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House of Horrors /// Part 1 /// 437

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House of Horrors /// Part 1 /// 437

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September 2014 - Hudson, Florida. The Sheriff’s Office responds to a domestic dispute 911 call. About two hours later they respond again to the same address. Six days later they respond to the same address on Hatteras Drive to what the media would soon be calling the House of Horrors. There were several immediate questions for the investigators. 1.) How many were dead? 2.) Who are the victims? 3.) Who is responsible? We will answer these questions and more this week in the garage.

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The florida is the third most populous state in the. U s,
for it is known for its sandy beaches and over one thousand miles of coastline. Our true crime story this week we'll take place almost entirely at a house and property located at the end of ghost creek and north hudson florida. If you're looking to catch some spanish mackerel or see trout, then you ve come to the right fishing hole where the name it goes creek. Who knows what else is lurking at night early in the morning of thursday august, twenty eighth, two thousand and fourteen the department of emergency services for pasco county florida received and recorded a conversation about a violent incident taking place just minutes before the call Twenty seven year old, megan brown was on the phone with dust and broke the nine hundred one operator on duty? When the call came in may.
Can be heard, crying breathing heavily and moaning fighting through the tears megan said that her boyfriend and the father of her only child attacked and threatened her. She said she was out late with some friends when she came home. I am twenty. Eight year old, Adam mattos held a kitchen knife to her throat and told her several times that his intentions were to kill her, but she had fought him off and Adam had left, a deputy from the sheriff the office was dispatched to the scene. He arrived at seventy seven nineteen, her terrace drive shortly after the call there the officers with megan brown and observed her to be very hysterical. she was crying and it was obvious to the officer that she had been doing a lot of crime. The officer observed a substantial cut to maidens left thumb. She explained
She received the cut when trying to get the knife away from her throat and out of the hands of one very angry at matters the deputy collected the knife used in the attack. It took photographs of megan, specifically her injury and the immediate area where the incident took place. He observed and spoke with, megan her mother Margaret brow, the maidens four year old son tristram, the deputy attempted to locate the alleged. The salient at a matters, but it was unsuccessful about two and a half hours later. The deputy returned to the house on her tears, drive. it is now just after nine p, the deputy is bonding to the residents after a call was placed by a man named Nicholas Leonard nicholas, reported an assault involving a knife was in progress at the house. Upon arrival the deputy once again made
in fact, with megan brown megan explained to the officer that this was, simply. A misunderstanding: megan reported to nicholas about the earlier attack via text nicholas thought. The attack was in progress and called nine when one six days later, the officers returned to the sea house what they found there would be described by the media. As the house of horrors, this
it's true crime garage, the you just heard there in the trailer that this case is going to take us down through the sunshine state. But first we will start this week's true crime story in new jersey, where Greg brown married his girlfriend margaret, who is known to her friend and family as maggie back in nineteen. Eighty three greg was an electrician. co, ran and operated brown, electric and neptune new jersey, ma
he was outgoing, a social butterfly who worked as an emergency medical technician in nineteen. Eighty seven maggie gave birth to the married couple's youngest child megan elizabeth brown, the brown family moved from their home in brick, new jersey to pennsylvania in nineteen. Ninety eight, where Greg maggie opened hidden hills, farm in lehigh, valley, pennsylvania, where they bred and boarded dogs and horses megan graduated from north western lehigh high school in two thousand and five, where she ran tracking competed in the ph state finals. She was a bit of it, track star in high school winning a silver metal in the triple jump at the two thousand and five p. I double way track and field championship,
She urged in Athens ec scholarship to the university of pennsylvania where she attended, while at college megan started dating a guy named Adam matters. Of course, this was college, so I'm supposed to be something serious and it never really was, but megan got pregnant. This was unplanned, but she was excited to be a mother and she had the full support of her parents and megan's son. Tristan was. one and two thousand and nine and megan had committed all of her efforts to raising Tristan this unclear, reuniting with Adam mattos, the child's father, while still in pennsylvania,
sounds like Adam was in and out of the brown home just before two thousand and fourteen greg brown had back surgery and decided to retire. The family plan was to move to florida and maggie and greg plan to build their tropical island dream home, leading up to the move, greg a hard working man. All of his life was unable to help with the moving process, as he was still recovering from his recent back surgery on July. Second, two thousand and fourteen the browns. This included greg their daughter, megan and her only child four year old son, Tristan they move from their home in pennsylvania, down to florida. The browns are making this move for many reasons, but the two bigger reasons seem to be that they
a family in the area. This also in step with retirement plans for greg and maggie, but this move will include Adam mattos, Tristan's father. This move like a life goal for the browns, and everything that I have found says that megan, while a super awesome and dedicated mother The living arrangement of her and her son, Tristan, staying and living at mom and dad's house back in pennsylvania, was probably yes, something that she desired to stay close to mom and dad, but also, situation in a desirable home on a beautiful property. But probably captain and necessity megan as a young mother and of course children are not cheap and so was proof probably an ideal situation for megan one also, her son has special needs, he's autistic, so having extra help, probably
is a necessity and her parents Greg and maggie are super great people great and giving parents and grandparents. They say look we're moving, but we want our daughter and grandson to remain close to us, both in heart and proximity. So the two of you come and live with us as well. Well, like I said this and is going to include adam matters, ex boyfriend, megan and little tristan father. So the brown moved a floor to be closer to extended family, and they are nice enough and thoughtful enough to allow at matters to move with them to remain close to his son that he had with megan brown. Adam was going to be able to live with the browns temporarily nato for a couple of months so that he can get set up in this new city. Get a job get settled in and then find a place of his own to live right. It was agreed,
he would live with them. He would also work and he would chip in on the rent. The browns would be renting a very nice house for the meantime, while building what sounds to be their dream home, the brows family extended relatives living in florida, help greg margaret Megan and adam move into their rented home and get settled and the house that they are renting is large enough. That megan in Adam are able to have separate bedrooms shortly after moving to hudson florida, megan gets a job bar tending at the fishermen shack. This is a local pub I'm guessing. This is a dive bar there's no website and zero yelp reviews, but this could be the perfect little set up for megan. The bar is less than a two minute drive
in the house. Her parents are renting right, so it's always good to be close to work and it's one of those cool little spots. That's right along the water, that is it's off of cow creek, but it appears that you could pull your boat up and dock it somewhere in the back, not long after this, as promised, Adam gets a job at the get hook, bar and grill, this looks like a cool place. Featuring live music to bar in a large fresh seafood menu Adam will be running the dish tank now Megan's work at the fisherman's shack. She is quick to make friends. This will include both fellow employees and some of the regulars that come in these are people that she will enjoy seeing at work and going out in groups after work and on her days off
One of these new friends is a young man named Nicholas Leonard nick is from Florida he's a few years older than megan an he works as a carpenter and landscaper. It sounds like these to really hit it off once puts up contacts there Adam when she met Adam, he was again obscured dj or something and was much of a go, get her wasn't known to be that heart of a worker right right back at the rent,
house, on, had terrorist drive, things are not going particularly well. Megan and Adam are not getting along and there is quite the. This is quite the understate actually, but added does not appear to be getting along with maidens family either, and it sounds like he was wearing out. His welcome at some point. Adam gets fired from his dishwashing job, and it looks like this only created further distance between megan and Adam and with a big part of the deal being Adam should be working. pitching in this is going to create additional conflict between Adam and megan's parents. While I heard he was a horrible roommate, he wasn't taken out the trash he wasn't. Cleaning up after himself and I'm not really certain one hundred percent certain of what the deal was here, as this just sounds to me like a recipe for disaster, but I'm sure this likely,
started off with everyone, or at least greg and maggie having the best of hopes and intentions for all involved. All here is where the high hopes that greg and maggie had for all on this new living situation starts to go off the rails on thursday august fourteenth. Two thousand and fourteen megan calls the local police to report that she's being threatened and harassed by a female police, listened to her complaint but decide. This does not warrant any further action, because megan fail to provide hard details about the threats and harassment police. Of course
advised her how to best handle the situation. Should it occur in the future. Part of the issue may have been not only providing evidence of the harassment and threats, but megan either didn't know who was harassing her or could not show evidence of who was harassing her right. So the identity, of the alleged harasser was never determined by police, but it's a female male that's what her complaint was right, but we quickly have an idea of who this alleged female harasser was because, just about two weeks later, on Wednesday august, twenty seventh nick leonard new friend in all the circle of friends, agree to be dating megan by this point. In our time line, he makes a somewhat anonymous call to a rise in store in the greater wichita kansas
this was to call in a formal complaint about one of the verizon employees. Her name is michelle. Stinson that michelle was a one time girlfriend of nick Leonard's. Michelle went out to Florida looking for nick and things are going to get ugly when she finds next truck parked at megan's house, which is kind of confusing in this store. Because as far as Adam and Megan's relationship is concerned, it's never really clear. Are they an item when he, when they moved to Florida war, they on again off again when they're in florida cause. He tells so many lies. He being Adam that he claims that they were together the whole time right and I think what makes very convoluted to any outside. As is you have a situation where, at the end of the day there living together right, so it gets hard to,
herman, what their boundaries are, if they in fact even set any up. So this woman He says it at some point, she's down of florida, this michel she went to florida looking for nick Leonard Anne she gets upset when she finds nix truck part at maidens house. She then spent some time watching, nick from afar while he's spending a decent amount of time hanging out after work at the old fisherman's shack. So this plain to verizon from nick Leonard. Is this woman michelle as a former romantic interests who lived in Wichita and who worked for verizon was using her verizon employee powers. Those are some amazing powers that you get over there to hack into his accounts, similar to spiderman, right, shooting webs and in addition to that, probably levitation holmes
yes so she's using these powers are, so he believes to hack into his accounts and next words. He says she was stocking harassing and threatening him through the cell phone, and this is the first time, though correct it's not really hard to piece together that this was likely the same person harassing megan as well. Are you threatening me his complaint to verizon? Was that Michel was using verizon technology to hack into his phone? This meant his email account and his bank accounts as well. So you could use this info to then led you to maidens information. You see what his tech star, you see, what his emails are, who is communicating with and then boom? You have her information if you want to
well out of your way to harass her as well nick went on to state that she allegedly went so far. She being the harasser went so far as to not only harass and threaten megan, but she contacted several of his business customers. It looks like nick owned and operated his own business as a carpenter and landscaper or may have been getting jobs on the side somewhere, but she contacts these business contacts of his his customers and starts harassing them and telling them do not do business with nick leonard on the same day, nick reports this to local authorities in florida as well, but he include
in this complaint that two others had been harassing him as well. In fact, at times he says they were even sitting outside of his home in a parked car. He describes these individuals as to heavier set asian males this is weird. We've all heard of an ex boyfriend or an ex girlfriend harassing a person it's an ex lover or ex friend, love another. We hear that all the time, but then to take it to the point of where he says. I think she sending thugs over to threaten me as well. These guys just seem to be following me around and they're sitting outside my home. This is all other level of of threat and harassment wall, and at some point you go is he does delusion on think people were following him, but when you have the evidence that yes, his x is definitely stocking him
you go well. Maybe all his claims or true. So, on Wednesday august, twenty seventh nick leonard made an appointment with detective kraus of the past go county sheriff's office. For the next day, the appointment was scheduled for august twenty eightth at two p m and the topic of discussion to file a formal complaint of hers smith from his ex girlfriend in wichita later that same day on the twenty seventh megan brown reports to work at the fishermen, shack, afterwork, megan and co worker tanya karlsson go
after work. It sounds like they were meeting up with some others, as this is always reported as a group thing, and I don't think it's important who most of the persons out together that night were but one of the people in the group that night is reported to be nick Leonard now it's after midnight. So technically it's now Thursday august. Twenty eighth, the two thousand and fourteen and our timeline megan, is still out with her friends with this group of friends she's at a bar having a good time or at least trying to because this
it's obviously going to be upsetting to Adam, and we will know this because Adam in the early morning, hours of the twenty eighth well, he starts to try to reach out and get in touch with megan, and this quickly leads to a series of repeated calls and text to megan harassing her yeah. This guy has no control, I mean once he starts trying to contact her, and this happened several times in their relationships. We're talking about one hundred of cause and hundreds of tax within a short period of time, which is so bizarre when you think about it, because every one really describes them, and I think this is absolutely spot on I've, seen tons of interviews with this guy and its absolutely correct in their description of him as a quiet guy who doesn't talk a lot, but as your pointing out he decides. I dont like what's going on
flip, the switch and he won't shut up. He won't leave meghan alone. As said to put it politely, this leads to a series of repeated calls and text to megan harassing her. He wants to know where she is what she's doing and who He might be out he repeatedly help her during these calls and on text the she. is a horrible mother. alright cheers mates, cheers to having a cocktail with the captain and
and of not having a cocktail dismissed for you to go your booty, lobe it and don't forget that next week is election day so get out there and vote make arrangements because you can vote in advance if tuesday is no good for you, remember what they used to say when we were kids, captain get out there and rock the vote rock the boat sometime after five a dot m, but before five hundred and thirty, a dot m, megan brown returned home after a night out with friends at seven a dot m, is when a call to nine hundred and eleven comes in. This will be the first
two nine one, one cause both placed by megan. This call got disconnected and I could not find out the reason why it does not appear that this was discussed in the second call. It could be for any number of reasons. Obviously, someone hung up the phone, the phone simply dropped. The call any number of reasons the operator tried to call back several times, but got no answer got megan's voicemail. This is protocol for this nine one. One center call drops. You can't speak with the You try calling them back then, at six hundred and eleven a dot m. The second call from megan's phone came in to nine hundred and eleven emergency services. This is the call that we spoke of in the trailer today.
during this eleven minutes. Call megan is very upset and her to be crying hysterically on the call she is bouncing back and forth between telling the operator what has happened. You know reporting the attack and she is all reporting any additional things that are going on during the phone call itself. She says I came home and my son's d had pushed me against a wall put a knife to my throat and he threatened to kill me and he cut my hand and I'm bleeding everywhere, and my son is freaking. Now please have someone come out here as soon as possible. Megan says she managed to get the knife from Adam mattos and says that Adam took off and he fled from the house around the time that there
one woke up. She can be heard saying the knife is in my son's room and I'm trying to get him, meaning triste and her son out of the room and she's going to put the knife in the kitchen. She says she can't look at the knife, because it's covered with blood with a lot of blood ray she's explaining that her thumb is caught. It hurts really bad and she can see everything. I think that she means it. She can see everything, past the skin through the cut in her thumb, yeah. There's no pictures. I found on line of this injury. Any It's ever injured themselves or or suffered a cut, especially a deep one, and you look at it it's shocking. When you I'm laughing in it in a not in a funny way. It's more of a nervous way, and
she tells the operator that she got her son and she locked herself in her son inside her bedroom. She said the atom took off down the street he was turning around. I was really true to determine if Adam was driving a car or if he was writing a bike, and I think that there is evidence later that will suggest that he is writing a bike. She's, never descriptive enough to say that he's driving car but using the words turning around would imply that their dreams, they are operating, something there not just and I'll. Think most people say that when someone just walking a running down the street, she tells the operator- and this is this- is pretty freaky right here- that he is now out front of the house. He's back on the property he's at the front door he's knocking on the door. Megan says that she has,
called the police, she tells Adam. Look, I'm I'm on the phone with nine one one. So Adam takes off again at I'm point in the call she says: oh my god, I can't believe this happened. I'm so scared if I knew he was going to do that. I wouldn't even have went out while in this shows you what kind of person she was and what kind of mother she was because she's putting the blame on herself for something she's not responsible for it's. This shouldn't have happened just because you went out after work to hang out with a couple of people right, because this is not even It's not just a problem for her. It's also creating a whole lot of drama and unnecessary problems for mom and dad. Because we're living at mom and dad's house and my son- I mean
this is showing how Adam is a dick nose meat log, but I think it also shows it gives us a little insight into what the truth might be about their relationship in their living situation. She may just have thought that Adam was simply there at the house to help with Tristan, to take care of his son and to get set up and a new city and not have to live hundreds of miles away from his son bright and that he should just grow up and be an adult while she goes out with some friends after she worked at her job. All day makes sense to me, but hey, I'm just but he's very immature, I'm just some dude drinking a beer in a garage but uh. You know what the hell do I know about, he don't have superpowers. What I do know is that, as said in the trailer, the deputies arrived quickly on the scene by
His point, though, it appears that Adam mattos is, as they say, long gone police investigate at the scene and look for mattos for somewhere between an hour and approximately up to an hour and a half I want to underline that real quick before we move on. They say that they investigate they look for Matt, for more than an hour and approximately up to an hour and a half you have to wonder, though, was Adam somehow how able to hide and conceal himself tucked away somewhere nearby with his house, was also on the water right it's on the water, it's it's a canal that comes off of that ghost creek, and if Look it up on a map. It's a neat little neighborhood. It has several streets in in a lot of the houses. Have these canals that go near
the houses made for all. We know he's just hiding in some bush somewhere real sex. Never well! That's what I mean in the I say this because I find it very interesting: the sequence of events when you start plugging in all of the detailed time information that we have an filling in the blanks along the way right. Let's, let's go through this, shall we We know the call that the deputy responded to came in at six. Eleven am we know per the police report that the deputy was on the scene within minutes of the call the call lasted approximately eleven minutes so about
twenty two, the nine hundred and eleven call, and then the officer is on the scene, so, let's say the scene as early as six hundred and twenty three to six hundred and twenty five then per the report, the police investigated. This is asking questions, observing taking notes, photographs documenting the incident and searching for the alleged perpetrator of the assault. which is Adam Mattos. All of this per the report took more than an hour and approximately up to an hour and a half. So now we are we're talking about a time where anywhere as early as seven hundred and twenty three a dot m up to about seven hundred and fifty five, a dot m. I find this type of minutiae, very fascinating because per the records
seven and forty nine a m starting at this time. Adam Matos starts making another one of his now famous move over feedly, calling over and over again to megan's phone, and so that's what I wondered was yes, they looked for this but he had to have been somewhere close near by because his calls to make a start almost exactly at the same time that the police leave the area, pray and begin a call or ten cause. We're talking over a hundred com site, it's an atom matters, I'm going to call her text. You doesn't sometimes in a very your period of time. It's insane look she's, not answering his call because she knows what she's going to get. Should she pick up the phone he's. Sending her nasty and threatening text
to go along with these unanswered calls. I I know most of the people that are listening know this, but just in case you need to hear this. This kind of contact counseling calling constantly texting talking trash harassment through tax. This is a type of abuse. This is a type of control, and this if this is helping, if this is happening to you, please reach out to your family and friends. I also think you're the one making the calls and texts that it's some kind of psychosis, on their end as well yeah. Some there might even be a term for that somewhere. Some somewhere out there under the stars are out there beneath the pale blues. I don't know that I can't remember the words alright, so this now, this part is very upsetting to me. This is where I want to get the old set. The beer down get up.
hunch the guy right in the face, not as upsetting as you not knowing those lyrics re, but this warrants a punch to the face. Ok in the face when megan, is not answering her phone Adam is nice enough to start calling maggie's phone make other, oh I'll, just start calling her and ruin her day now, because megan's not answering her phone, that's how much of a child! I am right, but lately he said, may be some sort of psychosis right. It's you it control it. At this point, it's like a child, though, when you're not getting the response that you want, which is as simple as someone on the other end. Picking up the phone you just keep trying and trying and calling and calling again over. One hundred calls were made from Adam matters to megan and maggie, and these all started it
Seven. Forty nine am almost like he sat there somewhere watching and waiting for the police to leave and then started right back in on the threats immediately after the police, departure from the house on her terrace drive as if that is not the most annoying thing ever all of those calls over and over. It turns out that the night before megan was out with friends Adam may, over one hundred calls to megan, while she's out trying to have a good time. eight hundred and thirty, a dot m megan calls her friend tanya Carlson. This is her co worker that she was out with the night before Megan tells tanya the atom has attacked her and that she has never seen him
this way before and that she was concerned the atom. My attack her again and maybe even kill her follow through on the threats that he was making. Megan says she will be unable to go to work that day. She says that she is afraid that animal show up at the house when she is at work and take their son, take tryst in and never return again just after nine, a dot m. Nick Leonard calls, nine hundred and eleven to report that megan brown was being attacked, a deputy, again response thinking. The Adam must have returned to the house and that this was a new attack. Let's go through this slowly, because this part is a little confusing. Well, to put it very simply, it wasn't.
tat. It was a misunderstanding by while the attack went down just after a ride around six, a this is new, information at this time around nine, a m to nick Leonard bright. He simply reporting the earlier attack to the police, to which law enforcement already responded. It's we all live, as we all kind of no, not this exact situation, but he is communicated this information via text from megan. So it's it's one of those situations where tax there's no tone of whilst there's no way to really fully comprehend. What's understood who are going on Rather than reading the text itself. Yo he misunderstands he's like all crap, there's a she's being attacked. She says, there's a knife involved, I
call nine one. One rang the police show up. We were talking about this off mike earlier today, the police, fortunately a lot of what they deal with all these domestic disputes. Alot of adults behaving like children, scumbags yet allowed us a lot of spats, let's call them and poop canoes. What we have here, the police of course they're like well duh. This makes sense. It's it's couple of hours later of, of course, he he came back, so they rush out there and this time they find luckily he's not there. He has not returned he's, not done any further damage. Okay, we'll go back out, we'll look form
again, but again this time they still don't find him. Now in this will be the last call, the deputies will respond to on august twenty eightth, two thousand and fourteen at the brown house that their renting on her terrorists, DR just after noon, so twelve p m noon just after that time. This is an approximate time. Gregg brown, maidens father is at a store where he purchases a spark, plug and spark plug tool using a credit card belonging either to him or to his wife. Maggie that afternoon, the brown Neighbor ryan mccann says: gregg is setting up a table and chairs on his back porch gregg telling the neighbour that megan would be here
sing, a party at some point with her friends after work around two hundred and thirty p dot m detective kraus calls and speaks with nick leonard via telephone about nick missing their scheduled appointment. So we kind of have to go back to one event earlier in our story, your captain, where remember nick, was getting harassed by a female. He believed it to be an ex girlfriend of his and he phoned it in to the local police there in florida, even though he believed his harasser was in wichita, and he discussed with detective directive kraus about coming in and filing a formal written complaint about what was going on being hacked his phone being hacked his accounts being hacked so on and so forth. On the twenty cent
the vaga. Still he made this appointment with detective kraus for two p dot m on the 28th to take. The frost is calling nick leonard, because it's now two hundred and thirty and nick leonard has never shown up to this appointment. Nick tells detective kraus that something has come up and that he is busy and what he's going to do is he's going to call the detective back next week so that they can reschedule appointment at three p dot m maggie brown arrives for and begins her scheduled work shift at a local convenience store shortly after three p dot m meghan brown fails to report to work. She calls her boss at three oh nine p m, and she tells him that she was scared and tells him that she and her son
are in danger and she wouldn't be able to come in for her shift that day at work at four hundred and twelve p dot m at Amato's calls megan brown again reports. This would be the last all even after the hysterics of calling over one hundred times earlier. That day by this is the last call from adams phone to maidens phone per the report that we were. We were able to see some time after six p m. We don't have it exact time for this, but sometime after or or six p pm m again. This comes from the neighbor ryan Mccann. He says that around that time he loans, Greg brown. A ratchet greg says he needs the ratchet to work on a spark plug in his rvs generator. All
rv generator. This makes sense because we know from his credit card statements that earlier that day, he was at a hardware store he's out. Purchasing maggie browns shift is over at eleven p dot m and at one thousand one hundred and ten p dot m. She leaves work at the convenience store and had Saul from door to door. This is a dry time of approximately fifteen minutes, so she is arriving at the rental house around one thousand one hundred and twenty five p dot m sometime between one thousand one hundred and forty p m and midnight a neighbor in this neighborhood is out for a walk and he says that he hears what he believed to be gunshots. He says he thought that he heard three gunshots sometime between eleven
Forty five p m and midnight continue on with our timeline. This brings us to friday. Yes, this will be Friday august. Twenty nine two thousand and fourteen. Around three p dot m meghan brown does not show up for her work shift. Also at this exact same time at three p dot m her mother, maggie brown fails to report to work. They work at different locations, so this is kind of a way to double check that one and both are not accounted for. Let's go to September fourth, two thousand and fourteen at nine hundred and fifty four a dot m Linda thomas. This is megan's grandmother. She calls the
scope county sheriff's office to request a welfare check on the brown family, saying she hasn't heard from the brown family specifically megan. Since august twenty eightth police respond to the brown family and discover what appears to be the obvious signs of a very bloody and violent attack. So the way this works captain is it, it has been six days since anyone has heard from the brown family and when cops show up, you know they not the door. Nobody appears to be home at the brown's house they say while they're there, they detect a foul odor, and these are seasoned cops they've been on the job for a while. They say it's the all too familiar odor of death and decaying bodies You guys know these guys and girls of
I do know that they're not responding to something good. This is a bad situation and he can smell that kind of spa from rooms away. They find a door that was left open, so they have probable cause to enter the home. they entered the house through this open door, and this door was one that would right into the garage where the family were the brown family's van is parked this spit is from the daily mail which did gangbusters work on this case. Quote they being law enforcement immediately, see blankets, on the ground behind the van in the garage. There is what appears to be blood all over
floor and on these blankets, but also on the bumper. Yes, and about the same time, a veteran cop makes another grim discovery, this just a stone's throw away from the home. He says that, after noticing the same smell of death coming from a wooded area, he goes in to take a look there. The detectors find something worse than they have ever seen and all of their years in law enforcement. It was a pile of bodies, sheriff's office, detective chet kugel, said to the daily mail quote. They were decomposed beyond recognition. We didn't know exactly who or how many total bodies were in the pile, but detective cargill said he could easily deduce
That the brown family was among them quote, it was just common sense. You know we had a house with several people that are missing, and now we have up our bodies. Less than a mile away at two p m, a forensics team arrives with the medical examiner at the site, where the bodies were dumped, as the medical examiner tries to identify the victims. Detectives and forensic experts go back to the house and of course they find their returning to a shocking seen. The place turns pink when it spread with luminal there's a trail of blood stretching throughout the house, signs that the killer had tried to clean up some of it and other clues to the, were people dead, people and decaying people in the back of that van. At some point there was a
I knew there were people dead people and decaying people in the back of that van. At some point, there was a significant amount of blood in the van they found blood and they found maggots in the van as well and there's pictures of that online as well, and it's very jarring to see that, because you know that when they open up this vehicle, probably the smell got more intense, but to see those maggots in that car. Like that. But given by the newspapers in the media at the time, but that's what it is, that's the best way to explain what these officers walked into a lot of blood and then, like you, said with aluminum. It just lit up the whole house and then the smell of death and decay is so strong that it leads. This officers from the house to
if death and decay is so strong that it leads these officers from the house to a half two three, quarter miles away out into a They also found a shovel in the back of the Van. Back in the garage back in the van. They all found a shovel in the back of the van. The detectives believe that the killer had used the shovel to try to bait. Bury the bodies in the yard saying that, on the side of the house there was a freshly dug area and simply gave up that doesn't turn to stone when you're, when you're in the florida isn't like. To bury these bodies on the side of the house and simply gave up deck. Doesn't the stone when you're, when you're in Florida isn't like? There are a bunch of lime, rock or
clay, stone, lime, rock! Yes, it gets difficult. Investigators found evidence to support the theory that the murderer tried to load. The bodies into the back of the van was successful in doing so. dump them in that wouldn't air space or join us here in the garage for everything. True crime garage check out the website. True crime garage dot com join us back here tomorrow and in chile. Be good, be kind and don't let
the. The fighting spirit is one we all share and wonderful delos celebrate anywhere. You call because it doesn't matter where you come from a man's which meda, whatever for those with a fighting spirit, trick responsible beer imports by granting portugal illinois
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