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Jennifer Kesse /// Part 3 /// 364

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Jennifer Kesse /// Part 3 /// 364

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Thousands around the world have been riveted by the inexplicable disappearance of Jennifer Kesse. January 2020 will mark 14 years since she was last seen. Join us as we do our best to keep Jennifer’s story alive. Beer of the Week - Laps De Temps by White Rooster Farmhouse Brewery Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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My name is david bidding on monitoring and I'd like to talk about how to protect its outrage. Jennifer castle, if you have any information about we're, jennifer is who has taken her or the person of interest. Please contact the lawyer Ask a about protection you may have under twenty climate and how you like them, it can be protected and provide him or her with the information that you have your attorney will work in your best interest their israel warped information, at least the whereabouts of jennifer or the person interest. Please do the right thing Please do the right thing.
In regard to the disappearance of abduction of jennifer. Cassie. Sergeant bar A jones of the orlando police department. Had this to say quote we establish the timeline of monday when she laughed talk to rob, which was about p m to thursday at around. eight o six when a resident of that condominium complex located her car. So that's about a fifty our window. She go to say we did obtain some very surveillance at the condominiums where her vehicle was found and that surveillance, video depicted a picture of a pedestrian which we're classifying as a person of interest that video
taken on tuesday, the twenty fourth at around twelve noon so monday at ten p m until the fall. day at twelve noon is the time where we had that pedestrian, who is a person of interest, in this case there desperately trying to find out who, that is to say They know about possibly the whereabouts of jennifer cassie. This has been one of the big questions in this case, so let's look at the possibilities of a night time- abduction verses morning, abduction when exactly jennifer. Taken is an extremely divisive subject. In this case there are two schools of thought, and both we discussed a bit last week and, more importantly, both have evidence backing them up. This is one of biggest mysteries wrapped inside this larger mystery. When you have a big fat blank spot in your time line. It is
key and instrumental to the investigation that you shrink at window of time a bit squeeze the breeze and clothes that window a little So now we are looking at a fourteen, our window for the purpose of her vehicle, but more like just under thirteen hours when you factor in the important eleven a meeting she planned on attending at work. That day, and then very likely all the way to seven forty five, a m when she I've been leaving for work to get there at eight a m now cap. It seems obvious that the castle can new to believe that jennifer was abducted in the morning ass. She left for work and there is quite a bit of evidence to support this theory. Yeah, let's go through this evidence. So one thing we have to factor in is jennifer told raw on the phone the night before this was already embed the other.
as we have a wet shower damp town, which show so many people say, This is proof that she showered in the morning just before the time that she would usually for work rain. Jens conch, lenses were missing and her glasses were on the sink, implying that she woke up that morning took off the glasses during the portion of getting ready for work. She applies her contact lenses them the room sank, we find her make up and hair drier was out on the countertop. Her pajamas were on the floor. The bed had been slept. In or at the very least, was unmade. We do have to factors. Some other then regarding an unmade bed, but but I think it is somewhat fair to say that logan and his feet and who stayed there that weaken before leave. And unmade bed at her car when she was so nice to let them stay there would be, would
be rude or disrespectful to to the owner of the cod, Monday night was her first night back. So if someone was in the bed- and almost certainly had to be her. The work close did she there were two outfits laid out that were found on the bed and these were close. These were outfits, it would match the missing shoes those there. who's that she was so proud of. Her mother says: look that she's trying to pare outfits with with her shoes that she wanted to. Where to work. That day she told me she was going to be wearing the shoes to work that day, and this is business, casual outfits, not something you'd. Think that should wear at night. So all of these things point two, jennifer going to bed on Monday night waking up on tuesday going about her normal morning, routine and then van, before she ever made it to the office that day by this
someone would have been waiting for her outside of her condo or possibly at the bottom of the stairs, knowing that she would come down immediately. This calls to mind the jody whose truth case we covered in episodes too ro. Eighty two zero nine but unlike jody jennifer, was not heard scream She didn't drop all of her things on the ground in their word, no drag marks. The more popular belief is it. She was abducted at or in her vehicle If someone was waiting for her and she unlocked the car mind, she's juggling all of these items that she has with her phone travis phone, her brief case and our purse. Someone could have taser or chloroformed her and shoved or in the vehicle and drove off war ass. She unlocked her car and went to load her stuff in a van could have pulled up and hauled her in, and someone else drive her car
a way to make it look like she had left if either Of these two things are what happened, who ever took Jennifer ma have known that no one was likely to be around to witness this abduction keep a mind. This was brought. Daylight, when Jan usually left for work and taking her A visible parking lot is quite risky On the other hand, there are strong proponents of the theory that jennifer was abducted at night, as we said the orlando police department at least initially embrace. This theory saying that herself phone seem to be on the move. Late Monday night, perhaps she had gone out to find a fedex location to send travis although she had told Logan her brother. Does she male it. On tuesday, the cat, You say there is no way that she have gone out and that this would have happened, but one thing that Cassie alluded to, does bolster
the nighttime abduction theory? He said that, while jennifer was on the phone that Monday night, someone knocked on her door, Jennifer look through the people and said that it was the male neighbour and this was going. She wasn't going to open the door, but this it is very strange for one thing: we know jennifer didn't really have many neighbours, keep in mind this car Many complex it's about half empty at the start, right by some reports, only two people lived in her wing of that building this so goes along with the fact that nobody heard a scream there might not have anybody there to hear a scream. The old. If a tree falls in the woods situation right and for some one is safety conscious, as Jan its bizarre that she didn't make more of this incident, the knocking on the door at night. This is too much speculation that jennifer new
who was at the door and maybe possibly lied to whom for she was talking to which I believe was rob at this time. Perhaps then letting the personnel, because she knows them, but not one. you tell her boyfriend aid, person, I know, was at the door and I'm letting the man at night Won't. You also wonder too. If she let her brother and his friends stare, her condo is, as does the neighbour come in I to check in on her or tell her that rowdy your that there was no problems with them or weaken so here's, the thing that I think we should address before we move on to far is we we are hearing this story of someone knocking on her door Monday night around ten o clock or just after ten o clock, basically, third or fourth hand by this point we're hearing it from her father who is
causing a conversation. She was, I believed, to have been having with somebody else with right, so we're getting. this information from rob to draw and then drew her. Father is passing along to the public and One thing that I heard when this was discussed was a reference to not only that this was a male neighbour, but I believe that at one time drew used. The words are the sentence, oh it be the man upstairs like a neighbor man that lived above her and I got to thinking about captain. I wonder having lived apartments, and you ve, lived in apartments and lived in one together and remember. I would always blast my music and we have to work. I didn't mean to jerk, but I was was insensitive to those around us and therefore I to become friends with the one neighbor who I was Bothering the most with, though the loud music, so we were
a first name basis with him as he was off reminding me. Could you please turn down the music it's late at night. Where my mind kind of goes with this is so times when we lived in our apartment. Here, a knock and assume that it was coming that someone was knocking on your door, then you go, and you look people in there's nobody there and you figure it out. You put it together. Like all I'm hearing, somebody knock on the neighbors door, I wonder if, if there's a chance that no, was there in that statement. Did jennifer made was just interpreted wrong? Is their choice? that she is phone middle. The conversation goes up. I think heard somebody knock at the door gets up, looks at the p. There's no one there. But her statement is oh, it must be the man upstairs. I'm not going to open up the door right well it must be the man upstairs may mean she thinks that the knock.
his on the neighbors door. Upstairs I'm not going to open the door, and this is really just nothing that has to do with her disappearance at all right or like you, somebody else and she's telling her boyfriend. It's just the neighbour right. This, a cue guy. Just knocked on my door yummy now another fact that could add to the night time. Abduction theory is something that Joyce Cassie said, and this that a man's size, medium banana republic sweater, was found in jennifer's laundry hamper under some other clothes. rob her. Boyfriend was a size large. He says this was not his sweater, but there could be a possible explanation for this. A very simple one actually could have belonged to jennifer Levin, though it was a men's sweater. Many women men's clothing, cosy casual lying around the house kind of thing or just for some kind of look that she was going for jennifer,
keep in mind was five point. Eight and a hundred thirty pounds. So she probably, I asked a few of our lady friends or my lady friends, and several who said that this would fit like amends size, medium, sweater could have belonged to some dude or of belong to jennifer and again, just like the knock. It could be something that has nothing to do with the case at all that it important when it was found in her condo, because that's where you would expect to find it. If you knew, was hers the thing about all of this. Of especially the sweater list. Let's dig through the sweater real quick, because here's one one piece of of informing and that we do know that comes to mind we have her mother, the she had conversations with jennifer regarding outfits, shoes. We know that to be true right, so
what I'm thinking about here is win the parents and brother and brothers friend arrive at her condo and their look, He threw her things in their going o. This looks like a morning, abduction or looks like she went vanished. Sometime in the morning because it appears that was getting ready for work. We have two outfits they are lying out there if their power. they're sitting there waiting for to compare them to the shoes or consider wearing them to work that day. If she didn't get ready for work and left that day wearing those shoes at her mother says that she wanted to wear that day. Then there, an outfit missing. What this tells me is that, even though we have all of these conversations and her face he knew her well. She had lived on our own quite some time, her mother, is not able to provide anybody saying this is the outfit that was missing from her conduct right. She was wearing something. This is
was missing. We don't have that, so I wouldn't expect her and to be able to provide us with food inventory of all of her clothing. I think very likely that this sweater just belongs to jennifer cassie, dad I'll could be like an ex boyfriend sweater that she disliked kept kept around. You many people have also suggested that, because of logan and Travis, and then even her ex boyfriend matt visiting her condo that weaken before they ve question. Could this? simply be one of their sweaters. I think not Because it seems to it seems too easy for one of those three young men to identify this as theirs right. Now the biggest reason we need to consider a possible nighttime abduction is jennifer cellphone as we heard from drew, cassie police said base on cell tower ping, evidence that jennifer was out and about
on that Monday night, possibly even going to a sketchy area as they called it, because her phone in Travis his phone were ping on towers indicating that she was out and about, and they could indicate that she left time after that phone call with rob that night right. Let's keep in mind, this was two thousand and six before cell tracking technology was as sophisticated as it is today. It was hardly an exact science, as we know from cereal. But the pings pointed out by The orlando police department made no sense, and this is according to drew cassie he stated that the orlando police department, ping results should be completely disregarded Apparently they showed jennifer's phone pinging on two separate towers. My
was apart at almost the exact same time. Right, obviously, this could not accurately reflect the whereabouts of her phone, since she could not be in two places at once. According to drew verizon had the pink happening quote all over the place. Further, the orlando police department told drew cassie at one point that the phone and travis his phone appear to have been power down or batteries removed some time. Ten forty or ten fifty p m on Monday night, we can all I presume that the order no police department believed this because the phones stopped pinging at this time, but they have since backed off of this timeframe, the police department- and castle said: Jen never turned her phone off. She always charge it and it had it and had it with her This is it. This is a difficult thing here.
and I would love to know the science behind it, not so much the science behind it on current cell phones on her phone and the activity that we could expect from her phone, that she was using back in two thousand and six would the phone still and when shut off does it please stop pinging once the battery is, can he lay removed, because I've heard the cast say time and time again that they believe the jennifer would have used her phone for and allow clock that she very likely. Would not have shut her phone off right again He lived on our own for quite some time. I'm just right falling back to two thousand and five and two thousand and six and seven for me and thinking about cellphones as they were in as they were used back then by by a lot of us. It was me different than how we use our phones today, we we each for them for almost everything today back then it wasn't so much the case
I mean we know that jennifer had a land line, because her cell phone was not great. was spotty at best once inside. Her condo there, which is super old school, will be its old school for two but not in two thousand and six. I had a lan line up until I believe two thousand and seven and two top that off. I recall, even in two thousand and seven and eight still using an alarm clock and because we didn't trust our cell phone back then the way that we do now I remember I lived in color so high. Oh it's a major city, mice. phone that I had backed and barely worked inside my home. If I went to the basement nata couldn't anything with it down in the basement bet you know as well. reception goes and so I almost feel like at a time when people are still using landlines, we know she was using one. This is a time when speed.
we're still using alarm clocks, I'd like to know if she, if they had financial records of her, because all I could think has like she skim ready for bed she's in bed other than may be letting some into the house. What would be her motives? and to leave. You know, maybe other than this fedex box. While lemme drop off this phone at the fedex box, I don't buy that she would do that advice. I think she should just do that at work. Uh huh, but I think you know stake and Jake pretty late at night can get me to go out of my house true there. sometimes like you gotta hankering for a blizzard, and you decide at eleven o clock to go to dairy queen sal on under the the office
and of that, where they, where the parents say hey, she wouldn't have turn off her phone. She would have done this. She would have done that one thing that they say she would not have left they, but they believe from They know of their daughter that once she was for the night she was in for the night, and you brought up the fedex thing with the cell phone. We travis a cell phone, and that is what is brought up the most. The problem with this is ten o clock at night. There's not affect store open at that time. Jennifer small, She knows, what's going on, she's gonna be aware of their she's, not going out looking for a fedex store at ten o clock at night. Now, You said something interesting there. What, if it's just a dropbox that she's looking for, I guess she could abroad, materials home from work or whatever to to prep that box and drop it off somewhere again and I know everything isn't in you know it
relate everything to our own personal life experiences. But at my work for years we had stamps dot com and once I had that in my life at work, I was going out making special trips to ship anything man? I only ship stop Monday through friday when I was at work and our work encouraged us to you, Yet we have to use our own money for it, but it was so convenient you're, not making an x. stir trip anywhere. You have to be there for work anyway, and the thing is she would have found the phone? If I understand the way that her Monday went very likely would have been unaware that travis his phone would be found in her condo until she already on her way home from work on that monday, because we know that she kind of got stuck trip. They couldn't fly to where they wanted to fly too, and she had to drive from from location right into work that day
a regular day and then on her way home. She has a conversation with her parents and then has a conversation with her brother Logan. I, the belief that is when logan informed or hey my buddy Travis. You know Travis, he left his cell phone at your condo. Could you ship it to em So if she doesn't know about this thing until she's already on her way home, she wouldn't it to bring any boxes or or any shipping materials with her home. So It just seems so unlikely and then the other factor too, is robys that she said I'm in bed, I almost feel captain that this ten forty or and fifty p m monday night, with the phones being powered off. I have two major thoughts on this. One could be that she just in fact shut them, both and they they no longer performed any ping activity after that took place Why would she do that? You don't want to be done,
urban when you're trying to sleep. Maybe she has an alarm clock right. You don't know what kind of activity. Travis phone is going to have to write when you're, trying sleeping you gotta, go to your work. The next day, maybe she did just in fact power them off the question I have is we are hearing this second or third fourth hand? How do you want to take it, and we have been told by drew cassie did this information was relate to them by the orlando police department that at that time, early on in the investigation, they thought something happened that night. And they were using this ping technology or thereabouts of understanding of the pink technology at the time to support that theory he is saying not only did- did we have conversation, but they had a conversation with me and my family. and when we left that meeting the three of us both had different opinion, on exactly what they were trying to tell us. He also says that they did what
that back a little bit in future discussions with the family. So where my head goes, is there a chance and we ve seen this in some other cases where officers, law king to provide a timeline and act. It timeline for the events of what took place there, reaching two varieties and into the to the cell phone companies to get information and sometimes there's a sum gets lost in translation. Is it possible that this could be ten forty, a m or ten? Fifty m? It could be something as simple as that. So it's trusting to look through this, and I think that what we really have to. Pony and on is that it appears to me from everything were being told by drew cassie that the ping information- is very likely inaccurate, so it's really hard to know how much value to put on this information, the cat These believe the phone information is absolutely useless.
As there is no way to know what is correct and what is not. We know that genes family, says there is no way that she would have gotten dressed after telling rob she was going to be- in heading out which ravishes phone. That's the other weird thing: if she goes Why would she, if she's not going to fedex? Why would she bother to even take Travis phone with her reign unless it people point out. Well, maybe it was already in the car in a briefcase for the next day, yeah we nobody. It seems like a law things have to line up for this too. To be a real thing, the thing The thing here, though, is there's one more possibility surrounding a possible nighttime abduction drew care he stated on the uncle I guess that a set of keys to the condos had been stolen the month before, and the managers office had a key making machine. They could easily accessed by just about anybody, drew told you for to get her locks changed but she had got around to it. It is the erratic
possible. That jen was asleep that night and someone entered her apartment and took her managing to you so stealthily and without causing any disruption, but what also have had to have taken a briefcase work shoes, both cell phones, car keys purse, ipod it It just seems crazy that somebody would go in and get her that night and determine all the thing that should be missing from her condo that you would speck to be missing. Had she got ready for work and left the house on our own into it seems like too much for the perpetrator to put together and then it that off, we know that the per spray was found on a countertop in her condo. We that, even though the security system was not being used at that time by her, there was a panic button. There was a pause button in her bedroom. This seems like I get it that the daytime parking lot abduction seems risky,
even somebody that could have got into her condo. Then you have to deal with the fact that sheikh she could try to defend herself with the pepper spray chicago, anything for a weapon in her condo and should get hit that panic, but none of them if you had the to be brought back to life. Hundreds of years in the future would you take it wonderings, newest podcast, frozen head home by ashen alina of the hit show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life, because for him death in the end, it was just the beginning it's dream to be frozen and brought back to life in the future, pulls us into a cryonics soap. Opera filled with dead pets, grenades, family feuds, huh
of fame, baseball legends and frozen heads, lots of frozen heads the story about the desire to avoid death? The links that people will go to make that a reality and what it means to be alive to begin with less the latest episodes of frozen head where ever. You find your favorite pod guest. Right fears, maids, don't be rude to your neighbors, be nice, try to play nice and the sandbox we want. We to give the orlando police department some credit here right. We were you talk about being we might have been a lower to them last week, but where they showed a lot of effort. Was these searches for jennifer cassie? Now we cannot go through
all of the searches as were conducted over the years as the orlando police department, pursued every tip and lead that came an overall, thousand leads have been investigated in this case. Drew Cassie has said many I am sure that the orlando police department was fantastic and, following up on tips jumping into action in conducting major searches when credible tips came in and there have been many, but he said the orlando police depart completely fail to actually generate any leads themselves. He believes that this is why jennifer's case is where it stands today: witches unsolved once the cassius convinced the orlando police department that Jennifer had not willingly disappeared. The youth We'll searches were conducted. This started with the air as in a five mile radius surrounding mosaic at millennia and the hunt
turn on the green, where grid searches conducted by officers, volunteers, dogs and people on horseback This included major roads. These took place over the course of several days the area search was bounded by text, avenue orange blossom trail oak ridge, road and hold an avenue. at one point one thousand two hundred volunteers were involved in a search engineered by child watch of north America, the in areas between the mosaic and albania and the huntington on the green were searched, including a in area near Huntington The green, where a cent was found, storage, closets and jennifer's building were also search. We do not know whether the large pond at the complex was scoured, but knowing the cassius, likely demanded that it be search empty cod
in the building were inspected, but is not believed that forensic test were conducted on any of them The orlando pity conducted several door to door knock inquiries at both huntington on the green and the mosaic at millennia right, but they they process, hurt car. But you said last week that the debt process her apartment and I'm not saying that they are right in doing so or going about it this way. But I think that This is why they process one and not the other, keep in mind when her family first discovers that jennifer is missing. The police, don't really believe that anything nefarious took place. They think she's got mad at her boyfriend. She took off her a little bit. She's gonna be back. so we have people coming and going from her condo before they leave that they need to process this condo unit right, but it
they should assume. I get in any investigations, start off by assuming anything well where they may have made a good assumption when they found vehicle. They immediately went okay, now we're on board, because we found her we thought she just took off. Why finding her vehicle and not her, and on top of it, I think it's even more suspicious that its found within walking distance of her condo complex. Right and also a worse area so immediately. They believed that wherever she is like the answers and where jennifer cassie is at this point, in our case, the infant stages of the case, We believe the car is the key. This is the map this is going to tell us either what happened or where she is or or who is responsible. So the vehicle itself was promised now one of the popular theories out there is that she could have been carjacked, or
She was taken after she was in her vehicle, as we discussed last week, captain Eventually they released this vehicle, it was turned back in and it was turned into the bank, because it was it, was not paid for was the least vehicle purse. I believe here that, if, if the police department, if they found anything anything in there to suggest that that is where the abduction took place or that, unfortunately, I hate to say it things out loud. But these are the things we have to discuss where she was killed, that vehicle run or stored in that vehicle for any length of time? I'm not so sure that they would release that vehicle that to me, Most indicates that at least they don't believe that something major took place inside that car re contain going on with some of these searches. We have the local
it is reported that a search of heavily wooded areas near the huntington on the green was searched. This is in january of the same month as she went missing, january thirtieth. They state here that assent was picked in the woods tips alleging where jennifer could be found led to scores of searches, including abandoned hotel a vacant times complex, a return in poland that was drain and so on, and so on after police picked up on street rumours and received a credit tip that jen was alive and being held against. Her will add a boarding house on. Fourth, I'm sorry, fortieth street in oakland This is two point six miles away from where she lived this home invaded on February twelve by a swat team they're looking for jennifer they're, looking for evidence that she would have been there before this date. thing was found? There was no evidence that she had been there at all the local
and was near huntington on the green, and it was only by somebody with more than twenty arrest, I dont have what this person's arrest history is, but just noted that twenty arrest in two thousand and Taxes aqua search arrived in orlando. This was to help search for cayley anthony, but they also. conducted a search of the near Mosaic. They too found in two thousand and nine. There was also a massive search there was conducted. It was a fruitless. She came in by way of tipp, but into thou, in ten orlando pity received a credible tipp about an overgrown field. This is located on orange, awesome trail near oak ridge, road, which is now sight of a walmart not too far from huntington on the green cadaver dogs hit on spock and the orlando police department used backers, sifters and ground.
penetrating radar. This search was one of the more significant ones that renewed the castle hope that Jen would be discovered, but it came, but nothing came of it. should note here that multiple online sluice have posted, that this search location was very close to where one of the nomes aspects and will call him adam for now he resided near this area around this time or at the time of her abduction, now. There was no way for me to verify that I was on well to verify that he actually lived near this location at the time of the abduction and today in twelve. There was also another major search and then two thousand and fifteen- the kazi family, received a tip. The jennifer was buried in a national park near miami again was another massive search using land air
see vessels. Unfortunately, nothing was found and think about the nor roller coaster the family has gone. You think that the solid lead. You you go through the proper channels to get a proper search and then nothing yeah! A lot of these searches. Look like something was going to come of it, and then we also have statements that have been made to lead us leave that something promising was coming from the investigation itself so we have one of the detectives on the case made public statements sometime around mid february of two thousand and six that the jennifer cassie case would becoming too Collusion within the next week, or so he said that they had viable evidence and we're tracking down certain transience. Clearly, since it's now almost fourteen years later, in one thousand dead end leads later. He was speaking out of turn drew
He told a reporter in two thousand and nine that the police had thought they found the driver of the car of jennifer's car who parted at the huntington on the green, but they were, they were wrong, and so the search continues there have been some using air quotes here. Captain sightings of jennifer cassie over the years. There has been a lot that has been ported there's been a lot that have been called in. There were a lot featured on the un concluded podcast, unfortunately, it very time consuming to go through these possible sightings. Really to me. I don't want to. I don't want to feel like I'm doing anybody a disservice here, but I feel, like I'd, be doing a disservice. If we go through all of these because they don't seem to be credible at all. In my opinion, I agree in April of
Two thousand and six, the man who owns the company that Jennifer cassie worked for David Siegel. He put up who are in fifty thousand dollars as a ward in her case and then the fall a year. He decided to write is this about all the way up to one million dollars. Well, this comes. The stipulation, though, for if you want to get the one million dollars he stating unique. Tell us where she is. We need to find her and she needs to be alive now, One ever has claimed any of this money. The f b I did get involved, her case. This was in two thousand and ten for years after jennifer vanish when they became involved. This was at the request of drew, enjoys castle. I'm guessing that they probably were requesting this for quite some time before it actually took action. The Feds agreed to review evidence that the orlando police department had compiled up to that date. They also
in Logan her brother drew her father. They brought them in for questioning and they gave logan a lie. Detector test drew offered to take one as well, but they declined. We're just gonna try to read between the lines here of why they would decline that my guess would be the one one hears we do know once she was reported missing or or told to the family that nobody could find her. She wasn't at work, wasn't where she was supposed to be couldn't get a hold of her couldn't find her. Her condo in her vehicle was missing from her parking spot. Her parents and her brother and her brothers friend jumped into action right at that time they had a very long drive to get to her condo complex there so I think, drew is of less importance, for the investigation is because, there's no way for him to be a suspect
no way for him to have moved the that car moved her car and also be driving to her condo at that exact same time, brain same goes for logan. we know was in route as well, but why you let him take the lie detector test and not really go into one with the father. Well, don't really need the father to do once so much if you get what you wanted from Logan and where I'm going with this captain is, I would think, as an investigator at that time, that the people that I should possibly be looking at might be the two friends of logan's And if he is able to provide them with answers regarding matt and regard Travis and the fbi, you're gone well, neither matt nor Travis. Look so good at this time. We don't know what additional information drew could provide us at this time regarding the to individuals and me
if they don't like those two individuals after they get done talking to Logan, they don't like them as as as suspicious. Thank you. We don't know what it was done in these regards regarding the fbi, but essentially the fbi only reviewed the case and mates recommendations to the orlando police department regarding how the agency should proceed from there now by february, two thousand and eleven, the fbi announced that it was ending. Involvement in the jennifer cassie case, drew cast He said that they told him quote: your daughter seems to have vanished. We do not know exactly why or how, and we really have nothing to go on and quote yeah. It seems the more we do. This show the more we hear about individuals, disappearing into thin air. Almost we have some suspects that we can discuss here captain and I think there are some that we
clear off along the way, there's some, certainly that look better than others in this case. First, let's discuss, who everybody would kind of make the leap to immediately in this case, is jennifer's boyfriend right Rob Alan as we discuss the orlando police department. Looked at robys one who might be connected to Jennifer's case. However, rob cooperated fully with the investigation. In fact, I contacted the orlando police department detectives on jennifer's case before they called him. He submitted dna, took polygraph and gave countless interviews to police. His alibi by the way for tuesday. The twenty fourth is that he was at work and this checks out Now we should keep in mind that this assumes daytime abduction. Rob could, in theory, have
drove all the way up to orlando after their ten p m phone call and got into the condo abducted, got rid of jennifer and then got to work back in fort lauderdale in time right, but also doesn't look like the suspect, driving the vehicle, that's correct dish into this. His cell phone usage shows that he was in fort lauderdale in the timeframe and which jennifer went missing. He from my understanding is considered to be cleared, rob still close to this day with the cassie's and still help as much as we can in finding jennifer by participate, and tv shows and articles. Regarding her case, we also can bring up, drew and logan cassie, father and brother, its You know we ve already kind of gone through this. I don't think that we need to dive into this. One too, much more right, because these are
to loving family members, data seem to be any way involved in the abduction of their sister or daughter load. was polygraph by the fbi, as we mention when it commenced a review on the case, Two thousand and ten drew to be polygraph, but they didn't take him up on it. Both men were eager to what ever necessary to not only will themselves out, but to move on and help the orlando police department move on with their investigation or allow these cases that some aid this goes missing or disappears into them. there there is normally a time where family members, my act a little strange. I dont think you see that in this case If anything that you see. Not only are the parents acting in the manner that you think they should. But almost the way you wish all parents would act.
Situations there, their leading the charge yeah and it's all it's, as you just said, If I were to go missing, this is how you would want somebody to react and to hold onto your case and lead the charge to find you re. One person who the police looked very hard was jennifer's ex boyfriend. Matt Sullivan he's. Remember he's! friend of logan's? They had been broke for well over a year by the time she went missing but remain that man was in jennifer's condo, while she was in Saint croix hanging with logan and Travis drew cassie has said repeatedly that man did not easily get over the break up and they he tried to get back together with her on more than one occasion We have seen reports that by the time jennifer vanish in two thousand and six that matter, actually moved on and was dating someone else, but
least initially he was not happy about this break up. Logan Cassie said that orlando pity quote, put matt through the ringer and quote this is probably because not only was met at jens place that weaken the weaken before she went missing, on Monday night. The twenty third, when many people believe that is possible that she was taken that night Matt was at a bar across the street from the mosaic at millennia. Now. should point out here. This was not just some dive bar that nobody ever goes in. This was a very popular bar called the blue martini according to drew cassie reports were that man was very drunk that night and he lived. He lived about thirty minutes away. So let's keep that in mind, because at that looks.
poor suspicious when you hear all logan and Travis and the kazi family live two hours away, three hours away, I'm sorry whatever it may that's a much bigger distance than Matt Matt lived somewhere in the orlando area? He lives only about thirty minutes away from Jennifer cathy's condo. and this bar, which is across the street so you're saying, as this guy's drunk pretty drunk at this bar yeah place. Thirty minutes from his he drove thirty minutes drunk. That's not what I'm saying I dont know how he got home that night. What can't say is there are reports that he did returned to his residence that night and these reports are coming from here. I believe he had two roommates at the time there were saying that he was home,
around one or one thirty in the morning. So it's those things captain where it's either suspicious or its straight up a coincidence, And it's easy to see why people have followed, who have followed jennifer's case are very stead and matt, although we should point out that his involvement seems to be one hundred percent speculative. If if he was across, street. He could have called her that nine said hey. Let me come over I'll grab, Travis phone and you know Will it for you because, where he it doesn't help get the phone to Travis any faster, but we also have jennifer's parents saying that they don't find this be likely. They don't think that she would open the door for someone at night and simply even if it was map that they that she wouldn't open the door. This is
He, though, because we do have the statement about the knock. Remember the knock on the door brain that drew cassie, happened. When John was on the phone. And said it was a neighbor what if it was matt- and she didn't want to tell anyone, because Matt was her acts that makes a licence matt certainly be familiar with jennifer's condo and possibly her routines, he could have killed her in an argument. It doesn't have to be something was planned and stage to look like! She had gone to work on tuesday, it sir a theory that we can't dismiss off hand, but uncle loaded, reported that both Matt and his buddies. He was with that night work questioned. They seem to have been cooperative and that man again to a polygraph, although orlando police department never followed through on that, they should of. I think that stupid not with you. You have the opportunity to just take it.
because maybe later you find some stuff and you don't get the opportunity, because he asked the lawyer up but he also doesn't really look similar to the suspect driving her car either. That's wrecked, and there were some reports early on that he was not at work the next day which could just, yeah, he was drunk and hung over and didn't make it to work the next day or could mean that he was bid cleaning up his men from the night before the problem. With that statement is we also statements and say no, that is incorrect. He was at work the next day the price to that that I want to point out is a lot of people suggests and say: the old matt looks good to me because he does seem to be willing to discuss the case publicly or go on the record with the you know, a newspaper or sit through an interview by an end be filmed but is willing to take apply graph test is willing to take up
draft, as in every body that that is close to the case, seems to be saying the same thing that he was cooperating with police. He matt do at one time release a statement that said look early on in the investigation when this became big news down in florida. I was willing to talk with newspapers or with with with the new, who's in media in general. The time that I did do that, one time that I did do that they took my story and twisted all around when it finally came out, and he once bitten twice shy. He does on a do another interview with the news or with media, because he feels like this could easily happen again. That's that's a difficult thing to for the public to keep in mind. You can sit down and discuss the case or what you know. I don't know about the case of somebody, the you know, intimately somebody
you were on the inner circle of with the media. But after that, in our view, is over, you have you you are powerless on how they choose to release it on what they used to cut from your interview of what they choose to include, and sometimes even the order that they decide to rearrange things, I've always heard the if you're going to do an interview like that, where the, where could be true, for you later on in life. The best thing to do is to record the interview yourself. Even just audio and go. That way. You have something to two back your own back yourself up and say: look they twisted this whole thing up, they're making me. Sound or they're, making me look guilty when, in fact these are my answers to their questions,
Thank you guess so much for joining us here in the garage and tell your friends about true crime garage, much loved you, We want to see you back here tomorrow until then be good, be kind. Don't.
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