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whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, deviant, necrophilia, cannibal born may twenty first, nineteen sixty Jeffrey lionel Dahmer entered this world, an innocent shy boy. Before his death he wouldn't become a monster responsible for the murders of seventeen boys and young men and the black guy that he would leave on the city of Milwaukee the lives that he would ruin will be remembered for decades. Deviant, necrophilia, cannibal, animal Dahmer, Dahmer, welcome to true crime garage today we're talking about Jeffrey Dahmer. I believe
you picked this one yeah I got tired of you picking them, so I wonder one and I thought think be need to do a profile like we mainly talk about crimes that have been solved. Those are in interesting are the ones that are theirs. There is no final verdict on who who did it and I think those are fascinating, but also think it's fast. They talk about something serial killers and stuff like that well Maybe this is very fitting. be the first profile as You know this was kind of this stuff. Worry when he was captured Captured america, nobody was talking about it, newspapers, magazines, constantly on the news, he's the real life hannibal lecter bonnet
It connects us to benin Columbus I'll. columbus, ohio connections and ohio, actions in general well in when he was apprehended, it was still homer reality was still very taboo in in people were ignorant and would make fun of it. So there is a lot of homeless sure, jokes: cannibalism, jokes there. You know that that the kids were set that that's my first that I was aware of Jeffrey Dahmer was the whistle jokes or what the kids were saying at school wide, uniting sit around watching the news, so its prey won the first times I envy anybody. Vienna cannibal, you know, like my ears, proof positive that somebody was a cannibal yeah it's not a. I mean they're. There are a lot of people out there that do bad things, but this is his story is unique and I think a lot of
the gruesome findings that be part of the news, seven heads and things like that, I think, are really captured. You know because I think it's one thing to be like ok, this guy nuclear columbine situation and you get there. Kids, that we're bullied or or whatever, and I'm not saying what they did is right or but but I think it on some level that makes more sense to people, and so ok, these kids were picked on, they went in school and they shop the school as a revenge thing or whatever was, but that since more and in our brains, and then you hear about this guy killing, seventeen people or whatever, and then finding so heads and other different things and and the the the the barrel with all the body parts
for the acid well in peep, nobody likes to admit it, but people like the gruesome details. That's why the story blew up. I mean it won't, it should have blown up, but but at the same time you had silencer the lambs come out not too long before he's captured and he's all the sun, the real life hannibal lecter everybody watch that movie and they thought everybody thought they were a profile profile or afterwards. I don't had at nights. I dislike doing the guy's voice, I'm so, let's start with his childhood: let's he's his father says it is he's as a shy boy, then, is bad. there comes along David His father's named the line, or I I didn't catch his mother's name, but from from the research I did, it sounds like she had some mental issues yeah. I call her crazy bat She had some mental issues in its
like the father tried to work through it as much as he could yeah but but you know, there's there's three: it's too every story, his and the truth. So I think and then also after watching her interview, I can have felt bad for her, because the whole thing was a cable us. Here's the story about my son and and it's out the path but before I have any knowledge of it and then the file, our comments on it. He writes book, you know they talk with Geoffrey and She was on the defensive, you know and all of her points of view well She is high specialized, when he's ten years old and that's when his father says that he starts to see a change in Jeffrey behavior, where now he's he starts. Acting out in he's telling. Sin in doing all these weird thing:
to get attention and make people laugh. he also talks about. And this is where this just I mean. I know that other people do this, but the way that his father described it was very odd with it. The having place in the woods that he would go to and take apart. The road kill. yet why don't think the dad? No about that at first, but the There was talk about how they found like some dead. skeleton skeleton the remains of some animals in their property, and then they took him and they put him in a bucket, kind of showed Jeffrey, ya hear this kind in arresting. You know which It's more interesting to Jeffrey probably most gave it a bit, but he Jeffrey takes a step further, as he gets older, he's finding roadkill and taking them
kill into this spot in the woods taking taking them apart, and in an interview you know you're, people try to rationalize the bad or the weird things that they do and he says yeah. I experimented with taxidermy a little bit when I was in middle school in high school yeah well, but but I don't think. No, I think I'm saying I dont think his father knew then the extent of it and like talking to him afterwards, though, of course, but A lot of that is united, you said it's china right, lies how this happened. You know and that's what his parents tried to do. I mean, as as all parents. Would you know, Maybe you think your son has some problems. You know some drinking problems or whatever like that, but then this comes out and then
if you go back and you start trying to look for all these clues. Something go wrong in his childhood. Did you know, I think, that's that where they're coming from walden summer gets a little bit older and that's when the drinking starts and it I don't know if it's stolen, let's go back a little bit, because one things I found that was really interesting. Was love of children I don't know if you saw them so many of the interviews and stuff like that. But there is a kind of, maybe now, but you see cute little boy, maybe five six years old, little jaffrey plain. babies and whose ike carrying around babies- and he was really good with you children when whose younger well what would have been his brother, his younger broth right
But from a young age Jeffrey has violent actual fantasies, much like I don't know if you ve ever seen any interviews with Joel rifkin. We experienced the same thing with violence sexual fantasies from a young age that just got more violent, the older he got Dahmer has the fantasy of knocking out a boy and next to him yeah, I hitchhiker that that events. It became his life. Well it manifest into that right. You know, I don't. I am sure that in the beginning, his his fantasy was just a lay next to an unconscious boy or man, and then you start working through. Will. How am I going to achieve this, which is a very unnatural thought. I mean if it was this, I want to lay next to a man. Well, that's, sexual thought and that's fine, and it's that one twist
finally, next to us unconscious, male that's well. They say that that say: that's not terribly uncommon. That's usually how people go down the road of necrophilia, that's how they start did. It starts with an unconscious knocked out. Drugged person right and it has to do with the major inferiority complex there. They did. They don't want to disappoint the day. They think very little of themselves. So they think, whoever that everyone must think very little of themselves, and so, if your with someone- that's not conscious, you can't disappoint you can't you can't be that small person that they make. Perceive you as that. Filling low. Well Bundy. Did that to you know, Bundy
into necrophilia, and he started off with so or to dahmer doing with mannequins right so. The first victim is eighteen year Stephen hicks, and this is would have been in nineteen. Seventy eight. This is the hitchhiker that he picks up so stephen makes it has left the concert or something like that. Dahmer pick them up, they go act is house. It's a little murky, tales of of What goes on back of the house, but at some point start to argue or stephen, wants to leave and then jeffrey strikes him with a bar bell. It's him over the head with a barbell knox amount and strangled him.
And then his later. I don't know I think it's that night he takes body and puts an airbag takes up, he puts it in a bag and he's driving to the dump or here, as the damp somewhere to get rid of the body. I would assume he's poured over what's very strange- is that he has the confidence to pull it off. I mean to be pulled over into look, I mean. Maybe his age helps him in the eyes of the of the officer, the pulled him over, but he He just says what my parents were fighting and I wanted to leave for a while. parents were at a town in that gave him the opportunity to do this to carry out what what it was his growing violent, fantasy, basically yeah. Well, that's when the weird things was that he is as they live in what bath ohio
this was bath, ohio, yes, and so they live in this house and it share the house, one up for sale, it was a big deal at the internet, saying Jeffrey damage, childhood home sup for sale. but what was weird that his mom just took off with the your brother. What David the younger brain went till I was content or something, and then the dad was at a motel or something staying in wasn't back to the house for months so Dahmer was is left on his own for months, and since, as a small town. The cops knew that there was some issues with the with the family and separation. Everything so I think they bought thy guitar gives credence to his story was so he cut returns home with the body of Stephen hicks, and I mean
for a first time killer. He seems very sophisticated he's able to speak with the cops and pull that off get out of apprehension. He comes home. with the with the bottle. You're gonna have to talk to me or why him, if their true If they're asking you what's in the bag, you're gonna have to say something about the fact that he came up with. You know enough if I'm a cop, now how late it was, but its is its dark and some as why just want to get the house, because my family was arguing- and I just figure that trip to the dump I go that don't sound right, unites seventy so returns home with the body, believes the bones under the house and then smashes them at some. Smashes them in scatters them in the woods that sounds like the A very sophisticated man two to hide a body
but I guess it goes along with what he was already doing. With these the roadkill in the woods and the thing the fascinates me with Dahmer is he he gives off he. He says I'm never going to do this again, I'm not going to kill anybody again. He gave in to the fantasy I d, think he enjoyed killing people but listen dive too far into that. So he he go. Of two o issue The house they university he's there for a little while, mostly just drunk the entire time he's there doesn't put much effort into schooling or academics, and he drops out and he decides to go to the army to be a field medic medic while, Go to do that, but that's what you you need a job here. You you get there. You have to have a job
he's in san Antonio germany. antonio taxes and then later in germany, and then eventually he's discharged. His father was excited that he goes into the army thinking. He would find the structure that he lacked yeah, because at this point in his life I think people that he had a issue without all well dahmer bitten when he visits wholesome, he appears to be healthy. And fit, and you know becoming a man right after the army. So after the army, he moves to miami he's drunk he's living in a hotel. Mike they also miami living living in a hotel, any sleeping on the beach from time to time, drunk all the time their life?
or decades later. There would be rumours that maybe he was involved in the atom. Walsh asked go with the disappearance of of that young boy. I think it's really just a proximity thing. He happened to be within several hundred miles of of where kid disappeared. I I never gave any credence to two that story I don't think he was involved in that or why Why one? It the case is that he said he was involved in while why would he do not exclude? Other cases yeah. He didn't have to tell anybody about Stephen hicks leisured, or tiny little bone scattered in the woods in ohio, he's apprehended in wisconsin and so He calls daddy's calling dad nieces. You know I need money, I'm broke I'm just down here, I'm drinking and but
He wants money to stay right here. Father says we're not sending you money, we'll will send you a plane. Ticket asked margaret If I'm home. and then four goes to live with his grandma wisconsin, and this is where the train train flies off the rails here so could say that train is already off the rails, but he manages to go without killing anybody to our knowledge for several years. He goes to live with. his grandma was wisconsin and he, has this mannequin that he's keeping their that he's doing things with sex, things with an at some point the grandmother says you gotta get rid of this mannequin this. Your activities are freaking me out rightfully so
number one rule. If you have a kid doing weird stuff to a man, I can get rid of the mannequin, maybe get rid of the kid I would get rid of both yeah. He, His second victim is november of nineteen. Eighty seven. So he goes about nine years. Without killing heap back to the wash thing real quick did he ever You never killed aim bay of light like child hood age. Think. I dont have their ages in front of me, but I believe maybe his youngest victim probably would have been fifteen or sixteen will Adam wash was significantly younger. This x, young and his second victim Was november nineteen eighty seven, this this guy was beat to death, hotel dahmer staying in a hotel. So the first was seventy eight nineteen, seventy eight and mean almost ten years
nine years without another incident was ten sounds better than nine Dahmer says he has no recollection of what happened. He says he ate you get so drunk. He picked up this guy there back at his hotel and This is when he's gone to the bath houses correct. So he rents a hotel for the night. think he was living there for a couple days because him and his grandmother we're not getting along. She wanted him to find other rare. dense, and so he staying at this cheap hotel picks up this guy. back there. He has no recollection of what happens. He wakes up he's got bruises on his arms and hands, and He sees this guy. That did did he beat to death, early beaten to death and he thought but he dragged him and so just figured he'd wake up and would be dragged in. and he was gonna reputation around
how to four drugging people will know. That's later, that's lay our kid. He didn't he. Drug damn it. But but, as I said, he has no recollection of of what took place at evening. I don't think he was drugging at that point became his his next thing. He would pick these guys you would put stuff in their drinks and I do, do things to them when they were unconscious. I think that was his of trying to avoid killing more people- maybe any good, Then he gets a reputation as you said that in some of these places in these bars or not allowing him in there, because you know this, is it back then like we had said, homosexuality was very taboo. This was a tight community. People keep coming. Back in there saying I go home with this guy. I don't know what happened. I wake up
hours later. I have no clue what's going on this, the height of cocaine and an aids really. So it's kind of a scary situation to be in anyways for those guys He claims Dahmer claims that, after he beat guided at now again he doesn't freak out he's got this ability to just kind of deal the situation he wakes. I would flip out. I woke up and I'm in a hotel room and there's some strange person that I don't know who's there and it looks to me like I killed the person. I would flip out this guy. He's fine. He goes out. He gets a big suitcase, puts the guy in their halls them down in so we can, but that its member, but isn't that the definition of like a sociopath,
its definition of a lot of things I think not being, but that they have the ability, that's one of the things that they have the ability to in these extreme situations stay extremely com and almost as like their power doesn't go up. It's not like if we saw that body are adrenaline would be going through the roof but social path. That's not how they operate. They see this may this they stay calm and they just can deal with the situation where, He clearly has that. Clearly I mean he too. The body back to his grandmothers house and its members it in the bath in the bathtub. Shut up shop now he had, he actually had to go out and buy luggage. So because buys luggage, and then that's the guy in the luggage and then carry them out and that's all that's his the guy's properly at least a hundred fifty I mean that's so
It Dahmer says for this incident. He just decided to let them stir out that he was just going to? He was just going to enjoy himself and do All the weird stuff that you ve been fantasizing about he He claims what's the point in trying to attain myself. What's the point in trying to put a lid on it and tried it not. This. This is who I am this. this thing in me as burst. to get out it's coming out when I don't want it to and so his grandmother asked him to move out. This would have been nineteen eighty eight late summer, and this is when he's gonna just start gone. Wild he's out on his own now has an apartment, dahmer is picked up, for Activity with a minor he went through a phase of of getting. You know fifteen Sixteen year old boys were
would pay them to come back to his apartment and take photos of them of this nature, he try. To do something and crosses the line with one of em, and one of em runs away and finds a policeman. turns a man so sentenced to a work release programme now this. This shows me how addicted to these sexual acts that he has become he ten days. before serving his sins. He, those twenty six year old, anthony sears he mummified the head, the genitalia and keeps them in his locker at work so he's he sentence to workhouse in the end. For those of you that dont know what a workhouse is its, you go and you sleep there you're monitored. You stay there you're alive
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he's working at a chocolate factory of all of all places. That's odd. I wonder, which one you mean I, which, which name the anguish. Brand name was at herschel now, those in pencil value if they might have once more to us. We only make chocolate- and pennsylvania. That's where we make chocolate so now he gets out and he's back in his apartment and that's when he's he's doing all kinds of everything that you read in the paper, everything that you read in the magazines. he's caught July. Ninety ninety one thirty one years, all these thirty one years old at this time, Tracy Edwards escapes from his apartment, this is another person connected to our name and dollars finally picked up when the
come in time still drunk and Do you know the story of this tracy edwards of how he got away so what what had happened was done tries to put some handcuffs on what we should go back, There were you didn't talk about the one that was got away and the cops return them to Dahmer? in Dahmer claims. It is just a lovers: quarrel skip that one I ones fascinating. Will you tell that wondered? Why main details toward how to us the war that workhouse rob me of my details, but basically the idea. He takes this guy back again you know he's doing the whole picture thin in and he was one of the things that he was doing was. He was in holes, in their skull after a drug them
it's like a pseudo lobata me right side, but the whole on the scar, and then he would put some sort of acid. I believe he was using bleach and sometimes warm water and sometimes chocolate, but but yes, it is creating this site concoction cause he wanted to keep them almost. In a zombie state, so this kid during the zombie state he gets out and he heads down the road, and I believe that the guy is partially naked, like with the trench co but he's naked underneath and then beat up. Unease bloody and the cops see this kid. Then Dahmer comes out and explain: the cops that it's just so this guy's drunken and we did some drugs, while blot in
and its sizzle lovers quarrel and then they so they release this. This guy back into thought. Custody. Guy and dead. So this light weiss alleys twice three times at the cops screwed this one year, but I don't know that we can blame it. So much on the I I don't you know, I don't want to blame, not blame it. They didn't, kill anybody but right, but when you a bloody negative person, but but that's also and the time a sign of the times yeah, because you know homosexuality. Wasn't it wasn't target? the scots to wasn't as open, so I think on some levels. This was not deal with this. So do we wanted in now it's safe to talk about Tracy edwards who escaped from him, and so he escapes Dahmer had put handcuffs on him and Tracy realises that this
going to be his demise of e stays there? This guy's gonna kill him What he says is that Dahmer, trying to corner him and he He buys time by saying all you know: let's have another beer, let's hang out a little bit less, you know whatever and damage. Not small guy he's six. He could you could take care of himself they were what six one I don't know his height, but dahmer, eventually drinks himself to passing out. and he doses off temporarily, and that gives this Tracy Edwards enough time to make a run for the door he gets. He gets out of dodge and god that he did. I mean it. His life is saved and who knows how many other lives have been saved yeah he's whose six warm first pretty big you now for.
seventies, eighties. Seventy days for ninety ninety one ninety mean I mean you figured seventies. Abies early nineties mean six. One is No, I'm six three in people think I'm a giant. You know that the cops show up two dollars apartment They come in there. Some weird verbal exchange between Dahmer in one of the copse anyway that one house makes his way into his bedroom this is where they fine. This is the apartment of whores kind of. really starts coming out, They found. I believe it was eighty three polaroids. Did you see any these polaroids my years ago,
one day, ass, Bored out of my mind and was looking up stuff undermine and then, as Google Emma Jane, do never don't ever google him it's dollar, because this will not work really cares about. Is the work release programme suddenly heard so much about the job, but yeah wanted it does a picture of what what did he look like? I think this is maybe this was last year, whatever one hour whenever his house was up for sale, as do a google image, not polaroids came up and You don't want to see those the polar you're crazy. There, like he's even like artistic all with some of it, you know: there's I saw one picture with that was just a head in a pair. Hands there I saw one that was looked to be a headless body These warrant, just the the
wages. I saw think I didn't have the sea off eighty three of them The images that I saw they were not. They didn't appear to be just bodies, strewn about laying around and he just snapping photos. It appeared like he, This was posed in staged in some kind of never since scrap book that he's putting together for himself why We've talked about how he wondered. If you keep the, though comes close to home like that's, why he kept parts of their body and stuff, citing that, probably you know that taken the pig the bodies and taken the pictures of the people was another way of keeping these people close to him other than the polaroids. What do they find in the house? You know if you want to go through the list so they find for schools in the fridge they find a fifty seven gallon drum full of acid, with three
torsos in it. Dollars, apprehended and spend six weeks deliver being a one hundred and fifty nine page confession. Did you read that I read now, I do it this convention. Will you look at the polaroid virtually I only. I saw a couple polaroid patient, sick out peace. He in his confession. He talks of of the neck of the acts of necrophilia. He talks of of building a shrine. He wanted a shrine with scores of the of the people that he had killed in scuse me in different parts of these people- and I imagine some of the photos as well. He ate speaks of cannibalism, civically he enjoyed eating the arm muscle the biceps
then he talks of his act of trying to create these zombies. These you know for his totally. Submissive by ready for his actual gratification ease. Creating these zombies by drilling, like you, said, drilling a hole in their head in sir acid, bleach or warm water, and claims. He did this on several attempts and none of them live longer than a day This brings us to the trial Your name is safe. when got it.
The So that was the famous clip that most people seen from the court room when one of these victims sisters is free. She goes after geoffrey and that's the trial was was strange because he's really is not there representing himself as an innocent man, clear, Oh he's guilty: he that I'll is all set up to decide to determine if he was saying or insane
the time of of these killings day He doesn't where his glasses during the trial, so that all the faces or fuzzy they did it trying to take himself out of out of there courtroom as much as he can. Why and I think if you just watch the interviews with them and stuff, he seems remorseful, he seems He knows what he did was wrong, that he knows that these fancies he adwords wrong and knowing that acting these fancies wrong. So by them. definition. He is saying I don't know that he's remorseful, I think fit I can understand what you're saying, but I think that what
He wanted to do with men. The only way he thought he could achieve that was through killing that the the the end meets the means. You know that that them meet the end that it did had to do that in the was owed that for some reason he found to be seen and sentenced to life and in prison. And that's where he's going to meet his demise. Apparently there was a pack on him years before he was killed a couple years before he was killed. Form it tells the warden. This guy's gonna be killed he he's heard rumblings he's heard the prison population talking about someone's gonna kill, Jeffrey Dahmer
because it what but there's two conflict in stories that you hear a lot is that he was braggadocio. Listen. you know I mean and then and then the other side of the coin, where there all no use good in may and he was humble and he was kind everybody, and so there are two conflicting, or is there in, but I think that being famous as it can. well, then, I think the neighbour that's in energy, for life for or multiple life terms. Its current, like a trophy killing innocent What a lot of people claim there in the nets You know, I see that too. I can agree with that, but but one thing that I think about is disk, so Chris carver is the person that killed Jeffrey Dahmer and did you. How far did you get into the story of his of him being killed, not supervised,
I watched a couple videos of Chris when I was a kid. I had heard that he was stabbed to death with a broom handle and then I found out it threw up until We did research for the show. I've always assume that that's how he was killed in we did resource for the show. I didn't know that that that he will and killed in that manner and what extremely ironic is he was beat to death with a barber? Which is the same way that he kills stephen hex his fur victim and nineteen. Seventy eight. scarves her Chris carver, jeffrey Dahmer and Jesse Anderson are sent to clean the locker room there's a a room, arrest, room and a weight lifting facility
I understand that the prisoners should have the right to exercise, but do we need to really furnish them with with wait, still get them bigger and stronger to potentially attacked the guards or It seems absurd that there's all these heavy deadly weights in there and we these maniacs in there I mean Chris carver was informed for murder. Jesse Anderson's in there for murder, Jeffrey dollars in there for murdering and we're gonna send the three of them in there and by the way unattended, which is not supposed to happen so alive, people think that this was some kind of set up. Personally, I think that Chris carver. I think he was trying to write a wrong. I think he was trying to write his own. wrong of killing somebody when he was on the outside and I think he thought that free dahmer in Jeffrey Anderson or p Evil and if he could rid the world of pure evil, he could get right The gods about yeah but
Can you buy that kill? Someone has a little bit of a mess of brain so wherever they come, what does not work either. Chris carver says he's gonna clean the weight room area? Dahmer goes into the restroom, the man's restroom. the clean and there the andersson, goes into the locker room. Do you know anything about this? Jesse Anderson guy he's interesting too so dahmer? He kills. A handful of black men african american men, Jesse Anderson kills white guy. He kills his wife, blames it on. He said you know they were attacked by black men and heat. He gets with this story for a little bit of time before the police deduce that he was actually the the assailant and that these African american guys didn't even exist.
Chris carver. Dollars in the restroom. He goes with the barbell beats jeffrey, or to death. Then goes into the locker room and beats jesse. Listen to death and they actually years You know not too long after that date they remove chris from this prison and they move him to another state to an undisclosed prison you can. find what prison scarves errors? And today I find them you're gonna try to find him try to find. what I do, the research that I do when I kill him to make our a wrong a wrong wrong, all right while the research that I found shows it that they, placed him in a in a prison in he might even be under a different name.
I believe its in colorado, yankees under the name harry Harry Douglas harry conquer, so that was the life that was Dahmer, and now there is good there were too many boats. to list there were too many book about Jeffrey Dahmer to list, of course, the movie, the got associated with Jeffrey Dahmer. The most was probably a movie that was had nothing to do with him was silence of the lambs because it its released and nineteen. Ninety one dollars picked up shortly after that in july of ninety ninety one- and you know he's the media- Dubs him the real life Hannibal lecter. Do you know who that more based on er it's more based on a game which, but again, like
decayed. Yes, yes, no the high electors not based off of ad gheen, okay buffalo bill the killer in silence, limes based off of ngos and also because he was making the skin suit right now wasn't taxes, change our mascara loose, loosely based off again as well, correct and again it's because of the mask the leather face which is pieces of other people scan. Them sherbert for lady. That's what the fuck, at game was doing. He was making some kind of skin sue or skin mask or schubert for person that's it. That's when the previous characters extremely gravy and his voice creepy too, but you know what song is played when he's in the mere needs doing little Jesus POE, as things between his legs? Do you know sounds plan. Now the gsm
american girl, by thomas He now now that's earlier in the movie, that's earlier in the movie, that's when the girls driving just before she's abducted, so science lambs wins five oscars incredible movie comes out just before, where's apprehended, other movies about Jeffrey Dahmer. The did you see any of these that there's one title and night, ninety three jeffrey Dahmer, the secret life. There is one called Dahmer in two thousand and two and then there is one called raising jeffrey Dahmer That was in two thousand and six. I have not seen that one and then there's an independent documentary called Jeff that came up In two thousand and twelve, I saw the dahmer the one that was just just called d- the two thousand and two on, did you watch that yeah the one,
jeremy renner. I think we watched that together. Actually, the the the first one jeffrey Dahmer, the secret life and ninety. Ninety three I watch I started to watch like the first five minutes of it and it was horrible. I could I couldn't I couldn't bear Go through another minute. Two of it, but the Jeremy runner ones kind of kind of funny, because, you know who would have thought such a big actor, what a gotta get a break it you know coming from too bad movie, we'll see this distorts about his death. Be indifferent, then what you stated a cargo So it says that way: may be read in this america way. While he reads, yeah hold your horses now I think there were ok you're right, but was attempt on his life before what you're saying?
tempt, was that There was a razor that was embedded in a toothbrush and so they tried to slash his throat was the first attempt on them now one thing you and I both found, a big part of the story that I couldn't quit watching I couldn't get enough of was Dahmer father lionel the the thinking man trying to figure out trying to figure out oh his son, how his flesh and blood became this guy, he it's his own book, Eighteen. Ninety four titled, a father story. Stone philips does an interview with Jeffrey Dahmer after he had read the book claim
he said up all night reading it that he picked it up and read it and one sitting claims that there is a lot of things about his father that he didn't know until we read the book, his father seems like like like a high school science teacher, something to me like I'm, not saying that that's his job, that's his personality. You don't owe me he seems very breaking bad. a little bit yeah a little bit. And him and his wife, he had remarried him and his wife were the only people that went to visit Dahmer when he was in prison. but that's where, like like we're talking before with this the shy thing you know, after in the book dollars. I you know, I didn't think I was that shy of a kid but but but
a lot of times. What you put an out into the world is not how the world perceives you so, but line all Dahmer com, lee searching for the answer of why, in can see he even the old video footage of here in his father Dahmer in line all dahmer with. What I think is liners mother, the grandmother, the three of them together. The video footage, the old grainy video footage of the three of them hanging out in dollars talking about eating mcdonald, syn, So fascinated me, I could just watch it. I could watch for hours and- and I I think line or has sat around watching these things and analyzing Jeff his childhood,
four hours and hours and hours trying to come up with something he even at one point. He even ask the camera man or whoever's conducting the interview. Look. Look at him here. Look at Jeffrey here when he's talking to me. I don't see anything abnormal. Do you want no he throws in that year, you, like you so confused and sheep. There's that thought process of a father say my son did these horrible things, and am I somewhat responsible? Did I miss something and your parents, I know a certain percentage of you again. What you put it out for the world to see and how's that perceived, and I think what he was just put an out. Was this a guy that conical after the rest of the world created. Drinking problem, and then you know, then, with these fantasies and what I found interesting- was you know, dahmer at the end of his life, you know, became you know, a christian and
What I find found interest in was he got that material from his father. Though his father was christian and said, o k is the way it is. I want to read this book and then instantly Jeffrey was like I'm gonna give my life to Christ. Ok, so what I find out, though, is you know, to have this belief- I don't find to believe in god, but his father just has this belief of this is how the world works and that's the deal. and have answer forgot. That believes in that do not just have the definitive answer that possibly My son was in this way have thoughts in his head and said it talks about a book. Well, I think that wraps it up for dahmer, but for the unless there was anything else you wanted to say. No,
so for our recommended reading this week, We're gonna recommend the river man. This is buddy, and I subtitled TED Bundy and I hunt for the green river killer this. Anybody that has not read this one this one's amazing. It's it's it's so thicker book, but if we But that's also that's before sounds. Are the lambs as well correct? So so maybe that's the tides into the idea of war that's where they got the idea of a care what If we're looking for a sea serial killer, how do we catch one last time to a serial killer. Well, that's why I picked this book for this week to go along with this episode, because the Dahmer story in the silence of the lambs are so reminiscent of Bundy. That the drinking Bundy. Drunk constantly he drink all the time. Necrophilia. Bundy did the necrophilia and we'll talk
while buddy I'm sure at some point, but you brought up silence of the lambs and yes, yes, it part of speaking to Hannibal lecter The idea of that came from the inner Bundy on. How do we find this guy that the green river river killer essentially was killing and the same? the same area that Bundy was in washington, state and, they wanted to know teachers had it, took two killed to catch this man and they the book is tat. River man, because that's what bundy called the green, four killer, he called on the river man is fascinates me how we always link these p it only dahmer If so, I Dahmer, the first thing I think of is a cannibal cannibalism, You know right now then as pure pride on this about me, but I'm a musician. That's why I do not like detective or somethin
looking for dollars killer, cocker by I'll, find him but last night I heard these people sitting around the table and they are talking about ok, Adam, everybody in history: who's your favorite villain and If that we're going to be talking about Dahmer, and I just yelled quite loudly dahmer, I think it freaked everybody But I think the idea is that With these killers, these names at against fascinating, I think that's what keeps them. And had gone on in history. More so well ended this book. Not only discusses their them looking for the fbi looking for the green river killer, but it also discusses Robert capital is the f b I agent that was involved in the green river killer killer case
and he is the one that interviewed Bundy along with some other guys, but it all. Who talks about his kind of early come up ends in the fbi and kind of the start of the behavior science unit that as to track these guys. So it goes through the atlanta child killings It goes through that case in detail. It goes the bundy case in detail? and then it goes through some of the green river killer case details. Well, so so It's really like three, three wrapped up in one was released before they caught Gary ridgeway, so take them The consideration but its banana arresting them. It's it's. My favorite true crime, book yeah, and when I put my stamp on it, I think the other read which I haven't read yet, but I do want to read, like you were saying, is the book that his father wrote story.
Be a read as while the sounds interesting wraps up the show this week and, like always, the music we compose the music for each episode and that can find on a website, and you know purchases Keep the show gone if you enjoy it. If you do enjoy semi ways to secrete people. Is that all your plugging time, well again, don't and we will see you next time
the electra. My name is clarice starling, I speak with you, the of jack Crawford. I am yes, the basket of potentials, certainly the close. The that expires in one week inaugurated as the.
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