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DeOrr Kunz /// Part 2 /// 306

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DeOrr Kunz /// Part 2 /// 306

Part 2 of 2


Idaho - July 10th, 2015 - Jessica Mitchell calls 911 because she cannot find her 2 year old son. The family was in the middle of a camping trip. According to Jessica the little boy disappeared from their campsite where he was staying with four adults. Join us this week in the Garage for this very strange case.Beer of the Week - The Great Return by Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 Bottle Caps

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before we dive too much further into this missing child case. We want to take this opportunity. to listen to an interview conducted with lean. County sheriff empowerment, and this is from it East idaho news, dotcom. Let's go back to the beginning, to the give us a timeless, when the family arrived and what proceeded. Well the family, from what I understand that we learned or an investigation arrived the evening prior to July, tenth Sometime fairly close the dark on Thursday July and then they will. two went to town and lead or upon returning. They supposedly thought they were turning
child over to their grandfather, the child's great grandfather. They went down the crack, which is right next to the camp ground and within ten to fifteen minutes. They go up to find their choice. I want to show them some fish in the stream and he's nowhere to be found and grandfather assumes he's gone down to them because he was within their line. site, and wasn't too far from the campground He started their initial search and Actually called name one one when they realise that confine the child, where was mister red, warned that theory He was in the same general proximity, the cricket just over the bank, he's downstream their upstream they're all within probably a hundred a hundred and fifty feet of each other, very close proximity miracles.
So they call made one one. You guys arrive and began searching cracked and dumb at this point were where their vehicle searched the tents ibis everything out. There was probably we did it come, I think, a very thorough investigation. We we took two initial track dogs and one I'm being mine and one being salmon police department, their train to search for. People who are lost. They were given a cent they want from the camp, ran up to the rest, worn and back to the camp ground and we we searched everywhere, a song child could easily hide or climb into or fallen to nothing. Absolutely nothing talk a little bit about the remains that were dumped into the dogs were getting astronomer unbent stairs. While we were doing our grid surge. Some came in and one
to deposit remains of a loved one at that site and I'm assuming its a favorite site their loved one and without thinking deposit. These remains not realising. They were in the middle of a crime scene and what it would do in a couple days are dogs are telling us. We need to spend more time on the reservoir, and so we know of it for two or three more reason, but sides ganz sonar, and then we found from one of our the alarm rangers that they stop this endeavour you're coming out were informed that they had deposit some remains in the reservoir. Did he do your daily in the reservoir? His body would have been. Were covered by now. We believe so that we really believe some this store
We go down to the the store there and letter, and was there any surveillance captured at this boy surveillance video? I don't believe they have a surveillance, but we have a reason, that we ve documented that the purchaser certain items they were on the received the time was stamped on the receipt and so we believe now that's where they went. It was that friday morning. Yes, it was. You know this any other places on their way up to. Let all around me stop diesel fuel, any surveillance, video at that gas station I'd be surprised, if there's a camera anywheres in letter, it's yeas avails, ok as far as the private investigator told us a few days ago, that their jessica said that there was an older gentlemen that may have been staring at D or who knew her, anything about. Just the report. I don't know that we confirmed who
individual is better. You know if we had to go look for everybody that started at you personally or anybody for any type of crime, you know it'd be a pretty difficult undertaking out to to check those stories out. But you know I Yes, we have heard that information. How much of the area up there was searched. It was I mean you guys searched for two three weeks. Didn't you before you officially scowled back absolutely. Almost almost three mile, the no side do you believe it was an abduction? Personally, I think Sharon is one of the least likely events, primarily the nation we have is grandpa's watching the child he may he looks away momentarily when he looks back he's gone?
The sound is gone over. The main right were I was sitting here within twenty Thirty yards of the only roadway into the camp brown and absolutely no one was seen at that lower campground coming or going. And when my personnel one m nobody was seen leaving. So I think it's you I can't completely rule it out, but it's one of the least likely things that occurred. What can we say about? Mr radwan? Does point is still cooperating. I I'm not getting Failing that is not being truthful. I think he's been very truthful and I appreciate his health is coming To the area on a second occasion with me,
until we find a piece of evidence, locating anything that tells me otherwise. I think he's been very critical about the parents. I think all three of those three have been very co operative they've, given us thing. We that's for, I feel, regret about Grandson and grandfather also is this: if they would, it be correct to say they've taken over, I guess they're working with you, they're working with us we've, given them lot the items too. to analyze behaviorally and we give them some physical evidence. I can go into those details. Were removed sickly, trying the cover oliver bases we're looking for any clue whatsoever. That might help us resolve this, and you said boy. also assisting, maybe
sounds very much so can you say anything about how isaac ended up on it I had to go into too many details, mean obviously there's a relationship between him and and grandpa miller. Their friends prior to that trip, he had never met mama that fairly as their vehicles and caused the search with which it sounds like. In any case would be standard procedure you're, even though we searched, and that night you ve always second gaston. we missed. Something could have been in another compartment. Did we not search everything, so everything's been searched, least a couple of times? If, if not more, for you guys is that apartment that's a lot of manpower hours and I'm sure The frustration trying to find the scale has definitely been
a challenge we got, some fabulous. Volunteers are search and rescue is to none they ve been overwhelmed. By this we had some issues on stress, we ve had to deal with, and our offices, my chief deputy, has endless hours. Up there he's climb literally up to the top of some the peaks up. There is war in the some of the old. Dens of some of the animals that live in those areas and his men frantically surgeon for a clue and and been overwhelming. I mean there's been days. I've been there only patrolman on the road, because all my personnel or up their working at the scene without a wild animal? I guess and has anything been another absolutely it has been real. There have been some interference from the predator at some time in the scenario, knitting or part way through
we had bears and wolves running literally through cancer, while we're certain absolutely wolf, dense nearby well some old ones. We haven't found any any fresh dens bed just over the top the divide. There is a similar I am with understood. They have measures over. There was some wolves and they ve taken out some other some of the walls in order to eliminate the problem? So where do you guys go from here. Well, we wait until we get our report from the fbi. That's going be critical. We're still ask in the blake to help us if they have any information to Dana fire tuna half year old with blonde hair, I'm not sure, that's a positive thing.
For our office, because every tuna have your overblown here, looks just like your, and so I am asking the public if they know the family and they didn't have a two and a half year old prior to this I'm here. That's that's what I want to look at closely red efforts. Someday. They don't know to contact their local law enforcement and have them follow up for us because it the silver overwhelming for our small office. Yet have you guys she's been bombarded with with absolutely Absolutely. What are your thoughts about the private investigator? I guess that's just something the family's doing on their own, totally you kudos to them for young looking for more help, I can only do so much and maybe he can turn up something that we have missed, but I think he
my merrily thinks it's an abduction and- and I think that's very remote as far as the lighted tat your test, you said you couldn't say much about what they ve. All all four. Taken voluntarily, taken polar grass and right now that those have been turn over the fbi, along with the statements, and I would prefer have them look at the reports Look at the evaluations on the paragraph to make sure were looking at everything correctly and that within the same thing at this point, what you feel comfortable saying something criminal happened now not at all. The interview was taken from august of two thousand and fifteen so now at the time line of this interview, where talk about it about a month after the or went missing yeah and there are three really big take a ways than I have from that ten minute interview right to from Sheriff and one from the interviewer- and I just
a throw these out there and we'll talk about him ass. We go the two from the chair for this one he says look We talked about the possibilities yesterday: animal attack, abduction or some type of involvement, resulting in the accidental or mentioning death of europe. Either a family member or friend, and I think the way that their wording, that is to suggest that family, member or friend there were three family members up there with the boy and one friend of the family up there with the boy so Can't rule anything out, but that what we We hits the home run there, and that, in our view, is that statement toward the end of the interview where the shoe of says anyone knows the family. He says I can't. Not going to tell you to look for a two year old blonde boy, because Most all of em look like dior right. I want
talk to a family member or any one that knows the family. They can say that he did not have this boy or young boy with them prior the going on this campaign trip. That's why I want to talk to and then one thing that stands out for me from all right so but to unpack that just to be clear, You are saying that the share of insane hey look. I want proof that that boy was there right and then the one thing that that stands out for me from the interviewer is there are more People questions of multiple times where the interviewer tries to steer the questions and steer the sheriff in the direction of isaac ran walled the the front, the friend that is up there and I I think there is for a number of reasons, one at the time being about a month or less than a month after the disappearance. The first thing that
really people started calling into question when the news of this story broke a spy. free online was alive People were very suspicious of this guy isaac and I think one fully so because a media What you see is which one these things is not like the other. Well Isaac is the one thing that is not like the other he's the friend everybody else is a family member of this little boy than his own and he's a little odd. Let's put it that way and he's also it seems to me a little on the slow side. So you know What's weird about him in well, now necessarily about him more so about this whole story cast of characters to me is going into this it when I first got involved in I have both been aware of this case for for a long time it's been a while that we wanted to cover it, never been able to dive into it as much as I have this week, you and I
I'm going to agree with you and a thousand. thousands of other people out there that say this a guy there's something off with him. He's weird he's odd and- and you also have jessica and vernal who both say this guy's. A little odd. We didn't know him he's a little weird telegraph. Father says that you know, but the The funny thing to me is after spending a long time reviewing this case and reviewing these for adults, because at my suspicion lies within this package for adults of egg. I find all four of them to be odd. So so, if, if we're gonna say The isaac is otter, weirder or comes off weird, like I've. we think all four of amr are strange birds, does it seem like he's opera, without lower. I q, to you
yes diminished intelligence or something like that? Look a little slower. Yes, I think so in its pretty either. Those are things that you had to say and hate to throw out there, but I think that's what most people inclusion would be. During an interview with him or speaking with him in person right and but also the cops at this point and later they say, skies Crawford he's operating with us, and now we believe he's telling the truth and what interesting to in that, in our view, is we have the sheriff saying basis that all four of these people, all four of these adults, are cooperating. All four of them are answering our questions: the grandfather, the fao either the mother they have given us everything we have asked for.
we do have a little more from regarding isaac, where we have the sheriff saying he is even came up to the site with me on a second in time, but a go over everything one is alive speculation about isaac online. So when this story broke, there is a couple things that happen immediately. One was the parents were at the forefront, they were very up front and said: they were. They had the spotlight on them. Everybody knew their names. Everybody knew that it was their son who was missing. That was part of the news breaking what did not occur immediately was the release of the grandfather, his name or the release of isaacs name, the friend of the family and so, think in a way that could have started some type of suspicion about them or or or isaac rain, but the the interest
thing. Here, too, is when his name was released. Isaac is repeatedly identified as a sex offender with an extensive crew history in online forms and on social media, for awhile, really and that's very troubling because again, which one of these things is not like. The other isaac is just a friend of old grandpas and he's not he's not apparent of this little boy and oh it is a little odd and now online people were identifying him as a sex offender with an extensive criminal history. an online forms and on show me number one flicking, so the police did address this situation. The sheriff did address the situation and their answer is very confusing to me, but I have to throw it they are because a it may help clear, something's up. Ok, so the idaho state their their response to this
to say that isaac was at one time charge with felony rape, and this occurred in two thousand and six but the charge was amended down to misdemeanor domestic battery, the sheriff, went on to say that he meaning isaac does have a criminal record. However, the police reports are not concerned. With his record and I'm not sure why that was his exact state, his exact statement he does go. on to say that wiser than me. Well, he does I want to say that isaac is not a sex offender. Isaac is not a registered sex offender and I'm I'm with you here does have a criminal record. This is a state that he does have a criminal record. However, the police reports are not consistent with his record. I'm not sure what that means. I'm not sure why I, a little begging and the best I could come up with here is rumour, but from what I found as far as well
argos is: did this charge tat. He was originally charge with is in some relation to his ex wife, They may have been married at the time and it was reduced to a domestic issue. What I'm getting at is where he says the police reports are not consistent with his record I'm wondering if the sheriff this is just all inferences here, so take with a grain of I'm wondering if by this time, and I'm I'm feeling very confident that this time the sheriff pad personal were reviewed. The police reports from those charges. and he's reviewing it going to church. Large doesn't really line up with the complaint right so I see why was that
amended to a much lesser charge, because either isaac then plug guilty to something or they were able to prove the lesser charge because, like I said maybe the sheriff reviewing the report says this complaint. Doesn't it's with what he up getting charged with the sierra clip of an interview with isaac, so the garage listers can get a feel for this individual you thought baby you're there are often were born as a group. So indeed you look back. Did you actually see them all with you as a group at some point at some point,
well before. We were all that group before we as we started to leave the campground, I remember always being together right, op wasn't bob was at kick last day at the camp, okay, but to the very first spot, when you were showing them do you remember, did was just holding the or was was senior dealer holding viewer, because if he was having trouble walking, he probably would have had to been carried at some point right right or you or anyone was holding him his view as if he was down there. Like I said, I don't like well written like. I can't answer that. I don't really know that much. I remember everything. As far as I know, I thought baby dior was still behind us and I was showing jessica like show them the visual. No, I don't know it shall jessica one official news and I soon that
do your and his dad were right behind me, rugby or just just behind his theaters taking them will already catch out and at what point did you endure sr and just split up? They went somewhere else and you went somewhere in the center right. You came down the creek closer to the campground and left them up there yeah, and so I dunno it was like five ten minute I showed them. I must have been five ten minutes. Okay after I did that I started to walk. I walked towards camp and I went to another fish on the fish. I was down there fishing for a while and that's when I noticed ball was up there on the original, walking patient back and forth. So I asked him what was going on and he said the viewers miss him, though I was like what so I think the distance there on the you said that bob
it's like pacing on the ridge. What do you mean the reaches really high base on what the very bottom of the bottom of the bag? So it's hard to even see up over the bank and how steep the banker, so you notice, you said you notice bob pacing kinder. What did he look like tdd with the stress he looked like? He was trying to stir if you're worried about something so and so that's what made you think to ask him what was right then he said that little viewers mission, so in your reaction, was well we're worried. Oh I'm very trying to help them look, help, look for so but then, when I walked out to banks and shirt, and I talk to bob a little bit more about war where they might where he might be. We started looking into pampers and everything for we lived in a camper. We.
Looked all around the area underneath only vehicles view we went up the hills, I wonder if they had all of their vote to where the reservoirs I went up there and looked around I'm also worn out by myself for probably about a half an hour an hour. Looking trying to find your. I couldn't find him so was Jessica and you're just as boyfriend or fiance at the time were they at the campsite, when Bob told you dealer was missing, when when he was pacing on the bank and you walked up where they at the campsite, the former I went down there to talk when I went out there to talk to bob, They were already out looking for gsm, they were, they were out to you and bob search. The immediate area
search the media immediate area right there for a little bit, his mom came from dunno if she was out mercedes personal opinion and she came back account. I talked to her a little bit and I said: what's what's going on in your life, you've missed and did she seem upset you she seemed pretty upset. I couldn't really look at you in the face or anything she hasn't been able to do that for a while. I don't know for what reason do you so did you ever have the impression before law enforcement or search and rescue out there did you ever have a thought that maybe he was someone tapes took him. Did you ever think that, or was that something that came about when you're just going to be found, I thought maybe he got lost or somewhere and sat down? Okay, that's what my impression
allies or you know the or the just cause. You don't say you know where he went. Did he was he in the trunk or did he or was he on foot? He was on foot for awhile and then he he was also in the train, got on the truck, came to go down by the cattle or to go look around down there too. Okay, but you you stayed busy you're busy working on off the off the hills. All over yeah was dealer sr. Did he get? Was he angry, then he'd get aggressive with bob. Did he say, like you know you he was here last like was there frustration? I think there was a little bit, but he didn't seem to get too angry at bob so to deal did he ever appear frustrated or anything that your that he tell bob at the time he would. I left him here with you. Did he ever say anything like that?
I dunno did vernal d or just his boyfriend or fiance? He left the campground. Did he leave the campground in his truck to go? Call nine one. One do you know far as I know, he left the campground and instructional work for a little to your will by the account, but other than that. I don't know if they've left to go, call them or saying calling from there was one of their cell phones. I don't I dunno. Ok was Bob continue, it looked too cause he get up and down the hills very hard time, because you have the auction machine too. So, okay, so was there a shovel involved? At any point, did anybody have a shovel if had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it? Wonderings newest, podcast, frozen head home
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cheers man. We got a lot to get to hear and, like you said not like you said just a little bit of time. Do I do what I'm nowhere quotes from willie wonka? Oh yeah yeah! That's here with it. He says a couple things backwards and says to reverse it, so I do want to point out here that at some point, the lean hi county sheriffs department. They announced that all or of the adults. They were up on that campsite with little boy media or at some they announced that all four of them are considered to be persons of interest. So Isaac, who you just heard there, the grand other, as well as both the parents You heard in that clip to the reporter cap, referring to do your father, as do your several too in there and that's why I wanted to point out early in this case They sometimes you might hear him referred to as that we ve been
calling him vernal to keep at nice and tidy so will continue to do right now do we want again to the whole shovel thing let us go out and get into the shovel thing, because young that's the last question that was asked yeah. So apparently, this is, according to jessica, There was a shovel that she said had like some mud on it like it was recently used right- and this is this- Shovel incident takes place once law enforcement. On the scene once they are searching for your and she's. says that she tells, though, tells armed forces about the shovel pointed out tomb says it looked, the shovel looks like it was recently used now, also at this time she's already telling law enforcement, the isaac is a bit odd And that they don't really know anything about this guy, so somehow
connect the shovel to him, or they want to talk to him about the shovel. She says that they take isaac away from the group. They talk to him for all, for one, while and they are going to look and examine, look at and examine the shovel. she says something about hair being on blonde hair. A blonde hair and she she says this could have been one of the yours hairs. She points out to thee. law enforcement and then reaches to grab it and it blows away in the wind, draft guy forever. and so I guess once they are done talking to Isaac. He comes back to the group and knows that they were talking about the shovel and Jessica says. Isaac then begins rubbing the shovel or during the show shovel something to that effect, which she found
the incredibly weird on august, twelve, two thousand and fifteen private investigator Frank built, joins the sir The way that this is explained how this comes about is it frank built, is a friend of the family somehow, and he offers him expertise into helping the family, the relationship does not seem to go very well at all and it aims to unravel and fall apart fairly quickly. I love private, invest there's always seem to have a low burma. Cocky swagger like that come in and they they know what's best, while Mister bell Is a retired? U s? Marshall, so he as a good amount of experience and he's offering his help and has said, the seems to fall apart very quickly. At some point
withdrawals himself from assisting the parents of the or and he even issues them a statement regarding such an with in that statement here some interesting words that he uses my stipulation was the both of you would be absolutely truthful. This is him talking to the parents of the, or am I professional opinion both of you. lied and misrepresented the true facts that could possibly solve the mystery of your missing son. What we have here is the investigator is stating these individuals. He does not think that they have been truthful with him right and thus hindering his investigation He starting to be suspicious they know more. Why would they not Wanna be truthful with this man, that's trying to help them out. Yes, your hearing inconsistent
season stories. You gonna go hey. What's? Why are you line? There's also some other angles and one of them being the reward money. Now this is reported different ways. So obvious to give you the whole of it and you can decide exactly what was going on it was report. that at one point they were offering five. Thousand, maybe and ten thousand dollars for information guarding the missing boy, and I believe that We have been coming from like crime stoppers or something in the general area. The commission coming together and trying to help this family at some point, private investigator, frank, built, says we need to increase this amount. This might not enough money to to draw somebody out, there could really know something. So I know That you don't have even the funds to pay me to help you and that you don't have the means to build this reward yourself. I will offer
some of my own money, I'm all giving you my time, we're so offer up some of my own money. Let's increase this reward to twenty thousand dollars this national case and make it you know let's some substantial reward money here to try to draw out some possible information. Some leads on to wear your son could be his statement says that They were not on board with that that the parents of d, or were not on board with increasing the reward amount right which, on one hand, makes it look. Pretty fishy, but on the other hand they might not be wanting to they're already asking this guy of his time in his efforts in his energy and maybe a think this is a simpler case in it. It should be solved quickly and we should fight answers quickly and we don't want you put up your own money where we ve
ask enough of you. I think you go to the ends of the earth to find your child right, but it goes back to You know the mothers crying too much the mother's, not crying enough, I'm it's hard to put yourself in their she's to know how you would react me or you, I would think we'd both go. Yes for more money. You know if you're willing to do that. For me, what a great person I like the cut of your jib for me, this is one of the most suspicious behaviors of any of them have of the behaviors throughout this entire case. I think that it would be bizarre to Allow this man to offer further help and assistance to try to promptly to find you. or son? We haven't. We have the father. We heard his own words. We will find you we will do, we will not stop looking so
to me. This is this is a very suspicious behaviour by the parents. Now we do to keep in mind. We are not pay, you two conversations that the occurred on the phone or what closed doors meetings between this investigator and the family right so We keep that in mind, but again I find this to be very strange and I haven't the rebuttal of they have one on this niche situation. So should we get into frank built theory as to why, he thinks may have happened here- yeah, because we so many things to kind of go through in the order. Is the proper ordered to do them is not very clear to me at this moment. So, let's just wrap up frank built, so He gives this very pub. He gives a letter to the family explaining why he's no longer going to be working their case at some
he says you know, I have a theory and I've poured through some of their information, I have any evidence to back this theory up. I just have suspicion and what he says is he believes that won the mother. Just god knows exactly where her son is or knows what happened to deal and two he sites that she at one time has given away custody of her two other children that she has done. It did. There was an old marriage no longer existed and at some point she gave over full custody. Basically adoption process to port her ex husband. they make. It seem like it's adoption process quote on quote, but she still had visitation. She still saw her kids, so that's very unkind.
Yeah that that is her rebuttal, I'm still involved with them. I still see those yeah. It was simply look the the dad was involved and he had quite a bit of money, and he could provide a better life for them and she wasn't working. So that's her rebuttal. Yes, and then we do have in january of two thousand and sixteen remember. We mention that the sheriffs depart at one point named all for adults as persons of interest, in this case publicly why in two thousand and sixteen they now elevate the parents to the status of suspect YAP there. also gonna get another private investigator involved. Yet, and this occurs before their named suspects, so november? Twenty third of two thousand and fifteen k ice the taxes. This is a private investigative firm. They join the case,
and on january ninth there's a fundraiser held to pay for K. I see taxes but seven days later k. I see taxes says do your is no longer alive then have January twenty fifth, where the parents are named by law enforcement as suspects in the fall knowing day vernal coon's hires, an attorney on may second, philip claw he's one of the investigators with k I see taxes says jessica Mitchell knows where the toddlers body is, and the next nay, the coon's family fires k. I see taxes. they are told that the coon's family will Sue K, I see, While this is a lot to unpack, because you have this team searching for answer
yours, and there are now saying that the mother knows. where the sun is and that the sun is dead. And where is the evidence for this, so they are brought into this case cold. We should say that their broad and with no assumptions and there to go in there with phase one of their investigation is to interview all four of those also were up at the campsite and its through the courts. of these interviews now mind you. I don't think that they ever spoke with isaac directly, they spy. with the grandfather in the two parents and what their findings were, is it they were told different stories that we have the parents telling with a record states from k. I see taxes they were told five different stories by both parents who were interviewed separately.
And they question some of the statements that they received regarding the grandfather now what they do date regarding isaac is the day again I don't think they spoke with him directly. Their statement is that he's with law enforcement on four different occasions. Indeed the same story every time wah I have a couple problems with this philip klein and I dont know if you'd seen some of the statements that he's given about this one, aims, we came in cold. We knew nothing and then the next statement is. We came up with three theories: there, the areas where the same as the sheriffs theories, Stable, after speaking with the sheriffs department, those the theories that they were going to investigate right. which, if you go on and cold, you don't ask for theories. You Oh don't does ponder. Ok, here's the situation now
sit around think about theories, because that's what you're doing it for creating a theory You have to follow that down the rabbit whole until you get to the end right. If you come in and cold. You come up with no theory you'd. Let evidence direct you to theories and then you go down those rat holes and yes, they interviewed these people three out of the four words due diligence there and then on the other hand, yes, there's parts of their story that don't light up, they don't go. through and tell you which ones don't line up and if you want, Some of these interviews, some of the things that door line up as apparent say, while we told grandpa to watch our son, we went walking up there then they grandpa, where you told a watch the sun. I guess so.
What they told me. I really remember so that one of the things that is not winding up, because if, if that If there's ten of those that don't line up is, is it miss communication or that lie well. So to clarify- and this is according to k- I see taxes to their official statement is that they can the case cold in november of two thousand and fifteen. Ok, they said They did not review red or correspond with any agency or media group. Until after phase, one was established in the investigation, this phase included but was not limit Two interviews with family friends, relatives witnesses, incite location information, post completion of phase one after these interviews that it was determined that he needed to follow up.
and examined the three theories that that we discussed. So it is there initial statement that they did come in cold that they it wasn't until in views in all that was conducted did they arrive at the same three theories that the sheriffs department did that needed to be investigated at the time right by again. If you look at statements that they have released. They make a tons of gigantic claims like we know that, the sun is dead. We know the mother knows where the sun is just. She won't tell us. These are huge claims that you're not backing up with any of it So you just put in this out to the public you just pointing this out to the media and you're. Not Vanessa reason: why look? If you to make a statement like that. I have, I have, problem and if their pieces of shit are pieces of shit unless fig what happened in this kid? What
have a problem with, as you making statements and then and not coming up with releasing any evidence to to back up you're, your statements and these are, I mean statements, that's why they're being sued and they also do stuff like. While we raise twenty nine thousand dollars for there there. Weren't gonna be charged hourly rates. It was just going. There were raised this money just through fundraiser through fun, razors an it They make a big deal about how well out of the town nine thousand hours rays thousand, we used we really know where the other nine thousand is right. Ok! Well, you have to parents that are not working. That are spending their time, searching and you have young all that stuff goin on
and there's a lot of times in these cases where some of that money goes to the family, but again it's one of those things. Work throw some shade? We used only some thousand dollars theirs thousand missing. Oh, that makes these parents guilty Well, I I see what you're saying, but I dont think that their luck, wanna get into trying to determine what the intentions are of key icy tax write if this were me in this situation, I would do exactly as they did with that statement that you just said, because ok keep this in mind they agreed to take on the case. This was based off of through fun, razors. That was with the general public so me, I would feel that I owe an explanation to the general public that came together to raise all this money to hire me and now,
I'm accusing the parents So I read my bride problem with that, though it is of your own private investigator if you're a team, in private investigators, and you know, Sometimes the money is used for things like that to pay ranten, because life goes on your kids messing life. It's gone on you, no this It is a matter. That's not my obligation here. What I'm right, I'm right, all I'm saying is people need to be more concerned with the truth and what their I want to do, and this is all the true at the another. The statements they're making is waste. We. Can throw shade and then we don't have to back that up with shit other than don't. You know, I'm not little, I'm not talking about any other statement other than just the money right now. No honest look, look the money I get, but what
same as if you're a private investigator, if you raise money before and the money goes to towards your expenses, but it also sometimes goes to paying the the parents rant that that money You know that that's a possibility, so dont does put it out there with we spent twenty some thousand, and we don't know where this other money is so looked down upon the the parents, that's what I'm saying that's irresponsible. They could it mean don't think it's irresponsible at all. I understand that you feel the need to tell the public where the money went, yeah, that's that's Why were in the situation? That would be. My only obligation is that, need to tell you where the money that you people put together your hard earned money that you put together for this investigation I'm going to tell you exactly where it went in my statement is twenty thousand two hundred one dollars was raised for the investigation of which two
thousand was used for investigators and travel and hotels only estimated hourly carson and all other costs have been donated to the klein foundation that is funded by K. I see taxes in the stockholders of K, icy right this is where they're saying we. Have no idea what happened to the nine thousand two hundred one dollars these these other monies given, This is where the coon's family can come forward and say we the pay, our rent right. We ve out of they're, the ones that have that's their obligation to the public. Ok, I have. I agree there as a a business man and as myself I only took a percentage, of the money raised. I only need to answer for that and I dont think that their but what what what they did in the statements that they released? If you read the statement that they release that I am reading the steam at the dangling, its constantly
throw level shade give you no evidence to back up our statement and then move on to the next one, throw more shade dont back it up, and then he evidence- and maybe there. to really said to the public, but I think when you when you say they are making these bold statements, why do you think that why do you think that take the kid is dead? why do you think that the mother knows where the kid is at it all? But what led you to that just lies. Or inconsistencies and that My problem with the statement, I, Agree with that I do. I don't think that all of this was handled in the best most professional manner, but So keep in mind if they do have any evidence that led them to those conclusions. The public is not the right. Place for that to end up to the problem place, for that is to turn. evidence over to law enforcement. Now,
right, but you can also make the statement of simply like the the last private investigator. We think that there be in they're, not being cooperative or they're, not tell us the truth and were backing away from this and were given all the information that we have collected to the authorities, but to me this a man was we're gonna, throw as much against these parents as we can and to public lee. Shame them. Well, here's one part it is. Tat of some of those documentaries and some internet coverage of this case. And this is from key I see taxes when they talking about all the searches that they conducted through their course of therein investigation. Ok, this is actually listed as they are secondary search and this is very ill information one. They say that investigators search by permission. In the nine hundred block of ada, idaho falls, idaho, which is the former resin.
a vernal coon's in jessica mitchell, both have been evicted, for not paying rent and left in the apartment, furniture and clothing In such the landlord had cleaned out the apartment, move all the articles to a near dumpsters, near the dumpster for removal as the property declared abandoned by the landlord right investigator were given permission to search abandoned waste by the landlord during the search. We will or investigators found the following one for matchbox cars describe previously by the parents is miss and they did not know where they were to occur. no child jacket, similar to being described by parents is being born on the day of the event and suggested to be missing with the child three a credit card, used by famine by a family friend. With seemingly purchases of aid,
unknown two investigators and testimony for and ensure tracking device box and instruction package all Hence was turned over to the lean high county sheriff's office for further testing with the? U s, D. O J and f b, I alright there's some things that impact the camo jacket. Little strange could have multiple jackets right and the matchbox cars, but I could care less about. I don't think there's much there these. I think that the reason why they call these into question is because they saying that these cars were described previously by the parents is missing right. I didn't know where they were what's with this credit card, so I don't know what's up with this credit card, because here they number that they need to be vague right. They can't tell us what the just as were in when they took place, but what then
are saying. Is this card was used by a family friend with purchases of item unknown. Two investigators threw out the course of testing we given by likely the parents rain, and what the hell's an insurance tracking device box. I don't know some kind of tracking device with instructions yeah. That's I dunno as that's very strange. Maybe maybe somebody could add that to the blogging less now, what what the hell that is, but yeah. I think the key that the big thing there, the big thing that you call into question there is the camel jacket, the one that I've always heard all along that is described to bees Miller or the same as what the I was wearing when he was last seen by his parents right. Why now look at that's something but again, there's kids
like came on their multiple came jackets, and I I get that. But it's just like the money situation right. I, as an investigator, my only obligation is to tell you what I found what I'm using your money for I am now preventing the coon's family or the parents of ever come forward and in giving a rebuttal or to that information and saying we we had to use the money for rent, we had no choice. Yeah he had to three camel jackets. We unaware that that was in the trash right now miss this one's is so tough I'm in this case it was cute boy, I'm in. If you want any other footage of him, I mean Jesus, he's kind of a goofball theirs is there's a scene where he sat mama love you and she sent him will love you back and he won't stop saying. I love you and you think it says this accident that
if they turned their back and he goes missing and and and they're going to find him and it's. You know it's it's tragedy, but it's an accident or or there's an animal that took this poor kid away, but it's almost like you can live with that. That's then that's an accident and those things and in the strand as the tragedy, but then, when you go all these, we have multiple private investors there's rolling out that an animal took this kid away or that he walked off on his own. We have the sheriff saying the same. fame the sheriffs say, look the likelihood of this kid being abducted out. There doesn't make any sense We have private investigator saying the same thing than we have witnesses that can put this in that area. Out of the
people there they're saying that there's ah there's a kid there, but through of the people or family members so all day covering up for each other and did did they take advantage. of this neighbourhood friend quote on quote it's a little odd that we can he'll, be one of our witnesses and the boys never there and other. Then him we have nobody outside the family. Saying that the boy was even there, then you have one private investigator, go hey! You fool you're lying to me, I'm out the door. Next private investigator comes in hey, you fools lying to me about the door, and then it comes back to this idea to the share of saying we exhausted every option of it. Be enacted, being an accident, and the parent I'm coming clean about it and that
our brains, you to this statement from jessica, she says, hey, look. I was offered immunity was off, immunity, but I had to show on the body of my child- and I can't do that. Well, where, when we talk about you, we were getting into throwing shade and an here's. The thing I want to I want to keep in mind that all along the way. Opinion Jessica was showing throwing shaded the unknown unnamed individuals down this dirty man with the boy at the at the store, this creepy guy it was staring at my boy at the store by all along the way, throwing shaded these unnamed individuals or named and individuals. Look. I look at the family friend he rise odd. He was weird he's
still is weird whatever, but did they through shade at the grand father yeah. Right. She does she's like. If maybe something happened with my grandfather, maybe he did something so the I want everybody to keep in mind here. I think this is a statement to two to throw this the public so where It's going to look like, oh well, I must be innocent. I must be innocent If I tell all of you that I was immunity. And then I had to produce I to show them where the body was so why I not be innocent. If I just show them where the body was, then I'm not getting. Large with anything. So that's! That's! That's! Asthma! The evidence is you need that I am absolutely innocent what she said. To tell you well, as I believe this is just my belief. I can't back this up because the sheriffs apartment and
Law enforcement agencies have not confirmed that they ve ever offered her immunity right that I could find now now there their silent about. There's no comment, but I want should it. I want. I'm gonna give you a direct statement from bower men who we heard from earlier he's the the lamb. County sheriff yeah, let's go through statement. His inlets read between the lines here. Ok, he says Kirsty leads and with this this is midway through up. A whole long conversation, but he says they could not meaning the parents. They could not pass the section. This is real so polygraph on? Do you know where your coon's is at this time? And do you know what happened to him? They could not pass those two parts on the polygraph cow, then, and I both agreed before the recording of this its stated luckily, the dayton pass polygraph test you- and I are just
throw that out we're gonna that out completely because we understand how the court that is too polygraph parents of child or missing child who may be truly innocent. So, let's just toss. In the trash can and go on to this statement regarding I This is in direct regards to her statement about immunity, law and backed up were real, quick on that, its wine, because if a pit parent fills guilty their child dying or gone missing. They will fail that portion and also, if they our two emotional. They will fight fail portions of the test. That's why, in most cases I like lie detectors and these cases I do not So his statement in january, two thousand sixteen says we ve in them, meaning both parents.
Many opportunities to tell us what happened, if it was an accident, there's been no interest in going that door action. So that tells me there's only one other possibility. It has to be a homicide. I disagree, with the end of that statement, that it has to be a homicide, but I think that that's a very likely possibility, but when I apply this statement to jessica state about me being offered immunity- and I have to show them the body- the discussed, that you and I had earlier- is there's a couple problems with that that doesn't mean that she's innocent, because one, if I'm Joe and I guy show you where the body is. If they are in fact, is one what, if the evidence, on that body does not suggest or back up my statement of what accident occurred with that boy, what if they go well, we found this or that now
No, this is a homicide. This was not an accident now, in trouble, because I would bet you did that immunity if, in fact, she was offered that was stipulated by being an accident that he be completely truthful and led them to the bottom right his. Why would they give em immunity if they think they're guilty of killing. here's the other arnold. Let's go back to the first private investigator he had some thoughts and theories that may be the child was given away. Well, therein lies another problem. If you offer me immunity- and I have to lead you to the body, there is no body the boys alive and elsewhere and there's a lot. Speculation that the boys father is not as real father, and an incentive for speculation of that in the last private. Investigator brings this point up as well, but sight was strewed. The dna test stood dna tests to clear this,
and so we can move on with the investigation I do want to point out. One other thing that they thought brought jessica into suspicion was the lack of photos. Apparently, she was very diligent Bout always taking photos of little, do your and posting them online and on shall media and they note that on the camping trip now be it it's a short trip from the time they show up to till the time that he goes missing. It's what twenty four hours less than twenty four hours. They do. No hey, why you didn't take me pick of your boy during this time in imposing pictures so that their one thing of interest. continuing on with more statements from K, I see taxes, they state that data have any evidence other than the testimony of the for adults at the campsite, the indicates the d or coup. the minor child was on the mountain and they say we
believed that the parents, through family members and through friends in social media, have begun miss information operation on behalf of the parents too. Finally, the media, mislead law enforcement and mislead investigators with K, icy taxes, as well as the general public, stating we now have due to the testimony of all witnesses, including employees clerks beer distribution, drives fuel handlers, credible witnesses, they have given credible testimony that we cannot find any person that saw the child go up to the mountain either the day of the event or the evening before we therefore, are now moving our time line of the event back to five p m, the day before the nine one. One call was made our eye so now that we ve heard pretty much every body. What what's your thoughts on this? He hears the weird thing for me
is that I don't necessarily agree with either the sheriffs department or k. I see texas, where both persons have decided to both agencies have decided to back up their time line and look for peace, to talk to the day before before they even went to the campsite. Right and my reasoning behind this is a couple of things we Yes, we only have the for adult saying that door was ever even there, but the problem. With. That is if, in fact, he now was there, then all for these people have to be involved in some form or fashion right. I don't see a situation where all four of them are involved bashfully, when see that they all kind of sort. Turning on one another, a little bit right by private investigators and the law enforcement believe the the family friend bright that's the thing you can't believe the family friend and then
say he was never there that day. That's that's where your problem is because, if you believe isaac statements and isaac has said, every time do your was there he was at the campsite so where I'm going with this is. Is a couple thinks? Okay, so I think the d or did go up to the campsite with them Everything starts to fall apart is the next morning when they wake up the next morning, rather than when the story start getting wonky between the grandfather, the the father and mother, Then we have isaac, who he can't recall certain things any seems a little confused about some things is guessing sometimes, but everyone stating he's given the same story for different types. They believe him to be truthful, so we have parents who at some point say you know what could have been this isaac. Guys did something to my child. We
the mother who said it could have been. My grandfather did something to this job. This grandfather starts to say you know what I'm starting to not think. I know what happened up there. I think the problem before the grandfather and isaac to be response both for what happened to your isn't it time line is too small. The window the time of opportunity to do something to this boy is too small body of one's dive and physically fit ones carrying around oxygen right. He's carrying around oxygen. I dont know would lead me to believe there's a problem if the grandpa where did something wrong, then you have to believe the parent story right by, if isaac, something wrong. You have to believe the parent story and both their stories. We left, we win The town we came back where their short period of time and then in a though, of ten to fifteen minutes, our boy goes missing. Well, that only gives
the grandfather and or isaac ten to fifteen minutes to kill and in and get rid of the body that adjust it doesn't out, because you have to believe somebody story along the way somebody is done. the truth and I the person telling the truth, is isaac and regarding the father. I believe that you, just a little confused. I, like I think, he's a little old right because of his age and because he he falls asleep. Often, he might not really know what happened. I personally think and I have no idea what actually happened to do your where I have a big problem is day two of the camp, as soon as they wake up that morning. The story or to fall apart. The oars parents I cannot tell you exactly what time they left. They give different reason for why they left to begin with, and at some point stories do start to meet in the middle, but that might be.
Cause. They're going well wait a second You said you wanted into town for female products. He say, and you went into town for gas gathered, you couldn't win in town for both. They also claim they stop at four or five places. We have nobody along the way that says that they see the child with either parent or both parents and the problem as we have the mother saying. Oh, we interacted with this person and they can confirm that they saw the or nope they couldn't Oh and then the father said I have enough. They could confirm that they saw her. The first says, we were the boy state out in the end that you know near the truck with me, and we spoke to this person I can confirm that me into your. Were there right that persons is nope? I never saw the boy. So what is it? They can't tell you what they had for breakfast who could break? they can't tell you if the boy went into the stores, if he stayed out with his dad what they went into town for my thought, is it
something happened to this boy either after that into bed the first night a camping or they got rid of him somewhere when they went into sound, and I think when they got back, we had a short period of time and we had you guys to other guys they could be easily tricked. I think that there is a good chance that the oars was never there once they returned to the campsite, and I think we have isaac and Bob, both can fully recall the exact its and movements of what was going on right- and I think that. whatever happened? It happened in the they got rid of a elsewhere. Now he could be alive, could have handed him off to somebody else. Right and just came by Instead, you know we're gonna, We say that we lost the boy and now we got these other two guys. I can't really confirm what was going on that day, that that's just that
we're I'm kind of left, and I know the start any brilliant sir, any brilliant evidence added to any of those thoughts, but it should. when you really start looking at everybody stories, you have to believe somebody if not that boy. Never went up on that mountain than all for these people were involved in some form in fashion, and I also want to add some things regarding isaac year, one year after the disappearance of this little boy, he is asked in an interview: do you think that the parents did something to him? and he says now. I dont think that I dont know them very well, but I dont think that they would do anything like that in that fuck me is so interesting where you have all these p turning on one another they eat turned on isaac and guess what I think that the investigators really thought isaac could. ye, thereby very early on there.
Looking to him, they interview and four times He has the most reason to be true full and say d or was never there. because he was looked at by the family or talked about by the family as a possible suspect brain. So what Why? What does he have to gain from saying the boy was there that day? The only thing the gain from saying the boy was there that day is suspicion upon himself ya, think get a one in a roll back the time period, all the way to five o clock enough. That is, is right, but a but again it's possible because thing about This way, you have a short period of time that you're gonna go to the camp ground or you have to set up people set up. Tents we're gonna sleep over here and that the player and We're be in there and you could. You could probably pretend a little bit that you have,
Oh we're going put him down for a nap he's. Our sleeping I and the family friend he's a little off so He might let his imagination run wild the little band go, yeah well, yeah. The kid was there, I saw him in the back seat. You know who knows what he saw right. I dont know if we should go all the way back but we don't know what happened once every bay fell. Asleep did the parents leave. But I'm also with you on the idea that why did he go into town? This doesn't make much sense at all. like most women know their cycles so when I would now hey I've. I might beyond my period soon. Maybe I should be prepared right. So oh, I think, between that and then the others.
of where we had to get gas, but you gotta get gas for ye. You knew that you're gonna go into this. This place too, to camp out for the night. Normally, if you run, I guess we'll walk me, stop here in town and then we'll go out there, so I kind of the same they do. Maybe what have that night or what happened and this time period an it's. It's very odd me that you have to people they can't recall even how long there were gone for like that. The grandfather in the family friend they camera call. So, who knows how long it was, and it's like,
was a two hours was it three hours was four hours we don't know, and but I think they would be able to track their phones, though, and that's what makes me believe that maybe they can't prove that they went, Further out than they claim that they did and maybe that's why they're putting their time period back to the day before they left, but this is a difficult one, and it's very sad and- and it's like I, I guess, there's a party they eat that wants to believe the parents aren't horrible pieces of shit But what then consistency is nothing ever lining up? It's it's one thing. If one private investigator doesn't like you, but to an elite
while enforcement turns on you and it seems, like everybody keeps turning on them, and those people just don't turn on the parents of missing children for no reason year unless that boy was abducted in enough in a very tiny shortly of time with, for a. Up there, who saw nothing with one way and one way out. Nothing else makes sense to me harris are the only two. They had an opportunity to get rid of the boy or the body prayer book get over that statement of the search dogs with the sand did not pick up a set of that boy. Can't get over that again, though, that lead you to, if you believe he was never there than all four of these individual, and on this and the for time to get rid of. This boy is when they go back into town and it doesn't
successfully mean that they dumped a body they could have had a body or could handed the boy off to somebody at some point by the other thing that I call into question here is you are taking air of your grandfather. He requires a caregiver. He is on oxygen, twenty four. And I'm not leaving my two year old boy whose describe a real go, get her who moves quick with my elderly oxygen. needing grandfather alone that makes no sense to stop. Yeah, so, regardless of why they claim that they went into town, maybe he needed fuel because they were running something off of the car. was turned on. Maybe she did need these products that I dont so much call into question. I call in court a lot of the behaviors and the the statements that just don't line up
before we wrap up captain. We should very much include that. Yes, the coon's family did carry through and follow through with their law suit. Regarding K, I see taxes and just this month. As of may two thousand and nineteen a court dismissed the case the and before we wrap up today, we have a little recommended reading for you check out the book the lazarus files are cold case investigation on February. Twenty fourth nineteen. Eighty, six, twenty nine year old newlywed was murdered in los angeles, the shocking truth about who killed her would not emerge until two thousand and nine a dna match led the a pity to arrest? One of their own detectives check out this book,
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