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Jesse Ross /// Part 1 /// 128

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Jesse Ross /// Part 1 /// 128

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Each year hundreds of thousands of people are reported missing. Many of them are adults. Almost all of the cases are quickly cleared. The person is located. Sometimes this is not the case and we are left looking. The family of the missing never stops looking. This is one of those stories. November 2006, 19 year college student Jesse Ross has traveled to Chicago. He went there with fourteen other people from his school. They returned home without him. What happened to him? Where is he? Tonight we discuss the troubling disappearance of Jesse Ross.

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In new orleans, twenty twelve bruce catch here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park, What were the address should have been, he was shot and killed. I'm dvd umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock, as I dive into the motive behind bruces murder, a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now binge all fourteen epoch. loads of counter clock season. Five, wherever you isn't to casts this spring, transform your outdoors, into a regular gathering place for you and your loved ones with help from actually whether you're into wicker, teak or driftwood inspired furniture. We ve got the look you're going for adam accessories, like string lights and beverage tub to take your patio party from basic to cure, aided and enjoy cosy evening vibes with a new fire bit visit, ashley dot com or stop by your local store and find affordable pricing and expert support. Today, shop and said,
today only it actually the. I welcome the true gram garage wherever you are whatever you're doing, thanks for listening, I'm your hosts naked with me. As always is again the group wanting to be a jukebox hero, but instead he's here in the garage with me. He is the case.
And now this do Spock's. Hero to be seen, and it's good to see. You thanks for listening thanks for Tom afresh, Today we are drinking mo guava by the fantastic people at pair o dies brewing company in clear water florida garage great, very Peter report four and a half bottle caps out of five. You know summer. Is the perfect season forbear and we really are just working our way through some fears that are perfect for some are in this. My friends is most certainly one of them mo guava ip by paradise brewing and this week speed was brought to us by some of our favorite. True crime garage army enlist these first up, a big big Thank you to michel down in florida. I'm gonna grab my my gloves and jump over the pond think Louise from london. Next we send a high five to lindsey a k, Loo Loo and where else captain, but parts are known and all
In parts unknown, we have chelsea who says: cheers to mina chelsea italy, referencing the boys on the tracks, episode and probably being quite sarka. their think. I prefer a hand hugs these days over high fives next up today's case takes place in chicago, so we have Silas from Chicago who bought us around for this week, show and but not least, a big thank you to Judith in or Nebraska. So thanks to everybody for filling up the fridge for this week. If you want to buy us around for next, we shall go to true prime garage dot. Com On the donate. A couple announcements from parts are known. The mine schedule has changed this week so that our his be thursday, and also we had some sometimes with linking proud inside think little Timmy peed on one. Found in so we're clean in that and they'll up and running by next. Well, there's always something exciting going on parts unknown. There's always something exciting going on a true prime garage dot com, so check out the website, all right
grab a chair and grab a beer. Let's talk some true cried this. true crime garage- and this is the case of jesse ross each year, Hundreds of thousands of people are reported missing in the united states Many of them are adults, almost all The cases are quickly cleared. The person is located, everything is fine. They are safe, All of the prayers have been answered. Sometimes this is the case
Sometimes we are left looking the family, members and the loved ones, don't stop. Looking They don't stop asking where. Why and how this is. One of those stories november. two thousand and six nineteen year old university of Missouri, kansas city student, Jesse ross is pretty operating in a university field trip he along thirteen other university students and faculty sponsor drove off five hundred miles to chicago illinois for a model. united nations conference this then drew more than one thousand college students from all over the country On Monday november, twentieth jesse,
phone, his mother, just to let her know that he was having a blast and really enjoying his time at the model you in conference people, MR call again the next day when he and the other students in their sponsor loaded up the vans for their return, drive home, Member twentieth was to be the final day of the conference and it was going to be a busy one or point sheraton hotel located in downtown chicago posted the event to celebrate the final day. There were parties throughout the hotel in a day as for the students, after that there was a mock emergency meeting, called about one a m by now it's very early tuesday morning november, twenty first arrived two thirty I am. This- is about twelve hours after jesse last called his mother. He got up His chair and walked out of the meeting room for a thirty minute break.
surveillance cameras in the hotel lobby, caught the image of the red haired jesse, clad in a white t, shirt genes and green warm up jacket, walking toward the hotels main doors. This The last trace ever of nineteen year old jesse ross ten minute walk back to the sheraton, chicago hotel and towers where jesse in the group was staying, was well lit heavily travelled and covered by outdoor security cameras. None of them recorded jesse shook go? Police have found no evidence that he was a victim. foul play. There has been no activity on Jesse's credit cards or his cell phone, since he d appeared into the chicago night with explanations with no evidence is it possible. Nineteen year old, Jesse Ross vanished into thin air jesse ross as a caucasian man. He would
turn thirty years old earlier this year, he has five but ten inches tore away. approximately two hundred and forty pounds. He has read or auburn hair color, which he kept cut short jesse as blue eyes and more glasses. He has freckles Jesse was last seen wearing a white t, shirt, green, warm up, jacket, blue jeans and black tennis shoes. if you have any information or if you have seen, jesse ross, please call the chicago police department. This is true crime garage and this the case of jesse ross
jesse warren ross, nicknamed opie because of his as his mother says: fire engine red hair, like the iran howard character, opie from the tv show, the YAP any griffin, Joe famous Andy griffin, show yes He was born on february, eighteenth nineteen. Eighty seven, he grew up in your typical. told you know, mom dad and a brother as a young, jesse love to play all kinds of sports. He was a big big, kansas city chiefs Pham a big k. You basketball, fan in high school jesse worked at a movie theater, and I thought this pretty cool. I was wanting to work at a movie theater, but Jesse worked with his brother Andy at the movie. Theater is well jesse became involved with a local band called dead, give away. He would help the band with many different things. Some of these things were organizing concerts and
booking gigs for them, so more of a manager type thing: Nada, street, teen member, yes, You and I are used to this end and you more than than I am, but you know back in the day, you have people, they would help out your band. They were friends of the band. You know they might they made offered to be like a crew member and help carry things and load vans or pass out flyer go to area places and pass out flyers to advertise your concert, but he was actually involved to the point where he was booking concerts. Arranging events which you and I know is not an easy thing to do. A councillor time consume can be quite chaotic too. the least anyway. He graduated high school and two thousand and five and received in condemning scholarship based off of his ac t score after high school jesse attended. You m k, c university of Missouri kansas city.
majoring in communications, with a minor in politics. He skipped that computer course that so famous here on our show I enjoy it sign up early ellie. gets. He probably can sign up early enough to get a seat in the computer class and tooth thousand in five. He went to chicago to the mock you in convention, afterward Jesse became in, in turn at ninety five point: seven, the vibe, a popular kansas city, radio station. They left the names of these radio stations yeah, they're vibe. Does that sound to you like a top forty station? sounds a lot of forty Maybe it's it's geared to the urban community. Vibe thee they created and on air personality for jesse as part of the morning show they called Opie cunningham and Oddly enough, this is going to seem very strange because
We all know about the disappearance, but oddly enough they did a segment called where's opie and they would send him to different locations to do like a remote broadcast right and then listeners people would call in and try to guess where he was. This was a bit of a regular segment on the show very strange who just a short time before his disappearance he did receive. promotion at the radio station and he was going to become a paid employees or a paid on air personality right in very clear on this, and I don't know if it matters much, but you know there's kind of a different thing as far as like radio shows go, Maybe you can get paid hourly or you could get paid per show so by either it's a really big deal for them too. Wants you to sit, roman pay a pretty good money too.
sit in room and have fun, and most of us not having worked in that area, wouldn't know that, but what what they call, what the captains referring to as you could get paid for it like, let's say we're going to pay you fifty bucks. If you're today show, and then tomorrow, you're not on the show. So you don't get paid anything and, they call that is, you know, show money for the most part, and in that can be you know they parents in his his loved ones, and I can't I'm not going to go against the grain here and say that they're wrong, but there's they state that this is a dream job for for opi or for jesse, and I- and I believe It was but a man s ways majoring college, but win win. When we read about this case and look into this case, I don't want anybody to get confused when they hear the loved ones stating dream job and think that the jesse's making a hot thousand dollars a year right and he has no plans of doing anything else. This. This is certainly a step in the right direction
as far as where he wants his career to go on. Tell you what captain you gotta, take your hat off to jesse here, because that's a pretty young age to achieve, That accomplishment. Oh yeah, a lot of people said lobby that work with them said his very quick witted and now you know that something that that someday, you can't this train. You know it seem like you just had it I mean he was pretty young when he gets his position and don't wanna be after I pumped everything up. I want to piss anybody's cheerios here, but But surely you know you believe this this promotion and Fortunately, the promotion was pegged to start in january of two thousand and seven and well in november of two thousand and six is when he would take that trip once again to chicago for this un conference while backing up just a little bit. So we get a good background before we go into the actual events of that evening. He will
Pledging fraternity ring korea just kind of pointing out that he did have a place side to him. Yeah he's not all work and no play and just a little background. As far as his personality goes according to his parents, and brother Jesse was of was very close with his father. and his mother, an brother very close with his family, and they Describe him to be somebody that was a bit fearless, the kind of kid that would try anything that could walk into any room. It wasn't afraid of anything or to talk to anybody. They also Take them as a bit of a practical joker. You know he liked to play little pranks on it on his friends. and loved ones. These were harmless, pranks, of course, but you know just just fun in nature and they think that that's why he excelled so. well at his job with the shorty in the boys. You said that was the name of the radio
the morning shorty in the boys morning. She I'm get outcomes shorty in the boat way, I'm guessing that shorty is the host, and he surrounded by this cast of character of boy is You know they said as well with the z why jesse or His honor personality, opie cunningham, excelled at that gig because that's kind of a of a prank in itself or a little bit of high jinx. You know you you're out hiding somewhere your broadcasting from some location other than the radio station, and people have to call an end. Guess where you are the boat. He's. So we see we want to go through the disappearance, a little more in depth than before, but before we start to consider the possibilities, let's make sure we go through that as as best we can, so we can figure out what happened to
Jessie here right? So what you're saying is we're going to go through the actual events? We're not really going to. You know, bring up the theories as we're bringing up these events correct, but we're all we're going to point out some things that we find odd with the different events. So this is day four of his trip and remember they had gone. He had gone the previous year, so he's not strange to the city of chicago. This trip is not strange to him, but at this time jesse was in chicago the year before. Yes, it was a jessie at this time is a sophomore at the university. He is among twelve hundred college students from around the country who attended this conference at the sheraton hotel on north water street in downtown chicago he disappeared on the final day of the conference and by the time the police were alerted, most of the students were on their way back home.
Donald Ross. This is Jesse's father. He recalls dropping off his son at school before dawn the day before the day that he left for the conference. He recalls Jesse talking with friends in the parking as he drove away and, of course now he wishes he would have stopped for one last good bye with his son. so for days later, the day their son was too turn home don ross got a call from his sons, professor saying that he couldn't find jesse how Derek more head was the professor who had called jesse's father. He was in his first year as a political science per sir, at you m casey, and it was his first time chaperonage. The conference jesse ross was one of fourteen. You m casey students on the trip and more here recalls that during the drive they listen to Jesse cds on the way there Jesse had told his professor that he
wanted to deliver some of these cities to chicago radio stations, hoping it might lead to some kind of career break through. On their last night in Chicago more had said that jesse and a friend from school ralph parker attended a dance hosted by the conference, organizers and a party in a hotel room where alcohol was served. They got called to a late night meeting at the model. You ends security council parker or told more head in police according to reports, jesse had left the meeting room after two a am probably closer to thirty. Eight parker confirmed that ross had been drinking but said He did not appear to be intoxicated now, no hotel security footage showed ross, leaving the hotel, though a secure. Camera had caught him entering the building earlier that evening, other soon,
told more head, that jesse could have left through a staff door that the conference goers had used, but out of range of these security cameras, while they had surveillance of him coming into the conference or to this an emergency meeting, but they also have footage of him leaving as well there's. The footage of him in the corridor, yeah they're not actually leaving the hotel building itself but standing or moving the direction of the exits more head said that parker told him that he had assumed that ross had returned to the hotel. Remember we said the ross left this meeting now parkers a part of this meeting as well. He says they just. gets up at around two thirty and leaves the meeting assuming he's goin back to their hotel room. Parker share The room with him
I didn't realize that ross wasn't in bed until the following morning. Now. I believe he has claim was that there were some stuff on the bed, so he canna assumes that that was jesse and he just went to bed now at first sight. Captain this seems a little strange right. cause you're like how does how does this guy go to Chicago? With this other guy share a room hotel room with him and not notice that the guy's not in his bed when he gets back at the place? Well, I mean again depends on if he turns on the light or not. I think you're exactly right, because the thing here is you, you got a couple different kinds of people in this world. There is the there's. One kind of her then they will share a room with somebody and no matter how late it is, how dark it is outside. Even if the person is in a dead sleep, the person will open up the hotel room door turn on all the lights. Turn on the tv used, the restroom and then go
at ten minutes later disturbing the other person, then you have other people that are very you know cat, like their inconsiderate of the person that their sharing the room with and they'll come in cancer I considerate of anybody. Well, I meant cat like it has been quite rain and we're going to tiptoe around and we're going to go in and we're going to make sure we don't wake up our friend because he sleeping he's perp. You know he came back here for a reason, and that was to sleep. We have to get up leave in the morning to morrow. I want to make sure that you know I don't disturb him. You know treat him the way I would want to be treated. So I don't find this to be me. You know crazy. They that he didn't notice that friend was not in the better in the hotel room that night one. I wonder what his level of toxic haitian was was was so our how dogged tired was he by this point the time he came back from from this emergency meeting. Welcome.
feigns one. So I'm guessing that the dance was sponsored of that. Yes, the my other question would be the word. The hotel parties sponsored a ban as well or where they d student based parties. I can't say for one hundred percent either way. But here's my gut feeling everything that I read sounds like the dance was planned, sponsored event as far as the hotel room parties. That sounds to me like something that the the kids in the college kids created and came up with on their own it only seems natural. You get twelve hundred college kids from all over the country. Going too chicago, a big big city, there's gonna, be home, parties, whether there's a sponsor dancer or aid living at all. There's twelve hundred kids, but how many of these kids are? Eighteen and nineteen years old not send
under age drink. It doesn't happen, but you have to have some way that supplies the booze or the liquor. The thing here is: captain: let's talk, do you want to talk about this meeting a little a little bit because at first glance, when you scratch the surface here, like what are these? Why I understand he's an adult ease, nineteen years old, but what are these it's doing having a meeting hoo hoo who organizes this thing, where they decided that we're going to have some kind of meeting at two in the morning or back in the forties and fifties and sixties, maybe you'd say a night eighteen. Nineteen year old was adult, but let's not say that now I mean it's just different time. I mean this. Is these are still kids and put an item in a meeting so late at night and again where the conference, are where the meetings are not actually connected to their hotel room right, so we got a walk about ten minutes and as the chicago murder, capital of the world
all over the world, but tat, certainly indeed it's in the conversation the meeting itself was as it hasn't as it described to me, was technically say it's an immediate emergency meeting that was called this was asked, a planned event. This was something that the the students that were asked to go. This to this thing were aware of it in advance, and most reports will Oh you that the meeting started at two a m, and then they took a thirty minute break around two thirty, a m. I don't find that to be accurate according to jesse's mother. The meeting started around one, a m which would make a little more sense. You ye you shouldn't, have a half hour into a meeting, need a half hour break So around one a m this this meal, that's how I run things his meeting that was already minutes work. Thirty men, coffee, break thirty men, work, thirty minute, coffee, break this meeting
it was planned. They're gonna when a work on whatever project this immediate emergency meeting marched he made in for a fake you in meeting for an hour and a half in and they're gonna have a half hour break em one conversation. Their habit is weird here too, because they keep. Time others thirty minute break, but it seems like everybody left once they had the brake anywise. There's thirty people, thirty students in this eating now. You know you and I wondered well what time was this meeting going to be over? With what time are you going to send these kids home and back to their hotel rooms and a would have been we. We really have no idea, but the the only thing I could come up with, because it seems like, if you're going to take a thirty minute break that you have and an additional hour and a half of stuff to do once you get back from this break ryan. This is on the monday and see there's a bunch of questions here and there's gonna be a bunch of larry stuff here, and one of the reasons for that is this meeting was taken.
Emergency meeting was taking place basically on that tuesday right the day that they're gonna leave well they don't really noticed that opie was missing until like three p m. I at five p m then like that and and so by then we got twelve students, most of them have already left and on their way back home back. the year their university, so the amount of people that their cargo pd could actually question was in all that great. Well, let's go through that real fast, ok. So what the way that this goes down here is the parker returns to the hotel We don't have time for that, but whatever time he returns the hotel room, he doesn't he assumes that Jesse Roy is in the bed it next to his bed in the hotel room
he realizes in the morning that jesse was not in that bet. It was a pile of closed that must have confused him. He does report this to more head. Who is the sponsor he's the chaperone and at first more head tell parker, you know, maybe Jesse had slept in another students, room, a zone? The students sharing a room with jesse didn't notice. He was missing until the following day. The room had come back. the hotel- there was a pile of clothes on the bed. Jesse was sleeping in the makes simply mistook the pile of close to be jesse in the room, as it was dark when the room, woke up in the morning and the like day he you know, he knows what you love into about college campuses, unlike most of a lot of college. Students have spent time in worms and he and it's a whole different environment. The way you have to deal with your roommate you're, so close and- and you kind have to like- not real
pay attention to what they're doing all the time I mean like they could have a girl, for an over need just kind of have to act like you, don't notice anything you gotta give each other a little space if I'm alive, I'm just saying as far as the college mindset, if if if these guys have shared dorm rooms before it, this wouldn't be out of the spectrum that this guy didn't really notice that he wasn't there. The night before So we so we have more had thinking that jesse may have crashed at another students room. We have his roommate parker. He actually believes it that there is a possibility that Jesse got up early that morning and laughed and went somewhere else. He has no evidence of this other than again. He thinks he saw jesse sleeping in the bed. The night before one thing is widely reported. Is that when Jesse failed to return to the room that day mind you this, the day that they're leaving to go home then his roommate, this guy parker, he packs up jesse's suitcase so in most case,
according to the roommate, its reported, the that he Jesse doesn't come home the night before he, doesn't mention that jesse's missing and then son when it comes time to leave with the rest of the group. He decides that its in everybody's best interests to just willy nilly pack up jesse losses luggage and bring it down the van and then he informs the chaperone that jesse's missing, but captain we know That's not the cakes right, a media, the cases that the chaperone helped him pack it up. and it was a chaperone decision to pack up jesse's items when it was when it came time to leave I think it's just a little irresponsible on the reporting angle on it. Because to me, then, Parker seem like a shady character. It seems it. It would make him prime suspect for me, though I think
a lot of times. When somebody goes missing, they don't a lot of people, don't want it to just be an accident, though they they actually want. Some kind of weird- and you know nefarious thing to be happening, so what actually happened was at the at the request of the chaperone, with the assistance of the chaperone, the two guys together, packed up jesse's belongings. It was then that means, her head, the chaperone he alerted the car. france, organizers that the student was missing in, he asked them to the round to see if any of the students had seen jesse when they still couldn't find him. They called the hotel security and that's when that's when he, that things were going well. The chaperone said at four p m. He walked to the nearest. Please
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dot com, slash garage, sixteen america number one meal kit. In new orleans, twenty twelve bruce twelve here chair, I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park, What were the address should have been? He was shot and killed I'm dvd umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock, as I dive into the motive behind bruces murder. a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now binge all fourteen epoch. Loads of counter clock season. Five, wherever you listen to podcasts this spring, transform your outdoor space
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police he's getting increasingly worried by this time and he remembers walking the streets around the hotel, checking the dumpsters and the alleys. Looking Four jesse now he's already notified the parents. but bad weather. They think receive some bad weather. It was cold, I mean it's november chicago. They receive some bad whether that delayed the ross as arrival into chicago but eventually came to meet with the police, and they spent the first of several visits hanging posters in circulating flyers. Looking for their son, I wanna get a couple of of of things a little bit down the road to give you a bigger picture of everything before we get into some of the possibilities of what could have happened to jesse or where jesse could be Sadly enough, the roommate, the the man, the college, do
that shared a room with jesse ross on that trip in two thousand and six ralph parker. He died a few years afterwards. This would be in a car accident several years. Two jesse's disappearance, the chaperone, the the sponsor more head. He took a job, teaching at another missouri university. He relax We agreed to help with this schools model you in club. He did not want to attend any of the conference's. It was my understanding that his agreement that he had made with with this other university was it he would put to pay in this, u n club, but he would not go or hand or chaperone the conferences There was a situation there at last minute situation where
chaperone had a family emergency and more had had to step in against his best wishes on the second day on second day of this trip. Where more had had to step in he got a phone call. One of his students was missing an he stay. Is that all he could do once he received this phone call? All he could do was go to the bathroom and throw up I mean he was. He was that distraught over what had happened with the jesse situation? I mean this guy he's being put the ringer here the student was later found that morning the rest of the conference, on without an incident. But more had decided that he could never ever do that again and he would eventually leave college level. Teaching altogether More had also said that he is extremely uneasy with his children at any time. Children are somewhere without him and he struggles to let his
or go away on trips and she is scheduled to be going away. I'm sorry. when she was getting ready to go to college herself. This was something that he had a lot of issues in a lot of things to work through rows of traumatic experience for him at first captain, the police speculated that Jesse, who had been reportedly drinking might had fallen into the chicago river near the hotel. Now at the ross is aren't convinced of this. Their theory is that jesse left them
eating and he might have wanted to walk back to the other hotel where he was staying. This would have taken him in the opposite direction of the river. They believed that, on his way back to his hotel that he could have met with foul play on the way now the timing and the circumstances of this of jesse ross, his disappearance proved to be challenging from the start for the four sergeant rizzo who the person responding to the car and the detectives who worked for him our eyes zizi out and has heard the rope or came in two days before thanksgiving potential witnesses at the hotel had already gone home. There was no crime seen to work with is what rizzo states. So, let's on that, for a little beggar captain, you would touch this earlier, where you stated, you know the police show up on this situation. You have a thousand
twelve hundred kids, coming in from all over the country, and now you have. You, have police showing up to take statements to take reports to look over the scene, and all these people have gone home by this time right and very far parts of the country yeah. It's not like they're just there, down the street or in a neighbouring suburb. These are people that I mean jesse and his group travelled five hundred miles to get there. We have students coming from all over the country how's he supposed to to meet with these people, Are they supposed to interview these people, others think I'll phone start Obviously he would get a manifest from both from all the whole cells in the area and start to talk to these people, but the that I have often wondered about Jesse's case when you have
bull coming in from all over the country is, there's probably a decent possibility that there were people on that trip. And it was a significant amount of time that would pass before they would even know that somebody that had attended the same conferences they had had disappeared right because there one of them left before it was even announced. So I mean the fact that they're, not even you, know, calling the police till the you know the p m mostly soon for lebanon, the am down well in the their thing to like rizzo, says: there's no crime scene really to work with. You know they don't know that sound like they found the giant. puddle of blood on the way back to the hotel and as far as track, down surveillance, footage of this guy. I seen in the hotel, as we said, moving in the direction of the hotel exits. Yet
They don't even know. They can't confirm that. That's the last citing of him. You know they can confirm where he went from from that time Why, in the statements made, is that if he was returning from the conference or this emergency meeting to his hotel room that well lit, it would have been about a ten minute walk and that there were surveillance cameras all along this path. Now there would also be surveillance cameras in his hotel, room and I don't see any evidence that they collected either one of those yeah. They state that there was no time. of him along the way back to his hotel or arriving at his hotel right. But that's something that you can also make a claim that yet see him on any of the stuff that we didn't collect. So my record and there is no surveillance- footage out there of of this night after two thirty, so you don't collect the collect it and have it be played, so people can see it, but I don't think they collected it
good question their cap and the other thing here. The other hurdle that you have to work with is Jesse's technically an adult, You know- and we all know that this can be a problem for the investigation, because an adult can we you really want to go missing, can want to pick up brutes in elsewhere trip and start elsewhere. Rizzo did state. sergeant, rizzo did state that, even though Jesse was technically and adult the case was being treated as a high priority case, because the young man was from out of town and possibly because he's from university, and it's this big conference, the, u n conference, would she claimed that they had it the year before in Chicago? Ah, but you also claimed that jesse would have been familiar with the chicago just because he was at the? U N conference or I claim that his only familiar with you know what
conference room, he was in well, it wasn't like he was able to go to chicago in and and here for the, u n meeting this fake you and meeting, and then you know that they do a ton of shopping. whatever I'm sure they allow I'm a little bit of time to experience chicago you know not when you're have him emergency meeting that one, a m I didn't mean to imply that he was a man of the town. You know that he knew the ins and outs. chicago. He knew the good areas in the bad areas. I did to point out that it was not a strange trip to him. He had attended the same event the year before it's a four day trip for night trip. What can you learn about? A city and four nights and, as you stated very busy its port, they probably keep them pretty occupied while there there are question their judgment on having an emergency meeting so late, especially when the conference rooms are connected to the hotel rooms, one thing that I question here: captain was was sergeant, rizzo statements. Now I do when a point
That rizzo has been he's, sense, retired and he's. He stated that this is one of the cases that he can't let go of this one bothers him. This really bothers him that a college student came to his city and was unable to return home to his family, but I bother him where's that this. What he's down the public this once this band bothers me guys I can't I can't polygraph the guy. All I can do is go off of what he is telling the public, but one thing that the you know. I am a blue blood guy and I back up his statement about its very difficult to walk into a situation where you have no witnesses that you can. You can speak with immediately. You can't even speak to parker, who shared a room with him when you arrive at the scene. All you have is chaperone and whoever happens to be still hanging around after this. You and constant conference breaks up
so I have his back on that statement. I find it a little strange, though, that he says that you know the report came in two days before thanksgiving well deal with it I was like I'm sorry, the you know that these crimes in people, bad things happen to good people, regardless of what's on the calendar, I do? I like to know what he meant by that? Does that mean that there's a lot of people coming into the city or a lot of people leaving the city. Maybe it had not to do with holiday? Maybe it was more about the travel that that circulates around the holiday, Maybe I would have liked him to elaborate on that, because it sounds like a bit of a lazy answer. The pole he's did receive hundreds of tips, but everything turned up empty according to sergeant rizzo kansas city police. They did help tracked down and our view some of ross, his fellow students rizzo
says. Investigators gave it they're all, and there is just nothing there. There's nothing to go on surveillance, cameras, image nor witnesses? Who might I've seen ross so with no surveillance, cameras, of him or no eye witnesses. Seeing him, I guess it's up to us captain to prove you know. Is this something? That's you for the case to determine what happened to Jesse ross or is it something that is, you know just leading to more questions the case it? healthy has received some national attention over the years it was featured on both the nancy grace. Oh and America's most wanted both can't mom yet both- shortly after Jesse ross had disappeared?
Well and there's not a lot of information about this case. We have to kind of dig deep and then the rest becomes speculation. So again, if you don't like speculation, probably at this point might want to turn off the shell you'll run from the garage run for laughs, I'm I'm. I got a How can a gasoline and speculation on light in this mother fucker on fire all right all right, so as waste The case has received some national attention and that has brought along with it a lot of people looking into case and a lot of people coming up with their own theories, about what has happened to Jesse ross and why we can't find him did she we list out those theories before we dive into each one of them. So the theories are this: these are the possibilities, are suicide or
Jesse simply walked away to start a new life somewhere, and the police theory that we had talked about was that Jessie had fallen into the river and the parents theory was that possibly he had attempted to return to his hotel and was met with foul play. There is also some talk that he may have it wanted to go elsewhere, Maybe he wanted to go downtown chicago for some reason, but this would have resulted in foul play as well. There's the parson Billy that there was a hotel room incident or accident, and this would be at the hotel room that, with the hotel there was hosting the conference itself, not where he was staying and then there's always the question and always the thought of possible foul play from some one in the group that he was travelling with.
Someone in this model. You group conference, someone attending from another city or state, are so the first theory that brought up was suicides. Maybe we should start there. Well it with this theory, so that he would have gone on this trip with with a group of friends or college. You know people that pears and decided commit suicide, while on the trip just feels wrong right captain. It feels right we have the parents stating more alot of suicides are not plan, so we have not like you have to plan it out three days in advance, so it is still a possibility Of course it's a possibility, everything's a possibility. At this point we have no idea what happened to the poor young man, his parents,
being that, you know he had just received a promotion, something that they believed he was eager about something that he was working hard toward. This seems to be a good thing right, captain at all so seems to be a good thing that he was on this trip he's attending for the second time, probably something he enjoy doing. he's a young man in college. He's got his whole life ahead of him and I know the grand scheme of things. That doesn't mean anything right. I mean because This is a tough situation anyway because I mean look at like the singer link park him in one of the things that they keep bringing up is the fact that he bought the house that he, you know he he hung himself in his house and he bought his. how's that young himself in two months earlier and its busby this family home. In his way. From everything, and so this is some kind of evidence of somebody making plans for his life and making plans for the future
but this is not how nor more suicides work. Anyways main again, like I said, there's not a lot of planning, so I think you have to look at what was happening before jesse. If there was any signs on me, one of the things that I thought was really address in one as it actually talking to a cop. About as you said that you know one of the weirdest things he finds us law the suicides it like they have to investigate, they find out that the the male victims will have their hair cut that day and so in all kind of showing a sign that some of this is just a split second decision. saw, but in this case I dont think jesse whether or not he is getting a promotion, whether or not he's doing good in school. I don't think he had much of a sign of of any depression or at least talk about this,
with his family or friends, and I know a lot of people with depression that never bring this up to their family members at all, but again, there's no evidence of this beforehand, while on the flip side of that coin, you know it's. It's often been stated with people that commit suicide, that it's not uncommon to see women do their hair in a special way put on us a nice outfit, do their make up, and maybe, with the men thing getting their hair cut that day that it is on the flip side could be sign of some form of planning, because you They say that the ladys ten to want to make sure that they are looked Did they look a certain way after they pass that that when there, covered that their remembered with certain image, the thing with it. The suicide though captain here is: where is he you? Would you would think that the in it you know
I think that you would find him. You would find his body. You know new areas. Right. I mean having to episodes, but now it's it's the weirdest Dana's fires, like missing person reports. You know and people want to speculate. You have to bring up the possibility of suicide, but- and it never makes any sense to me because you won't eat, like you said, you'd find the bar yeah I mean somebody doesn't die and then go bury themselves. You know, unless he jumped off a bridge into the river right right, which on and that's it and that is a real possibility- is a possibility. It, sir, because I mean we're talking about this, this river, which goes through the city and then she's back out until it miss again made this would have been cold. I mean the temperature that night was anywhere from my twin. nine degrees to forty four degrees, roughly seventy thirteen miles miles an hour wind so
this guy jumping into water and that's it but again his his his family look a lotta times too. I mean you know. Family and friends will say why didn't see this coming. But again I don't know if something snapped, I wonder how much he was drinking. But again there doesn't seem like there's a bunch of evidence to point that he had much in the way of of any site type of depression, it seems like he had a more of a positive demeanor, but he was also funny- and sometimes you fine with comedians that their masking that their masking the depression high in that from people by using their, you know, comedy chops. As you have said and pointed out many many times, depression is now something that's easily spotted
got tells me no and in- and you know you said you mentioned the river, so I will say outside of the possibility of of jumping in the river, then I think with the suicide. My biggest question would be: where is he we would have found him? I believe by this point at that is what in fact happened. Yes, I basically on that day, I think both of our gut search, saying a this is probably most not most likely. Yeah, if you were to create a scale of likely to most unlikely, I would put that more towards the unlikely side, probably on the very far end of the unlikely side. so captain. We also have the possibility that Jesse Ross walked away that he may be wanted. to start a new life for himself. This always comes up in these type of cases when, when we have no evidence of somebody or where they are, what happened to him where they went. You know, see anything here that the points toward he may have wanted to walk away or start a new life. One
as one who is involved with the radio station he's going to college the he's on this trip you now for this market. and then this is somebody that's making steps in their life to young he's trying to create a good life and the scale and scope walk away. He does being pretty career, oriented with long term goals and setting things up in the right steps in putting everything into its place, to get him to to the point where he can reach those goals and, as you said earlier, there is a short term Oh, he was pledging for of fraternity sounds like something giving his personality: a very outgoing person, a person that was described as fearless somebody, a bit of a prank stir is social, yet it seems seems like something he would really be looking forward to. There was a couple things that that I did find a little strange that that I
wanted to dive into regarding the possibility. Did he walk away? Well, one thing that his mother had talked about about his personality and about some of his hopes and wishes was he did mention to his mother and to his father from time to time that he was hoping to that there, that there would be something that would take him out of kansas city, they did something that would you know some big reason for him to move at some point but you go to the: u n trip you fall in love with Chicago and he come back. How many go hey? Parents are a move in the chicago well and the other thing here, as we have the situation with the cds. You know we have chaperone saying: well: he created these mixes in these cds for us to listen to our way to the trip, and he was he said that he was hoping if he had enough time during this trip that he would go to
some chicago radio stations and give them some of his work that he had done. Maybe it could lead some kind of breakthrough in his career, but, like you, so that's it. That's your motive to go downtown, but that's not your motive to walk away from your life right, exactly that it using it. It would be strange for someone to go missing. Two to one start, a career in a new life in the city that they went missing from I understand the chicago is a big city, but, however, like you said, When you call mom and dad or you go back home and you tie up loose ends in usa, mob guy I did it. I got that I got this cool job in Chicago and I'm really looking forward to taken it. So I the thing here is you know that the famous thing wanting something to take him from the city he's close to his parents, he's obviously close to his brother. This doesn't seem to me likes. This seems like things that he would want to share when it is family he caught,
mother on his own yeah. That's that's a sign of something like a current title. at the time I called my mother well, and I think I think he called her. You know daily, while the while he was there, that's going a little too far node, but just checking in and saying, hey mia. This trip is awesome and maybe he's checking in more for them than than himself. You know what I mean when those things where it's like eyes: john below worried. So does not clear if he lives on campus or not right, norma soon, assuming that he did it. and the reason why I am assuming. That is because you would think that with him gone mad in that they would. I looked into his dorm room and possibly see you know, look for clues there, yet And- and I dont know his driving situation, but his father dropped him off so that he could go on this trip. I dont know if he was still living, home, be evident, makes sense, because you don't want your card to sit in the parking lot exactly a week, but I'm I'm with you captain
I think, walked away, makes about as much sense to me as the suicide thing right. I think you could put those both at the highly unlikely end of the spectrum and as far as every report than I've read, there's no activity on a cell phone no activity on his credit cards are bank cards. Since his design, Aren't you exactly right now? One thing I want to throw out their captain. There is an interview with his father where his father, stating you know, you know Jesse s kind of speaking to a son. and jesse. If there was something out there that you wanted to try something you wanted to pursue, that you wanted to go off elsewhere and in and live out some kind of different life and We are totally on board with that. You know we If ever you wanna, do we just want to make sure that you are safe and you're happy in your healthy, and we would accept you, no matter what you want
to try, whatever you wanted to to do with your life. Just please. Let us know that you're! Ok, now I dont think that that should point to the high probability that he too. I did to walk away. I dont think that points to parents, believing that he was of that type. I think it's just desperation. on behalf of the parents, after years of having their son lost with no answers there, you start grasping at straws, is some yeah I mean basically if it gets brought up multiple times in conversation, you go hey look let's put this out. Universe, and if we did do something wrong that we're not aware of. Ah, let's bring it to you know his attention. Now, maybe they that's. When you start questioning yourself as a parent, you know maybe was I too strict. You know where we push too hard. Was there a bunch of pressure on him that we we weren't? Aware of so I think they just did it. You know you know just in case yeah. I think so. I,
We are almost at an hour here, we're running out of time today. I think that, let's talk about the more likely possibilities of what could have happened to young jesse ross on a far too heavy So well then check this out on instagram facebook or twitter at true crime garage and don't forget, you can check this out on untapped as well
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