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Delphi Murders /// Part 1 /// 110

2017-05-30 | 🔗

Delphi Murders /// Part 1 /// 110


The double murder case of two Delphi, Indiana teenagers has left the Carrol County community on edge as law enforcement search for a killer. This is the investigation into the disappearance & murders of 14 year old Liberty German and 13 year old Abigail Williams. Tips and information can be submitted anonymously to 844-459-5786 or email - AbbyandLibbyTip@CaCoShrf.com

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This is true crime, the right this is the case, the delphi murder, the nearly twenty four hours, of course, since they were reported missing thirteen year olds liberty.
In Abigail Williams, last seen around one o clock Monday afternoon near the Mona high bridge that abandoned rail bridge just outside of delphi news, eighteens bread open, I'm joins us now live from Karel county were that search continues at this hour, bread Jeff, like you said, liberty, german and Abigail Williams were last seen yesterday afternoon when they were dropped off near that bridge. Nothing had made arrangements to be picked up. I think- we members later that afternoon, but they never showed up staging area has been set up at the delphi fire department and since I've been here, I've seen hundreds of people come in and out of this staging area, we are told that volunteers will be sent out in group where they will come the area on efforts to find these two girls, I was able to actually ketchup Abigail Williams, mother, anna williams- and she says she is amazed by the outpouring of support from the community. I also spoke with the carroll county sheriff. Lesbian. He says they are working with officials on getting an amber alert issued. Just in the last couple.
hours. I've been at this stage in area I've seen and spoke from. On two years that don't even livin karel county, including one man from west lafayette who came over and joined the search. He said he has a teenage daughter himself and wanted to do what he could to make sure those girls make it home safe, the. Well, as you heard in the trailer there, we have two missing girls, and this is a very popular case. Right now it's it's on the news. Maybe you ve seen the billboards, but in fi Indiana there's been a homicide. Theirs, two homicides of teenage girls, and went missing on Monday february, thirteenth later that weak, the bar These are found its rules. aside in there looking for the guy or killers did committed these crimes. A thing here is
this is actually very different from what we would normally cover and I know it doesn't sound so different right away, but when I say February Teeth, I mean February thirteen, two thousand and seventeen usually we don't cover cases this recent. This is a very not just Ongoing investigation like we see and allow the cold cases that we ve covered, but this is an investigation that is, it is very hot right now it's it's it's heated there is a massive nationwide search for a suspect and there's a couple. Things have become pretty difficult for us to produce a show about this case. One law enforcement, keeping alive things to their vast that way, when they do have a suspect that they can charge they'll be more likely that they can actually get a conviction So I think that smart on law enforcement, but it's hard to produce a show, rob talking about this case. The other thing is there
So there's not a lot of evidence out there there's a bunch of weird speculation, ah, and there is nobody arrested yet correct. It was a case that we were getting request from all over the country to cover this thing late february and as relatively close to us, probably the biggest case in MID west, and we, right now, and we kept talking about covering it, because this is something we are incredibly passion about as the cap as it were closed to where this took place there, an ongoing investigation that we ve been keeping up with in the news in trying to keep. Track of ourselves the problem, We weren't really equipped to cover it in late february there and a whole lot of information out there. Now we sit here in may and maybe not that much more information that's been released since then, but we feel
the obligation to cover at this time there they're hunting the sky. I believe they can find him and we'd like to do our part. Yeah on our part, is just the you know shed some light on this case. in the put it on the desk of some armchair detectives. Talk about the timeline. Talk about some theories, maybe some suspects, Maybe somebody out. There could add some value to the case. Well, it startled the timeline regarding the disappearance investigation regarding the murders of young liberty and abigail to birth, to provide you with a little bit of background This all starts on monday of february thirteenth. This is the carol county schools. They only have a half day of school, scheduled for this day, so only classes for the first half of the day, because the rest of the day they ve schedule some teacher conference, and staff meetings. At one p m, a family member drops off the girls the trail near the moaning bridge. Now this
an abandoned railroad bridge over dear creek, around five thirty, I am the girls failed to show up at a predetermined location to be picked up by a family member. The family law for the girl searching the immediate area when they turn up nothing. The girls are then reported missing. So almost immediately, these two girls are reported missing that night, large search effort involving volunteers and multiple law enforcement agencies well, it's under way they scout the area and an attempt to and liberty and Abigail. The search is then called off due to darkness, and that's that none of this is too weird. At first great, we ve all been dropped off by a your apparent. Maybe you and your friend are going to go to the mall. Maybe you're going to see a movie. Your parents are gonna drop you off and we'll go meet meet up at this time now before the before the age of cell phones. You know that'd be way different because you couldn't text, there was a.
I know in the pleasure snafu yes, so this is simple there, but we have a gap of meat. Roughly four and a half hours gather girls, we're gonna go out and enjoy the weather. That day was unseasonably warm for february in Indiana, and they were gonna go out hiking for a while they're supposed to be picked up at five. Thirty p m there. Nowhere to be found so our midnight that night, the carol county sheriff this is tobin, lays and be. He says that they are going to call off the search. You know it's getting very dark out. At that time. They they had no reason to expect or suspect, foul play or believe, the girls were in any immediate danger. Now, they're big concern. At this point would be exposure to the elements because it is a february night and even though the day was quite warm, it's going to get quite cold that night and the girls were hiking just outside the town of delphi, which has a very small population of
three thousand smaller community, and even though that the search was called off around midnight now, some sort. is lingered and its believed that they were still searching the area until about two thirty, that morning now, tuesday february, fourteenth early tuesday morning, the search results resumes with with teams of volunteers. They have police officers. The effort also includes canine mutants and dive teams. Around noon searchers find two bodies. This is about a half mile to quarter of a mile away from the bridge that they were. They were walking on They were dropped off nearby right, solicit. Keep this clear, dropped off on monday, roughly about one p m to go hiking people search Monday night. They can't find anybody, they don't find the girls Come back tuesday and roughly in the afternoon, they find the bodies of the two girls. Yeah right around noon. On that tuesday, now at two p m
is it a new conference takes place. This is all the authorities involved. You have the carol county sheriff. You have the city of delphi, police chief and in Indiana state police official. They announced the discovery of the bodies, but they give no indication of their identities. They say for the first time that I'll play is suspected in connection with the case when pushed by media. As to why foul play is expected, a public relations officer simply says they suspect foul play, because the way the bodies were found, meaning just immediate obvious signs of a foul play to those people that found the bodies right and they're not release in. If there was any trauma what kind of wounds There were right. There were if there were any wounds. If there was anything I'm strangulation our aid, not release in any of that. There's no specifics! Now. I believe it was fire fighters
may have found the bodies and even though the sheriff and the state police do not immediately identify the found bodies, I believe when the fire- matters radioed this and they said we found missing girls, and it's not good. At four p m on tuesday delphi community schools, superintendent, gregory bridles releases a statement saying that the bodies found in the afternoon are those of the two missing delphi community middle school students, and is no confirmation from police he's stating that its it girls. We were looking for brian as a grief. Counselor will be made available to students and staff, and he says that school security will be stepped up and all of the after school activities at fi, community middle will be can't for the remainder of the week and a local methodist church is going to hold a candlelight vigil again. At this point, law enforcement is not making the statements or the claims that these are the missing
girls correct because on Wednesday february, fifteenth at eight a m. The autopsies are conducted in terror haute regarding the bodies discovered during tuesday search now, their local long. forcemeat and authorities are going to hold a meeting afterwards. This is around ten a m on Wednesday reilly with the indiana state police provides a brief update on the investigation. He says that the autopsies are complete, but he declines to confirm the identities or discuss a suspect or person of interest. In the case he says, police have received hundreds of tips from the community, and he advises parents to keep a close eye on their children and monitor their whereabouts at three
On that same day, indiana state police, in the carol county sheriffs department, hold a news conference confirming that the bodies found on tuesday are those of the liberty and Abigail. They say the case is being investigated as a double homicide. They say, don't believe that there is any immediate danger to the community. That same night is seven yeah. I'm indiana state police release a photo of a man, reportedly walking on the trail around the same time of the girls disappearance. Now they never say that this man is a suspect they they supplied a fur. though, of the man- and they say we would like to talk to this guy, we believe we have identified every one that was walking in the area of the time when the girls went missing, but this guy was around that time. We have not identified him. We would like to speak with him. We would like to find out if he has saw anything or maybe he might know something police say they want to talk to this individual
again not calling him assess. How did they get the picture? We will get into that on thursday february sixteenth at six p m police set up a tip line for anyone with information regarding the case, and they can call gate for four four: five: nine five, seven, eight six that tipp line is still working today. They say that they ve had upwards of two hundred fifty tips so far at this point in the investigator, At seven, forty five p m the indiana state police serve a search warrant, connection with the case at home in delphi, but no arrest are made why this is not the only search. That's gonna take place. now, there's their several search warrants that will be issued and executed, because that they're looking for people in the area right and we have one individual where his property that the bodies are found on his property. They will conduct a search of his property as well as his home.
It was also miss reported in the media that they had been multiple search warrants for this guy's property when, in fact was other near by properties that they were searching as well, that the people, because this is a roar area. The media thought that this was still a continuation of his property which which it was not now, there were several search warrants conducted, as we said in all of these. None no arrest. are made at the time there there's one in particular. That was that they will get too he's not arrested regarding crime. And involving the murders or the disappearance of these girls, but policed reminding everyone that they should not be eating rumours or just because somebody is question or somebody their property and searched- did that does not in that they are a suspect in double homicide that there's they still have to conduct a certain level of police.
activity and shit sheriff activity of other things. We're going on before these crimes took place. While this is lot harder to do in such a small the yeah everybody's eyes or watching you now, saturday february teeth. There is a public visitation for the girls. This is held at the delphi, high go non sunday, we're gonna, say a little bit of shifting gears here in the investigation on son february nineteenth the indiana. They police say that the man photograph walking along the trail arise The times of the girls disappearance is a suspect in their deaths data. Again, though, not know the identity of this matter. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to post this picture on our instagram? Now I have to send their thinking eh. I don't have instagram. It's ok go to our website at true crime. Garage dot, com you'll actually see a page that has just the photos from our instagram on it, and you can click on there to see the photograph of the man on the bridge.
Monday february, twentieth police, They are conducting a state wide man hunt for the man seen in the photo and tell every one to continue providing informed. And via the hotlines set up for tips in this case the carol county. Prosecutor. He cautions. fi residents not to harass, bother or accuse anyone actually those who live at home. That was the subject of a search warrant that was served the previous week now on Tuesday february. Twenty first, an official says that the teams death could lead to security changes along the moaning high bridge trail now this is you're goin out, possibly talk about installing security cameras and things like that This is an area that, while it was frequented by high hikers, it's also frequented by teenagers that are just kind hanging out, and you know doing what teenagers do on Wednesday, that you'd have to ask the tea
just one you're saying something: that's pretty telling, as you are saying that what we might be we might have to beef up security on this. This bridge. In this, these hiking paths and we got to do so by adding a camera again so how there Did they get a picture of this guy? Well, that that's perfect, because it leads us to what took place on wednesday on February twenty. Second, the investor Let hold a news conference to update the status of the investigation. Police reveal, liberty, germans, she recorded votes, in audio of the suspected. They are seeking on her cell phone the indiana state police releases. audio recording of a man's voice saying down the hill. Do you have a copy about. We could hear I saw obviously that's not the best quality and it's just a loop of em
insane down the hill on the hill and that's what the law enforcement is providing to the public correct. Now we should assume that that's not the only audio clip that they have that's just the clip that they decided to loop and give to the public yeah. There there, stating that the liberty or Libby had video and audio on her phone, and the thing here is like The captain said we don't know how much video was recorded. We don't know much audio was recorded. Did she simply hit the record button, honor, video and or what pictures were taken either exactly, but at same time. They announced The audio is is from the primary spectin, the delphi, double murder case, authorities announced that a forty one thousand dollar reward for information, leading to a to an arrest and the girls murders that that reward has started off pretty small. It is growing. At this point, it's forty
one thousand back in February. Twenty second was talk a little bit about the elephant in the room. Okay, so did they fly so I'm I'm assuming that law enforcement found libya's phone and that's how they have this information and then you'd think of some may attack these girls of is you know if it was murder, then disc, you know, guy must have been. You know pretty dumb to leave the cell phone while there with them. There have been a lot of questions about. these phone you know. First off how much audio and video was recorded. I have heard there as little as six minutes. I have also heard that maybe my little as six minutes. Six minutes is a long time, it's quite a bit of time, but I've also heard that there may be more than forty minutes recorded to add. That's that's a ridiculous amount of time. So There are reports saying that the six minutes of audiotape contains the horrifying record of the homicide itself. So
this were true. The attack would have happened very quickly, but we do that there was some video recorded right before the abduction where, assuming this is where they got, that the picture of the mai walking on the bridge We also know that there was some recording of of audio it may have. You know when he sang down the hill, what kind of it production. Is that he's he's directing these girls somewhere is into a vehicle? was it to a different location, but I'm guessing did that If I had to get you know, we don't know how long her phone would have recorded before it before it died. You know, but I'm guessing did that we're thinking There is more audio and or video than just six minutes in my opinion, but the other rumor is the question about the phone. Is you know where? Where is this phone because advice
thirty pm and for several hours, liberties phone was pinging all over town that the phone was not in her session during this time is what would make you think, because, where she, appeared as near, where she's found valued by also such a rural area that you'd youth? I would just assume that you know if you're in this, you know you're hiking, that maybe you'd you'd be kind of pinging from all different locations and how, ah, how much validity should have, on that, how much weight that put on that and well in the thing here to it. The fascinating question about phone is whether or not it was recovered. You know, there's there's a theory that liberties phone was not recovered and all of the audio and video was taken from the from the icloud there from her eyes. Oh so, basically what happened was like a few record of voice memo on your phone and you have your clouds set up that it instantly go
to your cloud as well right? So what they're saying is you know this is very important. I think, for people to kind of wrap their head around. This is something you shouldn't spend a bunch of time on. Was the phone left or was it or you know, or what did did the did? The killer take the phone, it doesn't matter. We have the information he's from the cloud right right about. Let's go. Do you mind if I go through some options here because of you know what, if it or if it was not if it was not recovered, you know, then the theory, would be that there is only a few theories. You can come up with right that liberty got rid of her phone at some point maybe she threw it in the woods, you know she could have thrown it in the woods to to avoid it being found by their abductor Maybe somebody would find it later again her
is pinging all over town for several hours during the search now I've been told that this would be possible. The phone were in the woods or near the woods where the girls were abducted, that the phone pings look That is not something that I am going to pretend that I fully understand. So I'm just going to have to believe the person that told me If the phone were in the woods or near the woods, it very likely could have pinged all over town. This would make sense if, phone was in the woods but appears now, possibly you know who knows where thing was. The other idea is that the killer found liberty cell phone, so hitler either disposed of the phone. You know through it the garbage or or through the phone in the river or destroyed it by smashing it to bits and that's why it's never been found, and I think if the phone was not recovered, the killer probably did
something with it. I think throwing it in the river might make the most sense, because these are, like other, destroy whatever's on that vote right, because the thought process here for this, the vagina. I would just assume this and ended individuals in their mid thirties to fifty right. I'm just going to put that age. out there and I'll just assume that they thought well, if less say they saw, liberty used her phone. And maybe said all while she pushed recorded this guy might not understand how the phone actually works but thinks. Well, I just throw it in the river it destroyed and they'll never have the evidence right. Well, uh ha. We have this thing called the and this is where technology young applaud technology at this point right, yeah yeah, because you can have your phone set up in a manner that it will immediately send information to the cloud, while the reason why I applaud technologies that these might be the clues.
or the evidence that you have to present an end in a trial to lock this person up for the rest of your life, now, on thursday february twenty third, the state police, they say that they received. three thousand nine hundred tips in the case with one thousand nine hundred of them coming in after the release of the audio recording- and then there is another donation. This is from a: u S. Representative todd wrote cuba. He donates his office when eight nine thousand so now a reward amount is now fucked, fifty thousand dollars yeah, but the indianapolis colts thing they done his money as well. Yes, yes at the reward in this case will grow exponentially over the next couple of weeks, On the same day, on February twenty third, the indiana state police announced that the fbi has taken over the tipp hotline while thus get right back to the case after this quick beer break
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appearance in the murder of two young girls. We have liberty, whose fourteen years old and we ve abigail, who is thirteen years old and you might often here both of them referred to as libby and abbe. These are best friends there drop. off near the moaning high park bridge and they disappear, they find the bodies, the day later and announce the day after that, it is in fact the bodies of the two young girl, now we're we're out on the timeline here. This brings us up to two. February, twenty eightth by this time, police have received close to ten thousand Perhaps the reward money is now a hundred thousand dollars. But police are also saying, despite rumours, that they have not, made any arrest in connection with the deaths of liberty and Abigail police asked the public not to jump to conclusions or to spread rumors.
social media, because there is a lot of questions involving their deaths. There's, like the captain, said earlier, not a lot. Formation that's being released as far as the invest- nation and details of such, but we do have some evidence that's coming out with. Having this information- that's collected from liberties phone correct and what we have far as we have the picture that we can assume as may be taken from a video or snapchat, were not really for sure, and we have a yo clip a very small one, saying down the hill looped and again we can assume There's more audio information on your phone again now with the phone we don't know if the phone was recovered or if this information was recovered from the out now on Wednesday march first. This is when the indianapolis colts they donated ninety seven thousand dollars to bring the reward money to two hundred thousand dollars. That sea
day. The grandparents of abbe williams, They leave. An emotional note at the police headquarters that an express their gratitude for those involved in it. instigation in those investigating the case. The wheel, we don't need to go all of the donations because for the next few days will continue to see local companies donating money. But one thing, though, in a was. We also had a donation from the lower company. That's the the home improvement. Do it yourself store they donated one thousand orange light bulbs to the residents of delphi, and they did a campaign called light up. Delphi. You know everybody would install these orange light bulbs on their front porch lamps too. You know as a tribute to Abby and liberty- and I saw pictures of of that light up delphi and was a pretty cool memorial, that the whole city
able to take part in all right. So, where we add on this timeline on march, ninth mike patty he's the grandfather of liberty and he will speak to the media for the first time since the deaths of Libby and Abby. He thanks the community for outpouring of support and says that he built the steps will help solve this case. While we have this individual, like we said the picture And there's a interview that I heard, but by a local man and the sheriff, and both in the interview which I thought was interesting and I think is kind of telling of where the sheriff might the or where the law enforcement actually might believe. They're at in the senate, They have this individual might have said. We have a very small town roughly about three thousand people and to end it. If there on the funding one was, command interviewing the sheriff and both of em stated this guide and recognise
and so, when he released this photo the guy that was interviewing. The sheriff was like look. I was hopeful that you are going to release this photo and would be able to identify the sky. It's a small town, but neither this man nor the sheriff were able to identify this individual and, like we talked about before, there's tons of arm. Maybe we didn't talk about this before, but there was tons of billboards across the country. Even I think in forty three states it will get. It was It may have been all of the major forty eight states, but it was thing yet. Forty three forty six some odd states that they put these billboard up, there was actually won a few miles from my home. There is the road there and they had one, and it has a picture of both of the victims as well as the pixel pixelated picture, the grainy picture that we see of the suspect along with the phone number in the email that you can submit these anonymous tips to which makes you wonder law enforcement- believes that this
vigil is travelling right, maybe a truck driver or something in nature yeah, maybe he wasn't local. Maybe he was somebody that fled the area after the the case went underway mind. So, let's just dive into this photo real, quick and again I'm going to post this. In our instagram, which will also be visible on the website. If you don't have instagram to maybe you can take a look at this individual and maybe pick up some things that others aren't so discussing the suspect, the guy in the photo right and an expert on CNN said that day suspect that this person is about five foot. Ten one hundred and eighty pounds with a bit of a middle aged man's stomach paunch and law enforcement there. Latest estimate is that the man is forty to fifty years old. Now, I've seen the photos. In my opinion, I think that seems a
little young to me. I look at this picture now and in mind you, yes, this is agreed. Ni photo or poor pixelate. It might be the better word to use here, but I see you know, I don't think there far off, I see more like forty five to fifty five years old. I definitely see the paunch, you know the the bit of the beer belly. Their way is also bundled up with a coat and a jacket. Yeah yeah? He appears to be wearing layers of clothing, and this could be that this could be manner of disguising himself but The reason is, this- might have left few era. of his body exposed in this, who would be where the girls could fight back? You know they could leave scratch marks on him when they fight back be his intention was to cover up as much of himself ass, he could
But but regardless remember, we said it was unseasonably warm that day he is definitely overdressed. For that day there he has a hat on of some nature. I don't know if it's a it looks kind of like a ball cap, but it could be a toboggan, ah also he has his hands in his pockets and ah the blue jacket with blue jeans now and so there's a and it looks like he's wearing a hoodie under the jacket so deftly little over dressed. and you bring up a good point there because early in this investigation amongst the public, there was quite the debate over whether the guy was wearing a hat or not, or maybe, if he just head on, He pulled up covering his hair. The thing here is: They actually released two pictures and in on picture to me. It looks like I'm seeing hair. You know like almost like there's a part in the hair
would be what is at brown too too may be dark brown. Herr yeah or maybe as somalia, salt and pepper, the other. The other thought was that if he was wearing a hat which this might go along with the theory that he was trying to disguise himself or cover up of as much of himself as he could and that it it could be a camouflage hunting cap with padded ear muffs. You know the kind that kind of drops down over your ears on both sides and that making it hard to from the distance at this pictures. Taken now. One thing: I've noticed it look to me, like some have suggested. Maybe he's wearing a scarf around his neck. The way that that thing catches the the light. The thing that's hanging from
his his neck in the scene, in both pictures, it almost looks like it could be the corner of like some goggles. You know like in the goggles that are on his head, but they're kind of hanging from his neck me. I see them possibly here one thing. I want to point out here too, as we're describing this picture is there's a man by the name of Robert linsey, he's a up a writer and blogger. He spent allow time, covering this case in a lot of my research came from some articles that he has written, but law enforcement states that the guy could be wearing a fanny ak now robert linsey will point out that what long for man is referring to as a fanny pack is actually called a deer kit. This is something that would contain like knives scissors different things for cutting up a deer after you kill it
So robert linsey is going off of the theory that the guy is possibly a hunt yeah! Well, when you see again, his hands are in his pockets and there's something on his right by his right hand, side where it's either. You know at a t, shirt or something that's coming out from underneath his jacket origin, like you said it's some kind of pack, a fanny pack or some kind of hunting pack and and and not the close up picture, but the picture that little bit further away, it definitely looks more like some kind of fanny pack. Yet in like Robert says, it almost looks to flat to be a traditional type fanny pact to me again we're looking at a picture that taken from quite some ways away, but it does look flat if it is in fact dear kit. I would think that robert lindsey might be right regarding that the guy could be,
inter because I dont think that that's something that would be common knowledge to everybody that that such a kit even exist right in we are talking earlier, and I was saying that necessary just because there is a picture of this. Individual doesn't mean that this individual was or a possible suspect Now, where I'm gonna come back on. That on is that without this this picture is coming. Wish. Can assume from libya phone So therefore they have to know more about this footage than we do ya and out. Then my argument to his eye and there one there be a better picture of this individual yeah. Now now he's on a bridge right, so dollar thinner gonna need a brain up. Is stamp chat right, so we all see teenagers always on their phone, taking pictures of
all these things. At some point from libya snapchat, she takes a picture from the bridge and takes now I'm assuming that she's in a picture of Abu of albion, abbeys walking the very interesting picture, and I think you need to take a look for yourself that this picture. Have been released on her snapchat account. I believe, two o seven p m. They were dropped off at one Thing came out about two o seven p m, so the thought is, you know, for the least first hour or so of their hiking trip. Everything it's going according to plan. If everything was, you know, it was a normal day out hiking right and like we said there was roughly about four to four and a half our window. So now, now that we know that this is no release about an hour
to the height now our windows low, but smaller. If you look at this picture that she took constantia announced very grainy, but there is on the bridge. There's these low play. forms on the site, it seems likely standing on one the platforms and the background. This is something that people have talked about in the background there something the other side of the tracks, there's like a shadow or a dark figure dark spot on the picture. While I and I see that I'm going to try to make mine the the picture bigger because I want to I wanted then something to you yeah. I can see the one that you are talking about here, and there is a few. Some people have made argument and I think, maybe a decent argument that there might be a hidden object so to speak in this picture. Yes, so here's with weird
is when you start research in this case, a lot of people say while there's this individual, that's there I don't see that I see these. I two almost like sticks or whatever, if you really zoom in another, I'm gonna have to edit this. You have a basic look. What people are saying is that is that a man that is hiding watching abbe right, but now the bridge not the on the end and the bridge, or you were saying, even possibly in the woods the right yeah there there, sir, elation about both so the dark spot. You are talking about would would put would position this person if there in fact their right but behind. these little too dark spots, one I see is to headlights and a white vehicle. That's what I seen you know now is their dark spot one hundred percent theirs a hundred percent a spot. Is it a person watching her on the bridge? I can't come to that conclusion. It looks to me at that portion of the
picture this would be if you're looking at the picture of abbe at home. This would be right at the start of the bridge, or maybe even just before you get to the bridge on the left side of the picture. You can see what appears to be too dark spots. Captain saying he sees a possible vehicle behind the dark spots while yet others to die spot. So I'm not. I don't wanna go too far down the rabbit all but two the visuals standing in front of a white vehicle that is certainly a possibility, but that that portion of the picture itself to me looks like an area that might create a lot of shadows- weakens ie from libby walking that abby walking there that we can see. Shadow to the left of her she's facing us, her shadows to the left of her. So if, if there trees or some kind of obstruction back there just before the bridge they might be cast.
A shadow that that we're seeing creating that dark spot leading to the bridge the other portion that was talked about was to the right of this. Now. This would not be the entrance to the bridge. This would be in the woods to the right of the entrance of the bridge, there's a dark spot that up here's near a tree or either behind a tree, I can definitely see the dark spot. Other people have pointed out that that could be a man and dark clothing. Standing there. I'd don't see a man at all. I could just be like to see a photo of debts taken it At the same time of day on another day, you know what I mean with similar conditions to see. If there's the same kind of shadow effects are the same or even dark spots presented. Yet again, just you don't take a look at it I mean. Maybe you can add something to the
conversation's. I want to stay on the photo of abbe here for a minute from the from the instagram or snapchat, and I ain't goin, libya snapshot and I hate to get off oh, you know where's waldo on you, but it's very interesting because there could be a key, Oh that's! Hiding in this picture here and in another thing that people have discussed- and this is not the vehicle that the captain was referring to but is they are a car in this photo or some type of vehicle that is in this photo. Now, if you're, looking at the picture of abbe on the bridge, ok- and I want to be clear- because there's many different versions of this same picture, some of them are cropped, but if you one that shows her feet, she's wearing some kind of ten issues. If you can see her feet than you might be able to see what what I'm going to point out here that is in the lower left corner of the photo of abbe on the bridge. This would be below the bridge itself. Is there a vehicle there
no one. No one knows for sure. If that's a car or not in the photo, many people say that they cannot even make out a vehicle in that photo. I can see a vehicle in this photo, but what I can't tell you is. Is this some kind of illusion? Is this the trees and such is the background just showing some kind of pattern, resembles a vehicle or is there actually a vehicle there? Now I've been told that there is a road there did. This is this road would be a very little used road and that all? No one has you know nothing. New and even really knows about this road. They ve not heard about the road. It's quite hard to find it's hard to get too are broadcast. It appears to have been a road that was used by workers to maintain the bridge.
at some point, but the new rumour going around says that law enforcement believes that the killers vehicle was parked at a trail head on the south side. So is it? Is it a vehicle? is it the suspects vehicle? We can't say for certain that it is a vehicle. I personally, I think I see a vehicle their ray. I actually think long. women's talk and other vehicle than I think I see I watch they talk about the cause. There was a vehicle that kind of matches that description that was impounded recently, I will get to that later. The other interesting thing about this is, as like I said, the technology we have no way of knowing which part which picture was taken first, so
we now are. We get in this nap chat picture. Was that taken before or after the picture of the suspect? I don't think that's common knowledge. I have to ask you a question because there's you you had stated you think that law enforcement might be talking about the vehicle. You think you see rang, and I want to come back up that little bit. You might be onto something here, because if, in fact, law enforcement believes that the killers vehicle was parked at the trail head on the south side, that's where the picture would be pointing or the camera be pointing would be. The hot outside rate parcel the only the only problem with that is I've heard that people have said that it appears that she's walking northward on the bridge is she's walking towards the north if she were in fact walking towards the north in the shadow of her is in the wrong place? Does it make any sense? It should be on the opposite side of her. If she's in fact walking north,
work, however, people that are familiar with that bridge. They think that the porsche The bridge behind her is the south side yeah, but I think also depending on what cameras she's using the camera, would be flipping Well, that's why I wanted to ask you this question: was you you know you have a better knowledge of. Cameras than I do. You have better not have knowledge of snapchat than I do I've. I've heard I've heard it suggested from both viewpoints that that a camera could work, inverse it or snapchat might reverse the image yeah. I'm I'm not one hundred per cent less, I don't. I don't know. I just. I just know that if you take a picture, that's normally a coming. You know the way. Snapchat does it. You can flip it okay. So
she could have flipped it yeah. So what but? No what I'm saying is that if you just open it up and take a picture, I don't think flips at la c take a picture of you and nope. It doesn't flip it. Ok! So, so it's possible that she's walking southward. If we, if we are to believe the shadow or if what anybody says they are regarding snapchat or possible the camera phone that that the images flit than she is in fact walking northward and we would be seeing the south end of bridge yeah, I'm gonna believe whoever now is more familiar with that area said unrest podcast, you talk about it's a visual yeah. We get all visual there, but I I would, I would beg you. Can you see it in your mind's eye? I would beg to argue that by this point with our our listeners, that they,
probably seen the pictures of the man they ve seen the pictures of the of her on the bridge on most people listen on the phone, so they can Canada's listen to the podcast. Why? Whether Google, image of this stuff. On Monday march, thirteenth remembered the trail safety task force. This was the one that was set up to beef up security. The area they meet to discuss security gaps along delphi trail system and they start making recommendations for potential changes. Now, on that friday, the seventeenth, the indiana state police, the fbi and carol county sheriffs deputies, they serve search war at the home and property of wrong logan? Who owns the property where the bodies of abbey and Libby were found in fair Where are you now? Logan is taken into custody earlier that week before they serve the search warrant, but he's taken into custody on
and related charges so lucky you I charge. Yes, let's do ass, this a little bit what on probation, for do you I and I dont know, if he's had several of them or what his history is with this, but we know he's on probation for do you I, what takes place is we are aware that he's broken the the rules of probation. He is not to be drinking and he's not to be driving. Well, he when asked where he is. That day, he's he's telling them that he was out buying tropical fish in the he added. I've somewhere x amount of miles away, spent a good deal of time there and returned home with these tropical fats well that puts him in in one problem because he is not supposed to be driving, so he drove him some self somewhere and, furthermore, I think they have evidence that he was actually at a bar dry
king for a portion of that day as well so he's now, not only has he violated his probation. Albion was gears day during call here. Not only was it politely the probation by driving by drinking by prs we drinking and driving, but it also looks like he's, not been very forthcoming with law enforcement about his whereabouts or what his activities were, that day lay might be so drunk he humber her well in in his defence. Now, now. He looks hang on here, get onto some avenue, because this is the guy that drinks a lot coming to the defense of a guy. That drinks a lot well that in his defense he might not be. Are he might be fully cooperating with police because he's terrified of busted on breaking his probation charge more right there,
in two and then I look listless be honest. If, if you had property more than list, a couple acres or or whatever property have, if, if end of it, are found and they were murdered. They were murdered in their found on your property. You wanna, you fill protective yourself like you out why? Why? Wouldn't you believe that europe's possible suspect from the word go yeah an inn even when he wasn't forthcoming with police, we, I've seen him been been somewhat forthcoming with media. You know he gave several interviews, there's there's interviews of him walking the media people around on his property yeah futile. If he does youtube, search for young delphi, murders allotted reports, they'll have different individuals that live in the area and you'll see this individual over and over yet, and we should be clear about his property right. You know it's not like us
not like my neighborhood, where all the homes or on a plot of land, that's about five thousand square feet now he's got a bit sprawling property. It's not like. They found them right in his bed you're right beside his house and these nature trails are and where these people go hiking, it's it's not always clear. It wouldn't be clear to you and I hiking through there, where the hiking trails and in RON Logan's property begins Friday march twenty. Fourth, the authorities announce that investigation into the teens death will begin to look a little different in the coming weeks as they begin the normalization process. In this investigation, I think that's kind of them stating to us to not expect to see additional photos or video, or maybe even audio, coming out within the next few weeks that they're gonna, it's gonna, be more of your trip,
national investigation? At this point, thursday April? Twenty seven the victims. Families announce plans to rebuild a sports complex with several softball fields in honour of the girls, and this fund raising event will be held on July. Fifteenth now, regarding the investigation you can see there is, There is very little information that has come out, which is in a way is shocking because you see rarely are you ever presented with a photo of what they are telling? You is the prime suspect and a double homicide, yeah but again dependent on what new source you get that from some say, since the prime suspect some people to say we believe this individuals on the trail roughly around the same time as them, though, issue with it. Is you, gotta know where that they
I will let you know where that photo is coming from right, because is that a cause to this day? I still am I'm not one hundred per cent sure that it's coming from phone. Well, it might not it might not, but but weak. If go off of the announcements in the press, conferences that they have made. The statement today have made now mine They ve been cryptic. along the way, but according to those statements they have surely say you know this guy goes from somebody. They want to talk to two now he's the suspect, this guy, that we have the picture of her. This aspect in and, furthermore, they believe the audio they provided of us of going you know down the hill down the hill. That's audio and video is of that suspect as well. And that's why? I think that makes me wonder if it's uh there's a video at some point yeah, because then you can because there in a court of law, you can show a video and say see this
These are words, are coming from this individuals. Mouth yeah and and furthermore, I think what that points out is that there is additional audio and video and there's something on that audio and video. It's making law enforcement make the connection between this guy just being a picture of some guy in him, actually being the guy that most likely committed the crime? Now you know it and its curious to wonder how much of of what they have is. actual video, and how much of it is just audio and with so much you little information that's coming out like we said this is a hard one to discuss and there is a bunch of rumors and speculation and that's what we're going to have to get into in the next episode yeah, and I think that that's the big problem that the public is having with the instigation right now, not so much the way that law enforcement is conducting the investigation, but because they saw a picture because they heard audio and they have no other.
Answers for other things the leading to those rumours into speculations and, of course, questions No people want to know what's going on do what I'm remind everybody out there, that the sheriff's office, the india state police they have. They continually remind us that they they are worried that, because there is so much talk in there's so much going on in the public eye of some speculation that that we might believe us being the public might believe that they are very close to solving this case. They could be, they could be, but they continually remind us to not believe that we cannot think that close to solving the case, they still need more tips to come in. They don't believe that that one tip that they're waiting on has reached them yet and if the public believes that they ve solved it or that their seconds from solving it, maybe they never get that tipp. So this is a very active hot fire. Invest
nation going on right now. If anybody has tips, if anybody has information at all, even even if think it's a minute detail, please contact them and that phone number that we said earlier still good, that phone numbers eight for four, four: five: nine, five, seven, eight six, those calls are being manned by the f b. I you can also send email to Abby and libby tip at c a c o s, H, rf, dot com again that Abby and libby tip at c a c o s, H, rf, dot com, we'll put both that number and email in the show notes in case. Anybody needs that him for me so, tomorrow we're going again to as some of the speculation some of the theories, some of our thoughts we actually reached out to some websites, sleuth hers and kind of got got the web sleuth community involved and cannot dive
Some of those theories as well will get to that on tomorrow, show and please take a second to go. Look at those photos to see. Maybe you can bring something to the converse: and again abbey and livy were only thirteen and fourteen years old and you possibly can help in this case. Please take a minute you so now, thanks for joining us in the garage will see you tomorrow and until then be good, be kind and don't let the x rays, penicillin even chemotherapy were all pie
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