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Jennifer Medernach /// Part 1 /// 532

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Jennifer Medernach /// Part 1 /// 532

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This week in the Garage we review the still unsolved homicide of Jennifer Medernach. It has now been twenty years since the day that Jennifer’s mother reported her missing. 14 year old Jennifer Medernach left after an argument with her mother. She was spotted several times over the course of the next few days, still in the families’ neighborhood. But the story turned to tragedy when her body was found in a creek several days after being reported missing. This case is still very active and getting some justice for Jennifer is still very likely. Anyone with information should reach out to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office @ 904-264-6512.

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this week on true gram garage a fourteen year old girl goes missing her parents.
call police police often right, missing, teens off is runaways, but in this case she pretty much was a runaway, but then she turned up dead a victim of a very violent homicide. team girl was gone for days and then thrown over a bridge. Detective say her body was dump their, but she was not killed there. Under her body investigators found what they believe was the murder weapon. This was just one of several pieces of evidence collected from the body recovery, see Evidence the clay county sheriff's office still has and his resubmitting for dna testing, some evil monster simply discarded her like trash and no one is talking. But why was she
victim of a serial killer. Did she be come just another young girl and a string of victims, or did she fall prey to someone closer to home? This is true crime garage. This is the case. jennifer metternich in two thousand and one fourteen year old, jennifer manner. Neck was living and woodland states mobile home, for this was a large mobile home park situated on one hundred and thirty three in jacksonville florida witches and devolve county florida. It's not one of those parts where people bring their campers. This is a development with a nice sign at the entrance establish smaller home
and really a community type of feel as of earlier this year. Twenty twenty one the park had. two hundred and ninety three residents. So it is quite large now agenda. Lived at ninety three? Fifty nine one hundred and thirty? Three on lot? Twenty eight with her mother Angie met her neck. It's not clear where her father James was living at this time he may have been living with them or how much of a role he played in her life as he's simply absent from all of the stories in the news articles that I could find. Jennifer was a student at Joseph Stillwell middle school, but at fourteen years old she was starting to behave a little like an older teenager. Her mom later
The jennifer used to be a good girl, but that changed in the spring of two thousand and one. This would be right around the time the jennifer turn. Fourteen years old, she says, Jennifer started to act out. She began cutting school and so on. Angie said as quoted in the floor times union quote. She started going downhill last year at the end of the school year she had to go to summer school. She started getting into a little trouble now three weeks before everything happened, everything being what we're leading up to here. Captain Jennifer got a ticket because she was, hot smoking at school. So, as you can imagine, Jennifer and her mom started budding heads as often happens with teen girls and their mothers, and over the weekend of november third and fourth, two thousand and one jennifer in her mouth.
Had a big argument. Now, according to mom, according to angie, the two had words over the state of jennifer's room. It was such a mess that her things were spilling out into the hallway. Now angie later told the floor two times union that on that sunday november forth the to work together to clean up the room and afterward jennifer was allowed to go out to hang with some friends and at that time, jennifer left with a girlfriend someone her mother did not know ass. She was told jennifer and her friend were going to walk to the safari food store. This is a convenience store located. and one hundred and thirty three and west jacksonville. This is very near the woodland estates where Jennifer lived,
This is a rather short walk. It would have taken the to just a few minutes to get thereon. Foot Angie said Jennifer kissed her good bye and told her that she loved her. Now that's the nice version of the story and, if that's what my says happened. Well, unless your casey anthony or a few other moms that we have discussed here on the show, then we will go with that. We will go with what you are saying, but I do want to take this quick moment here to present a slightly different and may be still possible, these of events, because we ve seen this too many times more be mom and Jennifer- have some type of blowup argument and in typical teen girl, fashion, jennifer storms off to meet up with her friend and because she left in a tizzy jennifer took nothing with her She left the trailer on sunday and then she did not come home that sunday not now, even though she
come home that night. We still believe that she is alive and well and just stay out of friends house, yes captain. So took that time to do a little aside and add in my two cents here, because later it was reported that it was not uncommon for jennifer to spend the night out at a friends house. This is ashley after mom and daughter argued so when she didn't return that sunday night, her mom probably wasn't too worked up about it. She probably decided to let jennifer cool off for a bit, but Jennifer didn't come home on Monday night either. So this is not what you think right.
Pointed out. Captain Jennifer was still o k, even after two nights, not at home, she was choosing not to go home. She was being a stubborn little teenagers. What she was she was still at the woodland estates, just not at her own house, where she stayed sunday night We don't know for certain and her mother didn't know either Jennifer did not have a cell phone, so her mom could not reach her or track her movements. Jennifer apparently hung around the neighbourhood on sunday, night and monday, and this will come from other witnesses. Statements As we said, her mom had been struggling with jennifer cutting school and sure enough jennifer failed to show up at school. On Monday. She was still in the area. Several rest since, in the mobile home park later toll police, that jennifer told them on Monday that she had a fight with her mother and that she had left home
did not say where she was staying or whether she planned on leaving woodland states are not meanwhile jennifer's. Mother apparently decided that enough is enough, although never had never run away from home before she had temporarily left in the past, but Jennifer ever stayed away for what was turning out to be. This long seems at her mom knew that jennifer was defiantly. Staying away from home. Wanted to call in some reinforcements to help her corral per rebellious teenager. She reported jennifer missing too devolve county sheriff's office on Monday night. Clearly, sheep the jennifer needed you know a talking to an perhaps maybe even a little
care from someone in a position of authority because after she filed the missing persons report on Monday evening at six p m, its reported that Angie Jennifer's mom caught a glimpse of jennifer walking in the distance, with inside the park, and we know that another neighbour, soul jennifer at this time as well, walking away from her home, but and though Angie could briefly see her daughter. She could not go after her now Angie, for my understanding was in poor health at this time and she was not able to get around very easily. So this prevented her from going after her dot one also, probably, while the reason she call for help correct, but it is interesting to note that this, citing of jennifer, did not prompt angie to cancel that missing persons report that she had previously five
I angie either wanted or likely felt this. She needed intervene or write a K. A police are sheriffs deputies to force the fourteen year old to return home and problem lee, you know tell her to go easy on her mom. My friend jessica submitted a request for the missing persons report and the request was granted. So here is what that report said on november fifth, two thousand and one at eight o seven p m. I was despatched, not me your friendly colonel, but that the office are writing. The report obviously was despatched to a missing
person runaway call at nine thousand three hundred and fifty nine 103rd street. Upon my arrival, I met with the complainant, who is the victim's mother? She stated that the victim wanted to go to the store with one of her friends on november. Fourth, at three hundred and thirty in the afternoon, she told the victim that she could go when the victim did not return. She started checking with some of her neighbors to find out if they had seen the victim on november. Fifth, at six p dot m She saw the victim in their trailer park. She said the victim ran from her and she is in poor health and was unable to go after the victim. The complainant stated that this is not the first time that the victim has not return home when she was supposed to. She said this is the first time that she is ever stayed gone this long, and that is why she called the police to report the victim missing the complainant.
leaves at the victim is staying with some one in the trailer park, possibly another unknown girl that she saw the victim with today the complainant said this is the first time she is called the police to report the victim as missing. So this report specify as the jennifer was last seen, wearing brown, sandals, green and black shorts and a white p sure with red lips, some kind of drawing or de cow of red lips. On this white teacher, she has some facial scar, some small facial scores, some to the upper lip and left. I her mental state on the report is listed as good her status. listed as runaway than and its noted that her probable destination was ninety three, fifty nine one hundred and third street woodland estates trailer park, so she's missing, she's reported missing, bye, mom, mom catches, a brief glimpse
over at some point but she's hearing from neighbours as well that her daughter still within the confines of this trailer park right now, so I witnesses that see her alive she's. Just not the school and just not coming home was tough. We all been fourteen before, and I know for me I thought I knew everything and I thought I was smarter than my parents and I thought that I was st wise and in all those things back when I was fourteen, you quickly find out that you know little to nothing that is so true That is absolutely true. Now, as noted in the missing persons report, Angie believed jennifer was still somewhere in the mobile home park and was just refusing to come home.
Later, on Monday evening, witnesses said that they saw jennifer walking out of woodland estates on the access road to the park. This is according to clay, county sheriff, scott lancaster, yet detectives found witnesses who told them that jennifer was still hanging around the park. Staying with who knows and staying who knows where, until november seventh- and it seems like this- is the time that we really need to start calling everything into question, because this is where she seems to have totally dropped off of the radar. But here is one of the problems that right you have this. Fourteen year old girl roaming. This part some of these parks people will live there because the background checks might be different. I dont know this part is similar to that or not, but you also have a situation where you have a condense population.
and she's roman. This park not go to school and she's, basically advertising to any of the scumbags over there. Hey I'm not being supervised, and I may easy target, I'm not going home, my mother, parents don't know my exact whereabouts, I'm not going to school. So, probably up to no good during what supposed to be school hours for her
again. This is really when we start to call a lot of things into question this november seventh date and it seems like she drops off the radar vanishes really at this point, because this is where we lose track of jennifer. Now this is going to take us to november eighth, two thousand and one this is the thursday after jennifer was seen exiting the mobile home park. Remember that was on monday, so three days earlier is when she was seen, but on this thursday, the eighth. We have two teenage boys who decided that they were going to go fishing. This would be under a bridge now the long branch creek runs through these kids
maxwell neighborhood in clay county remember, Jennifer, met her neck was reported missing in divorce, county brain this area, where these boys were going to go fishing. This is a remote area described as desolate, and one article about third thirteen miles away from the woodland estates and about two miles across the clay county devolve, counting line the boys slowly their way down the creek and bank bent and got ready to base their hooks when something in the water stop them in their tracks. Here's a quote from the floor two times: union the reeds cloak saw what they thought was a body lying face down in the water sort of on her side with her hip up said Mary Justino, a spokeswoman for the clay county sheriff's office They weren't sure if it was something left over from a hollow, wean, prank or a real body as all of our group
regulars? No, we don't cover halloween pranks here on this show so an outward yet that has already that's our new series. We aspire to cover hollowing pranks yeah, IRAN. Again, like we ve learned in the last five years since its never a mannequin, so unfortunately a prank or fake. It was not our clothes inspection. The boys realise that they have just discovered a body lying in the creek. It was a naked female. One of them ran to his nearby house and told his father, who then called the clay county sheriff's office who respond, to the scene immediately, the responding officers report was time stamped at twenty one hundred hours. This report's a body found at six or nine county road to seventeen middle bird flu.
It reflects the finding of a white female name and age, unknown incident type, homicide, suspect and weapon are both listed as u k for unknown. The responding officer was sergeant, see J jet wrote the following statement on november eight, two thousand and one at fifteen thirty hours. So three thirty hours I was notified via department, Lee pager, to respond to the area of six or nine county road to seventeen and reference to a death, invest nation, the body of an unidentified naked white female, was found floating in the
water. Next to a bridge. I arrived at the scene at sixteen o five hours and observed the naked body of an unidentified white female, with dark colored hair floating face down in the water on the west side of county maintain two lane cement bridge the victims body was retrieved from the water at eighteen, o five hours. The victims body was later transported to the medical examiners office and Jacksonville florida case pending one a feel for these two teenage boys that just we're goin fishing and find this body in and at this point we don't know exactly what condition her body is end, but we ve seen some really terrible cases where
the bloating of the body and in water can make it a very high risk site, and so this would be a pretty traumatic experience for these teenage boys. Now you'll note that the incident report was found at nine p m, just a handful of hours after the body was found. This indicates that the body was the victim of a homicide. So what we have here, just by the officers arriving on seeing their visually able to determine before even an autopsy takes place right that this we're talking about a homicide here, so how did sergeant jet know this prior to an autopsy being performed? The answer is simple. It was obvious to anyone who got a good look at the body, I'm guessing puncture wounds well, that young females body was riddled with stab wounds. Her death had been extremely violent. That's awful what art
we found said her body was quote: savaged detective rob shewn over of the clay county, sheriff's office, cold case division said to first coasts, news, quote wit, the wounds that you could see during the autopsy. It was very gruesome, the way she died. It was a horrible and tragic death for her to have to go. as a true crime garage listener. You know the world can sometimes be a scary place, But no matter what happens out, their home should be the safest place. There is simply safe is advanced whole home security that puts you your home and your family's safety. First,
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All right, you fill the animals of urine. Animal nasty, makes three check out. Our bonus show called off the record on stage for premium. You can find out more information, it true crime, garage dot com on that all right, we're back cheers to you, colonel cheers. The you can choose to all the people about the good seats up front. The office are responding to the creek, where general,
his body was found, was sergeant jet, who noted that the body was removed and then sent to the jacksonville medical examiners office for the autopsy. Now we try to get a copy of this autopsy report, but could not get our hands on it. I have some speculation to offer up here in this regard, though, just like most murder case investigations. The physical evidence found at the scene, along with the details in that autopsy report, might be the making or breaking point four or your case, but I believe here and jennifer's case is even more important in that may become more clear as we continue on because as we get through some of these details and specifics here, captain we are going to get into some rather interesting suspects in this case law. A couple issues if you're dealing with
This investigation, as that the body is found in water, so waters known to get rid of certain parts of evidence. Also, we don't know if her body was placed in the water and then moved at some point. The autopsy might be able to show us that, but also being outdoors, it makes the the scene of the crime
a lot larger and harder to search. So that's a perfect set up for some of the information that we are going to get into right here right now. What I've been practicing? That's right. One statement we were able to get our hands on does offer up some more info, at least in regard to the possible time of death. Now that statement was official said the unidentified woman died, one to three days before she was found, plus sheriff lancaster, told the media at the time that the body was mildly deteriorated when it was found indicating that she had been dead for more than a couple of hours now, more recently, detective shewn over told us that jennifer was seen alive. The night before she was found, so We know based off of this information, the she was dead for not more than about twenty four hours.
Right. So we have a timeline and normally, in these investigations, the more information we find. This Smaller. That timeline becomes that's small window of when the crime could have taken place now. Do they believe that she was murdered at sight, or is this a dumping ground has to me? This seems like she was placed there after the murder, so we also learned that she was not bound or restrained in any way when she was found. The clay county sheriff's office spokeswoman Mary Justino, told the media. That investigators believed that the woman found in the creek likely was killed at another location before her body was dumped under a bridge on county road to seventeen. This road is just south of the devolve county align. The
ridge was a two lane highway over the creek, now detective shewn over told true crime garage. That investigators believed that the evidence at the scene showed that the woman had been thrown off of the bridge and was already dead when she was discarded likely transported by vehicle, so she was killed somewhere else likely transported via motor vehicle and then thrown from the bridge rather than carried down the side of the embankment and, of course, we know who the homicide victim was, but at this time, in our time, line This story, who this young martyr victim was, was still unknown: two investigators and the public on Remember: ninth: the clay county sheriff's office released Some information about the woman found in long branch creek they
we're trying to gather information from the public about who she possibly what one too, to your point, that you said she's founded, indifferent county. So one of the things that law enforcement gonna do is to reach out to neighbouring counties and go. Do you have a missing female yeah comparisons of her physical description
to that of missing persons, reports from the area turned up, nothing which is difficult, because we know she was reported missing. But, as you said, this is a different county. So again, this is kind of surprising, given the fact that the person, the missing persons report was filed in the adjacent county of the vall four days earlier, but anyway they didn't put this together at the time. So the clay county officials issued a statement and a facial reconstruction sketch of the unidentified victim. The statement said that the body found was per the florida times union a white female in her early twenties,
stands five foot two inches tall and ways, one hundred and fifteen pounds with brown eyes and dark brown hair falling below her shoulders and she had a one and a half inch scar near her right. I too scars on her right upper lip near her nose and a single piercing in both ears. She was wearing a heart shaped ring and the weird thing here: cat his date. They mention that kind of go out of their way. When I you know trying to describe this heart shaped ring the interesting thing here. Captain is when they scribe, she's wearing this heart shaped ring. They also say that she is wearing an engagement ring now. Obviously we ve now scene photos from the autopsy. So we don't know if this is one in in a one. In the same, did the heart shaped ring? Is an engagement ring or that she was wearing to ring
want to be clear about that before we move on. It was then, three days later on november, twelve, that the clay county sheriff's office was able to determine the identity of the beside victim. Now what happened? Was the sheriff's office officials ran the description of the Van some we read earlier there this. In the times union newspaper on november, tenth asking for the public to call an tips if they thought they knew. Who be they also ran the sketch of the victims face along with the article Three days later, the clay county sheriff's office, spokesperson, Mary Justino, told the newspaper quote: we got about twenty five phone calls based on the picture that have been put out of the twenty five callers. A few were people who thought it was this girl, the girl from the creek, unfortunately was jennifer manner and after jennifer's by
he was found. We have a statement issued by the family. Yes, Jennifer's family had to be notified that their beloved daughters was brutally killed. Jennifer's mother must have felt at this. Jennifer's mother must have felt a devastating combination of both guilt and effort. My guess right over there, her argument with jennifer that call jennifer to leave, but then the knowledge that she had gone above and beyond to trying to get jennifer to come home right by calling a missing persons report before her down there was even really missing missing now in an impromptu news conference described by the florida times union this took place on the mobile home park access road angie, the mother decline a comment personally, instead Jennifer's uncle
Matt Jackson read the family statement, which was basically asking anyone with any information about jennifer slaying to come forward now. This was incredibly tragic, for, and because Angie had already lost a child at age. One this before jennifer was born. And then after that tragedy she then bravely decided to try to get pregnant again and did, and the new baby was Joe for now, angie later told the times union. In an interview about jennifer quote, I think children today are growing up too fast. I think she was to end quote: captain ronnie gan of the clay county sheriff's office, said to the media quote this was a fourteen year old girl who was brutally murdered and dumped in the creek like a piece of trash. Now detectives were fully vested in this case from every
that. I could find captain all the articles that I was able to review from two thousand and one my gut tells me. These detectives were fully vested in this case in right from jump street. They were determined to get to the bottom of this thing and figure out who killed. Fourteen year old, Jennifer met her neck once the body was removed from the muddy water and hauled away to the medical examiners office. Investigators from the clay counting sheriff's office major case unit began combing the scene for clues as to who the victim was and who had killed her. They scoured the creek banks and bridge area, including near by goods until late on that thursday night and then reconvene for more of the same the next day or friday. Divers were brought into plumb the depths of the long branch creek to see what might have some
to the bottom, and although this was not revealed at the time, they did find something that is considered a crucial, important piece of evidence remit where we said that the investigators believed that the body was thrown from the bridge jennifer was already deceased at that time and that she had been killed elsewhere. Well, that's interesting considering what was found at the body. Recovery seen recall that the police report from the responding officer says that the body was floating in the water there creek was about waist deep at its deepest parts, but it was narrow and had muddy banks re, it seems jennifer was floating in a very shallow area of the creek and when echo examiner person, remove the body they found some underneath of it. None of this was released at the time the
if shewn over revealed all of this via a piece on first coast, news that ran back in two thousand and eighteen. It said underneath her body investigators found the handle of a knife with strands of jennifer's. Here, wrapped around. They believe it was the murder weapon, but the blade portion of the knife was never found and, as stated earlier, the knife handle was just one of several pieces of evidence collected from the scene, vom law enforcement, I'm bringing out a scent dog. I know that the thought is that to disappear from one county she's found in this county, but maybe a scent dog will lead us in some direction of where this be a
this person would away after they dump jennifer's body. The other thing I'm doing is I'm going back to the park and having cadaver dogs walk around every trailer because again, they believe that the murder scene with some else and not at the creek yet, and we know that she was seen at different points in that trailer park. So that seems to me, like probably the most likely place of something did go down that lead to her death. It may have occurred there. Now. Investigators believed that the brass screw top knife handle that was found which, as the news be said, has jennifer's hair entwined in it was a part of the murder weapon.
Thinking is that, at some point the blade broke off the blade portion of the knife captain has ever been found. It was not found in jennifer's body and the creek was searched thoroughly more than once directive should over believes that the knife, which was a unique style with a very large blade, broke during the commission of the murder during the stabbing of jennifer force reason her killer through the handle into the water where it lay on the muddy creek bottom under her body again. The blade, however, is never accounted for. This is a weird portion of the case to me right that it seems to me like I get it you got to get rid of this body and you probably want to get rid of the murder weapon as well, but you ve only managed to get rid of a portion of the murder weapon so
kind of kept going around in playing around with this in my head over and over again. That is this something that just happenstance did something that was unlucky to the killer, that the the knife handle ended up in the creek with jennifer or was is something that was done on purpose, the knife itself, as described as the detective as unique the best way for me to describe it, and there are some pick years of this knife handle that are available online. This is one of those cases. Oh captain that you're not going to find a whole lot of info.
asian about online, it's one of the it's kind of a lesser known florida case, but the knife handle itself to kind of give her a little perspective on why we have the handle, but not the blade. What it looks like to me is that the blade portion probably screwed on top of the handle or the guard to the handle. You'll see these knives alot there like survival type knives where the handle itself is hollow because in the hollow handle they usually, you can screw off the bottom and place things inside of the handle a lot of people for serve I have all type knives will place things like matches or what have you inside of the handle cocaine? What this makes is for a
the situation where the blade or the there's a technical term for a programme to get twelve e mails about it, but the the blade itself, does not go fully down into the handle, so at me sit more easily to break off and why you see here in the pictures is you can see here around the top of the the handle. as well as what looks to be well. I'm sorry not just looks to be but its labelled as victims, blood on the handle itself, but where she was roaming when she left her mothers trailer in the trailer park. There was some shady stuff go on in this part. Yes, oh, let's talk about these woodland dates for bad, because it seems to be that once she, as you said, captain left her moms home she's, then known to have been
moving around sting. God knows where right, but we have a lot of statements, I witness statements of people who saw her people who talked with her in the days leading up to her death and they're, all saying hey. She was still here in the woodland estate so as it turns out, like hoodlum states. The police were all too familiar with the mobile home park, where the matter next lived here is a quote from a resident name, Cindy bows who live near the matter necks. She did not no them personally, but her daughter was one of the witnesses who said that they saw jennifer walking away from the direction of her home on Monday. After
she did not know them. Personally, but her daughter was one of the witnesses who said that they saw jennifer walking away from the direction of her home on Monday afternoon, Cindy told the times union quote this place is messed up, there's a lot of fighting and drugs. The police are here all of the time, Yes, but they canvas the neighbourhood and spoke with teens loitering in the area and anyone who answered the door when they knocked to ask questions. They were hoping the teams in the neighborhood might know Jennifer broke. I have known her personally or me be helped. Them fill out their time line a little bit leading up to her murder. Now several of them did no jennifer and per the times union said that several teens said that they had known the teen. They describe jennifer as a quiet girl, without particular friends or vi
mrs saying quote, she didn't mess with nobody. She just kept herself said Stephen small, He goes on to say that she was the kind of person the trusted anybody, through their canvas police, found that this trusting. Naive, nature might have made jennifer vulnerable as you pointed out earlier, captain if she's telling people I'm outdoors, I'm not. In my mom's house that two makes her vulnerable as well. Detective rob shewn over of the clay county sheriff's office, who reopen this case in two thousand and eighteen and who spoke with us, told the first coast news that Jennifer had gotten involved in the adult party scene,
would lend estates per the news or poor quote in the days leading up to her death? Detective shewn over says some of the adult. and in the mobile home park were seen here around her, and she was spotted at a party. He goes on to say, There were parties going on where she was present with illegal drugs. Again this from detective juno, the other issues too, as if she stand with a friend one night of her friends, parents say hey, you know you need to go back home. You can't stay here so now you have this. Fourteen year old, It was not that many options, so even if some bay, that you don't know too well and dull, says hey where you can stay here with me, you might take that option, cause it's your only option. I agree. I think what we looking at here, captain is a situation where Jennifer was couch surfing
and she may have been staying with people that are not so readily willing to admit that she crash at their place right for a night or two euros. They just don't want to be even looked at as a suspect, yeah or their adult men. Right right? You don't wanna go creepers yeah. You know my law enforcement knowing that you're hanging out with their juvenile well and that she's seen at locations they contain illegal drugs. Dorothy needs to happen in those cases. Like you said, she's a fourteen year old girl, we need to do the old pervert round up all that was something that was absolutely conducted now, what we do know per law enforcement is the jennifer was hanging out with adult men and we have to factor in the fact that
based off of the information we have from the body recovery scene was the jennifer was wearing what some have said. Look to be like an engagement ring So the other thing that I want to know is who gave her that ring who gave that ring to her brain? Was this some one who wanted her to feel emotionally invested and trusting? Was this the you know made to look like some? of relationship between unknown person and fourteen year old, Jennifer or she's cats, serving as an item that she stole from somebody could be, but until you have an explanation for why that item is found on her body, you have to seek out that explanation. A few stole from somebody could be. But until you have an explanation for why that item is found on her body, you have to see
if they had any idea where jennifer was during that time frame and who she had been with. In the time period of november fifth to november eighth, when she was eventually found, he said The investigation was a joint effort between clay and evolve county authorities and somewhat disheartening lee sheriff lancaster said that there were no suspects and jennifer's murder, but this is not what it was not really true or if it was true, it would not be for long there, but sometimes law enforcement miss speaks, and maybe with this we have no suspects at this time. Were willing to tell the public about correct, and it looks to me that at some point, detectives me it up their minds parade much about who had killed jennifer and we ve seen
Since every other cases, the problem was proving it, so no arrests were made immediately after leaning her body or having her identified no ass were made in their initial efforts in the investigation, so the case stall for everything through crime forgot, true crime, barrage, dot, com and join us back here tomorrow for part to that's right: don't who anything don't go anywhere stay right. They are part to his come and fetch it. Tomorrow, Here in the garage until then be good behind
until then be good, be kind and don't let it coming at five point, three issues, its noble ma
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