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Jabez Spann /// Part 1 /// 366

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This week we discuss the terribly sad case of Jabez Spann. We are spotlighting this case as the Sarasota Police Department desperately needs the help of the public. Please help find justice for Jabez.Beer of the Week - Guayabera by Cigar City Brewing Company Garage Grade - 4 and 3 Quarter Bottle Caps out of 5Thank you to our great sponsors!www.SimpliSafe.com/Garage - get FREE shipping and a 60-day risk free trial! www.Hallmark.com/Garage - use code GARAGE for 20% off!The full archive of True Crime Garage is available on the Stitcher listening app for FREE! Our show “Off the Record” is only on Stitcher Premium. For a FREE month of listening go to http://stitcherpremium.com/truecrimegarage and use promo code GARAGE

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the the, the yeah Fourteen year old from the new town, neighbourhood of Sarasota, still remains missing. Tonight jabez span was last seen back on labour. About twenty four
If the street in Sarasota cbc seventh rick Adams joins us, live tonight from Sarasota police headquarters with more in the story, rick, it's a parent's worst nightmare having our child vanish off the face of the earth to one of spans. Fourteen year old son jabez has been missing now since September fourth span, her boyfriend and other family members are pleading for information to find him and hopefully a safe return home. If there's anybody that know anything like don't like something, don't just let him just be out there, like Jabez, was last seen playing near his grandmother's house and the fifteen hundred block of twenty third street in sarasota. The sarasota police department are following all leads and asking the community for their assistance.
As we have done, that searches grid searches. We have tried pinging his phone. We have followed up leads at this point. We know and believe that there are people within our community that has information about this young man and his whereabouts. The fact the paying job as a soulful, attractive to an undisclosed, wooded area near Sarasota, but police weren't able to find the phone or any evidence of him being there and one of the ways the community is trying to help is they're going door to door in store to store with flyers like this groups are now going out daily, handing out hundreds of these flyers with the hopes they get in the hands of some so you know something. This is an additional another opportunity for the community to come together and to support one another to show love to collaborate. You know to do was write. Your best span is described as a bright teen, who is very athletic. He is between five feet: seven inches and five feet. Nine inches tall weighing one hundred
twenty to one hundred thirty pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a turquoise shirt. Somebody's gotta know what's something that probably has to do something where this boy and if you know more information jabez his whereabouts are being asked to contact authorities immediately reporting alive from get us out of the sea. The number academy, Scott back to you thanks, so much that up the this we are discussing the case of Jabez eugene span, who two thousand and seventeen was a fourteen year old boy living in the new town area. Sarasota Florida sarasota. Population was about fifty six thousand people new town. majority african american. In fact, a historic plaque posed
the sarasota county. Historic commission dedicates the area as the quote: first black community in the city. new town is near downtown. Sarasota Jabez was a great kid according to everyone who knew him. He was full of jokes and humor his mother to want to span whom who crime garage spoke with at length. Had various trouble. Sir, her life jabez was actually born in prison and as new born. He was handed over to a foster family, but his graham, their lucille tilbury tracked him down and put up a fighter. he's him herself She got legal guardianship of jabez when he was just months old. She kept the biblical Jabez that two gave him, which means bearer of pain, wanna, felt that this name would make him strong and bring him gods protection throughout his life Jabez adieu.
his grandmother lucille, although they sometimes budded heads because she was old school child rearing ways and he rebel a little and give her a hard time. but everyone loved each other and gender age, a best toad, the lines drawn by lucille Jabez. Also had a good relationship with his mom who was released after serving her four year sentence. She the Tampa bay for not far away as was thriving in his grandparents' home, so his mom made the decision to let him continue to live with them. Jabez There, too, wanna was very involved with jabez. Even they did not live together or share home job His father, however, lived in june Well, Florida there was not much a part of the boys life. Now, on the other hand, it's pretty clear the jabez handsome poor role models in his life and all brother was serving fifteen years in prison,
the brother was an rehab and his own Cornelius was in and Anna prison. Multiple ties for some pretty serious crimes to us and told dateline Jabez had seen these family members making serious mistakes throughout their life, and he was determined not to go down the same paths he did have The incident involving the police, but generally he was a good kid. With head screwed on properly he got good grades in school, In fact, he was a teachers assistant and was a football star according to his mother, Jabez was all these carrying a football around. family, had hopes of him playing football in college and maybe even making it to the nfl one of his friends described, Jabez as fun, energetic in very apt He was great basketball football and he was also known to do these flips animal, whence notice you see these people, sometimes you see a full
star on on tv, who will just do one of these flips randomly standing there and also their in mid air and then their back on their feet again, crazy stuff. I got out of bed when flip at a time, Jabez was usually found somewhere in the neighborhood, often playing ball. Or hanging out at the park with his friends Jabez It was not tiny, I mean he was fourteen years old. He is five foot, nine inches tall, one hundred and two we pounds and we art about jabez, being full of humor and just really a fun kid. Almost every pick, I've seen, you can see how happy he is in pictures, he was a kid with a great smile abroad. And more smile, just a good. Looking all american kit So when you smile that big use also smile with your eyes, let's talk about the night in question. in question that the night the jabez vanished
This is on the night of september. Fourth, two thousand and seventeen labour day. It's a monday Jabez attended a labour day party. This was, held by his family. family member said: Jabez did not appear to be having fun at the party. This is probably because there weren't many kids, he's fourteen years old, his problem bored at a shindig does just full of adults. He did hold his uncles bay. For some time, but around five thirty p m he left to go hang out with some bodies. His grandmother ports. The she saw him around six p m near a memorial recently erected for a shoe Victim from the neighborhood, this man that was killed, name was travis combs there was vigil held for Travis and Jabez attended. This
one of travis female cousins had a relationship which want spans brother, so he was sort of family to Jabez. This view I was in the fifteen hundred block of twenty third street at palma, avenue right near lucille house, where jabez lived, jabez return, to Lucy house with his body, whom we are just going to refer to hear as t, because he is a minor were there some time in the eight to ten p m range they left after that, Jabez was support to spend the night at a friends house at night, as he often did, but he always would come home to go to school and the next morning. You know this the tuesday morning there his school that day, He did not show up at school. Well, this is unheard of four jabez. He had good attendants records and.
His grandmothers now quite concerned about. Where could this young boy be work at this young man be and so she tries calling jabez and gets no answer on his phone loose. Your says she knew something was wrong immediately. She calling around looking for him to no avail finally called Tawana wanna Jabez mother, immediately jumped in her vehicle and sped off to sarasota. Now she actually thinking while she's making her way there. How much trouble. Jabez was going to be an once. She locates him because she's upset that hey You worried your grandmother, you didn't go to school, you're gonna be trouble. When I find you yeah it then simple light may spend the night is friends house spoke to wake up in them, and go home to get ready for school, but they are slap or some of the other
two I mean, even though it was unheard of for him to miss school. He had great attendants records, kids get older, they do they Maybe you stay the night at your buddies house, but he doesn't want to go to school. You find something stupid or go often do instead and then go that way. The problem here we have is now more talk about getting close to twenty four hour mark of when the last time he was seen, he doesn't go to school and he's not responding to phone calls going to his father, So here kid now. Good kid in the family thinks he's a good kid, but also have all these people in his family that started making wrong turns at some point in their life, and so I would be concerned with that is apparent as this action I am going down the wrong path. Correct and with any neighbourhood, be it I don't care. its located. I dont care the class of people. There are way
for teenagers to slip into the wrong crowd very easily. Now his mother arrived in this new town area after dark again, This is right around the twenty four hour mark, there. She last saw him so lucille. then calls police. This is to report Jabez missing this is on the evening of september fifth. After some persuading. The Sarasota police department did issue a missing persons report, but course initially treating this case as a possible runaway situation. This was based off ass behaviour, as Jabez was known to stay with friends, sometimes for multiple days at a time. Occasionally you know, he's gonna go into it with grandma from time to time. You know, as teenagers, we don't always agree with those with our parents or those who are raising us and sometimes you get an argument and stomp away and police. I think we're
thinking jabez fourteen years old, that's a possibility here we don't have any reports of that from Jabez his family on september, eighth, which as missing now for four days and no activity on his phone or social media, the Sarasota police department granted the case to a missing child case. The department issued a media blast about jabez being missing, and this blast said it's unclear. what the circumstances word leading up to his disappearance. Detectives, our anyone who now the whereabouts of Jabez, to call detective megan buck and gave a phone them, but then, six days later, This is I'm sorry. Six days after jabez vanished, the area was hit by a hurricane. This is hurricane irma. This knocked out the our too much of the area for quite some time. It was
until after the storm was over. That police began to take Jabez his disappearance, much more seriously they we issued them. John alert and the request for information this on september. Eighteen. But please, whereby thinking cities under attack by whether, if this kid Just man of his family had probably come back for safety correctly, we're getting up there in the number of days. Now that he's been missing at this, white sarasota police chief, bernadette Depinto, updated porters on the investigation and firm that it was officially a missing persons investigation, while the police had issued a floor, the missing child, or she said that did not meet the criteria for an amber alert because there was simply no evidence to suggest that jabez was abducted, and this something that we ve talked about. Other cases captain that this one it is a little trick here.
this one's a little more difficult and I this basis off of one victim ology and to kind of the movements and behaviors of everything involved. Right we will discuss plenty of cases where somebody see somebody go missing off the streets or somebody see somebody actually grabbed or snatched and grad, we don't have any reports of anybody claiming that jabez was was spy it being attacked or being per food by some one, and then on top of that, when we look at victim ology, just the just nature of his age Gender in his size makes him a less likely target, for you know them traditional that's a terrible word to use, but some of the more trash that we ve sk on the show in regard to child abduction, cases in the predators and the perpetrators of those crimes follow you,
use five nine one twenty highly athletic, so he would be a lot harder to kidnap a year? And I think I don't know that I can emphasise the athletic port enough. I mean, given what I've been told by several people. This is a kind of kid he wanted to get away from somebody. He could I mean he he was fast in his very athlete doesn't rule out the possibility of of of several people right and also scariest thing as one days are really sorry. You add up here and zero. Absolutely zero activity on his foe chief depinto, also stated that police had pained jabez a cellphone. She would say anything further other than to state that it did not lead to any thing, but it can mt later, that the phone had pinged in a wooded area near
industrial part and nothing found when this area was searched currently. This area is mostly water in woods. Ok now, for it general timeline. This takes us too about the two weeks mark job his family had been searching for him now for two weeks. At this point, credit his family? They, we're doing all the right things. They were vocal, announced Ok about demanding action on Jabez, his gaze. They pushed for searches. and it out flyers, and they said the word about their missing boy jabez. His aunt set up a facebook As for missing jabez span which publicize the boys, disappearance and posted about volunteer searches and flyer distribution to had been able to determine jabez his movements on the night that he was last seen. She figure out that he had gone to the park. This was too
play basketball, but and say very long, he left before too long, because he was not really dressed appropriately for sports activities. We all know the situation captain you like the play little ball in the neighborhood, you want your t, shirt on you, wanna, be in some shorts and in your basketball shoes, and given that he just coming from the party he was. Are you know wearing a nicer shirt wearing the parasol? acts wasn't really dressed for any sports activities. I do my hoopington penny loafers and george from them. she was able to figure out the. He did in fact go back to his grandmothers where he lived. This is in the eight to ten p m timeframe that we discussed. He was and his grandma's until he left with a friend. This kid that were calling t after that, the trail wing oh jabez, his mother to wanna and grandmother. Lucille knew that the boy would not have just run away there much
intuition, was telling them that something was very wrong and to want it abc action news, the time that she believed someone new where her son was saying quote. I dont know if are holding him or if something has happened to him. I feel as though, if there was nothing wrong with him. He have contacted someone by now there has been information out there there is somebody did know something to want at all. True crime garage. Did she had a sinking feeling very early on and she didn't really want to communicate that with anybody, but its mother's interracial? He misses school. The grandma is try to make contact with them. The mom is russian back But you said initially thinking that he was just doing something wrong, miss behaving then they do another step by starting to retraced his steps, which is there's something that every base do. If someone goes missing
right- and this is also you know when doing all of this and trying to put the puzzle pieces together to really fill out this time line. And follow it to the end or to the last known point. there are also talking to people in the neighborhood and she talking to other kids in the neighborhood, specially kids. They urge abbess his age right simply, you know, have you seen him? Have you heard anything? Is there somewhere that I should be looking that were not and during the conversations amongst these different kids in and what not, at some point of these kids her frankly, just blurted out, says quote, you know witnessed a murder, so she against, to hear rumours about jabez. His disappearance, Tijuana would the abc reporter that she had heard from various people. That jabez was in danger. She said
jabez was supposed to have witnessed something of a violent crime, whether or not that's true or not, fourteen year old does not fall off the face of the earth, no social media, no, nothing you're going to contact your friends or somebody, Sarasota police had clearly heard these rumours as well. Chief Depinto that they were following up on every lead, but the rumours in the gossip surrounding jabez. His disappearance had not been verified as credible. She made the following statement, alluding to the word on the street. The jabez had been vic mine by someone quote. We have done, grid searches and we I'd pinging his phone, we have fun, but upon leads at this, We know and believe that there are people with, in our community that has information about this young man and his whereabouts as she's asking around in the community
also knows that some of these kids are more likely to talk to her than they would be to law enforcement. But now she is getting these rumours but she's not able to connect some of the dots. september, twenty six two thousand and seventeen to want us. And lucy artillery made, a public plea for the return of their beloved son in grandson lucille was pouring tears ass. She said quote. I just want to say. I know somebody out. There knows what happened to Jabez. We love jabez We want is for anyone who knows anything just give him back to us with. I want him back. This could be any but he's child, I'm begging, pleading just bring him back She went on to say quote: the house is so empty without him in it. That's my baby! Somebody please please help us,
lucille emphasised that she was no stranger to emotional pain. She had already lost a husband who drop dead in their yard. She lost the brother and sister who was killed by lightning strike and she had lost her parents as well, but she said this is a feeling I've never felt before in my life chief dip No also spoke addressing the frustration that her department fell at not finding anything. She said quote we're doing everything we can, but is very frustrating we are not getting information from our community, so weird asking again and reaching out to the citizens in our community to please consider coming forward she appealing directly to people in the neighborhood who police clearly felt knew something specific about what had happened. two jabez she stated that foul play was not being ruled out, but reiterated that there is now
information either way under pressure from the family. soda police announced they reward in jabez his case on September thirtieth, this reward offered jointly by soda police department, the floor department of law enforcement. This was for six thousand dollars. In addition, digital billboard had been donated. This was to be used to ask for information and Jabez his case by october. Third, the f b I got involved, they had joined in the car. Helping in the search for Jabez Volunteer, searchers organised by the family continued to spend their days. Looking for clues throughout the neighbourhood and surrounding areas the family put together, prayer vigils marches down. Martin Luther king Jr way to wear Jabez was last seen this near. Is grandmothers house keeping the case in the public eye,
reward for information leading to jabez. His whereabouts grew all the way up to twelve. Five thousand dollars. Nineteen was contributed by the fbi. Five thousand The Florida department of law enforcement and one day and by the Sarasota police department but now we have the family doing there. Due diligence talked into the community, get in there's relay that to law enforcement. Now, law enforcement is making public statements. And also adding a reward, so it seems like every based as much as they can everybody's on the same page, everybody's working together. They all have the same goal in mind. Let's find this. Fourteen year old boy, the fan did report to the media that they were receiving daily calls from sarasota police with updates on the case. It seemed that the least apartment was actively and
to getting the case and legitimately interested in solving it. This should not sound like information that we need to report, but sometimes we ve seen that police do not give their All attention as much to inner city victims, at least publicly that does not seem to be the case here. I want to really underline this and reiterate this very strongly. True crime garage spoke with Jabez his family and with people very close to the case every. One of them said that they face molly, believe and have seen so much evidence of such the Sarasota police department was fully vested in this investigation that they were they being driven emotionally and the community and by their just their own, wants and needs to find jabez themselves. They were fully all and on this case, buddy on the inside they hit. The fan
or otherwise has question that now. I think, one thing that we see here captain when age how goes missing has been missing for weeks. This is a crime or this is this- is something the truly affects the community, is a crime since the community, and when that takes place, we want the community, wants something physical to point out and to blame. You know why did this happen? Why would this happened here unfortunately, in this case we had kind of two different approaches to where we had. Some people were saying. Look if you, had been a better mother. You it would never gone missing and I won't I, I won't stand for that at all. Can I cannot say that I understand that his mother has made mistakes, but she is a good person, and I believe that she is a good person. She made me takes just like anybody is capable of, especially
were younger. Were here's the thing you gonna love those. He was basically we in Poland the system right, foster family is grandma stepped up to the plate, says: oh no, he's gonna stay in our family. I'm gonna raise this boy, and then the mom starts given her together and she has. The love for her child enough to say we know maybe he's in a better situation, because I made these mistakes I don't want him to go down the same path. I want to give my child the best opportunity and maybe the best opportunity is with my mother and with me been as much of a cheerleader as I can, from the sidelines and being as much of his mother from the side yeah, I think dance exactly right, and the thing here too is: she is up front Jabez his mother tijuana she's up front about her mistakes that she made in she says. Look I didn't make these Mister
because I had a bad upbringing. She says I had a very good up, bringing the problem was at once I got to certain age. I started in bad choices, I started hanging out with the wrong people going to the right areas, doing the wrong things and that's what ended her up in prison for that for your sentence and, as you said, she gets out. She finds it. Her son is in a very good situation, thriving in that situation, and she I told him to continue to thrive in that situation. The other thing to that Emily pointed out specially jabez his mother, was did the people that we're friends with them- and you know community co workers, what not they also wanted somebody to blame. They wanted something physical, the pointer into blame, and it was a whole different blame game. they wanted to blame police and say that the police were not doing enough. It may be. They didn't care that they weren't trying as hard as they could.
Family has said straight up anybody that was, wasting our time with that we no time for that. That is not helping this case along, and that, in fact, was just what was going on at all sarasota police department was all in the if you have chanced to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it? Wonderings newest podcast, frozen head home by ashen alina of the hit show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life because for him death In the end it was just the beginning. His dream to be frozen and brought back to life in the future. Pulls us into a cryonics soap. Opera filled with dead pets, grenades, family feuds huh
of fame, baseball legends and frozen heads, lots of frozen heads the story about the desire to avoid death. The links that people will go to make that a reality and what it means to be alive to begin with less. the latest episodes of frozen head were ever you find your favorite pod guest. The the right cheers maids from very cold parts unknown the garage and normally I liked to say cheers to you through the glass cat and because we were separated by glass like a couple of wild animals, but
today, we are separated by several state line, so cheers everybody out there. I am in beautiful, sunny florida and that's a lie. I'm actually I'm joining, you from a bunker at the bottom of the ocean, and it smells a lot better on the grounds that while cheers everybody out their back to our case captain. By the end of October law enforcement officials were stepping up efforts to find jabez agents from the fbi. The florida men of law enforcement and the sarasota police department ray canvassing certain areas of new town the surrounding areas. There knock our doors and talking to people trying to uncover new leads in this missing persons case. This is because, by this time, there was some information about what likely happen to jabez, and this,
comes in the form of a probable cause affidavit. As you recall, we said earlier that Jabez mother to want stated the shit rumours that jabez had witnessed something he should not have a violent crime of some sort, while best had not told his family about witnessing anything to want. had learned through her inquiries. That jabez had talk to others about what he had seen and then something happened on october, twenty ninth. That would confirm for the family that these rumors were true, All of this information is from a probable cause, affidavit file in the sarasota county clerks office on november. Eight, two thousand and seventeen bear with us here before This gets a little complicated. Here's. What the probable cause affidavit says on october, twenty nine two thousand and seven
when Jabez had been missing for nearly two months, a man named reginald parker. to the home of lucille artillery on twenty third, three, a new tab He said he had information that might help the family in their quest to find out what happened to Jabez. He told her tat. He had witnessed the murder of Travis hopes. You might recall that jabez in his friends had been seen near a memorial for cops so the gallows connected to his family. Yeah and he was murdered on august, twenty eightth two thousand and seventeen and combs, as you stated, was, can did well known to jabez his family, well known to jabez, and it's kind of considered a member of the extended extended family than you think this would put him in situation that he felt like you could talk to his family about what he saw
firstly, we had reports, kids, stating this other people community, and now I witness claiming that that, bed was a witness to this murder. Ok, so, let's step aside for a minute and discuss this other here that we have reference several times. But let's take this opportunity to go through the murder of travis combs in some detail, Travis combs was a the regular dude. He was a working man, a proud father, with a son that loved him very much, but the one thing that would make him different from other working, regular dude fathers travis, was a weed dealer. Now many of the papers report him to be a drug dealer. Of course, marijuana is a narcotic, but nowadays, when we have several states in this country, where its declared legal to dust then sell, marijuana and cannabis. Th see products, I think the term drug dealer probably sounds a little too sinister for a
and who is selling a product that is well frankly, legal and other states, yes, very confusing in this country, because we ve talked about this before and one state you'd be looked at as entrepreneurs and other states he's a crimson yeah, and then we have our state lake ohio. There is now allowing medical you, of marijuana and down here in florida. They have just recently made of medical marijuana as well, so It seems like a lot of the states are going that way. Whatever side of the fence you fall on, I think it's a fair assessment to say that we dealer is different and it to me anyway. It's different to me, then then somebody that would be labelled a drug dealer, a measure of hard core drugs. Another rest, in fact about ohio was once a medical marijuana was legalised, glaucoma has gone up, five thousand percent.
Actual thing here is, I think, often to people here, someone is a drug dealer and they say silly things. Just really nonsense thing, like all while he got what he deserved when our Travis over all was a pretty good dude, he was selling marijuana simply for two reasons: one this a good amount of extra income and too he was smoker or user himself. I want be clear: I'm not condoning illegal behaviour and Frankly, in my opinion, he probably should have got out of this. The moment he became a father, that's a whole another conversation, and from ever one I spoke to and everything I could find. He was in fact a good father Travis m o was he sold weed out of his vehicle. This is much more common than I think, most people, truly, no. In fact, it's happening on several streets in your neighborhood or town as we speak, you have a
basic system of you park, your car or go and a certain location on certain days of the week and your open for business on the day that he was killed, Travis pulled his car into a vacant. Grassy lot on twenty second street. This is a spy where he was known to deal in customers would approach him there to conduct business yeah. He called his weed dispensary the grassy know. This lot is located according to reporters and others who have written about this case. Four hundred and fifth, these three feet from jabez. Is grandmothers house just four hundred and fifty three feet from Jabez is grandmothers house. We should point out on this night august. Twenty eighth, this regional parker Man mentioned in the affidavit happened to be near by and a roominghouse. This is right down twenty second street
Parker said that he saw three men surround Travis, combs and his vehicle in the empty lot. He heard the three men yelling, something like give it up. And he said he heard combs yell back. I ain't got it. Travis tried to flee on foot and then Parker heard a gunshot, parker soul. To the men run north on palma, daily avenue and saw the third, get into Travis, combs core and then drive off. Combs lie. on the ground in the vacant lot having been chased and then shot once in the upper torso, someone called the cops or emergency medical tax, its unclear who exactly called for first responders. There has not been released to the public. The rumor is that this I came from a woman either way. Poor Travis was dead when first was Saunders arrived on the scene, the neighborhood
together mourned the death of one of their own travis coms was thirty, one years old, he was found dead at about nine twenty p m near twenty second street and permit daily, avenant. While this is the problem when when something is illegal, and they're selling, like you said, he's just parking out in the open and so well know that he's also profiting from this so he's gonna either have proper to steal or he'll have money to steal. Yes, this is very problematic for for travel, it's okay! So and these are other people's words, not my own, but I got the same vibe as well. When I was going through this travis though he was selling weed and he was dead. This on the sidelines, keep in mind. This was the guy with the with a family with Growing family and with a job. Ok, he
was not what these other guys refer to as street or thugs who he was that kind of guy and this As you pointed out, captain my be the icing on the cake gray, because, if its known ro, the neighborhood in it totally was the true This was a man that was able to move at, an amount of marijuana. While that means one of two things are both the on any given day. especially when you know he's parked in open up for business, he very likely could be in possession of large sums of cash. large sums of marijuana or both- and this makes him a desirable target and then, if we factory on top of that. The he's not considered thumb. street or whatever he might be considered a soft target, some one that would be
easy to rob and at the time a two thousand and seventeen actually a little before this, you can back it up about a year or so and even a little bit after all of this was taking place. There was a few grew surround town. They were known for committing arm robberies for robbing a drug dealer like lay travis Holding somebody up just really take in advantage of the situation and bullying other people and robbing them. The police said that this was it's an isolated incident and that there was no indication that the public was at risk early on detectives were not releasing information to the public. They were asked. Anyone with information on the case that they call detective kim. Last her at nine for one three, six, four, seven three to seven from what I could
Travis was shot in the upper torso police would not release what kind of gun was used, This homicide, but the real, cars. Are it was a single shot to the back. either a shot gun or a larger caliber gun was used, which is very cowardly. I do want to point out. to all of our listeners that the murder of travis combs is still unsolved and the imf, instigation is still very much ongoing the purpose of these episodes of troops in garage that we are doing this week are not only to get justice for jabez span, who was just fourteen years old when he went missing, but also to get justice for Travis corpse and any on with information regarding the senseless murder of travis cobb's. I bet please call or email the sarasota police department or call the detective we just mentioned, and now
for one three, six, four, seven three to seven also is a sign of the community and also assigned of the the cards and our stacked up against jasmine when these three and those feel that they can go into two public spot. in the open somebody murder them still their car An almost like they're, not even afraid that enough people will turn the man. Yet this whole thing is difficult, because these these guys and we're gonna get into some suspects as we go along, in our case, an investigation of jabez spanned, but the issue here in one of the problems is again. We have these several groups out in the community and their committing robberies. The thought that in the that I got from people close to the case and
feel, like maybe law enforcement shares. This opinion to that. in Travis coms as case They may not have intended to murder Travis corpse. It may be. something went sideways during the commission of that robbery and lead to murder, regardless of what were there Emma was sir or their motivation was ended in murder, and this is a crime since the community, as much as it is against Travis coms and his family and really the police are asking for the community's help in that case. So what all of this have to do with the disappearance of Jabez. Well, it is because of what regional parker, the man who forward the man named in the David. It is what he oh jabez, his grandmother, lucille artillery that change everything for the family and for their search not only
It regional parker say that he witnessed this. in a travis coms, he also solve jabez span and true jabez is buddies, emerge from a home on the sixteen hundred block of twenty second street this door. the incident according to parker, they to saw everything the three men involved in the shooting of travis combs. They may have seen the three kids, or at least they saw Jabez. Now they mean have only seen jabez, because jabez did Yet something out when he saw this and witness this he yelled out? Oh, my god, you all shot it Travis combs. His view was found some time later about fifteen or sixteen I was away and it had been set on fire
why there's two guys in the garage this week, there's only one guy other guys, soaking up the sun. But if there was a third we'll I mean come on, crispy colonel the captain and register you like that they are not real. What a great name ridge! Well, we don't want this regional in the garage and what will get into that a little bit later, but I thought we were trying to hire Carlos. He is he return, those walls and regional, while its impact to our understanding of the story, to note that the gun men did not know that regional parker witnessed this barter: the shooting this robbery of travis coms, further war. It is unlikely that they knew Then there was another witness in addition to jabez and his friends on october, thirteen detectives interviewed a witness who stay
did they. On august twenty eightth between the hours of eight thirty and nine p m, this witness was walking. on orange avenue approaching twenty third street. This way is heard, a single gunshot. Unfortunately, after here The gunshot as a witness was crossing orange avenue heading toward twenty third sorry. They observed to blackmail objects, running northbound on palma, dahlia avenue, the wit immediately recognise one of the men and later, revealed his name to the detectives again Seems unlikely that the gunman knew that they were observed by this witness from across the street at night, but they did know for certain that one person had seen them that one person was fourteen year old jabez span. What's even more important, is it both? These adieu
witnesses regional parker, who saw the whole thing go down, and the unnamed witness later reported to be a woman ST, who saw the men running from the scene could identify at least one of the gunman. By name, they unnamed witnessed detectives, the name of the man that she recognized was a man named Curtis, whose last name we are withholding. So we No, the police received information from a witness as to the identity of one of the killers of Travis coms although this witness saw the men running away, not the actual murder itself, as for general parker, who did witness the shooting he did not go to police, as we said, he spoke to the seal, pillory jabez, grandma
and regional told her the name of two of the man he saw, and one of them was Curtis. So we have two different, witnesses bow the naming one of the suspects of the three and name and the same person region also met with latoya jake's. This is Jabez his aunt. He told her same story about travis coms, shooting and jabez witnessing the whole thing. he also told the story to a third person and this a private investigator who was working with Jabez his family, pro bono on job. His case and read, no told this private investigator J are the names of two of the man he saw shoe Travis coms, one was Curtis, The other was a guy named we lock Sarah.
The police department almost certainly heard about regional statements to the family because they arrive did him on november. Seventh, he was rested on a warrant for failure to appear in court. Turns out. Old reggie he's fifty five years of age. He was a sex offender, and he had earlier, failed to give a notice of change of address per the requirements, and he had been arrested and given a court day and then released he then fail to. Pierre, so police had a reason to arrest him. This took place on the sabbath. and to hold him as well. What they want to do captain is, they are going to put pressure on him They want him to name the guys that he saw shoot, Travis cobb's, because the story he was telling seemed too pretty clearly implicate
men who killed Travis. Probably they were involved in the disappearance of job as is well sir reginald reginald touchy touchy, flicking flaky. So what the cops end up doing, captain They obtained a sworn statements this from seal the toy, an j r regarding what regional had told them about Jabez witness seeing Travis coms, shooting and the shutters seeing jabez. Why? did they need these sworn statements to the story told by regional parker because reggie climbed up once the police had him in custody. He denied having witnessed combs murder, he denied, telling the story of the event to J r or either of jabez. His relatives Paul, he's even marched the three people he talk to lucille toya and J r down to the jail and had them confront him in person and say: hey
you told us. The story confront him in person about story. They he had told them parker, Can you to deny deny deny that he had told them any such maybe reginald this protecting himself in he's afraid that the murder that he took them that he sought take place. Those guys could then be after him But on some level you go there responsible for the disappearance of jabez, Tom the cops, the maybe your pc. This is one of those difficult things because I think he was I do think he was. truly trying to help in some way. I think the problem is what we have is a man, that's afraid, afraid I tell the authorities Now some people in new town, not reginald. They may be afraid to come forward to tell what they know because they are afraid of retribution and who
retaliate against these niches. Well, if, in fact, these suspicions that what happened to Travis Holmes then lead to what could have happened to jabez. If that's true, through those suspicions are true, then it turns out that we probably have some pretty aggressive, well known thugs in this area. The witness who told police the identity of one of- man, the she recognized running away from the crime scene, probably felt comfortable. Do so only because she was not named in the affidavit she was nigh seen by the killers. It seems pretty clear that regional parker he wanted to give. the jabez, his family, some information about jabez to help them figure out what had happened
him, but he would not go so far as ansell. This information to police, yeah The problem is, if you don't take a stand, that these people are gonna, keep attacking the community and that more people were in danger and then you might also be in danger, and you don't even know it yet. So why not have law enforcement go after these guys to get them off the streets. The probable after affidavit that we mentioned to you is a statement, the probable cause actually exists to chew reginald parker, with accessory after the fact to the murder of travis corpse. This is because he impeded the investigation of armed robbery and murder. No the identity of the men who commit the crimes. And then refusing to reveal their names, thereby helping them avoided
action, arrest, trial and, of course, punishment, so process nurse charge regional parker with accessory after the fact- and he can and you to refuse to talk while sitting in jail. Meanwhile, Jabez still had not been found. The family member stated publicly that they believed that jabez witness a murder someone associated with the murder did something to him yeah make sure you check out our old episodes on the stitcher app and our bones Show off the record Joe meet tomorrow in the garage nick will be in florida, get an all. Well, you don't crispy colonel until
I'll, be good behind the.
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