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Garage Refill ////JonBenet Ramsey /// Part 1

Little Miss Christmas /// Part 1 of 6 


On December 26th 1996, 6-year old JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered in the basement of her home in Boulder, Colorado. Her case remains unsolved. Beer of the Week - Citra Noel Hoppy Holiday Ale by Columbus Brewing Company Garage Grade - 4 and a quarter bottle caps out of 5

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Thirty years ago, a van exploded in a parking garage below the world trade center, the plan was to send the north tower crashing into the south. It failed, but six people were killed and more than one thousand injured. The masterminds behind it all were just getting started and would soon change the world forever during never before heard audio. This is a story told by investigators, from around the world using d, agents and an undercover operative to bring. Bomber to justice this his operation, trade bomb and apple original podcast, hosted by marks. Merlin follow operation trade bomb on apple, pod, guest Have you ever been so enthralled with a podcast that it stays with you long after the episode ends? There's an pull tv plus original series called truth, be told truth, be told, was poppy scoville, a true crime cast host who died
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out of a job in a rambling intruder. Rambling be apparent from that. More three
There would be very few little. Girls is famous blonde six year old job in a patricia ramsay. Was born in atlanta, georgia on August six, nineteen, ninety two parents, John bennett, ramsay, patricia an ramsay her name as unique as it was, was a combination of her father's first and middle names, her Sir John was a wealthy business man and her mother. Ass. He was a former beauty queen, John Ramsay was a smart calculated and determine man. He graduated from michigan state university in nineteen sixty six within it trickle engineering degree Five years later, a master business administration from em ass. You. John was married before he and his first wife. Had three children Elizabeth Melinda and John Andrew, but the two force in nineteen. Seventy eight on november, Nineteen. Eighty he married What many considered to be
the woman of his dreams. three year old, patricia an paw, better known as patsy path. Attended, west virginia university and graduated with a ba and journalism. Teen, seventy eight just a before she won the miss west virginia beauty. Title eighteen. Seventy seven on J, where twenty, seventh nineteen eighty seven patsy gave birth to the couples. First, child burke ramsay. Then three and a half years later, they welcomed their second child jon benet. And ninety ninety one, the family, moved to bolder colorado for johns business access, graphics, a little background here, John, was extremely hard working and driven. He was an entrepreneur. He started. Computer company in the eighties, eventually company and to other companies merged in nineteen. Eighty eight, this formed access, graphics, The company was then soul to lockheed Martin in
t ninety one john became The chief executive officer and president of access graphics, thus spark. The family to set up shop and beautiful border colorado. There Please purchased a seven thousand square foot home. They address seven. Fifty five fifteenth street, bolder colorado, the home purchase for five hundred thousand dollars. Some reports, the home is eleven thousand square feet but I believe that would include may be the basement, balconies and other areas. We all know how the real estate listing game works. They also did a very extensive renovation on the property as well speaking, of which I will do my best impression here. It's a beautiful red, brick, tudor style home built nineteen twenty seven. There are four flow including the basement, the basement, made up of a series of small rooms, the home features to staircases.
one traditional and one spiral. There are five bedrooms. burke and jonbenet rooms are located. On the second story Job in a room is complete with its own bathroom and balcony. ass. Her sweet is above the children's rooms located on the story, the ramses patsy in particular loved this house. The ramses were riding pretty high, but Fortunately, life is often a series of peaks in valleys. Sadly, On january eighth, ninety ninety two John ramses oldest daughter from his first marriage Elizabeth Ramsay, was killed in an hour. Mobile accident in chicago illinois shows just twenty years old on December twenty third. Ninety ninety two, the ramses, purchased a one thousand. Seven hundred and thirty one square foot vacation home, ensure avoid michigan for three honey in thirty six thousand dollars, for though
on familiar. This is an absolutely beautiful area. Northern again right along lake michigan, absolutely gorgeous enjoy of ninety three patsy ramsay is diagnosed with breast cancer. For this she will receive exams at the charlevoix community hospital and treatments in maryland. Now we're going go through a pretty thorough timeline for the Ramsay family. Some of them Events may seem trivial, however, give the crime that we know is going to occur. These items were included in this timeline because of the possibilities, and this is missions surrounding this case in nineteen ninety four, seven year old, burke hits his little sister jonbenet on the cheek with a golf club Let let's be clear: this is not a essential asian, where burke decided. like you and I'm gonna smash in the face with a golf club. This was
purely an accident. This wasn't like the time my brother hit me in the back with a baseball bat, because here I'm a kill me. I questioned this at first glance because we do know that children, siblings, will fight with one another. And they can be quite vicious at times, plus when they're very young, as they would be in this situation. It's an impulse thing to pick up a club and hit you MR your brother, with it, because they did something mean to you. First and burke, only being seven years old, you wanna be thinking, If I hit her in the face with a golf club, I could possibly kill her right could have a lasting consequences. However, everything that we could find only indicates that this was just an accident. believe it or not. In my own life I have experienced situation where one of friends accidentally hit another friend in the face, with
golf club and the vase on the back swing. because the person was standing to close as the other person was taking a swing. We don't the details of this specific accident, However, again everything indicates that it was just that an accident right, but it was pretty vicious because germany be left with a scar We're time later, germany underwent plastics dream, at a surgeon in Denver this to correct that scar on the left. Cheek from the golf clubs, in december of ninety ninety four, the ring. these giant beautiful home, is one of just seven homes in the area to be included in the historic homes for the holidays tore. This important for a few reasons, mainly this me that approximately fifteen hundred people will participate in a tour of the ramses property and the house in April. eighteen. Ninety five for you,
a job in a rapidly wins the colorado state all start kids pageant out. She will dissipate and win several pageants, I'm not going to go through all of them captain. Frankly, when research, well, you a bunch of different information. So I will just to the ones that I can confirm, or at least have double checked actor or of ninety. Ninety five was a happy and exciting month for the Ramsay family. Job Anais was crowned little. Miss colorado son burst and John Ramsay was the winner of the entrepreneur of distinction award yeah, but to be clear, I dont think like her whole family was revolved around her winning something I think nice. When she won. And they devote a lot of time doing it, but I don't think it made the family here if she some award regarding John ramses business, keep in mind. Axis graphics is doing very well in the company
Is growing in sales and staff quite rapidly, then it patsy's turned to receive some recognition. This came when april. Nineteen. Ninety six issue of women's magazine, profiled, patsy ramsay. This article, of course, will include a lot of her personal information, but also allow of personal information about John and the kids, then, in July of ninety ninety six John beneath one america's royal tiny, miss the following She finishes second and the sun burst national pageant. This pageant was held in it land to georgia. On Saturday november, thirtieth. John ramsay host a surprise, fortieth birthday party for his wife of sixteen years and, it is truly a surprise. as her actual birthday is not until december. Twenty ninth- this was a big fortieth.
They celebration for patsy held the palace hotel in denver those laws regulation, though, that she was not looking forward to this time and was actually very upset about turning forty, then on december. Six during the lights of december parade John, been able here on her own little. Miss colorado float this an annual parade where spectators enjoy floats, created and decorated by local businesses, churches and civic groups. The prey often includes marching bans, fire engines hollow carers and an appeal, by santa claus. This takes place downtown border in ninety, Ninety six burke was in this parade as well on friday december thirteenth, There is a big holiday party at the ramses home. This is ended by more than one hundred and fifty of their friends from church. So again, just pointing another event at their house with a lot of guest, so
we are quickly learning is this is a house that has many people who have been in an is often open up too many guest over just the few years that they have only home right, four days later on the seventeenth, the sick Your old was crowned colorado's little miss christmas. this is one of the larger pageants than she is per supported in and certainly and achieving moment in hindsight really cool I've, just an eerie weird thing: Job would be named the ninety ninety six little miss christmas. Now we I have a date, but I will to make sure that we include this here. There is a report that took place some time in december of ninety six. Comes from a statement to law enforcement at some I'm in december job tells a gardener. This is bright.
Scott about her father, John Ramsay. She says: I really miss him. He was around more yeas workin, pretty hard, probably travelling a lot and later reported that his net worth at this time would be roughly sixty four million dollars december to It was a busy day for the ramses on two fronts: one this graphics had a luncheon party and I said liberation for more than three hundred employees at the home. a bolder rado and to job in April supports in a school performance at high peaks elementary school patsy attends the performance, the excess, graphics, luncheon and the performance the school are going on at the same time, so patsy is not present the business celebration, because she is school. Now, It's important to keep in mind that one of these events could be tied to job in asia. Death, for any number of reasons, truth be told,
of us really know for sure here is an excerpt from the book death of innocence third by John and patsy ramsay in the book Johnson, early december, ninety, ninety six tom car, and came to my office. John. Want you to look at these figures. I looked up at him, standing the door with a handful of papers as best I can tell we're going to hit the billion dollar sales mark and a couple of days it's a big milestone, a billion dollars, my mouth dropped, I know we were close, but I did think we were there yet it's on time, of us. He smiled, probably a couple of days. I think we should something to celebrate? I agreed if for no other reason than to congratulate our employees, A billion dollars and sales, and six hundred employees worldwide was big milestone for access graphics. Why of our public relations. People thought we
it also contact the newspaper to announce our success. I had a guy reaction that the press It wasn't a good idea. I didn't want that kind of visibility outside of the business. Still I agreed. Since our employs deserved the recognition. now. I wonder if this Publicity, my attracted the attention of the killer or further ear did the person if he or she had a grudge against big business access, graphics or me, no johns memory of this party in the book states that the luncheon was held on December sixteenth, according the daily camera business magazine this celebration was held on December twentieth John, did a in our view, regarding the company success and on to some twenty first, the daily camera business magazine publishes the article on access graphic reaching one billion dollars in sales.
It's a why we go on with the summer twentieth, not december. Sixteen That's a good question. We have Couple of reasons. For that one. We know that the luncheon and the school performance occurred on the same day. We have statement saying that the performance the school performance was on the twentieth. and we also have the fact that the daily camera business magazine article comes out that same year mean just the day. Through the party johns book does not come out until years later and he's going off of memory on this. Where twenty second germany ramsay is gonna, be in a beauty, pageant wes plaza mall. This. The one that she sings rockin around the christmas tree and she has a toy sacks of sometime. In late december, the Ramsay family sent out their annual christmas card with the rain. The family updates for their loved ones.
The ninety ninety six christmas newsletter reads as follows: dear friends and family It's been another visit year at the ramsay housel campbell it's almost over and time to start again, Melinda. Twenty four graduated from medic college of georgia and is working and pediatric I see you a kenny stone hospital in atlanta, lantern, johnny Twenty is a sophomore at the university of colorado. Burke is busy, fourth greater where he really shines in math and spelling. He played flag football. This fall and is currently on a basketball bench if his little league team was number one he's. just about all of his baby tee so I'm sure we'll be seeing the orthodontist in nineteen ninety seven
Jon Benet is enjoying her first year in real school kindergarten. In the core knowledge programme is fast paste and five full days a week She has already been moved ahead to first grade man. She can t used to enjoy participating and talent and modeling pageants. She was now america's royal tiny miss last summer and colorado's little miss christmas her teacher says she is so outgoing that she will never have troubled delivering an oral book report, job is always on the girl travelling hither and yawned es recently celebrated its one billion dollar mark and sales. So he's pretty happy here His crew were under way in the port you're onto makin act, island yacht race. In July I had a poem, our mid way due to lack of wind believe that
but his real love is the new old. Looking both grand season, which here months, design ice most of my free time working in the school and doing volunteer work the charlevoix house was on the home tour in July and will likely appear in one of the better homes and gardens publications in nineteen. Ninety seven, on a recent trip to n Y see friend, and I appeared among the throng of fans on the today- show our role and Brian actually to us. We were our cameras or a few fleeting moments you're all enjoying continued good health and look were to seeing you in ninety ninety seven, final note, you to all of my friends in my dear husband for surprising me, with the biggest most outrageous fortieth further bash? I have ever had
Be spending my actual birthday on the disney big red both over the new year. Merry christmas, much love the rams I I can't find this whole ritual that people do with the update. Of the families it's gonna do she would. I feel, like this is a very upper class typical holiday thing, update everybody with the newsletter. I've never and probably will never. Experience have put one of these letters together being just of a regular blue collar guy myself, what it jack sal to me. Is there Episode of everybody loves raymond, where they write a bunch of really nice stuff about themselves. That's not true, but here every the patsy and I'm assuming patsy puts us together as it sounds. You know she says I spend most of my free time it it really.
Points to her upbringing and how polished in posh. She really is, and I everything that she has put here is true, and it's just it's just interesting to see how the other half lives, while that seems like they should get into their douche canoe and paddled down vanity river. I've never lived far from fame. in france, so maybe this is more common than what I am aware of anderson twenty third- this is just two days before christmas. The ramses hosted a christmas party with approximately thirty guest attending and with full our journalism, professor bill, MC reynolds playing santa claus, MC reynolds, was a Ramsay family friend, probably one of the more alarming details in this time line during the ramses ca, miss party at six four seven p m someone attending the party placed a nine one, one call which was
good by police, dispatcher teresa Hilary, the collar, hung up without saying anything police called. Back, but when they did no one answered, and the call picked up by the ramses answering machine because this an officer goes to the home as six. Fifty four p m the office, knock on the door and his invited in and then leaves at seven o nine p m this you're being assured that there was no emergency. This has made. People population, was perpetrator of this crime at this party, call nine one one to see how fast some would respond to nine one. One call This is one of those items that you you look at it. You just go well is going on here, because you just pointed out, it could mean something very big to this case and to the investigation if in fact
what you said and what people have speculated toward it. True, that means the killer is at this party, but were somebody that worked with the killer, is at this party right. But you also have a lot of kids running around. Is it possible that one of them just picked up the phone and dialed nine one one and then never confess to it because they didn't want to get in trouble? There is guess list that you can find online. I have viewed it myself dont care to go into it here, as it sounds quite boring to just read off a list of names the other, I question, though, to captain is what kind Staff was working this party what we have had people helping whether be caterers or somebody answering the door valley in cars. You know so extend b on the guest list for whoever called nine one. What I'm with you, I think it there's a very likely possibility that, with all these kids runnin around one
the older kids wants to do thing funny in front of the younger kids and all nine, when one you know in scared and hangs up bond two other things. Some people have nine one one on speed dial, so you have people. work in a party. Did some aid pick up the phone to call? This is tonight, six, they don't have. phones, most people don't have cell. So did somebody working party go to make a call the wrong button and at speed dial, nine one, one that someday fine information from on the internet, the other to one of my speech latent and we'll have to get into this later Is it possible little john Benet, ramsay herself called nine one one, because something happened at that part if
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all right, we're back fears, maids, cheers captain, and today we are drinking sidra. No l be holiday ale by Columbus, brewing company. This is an american, strong, ale, strong enough for even the best many parties abd seven point three percent garage great for and a quarter bob, caps out of five. Thank you. everyone who is? Don't the two, the beer fund in two thousand and nineteen happy holidays, and just to be clear about this party? we're not for sure. It's been reported, multiple ways that the poorest Santa Claus a tour of the house from John beneath Ramsay. Some people speculate that happen and ninety. Ninety six, some people say that happened and ninety ninety five, so Mc Reynolds was considered a family friend of the ramses and someone that,
He wasn't just somebody that was hired to play santa claus. Then they knew this man on some level rain. He had Santa claus at their holiday party before and, as you said, it's a bit confusing on these stories that you hear even Over twenty years later, where's people will say: job gave bill MC reynolds, a tour of the home at some, point during the party on in ninety ninety six. some people say that it may have happened in ninety. Ninety five we also have a situation where it is said that joy, been a gave bill. Mc Reynolds, a gift and he would say years later that out of it all the times that he played santa claus and of all the parties that he attended as santa claus.
the job- and I was the only child to give him a gift again. His receiving this gift a couple days before her death so that something that obviously would stick out to you other and now only other gift that he rarely ever got was like, maybe a stinky lap from some dirty kid on christmas eve december, twenty fourth, an article appeared in the daily camera regarding the ramses christmas party. Apparently this daily camera is just watching and reporting everything going on in the ram world during the day December twenty fourth job in played at a friend's home. This is megan castanets house. And told maidens mother, Barbara about a secret visit from santa others and just her running up and saying, hey Santa's, going to visit me, there was a discussion had between maidens mother, barbara and blood
John banana re barbara. Question job in a as to win sand was going to pay her this secret visit, because we are on christmas eve. You can imagine the natural conversation they would had won a doll while child the adult was going to say something to the effect of yes, you ve been good all year and when you go to bed tonight, Santa's going to visit you and when you wake up you're going to find all your presence under the tree. through this conversation. What barbara would learn is that job in a explains to her. No, I'm not talking about. You know she was talking about the traditional visit from santa claus? As we all know it right does. That's all gonna happen. She says no. This is going to be a secret visit after christmas and of worse at the time. This doesn't seem to be anything
out of the ordinary for barbara or strain right It would only be until a few days later that this is really going to set off some alarm bells, one that's. What's so difficult about this case? Is there so many little points of He came in calm evidence just points of speculation that could mean everything or could mean I think that all the other thing to here captain, as I'm sure, there's a lot of people out there right now that if they did not know of this detail already their mind is immediately jumping to santa claus bill mc reynolds and we just discussed playing santa claus at the ramses home on the twenty third I think that's a natural fit. We should keep in mind here, though, how many christmas events. Has this a girl attended Joe in the recent weeks right how many santa claus, as did she, come into interaction with? We talked about the?
aid that she attended, that she sat on the flow, the main fraction was santa claus. She could have Oh to santa claus, their oars, just some, I dressed as santa claus right or a santa claus at the mall or the mall pageant that she attended. There was this school event. This is the second of the ramsey's christmas parties and who knows how many parties he attended as a family, but let us say that she's back a little more time than so. the kids with the family in plain sanna, and he does carefully says she she might have said something to mike Well yeah. I know you're gonna visit me on christmas. What? But, what about after that leaves like all while asp I'll pay you a spy? A visit after christmas I didn't mean anything but would mean the world to a six year old, just the nine one one called it came from the ramses home on the twenty third there
mention of a secret visit from santa claus after christmas could mean a lot. It could mean nothing at all. In regard to the investigation. on December twenty. Fourth later there day, the ramses attended. The twilight service at saint a pistol church in boulder colorado around nine pm? John Ramsay retrieves, a brand new silver girls, bicycle store, at a neighbours home this is Joe barn. Those garage and places it under the christmas tree for John Benet and then both job patsy ramsay get stashed christmas gift, from their basement. Its listed here as the basement area and place these, under the tree as well, This is interesting for a few reasons why It shows that at nine p m on the twenty fourth, both rant, both ramsay adults, but
parents went down into the basement to retrieve these hidden christmas as for the kids brain, thereby, spain, as we mentioned earlier, is made up of a series of rooms there, several small rooms in this base, It's my understanding that the large room, was more of a play area now Given the size of this home. I I know that a designated play area means that it was frequented by. the children, often or if it was just a once in a while type thing. while their houses very and arrests in to me, because it so large it's so blocked off and little sections is almost like a maze and also when you see pictures or video footage when they. the little towards for the houses that christmas towards their house looks immaculate It looks amazing, but
But when you see crime scene, photos of the house, it looks every looks like it's in disarray: lives, To me I would Every room needs to be cleaned every we need to be organised base off. Those pictures so it's a very interesting house couple, quick thoughts here before move on captain often you know this was a home built in nineteen twenty seven and often when homes are added to over the years they end up talking like that, where it up it's a lot of smaller rooms rather than a few giant rooms I also wondered- and I couldn't find- I know that there's blueprints of this house online and I found like the top floors- I couldn't tell the basement and, like you said, this house has been added onto to belarus. the basements are added. Two souls less data. seven thousand square for home, while that basement
only might be fifteen hundred square feet. The reason why I pointed out that the base and was a series of rooms as well as question. How often the basement was an act? use by either the parents and or the kids. is it. My assumption here is that the parents are hiding the gifts from their kids. They, we possibly hiding gifts from one another as well right, but just one point out that, on christmas eve, both parents state that they went into the basement of that home. Now I question How often the children would be in the basement, because. we're. Gonna, have a lot of questions going forward about a very small room. That's well tucked away in this basement, if the kids, I'll go down there. Very often, there's known need to hide these gifts to that extent they could have just hid them in the car. Quote playroom neighbours
It is common knowledge that this room, that they call unquote call the wine cellar. is a room that was unfinished. It was to be Come wine cellar, never happen, and that's all often where they would hide gifts, because that alleys that part of the basement. We know that the kids didn't go to. So we we have Do we have something stating that they, the gifts were hit? this wine cellar now, but what we have from John ramsay is when he was x. into the police officers. This This is what we call the wine cellar, but it's not finished yet going to be the wine cellar right now, This use for storage and some and we put presence there for the kids on December twenty fifth, ninety ninety six, this is around six a m, the ramses wake up, later, in an interview, pansy will say it was six is probably
The ramses John patsy burke and germany will partake in the normal christmas morning activities exchanging and open and gifts breakfast in you know. Captain feel like the christmas morning. Cup of coffee is the best one of the year. I love when the parents stop everything and say, look we're not opening up anything until I get my first cup of coffee right right make them wait, at noon john, is going to leave the house. This is to go in check on the airplane, keep in mind. They have a planned flight. Or early the next morning some time between two and three p m John Ramsay returns to the home from checking the plane, so the fat only with the exception of john leaving for a bit this is pretty just day really great christmas day at home,
You have touched upon something just a few minutes ago, where you said when you see the crime scene photos the houses in disarray that it's just a mess well, first off my standards with two young children in the home and having a big christmas, I would say a big lavish christmas, because the pair, have all kinds of money. In the by these children all kinds of stuff, one way anticipate to see a mess, especially when they're not hosting anything. You know they ve already hosted their christmas get together. One would back to see a mess. However, I do a point out that there were several people. Close relatives of the ramses. This stated that the house was kind always in a mass, even though that the house had a housekeeper and that they had some help there would in and take care of something for them. The house. Always in a mess this
in part, two young children will do that to a home run but messy house messy mine, I also want to point out that in years, pass. We have video footage of the ramses christmas on, I believe us eighteen, ninety four maybe some footage on ninety five. I don't know if that was released to the public, but ninety ninety six. What they claim is, I think, they're woke and the battery was dead of the camp quarter. So that's why they did it. Take a video that between five and six p m, the ramses left their house. This is all four of them, John patsy burke and job in a and they en route for the home of their dear friends flee impressed a white this. is for a christmas party, I've seen this reported to be as early as four p m, but most often it said to be in the five o clock our
Since your typical christmas party, an unknown time. The ramses leave this party right on the drive home from the party job in a and her brother burke fell asleep. the car, and the ramses made some stops along the way to drop off gifts, this two stewart actually walkers home and then to Glenn and susan stein house. because we don't know exactly what time they left the party and what time these stops took place. So dont know exactly what time the ramses arrived back at their house. They claim is between nine and nine thirty He would have several stories about what would take place since the ramses arrive at their whole. One These stories says that John put
job in a ramsay to bed, and then he went and played a game with burke afterward. and eventually burke goes to bed. The ramses later reported to the border police department officers that job in a ramsay was last seen by patsy ramsay, in the residence at approximately ten p m, Turning to border police department. Detective, Linda, aren't John Ramsay said Jonbenet was last seen by him. Approximately twenty two hundred hours, ten p m either way both of you. Statements put job in a as being last seen in her bed at ten o clock ryan People think how it went down. Was they get home she's to sleep. They don't want to. her up and carries her to her bed. That's what He would say good night and then supposedly This is where patsy
she comes in to check on, earn and says good night tourists well, John, would tell to border police officers separately that he read too, both children before they went to bed later. would deny both of those statements deck as ever. We heard him say several times he carried her to bed and she was asleep when he carried her to bed I just don't know here. Captain I could see either of these situations being very likely. Kids fall asleep in the car. You dont want to wake him up. You put him straight. The bed rights also chris miss night, you not think Back to my childhood, you remember when you get like something super cool like a super nintendo, a really big gift right and then your parents. Like here's, your super nintendo with a couple of games we gotta leave and go to somebody's christmas party in your life nobody asked thing I want to do. Is leave so
There is virtually no visible yeah, they could have still been excited and when home, either situation makes it makes sense to me what does. makes sense- is that the stories the same or similar enough yeah and I would say, look at your burke. I look at the story. They both fell asleep on the way home nine year old, burke, wakes up and guess what he wants to do. He wants to play with one of his cool toys that guy just he just said. Jon ramses she's she years old and think about the amount of stuff she's done she's been, in competitions, she's been proof and performance. Is she had to be run all over. This emma gathering this friends and family gathering I am assuming that the six year old is wiped out- and there is a picture that was just recent last
a couple years released to the public, which is supposedly the last picture of john bernay that was ever taken. He looks tired in the picture and that taken at the party before they left to go home. So and also, like, I said, claims from John Ramsay. This is what happened later. Com from John Ramsay. This is what happened, I'm gonna go with that story around. ten to ten thirty p m patsy goes to bed. Now Turning to patsy's statement john goes to bed at ten oath three to ten thirty ppm, what Basing this off of is that patsy says quote John to bed shortly. Thereafter then asked do you work. all if it was fifteen minutes or a half an hour right. patsy he Ramsay says it was probably just a few minutes. So weird
acting on three minutes. Either way to that statement, ten o three to ten thirty, three, john patsy, both claim that they were not awake. During the night there, both in bed, yeah, but I heard it reported somewhere out. I want to say, may was John douglas, that John He claims that he took some kind of sleeping aid. That night, I bet that to be correct as well as I think that was a a regular thing for John Ramsay, either way by both accounts. We have both of them in bed between ten ten thirty is. Ten thirty three at the latest yeah. I not seen any reports like grown up. When I was a kid my father would go ruin check the windows and check the doors now we didn't live in a seven thousands for house, but I wonder, of. John Ramsay had some kind routine, that he but check the parameter of the house
it has been said that he did that night and it has been said by people that were close to the family and their housekeeper. the ramses, were quote good, believe. The quotas actually really good about locking their doors, but and because of their not using their alarm system, they have alarm system but see like that was not a common practice for the ramses. It would been at one time. The problem was, or it's been reported as such. There we too little kids in the home. The childer were constantly setting off the secure system which created all these false alarms and anybody that A security system knows that those four so arms. They start to come with fine they can get fairly fairly steep fairly quickly from law enforcement
how we move on two december, twenty sixth captain sometime around midnight neighbours, Gibbons says he. looked out his kitchen window toward the ramsay residents and observe that the kitchen lights were on in dimmed love again, another one those things. It could mean something can mean nothing at all now the way about of John Andrew Ramsay. This is Johns son from his first marriage. His way, else will come into question. So it is important for us to note here that between midnight and one, a m, at least three people put him at the home of lucinda Johnson in marietta georgia later at another home again in georgia, just to be per the clear here, captain thee
he's sightings these alibis for John Andrew ramsay, are one hundred percent confirmed right. There were actually cleared by the police, which there when cleared a lot of people in this case, so for them to clear him that that's important have confirmation of people being with John andrew ramsay, up until eight thirty six a m at one I am neighbours andrew vermeer and look for mare, they went to bed there after watching movies, they say that before went to bed all the way up to one a m. They did not hear anything unusual. They didn't see anything unusual. Everything was The call for that time of night according to bolder detective Steve thomas, neighbor melody. Stanton said she heard a scream between. at night in two, a m. This seems quite in
sing to me, but I do want to take this step further and point out that this same woman did say at the very early stages of the investigation that she, nothing to offer. She did not want to get involved Then later she claims that she a scream between the midnight hour in a proxy? I too am Yeah I heard. When I heard about these dreams is that they heard some screams, multiple screams, anxious one, but they heard more, We'll screams and thought: okay: well, surely the the parents of this girl, our home. They she thought the screen for from a little girl that the parents, her home and I'll, take care of this. That's why they stopped hearing the screen. Also around two. Am I want to point out that the whites regarding the activity at their friends, fleet and priscilla white,
Everyone, including their guests, are reported to have gone to bed by two, a m f. Five. Thirty am John ramsay wakes up the family plan to get up early that morning because they were to fly to sharll, avoid michigan for a family vacation. Patsy ramsey, got up quote a few minutes later. Mr Ramsay took a shower mrs ramsay put back on the same outfit. She had on the night before she put on some make up. And she went down to the second floor and then down these spiral. Stairs to the kitchen. now there's two different versions of this story. There is one that states that she went to check on John beneath on her way downstairs and John Bernay was not there by the story says that she went. She had Did you go straight down to the ground level? Floor now
Either way there the spiral stairs She found on a step near the bottom of the stairs. Discovered a hand written note on three sheets of paper: outside by sigh. The index. That job and I had been kidnapped. patsy ramsay told detective art. This found a no at the bottom of the staircase at approximately five forty five, a m she says she read only a few lines stating Jon Benet was kidnapped but safe and unharmed, and demanding one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars for her return mrs Ramsay immediately screamed and then ran to check job in Room which found to be empty after ring mrs ramsay scream John Ramsay ran, downstairs and met see ramsay in the stairwell together They checked on burke, who appear to be asleep in his room.
John Ramsay then went downstairs to read the ransom. No, he told path to call the police
knowing when one law the cool, it's by fifty two to kidnap me, what's goin out of nowhere and not one that I dont know if the rapporteur now, ok, what's your name? Are you ok? You know how long do I am honey and take the people
if you'd like to hear more of the garage. All of our old episodes are available for free on the stage europe and for our other, show off the record check this out on stitches. Join us tomorrow for episode two until then be good, be kind, don't let the.
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