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Heather Teague /// Part 1 /// 411

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Heather Teague /// Part 1 /// 411

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Back in the Garage again! The Captain and Nic discuss a strange disappearance. Heather Teague was sunbathing at Newburgh Beach on August 26, 1995. A witness told authorities that he saw a Caucasian man approach Heather. The abductor allegedly grabbed Teague by the hair and dragged her into the woods at gunpoint. If you have any information please send to Sarah.Teague5@gmail.com Beer of the Week - Lost marbles by Jackie O’s Brewery Garage Grade - 5 out of 5 bottle caps Help fund a cold case investigation and watch great True Crime Documentaries all for FREE! Sign up at https://www.magellantv.com/cold-case Thank you for your help!

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the It's a scene straight up, the horror flick, some guy. is using his telescope.
spy on an attractive young woman from afar? This, of course, unbeknownst to her. She on topless on a deserted stretch of beach. Then he observes the unthinkable a terrifying looking man, storms out of the woods, the man is carrying a revolver in my He wearing some kind of disguise. Like some kind of strange beast. He charges at the woman Yet she is unaware of his presence. the man reaches down and grabs a fistful. Of the young woman's hair yanking her up to her feet. She begins to panic. and he drags her into the woods just like that they are gone what should the onlooker do? He, having a very difficult time trying to come freehand what he just
so very quickly. Witness who Was the young woman was the man that grabbed her did know each other was this: some kind of prank or possibly a domestic dispute. Where was this a very real and horrific abduction? what happened to the woman on the beach this? True crime garage The case of heather t the
Danielle teague was born on April twenty fifth nineteen. Seventy two- she is the oldest of four children. Her mother is Sarah teague. We don't know anything about heather's According to her mom heather was an honors student, a cheerleader and a multi sport athlete. She was the homecoming queen at webster cow in high school after graduating, high school in nineteen. Ninety living in spots will kentucky it's not really clear what heather did some indication from heather's mom, sarah that and ninety ninety five heather was struggling a little bit of late and that drugs may have been involved. Sarah told the courier press. That heather was dating a guy who was almost twenty years older than she she had gotten into drugs, something she didn't know how to get out of. According to Sarah in the summer,
one thousand. Ninety five heather was trying to pull things together. She started taking classes at western kentucky university, but in the week leading up to her his appearance heather was fired from her job and ended up on her mother's couch. She seemed angry and unhappy, and during this it she spent a good deal of time. Writing long angst filled poems and journaling heather was beautiful. She had long dark curly hair green eyes and a wide smile during her teenage,
here she won a few beauty pageant. She was also tiny at only five foot, two inches tall and under one hundred pounds, heather suffered from Scully ossing of the spy, meaning that her spine was curved out where our story gets incredibly and dangerously bizarre is on a saturday in the late summer. This is on august twin, six nineteen, ninety five heather decided to take advantage of some warm weather. She drove her little red card to the newberg beach which is along the old, mighty ohio river in spots phil, but, more importantly, in Henderson, county kentucky, heather parked on private property. This is a farm that was often used by locals for parking to go Hiking or down to the beach area, even though they were not supposed to park there yeah most of the
a river will connect right to woods, but there'll be like these little tiny beaches. So it's not liga a beach that you would see in florida that runs for miles and miles. There are just some times the size of a like us, a normal backyard or where a turn. River occurs right, so heather after parking, her car. She makes her way through this wooded area and then down a steep and bank meant and onto the beach, here the water she brought with her a beach share and her bag. She said Up her chair near the river and took off her red plaid shirt and her short so now she's in her bikini all set up. She decided to untie her bikini top and lie on her stuff
and sun her back heather lay there just enjoying the beauty in the the quiet of the natural surroundings. Her solitude was interrupted by the sound of a tvs roaring near by. from the way it looks. Captain heather was alone in her spot, but there were a decent amount of other people. There. near the water, but they were first down the beach, so she is kind of off in her own little world, if you will, but as we heard in the trailer seems like heather was being watched and, of course she was unaware of this and we will I have a lot to tear through later, but if she is in fact being watched while then she is being watched by
Is she being watched by more than one person? That's what I asked myself as we continue on. Meanwhile, across the ohio river in evansville indiana, a man named TIM Walthall, was at his riverfront until house, while his wife was making lunch for the two of them tim engaged in a hobby that he often did. This is gazing through his binoculars at the popular beach area across the river. Now we don't know if TIM was checking out, heather or just p watching in general was it binoculars or was it a telescope? He starts with binoculars and it will end with a telescope So he acknowledged later that he watched as what happened to heather unfolded, but whatever the case, why ever he would be watching? We can't say for certain so through his binoculars movement attracted tim's eyes. First, we
of the four eighty these there were climbing the sand dunes near where the young woman lay on the beach, but tim noticed something else that was far more interesting and rather concerning. In the very tall dance trees surrounding the beach. He could see a person moving and this person was advancing slowly toward the beach hunched down in sneaking through underbrush, occasionally popping up every five or six steps to peer over the weeds in the growth. As the person got closer, he could tell that the person who appeared to be sneaking through the woods was a man this. and paused to allow the eighty these to drive off, and by this point he was about fifteen feet away from the oblivious young woman. Tim said that his first thought was that
is tat. This man was a friend or a boyfriend who was just sneaking up on her to scare her. He grabbed his high powered telescope that sat near by and trained it and on the scene across the river He could see that the man approaching the girl was tall with shaggy hair and, what looked to be a dark beer tim called to his wife, Karen that someone was stalking. A young woman on the beach, the man being watched by tim, suddenly bolted from the edge of the weeds. The chair of the sunbathing woman he crouched down, and he threw his arm over her back the girl she was startled, but then she went still
the man grabbed her long hair twisted it and yanked her up now. Tim could see why the girl had suddenly become a passive for the sunlight hit, something that caused a shot and then tim focused in on the item. That was in the man's hand, and it was a silver revolver. The girl was dragged off of the chair she was no match for the strong man grasping her by the hair and she was, taken away off into the woods, dropping her towel at the edge of the treeline one policy at a gun right tim could not hear If we could not hear anything from his vantage point across the river, but he could see the guy in the man's hand, and he wants in horror as this man grabbed heather and marched her off into the woods even if he had yelled like a warning, the struggling girl or had screamed.
At the man brutalizing her they very likely would not have heard him at all, while the higher rivers pretty wide well. This point. Captain the shore across the river was at least a half mile away. So a good distance air tim could do nothing. watch helplessly as this young woman was abducted, so he calls the police now. This sounds like a pretty straightforward statement right right, but there is nothing straightforward about this call as we will see as we get in for now staying on pace with the information that is coming out as it was coming out so will say that tim waited about twenty or twenty five minutes to phone the police. He said that he stood there watched to see if the young woman would come back to retrieve her things and that she would be ok
but she never reemerged from the woods and eventually he decided to call it in What article in a local paper that we found reported that this woman was abducted at approximately one thousand two hundred and ten p dot m. Another rapport It was a round one o clock, heather's mother, Sarah on the record stating she has reason to believe the abduction took place at one thousand two hundred and thirty. The call from TIM came in at one hundred and fifteen p dot m. So, according to the akron, can journal a trooper arrived at the newberg beach, twenty six minutes after tim's call to the kentucky state police, depending on which article is right or who is right, but we have
if anywhere from forty one minutes at the very least all the way up to ninety one minutes had elapsed since this scary event and the sunbathing woman was long gone. So you think that there was a hesitation to call police while he did say he's been up front and forward about that saying. You know I didn't call immediately because he was pretty convinced that what he was seeing was just some kind of playful prank right, these young adults sore or teenagers were playing on one another that maybe the two were some kinds of friends when you're watching from that distance, I mean I've never witnessed anything like this up, close or even or even from that distance, but I dont know there there's gotta be bit of a shock factor right where you're not you're, not really sure what you're saying I guess when you live by the credo of see something say something: maybe you don't
as a tape, but I think he was standing there watching thinking that at some point he would see both of them come back to the beach and he'd go all the way they're just fooling around res. It's not clear to us, or I think anybody, because it's not like we're sitting and from his vantage point or his viewpoint and knowing what kind of detail He was able to see what this telescope. I don't want to get too far into this, because it gets very convoluted very quickly, but there's also some there's some belief that there there were different. calls that were made, and what I mean by that is. We have a unique situ, asian right where we have something going on in kentucky on one side of the river and somebody witnessing it on the other side of the river Therefore, it's a little confusing as to who is to be called and who is to respond to such a call right so that
is part of the reason for this delay. Where you want to swing this hammer man, it's forty one minutes from the time that it's believed she was abducted or the way up to ninety one minutes before any one. spawns to this spot on the beach now found on that lonely stretch of the beach was heather tiegs chair, her purse, shoes, shirt, shorts and bikini top and, as said her towel, that she dropped right at the edge of the woods, heather teague has never been seen again that we are aware of there's never been any credible sighting of her to this very day. I think the simple thing would be. If you saw something like this, you don't have to look up what department to call you could just call nine hundred and eleven as soon as I get the make the most sense. To me
yeah and I think there's that's where people call into question the actions of the of our witness and and who he called, and why would he call whomever? And you know, that's a that's a said that's a very long, convoluted story. So what do you think about this? A peeping tom, I don't know that I would I I don't know what he was doing that day. I can't, I don't think it's. I don't think it's fair to call him a peeping tom is a odd that we're covering this case now, because I just play on the Ohio river different part where ohio is connected to kentucky, but I could see somebody living in
I bin or or something around there, that that would just be something you would do or because you see boats go bought by you see people set up a fire sites on the beach, it might not be as creepy as him. Well, I was looking for girls in bikinis. It could just be all there's a bunch of people at the beach. I wonder what they're doing well, and you know what some people are going to going to call me a creeper whatever I don't I actually don't even think that that's that big of a deal even if he was like hey. I purposely have these binoculars and this telescope here to check out some women on the beach, I don't see that big of a deal with it. It's a public area, if you're not doing if you're doing something Don't want somebody to see you doing. Maybe you should do that in private, so by you're. Also doing this with your wife, right I mean I have a set of binoculars at my house tonight. I use them to check out things,
What kind of car is that knock it off. If I were on the river, I would definitely have the benelux ready to rock. well that's what I'm saying, but when you see like a, we saw these really cool boats, or we saw what almost looks like a mini yacht or something inside from where I was at, like you, couldn't make out any details, but it would have been cool to to check it out from afar. So worked in, that high rise building downtown for years. Where many wealthy people lived in almost every one of them had a telescope either. You know near the door that led to the balcony nosey name, and I would joking you know, I'd have these conversations with with the residents there and some of We're very up front about their like I love to go out on the balcony, have a little cocktail and I just kind of look around through the telescope
see what's going on in the park or see what's going on down at the river or at these businesses that at the skyscrapers and then there other other residents. It said I just leave it set up. I've never actually used it just for the funny. Overseas regions that it invokes when I have guessed over a believe, frazier crane had one of these as well. That's right and I think on the friends said they had a telescope well that's right and that that's the thing a lot of people call this TIM guy a creep. I I don't. I don't see it, but we march on so he says this is what he says that he witness this terrifying event go down as well as he described or the police. The man he saw on the beach as a larger man. He says approximately six feet tall and about two hundred and twenty to two hundred thirty pounds. The abductor had aggies brown, hair and a bushy dark beard he was wearing,
Off genes, but no shirked and black sneakers tim sat down with a police sketch artist. I do want to clarify something real quick here. I said black sneakers. I haven't my notes to the did it black sneakers or black boots. So I dont know what is more accurate, but I just wanted to make sure that I brought that tim sat down with a police sketch artists and they were able to generate a drawling of the man. He saw the the quick description captain is our purpose, a pond. She why. guy with shaggy hair and a scraggly beard now, on very weird thing here to me is the exact time of when this sketch was made is very unclear and should be called into question and will be once we have some more of the of the details here. It looks like the police did not
doubt TIM story, the witnesses story, as we know they responded to the call they did search. The area. Heather's red car was found part near the spot on the beach. her spot on the beach through that wooded area. They did they the thing. You know they ran the plate and figured out that the vehicle belong to and they they figured out that it belonged to heather, teague and I'm guessing here captain but based off of tim's description of our abducted victim and the description of the vehicles owner. The responding officers are probably making a connection here so are missing. Person is very likely this heather teague and somehow they manage she track down her mother. Sarah now. Sarah said that she and another daughter were out that day until about three p
and then they got a phone call from the Henderson county sheriff's office. Asking if they knew where heather was, They told her that they found her car at the beach sarah and her second daughter. Holly went to the sea where they met with the kentucky state police and identified the things found as belonging to heather. Sarah said she was horrified to see heather's blue two chaise lounge chair sitting empty on the beach. As we said, police took TIM wall, though at his word about what he had witnessed on the beach kentucky state police, trooper larry, abel, was quoted in the billings gazette as saying quote this guy rents this place and looks across and sees this.
It's very shocking he's really helped us in this case. If we did not have him would have a missing persons case instead of what we have now, the trooper very simply stating that we know that this is not just a missing persons case, because we have a witness No, that we're dealing with an abduction
The alright mates cheers that's right, cheers to everybody out. There cheers to you. Captain cheers to me because true crime garage has partnered with magellan tv in the cold case foundation, to help fund an investigation in hopes of helping victims maybe even closing out a case for the remainder of July for every person, the signs up for a free trial with magellan tv, eight
Dollar donation will be made to the cold case foundation. Please go to magellan tv dot, com, flash cold dash case and sign up today. Watch some cool, true crime, documentaries for free and help us help the court case foundation are witness kept. This, Mr Tim seems to have been very involved in the case and in just stop with him, giving a statement and helping to create. The composite sketch. No, he met with the family and participated in searches for the missing young woman. These searches for heather they took place over the coming days and weeks were organised by heather's mom, Sarah and multiple volunteers, as well as law enforcement. The beach and the surrounding areas were com by professionals looking for any clues to aid them in the south.
the mystery of heather's abduction, but they also have to talk to anybody else that was on the beach that day right. That's right! The other thing we, It is. We had divers check the where river itself a hell after using infrared sensors scanned the area from overhead horseback riders chris, ass, the surrounding land. Looking for really any signs of heather at all more when they searched the river, though their only search in a poly right in front of the beach mean this. This is a big river. This would be a lot to say yeah, it's the ohio, it spans many states and then into the mississippi now or brought in as expected, they tracked heather's sent this into the woods and then to the parking, area where they lost the trail? Look a bit stop there, because we I witness saying that
He saw a man take her into the woods and we have some proof that, because of the dogs, because of all of these efforts, the investigators based Of the evidence that they are working on their working with the theory now the heather either got into or based of of our witness. His statement was most likely forced into a vehicle and then moved away from that area of no a dark. Pickup truck was seen parked at the beach that day, but, of course, so, were a lot of other vehicles meanwhile, police were canvassing the area to try to. find any additional witnesses, as you stated, who could help them pinpoint what happened to heather newburgh beach was described in articles as usually very busy
It was several hundred people gathering there on week and days most of the stories described it as a rough and tumble spot where locals partied. Sometimes we have drugs and alcohol involved and often there were fights kentucky state police, trooper, able voiced by mean there's fights. When do you mean fights at the beach yeah people fight at the beach? Ah, it's a critique
It remember. This is not like. This is not like fight club, where they're scheduling the fights it's just a lot of people in an area together their drugs and alcohol involved, and sometimes people fight one another. Just to be clear. The u of c now has fight island right now, so this is like karate kid like where they go down to the beach where having a low fire and then danielson is going to take on lawrence. So the associated press on august thirtieth stated that there were about five to six hundred people there that afternoon Well, and what we have is basically, nobody saw anything and regards through the abduction of heather other than this tim guy on the other side of the river or if they did see something whatever reason possible
imagine what that would be, they didn't come forward to say anything. But again maybe it's like he was saying he didn't know at first if it was like a violent attack or a playful attack. So maybe it was a little playful at first or she knew this individual and the person was joking around and and that's why nobody Pay attention to it. Yeah they may not have paid. Attention may not have seen her. As said it sounds like she's oftener in this little area, almost by herself by and people were, are We do in their own thing right there, not they're, not all strapped with but knox, and telescopes and champion his aunt. Ellen bay was ten feet away and some a grab their hair as violent. As he's claiming that, I think I would hurt a girl, scream or say help me or something.
And the this article will say that heather was lying in. Area about five hundred feet away from the part of the beach that was the most popular. She was in an isolated spot near the end of the beach close to the wood. and that is how she was taken now. Anyone on the beach noticing it ill pretty mind boggling that this could all occur. under the noses of others on that same beach in broad daylight, and the only witness half a mile away across the water. Finally, investigators found that there was someone who had been there that day that might be able to provide helpful information according to the associated press, local farmers were scrambled, because beach, goers and eighty v riders were tearing up their land and leaving trash behind Amelie, broken bottles, litter, sometimes
paraphernalia. Do you know who letters captain. That would be people without a future as a real pieces of shit. So these farmers, they hired an insurance adjuster, a local guy to videotape the area so could try to pin down the source of this destructive behavior. This man fixed his camera on the entrance to the beach area, the video oh amongst other activity showed heather driving into the lot parking her car and walking down to the beach, but there was something else of interest on the video which was disclosed later. This was not the abduction itself It was a possible clue driving by heather's car was a red and white ford. Bronco police released a description of the vehicle
and the composite drawing made by tim release this to the public and asked for help identifying the man and the vehicle, and they got a phone call. From a man who reported that his neighbor drove a red and white bronco, and that neighbor also resembled the composite sketch of the suspect. The bronco driver named by the tipster was thirty year old, ex con marvin ray dill aka marty who lived in nearby His name was on a list obtained by police of local drivers who had broncos registered in their names police publicly released marty deals driver's license photo in which he had shaggy unkempt hair, a scraggly beard
and tim watch all believe that the man he saw on the beach their day looked like the photo of Marty dill there, he was shown by police. This is ere, we must mention captain that the driver's license photo shown to TIM. Are I witness and released to the public, Well, it was nine years old a nine year old photo, which makes sense right because Only renew your life, your driver's license every ten or fifteen years right now or every twenty years saying that no, of course not so this makes zero sense actually It's the information that we have so we roll on regardless. Now our suspect has a name and a face, and it's time to go looking for a one, Marty, dill dill lived in a mobile home on his family's twenty eight acre property and pool Kentucky.
His red and white bronco was found park nearby hidden in some brush a deal a term come out with your hands up a dill weed they deal according to reports. The bronco had been cleaned recently, and I don't know what that means. We, you know were always suspicious of that. if people state that, like yeah, he cleaned his car recently and I get it, I get. Why we're suspicious, because he's become under the microscope there, but they could have just took it through a car wash or something that doesn't mean he cleaned the inside? Maybe some of the good people just clean their cars once in a while I mean I clean my car every week, so you'd think I am not committing a crime every week. I think what is more interesting is the statement of the bronco was found parked hidden behind some brush, like it doesn't appear to be parked where
one would normally park. Their vehicle he's gone out of his way to kind of conceal it. According to the reports, we have police in f b. I that surrounded the mobile home armed with a search warrant and deals uncle, who just so happened to be a henderson cop. His name is earning green. He went inside to you, know, kind of calm things down seemingly defuse the situation. And talk with marty after he was inside for awhile with Marty, a single shot rang out Marty dill lay dead on the floor having shot himself dill was dead of suicide before anyone could question him about heather teague in his possible involvement in her up of course deals abrupt suicide made him appear to have a rather guilty conscience,
bessie gaiters were confident that he was there man. For one thing, he had a record. In fact, when heather tea was taken, deal was out on probation after a drug conviction while see. If you get caught doing anything else, you're gonna go back to jail and that's probably a place that dell doesn't want. Be. He was arrested in february of ninety. Ninety five and evans ville after police receive reports from residents that he was cruising in his bronco in soliciting young girls for Sex when he was arrested in his truck this is this is some scary business. They found marijuana, that's not scary, but they found two loaded, handguns rubber, gloves, duct tape and rope. That's when he was trying to pick women up in his and the this? Oh hey, you wanna give me some sex I'll pay. You for some sin
well, they know. Is I hardly. Anyone is: is young girls that he's approaching young girls it in his vehicle and he's got loaded hand, guns, rubber, gloves, duct tape and rope, but his offer him money for sex. I dont know that I dont know that that is in fact on his horses with rules and up seizes girls, so I guess in under eighteen- and he has gloves rubber, gloves, duct tape. as a murder kit right. That's what I would classify this as we do have dill, who is a carpenter by trade, so maybe one could exclaiming, along with some of the united. You should lead with that that he's a carpenter he's a carpenter by trade, so they found these items and his vehicle right, but that doesn't explain away to loaded hand,
and it might give orders or the mare want a covers. You have probably on duct tape in rope and rubber gloves, but then then my question goes. Ok, if the, items were used for your trade, where other items for your trade where's that where's the hammer the church swing in man, where's the power tools, where's the other things. No, we just have levelled at it. And yeah, but in fairness he was too high to do any carpentry work. You know well, he gets convicted on on a couple different charges here he sentenced to five years after pleading guilty. But then the judge, let him out on something called shock probation. This is after serving forty days, so he did serve some actual time. But the shock probation basically is when. It's when you have an offender, sit in jail for some amount of time and then suspend the rest of the sentence in favor of probation. It's really.
designed to deter the person from wanting to reoffend offend, go to jail. You will see the sometimes with with people that are first time, offenders brain the other thing, though, too, it was later revealed that dill had another conviction from nineteen. Ninety three for harassing a woman. This stems from some events back in ninety two. This is when dill repeatedly called a woman and asked to speak to her boyfriend that doesn't sound like There's that's not about ideal right, he's, calling to speak with her boyfriend and asking to speak with her boyfriend, where the harassment gets wrapped up. A couple of notches is the boy friend is deceased, very strange yeah. According so deal dill head right deal, we'd go! It is calling a girl and he saying hey. Let me talk to your boyfriend,
and she's saying hey my boyfriend's dead and he's like hey. Let me talk to your boyfriend, something like that Well. According to strange this woman, it wasn't the that wasn't the all of it. She said that that deal would fall. Oh her, sometimes on dates and then later would call her and tell her where she was and what she had been wearing You know letting her know hey. I was they're watching you, and I can prove it because I saw you here and I saw you wearing this and he would say thing to her according to her there you know if wanted to. I could hurt you and he also made some references to sexually sadistic acts. If you want to really scare somebody,
You don't say you know what I can. I can hurt you you say stuff, like you know what on sundays, I could do your laundry well. The Louisville courier journal reported that friends and relatives of deals suspected that he had in fact kidnapped heather tee. but apparently was too frightened to come forward. So we know, there's eyewitnesses that saw deals bronco at the beach that day or in that area that day, and we know that he has priors and we know that he has the ability to have guns. Do we have any evidence that he still had Well, what we do have is the statements of his friends and family who believe that he might have been involved in some manner. We do have deals wife who hired a lawyer before
deal, this is even before the police were on to deal in regards to heather's abduction. At some point, does wife was clash him by Please and immediately afterward deal was kind enough to kick her out of their home. Really, gentlemen, after heather went missing. Dill conveniently started parking his bronco in the woods behind his mobile home. This is according to again now yours, friends, family. So now we have a working theory that Marty dill abducted, heather teague, killed and dispose of her and managed to clean up most of the evidence before police tracked him down and then kill himself in a crisis of conscience. Well, if that were just that simple, then captain I would be offered tacos on a patio somewhere right now, but we start to learn that,
may be the case against dill is not so cut and dried deals. Relatives told investigators than his suicide could have been motivated by factors other than kill. Dill didn't want to go back to jail, as you pointed out, since he was still probation and he was still operating his pot growing business. He had a little pot growing business going on re, implicits, haven't, obviously relationship with his wife. When police arrived, he took himself out instead and police process deals bronco and found two drops of blood inside the vehicle. There are different reports out there about where in the vehicle these were located, but most reports say on the inside of the tailgate: hey. What's the deal with broncos and drops of blood inside them yeah, I don't I don't know hey what's that
You don't feel that this is not another opportunity for sure. Yeah I've been down this road. A few tie and afford bronco one spot was. Old one of these spots of blood was ruled out as belonging to heather teak. The other was inconclusive. Police also connected numerous fibres and, according to Sarah, her mother, a hair to heather teak, but the kentucky state police said that since they had no victim, they could not compare the hair to heather's and I'm sorry that just does not seem kosher does we know in a lot of cases, somebody goes missing. They go to the home of the missing person and collect items of that person. air at the home and then they can use it to compare what luck give if people are up aid in their drivers licence for every ten years. Maybe people not common in their hair for four five
viewers and what we have your captain as we have her mother who sure why the kentucky state police never asked her for a sample of heather's hair, which again surely could have been found or a retreat. Both from a hair brush in the home right little less pause for a second right, so we we know that his vehicle was there or we assume he was
that vehicle, so he's in the area. He isn't a creep. He has some priors. He has the capability of having guns. So this is something that he could have done. If you find a drop of blood in his bronco or some hair, which you think you would find that something, because if the eyewitnesses correct in this individual grabbed her hair as hard as they said they did, you would think that you'd find at least a couple stray
hair in the vehicle, and if that matched, then it's not too hard to go. One plus swanny close to well in the other thing to for all these people, for anybody that would have access to that. A rest report of him carrying those guns in is in his vehicle. Yeah I'd be interested to know it do either. Those guns match the description given by our witness, of the gun that was used in the abduction. So really, what we have here captain is somebody that looks very interesting on the surface, but we tech We have no conclusive forensic evidence linking deal to heather tee. Is it more likely that he did a horrible crime like abducting a woman and killing her and then that's what he would commit suicide over
but they're trying to make it seem like how, while the he knew the police were, Tom about marijuana issue, I mean I know what you're getting at you wit, which makes the more sense. But then I you also have the factor in do we have a situation where, where somebody is struggling with a lot of other things that we are, we don't know about. We we we, are unaware of we don't understand, and this is a high stretched stress situation. should that pushed him over the edge The other problematic fact in this case is that Marty dill did not have shaggy hair. As described by our eye witness, but we saw the the idea what you're right we did, that in your old driver's license. So what happened to his shag hair? from my understanding deal.
Was nearly bald at the time of the abduction and did not have a beard when heather was abducted, so this is according to his family and surmise that maybe he cut his hair and shaved his face. After the abduction after the emerged after the murder to alter his appearance, but his family members pulled police, then fact deal was bald and clean, shaven four months, leading up to the abduction again. What does every press conference tell us when we have a missing person or we have to be on the lookout for suspect they always say the change of behavior in the last couple months and the change of hairstyle or beard style, so Maybe his family is correct, but it also makes
sound like all well for the last few months he was clean, shaven head an and face so at some point he was still holding on to the locks upstairs. Even if goin bald what when's the last time he added a beard was it. Nor am I like that. One, maybe they're be wrong, and it was just for the last few weeks and not the last few months but you know who's going to agree with them. That's going to make it very difficult for a case against deal. People that are going to agree with him will be the county because dills jail admission report from a ro of nineteen. Ninety five four months before heather was taken list him as bald. He is also five foot ten inches tall and a hundred and eighty power, not the six foot, which I don't put a whole lot away into, writing, I would think, as the guy is half
away not in with the telescope and they have two hundred and twenty two, two hundred and twenty, I'm sorry, two hundred and twenty two two hundred and thirty pounds as described by ten. Maybe if you get wrong, you got the weight wrong as well, so I don't factor, in a whole lot, but I find it very interesting that the county that release tim when they release him. They say this man is bald and then we have the family saying he's been bald and clean shaven for several months leading up to this subject. These are also the same people that say yeah. I understand. Why he's a suspect, yeah, but Here's. My other issue, though, is it possible, this guy had a wig. Is it possible that it wasn't actually? Ah maybe it was a mask right, it could be like Think about a ski masks, a say: his wares scheme ass from a distance. It would look like then, the jewel had a beard and a full set a hare right. So that's all
saying or was he wearing? You know some type of two bog in and then wearing some face mask or something? I'm I'm just saying that there's a bunch of past buildings that we can't this rule him out because all well, he actually clean shaven. Well again, maybe had a baseball hat on with the mask or or maybe he added toboggan on or a ski ask on, but we'd I mean we don't have a witness saying that he was wearing a ski mask, but he could in a gala of the sky. The problem with the witness, even though They had a telescope there. there are really far distance, then maybe witness shouldn't describe the face to to law enforcement so that they can draw the composite sketch of of the up the the he says abducted the young. No, I'm just saying that we we we have to take that into account. You know you want
Take this. This is the only eye witness we have. We want to take all the information, all the details we can but I think some of the information you have to just go. Maybe he saw this, maybe he I mean he die when, as is telling you, I initially thought this seem like a playful act so that that's all I'm saying is we we have to keep down per. active are kept and bring in the grand jury because the prosecutors convene a girl injury on november seventh, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five to try to force reluctant witnesses, like marty, dill son, to testify in an attempt to conclusively determine that deal had killed. Heather teague tracy deal. Marty's widow was among the witnesses. Subpoenaed Henderson
a commonwealth attorney bill. Mark well said quote: they have a suspect in its marty, dill and quote, but something came out, in connection with this grand jury. That was new information, a reed kentucky it named Michelle morgan told police. She a woman. She believed to be heather, teague struggling. If a man in a car and read Kentucky this was around, thirty or three p m on the heather was taken from the beach which we stated was around twelve, thirty or one and thirty the car morgan witnessed was traveling eastbound on Kentucky eight eleven. I've been away from newberg beach, morgan's description of the man's in with the struggling woman match the composite drawing with longer here And a shaggy beard
the woman morgan said clearly did not want to be in that car, which was a silver and read night, Seventy nine or nineteen. Eighty chevette and art go in the messenger courier newspaper appearing at the end of october. Ninety ninety five red another suspect has surfaced in august objection of a twenty three old woman, but county attorney mark will denied that any new suspects had emerged. It's not clear what became of the grand Harry? But we do know dead. Marty deals, wife, Tracy took the fifth, the kentucky state police kept the case open, but told sir TE that marty bill killed her daughter, and that was the end of it yeah, but this is far from over. Yes, it is it's one of the. This is one of those cases that, when the look into it. You can often find many very quick, short summaries of
young woman alone on a beach who was abducted, and this is reported to police by the witness and a lot of times that's about as far as it goes right. But this story, this case is very complicated and it's got a lotta twists and turns along the way and regardless of what police told the mother back, then we know captain that this wasn't the end. When heather was taken, heather's mom Sarah went into activists mode, even though the prime suspect marty deal dad. She was at the time and still is, to this day, determined to find her daughter. She started organizing many many searches now and over, he's of heather's disappearance came and went for the first year. Active searches, continued with family, friends and volunteers, scouring hundred
of miles of rid of river bottom lance looking in every cistern field and born they could find they ve search abandoned buildings and motel rooms. One year after the abduction. The kentucky state police acknowledged that they had exhausted all leads, and despite the efforts of her family, no trace of heather has ever Ben found anyone that knows this case knows that heather's mom, Sarah teague made at her mission to find her daughter and she pinpointed Tracy dill. This is marty, deals, wife and her quest for information for more information. and ninety ninety six tracy dill filed a lawsuit against Sarah for harassment, saying that the desperate, much had plied her with eight letters demanding information about what her deceased husband may have done.
era said she had no choice but to go directly to tracy, since Tracy would not testify about what she knew remember. She took the fifth with the grand jury, jurors, acquitted. Sarah. And the trial fail to bring any new information to light tracy deal test I that she had no knowledge in response to the defense attorney's questions, which were as follows: there she knew where heather teague is whether He helped clean Marty struck whether heather had been raped or trafficked and whether she knew why neighbors reported here a woman screaming near the deal residence on the night, heather van and for more
crime garage check us out. All of our episodes are available exclusively on the stitcher app and check out. Our bonus show called off the record. also for more true crime. Garage join us back here tomorrow in the garage where we pick up where we left off with this week's case until then be good, be kind. Almost.
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