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Jason Corbett /// Part 1 /// 391

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Jason Corbett /// Part 1 /// 391

Part 1 of 2     www.TrueCrimeGarage.com   In the middle of the night an emergency call comes in. The caller says he has injured his son in law while defending his daughter. The caller goes on to say “I may have killed him.” Now investigators need to determine was this self-defense or murder?   Beer of the Week - Snozzberry by Green Man Brewery  Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps   Thank you to this week’s sponsors! www.ObjectiveWellness.com - use code GARAGE to get 20% off your first order! www.Brooklinen.com - use code GARAGE and get 10% off and FREE shipping! www.BetterHelp.com/Garage - use code GARAGE and get 10% off your first month!

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The the.
Welcome to true crime garage wherever you are whatever you are doing, thanks for listening, I'm your host nick and with me, as always, is a man that would like to remind you that skinny people are easier to kidnap, so stay safe and eat more cake. He is the captain and you know, what's good with cake a little bit of wine. This could be seen as good to see you thanks for listening thanks for telling a friend This week we are going to brighten things up a whole lot today, because in the garage fridge we have snobs buried by the brewers of legendary beers, green man, brewery and beautiful asheville north carolina. This is a bright wheat, beer, wild fermented and aged for a year in oak barrels and, of course, the snozberries, give this beer a fruity, aroma and beautiful, a beautiful magenta, color garage grade,
bottle caps and we're drink it cold beers. Today in the garage thanks to our good friends. First up, I want to give it cheers too, but known in Saint Louis and a big shouts of molly in charleston south carolina. Here's a cheers to howard in LAS vegas nevada go rate is a big. We like your gypsy abbe, de coma washington next up a big shot out a rick Webster in weatherford, Oklahoma and last, but certainly not least, we have robber and pittsfield massachusetts. Everyone we just mention, went to true primed roger dot com, donated to this week's beer funding. For that we thank you. it's the it's the pits the pits he wants, the show you'll, do ya Do you really go to itunes and leave a five star review it really
it's the show, and that is enough of the business all right. Everybody gather round grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime, the august second, two thousand and fifteen walberg,
with carolina sometime around three m, an emergency cause placed a nine one. One. male caller is asking for help. He says. He is injured his son in law, while defending his daughter, the collar Goes on to say, his son in law is in bad shape, very matter of factly, as I may have killed him.
Davis county now, one one water features to emergency. My name is Tom Martin's, one city fantasy court and when you feel okay, what's going on there, my my daughter's husband or my son in law have gotten a fight with my daughter. I intervened and I think he's in bad shape. We need hill. Okay. What do you mean he's in bad shape? He's hurt, he's bleeding all over and I I may have killed him all right. Okay, let's back up here, just a minute, give me your address again, make sure I got it right, one, six, zero and there's free court. What is your name? My name is Tom margin. Alright, calm give me the phone number you're calling from takeout place. I don't know I dunno, I'm sorry! I don't know I'm I'm the father, I'm visiting I dunno. What's he drinking? Ah, yes, he had been drinking during the course it was a the partners, destruction of the amulet, then the offs. While I get the information that the alright are you right with him now I am out if he thirty nine alright. Is he conscious at all? No is he breathing? I can't tell what I need to do is I need someone to roll him onto his back flat on his back he's a very heavy man. I can't do it or is there anyone there that can help you, my daughter and she's terrible, safe? Okay, someone needs to get him on the back on. His back would need to verify his breathing. I'm trying to hang. Ok just put the phone on a on a speaker, okay, I rolled over all right. I want you to put one hand under his back the other hand on his forehead and tilt his head back, put your ear next to his mouth and tell me if you can see or hear or feel any breathing. Yes, I can see you know. Alright, I'm sending the paramedics and ambulance to help you narrow down the line.
The call lasted fourteen minutes and twenty seven seconds. for much of the duration of the call. The nine hundred one dispatcher is instructing the father in law and his daughter on how to administer cpr to the injured man. The phone is back and forth between the two. as they can be heard, performing cpr. Emts arrived, Collar and his daughter were told to let them do their job. The last The can be heard The collar saying molly molly come on out of there. when authorities arrive at the scene, the bloody mess on the floor dead on arrival, his head bashed and with a baseball bat. the father in law and wife of the victim tell the investigators today kill him in self defense and the defense of another
the tell much different tale this is true crime, garage, the murder of jay corbett at three hundred and four a dot m on august. Second, two thousand and fifteen a call came into the davidson county north carolina, nine hundred and eleven call center, the caller was a male who said he needed help, a thirty nine year old man was badly injured, David county, sheriff's, deputy dave, dillard rush to pass their creek court and why then salem when he
at the home at three. Sixteen am he found a name did deceased male lying back on the four in the asked her bedroom, which, located on the main level j and Paul corbett was per day dead at the scene. At three hundred and twenty four, a dot m by paramedics to revive him were futile on the phone, was jason father in law. His name is too. Martin his daughter and the wife of the victim is molly corbett and we will Indeed, these two and a bit but captain I want to talk about the medical examiner's report, jason was delivered to the medical examiner in a body bag. Naked save for his wedding ring the august third ah topsy report on jason, prepared by the office of the chief, echo examiner and rally north carolina. We have
report in concluded, the following blunt force head trauma which includes multiple lacerations, extensive skull. No fractures, abrasions and contusions of the head, including two large branched. thickness lacerations of the scalp other, on force, injuries, scale, abrasions and contusions of the torso and extremities and other words corbett had been beaten to death, found cod in one of jason's hands. A long blonde, hair since blood alcohol level was point zero, two percent his talks report showed ethanol levels of twenty m g, not enough to be considered drunk, but this sample was not taken till August third- so it's to know how accurate this was he also had an anti
present and sleep aid in his system at less in point five milligrams, the man of death was wrong. A homicide, but we heard his father in law say that he was drinking all day. So do we think that The delay of the testing had a act on that as far as his alcohol level was concerned threw that in there for clarity purposes, but not being you know, a doctor I don't know if it actually has an effect on that talks reading or not, but I wanted to clear, that it was not did immediately, but we also know that that sleep, aids and depression medicine are not a good mix with any alcohol, correct, correct I- and I actually just from a lay term. You know from from a lay perspective, I don't think that It would have much of an effect on the accuracy of the
past, but I wanted to throw that out there for clarification purposes examine the lives of this homicide triad? Shall we first we have our victim, who is Jason corbett He was born on December. Second, nineteen. Seventy six in ireland he grew up The genes borough area of limerick city he loved beer saw her and his native land. I can get behind all that right there Interviews with his coworkers indicate that he was a very well liked guy who was friendly and easy going jason had been married twice. His first wife was Margaret corbett who had died two thousand and six from cardiac arrest. This trigger by an asthma attack she Behind the couple's two very small children at the time, this is Sarah and jack after her death Jason had hired several nanny
to come into the home and help with the children. This was or finding Molly martens who was from tennessee? He fell her through a nanny service. Molly move all the way to ireland to take up her position as the caretaker for the with children. This was in two thousand and eight captain and it's my understanding that. molly situation, and I'm I'm guessing that it was the same with the other nannies as well, but this was like a live in nanny types. Where you so much was born in september nineteen. Eighty three and grew up in knoxville, tenn see with her, it's tom and sharon and her three brothers. family lived, a very nice lifestyle, living in an exclusive neighborhood and below into a yacht club Molly was a competitive swimmer in high school. She is clemson university this for a period of time, but it doesn't appear that
did she graduated from the university according to her online profile. She did do some modeling she also reportedly worked a couple. Jobs and nannies and taught kids swimming lessons in her. early twenties. She lived in a condo owned by her parents and was engaged at that time in her life, molly told twenty twenty. You know this. News magazine show that she, suffered from migraines and depressive episodes she wanted to change. She wanted a change in her life so in two thousand and eight now, at the end, of twenty four molly, Quite suddenly ended things with her fiance and moved to ireland, this of course, to work for jason corbett by two thousand and ten jason and molly were engaged ma. father is retired, fbi agent, Thomas martens. Yes, you heard
Correctly, Tom, the who called nine one one and admitted to killing his son in law by hitting him in the head with a baseball bat, was an fbi for thirty one years he worked as supervisor for nineteen years and special agent in charge of the knoxville office. the time that jason was killed. Tom was retired, but still worked as a counter intelligence officer for the department of energy. He had top secret, clear, Molly's mother Sharon was quite impressive as well. She had an undergraduate degree from emory university in atlanta and was a doctor of math Maddox. in two thousand and eleven march convinced jason, to move with her to the states, Reportedly she was homesick. She
two thousand and twenty. That jason was excited for the kids to experience life in the us or is a big fan of america family moved to a luxury development and wall burg, north carolina, a neighborhood of winston salem they perch A large brick home in the meadowlands and upscale of community for Three hundred and ninety thousand dollars they were married on june. Fourth, with the two children serving as the ring bearer and flower girl Jason assumed a position as the manager of multi packing solutions receiving A us work visa to allow him to live and work in this country, the packaging. plant was owned by the company that employed him in ireland, so it was kind of a smooth transition for the fan, to the states and his company arranged for him to transfer into that position.
skip ahead. Four years now two thousand and fifteen to the afternoon of jason's death jason, mowed, the lawn and then sat outside with his neighbor. The two men drank about seven or eight beers each and then split a thirty two hours can in two glasses all these parents, arrived from knoxville for for a somewhat last minute visit. This is around eight and thirty p m at night. Captain captain, pizza with molly jason and Sarah and then later molly picked up jack from a birthday party. This was at eleven o'clock that night they all went to. Bed tom and sharon taking the room in the basement. Now next thing that we know nine one one is called jason dad and molly, and tom appear killed him. So let's try to dissect this whole mess. Shall we
As we heard in the nine, when one call molly and tom told authorities that jason attacked molly, choking her and threatening to kill her and said, initial interviews, molly, and tom told investigators. This story between the two of them tat, and share, and were sleeping in the basement, guest room and tom. Woke up because he heard loud thumps coming from the floor above He grabbed the baseball bat which that will be a big part of this case- and you heard that a little bit of that the nine one. One call this bat, the well is a gift that the grandparents brought along with them, for young jack, but they had not give. They then give back to the kid yet right, So he grabs his bat and he runs upstairs. sharon stayed in the guest room this with the dogs. This was per his instructions per tom's instructions to his wife.
Tom says he heard a scream from the master bedroom. He opened the door and found jason choking molly. He ordered jason to let her go Jason said that he was going to kill her and dragging her toward the bathroom down the short hallway right when he opens sure, though, Jason's hands are out like think of an eighth graders dancing, but instead of hands being around her hips his hands around her neck. Think of the old simpsons episodes when you can see homer, choking Bart, that's what I picture yeah and then He said when Tom says: hey, you gotta, stop choking my daughter. turns her around and elbows puts her in like a rear, naked choke. You don't like where his, arm, is now around her throat and she is facing her father, but she is now in between her father in her husband
And, according to this story, he starts to drag her toward the bathroom which is down a short hallway, and I think that people should look at the pictures available online of crime scene to have a better understanding. It sounds like he would have to leave the room to do this, but keep in mind this is the master bedroom, the master, suite yeah. So there's a little there's a little like tiny hallway. That is a part of the bedroom that goes to this bathroom. They don't have to leave the room for him to drag her in this direction that, basically this is three hundred and twenty five ft, but it's the that once he gets her into the bathroom. He could then separate himself and His wife from Tom by shutting the door and Tom's going to do his best to make sure that they do not make it into that bathroom behind that closed door. So he hits jason on the head. The bat he says, two per
his daughter- and this is an act of self defense. He then says a full on fight ensued, which Tom referred to as a donnie brok, which I had Look that up. That seems like an old school term, but from what found it. Webster webster's dictionary defines it as an uncontrolled fight. So This donnybrook breaks out. We have molly and her father both trying to protect each other and fend off in a raged, jason, the fight, migrated from the bedroom into the hallway and back into the bedroom again, but the sun with his first hit, though, as jason moving him and his wife backwards. You can just take a baseball, bat and conk him on the front of the head, because you then could your daughter on the front of the head right. So
his initial hit he's kind of come from the side swinging the bat from the side so when he actually makes contact with jason's head. It's like to the side or more towards the back of the. yeah this from the injuries that we talked about briefly in the medical examiner's report. This looks more toward the of the the Gallop area the side of the head, but toward the scalp as well. If That's the whole thing, though, that we gotta get into as well so much Ali tells the investigator I'm just going based off of what times said the hit how he swung it towards jason was so. He tells investigators that jason grabbed the bat from her father and then she tried to help her father I hitting her husband in the head with a concrete, paving stone, which in the bedroom, because
she and the kids had planned on painting it for a garden that they were making. Our friend Jes was able to locate a copy of the written statement to police by Molly. This was conducted right after they found the body here's what it says now bear with me captain cause I'm trying to read through molly cursive here. It says my husband, Jason corbett was upset that he woke up and an argument ensued with him at telling me to shut up, etc, and he applied sure to my throat neck. She says slash neck and started choking me. At some point I screamed as loud as possible covered my mouth and then started choking me again with his arm my father Tom Martin's came the room and I can't
Remember if he said something or just hit jason to get him off me and grabbed the bat from him and I tried to hit him with a brick, and then she says the garden decor I had on my nightstand I do remember, and then here's a word that I cannot. I cannot for what it is. I do not remember blank after that at first. I thought it was much. I do not remember much after that or I don't think. Much would be good, though, because I think you'd be you'd be pushed to You can't just tell police, I dont, remember much after that. You won't tell us You do remember, you know so he's gotta be some other word. I think that's a pretty common theme. When winner fight breaks, or even like, sometimes you're, in a bar, and it's that
the common phrase that I've heard my friends say well and then we're at the bar and then and then he said this to this next scene. Oh, he smacks eminent. I don't remember much after that. No I get. It is a common phrase. I mean that you in this situation: you're not allowed to get away with that common phrase you you would be. You would be by investigators to clarify what much means, while that's much in the eyes that you still know something, that's debatable and again to why that's debatable later, but yeah have individuals that are taken in in question and they're, not interrogated. It's it's very lou if anything, and then on their way, there's not much interrogation, correct, correct,
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dot com, slash garage, the right cheers, mates cheers to you captain and happy happy happy happy birthday. Thank you. Thank you I will go in and I will go into song and dance after we finish this recording in rounds of drinks on me at the bar today. we're allowed to go to the bars before we move on, I want to point out not only that it's your birthday, the beloved captain's birthday, but there are and were many sources, of information. For this case. This is actually a bigger case than most would think Some of the information we have comes from the irish times from the irish independent, but truly
My main source of information was the extensive coverage of the case by the winston salem. An old, particularly the reporting of Michael hewlett for one or two. pass that, along in a kudos to Michael Hewlett, for his great coverage of the case now, officials, we're very tight lipped about what went down that night, but two Later the sheriff told the irish daily mail newspaper that molly and her father were quote. Purse of interest, can Jason's death He told the news outlet that jason had been bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat and the imf. the gators were not seeking suspects outside of the home and look there. Are really no two ways around it. crime scene
I actually, I think what we should, in all fairness, is call it something different, let's say the death scene, because is a decent argument that this was not. In fact, I am but was self defense. Well, there was a crime happening. It's called abuse. If you're being choked and somebody saying that they're going to kill you. You have the right to defend yourself and then with or defend somebody else and and and that action somebody then dies so self defense? and if those stories are true, that's that's the whole importance of this case right. Is it self defence or is it not as a martyr, so what is so important is the death scene, cuz to me, I look at all these photos and it just does not make sense with. stories that are told to investigators by the only two people that survived the fight right.
this is when you have to let your forever if people put together the scientific facts of the death scene, the facts of the body the injuries sustained by the deceit and and now call. The detectives well. They need to start to go to work on some type of paper trail, if you in fact, do think that this was murder or if you do in fact have evidence suggest this. they are suspects, and here are some of the reasons that are listed for why they become suspects at. Three thirteen, a m the morning of the death to emergency medical service officer arrived at the scene, followed by a second unit of two more one, of these officers described the room as real bad, a horrible scene. They that. They moved J corbett's blood soaked body from the master bedroom to an ambulance outside
No heart rhythm was ever detected two the paramedics commented on, how cold or how cool was, actual word, how cool the body was in question if there might have been a delay in calling nine one one right, four a am crime scene examiner at the corbett home arrived on the scene within Ex our boat Tom martens and his daughter, molly Martens corbett are transported by officers to the davidson county sheriff's office where we are interviewed, photographed in their blood. Stained clothing is taken for forensic analysis. Both had barely a scratch. their person, you know we talked about that quote: donnybrook broke out. or, as cosmo kramer would say, a real brouhaha
and seemingly no marks on these two people, yeah, ok, I'm gonna! Stop you right there, that is, the speculation. the problem we have is we have one man getting caught, the with another man protecting his daughter, he then was nine one one. They bring him down to the station and they talked to him not that long, there's not much interrogation. They basically take a statement. Take a couple pictures and send you on your way. They didn't do that I've done, moreover, of extensive, invest, irrigation of persons at that moment I don't believe there was it extensive investigation of the persons of their injuries were their bruising and On top of that, if you think that it's a possibility that this wasn't self defense call the individuals and a day later, two days later see if there,
bruising see if there is any injuries after that, see their demeanor take more pictures good to see we we only have one set of pictures. Again. I just don't think they did enough. I will I'm going to disagree with that I I'm I'm with you there. There does not seem to be any interrogation that night. I probably I agree with you on that, and I would have pushed for that immediately, where I do I don't think that there's then there's just no injuries to these people. Whether you took significant amount of pictures that night or the next day, or what have you they're just there is not injuries to either one of these individuals again, that's where at argue because of some areas chokes, sometimes they they have a redness around their neck. She does not
but that doesn't mean that two days later, there wasn't some kind of bruising around her neck, but she was interviewed during the course of those two days so She was interviewed initially right after the attack happened, correct but I don't think they were ever interviewed after that. There was no second follow up interview. that that does not seem to be the case. These people were talk to quite a bit and with its that's not what does Tom Martin says did the thing is So I I just don't want. I don't see any injuries on these two and two on top of that, we don't have either them claiming to have any injuries other than the one of the of being choked. But I I really! Don't think that that where the media, or where the public points out that that's such a big issue
I don't know that I find that to be that big of an issue, because the story that they told to investigators does not imply that there should be significant injuries to either one of these individuals. You know we we don't have either one of them saying that that jason hit tom with the bat we have one of them saying I thought he was going to hit tom with the bat right. Not he did so them not having injuries, doesn't doesn't really point to any sign of guilt to me or their story is, is a fabrication but We would be remiss if we didn't point that out, because every store you go to that's the the key thing that they want to point out. In this situation I would think, there be some kind of bruising or one round her neck or around her arms, where grab her to polar in also light like to see. I would assume that there would be bruising on Tom. As far as I maybe his back when he talks about
we're talking about an individual that he's wrestling with that's almost three hundred pounds. and is older man, and I would just also just think as him being an older man that he'd be more likely to bruise. Again, I think if we follow up where you in We are investigating of the person and you're taken more photos that maybe you would see bruising on on Tom's back or something problem, that no injuries really points out is that at point door during the course of this fight. This Donnie broke does brouhaha, whatever you want to label it is that the aggressor Do you know if we are to believe the stories of tom and molly grasser, would be jason at some he is no longer the aggressor and he just continues to get beaten to death that, the problem with them having no injuries. So we have
Dr Craig nelson, who conducted the post mortem examination, says that victim's head, is so badly damaged that when the attempts to adjust the scalp pieces skull fall out onto his. His surgical table the blows to his skull, were so violent and repeated that the doctor it was impossible to make an accurate count beyond that jason suffered a minimum of twelve hits to the skull, when we have what tom saying that it's at least three or four, but You you have a doctor, saying that there is more than that right, it's a minimum of twelve in past twelve. We can't even it's impossible for us to tell, because the the skulls in such bad shape that we can't. urban. Anything out which is inconsistent with their story. Now not at all and then
as far as a paper trail, you know we're talking about your forensic guys. Gotta come up with the scientific evidence. Now we got our our detectives trying to come up with some type of paper, trail or circumstantial evidence. Get into some of that we have His parents, Tom and Sharon, who lived four hours away. apparently they had dinner plans that night for that Saturday night that fell through according to the reports Tom made the decision that the two should make a spontaneous visit to see molly in the kids for whatever reason, investigators viewed this impromptu visit as very suspicious saying is quite out of character for her parents jason may have planning a trip to ireland. This is a hotly debated issue inside this this case that jason was planning a trip to ireland to that was going take place around august twenty first, according to an affidavit, the
was allegedly for the purpose of him. Moving back to ireland, with his children They had no intention of taking molly with them right against this thou against. This thought is Jason's father was turning eighty years old and there was going to be a big party for his birthday that trip, was simply for that party, obviously they're having problems within their marriage, but one of the problems was molly wanted to have custody of the children she's raising these kids is now their mother. She wants to legally adopted. And jason's not having this go through. He keeps he's gone to, but because they're having problems in the marriage he's not doing it. So in regards to this trip, and what it's actually for
You know we have molly and her family saying that it was just for jason to attend this party. We have jason's family who saying no. He intended to move back with the children without her and why if this went down, if it was premeditated murder, that's why it had to happen before the twenty first. The problem. with us, trying to decipher what exactly going on. There is end of the day. No one knows for sure, because a man planning the trip is, is dead, raised, he's not here to tell us what his intentions were right and there are, the financial. You know we see reports of jason, possibly moving large sums of money from his bank account here in the state. To his home bank in ireland and there walk of large sums of money and quote having been removed from some of his and molly's joint bank accounts. Now, thought on that. On those large sums of money from the joint bank account was,
She possibly moving some money in advance. Well, because if since premeditation one You're going to kill this guy that doesn't If you the rights to Stay there. Mother stay the mother of the children, so you're taking a risk on that level, but also this money that money might not go to you at all that money might go to towards the kids, depending on how the will is set up, correct, correct so I want to go back to the scene of the crime because to to me or the death scene, whatever we want to call it. because to me, I think that a big big aspect of this case, The scene inside the bedroom, as one would expect, was a bloody one the crime scene, photos which are available again available online show the spatter on the bed floor,
and walls. There are Multiple sprays of blood. On the carpeted floor near the doorway There are large blotches of blood about twelve to eighteen inches off the ground on the wall also near this doorway and the blood, spatter and smears on the walls of the hallway there, is even blood spatter behind the door on the wall, also on the electrical outlet and on the ac. Great there are some on them: the bed as well a con paver lay on the carpeted bedroom floor covered in blood, an aluminum twenty eight inch, louisville slugger baseball, bat was leaning up against and in a wooden dresser upright vacuum. Cleaner, sat on top of some of the bloodstains on the carpet behind the spattered door area late
or an affidavit stated quote the struggle. scribed was not consistent with the evidence at the scene, particularly the master, bedroom and quote and tell you captain. I cannot agree with that statement more. actually see these pictures online and at at first, here's, this retired fbi agent of nineteen years couple of that certain any question this initially is? He tells us, why to stay down stairs while they have some dogs there. So that somewhat makes sense. but initially the sound scares him and spooks him enough that he grabbed a baseball bat. if it was just a argument that is hearing between his son in law and the daughter. There is no need to grab the baseball bat but the initial sounds he does recognized that that's, why grabs a baseball bat if you're, that nervous, tell your wife to call nine one one.
Or at some point you say hey if things get out of hand, call nine hundred and eleven recalls. Nine hundred one so we don't know how long the delay was. So the story that I used earlier. Captain was a was of my choosing because in two accounts that I saw the that are on public record that he gave of that night. What woke him, up to want to venture upstairs in one story: he says that he's hearing, thumping or thuds on the floor above and here's a scream grabs, a bat goes upstairs and the their story, and I I don't. I want clear. I don't think that he, I did. This is any admission of guilt here, oh mission of guilt, the other store. He says that he hears the thumb, sir, the thuds but never mentions a scream and goes upstairs right. So I'm with you captain, think that, if you just did,
If you knew that it was to be your daughter or you were hearing in argument between husband and wife, you dont grabbed the bat, I'm bully on board with that regardless, though it seems a bit weird. So under this scenario, I'm guessing he according to him or the story he's presenting. He goes upstairs to investigate these vicious, sounds and does not. Decipher that it is coming from husband and wife until he's already at the top floor at the main floor right with bat in hand and what malia stayed in, because we have to have this argument that takes place while the argument play some. What molly says is that the daughter woke up should go to the because if she went into the door should get yelled at so she's at the door. Basically she's scared molly gets up, puts her back to bed when she's coming back to bed, it's it's pretty late,.
so jason wakes up with attitude. What are you going Why you coming to bed so late, who were talking to and she's like. I was just putting the daughter back to bed. This is what she claims that the fight broke out, but that's not how vessel gators think that this went down The baseball bat is collected into evidence, obviously to a police avid david quote: it appeared to be covered in wet and dried blood. The base I'll bet, also had what appear to be human hair attached to the barrel of the bat debate all that was black and read in color, with black rubber hand, groups on the base, a car the paper with blood on it was called. Did as well the police those of molly Martens corbett taken that I show a distraught looking young blonde woman with blood on her forehead and in her hair, she is
Oh, then, a multi colored, pajama tank top and pants, a little blood is evident on her clothes. She appeal as in photos to have virtually no marks on her. As we said earlier, save one tiny red mark on her throat and The point it out that she is wearing a delicate, looking bracelet on one wrist which any of question. Why did that not break during this struggle? Bring martens model father was photographed. Looking sheepish, he, as ample blood smears on his shirt, but his in hands, look there significantly less bloody than the shirt he was photographed in the boxer shorts. so he was wearing boxer shorts win. This whole thing went down neither,
had any visible, scrapes cuts, bruises or swelling at that time, which again seems unlikely, but it also doesn't go completely against their their story of how it went down question where goes to at some point was the self defense and turned into marked like. Could you have stopped beating this man at some point and pointed out captain, jason was a large man. As far as weight goes, I them upwards of two hundred and sixty pounds. both Tom and molly were interviewed by police. I mean you hear on the nine one. One call hey this has a large man. It's hard for me to to turn him over right. Both were interviewed by police and released, as you said this within seven hours of the time that they were taken to the sheriff's office. I do
want to go a little more into some of these crime scene photos, because these Things are theirs to look at, and these there's a lot too to look at and try to put your own. I want span but put your own opinion on what you think that you're seeing rain when I first look at the that- the photo that I think is of the most interest to me, immediate he is the one in anybody seen. These online will know immediately, which one I'm talking about. There's a picture of the master bedroom door, and it's open it's about halfway, open and there's a vacuum cleaner with the core. Kind of strung out along the floor it's wedged between the wall and this asked her bedroom door.
See blood on the carpet. You see blood on the vacuum cleaner, you see blood on the walls behind the vacuum cleaner behind the door so there are some there's immediately there some puzzle, things about that portion of the scene. We can cipher that the vacuum cleaner during the course of the bloody to tack was lying on its side, because the love is on the wall behind it could not have physically got there with the vacuum cleaner sitting upright the thing too, is, if you look real close at the vacuum: cleaner. The blood was dripping from side to side on the vacuum cleaner, which is typically not possible if the vacuum cleaner was in the upright position when it, when this blue spraying on it during the attack
so. Somebody took the time to put the vacuum upright or put it upright and in this location in the room price Or to the photos being taken. Which seems a little strange to me unless it's paramedics just simply getting it out of the way when they try to save this individual's life. Who all accounts is- is dead by the time they arrive on the scene, the other puzzling thing to is that when you see the blood on the wall again behind the vacuum, cleaner. It's. Also in a location where you question. The position of the door during this attack if the door would have been fully open or Even in his half open position, as we now see in the photo
does not appear to me that some of that blood would have made its way to where did on those walls having the door being in the open position. The other troubling thing to is: if you look at the door jam and if you look at the floor, and this is just outside of the master bedroom. There's on the door. Gm there's blood on the floor, theirs on the the backside of both sides of the door. yeah. My number that could have been who knows amended door had been open at some point and the door shuts everybody has doors in their house that they don't like. Stay open, late, swing shut, so it's a possibility or they used to stop or to open up the door. because I know that that the emts are coming,
I don't know I just I question: why there's a lot on both sides of the door, I think the bigger thing is is where the blood splatter is happening. It's happening mainly three feet and down, and so this guy. That's almost six foot tall on you're talking about I condemn the head a couple times with a baseball bat. We expect to see. More of the splatter coming in that six foot range, and then think about where the baseball bat, be hidden this individual and where you'd be other, the back swinton would be happening several portions of the of the big bad of blood that we see on the wall are eighty two twelve inches off of the off of the floor, and I This is the initial reason why investigators went okay. Story. You know he's a f b. I agent of nineteen years. We want to believe him self defense, your daughter, but
majority and big big amounts of blood or happen, twelve inches off the ground show that too people were beating a man in the head, while he's on the four right I mean that's what it looks like to me: Well, not only that- and I know you Don'T- love my blood on both sides of the door. Circulation or or suspicions well saying I don't. I don't know how great unless you're. Looking at the images, it's kind of hard to understand, I understand what you say, but what I am pointing out is it. It looks to me, like the majority of the eye he calling an attack, which is, is probably not the proper work, especially for those that believe it was in fact self defense, but for lack if better term, let's just say, attack it to me like the majority of the attack once the victim is bleeding, because we know that neither of the other two individuals suffered injuries that caused them to bleed. So this,
all victims blood. Here all jason's blood The majority of the bloodied portion of the attack appears to have taken place to me. While door was closed. That I have a bit of an issue with that when, in Tom's statements he says I went upstairs and I opened the door or you have molly statement father opened the door. That gets a little tricky for me when I see that the majority of the blood takes place. and it's coming out when the dwell the door is closed, right. Both Again, I don't know the door and I don't know the room, but I know of several rooms, my house, that if you open up the door step through it and don't touch the door It's going to write, I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying that it would be it's very suspicious to me when you have stories of the.
And opened the door there's no blood in the story until the doors open. and now we have crimes photos that tell us that the door was closed when most of the blood took place. Yeah. I just wish it was more questioning done, I wish there was more photos. Take and again, there's there's also more photos taken that we're just not. We don't have the power we have seen Again I mean we can go round around as much as is you want, I'm just I'm just stating that there is very logical reason: there's lie the door would be It was probably ten ten logical reasons. The problem is, it doesn't fit. The narrative of the story and what we have to go off of. We have to be able to look at their story. We to be able to look at what the sea, presents us with and then We can decide, we don't have to decide what is true and what is false. What is one hundred percent? What is zero percent? It's not, black and white, but
we can decide what is suspicious and that is very suspicious in natchez my opinion. The other thing you can see to is that if you mark up where blood is dripping on the door on the inside of the master bedroom door. You can, get up with the marks on the bloodstains on the carpet. That would be where the where the door position would be when it was closed again it. It doesn't prove anything but to me it's highly suspicious it almost presents a different scene, that does not go along with the story. It presents to me that there already blood in the. attack going down by before this door is even opened there or if that is the case, Then we have a scenario where Tom, according to Tom and molly stories,
could not have been the first person to hit this man in the head, yeah, maybe or maybe there's again Amelia logical reasons why the door ends up being shut before the attack happens. I think the more damning evidence or what then vets gaiters were looking into is like we talk about before the the blue splatter being on the lower half of the walls. hundred percent? That's what they're honing in on. just you. What I see when I look at this and now another photo this. One is of Thomas martens that was taken when they were photographing him for the injuries or just photographing his person for the of evidence. For later. One thing I notice on on one of his photos is theirs dried blood on his watch, which I find to be suspicious as well. Why might Well, you wear a watch
sleep with your watch on debate Was he asleep pie? Where watch? I don't sleep with my watch on. I know what I am saying is I don't know when he he claiming that he was asleep and woke up. Yes, every every statement he gives he was. The noises woke him up in the middle of the night and he ventures upstairs with the bat look again maybe he sleeps with his watch on. I don't. I can't think of somebody that I know that does what what about that, because he was tired. Maybe you fell asleep. Maybe he fell asleep with his watch on it's the same as the door. There's there's many reasons to to explain it away. However, if he is if he is somebody that does not sleep with his watch on, then that means for there to be blood on his watch. One of two things took place either woke up and he was so startled and he had to go upstairs and investigate this. This noise, but he stopped
to take the time to put on his watch, which does not make sense or He killed the man and then, but or calling nine one one eleven. Puts on his watch, which why would you delay the nine one one call if you're, if you're calling for help which that's the first thing he says on the we need help so again, it's not any proof of guilt or any proof of murder, but to me looking at it, it would be suspicious. It would be, question why one that's why that's the snare? That's why I have a big issue with the fact that they should have been in multiple times and because it, be simple explanation: well, I fell asleep. We we sit up in bed and watch a little tv before we go to bed and and a lot of people do this, and your fully close that you have your watch on an
at some point. You wake up. Take your watch off. Take your! U I mean like get ready for bed. Maybe maybe that's the simple explanation. But again we don't have more than one statement from him so that that's all we can go off we don't have more than one statement from him from that night, and then the other thing that I think is a little weird too, and this this not as weird as the other two things to me, but the the paver the garden paver stone. Appears to me to have a lot more blood on it. Then the bat which yes if we go by their story, would make some sense, because Jay what his head would already be bleeding. He would over. You been bleeding from the head by the time he was struck in the head with the paper, so there's already more blood flow going on at that time, or
It could suggest a different story: ere the stories we have for molly and from Tom state, he was Why the bat many more times and he was hit with the paver stone you can also take it the other way and say well. Maybe all of this blood and hair on the pavers stone actually suggests that he was hit more with the paver stone than the back. The today show is sponsored by better help. Whatever struggles you are facing from depression and anxiety to trauma and grief, better help can connect you with counselor
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