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Haleigh Cummings /// Part 2 /// 312

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Haleigh Cummings /// Part 2 /// 312

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On Tuesday, February 10, 2009 a 911 call came in at 3:27am. The caller reported a missing child. Someone came into the families' home in the middle of the night and took a little girl. Join us as we dig through the events, the investigation and the 911 call. Beer of the Week - East Pass IPA by Destin Brewery Garage Grade - 3 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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the grass and get something back in return. Go to true gram. Garage com check our store page. We got some new deuce canoe shirts in style. And also more of the banned. The ban. That's enough for the bees and everybody gather around grabbed share grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime. I dislike I need to speak my mind was nothing new. I just wanna. Can I say I dare say, rise again seems like in the south.
should be like coming here present. Others suffer rationing, the year for which isn't that people, are forgetting about are obviously please. I know anything. I just feel like doing anything haley on the bus and was to I hope I have dinner. I gave a basque replayed, the only way down and went to sleep, and then I woke up. I don't know why I woke up, I woke up and the kitchen light was on and I ran to the bathroom. I ran to the gate. to see what was going on. Iran was home. He wasn't there so I've under my own can myself on a car. I am your interests far between times around and should not have been I do out
imagine knowing the house and then five minutes later Ronald's pulling down the driveway and he didn't even really look like he was upset. He just looked like he was more messed up on drugs. and when him call twenty three times are caught him. He didn't answer the phone and the police com has nothing to do with me. I think there are trying to get it back, a ronald. Whoever did this What I was told that, when all is said, drugs lot when he was for we got together Your people money see one day where this far he was his family on bar ass. It had a truck. I got the talking with them, try to walk up to ronald in this blackmail. Isaak and am in arms like any general how can the truck? I said, why can I hear a black man said that
He knows where harry is the mexicans have her any formal pace as much money back then he could get her on friday. Now is a lot more congo, tucker and why they took her just seven access. I guess I could talk about the views the law gave her all of us nearly and during your interviews with him, he was always messed up on pills. It used to Peter all the time if the kids, if the kids would get in trouble, and I I to stop like he smacked his son in the face, and I got mad and I said: don't do that instead of bleeding, he laughed about it and I got beat up for it because I stuck up for the kids all the time. You know I had them: kids, twenty four seven. I took care of them. Kids I gave them baths, took them to school, fed them, then,
without their failing to enjoy bank allow year ongoing months body that I even blame my when I try to escape. I didn't have the mother and it is, It's me walk around here every day and you just know that police even think that on a slow growth, it everywhere, just she we so just lobbying with her yeah we used to play together about four others throughout all kinds of stuff. Together homework. You can cook just all kinds of stuff that she done. Do you miss her a lot? The really laugh that kills me everyday to know. I was the last one. I've seen her walk around most time crying cause. I wave my mind.
The end just hurts because from us you know me better than any of them. People even his family that I cared about his kids would do anything for that. I'd give my life for him to come home right now to spend all our hard, but I have to keep myself strong because I'm not going to give up regardless I'm going to fight, as I'm going to fight to find anything regardless. I'm never going to give up on her that the only reason I'm here strong right now is for her I'll, never give up the hope and faith until they can show me. I've never been believe she's dead to me in court. If seldom somethin there. Let me go, there's nothing. I can tell them. I knew something they will know from day one care that little girl, one and anybody knows
ok out, I guess you could say, but it wasn't the best longer did try to provide for us by strung out on drugs and alcohol is living in flagrant county in that's. Why I got bathed in its when I start for school, I felt I felt a shame, because I couldn't get up and read in front of the class. I felt a shame because I didn't know half the stuff, the kids know, because my family didn't set whether you work with me. They were too worried about books, The only thing I did when I even got with ANA was smoke marijuana. That's the only thing the only kind of drugs advocate he introduced me to the pills.
So I thought I was doing better and then, when I found out, he was doing the pills and everything I just like. This is the same as when I was at home. I tried to leave so many times but quitting my country because the kids at us one, in our people to see their law. What people put me out enemy because- and I am not a bad person- We think I am not. I mean mistakes, stakes and I live, and now I'm pay my consequences for it, but doesn't mean I'm about person they can keep believe in what they want to believe cause one day the truth will come out and, of course, that they're gonna they're gonna people are gonna talk regardless and it don't hurt my feelings if they talk anymore, I'm so used to people talking saying you do this, you do this, then, because I know god
I was, but I didn't do anything wrong. So as long as I know, that's all that matters. The police initiated the search for haley, beginning at the trailers, open back door and down a wooden path where they located what appeared to be a small child footprint in the dirt ron. Cummings told police that haley shoes were still inside the home the path led to a small pond and then to a railroad crossing. The thing continued pass: the last residence on green lane and
did at a paved road in the neighborhood. This was a residential area with actual homes as well as trailers along its streets. There was no sign of hayley. Meanwhile, ronald cummings was televised, clutching his daughters photo and making a tearful plea for the return of hayley television. Crews were able to get their quickly because they were assembled for the cayley anthony service. That day, this not too far away a visibly upset crystal sheffield, Haley's MA was also present. She had been called by runs mother teresa at three forty, nine, a m and forming her. That hayley was missing Emily, held in evening vigil that night, as well as on several subsequent nights,. Throughout the day. More than one hundred thirty officers from county state and federal law enforcement agencies commenced, a search for hayley searchers scoured area surrounding the neighborhood,
cloning miles of surrounding woods, the search included, helicopters, water units and bloodhounds. search a five mile radius around the girls home, including the banks of the saint John river, which is about three hundred yards from the residents. The dogs were given pieces of haley's clothing to smell. One of the dogs hit on assent immediately and led straight to the river along a path that led to the seven sisters boat ramp. This is about five hundred yards away from the home, but the scent ended there. The next a february. Eleven, the road to the neighbourhood was closed and people coming in and out we're both searched and question. One hundred and fifty police cars scoured than
Perhaps the retirement community nearby, with search as well, where the woods Texas echo search, arrived to aid in the efforts to find hayley and hundreds of volunteers came out sheriff hearty said at the end of the day that the search would expand further out. Investigators found several items of interest during a search of the near area, but later stated that nothing came of these items. Divers and search boats checked the saint John river follow initial signs of hayley sent picked up by the dogs, but they found nothing by four p m on the eleventh, the putnam county sheriff's office, publicly declared the case an abduction there no evidence around the house that lead investigators to think the girl one.
It away on her own one that becomes confusing to me, because the footprint I can make sense of she. She could have left that footprint at any time. But the scent dogs pick up a scent from her that leader to these docks, right yeah, so the way that I I envision, this is its two ways: one the footprint I'm sure that they probably are leaning towards the probability that it's not even her footprint and then on top of that regarding the scent okay, so she didn't wander off on her own, I'm guessing now have to keep in mind that this, like so many other things that we discuss in these cases. This sent its picked up, be it whether she be walking on her own or somebody carrying her. We gotta keep in mind. This is all base
of one the quality of the dog they found that sent in to the quality of the handler for the dog. So I guess If you have a high quality dog high quality handler, they would detect that sent even if she was carried from the home
Okay, now they're not going to have any sent to let's say somebody carried her from the home, placed her in that boat, ramp or or use the boat ramp to dump her body somewhere in the water. The dogs aren't going to pick up on the the other sense that they have there, because they have nothing to base that off of they're not going to go okay. Well, a perpetrator then dumped her there and took off in this direction afterwards, but I think the key things to here is also. We have ronald cummings statements to investigators. He says: there's no way that Haley could have opened the back door by herself. He states that it was normal protocol for the door to be locked. This is with a deadbolt and haley was not very tall. She's very young
he says she could not physically reach the deadbolt right and they said it was also very difficult for adult to lock or unlock this. So one. I wonder if this is the type of door. I had a basement door, one time that, in order for the door to be shot, the deadbolt had to be locked. If that deadbolt wasn't locked, the door wasn't shutting on it's own. So that's one question, but also at time in time when I see these interviews, it's I'm constantly hearing that that a child could not open up this door, but I'm only hearing that from him and his girlfriend, I'm not hearing that from law enforcement. At least I couldn't find that I find it interesting that they say she could not reach the the deadbolt
I think that could be easily deduced by the investigators there, rather than the statement of she could not physically open it right. So, furthermore, we have statements from the family saying that hayley wouldn't leave at night. She was afraid of the dark. She was afraid of strangers So sheriff hearty comes out and says publicly all the world's a suspect right now: ok, captain it's time again for the old pervert round up officials from the favorite, my favorite time, officials from the sheriff's office and investigators. From the f b, I began the tedious painstaking process of talking to all of the registered sex offenders within a five mile radius of the house. This was forty four individuals that they were to be checking on within two days: police interviewed all of these registered sex offenders or confirmed their whereabouts on the night. Hayley went missing
You know when that you, when you and our view, l a pervert, you know how you any view them right, no table you want. You want to see them. I want to see where their hands are at all time, because if you start talking about this stuff and they start reaching down a little flaky flaky, you know something's up according to detectives on the case. All of them checked out from the time that hayley was last seen up until the time she allegedly disappeared around three in the morning, officers did arrest a sexual predator who was living near haley's home, who have violated his curfew in the days after she was reported missing, but his gps tracking device showed that he was not in the area of her home the night that she was last seen two weights as he wearing something yeah he's wearing a tracking the location, but I mean
Not all of them are were tracking device. Well, that's that's what we mean by our statement of they either spoke to war. They were able to confirm their whereabouts on the night in question. Right, detective, John merchant disk where there another one of these registered sex offenders, had left the area, but he was very quickly located in nebraska and had a solid alibi. Now police did say that no one would be one hundred percent eliminated, but authorities fell o k. Moving on from this aspect of their best All right, ronald cummings made additional tv appearances pleading with the public for the return of his daughter. He stated repeatedly that he had involvement in his daughters, disappearance work and his girlfriend misty crosland was not at fault for being the last known person does
hayley, no one from ron to the police seem to believe that haley's disappearance had anything to do with parental custody. Any type of disputes between him and crystal sheffield yeah now crystal came out, said one. He was abusive and he's a giant piece of shit, but she also did state that he did love his daughter by february fifteenth with nothing having been found. Officers announced that they were calling off the ground searches they switched to a dick kind of search. At this time, cadaver dogs were brought in to search the area. One of the dogs alerted to a large dumpster near the families trailer home, which was searched extensively, but nothing of note was found inside sheriffs deputies and crime scene units processed and searched the trailer home and found a couple of
puzzling things. There were no signs of forced entry. If someone had pride open the back door of the home, there is no evidence of that. Investigators wondered if maybe the perpetrator had propped opened the door, so he could just easily slip out carrying the child, but how did he get in the door in the first place if it was locked from the inside as misty an ronald both stated re, some other things that they found that began to raise and forget her suspicions. One was a small, pink shirt. This was found in the washing machine or a laundry piled. The report's very this was the shirt that Hayley was supposedly wearing the night that she went missing per the amber alert, but mister
had said on the nine, when one call the hayley was dressed in her pajamas so again, which is it and the beds in the home. You pointed this out earlier, but I purposely waited to go into this. The the beds in the home were placed on the floor not on a bed frame, so miss these assertion that she searched under the bed. is this: I mean this doesn't add up to him. He can he write god. Damn sense: there's no room under these beds. Can you imagine I search under the beds? Really he picked up the beds off the floor, and these weren't the only inconsistencies and misty sorry while she had.
hold the nine when one operator and the initial deputies that she had got up to get a drink. She later said that she got up to go to the restroom right. So the again, I think some of that sum bothers people more than a bothers me. Another inconsistency was that misty initially told investigators that she had been asleep in the master bed, with both kids but later tat police. That hayley had been asleep in her own bed, which was a little mattress on the floor in the corner of the bedroom police, continued to talk to MR rod and others in the extended families of both every one, was described as quote cooperative, but detectives noted that mrs story kept changing. You know I have formed, bring this up because you here, A lot of times when their interviewing family members that they keep saying she
I have gone with the stranger and you know that that haley one had just gone willingly that she would have cried or she would have done something because she was speaking right so, but my issue with that is how many times have these people picked up a sleeping child? Sometimes they wake right up. Sometimes they don't wake up at all. So I just but I kept finding that in every interview that I heard that they just kept bringing that up like it was like this big thing and I'm like going okay. Well, first of all she might anew the person or possibly she never woke up yeah in both could be going on and whether you have those statements coming from the family or from police. That's always interesting to me because in some cases it's just the policing that, but the
are. These are all going to be general questions that they are going to ask the family. In a way if they are releasing those statements there almost putting some public suspicion on the parents as well. That's leverage that is to leverage against them. but at the same time you come forward in the usa, everyone that we spoke to include misty and wrong and the families they ve all been cooperative right, but because they are even if they are suspicious of anybody in this cobia. They want everybody to know that we think that their being cooperative because a they are talking to us and be we're going to let that publicly b, because we do not want to put up any walls, any barriers we want to keep up those lines of communication cassettes where they're going to find their clue That's where they're going to find out what's going to lead them to the conclusion of this thing,.
now another thing that may police suspicious is it there are no signs of a struggle or any disruption within the trailer home itself, There was also no blood, no signs of any recent cleaning. Now from what misty was telling authorities at some point in the night someone and somehow open the lock trailer door prompted open, silently entered the room where misty ron, junior and hayley were sleeping and carried out the child. All without me a sound or leaving any evidence whatsoever other than the child's blanket there was a blanket there was found outside of the back door of the home. There's sneaky get well in the this just doesn't seem very likely what's where, though, to because there was theirs the statements from the brother of Hayley stating that he saw a man with a black hoodie in the room and and then they have since said that those they campbell
those statements, because his statements have changed to buy his story here kid. I do want to point out that the you know that no one seems to believe that this door was pride open. There was no evidence of that, but we, I also note the investigators did remove the back door and they took this away with them, but that this whole back door be unlocked thing with the dad gone, it's always locked or misty, saying that this door is always locked, it's like theirs it unless the door does not shut without it being locked. There is a possibility that it was just left unlocked, which is so strange to me because of their not being pry marks, and I say that because you have the two people who have fallen under the most suspicion.
constantly confirming their belief that that door was locked. Their story of an abduction is more believable without pry marks on the door. If they would say right, we don't know that we lot. We can't say for certain that we locked it. There were times that we ve left the door unlocked right so that that's a weird it's one of those ones where it kind of ngos in their favour. Yeah, you put a tally mark on their side of the pig, oh yeah and, and they ve changed their story. It sometimes becomes I hear stupid. Are you liar right, but this one is strange. This common strange
they ve changed their story. I've never seen once and any interview either one of em saying it's possible is unlocked. I mean they're dead said that its in possible. Well, let's go through where wrong was that night cause. This is very important in this case in the course of the police, energy use and emerge that ron had left the afternoon before to start his overnight shift at pdf bridge. This is about twenty miles away. Ron appears to have punched in when he said when he did. This is around for fifteen em and he punched out when he said he did some time just before three. I am to have cameras on this. I dont believe that there are cameras on this because we do have some other video footage. That was the police
discussed- and this is that they found video footage of him of ronald at a convenience store. This is after he got off work after he, punched out and drove a bit of his way home he's their buying beer peanuts in cigarettes. After he got off work pardon it does not appear from video that he is in any way agitated upset or anxious or rushing to return to his home for any reason. But more information also came out in the course of the investigation. According to phone records, RON had attempted to call misty some twenty times that night and she had not answered her phone. So what was misty doing? while she was supposed to be home with rods, kids, she said when she was home. Doing Andrey and sleeping then we have to question that, as weeks went by investigators said, misty constantly changed her story, she added or took outlet,
details. She wavered about the timeframe. She had no explanation for all of the questions. Detective John merchant. He spent hours with her and said quote: she has never had the same story according to merchant misty tripped up off. and on the details of that night now there has been a lot of talk of polygraph in who took them and the results of those tests
rather than spending a lot of time. On this, we will summarize this by saying the putnam county sheriff's office. Their officers confirm that all of the people interviewed had been offered the chance to take lie detector test. Their statement is some of those persons took test, but law enforcement would not confirm their identities or what the results were right, and this is where you getting different stories, because on the today show you have the the parents coming forward in saying: hey, we took lie, detectors and we passed and that's What the captured on us again is that actually what happen or that them controlling the net,
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the latest episodes of frozen head, where Ever you find your favorite pod guest the cheers cap cheers everybody be a pirate. Despite the police, suspicions, wrong and misty, put on a united front and participated in lots of media interviews. It seem like ron refused to throw misty. You're, the boss, and one month after hayley disappeared, they got married according to miss The wrong had made a surprise proposal at a chile's restaurant. There pastor refuse to host the wedding at the church.
So, the couple married in the yard of a friend's home on march, twelve Chile's very romantic moving on real quick, your captain, in the summer of two thousand and nine, the putnam county sheriff's office made a significant public statement. The statement said that whoever took hayley was someone she knew The evidence had quote minimize the likelihood that a stranger was involved in her disappearance and investigators, considered misty crosland to be key and haley's disappearance, saying that her sketchy account of the events that night was contradicted by the physical evidence. Finally, official stated that ronald cummings and crystal sheffield were not considered suspects, the feeling among law enforcement was unanimous. Miss crosland knew more than she was saying and sheep.
Billy even knew where hayley was, and then we have this a serial pod cast on the case by a local journalists reports that misty had gone on it Three day drug bender with another man known as white boy gregg and cheated on ron over weaken that immediately proceeded haley's disappearance or white boy, Gregg disarm. They forget that She was also hanging out with friends who were heavy into drugs. Ron was pissed off about all of this and told misty that she had to baby sit his kids that night february, ninth, while he went to work misty, did not want to the kids, but apparently she was forced into it. Now we know on the ninth ron left for work around three thirty p m. We do. We know that he tried to call misty twenty times at night, according to the call record,
and after three a m, he returned home after visiting a convenience store, and, frankly that's about the last of the actual facts that we have for the hours before the nine. When one call the rest is rumour gossip and speculation in captain. I want to take a big dive into that nasty pull. Why hope you ve? Had your shots well put on your raincoat cause? There's gonna be some shit. So, let's, let's start with Joe Overstreet, ok police quickly determine that mrs first cousin, Joe Overstreet, was visiting from tennessee when he he vanished. He was staying down the street with mysteries brother, tommy crosland and his wife chelsea. There were rumours that tommy and Joe had been hanging out with misty in the trailer that night, possibly party, ron, junior, told police, a man in black, does the little boy that you pointed out earlier. Poignent
said that a man in black entered the trailer and took his sister. Now, no one put much stock in that statement in the statements of a little three year old boy. But you have to wonder, is that statement in part confusion from seeing Joe overseas. and Tommy croslin there earlier that night, but did he fall asleep earlier according to miss these statements know this. They would have whipped, put the kids to bed around eight now adding fuel to the fire. We have misty. She tells investigators that she could not rule out that Joe had been involved. Furthermore, Joe Overstreet left florida for tennessee on February tenth the day after Hayley disappeared. Now investigators fluid attend to see an interview, Joe,
denied any involvement and they didn't have any record of anything that would indicate culpability in the abduction of a little girl. Next we have tommy, crosland tommy is missing. brother he's. One of the people who misty says was at the trailer home with her that night, with the kids. Just so you know what kind of guy he is. He was arrested in september of two thousand and nine on a grand theft charge for stealing a gun from a neighbour, and he had multiple drug arrest in the pass officers confirmed that he was question in connection with haley's disappear. parents, but both tommy and wrong, apparently told
Is that on the night that hayley disappeared, tommy gotta call a phone call from ron saying that he could not get in touch with misty and asking him to head over to the mobile home to check on her and his kids. Now their statements are that tommy went over there, but there were no lights on and no one responded to his knock when he knocked on the trailer door. So he left right and would have record of that for the phone records of round mcdonald's phone well any if he is telling the truth. This is what's interesting Here we both have wrong saying this as well as tommy now run. It won't be able to confirm if Tommy actually went to the trailer or not, but they are both saying that this phone call happen and that he was asking tommy to go to the house. So if tommy is telling the truth, then we have to wonder where is misty, because it appears that no one is present at the trailer. If he isn't telling the truth, we have to
or what he is hiding. Then, in the months after hayley vanish police received a tip saying that misty attended a house party on the night that hayley was last seen and this brought haley and RON Jr with her to this party. This would have been about fifteen miles away more than one person interviewed by police verified that, MR he was there with the kids on an unverified information gathered by police stated that hayley was either given or somehow got into some drugs at this party and oh deed right, one witness told investigators that hayley died and left the party in the trunk of a car and then dumped in a pond. The pond that was reference was about two miles from the party down a dirt road in a thickly wooded
related area. Now this is the one that they're gonna drain. Yes, yes, law enforcement emphasised that none of the party- yours had the same story, though, so this is where we we have some. Mrs admit I mean this. Is us there's piles of shit and the story does piles of shit. Today we got a piles piles of shit got together and had a party now they're claiming that this that girl, oh deed and then they dump turn upon what what kind of peace a shit sit around and let this happen course. This party theory would explain a lot. It would explain why iran couldn't get in touch with misty that night, meaning she likely turned off her phone or were left behind or or just chose, not to answer. It would explain
Why tommy found no one at the home when he went there knocked on the door? Hmm, ok, here's another possibility in this in this whole mess array of it is perhaps misty wanted to go out and party, so she drugged the kids and left them in the trailer ellie died because of this misty arrived back at the home. Knowing ron would be home soon and discover the body and hid it in the dumpster that the cadaver dogs hit on and then thought better of that and carried it down to the river disposing of the body.
Now law enforcement, as you pointed out, spent three days draining the pond that we mentioned in that tipp, but found absolutely nothing. I believe if the second story was true, that there will be cadaver dogs what a hit on more areas. So we have this to remember. We stated that there were then witnesses were held on it and if this is so close to casey anthony as it is that the thing here, but we don't want a baby sitting by illicit drug m zani. The nanny sammy the nanny number two. While we have at least one person who signed an affidavit stating that hayley o deed on oxy cotton at the party. Ok, this individual is Joe.
co. I believe, is how you say his name. Why more? Why t k o this is supposedly a friend of miss these he said, Tommy was at the party as well, and tommy help dispose of the body, and then we also have this other individual, christina pre. That, I believe, is how you say her last name again: supposedly a friend of mysteries who was arrested for drugs. She supposedly wrote a letter from prison, saying that Joe pike co had told the police that she Christina had helped white boy, gregg put haley's body into a black bag and dispose of it in a pond. This is all very confusing it. It's it's weird. It's like we have a whole bunch of people. Turning on one another but
None of these stories are adding up right. Now look right, but then use also wonder, because there is a time that misty stops cooperated with the police are, for the most part is cooperating, but that they bring in like a new detective and he's kind of yelling and tell her that she is lying blah blah blah and she just says: I'm not going to talk anymore, and so you wander cause she's a kid and it is white boy Greg is this guy is? Is he a kid or the people that she's partying with? are they sixteen seventeen years old hm? What how old are they? How much pressure are they getting from? The cops are? Are the cops getting them to make up stories because they felt issue? I mean like we're: gonna bring these people into question: they're they're pieces of shit, they're losers, they're, addicted to drugs, and
and I think it we can't leave anything they they're saying, but are they just tossing stuff out there? You know so they don't get in trouble well, on october, fourteenth lisa crosland. This is mrs mother. She is arrested on charges of fraud, forgery and larceny, and then the next day, misty enron, divorced, missy, misty, blame the stress of Hayley situation or the disappearance of Hayley ford, the demise of the marriage. I blame the chile's proposal. Divorce didn't seem to end things for iran and misty. They continue to hang out together and we we saw that publicly later Tommy was arrested, missed his brother
we're being found with a staff of drugs and mysteries father, Hank Crosland was arrested in november for fraudulently obtaining prescription drugs. This is all leading up to a major event in this whole case and story. In january, two thousand and ten a sting. racial netted, as several people in this case, under cover in a context, agents, were able to purchase over three hundred proscription pain, pills from misty, crosland and seven different trans. Actions. The whole thing went down on video nailing, both ron comings and now. Eighty you're old misty, and you know what I think this was what I think that they were very suspicious of them and they cannot connect the dots and haley's disappearance. So this was a way to we'll get em, but
on a different level right and it's really a no lose situation for this type of operation right because you have individuals that you know are dealing and drugs and you suspect them of being guilty of of much worse, worser cry. And you can go in this and you can. You can go to your superiors and say we can validate our actions in time spent in money spent efforts spent on these getting these people, because what we think it's a home run. We we can't miss on this thing one and then to this might end up solving a much bigger crime. Read because, with the weight of these charges, will somebody come forward and actually confess to the so throughout these seven different transactions that the whole thing went down on video. This was all recorded for evidence purposes
they ended up nailing, both wrong comings and now eight you're old misty, but the other arrest ease included mysteries brother Tommy, someone named hope sykes. This is wrong. Cousin amnesties friend Donna brok, the group face multiple counts of trafficking in prescription medications with misty facing the most with eight counts. The saint John county sheriff's office released hours of video captured from jailhouse visits involving both misty and tommy her brother. In a visit with his daughter, we have hank crosland mysteries father. He has seen telling her misty quote misty, don't be lying about nothing, because it's all going to all its going to do is bury you deeper. The hayley stuff has got to come to an end. It has two misty which is so strange of so many little similarity
he's in this case too, the casey anthony case, and there remains this one last tail this takes place in august. Two thousand and ten new information emerge misty and tommy. We're talking, and they were both pointing the finger at the same person. Mysteries attorney, issued a statement that on February Misty cousin Joe Overstreet had come to the trailer home and abducted Hayley misty and wrong your coward. Under the covers heard Joe take Hayley and heard a Van door open and or close misty said she saw a black bag placed over the girl, Hmm, it came out later that misty told investigators a similar story back in january of two thousand and ten. This is where she even described the black bag, rope and blocks that were used to weigh down the body. She now said: Haley was dumped at the shell harbor boat ramp. This is about five
miles from the cummings home in an area of the river that had not been searched yet right, but this is still the area that the scent dogs tracked now this. This was not in in that area, so it's a different doc, yeah, okay and so through his attorney in august of two thousand and ten tommy croslin, all who made a statement similar statement that, on the night of february, ninth the morning of the tent, his cousin, Joe Overstreet, had been looking for a machine gun that he believed ron had so joe
in tommy. According to this statement, given by tommy white boy tommy, they went to the trailer where misty and the kids were. This is a round midnight now not finding the gun that will they were searching for Joe Overstreet killed. Hayley tommy says he didn't see the killing but said Joe threatened misty with a knife. He said he saw haley's, quiet and limp body and under duress he accompanied Joe to the shell harbour boat ramp, where Joe dumped her body into the saint Johns river by their claiming that that he killed her in the trailer with a knife. No, he threatened misty with a knife, and then his army says that he did not see the killing of Hayley only only saw the body after she was already dead right. So the gist of that is that the two men were going to steal. This
machine gun and for whatever reason, not finding that gun. His statement, tommy statement, is that Joe Overstreet put a knife to throw of misty and took Hayley and that the body was dumped near into this Johns river bright and it's very possible they on drugs at the shell harbour boat ramp. So Joe Overstreet is question several times and was the subject of lengthy surveillance an investigation he has never been named, suspect or charged in haley's disappearance. He has denied any involvement. He was rested in august of two thousand and ten on drug charges, but there has never been any connection too high the other than that alleged by both misty and tommy crosland, makes you wonder also how she threatened with the knife before haley's, taken what she'd threaten more to keep me I'll. Keep your mouth shut.
and- and maybe that's why her story kept changing and change and unchanged, because she's making up ass, she went along hmm well in one interview with the media, Joe broke down, he broke down into tears and when he was asked, if there is, he had any possible connection to hailey's disappearance, he said quote: if I knew who did it, I would go straight and call the cops and tell them who did it and quote his attorney said Joe, is being targeted by family members. I do want to point out he's the same guy that left the next day the day after the disappearance, but in all fairness to to Joe Overstreet. We need to point out that joe and wrong to gather were passing out haley's missing flyer before Joe left for tennessee on the tenth of february now, with these states hence a search of the water near the shell harbour boat. Ramp began, police brought misty in handcuffs to the boat ramp and she is see
on video footage, pointing this out areas of the river cadaver colleagues were used divers spent days. Searching the waters around the boat ramp but came up empty handed, they found, according to the sheriff, only alligator toenails according to ST augustine, beach police chief robert hardwick, who was the assistant chief investigator for the state's attorney's office at the time in the squad car on the way back to jail, misty croslin, said quote, never mind, I'm not telling the truth so, basically had she made up the whole thing. You have to wonder again and again it's another story by very misty very similar to the case, hath Anthony, it's also possible where things sit today that that misty may never talk or never tell the truth about what happened to her early or that the truth about
having a hayley is even worse than the rumours that we have heard now in April, two thousand, Eleven sentences were handed down from misty, tommy and wrong on the drug trafficking charges after they pled no contest wrong in tommy each got fifteen years. Their scheduled release day is may sixteenth, two thousand and twenty. For now they threw the book at misty who had the most counts against her, giving her twenty five years. She will get out on march, twenty ninth two thousand and thirty four by, but there are hoping that should break yeah in that's. What's very difficult about this. This whole thing, since two thousand and thirteen crystal sheffield has been arrested for petty theft, disorderly intoxication in possession of dry,
paraphernalia. This is especially tragic because she had custody of little RON jr, as his father remains in prison. I do not know who has custody of the boy currently one it seemed like all their parents were not doing so well either. So I mean it's a sad situation for any of any children involved and in two thousand and ten, the putnam county sheriff Jeff hardy conducted a news conference in which he stated quo. Over the past few weeks, information has been obtained by investigators, led them to believe Hayley cummings is most likely deceased. The information they had uncovered has quote men. Eyes the likelihood that Haley's disappearance is the work of a stranger He reiterated that misty croslin is still the key to the case. He did say they have some persons of interest, but would not elaborate
a year after hayley vanish remember, the case was officially declared a homicide. So primary The primary investigators on this case seem to all agree that Mr Crosland knows what happened to hayley they. They don't necessarily believe that hayley is murdered or was murdered per their statements but states attorney robert matheson detective john merchant believe Hayley died accidently, although they aren't sure where or how saying quote. I think that somebody gave the child some drugs or the child got some drugs accidentally and she died and people panicked and had to get rid of the body.
and most people agree that it's very unlikely that misty was able to pull this off by herself. So we have other people that are likely involved and it is very probable that she had some help and the others know exactly where haley is it's unclear exactly what ron tommy Joe and perhaps others might know about the little girl's fate and that's where a lot of people set now as the idea that it's a person conspiracy of this missing girl yeah, because I mean those are the the four that are often most mentioned. But on top of that within those four, you have those people turning on one another now so Haley's case did just observe an unwelcome milestone. This was in february of two thousand and nineteen. It was the ten year anniversary of the little girl's disappearance MIKE
captain this one really is tough to sift through. I know we dropped the s bomb brazilian times in these two episodes, but it's because we can't get a straight answer from who, I believe, and it seems like law enforcement- have publicly stated believe our kid is key to the case, but that being misty. Her story changing also her pointing the finger at other individuals, but where out, where I really go to this is, if you could sift through all that and if you could weed out the lies from the ship from a truth there. There could be some truth in here and I find it difficult logistically for iran to have been involved in whatever caused the death of hail That doesn't mean that he didn't know after the fact and has chosen for whatever weird reason to cover up for somebody else right, but his
or time. Unlike a lot of the other people's time is accounted for four that night right, and that makes it very difficult for me. I I actually lean towards the side of of ronald's tears in frustration and sadness. Being real and not a put on what is an excellent one, we're right his ex claims that any time that you ve seen him be emotional. This is fake because when he is actually emotion, what's different than that, but again that's a axed. So How can we believe her aunt, she's piece of shit herself but run on mcdonald- is that either where does want mean cause one is ass clouds of female wonder why I'm column him ronald cause, he's ass clam, but that's weird because this four person conspiracy, I agree with you.
now at first, it's like walmart at work, I'm at work on outworks. I couldn't be involved. I wonder if the rich, and why why Why tommy and white boy Joe, are at the trailer that night and the reason we know if there's some true too m, threatening her in and then taken Hayley is he. the reason why there there and that's. He's gone along with it, but according
that story. The only reason why he would be there is for this machine gun that they wanted to steal right, but we don't know if that is the truth or not is what I'm saying is we don't know which parts of the story are true or which are not? I did just doesn't making sense why who go along with it? Well, I don't know that he has gone along with it. It may just be simply that he is innocent and doesn't know what happened right, because the only people offering up that statement is tommy and misty, and it's it's bizarre that she would come up with this whole story. I understand the three level then she's claiming there, but it's it's bizarre that she would cover up this story for so long, and then we have the this sheriff statement this. As you know, what I'm doing fine anything in that river in that area of the river and I'm driving her back to jail. She says never mind that made the whole thing up.
So how did you get it? Because there's when she's talking and in that club that you are here earlier from one should imprison, she says she doesn't care what people say about our what they think, but she knows- and god knows in sight but tell the truth, And- and there could be some closure for this little girl- that you claim that you cared about an and there is really no proof that you cared about her, but you can. You can put some proof out to the world to say: hey this would happen and and give some closer to her. Well, one thing that's very different in regard
It's too misty and ron. Misty story has always change and it's varied greatly varied greatly. Ron story has always been very simple. I went to work, I came home, my daughter was gone and then, on top of that we have his phone records. If those pings are putting him at work. That's why I think that we have police publicly saying ron is not a suspect, but misty is Key to the case, because if they can say all right, he punched in we know that he punched out. We know that we have other people at work, saying he was there that night we his cell phone, whose being I dont know how much work he got done during that night because he's calling misty constantly some people have speculated. That was so. He could orchestrate everything
and give himself an alibi. The problem with that is most of his calls. Twenty something of them have not. They ve gone unanswered, so if we believe, if we can believe anything out of all of these different stories, there's where there is very little that we need to believe to exclude wrong from being involved, in the demise of this little girl. That's not to say that he didn't know after the fact, but I could see any other reason for him to have known at any time what happened and to hold onto it. But if we can believe two things if we believe his statement tommy statement that they had a phone call that they shared a phone call together were wrong. Is asking tommy to go over to the trailer that their puts, that that puts points in wrong side where he's less likely to have been involved in whatever happened to this, to the death of this little girl, be accidental or otherwise, and then, on top of that, we have a statement where we have
have a witness. Now it is ron's mother, but ron's mother saying you know, I saw the kids, I saw hey the ice all wrong junior eating dinner on the front porch at this time. This is after ron, went to work and there's just not enough time for him to leave. Work, go to the convenience store and then go all the way home to have much involvement at all. Before that nine one one calls place, but yet I have a question because of his actions when he's answering questions- and he looks like he's going to smile or he's concerned about his stupid little chain, a stupid, little haircut, stupid little moustache and he's almost cracking a smile on the today show. When he's answering questions about his missing daughter, we have proof that he made a phone call to somebody, but we don't have any proof on on what that call was about and why
we're goin over there. If that part of the story is true and at the sad thing is, is this girl that could it grew grown up and she had had a lot of firstly to get through to have a but a better life, because he was surrounded by awful people. The sad thing is these awful people are responsible for the the if you have thoughts on this case or comments, you'd like to leave us make sure you check out our blog at true prime garage dot, com, and also we'd like to recommend a little reading for you this week there is a new fantastic book out called ted Bundy, the angel of decay. This is by paul, Leonardo so recently, with the netflix movie coming out about ted Bundy. I think this is,
good timing on Paul's part because there's a lot of renewed interest in ted Bundy in wanting to learn about his crimes- and this is a great way to do- it- check out ted Bundy, the angel of decay. We will have that listed on our website on the recommended page, also recommended listening check out the state europe, if you don't already, have it it's free to download you get all of our old episodes and check out our other show off the record available on stature premium and until next week,
be good kind, downward.
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