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John Wayne Gacy /// Part 2 /// 106

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John Wayne Gacy /// Part 2 /// 106


John Wayne Gacy was liked by most who knew him. He was a sharp businessman who had spent his time building up his contracting company, hosting elaborate parties, and entertaining children at hospitals. People thought of him as a generous, friendly, and hard-working man. However, there was another side that few had ever witnessed... Or at least lived to tell about. For several years John Wayne Gacy viciously tortured, raped and murdered more than thirty young men, who would later be discovered in his home and in the local river. This is the story of a community leader who was called the most hated man in America. He also has earned the name "the killer clown."

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This is true grand garage- and this is the case of John wayne- things look out historical turning up tonight, denying reports that there is an investigation under way to find an accomplice to the murders of those. Twenty seven other bodies found at the home of John Gacy, those reports are being spurred by statements of jeff rig, not who says: Gacy, drugged and sexually molested him at the gacy casey himself scheduled, appeared a mile in court to face that charges in connection with original case, but it is doubtful that he will be in court. The relevant actions of the mass murders- and I continue to spread even the people totally unrelated to Gacy his house or those he had dealings with the sad effects now reaching
they chicago's community of clowns for of people on the chicago area, who use the grease, paint, costumes and antics of a clown. This picture and the sugar the tribune came as a shock. It was a publicity picture John Gacy used in his sometime role as an entertainer of children. Now clown organization say their image has been damaged with guilt, by association. These are members the clown guild of metropolitan chicago better known by such names, snappy happy, wacko, whole hole and me too, picture, show them inaction, doing what they love. Making here, There's last, even at times he smiled will make their day. Sometimes they are paid for their work. Often they perform at no charge for charity, but the first question people ask is: did they know and work with John Gacy? We have checked the national organisation, which is called with america rain organization, a number of you,
positions within the chicago area and after checking with these people but he is not now, nor has ever been a member or associate with any of these organizations within this area. The public might be one in how they can avoid a person with questionable character coming out to a party, but would be some of the ways that you could guarantee the type of bullshit you're coming out would be reputable. I believe the main thing we too, if they're, gonna get a clown is to get an organisation such as the backbone clowns, are clowns, matvey, chicago, narrowly classroom an organisation that has a number of members that wording from those members. The calm down their story told not because they fear economic loss, but because of the apprehension they sense from the public and tonight offer insight into John gacy by analyzing. The way he put on his clown make up there.
The lines form in his mouth are not rounded but pointed giving a harsh mean, look only a true clown but not a stack of rights can make that our people- that's real news. Let's start off by telling a story that takes place december. Eleven nineteen, seventy eight and does play the illinois at a little place called nissan's pharmacy ongoing Gacy is there and he's busy riding up a proposal. He has met with the owner to do some remodeling at the pharmacy he's taking measurements and shooting the shit with the owner and while he's there, he also talks to a handful of the employees, most of them being young teenagers. Most of the people he speaks with our young females are after the appointment
casey goes home on the way home. He realizes that he forgot his appointment book at the pharmacy hen. he had another appointment that nice. It was important that he retrieved that book as soon as possible. Once he got home, he left his black oldsmobile there and he hopped in his pickup rock. This is the one with the snow plough on the front of it and he drove back to the pharmacy was thinking that maybe it wouldn't be a complete waste of a trip if he somehow picked up You know a plough job while he was out, you know, keep in mind. This is winner in illinois, while he is there heap when he put, up he bumps into a young man. This is fifteen year old, Robert P. S now run had seen John wayne Gacy at the pharmacy earlier that day and he had overheard John talking to some of the pharmacy employees telling them that he was looking to hire new help and that he starts
off his employees at five dollars an hour. That's five dollars an hour for part time. Workers now rob ps the time he's fit in years old. He saving up for that matter, one day when he turned sixteen years old to buy his first vehicle, he saving up for a jeep and has worked very hard at the missy he's making two dollars and eighty five cents an hour he's asked his, ass for raising was turned down for such so he was interested in talking to Mr Gacy about that position. Now this doubles his wage. So, as he's outside, taking out the trash, no mind you it's very cold out there, he sees the contractor pull up in the in the pickup truck. He go up to the window and he says high. Mr Gacy, my name is rob. He asked I've worked at the pharmacy for quite some time. And I heard your looking to take on some new help. Well, ass. He says why was I Watching you work and your pretty busy
worker. I, like that, you know, while I was there taking my measurements and talking with the with the owner thou, at the time when most people, what kind of screw around- and you know it- they're not under- watchful eye of the owner. So I know, the whole time you kept, you stayed busy in UKIP working so es. I would like to talk to you about working for my company. Rob tells Gacy that he should probably get back inside that he didn't want the owner catching him. While on the clock talking to the contractor about a new job so he goes back inside, but before so Gacy says you know what how about I wait for you and we can talk after you're done working and I also have to go inside and collect my appointment book and take some more measurements anyway. So If he goes back in says, hide the owner collects his appointment bulky. You know messes around for a little bit inside the store, and then he leaves the pharmacy and he sits in his truck waiting for rob p s will rob
as comes out at the end of his shift, he's talking to Gacy, says you ve, much interested in a position. He couldn't much more about it. That night, because it was his mother's birthday. His mother was inside the pharmacy waiting to take rob home again. As you know what we should. probably hashes out tonight. I can't wait around two to hire the right person. So how about we talk about? job and I'll drive you home afterwards well rob agrees to this, and inside casey truck John wayne? Gacy explains the boy that before we higher you. You know we have to fill out some paper we have to fill out the appropriate tax forms. These halt these forms, or at my home, which is it's only about twenty minutes away and I could drive you home after I'll. Have you home about forty five minutes? No thanks rob accepts
offer he's hopeful to get the new job and now they're back at John wayne, Gacy home. Now, at this point, Gacy is going to try to welcome the boy into his home, and we Gacy attitude by this point he's probably talking a lot about himself telling rob how important he is telling rob that he's. A registered clown sounds like some else. I know yet, and then he offers the kid. a beer telling him that here at pdf you will learn that you don't just work hard, but we play hard to and I can't just higher anyone. I gotta make sure that you good fit. Now young rob is eager to get home, but decides that he is willing to play along and hang out with his potential future boss and maybe even sit and enjoy a beer with them. Now gay, would walk off and he would go into the other room to collect the necessary paperwork and when he returned, he had the paperwork.
Them, but he also had a pair of handcuffs, the famous hand, and in a sing song? He tone he would say: I've got a trick. I want to show you John. I want to show you john wave, the cops in front of robs. Is showing him that the cops are very much real. John then placed the cuff around his left wrist and with a couple of clicks, the cuff was secure around his wrist and then on placed the open cuff around his right. Wrist and click click click now, both cuffs or secure around casey's thick wrist in front of his big beer belly. He pulled the cups apart in the chains tightened again. He did. It demonstrates that the costs are very real. Then Gacy lifted up both arms and quickly turned around and almost instantly. He term around again facing young rob. He s, but now the cuffs we're off
formed a real magic trick. Rob says how the hell did you do that case. He says I can show you, but first check this out: casey hands the handcuffs to rob, check them out their real rob checks. Now looking for a trick button or some kind of release, but these are handcuffs rob These are real handcuffs, ok, Gacy says I'm gonna turn around, and I want you to put the cuffs on my wrist behind my back rob put the cups on cases risk. Casey spins around again facing rob again and cases out of the cuffs wow rob that he's half suppressed did the trick, but he's also probably playing along with his weirdo, because he really wanted to get this good job. All right. Gacy says you want to know the trick. The trick is you have to have the key.
no shit- and he says, is as if he's pulling the key out of thin air Gacy holds out his hand and in it is a small handcuff key look here: I'll show you how to hide the key between your fingers so that no one can see it and I'll show you how to slip out of the cups very quickly. Let stew off by putting these cops on you yeah, how about we don't Gacy secured each of the cuts to the boys thin rest John, with his thick fingers, starts to hand the key and then quickly pulls his hand back away from rob playing around john, give me the key rob watched amazement and it appeared if Gacy face, was transforming his eye fluttered in his pupils, expanded and became dark. It was as if rob was looking at a totally different person. Rob heard Gacy phone ring rob. Look as he struggled with his arms trying to get the cuts to budge, but they won, and then he hears casey's voice,
While we better get you home. Let's get you out of those cuffs I was just playing around rob looked up, and there was the old, John casey His big round face smiling gacy took the key and he put it in the cops and unlatched them rob tells Gacy. You scared me that some trick the two agreed to collect their things and go returning to robs home, but before they could walk out the front door casey you know, let me show you one more thing: you're gonna love this case. He had a three foot piece of rope in one hand, and he put picked up a wooden hammer handle, with the other hand, It's just a wooden handle thou. There's no hammerhead on. He very quickly tied a series of knots any slid the wooden handle through a couple of them check. This out, Gacy said with excitement and he placed his control. Over the boys head and around his neck rob ass. What kind of trick is this casey
They handle a few times and robs face instantly turns beat red. Rob is choking in the handles wedged firmly against his back and rain. Gacy jumps act and away from the boy rob falls to the floor. and with one hand, he's trying to get his fingers under the rope around his neck, and the other hand is twisted up behind his back. As he stretches reaching trying to grab the wooden handle, Gacy laughed and jumped about the room ass. He watched the boy squirm, The more rob moved, the more he jerked, the tighter the rope got rob would not survive this trick. Casey's phone, again the first time it rang, he had let the machine get it. This time. Gacy answered daisies relative requesting that you go to the hospital because casey's elderly uncles health had taken a bad turn and he was dying,
Casey said he would be there in about an hour. He hung up the phone and he carried rob's lifeless body into his bedroom. He stripped the boy and he folded the clothes and placed them in a bag. He stuffed one or two pieces of cloth like material into rob's mouth, so fluids would not leak out He went back out into the main room. He looked around the room and he saw the two beer box. He emptied them through them in the trash. He grabbed robs parka, checked the pockets and found a receipt for film from the fire missy, where he had picked up, rob Gacy through the receipt in the trash and folded up the parka and placed it in the bag, with the close he took. A shower got dressed drove to the hospital and on the way he threw the bag. With to close in it in a army clothing dropbox that night had Seven p m: Harold p s with his wife and two children went to the desk planes police department
filed the following missing persons report, Robert Jerome, p s, mail caucasian age. Fifty in slender to medium build brown hair brown eyes, tat, Levi's t shirt, brown pants- brown swayed shoes, tan parka, I seen in the area, nissan's pharmacy one little p s a. If some I sloppy guy right is tania, hey show you a little trick with some handcuffs right. you say well, first, let me show you a kick limit. Let me show you cream, kick to the grandeur, yes I'll, be about what you do. The thing here that I found interesting was the herald. Pierre. with his wife and the two children they went to the police department and filed the missing persons. Report cannot happy, They do your mother, but we're talking about nineteen. Seventy eight you know
covered lots of cases where we have missing boys in the late seventies early eighties, and they don't really take these reports very seriously. When you call the man because a lot at times these police go to the effort to go out and look for this person, and then they find out that the kid was just out on his own doing whatever he wanted to do. He was just running later decided. He was gonna. Take off for this, this one's a little weird because he's leaving work and his mom was at his word never made at home- and I like that they went in there with the whole family. You know are telling the officer know this kid is missing. You know, Harold explains that the kid has been good. four hours. It's his wife's. they they were celebrating rob, wouldn't have missed that, and he even called the pharmacy to see, have robbed me he was not. He spoke to the owner and owner said. You know that it is possible that rob might have talked to a contractor or something like that about
job he had heard from the other kids. Well, he got the phone number for the contractor and Harold had called to ask contractor about rob while he ends up getting the answering machine. Harold left a message, on John wayne, casey's answer machine very light, We ride around the same time that Gacy was attacking the boy, but we all been there. I mean we we ve all been their name, you about alban and rob she's on the idea that you know he lets say you're talking to somebody about a job o o it's so sit down and have a chat, and then you realize the conversation is not going to be about the job yeah it's going to be, and then you just sit there, go pay. What the hell am. I still doing here, please Let me leave as it is. Is this guy looking for a friend or to hire me right, yeah
so think when you're about the age of the the fourteen to sixteen seventeen year old boy age, I think you know you definitely get the creep factor by certain eyes, you do you do I, but I also think that when you see at that age, when you see a successful adult, you have this opinion of them without even knowing them that there is some kind of upstanding person. Next morning the police call John wayne gayle he's home. They speak with because he's at home hosting a meeting, amongst their business men, then he's gonna working out jobs, are details of an upcoming job and Gacy basically says you know, I don't you I was at the pharmacy. I was therefore job. I didn't really we're talking to any boys. I talk to some. the teenage girls that were there. I might have me the boy asked me about some shelving in the back or something like that. He is you know he he comes,
like he's, trying to be helpful, but must not providing any information. He's not seen the boy that they're talking about well that that evening Gacy takes the body of rob he s He loads it into a seventy nine Oldsmobile delta. Eighty eight and a derives it too I to the eye fifty five bridge. Over top of the dead planes river, and Gacy gets out of the vehicle he opens up the trunk. He hoist the boys body, into his arms, he tossed the body into the river. The plus side model was good at shop. Well after the officer learns the name of the contractor. He d, is it there is some kind of evidence. There is enough evidence after talking to the people at the pharmacy that there's a good chance that this John Wayne Gacy character, probably talked to the boy and for whatever reason he's not. You know meeting to that, offering us the true where he doesn't remember doing so, so he does
I run a background check on gay seed. The next day o imagine that year and he was surprised to find the gacy it serve time for committing sodomy on a teenager. years earlier sooner the discovery. Well, the officer worked very hard to obtain a search warrant for John Gacy, his house. It was there that he believed that he would find Robert p s so once they get the search warrant, they're going to search path. The pogo Moreover, the clowns house pogo playhouse cat yes, so Gacy was not home at the time of the search, and so they directed their investigation. They went into the home in their looking for items to owing to whether rob he it was at the home or if he still there. Now fine rob yes there, some of the items that they found that were confiscated from casey's home were the following. A jury box contain two driver's license.
two of them cases. They also found a couple of rings one of them included in a grave met on it. This was from the main west high school class of nineteen. Seventy five the initials J, a s on it. They found a bar containing marijuana and rolling papers, seven pornography movie Meyer Joanna pills in value, a switchblade knife, a stain section of rug, color graphs of pharmacies and drug stores and address book a scale books bout by and gay lifestyles, a pair of handcuffs with keys a nylon rope, a three but long wooden handle with two holes drilled in each end of it. A small starter pistol with with the gun caps, basically like like blank They also found police badges, some sex toys, a hypodermic syringe and an unreal
I small brown bottle. They found clothing. That was too small for John wayne Gacy, and they found a receipt for role of film with the serial number on it, and this was from nissan's pharmacy. We oughta mobiles belonging to Gacy were also confiscated, thesis ball, including the pickup truck that we discussed earlier that plus size model money, as well as his seventy nine oldsmobile and a van with pdf contractors on its side. Now, within the trunk of the car, they found some pieces of hair. I'd like to talk about the receipt that was found right others should assume that that was the receipt of the boys. Well, that's that's Their thought is so there, the police there thought is. You know this comes from nissan's pharmacy. This is where the boy was, however, Gacy
They are too so we can't prove that this receipt belong to the boy you know Gacy could have bought film at some point at the pharmacy. So what they do is they take the receipt they go. act. The pharmacy- and they start discussing this received with a bunch of the employees and while they talk with one employee and her name, is Kim buyers she's a cash. Their she's, a teenage girl. Well rob he asked was was a pretty popular, I mean he was very well liked by every one. He was good. Looking kid. I think he, you know he was even kid that the the girls kind of high school sounds a little bit like the colonel, nothing like the cardinal anyway. There Talking to these different employees in this Kim buyer says you know what that night was particular Lee cold night and the door here. You know the cash Here's up by the door usually, and every and the door wide open. All that cold air would russian. So
being a nice guy. He offers to let her borrow his parka his attack, it that's a gentleman you also know, gentlemen, that's how it's done instead of standing up here in shivering, your but off. You know your where this parka and you'll be warm for the roma. Keep your butt warm as what he said. Well Kim buyers. She had a bit of a crush on rob, so She had purchased some film from niece, pharmacy and she purposely put the receipt in. The jacket pocket, because she thought you know it. He'll find the receipt. He'll know that I left it in thereby quote. Unquote: mistakes and hill? yeah. I come and talk to me and that's a smart move and maybe he'll ask me about the film. Maybe he'll ask me: you know what what am I am I into photography or whatever and Oh, it's you or me take your pick its there that the police learn that there is no way that that receipt could have been dumping, Gacy, home and less rob p s and his parka were at cases
at some point that evening, which this is gonna, give improbable cause to do another search, maybe a more in depth, search, Also so, let's get to that unless get to the survey some john wayne Gacy right after this click, your brain Still? Metals? loves tools that work is hard as he does so. This fathers date given get here of two years right now. Fifty dollars on the steel ever say. Fifty seven battery dreamers, it said include: If I say fifty seven battery tremor plus the eighty in battery and l wanna, one charger offer only a hundred and forty nine dollars and many mind since real steel, fine, Nor is it still. Dealers thought come one. Ninety, nine! Ninety, nine emma s s army, offer about through six eighteen, twenty three effort dissipating dealers, while supplies last
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connect. The stories change your respect, connecting changes, everything agency. All right, we're back big cheers. damn over in england drive in the bus chairs to you mate job, when Gacy was called into the police department, and he was told of the articles that they had confiscated. Easy was enraged and he immediately contacted his lawyer. The police basically had nothing to arrest him on in. They eventually had to release him. After some more questioning about the ps boys, disappearance, Gacy was put under twenty four hour. Surveillance, and if anybody knows anything about this twenty four hour surveillance that John, when Gacy was on its its. I hate
make light of it of a terrible situation. But it's the stuff that it's a comedy to me right captain I mean some over your dog and Gacy, would he would he would purposely you know, dr fast, so he could lose them knew he knew he was under surveillance. Would he would lose them and there were other times where he would tell them. You know, I know you guys are having trouble keeping up with me. So if, if you, if you can't keep up I'll, be at this place and a half an hour just me, there and then he would drive often lose em and sure enough. He would be where he said he was going to be a half an hour later. one of the times that he lost the he lost them. They called the thee airport because they were worried. The gacy would fly out of the country and leave this situation. That's going on because by this point you know they are convinced that they are going to find
the p s boy, either at his home somewhere, or that he had done something with the boy. Now they call the airport and put his name on some kind of list it turns out. They find him he's two blocks away from his house. He's he's looking at christmas trees at ought somewhere, you know There was. Why not really happen in one? situation that the police car breaks down in these are unmarked police cars, but the police. Our breaks down and Gacy stops his vehicle. He gets out now up to the officers, and he says you know: what's the problem of the car and the car broke down, said: okay well le you know one on. I just give you guys a lift. You can ride with me. for the remainder of the day until you get a new car What's fascinated me as your under surveillance for this missing teenage boy and
the cops at this point, or probably assuming that this teenage boys dead and. And you're just gone about your business is buying christmas trees. Tat nothing's happened yet. and the other thing that's going on here. Remember we talked about that one ring that was found in Gacy home and they end up believe it had the initials j s on it. They believed that the the ring could have belong, HU a guy by the name of John sick. This is something we talked about yesterday, situation here is they also discovered that three former employees of gases have also seriously disappeared now the problem, This situation is these, Cases were reported in Chicago they weren't reported to the desk planes police department. Remember the p s family went to the desk planes police department to to let them know that rob was missing.
my and it wasn't until then that it does planes police office, ran a background check out three times fancy I couldn't I can say at once. They were background check, and they see that Gacy. You know he has the sodomy charge. Had the chicago police ran his background check with these other in people and so These cases they were. It was leave the last person who had seen them was Gacy. Might have been able to cut this list a little shorter, so they don't have The evidence, but now they think that Gacy could be worse possible for the murder of anywhere between one to four persons the thing here is after they searched his home. They called in some of his friends. Now these were, I saved but there are also people that worked for John. Engaging but the people that they talk to- and we mention these names yesterday- is David cram and MIKE Rossi,
member, we had the discussion, we wondered if they were the same person just using different names. sometimes when they tell these stories, they make up fake names to for potential victims to to there are, but the jury is out and they are their different people are and the reason why. The reason why I got confused was they had similar stories. They both were for John wayne Gacy, they both told lease there one time or another they had done. Projects for gacy add is com in this included digging trenches in the cross base, as well as lifting up floorboards in digging trenches under there they had a lot of glad. The colonel figured at all. They had also port concrete for him. Remember, Michael Rossi, was the boy that was driving the missing guys vehicle right and david cram now David cram. He was with joy. weighing Gacy the night, the gacy returned to his home after the first search was conducted, and he
the room to room with John wayne gayle. Yes, he inspected the things that the the police may have taken and what they looked through bright and dirt this interrogation process with the police david cram. Tells them that gacy the first place he went to in the home after you guys searched it was the cross base where I had dug those trenches before right. So at some point we need a fact that cross base yeah. That's it Actually what the police wanna do they want to get in that cross bay state. They didn't dig around in there. The first time now, the These also make a lot of statements about saying. Like your saying he John wayne gayle, Given us rights in our cars breaking down and he had to scan, stop by and talked to us- and I think even took him out to dinner and a few odd like that and the police had to keep reminding themselves like yeah disguise, very charming guy, and he said seems like on the surface just completely innocent, but there's all these the there's all
evidence leading to the factories, not so there. Keep reminding themselves and were police officers to now. We have to keep doing our job yeah in the police, now their becoming frustrated, because this surveillance that they are conducting their kind of looking like like fools in this whole situation, because it is it like, I said, it's comical talk about the fish dinner right, so do you know much about it I know just a little bit about it you're talking about when he invites the the guys, the officers that are surveillance him right is right there in front of his house nanny At this point he knows his under surveillance. He's already talked the cops multiple times. They took some a fish dinner mate, so there like a cable will go on the house. Now this is it
They searched already right, but as there eating the fish dinner, because you know the fish has been an odour odor. I think, because there was us of secondary odor, it really drew their attention to the oder in the house, yeah anne and as their evening this fish dinner they're gone something stinks in here and it's not the fish yet, and I think one of the officers said that it wasn't something that they outwardly no immediately, but it was one those situations, whereas the long They sat in the home every time. The furnace would kick on and start blowing that hot air around and that they would notice this. This foul stench, others funk so the police they are. frustrated due to the lack of evidence that they ve collected, regard the disappearance of robert p s,
They decide to arrest gacy on possession of marijuana and value during this time, during this arrest, now Gacy awaiting action on some other charges? Remember yesterday we talked about jeff ring all now this guy. He is one that was abducted by Gacy and he went, and he went to the area that he was taken from any was looking for the vehicle that that he had gotten into any found vehicle and he wrote down the license plate. While he took that plate to the the police and once he got there Wayne Gacy his name from them. He filed sexual assault charges against good for him, so at this I'm unbeknownst to the investigators. We have this, this other charges- sexual assault charge, right, so they and they have him in custody and they're gonna keep doing more searches. But then what comes from that Well, they there also interrogating gacy at this
and he's already lawyer up what the cops don't know the gacy has already confessed to his attorneys, Well, the attorneys think that he suicidal because during these confessions here telling his attorneys. You know for many years, I've been the judge, jury and executioner of many. and I'm going to be the judge, jury and executioner of myself so the attorneys believe him to be suicidal and they want to put him in the hospital. This ends up sitting to more police interrogations with Mr Gacy. During these interrogations. Gacy starts confessing to murder. He does state that he had killed someone, but it had in fact been self defence of course, and that he had buried the body underneath the the garage they ve got started digging yet, but this guy still wants to talk
and he starts telling them. You know this is something it's happened more than once I've of in they start really dig in autumn now, because he he suspect them of as many as four that's all they were expecting here about was four and point and only that's a lot, I laying well, he starts saying probably more. Like thirty people trees- and states that he buried most of the remains in the victim of the victims beneath the cross base of his home. Take you through these confessions here a little bit. Ok, the first confession it takes place. He says that this took place in seventy one seventy two months a little strange, though, that you shut up to the garage today, full cloudmaker That's my normal get up nowadays, heat
says that this murder took place in seventy one or seventy two, I believe, is when, in the month of january, he said that he picked up a boy at a bus station. And they decided to drive around smoke. Some pot they're gonna, go back to his place, eat some, who'd, you know, have lots of drinks and had he had a couple magic tricks to show in and just party, and he said the day, and engaged in consensual sex, he says that he woke up the next morning to find them why the young man standing in the doorway of his bedroom, holding a knife that the guy had taken from Gacy kitchen. He says that the guy tries to attack casey engaged defending himself gets the knife from the guy and he stabbed several times killing the guy this, the guy that he buried in the garage or not a guy, who's employ the
their situation is, he starts talking about. Remember we had but which his his employer employee old book, which well remember them the dispute about the money. He tells us story that he decides to win win buck kovich in his buddy. come over to try to collect the money that he said and what our pay as soon as I can. We go than to do what we do know drink some booze. Some beers hang out party. He said they part all night long and he's not sure what happened, but when he got the next morning there was a dead body yellow with pogo on his floor, so we had to get rid of it. This is odd stories from John wayne, Gacy yeah, so those are his stories about why they might find some dead bodies in his home on the first day.
Did the police begin their digging. They find two bodies. One of the bodies is that of John, but of which who was buried under the garage. I believe in this situation. Gate Gacy even like put an x on the floor and said you know, did here He was going to kind of lead them to some of the bodies, the other body that they found was in the cross base. As the days passed, the body count grew hire. Some of the victims were found and with their underwear, still stuffed lodged, deepen their throats other victims buried so close together that the police believed that they were probably killed or buried. At the same time, the pull said removed a total of twenty seven bodies from Gacy home trees. They also started finding bodies in the des planes river, for in total one of the is found in the river. Well, they could easily link that body to Gacy, because that man's identification was one of the idea.
Founding gazes casey's home right right. One of the big is found in the river was unidentified, but he had tim Lee tattooed on one of his arms, a friend of the victims, father, had recognized the tim lee tat, who, while reading a newspaper story about the discovery of the body in the river, the victims name was timothy orourke. Now he would such a fan of bruce Lee that he took these last name any ad. it to his first name to make the tattoo on his ought. Who is this a really bad idea for a tattoo but glad that they identified him? So After the discovery of all these bodies, the house was destroyed, it was basically reduced to rebel, Unfortunately, among the thirty two bodies that were discovered, that of Robert Pierre was still unaccounted for, ps was still missing. Finally, in april of nineteen, seventy
remains of robert p s were discovered. The illinois river, his body had been lodged somewhere along the river, making it difficult to find this body and at some point and must have become dislodged and carried the coup to the dresden. Damn where was eventually discovered, go with me staring though so the first guy he talks about, We already know about the guy that he picked up in chicago right, one that he, he raped the guy too got away the guy, the guy, where now now think about gaieties first story there. Some things that make sense here yet yet picked up a boy actually assaulted in you raped him. He wasn't dead and when that boy comes to that boy, grabbed a knife and decided he's gonna kill me
ass. They did this too. I see I see what you say and that there's probably there might be some truth through what went down and actually one of the bodies that was found in his home. They believe, they now keep in mind. A lot of these people are very decomposed by Madame they find it, but this person had ever of having been stabbed to death. You know where you have the markings on the ribs from from the knife: yes I mean maybe there's some validity there. I would suspect myself that John wayne, Gacy probably killed in iowa, it's it's possible, the other Here, too, is when Gacy was confessing. He said that you know I killed about thirty people. He estimated that might be about thirty people in his home that they would find- and he said I threw the last five bodies in the river while they only ever recovered for four boundaries You know, and then we know how many they found it his home, but there still could be
missing victim out there from when he was in chicago police have a lot of bodies to work with here and they're gonna start using dental records and other clues to help identify the victims who were found on casey's property. all, but nine of the victims were finally identified, is still a lot of peace yeah and even though their searches had ended, we have a trial to deal with. Regarding John wayne, casey february of nineteen eighty gacy murder, trial, began and cook count illinois, jury members consisted of five women and seven men. There was a change of venue requested and what that are happening was they did not grant the change of venue. Instead, the judge decided that he would say act jurors from another city and have them bust in very odd and sicily, the anthony year that there was one of the weird coincidence as it became across and he chose the the city of rockford, which another coincidence
was ninety miles away. Almost the exact same distances chosen in the casey anthony case, the defence. going to say their John way. Gacy is not guilty by reason of insanity. Three psychiatric experts appearing for the defense at casey's trial testified that they found Gacy to be a paranoid, gets a frantic with multiple personality d. What I want to talk about this for a little bit, because during some of his confessions, Gacy kept bringing up, another name in this name was jack hanley. He said that jack hanley had come, did some of the murders and even gave a fool personality profile of mister jack handling, now, but it was very clear to the people that he was talking with the gacy. I was talking about himself. He rack hamley isms. Jack hamley is another version of John wayne Gacy during the
winning statements. They presented evidence by the prosecution that left a stunning impression on the jurors and the courtroom spectators. Many of them saying that they had learned some of the details of Gacy killings. For the very first time, Gacy defence lawyers stated the cases. Actions were a rational and impulsive He was insane and no longer in control of his conduct. The prosecution brought its first wit. To the stand. This is Marco buck, of which the father of John buck, of which he was the first witness of many that included the family and friends of the murdered victims, some of the eye witnesses broke down into tears on the bench following the in family of the victims came the testimony of those who worked for Gacy, who survived strange sexual encounters with him with
boss, some of his ex employees, told of his mood swings and how he would trick them into being handcuffed. Others told how he constantly made passes at them, while he was at work and in typical fashion, The prosecutions gonna come out and say: well, we found them to be saying yes, his their expert. say that John wayne Gacy is a sane man very much to this prize of everyone in the courtroom when the defence started their case, the first and is that they called was Jeff wriggle, remember this the person that was abducted by John wayne, Gacy right it was expected that he would have been called to testify on behalf of the prosecution. However, nor had previously mentioned his encounter with Gacy in a book rain approach, The commission believes that it would damage their case if they took him on as a witness. So then and call it cases. Defence ass, written
While on the stand, if he thought that Gacy was able to control himself and Jeff did not believe so considering the savagery savagery of casey's attack, bright red, tell it, but you know John, when gave you talk about this later on two that if you're gonna say that somebody like some do what he did if you gonna, I did say that that sane they want to be on the same side of the fence of as that person now and I am there. I think there are some validity to that men of europe capable of murdering this many people and bearing in your crawl space, you crazy, I mean so, but the problem with are r R. System is that we will make that lenient. If the person was insane, and it should not be and should be now. We do think you're crazy, but you ve gone away forever. Well
the prosecution was trying to do was they were trying to point out the clear difference to the jury between the differences, abnormal and it's insane. You know they're saying Gacy is not your normal dude here, I think, he's not legally ray and saying we must hold him accountable for his actions now Jeff right now. He did not. His testimony did not last very long because, while on stand. He broke down while telling the the details of his rape ignore was so stressed out that he began to vomit and cry hysterically. He was eventually removed from the courtroom now in an effort to prove casey's, insanity, friends and family of gases were called to the stand. Gacy mother told how her husband abused Gacy on several occasions at one time. whipping him with a leather strap. That's a razor, the razor brown. We talked about an Gacy sisters told a similar story of how she repeatedly
witnessed her brother. Verbally abused by their father. That's that's no excuse, become eighteen years old. You you're responsible for your actions while after court proceedings were over. It only took two hours years of deliberation for the jury to come back with its virtue. They found John after while that's after one hour of eating in one hour of coffee, break found. John Wayne Gacy guilty hazy was found guilty in the death. Thirty. Three young men and as one of the people in the court stated did he had the singular notoriety of having been convicted of more murders than any one else in american history and Gacy received the death penalty right in its stead. seems to me, as you talk about mom, being an enabler which we talked about the casey anthony case. A john wayne Gacy is
I'm still never believed that he was guilty of the crimes right and I wonder how much of that is that she believes Her son was insane. Ok, you know that Those not guilty by reason of insanity will die then to the sick, twisted mine. I have John wayne Gacy? We we actually when we had an apartment together. We actually remember those documentaries, they start coming out with not documentaries but reenactments. I guess yeah. They would do a movie of like a serial killer. That Dahmer, and I think you watch Dahmer together and I think we watched- and I think we watch gacy together to dig Gacy had they did big guy, they played in numb pyramids play. Yet he was of a buxton. I can remember his first name, but to france buxton. Yak arrogance hate to have the bicycle stolen He was also the EU played centre for the basketball team on teamwork, aouda great great movie, eyed woman, but great actor them
now underrated cause. If you watch that I'd recommend it, far as entertainment. If you, if you're into this thing- and he can- I want to get a glimpse into- maybe what some of the visual of you know, with the pogo, the clown and all that stuff. It was an interesting movie and I think he did a great job. You know francis did a great job acting the part and it's not very factual I actually we watched it. Why, on preparing for the show? Ok, it's not that actual there's a lot of stuff that they can amiss on yeah, and I think that being a hollywood it up, but it is, will I think we watch that when we had our apartment together, but something I thought was really interesting, goin back over this and something that I've kind of never thought about too much or never really made my ears perker, Is this idea that you don't normally insight
ok, John Gacy, symbolic, baja, okay, so there is this other guy and weak, I think that will maybe that's split personality but when he starts talking later in life before you know his death he's gonna start talking about other people involved here and other accomplices and every time he's I talked about in the past. I never really put much we into that. yeah during the eighties, during his time in prison, he starts bringing up the you know that there were other people that helped me with these killings. In other, there were two earth. I think it sometimes he's quoted as saying there to people that helped him other times leave. He said as many as three people that had, I think I told them. I think one of their views. I watch he said for ok during that interview. He actually name names now again, never put my
weight to this. Until you know one of the accusers talks about that. Won't it wasn't just john when Gacy there was another guy there yeah Jeff rigged. Now he was the one that was abducted and got away and he would later state did. He believed it. was another man present at Gacy home that night, that he was attacked right, which starts making you think, while there some validity- and if you listen to the trailer weak with about how police work sane mile were denying that we're looking for accomplices, but there seems to be like there was some evidence. The point that there might have been during some of the attacks and artists
you to say this is a guy that was throwing these huge parties watching the stag films and also these big parties, where they're doing you know orgies, and I'm I'm there. Obviously there's a big stretch from going to that to having somebody be accomplice of murder, but I'm just saying what kind of what, if the people, what kind of sick people was he running with, and I think we should play this news clip, because I think it will explain the situation in better detail than what we can. the larry. He was known as the killer John Wayne Gacy murdered thirty three young men and was executed in ninety ninety three, but were learning the gate, story may not be over details. Are they irrigation have only recently come to light and may show Gacy didn't act alone through
three years after his arrest or are still lingering questions about John wayne Gacy Terry Sullivan was, prosecution t die, felt that from the beginning. That too that there may be Lou says it was such a huge case had, especially at the time the idea of a Gacy accomplice was raised from the beginning by Geoffrey regional. He is one of a few people who survive daisies attack. He said another man was, I guess, he's home the night, Gacy rapes, him attorneys, Robert Stevenson and Steve Becker, have been trying to
families of victims find answers, they ve been getting tips from the public and they ve uncovered information that they say show. Someone else may have been involved in some of the killings. There is enough, can evidence out there that suggest that not only the jailing gaze, he not operate alone may not have been involved in some of them. The murders and the family was largely copycat. Color for this story were focusing on two of gaseous victims: Russell nelson and robert Gilroy september, fifteenth nineteen. Seventy seven gilroy sends a letter to his girlfriend from a mailbox not far from gaieties on a ban at six p m that scene day. Gilroy is supposed to meet other kids at a bus. Stop for a trip to account try and school, but he never shows up. He was never seen again, but according to Gacy receipts in court records, casey's plane ticket shows he flew Pennsylvania september. Twelve.
in return, until the knight of the sixteenth day after Gilroy was last seen alive. Could someone had been helping Gacy, listen to this recording of a phone conversation between Gacy in prison and a friend in cargo I wouldn't even now, when I was six data, they should call individual disappeared a month later october. Nineteen, seventy seven Russell nelson disappears, according to testimony from his mother, Russell went to a disco and north broadway with a friend who was several years older. The friend called the family to say nelson just disappeared outside the disco and that he would look for him if they'd send money. He call me two or three times a week and threaten me for money. He said he was staying down here. To look for my son. Russell nelson's brothers went to chicago to look for russell and met with the friend who was asking their mother to send money to help
search for Russell. The friend offered Russell's brothers, a job with John wayne Gacy Russell nelson sister in law recently told us. The family is anxious for answers. I bought a marketing blogging to get back to justice, or I could have done to him or credible out there and another possible connection to Gacy. It turns out a few months before Russell nelson disappeared. Gacy did work at a drugstore just blocks from where the friend lived. I think it tells us that John Wayne Gacy was using other individuals to procure young boy overstate lions. According to Becker and stevenson, the friend is still alive and now living in another state if in fact, Gacy had other accomplices or people who knew something that was going on at those people should be be brought to justice. It's scary in and of itself maybe others alter there's something else mysterious about the cases of robert Gilroy and Russell nelson, while gazing
to use a rope and bore to strangle his victims. The autopsy reports for gilroy and nelson show they died from asphyxiation from suffocation, not strangulation. The report says that each had cloth their mouths drank of each and every one of them english just now. what In fact, thirteen victims were listed as suffocation, Another serial killer case may offer insight Gacy mode of operation and surrey, Sullivan's book killer, clown, detective, asking see where he got the idea for the torture board. Gacy replies from Elmer wayne, henley henley in another boy, help serial killer dean, coral, whose cases a lot of similarities with Gacy coral, abducted rate, tortured and murdered. Twenty eight boys, mostly teenage,
in the early nineteen seventies in Houston, he often used handcuffs and strangled his victims. They do follow corals, mode of operation almost identically, and one of the most significant parts about coral is that he used to much younger individuals to assist him and gathering up and and lorena and his victims. Nothing serves killing a recruiting or are bringing weed we had no evidence, we'd thought about it, but we just never saw any evidence. Casey's defense lawyer, sam emergency, says he doesn't believe any of it. He says: Gacy confessed to everything early on and after years in prison began to change his story by used to talk to Gacy about to, and maybe somebody else committed the offence may be. Gacy was some sort of stupor drug state or alcohol state and didn't know what was going on around him and we sort of would plant a seed in John's greatest
what he had been able to capture you know- maybe just maybe right- maybe that's really would happen. Becker and Stevenson will be taking their case to law enforcement. These individuals dead enough and gazing call space, so we're just looking to find out the whole truth about these cases, and we followed these leads to this point. If these individuals were waking working with John wayne gayle to procure young boys, they should be hell to justice the scope of the geisha cases as complex as it is disturbing and after three decades or are still questions at haunt investigators, as well as the families of victims still looking for answers, the bride. Thank you, Larry so. What do you think about everything that they were reporting on their regarding these that you know that
victims that they talked about. You know. Gacy might have been gone during one of the you know. Often pennsylvania yeah. I don't know how much you know. I got a plane ticket, so that proves us here now. yeah me may that saw you molly. There he could have? The boy could have ended up at his house the next day when he got home. Yet the reason why I feel that there is some validity to this is one they investigated it. The prosecution thought there. There was maybe some ties and the fact that there was you know a victim that talked about it, and and so makes it to me a lot more like a situation would like the johnny, gosh type thing where its lake well, here's this. that was predominant and and trying to raise his social status. And he was around people that had social status and was there are some kind of way
sex rang going on. I don't know. I think there is some evidence to show that Well, I don't know you what I'm kind of present the thing from both sides of the fence. Here on on the petition, Your case that there was an accomplice are accomplices thing is we have a couple guys that work for John wayne Gacy that knew he was a weirdo said you know he tricked me into handcuffs then he came on to me and he did all this weird stuff. He would have these weird parties, but I also even I knew the guy was a weirdo. I I pray. You know I did work at his house digging trenches and lifting floorboards and in these different projects- and I did it without asking any questions That does seem a little weird to me. Could they have been rounding up? People off the streets for see and he's he's paying them. You know to hunt,
boxer, a person or or or something of that nature possibility right so then, by saying, while I dug ditches and stuff europe, implementing yourself less than you, and I- and I don't want to to talk about it from the flip side? Here I don't want to discredit any victim. You know this, this Jeff guy he was, he was abducted. He was taken against these home. He thankfully gets way, he's the one that says he saw another man there, but, let's keep in mind. Jeff was blacking he was going in and out of consciousness, this entire period is there a chance? Did he is miss remembering that he doesn't. He doesn't fully Her stand everything that he thought that he saw during the situation as possible. We also talked about. There were several people that said that you know once gay He got in the handcuffs that he almost he
he turned into a different person almost like he was possessed to the point where he in slightly looked different where, where they didn't even recognize him jack hamley yeah blow Here's the verdict on that, though right John wayne, Gacy jack, hamley one and the same, both douche canoes yeah, that's one full new right. That is. The thing is tom: you every day The thing is with gay scene. We see at the very beginning his defence attorneys. Now I got a point this out, because this is a strange situation. His defence attorney was a pre it will not a private. He was a public defender ff. Several years is colonel and decided to go into private practice, well unfortunate for him. His first client was, John wayne Gacy, can you imagine? Can you imagine that situation? but the situation is this. You know when
The attorney tells Gacy says you know what you gotta be insane to do this and where we're going I recommend that we we state that you're, not only by the reason of insanity. I believe you she ran with that he's. Like all yeah, that's a good idea. I didn't think of that. All remember good friend, jack hanley, who did a lot of these murders. So it's seems to me like we have a situation here were somebody might have presented some information to Gacy and he saying well, I've been stuck in and for a while, my exit sunday is drawing near how, but I creative, like mr ted Bundy and you know, come Bundy started. Confessing things towards the end. What if Gacy thought when I can concocts, stories and by me some time right here again. The reason why I have some validity or why fill their some validity to it is one the prosecution thought that it was possible and the victim and this is gonna bring us up to his execution,
Yes on, may ten, nineteen. Ninety four john: when Gacy was executed at states, veal, correctional centre in crest hill noise by lethal injection. His ass meal consisted of a dozen deep, fried shrimp. A bucket of original recipe, chicken from kfc a pound of fresh strawberries and free prize now, I'm guessing here captain. What actually happened is heat. That's probably what he requested. He probably got some fried chicken from the prison kitchen. His exit She was a minor media sensation. There were large crowds of people gathered for the execution party outside of the penitentiary. There several rest during those execution parties for public intoxication. container violations and disorderly conduct. Vendors sold, Gacy related t, shirts and other merchandise and the crowd she
at the moment when Gacy was pronounced dead accord, two reports, Gacy, did not express any remorse, his last words who is a lawyer in his cell or something to the effect that killing him not bring any one back, it is also reported that his last words were kiss my ass, which which is not really what he said. While he was, you know, lying there waiting to die key. Can you imagine you're the prison guards you got up and gun when we get, we got poker in the kiss, my ass? They say those or his last words, but you know he didn't actually give a final statement. Those were his last words in the sense that when he was being led to the execute in chamber. He looked at one of the correctional officers and said kiss my ass.
smile ass well worse than that several of gays, victims that were found buried in his home. Still to this day, I have not been identified. France, that's a tragedy. Here, We have a situation where I believe that within the last ten years, or so they did identify one of those unidentified victims there was a situation in two thousand and thirteen where there was a man that was always believe. We ve been murdered by John wayne Gacy, but he was found living in montana, so that made him the fifth essential victim found alive in the past two years between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and thirteen the investigators tracked him down. This was after Basically, what happened with him was he. The last his family spoke to him. He had stated that he was going to be hitchhiking from new york city out to california and they thought because they had never heard from their son
all these years that he may have been passing through chicago and got picked up by Gacy, somehow, unfortunately, for the family, they were believed him to be a victim for quite some time, but found it He was living in montana all these years later and he did reunite with his father and Actually his mother passed away believing he was a victim right, but he didn't. He just didn't like his family anymore. He just yeah. He he decided to leave town and he never. You know, reconnect with his family. He he actually didn't even know that he was considered to be a victim of John wayne, gayle ma. I want to personally thank you, colonel fora. Sharing this worries that will give me nightmares about pogo and john Gacy. Do we have any recommended reading for the week? We do this. We're recommending John wayne Gacy defending a monster by sam amirite
and now. Sam is the public defender that turned into his private practice and he became John wayne, Gacy attorney, Annie this many years later, but I'll give you a little a little clip here. He answered phone one day sam did and he heard sam. Could you do me a favor This is how the story began of what now has become part of america's true crime hall of fame. It's a gory grotesque tail. It's almost like a stephen king, novel and I'll. Tell you what one thing that find that's hard to find in the true crimes genre you know so These books are written by former detectives or former f b. I they are not true. Authors are not true, storytellers, a sam it would, you would think, would fall into that category, having been a lawyer and then going on to become a judge. However, this story,
It really it reads like a truman, capponi book, you know wherein it breeds more like a novel, more like like a story, so I highly recommend John. gacy defending a monster, and you can pick that up by going to our website true crime, garage dot com and click on the amazon basin. Everybody for listening thanks for the five star reviews- and thank you for telling a friend about the show, we hope to see all of you back here in the garage next week for another, episode and until then be good, be kind. Don't.
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