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John Lennon /// Part 2 /// 448

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John Lennon /// Part 2 /// 448

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This week, forty years ago a legend was murdered. John Lennon was a worldwide icon and he was shot and killed in the streets of New York City by a madman. Join us in the Garage was we take a glimpse at John’s life, his murder and the maniac who shot him.

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The the the. The no
when to lease arrived on the scene shortly before eleven p on December eighth, nineteen, eighty
John Lennon was in such bad shape that they could not wait for the ambulance to arrive and the officers scooped up John lennon and put them in the back of a police squad car to rush him off to roosevelt hospital because of the location the bullet holes. They had to lie him in the back of the vehicle face down, so that John would not choke on his own blood, on was wheeled into the emergency room. By this point he had lost about eighty percent of his blood and virtually had no pulse, and all doctors and nurses were looking for a way to save this,
and life so they made an incision in the left chest and separated the ribs and found a very large amount of blood. They looked for an injury to the heart and they used by hand to try to pump and massage the heart to bring this man back to life, but every time they pumped most of what they pumped simply just came out blood out of the holes. It was totally ineffective. Although seven medics tried desperately to revive him. John. was finally pronounced dead and at one thousand one hundred and fifteen p dot m on ABC monday night football howard cosell announced john's death to the world, and you heard that clip in the trailer for part one of our car.
Of John Lennon's case you have the most famous man in the world dead and assassinated by mark David chapman, a guy that nobody knows, so now I every bay once and know who is marked David chapman, and why did he do this year? The suspect arrested. As you said, captain was marked David chapman, twenty five years old from hawaii. He was under heavy. Art and taken to the tombs prison in downtown manhattan to await arraignment, which would take place tuesday morning. He apparently stock John Lennon, for three days he told He had a license for the gun that he used to kill John lennon, which was a charter arms thirty, eight caliber revolver, but was only able to produce a bill of oh for the gun, purchased in honolulu hawaii. Six weeks before the shooting chow and told police. He was annoyed. That lenin. Only scribbled his autograph on the album police said that, although
and gave different stories to the detectives about the slang. He was emphatically that he knew he was shooting the forty year old, John Lennon, David Geffen, president of Gavin records, read a statement issued by jouko the night of lennon's death, saying quote John loved and prayed for the human race. Please do the same for him. Alright, let's dive into who is mark David chapman mark chapman was born, may tenth, one thousand nine hundred and fifty five in fort worth
texas, but he grew up in decanter georgia in a pretty typical situation, living with mom dad and then his little sister, who was seven years younger than mark the major difference from most other typical living situations for a child is simple. His father, David chapman, was a staff sergeant in the u s air force and was verbally and physically abusive to both mark and his mother mark said he was in constant fear of his father, so when at home he would spend most of the time, locking himself away in his bedroom. During this time of self isolation, marked developed, imaginary friends, imaginary people and even characters mark chapman began to fail. Size about having king like power over a group of
imaginary little people who lived in the walls of his bedroom mark like most teenagers, was a big beetle fan growing up. He attended columbia, high school. Decanter georgia and at a young age of fourteen he was you drugs and skipping classes at school, there's. Actually, some recordings of mark playing guitar and singing hillsongs one thousand nine hundred and seventy one became a born again christian. This, like several other influences in man's life will go beyond that of a personal interest or even the level of faith in this situation, chapman would develop several obsessions. The course of his life, and then one has to wander perhaps was the beatles one of his first obsessions are onto the next obsession. If you will hear captain
A friend recommended to mark that he read joy, the Salinger's book, the catcher in the rye. This is a pretty famous, look for our younger audience, who might not be aware of this I'm going to call a rare situation. This is a book that his both been ban from some school libraries as well as assigned reading and other schools right there. I will eventually took on a great personal significance for mark David chapman, to the extent that he reportedly wished to model his life after the books, protagonist, holden coal field. I think that is putting it lightly other sources, say that he believed at some point or during portions of his life, that he was Holden caulfield his early adult life was filled with depression. Moved several times and each time this was hundreds of miles
I was away from the last place where he lived. He went from joy, to chicago and back to georgia again he started having suicidal thoughts and began to feel like a failure. He dropped out of college after just one semester. He then worked as a security guard. This was an armed. Europe's position, so he had to learn how to use and operate a firearm with a decent amount of success. Before this there was no end,
occasion that mark had any experience with guns to qualify for the position mark needed to score. At least fifty points on his security and fire arms exam mark scored an eighty eight this after taking a week. Long training course laugh a little bit before this, and and during this time mark was always working with children. I worked at camps. I worked with a group that had the vietnam refugees where he worked with the children, but he would reference a lot that he even though he's getting older, he wasn't growing up. He wasn't going to become a grown up. He was still gonna. Have the innocence of a child and, and that would make him closer to the care
to hold him yeah, there were times especially those last week or so that he worked at one camp in particular where people would later say that he just talked constantly about the book, the catcher in the rye and nineteen seventy Evan chapman move to hawaii. Now we have to understand that this guy huh is slowly spiraling out of control if he ever was in control to begin with, he is not so much so ah blind up or a place to live or really even any plan at all. This to me, captain simply looks like a guy who is running away while How can there is? There is a story from one m, the campers saying that he was assist lovable guy they
I called him like nemo for a while, then they'd call him the pied piper, and they had all these different names for him and and supposedly he was just excellent with children, but then something happened where the the kids noticed it more than parents that there was like this shift and there was a girl that was really close to amend and she's on record as saying that he came to visit her and their parents were like egg go, give him a hug and choose. I know, there's something different about him. So this going to hawaii again, it's reported multiple. Some people say he went there with no plan. I think he's come out and said. Why went there, the plan of I'm going to go there the money. I have gamble it away and if I don't win, I'm just going to kill myself yeah. It looks like when he first gets to hawaii that he's living in a hotel,
off of his meager savings that he had at the time and he is false, deeper and deeper into depression and became suicidal chapman, eventually attempted suicide by connecting a hose to his car's exhaust pipe you know start up the car roll up the windows and attempting to kill himself The way of carbon monoxide expects the asian, but the hose melted and the attempt failed right one. I also believe a fisherman came up and knocked on his window. What happens here captain is this is probably The first thing that the first time that I could see where somebody recognizes that there is something not right with this young man and a psychiatrist admitted chapman to
I believe the name is castle memorial hospital this for his clinical depression and stay very long there. Now in nineteen, seventy eight mark. Chapman went on a six week trip around the world. This vacation was partly in I buy the film around the world in eighty days. He then can a relationship with his travel agent. This is a lebanese american woman named gloria abe who he married in june of nineteen. Seventy nine. I also believe at this time he actually working at the hospital yeah. That's absolutely right. He went back to work in the hospital at time, though? And this One thing that I always fear with people who suffer from depression: people that especially to this level, to the point of where this guy is suicidal and mean from a young age, he's imagining things that aren't real he's living
in a different reality, he takes on not just this hospital job. Even shortly after the hospital job. He starts working jobs that are very isolated we saw a solitary man, solitary position working by himself. This is not the camp where he's in chicago playing guitar and see songs for kids and, as you said, he was loved by the kids that day he counseled at the camp. He was well liked by his coworkers. He thrived in that situation. I think what we have here is in late, nineteen, seventy nine. He goes on to work this job at the house biddle. Well, that sounds like he is going to be working around a bunch of people. Now he worked as a printer, often as space by himself for large parts of large portions of his chef's brain, and then
he gets into some kind of verbal altercation on a couple of occasions with different co workers. This leads to him being fired sounds like they even took him back briefly. He quits he goes on then, to take another security job this time, it's a night security job so he's by himself, even more at this time, so long must be clear when he marries this girl. She thinks of this guy's amazing. They get married quickly, he's physically abusive, order. We get married and he's amazing in them boom he's not amazing any gap and see what she really was like this, my worst nightmare, because he she claims that he showed no signs of being abusive towards her or or really 14b else other than maybe himself until they got married. It's really like, after the
the wedding. As soon as these two are married, you would think you would hope. that that relationship that this man, who thinks of himself as a failure, we thinks of health a loner who finally has someone who Maybe this would be the jumping. The point that he needs to getting some help to feeling loved yeah I think he had some friends, or at least some acquaintances, that. We're worried about him, but more worried about his depression, not not worried that had hurt. Somebody else does. He did seem like a a kind person- and I think also if you know
wait for a little bit of time go well. What did you use to do all I worked with children for years, and I I worked with a vietnam refugees and I and I know counseled kids at at camps. I mean they all everybody that knew him said he had a very gentle, disposition. So, after the marriage he starts working, these isolated, solitary jobs he's having a hard time holding down a job. He begins drinking heavily and this further developed his depression as well as some of you, obsessions, and these major obsessions at this time in his life, include his favorite book, the catcher in the rye and John lennon in september of nineteen. Eighty. he. He wrote a letter to a friend which stated quote: I'm going nuts. He signed the letter, the catcher in the rye in october of nineteen eighty mark David chapman quits
his job and on his final shift at that job. He signs out on his time card with the name John the. I the first few weeks I was the dream, can mean interested
seem real. You know, as reality sunk in it left gloria wondering what happened to the life she had dreamed of. When she first met mark David chapman in nineteen, seventy eight she saw him as a sort of a knight in shining armor. She did dead. Jim gains is one of the only reporters to have interviewed Gloria chapman. He says she spoke lovingly about her engagement. They were walking on the beach and mark said to Gloria. Would you marry me- and she was just ecstatic- and she described to me- his day of her life mark never did. Perhaps that was a glimpse into the misery and she says abuse that soon followed. I don't remember what I fed the hardline on my ear, really kind of
sit down, glorious, naive dreams of happily ever after vanished altogether in place. It could go privacy was in the bathroom. I just go in there locked the door and just cry you can take them on the. Why do you think she stayed with him all these years? She was faithful. It was a virtue, you obeyed virtues. She was trying to be a good wife in an impossible situation. In october of nineteen eighty mark David chapman went to new york city with the
Tension of killing John lennon during this trip, chapman was inspired by the film ordinary people to stop his plans, to which he then went to add lana, and then he went back to hawaii his movements, I'm not going to lie to you. Captain- are a little confusing to me during this period because we Have him moving around quite a bit and we he's kind of coming in and out of the life of his wife In this time, mind you, when he is around her he's talking. gibberish and nonsense to her. He saying things that just seem well. They seem knots to the point where she saying you've got to get some help: chapman would later say that he told his wife. He intended to kill John lennon. He says he went so far as to show her the gun.
Ammunition right. He also says that he was again stopped from time to time by what he would call signs one of these signs was that he said that he saw on the tv people talking about how, One should not kill, if you believe in god, if you follow god, you should not kill. You should not harm other people Also said, another sign was that he was that his wife had placed a sign on a wall in where they lived in their home. That said, thou shall not kill. You typically see this when people who have completely gone off the rails, they are looking to do something horrible. It's weird, though, captain because, as far gone as I mark David chapman was at this point. He seems
fully aware of what he is intending to do is a very bad and harmful thing there. I think it's and arresting that there is movement and the ark the first time we don't know exactly where he went what he did. We don't know that Actually, what happened when he went back to atlanta? We don't know exactly what he did when he went back to hawaii right at, but he keeps saying he was looking for signs. He was looking for something to stop him from doing what he intended to do. This would end up with him traveling back to new york city arriving on December sixth, nineteen, eighty, but new york's going to be resting place, because if you read the book catcher in the rye, it ends in new york. So not only does he have
a destination on who he wants to kill. He has a destination spot which just happens to be the same spot that that his victim lives and it seems like he was intending to live out portions of that book and with him he has a list, a list of people that are I'm assuming it's a hitlist people that he wanted to kill that his whole thought was that, because of the book, the book is telling people look, people are phony and that that holden is not phoney, and so you, if you want to be so basically he wants to kill these people that our phone phony to basically have them, be, I guess so, a warning to others like this is what happens to you if you're phony, enchant men, he bay
Sickly, as we said earlier, spent about three days out front of the dakota I best I guess the best word for it is stalking John lennon waiting to see John lennon and he would meet and talk with other people. Who were hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars. Well, maybe get an autograph as well. He would talk and chat with these other people. While he was waiting, but it was,
until monday on December eighth, when he would actually get to see John Lennon. That was so crazy as he was actually going through the book and seeing what holden did and he was basically doing the same thing all holding went here. So now I got to go here was one of the things was he when he went to central park to ask cab drivers about the birds, because it's something that Holden did in the book. He also got hired a sex worker to go to his his hotel and an inn. The book holden doesn't have sex with a sex worker. So that's the same thing that mark David chapman did and then he
He paid the sex worker double it just it's is very strange. He was is almost fallen in this like blueprint that the book laid out for him. Also in that list that you were talking about earlier again, it's one of those scenes where people say there. Fifty names on it and people speculate. Who was on it, but it seems like the main people were John lennon or johnny Carson, ronald reagan and paul mccartney yeah. That list is a little the hitlist, let's call, is a little difficult, because this is a case. We say case, but really there's this whole story there, and so little of it involves the actual murder of John lennon. It's been well docs John Lennon's life
many years the beatles there their career their success. All well documented. Mark David chapman He is well documented because he's the man that's known to be the guy that killed one of the most famous musicians all time and so that, where we talk now listen, I see, I believe David Bowie said that hey. I was next on that list. I was second on the list and what we have here is the real action is is bizarre because it's unlike most the crimes of most of the murders that we have covered here in the garage, be it if their solve their unsolved mark David chapman after he carried out his I'm using air quotes here mission he puts down the gun, puts down his coat surrenders to the police, starts.
thumbing through his book of the catcher in the rye and as you pointed out, and I think the best way to say it in to describe time in new york is through men's own words where he said you know I living through the ages of the catch in the rye rye I was, the book. The book was living through me during that time. one story, I want to go back to the David Bowie story, real quick here when, in reference to the hit list, it's a very interesting story because David Bowie said he was second on the list and that he was attending a broadway production of the elephant man. This would be. The After lenin was killed, right bow, he believes it well, he
part of this. He probably knows, but bowie has stated that John and Yoko were going to sit him in the front row that night at the at the elephant, man right and that mark chapman had managed to buy a ticket to sit next to all three of them so picture for seeds. dear David Bowie says that night, the night after John lennon was killed. There were three empty seats, front row next to me, He believes that it was going to be John lennon, Yoko Ono and mark David chapman, who were to occupy those seats that might gave chapman the opportunity to kill all three of these people. Now I believe it has been stated in a certain places that
The chaplain chose lenin other over his other targets, add of convenience there. He was easier to get to possible and that may be the truth, but most of what I find in it's my own personal belief. I think John Lennon was at the top of his list, while first of all, we we know for a fact that he had up a little bit of, session with them when he was younger. He that's why you learn how to play guitar. We have evidence of him singing beatles songs. We have evidence that he had the beatles haircut for a while. We have his wife saying that you talked about killing John Lennon, we am signing out from work as John lennon, as we also have friends of his or acquaintance
his of his saying you know every now, and then he would talk bad about people and he talked bad about John Lennon called him a phony all the time saying that he could. He could do more that he's yo so rich, but he could give to these charities and he's not doing enough the, and he was verbally angry many years, After the fact, lenin's more popular. Jesus comments from back in nineteen, sixty six so people can you believe that that man actually said that way, what gives him the right that he that he believes he's bigger or more popular than Jesus yeah? I think the big Y y. All this stuff happens. I, I think, there's multiple reasons, and I thinking marked had many reasons in his head. I think, like you, said, access but
again, there's no proof that he would have murdered anybody else. I mean he killed John and he had just the same amount of opportunity to kill yoko if he wanted to any any chose not to correct, and he chose not to flee the area pig toy, got away. I mean new york he's not from there right Nobody would have a clue hoo who this guy was. You shoot John lennon, and you take off down the street and if you can get away because you're on foot, if nobody stops, you or people are afraid to stop you. Could you have a gun? He could got? and flew back to hawaii before they even knew who who was well- and we talked
we're about mark chapman. Looking for signs looking for something to stop him. He said that on this second trip back to new york city that he he couldn't kill lennon on his own, he didn't have the strength to do it, so says that he invoked the spirit of the devil and he did what he believed were devil worshipping ceremonies by himself, trying to ask the devil to help him kill John Lennon and looking for signs. He says when he finally met LAN lenny, of them, the autograph. He's waiting around during that day. On the eighth, he met two other people and had conversations with them. One of them was man by the name of Paul Goresh, grass, with somebody who frequently withstand outside of the dakota hoping to
snap, a photo of John lennon. He even had his picture, in which John lennon in november- and he is there- talking with chapman chapman, he was standing next to it. men when chapman got the autograph on the cover of the double fantasy, album, he was the guy that snapped the photo of lenin, signing the autograph, where you can see chapman over linens left shoulder chap, said years later, that he told this man He met paul garish, hey he's got a back some time now mind you afterthought. A graph lenin takes often is his limo and he says ays gotta come sometime. You should wait around and get your album autographed right. they waited around for a little bit of time and at some point Paul says I waited long enough, I'm going to I'm just going to head home I'll, get it another day. Let's
that a mine and then take it. A set further chapman said that he met a woman outside it, dakota that day and he had asked her out. On a date why? I actually think that she was there just like we said, mark David chapman. Where was outside the dakota multiple days? I think they actually met the day before and then he saw her again the day of, and they started kind talking about like all week we should go grab something to eat or something yeah. He says that he asked her out on a date to which she said no or said she wasn't going to go for whatever reason chapman says that had there of those interactions with either of those individuals worked out differently. He probably wouldn't have killed. He would not have killed John lennon on December eighth, nineteen eighty. He said he was not never going to stop either. He said
if Paul would have stuck around to get the autograph if Paul would have been there. When lenin came back, he wouldn't have shot him. He also, If he would have gone out on the day, he would have left before lenin what had returned and he would not have had the tunity to shoot him on the eighth but you're exactly right. He said which two individuals should not feel bad, because I would have then just killed Jon the next day now or some other time I mean, like you said he was in new york for a period. Then he left new york and then he just kept making these trips and who's going to eventually find him somewhere and if it was John, I believe you would it somebody else on that list, like you said, if he got to new york and somebody said of well, you know our john's back in england, lenin's back in england for a couple months. He might have went just two
next person on the list? I think he had this like determination. He had this. This, like you, said how he would create fake characters that he felt like if he did this, that he was accomplishing well, of course, John Lennon is one of the most famous people in the world. If he kills that person, he obtain a certain level of that person's fame brain. At least that's what he believed in unfortunately, to this day, forty years later, we all know his name because of his actions. But it's so weird to me, because the whole idea is like my name's phony and in one could make that argument right alongside mark David chapman. Yes, here's this guy, that talked
at peace and and love and all this stuff, but was abusive towards his first wife may be abusive towards his his oldest son right. Ah, a guy that had some infidelity issues, possibly his wife handsome fidelity issues and they're. Talking about you know, love is the answer and then all you need is love and and no war, and all these things in and having these publicity stunts that, yes, they were, I guess charitable, but was it also just to make less in a bigger star, hey we got married, we're going to go on. Let we know that the paparazzi is going to be there, so we do a bed end, but isn't that just doing a whole week of drawing attention to yourself. Yes, you have a cause. Peace, not war, but I think those are the things
mark found phony yo, you didn't have you'll, have to do a protest that way to bring a pond the attention to yourself. But at the same time you you sit there and go k. Why could see why somebody would go? Look at this giant icon preaching all the stuff, but he's preaching preaching to everybody but not living? It himself and at times is a is a junkie but then the whole messages. Look who is coming from mark David chapman that believes he is a character in a book You can't even live your own life you're such a phony that you don't even have an identity until you take on an identity identity from a book you think you're so righteous
but then you're abusive to your wife, your he's, a giant phony does. Does that make any sense all one hundred per cent. I mean I, It is without hesitation that I say the guy certainly get help and probably needed help from a very young age. And I don't think that we can sit here and try to pick a part and rationalize and that he made to kill John lennon or fully understand what his his real intentions were, or the the motive behind any of it, because I don't know that mark David chapman fully understands it himself and I think you're exactly right. I think that at the most simple level that we can put this is that mark chapman was very A nobody, he was a failure. John Lennon was the complete opposite of that. He was
extremely successful, extremely famous and well liked. He was everything that mark David chap was not everything that chapman wanted to be. And somehow in some weird twisted way, I think men believed that he could be or linen like if he killed John Lennon yeah, possibly. But I do see a aside where you know he did drugs John did drugs there, both use of people. I think there is a part of him that was like look how easy it is for him for this icon, because he was part of the beatles he he he almost like. John wasn't punished for it, but I was, and he talks a lot about how he gone down his fallen off the cliff fallen deeper into the
I and but again we know, there's plenty of interviews with mark David chapman. His story constantly changes. He constantly talks about these different signs. He saw or the sign He did not receive. I mean he spent most of the evening of the eighth street. Inside of his own mind. This is according to chapman, trying to decide and well do I get the next cab outta here and go home, or do I stick around in shoot and kill John lennon, to which he says there were no signs. you tell me to stop. There was no signs it. You know this man that I met Paul. He left well that's assigned to keep this woman that I asked out, she didn't go out with me. That's a sign. Stay here and keep going and when the limo pulls up and you John get out and John is walking toward him.
chapman starts hearing in his head? Do it? Do it now, do it do it now, do it now, and then he pulls the gun. He takes the combat stance and he fires five shots in the direction of John lennon, and he becomes the biggest piece of shit. and history. Well, we gotta put this guy behind bars here still captain. So what we have here is mark chapman he is going to is the right to its ernie. He has a right to a trial, in february, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one he sends I meant to the new york times telling want to read the catcher in the rye, calling it an extraordinary book that holds many answers. He would not be sentenced until nineteen eighty one and august late august, and he
And he's evaluated for six months prior to his trial, this is going to be with over a dozen different psychiatrists. Chapman was charged with second degree murder, originally his attorneys told him to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. Well after bunch of back and forth what ends up Happening is chapman, decides of his own, We will too, to declare himself competent and he pled guilty to the murder of John lennon Yeah he's been sentenced to twenty years, which has already passed. Obviously but I know yoko and sean show up at every pro hearing and I think they did.
tack on more time because he had a list because I don't think the charge was as simple as just he was charged with the killing of John lennon. I think he was also possibly charged with something. Maybe they dismissed that, but he was, I thought he was charged with something because he had that the hit list, while some people find it interesting that his wife never charged with anything going off of the belief that chapman did, as he said, tell his wife. He intended to kill John Lennon showed her the and showed her the ammunition she knew he had already gone to new york once before. Her simple answer is that the guy said a lot of things and did very little and she did. She did suggest to him many times you need get help even scheduling him to go and talk with people. However, he
I never would show up for the actual appointments. Rather that I mean I think it's just a very difficult situation. Mental health needs to be talked about. More and more, and we need to be way more open about it, not just because these individuals could hurt themselves, but because they hurt others. How many cases now have we seen now? Look at columbine. Those guys were depressed. Look at this case. This guy has some depression issues going on. He has probably some psychosis issues going on as well, and if people were more willing to say, hey, look, I'm going to have to call his doctor myself and say: hey, there's something wrong with him
These are the things he sane and you have to be able to report that stuff. It would save lives, yeah and I don't need a degree all my wall to tell you that this guy had some mental issues. I mean it's, it's obvious to us all. He had depression issues and I dont think that that is the extent of it. As you said, captain he gets twenty year. Is in prison, he is required to have a pearl hearing every two years. From now year once he's eligible. So two thousand he had his first parole hearing and he has had eleven of them since and every single time has been denied parole. It looks like per some of his statements at these parole hearings that he I don't want to comment to his state of mind, because I don't think that I'm qualified
do that. However, it looks like at times throughout the years he's understood the severity of his crime and he's also stated Things like this was premeditated murder. This was something that was selfish an evil that I did and in fact this year, at the age of sixty five. He was denied parole once again for the 11th time mark David chapman, twelve parole hearing is scheduled for august of twenty twenty two, why one of the things that yoga always says is that she fears not only just for her. She fears not only for her family but the safety of mark David chapman, because how many cars he has a target on back right when he gets out. Well, that's one reason that they moved him from the medical facility where they first
appeared to evaluate him for months and months before his trial, they had and from there because they didn't believe they could keep him safe, so they had to take him to the prison to wait for his trial, where they knew that they could keep him safe. So I think you're exactly right. This guy would have a target on his back regardless of where he is. I'm surprised that he survived this long in prison, but then I also keep in mind if you idle, as John lennon, and you want to try to be more like his. He later in life. Then who are in advocate for peace and therefore go now with a violent act on mark David. Chapman would go against what those beliefs were We don't have a recommended reading this week, captain So many things out there, so many directions to appoint someone if they want more information on this case or the
life of John lennon or the beatles by others, multiple documentaries, there's multiple movies made about the killing of John Lennon, one piece of material in particular that I will suggest it everyone out there is the December nineteen. Ninety two larry king interview with mark David chapman. This was on the Larry king live program. I found this to be fascinating interview I enjoyed watching mark talk about the crimes talk about his life, the events leading up to that. I don't know how much of it was as you say hogwash or flim flag. Is he giving us a differ? version because he's able to tell the story. Twelve years later, he does at times also present himself as a victim- I have a heart seeing him as a victim knowing what he did, knowing that he walked around
he to murder individuals, for whatever reason it was right, but I found it to be. Fascinating interview and Larry king of course, one of the best interviewers of all time, one. So I recommend the ninety ninety interview with mark David chapman, and if you get a chance, he also had some corresponding letters with the resting officer, an ivy, those three or four learn. Those were auction off.
but that kind of gives a insight in and what I'd say about this case. More so than other cases is there's a lot of details. There's a lot of possible answers of why or possible details, but because the person killed was such a I can. I think there are so many stories that are surrounding this case that are possibly does not factually true, but our place that Larry king and mark David chapman interview on our website at true crammed grudge dotcom according to Keith green bergs book December eight nineteen. Eighty, the day John Lennon died mark David chapman was contemplating the possibilities of acquiring a nuclear device and blowing up a small city. Then he revised his plan. He could hurt
more people by murdering someone whom untold millions saw as an idle a voice and a role model today mark the David chapman is attica. State prisoner ate one a two, eight six, zero ha it is up for parole, but it's probably for the betterment and the safety of our society that he remains a prisoner for the rest of the his days, John Lennon was not a perfect man. We all know that in fact, John Lennon said himself that he was a flawed individual. He was trying to become a better man, a better father a better husband. He was riding music to inspire everybody else to evolve into become better people as well, and I think that it was joel siegel who summed it up best in reference to the death of John Lennon, he said quote it's because he dreamed so beautiful,
think that we hurt so much the guys so much for joining us thanks for letting us be a part of your week and if you need more true crime garage download. This did your app all of our shows. They are free and we have a bonus, show called off the record on stitcher premium. There's a lot of cases to go through over five hundred episodes combine and with off the record, we get to go to a lot of case update. So, if you're wondering about a case that we covered of the
an update, we give that to you on off the record until next week. Colonel that's right. We'll have a new off the record. On Monday new case for you on tuesday, come back and see us stay safe until then bigger be kind and don't let.
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