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Jennifer Kesse /// Part 4 /// 365

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Thousands around the world have been riveted by the inexplicable disappearance of Jennifer Kesse. January 2020 will mark 14 years since she was last seen. Join us as we do our best to keep Jennifer’s story alive. Beer of the Week - Laps De Temps by White Rooster Farmhouse Brewery Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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The picking up where we left off captain we are discussing some of the possible suspects or at the very least, people that we think should be looked at. In this case. We now need to take an in depth. Look at two men whom jenna have worked many people believe that one of these men, not both, is likely responsible for jen's abductor, There is a lot in this case that points to jennifer being abducted by somebody who knew her new where she lived her routines, whom she might have trusted and possibly let her guard down with. Perhaps this person confronted her over
a recent trip with her boyfriend and an argument ensued. The story about to co. Workers at jens workplace makes them suspects in eyes of many followers of this case, the oars No police department did not prioritize jens workplace in their investigation, probably because she never made it into work that day the crime happen elsewhere. We said that in the week after genes, disappearance. The orlando police department conducted interviews with some colleagues of jennifer's and took her computer, but really that's about it building she worked in had over three thousand in employees. Orlando, He did not speak with every or actually very many of them at all, and there are two: particular, who are internet favorites for being her abductor. These men were not interviewed in depth until three years after jennifer
banish, drew cassie has long told a story that may have helped spark public interest in a co worker of jennifer's as a possible person of interest. He Joyce maintain that a manager in jens office, we're going call him John. He was her peer, not her superior, but he was very interested in Jenin. for in repeatedly pestered her about going out with him, Jennifer did not date. Colleagues and this manager was married, drew enjoys, suggested for that. She handle it by having lunch with the manager in the buildings cafeteria and letting him no firmly that she did not date in the workplace drew Is that, as far as he knows, Jennifer did do this, then, after her abduction and a public event, the cassius conducted
sizing jennifer's case, this manager approach the castles and gave them a secret santa ornament, jennifer cap on her desk. Now, if that were all there is to it, then the manager would likely get a side I from the public, but he might not be a person of interest, but there is much much more to this story in two thousand and ten another coworker of jennifer who is known in online forums as the pseudonym Adam Frank. Although That is not his real name fight a harassment suit at sea. If I westgate resorts against the manager who we said had it, rush on jan rain the manager was Adams superior at work, this law sue, allege that the manager was known to have a relationship with jennifer cassie and who have made comments deemed threatening since jennifer went missing these
polluted comments that jennifer was likely eaten up by alligators by now, which he said to more than one person also alleged that demand was late for work on the morning, the twenty fourth of january, two thousand and six the day that jennifer went missing according to this campaign, The manager made disparaging comments about jennifer's boyfriend Annie. was obsessed with her Adam Frank, that the manager and Jennifer had a confrontation about her trip with raw. on on that Monday morning after jennifer, got back from saint croy within days of adam filing this rasmussen, who he was fired from westgate It is not known whether the manager was actually late for work that day, as alleged by adam managers were required to keep time cart, but in the wake of adam suit, and dismissal from the company a source told us.
Included that it was Adam, not the manager who was obsessed with jennifer. He had sent her an email telling her. She looked a nice and he was creepy and stalker issue by these accounts at sea. that this Adam frank, I may vary, well have made up the whole thing about the manager to cast suspicion on this manager on John rather than himself. The upshot is, and we don't know, but a private investigator who worked for the castle- views this manager as the prime suspect and says he has not been cleared by orlando pd, which won the manager. John John, this this. Manager. John was the boss of this other employee, who later filed a complaint by adam gap. Thank you, it is, it is difficult. follow because you really have- one man saying look at the manager, he said some weird stuff. He might be guilty of this
mine is also saying that he also came in late that day and we have no evidence of german for talking bad about this Adam before she went missing. But we have evidence of her talking to her parents about this John Kerry. that is correct. The weird thing, though, is we have other sources that say that was Adam. Who was late for work on the twenty fourth and not the manager the but investigator also states that Adam Frank again, a fake name passed a pie the graph, and she was able to corroborate his statements some The manager knew about Adams, complimentary emails. Jennifer indicating that he was monitoring her emails again. The thing we just do not have answers to. But it looks interesting- and I'm gonna put point this out here- captain
I firmly believe in reviewing this case that the individual or individuals responsible for her disk parents they had some knowledge so whether it be extensive knowledge about jennifer cassie or even just some general vague knowledge, but they had some knowledge about This young woman and her activities one and that we have not yet addressed. And now many feel good, possibly be linked to what happened did jennifer because of similarities between jennifer's disappearance and one that he is believed to be responsible, for this is Two thousand and nine, a young woman named tracy a casual left, a ball are an metro west neighbourhood of orlando, with a man named James Hathaway, the bar was called the tap room and jennifer cassie and her friends had been to this bar
on one occasion, which was in ends. Old, neighborhood tracy occurs I was never seen again after this night at that bar at the tap room with this man, and her case is still unsolved. Her shabby cobalt, Tracy's car was found in a we just blocks away from the home of the man she left. The bar with James had away Jennifer cassie worked in a copy had away Is now serving life in state prison in florida convicted attack on another young woman, rachel clark whom, he tried to strangle the death in her car after she gave him a ride. He was known to breathe ag about how he liked to strangle his victims and break their necks, had always ex girlfriends too detectives. He had a morbid obsession in vampires, cannibalism and cyril murders. The orlando police department has looked at you
had away and jennifer testes case. But the fact is there just is no real evidence to make a connection for one, both rachel and Tracy were voluntarily and had always presence, whereas it is very unlikely that this would ever have been the case with jennifer cassie. It is the right they possible. They had a way, saw jennifer, cassie somewhere and decided to attack her. That is possible, but again it doesn't seem to be that there is any anything of evidentiary value to connect him to her missing persons. K yeah doesn't seem. There is much of a link at all mean deadly similar cases, but no link yeah it's interesting that one of his possible victims, it sounds to me, has never been found as well. and I think there is. There are several problems with jennifer cassius case and when I say problems I mean they're they're mysteries there,
these little mysteries. It are inside. The big mystery and one of them is not only winded. This abduction take place and where, but also why She never been found. There was that big of a window to get rid of her or conceal her in went through a lot of the searches that were conducted. They had some hits. some leads along the way. But she's, never been found? Man, that's another. thing, that is, cadaver dogs didn't hit on honour car either right and that's the that the other thing that is still so trouble in hurtful to her family. To this day I know her father at least based off of words that I've heard him say in interviews seems to have come. the reality and in maybe that's not the right phrase, but may at least his has decided to accept
the very likely reality the his daughter is no longer with us, but they still need some even hint of closure. They still need to find her. I understand my people would question the time of of wine should be abducted, but to me it this seems, like everything points to that she got up and was game ready for work, and then she left for work. Then the question for me becomes more: did it happen on the way to her car or was she in her car, or did she actually leave the her condos unit? Was she driving it? It seems like to me those are the most likely ideas, and so I kind of want to start rolling out this idea that she was abducted at night while- and I think, if you
good if we could take away what we know of the statements regarding these cellphone pangs. This was, conversations that happened between orlando p d and the kazi family That would have never gone public if that conversation never made it to to the public's ears. I don't know how anybody could consider. Otherwise, I mean black. As you said, I think everything points to a morning, abduction, yeah. Then I also wonder to like what what records do they have em into? They have her financial records because it head on The answer to that is: yes, they have that information. I think if you would be able to prove that you know at eleven o clock neither whatever she went to a bar and had a drink or something now that puts us in a whole different mindset of what
and we then know that she was lying to her boyfriend. We then know that shoe she actually left her apartment. but we are having records of that. The only path no evidence in my mind that points to a nighttime abduction, possible. Nighttime abduction. Is these cellphone pings the ones being shut off, which we are now being told by the same people that told us about these cellphone pings. To begin with that, this could be all bogus information really dont know what there told that there there may be some good information in here, however, We know that there is some bad information in here, so we can look at this and just drearily decide what is good, and what is not correct. You have to just kind of throw it all out and say we're not going to look at that point. I also think the big point of evidence would be
Let's say she went to a bar and she met up with some guy, then that individual goes back to her house stages. The fact that she got ready for work knew what items to take that she would I take to work, lay out multiple outfits. That would match a certain set of shoes that she told her mother. She was going to wear that this seems like a lot for a perpetrator to be able to do, we do know what's interesting in those regards. Oh captain, we do know that somebody, the perpetrator or the offender or somebody them was working with the offender staged the car so I guess it wouldn't be too big of a leap for somebody, then to say I want to be clear. Not my thoughts on this role, but They stage in the car or they just moving the car while that since it's the same thing. So therefore I guess the the
easy leap to make would be well if she was abducted the night before or abducted from her vehicle, then maybe the perpetrator went to the king, no in stage the condo as well. I'm with you. I don't think that there would be any way for this offender to know it actually how to stage the condo to make it appear that She was going to leave that morning. I already said that I believe that this individual has some knowledge about jennifer cassie ring, but this scene too much knowledge would need to be had where I think that could get a little more likely. Even though I I agree with. It would be if she liked turn condo with the intention of going immediately to work the next move from wherever she was going has then she would have brought those items with her willingly. I I'm with you, though I am I one hundred percent leaned toward the idea of a morning abduction. Why
I also don't believe that this perpetrator had to know a lot about her. I get is now a little bit about her. I think when her father drew says, look you have a pretty girl Don't just take pretty girls and put him in the corner and stare at em there's a mode of there, and I think that's probably what the motive was, and I think I can simply be somebody working on that site. There's a knock undocumented workers, theirs, of people. I used to work some construction crews, you wanna know any bays name that you're on that crew with unless you with them. Multiple ties but love those times as crews, which change over very rapidly. All this guy comes to work with us one way while he got paid and now he's not with us any longer What was his name
we call them caught him scarface or whatever right you may not know is actual name. I think it's that's more likely that For whatever reason she got into her car or was maybe she's making trips to our car to bring things to work, and this person looked at this as a operative. The love. I have good reason to believe that that I know- should very likely be the number one prime suspect in jody whose intrudes abduction which took place in I was sitting right we're in iowa, and really that person all they needed to know to carry out that abduction early. That morning where she lived. What her vehicle look like and what time she would leave to go to work. That's all that person, he did to know when carry that out. I think we have,
situation here, where it's so similar in my mind that that's all individual or individuals would need to know where she lived. What time a proxy at least she left for work and what her vehicle was. One as I am I was about to get some dick we'd go drop off this girl's car at our apartment, complex it's not impossible, but the fact that they, actually we have some evidence that not only did they dropped the car, but they walked back to the congo, complex yeah so again I don't, I think, the dick we dropped off the car is most likely, in my mind, the perpetrator, or one of two tina and it so trusting that you used the word dick we'd, because women last week you asked the listeners to go to our blog view the pictures of the diversion of interest and to
what they saw well, I said when I see one hundred percent as a dick we'd. By far the most popular theory regarding the person or persons responsible for Jennifer Cassius disappearance centres on the workers at jennifer's cod, complicates the the thing I can't get over when you're. Looking at that, dick wheat is their claim he's pretty small right or she is pretty small. Under five five the smallest there, we see reported would be five three, but again I believe that their there are other agencies other than the fbi. That believed that this person could be a stalls five when eleven rain so releasing the older perpetrator or the person of interests is what we should call them, because that's what law enforcement has referred to this person as right, the person of interest, absolutely the poorest,
picture. There absolutely did move that vehicle jennifer castings car. We know that move that vehicle and parted there around noon. The on the twenty. Fourth, so where our window of time starts at ten p m the night before this part and is moving this vehicle and leaving it in that parking lot at noon. One hundred percent that person drove that vehicle. Other agencies are saying loved we have this individual taller than what the f b, I stated five foot three to five foot: six inches tall, not much taller but as tall as five foot, ten or five full but again one of the popular theories regarding this person or persons responsible for jennifer kiss his disappearance centres on the workers at her condo complex ray and you would think
This should be easy for police to vet these individuals to investigate these individuals, but it's not so easy when we have the cassius who say after you four disappeared, it seem like some of these workers magically disappeared, keeping find. The authorities may not even know who all of these workers were at the time Even to this day, of them were undocumented workers. Some of them were crashing at the congo complex in its empty units. We could be talking about usually wit with this type of work. This line of work we usually are talking about a lot of seasonal and or two. and yet workers as well. These workers would we could know which units were empty. Possibly utilizing an empty unit to abduct and hold a kidnap victim right, remember
we're about to under fifty empty units at this time the work could also know jennifer's routine. Remember too, that jennifer's family has said that the workers would rigour. Cat call or lear at jennifer. This happen to us. women in the complex as well yeah, but Also, when you look at the surveillance picture, it also looks like the since wearing some kind of you'd, where, when you're doing construction or painting yes, what kind of work outfit or some type of uniform? also remember regarding these possibilities that There is some believed that a set of master keys was stolen, meaning that, someone could have access to all of the units, although jennifer- was taken in the morning the suspect very likely just grab her in the parking
not even need to enter her apartment right by think the evidence that we know that this person dropped off her car and then headed back to the congo unit is evidence that there is some direct connection in them and those condo units and they and they could have been staying and one rooms could have had their car park in the parking lot drop it off. Now that I did this bad vein, I gotta hit them road. I gotta get out of here yeah. No. I want one hundred percent agree with that. I think that it's very likely that the reason why the trail goes cold for the scent dog who is trying to track where the vehicle or where the perpetrator, the person that drove the vehicle went off to after parking. It right goes back to her condo complex goes after her parking garage area and then all stops at the stairs. I think that's because
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of fame, baseball legends and frozen heads. Lots of frozen heads the story about the desire to avoid death, the links that people will Go to make that a reality and what it means to be alive to begin with less the latest episodes of frozen head where ever, you find your favorite pod guest, the All right cheers maids, cheers one story: I want to make sure that we get to hear captain. This comes from jennifer's father drew Cassie Remember. We had said last week that he had reported that on a couple of occasions when she had to have worked on in her condo unit. This would drive home on her lunch break, she would over
see the work that was going on and she would stay on the cell phone talking with family or friends, so the I knew that she was in a sense not alone. And she would watch the work being conducted. She didn't want to have these workers in her condo unit when she was out there. He says it on one of these occasions that one of the workers was later arrested for statutory rape in two thousand and eight? Apparently, what, according to drew. What he wants to say is that this worker is someone that later told the orlando police department that, yes, he had worked in jennifer's congo and the last I'm that he saw jennifer was when they started working in her condo. She had let him telling him to just lock the door on his way out drooping,
so that not only is it suspicious that this man later goes on to commit a crime, but he also says this story that sounds untrue to drew. It sounds like something that she would not have done or consented to yeah. I like, whereas heads with this, but at the same time, seems to me some eight commit a crime like this. They disappear from the complex altogether, possibly and I they had the ability to do so. They might not the ability to do so and then, furthermore, if they do- and they don't have an not a reason to no longer be there that in itself make them look suspicious, this worker, according to orlando police department, was questioned by them and according to them, he passed a polygraph. The second worker that was working with him regarding day with the story that he told was also cleared
and I say that I want. I want to really sort and underline this before we move on the statement is he was cleared. I dont know that when you see the words also clear that to me implies that the other guy was cleared as well I don't know that these guys should be cleared number one, and I also question how official that would be by orlando police department if in fact they were officially cleared or if it was just written this way in the articles now according to the castle Many of the other workers disappeared. As you have pointed out, captain- and there is little to no documentation. on how or where to find these workers rights and that that's why I think one would disappear its power.
well, that this individual also knows because there's undocumented workers, that, when a crime happens within the facility or happens to some eight that are of a place that their working at that a bunch of workers flee the scene. Therefore, not making a big deal that they're gonna leave as well drew Joyce Cassie have said that they were told by the police department that or land tried a quote sting operation with a painting company working at the complex, but many of the workers were gone. By the time they were doing the sting operation. So there are conflicting, ports about whether all of the workers were actually tracked down and questioned there. I did find some reports, a sacred stated that did in fact happen, but many reports quest, and if that actually happened and how would they absolutely know that everybody was question the castle
are adamant that not all of these workers were in fact question our statements by a private investigator who worked with the kazi family, and this investigator maintains that, yes, all of the workers were track down, including some outside of the united states and spoken to drew. Kazi has said that when he and his wife Joyce we're living in jennifer's condo, remember they did this for about eight months after she disappeared says, while their living there, the landscaping maintenance crew, would arrive every tuesday morning by sea. Thirty or a m this to mow prune the shrubs and tidy the grounds He wants to know what these guys saw, what they could have seen. That, tuesday morning of january twin,
Fourth, when jennifer in theory, could have been taken. Some reports have stated that jennifer's car was observed by these workers not to be in its designated spot. Remember her spot was number twenty, two twenty six, not in her spot on that tuesday, but we obviously just don't know for sure. Here's the thing that I want to get I want to point out two regarding this, this parking area and regarding where the footsteps that, where the scent dog bow tracked, this sent to if I'm living in this kind of complex, yes, I haven't assigned parking spaces, it's you actually with most of these places you're the purchase of your condo includes the purchase of that parking space, and sometimes you can purchase in additional. spot? If you wish, if I'm living there, and I know that half the places empty and
I have to walk a distance to get to the stairs and then from the stairs get to my condo if those other space are not being used. Why wouldn't I just park at the space closest to the stairs, even though sought my assign spot right. I could tell, They see somebody doing. I would do that. I would do that and then I would go and also play your music too loud and I will go into my condo and I would blast the music and look I I wouldn't get kicked out at this, because I want to point something out here too- that look. It almost feels like wallace at this cargo. Now I do not, as somebody who worked and property management for many many years and for three and a half Those years worked as the security in a straight or for a condo complex. I am appalled at what is being reported that was coming out of this kind of complex at the time that she went missing.
we don't have any real security going on. We have the appearance of security and, unfortunately, the people that are gonna do bad things that are going to do harm to the residents they smart enough to realise that there is no real security going on at this place? What we going on is the appearance of security and their only trying to uphold the appearance of security and not real security appease, the people living there to trick people that are living there. There was nothing to actually protect the residents of this New complex, be it from criminals that that are out side of the property or be it from criminals that were employed to work in renovate this property right right, but I think a venture. there was gonna, be as just you gonna have the gates closed time when you have all these workers coming in and out so willy nilly.
I also had the problem the workers are coming in and out willy nilly. The condominium complex that I worked at was under construction. When I started working there. There were zero zero tenets, zero people that when the condo they had moved in by that time, the sex, week. I was there. We had to people that live there, In that grew every couple of months, so I worked in a place that was more more. Reconstruction, then this place that we are discussing today. It was more than fifty percent under construction. Every day we checked in and checked out workers that work there. They were not to be on that property without going through us first, they were not to leave that property without going through us. First, we every worker that was working there when they were working there, what company they were working for and who the work that they were there to perform. Yes, it.
it's it's quite the operation, it its tedious and a lot of work and a lot of organization, but we did it and why We cared about the actual safety and security of our people. Living there of the homeowners living yeah. Well, obviously, this community din it I mean right and that's what I'm appalled at and on top of that they said. Oh, by the way we we don't know who you are, but you can stay in the empty units as well yeah I mean it's, it's completely a response and I was doing this year's before she went missing. So it's not a technology thing. It's really just a it's, Lack of giving a shit is one. Why I think possible, aiming your genome
where you work is also different than this big complex. You you'd have motley out tons of crews working on these units, and so the crews would be spread out, probably a little bit more, but still I mean it's shut. The gates have ass codes for people, so you know who's entering and whose exiting and then everybody should be documented and every by every crew. crew leader should know everybody's name so Thirty number. Whatever would five people don't show up after a crime happen, you're able to give those names and information to law enforcement will be able to say, so and so just off and is no longer here, and they could go to that person's company. I wanna be clear it these. They are there to prefer.
warm work on the property there, not necessarily employed by the congo complex there there to conduct work to do so. So that's why they don't know everything. But again you can check all of those workers in check them out. At the end of the day, we did it all the time for three and a half years, while again back to the surveillance tape, looks like maybe a painters outfit because also be some kind of uniform for for landscaping as well. yeah, I think the from what little I can see. I see you would appear to me to be like a lie, cook somebody who works in a restaurant you know behind the scenes, poor, a painter that that I think the problem is like they said these. This outfit is a little bleached out so that that's what kind of a few that's what makes me go to the same thing. All painter or line cook sunk
some people online have suggested a a cricket player which and then posted some pictures of individuals. It played crick in the the uniform is very similar and wind. Looking through that, one thing that the jumped into my mind immediately was in orlando, this the sport pile I was pretty problem popular, I dont know if it still popular to this day, but it used to be very popular in orlando in day where similar uniforms to what people would where for a cricket match once us back. that I want to make sure we include captain- and this comes from a collar who called in to the concluded podcast and brought a facebook post to the attention of the house. This a local guy who grew up in the oak average area of orlando This is not far from where jennifer lived but also in one of those, not so nice neighborhoods. This look.
She was near the outrage baptist church where a women on her front porch said that she saw cars signalling to someone in the woods, as a team in this collar had a classmate who was, as he says, a bad dude one of those guys. It would get into trouble lot, he shot off guns. He behaved violently recklessly committed sexual assaults and had a number of arrests over the course of some years. Sky, apparently bragged that he was a menace to society and had away with lots of crimes. The collar said that this I had even shot the collars friend and got away with it the collar didn't know the guy's real name just his street name eventually sometime around two thousand and sixteen this guy was deported from, being a criminal. It's not!
to wear and he went to prison in his country. But then in november, two thousand and seventeen the collar saw a facebook posts from crazy guy. He had known from the his neighborhood and I posted a long, rambling profane. See my literate confession of sorts about all of the bad stuff he had done, including sexual assault of to family members and so on, he made apologies to various people and at the end of the post, which was deleted, but only after it, His screen shot by this collar was the scent and quote sorry tell jennifer cassius parents, and I apologise, eyes now, I'm trying to read that best. I can't because those aren't some of those aren't really words that this person tight doubt but base.
Really. This is an apology or sounds like an apology to jennifer Cassius parents. holler was familiar with the kazi case said that he saw her parents handing out flyers in his neighborhood more than once. He said the shady guy tended to hang out on taxes avenue. This is where huntington on the green is located. We are told it This information was in fact passed along too orlando police department. I have not heard any updates regarding this situation. The orlando police department has also stated that they cannot rule out the possibility of sex. Trafficking in jennifer's case Apparently, the orlando area had several rings in operation in two thousand and six
reported to have one of the highest rates of sex trafficking in the country at that time, criminal profile or pat brown spoke with Jane valorize mitchell about her thoughts on the likely offender and says well jane. I think that jennifer's father is correct. I think what happened was she left that condominium was getting into her car and that's where she was? doktor, because if somebody had their own vehicle, they would grab her and pull her into their vehicle, because it is much easier to work the crime scene, when the police don't know The crime scene is but when you whose somebody else's vehicle, and that is found- that's going to be a crime scene. So my guess is this: guy live.
In the condominium or was working in the condominiums? That's why he took her car took its someplace, did something and then dropped it off and went back where he had to go because either he works or he lives there. So I think the police do have a focus. They can go right to that condominium. Ask everybody who do they know what psychopathic creature is running around that condominium, that people know of having their or working there that might have abducted jennifer, when she came out of that condominium and went to her car so captain I want to Ask you. Is there a theory? that you leon toward is their thoughts that that you have on the case regarding what you believe could have happened
well, I guess, I think, is more likely that she is abducted after she got ready for work taken with the night time, abduction theory. I think it was summer that, like you, ve said before some of that worked at that congo complex or live there were both and pretty much somewhere to the the profiles, thoughts yeah. I agree with with you and the profile, pat brown as well that when you're profiling a case, why thing that you need to do, especially when we have so many missing puzzle pieces as we do here, is you need a profile, the victim, the area the situation and the offender and a lot of times profiling? victim the area in any circumstances, situations going on at the time that will help you
all of that information you will apply that to the profiling of your offender or you're likely offender What I see here on the surface is a young professional woman who moved into this condo recently. She was only thereabout three months and it appears that the biggest threats it would be going on in her life at that time would be the theme surrounding her condo, the workers there. the willy nilly coming and going of these different workers and that seems to be the most likely threat or the biggest threat that she was facing at that time, as as a better victim when we look at her victim ology and therefore, if you go oh and save our I well. We ll Towards the idea of a morning, abduction well, she's going. Be vulnerable. I don't care if it's in daylight hours, she's going be vulnerable during walk between the two
or to her condo and the door to her car on top of that, Somebody could have monitored that situation and plan out this to me- looks to be planned out. It looks to me like. She was targeted again. The offender would not need to know her name or crucial information about her to target her just target her based off of the want to abduct this person. And the only general information that they would need to know is again Where does she live about? What I'm can I expected to go from her condo to her car or from her car to our condo and which vehicle is hers, because, if she's not parked in her designated parking space then I need to know where her car as I need to be able to be able to visually gender via car, is being hers, so plan out where in
and I'm going to grab and abduct this person One thing that I have always question in this case as we know that when her parents find out that something is up something, going on. She didn't show up to work now, getting an emergency call from her work. We placed a call to her car the complex and said: can you chequered or can you see if she's home can you check in sea of her car? Is there they are told, no she's, not home, and no her car is not there. I've always wondered if Fact is she was choosing to park elsewhere if there was a chance that at that moment in time, if her car actually was on the premises of it was on the table pretty myself, there wasn't moved here right. but if some some idiot what her there would look, people can go
mad at me all they want. What I see here is a clear, it's so clear that data not care about the security of the the homeowners. At that time, I'm with you, they probably were going to at some point, but as we agreed in the job. In a case nobody should be. should feel less safe on december twenty six than they should any other day of the year. So when you are selling security to your homeowners as a reason to live there as part of your condo fees each month, then provide them with such security that they are told that they expect to receive? this person, whoever they sent me it had. The best of intentions may actually be a good person. I don't know, but I have every reason to believe that that person may have no idea what type of vehicle jennifer was really driving. Therefore, I look up to information all she supposed to be in this spot, but if we say many to twenty six, I believe I go
twenty two twenty six there's no car there there's nothing there. Her car is not Here it could very well have been overcome. The stairs or in a different spot. There was more convenient to her because there not as many people living there to fill up all of those spaces. I think key. The key thing here is. and and where was that vehicle that morning the time that she was supposed to be gone at work until they know to be moved and then parked, because that's gonna shrink our window. Even more, I so kind of lean towards the idea that I'm thinkin to people or more likely involved in this than just want it feels like it would be lucky Easier to carry it out, if you add, help one and then number two on top of that depend what time they they took her if you want
both right of pat brown is right and she was abducted between the door of her condo and the door to her car. there's not a lot of time to whatever you gotta do and move all these things around him and put all these things in place, because I I also believe that the various likely, whatever Her demise, she was met with a kind of feel like kind feel like a lot of this stuff was done before the car was parked. For the car was left at huntington on the green. It almost feel like to me the final act in this whole sequence of events has dropped the car off your view likely could be you get rid of the car and then then get back to I'm supposed to be where I'm supposed to be accounted for and I almost feel like you two scenarios here where, You make one guy you got to
as one guy goes and park cigar returns back to where they are supposed to be working or where they have worked in the past and now they're getting into this other person, vehicle were shared vehicle- in their driving off for the day. Now that could mean d. Closing of her afterward after They leave the property. I feel like them. The area has been search so well, then, if he was in the immediate area that they would have found her by now, and it's so sad that they they have not right for the family sake, but also that the biggest mystery in here is simply just now, mean, isn't it isn't even any more about what happened to her? I feel We will never know that one hundred percent- until she is found until she, is located.
Maybe you get a confession out of somebody. If this was more than one person, maybe you will get somebody that can't keep their mouths shut. My fear is that one or both of these both are no longer in the area and probably have not been so in a long time re us with things stranger, we we have a lot of information about the cell phone pings and Information could be wrong, but why don't we have more information about the cellphone pangs of the the morning in question yet there any way to like forensically, go back and look at that again to put a new, set of eyes on that and make make heads or tails of the different pings? and when the the phones were power down or am I guess, should say: shut off or the batteries were moved because the kazi in their statements They have said both batteries were moved, which of course sounds lot worse than power down or turned off.
In january of two thousand and eighteen so two years ago, captain, but twelve years after jennifer was taken, the orderly, Police department held a press conference at huntington the green, where they announced quo, enhanced focus on the jennifer cassie invested. should and they trotted out. Orlando city bus with jennifer's photo on the side despite the orlando pities statement that the case was active and that they would never stop looking for jennifer, the castles were fed up logan cast when often tore into the orlando police department. He said that the press conference was a slap in the face to the family and that. The police department was only putting on a show of caring about the case, because the castle now had attorneys involved. I can confirm that the family had hired attorneys to try to obtain copies of orlando p
he's investigative files on his sisters. Case as these maintain that the case had gone cold and it needed An independent review, after therefore request for the case files, repeatedly denied. They retained attorneys to help them gain access to the fourteen thousand pay judges of the orlando police departments case files. They filed a lawsuit against the police department in december of two thousand and eighteen. This law suit was growl breaking for a family to demand that a case legally be declared cold and police I meant legally required to hand over documents. This is a bit of a risky tactic. if the castle alienated the orlando police department, the case might just sink into the abyss, so to speak now, in march, two thousand and nineteen the crises settled there: lol sue against the police department
parties agreed that the department would no longer be obligated to investigate jennifer's case and they began handing over the jennifer cassie case files to the family. But this didn't come without a cost. This the cost would be. Eighteen thousand, six hundred and forty eight dollars. This is for photo copying fees, the family, the kazi family has a go. Fuck me to help pay for some of these fees, which drew the father absolutely hates but says that they have no choice. Independent investigated retained by drew enjoys cassie are currently reviewing these files and drew recently stated that there are some name. In the files that they have never heard of the families. Sadly, still waiting for that one phone call. They can bring their daughter home. If you have
any information on the whereabouts of jennifer cassie. Please call the kazi families private investigator. At nine for one two: zero one: four: zero: zero, nine a ripe for everything, true friend, Roger forgot, to cram garage dot com. Make sure you also check this out on the stature of the old episodes are available for free and we have a bonus show called. Off the record check that out and if you'll love us do not be afraid to leave a five star review with the platform that you listen, a true gram garage thanks for listening, thanks for Being a friend will see a back here next week until then be good big.
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