o me have asked questions and I want to comment on it and then on my man it was. It was correct so Yes, I should assume that well and for anybody out there wondering where we're coming up with this info, because you know I'm sure somebody's went well They have not released even the cause of death for either girl David They ve not released very many things true to the crime scene right. So what is it?
stuff, you're, even talking about well the way that this works. For my understanding is that some of keep in mind there were search parties out they're. Looking for these girls. Some of these rumours are believed to have stemmed from people that were actually involved in the search yeah and may found the girls or may have been And there was a team across the creek at the same time that the team on the other side found the girls? that we have this whole thing where we have multiple people. There in that area may have seen something that's not been released to the public and may have spoken told somebody else of what they saw, what they witnessed during those search, once again or again we have just made up stuff right, but from from people else, that are that are claiming to have heard something jabez. Also such a small town,
three thousand thirty five hundred people- you have the like ants just light like we ve talked a little bit about it, but late the pike county martyrs. It happen In an area where I used to work but a long time ago, work one day a week in that in that town and just knowing some people from that town The are rumours I heard heard word, not things that you would hear. I may, I would admit, made a fascinating polly. Ten part episodes on the rumours that I heard you you heard like ours, rumours we're talking and each detail pitting entailing the theories yeah with me. Their names and motives and why they did this and why they did that. Why, when I was still what still going on today that in relation to this specific theory- and you heard multiple theories, it so from what I've taken three hours to explain and then
Then, when the news broke that they solved, it is none of them. It was none of those theories. There was a hair the owl try me. The long story short. Basically, there are tons of these murmurs based off of this guy than I worked for. And there was all these weird rumour surrounding- and I worked for him for a long time, so I ended up calling him after I heard all these rumours and ask him what he thought it was because this guy I was very close to the family, every member of that family, adult wise, actually worked for him at some point. You know as like a freelance contractor or whatever and He simply said to me that he thought the involvement. This was all based around the custody of of that girl and when he said that,
and in this guy, is a guy that he likes to exaggerate everything. So you would think that he would want to tell these crazy tall tales. He said no simply think it was a dispute based off of a custody and then once they arrested the family up in alaska, that's pretty much what it all you know, the pike county murders was all about, is that custody issue, and so so it's strange, I heard a million rumors and they were fascinating and there were great tall tales and and that's what I'm afraid that is going to start happening here. Well, I mean in a sense it has a little bit where you have all these people that are now considered suspects by the public and then never publicly cleared by law enforcement, I'm guessing they ve checked these people. probably not too interested in a lot of them, but you molly. Did you have that with the arrest of certain individuals? You also have
that, with the search warrant that were being filed and executed very quickly after this, this case broke right right, so that the first one that hit the news was a a home, a property on bicycle bridge, road was searched on February sixteenth three days after they went missing two days after they were found. This location is a proxy. the five miles from the mountain high bridge. A nine minute drive the area this was searched, and I don't know I don't know what outcome was, I mean. Obviously no arrests were made in this in this search, but then you have another search that took place in a town called Peru. Indiana this one took place on February. Twenty five
This is a different, a good amount away. This is thirty seven miles away of fifty six minutes drive from the bridge, the third sir took place in lebanon, which I think one of the one of the suspects or one of the suspects friends that we were talking about last week. Garrett Kurtz young was from lebanon, which is not so. This is my note say. Fifty four miles is the fastest rout And the in so this would be an hour six minute drive from the bridge. I do want to point out with. Lebanon search the the papers were saying that they were uncertain of the the exact date that the search warrant was executed, certain of the exact address known which makes me wonder if it is in fact connected to the delphi murders or if it was just a search that was executed and people people's minds.
What were we fill in the blanks and in that's what they came up with, but lastly, one that was connected was the fourth search and probably the most public of all. Four searches was in delphi, run ronald blowguns property, but they didn't execute that sort search war until march seventeenth. Now we all know that logan eventually gets arrested for illegal operating his vehicle, but this is a guy, if he's not can did which I dont think that he, I don't think he looks like bridge guy. I dont think his physical description looks like bridge guy. facial or hair, looks anything like what seeing on that little bit a little bit of footage on Liddy's phone. So if this guy's not connected he's, been looked at very thorough Only he's been arrested on other charges. We have to believe that if, in fact they are well, he would have it.
Rested before you would be required to give the dna. I guess. I'm assuming now that he's in prison that did they have that. We know that his properties been search, but one thing I did, I didn't at two real well with the the footage on Liddy's phone. I that you probably have a lot of audio. Want to get in lahti earlier and just a second, the reason why I think that we only have a very short period of actual video that we can watch in view, as opposed to you have the inside of her shirt pocket her pants pocket is look. The video that they released is not great remember, I said: maybe the bridge guy got lucky that his his appearance is true. Appearance is not well depicted in that short camera footage, and maybe investigators just got unlucky with that.
Even though Libby did her best to try to out this guy, maybe we're only seeing that short clip, because that might be close to what all that they have you have to believe that they would show us one of the better versions of of of him right. Right because they could pull the audio out. Yes, show us the image and here's what I also wonder to captain we're goin back to the odd you might have that there might be a part of the the tricky part of not answering these questions for the public they go now. You gotta have more video right. Well, we can't confirm that or deny it they're not lying, they may have more video, which is thirty, nine minutes, forty minutes a video is, is unworkable. Riots blacktop yeah and then on top of that. So so for the audio them
go. What do you have more audio while they might, but here's my opinion too, if, if you, if this guy, if bridge guy, had a gun, if he had a firearm, there might be, a decent amount of talking at the very early parts of that abduction and the close they get to the murder part of the abduction. The less talking is going to go on at least from the perpetrator. In my mind, he's gonna direct them as he goes and unless they are, unless they are trying to talk him out of whatever he's going to do there. not be a ton of audio from him. Now I do find some of this stuff regarding cell phones to be very, very interesting in this.
So what we were able to determine and find was actual footage of mike paddy he's the grandfather of of Libby east east walking the night that they are missing, he's being interviewed for the news the night that they are missing and he stopped about they have already checked her snapchat and her social media. So as terrifying is is to think about. We do know that by that point before midnight that night, his family, the germane family, the german family, aims. I had seen this chat photo taken from two o seven p m of abbe the bridge by their apply. Far on snapchat like they were connected yeah yeah, and so during that same interview is when he says that her phone had pinged around town a couple of times.
He does go on to say he see here his exact words I don't know exactly what time their interview was taking place inside. I dont think that it was law I think it was filmed and then played in the interview he saying that the phone went dead, stopped pinging about four or five hours ago and at broadcast that I'm talking about it came out before midnight that night, so this is where everybody got all worked up and got all concerned about the mike patties words a couple things. Some people came out and said all the family had levies, phone, no Stop what he says: listen to his words. He says we were checking her social media accounts. We were checking things that we
check without having her phone. My thought is because of her age they either had our passwords and her login information more. They followed her right right, so they could then to see which supposed it. But I think that I think it's more in depth. I think they pray had her long in formation or passwords but also thing, maybe if they didn't now that the sister now and then the that way, they can just check that stuff go because they how are they gonna have? How are they going to have her phone? The night did they? missing when they have even been found yet right right, but That's the thing, though people mishear things and other than double checking it that sometimes people are dupe right. They just role where they just run with it. There like. Oh, he said they. of her phone and then then then pick their like. Well, that's weird! Why would
and you know then they're starting to think that the families involved the families not involved. Ok, the family didn't kill these girls, but the direct family that we know of that yeah. But but but again, then, there's not a lot of suspicious on the outs. members are the same, but even even take that a step further than they are not. Ring for anybody either right. You know I mean there there is no realistic reason to believe anybody would cover for anybody. If, if you have those ties to the victims, it just doesn't make any sense, so so they didn't have her phone. We know that It's just something that people miss red people misunderstood and created that rumour and then on top of that, with it pinging with her phone pinging. In than one location through town, it wasn't the phone and travelling around that night.
It wasn't going anywhere and, as kelsey later explains in her youtube video. The town so small that ensue areas. If you walk from one side of your property to the other side of your property, your pick, your phone will pay off, two different towers, because that's just just though, if you look at the cell phone how're information in that area. It makes sense, We only makes sense ray, and I think this is not information that should this new. I think this is information that that they probably got from fbi or rules of some kind of law enforcement. Now the other thing with that, though, to then some people go well, the the german family. They seem to be going in a panic mode very quickly, it was only a very short period of time that you know we're talking. We talked about the timeline the other day, it's the longest that you can stretch now is less than two hours from drop off time,
two to the time, where you're almost in full search mode, your ear, a little over two hours or now alerting other family members. New family birds are showing up to the scene, looking for the little girls and then by five thirty, seven very earliest that they got dropped off one thirty one, thirty, five one, forty somewhere in that time range and then reported miss to the police by five thirty- that night, some people suggesting that They sounding the alarm very quickly, but think the problem that is Earl, it's a little and I dont think people were putting enough thought into it, so you know, when you- and I did you- and I did the exercise last week where we were replaying this scenario out loud talking through, but we're going. Ok, well what What happened in this situation? Okay, so Derek the father goes to pick them up It was arranged tat. They would be picked up around the time that Derek arrived and then on to
but that he tried calling her at least twice. Nobody answer the phone he walks around looking for them on the trails does not find them and then if Becky Becky's, the grandmother who gave permission to levy to go to that area. There day, provided that she had some one to drop them off and someone to pick them up and that those the drop off and pick up or pre arranged. That was part of the rules. So as soon as he notifies Becky, it's a very quick call from beche de kelsey to go. Did it? Did you in fact drop the girls off still with the girls, and then you hear from kelsey, yes! they were dropped off. No, I met my boyfriend's boyfriend thousand getting ready to go to work. It's not crazy to believed how much longer after that, do they see the snapchat photo of a video proof, evidence picture evidence of b on the bridge- and then you're there look informing you're gone, oh my god. They they were here. Nobody seen em what the hell's
went on and mind you it's february. Why he's. Gonna get dark between five thirty in six o clock at night Glenn. I also think from her judges have gut feeling right, if the filling is tonia, something bad happened or is the picture of bridge guy also in this snapchat feed. So you see some pictures of them at the park, you see them gone over the bridge and then the next picture you see is just a verb a man who would be alarming for any terrify where any parental figure Well, I'm not only that even if they didn't see him on any of the of her social media stuff. which which I don't, I don't think that they did. But again we don't. We can't say one percent Mike patty arrives on the scene around five o clock. We know that once he gets there, he goes to the mirrors property and on the mirrors property he's calling a friend of his who is a police officer. We don't know what
conversation is, but you don't have to have much bigger of a brain than I got to figure out, they probably talked about. It's probably a and calling in asking for advice, go and look man. I'm over here by mountain high bridge over park area been looking for, granddaughter we can't find her. We only after her off about one thirty, two one, forty five, so it's not been that long. What I do. Should I reporter missing? Should I just sit tight? What do I do, and that is the price We got some good friend advice. You saying you know it. You got nothing to lose by reporting her messing brain the hopeful. You report her missing and you find her fifteen minutes later and we can call the whole thing off, but it was right it was getting. It was going to get dark though, and it was february and yes, I don't think you think I answer of me. We live in an age that we're all connected, and so you can take some they'll text back within minutes ready,
call she's, not responding. Anything- and I know I went on this long rant captain, but you said the most important thing out of that whole that whole deal there. It's a little girl, it's a child it. Child? So, as your baby, I mean it doesn't matter, look of it could be a twenty year old that went missing when it's your baby. It's it's man that their twenty or thirty or forty years over whatever they are right. Let's do it. If you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it wonderings, newest, podcast, frozen head home? by ashen alina of the hit show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life because for him, death, In the end, it was just the beginning more
his dream to be frozen and brought back to life in the future pulls us into a cryonics soap. Opera filled with dead pets, grenades, family feuds huh. Of fame baseball legends and frozen heads. Lots of frozen heads the story about the desire to avoid death, the links that people will go to make that a reality and what it means. to be alive to begin with? Less, the latest. Episodes of frozen head were ever you find your favorite pod guest now. I did see some reports regarding cell phones, okay, so and I'm not talking about libby or abbe cell phone, I'm talking cell phones of persons who were in the area around the moaning high bridge that day within that short, window of time of when they went missing, maybe maybe
back it up a few hours beforehand, maybe even back it up an hour and a half, or so afterwards, they are interested in the car that could have been there as long as from noon to five, so that the report that I saw about this. I found it to be incredibly interesting because it a kind it can take you down to different roads here ray so that the statement that I saw was that they being long, they being law enforcement, have reviewed everybody's phones that were pinging in that general area. Dave spoke to all of those individuals, so that can take you two ways with with your thinking on who are who is bridge guy? did he not bring a phone with him or org? I guess have turned off did. Did he not bring a farm with them to that area that day down or the?
interesting other thought about. That is remember the statement from the last press conference on April. Twenty second where they very clearly say. We may have spoken to you of already bridge guy when they're talking abridge guy We may have already talk to you and then you go so that works both ways that that state, probably very true? They spoke to everybody cellphone who was pinging in that area that day and it's either one of two things I did this guy didn't bring his phone with them or They ve already interviewed him yeah
So two things one. If the individual turn their phone off before they got into the area that is a well organised person would make me feel I could be difficult for them to get caught, also discipline. I would think that, even if this is the first attack were the first murders by this individual that they their discipline enough to wait out for the right opportunity, but back to what you're saying about the press conference when he says they might be in this room. I think that's like this curious line of hope
you know we might have talked to you. You might be in this room right now and I think that's the that. Every time I watch data press conference it gives you chills and, and just like the weird weird actions or not. I don't want to say weird but like there's a there's, a nervousness in his presentation where he kind of wander to if see somebody, that's making them that way. While the strange prescott, the yeah that was you- and I talked about that within our where's or even a couple days of that press conference, and one thing you were pointing out you're like well when he said this person. Might and be in the room. Is somebody in the room that he is mean specifically the he saw somebody in the room that he does not like for any number reasons whether there, not being cooperative in the investigation, or there are some other form of d
bag or whatever is, is he just the upset with that person's presence or do we have a situation where they really done their homework. On this and said you know what we ve talked about the strategy of the super cup. We ve talked about the strategy of power. Luckily calling the killer a coward and called him a loser and all other different kinds of things. You can call em there's strategy, and that is there any Where he's going, you know what I have to play a specific role during this speech during this press conference and could that had been too much form Maybe couldn't have put him on edge a little bit. Maybe I thought. He did a hell of a job I dont know exactly what he was supposed to be portraying there, but I think that that was. I think words of that we're not only planned out, I think where they appeared in order was exe dreamily timed out planet as well.
Think his demeanor was somewhat decided upon in advance that you know doc be afraid, a lean into the podium to look aggressive right, don't be afraid to appear to get angry. certain points during your statement. Don't don't afore don't be afraid to to throw out a sentence. and leave a long pause between. So the next one don't be afraid to be thea ethical with some other. I think there is a lot a lot going on there. It's I you know I I want to give him a lot of kudos there because, as for one person to do, yeah. There were other law enforcement, their present that day, obviously lot bottom to stay. In the background and in this guy had to do it all by himself with the with the whole the whole presentation there. and I thought he did a fantastic job, but I but it so goes back to what you are
talking about earlier the the motives at that of operation, the organised. Could this killer be? Personally, I think he's probably extremely organised to the point where I thank you. Land out- wary parked his vehicle. I think that I think he put thought into not only stepping foot. Onto the crime scene, but also fleeing the crime scene- The placement of his vehicle was thought out is such that it has a bode well for both of those scenarios, then, on top of that think the reason for the baggy clothing on top and in the multiple Here's on top is he brought every with him that day to kill somebody hebrew everything that he thought he was going to need. that scenario to kill somebody in its all concealed under those layers and that my another reason why he may appear to be shabbier or more heavy said, then what are you actually is and again
might just be getting a bad, a bad look at this guy and again, I think they're giving us the best look that they got from her her footage there there is one interesting part in their views, really slow that that that small clip down there's a part where it looks like somebody may have blocked something out from that picture. They may may for just a split second, that we saw something that the like is not supposed to see, I dont know if it would have been a weapon or or something else, it would have to be something significant and wouldn't be. Something there's no way for them too, to disguise this individual anyway. So they're not trying to to stop us from seeing him versing bridge guy, but think that their concealing something there, that might be the gun He approached the girls The other thing that I want to address here, real quick is, is a couple things. We john Douglas. You know my hero near
material john douglas year may here still said that the waves world were not worthy hanno rascal I saw a short interview with him after the for twenty two press conference and look It was one of those interviews. You ever see like an interview where the jobs just stand, and there is supposed to be just a casual work, quick interview, but you ever see one where they they have the interview. They have clearly brought it. to the new station, they ve cut it up. The way to we want to cut it up, but instead of just letting you view the entire interview there you're. Getting the news anchor the just talks the whole time, and they show very quick little sure of his. I would have loved to have heard everything he had to say about his thoughts. who bridge guy is and what's going on with the investigation, but the one thing he did say, which would was fascinating, but it's also not like it is not like the most brilliant thought that nobody else would have thought of
when he heard the audio of guys down the hill guys down the hill. he was saying that that the casualness, of choosing the word guys it. He said it almost fell to him like it was somebody that was used to talking to people of that age down addressing group of people in that age and he almost felt like it was like like something he would expect to hear a teacher say guys, look come come august ever yet guys cut it out guys. It's time to come and see you know something like that. I found that interesting one for for multiple reasons, but but one just the simple fact of who would in available at that same time, bridge guy, that's the thing in their profile when they're talking about identifying who the suspect could be, who bridging I could be. This is somebody that was
unaccounted for for a certain period of time on February thirteen, two thousand and seventeen. This is somebody who have may have made up an excuse why they were account. four during that time, here's the other problem. This is where law enforcement may have just got on lucky. This also may be a guy. They did not need to be accounted for. That day, for any number of reason Maybe he doesn't have anybody the answer to Maybe he has nobody alone. He alone works for himself was unemployed you know, there's there's a bunch of reasons why he wouldn't have anybody to answer to yeah and a garage yeah yeah with his friend with Even I can't remember what day it is, but no These are all reasons why law enforcement might just peace simply unlucky. At this moment and bridge guy is getting lucky. He here
Eight bridge guy. His luck will run out. His luck will run out, but the reason why point this out is there is starting to be as soon as a second sketch came out. There are starting to be. Lotta people that have concern now, with the investigation and with the state of the investigation was seems like incompetence right right and an eye look. I don't know what to make of the two sketches, I'm just pointing out that it's possible that What some people may be thinking is them being incompetent. Might just be bad luck at the moment. Might just be bad luck at the moment, The other thing to that I want to point out with being, or eyes or disorganized again, I think whatever he thought. going to need to carry out this crime he brought within that day. He brought with it that was on his person. Now that tells you several things about the the make up of this individual
He may have very likely have gone there with the intention of killing that day. We don't know what else he did to the victims, but we also can expect that he went in their planning that he was going to kill two victims that day It might not have been part of his plan. It might just have been like stated earlier that he was looking for. Someone put themselves in a compromise position at the other side of that bridge. and if he was lookin for a female. He does not have to be had a file or registered sex offender to have committed these murders. He may, just been looking for a female mayor. Even gone there hoping to see an adult female jogger by themselves, an attack them but did not did not find his victim. did not find whoever fit his victim ology, and he saw
two girls who I think his victim here victim ology is more so of whoever would be compromised, would be alone and would be give him the better percentage of getting away with this rather than having us a specific victim in mind, does that make sense, or did I get too weird with it? I think it makes sense, basically you're saying that he's going to go there he's going to find the opportunity, as long as They fit a certain criteria, that's good enough, yet because I've had many good conversations with several people over great beers on this case cause this case is so captivating Now it's on everybody's minds, and some of them bob said. Well, you know
not only do we have the video and the audio, but we know that we're looking for a killer. We know that we're looking for a pedophile. I don't think that we know that. I don't think we know that that last part or even a I don't even think if we know the first part, I think you know to be on these trails. Let's go down this road, it's the first second to go on those trails you have you. Might you might just be a individual that carries a gun with you to to go on
trails to be outdoors person. He might just carry a knife with you. Is it? Is it possible? I I I I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility after two years, with all the information that we have, we have video footage. We have audio footage. We have the sketches. We have eye witnesses. We have a lot of things going on there. Is it possible that that this individual? Ah, this was their first time, ah and- and this has been their only time so far- because how how scared they are now that they're going to get caught well, certainly possible and yeah. I don't want to play the possibility game cause. There's Then everything is boss. You get into trouble, I like to look at what we, what we think we know, but what we do know first, what we think we know it, We can surmise by putting other facts together
but I will try and put out their evidence em into me that It means something that where this far along, we have this many people talking about it, and sometimes it feels as if we have nothing you know. So like I'm saying it's not out of the realm of possibility that somebody's on the trail that day with certain items and but but bauer, I think this personally. I think this guy had a kill kit with him I think it was concealed underneath those layers of clothing, and I don't think it's the first time that he threw that kill kitt in vehicle or put it on his person and went walkin around. I. I agree with with your statement that he pick. very likely may have never killed anybody before in my handsome afterward joy. Douglas says you don't just wake up one day and go out and kill two kids, so I think I think, what's probably career
does somewhere between your statement and John Douglas s statement, I'm gonna go of my esteem Here's the thing, wives, his credentials. If, if this guy is bridge guy is was eighteen or nineteen at that I remember we have, we have from eighteen to forty years, if he was eighteen or nineteen at the time I'm gone go with you, captain that its very likely that he's never committed these were committed murder before, if he's clean, sort of thirty nine or forty at the time. I feel like he either committed murder. Before, or has attempted to or or attack somebody in some some fashion, where maybe maybe he was out scare, the hell out of people one day or and it doesn't have to take place in delphi, it could take place elsewhere. It's it's just one of those things it. It seems very strange to me that
for what I believe he would have need to have brought with him to the bridge that day seems like a lot, seems like a quite a bit of stuff to bring with you to the point where I I have to call it a murder kit, I have to call it that so I necessarily don't the year to bring lot. Many have you had a gun? You can control them, but based off their age, maybe control them just with a knife. Maybe all you have to do is have one individual and then the other ones is going to do what you say, because we have their individual under lock. So you could control both victims with a knife, that's a possibility riskier, but as far as what we now, we don't know what the person's islam light they
if the murders happen where they happen because cause they had to happen that place and or that you know, or that the guy got spooked. We don't know any of that information. I mean it's very likely that that's the case. Ah, where was he to head in with these individuals? Maybe it was just across the river. Maybe it wasn't he These are questions we dont having answers for you and I and I don't want to go too far down the road. We're currently on because look I we we. We know that he abducted them at some point we know that they were killed and we know that he fled, fled that area. I don't want to spend too much time on what could have happened. What could have been going on from the timing? He abducted him to the time he left I have a lot of thoughts on that. And in an feelings on that and suspicions. But I don't. I don't.
It's not something that I'm very comfortable in this area. Discussing it it it does not a whole lot of good causes stuff. We don't. We just don't know right, we just don't know, but I I will say this. I believe that this individual, that bridge, I went to that area that day prepared to kill and knowing that he very likely might kill somebody there. That day, I dont think that the girls were targeted and since that he met them there or that he followed them from anywhere.
But he knew either of them beforehand. I think he was their scoping and looking for a victim just like a hunter would sit there. Looking waiting for a prey, he was there that day prepared to do what he came to do and if something presented itself, he was going to make a move. So I think he can be considered organised in the sense that that he He seems to be one prepared to do whatever it was that the he was motivated to do. He was organized enough that we don't have a vehicle description. He you can argue the cell phone thing either way. Maybe he was smart enough to know that I don't want to Bringing these things with me. Or is there a chance he thought he heard something or he got spooked and in an intended to to take the cell phones with them, but
spooked and ran out of their faster than he wanted to, and then he gets back to us our gets home or wherever in in a half hour, Ladys going odd fuck. I forgot the cell phones, so I think you can argue that either way- or he was smart enough to know that he didn't want that that thing with him. It also appears that he very likely may not have been carrying his phone with him at the time. I don't know this that this is it's it's it's a very interesting case in the sense that It's one that you feel like you should have so much information, and you really you really just don't And when you really put the timeline together and you start looking at a map of this area, I encourage everybody to do that, because of buddy sitting there in their confused about the case, that should end it right there. The timeline line and in a general map of of the area will provide you
with a lot of ways to it's. Gonna help you kind of see how this thing probably played out and how very quickly, we moved along that day. It's also one hundred percent horrifying and terrifying. To think that look this wasn't this. Was not a dangerous area. This was not like a place at you. Allow your ya. teenage girls to go to. This was somebody that- and I think that's why he chose this area. I think it shows a fork. for reasons one. I think he thought he would very likely find somebody by themselves only would they be by themselves, but this is an area that it's not like. you not see in a lot of what's goin on you're, not
you're a whole bunch of houses where you might hear what's going on and then on top of that he picks. It picks up time of day when it's likely to have fewer full there than than most he may or may not have known that there is going to be school that day or not be school that day so here we are now captain over two years later you and I there's nothing more that I know about the case that you dont know there might be some things you you were kind of you can't just let me go. This last twenty minutes, I'm wondering if there's things about the case, you know that I dont know well, there's a possible another suspect that has come.
the under surface eg, another guy with a bulbous nose, and he he's the. I believe he was a firefighter and he, I guess at some point, was to be connected with the searches for the girls and he was arrested for I think weapon as he whipped out his dark innocuous since exposure yeah patent. AL recent is this arrest? I haven't looked much into it again. This is he look. It is placing lafayette, ok, so he's clean, The under the radar as far as the mass population goes right, because all these people their names have been put out. There really put out there. so he's under the radar as far as mass population goes, but is his name, but I'm not I'm not put right
It is this a more recent arrest was he is he just very recently and under the radar suspect her or has he been in under the radar suspect for quite some time either he's been under the rider for quite some time. Indecent. Exposure may have may have happened shortly after the may have happened as early as two thousand seventeen, but that's I find it interesting about this. Individual is one I could see him began bridge guy. I could see that also, if, if it's true about the the reddish hair reddish brown hair matches that district scripting also has the bulbous knows,
so yeah- it would be a possibility, not too young and not to old of individual, but I'll show. You is picture when one word on here. I know it's muffled, but when you hear that voice, do you put an age or a ball park age on that voice?. Now I feel like to me. I feel like both the image that I'm seeing an the voice. It I'm hearing sounds to me to be less of a window than eighteen. Forty. I feel like I'm talking about somebody morley twenty nine to forty thirty to forty, that's just but. I have nothing to base that off of one of the other. My own feeling, but my speaking of feelings
Over two years later, you and I know almost the exact same stuff about the case after the last press conference- some people too Their opinions on, what's going on with the investigation, do you think, do you feel how? What is your confidence level on this case getting solved or, as some have come out recently and said, I have no faith now and I feel like they. They may never get this guy or what I'm hoping is. I saw this thing where that they should make t shirts and sell these for delphi to raise. But they always say today is the day and they say that they say that every day he lifted it. Let today be the day right today is the day, and- and
ideas that yeah they ve been wrong quite a bit, but one day that's gonna be right, and you know it, sir. I think it's you feel bad form and we ve met them. We got to talk the talk to them and look them in the eye and and that becomes more real and. I can even mad when what, when you see them, do you want to be more specific while the family? We are only members and saw, I hope so, but I say what I hope is that there is enough, I hope, from the family and the community that somehow it to slip the universe work If you don't work, it's magic and and this screws up something and and nowhere you know it's kind of like the golden state killer type thing: it's like somehow
universe was like okay. Now we can connect dna to family members and boom this guy. That seem to be some of that, wouldn't we'd never catch. We got him and- and I hope that know people can- I know that seems le hocus pocus to some people, but I think if you have them enough people thinking that this is going to solve the well well, we all hope that did it get solved. I think that The real question is: do do either of us feel that will what's our confidence level, that it will. How soon do do you put to you put a time stamp on that thing? you know, there's really only one person that hopes that it doesn't get solved and dance. Guy that were calling bridge guy now I feel I have not lost my confidence level in this investigation of not law my covenants level, even after a different sketch, a very much different sketch came out,
I wouldn't mind seeing captain if they could apply for us. we have a sketch of what appears to be a younger man. That being the second sketch, I would love to see that second sketch that same image that same person that I'm I'm seeing in that second sketch, maybe with a hood, on a hat on a hoodie on some some dry. That appears to be more like the first sketch because What we are seeing on the bridge. There is a guy we're in a jacket and simply a hat or possibly a hurry. I would like to see something like that. what did take a little little criticism of not playing the audio of guys down the hill few people had suggested. We probably should have included that in the last episode I n. Short for indiana I and dot gov. If
type that in and look it up, you get you get the you get the sketch the most recent sketch you get the image of bridge guy. You get several different pieces of audio they're all on the front page. You get the video and it also includes that website address For the abbey and Libby tipp at sea, a ceo s, age are dot com as well as some phone numbers there, but keep in mind. The sheriff have stated that they were there third method of receiving any tips would be email, male form that way it's easier for them to categorizing things, catalogued them keep track of everything. Keep track of the poor for information. That would be the most helpful way. I still feel like captain. Maybe this thing could be solved. I have a high level of confidence in that. I also have a high confidence level that it did
be very soon, then that it could be within the next year and a half. I think we just have to be patient with law enforcement this entrust them. I think they are handling it very well, and I think that is also the public continues to help that this thing will get solved and and when they do finally make that arrest, that news is going to be big. That's going to be big, and it's it's interesting that you reference. The golden state killer her ears are the original nice stocker all the different now that that horrible monster had because his reign of terror lasted so long and he had so many victims, but was believed in that case the that we had audio we and we had his voice that we may have had his picture and just the
since it was involved- and that was almost as such- that people were gone? How could this not be solved? How could this not be solved and here we are sitting here with libyan abbeys case same thing: we got the picture gap, Are we got a short video it? It just takes that one per and I know that sounds. I know people probably tired of hearing that, but that's that's what it is that the state of the case right now. I believe at the dna, I believe just waiting on checking it against the right person and. I also believe in this case to captain this is something we won't have to get too far into, but we all agreed off off the record that there's a chance when this thing, when they do make, though the arrest that the public might not be, such aware of it right away that there might be some.
Things that they need to do want to do behind the scenes before that information gets presented to us yet be clear about this idea was that possible that they have somebody that they already arrested for another crime, and maybe they ve done some testing or or eventually will do some testing. But even if there is a match for the dna, they might not actually make announcement. They might spend another four weeks to maybe even eight weeks a minute's gone two years. The key is not making their arrest like law enforcement said. The key is not to make the rest The key is to make the rest and get a conviction right, and if you have somebody there is on lock up right now with no no real. chance of getting out any time soon. You
have time to work on the individual. If there's there is reason to believe- and we won't get into a too far but there's there's plan I have reason to believe that, even if they do have dna and have a match there, that they would not mind having a confession on top of that for further evidence, and I'll be, of myself and the captain. Thank you all for listening. Thank you all for telling a friend thank you to this week. Sponsors join us. Here in the garage next week. Until then, please be good, be kind dauntless.
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