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House of Horrors /// Part 2 /// 438

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House of Horrors /// Part 2 /// 438

Part 2 of 2


September 2014 - Hudson, Florida. The Sheriff’s Office responds to a domestic dispute 911 call. About two hours later they respond again to the same address. Six days later they respond to the same address on Hatteras Drive to what the media would soon be calling the House of Horrors. There were several immediate questions for the investigators. 1.) How many were dead? 2.) Who are the victims? 3.) Who is responsible? We will answer these questions and more this week in the garage.

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The the. welcome to true proud garage wherever you are whatever you are doing. Thank you for listening. I'm your host naked with me. As always, is a man from hearts unknown, but he prefers that his parts be known. He is the captain. Chechnya is going to be seen and good to see you thanks
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Alter my boy, hans, Jacob and or kanger, norway and last, but certainly not least, we have dia in albuquerque new mexico, every one we mention, went to true crime, garage dot com and helped out with this week's beer fun. Thank you to everyone that contributed to this week's beer fun. Just go to true crime garage dot com and, on the right hand, side you'll, see little beer tip jar, just click on that keep the beer off that is enough of the bs mess. All everybody gather round. Grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime. When we left off yesterday, captain the police had just discovered what can only be referred to as a house of horrors. They found
a bloody scene. At the rental house, where the browns were staying than a mile of the house. In fact, it's distance at between half enough three quarters of a mile from the home in a wooded area. They find a pile of bodies. Now from the get go Of course. Their main person of interest is going to be Adam matters. They know that he lived there at the home. They also know that nine hundred one was called because there was some kind of confrontation where his ex girlfriend megan says: he attacked her with a knife and threatened to kill her put the knife against her throat and cut her hand. This took place on the twenty eighth about six days before their grisly discovery, but for all the detect New matos might even be among that unidentified
of bodies, so another possible suspect here is Nicholas Leonard, the other person involved in this love triangle that seems to be known to law enforcement. Here's a little peel back the curtain moment here at the garage. Megan apparently had told her friends and family about nick prior to the twenty eightth. It seems like This was very much on the de l for her, and that makes sense because Adam athos is still living at her home. and she knows that this is not going to be a permanent arrangement, so Tom, sometimes you just try to keep the peace right, but nick is the opposite He had told his family all about megan in fact say that he was in love with her right nick told his pay. That he and Megan were keeping their romance quiet until at I moved out of the house. I think even
what is mom that she might be the one. Yes, I believe so nick Leonard, is discounted pretty quickly as a suspect in the murder of the family when the medical examiner finally identifies those found in that pile of d. imposing bodies and nickel it is identified as being one of the victims. Now stated here that the detectives- immediately when they found this. I mean this is like the most horrific sight. His officers have seen in their entire career. They state, we didn't know what exactly we were looking at. We knew it was a pile of bodies. No know how many victims they were or who they were so now We have the medical examiner who is able to start identifying the remains were found, but how people were found. It turns out that there were four decomposing bodies. We already
said that nick leonard was one of them, but the other victims were megan. Her father Greg and her mother, maggie brown all identified by the medical examiner. So I guess the one bright spot here in this very very darkest of moments is there's no tristan there, No little boy found dead at the scene, so there is some hope. Yes, some hope, but also if your law enforcement. You have this kid, which is our testing that is possibly with his father. which is the number one suspect for a quadruple homicide. So what kind of danger is he in your spot on with that in that's going
be the major major concern here before we move on to that, though, captain I do want to point out, because the question becomes. Why would these detectives? see and find this pile of bodies and not- understand what it is it they're looking at or a meal We know the in the victims, the number of victims. I think. We should point out here there's a couple of factors involved in this one. It can be easily assumed that these victims have all been dead for some time for quite some time actually, because it was the day after or that police report was taken at the home on the twenty ninth of august, that night, their megan, nor maggie showed up, for there are three p m work shifts that day. So it's easy
soon assume that whatever happened. Whatever transpired went down, it went down before three p m that, following day with six days between that nine, when one call and this grisly discovery, and we don't know how long the remain were exposed to the elements, but we're talking about florida in august is free. Hot, it's going to speed a lot of things up and that's going to work against the forensic experts and the investigators when they find the scene. and you are exactly right as soon as they determine Tristan is not amongst the victims here, thank god. We got to find this oh boy, he's four years old and very likely in the company of this very very dangerous man. We have suspect number one on line and circle him at the top of our list. Suspect number
Adam matters probably is in possession of this little four year old boy, so they very smartly issue an amber alert to try to locate Tristan. This is very smart for several reasons. One top priority find the boy, no doubt about that number. Two second priority. If you can manage to do both, get Adam matters in handcuffs and set him down and ask him the tough questions while they find in pretty quickly because he's not the smartest of guys. Now now He might be at the top of the list for suspects, not at the top of the list for smart guys, or does doesn't equal genius? he checks himself and with his son into a hotel. That far away, so he manages to make it to tampa Florida and
they do jack into a hotel where he uses his own name, jackson under his own name, so that makes it a little easier for him to be found and locate. Why thing he said, I ll take a room for two. They said what name is it do speck and they said we dont accept that, namely those ok well at a matters, it's the same It's like a star wars. There there's their several flaws in star wars, but one that was always alarming for such a mouth was that obi wan, Kenobi into hiding what is the name that he uses the alias that uses while in hiding Ben Kenobi, like I am adding but I'll still use. My my last name. I thought I want my obi two cannot be re instead, the captain I'll go by look at Tom. Nobody will ever figure it out
so Adam matters checked into this tampa. Flora hotel under his own name authorities get a break there when they pick up that Tristan is four years old. Of course, he's in a state of shock, like none of us could believe he's not talking to police Adam, on the other hand, does not appear to be in shock at all. In fact, he seems to be in play calm, cool and collected on again. We ever. We have a kid. That's artistic, and so I don't know a lot about it, but I did play in a band with amazing guy, amazing teacher, he taught kids with autism, and so it always kind of talked to me about the spectral men and how summer verbal and summer nonverbal. So it's not as simple for the cops to
to know they don't know his personality well before being able to talk to him, but they clearly can see that this kid has some kind of trauma going on right. I was gonna, throw that in their too. Unfortunately, you, the icing on the cake here will be you when you find boy you're very happy about that, but you do not have a clue. air understanding as to why he may or may not have witnessed, and the effects may have had on him and, as you said, that the ptsd that could be involved with just what the potential of what this kid could have witnessed.
What an experience I just want to say this and that maybe this goes without saying. When you have teachers, I love teachers, but somebody like the guy I played with his name is Bobby. He he he he specialized in teaching kids with autism, make sure you take the time out, to let them know what they're doing is so special and changing the lives of so many people. Okay. Moving on with the story, while Adam, does not put up any type of fight when they go to arrest him, and we mentioned the anna mattos, not the smartest guy, not at the top of the list of smart guys. But when they bring Adam in for questioning this is very smart, the detectives they don't tell Adam. they found the bodies of megan, her parents and nick Leonard right, no, instead detect
it's Adam that he's being arrested on domestic violence. Charges that stem from that first nine one one call for megan, so at the police, asian detectives tell matters that the hay you're here on these charges, but your son, here too we to release him to the custody of someone who should that be yeah. We Take this kid somewhere. How about we take him back to his mother megan. That would be the first option that makes the most sense right. Adam. Do you know if it that's going to be passed, if we could locate megan and easily locate her and return Tristan to her while we sort out this deal of the domestic- I once John his answer is I don't know I would know what they're like you. You should know the detectives, go okay, well, they're going give them pass on that they say Well, how about megan's parents can
stay with them. Maybe again, Adam says: well, you can check on that you can call and ask if they will keep him and he says, hey our relationship. Merely relationship with megan is certainly troubled. You can see this by this domestic assault charge? So I don't know what the deal is with her, but you can call her parents and ask detective, says: well: when did you guys break up Adam says a week ago? Detective a week ago. Okay, do you remember what that was about Adam Matos, just a bunch of drama bunch of shit. You know, he denies that he attacked megan in that Rage the that morning, when she called nine one. What follows face, I'm I mean it. They should be called relationships. You know, instead of relationships, the detectives ass,
do you know if she seeing anyone else I'm says I wouldn't know that, but he does admit that they got into allowed argument didn't attacker, but got into a argument- and this would have been asked- Megan arrived home that morning he says, then Her mother Maggie here's this argument, tells me to leave, and so I left it wasn't until He was locked up for this domestic violence, charge that Adam He starts to learn that the detectives had fold and asked found the bodies of may her parents in nick leonard earlier. so in a newspaper interview denies killing them and there's some footage. It can be seen of this where the the officers and detectives are walking. Adam
down the street or maybe in an alley, and they they're good they're, trying to put them into a car. They keep getting stopped by this horde of reporters re who want it ask Adam: what's going on, we got to triple homicide here, you're in handcuffs? Did you kill those people? He is oh unbelievably calm he does, He's not sweating he's not red faced his answer short and to the point he says, course I don't know a lot. He even gives a little attitude to like well. Why did you take Tristan from from the house he's my son so at some point he's being interviewed by a newspaper Adam killing them and with detectives in the room he says all there. dead, they've been murdered. You know who might want to look at is the jealous ex girlfriend of nick Leonard's.
Talking about this earlier off. The record is how how he is, but how effortless lee he can. This lie, and it really hard normal. You can kind of read somebody and go okay. Well that comment or that statement doesn't seem to add up and you can kind of tell by their body language, but he's so nonchalant I mean it's very, very impressive. On how he's very calm, cold and his love Through his teeth, he's got an answer for everything and when he can't provide one, he simply says I don't know He doesn't say I don't know. Unlike a dumb way, though no east a says, it very matter of fact lay like I'd idle, because I wouldn't know I've already was plainly that I wasn't there at that time. Or are you not been gone by that time? So I don't know I would,
says. Sometimes I wouldn't know the detectives now this information with the ex girlfriend jealous ex, for an information. They vary quickly figure out. Is she the ex girlfriend, has an airtight alibi robot. about hold on it also helps that she's in Wichita Kansas, You were right to make make sense of it that shit, wasn't in the area the die, but I was thinking about this. When researching the case, could you and be in law enforcement, and you you have the guy you're, most of the hundred percent sure that this dick face and one of is of the guy responsible for this horrible horrible murder, murder. And he is saying why I don't know this, and I don't know that and he's cool and calm and he's collective and then, when you tell him one, I think it's a big tell that he was
very emotional, once you say, hate your girlfriend, the mother of your child, Her whole family has been murdered, that there's no ocean there he's gone hey. Who you should look into as her new. my friend had a crazy ex and so your problem thinking that again this is just another bullshit lie. But when you look, to her. She stopped him and her multiple women, that he was contact with multiple women that he tried to date. So there was some validity to that story, or that idea. But as law enforcement you're like we have to follow this lead, but there's a party there, like your mind, would have been blown if it wasn't adam? If it was this girl right Think the situation here is like the the papers and the media really make a big deal of this, like a dream
the bombshell on the detectives. I dont think it was night that for the detectives at all, I think that the directives were, as you said, Had this guy dead, the rights pretty much in thought. You know what this is our guy one hundred percent, but you know what we're going to do due diligence we're going to cover all of our bases here? If and when we take guided court. This possibility this theory will be scented by someone that the fairies we Need to show this theory does not track. Doesn't track at all it didn't happen. She has an airtight alibi, but again it's possible because we know nick leonard was filing in the process of, a formal complaint about harassment against this woman at the time of his murder The thing here, though, is you're really got to get the traumatized artistic young. Four year old boy to talk was he a witness? Did he went is anything and if he did, what was it
unfortunately, what detective will learn. It takes some time to pry that door opened slowly pry that door open, but trust in you four years old witnessed a bloody massacre. He witnessed his mother, his grandparents being, eventually? He describes two investigators hearing the gun. they killed his mother. He said: that he heard his mother saying? Please don't trust in town them that he- and this is His- trying to reenact this in a way you, a doll he ran? it up in a little blanket and he starts pounding it saying mommy, mommy and finally, the poor kid points his finger at his own father.
daddy killed mom. All right thanks for joining us, thanks for telling from friend mates and this Is the garage wishing everybody a happy and safe halloween yeah for and enjoy the trick or treats watch out for the razor blades in the candy? There you go all right, so Anna Mattos he is going to
lawyer up the state is building a case against him for a quadruple homicide and for this the state of florida is going to seek the death panel t Adam matters will be tried for the four my size, and to that one thousand and seventeen. He does decide to take the stand and we have some audio from. precision
adam, Matos just cut right to the chase, show at Amato's on august, twenty eighth, two thousand and fourteen did Nicholas Leonard, put his hands on your throat. Yes, he did. Did he threaten your life with a guy, as he did you get in a fight with this? Could you defend yourself? Yes, I did. Did you kill him? Yes, why he tried to kill at Amato's on august, twenty eight two thousand and fourteen the gregory brown threaten your life. This riot. Did he pull the trigger? Yes, did you get into a shoot out with them? Yes, I did. Did you defend yourself? Yes, did you kill him? Yes, I did why He tried to kill me her a on august, twenty eight, two thousand and fourteen was in brown, with little slandered when they letter his hands on throat. Yes, she was
but she with gregory brown when he threatened your life with his rifle as she was. She was gregory brown. He tried to shoot you with this. Did she say anything as he was pointing his rifle at you? She said dad shoot him shoot him dead. Did you defend yourself against them? Yes, did you kill her guess what I felt that she was going to kill me as well How about Margaret brown did you believe that she was trying to kill you? Yes, did you fear for your life, though this What were your feelings when you killed her, I was lost, I was hurt. I was I was in shock. I was out of my mind and I thought that everyone was out to kill me. I felt like she was going to kill me as well,
Did you kill her? Yes, the with a hammer? Yes,. But you bleeding a lot yes, but did you? detour ahead A lot of blood and do to stop the blood. Getting everywhere. I put a trash, big overhead. Anything else you could over and helping putting the trash bag over head and keep that blood contained. I use tape to close the bag to prevent blood from getting freaking out. Was it after he had gotten into the altercation with nicholas there's upstairs was Was she dead or alive are living in the bag head? She was dead. Both talked about the house that I seventy thousand seven hundred and nineteen hatteras drive in hudson florida back in august, two thousand and fourteen okay
How many bedrooms for being slapped in three bedrooms? did the house, they sell, yes, who slept in the master bedroom on the everyone. The house Craig margaret. greg and Margaret brown his friends Greg and Margaret Cho, okay, okay, who slept in the se, bedroom on the east side of the house closest to the front door megan or not, I'm going to refer to as an avid megan okay, How close is this room his to the front door, but a few feet just as easy. Yes, The northeast bedroom on the east side of the house farthest from the front door trusted. I wouldn't call this trilogy. Okay, yes, tell us about the log on his bedroom when you
in august, two thousand fourteen before this we moved. there. There was just a simple door knob with a simple lock that you could lock from the inside. If the lock had been changed after august. Twenty eighth of two thousand and fourteen who would have done would have to have been make or naked. Now the two bedrooms on the east side of the house there were separated by that correct. Yes, this neighborhood at seven thousand seven hundred and nineteen hatteras drive are other words around close to the neighborhood. The ever hear gunshots this. How often up on a regular just during the day or day and night
The lady was also friends on august, twenty, seventh, the correct guess we talk about that later, but right now almost and concentrate August twenty, two thousand and fourteen okay. Actually, what time did megan brown get home on august 28th, two thousand and fourteen around five hundred and thirty, a dot m she been out all night long, yes, Were you worried about guess? Were you angry? Yes, why I was angry about a phone conversation that I had with Nicholas Leonard he know that day was having an affair with megan and that she was
a whore. I didn't want day the certainly the you said you talk to the letter later. He advised you walk without getting into things like that. You just let me know that he didn't want anything to do with her and it was done with their. He don't want to be a homewrecker that he was done with her that he advised you that there was an incident that happened at the time of caution yes and did the same still upset about that They seem to have said that there was a incident occurred that night at the bar. They tell you that it just it just occurred.
as he was leaving the bar getting into a cab and tell us about what information the judge coming from the it seemed like from after that day. Won't be together. Did you and megan get into an argument when she got home at five hundred and thirty in the morning It was about the phone conversation that I have with Nicolas lehner and.
When she came home. I asked her if she if she was having an affair with Nicholas Leonard, she told me that she wasn't and when I asked her about it, she denied it and she said that nicholas was stalking her. that he followed her to the bar. Without getting further into that conversation. Did she thank you. The thing for there was nothing between her and necklace lemon. Yes, she said there was nothing going on between them did you believe her percent? I don't know what to believe tells me I got upset pulled out. If I asked her where'd, you get the knife from the kitchen. I asked her. What was the truth? I just wanted to know the truth. I didn't want to hurt her
she tried to grab the knife out of my hand, she cut herself on a finger and once I saw that she she had cut herself or put the knife down on a dresser Tristan just woke up, so I left the house and took my bike. I went up the road ne. Did you pull that off after her? Now? Why did you go? I just wanted the truth. I was upset just stupid thing to do, the doctors know that no time to scratch or hurt her throat anyway, no He never been enough to reframe know. You said that she grabbed the not just the expect her to do that. No, where did you go? I went northeast up the road behind
ass. There was empty and I just laid down and just chain smoking is cooling off. We wanted a bicycle. Yes, why don't? I just wanted to give her some space just get away from the house. The cool off this: did you see law enforcement around the house. I saw law enforcement driving in that general direction towards the house. The daily I couldn't see from their angle the. What did you do? I stood there most of the day, just sleeping chain smoking about? Let me go back. Just was Nicole slurred there
I know it was not. Was he there when he was out of the house now. Was he there, when you guys, are arguing, you decided, They also sends everyone, yes about between six and seven pm still time? Yes, why I wanted to give my things? I didn't have anything on me, so I just wanted to get my belongings. I wanted to see if I could say goodbye to Tristan and possibly work things out with megan. What did you go outside of boston little after six and what daughter
the the the east entrance, the one that goes into the east, to the very earth, the Sarah. Correct was the door wide open? Yes, early dawn when this house, twenty dogs, the strata. Small dogs, large dogs, small to tiny cock and these dollars working all the time how you described there are loud. They were barking dogs Did you hear that bar cuz, you went upstairs? Yes, I did Where are the dogs kept in the house? Usually, the dining room area
how far from yours and made megan's bedroom about ten feet. now you walk up those stairs. Did you have with garner know or not know the path know for handling know what, if anything, you have in your pants? Nothing at all Tell us again what we're going to do inside the house. I just wanted to things to sell them, gather the stuff that when you had left things with you know Were you able to do that picture thing was a door for you and megan's room israel with clubs. Yes, did you open it as you step inside. Yes, I do did you see me interested
Yes, as I entered the room, they were just coming out, Yes, where did nicholas come from? came from the closet area? we will see where he was coming from as far as any length of time before he got to you know he just came out of nowhere. Did he reach? I'm sorry anywhere you anywhere but its role. And if you reach for a gun he reached into his right pocket and pulled out a gun and pointed it at my chest, did you grab his gun. Yes, I grabbed his hand and pointed it towards the ground away from me, so we won't shoot me. He seemed like he was trying to raise the gun toward this Did you struggle to stop him from getting a gun pointed at? You We struggled tell us what happened. There was a lot of wrestling going on. We were.
Going around the room, we ended up in the corner. The dresser and I saw a knife on top of the dresser that I use to defend myself stabbed him an arm few times, and he least his grip on my throat and I dropped the knife and it's a new terrestrial ground. I was trying to get the gun out of his hands and we wind up falling on the bed, how do you say bed was there a actual. the frame was just a mattress. It was just a mattress on the floor. Yes How many times did you stab three times
and you said that you guys fell on the bed both of you. Yes, let me go back real, quick and ask you about the snot Did you leave the on the dresser do you have putting knives laying around when you have this four year old walking around not do not Are you the type of person that keep a knife on the dress? No, how about under a mattress going guys are struggling, did Nicholas. Do anything to your face the inside of my cheek, and he started to rip the flesh from the inside out, and is he told me I'm going to rip your face off megan come back, megan and greg stepped into the room. Yes and
tell us what happened you guys were thrown over there and maiden gregg megan she screamed out dead, shoot them shoot him dead if he had any dan's hand grabbed a rifle on his head. Where was it pointed at my chest, nick, do anything when he saw that rifle pointed at you. He moved out the way he was Pinning me down my legs: out of the way so gray could have a clear shot at chest, did you say anything to Greg, scrape. I said, please Greg, don't shoot me Greg, don't do this greg Yes, he did why it misfired what was going on after the gun. Misfire
He was trying to get it to work again and he repeated the steps of trying to shoot me. Tell me what's going on there wow messing with this scanner as you get stronger or weaker, he seemed to be weakening. We believe there is a lot of blood was playing left from his arm. The gray? ever gonna again? Second, Pull the trigger again It was a misfire again. Tell us what is between you and they learn. As Greg was continuing to try to shoot a gun again nicholas. loosened his grip on his gun. and I was able to get it out of his hands. Did
you or him should go. Do justice turn off towards the wall why you guys are struggling for the gun? Yes, and you said, went over the wall. It went through the wall, Did it a yes, tells was her. This is our grabbed, a gun. I shot it towards nicholas was still living who, sadly, yes he was. Later find that bullet from in that gun? The second decided. Would you throw trash bag? and was that the one that was found in the garage West garage
one that I found dead Nicholas Leonard, I found behind the bed Did you end up putting out in the trash yes wall you never struggling shot the gun twice. wasn't able to get a dish to kill you that's what happened with granite mega ramp back to his bedroom, master bedroom. did you know he had a bunch of weapons and its causes did you chase? After all? Yes, I felt, he's gotta get another weapon. Try to kill me when you got the master bedroom, closet He was attempting to load another weapon. What did you do? I shot him in his lower back as he was trying to around was weapon.
Go to deter no here the weapon in his hand, and I shall again- did he go down then? Yes, as you leave the master bedroom closet What happens? Is that in a closet? I could see someone in my peripheral. It was megan and I thought she had something in her hand, and I just in the shadow where she was by the door around a corner, and did she have something just was later found? to be a cell phone? How many times did you and Was it around where that beat was in the master bedroom with the bullet holes in the corner of the wall? What did you do that?
lastly completely. I just realized that I kill the woman? I love the mother my child. At that point, realized it interesting. No longer had a mother no longer had grandfather, no longer had me and at that point I feel, like my life was over Are you angry at all? is very angry? Did you place the anger on particular individual nicholas Leonard. Why I was upset that he brought a weapon into my home today. Try to kill me a turn. family against me and try to kill me as well. What you do I went back to my bedroom. And he was just lying on- the bed- and he was unconscious. Just upset, and I was I was just
chilling out. Why? Why why this had to happen? I grabbed hammered. That was on the floor and I just kept hitting him until I couldn't anymore, I can't remember it was was a lot of times. cuz it always with be and the hammer, necessarily that you put the nails in It may have slipped when I was hitting him. Would you do do after that? went and checked on Tristan to make sure he was okay and he was, and I told him stay in his room was a lot of blood on me from. vacation that I had with nicholas I washed? It off
then I want to check up on and to make sure that it was okay. Wasn't he was ok, everything's going to be okay. I gave him a hug kiss from one cheek. How did you feel in general, after having this entire incident. just lost my whole world was turned upside down and I was just I was out of my mind. I was in shock and I felt like. pardon me died that they have a fear of us. She knew I was in fear that the cops to show up that they would. Kill me as well. I was scared that Tristan was endangered as well, that he might Being harm's way, if the police were to show up what to do with all of the his guns, like letters,
I threw all the weapons in the canal. I didn't want any weapons in the house after that incident. I don't want it to be. threat to anyone else or to me, or to Tristan. Were you re mature, send my sealed by. I was afraid that he would be exposed to it. So I locked the door it's bedrooms where the bodies were years later? How'd you like that the latch on the door. It's. it's a high land, so he wasn't able to reach it and you from the outside of the room the master bedroom. The master bedroom didn't the door not to the room was missing, so you couldn't just stepped into the room and you had to be a strong, strong personal data.
because it didn't have to now just a piece of metal, and I put a dog cage in front of the door to keep them from getting in. What did you interested in point about It was very fuzzy, my memory of what what happened that day later I was just lost out of it and I was just chain smoking. A lot. When, Margaret comes home from work, heard the dogs barking and at that point I was still out of it and I was in shock and I was scared- it people be coming into the house to kill me If you saw more, would did you feel that she was in on it? Yes, I felt
She would try to kill, kill me as well, where we stress imposing them He was in his room, sleeping so what did you do I went down to the garage with the hammer Did I used on nicholas and I killed Margaret in the west garage hallway, you ain't, never shares are down here it. How did you kill her? I hit her over the head few times. The that's the perfect spot to stop that clip. They actually interview him on the stand for about an hour. Of course they have cross examination
The problem with his testimony is it doesn't take any genius here to figure out that this guy is completely lying to everyone he's trying to manipulate the story to say His own ass remember, he's being charged with quadruple homicide. He is being threatened with the punishment of death by the state of florida. He is choosing his words very carefully and his defense attorney is helping him to do so. He's trying to paint a picture and put the victims themselves in a bad light. He says that it was nick. They called megan a whore. He says that was megan did tells him that nick is a stalker. these two are not involved in any kind of relationship. These are their words. These them telling me both that the other is a bad person and then I the into the house around six m and I was attacked,
I went in there to get my belongings to possibly say goodbye to my son and try to work things out with megan, and I was at act? I love that he chooses to use the words I was mad at nick leonard because it came into my home. There wasn't home dude, You were living there with the browns. The browns were nice enough to allow you to stay at their house wasn't your home. I was mad that he brought a firearm into my home and put my family in danger, this wasn't your family where's your son, that was in the house, had moved on from you. The browns were interested in you and than helping you be. The father be a good father to their grants and that's the only Chris they had in you start your family. It's not your home and hears the
The reason that I say that we stop at that point because what they end on is that we have Margaret hu. We been calling maggie her friends and family call her maggie maggie comes home from work. We already put this timeline together for you, eleven Levin the five pm his own testimony says he puts himself inside that home being attacked by nick Leonard and then I greg brown in the six o'clock hour this one. goes down very quickly. He murders, nick Leonard, then Greg brown. then megan brown and he's so scared to death. He so scared and afraid for his own life and personal safety that he just it's around the house for five hours, any kills maggie when she comes home from work complete bullshit and this is what these psychopaths do, what when down that night. Is he sat outside that home, knowing
maggie, would return to the house. After eleven eleven one hundred, he lived ere, he knew their schedules. She went to work at three the as usual at eleven as usual, returned to the house? He that that was his ticket to get inside that house and do what he planned to do, which was murder. everyone in there, with the exception of his son, Tristan he knew nick leonard was inside that home the victim's vehicle was parked in front of the house He attacks maggie in the garage. She cannot make it all the way into the house. He beats her to death. Ties are up, It's a trash bag over her head and then his test I couldn't broke into the house. I couldn't have been sneaking into the house. There was twenty dogs in there that were europe, gaffers and barkers. There's no way that I could have snuck up on these. The visuals because of these dogs bullshit
He went into that room and very likely we have nick Leonard and Megan, who are asleep or getting ready to do so. He got the jump on. He hit, twenty one times in the head with a hammer. megan freaked out, she sees what's happening. She flee as to the room of her father, trying to wake her father and say he's in the house, greg As a gun he's trying to load the gun in his closet in his bedroom. He didn't walk into megan's room, know this animal. This monster beat this man to death. Nick Leonard twenty one times in the head takes his gun walks in master bedroom and shows what kind of coward he is. He shoots the man in the back. it's him again and then,
megan begs for her life and he gets up and shoots her close at close range one shot. It only took one shot right into the if he killed. For people and then what did this monster do He hung out at the house for damn near a week ordering pizzas using margarets credit card to make purchases. He try. To sell their belongings on craigslist. He said actually sold several of the dogs he sold dogs, he sold furniture than he. The store and buys the shovel tries to dig a grave can't. So he has to go what war? What's next put him in the car move on Dump him in the woods still at the house, still hanging out at the house when the police came to make their welfare check. That's why they the open door. He panics he
Please the area grabs the sun. Oh my god, the cops are at the front door. This place is a bloody mess. I couldn't even bother to clean it up. I couldn't successfully Anybody runs out the back door leaves the door open. He take a canoe. We talked about those canals. He went down, one of the canals about that amount, or so calls a cab takes a cab to the bus, stop rise, the bus stop the bus to the hotel in Tampa where they eventually pick him up. Where this guy got lucky where Adam Math- got lucky he's a complete sack psychopath complete psychopath, where they run commissars, shit, complete second it's psychopath he gets lucky. He got spared the death penalty, there was a juror. It has to be unanimous in
twelve out of twelve twelve at a twelve eleven out of twelve said: yes kill this man. One person was kind and compassionate enough to spare adam matters, his life, Adam Matos. It will cost taxpayers in the state of florida hundred and four thousand dollars to house him for the entire I of his. What for all of our old episodes, download the stitcher app their free on this to trap and also check Our bones: show cod off the record colonel. Do we have any recommended reading for this week this week we are.
Recommending hunting whitey the inside story of the capture and killing of america's most wanted crime boss by casey, sherman and dave wedge. This is the thrilling and definitive story of the pursuit and capture of legendary boston, mob boss, James whitey bulger detailing his on the run and his brutal murder in prison check out that great idle and many others on our recommended page check. Your fine all are recommended reading at true crime, garage dot, com and click on the recommended page. until next week, bigger
be kind and don't live.
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