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Jonathan Luna /// Part 2 /// 573

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Jonathan Luna /// Part 2 /// 573

Part 2 of 2 


Here in the Garage we have featured more than a fair share of strange and confusing crimes and murders. Each one of these stories and cases are unique but this week we have a real tricky True Crime Story. The homicide of 38 year old Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Luna. Jonathan’s body was found approximately one hundred miles from his home in Baltimore. He had suffered thirty six puncture wounds to his neck and chest area. The debates about this homicide, likely abduction and his movements on the night of his death have puzzled the public since his body was found in December of 2003. Join us in the Garage for a case that is sure to haunt you. 

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the welcome to our little garage show where we left off yesterday. Captain we started to get into some dicey business here, have some missing money and how it might be tied to our victim Jonathan Luna, it's thirty, six thousand dollars! That's a lot of rolling papers. That was the amount that had been produced in court as evidence in connection with a bank robbery trial that Jonathan prosecuted in september of two thousand and two at the trial's conclusion. We have jonathan, we know he's very successful. He won a conviction against the defendant for a series of violent bank robber.
Reason, baltimore counting, but at the end of this trial, this money disappeared right. So what we have is thirty, six thousand dollars in cash, three shrink wrapped stacks of tens and twenty dollar bills disappeared somewhere between the court room and the government storage era used to hold sensitive evidence during trials per this Newspaper Jonathan, it signed an agreement with other lawyers in the case that all exhibits had been properly ree turned as the lead prosecutor Jonathan was reportedly one of the people that would have had access to that this sounds very suspicious right. Thirty, six thousand dollars missing It sounds like it's on his watch, their love cheddar, but I want to point out some something's here before we go too far into this missing money situation. We have many other people that were involved in this situation that were
spock suspected as well, and not for any real good reason. I dont know that jonathan lunacy suspected it for any good and other than he had access to the money just like these other people. So these other people are saying It was on a hand car in a federal building. Anyone could have taken that money. In fact, the post reported Jonathan was troubled because it happened on his watch said Joseph Evans, jonathan supervisor, at the time, but goes on to say quote, but personally, the hard time thinking he stole. The money evans pointed out that the money was left unattended at times, leaving quote so opportunities for so many people to snag it end quote: well, basically, there saying you're becoming a suspect, because you had access and therefore there's a ton of sauce.
correct and, for me personally, is hard for me to believe that Jonathan Luna took this money were or was involved with others that may have taken this money. I do want to point out some some issues here, though, to when we covered the shot suitor case? We pointed out a lot of the corruption that was going on suspected or otherwise in the baltimore pity, and look I'm a blue blood. I have the backs of the police. and I applaud them when they are good and I also smear them when their bad. There are some people that are just at their jobs, well right, we ve seen some problems in the baltimore police department and, if you don't want to believe me, that's fine. You can watch the show on the city on hbo, that's coming out April, twenty fifth, that's all
about the sean suitor case, in other things going on in baltimore pd. At the time you have to point out what's wrong with these bad cops, because those bad cops are giving a bad name all the good cop correct. Now there is one aspect of this part of the story that does look bad for jonathan. At least five government employees took polygraph test about this theft now per the sun before his death, Luna had postponed in appointment to take a polygraph tests, but about the missing money, but we do have a colleague who says look. I took the polygraph tests. I spoke to him, and he didn't have any concerns about or didn't voice them to me about taking the polygraph tat
saying that I know he was willing to take the test. So so something might came up in a schedule and now we're gonna throw him under the bus and say well. He must be guilty cause. He repose postponed the polygraph test. He may have just been busy with his job with with trials and such I you think fit. The reschedule. Polygraph exam was to be shortly after his death, so I dont like the timeline there, some more circumstantial evidence that maybe he had an interest in taking this money or did in the course of the investigation of his murder and
Two gaiters discovered that Jonathan had filled out an online loan application for thirty thousand dollars around september of two thousand and two and according to the sun, the loan application was cancelled not long after this money went missing. That's a little suspicious that doesn't look good for the fifty one source also said that investigators discovered after Jonathan loon as death, that more than thousand dollars came into his possession shortly after the evidence from the robbery case, disappeared. Don't seem to know where this money came from or can't conclusively determine how Jonathan Luna and his family obtained this money right and will also want to be clear that there's no evidence of a friend or family members coming forward and saying: hey we're the ones that were responsible for them
getting those ten thousand dollar correct. We do have plenty of friends and family members in colleagues coming forward, saying we don't think he would have taken the money doesn't make any sense. Then there was the sexy stuff the baltimore sons and named law enforcement officials source told the paper that the federal agents reviewing lunacy case and his justice department computers had found a trove of adult. warn that did not appear to be related to any of the cases that he had ever worked on, and there is more according to the fbi, they found messages on some internet dating site posted by someone. using the name. Jonathan Luna, according to the sun newspaper, says the author of the messages from April nineteen nine seven. So this is six and a half years earlier, describe him
as a discreet thirty one year old, married black man seeking a white female sexual partner. Now it's it gets really difficult to believe that a man a smart him would use his real name on these dating sites and be married, however, However, we have to point out that the age almost matches up exactly so, no one's ever saying that these profiles were his. Jonathan Luna use them there simply pointing out that we found this from six and a half years before his death. Of someone using that name on these dating sites should be a catfish could be some
he's was even aware of. I just saw the other day one of my friends posted in her stories, multiple instagram accounts that are using her pictures and and in information from her profile. That's some weird! I had some weird stuff right there. Now we mentioned a february two thousand and four news conference. At this event, the f b I's assistant director denied a report by cbs news that there was a main suspect in the case, a female agent in the f b I's baltimore field office, okay, so they're denying that we have a suspect and we're denying that a The rumour that the suspect is an fbi agent of female fbi agent, their denying that direct rumor
what the f b I went on to conduct an internal investigation according to the washington post, that stemmed from a complaint by a female agent that investigators were overly aggressive when they questioned her about possible romantic. Involve men with Jonathan. This was a woman who had worked closely with John, then, on numerous cases, its unclear whether she was romantically involved with him, but clearly F b, I thought she was or there was enough information there for them to really look into it and she files a complaint against her own saying that they are, resolutely pursued her and they searched her computers and such without consent. I believe that the fbi dated
some wrong doing in regard to questioning this woman is seems like this information we pointing towards the idea that Jonathan was having an affair, or maybe multiple affairs, so the reports that he had at least two entanglements have or been refuted? I don't think they ve ever been fully proven, though either, but what's key here to me, captain is. It appears at this point in the investigation that the fbi investigators seem fixate at least by this point on the murder being rooted in a personal matter, that this was some type of power, the dispute or something going on in his life and had nothing to do with the f b. I write had nothing to do with his line of work directly, but we have these weird unexplained trips to pennsylvania,
explain trips to pennsylvania, depending on who you believe and how you want to look at it as part of the probe. Investigators were looking into at least two trips Jonathan made two pennsylvania in the ex before his death, and they were trying to figure out whether he went there to actually meet somebody. They stopped at most else along the route and looked at guest registers and surveillance, video inquired gas stations and canvas businesses along this route, but it gets pickets weirder, as the investigation unfolded. Additional trips to pennsylvania were uncovered. So, on the first anniversary of Jonathan death, This was reported in the paper that a gas station employee on the pennsylvania turnpike said that she saw Jonathan Luna at the gas station late at night about once a month over a six
period. This was a sonoco station attendant who work the midnight shift. She told the post that Jonathan always used a credit card if he bought gas and always paid cash. If he bought coffee, she said that she remembers him specifically because he was always sharp dressed and he made small talk with her. She said that he was a very courteous impulse individual. This sharp dressed really goes along with everything we ve been told about Jonathan Luna, so it it would appear to me that she is talking about him on his profession. He spoke to dress a certain way. Correct and even before he went into that line of work. He was always said to me where dress shirts and ties in such credit, investigators, really configure out any work related reason, or at least publicly said they couldn't find any work related reason that Jonathan went to pennsylvania. We don't know who he visited,
what he did or really anything else, it's hard to believe that the f b I doesn't know, but at least in the week after his death, one official said we don't have any indication what the purpose was of the drive, but if he had actually been going to pennsylvania on the regular, that would obviously be quite important to the case in maybe what happened to him? That's where he dies That's where his body is ultimately found a hundred miles away from baltimore investigators. Look closely to see of Jonathan had gone to meet up with anybody on the night he died, but again his cell phone was left at the office. So if he was meeting somebody, he didn't have the ability to talk to you. buddy or communicate with anybody via phone after leaving his office
night again leaving the office for really unexplained reasons, but also it's a way for people not to be able to track your actions through your gps on right. There has been some speculation, people wonder. Well, maybe he had some type of burner phone and made sure you had the burner phone and that's why he kind of forgot his regular cell phone right, but we don't have any evidence that he had a phone on his person. Courageous found correct net, yet no saying that he had one. It's a simple speculation. Really at this point there is no evidence to suggest that he did. His father did say that hey on at least one occasion. They had a conversation about trips to pennsylvania when jonathan lunacy, told his father that he was working on a case, and for that isn't he had to go to pennsylvania. Now the father did say: look Jonathan, wasn't commonly telling us
formation about the cases that he was working, which is not supposed to Anne, said that you know. That's really he'd like to offer a more information, but that was the vagueness of the information that Jonathan related to him So, according to the father and according to what he saying his son told him, the these trips were- or at least one of the trips was related to his work. But then we have some other information. That's interesting in regard to those trips. So the format in the case that he was working on at the time of his death was being held in philadelphia, pennsylvania so Maybe these trips are directly related to that trial that he was working on at the time right now. You want to do into this time line here, captain, because one we cannot overlook at its very important people, want to know the details of the timeline of that night,
but I got a worn everybody. There's gaps, there's blanks, it need to be filled in and I really believe in this case and like many other cases out there, if you could complete this time line, well, then we would know what exactly happened to Jonathan Luna, that night right so be prepared to take notes. My friends, if you're driving, just pull over, join us for the next forty five. My lab his favours pins isolates on the day that he was killed on December third, Forty eight p dot m. We know that Jonathan went to the office to work on that plea agreements at nine hundred and six p dot m Jonathan calls one of the attorneys for the guys that he's going to trial again. And tells him hey. I had to leave the office and go home. He said he would return to his office in the
Report house later that evening and finish the documents and facts them to the attorney's office. That call lasted ten minutes at nine. Thirty p m Jonathan left the voice mail for the other attorney in the case saying he would be faxing the plea agreement later that evening, at ten thirty p m Jonathan spoke to one of the attorneys again promising him the plea agreement before midnight at all- than p m. Jonathan was at home at this time. He received that call. We don't know who, from he receives a call on his cell phone and told his wife tat. He had had to go back to the office You gotta believe right in two thousand and three that they would know what number called his cell phone. I mean that doesn't certainly tell us who called him or what the call was about, but at least the fbi,
is involved in this thing, unless a block the number or they called two thousand three chances of there being a pay phone, not great, but did somebody go into a gas station say hey? Can I use your phone real, quick, but nobody's seems to be disputing that this call happened right. We don't have- and I know that his family is shut down and not what I ve been talking to the press for the longest but we don't seem to have anybody saying that this called didn't happen. So I am led to believe that it did and I believe that the FBI probably has some further information on this call. But again the not releasing it now. According to his father, Jonathan didn't did not say who was on the phone that night but told his wife quote: honey, I'm sorry. I have to go back to the office offer.
No more, no further information at eleven thirty, eight p m Jonathan drove away from the: u s: district court building in baltimore each. I should correct that statement here. He laughed he left. The court sometime that night. We don't have anything to say that he was the one physically driving or anybody to dispute that he was driving at eleven forty, nine p m. He passed through the four make Henry tunnel toll plaza in baltimore northbound on interstate the five now this is going to lead us past midnight. So now, technically we are december forth at twelve twenty eight, a m his car pass through the Harry ville toll plaza and continued northbound at twelve forty six, a m his car past. Through the delaware line toll plaza again, we have information because of his easy pass correspond her. There is in his vehicle and thankfully we had that or
We may not know the route that he took, or these other stops that seem to have been involved on his weird trip that night right at twelve. Fifty seven, a m jonathan debit card was used to withdraw two hundred dollars from a bank atm at the jfk travel plaza in newark delaware, this is at I ninety five exit. Three some reports are that the recording is not good and it's not clear whether this is Jonathan using the card. Okay. So they have surveillance footage of the person using the atm and story has, always been that something's wrong or screwy with that footage or with the camera, and so we don't have video confirmation. That it is Jonathan luna using the atm card makes sense. Yeah makes sense, but
it's hard to wrap my head around this idea of, why would you leave the cellphone behind? Did he forget about this easy pass, being old track him or to do not care if the vehicles being tracked? that's why I wonder if leaving the phone behind was not his choice now it was either an accident that he forgot the phone in some kind of a hurry to get out of the building, or it's also a possibility that he was abducted from his office here, but when they have, when we have some kind of what you said, technology or somethin, showing that he actually met somebody there. So what we do have captain, as we have surveillance footage of his vehicle, leaving the courthouse parking garage, but you cannot see who's driving the vehicle right based off of off of the angle now, so we got a lotta movements here and there
to me as where things start to get really weird and part of this just made be by not fully understand, this easy pass and how they work, especially back in two thousand and three. You know nineteen years ago, so my nickname in high school easy past right at two forty, seven, a m. His car entered the pennsylvania, turnpike exit three fifty nine, the delaware bridge going over the delaware bridge, but he did not use the easy pass on the new jersey and pennsylvania turnpikes? I dont know if these things have like a proximity limit. You know, like I, don't know an easy pass will just work everywhere that their required. You know we're talking He's going to other states and in accessing their turnpikes by this point, maybe they don't work there
I will I would like a better clear understanding of that, because it seems to me if he's driving And he's the one making the decisions on where they're going or, where he's going, that here this use that pass? If he's able to to use it? the other that has access or uses one of these easy passes that doesn't do stay within their city, but travel with the easy path. Please leave their information on our blog, true crime, we're on transport fi if your information is coming from current day or two thousand and three, because that could have changed over the years. The other thing that I call into question too- and this is something Somebody may know better. Is there a chance that his easy path
issued to him by his work and therefore only worked in certain areas because they don't want to pay for everything right. They want to pay for his travels for work purposes, but they don't need him using his easy pass, two or three states away, if that's even a thing right. So what I'm getting at captain is. One of two situations is going on either. He can't use that path. I guess I should say three: either he can't use that pass in those locations or he's choosing not to use that pass in those locations because he doesn't want to be tracked again. Goin back the eye. maybe he left his cell phone on purpose or three. Somebody else is calling the shots and is not aware that he has this easy pass or somebody else is driving the vehicle. Remember we did say
I think that the reports stated that Jonathan Luna's blood was found in the back seat of that vehicle. Is there chance at some point somebody intercepted him or he met with somebody? They abducted him and he's in the back seat, while the killer or killers are in control of the vehicle movements. This leads us to three hundred and twenty a dot m when Jonathan's debit credit card was used at a sunoco gas station at the king of prussia, pennsylvania service plaza to buy gas according to the attendant it became clear from sales records. This is one of the most bizarre things. In the whole thing, it became clear from sales records that Jonathan uses his credit card to pay at the pump for his car, but also a second vehicle and, of course, as your guest, there was no cameras, the gas station investigators late
seemed to downplay the second gas purchase. Let me circle back around us ahead. Tom play that oh yeah, downplaying that because they're trying to keep something to their chest in and they know, information that could lead to solve this I'm not trying to point out some big conspiracy theory here, but where this becomes an issue is and you'll see this as we get further into these details, the fbi, seems to believe something have you know they seem to have a theory that they locked onto. However, the key still open. It looks to me like. We have a situation where something else I have gone on some other people, may be up to no good here that their dirty deeds? Maybe dragged into the light and become public knowledge, but we're here behind this curtain of mystery,
by saying look this case is still open. We cannot tell the public what was going on. We cannot tell you what our findings were here. So when we get to All of these little pieces of information that you go. Is this something here who buys two tanks, gas? That would imply that that he is travelling with somebody or somebody's following him or or what have you write it could fly a whole different set of theories, but yet we don't have law enforcement. That will tell us. Yes, that's exactly what happened. It's likely said, they seem to just kind of forget: I did not mention it or die. play this second gas purchase. So does that mean that they found out that wasn't true or that it is
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welcome back. It's always great when it gets heated here in the garage. hold arguably ac up. They see us snowing in April I don't know if you want me to say this are now, but I'm going to anyway. Today is the captain's birthday so hit him? on twitter with well wishes. Everybody wished the captain a very happy happy birthday only onto it or not on is grammar. Tik tok, that's right he's celebrating on twitter captain? I wish you a very happy birthday and many more and, and hopefully a celebration is lined up for this week. While the thing is that make his mean as making me work on my birthday. I quit here garage. We do not take birthdays off and valuable work extra long days or happy birthday to everybody out there and cheers mates, cheers we're not done with the movement sear that night captain
because at three thirty a m we have Jonathan stopping at the peter. Camille. I hope I got that right service plaza to buy bottled water. This citing is not one hundred percent certain and, to be honest with you, I think that this is just a situation of somebody trying to help out hey. I think I saw that night, we don't have his credit, art or debit card to confirm that he was there and the other thing to is based on of what we know and again there are some missing things here. His timeline, but this place seems to be too far from the previous stop for the timing to be correct for him to be there at three thirty. It just doesn't line up, but I wanted in then we have at four hundred and four a dot m. His car left the pennsylvania turnpike at exit two hundred and eighty six. This is the reading lancaster interchange, a paper toll ticket
was turned into the toll collector, even though again Johnny car. Has that easy pass? What's really interesting? Here, though, captain is there's blood on paper told ticket, that's turned in, we run some test and guess what it's johnny its blood on that told take it so We know we don't know what going on that night. But we do know one thing for certain by four four. A m he's been injured at this point. He's bleeding at this point, but possibly make sense for the easy pass that it doesn't work in that location, so he would have to use a ticket yet so per one study on the case, the axe. It drops drivers into a small like well lit strip of all night gas stations in motels investigators visited
all of them and found no leads. They confining bunny, say: hey. We saw Jonathan here we spoke with him. The lights quickly disappear as the road wines into that amish country area. This is a brick knock township, where later his lifeless body will be found, they believe. At four or five, a m J. than was alive when his car entered the parking lot and then pulled up to that creek right. So he goes. He goes up near this business than off the road and then down to that creek again, we don't know who's driving, but his body is five. Thirty a m, so there's not a whole lot of time between Fora. or a m when his blood is in on a talk to a toll collector on a toll ticket.
then an hour in less than a half later his body is lifeless bodies discovered face down that shallow creek or the more I read about this case this week, the more research I did the more. I couldn't believe that this is one of the biggest cases on the internet. It's beyond bizarre, it's beyond fascinating, and let me read this: this comes from the post newspaper because eight they wrote it much better than I could and I it. It really sums up the driving in the movements from that night. It says investigators took special know of the apps in the timeline when Jonathan location and activities are unknown of particular interest, they said are to go
the timeline shows that luna use his debit card at a toll plaza in newark delaware at one thousand two hundred and fifty seven a dot m and then turned into the new jersey, turnpike at exit 6a at two hundred and thirty, seven, a dot m driving that distance, would take about forty minutes, which leaves an hour unaccounted for. They said, in addition, they are interested in the period from when he left the turnpike at four hundred and four a dot m and when his body was discovered at five hundred and thirty, a dot m, so some big guy. and I liked it there pointing out to us. These are the times that we are very concerned about. These are the two. So we know we need to know more about what was going on that night or who, I have been with Jonathan Luna, the gaps are interesting because Jonathan could have met up with someone
or maybe he stopped somewhere that wasn't recorded and he didn't uses credit card. So that's very interesting to me in this case is his location, because we know that he's far away from his city, but but the rout, doesn't make a lot of sense is not like was going gonna go to cleveland. I d. Take seventy one, all the way up there. But if I took a different roads than seventy one question: why? Yes and this per their words is referred to as far from the most direct route from baltimore to lancaster county. So that's why they're interested in his movements and in particular that route captain this is going to take us to December. Second, two thousand and four so we're a year out
jonathan death yeah? This is when the fbi, the baltimore fbi office, released a statement concluding it, but because we keep in mind that the one items it has been highly debated in this case over the years is, was he alone or was he traveling with someone, or was he already abducted during the course of this, this crazy drive. That seems to make no sense to anybody, but at the year mark we have the f b. I they are announcing that from the time he left the courthouse office to the time his body was found that he was alone that their findings are that he was alone. Now it's not real clear. how they can be so certain of this, given the gaps in the timeline and the lack of eye witnesses and surveillance footage, but this would be the fbi story,
for the duration of the investigation. So for the rest of the days, they're gonna say we you're out at some point. He was alone for that entire trip from the time he left the court house to the time that his body was found and that's our story and we're sticking to it. In fact, on the tenth year anniversary, the fbi agent in charge of the investigation april, brooks told newspapers. We are certain that there was no evidence to show he was with anybody after he left the courthouse. Ok, I get that, but to me There is a very big difference between saying, there's no evidence to show that he was with anybody after he left the courthouse to saying, he was alone that entire time. Those are two very different statements to me. Absolutely in fact, they are so different that in one of them could be true and the other one could be completely false.
There. You have no evidence, we. Anybody was with him. Well, let's we're out of our way to say he was absolutely alone from the time he left the courthouse to the time his body was found with heresy. Then how how's he getting these marks on his hands, what What they are implying is that they are implying that their investigation concluded with him having committed suicide and that It was ultimately ruled a homicide to begin with, but they have all the information fbi decide he was alone, so it must have been a suicide and they then They're not going out of their way to say that it was a suicide they're, just hey he was alone. There are implying that look. We don't need to be looking for his killer because he killed himself, but then again here's where we have a big problem. They ve never
was the case right and then you have to wonder well. Is it convenient for them that the case remains open so that they don't have to close any of this information. Why would I do not want to disclose any information will. Maybe they were up to no good. So it's one of those things where it's it's. It's like a dog chastened its tail. It just keep going around and around and around and around every question brings up another question: every question brings up another question and so on and so fourth- and here we're sitting all these years later with what I believe, to be a murder and it's unsolved and, let's not forget, ultimately In the beginning, this was ruled a homicide in the corners have stuck with that ruling yeah. The frustrating thing for me is, if you're so sure, if law enforcement so sure that this is a suicide, then close the case and let that case file be opened to the public the public look into it, but they don't want to do that because maybe there's some air there may be there. Maybe people didn't crossing,
these and other eyes so the first thing that p We're gonna, say well. If this man was stabbed had these many puncture wounds. Well, where is the weapon? If, if he killed himself, you would have found the weapon at the scene while they didn't, and we know that, However, in February two thousand and four they did a rate, they did a re canvassing of that area of where looters body was found when they re canvas the area months later now, investing it is a saying: well, we found a penknife that we believe cause the wounds. They kill Jonathan Luna, they, so said that investigators believe the pocket knife is the one that John then Luna regularly carried with him so there this, assuming that this guy's driving and then stabbing himself in the hands and in other parts of his body, so that this is where things get really. This is where things get really dicey so Obviously we have the murders,
ash suicide question mark argument, but then we have a different version of that that kind of false somewhere in between right. So it's not murder, it wasn't suicide. These may be self inflicted wounds and he didn't ultimately plan to kill himself but did much damage and accidentally killed himself and we're gonna get into that in a minute. But before we do, I do want to make sure that we bring up while we're on the timeline here and arch of two thousand, and four we have this is the case is now three months old. This after they find the penknife. It's no closer to being solved. Obviously some kind of schism amongst the investigators of what actually happened here: murder or suicide. That's not helping the investigation, but the washing
post summed it up. Very nicely saying authorities announce a one hundred thousand dollar reward in the unsolved death of a federal prosecutor. This Jonathan p luna admitting publicly, for the first time that thirteen weeks of investigation had not determine whether it was a homicide or a suicide seems like a lot of money to be offered. If you're is if the fbi's real, leaning toward the suicide angle. Here now, investigators were seeking formation from any one who may have had contact with Mr Luna, anyone who may have seen Mr Luna or his vehicle. So we ve already kind of debated this murder or suicide thing, and it's it's the fbi eyes stance that he killed himself.
It's the coroner's stance that it was a homicide yeah and even though that these items reports have been released to the public, both of these doctors have been vocal in an public's eyes and in given their opinions and the on this matter. So let's get into the suicide gone wrong theory. This is an interesting or because this is a theory that doesn't appear in most cases that we discuss here in the garage, so others work taking aside, on suicide or murder. More a little down the middle, so to speak, their formulating theory that Jonathan under financial pressure or stressed out about his job and facing possible accusations about the missing money and a polygraph and all the stress that comes with that. Try to stage a scene in which he would appear to have been kidnapped and attacked this
getting him out of court the next morning, maybe getting out of the future polygraph test and getting him sympathy from his colleagues in you know others involved in the missing money investigation the very least. This would buy him some time to deal with some of this if people fell for It wouldn't be the first time in the garage that somebody staged a crime We would later figure out hey this, isn't what they said it was. It wasn't. What it appeared to be. We had the Sherry Peppino case, which I mean forget about that one. So. The idea here captain is that he tried to stage an attack in a kidnapping and wanted
it to be severe enough, or at least his wounds to appear to be severe enough, that everybody would buy it by the story and that in the process of harming himself that he accidentally nicht that artery, which caused the wood It would cause his death, but before it did before he bled out he fell into the shallow water when unconscious in died, doesn't seem like it's all, adding up correctly Doesnt seem super plausible, but I'm gonna throw this in here. This was from a website luther the user name is falcon five hundred old falcon and this person- falcon five hundred is claiming or or is verified to be, a law enforcement detective, I'm a little and certain unclear how that that was verified, but that's what it says. So, let's go with that this individual, this webs luther,
believes. It Jonathan likely did steal the thirty six thousand dollars that he wanted to deflect suspicion away from himself. So he thought up this, scheme where he would be found in his car and then claim that he had been kidnapped from his office. He made sure that he visited several spots where the presence of his car would be documented. His wounds were superficial and it's likely that he became confused, got out of his car and then fell into the creek and drought. So that's how one person puts it that this might have worked out. Thirty six puncture wounds is a lot yeah again. It doesn't make a lot of sense in it. the two cans of gas, the other two tanks of gas to tanks of gas, and then you also wonder what what did he fill up his tank and then did he have a spare gas can in the back that he filled up where it was
but he travelling with him yeah I mean that's what that's whereby my goes is somebody's travelling with him and if he's filling up gas, for the other person in almost implies me well he's not been abducted unless he has been abducted, somebody's hold in his car and They have another car tailing them. It's it's all very! Can using and then again we keep have to come back to the idea of this. For it is not an open book. It's not released to the public and when you ask specific questions in case your shot down by the old are working to hide behind the idea of its an open investigation, but thing in your investigation. As far as you are telling us or implying to us, is that you have decided this was suicide in so we're not technically actively investigating. Anything, also said to me seems like it makes zero, since my only caviar with that is what the coroner, what the corners
saying they're, saying there was an artery that was hit so, if you're, trying to stage a scene to look like possibly you're, are abducted or possibly you're tact or tortured and then you did you end up stabbing herself in the wrong location? I could see that is possibility right, because we have evidence of a puncture and a main artery, but what we know of jonathan Luna again, maybe had some kind of break. We don't know what we do know about him leading up to that point. This kind of idea of ominous stage, an abduction in an attack to the point where I'm unconscious, when they find me or I, my wounds or so severe that I can claim. I don't remember anything or I don't know who my attacker was or make it and make it up who attacked him. It seems
incredibly sloppy and dumb based off of what we know of this guy, it seems too sloppy for for it to be his plan. It seems too dumb to me for it to be his plan, but again we can't rule anything out because we're not given yeah but it'd be dumb to steal money. Yes, it is true that you know it's it's dumb to get that far behind in debt. I see with his debt. I actually don't see an issue with that. It is a lot of money, but having a young family and your team, care of mom and dad I mean basically his salary. wife salary is providing for three generations. Yet I dont see it as being again that that much of debt- but maybe that was for him to the point where that or or what what else was he involved in that? We just don't know there could be debts that our on books, let's spin, this missing money, thing a different way
right. We already have people pointing out the misinformation or the spin factor on the information that's coming out in this case, so let's do a little spinning Our own here shall we, with the missing money, many people point out that if he did steal the money, then suicide makes sense or if he did commit suicide. Well probably because he was guilty of stealing the money. Those two things seem to be kind of walking too their arm in arm, but let's spinnet a different way. What if he didn't, steal the money? What if he didn't commit suicide? What, if his apprehension if he had any- and it doesn't seem like he had any about taking the polygraph or doing in our view about the missing money. If you want to suspect that will you should suspect it two ways either. He didn't want to talk with people because he stole the money or what about this? What, if he's being accused, or both
is that he's being accused of stealing money, are doing something that he did not do, and he had suspicions of his own, or information of his own. That might lead you to the person responsible for stealing that money. There. Be somebody that what it wanted to shut him up in that regard, they said it becomes very confusing, because this guy's whole career. He was surrounded by people that would be capable of doing this. Yes, and I just wonder I cannot make sense of his movements at night, and I've tried for the past ten days and I'm I'm here to tell you I can't do it. I've I've tried to figure out the did the movements at night point more towards an abduction or to him not being in control of his movements. Do they point more tour? somebody's travelling with him that he thought was you know a friend or on his side. Do the move its point to him too
cover something up or meet with somebody. I can't make heads or tails of his movements that night enough to decide on where I fall as far as the theories go about what he was up to that night He was even in control of his own movements. There was a two thousand seven inquest request. Yes, so the This works here. Captain is in january, two thousand and seven g with a parents formally requested that they lancaster county coroner, conduct an inquest, anti jonathan death? So the coroner client to do so, and then we have private investigator, add Martino who was hired by Jonathan friend. In fact, it was the best man and jonathan wedding private eye martino.
look into the case for months and then believe firmly that Jonathan was murdered because of his work, specifically his work with the fbi. He believed that the agency had very suspiciously shut down death investigation? He said his investigation had not linked jonathan to any risky or suspicious behaviour. and he believed that the fbi was trying to change the narrative. He said quote: they used to call it dis formation, they call it spin to. In two thousand and nine. There was real and to believe that there was an active grand jury investigation into the unsolved luna case. Again. This is interesting to me because I keep pointing out that they could be bought. hiding behind this idea of. We can't give you any information, because it's an active investigation, but then at the same time,
everything that the fbi is telling us and everything that the fbi seems to be doing I and the scenes indicates that they ve ended their investigation. They ve decided that it was suicide. So much so that they tried to get the corners to change their ruling retract. we changed our rolling to suicide, the core say no we're not going to, and now the fbi doesn't seem actually have an active investigation because they determined to be suicide, can't get the corners to change their minds, and so we don't have an active investigation. However, here, when you start sniffing around, it looks like they're, my be an active investigation because in two thousand and nine- and this is evidence of such there was a possible existence of a federal grand jury investigation and look. These are supposed to be secret right, but at that time.
the lancaster county assistant district attorney. Susan Moyer wrote a letter to an author, so there's this author, william keys lange who has come up with this big kind of concern bessie theory that involves the enforcement in the fbi being involved in Jonathan loon, as murder, and he does typically name anybody. As far as I am aware, I have not read his book but two thousand and nine. This author is trying to get his hands on the autopsy to write his book. Well, the district attorney the assistant district turning rights him a formal letter saying I can't give you the autopsy, because have an open, federal grand jury investigation. So what is it is. Is this case active and we can't tell you anything because it's an active case or is it not active and but he's actually investigating it. Somebody's decided it's a suicide
the corners will not change their rolling. It's a very murky six patient and unfortunately I don't feel like we are good being any clear answers from these. These bigger aid, see that we are to trust with ours. Fifty one of the issues with a case like this is it Where do you lean? Do you lean towards suicide or murder? My problem with suicide is the evidence that he was in the back seat of his car. At some point, meaning was somebody driving. This really becomes a red light case for me and and one that I'll be thinking about counseling and probably ten, randomly google for more information, because it's beyond bizarre right in this case, really is a mass of leaked information. Misinformation, backtracking walking things back botched crime scene.
internal investigations. I mean it's a very complicated case, it's a very complicated story, and we know that all of that does does not help is certainly muddy. The waters big time in this case and in any other case that we have looked into fact, when you have this much going on in this much confusion, rarely Do you see an answer over result of an arrest, somebody being convicted person I leaned toward the side of murder? I believe that somebody killed him. I don't I still believe that it has something to do either directly to two or loosely tied to his work, something he was involved in some
that he was aware of that that new about, I can say this. It was on purpose that we bring up detective sean suitors death in the trailer, because that cases just is confusing as this one and they both took place in baltimore ravens. This case is a little bit different seems like all the confusion is really on on his end and what what was going on in his his world right, but a guy I'm a blue blood- and I have I have the back. Of the women and men that they choose to, go into that line of work in that do that job and do it well and do a good job of it. Every agency has had it's black eyes over the years, but the baltimore police department, especially during this time, frame there has been so much concern about corruption and things that were going on behind the scenes in a lot of it involves money and drugs, and here we have
situation. That seems to involve or might involve money that people that line of work may have had access to and it disappeared, and now we have people being called into question- and I tell you- I believe you me if I was accused, of stealing money to the point where I might and maybe not directly being accused. But to the point. have to sit down. I have meetings about it and take a polygraph tests. I haven't ideal or suspicion of who, I think, took it or who I think has responsible. You better believe that I am going to make that well known to the people that are interviewing me. My suspicions, you have yours, I got mine and I'm not afraid to tell you what I think one case that we didn't bring up, that I'm sure our listeners are going. This reminds me of that other case re. Well, it's the case of ray greek or who disappeared in april of nineteen. Ninety five here
was a prosecutor as well. Now, what's funny about the idea of that popping into people's heads when they hear this story is law enforcement, despite, admittedly investigating similarities in the cases They have denied any possible link between what happen Jonathan Luna and the disappearance of ray greek, or there seemed to been, though there that they could possibly be linked because it was investigated. Now, I'm not sitting here. with a high confidence level of knowing what happened. Array were finding out what truly happened. Jonathan Luna, I hope and pray that we do again. I think that he was murdered. I think that something happened
and I cannot explain why he left his office there that night, he should have stayed in finnish. Can't explain why he left his phone can't explain why he left this one phone. There have been people that said that he couldn't drive without his glasses. I purposely did not include that when we were discussing the items left at his office because that seems high, Lee debatable highly debatable, because we we know that the glasses were left behind. However, that car did a lot of moving that night, so somebody Moreover, it Somebody didn't have any problem driving it a hundred miles miles away. So if he wasn't driving his own car. Then we know that that's not the case that he had no problem striving without those glasses. This is a case again too many quest,
hence too many things left unsatisfied for us to come up with a great idea of what really happened here. And the guy's enough for joining us here in the grounds in love? Your smile, we love, what can we say? If you dig in any the music for the shows you can find it offer free on ample music or spotify to search true crime, garage and I'll come up under music artists, and you can follow us there on spotify and like it. It's all for free colonel! Do we have heavy recommended reading for the beautiful listeners, we're gonna go with some rare
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