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Forces of Evil ////// 354

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What is worse than a serial killer on the loose? Two of them! Join us in the Garage as we tell the story of the Forces of Evil. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! Beer of the Week - Luau by Terrapin Beer Company Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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Columbus georgia the latter part of nineteen, seventy seven, a series of terrifying crimes started to occur in the winton district. This is a small, very specific area
for these types of extremely violent crimes to be occurring. The area itself was fairly upscale compared to some of the surrounding areas. The sudden outburst uptake and thefts and violence was highly unusual because these crimes were An unsolved. The community was on high alert. The crimes were break ins, robberies, otto theft, but also a very specific type of crime, sexual assaults and the rapes and murders of six elderly women. The six murder victims ranged from sixty years of age to eighty nine and the sexual assaults, when the victims were lucky enough to survive the attacks fit the same victim ology. These attacks and murders were occurring,
in such close proximity to one another and with such rapid succession, the Columbus p D believed that the thief the rapist in the killer were one and the same. It was as if something very evil moved into this area bringing death to town the attacks which mostly took place. In the middle of the night shared so many common elements, almost all of the, Victims were or strangled to death with their stockings first, a brutal attack with strikes to the head and or chest, and then the application of a stocking pulled from the victims drawer and rapped two or three times around the neck twisted and pulled tighter and tighter until the life left their eyes, the more victims were all single elderly caucasian women, forensic evidence
elected at some of the murder scenes told the police the killer they saw was african american mail due to the manner of the strangulation, the perpetrator was dubbed the stocking strangler. The police were having no luck finding this killer of women, despite an increase in manpower and man hours despite the heightened awareness, the additional patrolling the surveillance of winton And good old fashioned detective work just was not working. This cereal fender truly was a phantom in the night The investigation yielded only obstacles and dead ends, but then nineteen, seventy eight it possible major break. In the case, the police chief received a letter
from the chairman of an organization comprised of seven white radical vigilantes. This letter, was a hand, written formal introduction to a group? They call themselves the forces of evil. on September six, nineteen, seventy seven, a nude and lifeless body was discovered near the women's barracks path. For banning this is near Columbus. Georgia. Later the victim was discovered to be twenty. Four year old army private, Karen hickman, the victim, had been beaten with a
one object and then run over several times with an automobile evidence at the scene, told investigators that this woman was killed elsewhere and then her body was transported and left at this location about a month later, an anonymous call led authorities to her missing closer police work. The case in handsome leads early on. However, nothing was panting out. This murder at the time was considered to be a one off on chile. Just ten days later, the stocking strangler claimed his first victim and very quickly. The authorities found themselves neck deep and a whole other set of homicide investigations. I do want to take a quick moment here to address the attack on this poor woman. Most report state that she was beaten and
run over several times and she was killed elsewhere, and I know there are many great tc army armchair detectives out there. Thinking of the obvious reasons that investigators would come to these conclusions, but I want to include my own theory here, plus a little more insight into the victim's injuries and what was likely not found at the body. Dump site There is one rather gruesome report out there that says that the victim was not necessarily run over. I mean I guess she was technically, but a report suggests that that might not be the full intent of the killer. This report states that the evidence shows that the victim was attacked. This is the beating part she was knocked unconscious and then propped up like in a sitting position against a tree and then the killer drove the car into her wedging her between the view
coal in the tree. My guess here is that this report is probably correct. A portion of the body may have been run over when the vehicle was then pulling away from the tree, but I'm guessing due to this type of specific injury and low. the lack of what should have been a lot of blood at the scene. The investigators were able to very quickly discern the victim had in fact been killed elsewhere and then moved in dumped in this location. I'm curious so was their evidence at the location of the missing clothes they determine that she may have been killed at that location on friday, marched third nineteen, seventy eight columbus police chief curtis, but clung received a letter. The letter read in part, dear sir, we are organization composed of seven members. I'm
in this letter to inform you that we have. One of your columbus women captive. Her name is gale Jackson. Since the coroner said that the strangler is black, we decided to come here and try to catch him or put more pressure on you. I see now more pressure is needed at this point. Gale Jackson is still living if that strangler is not caught by one june. Nineteen. Seventy eight, you fine Gael jackson's. By Howdy on whittington wrote if he is still not caught on one september: nineteen, seventy eight the victims will double you have until sunday for reply, dont think we are bluffing. We are called the forces of evil. The letter was written on stationary symbolized with the great seal of the united states and the paper
had united states army printed in one corner. The high written letter claim to be from a group of seven people calling themselves the forces of evil. As you can see, this letter was in direct response to the information were least regarding the stocking strangler of columbus and the wind district. Specifically riot police announced that these stocking martyrs were committed by an african american offender. In this group, the forces of evil has spelled out their power, as for retaliation in this letter and send it to police. The group claim to be made up of seven white men from Chicago as the atlantic constitution put it. The writer coyly suggested to a thought That anyone could come across such stationary and not to assume that he was a service may Surprisingly enough or maybe not the writer
supplied a return address. However, it was quickly determined that this address was a fake again. This makes much sense here. Wait. We have crimes happening, and now we have this group of vigilantes that are going to come in and they're going to commit other crimes until the police solve that crime of the yeah it. But this gives you a little bit of a sense of what was going on in georgia back in the late seventies. Remember when we watch mine her in leading up to the atlanta murder cases. They talked about the racial device at the time in that area, and then on top that they were a little bit worried to was a lot of rumblings behind the scenes on whether to say that they believe that the offender was white or black. In the latter case,. We were worried what effect that would have on the general public, and this case is really just echoes-
all those fears that everybody had ryan this this previous we'd know. We have corner who says hey, there's evidence we found evidence at a couple murder scenes of the stocking strangler and We believe our offender here is an african american mail. This letter claims to be set white, guys that are obviously full of hate and ignorance and they are going to retaliate by killing african american women while this other killer, the stocking strangler is killing caucasian women yeah and what's her group called again, forces of these banks, so the letter writer claims to be the chairman of the forces of evil. So, while letter provided a good deal of information. It did not provide any assistance toward the ongoing stocking strangler investigation, the stocking strangled investigation, we're not going to get too much into it, because it's a completely different story, just keep in mind. This was a huge investigation. This was a huge
undertaking for the police department right a second letter was received a little more than a week later. This letter to contained a fake return, address. This letter was a little different, though it was the same in the sense that this letter two would be from the forces of evil and again stated that a woman would be killed if police do not catch the stocking strangler. But this time the letter included a ranch, proposal ten thousand dollars in return for the victims, safety, this whole gale jackson, the named a victim in the letter. This whole gale jackson thing is all sorts of bad right. So first we have a rapist killer of single old ladys,
The stocking strangler, who was terrorizing Columbus, georgia and now not connected. If you believe the writer of these letters re not connected to the strangler, we have a whole nother series of murders that going to occur based off of these threats that are in the letters. So we have. What we refer to hear in the garage is a double whammy. Situation. Whammy whammy well now than on top of that you have one strangler, but you have these seven forces of evil guys from Chicago and as for fbi, criminal profiles- and I will say this until my dying day- fred, of the show John Douglas put it. This development represented everyone's worst nightmare: a brutal killer, stalking columbus was whore
enough and organised a murderous vigilante reaction to it could tear the community a parts not that far of a stretch, to think that possibly this forces of evil is somehow connected with the K, K, K or white supremacy, and so I think what law enforcement is scared of is not only do we have the strangler, but now we have these white vigilantes clean black Women is this going to create some kind of race right now. One big problem right from the start. With this investigation, they did not have a missing person matching that of gale Jackson, as stated in the letter. However, What we do have is a woman named Brenda gale phase on who seems to have disappeared. The car she was driving was discovered on march fifth, nineteen. Seventy eight at the sand hill. bar and grill in Columbus, georgia. She was
I have seen on February twenty seventh of that same year, just six days before her abandoned car was found Her car was found a ban, and probably this probably did not. raise a whole lot of red flags and soon would be learned that Brenda gale phase on went by several names, one being gale jackson so now we have are linked to the threat in the letter about it. you're. So later another letter was received repeating much What was stated in the first letter, however, this time these is that a woman named Irene no last name given have been abducted as well and would be executed a letter received on march twenty seventh nineteen. Seventy eight stated that one of mrs Jackson's arms would be broken.
And that there would be a sharp blow to her head that cause death? The author indicated that the authorities would receive a telephone call to detail the location of the body. Meanwhile, the fbi is going to get in there in this case, keep in mind by this point. They have already been involved in the stocking strangler investigation as said in the trailer. The general plan of attack in the stocking case is simple and makes a whole heck of a lot of sense. The break ins, rapes and murders are happening in such a confine stretch of land If, if they increase manpower and increase hours, you increase the police since in the immediate area, since the offender just keeps returning right to that same spot the idea being that you catch him in the act. catch him red handed at some point, once apprehend
you can hold him for the breaking and anna. In charge for which he was arrested. then, from their any of the forum material. You have collected from the previous sexual assaults and murders you can. compare that to your guy and then charge him accordingly, while this is actually very similar to what they did with the lane child murders. Where they go hey. We know that the perpetrators returning to to the scene or using and then lay in a child murders using these bridges to dump the body so less, stick out and would catch him in that get let's be there. So, given the strategy by this point in the investigation, the f b, I would still be offering up resources but pretty much reduced to more of a hands off role in these stocking strangler case. However, they will be
evolved in the forces of evil case. The hunt for the chairman and his six disciples right now. So Robert K wrestler, was in town and he was having dinner with a friend who is the deputy director of the georgia bureau of investigation gb. I for sure this is Tom. Mcgreevy, said no El Capitan a mcgreevy passed away in two: many twelve. If you need some inspiration, anyone out there woke him up. That's thomas mcgreevy mcgreevy, spelled m c g r e e v Y As ted theodore logan would say, he is a most impressive dude wrestler says mcgreevy, asked him.
to review the letters there were sent along with some voice recordings for some of the phone calls. So some phone calls went to the mps des the military police desk for banning for banning is a united states army post straddling the alabama georgia border next to Columbus, GA fort benning supports more than one hundred and twenty thousand active duty: military family members, reserve component soldiers, retirees and civilian employees on the rag wrestler read to help now this all came about because of another great man, judson ray Judd re was a shift commander for the columbus police department. He suggested to the columbus police chief
that we should get the gb I involved the chief prior to this was reluctant to do so after judd convinces the chief gb, I gets involved and then through the mcgreevy, wrestler connection, the fbi's elite, Cyril crimes unit gets involved. Another side, no ok. On judson re would go on to become fbi and working at the atlanta fee office and eventually at quantico land. He worked, the atlanta child killer case with Douglas and re is, in my opinion, the inspiration or real life version of the character, Jim barney mine hunter series to played by our jones So wrestler and douglas get to work on this case, analyzing the communications from the forces of evil ressler the senior It has the lead on this investigation.
also you have to wonder if, in some cases with this team, if someone Take the ledge is based off of their personal life. Experiences how they may have how they may be able to apply to a particular case or the profile of the offender. Then some people don't like to take the lead in cases and sit back and give their opinions is a very good possibility here. In this case, this is an example of the Ressler was former military. He was a military police at one time, so this might give him a little more insight into this case or the offender. knowing that for banning is right. There, that's where one of the bodies has been found. We have calls going to the military police desk. So, given his background, wrestler might just be the right fit to be the lead on this case. The first letter
see contained the seal of the united states and had the u s army printed in one corner, the writer says anyone could have stopped. the station area, but right from jump street wrestler and douglas notice the choice of words in the communications, specifically noting the one june nineteen, seventy eight and one september nineteen. Seventy eight- this is more military lingo, as most of us would just say, june, first or september. First next, we have a phone call. This call is going to tell police where to find the body of one of the captives of the forces of evil, as the police have failed by this time, to apprehend the strangler or to pay the ransom. On march thirty
the fort binning military police telephone operators, received a call from a man identifying himself as the chairman of the forces of evil, the chairman described where jacks body was located one hundred metres from fort banning this lead mps to the discovery of a shallow grave. The body was in fact found there that same day, Jackson's entire face in the front portion of her skull were smashed portions of her jawbone teeth and bone fragments were discovered at the scene. Her left elbow was completely dislocated. According to the medical examiner, the cause of death was multiple blows to the head, inflicted by a heavy metal object, likely a tire tool or jack handle simply put. She died by way of savage beating
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the guy oh god, oh god. Oh you, filthy animals, cheers and safe travels on this holiday, weaken. Today, it's like a hawaiian party here in the garage with our luella, So, yes, everybody out there have a great and very happy and safe and wonderful thanksgiving make sure you spend it with the ones you care about the absolute most. Let's go through the basics of this offender profile or their theories and thoughts as a analyze. Some of the stuff. We need to keep in mind. Robert ressler and john douglas of the f b I's behavioral science unit
its had so many different names throughout the years. I always stumble when it comes to setting what unit therein the time when their analyzing the first series of letters there is no victim. Yet they have not found any body, they ve not found any bodies. This is one of those rare situations where we have communication from a soon to be fender or someone who has offended but based off of the information in the letters is only threatening to kill actually have a body, yet so some of that stuff that they were able to deduce from those communications rather interesting. Here and again, let's get into this
no more into this offender profile here. So when the chairman described the location of the body. Now by this point, we have a phone call that describes the location of where they're going to find the first body he referenced metres to supply the appropriate distance Multiple times the chairman referenced vehicles, so what they have FBI's working with your captain is the choice of war, The the choosing of using the words meters opposed to fee or yards right again, this military, lingo writing in june and one september instead of june, first or september. First, the use of the word veal. go or vehicles rather than automobile car or truck wrestler and douglas both thought. This too. more military, then citizens speak wrestler concluded the following first, he says there was no group of seven white racist, radically
from chicago seeking retaliation for the stocking murders. He felt that the sole purpose of the letters and the creation of the forces of evil was to steer law enforcement in a completely opposite direction from the actual killer, because there was some connection between the killer and the victim or soon to be victims. Jackson was killed before any of the communications. This is wrestlers belief. She was not abducted and then held in wait for the police to catch the strangler right. She was already dead and the killer came up with this whole thing, post martyr simply to cover up the crops believe that both gale Jackson and irene were already dead. There was no opportunity to save either one of them, no matter what the letters said, the opposite of seven white, guys wrestler, believed, would
be a single blackmail operating alone, and even Oh, he is referencing. The stocking strangler wrestler believed that this wrangler and the forces of evil were two completely different killers operating independently of one another. His profile goes on to say, Did the offender isn't unlisted man at fort banning? He would be between twenty five to thirty years of age The killer is possibly military, police or, and artillery man with a no more than a e six rank. We are
for a man with a modest education and a middle rank. The coroner also concluded that the body of gale Jackson, as the collar put it, was in fact Brenda gale phase on an she was killed about five weeks prior to when they found or so wrestler was right. She was killed before any of the forces of evils. Letters started to iraq before any of the communication happen April. Fourth, another call lead military police to an almost nude headless body. This was found behind a pile of logs at a firing range located on the fort bending property. This woman, too, was beaten to death. This is just to this
it is downright horrible, but she was. She was not decapitated in the usual since she was beaten in the face and the head so badly that the head came off and a lot of brain tissue was exposed. Skull fragments were found in the area and there was evidence that the body was too from the near by access road and then concealed behind this pile of logs this term to be the body of Irene third killed, the the irene named in the letters and in the calls right, but we had no last name provided in those communications Monday April, third, nineteen, seventy eight, the body of irene turkey, old age. Thirty two was found near a remote forbidding. Rifle range authorities could We learn that irene was last seen at a go bar on march thirteenth in the company of
african american soldier columbus pity in the fort banning see I d put all known in suspected information when making around questioning and looking for a possible lead in this case the profile directly led to several eyewitnesses saying on separate occasions and in one victims case more than one location, eye witnesses, place gale, jackson and irene with a soldier, and because he frequented too the local bores, as did the two ladys. These witnesses could provide a name. The victims were seen either in the camp of or leaving the bar with William Henry hands.
join the marines after graduating high school in nineteen, seventy one. Then he joined the army in february of seventy six. He was assigned to fort banning in April of seventy six before that he was stationed in Indiana enhance was recently. Divorce, his former wife Wanda, says she divorce him and nineteen. Seventy seven because he beat her at this time, handsome twenty six years old and a specialist great for with the one hundred and ninety seventh infantry burger aid and one nice thing for law enforcement when your suspect lives at a. U S, army post their generally pretty easy to find the right think about this captain. This is all happening very quickly. We have the threat of there being murder victims, then eventually, call comes in that leads military police to the actual victims right and from that profile,
and from some of the information learned about the victims, were able to very easily get a really big lead in this case, because what that proof provides the investigators when they go out and they start questioning people that may or may not have seen something there saying we have reason to believe that the suspect is twenty six to thirty years old and is a soldier that really jogs alot of memories ex especially when you're talking about somebody who's disappeared five weeks before so this is going to lead them to this twenty six year old, william Henry hands so police round up MR hands?
and they bring him in for questioning during this time. The f b, I is consulting with a psycholinguistics f b. I consulted DR murray myron. Now I know this is going to sound strange, but I can guarantee that this is not going to be the last time you hear the name of DR murray myron on the show so anyways the doctor compares hanson's voice with the recorded calls to the military police desk and states. He believes it's a match. One of the witnesses told agent richard fox of the united states army, central intelligence division c id. That hantz was the soldier seen with irene,
and stated that the two left vice mitchell's tavern together tape recordings of the phone calls to the fort bending police, which indicated where the bodies could be found were taken by sea idee agent, besser, two hands his company commander and first sergeant who they play these tapes and he goes yeah that's a match. I think that's handsome voice on those tapes asserts two of em yeah, then agents, besson and fox told the commanding officer that they wanted to interview hands hants, agree to be taken to see id. quarters where he was advised of his rights and informed that the interview concern the murder of irene third killed, with whom he was the last person seen hants was advised of his fifth and sixth, men meant rights and he signed a written waiver waving those rights. The interview was conduct
from about one p m. Until ten twenty p m pants was then interview by the fbi and the columbus police for another hour during the interviews hands it in writing the letters in making the telephone calls for the forces of evil, but he says he was forced to do so by the organization of the races. Guys sounds about right now: next morning he was interviewed again and again. Hands was advised of his rights she again wave it was in this interview when faced with all of the evidence You know, by this time they have had some time to collect more evidence, makes some comparisons and then proceed all of that evidence to hants. This is the handwriting comparisons voice recordings and they also found footprints found at the dump sites
when looking at all this evidence goes our I I did it. He confesses providing a signed, written statement concerning each murder. now. Two days of interviews is stressful and maybe a bit over the top. But see I d and the columbus pity state that throughout the two days of interrogation and or their words. They chose to use the word interrogation hands was given restroom breaks, food breaks, coffee cigarettes and at no time, Did he request a lawyer or at no time did he ask that the interview be terminated? Ok, right now? How much is the military involved and these interrogations for the most for I believe they. They were the lead on this because irene third guilds body.
Was found on their property. So it is a military matter why? I would think that the rules don't don't apply as much them yeah, I dont know, but we have his hit his written statement of waiving those right. So we know he's he's aware of his rights and he was told of his rights and he chose to just go. along with the interview or interrogation, however, you choose to see it. I went into that on purpose because there are some people that believe the hands was treated unfairly. I can see. I can see that argument. Yes, think of water boarding have you heard of it, but technically there would have been allowed during this time. that means not saying that there is any evidence of them doing that to him. He ever here. None of my tactics like that was not used. I mean that their words are. We gave him restroom breaks food breaks, coffee cigarettes, he was, he could have. He
ass for a lawyer, he didn't plenty of water yeah that they weren't they weren't, torturing. This guy right, I think, where people call this into question, is the length of time that he is being I don't, I don't know if I even want to use the word held, because it sounds to me like he had every right to just walk out of there if he chose to do so, but this is also where he lives. I mean they're questioning him on the base which he lives right, yeah and in his confession, Hance he's going to give some detailed information regarding these murders. He stated that jackson propositioned him at the sand: hill bar and grill. He said the two laughed and got in his vehicle. They only drove a short distance and pulled over weight, so he's claiming that she's us ex worker correct. She began to disrupt enhance, said he flipped out. He started yelling and screaming at her, and he grabbed her
He said when she attempted to escape. He struck her with a karate chop across the head. She fell across the door blue during hansel and pulled her out of the car dislocated her elbow in the process he returned to his car. He got a jack handle from his car. Returning to her, he finds jackson still breathing re this he says, surprised him. So he repeatedly struck the helpless victim in the face with his jack handle. The beating was so severe that gales entire face was destroyed and bone. Agnes were scattered about the area. The skies beyond vicious, some of her brain tissue was literally beaten from the skull. The force of the attack was so great. It produced a depression in the ground behind gales head.
Hands, then buried gales body in a shallow grave. He dug the grave with an entrenching tool, so anybody that knows military. You know the little like up, I'm guessing that's what those The folding shovels did they put it and the backpacks hands also admit to killing irene turkey old, but alleged that he had lost all sense of control and that his mind flipped, he accepted response, ability for the murder stating that he had begged gods. Forgiveness. Ok, now, in a very big surprise, two investigators, parents also admitted to the murder of twenty four year old army, private, karen hickman never. We mention her at the top of the show. Her body was found september. Six, nineteen, seventy seven they handsome leads in that, but it was considered, be a one off at the time and then, when the stocking strangler case took off, they were all shut up in that an her on four
leave her murder in that investigation. Kind of got ass, the shuffle. So as I believe that that thou one happen first and then it seems like, then he can't control him flipping out. You can control himself slipping out. right and if you want my humble garage opinion here, I think that this probably all stemmed with it may have started from his divorce. We talk many times about I have a of offenders before and after a series of murders, and one thing that they always point to is that there would be some kind of stress her. Something happened in this individuals, life that they took something went from being a fantasy to being a reality. They acted upon their their true thoughts and feelings, and this could be someone who hated women who just hated women and he used to beat his wife. We haven't
force, and now these murders start he's beating these women to death and wild. Look if his wife didn't leave, em she's gonna be his first victim yeah. So in a sense this is and so much we talk so much about these type of cereals. There's their most always sexual nature. This is just pure brutality. a man like this actually destroy. This is looking at someone and in destroying them and physically destroying them. While I use enemies
pulling her arm out of the car and dislocating it in the process I mean this. Is these attacks are vicious and you should have gave us a warning because I'm going to be thinking about this when I asked mom, can you pass the gravy? Well, according to the newspapers, for the arrest? As far as the papers are concerned, g b, I agent bruce picket and columbus detective james Jones were credited with the legwork which led to the apprehension of william Henry Hance. Okay, but question: maybe you know this? Maybe you don't did they get to the bottom of why he came up with this ruse or try. come up with this ruse to to cover up his crimes as dumb as it's going to sound. He thought it would work, so it was exactly they're not going to get this straight up from him by.
He does say that he made up the forces of evil eventually and he wrote the letters and I think what we and do here is truly believe what robert ressler fought. In his theory, his theory was, there is a connection between this killer and the victims. The killer is afraid that somebody's going to make that connection he's going to be apprehended so too try to cut that off at the pass. I'm going to create this whole room of the forces of evil are killing african american women and it's gonna be something so totally the opposite of me as the forces of evil will seven white supremacist right from the from Chicago. I wonder what he had against recovered That's that's a really good question. Why would you just pick randomly chicago so exactly that he he thought it would work. He thought that it would put them off of his trail. Here's the crazy
now it where I better grazing, guess why? Why does that phrase even come up? Everything's being crazy, I'm not going to get out of my head about the decapitation in a way he injected himself into the investigation. hands, wasn't somebody that they were considering for any of these murders at hell at the time didn't. They weren't even aware that there were murders that there were victims These starts writing letters. He enjoyed some himself in his through this profile through the the profiles that they come up with this dude. So they link him to this in a way, you have to wonder, had he never start writing those letters would they have ever caught up to him right on the first murder? They believe as a one off right at that, but that was somebody that it's thought that they may have dated at one point or had some type of.
It makes sense some kind of relation some kind of friendship. I don't want to use the word relationship because people's minds wander when you say that I they they were acquaintances or had hung out on occasion, something like that is what is believed right, but the next two they believe. Worse. workers. These would have also been regulars at bars where he was irregular. So yes, they according to him and according to some of the other people eye witnesses. In such they were sex workers or we have to write my point being. Is that the first crime most people thought this is a one off? We do many leads. Now we're not really looking into it, because we have this cereal murderer and cereal rapist on the loose, Attacking older women
and now so went up focus on that first case and and without drawn attention to it. How many times have we seen when there's rumours that somebody is a sex worker, the deck their crimes does not get the attention and doesn't and doesn't get the effort put. to solve the case as as somebody else's case would well in when people live, a high risk lifestyle or what can be viewed as a high risk lifestyle, it makes it difficult to hone in on a particular suspect, because it has a suspect pool, can be so much larger. One look if you're spending a lot of time at a local bar, whether a sex worker or not you're, coming in contact with a lot of people throughout your week I mean like a vike. If I come up missing the suspects pole
really small but if you're going to a bar, that has a decent amount of regulars. Now it's a lot harder to investigate, but, like I said when there's rumors, that these women are sex workers, their cases are just not taken as serious, and so if he would have never brought attention to the these cases book. The investigators are on high alert and there is a small possibility, even though their profile is saying that this this is this guy is different. This killer is different than the the strangler hmm, but there's a possibility that they're connected there's a small slim chance. So when he's given us, these leads saying: hey, we got there's this body and you're gonna find it they. They took those cases way more serious because of the letters at the letter shot himself in the foot. It was the
Has it made it possible for them to identify the suspect right? So if I'm out a bar in I'm interviewing people that irregulars and say hey did you know gale jackson describe her and then say, she's been missing. We found her dead, but she's been missing for five weeks or so you might get You might not get any answers, but when you have this profile, and you say: oh, you didn't see gale jackson with they of twenty six to thirty year old soldier. You know it's a different line of questioning and it's a different response that it's going to conjure up. I laugh kind of because the effort, is made to cover up his crimes by creating this forces of evil, and I kind of believe he made I've been apprehended, or at least not identified so quickly had he not wrote the letters right, but to top all of that off me
He was on orders to be assigned to korea. This guy's military man? He was going to be sent to korea in september of nineteen. Seventy eight, so not only Would he may not have they become a suspect so quickly he had a he had a plant. There was a war, for him to be out of the area shipped far far away. By and look chances are, law enforcement and military get along pretty well. Law enforcement could have said okay, while we we have reason to believe that this is our suspect. Military reaches out questions him at the korean base. He says, I don't know what you're talking about. They re lay that to the police and now he's off the suspect list, never caught I think I think, had he been shipped out in September. I don't think they would ever linked to him if I were if he would never wrote those letters they here is this monster that smash his.
he would have somebody will resume killing as soon as he came back right right. But here's what's interesting to me here. Here's this guy that I mean just book a gank somebody's arm so hard that it dislocates it. You can't stop beating these individuals to the point. Like you said: it's not and decapitations vista. It's a smash call, but still has some thing inside him saying this is wrong there's something inside him that he says he begged god for forgiveness. So let's go into that and we were kind of skipping ahead here, but I think this is appropriate because this kind of way its leading anyway There are a lot of people you know. Last week we discussed a very controversial case that the result was the death sentence and the appearance now is the and innocent
and may have been killed, not a good man, a horrible man, but one that may have been innocent for the crimes that he was specifically executed for yeah real shit. Princess? So here is another death penalty case. That is its not without controversy. There are people that believe that the way the hand was treated is completely unfair, There are many out there. They say he was mentally ill and mentally and competent to stand trial or at least be executed for the charges re here. Here's a couple problems I have with those thoughts in those feelings. First off, let me just get this outweigh the death penalty. Is always a touchy subject for anybody, regardless of what side of the fence you are on, I am firm straddled right in the middle, but that the issue here is
mentally ill and mentally incompetent. To the point that he didn't know what he was doing was wrong. He said has his own words. I begged god for forgiveness, also the thing about being incompetent never believe that when we have clear cut evidence that somebody did something wrong and then they went out of their way to try to cover it up here, obviously knew what was wrong if he's trying to cover it up, and he went to such great length and efforts to do so. It was just a bad, dumb idea didn't work out. There was also some talk of his I q. There was some statement: there are statements out there that his q, a seventy and then he was tested again at a later time and the number was ninety one. So either he got much smarter or at some point or the the first test
One of the tasks has to be wrong. They both can't be right. Yeah, he got more smartest, more smartest, yeah yeah, so it's not without controversy, but the problem. The problem that I want to keep going back to on hands his case is he killed three people. That has never been in question. That has never been part of the question of was he wrongfully executed. He absolutely killed these three people. We know that to be ranked and if not more He is suspected of killing somebody in Indiana and this may have and before this would have had to have happened before he was shipped down to four banning we're talking about. credibly dangerous man he's beating people to death. The tricky thing here in response to the people that have bad feelings about his execution or if he was treated fairly. I I can see in
but the eyes with some of those arguments in some points of those arguments, but I think they got this one right as meaning that he was guilty. He was found guilty of these three murders. Other people sentenced him to be executed and they carried out that that penalty. Ok, I'm not clear on something. It's he sentence. Well, ok! I the state of georgia, or is Is this military as well good to call that into question? I was going to kind of breeze through there. in gloss over it, but where his case gets a little more complicated is for two of the murders he was charge in military court corps marshalled, or whenever they call it right. One of the murders he was charge and are normal court are civilian court? Did he worked for colonel jessup at all now
I don't know that mrs desires, a few good men reference, colonel jessup. Oh, I actually watch that a week ago needs I've got the reference that the thing here, though, is captain. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor in the military courts and he was sentenced to execution in georgia. so, a bit of a conflict there, it's just really truly in the sense that two of the bodies were found on the fort banning property. So it is their jurisdiction. One of being one of the victims being an me private herself right but yeah that that's how whole thing went down now. He did receive a ton of appeals, one of these I believe, went all the way to the supreme court in georgia, and Time was any of this overturned. I think he may have, I think so, They have got commuted to a life sentence at some point, but basically
I mean? Are they just our young mental illness because luckless, if you are beating somebody to death, there is something wrong with you mentally and but that should not change the punishment. I dont know that that would fall under the classification of true illness in the sense that he is not to be held accountable for his actions or his crimes. So William Henry hants was convicted by a jury in the superior core of moscow. He county georgia. was convicted of the murder of Brenda gale phase on a K, a gale jackson and also convicted of attempt attempted theft by extortion. because remember he asked for ransom during the guilt phase. Trial. The prosecutor lived up to his promise to portray the crime in vivid detail.
After presenting numerous photographs of gale, Jackson's, mutilated and largely decomposed body, the prosecutor introduced fragments of her corpse during closing arguments, he remarked, did the jury that near the place of the murder, were found pieces of jawbone, with the teeth attached, fragments of human skull, no larger than a dime individual teeth, and he said you'll have that with you to take out in evidence. The jury send him to death for the murder under george, a code section: twenty seven, twenty five, thirty four dot one and he was sentenced to five years imprisonment for the attempted extortion april. Third, nineteen. Ninety four, you mean three april through three april nineteen. Ninety four, William Henry hants, was electrocuted in jackson, georgia
a few minutes after ten p m just minutes before they flip the switch hants, maintain his innocence and a seven minute statement. He said and part. Why are you xxix being an innocent man. He asked why why why the stocking strangler would eventually be. and apprehended for the murders, but that is another story. The you know what I'm thankful for captain. For me, that's right. I am thankful that everybody got together and joined us in the garage this week and I'm hopeful that everybody comes back and joins us again next week, yeah gobble gobble de YA, filthy animals and thankful, for you be kind to one
other. Until next week be good became, don't listen.
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