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Jennifer Kesse /// Part 1 /// 362

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Thousands around the world have been riveted by the inexplicable disappearance of Jennifer Kesse. January 2020 will mark 14 years since she was last seen. Join us as we do our best to keep Jennifer’s story alive. Beer of the Week - The Carlson Amber Ale by The Elizabeth Brewing Company Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 Bottle Caps

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welcome to true crime garage wherever you are whatever you are doing, thanks for listening, I'm your host nick and with me, as always, is a man who knows it's very hard to get a table for one at Chucky cheese. He is the capt. I prefer a little caesar pizza hut, his store his storage can be seen and good to see. You thanks for listing thanks for town of France this week we are very happy to be featuring the corals and amber ale by the exquisite brewers over at elizabeth brew company, this medium bodied, tawny, colored ale, is brood with roasted barley and dark crystal ball. creating a nutty caramel multi flavour garage grateful at a five bottle caps and let's go
some cheers to our good friends right here. Captain first up cheers to Courtney, who I think is in rockford illinois and also a shout out to joshua listening on the stitcher app and a big. We like your jib to kelly in tiffin iowa. Next up, we have clooney in Adelaide Australia, george clooney, a big shouted carrion pagoda springs, colorado, here's a double cheers: do jack in taylor and brisbane australia and light but not least, cheers to shelby in portland main everyone. We just mention, went to true crammed roger dot com and contributed to this week's beer fund, and for that we thank you for all of our old episodes, check it out on the stage europe and they are free and you could also check out. Our bonus show cut off the record that some states are premium, and that is enough of the bee. Is on everybody gathered round rabbit, share, gravel beer. Let's talk some true crime
the the the The the the, the the missing persons. Mystery special breed of true crime story, the lack of answers or closure
for most of us is enthralling, but even You fall into a different category, new findings. And stories unappealing. the case we are discussing will change your mind. This is a missing persons case so perplexing and so unpredictable The thousands around the world have been riveted by the inexplicable dis. The of this young woman. This is a case but far more questions than answers, the story and which no one is even sure when it began. Yet it is a tale rife with clues intrigue, and ever In many missing persons cases we discuss theirs foreshadowing in the victim's life that some bad is going to happen. Maybe they were going through personal turmoil where they were and abuse of relationship, maybe they were making questionable choices or leader
an unsafe lifestyle, sometimes a person is unhappy nature. To run away or maybe They spiral into addiction or worse. we're going to say this up front. None of this was the case here. With this missing persons case. This is true crime garage, and this is a case of jennifer see the the jennifer was born on may twenty nineteen eighty one to loving parents drew enjoys cassie. She her parents Younger brother Logan were incredibly close. Jennifer
born in new jersey, but the family moved Tampa florida when she was a child as a kid jennifer was always very responsible and well behaved. She got good grades had a ton of friends and she got along with her parents. Jennifer truly was a golden child, the blonde hair, big bluish green eyes. She grew up to be five. What seven or five foot eight tall hundred thirty how's she graduated high school and moved on to the university of central florida where she, agent and finance after switching from pre met jennifer work hard and was serious about her schooling and ambition when she graduated in two thousand and three she had multiple job offers. She accepted a job with cfo I westgate resorts in. Oh, this is a massive timeshare company where she had in turn, while in college
she recently was promoted to manager of process engineering at the age of twenty four. She was the young employee to earn a promotion to management. She was going on streamlining a new mortgage debt system installed by the company. The sea. A five westgate owner is David eagle, a somewhat showy. I have laugh at my own words here, a very showy individual he's well now he's a multi millionaire who build a house so large, ninety thousand square feed that it was featured in the documentary the queen of her sails which, if you haven't, seen that it is total light guilty pleasure, sit down, eat, popcorn, drink beer, watch that documentary jennifer, loved her job and had good friends in the division of huge company. She worked in. She was a creature of habit, many people would be,
boldly describe her as type a. She was the kind person who left for work at the same time every day who planned her outfits in advance, who had common sense and who was not afraid to stand up for herself and speaker. I'd right, although jennifer was self, confident, independent and didn't take crap from any one. She was also fought Jennifer had a lot of friends both from childhood and her sorority in college of whom describe her as a wonderful person who was a great and loyal friend and who could be counted on she was obsessed with the new york giants and its sit on watching every game. She loved the dave, Matthews band shopping and the beach Joe four made an amazing mac and cheese and drink beer and love to dress up and go out at night. but she was always in bed at a decent, our and at work on time. The next day
Jan had a tiny tattoo of a shamrock on her left hip found. This interesting and amicable friends like this that have a lot of safety measures that they take. Some precautions that they take seems like Jennifer was really to that yeah. She has been described as very cautious and also aware of her surroundings. She never walked alone at night. If she could help it always locked her car doors and carried pepper spray which was purchased for her and all of her friends by her father drew Some of this is attributable to her parents who who having been mugged at gunpoint years earlier, they wish to teach their daughter about safety and awareness. Some of it was because Jennifer was a big. Fan and watched a lot of law and order s view which will, if you watch enough of it, will scare the crap out of anybody,
Jennifer's mother even says that gin new to deliberately crash her car in the event that she was carjacked to set off the air bags and have a chance to escape She also knew that in the event she was ever placed in the car trunk that most frogs have internal latches or you can kick out the tale lights to attract attention. Until november, two thousand and five jennifer lived with her rend and roommate an metro west. It's a planned community, but her roommate was getting married, so she to move on right around thanks, giving two thousand and five twenty four year old jennifer purchased her first home for two hundred and seven thousand hours. This was a condo in a complex called mosaic at millennia, rain
is being converted from apartments to condos in the height of the florida real estate bubble yeah. But this area was a super great was located. Buyer more anew, mom. this is what I call when you have a in area. Trying to be a nicer area and is also kind of surrounded by puppy areas, That's those are real estate terms, puppy yedo live here. It's kind of booby half of the complex was still being considered did and the other half was being converted over from apartments to updated. Condos. Now, Jennifer's unit number two to six was in building money too, on the second of three floors, Logan cassie described the mosaic and millennia as a literal construction zone
complex, was located at thirty five. Seventy three key: Roy road and featured multiple buildings fronted on a very large part, and had an even larger wooded area behind the complex jennifer's parents helped her pick out the place. It was right across the street. captain, said from a fancy: new shopping mall called the mall at millennia, which featured retail shops and eaters the newspapers at the time, cried the mosaic at millennia, as quote upscale, gated unfenced, but it's a fair stay and to say that the area was just newly becoming nice and that it bordered on some areas that were not so upscale yeah once also not gay did at the time, because there is so much construction going on There are gates they are not being closed or used properly and we'll get into that
heavily later but the neighbouring areas have even been described as sketchy or puppy or poop. mosaic millennia. Is your typical pastel colored florida stucco buildings with been air hallways leading to the condos this still a major construction zone, just like her brother described in this, I was not close to maximum capacity news reports from two thousand and six indicate only about two hundred and fifty of close to five hundred units were full. And only one other kano on jennifer's floor was even occupied. Many The cargoes were still being renovated and were empty, and in fact it came later. That many of the workers that worm lloyd in the construction project were per it is to live or stay for a while in these empty condos. While they worked the job
one well known story is that jennifer, who had we been living in her new condo for about three months when she vanished had told friends in full Lee that, while she loved her new place this a very nice condo by the way, with a balcony overlooking a pond granite cow tops in her own laundry room, she did not like the workers. She told people that the workers can't called at her and whistled when they saw her for anyone especially a young woman living alone. This is quite an uncomfortable situation. Her parents who lived about two hours away, encourage her to report this behaviour to the managers office, but it does not seem that jennifer ever did so jennifer refuse to allow any one into her condo when she was not home, but when she first, Dan. Her condo needed some finishing touches like paint and plaster social
would come home from work on her lunch break. Let the workers in stand there with the door open so the hallway on the phone. the friend or her parents, while the men worked She always locked up after she left. There seems to be, no way to track who all the workers were on site at the time, Some of them were undocumented workers with no papers who were probably doing a lot of work under the table right there. No surveillance cameras in place at the complex jest. Yet one like you said some of the workers were permitted to stay in the empty buildings correct. But I guarantee you, there was workers that we're staying there were allowed or people demon know that there were stained, to say that this worker, staying in a condo or in a unit, couldn't have friends over or people that that worker new right, you know staying for a weekend or a couple of
Is it just there's a lot of things going on in this kind of complex? Is what we're trying to point out that there is no real checks and balances of these types of activities in a movements. And there was also virtually no security at the armless gate when Jane for lived at mosaic at millennia, the unfinished work and pray Rest nature of the buildings meant that lots of workers, gardeners, maintenance workers and so on, work suddenly coming and going no one kept track, and, according to the cases when jennifer disappear, weird and her story broke all over the news. Many of the workers seem to just disappear here or evaporate. They did not want to be understood. even if they were not involved in any way and her disappearance Jennifer
had been dating someone for about a year when she disappeared. This was rob Alan he's. An english soccer player who lived in for lauderdale, almost three hours away. They had met at the tiki boy, are in downtown orlando. In two thousand and five rob was eight years older than jennifer, but the tuesday to be a good match, since jennifer was somewhat mature for her twenty four years of age. They spoke multiple times every day and the two of them all the trips to stay with each other, taking turns every weekend, rob figures heavily into this story and to the south of have jennifer's disappearance since He was the last known person to speak with her rob.
has grown very close with the kazi family and remains so to this day warm back to your one point where they hard to have undocumented workers, because we don't know what kind of criminal history that they have, and so in this case too, we have the undocumented workers, stand in the same complex as the owners yeah. In the other thing, I want to point out two to top all of that off. We have the the false sense of security that some of the optics provides for thee condo ass right, there's they are sold that this places gated in secure. I here to tell you it's neither and seems to be no question of what happened to jennifer cassie in january of two thousand and six jennifer was abducted,
Everyone, including the orlando police department, agrees to this, but the remaining quest and surrounding her disappearance is who took her. How did they take her, and even when did they too her. All of this is unknown. Even to this day, let's go through the timeline of the disappearance of jennifer cassie to establish what we know and what we do not know on Wednesday. January eighteen, two thousand and six jennifer, from orlando to her boyfriend, raw balance and fort lauderdale? This was after work. On thursday january nineteenth, the two of them flew from fort lauderdale to saint croix for some are, and are they stay a condo there. This is with family friends of robs photos. the to show them doing the usual vacation type things there at the poor.
Their relaxing in the sunshine they were scheduled to fly back to fort lauderdale on sunday, but for whatever reason, their flight was cancelled so after some scrambling around, they manage to get a flight to miami and have a friend to pick them up to make the forty minute drive back to robs place. Jennifer got up six a m on monday and after rob filled the gas tank, her gas tank and black chevy malibu for her she made the three hour drive north all the way up to orlando and went straight to work that day according to jennifer's work, Colleagues, she had a normal day at work raved about her trip and said she didn't wanna leave around six p m. She stopped in and said good night to her boss. This is john wheelman. She got
in her car and drove the twelve miles home. Her cars transponders Add that she went through the usual toll at six fifteen p m, day during a hundred miles. It is from our boyfriends house to her house so little over two hundred miles now. While she was in her car on her way home from work, she did call her. Parents drew and joy to tell them about her trip. She also spoken brother Logan, who was living with their parents at the time re jennifer. Had given logan a set of keys to her. Condo just twenty one at the time and Jan had given permission for him. you stay at her place while she was away. This is with some of his bodies with logan at jennifer's place that weaken was travis borg and young a long time. Family friend of kisses and joining the two of them was a guy named Matt. This is Jennifer's ex boyfriend.
Gonna Matt remained friends despite matt and jennifer. Breaking up Matt didn't actually stay at jens condo, he lived in orlando, so he's very close. Only about thirty minutes away. He just hung out there with the other two guys. The family says that Matt took the break up with jennifer, very hard and he continued to pursue jennifer for quite some time. Yeah. It's not clear where things stood in january, two thousand and six, because we know that jenna had been dating rob for seems like years or for a year and rumours are that Matt had moved on to a new girlfriend right on the phone with Jennifer organ, told, Jan that Travis his body had inadvertently left his work cell phone at her car.
And he needed it for work ass. A p jennifer agree to find it at her place and she was going to fedex it or you p s it to try with the next day. The family is unequivocal about this jennifer plan to bring Travis cell phone to her work with her on tuesday and send it out at that time again jennifer's family says she was a creature of habit, so they can predict or they say they can predict what she did next she arrived at home at the condos at millennia and parked in her designated spot. This is number twenty, two twenty six, the same as her car. Oh unit that was very near the bottom of the stairwell that went up to the second floor, where her condo us
its literally a matter of maybe thirty feet to her spot from the stairs was dark out when she arrived home sheep in her luggage from her trip, which was their found still packed in her condo. She checked her male which was also found in her condo at the main office. On her way in It known whether she ate anything. Her parents say that there were no take out containers in the trash. So perhaps she just eight something from the fridge which did have food in it. An likely change into her sweats, which I always wore at night when home then got on the phone yeah jennifer. gonna get on the phone, but her condo head. Notoriously bad cell phone service. According to her parents, the phone or herself on only really worked, and this would be sporadically wench.
Was out on the balcony, so home jennifer would usually use her landline, the oars no police have all of her phone records, but never released or discuss them. In fact, the orlando police department has been incredibly tight. Lipped about this entire ace, releasing virtually no information. This is, all did in a major legal dispute. Now that night jane spoke with her best friend from childhood. This is lorn mccarthy The two were as close as sisters and shared everything law and told ideas disappeared, that jennifer told her on on that she had a great time on her trip, This she and rob were actually having some trouble, mainly with the distance that they live from one another. The distance between was provide
in this travel, and neither one of them wanted to move to correct. This does not, of course, anybody's a problem, Anybody that's been in a long distance relationship understands this is a very common situation. Jennifer may have talked two other friends at night, but we don't know for sure as such they ve not release the call records, but we do know that rob told the pole. He's an Jens family that the two of them had a phone conversation on Jens landline, as they did basic, Every night This one was at nine, fifty seven p m jen toll rob that she was in bed when they spoke. The two argued on the phone a bit it isn't known exactly what they discussed, but lord hold gretta van cistern. That jen was quote feeling the distance end quote
rob and jan wanted to be together, but neither was willing to commit to moving Rob later said that he wished that he told jennifer here loved her in the year that they were dating since he hadn't it's possible that she was questioning his commitment and spark. An argument. In any event, rob was the lad, known person to speak with jennifer and the last of the concrete facts for that night again, this call this com station ends around nine. Fifty seven p m
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ever, you find your favorite podcast. We are back cheers mate cheers now, the next morning, tuesday january twenty fourth, two thousand and six jennifer an important meeting at work, this schedule for eleven a m, her typical routine was to leave for work between seven thirty and seven forty five. She may have left early on that morning if she intended to stop at a fedex to send off Travis but it is more likely that she intended to do as she said and make use of the fedex services at work.
Robin Jennifer always spoke by phone in the mornings when they were apart. Jennifer would call him from phone on her way to the office. Here's, what rob told nancy grace quote, every day. She would either call me just to say good morning have a great day or just text me to wish me He to you know, have a good day, love you that type of thing and when I didn't receive it tuesday morning? I thought it was odd and quote rob. Chalk jens being am I a up to being busy just getting back into the swing of after the short little vacation ray after a while he called her sell. This was before his nine a m meeting at work, and he got her voicemail. He tried again a little later, but got the same result. Jennifer didn't show up for her eleven, a m meaning?
not only was this totally out of character, was completely unheard of. Jennifer was known her punctuality and if she had planned on missing work at all. She would have called in to say so. After calling her cell phone and repeat really getting her voice mail, her boss, john wheelman, had the I t department check her computer calendar and it showed that she knew about the meeting that day and had planned attending it was so unusual for her to be absent without any explanation at all right that her boss ended up calling jennifer's parents and sometimes in case, as we see this people not taken action right away and applaud her boss for doing so. I I we applaud her boss for doing so, but I do want to point out. It seems to me like luck with with these very popular,
cases, the ones that are more well known, right, there's hundreds of thousands of eyes and ears on these things. I have noted though it seems like the employer, yours or whoever notifies whomever or does not notify anyone there like vilified, either way because I've seen especially in this case, where there, like, oh after only a few hours, why are they reaching out to her parents, saying that it seems unusual now and I feel like luck. We you and I, and all these other people that are questioning this behaviour. They do no jennifer cassie data No, the relations between her and her employer. In the people she worked with the co workers. We don't know that we're going off of reports, so I bring that up only because I don't find it to be strange and I think that it
given the situation and what were told about jennifer and about this company and her coworkers and might be more strange that I didn't quality, but in and keep in mind. This is after repeated attempts of trying to reach jennifer herself right and I think, of oz working with people in general and opposed to animals, as opposed to you. You, filthy, animal or even you know, if we're supposed to get together to record in the garage- and you didn't show up and you didn't call and then I called you and it went right to voicemail multiple times. I try to get a hold of some kind. family well. Some reports say that this call to the parents was either because Joyce Cassie was listed as jens emergency cod. Act and some say it was because John will men was a friend of drew Cassius.
Either way jennifer's parents were notified Does she had not shown up for work or for this meeting and this week is reason enough for them to go into panic mode. Joyce Cassie was at a kinko's at the time copying materials for her work presentation that day when she got the call she wore. Out immediately leaving everything behind to be shredded. Jennifer's parents called both her cell phone and our home phone and course. We know that they are receiving no answers herself on went directly to voicemail, drew Cassie told nancy grace that this was the first time in a here's the gin head a cell phone that she not answer his call drew was stuck at home, waiting for Travis to get back from the Jim, with drew's car Travis hen taken his phone
and drew didn't know the name of the gem so drew made. Some phone calls as to the o orlando police department, then, property manager at mosaic millennia, the property man reported the jennifer's car was not in its parking spot at the castle request. He knocked on Jim and door and then opened it and looked around and said in its anything unusual when he reported this, the cassius became very alarmed. Drew who enjoys and login, and their friend Travis and two separate cars set out four orlando, which would be a too Our drive on the way Joyce called rob and some of jennifer's friends who had not heard from her either and she also called hospitals in the area. Thinking perhaps jennifer was in an accident will think
bout. Why her brothers gone through at this moment to your really close with your sister and your dad saying, hey, look, we're gonna be dr, the drive sisters missing, maybe frightening stuff right. and he had to stay there, that her place that weak bright? travis and Logan arrived at mosaic millennia around three p m and the crises arrived around three fifteen, rob also arrived on the scene. They convened in jennifer's condo where this is what they found. Ok, they found the door locked when they arrived. It was also reply, to be locked when the complex manager checked on it from I can gather. One needs a key to lock the door from the outside, so either jen locked. It Some one used her key to duessa right, but just to be we are assuming her parents had a key. I dont know if her
parents had a key, I think they may have, but we do know that logan had a key rightish, stayed there that last week in the law, its we're off jennifer's by was unmade now late on, the bed were to work outfits in the ten and black color scheme. her new nine west alligator pomps were missing. This is entered thing- and this is this- could be key here. This is a pair of shoes that her mother was well aware of these reserve shoes. It they had discussed on the phone many times remember: Joyce and jennifer have a daily phone call. Her luggage from her trip, was still in the hall. I remember it still pact at this time she had not unpack, luggage from that short weekend trip her male was on the counter in some of the junk mail was in the trash which otherwise empty other than this junk mail. There was
evidence that Jane had eight anything for dinner was not obvious that took place, but we would later learned that she had not used her credit or debit cards and there were containers or dishes lying about the close she wore to work on Monday were hanging over the back of a chair. Her t in underwear which her, Emily says she normally war, this type of thing to bed. They were in the bathroom floor and our contact case was empty and they found her glasses I'm assuming on the bathroom counter. Yes, they were bathroom sink counter in the contact lenses case was found to be empty. Her make been hair dry or were on the bathroom sink as well, and we, you know, it's thought that where these items were left did someone had possibly recently used
them are used them that morning, in the shower, there were still puddles of water. This is in the corner, shelf area, surrounding the shampoo and or bottles there was a damp tao over the washing machine in the laundry room. A portable can of pepper spray was on the kitchen counter. Remember we discussed earlier that she carried pepper spray on her qichen. This was purchased for her by her father, but he is guess did Jennifer had to leave it at home since she could not bring it on the airplane on the flight to saint Croix. Right, though it makes take it off the key jane and for whatever reason it's still sitting there, which is ass, gotta, be driving the parents not she's missing there. checking out her apartment, pepper spray on the countertop,
evidence we have right. Now you can go while she stalked her boyfriend at night. She probably slept in her bed. It seems like then she woke up. She got ready for work with the puddles in the shower, got the wet towel that it seems as if everything would add up that she left the apartment. My mind would immediately go to in this makes sense as to why Joyce called the area hospitals. Her car, not being there in the appearance that she got ready for work and probably kept to her routine, my mind, would immediately go to either we're just. Sing something here and she arrived incredibly lay at work for some reason or she was involved in a vehicle accident on her way to work, and we can't
and her get a hold of her. That's where my mind would go to in that. That instance were again. This is why I think people need to jump into action because they say it was some thane, where jennifer was going to work in her. Her phone was messed up and she decided to stop and get a new phone before she got to work and she was running late. So she couldn't call 'em because let's say the phone stop working on the way to work or whatever that. Eventually, you find her safe and you go. Well, maybe we overreacted, but it's better than tat under act, more high, ranking exactly well. The There was a bottle of rum, then apparently, four told her father she had purchased for him in saint croy. They find this exiting otter on the counter and condo directly across from jennifer's was and to be unlocked logo. Her brother found this and why,
inside, and he said that it was empty and found that the condo unit had no carpeting according sure parents drew enjoys Her was a morning shower person, she always showered before work and never showered in the evening. So you're. Seeing what we just said. They observe in the congo. They came to the conclusion that jennifer probably woke up for work. on the morning of the twenty fourth showered, as usual, got ready for work, we talk about what was there the kind of what they found in the congo, but let's talk about what was missing because, what's miss from the congo clinched this belief for them that she got performed her normal morning routine and then something happened. Here's what was missing. Travis is next hell, cellphone, which jennifer had told logan. She would fedex from work. The next
jennifer cellphone. This is eva rise and algae. Flip phone jennifer's purse, which included her driver's, license her eye pie which apparently she took this with her everywhere. Her car keys. There hark he's, are on the same ring as her house key and her male key jennifer's brief case was also missing, which is often left, in her car or even in her car trunk, sometimes overnight. This is according to her friends and her car is missing This is a chevy malibu right and I would bet that Everyone is kind of thinking the same thing here. Everything that was missing jennifer would have taken with her to work. There day, but as we know, she never made it they're. So what the hell happened now happening. Winded happened, yet that's really a big piece of this case. I believe it a I mean it's
a huge missing puzzle, peace, only what we have here captain is. We have eight nine, fifty seven p m phone call the ends and have an eleven a m meeting that she was scheduled to attend that meat, seems to set off all these alarm bells that she is not where she is supposed to be right and that something going on, so that gives us a third teen our window of time when something went wrong now ripe. We can start assuming with evidence that she slept in our bedroom. She woke up at some point and shoes heading to work, possibly The other thing you can do here is instead of working with the thirteen our window of time. We can assume that maybe we could minus three hours or so off of that, because her regular, time to arrive at work would be roughly eight a m right so
you know now we're working with a ten our window and but don't you think, the evidence and our condo suggests that she won slept there. Then too, got ready for work Yes, I leaned. I certainly lean that way. There are plenty of people that make good strong arguments, for something could have happened late. That night I think it's worth examining, but I'm with you. I feel, like the evidence that we see points to Everything was normal up until the time she was supposed to leave for work or just before yeah, I think. Maybe he is. I don't know they did this but plain to see test, the tao it's her dna than you'd start assuming again that the shower in the morning and not at ten p m. I say that was not done right, so we just don't know
Now is probably a good time to discuss. Jennifer's parents drew enjoys cassie, safe to say they were not the typical, powerless family members of victims that sometimes we see in these cases who have no choice but to put their faith in law enforcement and wait patiently for answers. As far as the cassie's are concerned, Jennifer's disappearance, understandably so, was an unmitigated disaster and they were not going to take it lying down. They emitted we became activists outspoken, advocates, outspoken advocates for their daughters case. As drew told a cnn reporter in two thousand and nine quote, we both have big mouth, we know how to use them and we will do everything within our power to give her the best chance of being found drew enjoy. They are both smart, articulate, motivated and Andrews case somewhat intense people.
being realistic about why people abduct women drew said they abduct them to rape them and kill them they sprang into action immediately. Damn if one of these things I heard him say, was they don't kidnap, oh Female tat does put her on the corner and look at her now now at least he's been real. Lease he's been honest, and I think that's also cry out to the public of summit took her. The chances are that the reasons they took her from very bad wreath. yeah that- and this needs to be some. This needs to be important right in its it's important that he remind the public of what the likely actions were by the offender because Somebody may have knowledge, there's just no victims, name attached to that knowledge, sometimes people bragger tell stories
they tell of their actions, but they don't say who they did that to right, and this is case where we need help from the public, the cassius, immediately dropped everything in their lives. This is a interesting move, but I think it shows the level their commitment to finding their daughter finding out what happened to their daughter and their intelligence as well, they moved into jennifer's, condo actually live. full time for several months. While they push law enforcement to fight and their girl. This is good for many reasons. I We believe that the congo complex at the centre of this whole case, so If there was any knowledge to learn about that kind of complex or who may be going in and out of their one key would gain that knowledge by living there by being there, after
hours being there on the weekends so on and so forth. But on top of that they live in Tampa. it's gonna be a mess to try to keep law enforcement on top of their daughters case and be two hours away. Two thousand and six until the present day. They have been constant, a constant thorn in this, of the orlando police department, they hired private investigators, they put flyers everywhere, they held press conferences, they got jennifer's face on the sides of buses in orlando. They handed out playing cards with jennifer's, face two prisoners to try to drum up tips- and I wasn't just her face- may end up taking up a bunch of different missing people and putting them on the cards and shows the level of their
it's just the goodness in their hearts, while yeah they're there to help their daughter's case, an other missing persons case rain, but also the sophistication that their brains can think have where we we have heard that some times by this is a tactic that people use and then wipe prisoners. Reply. With a card summit comes out and says: hey. I know this person drew even got mixed up and went into death row to meet with a prisoner who claimed he information, sadly turns out. This was just a hoax. Was this the guy that he was on death row. But he claim to know things about a lot of different cases and- and I think this is the guy that they said if he brings up. Whoever that you'll know right away that it's the whole stories bullshit had nothing
to do with it our or has no nor I've had thing again put your brain and to the the mind of the the father. You have this beautiful daughter, she's gone missing. You have no answers. Hey there's this guy death row. He might know something. You know guys a bad mammy jama, rape and you have to get I up and go into a room with them and then knowing if he brings up so and so that the whole stories bullshit and so your home for that. You get some kind of information or some kind of lead here sit and across the table from this creep. Oh and then he brings up that name and then it you wanna talk about roller coaster of emotions, the whole time and has been over many years. They set up a facebook, page or facebook pages and establish the jennifer cassie.
com website, which is still very active today. If anybody wants to look that up, it's it's jennifer, J e and an eye F, p r cassie is K E S, s e dot com, They contacted every consulate in the united nations. As a result, Jen is listed as missing on interpol and via cap. The kazi documented everything they came across in their search for their daughter and they participated in countless tv specials news stories and podcasts raise awareness of their daughters disappearance. Eventually, the castle would be forced to sue the orlando police department before we go too far along cat, and I want to make sure that we do our due diligence here. We have to give credit for much of the information, the good information anyway. In this case, this is due to
of the source, as we have already mentioned, but a big garage cheer has to go out to the podcast on concluded so to shop, in scott over on concluded, cheers mates. We have relied heavily on the unclouded podcast and the help find jennifer cassie facebook page, which does This is the case and maintains a database of timelines and facts. Of course, we recommend, both by late afternoon on the day that jennifer was discovered to be missing. The cases had already printed off hundreds of flyers with jennifer's picture and a photo of her car and the license plate number. They rob lorn and twelve of jan sorority sisters stood on street corners near her go and handed out these flyers to rush hour drivers. They also posted fliers over the area, including
her condo complex. The castle of course called the orlando police and they met with detectives gauze and right at the condom, that evening, along with rob, travis and logan a point out here, though, the detective right was almost immediately replaced by detective browning. So for anybody looking into this case, to be aware of that drew enjoys, were not really impressed by the detectives and with this meeting, although they took the report, the missing persons report and They would look into the case drew enjoy said that the orlando his department's opinion was that Jennifer simply took off after a fight with her boy and an eventually she would turn up. That's what we're told almost every time right, captain s above the lazy people. So, of course, the crises.
I refuse to believe this. They were incensed at the implications there was no way the jennifer had laughed she of her life drew enjoys, vowed to find and their daughter, no matter what it took, but there was very little to go on. The organ police department issued a beyond the look out for jennifer and her vehicle this one. Around nine p m that evening the Lando police spent. thirteen years investigating jennifer's case and captain? You are more than well aware of this because of your work on the tyler Davis case, but I found this to be just an interesting little stat over three thousand missing persons. Reports are filed annually in orange county florida. During that time,
The detectives initially assigned to the case retired a year into the investigator. and new detectives came and took over the investigation. They too laughed and new ones. Worse. This is a thirteen year old investigation, I'm faulting orlando police department for assigning new detectives. We when we have retire. That's what has to happen with the thirtyam year investigation. I can't force them to stay on the force, so lot of work- was done. I'm just gonna say: there's a episode disappear it's called girl, interrupted, aired in two thousand and sixteen and they had some detectives. I I don't know which detectives they were right, but they had some two texts on it. Talking about the case again, they they make the claim hey. While we know that got an argument with the boyfriends- and maybe she does took off very unimpressed with these detectives.
Thing here is too with the switching of detectives, so the detectives are only laughed with what the old ones provide them with right. And there was a lot of work done in this case and the files number Tens of thousands of pages. One It was obvious to be a problem in extremely unfortunate. Was it the original detectives were old sky They didn't use computers, didn't really even take any notes. so when they were tiring and moving on put out. The pasture new detectives come in their left with with almost nothing, and I think that they were did the original detectives were forced, or at least And did so like right down everything you can remember about the case before you. Your done in your added here right. That's awesome! Right right that base
they says yeah. We know your daughter went missing, but we don't give a fuck. I tell you up man I cannot tell you, I dont want to show any more, but member that, like the first forty eight and then there is, I think, there's another show that the seven two hours whatever anyway, I'm talking about these these cases where you, you can watch a unit, homicide detective robbery detect whomever an. Interviewing people- and there I cannot tell you how many times that I've seen what I call like old school detective work work in a case Where did I love it? Like that's one of my favorite things These are guys and in women that are interviewing bull and taking down notes their writing things down even shit that doesn't seem in power at the time they write it down and more, couple times, there's something that happens a week later or some
vehicle spotted elsewhere a week later and they flip back their notes and go. Oh yeah. I remember I thought I remembered so like that. I wrote down. A blue, lincoln was spotted here, And then, all of a sudden now they ve got the lead that they need it. So I get that not everybody was raised around computers and to use them I did all undersea has said Peter school. I dont understand the fact that day it's been reported that the guys didn't even take notes. That seems to me to be the most basic in simplistic portion of detective work
and in recording your work along the way yeah, you wonder if that's bullshit or if they took some notes and and the department can't find them. I mean you start by the obvious. We have this girl that went missing. Let's try to figure out. Did she stay there that night? Roughly? What time do we think this happen? Is there any eye witness that saw her car there at night start there. Now we go to the boyfriend now go to the ex boyfriend, now go to aim by our that. Maybe she had romantic ties to now. Let's go to the family and in that way same time, then you go to every staff member and that condo complex. And then you go to the different staff members of the construction, but that law is a big problem when you dont have a list of those workers. Now you have any other
workers plus any of their immediate contacts that possibly worked with them at some point? So now the pause becoming so big to try to investigate well on any one. That's experienced one of these rights, innovation that large scale renovations or construction projects on on housing sites and residential areas and eat. in commercial areas understands the it not is easy, is just going to one big company and going Gimme a of all the workers that are working on this property. It doesn't work that way, because there's multiple multiple companies, some of them some of them small, some of them one man owner operated operations property. So I read really didn't difficult rights as they get higher one contractor those only there to detail on contractor. That's only there to do drywall. The price
is when you are able to contact that contractor and they're not going to give you the proper names of the people that work for them cause they're undocumented. That becomes a issue that becomes a safety issue for others and and that, where yeah, maybe I cannot be so impressed with these detective from this tv series or maybe not impress with if rumours that I heard but the stacks their young, but the cards stacked up against these detectives, with especially the newer ones, because there, after with very little information from the original directive. Detective. So, for whatever reason or, however, you wanna slice, it much about the early months of this investigation is lost. Were unknown there is virtually nothing in the case file from the first sixteen months of the investigation. We do.
no, that the following was don or was not done by. The orlando police department, Jennifer's com, no, was never processed, the handrails on the two sets of stairs leading from jennifer's for the second floor to street level were not dusted for prints. Jennifer's credit cards were checked There was no activity after the abduction, the orlando police, parliament has never commented on her bank records or phone records. The orderly no pity checked closed circuit tv traffic cameras near all relevant locations. Jens condo did not have surveillance cameras at that time. The orlando police.
Apartment checked. Pawnshops in the area. They also took jennifer's laptop into evidence. The police visited jennifer's workplace about a week after she went missing and did some cursory interviews with her colleagues, and Her work computer into evidence as well. The orlando police ordered a ping study to try to see where jennifer Cell phone was on january, twenty third and twenty. Fourth, the discussion of the pinkies and jennifer's phone is probably one of the most debated and confusing pieces about jennifer's case drew kazi addressed the pangs in in an episode on on concluded and one entry in the guest book on the families website as well, and we will visit this issue further, a little
for now remember the castle said that jennifer had terrible cell service in her condo. In addition, they have said one of the cell towers near the mosaic at millennia, was damaged or down at the time, implying that Jens phone had to ping off a further away tower. when the orlando police department looked at eleven pings related to jennifer's phone according to drew, enjoys the police believed that jennifer was out and about late on the night of Monday, the twenty third moving from our condo ass her nine fifty seven p m conversation with rob further. They Leave that she had gone to a shady area of town. It's not where this was the castle apps lately denied that there was any way jennifer would go out that lay on a work night after
Getting up at five a m that day and they said once he was in for the night and in her sweats and glasses. She would never have redressed and gone back out. The orlando police department, detectives said to the cassie's quote: you don't know your daughter as well as you think you do one more thing, the orlando police department seems to have told the castle was that both Jennifer's phone and travis his phone were powered off at some point that night around ten forty p m, but the sees knew that jennifer used her phone as an alarm clock and didn't turn it off that night I want to thank everybody for listening and thank you for telling a friend make sure you go to true crime. Garage dot com check out our store page. We still have our presale going on. That's a zone zip up and a true.
I'm garage brewing company pull over sweatshirt, make sure check that out today will see a back here and there tomorrow till then be good behind the dollar.
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