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Jodi Huisentruit /// Part 2 /// 209

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Jodi Huisentruit /// Part 2 /// 209

Part 2 of 2


June of 1995 in Mason City, Iowa a beautiful, successful woman is abducted in the parking lot of her apartment complex. Jodi Huisentruit was on her way to the top. The 27 year old Newscast producer and anchor was leaving to go to work. She had carried some items to her car. When she opened the passenger side door someone attacked her from behind. Screams were heard as well as a name shouted out in the dark. Her neighbors heard the screams yet no one called the police. Jodi’s body has never been found and she has never been seen again. This case has no shortage suspects, everyone from friends to strangers to convicted felons have been accused of perpetuating the abduction and murder of Jodi. This week we discuss the haunting case of Jodi Huisentruit.Beer of the Week - Fat Julian by Actual Brewing Garage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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the. I welcome the true gram garage where view or whatever you are doing. Thanks for listening, I'm your hosts, nick and Whitby is always has a man has been quoting the wings world movie since nineteen. Ninety two is the cap, as thanked her says why, but as Actually, it's good to be seen, and it's good to see you thanks for listening thanks for telling a friend
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Lucky we have a law and a cat mamma and last but not least, a shot out to our buddy kyle embrace ban Australia. Have you wanna help us out with next week show if you want to put some beers and this ridge note a true crammed garage that com and click on the donor? But if you haven't seen our new tanks and tease gonna love these girl, don't like boys. Girls like true crime, garage and murdered documentaries is alive put on his shirt, but you get check em out the zack on a limited number get them why they lassen. That's enough the base. Thank you. Captain everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime Yesterday captain we did a fairly good,
job of going through the time line and all of taking apart some of the items found at the scene and what they could mean and what they might not mean and what it could point us towards as we work our way towards getting to some of the theories. The popular theories theories of the public and theories of our own, as well as suspects and to the abduction of twenty seven year old, Jodie, who's intrude and a lot of the points that are going to bring up there's a lot of speculation too. So for all the speculation please, this is your warning turn it off. If you don't like speculation, yeah we're going to sift through some of this and see if we can come up with some answers or in the very least, eliminate some of the possibilities that people have thrown out there. So when it comes to the areas. I found this article that I think is a great led into the theory section. It's an article featuring a
porter, who was interviewing an f b, I agent and a mason city police officer regarding the abduction of jodie. The reporter asked. Do you think you've interviewed the person who committed this crime, the f b? I agent responds to the question saying I don't know I don't know it makes you wonder, then the reporter asked do you I think that this case. Do you think that this is a case where you know who did it but just cannot prove it. The mason city police officer answers. I don't think so. There are so many different stories and theories and possibilities that I don't think we could ever narrow it down to who did it right now, it's trying to figure out what happened to jody. Where is she and then work backwards from there and I he brings up a very good point here: captain he's very right, the op,
sir, we don't know what happened or the result of this abduction? We have no body, so there is only a cold trail that leads to her being grabbed and taken in the parking lot of her apartment. Complex would know all or no body? There is nothing there's. No dots to connect. Now, the fbi agent goes on to say if it was anybody but jody and because she was a local news anchor. You could say it was a chance encounter. You can't rule out the fact that someone was stalking her just because of who she was, and the officers thought thoughts regarding the crime is, if you're a kid now her? There are a lot of possibilities that you should have gotten caught in an apartment complex there, a lot of windows, phasing out what a risky place to abduct someone. So you think maybe it was someone that new her there again, what
it was someone who was just lurking around the apartments looking for pray, so some items keep in mind regarding theories as we go through these as to what the police and f b I's agent's thoughts were at the time. So, as you can see, there were no shortage of theories out there. But, let's start off by going through some of the theories that have been discussed on other platforms regarding what is likely to have happened to jodi. The theories are this: let's do this captain, let's list out these theories and then we'll kind of go through them. one at a time, if that's ok with you are right, so one someone that she knew abducted and killed her to someone's stalking her abducted in killer. How this could either be someone she knows or does not know three total stranger on stranger attack or like a serial killer, someone spots her leaving.
That day and grab sir. Some of these are a little more out there. That's my warning as we move on to these next once for the police killed her five drugs that some I'll drugs were involved either she was using or she reported on something and someone got upset and six Someone from work possible, co worker was involved in her abduction and murder will start backward so start with the first one, Oh worker yeah in this one is a weird one, but I dont think it so far out there, because a lot of online speculation regarding Amy Coon's specifically now this is the girl. They called her that day, walker said hey. Are you coming to work and then then fills in for her? For that day, I want to paint the real picture of of her coworkers and of that television station. There soap.
Even though jody was missing, there was a long time that she was still technically employed by the television station that she was. They were getting people to constantly fill in for her for months and months and months after the fact people people pulling together. This is what, where I see a kind of close knit group that considers each other. friends on some level kind of pulling together for this young woman who is gone missing, someone that they probably lots of them cared very deeply about, were also shows that there wasn't sunbathe next in line. to take her spot yeah and, as you pointed out yesterday, captain it is a competitive business. There's a lot of you
that want to be on tv. I I'm sure that the the position pays well, usually the people working under somebody under the anchor there are people that aspire to be a news anchor some day. So that's why some suspicion has fallen on Amy coon's throughout the years now over the years. many of her co. Workers have been interviewed, and many of them seem to be very willing to sit down in it and be a part of these interviews and the I think we want gotta keep in mind here is like we said yesterday, there was a thought at I find that there was an increasing that did. This was an increasing thing that there was unwanted attention from females that worked on television worked, camera that they were receiving a lot of unwanted attention from male viewers, and it was of concern to everybody in the industry. So a lot of the surrounding areas would often feature judy's com.
I am as well or joey's cases well because they're trying to bring attention to this they're, trying to put an end to this in awareness to this situation. Now her co workers more specifically one had nothing but great things to say for four jody, with the exception, I will say, I think the reason why there's been some suspicion cast on Amy coon's. Is it she's not always said, wonderful, bright, shiny things about jody? and now keep in mind. She worked side by side with her day after day after day captain I love you you're one of my One of my longest friends and by it, but but I'm that their people that are aware that there's times that we bicker at one another on the shower, we have Disagreement on the show regarding something it's I talk shit about.
All the time. I know- and I find that strange, that I seem to have your back, but you should you have a different opinion of our relationship if you ever go missing nowhere, but moving on to the point where here's, where I don't find anything suspicious about Amy's behavior and you know some people, first people bring up the fact they are. were they in fact, friends. I dont think that they were. I don't. I actually don't think that there is anything to suggest that they were friends, and I don't think it time, Amy pretends that they were friends. She makes it sound like what we were coworkers first off, but you also have to understand she technic.
It was my boss air, but also of your being interviewed with the police right that sometimes you you know if you just paint this a you, know glitz and glamour ah portrayal of this person. That might not be the actual truth and that more truthful that you can be with police officers, the more that they can follow. Certain leads and figure out you don't if we can figure out who jody is that we can figure out what happened to her, and I do want to point out. We talked about the birthday party jody surprise birthday party. Twenty seventh birthday party Amy was not
on the invited list for that party. So I think this would further back up that they were just they were more coworkers and less friends. At no time has the police ever said that they suspect anybody that she works with at no time and to back them up a little bit more. Is we have a me coon's who has done a position, and I think that numbers extremely accurate, a bezonian interviews regarding her relationship with jody, regarding there and then the telephone call to yeah. So here's the thing. I think that ultimately police have a much better idea on this than we do as they should. I think that the public might be jumping to conclusions here. Thinking amy could be a suspect. I dont know so much
her other co workers, but she's the one that I'm focusing on because she's the one that we know the most about, because she's done a bazillion interviews over the years. But what police did with Amy was they brought her to the actual crime scene? They brought her to wear jody was abducted. They brought her into her apartment and had her look through her Things to verify hate tell us what she might have been wearing when she was abducted. So when we, when we give out her physical description, we can give out what we think she was wearing at the time. Brain and the thing is, I really think
The see here's, the alibi amy has an alibi and the alibis what you just said. The phone call right if in fact, that she spoke with her at four ten and she was busy working. She was observed by other people at this television station during the time of when jody would have been abducted. Now that, yes, there are some more far fetched ideas out there that that amy could have killed her. the night before and pretended that those phone calls happened, yes or amy possibility, or it's kind of a tonya, Harding Nancy kerrigan type thing where you're going to place these calls. At the same time, you know that somebody is ducked in her. So I'm going to go ahead and rule out the first possibility of that was involve somehow in something happened to jody. The night before and then Amy later faked those phone calls in
the reason why I'm going to rule that out as a possibility is, I think the police were able to rule it out. I don't I don't have confirmation of this, but what I believe to be confirmation of this is that they in fact must have ruled Amy out as a suspect enough that they brought her to the crime scene that they brought her into the apartment to get her
indian on different things of what she would see there. So you're kind of drawn out co workers- I'm not going to just yet, but also do think. The motive is that strong? So let's go to the next theory of that. Possibly there were some drugs involved. Somehow, yes and there's kind of two thoughts to this, this theory and one that Jodie had been reporting on something on some drug activity and had gotten too close to the story, and someone wanted to silence her. The other portion of this drug theory is that maybe was jody herself using drugs, and I I think I'd like to address that one first and then we can get into the the investigative reporting aspect of it. Damion is pretty clear. I mean there's no evidence or even rumor
that she did drugs that we this is this again is where amy, where people question her coworker Amy coon's, because there is in a in an interview where they ask her directly at any time. Did you think that jody was on drugs and Amy said there was a lot of times that jody would show up and she would be very tired and not seem real dedicated, not really applying herself kind of out of it for the first few hours of her shift Sometimes we would find her sleeping in editing bays during her shift at at time. She would be really tired one moment and then very hyper and excited the next. as well as she she could have mood swings where she would yet
a co worker yell at somebody that was, you know, worked for her and then the next minute be on top of the world, saying how much she loved her job and how much she loved everybody she worked with. Well, really seem that jody was driven. I think in our journals you can see where she writes down different goals of worse you'd like to be at a certain time. Ah so, but it is also very young, I mean I say very young, but twenty seven, it's like you, you think I'm approach and thirty I got some stuff figured out, but you really don't, while very young in a very professional said you know it's you could be. You could be twenty seven
working at cedar point and in seem like a very adult professional person. Will you take that same person? You put them working for by don't know the oil industry or some kind of big capitalism industry, and they don't seem so mature. So I think for me as far as her her behavior? I can't answer to. Maybe that was her behavior all the time. Maybe she was just an excited person that would be. That could be angry one moment and very happy. The next moment on and obviously getting into work at four o'clock in the morning that some point you're going to get your your. Your second When are your first win and you're going to come to life and go okay? Here we go it's time to get some work done, and I have to believe that that position, especially being an on camera person, probably comes with I had a high level of pressure
you know a time she could have felt like she was in the pressure cooker and then at other times that camera shuts off it's probably somewhere leaf. You know, oh, I made it through the day or oh, I did rate job on that peace. The thing here is Amy has said outright that it was those types of behaviour that led her to suspect that drugs were a possibility. I don't think there was anything other any evidence other than her behaviour, that there was any types of drugs involves. You know nobody seen anything to two to one hundred percent point to drugs. I think, too, that you bring up a good, a good thought their captain is that we have this young woman, twenty seven. She has to get up and be at work at three a m. How many
I and I have reports from a woman that she worked with name robin wall fur and sorrow wall. Strong, I believe, is her name. Forgive me. She was illegal. She was the EU ning anchor, and she would say that she didn't get off till ten or ten thirty at night and that the two of them were very close. Jody in her were very close, and she said that sometimes she would get a phone call from jody at ten ten, thirty at nice what are you doing tonight robin? Do you have any plans and robin? robin will say: hey, don't you have to be at work at three? A m in jody would say things like look. You know life is meant for living. You know how we I can sleepily, man. I think one thing that we see here with her falling asleep in the editing bays. I just think she wasn't wasn't fully equipping herself to work it three a m. Every morning we all know people that have fallen into vicious cycles. Of you know. Outgoing people
like to go out every night, and what are they do? They fall into a vicious cycle of wake up early, go to work work as hard as we can come home. You take a little bit of a nap, your phone rings and you're out again at night and you fall in the same cycle day after day after day once who's, also in the town by herself, and we know that she likes to drink beer, so maybe she likes to be social. Maybe that makes her not feel so alone. Hey, let's go have a couple of drinks and we're you know, I'm not gonna feel so alone. Here, where my family is so far away. My friends or so far away. More importantly, if in fact she was rushing off to work with very little time to prepare and she's abducted, then and next thing oh police are in her apartment, going through her things. You think they would have found something to suggest that she was using drugs, and this was not the case, and I think the reason why we can prove the dance, not the case. They never seem to be. Following up on that angle, they never seem to be
working that angle, so I think we can. I think we can squash thee Oh, was on drugs thought there that there has been a all amount to chatter, that I think it should just be quieted what if drugs, involved in what might be more likely was that she was reporting on something and somebody thought that she should be silenced yeah, and it could be some kind of drug thing that she's going to report on, but there was also this criminal case going on where a man was going to be charged with murder, billy prune, and so a lot of people think so one of the pieces of evidence is that her briefcase was missing So a lot of people think that is evidence that there was something in there that she's gonna report on that issue. Here, though, is that she's technically anchor and she wasn't technically a journalist right and in the you bring up a very
good a good point there and a little more on this billy prune person. He was somebody that would later commit suicide. He was, I believe, charged with three homicides. They were all related to illegal drug activity right and it's thought that he was some kind of drug lauder or poor king pin in this area, and he was up to all these bad things, she's. Hoarding on these on these storks. So now really people wonder well. Did he decides to go and kidnapper in silence our put a hit our honour their in theirs. Here's what the police have said the and these are these are their words that for some one to believe that she got to close to a story or she knew too much the port the person would have to be.
easy and that's their words and what they mean by. That is what you were just what you were just feeding us aircraft, and is this that she sat behind a desk. She didn't do investigative reporting she wasn't doing the end. Instigation she was simply reporting it in telling all of us about. I simply that's a lot harder than people make it out to be but it nobody will you make anchor, not journal about degree in our job, I'm saying that when you, when you break it down, she's reporting it to the rest of us right, he's not out investigating it she's, not knocking on doors following leads making phone calls? She just saying this is what believe happen. This is what we know to have happened this man's facing these charges. So in a sense the police are exactly right that the person would have take it to the next level and believe that she knows something that she would not have no right. And furthermore, if you're going to go so
Well, it's her. Isn't she just reporting what every one else in the area would be reporting as well? Wouldn't you have to go in silence every one that was all on tv, possibly unless she got some leader tip that she she's keeping close to the vest and and this person knew about it I mean I think the main thing to focus on here is that she now jody is missing, but so is her briefcase. Okay and you bring up a good point, the with the briefcase having gone missing thin. You would think that there must be. Why would somebody dragged that, along with them in the process of abducting her, and that would lead you to believe that their name or some reference to them or some phone number or something in her information kept in that briefcase, could be traced back to them the
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zat a stone dot com slash garage today, that's rosetta stone, dot com slash garage, rosetta stone how language is learned arrived, she has maids cheers. and while we have our glasses raised, I want to point out everybody that is national police officer week. So a thank you to all of the dedicated officers past and present and in particular we would like to honour officers Eric Joe ring and anthony morelli to westerwelle officers. There were killed on duty earlier this year. May they rest in peace and god bless their families and thank you to all the good people that came together to them now, where we left off captain. We were going through these different thoughts and theories.
And the one that we just went through the Billy prudence theory there either he was involved or some one that he knew had killed jody. We point out there that I don't want anybody to get the impression that we just glossed over it for no reason at all the thing is there been a lot of people that have looked into this theory and they have many reasons to dismiss it. Actually, my personal thoughts on this theory is, while it's a very interesting story, and it's an interesting possibility for me very quickly and looking into it, I was able to. There was so much. Question marks that I thought there are so many more likely possibilities in this case that if you want to spend we're time on it. We don't have the time to day. So if you want to spend some time on that that something you can certainly look into, I encourage you to, but I think you'll find a lot of the same question marks and
flags that I found as well well and there's another kind of out there theory to that of these, that the cops are responsible, and that comes from this lady that worked for the police department and she claims that there was three men that worked for the police department or maybe three police officers- that, for whatever reason, decide to abduct jody yes, so this is officer, Maria all and hoping that I'm saying her last name right, it's o h AL. If anybody wants to look into that, but She is no longer an officer with the mason city police department. She has been released from their because she as violated several of the departments regulations. Now that she's, an interesting part of this story to because she states the reason why she was let go
because she had information that these three officers were involved in the abduction and murder of jody, whose untrue- and how did she come across this information? It was. She is the sister in law of a reverend at one of the local churches there- and this is a reverend that received information from a guy named donald milk, and this person called the reverend and spoke to him back in two thousand and ten believe inform the reverend that he had information of police misconduct, and he knew where jody his body was. That is what I have heard to be his as close as you can get to his exact words that he was.
aware of police misconduct? He was afraid of the police and he knew that where jodi's body was, I think from that is where the story pulls together and states that, while these, the police might have been involved in this program, so she's the of sister in law of this ever and he shares the information with her, because I don't think he knew where to take this information, as she was a police officer at the time. So she runs into this sticky situation of one who does she go to you know when people that you work for might have been involved in something. Do you go to them or do not go to them this? What makes us even more weird is it that the police department comes right out and says, look She says she had this information on us and that she has evidence against us and we're letting her go because of that information that she had and the way that she handled that ever so it's of its of
harry, weird story, and I encourage people to check that out and if you want to check out the billy prune story is well more of that information. You find there is a very good website out there called fine jody dot com. It's been dedicated Finding jody, whose intrude and has been put together a lot of investigative journalist and reporters that have worked this case very hard and continue to work it to this day. So if you are interested in those angles, I encourage you to check that we have to move on from those theories. Oh captain, because there are some much more likely theories and, in my very humble, a garage garage opinion and those being that either she was about getting killed by somebody that either knew her or that was stocking her?
well. I put a lot more weight into this based on the evidence of her calling people insane that this a truck you know- and the funny thing is there's twice that she has mentioned a black truck and then you start wondering. Is it the same person that is stalking her yeah. Here's one weird thought, though, and we talked about her journal a little bit now, where the police have done ok, so there there's been luck without getting too far into it. The police have not done a great job on every aspect of this investigation, I'll go ahead and throw that out there Finally, I feel like they spent too much time looking in or around the river very quickly in this investigation, where I think they could have been looking for things to lead them to other possibilities for, but in their defence, I did get some hits now. Some sent dog hits and the other the angle here where I dont think they did a great job, and I don't know who this there's probably
one person a blame here, but Dodi's journal did she kept in her apartment that was found in her apartment after she was abducted, was taken in evidence- and it was somehow leaked to the media, somebody had sent copies. You know like photocopied the pages and sent them to the media that happen from somebody within the department. We don't know who did it, but you bring up this black truck and you blink bring up the possible harassment or was there somebody stalking her, and we know that she had some of these thoughts because she share them with family. She file a police report, the weird thing itself, defence classes the weird thing, though, is I I went through what I could find of her journal online and I didn't see any man any mention a reference to those incidences in that journal
which I found a little strange, but you know what I mean like It- depends on what your journal is meant for. Some people will have a you know like a gratitude journal. So, at the end of each day, you kind of go over a lot of the good things that happen and what you're appreciative for, and you don't spend a bunch of time on what is weighing you down right and hers appears to be a lot of career goals and personal goals, but it also does state a lot of recounting the day's events I buy Ot normally in a positive light, though yes, yes, you're exactly right and that's just what I'm wondering is that it may be choose. The type of person was like, while that did bother me, but there's no point of you know cause some people want to go back and read their journal here and there a year later, but they don't want to hear,
every negative thing. There. That's a good point. Now we do have to of to suspects that have been discussed much more than anybody else. Do you have a preference on order captain as how we get into that one is a so called friend of hers or might be friend of hers, and one was a man that she did not know. Let's start with the once did not now ok, so this is a man by the name of tony jackson, so he was a man that lived just a couple of blocks away from the television station where jody had worked ryan shadow of that far away from station no in what's important. Here is the later. This man would be brought up on and convicted of three separate counts of rape, so he's a serial rapist,
that lived in the area of where she lived and worked, but the crimes he's convicted of happen and ninety ninety seven this took place a ninety nine five. So how does he get on the police's radar? well. I think the way that he got onto the police radar was that the media found this guy, the investigative journalist and report I found this guy and made some connections here because of these crimes being a serial rapists and then later learning that he was in fact living in the area just blocks from where she lived and worked so Here's what I was able to track down that on July tenth, ninety ninety eight, the assisted county attorney, who successfully prosecuted tony jackson for rape in minnesota, said that she believes that he is responsible for the disappearance of iowa tv anchor woman jody, whose untrue three years ago quote
my own mind and in my own heart I think he did. It said the assistant county attorney She told the domain register for a story that was published on the following day What she's pointing out is that this man is a patterned sex offender and then again quote. Goes on to say, knowing what I know about him. This is tony jackson. The way He has been involved as a rapist. I would bet my bottom dollar that jackson abducted jody, whose and true- but this is coming from the prosecutor- that prosecuted him, but then there's later some mom, maybe a jail house confession yeah. Some information regarding tony jackson that does not so Jackson would come out in a heap. He actually call d the new station that was reporting that he could be involved in this.
And he contacted them any said. Look I'm not involved in in jody's. Abduction or murder, I don't even know who she is. I never met her. We did not know each other and I you know what I should clear. I should clean that up a little bit captain. I can't state that he didn't know who she was. He could have known her from tv, but he stayed at night. They didn't know each other, the two personally yeah, so the the things that don't look good for this man is that there were record records obtained by this tv station, which is w c c o that found that jackson had purchased a car. The day before, jody was before she disappeared were conquer. I have no idea, but he required an it didn't seem importance. I didn't add those two, my notes. The important thing is, though this vehicle was purchased the day before
then it was returned just a couple weeks later. This was because the check that he had written for the vehicle had bounced. The other thing that strange is jackson worked the evening shift as a at at a meat packing plant, so the night before whose intrude disappeared, he left work early, saying that he had heard his leg and was going to an emergency room now, w c c o does not back up if he actually went to the emergency room or not, but they report that he left work early. What they also reported on a possible connection to shoot cues intrudes case is that the day that she was abducted, jackson reported to work, but only worked one hour that day boy and you think there
be some kind of workers com or something like that. If he got hurt at work well and also, I wanna dig into something a little every avenue mention. What kind of vehicle was that that is an important item, because we do have the black pickup truck that we ve talked about we'll have the light colored van that we talked about the issue. Here, though, is wind when doing the research it was. I know this. It was a car, it was not a truck nor a van, and that is why in include the actual d she and of the vehicle. So I apologise for that item. I wish I would have was looted that in the notes other than that it was not a truck or van who have been nice if they could have found the vehicle in them. Did some dna tests to see if a jolly woods, even in the vehicle ever a february twenty first nineteen. Ninety nine newscast suggest that who's in its body may have been buried in a silo that was near the
in county town of tiffin alleges a possible connection to MR tony jackson. Well, why? How does this this site come up? Will apparently his cell? brings up some information. It says: look tony's awfully often reciting these rapidly arcs. This seems to be a rap that he made up, and one of the lyrics is says something to the effect of she started to stiffen in tiffin and people had of off with often speculated that that might mean he had objected jody, whose untrue or abducted some young woman and the body started to stiff and near the town of tippit from w c c o they spent their own money and they put together some tests to, and they try to track
on the area of tiffin of where could possibly be somehow they tied these silos to a possible air now they use their own money for laboratory tests and they they sent dogs out there. There are several different reports about what the dogs findings were beat were to be. There were three cadaver dog sent out there. One report states that two of the dogs hit on something. The other report stated that none of the dogs were active were, were hitting on anything during this search. Now they did remove boards from the silo that were ass did and later were determined not to be linked to the disappearance of Judy whose injured that doesn't necessarily rule out tony jackson, because that might just mean that they have the right area that there was nothing to be found in that area. Let's go,
a little bit more of his information, because I find this individual to be a very interesting. I will say suspect. Ok, because we have him. We have tony jackson publicly stating that He didn't he net you've, never seen her or met Judy, who isn't true in public re right, but later, a former friend of his came forward when investigative journalists in in reporters were out trying to fact check some of jack's and story. Now. This source did want to remain anonymous, but he told a minneapolis news crew that just before whose intrudes abduction he had become friends with jackson since their girlfriends at the time, close. He says one day after playing basketball. The jackson had asked him out to happy hour drinks to a bar where jackson had said that he knew coups in true was irregular later
this source. As you know, I always wondered how he would even know that, but the man and went along for drinks, my home, I'm confused. So he says: let's go get some drinks at this happy hour, and I know that jody is gonna. Be there He says to him that he knew that jody was a regular at the bar before they went to the bar erect. So he goes along for the drinks. I guess it was a few blocks away. Some kind of bar called south bridge lounge, which is now gone out of it, this, and I actually think it went out a business in the late nineties. He states that they entered the back door, when they walked in. They saw jody whose intrude sitting at the bar jack Sin allegedly walked right up to whose untrue and started chatting her up. Now this former friend says that he could not hear what their conversation was. He was not near them when they were talking but he also. We also know this about jackson that, while
was living in mason city jackson, attended north iowa community college, where he had developed an interest in broadcasting while he was hosting his own student. Talk show so now his friend knows this about him, so he assumed that Two were just kind of talking about tv and levy or later things, but he says after jackson was arrested, tried and convicted for those charge charges he says. Looking back, he actually thinks that Jackson's interest in jody could be a sign that he's possibly guilty of having abducted her or end worse now, there's another witness. Then I find interesting here that they dug up years after thee the abduction. This second witness also wish to remain on identify. This is a female who says that she used to run
asked jodi's apartment complex every morning right around four thirty a m, she stated that on that morning says she was almost hit by a car that was zooming out of the complexes parking lot. She also added that she was coming up to the apartments and a car, comes out really fast in it nearly hits me and then I have to jump on the sidewalk and its headlights were off as it was speeding out of the parking lot. She also said that just the day before the abduction at the same time and play she says that a young african american man, perhaps in his teens writing a bike outside of the apartment complex. He then started biking right beside her ass. She ran, which she thought was weird at the time of the morning, meaning when she looked back she thinks maybe this man could be could have been found.
knowing her on his bite. The weird thing here is as far as vague descriptions go well, Jackson would fit. The vague Description of a young african american man, perhaps in his teens, as being the one on the bicycle, because at the time he would have been nineteen years old, so that makes it interesting and he also had a car at the time, and this witness says that she solid are speeding out of the parking lot on the day of the abduction around forth. Eddie around that same time, with its lights off so as far as vague dicks description goes. That's interesting that he matches that veg description. As far as this quote, on quote former friends story that they went to a bar that jody would frequent, though thing that I find interesting, there is, and we don't know, I know that under age people do drink, it bars, it does happen.
probably a ninety ninety five, it happened a lot more than it happens today. However, this man, jackson would not have been old enough to drink in that bar on that particular day in question. But it has been like a neighborhood pub where they also serve food maybe they don't id to get in men who knows right, it's not an impossibility. What what makes it so unlikely. Even all those things we point out about jackson, about not possibly not being a good suspect, is that he was looked at significantly now. This was years after the abduction, but in these are direct quotes from investigators at work, the jody whose in true case and one being after conducting,
thorough investigation which included interviews, crime, laboratory analysis, records, review and polygraph examination. Tony Jackson is not is not considered at this time, a viable suspect in the investigation going to say we haven't been able to develop anything that will tie him in with this case. However, that does not mean something won't come forward. That could put him right back in their at being looked at again So it seems to me captain like they were pretty thorough. With this do it all sounds to me, like as big of a scumbag. Is this. Guy is peace. Yeah hashtag peace use a piece of shit I don't think I said that right but anyway, while you try to give a good shot, hashtag use a piece of shit,
The other thing, though, that I find here about tony jackson as much as I like him for it to be a suspect, I feel and his willingness to suggest possibly otherwise. He seems to be extremely willing to one speak with the media and say as soon as they come out with the report he's gonna none other than no. I didn't know her and I was involved in? Thus he might I knew who she was, and he might said: hey man, let's go get a beer actually saw this news anchor in there and then, see earn and the barney went up and said hi. That still doesn't mean he's involved, it's kind of weird coincidence, but that of the please her saying that he is now involved, or they don't think he's involved, and I don't know,
it seemed like there was a ton there well in that makes you wonder what evidence do they have regarding that hair that was found at the scene? Were they able to compare it to some of his hair and determined that that it wasn't his hair? That was found? Did they compare the palm print yeah, and I also heard that he had somewhat of an alibi that that checked out so, okay and and the thing here is two: here's what I wonder about the captain. It seems to me, like they ve, been using this palmprint to eliminate people. I don't know that debts. I hope that the wording is wrong on those reports, because I think that's irresponsible on their on their part right, because you and I spoke about this at length. Earlier. You- and I we question if the palmprint even has anything to do with the abduction at all, especially of where it was found on the vehicle. If this was a palmprint from inside the visa.
I have a lot of arguments that would suggest that this person had no reason to reach into the vehicle at all warm and the also wonder, it's on the outside we're talking about she's parking, one at work with a lot of people, and she is parking in an apartment complex that not only has a lot of people but has a lot of people visiting the people that live there, and so I mean you're talking about lotta people that walk by and touch your car. Well right, I would, as I would suspect, that many of us have many random palmprints on our vehicles and p They have a lot of people in side. Their vehicles would have different palmprints as well. Now I think the person that we we ve delayed getting too and for good reason, is the person that is probably what be true crime garage would consider to be the prime suspect here. I think most people looking into this case this guy.
red flags right away. Yeah- and I want to go on record as stating that the police have never said that they have a prime suspect in this case, but one person that drew an early focus from police attention was mason city businessman, John Van cise and you've heard that name before, because we spoke about him. He was considered to be a friend. Of jody. He was also a one time, rel neighbour, of hers. One time really could catch. He had hosted the surprise twenty seventh birthday party for her, just
days while he claimed for her per of abduction, while he claimed that a solid last. He also claims that there are hanging out the the evening before she went missing. So you know it's weird about the birthday party and I think that what a lot of people speculate is did John had developed in infatuation with her and anne was infatuated with her, and this led to some on healthy behaviour, and then he develop some kind of relationship that wasn't actually going on in his mind and got upset with her that she didn't see things the same way that he did and he
doctor and killed her. I think there's some things to to that thought. One. The birthday party seems a little strange. How well did they know each other go ahead. While I start off with it, they used to be neighbors twenty year difference, but they have similar hobbies. He had a boat. She like gone out on the boat they liked to golf, and she mention multiple times to family and friends. Friends that hey. We are just friends, but Maybe he started to want something more. She seemed to be very comfortable with John if he was it if he. was a bad guy. He wasn't giving out very many bad vibes to two jody because right or status as a really bad picker,
She, she brought him around her friends. She brought him around some of her relatives as well. Now take a starr with the surprise party. Ok, the thin I felt found very odd was at some point there, like these invitations or some kind of flyer, poster rank, and it says that the party is thrown by him and friends and the fact that it's almost like he wanted. He wondered the credit he wanted the recognition. It said that, on the invitation throne John van size and france, with a man such great guy you're, that's that's trusting in that actually squashes. One question that I had regarding that party was, you know: was he just the connection to the bar that that booked the event and then later media goes well. He threw this party for her women
Actuality was a whole group of people that, through the parting, oh, he threw the party, so he went one hundred percent through the party. I tell you what, on the other side on the flip side, it is a nice gesture for a young woman to receive some kind of birthday party from a close friend specially when it's buddy that she's only lived in town for what a year and a half she doesn't know a lot of people outside of work or outside of her very inner circle and vaccines. Comments in her journal about the party stating you know. It was a great time, John and some of my friends through this party. For me, there was, there was a cake. We were dancing, the tables everybody at a fantastic time. There was cameras, their filming, some of it. There were people taking pictures and this, but this relationship could be as innocent as as john claims it is. He saying I met this young lady. She is obviously attractive, but she's twenty years younger than me, but she's, very positive and choose a very positive and
on my life, and you know for somebody you know. Maybe John doesn't have a lot of friends himself. So maybe this really helped his life, and so we know he's trying to repay this. When this new found positive person that came into existence in saying, hey All this goes through a party for you. So if anybody's familiar John van size to me looks like gregg, norman, the old retired golfer that the ship yeah he's he had other bad looking. He has some similarities to gregg norman, but, as you said, he'd be twenty to twenty two years older than jody. At this time now one thing I've always wondered the weekend before she was abducted. They went out on his back. And yes, his boat being named jody is very odd behaviour. To put it as nicely as I can't nobody's areas here in this for the first time he named his bow after jody
yes, the boat was named jody. He named it after her specifically, but one thing I wondered about. Captain is his, they stated his sons house and his son was out on the boat all day with them and jody and her best friend, I think I said her name was tammy right. So the four of them- and maybe others, are out on this boat for a considerable amount. pardon me wondered you know like when you jody bringing a friend along. You know, that's probably somewhat, for her could be just to have a good time, I'm or somewhat for her own comfort level, The other thing that I wondered about was: is there any chance that did John was trying to hook up this young one of these young women with his son You know that may be his son was single at the time and he just thought jody was the best thing under the sun and that they may be. The two of them might is
get it off while there in each other's presence. He states that there was father daughter type relationship. There is a lot of people on her inner circle that seem to think that John wanted more jody. Unfortunately, her father passed away when she was very young. Some people have speculated that she could have been friends this older man, one because he could have been charming and fun to be around. They share the same hobbes, but also maybe Did she see it as a father, daughter, type relationship room, but also just because she is telling friends and family members that she thinks, possibly that he wants something more. She was never definitive about that mean it could have just been. You know, he's called her pretty one day. You know and she's like, oh well, that's kind of a new wrinkle in the relationship, so I don't put too much into that. I mean we don't have any proof that
he wanted to be in more than this friends, while the night before she was abducted, we have John van size who would tell police that she was at my apartment. She came over to my apartment. We watched a videotape of her birthday party. She left around ten o clock. That is the last that I have seen of her. Now there our people that says that he seemed excited or weird when he was talking with police the morning of the abduction thereon also people out there that point out that john We have had a very limited amount of time to abduct her who, whatever indisposed of her body, if, in fact he was the one who did it and did it single handedly, because he was speaking with the police. Shortly after they were on seeing you know within hours of them being on the scene, he's being interviewed by
lease and telling them say she was at my place last night gap, which you think we have something to do with her disappearance. She might not want to state that she was at your place. Yes, so the interesting thing here is was she at his place and a lot of people said well. Why would it? Why would he bring up that she was at his place if, if she was not, throw into the argument then well what if later, you know some some speculate? Well, what? If, if he needed an alibi for that night, I think less likely he needed alibi for that night, because I believe that that phone call Israel is right. The following morning that jody Amy Coon's phone call at four ten was absolutely real So therefore she is fine and unharmed and does not seem to be worried about anything it for ten am the next morning. The thing here is, though, if John Van size is in fact a guilty of something more,
b. He needs an alibi later too give him an alibi of why possibly these dna or hair or anything of joey's, would be found in his apartment. Because then later he can say I already too Would you guys she was here the night before? Wouldn't you expect to find some some evidence of that or something you? But I mean if you have proof that you been friends with her for a while, so you won't have to necessarily state the day yell hours before went missing. She was at my place. He gave a lot of interviews in the beginning to t v a lot of interviews to police in the beginning. He was very part of the family, a lot yes, he was very forthcoming with everything. Some things that that I think are are
be an issue. The one that really stands out for me is remember. We spoke about jody, calling her friend Kelly after ten o clock that night, and this would be if these things are true, and we do know that that phone call happened to Kelly. That's all that's a certainty. What's in question is the time that that phone call was placed so it In fact, she did go to John Van sizes home and if, in fact, that phone call took place at ten after ten o clock at night, that means his. She was fine when she They sat phone call after leaving his home his apart and she was one hundred percent five. I did find one report. I found one report out there that stated that that phone call occurred at eight forty p m that night now there's a hospital where she, whenever yes or did, she never went over at all and it. So
no that she left the golf course at eight p m. We have several eye witnesses, stating that was he gough with him. Now, He was golfing a charity event that she she right right attended with somebody. She worked with. So here's what I'm getting at there are many more reports out there. I want to be clear about this there are a lot of reports about this phone call. This is very important. The phone call every one of them, but one that I could find state that the phone call took place it after ten p m that night. So this other thing is either either everybody else has got it wrong, or this one place reported it badly. They report that the phone call took place at eight forty p m. Multiple of those reports state that the police they were able to seize outgoing phone call records from jody apartment, so they do know that the phone call took place. I only bring up the potential that the time might be wrong. It's wrong. One of these places
We know that for sir, if, if eight forty is in fact the correct time, then maybe she never went to John Van sizes apartment and, if lied about that. You've got a wonder. What else is lying about he's July's something? Why is he line about that? And I think also you know you. You have a very beautiful woman that was abducted We have no remains have been found and you have somebody that owns a boat and, if you're going to get rid of somebody and and have no trace or blood lack of tracing, you do it through through a boat right, yeah, that's interesting, because, even though police we're talking to John early on and he would had limited time to do anything with her? You gotta wonder his his his home his vehicle. boats? These items were not search early in the investigation, so what could have had
been there and you're exactly right. He, you would think the first go to would be used the boat. To get rid of this object that you, you need to hide and conceal for average person. So let's talk about as it's a person, not an object. That's fine right! I called a body, the thing is: there's another eye: witness account it's interesting regarding the night before she was abducted, there is at least one neighbour? That says it reported here: somebody knocking or pounding on Joey's front door to her apartment and also stating that is believed to have heard Jody name called out by whoever was knocking on the door stating something like I heard pounds on the door open up jody, I know you're in there or jody. I know you're home something to that effect, which is an interesting because then there is the thought. Was there somebody with her in that apartment at some point that night, whether they stay the night,
stayed until the morning or were they there for some? portion of the night and then have left and further If there was somebody there, why have they we're come forward and stated I I was at her apartment that night or I stayed the night here, come what I what what if she seen somebody. So she goes gaffin and then she goes over ter buddy Johns house needs not available bachelor for her because she doesn't like him cause he's twenty years older right and she has some guys she's talkin to on the side. Okay, so then she leaves Johns house and then she meets up with said guy right said guys at our house. John comes over hey, I know you're in there and who you hang out with an maybe, and that would be the motive I mean I guess. The motive for for John would be that
we don't want to be with him and and are in a serious relationship? So then he had a killer. You know right or on the flip side, could John be the catalyst for somebody that was following her and keeping tabs on her infatuated believed that they had some type of asian ship and what I mean by that, if they're keeping tabs on him, they see she went out of town with put this guy before we can then she's off go off and then she's at his apartment. They got some she's out running around on me a lot of these stalkers, but eve that they are in an actual relationship or have a boat named after right, and then this person thinks- oh, my god, she's involved with this. Do she's cheat not me with this dude, and sides to take it out on jody waiting outside of her apartment until the we, morning hours grabbing. Her there, but back with the towards seat up and beers. I think there's somebody there
I think that really suggests in somebody knocking on the door to I really question that did John. Did she go to apartment, or did he go to her apartment is what I really question one again with John. He was very cooperative with police saw. But if it's only one or the other, I think there's or evidence to suggest that maybe John was at her apartment, rather than her being at his meaning that we have a neighbour that reports hearing a knock on the door? We have the beer cans, we have the toilet seat up and then on the flip I'd. All we have is John saying that she had gone to his apartment. Now some updates some things that have taken place
more recently, regarding this case is we have a search warrant that were conducted. They did a search on johns basement at the apartment that he had held at the time of her abduction. Now, keep in mind, they did searches on this basement years and years after the fact and claiming that they had not found anything to suggest that george was in that basement at any time in march, on march, twentieth, two thousand and seventeen a search warrant was it executed for gps data on two cars relief, did to John van size now at the time of the search warrants, John, would be seventy years old and living in the state of arizona they wanted to fight
out jp s, data from a nineteen. Ninety nine honda, civic and a two thousand and thirteen gm see fifteen hundred, so that would be a truck and in what I find to be interesting about these search warrant is these were executed last year only last year we don't know the result of these search warts, because the warrants and search has been sealed and they actually filed for this to be seen. For I believe it was for one year and then, when it came near that one year mark, they went back to seal it again and it has been sealed for an additional six months, so the information regarding that search is sealed until october of this year,. What I'm guessing is maybe there's some kind of lead, some kind of information that those searches yielded and now that their folly,
up on that information or using that too, to further conduct their investigation, and they don't want that information to come out or they believe they can find what they're looking for and have not been able to locate it. Yet rich Yes thing, though, is in the obvious thing: is these vehicles we're not even they didn't even exist at the time of her abduction. So what does this mean? Does this mean that they suspect, John and suspect him? not that he would have used these vehicles at a later date to transport the body of jody or that they would find some evidence, all those years later and these vehicles, why? What
they would have done these searches earlier and I wished they would have searched john's boat, because the fact that we don't have a body you know having the boat access to the boat gives you access to get rid of the bye hm. I wish they would have done that and as much as I mean it's just whose story do you believe- and I do believe, jon story on some level, then it always comes back to me with them the briefcase. Why did the person take the briefcase? It seems like something so unnecessary when abducting this young woman to drag along that briefcase as well, now. Obviously captain we could talk about this case for three four five hours. There is a lot of information here. The issue would jody case, like others. Is that some of these items- some of these deep
those in here kind of throw you in to throw us all into a tale spin home of going? What? If what? If what about this? What about that? If you want more information or of you yourself, have any information, regarding the disappearance of jody, whose intrude please use a website that we reference several times during this. These two pod gas that is find jody dot com, they have more information there and you can submit tips there as well, and please please keep following this case. We are coming up on another anniversary of her abduction. So on june twenty and please think about jody and think about her family. Please share joey's picture on social media, and maybe we can shine some light on this case. Get people talk in and get some new him from it.
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