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Jacob Wetterling ////// 70


October 22, 1989 was the night of of a real life nightmare. Three young boys were returning home from a visit to their local Tom Thumb store after renting a movie. Blocks from their destination a man appears in the dark. He has the boys at gunpoint. He tells two of the boys to run into the woods. He drags the other boy away. The search for the missing boy Jacob started that night and lasted for almost 27 years. Join us as we discuss one of America's saddest and most talked about child abductions.

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In the Did you know where your kids were in saint Joseph minnesota? The wider link family thought they did. But there are eleven year old son on his way back from a nearby convenience store, was abducted, biomass, gottman for four days of massive sir, has been under way tonight David Lee miller reports on the terrible crime that has brought terror to the country's hard.
Saint Joseph minnesota, is the type of town were folkestone, father to lock the front door, but to our dry. North of minneapolis ain't here, the police does even carry a gun, but now everything is different. Sunday night just outside of town eleven year old Jacob waiter was abducted by a massive man with a gun. It is a crime that will forever change this community, one that has terrorized jacobs, herons shouldn't have been anywhere one in the type of It shouldn't happen anywhere at all. I could think of is who who would take a child away from their parents like I couldn't fathom it total shock, total discipline even in talking with the shares department. Here, it's it's, this envy
I was amazed, as has amazed as we are taught him. Well they're good, we've worked for peace, all our lives, and this is the real violent act. I don't understand it he's bright. He's got a real, clever sense of humor and quick. find his very own is a place go away. His is cool under pressure, these things give me hope that if there is an opportunity, this boy will be home to survivor. Jacob's disappearance, is especially shocking because he was with his ten year old brother trevor and an eleven year old friend. enlargement when they have dumping, took place according to the boys. And just least a videotape from this convenience store and walking, thereby, It goes down this road when suddenly a mass gunman appeared out of nowhere,
we're coming down this road here. Just part here, I think the cable near gonna do didn't bother, listen id pulling a prank on us or something, and he was in many told that germany introverted turn off, especially when he told us yet again you told us to turn our own over another. Dead, lay down beneath came over and he as is our ages and he told traveller as best as he could into the woods or else he'd shoot. Then he looked at me and then he grabbed jake open. He told me to run as fast as I could into the woods or he'd shoot. What did this man look like while he was wearing it was black man. You couldn't his face.
Had a nylon mask or something the jacob say anything to them. Just just this age. Did you look back there once we get me darling? What do you say? Nothing He wasn't there here. county communication. Central authorities have received more than three hundred tips and, while so far nothing has panned out. They continue to be optimistic. Jacob will soon return home, the largest depends on the type of person that we're dealing with that that abducted the boy Some of them keep him around for quite a while. Some of them don't so we are hoping that this type of person is going to keep Jacob alive and that somewhere along the line that he's gonna get a chance to get to a telephone or get away from him. Despite a massive hebron in the air and on the ground police. Have you clues
Don't even know what type of car jacobs abductor used to flee the sea residents are understandably terrifying and say so. You're in Saint Joseph have lost a part of their you in my little boy's five and he won't go outside yesterday? He didn't want to go out and play and evens up last night, it's scary for the kids. Anybody grueling, The sheriffs department, meanwhile, has established this command centre to coordinate assistance from state investigators and the fbi, but, despite all the manpower authorities do not know why the boy was taken. So far, there has not been a demand for ransom and the family has never received any type of rain.
Doktor meddling as chiropractor in town who, in this predominantly why middle class community heads up the local chapter of the noble. They see me there, pine gentle, carrying people who want nothing more than the return of their son. Can you think of any reason anyone would want to harm your family reuse? The thing I would say we were they want to go back for jacob sake. our second for everyone sake. Please give him back to us. There are so many people praying men. If I were gone, I would bring Jacob home safely very soon. Tonight, the widow so I ask for your help in locating Jacob. In a moment we can
special phone number, but first here's the f b, I profile objectives of doktor. They believe white male between twenty five and thirty five years of age and may have attempted a similar but unsuccessful abduction in the recent past, One who may have any information about jacobs abduction is asked to call the sheriffs deportment taskforce, six one, two to five nine, three, nine eight one there is a twenty. Five thousand dollar reward for information leading to his safe return. All tints will be kept confidential and you can call calling once again number six one, two, two five, nine reno mori. This is one that's going to have a happy ending the back. In august, we covered the case of joshua gear
and now it's not absolutely necessary to listen to that episode before this one. But if you haven't already, you might want to check that out. That's episode number forty, seven anyway. His appearance of joshua and the disappearance of Jacob wetter, laying and because of the close proximity to one another and some had suspected that may be the two disappearances were connected So when we covered the joshua demon case, We received a lot of requests to cover the Jacob wonderland case, most of the time cases are mapped out. You know well in advance, so we didn't get it shortly after this there were all kinds of developments in the jacket case now Jacobs case ever ever, really left the news. It is arguably one of the most famous child abduction cases ever so now there is this really big case. And it's really heating up in the news again, so I thought with it.
being in the news that much that everybody would not be interested in us covering it. But then, in late october we covered the johnny gosh case. This is an duck, the boy was never seen again. Young teenage boys. There was abducted- and in this case we made reference to the jail up whether linkages and once again we received a lot of feedback from the true crime garage army again with requests for us to cover this case. So here we are captain covering the Jacob waterline case. I'm here too so today's case takes us to Saint Joseph minnesota in this is back in october, twenty second nineteen eighteen, which is a sunday evening, jerry and patty wetter lang are out at a dinner party about twenty five to thirty minute drive from their home at home? Is there? eleven year old son Jacob wetter ruling his ten year old brother trevor there eight year old, sister carmen and their friends
Erin Larsson, who is eleven years of age as well. This case really takes me back, though I you know, I hate the date myself here captain but but Jacob is pretty close and age to you and I well now, you're dating me. Thanks Have he was a little older than us, but we like Jacob his sin. Things in his friend aaron were All children of the eighties I loved the eighties. I mean I was so young back then that everything seems very innocent looking back now, but you know remember when your parents would go out and they would leave you home alone or even where there, someone there to watch you a babysitter, or maybe a relative parents left a phone number. They would write it down on a piece of paper and leave it on the counter top or by the phone and say is where we will be. This is the number for the restaurant, or this is the phone number for our friends house. If you need, thing call us at this number you know and
then you would also get the list of rules read to you. You know like cab, you are, to leave the house, no fighting with your brother or sister no food on the nice furniture, underwear on your head? Well, this is exactly what jerry and patty wetter ling did before they went out to their dinner party. Will sure enough. The kids come up with a great idea. And so they are going to call and ask mom and dad if they could go out forbid their friend s. Is going to stay the night that night there was to be no school the next day, so they called because they want to go to the tom thumb store down. This great now for those of you, too young, to know this back in the day, grocery stores and convenience stores did the greatest thing. Some of the would rent movies even video games and, of course, this portion of the stock War is always the danger zone for parents, because there's no way you're going to walk through that data.
Without the child, begging to take home a movie or video game yeah I mean this is time before cell phones and being able to access anything at your fingertips. So. ever calls. The dinner party interrupts the dinner party and he asked to speak with his mother and he's going to any euro yeah he's gonna ask if they can go down to the Tom Tom thumb store to pick up a movie now The mom says no patty says now it's too late, it's it's after dark! This is not a trip that you should be making after dark, and you know trevor says well let me speak to dad. You know the older everybody's done that bearing- and I think my house- hold dad was always a little easier to get to say yes than mom, so I can certainly identify with trevor here. He talk. Who is father and jerry agrees to let the boys go to the tom thumb, store
he seems to be more concerned about it being dark, rather than anything nefarious happening to them, but tat, so they they equip themselves with them. You know bright clothing and flashlight and they ve already mapped out the perfect plan. They have their sister it on their little sister, who does not want to go to the store with men problem You know the order. Boys don't want the little sister tagging along anyway I've already made arrangements to have their neighbour girl. Her name is shall she's fourteen years old, she's going to come over baby sit there little sister carmen, while they will head down to the store to retrieve their movie. so the three boys set out for the tom thumb store two of them bikes and one on a scooter. This is just before nine p m, so it's dark out, and this is a country road, so no street It's probably the only light you're going to see would be those from the house's enough the house lights. And lights near the tom thumb store. I wonder if the
If boys made the little kid do the scooter, I think trevor It may have been on the scooter. Yes, you I mean like it's like low man on the totem. Pole gets the shooter you're lucky to be hanging out with us yeah, so they go to the store they rent a movie, the naked gun and and good movie. They are returning for home and then his right around nine fifteen p m and when they are startled, when they see a man, this man, he is dressed in dark clothing and he has some some kind of face mass grower or something over his covering his face and he is armed with a hand gun and he kind of you pops up in appears out of nowhere they're, not really for sure This man came from the man, tells the boys to stop here, tells trevor to turn off the flashlight that he is carrying. He has the boys pushed the bikes and the scooter in the roadside
which he tells them to lie down face down in the ditch. He ask trevor his age to which trevor replies ten, the man then ask aaron his age Aaron eleven and then he asked Jacob his age and Jacob says eleven. He tells trevor to get up and run to the woods, don't look back or he's going to shoot yeah then he kind of lifts up each of the two remaining boys' heads one at a time to get a look at their faces. He grabs errands, crotch and then tells errand, to run to the woods and dont look back or I'll shoot. Then the man grabs jake by the arm, lifting him up a bit and dragged him away. and now in the sexual assault onto aaron was now reported originally yeah and what so now that The two boys have run through the woods. Aaron will eventually catch up to the younger boy trevor
by this time. The boys are in the woods and they look back, but they They don't see the man and, more importantly, to them their brother, their friend Jacob, is gone as well. and this is just gone without a trace. They don't see, they don't see anything yet unknown to vehicle by this point the boys are only a couple blocks from their home from the whirling home, as I understand it, too. This is a simple trip. It's really just like one. Country, road, and you know a turn here there, the weather lying house down to the tom thumb store is pretty much a straight shot so trevor, an errand they run to the weather, ling house once there they tell the bay. sitter rochelle, what just happened in she calls her father. Then the the fund, calls nine one one and he even puts trevor on the phone to tell his account of what has just happened. The baby sitter,
rather than calls jerry and patty wetter lange and tells them that two of the boys came home and Jacob has been taken. And is still not home and he has notified the police. The wetter lings, of course, leave the dinner party immediately. now? We said that a nine when one call was placed and the receiving on the receiving end of this cause. The steering county, sheriffs department by the babysitters, dad moral, correct and the sheriffs parliament is on the scene within minutes, this is all happening very very quickly. The report comes in quickly. The sheriffs department responds very quickly. sheriffs department, they arrive and they see the bikes in the ditch and they start searching the area for Jacob. They searched the woods as well and their searching that. And in the early morning hours, this is like a. Three, a m: they decide to call off the search, you know there, they are searching in the dark
and in a very dark location and hunting for clues- you know if they can't a we find the boy at some point. You wonder how much your trampling over the crime scene, if you're losing any evidence or if you're gonna, cause damage to to any potential evidence, so they start urging again around eight a m. This is a fool on search deal here. We have, you know how Chapter eight tvs, bloodhounds, the dogs track jacobs sent to a gravel road at this same spot. There are fresh shoe prince entire tracks. So now we have the possibility of a car used in the abduction. Now we Are going to do a dragnet here? This is when you stop, checking with any one you can think of that could be involved in a particular crime, and view them to see where they were at the time of the crime. Was,
made it as well as what they were doing or if there was any one with them, they could back up their story. So if you the burglar red or going to interview all suspected burglars or persons. because of breaking and entering in this case of Jacob whirling haven't been abducted, the sheriffs apartment they will set their dragnet for sex offenders and pedophiles. Let's get into that after a quick. Let's take a second and talk about two of the grossest words in the english language dog food dog food is literally how we describe food, so grow, our tongues. One touch it with a ten foot pole Economic sense, kibble is
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I mean think about this. For a second put this in your mind, you know that we have these young boys. You know ten eleven years old. Three of em they're out together They're having you know a great day in sense of the word up to this point, because you know we read in her about what they were doing that day, one it's Sunday right. They don't have school. The next day right, so that's a bonus day off so your parents are goin away. You get your butt. Spend the night, so that's a funding and then the end. This is not uncommon. This is eighty. Nine does not uncommon to be sent off to a grocery store down the street. Were you in my neighborhood. We had a big bear, which is a grocery store that was less than a mile away, and the apparent might send you off with twenty bucks to go, get some stacks and then right across the street from the big
air was movie randal and so it wasn't had uncommon to send your kid off, even sometimes would be a friday night. Now this the it was dark, but you know your parents still seemed okay. Especially if you had numbers you know if it wasn't just feel if it was. If I said: hey. I just want to run the big bearing get some snacks. My parents probably won, let me, but if I had a frenchman in the night or two, spend the night or have a friend spend the night with with with one of my billions hanging out are more likely to say, go you go out there and just be back pretty quickly, yeah they they had day they so far. You know they ve. They had some kind of hockey thing. Earlier that day they had watched the minnesota vikings football game pizza for dinner,
friends during the night no school the next day, then this thing happens is in, and why is this? You know there are other child abductions that happen. This becomes huge news, though, and I think part of that is because of the severity and how scary the situation is. I mean we're talking about. First of all, as a stranger abducting, a child is very rare. First, You know. We usually when I type in a child has taken its by somebody. they know where the family knows. So we have a stranger abduction here, which is very rare, but then, on top of that, like the captain said, this is a witness. Abduction, which is extremely rare. You know this This is not a situation where you have you know little Timmy didn't come home. He he went out on his own, any rainy didn't come home while he's probably lost, or maybe he he left. on his own accord. No. This is
You boys, saying our brother art our friend was taken by gun. point. We know this. This is an immediate danger, immediate immediately, here in the abduction itself is somewhat. actual nature as well. Yeah, oh yeah, with the with the front, being grabbed in the and the general I mean that's, I think you know, especially in nineteen, eighty nine law. The reports were hey this boy, was taken and by the way we have no ransom note, we have nobody calling an end that it seems to me the seventies and eighties. The first thought was always. Why did they take this kid and was it for Handsome and now we have the situation where we do have a sexual saw at the crime scene and so now were assuming. We should assume that this is not taken a kid hostage for ransom. This is,
skies taken this kid for sexual waxen below an end. So then, what what has gone through the parents had at that point well and you think if your kids are good, if your kids are smart, this things this guy things not going to happen and as as a child, you think you know, if you do certain things, these things are not gonna happen. We're talking about things like you know, tell your parents, where you are tell your parents what you are doing. They did that they they they made. The extra effort to child to their parents and ask for permission to go to the store and they even arranged for a baby sitter to come over watch the younger sibling. You know that the sort of not gonna happen, and then one thing you touched upon to strengthen numbers were always taught string. The numbers you know when you go off to an amusement park, or somewhere. When you were a child yeah, you might get to go up, on your own, but it's always because you have somebody with you and or that your parents, this don't care. Much about you and the name let you off on your, but this was this. Was three boys leaving
other. They should have returned together and there should be no reason you would expect a child abduction to be witnessed, like that. Well, it's not like Jacob made a mistake. Not now it wasn't like I was, like they're in the you know, renting a movie and and Jacob just happened to strike up a conversation with the wrong guy. You know it all three of the boys could have been taken, captured you know and and and I think it's strange I mean like in the account when he says all well. You know he pulled both owes of. He pulled both of us up and looked at our faces, and then it's almost like that the guy chose you know and and so and then it's also all gunpoint anna, and if that and look there's no reason for me to believe that the story is not true. You know I would say, the only thing is if he threw end up my uncle as one if he throwing the gun, but we got other account from the brother so
but sometimes it would be like well, we gonna do anything as yet again, but then, like me, Also, if there's a little fudge in the story, was he actually mask you know or or does he just feel bad cause? He did. He can't tell you what the cattle, It's like our chances are. His story is correct and in my mind, yeah yeah. I I would agree so as well. Let's back up for a second here, because something else happened that night that Jacob was taken whom ever came up upon the boys. He encountered them on this dark country road, but this is rare at the end of a families driveway. This is the rascal, your family, but this a country roads or the driveway is about a quarter of a mile long and on october twenty second night in eighty nine dan ras here- a grown man in his thirty's he's living with his parents and he's home alone. his parents were away vacationing in europe. Some time ass,
the sheriffs department began. Their search for Jacob dan is awakened it's about ten forty five p m and his dog is barking as theirs disturbance at the end of the receiver. Driveway Dan looks the window any see several flashlights moving about in the darkness near the families woodpile, and he assumed someone or some ones are trying to steal, would from their property because he believes it. He's outnumbered dan calls nine one one to report the incident, the dispatcher forms dan that there has been a kidnapping that was recently reported on that road. In which he lives and the lights he is seeing is that of the sheriffs department searching for the boy. Dan then goes too where the sheriffs are an asset and has a brief conversation with one of the deputies entails, deputy that he will go, look around the area himself and attempt to assist in the search. Now, let's go
to monday october twenty third. We had mentioned that the search picked up where the sheriffs department had left off the previous night, well early, that more and in now this is around eight. A m on monday in the search for jacob continues, the search for the abducted boy, the search for the abductor This continued now on the same day, Dan ras here for but dan- is a music teacher at one of the local schools. Dan is called out of class and the sheriffs department, they search dance car and they questioned him for about forty five It's in this is kind of where this, where this ends for dan on that day, six days later. Investigators searched the racier farm dan takes a lie, detector test, to which he is never told. The results of the test, which I don't think, is a strange
As you know, we have seen in some cases that we ve covered like the west memphis three, where they immediately tell you all. You failed this thing miserable and that's where they grill yet further. My guess is that he prob we pass the lie detector test and that's why they didn't tell him of the results, but he ever your private freaking out at this point you mean as area music teacher, so just even been suspect of this crime could coffee job, coffee, eared, lively what and when you're being called out of class, you know and you get there in there's a sheriff there. You probably soon I'm being interviewed, because I live right by where this too place and had I seen anything, this is my opportune, you tell them, even though I went down there and spoke to a deputy that night and seem very interested in talking to me at that point. It could be that the sheriffs department really expected to find the boy. That night is what I think I think they thought. Maybe they'll find him in the woods or find him near
I I don't think this is something that they were familiar with or made law. Yet I wouldn't have having the capability of dealing with one than the museums europe, probably freaking out because he's con. I live my parents and my parents just happened to be gone the day that this kid goes missing. Now my career prospects in jeopardy, like we said I mean, is eighty nine. It's not like you know, I think people are more understanding of that knew somebody or you lived in a close proximity you might be pulled in for questioning. Think that's more likely that people understand nowadays and eighty two. Eighty nine thereby gone. This guy kills children or abducted children, yes, pretty, but is pretty obvious to Dan at this point that he is become part of the instigation, whether he likes it or not, and he tries to tell these burns county sheriffs department that he is innocent and that he was he yes, he was home alone that night, but he was busy. He was sorting through his
dreamily large record collection, any also tells them that, while I wonder is due on one of those things. Have you seen high fidelity? Yes, where he'd like decide? Eight tonight I'm gonna reorganise an alphabet of order and then the next day hit hey, I'm gonna, reorganise, based on when I bought the record yet, and I think I think you might be right- because he he says something like he was filling out index cards or something he's king. Some kind of catalogue of his expiring large record collection, but you know he so tells them the heat nine one, one that night that he had placed call to nine one one that night in that should prove that he's innocent. Well, that does improve anything well but see it from dance seat here. this this is the way he's thinking the investigator Tell Dan that the name on one call actually proves the exact opposite, stating that he may
factual the idea that some one was stealing wood from the property as an excuse to call me when one making him look innocent and that on the call he sounded far too nervous for the real issue to be theft of firewood, while he's a music teacher. So I mean he's he's. Probably not a big mme fighters, ten and he's probably a rally- was scared. They also tells investigators that they should be looking for a vehicle, He had seen a vehicle turning around in his driveway the evening that Jacob was taken Dan is well to give a vague, very vague description of the car and because of the distance. He did not get a good look at the driver right, because this house is so far back from off the road again You know if you're the cops I mean put yourself in the cops position. You know we got this guy. That may be maybe a little funny and lives with his parents
his older gentlemen. Then thirties livin with his parents, is easy, music teacher knots in saying that there's anything wrong with that, but then you make a nine one. One call saying hey guys. Somebody was stealing would possibly yeah, I got people on my property that I don't know who they are with flashlights right and then you're going hey, ah well and then there's a flashlight. The kids were holding a flashlight. So is he just mixing up events and and but then he's Antonio hey. You might want to check out this car that I saw well. You didn't mention the car the day before because, if you went out, he said, hey sheriff By the way there was car that I saw earlier. You can bring them up the day before right. I think that's why this the urine and more on in my guess, is that he probably was given any information about the the abduction you know they do and say this is what happened you know and its like, they didn't even care to talk to him that night. So I
see him going out of his way to say oh by the way I to have seen a vehicle turn around my driveway now, I'm sure He told him that during the forty five minutes of questioning the right, I mean not nightline day. That makes logical sense to me in you, but I think you gotta live in your old boy that was taken by gunpoint. These cops have to do everything they can to pick a direction and run in it as fast as you can until you hit a brick and then pick another direction and then keep running in that direction as well. But I also think that it, point Dan is not an actual suspect. You know he somebody that there are they're interested in talking to him, but don't believe that he's any form of a suspect and then he's mentioning this car this in. I can't see the driver and here's a description of the vehicle. You should be looking for this car because took place about the same time as what the kid would have been abducted, and you know that to me- seems like a good enough lead. You know, because the sheriffs department found jake
sent near those fresh tire tracks, They decided it was most likely that jason that Jacob was taken by vehicle which extremely plausible, because that's how these things happen. especially when you're out on this dark country road. You know, and you know Jacob should be he's not there than he he asked to have been taken by vehicle or he would be and one of the year was seen near, I hope, play it- seems lakes and of individuals driving by saw these three boys saw it as an opportunity, possibly even knew. These boys saw him at the video store and then said: well, I'm gonna on their way back I'm going to grab one of them parks. The vehicle gets out of the vehicle, then walks to wherever they are grabs. One of them. Boys they walked back to the vehicle and then they leave by vehicle yeah, yeah, ambushes, on their way back he's away from his views, if he's wherein all black and he's has a black
You know nylon, mask of some nature that aim at see him come creeping up on them. Not only you or are you exactly right, because we know the history of this came over, but it but think about this too. This is this is a well thought out plan and I agree with you- I don't know if it's a well thought out plain well well here: me by that. Ok, I understand that. Did he Probably the assailant probably saw an opportunity right took advantage of that happens. However, there huh, been some planning done in that sees he unless he just happens, wearing dark clothes, and did he just happens to have a mask or something to cover his face. Did he just happens? drive around with a gun in his car, and that he's got the the foresight to to decide. You know what I'm going hark my car elsewhere, I'm going to put myself someplace else where I can take one of the boys.
is so that the two that I'm leaving behind they can't they can't see my vehicle or they don't see my being right, right, yeah I mean, I think a lot of this I mean I don't like. I said I don't think it's actually planned. I think this is just part of the guys lifestyle. This is what he does he's a he's, a he abducted, children and and and and he's been set in his life up, to put himself in those opportunities and when those operating these ease, arise. Well, I got my van or car whatever I'm driving, and I have I told you not to abduct these kids in that in that man in the coming weeks and months, the sheriffs department and the weather links would continue to go to the media asking for tips and lead or to see if any one had seen Jacob and the tipps up. I'll put that in quotation marks the tipps poor people say they have seen Jacob people call about strange,
the goals strange men, so the police are tracking all of these tips. They even up a phone with a recording device on it at the wetter ling home, so that jerry and patty could record the phone calls that are coming in, and then we have the psychics captain one of these psychics love missing persons cases. I thought you are not always just wanna. Be psychics. Well some some legitimate psychics yeah. If you believe in that, then I I do, I'm not I'm not discrediting anybody by name here, as a whole, I- but I what I'm saying is- I see a lot of in these cases. I see a lot of one. A psychics monopoly
extend that. But what I I just want to go on record to state that the majority of detectors I've talked to they use psychics, and the majority of the detective that I have talked to said that after they found the body- or you know the one that okay, the recent one at his talking drinking coffee, I just said: hey, have you ever used? Psychics mean yeah yeah and every time I do everybody in the police department makes fun of me. So he went to see one of the psychics. She told him all this stuff. None of it really made sense, then they find the girl and after he finds the girl everything that the psychic made sense. Everything that she presented made sense after they found the girl, and now everybody in that department doesn't give a shit any more because this lady has been right. Multiple times was was this? The skipper that you are talking to her difference differently
because the the funny thing here is, I thought, I'd share if it was not detective. Okay, I thought you were referring to the skipper at first who, who we, no and he's a very sceptical parson. Yeah I mean is that fair to say he doesn't believe and a whole lot of this is a murmur. Maybe spirituality. I don't know, but he has told me that did on occasion he said into a psychic which blew my mind because I thought that he wouldn't take a phone call or put any effort into that at all, but he said from his perspective that he didn't mind talking to psychics because he wanted and outside of the box and of opinion, or maybe there was something that they hadn't thought of yet another possibility that they had thought of now. In this particular case, you know the the detective some of em, one in particular, said that he did talk to psychics because he wanted to know how did they come to their conclusion? How did they
Are they? Are they really just holding onto information that they know first hand rather than something they dreamt her or believed to have happened? They want to know. Is this personnel coming forth with information, because they have actually done something bad right, bring an look. I'm not, as such I seen that people go now speak with a psychic on every Nothin understand that detectives to use this to you kind of drum up. Some different ideas is like. We ve talked about what the skipper. Now Here's the thing captain, I think you and I have covered enough of these cases to know that the psychic seem to come out of the woodwork for murder cases, but especially for he's disappeared or abducted cases. They they really come at in and come at the family income at law enforcement, with ideas and thoughts and dreams that they have had yeah when additions. And if you look at like this, when we talked about the Brian shaffer case and when they had the psychic kids do that case. One of the things I was freaked out
about an hour. Maybe they do. Maybe they knew. Maybe they didn't know, but when they said that this guy, in this building than he left the building and came back, and we know that to be factual. Later now, where those kids fed information, are not really for sure that the host in that particular incident claims that that the children, the psychic kids, knew nothing read the actual incident they'd they were taken to a location and told somebody disappeared from this location. Now go wrong. And so, if you're gonna call a psychic to try to get answers for your life. I'd say don t that may be tried therapists, you know maybe have mentor counselor, but I think nothing wrong with using psychics and in this capacity. But on the other hand, there has been so many psychics when specially with these youtube videos, these guys, claiming that I know where this month missing person is in its based, often nothing since this is so they get a bunch of clicks on their youtube. Video and those people pieces, the shit you know,
that well, I will tell you win the world will end the exact date and why, and then when it doesn't happen, I'll disappear for a couple years and give you a new date right, but so in particular case. There were a ton of psychics that came out of the woodwork here and presented their thoughts. Visions theories a lot of them were communicating with the parents with jerry and patty wetter like, while on some of that is just wrong too, because if, if you are a bullshit artist and you don't maybe some of these people, will actually think they have visions. You know, but I I just think some of it is wrong to you know, give the parents false hope exactly I mean I would say, reach out to the wall, horsemen yeah, you know, don't bother the family there, I'm going through something here that nobody should have their experience in getting false hope is really kicking somebody, while while they are at their lowest right
We said that there is a whole bunch of psychics it that came forward to law enforcement to the weather links hold on with this, on of crazy to it well how about that say about that, I'm actually leading somewhere with this. I have no so there is one such psychic, the came came about monks, the sea of psychics then presented their theories, their thoughts, their visions, the the wetter lings huh psychics calling the house at all hours. Some even would go to that to meet the parents of Jacob. Some asked for one of jacobs toys or an article of clothing to better help them channel Jacob or Jacob spirit but one psychic that does go to the home of the wider lings is a man in his early forties from wisconsin and his name is vernon seats, vernon, actually visits patty wetter, ling onto okay. Well, look when you name your kid vernon! He is
grow up to be like a librarian or he's gonna grow up to be a psychic. Well, he key. visits, patter, patty wetter link on two occasions and on one was occasions one of those visits he gives her a painting that he had painted of Jacob So unfortunately, you and I have heard some of the recorded calls captain thee are all false leads. we know of now. Some of calling the wider links in the middle of the night. In saying some, you know absolutely horrible. Thanks telling Jacobs parents that he has been killed and how are you been killed according to their visions, wharton he's alive, but he's being held captive and he's been raped, repeatedly, I mean I don't know how apparent in this type of situation has the strength to go on. I guess the hope that your kid could still alive in the thought that I better be here doing something sound mind so that if he is still alive, I can help somehow
Well, some way what a helpless feeling, though I mean it's like you know. If he, if your kid falls down and then you can clean up the the brute you know the cut and he can and you can comfort them, but your kids just gone, you know, and I and I couldn't imagine the the thoughts that were racing through your heads and then
there'd be a part of you that would just want to hit the streets and start looking and start driving around, and I I think personally for me: I'd go crazy. It'd, be ten years me driving around looking for answers. Man, I think it'd just be so horrific and, unfortunately, helpless is the word. I think that's how you feel in the situation. You're you're helpless, your your child, your child is injured. You nurse them back to health. If, if they're ill, you nurse them back to help if they're gone and taken from you you're you're, helpless, you there's nothing, you can do you feel like there's nothing you can do in the situation, will not only the helplessness of the parents, but you know that your little brother was
If you you know what I mean, if you're the little brother, your older brother of a year or or more- and you know because one was ten and one was eleven, but I mean he could you know it's like he could be a year and a few months older, but it's like so your your older brother. possibly your hero or whatever he's has been taken from you. but an ending you witness all that not to mention hey laid down in this ditch, not to mention run to this woods or I'm gonna shoot you your ten years told me I couldn't even imagine that or on the other side of things it's your best friend, you're spitting in the night at your best friend's house, and he is in the same- thing you know and you have to deal with the whole thing and then you have to deal with this guy grabbing your genitals. You got a deal, you know this guy stole your best friend away and then the them
the stuff that he had to be gone through, like now were searching for my friend and I hope he's found, but this is probably all the kids are talking about me. mickey well in its southern survivors gill, even though you dont know the outcome of your friend, her brother being taken, you have this survivors, gill in its it. You know. All these things are probably going through your head that, oh, why? Why was he taken and not me roar What could I have done differently at that exact moment to change the current situation that wherein you know, which maybe Should I have not run right, maybe should I have pushed the issue? Maybe should I have looked the man in the face I am off all these things are tried to and, like you, it's the it's the brother, you know feeling guilty in its the best friend, you know
and then you get the parents on the on the idea of the mom said now. I then you know, and then trevor went back to the dad dad said yes yeah that that absolutely I mean this a heartbreaking story anyway, but that portion of the story breaks my heart every time, because you know when people when bore in a situation where they can't control anything some people once buddy to blame. Damn the father did absolute Nothing wrong. Here, there's no reason why this should have happened at all. Nobody could have foreseen this happen. And now a days a mean this two people to stone with their kids. Do these things you know we're. Also, raising a bunch of monsters now mean like edam, that that was one of the best parts of my childhood was run. You know run down to the big bear and pick up some snacks. I'd always get fudge rounds for some reason, because I think it was a buck and the need to eat like twenty foot rounds and drink coca cola, but
You know it's sad that we live in a world that we can't listen. You know you're ten an eleven year old kid. You know a couple of blocks away to to rent a movie, but but again stranger with child abductions in Oregon. namely rare. This isn't something that's happening, you know yet they were right, but also I understand what the parents are doing, though don't run. store, don't be by yourself, don't play outside with Alan baywatch and because now, were not given anybody an opportunity unless face it. Matters is more sicko today. Well, the you know this situation it There is nothing that the parents should have done differently, there's nothing that they could have done differently. This is
at their flight, though no one they're, not at fault here, the the brothers, not at fault jacobs, not at fault like I right what could have what could have trevor done differently, and you know you pulled clips too for our trailer at the beginning of the show, and you hear the brother, I assume that's trevor, saying that no that's his friend is that in saying this, that I thought this is just some like older kid playing a prank on us or something you know. Kids, don't even there too young to even understand the situation that therein one though one of them that was interesting. I was watching this youtube video and it was a report from back and eighty nine in their walk in the same road with Erin forever and to see the news anchor right beside him? You realize how small these kids are. Now I mean in the end it sam it's it's sad that we have these monsters out there. Well, let's fast forward of I here captain because Jacobs case it goes cold in a sense for some time.
still in the news, especially locally the anna, three. You know that that october twenty second date every year brings the reminders to the public locally and nationally, but it won't be until two thousand and three, when the sheriffs department get the phone call that they have been weighed in two thousand and three, a local man contacted the authorities and he's got a story for them: he tells them he was in the area. The night, the Jacob was abducted, the man had been list into a police scanner and had heard the missing boy and he does. I did to drive to the scene, he told them tat. He had got close enough with his car ferries driving a car. He got close enough that he saw the bikes and scooter in the ditch. He did speak with a deputy, a deputy that night asking if, if the sheriffs had seen or knew about the bikes and the deputy said yes, they had
now are you hip to these. Please scanners. My grandfather had one growing up which I always thought was kind of cool that he he listened to it I don't really have any any kind of expiring. With them other thought about getting one might be kind of neat chasing ambulances and stuff. Now, just you know just to hear what's going on just listening and you live in a suburb, so I don't think it can be. Like strange calls but but captain this is the phone call that they ve been waiting for, because this man and his car could possibly account for the vehicle seen by Dan ras here that night and the ec, and this could account for the fresh tire tracks near the abduction site as well the man could not be one hundred percent. He couldn't one percent. Remember they make in the model of the time. that he was dry. No shit, Sherlock. While this is two thousand and three,
well- and this is my problem with the whole thing, so you come out how many years later, for a number of years. Later, what you are you come out ten years later and you go hey guys. I got a story to tell you really well well, if you want even a little more background on, I want to know why it took him fourteen why he was like oh I've been busy could do, could make a phone call well. What happened was he had a lot of laundry? Do, oh, you know being afforded fourteen years older than what he was at the time he was at a party. Ok, aims at like some someth work function or something like that, and he was talking to somebody did that is in law enforcement may be f b I or something I don't know the the background. I think he was a marshal of the person he was talking and he tells somehow the Jacob wetter lng case comes up in conversations and he says to the marshal uses
There are people, though right I mean think about every time, we're at a bar. It's so great. When a true crime thing actually comes up, then we don't have to feel like a weirdo. He he's in this conversation, okay and He says you know I was I lived in the area and, as a matter of fact, I've I heard the call go out on the police scanner, so I drove to the location. I actually saw the the bicycles- and I told a deputy that night, you know, did have you guys? Do you guys know about these bicycles area should do help. Should I get you the vike bicycles monitoring? Should I show you where they are, and he said that the deputy told we are aware of the bicycles we know going on it be best if you just go home rightly so he went home and he was never contacted. They didn't take his name phone number, anything to contact them in the future should of exactly in an he said did you know I just assume that thing I knew they knew, and so
Never cuts are about us and the marshal says. Well, you know this. This case is ongoing the cold case. It seems like nothing. What you're telling me sounds like not a whole lot of information here, but you should contact the police and talk with them at least tell him which now- and he actually said you know I- I think maybe it was because of the you know, because a how he was greed with it that night, the he fell, uncomfortable calling the police department discussing this with them, and Marshall said well, I know some guys over there and let me arranged this for you, because the marshal thought that this was something that the share department needed to hear one eye we ve all been there? We ve all done that where we get pulled over by a cop in their attitude is bad, right in again, are you know I am all for law enforcement am all for law enforcement, doing their job a great people. Businesses remembered serve and protect. That's that's dense
your signing up for not to harass, not to you know, try to teach everybody a lesson. do you know if you are picked on in high school? There should be a rule. If your picked on in high school, you shouldn't be out to be a cop should be heard, about that, but are now it's to seven percent. in any dont have to serve him, protect with a negative attitude towards people, and if this guy you, don't yeah, maybe they thought. Ok, we got this crime scene and we don't lane bait mess it up. I get that go home please, but this guy I'll have you say. Thank me for fourteen years, no one, these guys gave me some attitude and probably know what I know no matter or at the very least they don't they don't care. You know they the information. I have is not valuable to them or their investigation. So what am I right
so nice reminder to be nice to people that goes for everybody. Just try to be kind. Ok, don't don't be, don't be walking around like a dick face. You know well and if, if what the captain says should be true, if you pick on every kid in your school. If you don't grow up to be the police officer, the nobody is allowed to be police. So again, the man the first thing that the sheriffs department they want to know. Are you know what kind of tyres did you have on their vehicle joined? Remember me, as we have a photograph of the diary of ties and if we can track down a model that similar or the same of that tire we can. We can conclude you were the one left the tyre tracks here now, because the impressions were were so. They they constantly say fresh tired well. But what are one thing I think that they mean on that is not did they were just recently left there that, on top of that they probably came from
who were tyres, given the amount of the impression, because their follow up question when he says I remember what kind of tyres I was driving on? They say well you remember if they were old or new tyres, and he said I can tell you that I had recently replaced the tyres on that vehicle. so now they believe that this vehicle this accounts the vehicle that Dan Ras ear had seen the one They were kind of looking for you know they were looking, even though they had question dan and made him feel like a suspect right, we're still looking for this vehicle. Now they had now they believe they ve tracked down this vehicle, and this man is innocent. He's he's not the person that took Jacob, so they can account for several things that happened that night that they were looking for since they could clear this man of any wrong doing. This now meant that they believed that the abductor had most likely fled on foot wooden Jacob
so this now means that we are going to look for not only a suspect that is local, but some one that is so local that he would have had the ability to take jacob into the attackers home into his home and, property and had the ability to conceal Jacob. So once again, the sheriffs department has and ras in their sights Dan lived, probably the closest to the abduction site than anybody He had no alibi for his whereabouts or for what heat to vouch for what he was doing prior to him talking with the police that night night, and he he not only you know he was less, home alone that night and furthermore, according to his own story, he's roughly a we of a mile from the crime scene right say: if, if the suspect left on foot, then I mean here is our closest us So once again, Dan Ras is finding himself in the hot seat of use investigation ray
I and I get all that, but there's another part of me that that just goes okay. Well, you found tire prints and that was not of the suspect's tire prints, but that doesn't mean that he that he fled on foot gaming, like maybe you just don't have the tire prints. Well, maybe the person never left the road, maybe the person is put on their blinkers walked out grabbed the kid put him in the car and took off. Well. There's been a lot of people to throw scrutiny at the sheriffs department because of this issue. You know, because now we ve taken dan ras here, and not only was he once somebody that we were interested in talking to regarding this investigation and regarding this crime. Now He seems to be the most likely. person? Now the department has made him a, let's call a suspect. They never call him a suspect, but
treating her yet, but he was a suspect right there. Treating them like this are bad, but not only that it seems, like Dave, narrowed their vision to the point where there there honing in on dan rosseter completely right in what I said in the first place as the cops deed to picket path, pick a direction ron as fast as you can t hit the brick wall so fourteen years ago, They didn't do that. They did you not that they should look at data from every angle to do as much as they could and heat either our guy or he's not a suspect, I absolutely agree with that. They should have done that in the beginning. The problem is that they didn't now, where I dont fault them and where I don't think we should. thrown scrutiny at the sheriffs department is because the a lot of people are saying you know well and sheriff took over about the same time and the new sheriff, says that, where we're going to spend a good- at a time on eighty six thousand three yet roughly around eta, so that the new sheriff kind of
You know they ve set their sights on the investing I shall now andean ras here, but here's here's where I think that their fine to do that because of those fine, because because here's the thing Like you said, run, so you hit a brick wall. Unfortunately they didn't do. Properly in the beginning, in my opinion, but they ve been hitting a brick wall for the last fourteen years. So then, what you who is you have you know who sets of eyes? These are probably assume that there's some new investigators on this case. By this time you have to use technology. You have this person that comes forward that can account for this ghost car that Dan ratsey or says he saw so your pouring back over the information in your going. What did we miss? What did we get wrong? Well, we thought there a car- maybe we ve, got this whole thing wrong the whole time, because there was not a car right. Maybe this guy's been right under our thumb, the entire time, and we, didn't even we didn't see him because soon there was a car. Now we have this new information, I don't blame them for free,
China is here pivoting on subtle timing or dan rasping, sometimes yet on that path, and he had a brick wall and then some If you get a little more information and you go down that path again and when you hit that brick wall it collapses, and then you know- and that's where your suspect is, I mean we see that time and again, but yeah just seems like they do. But it's you small town, nineteen, eighty nine seemed like they dismayed either some mistakes here and there you know, and that's called him a look, we're human, so we're going to make mistakes, no, not every not every PA. Gaza. We put out his perfect, I mean most of them are, but are you especially this one but yeah? So I can't blame them. much I mean that I'm sure their intentions were to get this right in to get the solved. Its army were only at two thousand and three in this case, and we know that there is more information that came out in two thousand sixteen and a whole bunch of stuff between that right.
Right, so we gotta eat. Can you stick around for a little bit and we'll knock out another podcast? I got an hour so our so there we got recommended reading for this. I want to recommend this week hometown killer. This is a similar story to the one that were telling today. This is about a case it took place. in the early nineties in springfield ohio? The author calls it the all american town, much like where Jacob was from. this is the hometown killer. A peaceful community stopped by a remorseless slayer and you can pick that up by going our website, true crime, garage dot, com, click on the recommended page. You will see hometown killer as well as all of our other recommended books. We will be right back tomorrow in the garage reporting. Our yes well we're gonna do tonight for war. We're gonna recorded record, I'm gonna olive had I'll try to have it edited by tomorrow. Sounds good, tomorrow, bigger
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