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Ebby Steppach /// Part 1 /// 343

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Ebby Steppach /// Part 1 /// 343

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A young woman has a traumatic experience and decides to go to the police. But before she does, she vanishes. She did make a mysterious phone call to her brother. In which she said she does not know where she is. Her car is found but as for 18 year old Ebby Steppach, there is no sign of her. Beer of Week - Shadows of the Eyes - batch 18 by Rare Barrel Micro Brewery Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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Got feeling refreshed every day, even being at agrees. So did the wacky bedtime rituals had to actually to take home a temper peter today? I The. I welcome the true grabbed garage where we are. What are you doing thanks where,
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extra crispy colonel, that's enough business. Everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime, the the the about three weeks before Ebby disappeared. Her behaviour changed drastically. she would tell us she was going someplace. With some one and we would find out- that's not where she was ever you was provoking, are
that's and wanted to move out. She laughed and eventually with my son trevor a couple days before every was reported missing. She went to a party. Ebby takes me on Saturday october, twenty fourth, that she needed to speak to you about something important. She indicated that an individual this house had sexually assaulted her in videotaped for voice at the party. She told me to resist altered by one lobby was hysterical and wanted. My has then to go to the police station with her Every that I would be her after dinner to sit tight and I'd. Let her know when I was on my way. The last question I ask her: what is she wanted You go fowler police report and she said. Oh yes, I am certain. The next afternoon must have on travel came by? He contacted be about an hour later, and she told him tat she was outside this house. So trevor went out. Did
see here asked her where she was. She didn't know where she was, but she knew she was with her car at that point. Trevor tone what had happened to me. Every cell did really messed up disoriented, never hurt herself like tab for, to my knowledge, traverse the last person in our family to speak. I would light before individuals that were at the party that evening with my daughter to come forward and give a formal interview with Iraq, police department, data held them
move forward in the investigation clear their name or help determine what happened the some cases. We approach the story by starting off with the main event, which may be a murder and abduction or a disappearance, but in this case the events unfold in such a peculiar way. We will just role with the chronological approach. Much of the book graphical information. We are about to relay, comes from a series of articles in
why magazine dedicated to this strange case now? The trailer you just heard was taken from the doktor phil show who has done some extensive coverage on this case. Ebby jane step was born march, thirty, first, nineteen. Ninety seven to lorry and peter static abbeys name, which lorry laughingly says she borrowed from a church friend whose daughters name was easy Her unusual name signified how special and unique her mother felt her. Child was abbeys middle name, his jane, which has also her mothers middle name as well.
Laurie hoped her little girl would embody a combination of her mothers, traditional religious values and a free spirited one of a kind persona. Abbeys family consisted of an older brother, odor, half brother actually named trevor, and a younger sister name harris lorry says she and Mps father split when abbe was just a first greater lorry says that the marriage was a quote bad situation, but when it ended, it was will abrupt and shocking to her and her daughters. Lorry went on to marry Michael journey again, who helped bring some stability to this broken family. Teenaged Ebby was known as ebb stir to her family. She loved hot pockets, her dog fur, ball, music, the beach and the color purple. When she graduated from high school
Abby wanted to go to cosmetology school and later get her real estate licence. She was all interested in languages. She studied spanish turkish in hebrew. Lorries is Ebby was always stubborn and independent. When she was young, she did not like her name and she went through phases where she would insist on being called something else. Lorry says ebby was a homey person she liked to stay home. She had friends over to her house more than she would go to their homes
She got older, she developed into a fiercely loyal person. While she was hard to get to know her friends say that once you broke down her walls, she was selfless and generous and passionately stuck by her friends sites and abbeys friend Daniel westbrook described her as crime, loyal, loving and courageous, strong and perseverance. One story that captures is when her classmate. This was a boy named Caleb boyd. He was apparently wrongfully incarcerated for having a gone on school grounds. The way that this story works is instead of turning her back on him, like so many of his other friends, did right, Ebby, the lead in mobilizing students in support of Caleb.
She initiated a letter, writing campaign and petition the court and it worked getting caleb released. Although these characteristics of abbeys were largely positives, her mom says there were some downsides to her loyal entrusting nature. Abby got her a lot because her strong feelings, weren't always returned and her early high school years,
She was bullied and she changed schools, switching to the little scholars of arkansas academy from another small private school later abbeys loyalty and stubbornness reared its head. When her mom tried to get her to see that a few of her boyfriend's and other friends were less than she deserved as high school progressed, her independence morphed into full blown rebelliousness, abbe started breaking her parents rules and hanging out with a new crowd, a group that she met at her job at foot locker at the mccain mall had worked hard to land this job. This was the summer before her senior year. Abbe spent most of her money on make up in close, and she started to work more and more to be around these other kids. Her parents did now
Things were exacerbated by the car that Abby got from her father, Peter Lorre said it gave her daughter, the feeling that she could go wherever she wanted to whenever she wanted to write. That's a typical feeling for teens. I got a car, I'm outta here, man I Abby who was A very pretty girl, five foot to honour and ten pounds would blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is acting out in ways her parents do not like did not like, and we all know this is. We don't mean to give Ebby a bad name. This is a phase. Most kids go Through a lot of kids go through, they want to not be around their parents, not listened to their parents, and their hanging out with these. These other people that her parents are calling kids. But let's keep in mind, these are people that she's working with so as we go through. This
We are uncertain in the captain, and I talked about this last week. We are uncertain if these are in fact actually kids, because it's a job so at the youngest were probably looking at what seventeen or eighteen, but very likely, nineteen twenty, maybe even twenty one year old, young adults, now abbe, as we said, she's acting out she's lying to her parents. You know not going She says she's going, hang out with people that she says she will not hang out with she and her mom and stepped out continued to, but heads and things escalated. Ebby would periodically storm out to stay at her friends home at Daniels home. but would always return home. The next day now in abbe started her senior year in the fall of two thousand and fifteen.
She made a decision that her mother would not support. She switched schools. This was from the LISA academy, too little rock central high, which is a very big school. She went from a small school to avert large school. This was a major change for Ebby, who had been any sheltered private school, her whole life sure enough new kids. She was here. Out with introduced her to marijuana. Her parents did not approve. and in a heated argument in september, be in her mom agreed that she should move out. Lorry was determined to stand firm, her house, her rules and a very moved out. She couldn't come back. Lorry agree to pay for certain things but Ebby would largely be on her own and she would have to work quite a bit of this, wait reminds us of brianna made the case. We covered episode to fifty four and fifty five brianna switched school,
as well and remember. She started hanging out with the wrong crowd right eventually moving out of her parents house and work in a lot van, in two thousand and four and unfortunately not seen sense. Abbe didn't have much of a plant. In fact, she rotated between houses. Quite a bit. She crashed at her older brother traverse home. She stayed with her biological father Peter and with a and cayley fully so she's bouncing around from all of these three homes. For a time laurie and michael begin receiving calls from central high abbe was missing school. They decided not to confront her about this. She is still in school, but technically she is an adult at this time right, sometime, around mid october, Ebby showed up at Daniele splice asking to stay there for a while the two shared Daniels room,
to music and they went out on long drives, but since they went to different schools Danielle was never really sure what ebby was doing if she was not at home seems like she had to do a lot of work to figure out where she was going to stay so it'd be a lot more work on top of that, to figure out how you're going to get from this random spot stand up to school. On the morning of Wednesday october, twenty first Ebby was supposed to drive daniele to school on her way to school. After Daniels doctors appointment danielle text abbe that her appointment was running late, telling Ebby to go on without her abbe text back saying: no, it's not a big deal at all. I swear. I didn't want to go to school today anyway, because of all that roma Daniele does not know what drama Ebby was referring to
Abby never ended up going to school. That day, it's unclear how many days she missed but she and Daniel went to services at the assembly of god, church and little rock. That evening, thursday and friday I No, if Ebby went to school, I could not find anything that stated that she did so. We can only guess that what the drama was and if she was still avoiding school because of it, but on friday, night october, twenty third, we do know that any went to a party Daniel did not go with her because she did not know the other people attending this party right. We don't know if these were kids from central high school or people. The abbe was working with that foot, locker or others, but it was some group that she was here hang out with at this time. This will be easy to understand why we know who this is and just a quick bit on Saturday october, twenty fourth,
Abby told Daniele that her brother trevor was worried because she had been to his place all week long, so she needed to go over there and see him. The friends agree to see each other on sunday at the church, ice cream, social, so abbe went to her brother traverse place, and then she went to her grandparents house. This is peggy and bill. Homan Ebby was close with them and loved staying at their house. Ebby spent the day sleeping and watching her favorite show spongebob. She had dinner with her grandparents and they went out for tee. C b, why around seven p m and around eight p m she's got me leave in her grandparents told them that she's gonna go hang out with her step, other. She tells her grandparents that she does plan to return to their home for that night and asking I'm not to lock the doors the hormones never saw her again and when they too
calling her later that evening. Before going to bed, there was no answer. It turns out that that same night, around seven fifty p m abbe had begun. acting her stepfather that she wanted him to bring her to the police station. So she could report an incident that happened at the party the night. for she told him tat, she was the victim of a sexual assault and for males were involved. One guy had sexually assaulted her and he also videotaped the whole event its unclear. What the role of the other three boys was, but it was implied that they were also complicit somehow Every story is backed up by some text that she sent on the morning of Saturday October twenty. Fourth, this is to a friend named gauge, Fulton here's, the conversation
the gauge later had with Monti vicars a private investigator on the case describing the text between him and Ebby. He says Abby says I was hanging out with some dude last night and we smoked and I had sex with one of them and he effing recorded me. She says this was when she wasn't looking v
there is ask gauge: did she tell you that she was raped, to which gauge replies? As she said she felt forced into it? Her last text message to me. It is saying I am going to kill myself but seems lay there are drinking out this party. Possibly these guys are older. We don't know. I think we both can assume that that that these are prime, more likely people from foot locker than her highschool, yeah or friends of foot locker friends. Yes, oh it seems to me that maybe she felt pressured or or whatever bay ways she is up having sexual this individual than he takes it or films it without her knowledge, ray and he's probably share in this with other guys at the party, and that's probably why she the sailor,
are involved in some way yeah in in we say the word sex, but we're using that very vaguely, while those are also her words yeah, but but we have her telling gauge that she said she felt forced and right right. So now we do know that Abby did not kill herself. Instead, she began texting her step father. While he was eating dinner. That night Abby requested that Michael not tell her mother, she had already called the police, but didn't feel that she had received any good advice on what to do right so Abby. it would be better if she went to the police station in person and she wanted her stepfather to go whether the two read to me around eight p m at the home once and head down to the station together, but we do know that ebby left the house. This house, before Michael arrived and the grandparents told Michael that they were
the impression that she had gone to meet him. She was never seen again I go fears that she may have decided to try to confront one of the boys or all of the boys at the party about this incident by herself right and he says, probably to try to get a hold of the video. According to lorry abbeys cell phone records, indicate the abbe made two calls to little rock police department that night around seven thirty p m and each only lasted about a minute, but the little rock police department has said they have no record of those calls rang so the bizarre by Abby's mob does so. We re already happened right. Abbeys phone records also show that she continued
to open in red text messages until the night of Sunday october. Twenty fifth, unfortunately well, I would say that again. Well, the phone records show there and I have here my notes that she indicating abbe, but I think what we should be clear on this We don't know who was opening bright and reading text messages, but somebody was. EL sunday of october twenty fifth bright its clear to me that that we have- or her mother believes it to be abbe. But as long as we just stated, we I I think why happiness she goes missing and somebody is going through a phone to try to clear some evidence. I think that's what is is well and nobody knows where she spent that Saturday night right, I mean he could already be in danger, as you just said how the family started to
be worried when no one heard from her by the next morning. We gotta keep some things in my here there's a lot going on and there is a lie going on in this phase of abbeys life as we He stated she's not always honest about where she is who she's hanging out with, and there were times even before moving out that she would leave and in an argument and go stay somewhere and then come back the next morning, when the difficult thing is that she is eighteen, so technically says I have to be honest about worse. It's gone yeah. So you have like really mixed emotions and thoughts and feelings by her family right now, where she didn't show up to meet her step that shit. Or grandparents. Since she left to see the step dad, he shows up at their door and there like. What are you doing here break but at the same time you you got these concerns, but you also have a history of somebody
run it out for the night and not being where they're supposed to be. They say that they tried calling in texting, abbey and all of those text were its according to her phone records state that they were read by somebody. They want responded to. Finally, around five thirty p m. On sunday, the twenty fifth abbeys brother trevor got a phone call from her. She did not sound like herself. He said she sounded panicked and disoriented ebby told him that she was in her car parked outside of his house. So he hangs up the phone. He goes outside to meet her, but she is not there there's no sign of her or her car. He calls her back and ask you know. Where are you she said she was in her car but did not know where she was and she could not tell him who she was with the last thing. She said
cause, I'm fucked up after four minutes of back and forth with abbe, not making any sense at all and not get, him any information She hung up the phone. And no one has ever heard from her again, her phone started going to voicemail on Sunday night when Ebby had turned up at her grandparents, home and after that worrisome phone conversation with trevor. Her family started actively. Looking for searching the neighbourhood and calling around to her france, abbeys sister texted Daniele, asking if Ebby was at her place. Daniele, who was at the ice cream social said she had planned to attend with Ebby right, but obviously abbeys not there
correct and now Danielle is joining in the hunt is well. She starts calling and texting abbeys phone. She starts calling other friends to see if anyone knew where she could be when she got no response, Abby Danielle started driving around looking for ebby in places she knew her friend would frequent, but all of this effort, nobody would find anything if you had the chance to be brought back to life. Words of years in the future. Would you take it. Wanderings newest podcast, frozen head, hosted by ashen alina of the hit, show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence pilgrim a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life because for him death wasn't the end. It was just the beginning.
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where prohibited by law, eighteen plus terms and conditions, apply, see website for details all right, we're back fears needs. We are back after that strange phone call. Abbeys brother called the police to report her missing but he received the typical run around that we ve seen in so many other cases is all it almost seems just it in it in a terrible way. It almost seems funny to even say it because we repeated it so many times right throughout these different cases. Now, this one is a little different. This response is a little different than we ve heard in the past, and maybe it's some form of progress idle? No captain! You beat the the decider there, but shit he's told that they need await twelve hours before filing a report. Notes, the theirs
Oh there's nothing a little bit of a shorter time period. Most time we hear less of a be wanting, or we ve heard thirty six hours here they want twelve, so lorry her mother says the second that the clock hit the twelve our mark. She called the police. She call back to the little rock police department, rain. A police officer came to the house on Monday. Speak with the family and fill out a missing persons report, but the little rock police department did not seem to interested in the missing persons case. They seem. Give lorries concern about her daughter, very little weight and took a perfunctory report with
much follow up at all. Yet now in the cops defense I I really want to know how many times do they get cause where they're getting callbacks within minutes? Hey. We can't find my son can't find my daughter and then five minutes later they're gone up. Sorry, we found them well. We do know that that is the case most of the time and the other thing to look will go down this road big because you, you started us down the road in this particular situation. I can kind of see it from that perspective. Of all. We just have some people that are over reacting. they want to file a report, but yet the person that they're trying to report missing they ve already told me: she's hang out the wrong crowd, she leaves and come home some nights she's a doll she's, an adult she's living elsewhere, and we don't really know where she's living so I go in nigeria
aye yay yay yay, yay yay, the thing that always drives me nuts, those when they go while there are dull and they have the right to go missing, and I would just say that that outlook I understand people have the right to go missing, but the person that is, you know the person that has the right to go missing. That normally goes missing. There, probably is some conflict with the family, so the family is not going to be calling for a while, but yeah I mean, but when a family is calling, hey. We can't find our sun her daughter and the cops go well their adult. They have the right yeah. We know that they have the right, but this is added character and n and I think the cops need to take that more serious it's out of character, and then here's the other thing too, that the yes and I'm gonna be my own devils advocate here
where I say that I understand this from the cops perspective where they're saying here's this this eighteen year old, who doesn't come home, some nights lives elsewhere, couch surfing, basically right, but then here's the other. The other thing you gotta consider that's all been going on for a while. They ve never called the police before right. So very likely. This is very different than any of those other times and and maybe they are not over reacting at all. Maybe they are reacting appropriately and we need to step in and get involved in this law give. This is also a day and age where were very connected to if you're, not gonna hold of somebody, it becomes spooky pretty quickly now, to put it in its shortest form.
Possible. The journey against did not feel that the police were treating their missing daughters case with an appropriate sense of urgency on october thirtieth, the little rock police department. This is lieutenant Steve Mc Callaghan he's the media spokesperson for the least apartment. He told the media that there was no a meeting danger in every case and she was likely missing because she wanted to be then little rocks channel. Seven news reported that police found surveillance, footage showing abbeys com, travelling on can trail road in west little rock sometime short after she went missing. While this report aired at the end of the week when Ebby disappeared, there was no indication of win. The footage of the car had been too right. So it's on tv, but we don't know exactly when that footage was taken it.
It was most likely sometime that weaken the crucial time period in which ebby did vanish shall not park is a neighborhood park there's a pool their in a playground, its maintained operated by the large chanel valley, homeowners association, a sign at the entrance of the park reads: private for residents only It is in a very upscale area of west little rock near Joe Robinson high school, another large high school in the city on route. Ten. In order to get to the private neighbourhood park, drivers have to take one of two access wrote. One of these is shall amount drive which becomes north feel drive and takes drivers out to chanel parkway by the walmart super centre. The other way takes drivers on, shall Emma drive to control
road, which is around ten. A security guard named guy hooper, who was employed by the neighbourhood association to patrol the park. He called the little round. Police department on the night of october twenty eightth, he was calling to report and abandoned vehicle parked in the parking lot of the park. Police took a report but didn't make it over to the poor, Until october thirtieth two days later, so I want you to keep in mind how this whole thing went down this this man, guy hooper, he's a sick, eddie officer, he calls in this abandoned vehicle and then he waits for police for a couple of hours. they don't show up. They don't respond. The entire time to which he's like our I'll, be back again to morrow to patrol again and pray. I believe he actually call
the following day as well and then again waited another hour to, but, as I said, it was two days later before any one showed up to take a look at this vehicle while and just to go back to the the whole. We don't believe that she's endanger, we think that's who went missing on our own, like we have a couple of points of evidence to make them believe, not that one sees basically saying that there was a sexual assault that happened to me and I want to report it. I could Would your police station multiple times I'm making arrangements to go down there, so we should take that serious and then the remarks that she made to her friend saying while I'll kill myself now. Maybe that is just you know. It was just a figure of speech and it wasn't something that she was actually going to do, but just that in itself means that she's in possibly in danger of harming herself, and so we should take this more seriously. It seems just like a
load of horse shit. Well, once they finally went down there to investigate this abandoned vehicle, what they found was abbeys silver, two thousand and three volkswagen passat arkansas play one three: seven, you f am parked in the parking lot and it had been there since the night of october twenty fifth, this is according to the security off of heads of twenty fifth, that's the sunday, that's the same night. The did she spoke with trevor on the phone. Yes, that sunday, the car keys we're still in the ignition the vehicle was out of gas in the battery was dead. Even more disturbing were the contents of the vehicle which included her contact lenses, her wallet and her cell phone, all of which were sitting on the front seat. Now,
really truly what they find their keep. My she's moving around from house to house at that time staying a little with her brother little bit with her biological father and then a friend or to they're gonna. not only just these items, but they're gonna find basically all of her paws since the travel along with her from house to house in this car, air car becomes basically her storage unit, yeah now these items are of importance because law later said that Abby couldn't see without her contacts and would never ever not take her phone somewhere with her. She voices. This was abbeys lifeline to her family the mind while he's not living with you not living with her family, but she still close with them and the fact that all of make up was still sitting in the vehicle as well. That lorry says was
clincher for her. She immediately knew that something was wrong. Something bad happened. Now, let's take our own little investigation into this vehicle to captain. What did we say here? We got the car keys still in the ignition it's time we got the automobile out of gas in the battery was dead. That to me suggests that somebody left the vehicle running right. In that part, spot and we do know that it was their since that what do we say sunday, the twenty fifth and they are not there looking at it until october thirtieth, that's it. I get abandoned vehicles. I dont get having these types of possessions being found inside the vehicle in plain sight, one to vehicle out of gas in the batteries dead keys in it. Somebody left their vehicle running. This is very strange stuff now upon finding the car, little rock
police called abbeys, father peter. This is her biological father. His name is on the car registration. It was he who notified his ex wife loi. The eddies car had turned up police apparently failed to notice that the name of a missing young woman was also on that registration and her license was in the vehicle while they were searching the car they left. The trunk open makes you wonder: did they fail to notice this or are there choosing? You know, because they're they're choosing not to look for somebody that we know that possibly is in danger, or we know they're choosing not to show up in and take this report. We know they're choosing not to go investigate his car for two days. It's ridiculous well and keep in mind a couple of things if the security office
I had called multiple times to report, an abandoned vehicle yeah, the responding officer does not know. I mean they may know that somebody is missing or has been around, but but very likely. Not because, like we said the the missing persons report is filed, it's probably handed off detective by then and if they are not showing an actual concern for this missing individual. The responding officer to this abandoned vehicle. The cat put two and two together right, because you don't have enough information to do so. So it's not until he calls the father. That's on the registration. Father calls mom hey. They found her vehicle, it's gonna take Abby's family to bring it back around to police and say, look our daughter
it's missing and now you've found her vehicle. Now, with all our stuff in right I mean look. We all know that teenagers are connected to their phones, that to that to me as a huge red flag and again, like you, said, the battery being dead, no gas and the keys in the ignition while they were searching the car, the officers left the trunk open and the rainstorm soaked, many of mps, belongings channel seven news reported that there appeared to be no sign of a struggle inside or outside of the vehicle, and it was found abandon since abbeys disappearance. Her mother has worked nonstop to keep her daughters case in the public eye and in the active case files on detectives desk, but it hasn't been easy. In fact, at times it has been almost impossible
This is because the people who were supposed to help her and help her family, who made a pledge to protect and serve they failed on this investigation. For months, the jernigan family says the abbey's car. The subject of phone calls to the little walk police department, not only from guy hooper, but several nay in the area who called about the car that week well before police officers, finally acted on the tip if the department had not ignored these calls. The trail would have been a lot fresher and even after they finally pieced together that the key, in the missing young woman were connected, the police department dropped the ball family got the run around as to who was in charge of this investigation. Police never contacted people that were suspected of being at the party.
Daniele or any of abbeys. Other friends we're not contacted the security guard who found the vehicle was not contacted, Took them weeks to getting around two pinging abbeys phone to see where it had been and when they did they initially ping the wrong phone number, so yeah Take you through this poor story. Why may lead to reiterate the fact that they open they left the trunk open right What are you moron I I mean come on. It's l in what's the number one thing that we've seen time and time again, one of the worst things for evidence is water yeah and you just leave the trunk open right. This is a crime scene or
possibly a crime scene and you dont know either way, so you should protected, but you're too lazy or stupid for both or both I guess, there's ministers there's another option nobody's ever wearing his shirt. This is I'm lazy. Ass, stupid make we're in a measure like they're stupid, for those of you who are proud of yourself, so that frank open here somebody and put my bike in it. Let me take you through this horror story. This is about the pinging. the her phone, but it ends up being the wrong phone number right, so they ping her. Found what is believed to be abbeys phone and police. Tell her mother. Instead, father we ve ping, the phone it
It's coming from a location out about forty five minute drive from your home, so kind of our away from the city and its coming from a field out there. Listen to this I mean this is not sounding good right. Your daughter's nearly starved own is paying and from a field kind of in the middle of the country? You start that combats possibly where her body is that's, where we're going to find her, but then you're gone, oh wow did or phone get back to the car, right in that's. I guess I'm a little unclear on that captain. What they are saying is that when they trace these banks, round the time that she went missing. They had the phone pinging out in this other location. Now As you said, though, that's when the parents who, like oh, my god, we might find her body out in that field right in this, is awful look. If I'm the investigator
even if I ping the wrong phone right even of Hamas, freakin moron. captain more on pants right. pay in the wrong phone, and then I know that the phone ended up at the car. Before I tell anybody. I am gone and searching that field myself or double checking the ping information right, but I'm starting I'm starting with I'm. Amass mass right, I I ping the wrong phone, but either way I made a mistake right, but I'm going to be a good, a detective good investigator and before I tell the parents and freak them the freak out, I am going to go check that field and then I'm going to present them information, but my maybe by checking the field and finding nothing. I would then double
How did I get the number right yeah? They are looking for ping information that would have taken place around the time. Does she was trying to call her brother that she spoke to trevor bright right, so unfortunately they figure out, law enforcement figures out that they were pinging the wrong number. I bet that aim, a figure that I bets some in our family figured that out. Well, they I believe it was a couple of days before they told the family. Oh, we were paying wrong number when they finally paying the correct number, it did turn out, the abbe was, or the phone in shallow up park when she did in fact call trevor right now. The little rock police department also claim to be unable to access abbeys social media. This is a part of the story that I really know where we're
talking about things that the law enforcement screwed up on that they messed up on that they dropped the ball break. This one is, is just a small part of the story, but truly I feel like this is where they missed the bus the most, because we we have rumour of this video that might have been on somebody's phone. We have talks and gauge coming forward, saying that I text messages with her. We know this. She or somebody was opening and reading text messages on her phone on that sunday ray I really feel like an especially given her age that this social media stuff could have really high The investigation, especially in the early stages of the investigation. What's going on here, is they're telling the family. We don't know how to access these social media account we do not know how to get in there do a lot
Spy work and figure out what was going on, who she was talking to, as were too stupid, and then, on top of that, it would be really key. Here is to figure out where, in fact, she was going when she says that she was going to meet her stepfather, because we know from the stepfather right. That's not the case. He says I. Going to meet her here and now she's gone right, so that could have really help early stages of the investigation. Why and if we add the part which, at the very least, let's say she communicated before five other people after she left her grandpa
house. You need that trail of bread crumbs, where you need to follow the bread crumbs to get you from person to person be d c and d until you get to the actual last person that spoke with her or had interaction with her, so you figure out her location, thereby good to see the detectives the whole time on this case it alright. While we checked her, we checked her phone. This is the the detectives talking to the family. We checked her phone. What's her name again, you I mean that's, that's kind of work there doing where thou, which we saw her car. What's her name, it have you heard from her like no do some work here now lorry did try to assist the investigators as much as she possibly could regarding her missing daughters case,
She was the one that spent the the man hours putting together abbeys phone records. She got as much as she could from her social media accounts and she passed all of this on to the detectives and, unfortunately, She says at one point in this investigation when she is in their answering questions and talking with detectives she sang the detective seemed proud to tell her. We have we ve collected all this information we have tons of ever We have all this information regarding you're missing daughter, and he, had it in the room with them rain and law says she looked at all of this. information that he says he has, and that has collected, and she says unfortunately, this was.
Everything this guy had she provided to him. She provided this information, so why seem proud to have that information makes absolutely no sense at all stupid or lazy. What going on behind the scenes. Yeah is the trouble of having abbey and the family come forward, stating two things. One abbeys intention was to meet her stepfather some point that evening her family, saying the step father was going to meet Ebby some point that evening now those things are now working against abbeys family in this investigation, because now the way that their working this investigation their suspicious of the step father. Of course they want to know if, if, in fact, he was the last person to see her and what was really going on behind the scenes, thereby area, basically, if their basically believing that he is the murderer,
now mind you. They wouldn't state in the beginning that this was a real missing persons case to begin with. Now, all of a sudden there saying, oh, we think that she disappeared because you made or disappear bright, and this whatever this theory is or how they ever came up with this theory other than knowing that he might have been the last person that she intended to meet with. There are now using this as a theory and their what their claiming when they speak with the family is you're lying to us. You're you're you're telling us a different story because you're trying to cover up what truly happened to your daughter when
in reality. What we have is a family who's trying to be actively involved in an investigation that would not be moving forward without them, yet very difficult, because we are taught him others before they got off the record. Where I do not like the idea. When detective say it's not my job to come up with theories, its is my job to collect them in sum for the evidence to tell me what's happening now, now hold on a second. I understand you're saying that, because you want to seem like you're, smart and level headed, but the truth of the matter is that you have to collect evidence along the way you have to create different theories. Multiple theories based off of the evidence you're seeing here, base off the evidence, but also maybe based off evidence. She don't have yet
you have to come up with multiple theories and then you have to go down those rabbit holes and- and let the evidence tell you if it. If that theory is true or not in this case, they come up with this theory that makes zero Hence, because what we have we have evidence of is this young woman making calls to the police saying that she was sexually assaulted. Again, I'm sick and tired of less but look the justice system doesn't take. These claims serious enough
that's why she called the police department multiple times they should be saying. You are sexually assaulted, come down to the station. Now we need to take the serious and then she's making claims to friends and now she's telling her step father. Now again, we should take these claims serious, because not only is she stepping up to the plate, which is so hard for these women to do but she's stepping up to the plate to talk to police the police officers. And law enforcement and that's frightening in again, she is a young woman and its frightening to have to tell your step father. Frightening, embarrassing, whatever words you want to use, this is not somebody that the other is frustrating and well super frustrating for a multitude of reasons, but also
frustrating in the sense that you're telling the family do. We don't want to work with you, because we think your covering something up. Button bright, but even ass, his. Why? Even if that is their theory, camera and it doesn't appear that they were even investigating- are working on building a case around that theory. There were they just work doing anything: and having the excuse that the step father is a suspect was just that an excuse to not do anything sit on our hands and not have to do anything. When We already know that you had this great lead of. There was something that would down at that party. They might have been a major ordeal and it happened very shortly before she went missing. That's a friggin led yet not now. I want it. I wouldn't blame us so much if, if they, if the sexual assault charges were against the step potter.
Then you go care while aid be we're looking into this guy, but that's not who the allegations were against was about this party, And I'm surprised these morons didn't turn to the step. Fathers, wife, abbeys, mother and say collect evidence against him, Did you collected evidence on everything else, all right, I'm looking at my phone, I'm looking at my device and on both I have the very awesome sticker app. It is free. You can go and get the stitches app and we have all of our old episodes on there for free for you to listen to also make sure you check out our other show called off the record. It is available on sticker premium stayed to an until tomorrow. It's gonna get pretty. He did in the grudge until then be good
because the.
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