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Emma Compton Layne ////// 598

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Emma Compton Layne loved Christmas, Humming Birds and helping people. She was a friendly face in a tiny town. Everyone knew her because she owned a general store in Cody, Virginia. Emma was missing for approximately five months. Later the missing investigation turned into a homicide case. If you have any information about Emma Compton Layne’s disappearance and death, call the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office at 434-476-3339.


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Emma compton lane first was missing and then things got worse. Emma has a couple of sisters. to that, for my understanding don't get along very well, but yet they are fighting for emma seeking justice for their sister. The passed away too soon at the hands of a very bad man, a man that picks on and threatens women because he is weak in secure and cowardly
but because Amis sisters, one owner and shot, I don't speak, they are fighting. the same battle but separately. I dont know The true crime garage covering emma's case will actually get justice for emma, but I know are coverage today can't hurt her case. you see emma's case is very solvable, but because lived in a tiny town. Her case lacks awareness. Well that ends today. Something else that I wish would end today. Is this bad blood between em
sisters. Now I would think, after losing your sister and one of your best friends, you each would need a sister to help you, with your hurt, to help you with your battle in your fight for justice. For emma, you need a sister anne. You both still have one so pick up a fuss and say something nice, no one has to say that they are sorry just say. I miss emma and I want to fight for our sister together, because nothing else matters because, as it stands now, you ve both lost two sisters and all you have gained his heart ache and facebook page the justice for Emma compton lean facebook page, but you both have the power to change the following
is from that facebook, page justice for Emma compton lane, which I encourage our listeners to go, to show your support by visiting the page to let the sisters know the people care now. This is a post from one of Emma sisters it reads five years ago, on Tuesday june twentieth, we filed a missing persons report for em We know now that she was murdered after midnight on the eighteenth, but I've wondered If we had filed on Monday, would Hell effects county shares? Department have taken us more seriously? Would they have worked emma's case harder Five long sad years- and we still are waiting for justice for Emma.
we are still waiting for an arrest, a trial, for the person who murdered her to be held accountable, no one except the person who killed her Knew she was missing until Monday, the nineteen that person had the time to remove evidence and clean up the crime scene. So believe that person had help covering the cry over this five years. We have been told by halifax county sheriffs department in common the turning martin her case is a priority at first, I believe them with their assurances. But after five years I have to wonder just how truthful They ve been when something is a priority. Things get done, things happen and results are seen. I pray.
The next year, I will have a reason to believe That they really have been working emma's case now we will see justice for emma before another year passes. Thank you to those who remember and love emma. Thank you for your continued support. Still, waiting for and seeking justice for emma, I love and miss you every day, Emma Jane This is true: grandma emma Jane compton wayne loved hummingbirds christmas and, more importantly, helping other people. She was fifty two years old when she went miss
I think emma was married to a man named Russell lane. Russell was a truck driver and may still be Emma was a store owner. Cody is a small community. This is where they are. It is a small community and hell effects county virginia. It's one of those small unincorporated towns, kind of a tiny dot on the map, Emma owned, the cody store, but some of this captain to give a better idea of what kind of store we are talking about. This is from one of the old signs on the cody store and it reads: full service delhi, open, six, a m to seven p m pizza, grocery beer, ice dog, food huh,
in fishing supplies, slab bacon and fat back meet store our six a m to nine p m monday through saturday closed on sunday. Accepting all major credit card sounds like my kind of store has about everything that one could think of. I I. imagine need in anything else- and I know you are like me captain when given the option weeper mom and pop type operation in that's very much what this was I'm assuming that there was a large if grocery store in his tiny town, that people could go and spend their high third money at, but a lot of people prefer to go to the kodi store because of the friendly service. You know you're getting the you're getting that kind of personal service when you walk in, and somebody goes hi captain or good to see a colonel. How about some slab bacon or fatback meat, and it's good to be seen? It's good to pieces,
yeah I like my grocery stores, like I like my podcast homegrown, independently own no network, the troubling thing about this case. Well, there's many troubling things, but the first that stands out. Is it often on the materials that we see to talk about. My going missing, they will say that she was last seen at the cody store, which is not really true, but It goes along with the story or some people's narrative of this story, so keep in mind the store, is very important to our time line and is also very important to this case, because I think that also includes and gives us a good idea of emma's personality, can't you kind of picture her. Fifty two years old, owner operated, store, very friendly person, always a smile on her. when you come in the door, but the store itself remit.
we read the hours of operation there there closed on sunday, the last that she, seen on some of these materials states that it was at the store on Saturday night right. However,. We have some information of locals. It say. Yes, we saw as we drove by the store, we can still see her vehicle. There remember this is the kind of town, the small little town, where every kind of nose. Everybody and everybody knows what vehicle, you drive in, of course, people that frequent the store are going to know they're gonna know a kind of vehicle the she drives. So we have several people who are saying yes after the store closed on that sad I saw her vehicle in the parking lot, which is not uncommon right. You closing duties. You have to count the till you have paper work to do everything you have to do before you official leave the business for that night. As of the banality, the troubling thing to me is when I see these materials
my mind instantly makes leap of oh no, I put myself, somebody must have went to the store, attempted a robbery or abducted. Her for the number of reasons right and that's what went down and that's what we're looking for here. However, that's not the case. Even though the materials read that way she made at home that night, and so she would have left the store. approximately nine thirty, maybe ten at the latest, but she closed the store she could, the shop on their saturday? She went home. The other problem poor timeline no becomes the fact that the store is closed. On son, now this store was. I was about to say that it's her life, but was other things going on in her life, as we mention she was married to Russell lane,
but also a very important thing. That's going on at this time in a very stressful thing, that's going on for emma at this time is her mother was recently put in the hospital and, I believe, it- was only about two or three days before that sunday on our timeline her moms havin, some health problems, health issues, she's in the hospital, so Hearst, stir, well known and Emma are taking earns visiting mom in the hospital making sure that she's has somebody to talk with somebody to visit with her someone to help her pass the time while she hopefully heels recovers from whatever issues and she's facing the first red flag on our timeline goes up sunday when Emma fails to go to the hospital to visit her mother all- and everyone has agreed this completely out of
character for emma, if she says I'm visiting mom on sunday at the hospital, she would be their visiting her. and we know that she was supposed to be there on sunday because of a phone call in some conversation that took place the day before, with her sister were known, While we know that doesnt work on sundays says she should have anything conflicting to stop her from gone to see your mother, and I dont know if both were going every single day to visit mom or if they were rotating days going to visit mom. But we know this is going to go on sunday, because the conversation with well known when something like this emma is saying I can't make they're on saturday to see mom, don't worry I will be there one hundred percent on Sunday brain she doesn't show up on Sunday well begin red flags go up. Mom is worried
stir- is worried. They're trying to call emma in this is late sunday by the time they start calling her, because the way that I think that this works is it's not immediately known to all the emma didn't show up their right. It's a conversation that his head between her other sisters and mom and mom, saying no I never showed up today. I didn't see her. I know you guys said she was coming or she said she was coming, but I never saw her did it, and so it's not until about sunday night that the sisters are where the ammo did not arrive. That sunday so. On monday, one of her sisters is shot and she lives in another state. So any communication that is going on any interaction between shot. we're not gonna in their mother tongue, that are all very concerned that emma But the hospital that conversations are happening over the phone, so shot a convincing
Other sister were known. You know what why don't you go I and check on Emma. I can't get it of her on the phone she didn't go, see ma. So on monday her sister goes to her home and Russell. Her husband lets her in and Winona looks The property and looks inside the home and nothing seems really out of place. But therein lies the real problem. She says that everything seems to be there, except for em her cars. There Her purse is there her cell phone. Is there yet doesn't really add up her dog? Is there everything that you would expect to see, but no emma? This is when we start to get some kind of.
Weird story. Russell has some explanations. As for where Emma is- and he says, oh, I think she ran off with somebody with some other man, well. If she did run off, she didn't take anything with her. It's not until tuesday, the following day that the family actually report, her missing to the authorities was authorities in this case or the halifax county sheriff's office. One concern that the sheriff's office has is They question: why would Emma's family delay reporting her missing? Well, the family does have a good explanation for this. They tell the sheriff our mom is not in great shape she's in the hospital. We were worried that
us reporting her missing and mom finding out about this, that it might be unnecessary stress for her at her time when she she cannot handle anything else. Brain and They delay this but mind you. They only dilated about a day, and I thought tat they were wanting or hoping like does happen in so many other situations. That all emma will come home or she'll pop up. No, isn t scare, mom she's in the hospital law. That would make sense to me if the colony if people saw her on saturday and she had nothing to do on sunday and then boom monday, she doesn't go to work, but because she had this obligation on Sunday that she missed, and then she mrs work on Monday, I'm calling Monday, I think I would to I can't fault
I am not going to look back and say: oh, you should have done this. He should have done that. You know that the sisters are second guessing everything that took place within that first, twenty four forty eight hours but yeah you're right here, captain cause for deep concern. Right, didn't visit mom on sunday, but let's slits. compare that with the issue that she doesn't show to her owner operated store. On monday, we went over the hour. She should have been there prior to opening six, a m on Monday right and then by the time she replied. Missing on tuesday. She should have arrived at the store prior to six, a m to open the store on tuesday. Those three things. None of that happen, and in the course of that forty eight hours or so she's, not here
bonding to any calls or tax it's coming from anybody. That knows her, so you gotta be fearing the worst at this point, but do we have even details of what people are doing to find her? Yes, there was an effort put together to try to locate emma the best description. I have reads as follows: the cody commute He is a buzz with concern over popular store owner Emma compton lane being missing for a number of days now the owner of cody store on highway, forty, which is located on stage coach road was I seen Saturday around seven p m again. This is one of those things that kind of each. Apples me and bothers me the stores, open too I m p m. There is no real to believe that she went missing at this session
P m, our or any time shortly afterwards write her car didn't dr itself home from the store that night I well, I can't be sure I mean. Maybe she had one of those knight rider cars, but my guess you know I'm a better man. I would wager a hundred dollar bill that it did not drive itself home on that night, and I also have some information in time line the indicates that she made at home that night because she had interaction with other people. After leaving the store, at night, but continuing on this report sheriff Fred Clarke, said a virginia state, police search team, virginia department of emergency management search personnel and a local search and rescue team and e m s have been searching. The perimeter of leans cody residents so again
there are starting their search at her residence in fanning out from their. So they have something telling them something indicating to them that the residence is the place to start your search, not necessarily the store, a dive checked to ponds near her residence, but found nothing during the search of her premises. A local search and rescue team member suffered a massive heart attack and was pronounced dead shortly after her arrival, lane is described as a white female five tall and approximately two hundred and thirty five pounds she has short brown, hair brown eyes, pierced ears, may wear glasses. The sheriff ask if any one as any information on the whereabouts of Emma compton lane to please contact the Halifax county sheriff's office. Now some of the law
their reports that I've read. Captain was that, unfortunately, this man who's trying to help out who suffers the heart attack during the search effort that may have triggered them. Calling off the search a little. Prematurely now, obviously they didn't, find emma during the course of their search, but we should. So note that there was what appears to be based off of this report, a good effort put forth to try to locate her and what would have been. a rather well managed search right. They they made the determination to start off at her residence and work their way out from there. We know that their searching the some of the water in the area they're not finding Emma there, also not finding any clues as too ere she may be now act. Time. You have several
stories that are coming out from people that no emma, though rumour mill or know her husband, Russell anarchy, mind if I say that, but this is a small town you can make the asylum and that, whoever knows Russell knows Emma the stories start a pop up that there's a couple different theories here. Why that she left with some man that she was having an affair with and was in a hotel and danville. Well, that's pretty easy to figure out if that's true or not You go to the hotel and danville, and if you don't find them, you can figure one of two things: either the two of them moved on to another location, or this is not a plausible, theory tat. You have to go, not endure the door you to stand out. Frightened start yon show yourself. Show yourself, you cowards. There were some other theories that are somewhat similar, but one that she had gone to new york and
that she had gone to the state of florida and possibly for an affair, should happen. Possibly. There was also a theory that she was some type of drug dealer and that drugs were involved either in her disappearance or were the reason for her too Eve willingly was she selling drugs out of her story now wasn't selling drugs at all times. It's interesting how sometimes used rumours com nothing well and that's the other thing to keep in mind the danville story. her having an affair. Well, the whelming majority of people spoken to and asked these questions? They don't leave she's having an affair. They ve never seen meeting at any indication that she's having an affair, but does this
like a lot of times in these small towns when these crimes take place? the rumour mill seems to ramp up a lot faster yeah. I think when you have these small town, It's a lot not only a lot faster, but I almost feel like some of the rumours or more of the war, old variety. Yet they become a little more ridiculous, but we these crimes in cases that we ve looked at here in the garage where often when a case first breaks that there are some early, rumours going on and sometimes even if it takes years to solve them, you find out that one of these early rumours well, it must have been based. Off of a lot of truth or fact, because in the end, when get the result when they get justice for the victim. They find that out of the information in one particular rumour turned out to be true now here in this case
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All right. We are back turnus through the rumours, cheers, mates cheers captain now in this case we have a and who is missing and, as I said, there are some rumours that are being bandied about that maybe she has taken off and left on her own. Here's a follow up report on Emma's status of still missing, and this says they on Saturday june. Seventeen Emma closed her store ass. She did every saturday and finished with closing duties and she left for the day
now keep in mind. This report is coming out quite a bit later from the previous one. We ve already noticed the shift in the narrative right that they have figured out. She finished her closing duties. She left the store for the dead the sore is always closed on sunday. So am I told her family? She had spent that sunday with her mom sylvia in the hospital. had admitted her mom just two days earlier. But Emma never showed up to the hospital the morning monday, Sylvia, her mother called her sister Shanna to see where emma was shown a lives in mississippi wasn't able to get a hold of emma either so she sent their other sister were known, two amis house. Since one known a live near by quote every
was there amis credit card clothes, car keys, cellphone, her dog? Everything was in the basement, except Emma Shanna said the family knew something was wrong. The next morning, when known a call, police when I first got the call on Tuesday june twentieth around ten or eleven, a m investigator Burton of the Halifax county sheriff's office said of the family, had been looking for her prior to the call we keep going back and forth with one they waited so long to call us the family told they waited until tuesday to call because I didn't want to panic there mom, who was in the hospital at the time unless it was absolutely nasa, and then we have the sheriff's office. It goes on to say I got caught act with Emma's husband, Russell lane, who gave us permission to go into the house and look for
however, we need it investigated. Burton said, Emma's husband has cooperated with police since the beginning of the investigate so a little bit more information coming out later. As to the timeline, self and pointing out that police were suspicious for the delay reporting the family? Member as sing, and now we have the statement from the detective saying, while the husband said yeah gladdened search, property search by home? You can look for whatever you need to help your investigation, which doesn't always mean anything because we have seen that in the past, where the husband says come on in take a look around and we know that son of a bitch is guilty so, but it does let us know whether at and then investigation and then you have to again, like you were saying, start for inner circle and start moving. Your way out. Well, there's a little
bit of information in there that I think we need to dissect I put it right under the microsd. Let me grab my lab coat. Listen to this statement from the sister who searched the home or went to the home shortly after Emma was missing. Everything was there amma's credit, I closed car keys cell phone, her dog everything was in the basement, except emma strange everything was in the basement except emma. So I was curious about that statement. to me, makes me want to know. Why would you expect the fine emma in the basement, and I was able to track down a few people that are very close to this case? and they told me the following information that her and also had not been getting along for quite some time. In fact, there was reason to believe that Russell may
have been aggressive or even violent, poured his wife in the pan asked to do now. The information that I have here captain is not exact, so we need to. We need to point that out to be perfectly clear to everybody out there and listener land, the information that I have found was saying that emma living in the basement of the home so was living in the ground level or the upstairs of the home and This arrangement had been going on for quite some time. Some sources Say as long as three years in some say as little as two years, but regardless of that information, whether it's two years or three years, that's a long time for husband and wife to be basically living almost like roommates separate lives in the same.
Dwelling more so than the rumours of her having possibly affair is not really out of the question not out of the question, but let's examined this a little bit further, so that the basement itself was actually set up to be like a lie in quarters almost so that once she was home and once she's in the basement, there is little If no need at all to go upstairs, have any interaction with her husband. Let's back up the bustle little bit more. Where yeah, you can look at this and go okay. Well, maybe these air rumours have some truth till, but let's all so examined the idea that there is information out there at her husband has been violent towards her in the past. Now we, are these rumours of being.
a dealer and the affair, and all of that coming from while super elam mix tape- and she did she was wrapping about her Drug dealings, there is nothing that I have found to make me believe. that either of these rumours have any. Validity at all. They have any truth to them at all. So the thing here We have to start really wondering where these rumours are coming from and based off of these rumours. Think about the other thing. That's a big part of those stories. Right The story is that she left town with another man or she left town because of some miss dealings that she was doing, that's all to become a very big problem for everybody. Five months
Peter, yes, away, you're, saying as we have these rumours that she's a drug dealer and she left town with a bunch of money or to go cell drug somewhere else expand. The drugs was the cause of her leaving town had done necessarily have to mean that she's dealing drugs- that's just one of of several rumours that were going on one was it did she left town because of drugs by and then there's other rumours that she left town too? go live with somebody or she left town with somebody which, if somebody else locally left town at the same time when we know who that part was more could have been a man from out of town again might write. These are rumours. These are things that we have direct statements from these local people that are giving us detailed statements right, sure they gave detailed statements to the authorities, but we, the public, don't have access to that information right, but the problem becomes this whole
of her leaving town is that her body is found in the county. Yes, so here's the report, we Have your captain authorities are awaiting the identification of human remains found in a wooded cody area, given by code, is a pretty small town remains found in a wooded cody area after a hunting party came across the fine work, day november. Twenty second, two thousand and seventeen around one thirty p m halifax county sheriff Fred Clarke, said foul play is expected in the death, but clark declined to comment further, including there. There is any indication of how long the body may have been left in the woods. The remains were sent to the state medical examiners office in richmond to assist with the eye
and a vacation on Wednesday, a member of a hunting party came across the remains in a heavily wooded area, approximately seven hundred yards from sandy ridge road at the Four thousand block of the northern Halifax county roadway, the location is a short distance from the cody store. The discovery comes as police continue to investigate the disappearance of fifty two year old. Emma compton lane of cody was gone missing since mid june. She was last seen at the coty store where she worked on the evening of june seventeenth, since that time, police have candy. Did multiple searches for lane, including in the vicinity of her home, near by the searches produced, no evidence of her whereabouts. Other missing person cases have gone unsolved and halifax county, and it goes on to reference some of these other cases.
The thing here: captain it will take a little bit of time, but ultimately the body that has recovered is identified as that of Emma compton lane ray the. Items that they find in. Some of the information that we learn here is that the. Ruling from the medical examiner is that they cause of death is homicidal violence with dramatic neck injuries There was also a sleeping bag that was found in the way that it does drive to me. It sounds like she may have been inside the sleeping bag. There was also reports that so and had tried to burn the body or that there are indications that someone had tried burn the body. The reports also state that she was in a very shallow grave
there's a whole bunch of things here that we need to kind of consider russell lame, enamel compton lame husband if living separately in the same home they owned some. Poverty throughout this halifax, counting the place, the wooded area of cody virginia, the her body is located. is really like a stone's throw away from them. Poverty line of one of their other properties and that suspicious and I have also seen it reported that the property that she was located on now. This is an area where we're talking like farmland, there's not a bunch of people out. There This is an area where you would put something that you hope and wish will never be found, but the proper that she has found on their reports,
their belong to one of emma's, husbands, friends, now again it's a small town. This could be all coincidence. We're not talking about a whole lot of people were talking about a lot of land and not a whole lot of people, so it could be complete coincidence, but still suspicious huge red flag, boy around, but I'm on top. We have a lot of rumours happening right and you'd think for three years. If, if it's true that their friends are saying love they, this really work is separated for three years. There's going to be a lot of rumors happening between their friends and in the town. Does that make sense? There are some people in this story that have said they were unaware that they were having separately in the same home. But now it sounds like the people closest to them were well aware of this, like the,
family and friends, the direct friends at your talking about they well aware, that's where this information comes from, but it's it's a very weird situation, because some of the reports are that russia, will almost had Emma in a situation where it appears like she works for him, like errands for him, if she's not really allowed a go, too many places on our own she's not allowed to have a lot of friends should we know that she wore a lot of ours based off of the store ours that we covered at the top of the story. But this to me. when you have a situation where she goes missing. Why do they find all of her things there. You know people I do Stand at people do have affairs. People do have miss dealings people You leave town on their own free will read
we do they do it without taking a single thing with them, and so, of course, that's the cause for concern for the people that now her best early on in the missing persons investigation They all believe that something terrible had happened right then, and there they none of them convinced that she was missing, and then we learn five months later, that she wasn't missing Somebody killed her and somebody play her body in this area, not terribly far from the cody store. If russia has been physically abusive use, plebeian mentally abusive, and so we also seems to be controlling are so he should know about if there's a fair happening cause he's controlling exactly now in russia's defence I could
find any report on line or otherwise that states that there was any type of police report based off of that previous violence. This all seems to come from people that new, the two of them best. The they had only takes one right. So it's like she, so maybe she was beat up thousands of times and she never called the cops or once or twice right, but over or none that doesn't rule him out. Bastards like that are very capable of. If, if she came home and said, you know what I am so tired of all the stuff, my mother, sick, she might be dying to do something with my life I needed change. I'm tired of this situation I'm living in a basement. This is not this not. wife's. I wondered if, if the guy
are you men? She said you know what I'm leaving and he's this controlling It just seems like there's a lot of signs pointing to down the typical the husband. Did it? Well, I cannot say the name of the person, but this is where it it's a little. I feel like the picture gets a little clearer of what may have happened. There was a friend a close friend of emma's, who was texting with her that night after she got home she's in her basement watching tv, and they are trading text back and forth. There was a text from the friend that came in and approximately fifteen minutes after midnight. The emma never responded to that later. When her phone was looked at by fan
members am I had never opened up that text now. That does not mean that one hundred percent of what I am about to say. is accurate. It is not, it makes me think that very likely. This is what happened with the late laid down while their trading text back and forth. Something happened before she opened and responded to that twelve fifteen taxed. That's where the timeline I would be concerned with with what's going on with emma at that time line. You very good point because she started was away back and forth, and she has. This has been that is gone you talking to give me that phone I wanna see what's happening. Her phones found at her residence with all of her other belongings and What I am pointing out is. This is one of those things one of the the
rare occasions in these types of cases, where You may have the exact marker, the exact minute marker of win. All things stopped for emma right, because we know that she all of the activity, she was supposed to be a part of on Sunday. She did not. She didn't go the hospital. Was unheard of. She was unreachable. She doesn't. work on Monday doesn't choked to work on tuesday, while you can back track that all the way to that twelve fifteen Fifteen minutes after midnight text that does not yet responded to la look her her, look her family, not report in her missing till tuesday, ok, fine, but if you care about your wife, even fear separate order or your can live in this room lifestyle. You call the police right away. She gets she got
from work. We know that much she's missing the next morning. Your call the police that didn't happen. That did happen, and so it seems like there's this time. Message: conversation. Maybe there's argument happening at the same time, but you said he gives us almost to the minute of windows, conversations took place and where was she at her house where's your phone at her house? This reminds me this very somewhere to me, like the Chris watts, case where he had her phone and had all our stuff It was just. She must have this we're missing donna where she sat well, and I don't want to question or call to fault the halifax counting sheriff's office, but isn't it one of these cases? Captain we ve seen bigger mystery
and other murder cases riot, they rarely have her mysteries you. Have to sit here. Wonder ok, guys. What's the hang up here? What what's the problem? the investigation, baja What we do now right, we can surmise this right or not that May we are too dumb guys in a garage, and we stand by that to the end of the time till the end of our days see but were not there damn. We know that law enforcement at least has a shortlist of suspects special where the body was found, her item still being at home and, I think, there's a lot more motive too. Not just the separation, not just the rumours of possibly affair, but also financial.
If we get a divorce- and we have all these properties, we have to split this up. This also could be something that's not planned. Good point: let's pretend for a moment that these previous acts of violence from her husband are, in fact true if they are true. This seems to me, like somebody with a temper with somebody that can fly off the handle. This is a guy. That's been married in divorce before his relationship with it. What I'm getting to here captain is. I wonder what the hang up is in this investigation. Now we do have the sheriff's office on record early in the investigation, especially when she was still missing saying you know rustles been cooperative and they even as far as to say that he's not a person of interest. Well, We know that he was a truck driver. Is there a chance? I would love to know this information I dont
leave that this is true at all, but is there a chance that he was now home, or they have reason to believe that he was not at the residents time that night now, let's fast forward a little bit, keep in mind what the sheriff's office was saying, he's cooperative he's, not a person of interest well. That does change the blows my mind at some point. It stated that run. aw is no longer cooperating with the investigation that he lawyers up, which is his right, and I recommend everybody does have an attorney. However, he ups communicating and stops cooperating with the investigation. There are some. reports out there that state that he failed a polygraph tests in that's when boom community asian and cooperation ended. There seem same know your name, I guess what I want to point out, that those are reports seen one hundred
sent stone, cold evidence of the fact that he failed polygraph test Let us assume that detect rayless hypothetically on the detective. I go given statements of amr detective. I start tardily this right, I'm givin statements to the public and I am saying this gap- ross man he's a easy stanhope guy. It's it's her husband there, but poverty gather he's been cooperative. seems to have an alibi of some kind he's not parts of interest at this time. No he's not he's been cooperative, you're gonna, say anyways, even if he's being a bit of a scumbag color. want am to soften up ray. You want him to be started with everything he's saying, but also when you talk about that she's found in a shallow grave.
There is a law that individuals lot of victims that we ve talked about, where they're just dumped on the side of the road there, is somebody that put her in the area and tried to conceal her so she was found. Maybe I can get better the idea that maybe this wasn't planned out, but the disposal of the body definitely was to some degree and all I think too big time degree. But there was evidence that someone had tried to burn the body. Writer was a sleeping bag that was recovered from the scene. There was an attempt to bury the body yeah. That was was what I dont know if it was well thought out or not, but somebody went to a great deal of effort to try to conceal the body. The other thing too
there's no reason at all for any one to believe that she was killed where she was found, so she was moved and transported as well. Now here's here's the problem this. This is where I'm going to go. Ok,. I understand that there are complications every murder, investigate It is complicated for any number of different reasons, but I'm sitting here. Five years after the fact, four and a half years after her bodies found and I'm going. What is wrong with this case? What is wrong your suspect. What is wrong with the investigation? Why haven't we charged any body in this case and here's? Where my mind goes, and these are things that I hope and pray that the sheriff's office has already done the cell phone.
We know that she was actively using the cell phone and I believe right up into the point where something happened to her or she was abducted or attacked and killed subpoena, though cell phone records, if you could, Could you find out where that phone was located? We know it was later found. home in the basement where anybody would expect to find it reign supreme those phone records, let's find out where that phone was during the course of that text, activity, let's subpoena some we also cell phone records and see who was in that same area at the same time, no that she shared the home with another person, there is reason to believe his foe? may indicate that he was home at this, time that that text exchange ended. Here's some other thing
that I would be doing. I think that in this case, in this murder investigation, that the sheriff's office actually has a very powerful weapon in their arsenal, and that would be there missing persons investigation, I be using the information that they gained and learned during the course of their missing persons. Investigation. to drive in spearhead my murder investigation and what I mean by that is every person. They told me that ama left town, I want to know why did think that she left town who told you that their assets, Then you came up with on your own because We know that her body was found in town, so she didn't leave town. We know that
So why would anybody be telling law enforcement that she did leave town? Told me that you're a suspect, if you told me that. You better tell me who gave you that information, because then they are my suspect. and the other thing that I think happened here to captain. I think that there's plenty of. Reason to believe that whoever transported the body had help. I almost feel like to the finding of the sleeping bag screams to me, at least to pee moving the body yet I was bring that up as it I shouldn t your earlier was doesn't seem like because
The thing was tried then, and arthur was tried and and then the distance that she would have been found in this property kind of leans more towards two people, then one so glad that you brought that up. I know that they said he was being cooperative and I am- and I know Oh he. I know that this the husband was being cooperative and and and maybe there was some alibi that didn't check out and that's why he lowered up. I he stopped being cooperative But once he lawyer up and stop being cooperative is one of your lawyer up and have the quest let's go through your lawyer in you answer what you cannon and you protect your client. That's fine, but mileage suspects would be a list of one My license aspects would be rather short, because I want to know again we're both sitting
believing that two people at minimum transported the body bother and- and that's more likely the person that will come forward as look I was, told the story here that she was Children are more that you stealing money from a more whatever and it wasn't it. Accidental death, and so I helped move the body that person is more likely to come forward come forward. We all sit here too. Leaving that more than one person likely told law enforcement, the emma had left the area of her own free will again. Those are the tools it that the the phone activity the phone activity, of others inside that residence or on that property. At that same time, fifteen minutes after midnight on the night that she air quotes, went missing. I'm looking at that, I'm law
at the people that told me that she left town of her own free will- and I am also looking for the point of origin of that sleeping bag. Because guess what? If I can figure out, improve and have read and I believe that person a owns at sea bring bagger own that sleeping bag at one point, and he was one of the people. They told me that he was with a certain person on that night That is, that person's alibi. Well, guess then I'll buy dont mean jack shit any more because we have your sleeping bag found at our crime scene, well, no, and I think one of the things that they could possibly do, as you know, obviously test the sleeping bag for for dna, but I'd also test it for fibers like carpet fibers.
is that they could have been a sleeping bag in her house that they use just like when Chris watts, when to transport is what wife. Then he used the bedsheets. So I just feel like it so similar and we do not always agree mainly because you're normal and I am wrong, but I think in this case we at least agree that the suspect lists is very small it's very small and again any one that told law enforcement, the emma left, town for any number of reasons. They should be people that you really want to question, and you want to get to the truth because they obviously told you a lie at some point Anybody willing to lie is somebody that is either directly involved or is helping to cover up what actually, it happened. So those nasty rumours about an affair or drug dealing,
or being involved with drugs boom, not Some are true somebody murdered this woman and didn't take her body Far from where she was killed captain lane was last seen alive on june. Seventeen two thousand seventeen in cody virginia november. Twenty second, two thousand seventeen her remains were found by hunter in the woods near her home on sandy ridge, road. buried in a shallow grave, the person responsible or persons responsible for her murder have never been identified, if you have any information regarding the murder of Emma compton lane or recall, seeing any suspicious vehicle, a long sandy ridge road between june and november of two thousand and seventeen, please contact the Halifax county sheriff's office at four three, four, four, seven, six
three three three for the thank you so much for join us here in the garage and, let us be a part of your week. We appreciate that make sure you go to true crammed garage dot, com and sign up on our mailing list. so you're in the no for everything. True crime garage colonel until next time, be
good, be kind and don't let the.
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