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Gatha Bowman /// Part 1 /// 646

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Gatha Bowman /// Part 1 /// 646

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On Monday, February 15th, 1993 - 37 year old wife and mother, Gatha Bowman was last seen at the healthcare business that she owned and operated in Richland County, Ohio. Much mystery surrounds the events that took place in the hours following the time that she left work that day. Next week will mark 30 years since she was seen leaving work that day and her case is still being investigated to this day. Join us in the Garage for the details of this now 30 year old mystery. If you or someone you know have any information about Gatha Bowman’s case please contact the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office at 740-833-2892 or go to www.delawarecountysheriff.com

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In new orleans, twenty twelve bruce twelve here chair, I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park. Lot where the address should have been, he was shot and killed, I'm You d umbra, join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I die the motive behind bruces murder, a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now, binge all fourteen episodes of or clock season, five, wherever you listen to pod,
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went missing on february, fifteenth nineteen. Ninety three, that year february, fifteenth was a monday and a busy one. Four gave her. There was a lot going on that day. It is fairly easy, The narrow down when gave was last seen to pay, probably a window of just a few hours. However, to the untruthfulness of rural individuals at the very centre of this case. It has nearly impossible to know. the exact, our Data was last seen and, more importantly, by who gave, was well light and adored by many. She was smart She was a natural beauty and she ll of being a mother, gave own per medica and up and coming company,
the provided health care to those confined to their homes. Joe Valerio, who worked with gave them for over two years said gazer was in. inspiration to his career choices quote she had a heart as big as all outdoors. One of the saddest aspects to this case is it gave. was so well liked by everyone, but when it comes to to getting some form of justice for this lady. Some of those closest to gather chose to protect themselves rather than help a friend or even, one and ninety ninety nine dorothy laden gaiters mother, told the news journal quote: I with other people like in a trap accident or something there is an end, and this one there won't be an end
I say nay,. It's been a long time coming and way overdue, but it is time for those two come forward, especially ones who knew her the best to come forward and come together Tell the truth about what happened to gave the this is true. Grandeur. image the the gave a bowman was a well liked and well known business. She and her second husband, gary bowman owned and operated pragmatic health healthcare, which is described as a diversified medical supply,
business and a nationwide provider of healthcare services and products offering free delivery free evaluation and no charge for respiratory therapy consultation. The company's products include wheelchairs, oxygen, bedside items, dressings pumps, respiratory care and more premeditation also offers furniture. Examining tables and scales for doctors, offices as well as uniforms gave the boatmen is list as the president of the company. Now we say here, captain that gave her and her husband Gary bowman own this business. However, its clear that this was gave us business gary worked elsewhere, he had other jobs, he would come in and help from time to time, but he was not a health care. Professional data was the healthcare professional and she was the president.
of pre medica, but she was also the official owner operator of this business yeah. Sometimes they put the husband or the spouse of the individual on the business, so they can get a better business loan correct. My guess here captain is that we have both names on the business simply for the purposes of the banks. Business was a success and you can hear they are what they are offering their offering you why, the range of products to their potential customers plus they offer a wide area of coverage for their customers. They provide service to residents of mansfield mount vernon bell, ville, mount galina and upper sandusky ohio, so a wide coverage area that they are supplying. These medical supplies to their customers and as you can hear, you get a lot of bang for your book. If you are dealing with pre medica, they offer all of these free services
to go along with you purchasing supplies from them, so the business was a success and it was a growing business and in fact, life in general was or seem to be a success for gave and gary beaumont now Gary was gave a second husband, the two had a daughter together. Her name is christina now, where our story picks up christina is still rather young. She is three years old. Getting close to. Turning for gay has a son from her previous marriage. His name is jason. He is about eleven years old at the time of the store, Jason's father is he would say still very much in the picture, but that's in an understatement. He is very much in the picture yes, but gave them.
Her ex were doing these shared custody thing and from everything I could find and from what everyone was saying. The parenting relationship was a very good one. A very strong relationship, so no bad blood there between ex wife and ex husband. Our story captain is going to off here on a monday here, monday february, fifteenth ninety. Ninety three at the time gave, is living with her current husband Gary and the two children jason from her prey. his marriage and christina they are living on impala. Dr enrich limit county ohio. This home address bears significant importance to this case. In my humble opinion- and we will get into the reasons why, as we get into the details of the timeline and investigation itself, for those of you that are more familiar with the great state of ohio,
you may know that richly county is a bow and ours, dr north, and a little to the east of columbus ohio, which is in the centre. The heart of ohio, the county seat of ritual in county is mansfield, which we have referenced in other cases previously covered here in the garage the population was about one hundred and twenty seven thousand in residence for the county back then so, not a super large population, but not small, either mansfield population backed and was over fifty thousand people so much much larger than any of the suburbs surrounding columbus. high. At the time now we set our story, will start off with Monday february fifteenth ninety, ninety three and that's true, but
to be clear here. There is some confusion here captain because we will end up with reports stating that this is the last time geetha was seen or heard from what will kick off. This investigation is the missing persons report. A missing persons report was filed with richly county sheriff's office on the following day, tuesday february sixteenth data didn't come home. The previous day on the fifteenth and does not arrive for work on the morning of the sixteenth, both which is incredibly out of character for this mother and the owner of this business, is the characteristic of her not to home at night cause. Does she travelled to for sales or anything? Yes, that's correct its uncharacteristic for her not to come home that night in your right, though, she is very involved in the business, as one would expect the owner,
operator of a successful business, as we said, she's, the president of pre medica and, frankly, she is practically running the whole show over there. You know she's very hands on she the leader. Everybody that works for her is under heard lead and they actually, they are under her leadership as not just the boss and the owner of the business, but also there trying to grow their careers as well. and they say you know she was an inspiration to see her running this operation and the things that I learned from her. It was an inspiration to my career in my career choices going forward. She was not just a leader but an inspiration her employees. They don't hear from her on the sixteenth, well that not
is. She had no show which is completely out of character, but there's no communication to any of the employees as to where she could be. Why she's not at work that day, so she's reported missing on this day on February. Sixteen nineteen ninety three, so on this day, captain there Slim county sheriff's office just caught a new case, a missing persons case. Of course they did well, the usual procedures checking with lee friends, people at her work, no one! to know where data was nor where she could be, but gay it wasn't the only thing missing here. We also have heard nineteen ninety dodge Van. That was missing as well. Reports have people, he gave the last seen, leaving her work on the fifteenth that monday, and this is listed between six forty five p m and seven p m. So a rather precise time there, however, the wheel circle back,
These reports later because, as you and I always say, captain the devil is in the details. So one important clue here captain is the gate. The told more than one person that day this. She had a business meeting that evening. However, she did not say where this business, meaning what take place or with whom the business meeting was for brain out at the time before she went missing. No one thought anything of this right: she's, a successful business owner and regularly had business meetings both via phone in person and, frankly, even sometimes on location. After all, she is running a medical supply business as she has suppliers to work with as well
she's, essentially the middle man here, wireless unpack, this for a second cause, like you said it's it's very uncommon for her not to shop for work, it's very uncommon for her not to show up at home after work, but if she's leaving work at almost seven p m, and she's stating to employees and other coworkers. I have a meeting later a business meeting. This means it's, it's probably pretty common for her to get back pretty late and I know a lot times in those situations: the spouse of person that works really. They will just stay on their own routine. They don't wait for the person they get home. They just go to bed when they go to bed when you're a business owner when you're a manager when your high up, typically there is no set hours for your job. Now, your routine.
Fall mostly within the hours of nine, a m to five p m. However, as you can see here she's, owner operator. It's very likely she's, often going in early to be the first one there and she's, often probably the last one or one of the last ones, to leave that day, so you're exactly right. Their captain bill probably not a probably, not super easy to pin down her routine. Her routine was probably more dictated by the business itself. Brain and really what we're dealing with here in the early stages of this investigation for ritual in county and their sheriffs deputies and their investigation would be. Now we're starting to talk about a window between roughly so one pm and then whatever time she was due to be home. That night,
whenever time her husband would have expected or to come home again. That might not be such a hard and fast timeline or deadline. But then we have the fact that we know she doesn't arrive, work the next morning, so we ve already started our time line of the question the time. That's in question here for this missing persons case when I just want to point this out, because I was in a relationship for a long time with some other worked in the medical field and if she was scheduled to get home late. I just went to bed, so I couldn't tell you what time she got home and then sometimes if she had an early shift, she was up and out the door before I woke up. So in this scenario, if that's something that's common for data, then in her family there might not be any alarms or red flags goin off for them at this time period right there
no red flags going off for the people at her work, based off of saying that she was going to have this business meeting, but, of course, s going to change when she doesn't show up the next day or as the days go by that she is missing right answer. Everything seems pretty routine until she doesn't come home at night and then underline that in circle it went doesn't show up for work the next morning. Now after she is reported missing to authorities, of course this This meeting takes on a whole new level of suspicion. And I am sure that the people closer to her were thinking very hard. I am sure she didn't say who she was meeting. Am I sure she didn't say where it would be, or even what time this meeting was to start with, we are to have a meeting start. Obviously she's leaving work a quarter till seven, seven p m. So unless you
straight there, a meeting starting on a monday night at seven, thirty p m, maybe eight p m. That seems pretty late me. I agree, but I think a lot of this has to do with the type of business that you may be an you know when I was here. being an aviation. A lot of the people that I worked with were at other locations here in central heil so it wouldn't be terribly uncommon, with us having very busy day time schedules to brain mix, a little bit of business with pleasure right and say: hey you wanna me at this Roosters are at this restaurant. That is half way between your house in my house or the hangar and where I'm currently my office
why don't we meet there right after work and we're going to have a little bit of good food and a couple of drinks in and figure everything out while we're there? This is going to take us to wednesday february seventeenth. So, two days after she went missing, Yeah gators, nineteen, ninety don van is located by richly county sheriffs deputies, and the report is this: on February, seventeenth, rich on county sheriffs deputies found gave us nineteen ninety dodge van in the parking lot of best western motel on labour road. It was covered with snow, so deputies believed the vehicle was there before the previous nights storm. So this is interesting and this is going to help to fill in a big blank on are timeline. Here are time in question, so they find this view,
all the distance from her home. She lives on impala drive and mansfield lavore road is in mansfield as well Three general rules that one would take if they were to go from where her, Vehicle was found to home or from her home to wear her vehicle was found, those else range and distance from one point three miles to two miles, a three to four minute. Dr time so she's missing and this whole time that she's missing her vehicle was very near by this statement about the snow is very interesting to me as well. You know how does this affect our timeline here? Well, yes, we fight The vehicle within forty eight hours of when she's last reported to have been seen or heard from rain. But now we have the deputies that are saying look february. It didn't it's come
in snow this vehicle and it didn't snow before the sixteenth, so this vehicle got here was parked here and in and sat here, during that snowstorm. Whatever happened agathas. If the vehicle is involved in her going missing well, the vehicle might be able to supply you with some clue one, but it's already supplied you with shortening the window of time on when it is this, something could have happened to her into so we're clear. He goes missing on that monday and what law enforcement is saying is that that vehicle? Her van was in that Haitian by that Monday night, or at least by that tuesday morning, right against,
in the window here now that location is of some interest to me, and that is because they state that it's in the parking lot of a best western motel. Now you go okay! Well, did she drive this vehicle there, or did somebody place this vehicle thereafter? Something happened to her that we cannot they based off of what the ritual in county sheriff's office has said about the vehicle they cannot save when I'm guessing, because it's ninety ninety three- that best western, doesn't have a lotta cctv footage yeah, that's the thing here, with this case. If we want to have some surveillance, if we want a had some witness statements, the seen gave her or interacted with gave the at this location. That would really help the investigation. However, the van itself per thee
she'll county sheriff's office does not yield any clues. We have this best western motel, but attached to the motel is a bar as well. So it's not it's not easy to look at the situation and go ok, well, she was going to the hotel and something happened or she was going to this bar and something happened. The problem with both of these businesses there in where her vehicle was found in the parking lot. It's basically a shared parking lot. So, while the newspaper may say it's the best western motels parking lot, it's a shared parking lot. In fact, those two buildings and and businesses under different names are still there to this day. Wellness unpack this a little bit, though, cause obviously you'd meet some of your clients at your place of work and some of the clients that showed me, I would guessing at hospitals or the e r or doctor's offices. Things like that
it's not out of the realm of possibility that there's a traveling salesman and he's in town- and she says whoa, where did you stay? He says- was at the best western, oh I'll, just meet you at the bar and restaurant within the best west your right and it is a bar and restaurant and in fact the weird thing is today Two years later, it's no longer abbess western, but a rather seedy roach motel. It's a it's a pretty s, roads western there. You go it's not a best western any more, but whatever name it's under now. I I'm not going to give any worse western, great yelp reviews for people to go and stay there. However, the bar and restaurant to this day still receives very good reviews and they still serve food, wouldn't be out of the question, that she would be meeting somebody there and maybe want to grab a bite to eat or drink or two while their meaning that the problem
ms and you all can picture this, it's very much like would see on an old nineties episode of law and order when the detectives go out. Of course, they're gonna go into the bargain. go into the motel they're gonna astley employees, especially the ones that were working there on the evening of the fifteenth Probably everybody that's working there on the sixteenth as well, because we don't have an exact minute when that Van arrive. There did, did you see did she meet anybody. I was, anybody that was here. They said that they were meeting a woman that owns a medical supply business. The problem was especially with the bar in the barn nurse. Was you weren't getting a definitive answer? You were you aren't getting a oh. I can confirm that I've seen her, but you also warrant getting. I can deny that I saw her Why would the answers you're getting is its busy? We get along people that come in and out- and I can't say first
and if I saw or not want those locations are so much harder for the staff to remember faces because those types of locations don't have a ton of repeat customers. They don't have a ton of re dollars. So unfortunately, here captain this is where and how this investigation would sit for a good deal of time. We have a missing woman. that everyone is saying no way would she leave her children, she's, a wonderful mother and no way which she leave her business. Her business was her pride and joy. It was her life's work, so we had this missing person. Then we find her vehicle less than forty eight hours after its reported that she's last see. Van found abandoned in this parking lot, then we have the ritual county shares office saying that this Van yielded no clues as to where data could be or what could have happened to
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to give a little mention here, a dear friend of mine and a dear friend of my family's rebecca maker ackerman, passed away late last month. I knew Becky for twenty years. She was a dear friend and she listen to our little garage show here and so do a lot of her loved ones and friends. So I just for everyone to know that we are thinking of you all and will poor little while for Becky to the good times, cheers tears to Becky yep and cheers to you captain now before the house We were saying that, after finding gave van less than forty eight hours after she is missing, this case sits stagnant for several weeks. This is in till her body was locate. And the report reads: the body of a woman was found in delaware. County has been identified as the missing
woman that was reported missing last month. According to richly county sheriff's office delaware, county, sheriffs deputies found the body of gave a bowman aged thirty. Seven, the positive identification came after comparisons of dental records. Deputies said according to a spokesman for the delaware sheriffs department, the county owned, gravel storage facility, where the body was found is on dunham road, an old north, south county line road that dead ended when our creek reservoir was put in the facility is west of interstate. Seventy one.
Deputies had been working with other law enforcement agencies on the missing persons case. In fact, another body was found recently and franklin county which turned out to not be bowman. They suspected it may have been her, but it turned out to not be her. An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death so when she found its almost exactly one month's time after she goes missing, so she goes sing last reported to be seen on the fifteenth reported missing on the sixteenth van found on the seventeenth and then almost exactly one month later, she's found in delaware, counting and a little more detail. Here we get some more details. come out. We're gonna be able to start to fill in some of the blanks here, because now we have a month's worth of time to sort out and figure out what happened to them woman, there are a lot of strange things in
timeline once we start to piece together and certainly what will be some obvious red flags in this time. I now We also have a better description of where The body was found in how the body was found in this comes from the ohio attorney general's office. So based off of the article that we read previously, it makes it sound like the delaware county, sheriff's deputies, Happened to be out in this area and spotted her body. Well, that might be short version of it, but the real version of it. Is it an employee of the delaware county engineers office for human remains on march sixteenth. Ninety ninety three and a gravel pile located at the press. pretty on dunham road, which is south of rule. Thirty, seven east, body was located on a gravel pile covered in trash and partially clothed and then we know that using dental records the room
and were later identified, as gave a bowman. This is a property. It is owned and operated by the county of delaware. We these properties in all of our counties out there right, you you have to, properties, a lot of them tucked away. Sometimes the middle of nowhere. If you live in a county, the has extra space. If you wanna call that, but they can be tucked away in the middle of nowhere, sometimes and its often where you will see the county houses, it. Salt, storage for snow removal, or, in this case gravel and such so- This would be an area that is owned and operated by the delaware county here in ohio, and they will use this property there's, probably not a lot of employees in and out of this property, but you're going to use this facility more as a storage and open air storage facility. If you will
and this is going to be so- you can maintain your roads and and things of that nature so and employ. He stumbled upon this- body. These human remains and then phones, anti delaware county. They come out and they check out the area and they find are victim here, partially clothes, covered in trash and then to complicate matters more, when the time she went missing in mid february to when she's found in mid march, it was their cold that year it was a cold winter and ninety ninety three and it snowed often on quite a bit you may have had employees coming and going from time to time during the course of the month and simply not noticing that there remains were there. In fact, we have deputies that that later state that when they arrived on the scene, the body still
was partially covered in snow and they believed based off of the weather from that went. That at one time she likely was completely covered in snow in this case is so complex because we know certain things up. She left between six, forty, five and seven, but who was she spoke to me when she spoke to me and visual, but she supposed to meet a group of people where were they spoke to me at their work or at this best western Would you eat them in a box? Would you eat them with a fox? So we know she went missing, but we find your car and we don't know that's a crime. In because they don't search that vehicle in depth. But We find her body, but this seems like a dump site. This doesn't seem like where the murder actually took place. Well, we do some autopsy information which can help us out here a little bit here captain. So what we have is
reed's? Officials may not know how mansfield business woman gave a bowman died, but they have agreed to treat her death as a homicide, gave a boom. In a thirty seven year, old mother of two was found partially concealed under a pile of household trash in delaware county. Her van was found two days later after she went missing in the parking lot of a man's field. Best western motel witnesses said the van had been there since the morning of February sixteenth, she was last seen wearing cream, colored slacks, a blouse and a blazer a joint astrogation team from delaware enrichment counties is appealing for information from any one who may have seen gave a bone, and after six forty five p m on February fifteenth gave a bowman's frozen body was found
behind a pile of gravel in a delaware county, one gravel storage area near alum, creek lake. She apparently had changed clothes, at least once since she disappeared this. According to a delaware county sheriff's office investigator there To say that she was found wearing a white skirt, any sweater gave a bowman had not sustain any visible injury. and was wearing all of her george, the household trade the covered, her body included advertisements from a mansfield newspaper indicate this. She may not have been killed at the sight della.
County coroner said the extreme cold prevented any accurate estimation of the time of death or the date of gave a bowman's death. He goes on to say quote: she could have been there since the day she went missing or she could have died last week as cold as it was. It was like being in a freezer and then, of course, at the time, what they're saying here and is it they could not determine the cause of death, but that would be determined later, hopefully by the forensic laboratories. Add the ohio state university and they go on to say that is probably going to take us about a month or so to get those results back, but interesting here to hear that the determination immediately was to treat this as a homicide for those of you that
New to true crime or new to this show this something that's pretty obvious to the captain, and I because what you see here, something we ve seen in many other cases, gave a regardless of what happened to her. She didn't take her own life and then then seal her own body right. We have investigators and detectives that are on scene. They are witnessing the scene, they have found her they're going through the scene and why, thing that they have decided on immediately is someone went to the trouble to try to conceal her and, like the coroner said, given the frozen temperatures at the time it's difficult to pin down the time of death because it's like she was stored in a freezer for all of this time. She
have died the day she went missing, she could have died last week. What we can discern at the crime scene is that someone went to the trouble to try to conceal her. Therefore, We know that we are currently dealing with the homicide and we are going to work this as a homicide investigation, starting now and do that, we're not sit on our hands and wait for the ohio state university to come back with their information. To tell us. Yes, in fact, this is how she was killed. We and start working this immediately as a homicide. So we just went from a missing persons case to a homicide. Investigate again, this case is complicated because she's telling people at work, I have a business meeting later. We don't know with who or where but is also unclear. Is it actually a business meeting or was a personal meeting that she was
it's telling people that it was a business meeting later, as promised. Those results from the ohio state university do come back and are publicized, and it's announced that the cause of death was determined. He gave the bowman age. Thirty seven was gold to death and then her body was discarded there amongst trash in delaware, county again so much to conceal the body, maybe not for good but maybe just enough to get away with her murder bring everyone. I'm certain picked up on this. The complicating factor here who is putting together that definitive timeline based on the the freeze, conditions weather conditions during the course of that month that she was missing. The important thing Here, though, you know they say and real estate location location, location. Well, it works the same way for homicide investigations as well located.
location, location, and here we have three counties to deal with. We have slim county, and we have delaware county, which had stated is their working together in a joint homicide investigation for gave a bowman, but between the counties of rich linen delaware county, we have morrow county interstate. Seventy one south runs through rich. And through morrow, through delaware and down in a franklin county where we have columbus and continues on the thing that is so important here. we don't know where she went missing or the details of how she went missing just yet. But what we do know is this: you can look at her business. You can look at her home. And you can look at the location where her van was found all We are within minutes within just a mile or two.
of getting on seventy one. Now, if you go, seventy one interstate seventy one south, you can take that directly down to rule thirty seven and you make a right and back then t ninety three dunham road, the location, where the body was later found at this point pretty owned and operated by delaware, counting. It is still this day, a dead and road. But back then there was there was none, a whole lot going on this road there might have in a couple of houses and Primarily, you have this space. That is, and by delaware county back there. What I'm game that captain is. If somebody was looking to conceal the body which we know that they were bay,
All of this trash that was found in the manner that the body was found somebody one hundred percent was attempting to conceal the body there, but not just that conceal the body from where she lived and worked in ritual and counting. It would be so easy that if somebody did something terrible to this wonderful woman to hop on seventy one south and it's almost exactly fifty miles. It's about forty eight miles of free way, but you only get you get about. you get about two miles on each end. Ok, so forty four miles, forty four to forty six miles, a freeway and you get about two miles on just to get to seventy one and then once you get off of seventy one, it looks to me like somebody did something together and decided. I've got to conceal this body. I want
I want to take this body. I want to get her out of this county, I'm going to hop on seventy one south and I'm going to go right to I think I'm in the country what I, where I think, I'm out in the middle of nowhere. If you would hopped office, seventy one on the thirty seven thirty six back then. it made a right within less in a mile. You are away from all of the businesses you are in you're in the pitch black. If it's nighttime- and you see this gravel pile and you go that's the spot that I'm going to conceal her body. The interesting thing here, too, is remembered the report, the trash that is found covering her body has advertisements in addresses This is mansfield trash, her home, her business where vehicles found is all in mansfield ohio. It start and shape up here. This
something terrible happened, gave bowman, mansfield ohio and somebody decided you know what either. Grab and some trash on my way out to help me conceal this body or had this stuff with them already of down seventy one about fifty miles or to the middle of nowhere or what they thought was the middle of nowhere and covered her. in this trash and now detectives have this information in this evidence. It says somebody brought not just the body with them but bought that brought this trash with them. To this location as well, we know the location of where her car was found. Her her vehicle was firm, and so, if she was
meeting somebody at that best western, then maybe that person was traveling, maybe that person lived in Columbus or maybe that person used the columbus airport. So, like you said to head back down seventy one, it could also have just been I'm going to take the body with me and look for a location dumped the body and then head out on. You know, maybe head back to columbus or maybe head back to columbus, to jump on a plane. Another thing that's very interesting here: captain is the information that trickles out in gates's case and it's again filling in some of the blanks of this timeline, and this information does not become public until after her body was found.
But this is really interesting. So, in the same report the report's her body found they go on to say that she worked and owned. This pre medica this. She was last seen leaving work on february, fifteenth about seven p m this according to the sheriffs records, but also in this report. It says she has been missing since february fifteenth when her Ex husband told authorities she did not pick up her two children at the baby sitter. after work. Ok, so let's examine that little nugget of evidence here and I say evidence because it's not, just another marker and our timeline. There's something going on here. There's some big red flag that we need to examine couple thing.
She doesn't come home that night, according to all the records and stories rang just show for work the next morning, she's now reported missing by her children, her husband, her work, she's reported missing by her ex husband and remember. She has one child with him and one child with her new husband and the way the report's go. Is there it was their regular baby. Sitter he's reporting her missing because she failed to pick up the children from their regular baby. Sitter on that Monday night, so what happens? We don't have to have the details here too, What happened? Anybody with children or babysitters now exactly what happened it gets later. It gets later. It gets later
gave us not showing up it's. Ninety. Ninety three baby sitter starts to call the other parents calls dad of the sun, which is her ex husband calls dad of the daughter, which is her husband, which of these two report gave a missing the ex husband he seems to care a whole heck of a lot more. They gave us sing and never showed up to pick up these kids. On that Monday night I mean this. Whole cases is complex and its confusing people's actions are confusing. Her current husbands actions are, Confusing things seem out of alignments. Things seem fishy for my.
You're standing here captain the way that this went down is baby sitter contacts at the very least the ex husband and says data never showed up to pick up the kids. Now we can make the assumption that the baby sitter also contacted the father of the daughter, witches kate. current husband ray. What ends up happening. Is the children's stay the night at the babysitters home and then the ex husband is even more concerned when he wakes up the next morning and is notified once again by the baby sitter, she never came and picked up the kiss and that's when he calls it into richly county and says: look I think, gave a bomb in my ex wife might be missing. She was supposed to pick up The kids last night from the baby sitter and she never arrived, and you
of these stories. Go it's very like That when that first call or the first couple calls are made that nobody's readiness sound the alarm just yet. You know it's just give it another half hour given another hour, maybe she'll show up, and this was the time before cell phone, so it's not like they are expecting to be able to get a hold of data at a moment's notice so it's not until that following morning that we have somebody raising the red flag person. Raising the red flag here is gave a bowman's excised among us on parents just a little bit, because if I'm at work, I'm the boss, I'm telling my employees, my co workers, I am a meeting tonight. It does soon like. It makes a lot of sense that would be the wine to go pick up. Both children drive the one child to the axis house. and take the other child back to her house. If she has
meaning then her husband should be home, at least to watch their daughter she's only three years old, even if you said to me, well she's, gonna, drop off her son and then take her daughter to the meeting that doesn't make any sense to me. Well, it's. it seems like there's a lot at dawn activities currently dawn activities going on with her current husband yeah that I can't see, danny of that, because the situation is she's at work. The kids are at the babysitters house. There is no indication that her son was to go to the biological fathers house at night. It was certainly had point he could have been committed come with her but yeah. They know they. I mean they had shared custody that it was a monday night. The kids were going to stay at gators house, so she went to work. She had this meeting after work. After the meeting she was going to pick up the kids and she was going to come home. the
the One want to everybody for joining us here in the garage, the flying space, ship and until tomorrow, be good, be kind and dont litter the.
Sometimes that don't know it's still fun and fun. Sometimes rolling is a one, and one makes me love it. That's why nationwide is on your side, nationwide mutual insurance company and affiliates columbus, ohio.
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