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Haleigh Cummings /// Part 1 /// 311

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Haleigh Cummings /// Part 1 /// 311

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On Tuesday, February 10, 2009 a 911 call came in at 3:27am. The caller reported a missing child. Someone came into the families' home in the middle of the night and took a little girl. Join us as we dig through the events, the investigation and the 911 call. Beer of the Week - East Pass IPA by Destin Brewery Garage Grade - 3 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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Why what's wrong What's the numerical go about that green line,
and when you last her at all, why? out of your daughter. They involve Ok, wish you weren't laughing worry the bull by now will open, ok, alright, you have your back door was wide open. You could put almost all my fault. Okay, then listen to your back door was wide What are you talking about a brick wall? all about Well, I'm on the walkway bernd Lange, there,
We got a common goal: ok, what the color of your house ma'am, full, ok I'll be? Ok, what? What are you about like how khalifate gimme some description? Number long game? Kohli, oh girl? What color Ok, Brown hair? How is she about especially weighty, know waiting there that tall or how tall does she way?
like I dunno, like he's not bad? wait to tell your husband? We got her. Ok, ok, How much does she weigh? Do you know the cool? How much does she weigh Fifty palm forty, two. Ok, let's make your name a phone number foaming viola. Go I wonder what you're back door of on you now What
Oh, okay yeah? I just felt overworked a five year old daughter is gone. I'm going to be here lol. I finally got to our football fine. We live all my daughter before y'all. Do I'm killing my life in prison until you can put it on record that? Okay, it's okay, it's okay! We got them on the way to be any kind of description. He was wearing the oath okay, we got them comment. Ok, the mama, yeah the
The all right to pull the wool gotta ok, all popular model we re now. Ok, can question: does the door look like he was cried urban. What does it look like it didn't? Look like you had some sort of someone trying to enter your, how long Another thing make sure you and here today, but no warning borneo ngo. Are those of you? Don't like it? It's ok. Now nor have they want anything. I've waited we're on how to get it out there.
You should I dont want. Lingered came a long line of both for low pay. Ok, we understand we hurried, whether name, how do you why? What am I? The name and the song of the west In What are you talking about? ok, we'll would help me understand, fan winning again her date bomb what's that in a hurry to find that fucker off getting this information or not the officer driving out there, okay, either they're coming out there to handle that situation. I need to gather all the information from you over the phone that has nothing to do with DR now there care that ok they're coming
while they're? Ok, Ok, I to have found out what the ok, ok, together, I the one I don't comment have to try to calm down a little bit. Okay, the officer going to do what do? Can they can't have can't have him at the whenever they get there? Okay, the people involved
that is a nine would one called came into the putnam county florida sheriff's office at three many seven a m on tuesday february, tenth two thousand nine. Now as you can hear, there are some strange things on this call. First, we should point out that the collar is misty crosland. She, She noticed around three a m that little five year old, Hayley cummings is missing. the call to nine one. One was not place until three twenty seven misty says she found the back door of the trailer home, which she states is always locked propped open with a brick. This turns out. A cinder block, the police believe came from the yard outside of the home,
The man heard in the background and then on. The phone is ronald cummings yeah. They claim the brick was properly open. The screen door ronald's twenty five years old in least father and misty is Ronald's. Seventeen year old girlfriend ronald was at work and misty stayed home to watch ronald's two children Hayley and her brother. Three year old ron junior to death, These were despatched to two zero to green drive in the small town of sat summa. They arrived at the double. What trailer home at three. Forty, a m when we a trailer home. We are referring to those modular one level, homes that are not portable, but also not bill into the ground. This trailer had dark green carpeting throughout most of the living areas, green and white flour, a wall paper and one bedroom to bathrooms. In a kitchen upon around
All deputies found a white male standing in the driveway who was visibly upset. He identified himself as ronald cummings. He said his daughter, Hayley cummings age. Five was missing. Ron said he had just come home from work and his quote dumb bitch girlfriend told him his daughter was missing wrong. Then repeatedly said that someone had taken his child and said quote when I find him I'll kill him, deputies then spoke with misty crosland. The girl, who called nine one one misty, was baby sitting hayley in her little brother ron, junior that even now we need to explain a little bit of background here, misty crosland was from local family, with a long history of bad behaviour. Her parents were boat, drug addicts and alcoholics with long records and misty dropped at a school in the sixth grade.
Misty met ronald cummings a few months earlier at the school bus. Stop for the trailer park where misty would accompany her nephew. She started baby sitting for runs kits ron hayley and ron. Juniors father was twenty five years old and was divorce from the kids mother crystal sheffield. whom he had also met when she was a minor and who had gotten pregnant with hayley when she was just seventeen ronald had custody of the kid
There are varying reports for the reasons for this some say it's because ron had health insurance through his job. They covered the children. Some say that it's because crystal was a habitual drug user and was negligent in any event ron had the kids while on the other claim to is that she didn't have a job at the time, so he would actually be the only parent. I could support them crystal got the children every other week in ron wasn't an angel either. He had a history of arrest. Their relationship was acrimonious with custody disputes and allegations of both spousal and child abuse levelled at wrong by crystal and drug arrest on both sides ron had been looked into by the Florida department of children and families at least wants. This is because crystal said that hayley missed school alot and had visible injuries from beatings by IRAN. For her part, there
no doubt the crystal had a problem with drugs in the past and it possibly persisted in the year of two thousand and nine. The deputy on the scene quickly deduce that seventeen year old misty was not just the baby sitter. She was sleep. in ron cummings bed and she told the nine one one dispatcher that quo our daughter was missing. Misty and ron were romantically involve for a few months, misty family. near by at one. Sixteen tyler street misty told the deputy this she put the children to bed at approximately eight, pm. She did some laundry and then she went to bed around ten to ten thirty in the same bed as the kids. This is in the master bedroom of the trailer home. Both kids were peacefully sleeping. At that time Misty said she woke up at three a m to get a drink of water and then saw the kitchen light was on and the back door was prompt open with the boy
She then ran back to the bedroom and notice it Hayley was missing. Misty ran around frantically looking for the child looking under beds and in the closet. She said that wrong arrived home from work around three twenty five and told her to call the police. He handed the phone to her, and you can hear him say something to the fact that bitch, how did you get my? daughter stole very soon after deputies arrived on the scene. Wrongs mother teresa arrived. She pulled up to the scene bearing a eight by ten class photo of hayley run at called her and told her what was happening. She later said that she lived about fifty miles away and had driven like a bad out of hell to get two wrongs house to help find her granddaughter. She was sure that Hayley was just hiding somewhere and would be found. Now the search is going to begin.
this time, but before we get into that, just throwing this out here some people, have question teresa's timeline that it just doesn't add up right. She look fifteen miles away yet arrived on the scene within five minutes, apparently of wrong calling her supposedly, while misty was still on the phone with nine one one and she had that photo with her. The class photo in hand. Bread people have pointed out that maybe she was aware of the situation before police, what they told police they notified. Her of this situation also kind of strange that girlfriends used in his phone to call nine one one and he's apparently using her found cause mother right and there is also the statement of teresa his mother saying I am sure that Hayley was just hiding somewhere, yet she she was thoughtful enough to bring the class photo with her right and the fact that
chances are just knowing what I know about haley's father. He probably does actually have a school picture of his own daughter. So let's discuss the events of the day before hayley disk peer according to misty wrong. In some witnesses, these events were normal and them winning ron. Miss the ron, junior and haley, drove to haley's grandmother's home to get some clothes haley wanted to wear to school that morning before they left they had breakfast, then they drop off haley at browning, pierce school, the start time. Eight forty five, a m ron and misty went back to bed until noon or so, and they did some stuff around the house until picked up hayley at the school bus stop at three twenty wrong then left for work. We do
that he arrived a pity em about forty five minutes early for his five p m shift at five p m misty called wrong to see I, the air conditioning repair guy, arrived at their house. She handed iphone to the repair man to speak with ron at this point, misty's brother, tommy, croslin, tommy's, real name- if you, if you're, going to look these individuals up online, his real name is hank croslin jr, but he goes by tommy. So this man, tommy, was also at the house with with the kids and they were playing with ron, junior and hayley. He has kids of his own that he brought with them as well, at five, thirty or so Tom. In his kids. and the repair man they all left the home. Around six p m misty said she started dinner and cooked for about thirty to forty five minutes.
Meanwhile Hayley Enron, junior were watching movies. At seven p m, the kids were seen eating dinner on the front porch. This is by their grandmother. She stopped over to deliver some clothes after dinner prior to getting hayley to bed. Misty said she put haley's blanket in the wash her because it smelled like p, like you, Hayley went to bed at approximately eight p m. This is her normal bedtime. According to misty on a school night, she was wearing her pink Hannah Montana. Sure. An underwear now note, though, that the police report says pink sure and tan shorts right. At eight thirty misty said she had a fight with wrong over the phone ash.
Current or phone off between eight and nine thirty misty was doing laundry. She stated it took probably thirty minutes for to wash and probably sixty minutes for to dry and soon as that was done, she went to bed in the room with the two children where she slept there, so they have a I'd say, maybe a queen size bed that they slept in and then there and look like the mattress path. that you would actually put into a crib, but it wasn't in a cribs this on the floor. Right and you'll notice threw out this episode in the next one. Discussing this case in discussing the the details of the events leading up to and the details,
right around and shortly after the nine one call they will change a little bit and that's because we have people who stories are changing a little bit earlier. We said the misty said that she slept in the same bed with both of the children and later she would say that she slept in the bed with RON junior and that hayley was in the small bed beside her bed. I believe some of these inconsistencies are just not really knowing or it's it's not necessary. Early a lie, but a partial truth, maybe they did fall asleep in the bed together and then, if she woke up at some point that that highly wasn't on the bed anymore and in was in her bed. So I think that's where we're getting some inconsistency. Misty did not wake until she got up at three am according to her story. This is either to get a drink or to use.
restroom her story has varied and she says that she noticed Hayley was gone now, run arrives home at three twenty five, a m and tells misty to call nine on one, and that call came in at three twenty seven, a m o captain. I think that we should review that call as its it's hard to here and, as we pointed out, there are some strange things and they call yeah that's a best quality that we could find and we we kind of question using it anyways because it so hard to understand the actual context of what they're saying. But we do believe that it also paints a picture of that moment. So less listen to those clips, we're gonna break them down to smaller clips and then dissect each one of us look a clip one, although I like your agora, erica
when we got a call about the number green lane yeah. Okay, when did you last see her email, you, the article, Google, you being a cleaner? Okay? How old is your daughter? I thought, okay, so nine one one! What's your emergency, misty crosland is is first heard, saying hi I just woke up and our back door was wide open and I think- and I can't find our daughter- you can't find what our daughter, ok. What's your address now misty crosland answer. We cannot. We cannot hear there and it's not even
deciphered on this transcript, but when she's asked to give the the new miracle, she doesn't know what that means. I don't have so much of an issue with that. She gives the the the street as green lane, and then you do hear her bleeped out. That would be where she's giving the full street address, and this shows that she's uneducated, I don't believe that she's stupid, I just think she's uneducated well and she seventeen we factor that in and if she is to be believed, she's in a very stressful situation, a mind you per day. nation we have she only been romantically involved with ron for a handful of months and may not be quick on her head feet, as I hate to say about some of the information that she's asked to provide right because she is technically not the mother
So when did you ok? When did you last see her misty response? We, like just you know it was about ten o clock. She was sleeping. I cleaning, ok, how old is your daughter misty quickly responds with? She is five. I dont have any problem Seen a lot of people online. Having a big issue with misty saying our daughter dismissing. I don't find that to be problem, some Jobs are emergency. You have time to explain while technically it's not. Real daughter, but I'm, but I'm sleeping with her father whether or not I'd take care of her every day, and you know what I mean like you don't have time for that right in the way that I try to really view nine one one calls the vetoes, there's there's varying sides of of the coin. Here. Some people will argue that you can detect a lot of
built in a lot of information can be pride from the person making the call in information they provide and what information they do not provide, and then there's other people just say you know what they're react, two to a situation. We can't figure out or should not speculate. How One should react or or what they should be doing. In that moment, I like the fall right between the two of those. My thought is, is the general thought of any time, you're calling nine one one you're you're asking for help your your very simply put asking for help and assistance in a situation, so I am looking for people who are being helpful or unhelpful in that situation. That's what I want to see. That's what I want to look at so saying our daughter. Just like you said, captain it's just getting the information, the very just of it as quick as possible to with the nine when one operator in that situation
probably thinking the faster that I provide good information to them. The faster they're going to appear on the scene, the first responders- god bless you and that they are going to be able to help or fix this situation. So our daughter, that's problem for me, the other issue here, is very young she d in this guy? That's now, there's a age gap there and he's abusive and he's in the room with you and so there's pressure. Talk to the nine one, one dispatcher, but there is also there has to be that pressure that you're gonna say somethin wrong and piss off this guy that possibly will punch. the face. Yeah and I dont know how far want to go down that road, because I know there's a lot more allegations of abuse than actual proof of such but you're right.
And that will be in underlining issue throughout the course of this week's case. I do find it odd that this she points out that she was cleaning. You know, ok, when did, you last see Hayley we like just you know it was about ten o clock. She was sleeping. I was cleaning and I only really point this out because of what we will hear and later in the nine one call brain, but it's it's not the very simple answer that I think is most direct and most quick to the point of saying I went to bed around ten. She was in the room with me that that's just where my head would go again. This is a stressful situation. By Yeah gives a low, convoluted their because as you talk about doing laundry, is that a part of cleaning or was she trying to clean but then was clear in for a minute and then laid down with the kids. You know asked out. I thought about that too, when Anna
missing the nine one? One call it what what my verbiage would be- and I was thinking about it this way like, if, if I worse, please just doing laundry, and you asked me hey what are you doing? I'm doing some laundry. if I were doing laundry an cleaning the house at the same time, which you know you can do thanks to these wonderful washing she's a do the washing for you. I would. I would summarised by I'm I'm doing some cleaning. I would just bundle that in there with the laundry and cleaning all in one less here clipped,
oh okay, what was last seen wearing a boy whoa whoa, whoa fam. I feel like bumble. We were hoping. Ok, alright, you have your backdoor with wider, but it could put almost all my fault. Okay to look at your back door was wide open. What are you talking about a brick I know what what is the brink on the walkway and there was a brick laying there the way we got a common common common
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Conversations the nine when one operators is okay, what was hayley land seen wearing two where she then has to say ma am because you can hear ronald in the background and then misty comes back and says she was wearing her pajamas. She was sleeping. Ok, all right! You said your back door was wide open, misty. Yes, it was bricked. There was a brick on the floor, when I was asleep, it was not like that. Nine, when one ok, the back door, listen to me, you're back door was wide open. What are you talking about a brick? What is a brick misty says it's almost like on the stairs. We have a walkway nine when one and there's a brick lying there. Misty says yes still there and then you hear wrong again he's in the background and he saying something to the effect of tell them. They ve they ve better. Come down to come on.
and we have the nine one one operator trying to cool the situation. She's telling misty. Please tell him we got them coming to which MR complies, I I don't know that I see anything weird and there I do approve create the nine one one operator trying to keep misty focused and get the proper information from her, especially about this brick situation with the the back door there Jen, I think, people that claim that any of these comments are guilty or innocent is kind of nonsense. Anyways because this whole brick situation, we don't know if she saw the brick herself or if he is. If Ronald comes in and he's just yelling about stuff and saying there was a brick and you I mean like you, she might just be tossing out information that he's tossing out, but according to what
At least one of her stories is that she saw the door propped open and that's what prompted her to go back into the room with the kids right, but I notice his hayley missing right, but that's where it gets weird, because I have also heard all these stories that there are two doors: there's a screen door and later it I believe she says or or Ronald says the screen door was prompt opened by the brick and then The actual do where was wide open and again her edens to have both be wide open. Her I meant to nine when one makes it confusing as well, because when their discussing the the details about this breaker the door, her first statement is that it was on the floor. The back doors wide open in the brick was a wide open and it was on the floor and then later saying that it was on the stairs. We have
walk away so right now, and that is you can almost picture this in your head, where it's one door propped open with a brick inside the And then maybe a screen door going out the other direction propped up on the outside of the home, with a brick yeah which, if you're going off of just what she says on nine one, one, that's the the picture that is painted for me was getting the clip three okay. What's the color of your house? Ma'am, okay, Ok what? What does she look like how tall a thing and become the norm?
we are all in one hour a camel hair oh okay, how policy about or how much does she weigh? Do you know that, oh about how tall are hammered fifty way people won't like illinois. She's. My not! I can't wait to tell your husband. We got her comment, okay, okay, how much does she weigh the now the cool? How much does she weigh almost forty people cuckoo forty to sixty pounds? You're, okay here, so we are getting it this section they want to know. What does a house look like? What color is your house
Misty says blue. Now we gotta get a description of Hayley. What does she look like? How tall is she give me? Some description of her misty says how tall is she? You know she probably either trying to clarify with the operator or asking Ronald whose in the background, probably star being around the the home? She go? to say missy, says like long hair like curly with curls, nine one, one long curls what color misty she's white, while you're missing the point where she says about four, and I think she's gonna say about four feet tall, which would not be correct, but she does clearly state about four. Ok. I couldn't hear that in this this portion, and I guess I'm guessing- that the nine one one operator could not either because there there clarifying about the the hair color. What color, hair brown hair missy said,
Yes, oh my god or oh my gosh, and and goes on to say something else that I could not detect their vote. When she initially says what color she says: white right and she's like no, no, no, no hair, color right, that's what the name when one operator wants to clarify this is where the move on and they want to know how tall hayley is. Ok, how tall is she about or how much does she way do you know that to which we have the ha response. Nine when one clarifies about how tall or how much does she way? Misty. Twenty four sounds about right. I don't know she's, not that tall
that's very confusing to me cause. That's why I was saying about the four okay: it doesn't to me. It's not! I dunno. If she says twenty four it sounds like for right. I didn't. I couldn't figure out from that statement. If, if twenty four is inches yeah, I don't war or way are both, because she follows it up with. I dont know she's not that tall in and she has been asked how tall or how much does she way at the same time? You have it and also thing about this when you are raising kids of somebody asked me how tall is younger, littlest steps on at four or five or whenever we discuss discussed,
if you don't really know yeah in in. For me, children have always been tough for me to guess like if, if, if there is an adult- and you asked me for a description, I could very quickly give you approximate height and weight yeah, and then I I think, that's where the next part comes in is when they're they go from height to weight, and then this is again where people will claim that you know she's so dumb or so stupid, and I think some of this is just again. How much do they weigh she's? Like I dunno forty, fifty sixty, I think some of that is nerves obviously cause. I think, when somebody's asking a question and you're bracing, your brain is racing to get,
to the answer, but your kind, this to me proves that she's confused, oh yeah, and it could be confused for any number of reasons. But that's also, why question what's taking place on this nine one, one called not so much as what she saying, but it almost seems strange to me that ronald hands the phone to her? He should be much better equipped to answer all of these questions I'm basing that simply off of the fact that he's the father miss these? Not mother and according the information we have, they were only romantically involved for a short period of time before this nine one one call goes down, the information that he should know, he should be better equipped to provide answers rather than misty for the record.
According to her missing flyer, Hayley is three foot tall and was listed at thirty nine pounds the day this she went missing right and again when people go. Ah, she so stupid how much issue it I'll know forty pounds bomb, she thirty nine pounds. She got a right, but in this state of confusion I dont know forty fifty sixty and what's weird to me, like you said, what's going on in the call in the background, how long did this is not a big house? This is a you know, a trailer right and it's like how long does it take for you to go she's not in here? Okay, now, let's look on the outside all she's, not there. either, but it's almost like he comes in the house. Storm and around and instantly he's goin somebody store and to me
shows more of arm what's going on outside of his life what's going on in his personal, If that he would walk in and immediately go somebody tucker cause. The first thought your kids, not in your bed, not in their bed. Where are they? Are they hiding somewhere? Do they go to another room? Did they get outside yeah and we'll get to that portion with this next clip? Okay, let me get your name and phone number falling off your back door. Lock you now What well? Okay, let me talk to you. Yeah yeah, I just bought over one of our real daughter is gone,
I wanted to do. While I tell you, I got you bob, We love my daughter before y'all. Do I'm killing them or I don't get my life in prison, I'm dumb, you can put it on record and I don't care okay. Okay, then we got them on the way. Okay, what kind of description whereas the whoa whoa whoa, okay, cause, we got them comment: okay, lol! and then they hang up, I'm out his very suspicious when people hang up on nine one one, I couldn't find anywhere either misty or ronald saying that they got disconnected or anything like that that so it seems to me like, which has very. Possible the ripe, but I would like to know that it because it it's weird to me that ronald would hang up the phone because it I gotta believe
Was him he's the last one speaking before the call drops jaso my thinking he was having a hard time. I'm an has seen their pretending to cry that he may be done it not. A continuous white is on the phone. I felt that it was more out of like anger that he may have hung up the phone so in the beginning of this portion, Every possible were again trying to get some more information, just basic stuff, mysteries name and phone number, and then we go back to was the door, the back door. Locked do you know misty says yes,. ronald. We can hear him saying something like man. I need somebody to get here now. To which the nine, when one operator wants to speak, the ronald ronald gets on the phone he said I just got home from work. My five year old daughter is gone. I need someone here now now. This is where I think that the statement of I was cleaning from misty
is weird when I'm kind of layering these all together in one big, nine one, one called big mac. If you want to call it that so I have the I was cleaning. That was the last time I saw her. I just woke up and she's, missing. The first thing we hear from Ronald is: I just got home from work. It's all like we were, laying out alibis correct, it almost seems like unnoticed mary information for the purpose of finding Hayley more that's been his story, the whole time and will continue to be. His mantra If you will, I was out work. How am I supposed to know fond my daughter, everybody, be looking for my goddamn daughter, all that work, how I suppose know anything I mean that's that's what he does for the next. however, many years where and then we have the portion of him saying that you know fine. Whoever has my daughter before you all. Do I'm cool
in them. I don't care, I will spend the rest of my life in prison. You can put that on the recording I dont care. again that's a whole lot of conversation unnecessary conversation, I understand he might just be furious in reacting to the situation, but you can go and put on the recording. I dont care almost like. I want that on the record I want it on the record to show that I was so upset and angry that I come into this wait in my daughter's missing and the fact that she's missing I'm willing to the individual. That did it it s. How much I care It seems to me almost as he came home and his diary missing in he's gone. Oh, I knew summit could take her, do. Does it make any sense? Well, I guess, in this situation, he's going off the assumption of seeing the door propped open and by thing it's more than that.
Well, it could be we we don't know, but but the the very simple thing that I'm looking for in this call, as I stated, is being helpful or unhelpful. all thing of if Fine, whoever has my daughter before you do, I'm gonna kill. Him is extremely unhelpful to the fore. The this of the nine when one call were and then on foot on top of that, that statement is strange in itself, because during that situation he's not Looking for anybody he's not out king for hayley he's not out looking for whoever may have Tucker seems are used stop and around his house in in this situation. Why would you look if I was the first there. It would be me either me on the nine when one call or if I'm handing the phone off to somebody I'm going outside, where I can find child or the person or at least have a shot at it at least hamish who's to say that if, if, let's He believes one hundred percent that somebody took her in his
completely innocent of any wrongdoing. There's a chance. There's a shot that this person took her in may have been on foot or was poor, somewhat near by in this abduction. Just recently happened to hand the foe off and then just to stomp around in the background and provide nothing of information and to provide little if anything, in the way of help for the purpose of of in your daughter, just it's completely backwards. It's completely opposite of. The whole purpose of the nine when one call to begin with, and then let's add to our big mac here right so nine one what God bless this nine one, one operator, because I would a lost my shit a long time ago. She says it's. Ok, sir. You ve got them on the way? Ok, can you give me what kind of described? pajamas was she wearing two which ronald coming says?
I don't effing know I was at work and hangs up the phone. Now, that's the most counter, productive thing that you could possibly do in this. Why not just ask mister? whose whose clearly still in the same room with you, if you don't know rather than hanging up the phone. Let's, let's help, you know that's very unhelpful again, oh gates, What was he doing in the trailer why all this has gone on? Do you have any idea or well basing off of basing this off of what his words are? What I think he is to be said because again, I think he's just kind of stamping around the house. Maybe he is walking in and out of the trailer during this time rain, but because there is there times where you can hear him much louder than other times and I think he's probably pretty
go through the entirety of these calls, but some of that he's vocal with misty and some of it he just vote anybody, that's anybody, that's willing to listen, and I think he's really just walking around at sea point? I do hear him say something to the point of, whereas my phone now a we believe that misty is on his phone and. In our vote, but again rang Harry what he might be looking for her phone and just said that and that you will hear that in one of the upcoming clips, Lonnie also likes to wear these chains again, a necklace. His little chains and they're, like really small, so I wonder if he's like, because he's gonna go find who took his daughter and kill him if he's also looking for as little tiny chained to put on so it's a little tougher when he confronts the person now is where we're going to hear nine one one calling back to ronald coming.
mama. Yeah. the. The. hello, okay, sir, let me talk to your wife to let me some Ok, ok, all right, now, yeah, okay, lifting out from question to the door. Looked like it was cried open, one that looks like it didn't look like you had some sort of someone trying to enter into your house
I thought long and another thing make sure you and your husband don't touch the door anymore. Don't let the door already available? No it doesn't. It doesn't look like it is now. Okay, now, let's tell your husband, won't want anything, by the way and trying to get it out there. Okay, usually you don't want to think about bringing the cave on the regular okay, okay, we understand we got them on the way. Okay, what's her name, how do you throw a birthday? What what permit on gonna name and the spelling of the last Where do you want?
The ok would help me understand when we get her date of birth open. The bond will focus on okay. Listen to me, I'm getting this information. Are not the author driving out there, okay they're coming out there to handle that situation. I need to gather all the information from you over the phone that has nothing to do with me. Driving out there. The officers take care of that okay they're coming out there, okay, okay, I would have found the phone with you. Ok,. until I get there. I.
The comic and comics try to calm down a little bit. Okay, the office are going to come out there and do what they can. We can't have him screaming and yelling at the office whenever they get there. Okay,. I got better people to come see and it sounds like they hang up again. They being the people calling and asking for help right. Well, they didn't call this time right rain, but the ones that need help correct, but it's weird though too cause. I wish. I could understand what he's saying in the background, because I think he's saying more. I really think there's something to this idea
They in his head, some eight took his child and, looking at my not be some eight that is involved in his drug history or in his drugs circle, but you also have had custody issues with your acts, and so is that, where his head is gone is taken him you know all did, might did my do my ex wife come take our daughter now I'll kill. You know like they can't do this, I have custody now you I mean. So that's that's where I wonder where his head is gone. Well, when I'm on one first calls back, it is Ronald the answers, the phone he says hello and then he's like, whining and crying, which should be expected in situ, and to which the nine when one operator wants to talk to misty now, because ronald's of no help.
and they want to get some more information. This part is real interesting to me, because this is one of the few times throughout this. Lengthy, nine one one call where they do who wear misty and ronald do provide some good information. Today, the nine one one operator very smartly. Ask man, ok, listen! I need you to answer some questions. Does the door look like it was pride open to which it takes some time to get to the answer, but misty says no, It doesn't right, it doesn't in then nine one asked to clarify it doesn't look like it is to which MR says no right. I'll again, look shouldn't know what numerical met, so is it possible that she heard the word pry and she was trying to figure out. You know is, propped, is pie word with pride
that's that's where my head goes, but the door is propped open and when asked if the door was pried open, she saying no right, but I hear that's where the that's where the hesitation is. Is that either one she might not be able to? You know hear her, but maybe she doesn't really fully understand question. I'm gonna go the other way with that, because wind when asked, if the door still propped open, she says yes, when asked. If it looks like it was pride open, she says: no, now, this is where the nine, when one operator very smartly again, let them know hey. Tell your husband to do not touch anything because they are going to get a canine unit out their missy says. Ok, tells him not to touch anything they're. Bringing canines out now Ronald caught cummings in the background at this point, your hearing him say something to the effective. They better bring something out here, because if I get my hands on that I'm afraid I'm going to kill him. I don't give a f about
is again reminding us present hudson scare him again not helpful to misty or the nine one one operator and by this leans against their the ex theory that I had, but that he was thinking that possibly the x, that he's going through a shortlist of people on his head them. They might have they at all. When I get a hold of him and- and nigger, while was she seen somebody that that maybe he thought would be responsible for this and I Like the operators pointing out hey, he's, gotta beast he's gotta it down a little bit, because we can't have him being violent or screaming and yelling when the officers arrive on the scene because they're going to be face to face them. Going to need to get more better and for Asian than what was this option,
your tried her very best to get good information she's, just not getting it from ronald or from misty to which again, at the end of the call their being asked, we need to get her date of birth. We need to get her these date of birth missy does not seem to know that it seems more to me, like she's, asking ronald. What is her date of birth rather and clarifying with the nine would run operator. That's what you ve done. An raw well, then says: f her date of birth. We need to find her f her data birth the record haley's data birth is august. Seventeen two thousand and three were that's because this numb nuts doesn't know his daughters data birth. That's why you less blessed be. He gets upset up ever dated birth, It's it's called come out here and finer like do you such a loser? That's don't even
oh, your own daughters date of birth at as the call continues, I believe, to hear him say that he's looking for his phone kind of shouting about, whereas my phone or whereas a phone and early at the end you hear him say where is my effing phone and I Kind of believe that that you know he follows it up with. We ve got better people to talk to them. Some m offers who ain't common and it again it sounds to me like that, once again, hang up the phone. I would love to know if, in fact, if that's the situation and if it was Ronald that huh the phone or misty? I find it strange that either of them would do so again extremely unhelpful to the situation that started with them, calling and asking for help. Now I do believe here I don't have the time stand
of the start of this call, we mentioned that the call came in at three twenty seven and the call is what seven minutes eight minutes. Long well of you combine. The two ok so- and we don't know if there's a break in I'm during the time that they were disconnected while there is a brake on the audio clip by all of that. In real time, does that make sense or you're looking at right, maybe twenty seconds of disconnection and then nine one one calls back, but which could have been a couple minutes in real life yeah. I actually assume that it's not. I actually assume, because you can hear the dialing and you can actually hear that the operator that it's const, you know it's just all they hung up and, worse still, recording and now, because I am assuming that in this situation there protocol is for nine one want to call back, and so why stop the recording skip it gone so
here, where he's saying that he's looking for his phone or is looking for a phone and he said It follows that up with we ve got better people to talk to. I have better to people well there. I feel like it, it's it's if he is innocent thing than then he's just frustrated with the call he's frustrated with the situation, is pro hopefully frustrated with himself that he doesn't know some very basic romanian about his small child rights, but on top of that there I think what he's meaning his mother, who we do know, shows up to the scene very quickly, and this is I believe that we can say that he called- and that's who he's wanting to call
at that moment, while misty is still on the phone with nine one one at the end of the day, this guy's a deuce. You know- and I and I think that's. I think this sum is his attitude, like you said throughout the whole conversation Where's he trying to help its it's almost like. He displacing the blame now on them that you guys leaving, show up and look I'm here trying to help and I do feel like that's setting. He said in the scene for some at nine thirty, a m on February tenth, Annie
in wide. Amber alert was issued for hayley, Anne marie cummings age, five, blonde hair brown eyes, forty pounds wearing a pink sure and tan shorts missing from her family home members of the cart programme. The child abduction response team started to converge on set summa. One of these was john merchant, a putnam county sheriff's office, homicide investigator. Another was Robert Hardwicke from the states attorney's office. There were also members, the fbi present the case was being treated as an abduction from the very start,
unlike the captain always says. Thank you for listening. Thank you for telling a friend we'll see you back here in the garage tomorrow until then be good, be kind, don't let the.
you can feel confident. Continental is the smart choice in type is in the hands of streams, anything further guy who finds that one potholes they made the like of achieving an engineer yet really really really continental available discount tire.
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