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Hunting Humans /// Part 1 /// 497

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Hunting Humans /// Part 1 /// 497

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In the famous short story “The Most Dangerous Game” General Zaroff hunted shipwrecked sailors. The Zodiac killer used lover’s lanes in Vallejo, a lakeside park and the streets of San Francisco to shoot young couples. In the 70’s and 80’s someone was hunting the young women of Anchorage, Alaska. This week we explore the story of Alaska’s most cold blooded killer - Robert Hansen the Butcher Baker.

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the most dangerous game also published as the hounds of tsar off as a short story by richard Conall. The fictional work was first published in january of nineteen twenty four. The story features a big game hunter from new york city, who falls off yeah and swims to what seems to be an abandoned and isolated island in the caribbean, where he is hunted by a russian aristocrat, the general plot of the most dangerous game is one that has been adapted many times over the years. The story is inspired by big game hunting safaris in africa, south america
there were particularly fashionable among wealthy americans in the nineteen twenty six, the most dangerous game has been called the most popular short story ever written in English. Upon its publication, it won the o henry award here in the garage we do our best to advocate and fight for the victims of true crime, but as embarrassing as it is. Sometimes the draw are the villains. The villain of the most dangerous game is a big game. Hunter generals are off who's, been hunting and Since he was a boy, he is decided that killing big game has become born. So he moves to an island and sets it up to trick ships into wrecking themselves on the jagged rocks that surrounded it takes us of ivory captive and hunts them for sport, sort of gives them food, a knife and a three hour head start and then hunt them down with a smile
all caliber pistol. Any captives who allude tsar off his servant and a pack of hunting dogs for three days will be set free and fair. really for many of the stranded sailors that find themselves on the island tsar off proves to be an incredibly successful hunter. The once big game hunter generals are off turns serial killer. as he hunts the most dangerous animal of them all man. He kills for sport, for the thrill of the hunt for the pleasure of the kill tsar off is the hunter. The trapped sailors are the hunted and the island is his hunting, ground and playground. Many of our listeners will think of the zodiac killer when they hear the title, the most dangerous game because of the possible reference in ciphers that the zodiac killer.
Scented newspapers in the san Francisco bay area, when decoded by husband and wife, donald and betty harden. We learn that the monster calling itself, the zodiac said quote: I like killing people, because it is so much fun and is more fun than killing wild. and the forced, because man is them dangerous animal of all to kill. Something gives me the most thrilling experience and in the two thousand and seven film zodiac, the film version of the most dangerous game is mentioned a number of times, and this week's case the story of the hunt. killing men on an island, is even more relevant, but really anytime, we are discussing humans. Hunting humans, it is relevant,
especially when discussing organised and methodical serial killers, because that is what they do. Essentially, they hunt the majority of these types are obsessed with sexual violence, legendary fbi, profiler Roy hazelwood, called these types, the great white sharks in his book, dark dreams. He goes through all the theories about what goes into the creation of a sexual crimes, an organized sexual and hate motivated serial killers. In the end, he reminds us that the most obvious of the most frightening explanation of all Is it some offenders commit sexual violent crimes simply because they want to they like it, and they have no regard for what The rest of society thinks John Douglas, maybe the most famous fbi b of all wrote in his one ninety five book and hunter five,
There's play a most dangerous game. The more we understand the way they play the more. We can stack the odds against them. it is true crime garage. The no one knows for sure when it all started it being young women going missing in and around anchorage alaska, some say it was nineteen. Eighty others say it was as early as christmas of nineteen. Seventy one, the only person who knows for sure ain't talking we will start off in the winter of nineteen. Eighty
one in anchorage alaska us in the lower forty eight. When we think of alaska, we think of the cold and the snow. The average temperature in alaska in December is between thirteen and twenty five degrees, the population of the city of anchorage at the end of nineteen. Eighty one would be right around one hundred and seventy five thousand people on December. Second, nineteen, eighty one andrea l, teary, was reported missing by her girlfriend. She told police at the time filing the report. The andrea worked as an exotic, dancer and downtown anchorage ass. She was last seen going to me an unknown mail for a photo shoe. Andrea, never returned home. She was last seen taking a check cab to the boniface mall around eleven pm. This is in anchorage alaska According to our friends over the charlie project, Andrea Al Terry was all oh known by her stage, name enchantment, and by a nickname fish.
The young woman is described as a white female adult with a medium complexion. Twenty four years of age, she was reported as being five foot, five inches tall and one hundred and twenty pounds, miss out had medium to long brown, hair that she wore straightened and had brown eyes last seen wearing a black leather jacket, red sweater, blue jeans, brown, cowboy boots, it may have been carrying a small flowered, make up bag and a black zipper
earth. Andrea was also reported to have been wearing some very distinctive items in any time. Captain that we're talking about a missing person. We ve always said this. If you can't find the person you hope to at least find some of the items that they had on their person when they went missing and it helps to have distinctive specific items. We ve seen that in several cases that we ve covered here, the distinctive items that are listed are a gold colored ring with one pearl. A golden colored ring with two pearls: an antique wedding ban, set with a rose set, and a custom made golden necklace shaped like a salmon with a diamond set as the eye the rumors I saw say that She was offered three hundred dollars for a photo shoe with this unknown male. So that's a lot of money. That's in it attractive offer to someone to go out on this photo shoe be probably roughly around three thousand
dollars in today's money. So I don't know this Listen here, if you would about the money, but three honour boxes is still a lot of coin too. Now we have no one that says that they ever saw andrea again and we have her friends. We have her mother and the alaska state troopers, who have looked for andrea for years and, of course, foul play is suspected in ao terri's case due to the circumstances involved. Now we say we don't know when it really started, because it is anyone's guess it could be when young women started to go missing megan Eric Mary fill an roxy, an equal and these women range and age from seventeen to twenty. Four all three were reported missing between July nineteen. Seventy three and june of nineteen, eighty all were reported missing
under similar circumstances. And they had all made some type of arrangement with the unknown male to meet for money. Some were offered money for a photo shoot some for lunch, some for sex. Just andrea and altieri. They have never been seen again. these women go missing in the seventies and eighties, and we don't know if it's by the same person,
I would know all the women were propositioned with an opportunity to. We know how these individuals were connecting with these women, because obviously there was in the internet back then I, my guess, would be at their work or, however, they were earning their money would be the where this opportunity came from in each of these circumstances, I can't say for certain we're going off of somewhat vague details that are ranging from forty to almost fifty years old. The other thing here captain is when we talk about it when it started, it also could be when bodies to turn up now there was a girl found on christmas day. Nineteen, seventy one. This was seventeen year old, celia vans, aunt em, and then there was the unidentified remains that were located, July of nineteen eighty workmen discovered skeletal
means and a shallow grave while working on some power lies. The body was very decomposed indicating her death had occurred months earlier. Authorities hoped that may be some of the items found with the remains would lead to an identification. of this individual, these items were a brown leather, hip length, jacket, a light coloured, knitted, sleeveless shirt, blue jeans and red knee high high heeled, zip up boots. A box of salem matches were found in a pocket of her jacket, indicating this person may have been a smoker. The victim was also wearing several pieces of jewelry handmade metal bracelet with three turquoise stones, a copper necklace containing shell, beads and heart pendant and a
timex wristwatch and gold plated twisted metal hoop earrings. When this person is found, these items are listed, pictured and sent out to the public asking for the public's help. Can you help us to identify this person that we have found? The autopsy report concluded that she was likely killed by a stab wounds to the back and revealed that the victim was petite, probably between four foot eleven to fight foot three inches tall and most likely white, although she may have had a degree of native american heritage, her hair color ranged from light brown to strawberry blonde again. These remains are very decomposed. They don't know who they are looking at, some of the things that they are observing and taking note of they cannot say for certain because of the decree.
position that has taken place brain. They believe that this individual would have been most likely between the ages of sixteen and twenty five. Now the interesting that thing that jumped off the page here to me, captain is she's falling right in that age range of women that have gone missing right and the body that has already turned up born dislike. You are saying because of their ages because of the manner in which they're found or not found, can't rule out the possibility that they're all connected. So this person, whoever she may be to this very day, is yet to be properly identified and she is known as a clue, gonna Annie, and this is simply because she was found near a clute in a lake road in a klute in that area.
of anchorage alaska the same month in that same very area, and with this one the authorities will have much more luck. There were additional remains found. There were, Spain's found in a gravel pit and they were listed as badly decomposed as well, she was later identified as Jo Messina, two months later forty one year old lisa for trial was reported missing, LISA Reported to last be seen leaving her job for a date. Lisa was a dancer at a club in anchorage. In november of nineteen, eighty one twenty three year old, sherry morrow, also known as sherry graves and known as georgia at the club, where she danced she danced at this busy show bar on fourth avenue and anchored We have these people going missing and we have some
These turning up and all of this with the bodies turning up. This takes us right back around full circle to the lady that we first discussed Andrea Al Terry reported missing early december nineteen. Eighty one notice in the missing persons reports. As far as the months go when these young women are going missing, they are sort of all over the shop right. They're gone myth missing in all kinds of different months about these years, but it's no surprise that, given the cold temperatures in the amount of snow in alaska that we are finding bodies when we are finding bodies, it is limited to the summer months, ordered the warmer months well, this story will really start to heat up in september of nineteen, eighty to remember, Sherry morrow, that we just discussed. So this is when
a body of exotic dancer. Sherry morrow was found near the nick river by two off duty police officers, who were out moose hunting. I want read this article because it really lays everything out nicely, especially when it comes to the thoughts of the invest. the gators when Sherry morrow's body was found now headline reads: more graves sought after dancer found and the article reads: alaska state troopers are expected to search for more graves on the willow scrub sand bars of the nick river, where moose hunters discovered the body of a missing dancer earlier this month, but troopers, and
anchorage police say they doubt the murder of twenty four year old, Sherry morrow is related to the disappearance of at least three other dancers. From anchorage since june of nineteen, eighty trooper lieutenant John Schoeffer said quote: there's nothing now to indicate that the disappearances are anything other than a coincidence, as anchorage police investigators. Maxine pharaoh put it quote. We don't believe that we have a mass murderer out here. Some psycho knocking off girls, but we have to cover every possibility. miss morrow, also known as Sherry graves worked at a club on anchorages. Fourth avenue she vanished november. Seventeenth, nineteen, eighty one leaving her belongings behind her body was found september. Twelfth
in a shallow grave on a sandbar, a mile below the bridge on the palmer alternate highway quote: we've got to keep those other girls in the back of our minds, said: trooper, homicide, investigator, lyle, hogs them The moose hunter said he was checking the area around his campsite to see if I could stir something up before dark when he discovered miss morrow's body. The hunter and off duty officer said at first he was unsure what he had found but was suspicious, because he had also found a boot and a jacket near by two of the other missing dancers have been identified as rocks and eastland last seen, leaving for a day
on June 28th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty and lisa fertrell last seen leaving her job for date. On september, seventh, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seems pretty familiar. We have these women that are either working as sex workers or they're working as strippers getting opportunities by some guy and not just a decent opportunity. These are lucrative opportunities, never seen again
alaska is a big area. So how how much distance are we see in between where the bodies are discovered? I don't have the information right in front of me here. Captain. It's probably a good amount of distance that the difference is in a couple of the cases, there's not a lot of distance they're, the they're found in the same area. I'm just wondering how close to length the gil go beach. Well, in that situation they were, they were walking distance apart or break. You walked down the street and you're finding another. Another body doesn't seem familiar to like the long island serial killer murders. Well, that's just it with the all the serial cases. They usually seem very familiar, they've, there's a lot of similarities that go into the procuring.
The victims and the disposal of victims and so forth, and so on. And then, when you get knee deep into it, then you start to really realize the complexity of each case and that there are some things that are very unique to each case and that's what we're going to see here. What is not so obvious is that can't just look at the situation and go okay. Well, we got a bunch of women that are missing and wait now What a bunch of bodies that are turning up in the missing are not the same as the bodies that are turning up because Unfortunately, the bodies that are turning up are no longer missing right and you can't just look at that situation and go. Well, we got a serial offender here we got one guy, that's as the one officer in that article so bluntly, we don't think that we have some psycho. running around knocking off girls. You have three different officers that were there for additional bodies. That's what's interesting. We found
on body, sherry, Maura's body, in this area. We here not only looking for additional evidence in her homicide, they publicly state, where also here, looking for other bodies. That is, of course, because we have the missing women that have still not been found. So in this case, I think it's weird, because you have three officers stating we don't think we're dealing with anything it's connected here and I think, what's going to back up those gut instincts that they're having when interviewed for this article in september, Nineteen. Eighty two is that they don't find any other bodies in that immediate area, but what they are going to and is going to be related to the forensics. So
In sherry mars case, it took about two weeks to identify her remains to figure out. Who are we looking at here now? You heard what was said in the article this view and the other missing dancers are probably just a coincidence, but it's the forensic work conducted that will tell us otherwise, and that is because investigators found a spent two hundred and twenty three shell casing: it makes sense. Ok, considering that they were able to determine the show mara was shot in the back by the strange anguish, sherry moroz case she was shot in the back she didn't, have any bullet holes in her clothing, there was found on her body, mean shoes, shot negative and then her clothes were put back on her. Yes, it is horses strong suggestion that she was nude when killed, and then someone took the time to dress her before
burying her in a shallow grave. So, of course, they would hope to find a shell casing and they did they found it near sherry, morris body. But what makes this even more interesting and, of course, investigators are going to learn this fact after this article was printed. They find out that two years prior to that incident, two other women had been found in similar circumstances. The first was that including Annie, whose never been identified. The second was a topless dancer named Joanna mot, sina and the including at Annie case evidence showed that the bar He had been buried at one time by had been on earth by animal so when she was discovered she's above ground, but they have all this evidence it. Someone took the time to bury this victim. Joanna was the one that was
found nearby by including a annie in a gravel pit, so they found a to twenty three shell casing at one of these sites as well. So now things are starting to look a lot different. You have two bodies, and near one another, one body out of a dancer, and you have eight to twenty three casing from one of the barrels Then, two years later you find the I have another dancer, sherry mauro and find a to twenty three kate, but to twenty three casing in the dirt. Alongside her body. So you might have a bunch of missing young women and bodies popping up, but now you have strong reason to believe that these three at least these three homicides are
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Welcome back here so that people in the front and in the back and years to you, colonel the people in the back get some seats up front. There were sold out, they were sold out. our eye we talked about. Now we have something showing as that. Some of these cases are probably connected. So, let's fast forward about a year. Ok, this is going to take us to september of nineteen. Eighty three. When the body of seventeen year old, paula goulding, was found in a shallow grave on the bank of the neck river, she too had been shot in the back, but again
if they find no bullet holes on her clothing, so she too had been shot and then someone dressed her before burying her in a shallow grave. Now we know by reviewing the lists of the missing and the bodies that have turned up, that we likely have a higher body count than that of what has been recovered, but now a fourth victim is recovered and the remains were left in a very similar manner, as remains There were left at a previous body recovery site, so we're seeing a lot of a lot of connection between some these victims, and then you know you still have several that are out there and that are missing, and I pointed out earlier captain. This is a big area. There's lots of space to hide things. Should one want to.
by the weather, doesn't cooperate with the discovery of the bodies, either. If a girl's taken and she's murdered and then place into the woods, and then you have weeks of snow and weeks of winter, that really hinders the them sagacious. When, in some of these cases, you feel like may be. There's a little luck involved for the investigators, because the bodies weren't buried very deep. These are extremely shallow graves and animals are plentiful in this area and have on earth at least one of the victims, and you wonder, had somebody gone to a more greater effort, then maybe these bodies may not have been
ever recovered re now, let's get into some info. This is from another news article this time, listen to how the general thoughts and suspicions of the case how they have chain somewhat dramatically in the last year, and some of these officers and detectives that are quoted in this article are the same that were quoted in the previous one that we reviewed. This article is titled. Two more names may be added to list of missing bar dancers,. And it reads: homicide investigators are trying to determine whether two more names should be added the growing list of bar dancers, who have vanished from anchorage since one thousand nine hundred and eighty frustrated police fear six women on the list, maybe dead, their bodies hidden in the van.
anchorage expanses. They already know that a seventh woman is dead, while they say there may be more than one killer. Investigator suspect that one man may have murdered them all quote. He still here says: maxine Farrell, she's in anchorage police, homicide, investigator who's been tracking the missing women for at least two years. She goes on to say the publicity might have pushed him under a little but he's here they sums they're going off with somebody. They trust she says I believe, he's in his late thirties, early forties, probably clean cut in soft spoken to wear the girls feel really safe with him. He may be affluent. If not, he pretends to be these girls aren't stupid. He's got to be able to show he can pay.
I don't think they just ran away. These girls are leaving behind things. They would not normally leave so far away seven women most in their twenties. With light hair, most new in town new to anchorage have disappeared under strikingly similar circumstances and eighth woman, whose body was found near a klute na in nineteen He is on the list, but little is known of her. The women often are transience when they turn up missing. Nobody calls at in this. According to miss pharaoh hunters in nineteen, eighty two found one of the seven that the twenty three year old, sherry mauro, buried on a sandbar near the nick river. This is twenty five miles north of anchorage. She was fully cloe than had been shot. a rifle investigator said her shallow grave,
located in an accessible area a second partially deacon whose body has yet to be identified was unearth near by earlier this month. She too had been shot and appear to have been dressed. Her group it was in a near lee, inaccessible, remote area police think she is one of the missing dancers, but are awaiting dental records from hawaii to be sure, miss ferris
as records. Checks now indicate to more women may fit a profile compiled by police. They are cathy, dishwasher age. Twenty three had disappeared late last year and a lean fray twenty who was reported missing in september but may have vanished in march. Miss Farrell goes on to say they make me suspicious enough to take a closer look, also missing our six other women. The first was reported missing in august of nineteen eighty, the most recent in April of nineteen eighty three most our dancers at topless and bottomless clubs and bars police say one worked in a massage parlor at least one had been arrested for prostitution and others were known to the members of the anchorage police vice squad,
Many of them had close contact with their families and friends before they dropped out of sight. She says that's interesting to me captain, because what the officers telling us there is that these women, as transient as they may be right, they are keeping in contact with their loved ones and loved ones. not heard from them, so something dramatically has changed in their lives to put them in a city. and where either they're choosing not to contact loved ones or cannot contact loved ones. While I was going to bring up the point, because alaska is one of the places people go so other people don't know where they're at they go missing on their own. But, like you said that what a great point these people work- yes they're in alaska and they're working and they could disappear at any point that they want to, but the recent past they were in constant contact with friends or family members, so it wasn't like they just went off.
And became alexander supertramp. I want something on the record right here right now, captain if I go missing or I disappear, I want to squash also spent Since right away, I will leave or no I will tell someone I put that on the record. If you don't hear from me or you don't find a note, something happened to the kernel, something bad. Somebody got him now. She goes on to talk about the myths again. As she said, one told friends that she was going to meet a man at noon. Listen all these similarities. Again, a man at noon at a downtown restaurant and then go to a photo session with this man. Another said she was getting a man at noon who offered her through. Hundred dollars, for one hour of her time, police reports indicate a third woman, told friends. She was meeting a really neat guy at a restaurant around noon on the day that she went missing. Neat very
Another was going to a lunch date by cab and one was meeting a man she said was a doctor. The detective goes on to say of the missing women, with one exception, Well, they all were in their twenties between five foot, four and five foot, seven inches tall, weighed about one hundred and twenty to one hundred and twenty five pounds and were slim, usually busty, sergeant, lyle, hogs, vin and alaska state trooper, investigator working. The cases says: police are trying to assemble a psychological profile to assist the investigation He says one man, possibly from the anchorage area, may be responsible for the killing of two women whose bodies were found on the knik river quote. The graves were so similar shallow. He says. No great effort was made to bury
m. There may not have been time just to know the area where he took the girls yeah, it's a local meaning, the suspect searchers stock, the rivers sandbars during the past week and looking for more bodies but came up empty handed checks with other states for similar crimes have added nothing. Meanwhile, troopers are compiling a list of names to feed into a computer and hopes of finding another thread quo is extremely frustrating. You think you ve got things going, but then I you're back to square one hogs when says: if it is a mass killer, maybe he's on a mission or something maybe he's got a fetish he's got to do, but they are coming more frequently, meaning the bodies when he says they
at the end of the article now that articles a little long- and I apologize for that- but there's a lot of interesting things in there and to me. This is something that I've believed for years and had several discussions with others about specifically some detectives who hold profile. players in fbi agents in very high regard and sometimes higher than they hold themselves and I've always kind of thought like yeah there there are people that go to school that are educated, that are trained in the ways of criminal profiling right, but captain you and I have been looking at. Does that are much older than win? profiling really came to be in one thing that I always seen in this. Article fully shows that that really at their core detectives profile a K.
They profiled the offender, the area where a body is found, the circumstances under which the person went missing. They profile the victimology right. We see that right here in this article, where one of the officers is talking about what types of girls are going missing and turning up dead. where their working about their ages and really making a connection between the victims that there they don't know it. Other may not know each other, but their similar people living similar lifestyles and similar areas. Then other officer goes on to say: look. This might be why one person would be out here killing all these women and I
If he's a local and hears, why and backs it up with some some thoughts and suspicions. So in a way they are profiles. One at this point, in the case, that's all that investigators can do is profile, but we get a break in the case because one of the victims gets away yeah, that's what so interesting in this case, because here we have two newspaper articles that are almost exactly one year part where the investigators who one were tracking the missing women and two are investigating the bodies that they, they are finding say two completely different things. First year ago, we don't think these are connected
There is enough. We know enough about the streets. We know enough about the victims in the area that were working, that our gut tells us not connected fast ward, one year later, completely different song and dance, all of whom were saying, there's a chance that they're not connected, but now we feel based off of what we ve learned about the victims in the last year. What we ve learned about the forensics in the evidence They were finding at these body recovery sites that they very likely are connected so much so that they're going of their way to tell the general public the women that are still missing, we've not even recovered. Yet we think are probably connected to what we are finding here. So when you think about all that is changed in the case over the course of that year the evidence is changed and there is more concrete ways to link the victims together. They are from the same area
living similar lifestyles. Some are missing under similar circumstances. Bodies found near one another and killed and left in the same manner. All of that is happening, but the other thing that happened in this case is cindy paulson pulse and happened. Cindy was only seventeen years old and she is scratching by working as a dancer and sex worker and living in anchorage alaska, on our timeline. Technically we're going back about three months captain. So now it's the middle of june nineteen. Eighty three hundred cindy is out working and she gets in this guy's car, the guy. is fairly average. Looking a little on the ugly side, he's got pockmarks on his face and glasses and wears glasses.
He offers Cindy two hundred dollars for oral sex. Now this is quite a bit above the normal street rate and she accepts that cause cause in Columbus, go to main street and get a blow job for it, Cheeseburger well, the two of them agree to drive somewhere and at some point this man pulls a gun on her. He tells her that he is going to take. His time and they are going to do what he wants and if she cooperates, no one will get hurt. If she doesn't do as he says, or if he's going to create problems for him, he is going to kill her day basically says: look you're going to chalk this up to a bad ex
you picked the wrong guy and maybe from now on, if you do what I tell you to do well to let you free you're, going to be safe and from just now on you can. You might want to be more careful on which individuals you pick up, then put some handcuffs on the young woman and then drove her to what she could only assume was his home. Where he sexually assaulted her and tortured her. At one point he raped her on a black bear skin rug. She was in this guy's basement for a couple of hours. He even briefly took a nap during the ordeal she, of course, was handcuffed and chained up during that, but she could see all kinds of hunting trophies mounted on the walls of the basement. The
at first told her. His name was dawn, but then hours later, maybe after the nap he saying his name was bob, but she didn't have any reason to believe either. Name would be his real name unless he did absolutely intend to kill her. Then it wouldn't matter if she knew his name or not. Just like the two hundred dollars, he had promised her wouldn't matter either she knew he was going to kill her. So after the guy took a short nap, he wakes up and he tells her that he likes her. He really likes her. He said that he had done this sort of thing before he gets a girl,
takes her to his house, and then he takes her up to his cabin now in the middle of nowhere. The two of them will spend a couple days there and when he is done, he flies the girls back, gives them some money and lets them go, but he said he really liked her, so he might be spending more time. With her than he did with the others. Eventually, the guy drives the two of them to a local airfield. This is merrill field airport, where he has a small, blue and white plain waiting. The man parked the car and got out and told the still handcuffed cindy you're. Not move or else because if you start moving and making a bunch of noise, well
Then you are going to get me very angry and when I get angry, I shoot girls, so she better not upset him after he left the car to load the plane Cindy paulson, threw her body into the driver seat and opened the door she I have any shoes on her hands are cuffed, but she sprinted to the nearest road that she, find the man turned around and saw her running now, keep in mind This is in the middle of the night Well, early in the morning, it's still very dark out. The man goes running after her with his gun. She runs out onto fifth ave. At about five, a m in the morning, she's beat up in handcuffed. Thank.
and there was some one out on the road, a trucker driving his big rig and, thank god again, this guy stopped to help Cindy. She jumps in the truck and the two speed Now the guy chasing after cindy got so close to the truck close enough that the good samaritan driver could see This she was being chased by a man with a gun right, not just a man. This man was armed in look like he was ready to use it once in the truck their driving off cindy ass, the driver to take her to a motel air. Her boyfriend was saying: there's some arguing back and forth between the trucker in Cindy about where they should be goin trucker really felt like they should be going to the police station bright Cindy wanted
the thing to do with anything and only wanted to get to the motel. During the course of that argument. It does, of course, come up that cindy had some reservations about going to the police station because of some of her activities that she was involved in leading up to this horrific riffic event. Right now, let's go back to the airfield right. The man that took Cindy captive. After he sees her jump in this truck and drive off now he's going to make his way back to his vehicle and he is going to drive off and get outta dodge as quickly as he can. But a security guard took notice of all of this strange behavior that was going on and he wrote down the license plate number on this guy's vehicle. Now back at the motel Cindy Paulson still hand,
in handcuffs she got a hold of her boyfriend and some one working the front desk decided that at that point you know whether she wants to or not I'm calling the police. So the front desk worker calls in the anchorage police department yeah. I also heard that the truck driver drove to the police department as well. I think he did after dropping her off at the motel, when police arrived at the motel cindy provided a highly detailed account of the abduction. This included information about the man's car, his home, possibly even what street it was on and the small
or plain: she described her attacker as a white male medium build five foot, six inches tall, a hundred seventy pounds was short brown hair with crossed front teeth and acne scars on his face. Now, at this point, in the story, captain Cindy is in a police car. They are heading for the hospital, as is standard protocol for a victim of a sexual assault, while in around to the hospital. The drive past the same airfield. The cindy said she had run from this is just an hour or so earlier. She god bless this woman. I mean she is amazing to be in such a horrific situation and be able to remember such good details. She was able to remember what the plane looked like that he,
is attempting to loader into and where the plane was parked at the airfield she walked The police, to a little blue and white plain- and this was identified as a super cub aircraft- tail number in three zero, eight nine the now around this same time, the security officer that made no of some strange behaviour earlier. Well, he is speaking with police. This man's name is Brian dampers. He told the police, set at five hundred and fourteen a dot m. That morning he observed a white male running to a vehicle
was wearing a green coat and hat and ran to a green vehicle. Demars was able to provide them with the plate. Number alaska, plate, number b, J, Z, seven, seven, five yeah. So at this point it's kind of like ah got him, but is this the guy that is responsible for multiple women going missing yeah? Is he responsible for these other disappearances? Is he responsible for the bodies that are turning up he's, obviously going to look very good for this case and how quickly you have all this information about this dude, because the beautiful thing about things like tail numbers and license plate numbers, they usually lie.
you directly to somebody right and you're, hoping it leads. You directly to the somebody. That's responsible for abducting this young woman assaulting her and trying to take her to god knows where one law enforcement is not going to hesitate. They're gonna go right to his house yeah, because very quickly, the police discover that the plane was registered to a robert c hanson, who lived at seventy two. Twenty three old harbour road. Now, let's cross reference that with our other tidbit of information here, the vehicle license plate was registered to a robert c hanson as well yeah. Now
far as this investigation is concerned, where cookin with gas. Now by this time, captain we have had several years of dancers and others reported to be missing. Plus we have about three years a bodies turning up so, of course, policing. Detectives are fully aware that something is going on. They believe they have some cases, it might be connected, maybe they're, not that is in part, because when we are investigating the disappearances, the homicide They took to the streets and to the show bars into the clubs asking the traditional questions Is there anyone you suspect of harming so and so or worthy any johns that this victim was afraid of and told you about. Maybe somebody got rough with her or may somebody roughed up this woman.
After doing the legwork police detectives head themselves, a list of fifteen to twenty suspects, depending on which detective you spoke to this Robert see Hansen whose car was seen at the airfield where Cindy escaped her captor Cindy independently of the security guards account identifies the lane that belongs to robert see handsome. The security guard, independently of cindy, identifies the vehicle as belonging to robber, see handsome. So again, things are lining up nicely for police that this abduction and rape case should go quite smoothly for them, but is it connected to any of the other cases? That's the big She marked because robbers he Hansen was not a name that the responding officers and, more importantly, detective floaty, who would catch the
ace none of them are familiar with this name and the name. Robber Hansen certainly didn't appear on any current suspect less than on top of when law enforcement goes to talk to Hansen, he denies knowing syn at all. Are you a true friend, dr junkie? You want to help out the show go to ITU and leave a five star review. It really helps the show, but it also helps other people in the show show them the way to the garage as we say and join us back here.
in the garage tomorrow for the rest of this week's case. Until then be good, be kind and.
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