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JonBenet Ramsey ////// Santa Claus

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JonBenet Ramsey ////// Santa Claus

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On December 26th 1996, 6-year old JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered in the basement of her home in Boulder, Colorado. Her case remains unsolved. Beer of the Week - Christmas Ale by Great Lakes Brewing Co. Garage Grade - 5 out of 5 bottle caps

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but I really lotto victim again today, roundly intruder robin gandhi, rambling, to be the parent away from that dream. I want nothing more than to respond
It's been over twenty years since The nay ramsay was murdered inside her home and well to this day, we are looking for the killer. We are looking for. Who did this now the experts who have looked at this case over the years? There are some that point toward the intruder. Theory, as it has become known. Proponents of the intruder. Theory include a and e who did their documentary on the job in a case as well as famous retired, f b. I agent john douglas and retired. Enforcement officer loose smite, the john Douglas believes that there was an intruder and that the motive for the killing was something against John, Ramsay somebody had an axe to grind against John Ramsay. Maybe this was revenge headed out for john and patsy. We don't know, but that's part of his theory loose.
On the other hand, believes in the intruder theory as well with a slight variation. He believes that we are looking for somebody that was sexually motivated, that this was a pedophile that broke into the home with the sole purpose of sexually assaulting. This young girl attempting to kidnap her, but unsuccessfully now weave put together a list of potential sus, acts in this case. So let's get into some of these aspects in some of the interesting weirdos in this case, and I'd like to start off with a man named J t Colfax a james Michael thompson was thirty, four years old back and ninety ninety seven when he was arrested in june this for deciding to set fire to the ramses unoccupied home on fifteenth street. He did this as he says, not because he had anything against the ramses, but because he wanted to get back
at the authorities. He attempted to set fire to the home by lighting. Newspapers and pages from an rice is famous book interview with a vampire. lights, these things on fire and then he stuffing them through the male slot. At the ramses home, his plan failed due to the general construction of the home. The floor from my understanding is marble, and so the burning pages once stuffed through the lot land on the marble floor and lay there until burning out this did, however, managed shoe, leave a good amount of soot on the walls and the ceiling okay. So if J t colfax a k, a james Michael Thompson didn't do this because he had it out for the ramses. Well, what was his beef with the authorities? Colfax was employed as a cadaver transporter by denver company,
this occupation and co. Faxes actions will lead to two other arrest, one for when he had a call to to the border county morgue for pick up. While he was way around. He noticed the log book and the answer with job in asia. Name on it, he tore the sheet. out of the log book and took some additional pages as well. This would lead to a deaf charge for stealing pages from corners logbook showing the arrival of John bananas body at the county. Morgue His other arrest came when he attempted to walk out of a photo processing store without paying for the roles of photos. He picked up. The photos turn out to be pictures of corpses with party favors and signs attached to bodies with phrases such as getting fired. Isn't the end of the world are ye ha and happy birthday? He called the photos, works of art. He served time for all of these
urges. This is somebody does very strange with some very strange actions and behaviors. They seem to be circling around this case. I dont believe He has ever been officially named a suspect captain. Next, we have Gary olivia he's thirty, two year old sex offender, living in boulder colorado when job and I was killed the convicted pedophile. had been living in the area on and off in two thousand He was arrested for a drug charge when searching the man police find a magazine cut out of job in a ramsay in his backpack According to rolling stone magazine, the ramses private investigator ali gray once refer to olivias ties to job, nay
as a quote, bombshell arrest in the case and lambasted the boulder pity for failing to consider him a more credible suspect soon. After a libya's high school friend, Michael veil, step forward with an allegation supporting graze sis, and they'll claim that not long after the murder, a straw, Libya call am on the phone and confessed to his long time, pow that he quote: hurt a little girl. Thirty actually column on the twenty six veil makes some strong claim about olivia and I'm not going to go into all of them, but they are well there disturbing to say the least veil also said, In his opinion, the knots for the garage that strangled john Bernay were similar to those used. An incident where olivia attempted to choke his mother to death with a telephone court
when Gary Bolivia was arrested, they also found in his possession a stun gun. Several experts on this case have said, after viewing photos of job in a body that the attacker may have used a stun gun to subdue and control the child. Olivia has arrest for possessing child porn. You're free as well. Olivia by his own admission, lived about eight blocks away from the ramses and was seen in full graft at the one year, memorial vigil held for job in a in front of the ramses bolder home days, not hard to pick out, he looks like the creep. He looks. A guy that when you close your eyes and go okay, what what kind of guy do I picture? That's been convicted of these types of charges and you go. you open up your eyes and you see his picture. Go yeah that that makes sense. Now he's he's a creep but also scary King man, in my opinion, yeah he's not
I that saw some of these peoples. you go hastily manner room with that guy I'll, take care of him this. You might now be locked in a room with them. Well, and I hiding. go into all of veils allegations against what type of person and what this dude is capable of rain, because it's very disturbing and in some shocking things to hear. But what I can say as this is an individual that if veil is correct, then if his allegations are in fact true, then this man is very violent and very violent towards those weaker than him towards people that are in animals that are just kind of defenseless. Wasn't there rumors that he had a shrine to Jon Benet
All those rumours as well. The only thing that I can backup was the statement that there was a picture on his person at the time of his arrest of job any that had been cut out of a magazine. I couldn't verify this swear, but according to rolling stone magazine, they say he's been cleared, I dna testing for the job in a murder. Yes, this famous dna, next up. Captain we have a man named Michael Hell, goth. They call him boot man or simply boots he's another potential suspect this. According to Ali gray, remember the ramses private investigator Michael Hell, goth, who worked near by otto salvage yard, he was apparently in some kind of property dispute with the ramses. This could be. One of
many motivating factors for this. When the then twenty six year old man went to seek revenge against John ramsay in nineteen ninety seven, the boulder district attorney delivered a speech at a press conference complete with the promise of justice for job in jonbenet, and that this case will be solved. He pointed out that they have suspects and as law enforcement continues to work, their investigation. That list of suspects will shrink Until there is just one laughed you speaking to the killer, this was a powerful announcement scripted with carefully those words letting the killer. that the boulder d, a zeroing in on a new suspect, Hell goth according to his coworker at the time of the murder. This is John Kennedy. He says: hogarth exhibited a babby
disturbing behaviors, sparing everyone the details. He was known, or what I call severe cruelty to animals, he once said to Kennedy wonder what it would be like to crack a score now. Anybody that's listen Do our job in a autopsy episode knows exactly what we are hinting at here in november of ninety ninety six. told his co worker that he and an associate we're going to make fifty to sixty thousand dollars each remember the ransom note was one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars total. Then after christmas hogarth seemed depressed and his co worker says he thinks he was depressed because He did not make this large amount of money that he was talking about november, that is on the side he would by old vehicles and restore them, so they had these plans to by certain vehicle,
and now he didn't have the money them the money. Didn't come in that he was claiming who's gonna get so if he stood to make fifty or sixty thousand dollars from some kind of unknown business. Adventure then bright base that we only the buy up all these cars and turn it into even more money is what you're saying rain. Oddly enough- and this could just be a coincidence- it could be something incredibly important, but the day after that, In a speech that says we are see rowing in on a suspect how goth he turns up dead after his death police searched his things and photos of his forces go back because most people believe it was a suicide but because of certain pieces of evidence it could lead summit I believe that it was possibly murder and set up to look like a suicide correct when their searching his
it their searching photos of his police, all two things of particular interest: one, a stun gun, and to a pair of black high tech brand boots. This believe that they would have matched or possibly match one of two sets of unidentified footprints found in the embassies basement even more disturbing within Hell. Gas. Video collection was a news station story about an unsolved murder. Seemingly hidden in them of a movie law enforcement stated that the view who plays along and boom in the middle of this movie, it breaks to like news coverage, It also has news coverage on their from channel four regarding the abduction and murder of a five year old girl who was found stuffed into a sleeping bag, endear, creek canyon. This case is from ninety nine. three now, as you were getting too here captain. This is the time for the speculation, and so
that many people have offered their opinions on over the years. The belief is, officials found an unidentified boot, and an unidentified shoeprints at the crime scene and Hell goth own boots. They would match that print hell, goth caught wind, that he was a suspect and decided to take his own life committing suicide. Just a day after the ninety ninety seven press conference, the famous press conference where district attorney Alex hunter says I want to say something to the person or persons that committed this crime, the person or persons that took this baby from us. I mention the list of suspects narrows and soon there will only be one left on the list and it will be you. You have stripped us of any mercy we may have had in the beginning of this case. We will see that justice is served in this case and that you pay for what you did many
people believed that the district attorney was hinting at the idea of seeking the death penalty for whoever is responsible for this matter. and this could scare the offender even more so the thought and speculation here, captain his death, his suicide, being a further sign of guilt that he was close or felt that he was close to being apprehended. So what if Hell goth was a suspect on what if he did as many believe some people suggested he could have had an accomplice. Well, if so, then many point two John Stephen gigs, being the accomplice, John, a man with a criminal record that court documents summarised as violence and a history of sexual assault. What makes this theory even more complicated is the suggestion. Helga did not commit suicide, but was killed Someone may maybe gig this to prevent hell got from confessing.
bring the interrogation or from turning himself in, and then hanging like a bird and turning in his accomplice as well. Why a thing of the crime scene they found the gun in his sub dominant hand, not is dominant hand yeah, so he shot himself and he shot himself in the chest or somebody shot him in the chest and placed the gun in his hand. It's also a weird place to shoot yourself if you're trying to kill yourself correct now, gigs in his defense and by all accounts that I could and captain of his own free will. He was the one that reach down contacted border authorities and he says he provided them documentation that proves he was not in. Older colorado on december, twenty fifth nineteen. Ninety six rebellious thing about this
for say, he's running around saying that he's gonna get some money come into some money, possibly fifty to sixty thousand. That would put us at the one eighteen mark, that's in the ransom. No, so he's not give this money from his partner, it doesn't seem like maybe they're being hired by somebody else. So maybe possibly the person that was gonna hire them, since it was about botch job and was afraid that may be, they would go to authorities that they got rid of them and then the partner that was involved contacts, the police, because he's afraid that the same thing happened. Hogarth is he's gonna happen to him. Yeah did the the problem with hell got. Is there so much speculation around him. Regarding I mean everything about the guy one is he even connected to? Did? He ever think he was a suspect by three did commit suicide. For I mean people commit suicide for a million different reasons.
or was he murdered by somebody to cover it could have covered it The thing up by one of the reasons why he is a pretty big suspect and a lot of people's eyes when they're looking at this case is because seeing is believing it's good to be seen and it's good to see you and when you see the pictures from either the suicide scene or murder scene, you see the stun gun. You see the boots that possibly matched the prince founded the ramses home, so I think just I see in it you go or whatever it is. It's right in front of us, possibly, I think the problem here withheld garth is again the speculate involved and in the leaps you have to make too came a really good suspect. One. We have no confirmation that stun gun was used in the attack against job in it at all,
correct that in his believe, emulation. So but right, but what I'm in his wants. You see at the suicide scene or ordered this murder scene. Ah, there's a stun gun in the picture there there's the hi tech boots in the picture. I think that's why people have been able to make other leaps because they can see something and seen as believing. Well what you're seeing there is evidence that you cannot exclude him down as a suspect, you're, seeing things that point to possible reasons that would make him a suspect if, in fact, those puzzle pieces fit somewhere, we can confirm that they fit. Regarding the boots themselves, and the unidentified boot print or shoe print that was found in the ramses basement, that's very troubling that we have,
identified shoeprints in the ramses basement. We have people that that fight and argue about was it intruder was an inside job. You could take those unidentified pray And make an argument for either side of that argument. You eat. There were so many people in the basement. The people coming in and out be it before murder or after because we have a contaminated crime scene that it could be that, though, the prince me now think what right the prince could also point towards a possible intruder. The the trouble again with Hell goth is just one more factoid in there is it. We don't have a confirmed size for this boot print there's no there's nobody out there. That has said they were absolutely this size. In fact, it has been ruled that they can
not determine the size, the exact size of the blueprint so would in fact those boots even match up with that print. Again, with this famous dna, I believe they ve asked the family of how draft to cooperate and let them try to get some dna test and I believe have said now, I'm glad you through that in their because this is one thing that we ve run into with this case. It's been reported so many times over the more than twenty years now. And reported so many different ways by so many different sources. It's tough to keep things straight. Sometimes One thing that I found extremely troubling in regards to Michael hell: goth is several sources in print, say he's been cleared by dna, and I I throw that back at the walls
if it sticks, and I dont know that it sticks because I wonder if it truly, if the jury is out, if still out on this one, because not every source states that he has been clear, but that in fact, as you pointed out, I have some sources that say they they are seeking, dna. They are seeking more evidence on this particular suspect. The ads very interesting as tom you that loose Smits family has taken the list of suspect set. He basically was narrowing down his search and they ve been asking those individuals to submit dna lot of them have an based off that dna they ve been able, clear that individual or base of more investigative work there banal to clear the individual? So it's interesting that his family decided it keep on with his work and and believe in this work, even though they don't come from law enforcement background and in that
materials watch and about the family goin afternoon suspects. That's what it stated that they have already asked for the dna and have been denied by the, Emily so but again, alai, these documentaries put in whatever. Evidence? They want to go with their narrative If you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it wonderings newest podcast, frozen head hosting Ashen alina of the hit show morbid tells the truth, we have lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life because for him death wasn't the end. It was just the beginning, Once this dream to be frozen and brought back to life in the future pulls us into a cryonics soap. Opera filled with dead pets, grenades, family feuds, hollis,
baseball legends and frozen heads, lots of frozen heads, the story about the desire to avoid death, the links that people will go to that a reality and what it means to be alive to begin with. Listen, the latest episodes of frozen head where ever you find your favorite pod. Guest Our rights cheers maids cheerfully you captain this, We are drinking christmas ale by the wonderful people at great lakes, brewing company garage great five at a five bottle caps, sound the trumpets, wait. We don't have any trumpets up, but thank you again to everybody who has donated to the beer fund. At any time this year,
and if you donated not heard your name, we will get to you in the new year then we are on the trail of the possible intruder into the ramsay home that may have killed job in a ramsay and if we're talking intruders well, we would be remiss to not talk about possible santa claus, coming down the chimney into the ramsay home and killing this young innocent girl. We are referencing, of course, bill MC reynolds who is now deceased. He was a friend of the ramses who died, up like santa claus to entertain the neighbourhood children this at several of patsy's famous christmas gatherings, they went as far to introduce himself as santa bill liked when people caught him santa bill. If you think he makes a goods spectin. If you like these santa claus theory. The theory may goes something like this. This is from rolling stone, MC rent
was rumored to have paid a little too much attention to job in a going so far as to arrange a secret visit from santa claus this after christmas. Now this is complete speculation. We know that job nay referenced a secret visit from santa claus after christmas. We don't know that if that means it was built reynolds santa bill that set this supposedly he wanted job in aid to be his quote special friend, going so far as to bring a vile of glitter gifted to him by the six year old, with him into heart surgery. Even stranger, he asked his wife to mix the gold glitter in with his ashes. If he were to die this petition
story, generated buzz in the denver posts, but failed to amount to anything more than what many have called the sensational ized character. Assassination of a friendly old man, that's what they say, but I say let's look at this a little more closely, because I think some people will see more than just a sensational ized character assassination bill. Mc Reynolds is aid. tired, colorado, university journalism, professor here and ninety ninety two. He was about sixty six years old. When germany was killed. He grew his beard so a natural, long white beard. This was when he signed to play a role in a local play, then. or he was hired by marilyn house to play santa at the mall.
He played santa for the ramses in ninety ninety four, ninety five. Ninety six at their parties, he had bypass surgery on august, twenty third nineteen. Ninety six, he His wife, JANET were invited by the ramses to attend javanese memorial service, some publication state, the job, but I gave MC reynolds a tour of the ramsay home and now Ninety five, some publication say ninety ninety six Either way what seems to be clear. Apparently this did happen, the We think in question is which year yet I would argue that it is possible that happen both hears hey SAM. Let me show you the house again. One report I found captain says that job in a called bill old, sam now another story that would have the year in question is job, and I gave him a vile of glitter that she said was stardust. He would
it or say in all of the years he played santa and for all the kids that he saw through at that time. She was the only one to give him a gift again sub publication say she gave him the stardust in ninety five, some say. Ninety six one publication, which I think could in fact have it correct, says this happen on two occasions once and ninety five and again in ninety six, it would have happened, had to have happened in ninety five for the story about his heart surgery to be correct, his alibi for them in question was he was sleeping. He went to bed at ten p m now, captain I think he and his wife were at their mountain home like a weekend, vacation home. This would have been about thirty miles away This alibi was investigated by many the alibi klute. More than just his wife at least five other people would have been present that night. Here's where things get strange
the mic Reynolds their nine year old daughter, was kidnapped on the day after christmas december, twenty six nineteen seventy for twenty two years before quick with the math, then we also have janet MC reynolds, his wife. She wrote a play called hey rube the play is a fictional account of the. investment murder of sixteen year old sylvia likens in indianapolis indiana, but hold on a second, so the daughter is kidnapped with her friend and the believed the friend was actually molested and the daughter witness that, but the daughter herself was not molested and both were let go yes, and this was never
soft and then, two years later, his wife will write this play. That's based offer a different crime, correct and people point toward the basement. Murder of a young girl is being a connection here right was the motivation for writing them. The play are these two factors? Are they coincidence or just too much to be a coincidence? I would actually cross the second one out this janet writing the play about the murdered teen who was killed in a basement, and I state that In that case it is a real life case and it is extremely famous case. At least two books are written on that case and then later in two thousand and six the film in american crime was released. This is a very good movie, disturbing and haunting that is bout the life in martyr of silvia lichens. We should point out too that
other than being a child. Sylvia was sixteen and being killed in a basement the murders could not be more different. Sylvia s case was quickly solved. She was not killed in her base and she was staying or living with a caregiver who turned out to be a sadistic old in evil woman, and she and her children, along with some of their friends, killed sylvia shortly after the memorial service for job in a bill and janet went to spain, so this made them very difficult to interview for police. This was a long trip. The mic Reynolds say. They were not hiding from any one didn't run away to spain. In fact, to spain trip was a coincidence. They had they proved that the trip was planned and balked well in advance this being in june of night Ninety six john ramsay suggested that maybe bill MC reynolds dressed as santa fed
been a pineapple the night that she was killed and that he sat next to her while she a and he drank a cup of tea. We point of this as we know from some of the crime scene, photographs that they photographed a bowl of what fears to be pineapple on the table. and near by you have what appears to be a cup of tea. You got a little the little teabag down in the cup jan, we don't have fingerprints, the we don't have jon Benet ramsey his fingerprints on the ball, but we do have a pineapple like substance that was found in her stomach. So we know at some point of that evening. She ate pineapple and then the parents claim they never her pineapple before she went to bed and apparently bill was known to drink hot tea. What I actually believe, it's
could be a little bit easier than that, because if we have a six year old girl that, I believe is on the twenty third or twenty. Fourth, I'm not really for sure. But when she gets an argument with her friends, mom and said, santa claus is going to visit me of course, he's gonna you. He visits every kid on christmas noted once yeah no, no. She says after christmas especial visit to me. This is the same in the case that has always been so odd, and so is it possible that she fell asleep on the ride home from all the parties she's a little six year old girl, she's, tired, she falls asleep and then she wakes up and she goes oh tonight, santa claus is going to
visit me, so she went downstairs on her own felt herself pineapple waiting for this visit from santa claus Ike. I agree with you one hundred percent. I mean that this is one of the more odd details within this story. It's one of the very few items within this story, that's almost foreshadowing that something very bad is about to happen. Is it just? Doesn't it something that they in hindsight makes sense than it did it lines up in its its airy and truly I put this in the same category as the the anthem, nine one one call that came from their christmas party right now. Bill was not without his own secrets He regularly visited adult bookstores this unbeknownst to his wife
John ramsey suggested that s b, t c in the ransom note ransom letter as I would call it could actually be s b, J c, which he said could stand for santa build janet clause, but but what hold on one? Second to Jana his wife is a moot movie critic that that's one of the things she writes for the paper, so it doesn't have to be santa bill. santa claus. It could still be s b, t c and some people think that means santa bill. The critic interesting. I I like trying to figure out what s b, t c, or maybe it is s b, J c, which I agree with you. When you look at it on the paper, it's possible that it could be. The intention was to write. J, not at tea. I is fascinating to try to figure out what that could stand for. However, I think.
none of them that I have heard none Anyone has pointed out, have have I gone ghoul. That's interesting, One of them seem to be a leap like it just a weird connecting words that I dont think should be connected nab. I mean look at them: BT k, strangler bt k. What the heck does that mean? We have no clue what that met until we have the actual killer come out and stating this is. that means right. When the MC reynolds return to bolder from Spain, they cooperated with the police in the way of submitting fingerprints, blood, hair and handwriting samples later bolder d, a merry lazy says that she had MC reynolds as her prime suspect for a time. His hand writing is listed as questionable, but his dna.
not a match according to a candy rose dot com, which has a large database on this case, but there is also some speculation that his dna was never collected. So again, it's one of those details in this case that you can't find the correct answer. One article does state that the handwriting sample quote eliminated bill mc reynolds again, as you just pointed out, there are many details within the story that are argued, different ways. Now: Do you know that the ramses, by their own admission, hired a private investigator? I'm sorry, private investigators to watch bills house for some time? So
ramses, obviously not only just johns statements, but also the actions of the ramses paying people to watch bill and his home for a period of time. Next, captain we have santa's son jesse Mc Reynolds. He was interesting to police because of his police record. He served two and a half years in arizona prison for aggravated robbery and kidnapping, and he in on verifiable alibi for the night in question, jesse lives in. Neither lend cholera now. This is about a thirty minute drive to bolder. Just says he was home alone that night drinking scotch, and then he took some of his prescription. Medication any went to bed at night, Scots scots scotch scotch. I love scotch home alone
that night he has provided police with fingerprints, blood and handled samples Steve Thomas, a detective that we ve reference many times who work the case that the handwriting sample eliminated jesse mc Reynolds, that's in his appeal, or provided to him by the experts hired by the da let's stay on sanibel for a little bit, because this kidnapping two years.
on the same day. Hmm, it just seems very fishy, and it also seems very fishy to me that his daughter and her friend were taken. We now have a sexual assault on a minor but not to his daughter, and I would think that in this case that's not solved, the parents would be suspects just like they would be in the ramsey case. So I liked that as a key piece of evidence, the other thing too is. I can't get over the fact that a six year old is saying that santa claus going to visit her after christmas that same six year old, is found in her basement dead and that she has
a relationship probably too close of a relationship with a man that is a family friend, I play santa claus. Then, when you got this odd ransom note seems like we have a lot of movie references while who's going to watch a lotta movies or movie critic. who's gonna, probably watches movies, with his critic, wife, the husband santa bill. The other than that I find odd is at santa bill. Would care, around these stuffed animals with him. There really has helpers and most the time there were dressed in christmassy outfits, was a bear that was found on germany, ramses bed, you can see it in a crime scene. Photos now, supposedly this bear his gone missing sense and the I looked for days, because I thought this was as important.
as germany saying that she's gonna be visit by santa claus after christmas now one course that I found said that this bear was actually bought for member how she one miss christmas. they said that a lot of the people participating got these santa claus bears, but these bears looked very somewhere to the bears that Since then, a bill would carry round, and even ass kids hung about him, hey c. This bear. Doesn't this look, like what you're dead carries around like that looks pretty much identical to something he would carry around. So I find that odd way Another thing about santa bill is. when you're asleep, and yes, your thirty
miles away, so you'd have to get in your car. That's a long drive if everybody else is asleep as long as you get back before they wake up you're good to go. So I don't really count them As a solid alibi, I question the alibi as well: there's no asean, his wife, but yeah, and I I have point out that it was investigated by many, and that includes you know bolder detectives. It includes journalist and includes the private investigators, I mean it's a lot of different people coming from a lot of different angles. They did investigate that alibi. The poor, home is I don't know what investigated the alibi means. That's the only statement given I dont have oh We don't have confirmation that says all these eighteen. And people or these different agencies all can confer
without question that these five to seven people can account for bills whereabouts for the night of christmas. now my says it was investigated, but I have to believe that they buy that statement that they believe it to be. True, but I wanted a little more than then just that and then regarding his the kidnapping of his daughter and her friend twenty two years to the day right, again. That is another situation, one because his nineteen seventy four there is very low information about that particular crime other than its unsolved, so I dont know if they had reason to believe that they knew who did it. They had a really good suspect. In that case, and likely there is a chance that if the other girl was the
one that was molested she have made may have been in fact that the target its it, but that the thing that you can't get over and if anybody tells me that they can get a get over it, let's sit down and have a beer, because twenty two years to the day, their story sixty five days in a year, and it happens on the same date that is friggin weird to me It sounds like something that you would see in a mood you or or or fixed fictional ized version of of some kind of crime right in it, but it's called the santa bill. I don't know, I don't think we have any no you're right. You have no evidence of that. That would be way out about right, but it's also but he's creepy to me. Man
he's creepy, but our europe allow can write it by. On top of that, we know with pedophiles, I put themselves in situations to be around children which he is doing and the fact that he also would be goin to adult so where's video stores. It's me. I don't have a problem with that, issue, is the fact that your wife didn't know about it that becomes creepy to me. The thing- that's that's odd about that to me is he like he doesn't try to hide this from police. I think they found out on their own and they presented to him and he he was embarrassed, but they there they His reaction. Wasn't that of somebody that's guilty of anything more than that particular action. They believed he was just barest, one for four People, knowing this and his staff
meant to them now mind you. This has not been released to the public as far as the details go but his general lie statement to the detectives was it he has some type of fantasy that the he's not his wife is unaware of that. There is some. He's he's been in two for a long time by at heads with that, I was gonna say like kids. Well, I don't know what that would. What the fantasy is. My guess is that the detectives do being here: purchasing things at an adult bookstore, they usually don't they sell things that involve children. I mean we know that, but I we have to wonder is his fantasy, something that that the detectives did not find to be relevant.
a case yeah made because when you have some homosexual tendencies are or fantasies and and and then they go while that doesn't line up but again where's the evidence of whatever he's stating and, like you said. Yes, they don't sell child pornography at at adult bookstores. But if Europe, if you're, making claim to throw them off the saint in any way, how's this backed up and We have this situation again where, if Jon Benet ramsay ate pineapple with the intruder that the intruder would be somebody that she would have known and also felt comfortable with, and I also think what a great way to show up in her santa outfit n
therefore, even if John or patsy woke up yeah you're a little odd and yeah I'll take some discussing. they might never invite you back to their house, but you could go I told her. I was going to visit her side his eye. I got a key and houses. Let myself fan and leave her gift and even though they claim that these bears were bought for this pageant. I can confirm that other than Some simple line on some internet thread and to me it's very odd that there's this ban, that neither one of the parents know about, and now it's missing and we have a police department that I think it was so focused putting this on the parents that they didn't,
a good enough job working on these other suspects. I also think with the handwriting. pulls we don't have any fingerprints or dna, that I know of on the letters so we can assume that this individual was writing these letters with some kind of glove on well. How much does that glove alter their handwriting? and so, unless you're, giving people handwriting samples where you making them where a certain type a glove. I don't think you're gonna get the correct answers there, and then they say- and this is the ass asinine, then I heard from law enforcement, probably in the whole case. Well We also ruled out saying a bell because he had a heart condition, so he physically couldn't do this ok well, and I was telling you about this local detective. I.
Sit down and talk with them about the ramsay case, and I was saying yeah the santa bill. There's a lot of things that line up to make him look like the best suspect and even the da at some point said, ays the best suspect or believe that she thought he was the best suspect for awhile and this detective went on to tell me that they have a case where everything was point into this gentleman. but he was in very bad health condition and he was actually walking with two keynes so, the more and more they're gone. We think it's this guy, but he physically couldn't do it So they brought a man had em, take a lie: detector. He fails. And then he amidst the whole crime, gives a full confession and then they have to fit-
why? How were you able to do this? It was a sexually motivated crime and the dreadful in we gave this guy the strength to do it. The wire was more. Then, where this desire was more than their the pain, the or the physical them patient and see. I would also argue to that. You go right this note this this ransom. No. I also think that the ransom no proves that so my had some idea about writing they put, too many commas, and therefore some simple criminal so
You have this girl down in the basement and, like I said to you, I dont know see with the growth that is going to determine how hard you can strangle the person, not your physical limitations, the great help through Now the growth based on most autopsies or the way people look at the hot topsy, the choking wasn't to kill her. The choking was for sexual gratification. There was a sexual act, so that's where I wonder did did say bill put germany ramsay into that suit case and then try to give that suit case out window or try to move or at some point and drop. Sir. creating the fracture around the scar,
at. Some point goes on. I can't physically marry her out of here. So now I just have to leave. So I think the physical limitations can come into play because you'll have to carry on down to the basement, because you're saying bill and she felt comfortable and she showed you the basement before he could do say. Hey. Can you show me the basement again and now you're at the crime scene? regarding I gotta go. Go through your stuff here, real quick before we move on. If I find you in my house, in the middle of the night, there's no explanation: you're getting a free ride to the county, jail and you're, going to get to stay the night there for free as well. but I get windows. I know you're, not you're, going leave my house, an ambulance. If yours, if you're at the kitchen table with my daughter,
at midnight, one o clock dress as santa claus. You're gonna be going to the hospital, The other thing that I I won a kind of echo here captain is, I dont know How well you can trust these handwriting say both to eliminate someone, I'm with you. I think it's a very soon should they use that word while we we analyze so ensues handwriting and determined that they did not write the letter, that they made patsy ramsay rate. The note over four times, one of John Ramses worker partners- merriman. They were had him right it over seven times, so they just take one sample from bill or more. What what you want to do in those situations as an investigator is you want to collect a hand, writing sample that you believe to be something that this person rope
for your they're asking them to write something for you re so, and we know that did happen in the case of john and patsy ramsay, we that it did happen in some of the other suspects or people that were looked at as well, but where I'm going with this whole, how can we eliminate somebody with the handwriting sample to just kind of echo your point, one there is very strong reason to believe that the author was wearing gloves at the time that they wrote this letter. There's also reason to believe- and this is based off of the experts opinion. This is not dumb, nick crispy colonel the notorious- and I see here in the garage you come up with the with a stupid opinion, but the experts have stated
did they have reason to believe that its possibly author by a right handed individual that was choosing to write the letter left handed. They believed this so much that date conducted a stir. To determine how long it would take a right handed person to write this letter left handed the average time that they came out with, was thirty five minutes That's copying the no from unknown, that you would have brought with you or in this case, for the purpose of these tests that they were conducting their looking at ransom letter in copying it then, with their left hand,. I want to get too much into the no because we have already shown, you can get wrapped up in a two hour conversation about the notice, so I I was again. I just want to point out that I think that is very difficult and I think it's actually irresponsible to say that you're, going to eliminate people based off of handwriting sample and to your point is well captain despair
If you have somebody that you ve only collected one sample from them the dollars. Then I want to point out is that I was reading a lot of speculation and came from multiple internet sources that after the murder. Santa bill would talk about that. He also had a member how John Bernay was his, actual friend. They didn't have too many special friends, but he had a special friend earlier and I've. I've looked everywhere for this I have found names, but I can't find any proof of this at all other than he was saying that he had another special friend that was actually murdered. I think five years before and was a seven year old boy again. I found two different names for that seven year old boy, but I cannot find any proof that this boy exist
or was murdered or anything I shied away from that on purpose, because some the information I found suggested that the the child was was sick, was terminally ill them and passed away from some type of illness, which is fine. But when you go round table a bunch of people that you had another special friend that was murdered, that's a little strange if they weren't murdered, while if, in fact he said that, if the if the child died of of an illness he's not going to be telling people that again, I do want to point out, we don't have any real, strong evidence here. Saint bill truly does weird me out the more look at him the more he weird me out- and I don't just mean I'm not talking about appearance, I'm talking about actions and and things surrounding. Him in his name as it relates to this case,
I would love to sit down for a couple of beers or even a couple cup of coffee with the dossier that, said this was my heart odyssey. This was my prime suspect I want to know why this particular dossier below that they could not eliminate him. after so many others say that you could I do I do. very much, or should it be look when when we know for a fact, that their releasing information to the media stating that it had to be inside job, because there's no footprints I have seen all these idiots on mine say. While you know there was no footprints and it's as simple, as did you see all the photos of that day and when you find out, That not only is there a roadway that goes up to two driveway that goes to the house that has all these
I'd walks that have no snow on it. Why don't you just not walk through the grass its it for me that they would put out this information knowing that its false. Well, there was no footprints in the snow. So therefore I had to be inside job but you're, not tom, the full story. It's not fully covered in snow. So it is drives me nuts and then so all these other unlock it Saying that the ramses are innocent, what I'm saying is that you have to investigate everybody equally, and it doesn't seem like that happened here too, are you saying is full of shit law enforcement and the police
I was talking about the district attorney. I want to know why this district attorney says and publicly states that at one time this guy was my prime suspect. I would love to know what their basing that off of in comparison to what law enforcement was basing off that weaken a limit. This guy I do even as weirdest is as I feel, about santa bill. I do question the likely of his involvement, and I will I will echo some of their opinion stating that I I dont believe that he was in the best physical condition having heart surgery just five months before the murderer right. I also one thing that that I wonder about two: when we talk about having physical evidence in this case mind you, yes, the crime scene is: contaminated. I'm. I will believe nothing other than that statement right there. One hundred per I think everybody involved, even though
It's that are above, say, hey bonuses contaminated we're talking about an individual that has a long white beard. That's not. Why did we didn't have a hundred people walk in their home that night or that next morning, They had a long white beard. Bay, with a beard to me, it's not the hair. So much of the beard, meaning luck, if you're not carrying her, then chances are the heroin and get on her, but if there, if we believe that there was a sexual assault that we believe that that they would find something, I think would be more likely that they would find some kind of dry skin, because the beard will really dry out your skin, and so that would find some kind of dry skin. That would link him
Not so much a hair and then with the hairy, even if you found a hair, you have the argument that too, is beforehand or on the twenty third that this person is in the house as individuals in the house, and that we give you reason if that you'd find their dna or fingerprints anywhere correct. But for me if it was an intruder, They killed job in aid. The only way that works is that there was a sexual assault this means there was a violent and physical struggle that took place at some place? Some point in that home, very likely in that wine cellar and that where I would suspect, define more physical evidence of are offender in regards to jesse Mc Reynolds.
We mention his kidnapping conviction that that's what kind of put him in front of the police his eyes and it certainly sounds interesting, but I think that we should point out that the that charge that can be sure of kidnapping. It sounds much more ominous than a truly was the facts of that case for my internet and captain he held up a gas station, rob the play. I'm just a little more than one hundred dollars any used a gun during the commission of that robbery and he moved the clerk basically from one side of the building or restore to the other side and at the time in arizona there all their savings. If you move a person from point aid
will be using a weapon. You ve technically kidnapped that no individual, so where, where I go to, if this was Intruder, one of the motives may have been actual kidnapping right, so it makes this guy. An interesting. However, that is not what his his previous charge and conviction was was for it's a very, very different type of So, while we are on the subject, I think that is a good segue way to our next possible suspect or someone who was considered a suspect at some point gary merriment Gary Merriman was access, graphics, director of human resources, he publicly has stated that he felt tat. He was a suspect. He previously worked fourteen years and criminal justice as a psychologist, including years at the flu.
The department of corrections, he's kind of a natural fit. I think for at least some questioning by police. Of course, detectives are going to look into individuals working for working with access graphic, He is also the man, the answer, the phone the morning of what was believed at the time to be a kidnapping when John Ramsay called his work informing them as to what was going on or what he believed was going on. I think fair for merriman to say that he considered himself a suspect not because he considers himself to be guilty of anything or look suspicious. He stating that that the actions of the detectives indicated to him that he must be considered a suspect, but I think they had em give over seven handwriting samples. He was question
multiple times he gave, as you stated at least seven handwriting samples. He also provided police with his fingerprints. He gave blood and he gave hair as well I can't find any documentation to state that the any of this evidence would be a match to evidence collected at the sea. there have been many reports and state that rigour. The handwriting analysis that merrymen could not be ruled out as a possible author of the ransom letter, yeah I've actually seen that he was on the higher spectrum. As far as a match goes higher than even pansy rooms. It was- and I know we just it or I just said that. I think it is irresponsible to say we have eliminated somebody based off of handwriting analysis, but we should point out that And of all the handwriting samples that they took most of it
people were quote unquote now or eliminated right, and then we have very few that that state on the list of people we cannot rule out now merriman, just like several other people in this case who were questioned multiple times or request for multiple handwriting samples asked by police he's one of several that that stood up in his own defence to the police. In said something to the effect of you know, I'm here assisting you and cooperating in your investigation. Where are the ramses? What are they doing at this time? You ve talked to me multiple times. You ve asked me for this this in this, and I have provided this this in this to you. What is went on with the case that that they are not being looked at some of the individuals. I believe that they truly just felt that they were being treated unfairly and the eyes of the detectives in the pool
Now Gary Merriman is not an individual that John Ramsay told the police that they should look into, but Jeff Merrick is somebody and has also somebody that carry merriman said the police should lie. into the air, and the basic story of Jeff Merrick is he's in X, axis graphics, employee? he met John Ramsay and nineteen. Seventy one. He knew him for a very long time. He met him when they both worked at eighty and tea and columbus ohio. Now. He was one of the individuals that helped ramsay start access or whatever the micro, south or whatever I called at the time he quit and ninety ninety six. This is when, according to merrick, when the the company was in trouble, and the ram and ramsay needed a cut some salaries. So he says access graph,
owed him one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars. That's an interesting amount. Apparently they settled and he did receive half of that much he did: file ethics violations with corporate headquarters at lockheed martin, which owned access, graphics,. according to the book death of innocence on page sixty six, this is John ramses words Jeff Merrick, who had threatened to bring me an axis graphics down when he left the company and ninety ninety six as you are pointing out captain, this is an individual, the john amazon names by name on day, one when asked by police and detectives do you have any enemies while yeah, because he was making threats till now, so he name's Jeff Jeff Merrick as an enemy. We have John sorry Gary merriman for for the last four weeks, I've been wanting to call that guy John merriman
name's gary neck. It's scary anyway. Gary Merriman says that Jeff Merrick would be an enemy as well. And then we have natural natura. Is patsy's mother Ok, when she is asked for a list of suspects, she included Jeff Merrick and his vicious wife, which is Kathy Merrick one little known fact inside this story that the that I think gets law and I dont know how important it is. But it's interesting for the make up of the company and the make up of john success and patsy and her family in relationship to john success. Her father was
very much involved in all of John Ramses businesses. Ok, he helped ramsay, as, as did patsy helped John set up his businesses in it only when his company was in trouble financially, it was patsy's father that bailed him out with alone and to further that at one p, We have his father in law: John ramses, father law, patsy ramses, father working for John ramsay, so this statement by natural from patsy's mother is not just simply somebody who's on the outside. Looking in who just overheard this from John and patsy right This is somebody that has insider knowledge of these going on and access graphics turning to cathy american Jeff. Eric their alibi for the night in question. Is they visited Kathy
brother in law in aurora collar ato and then visited dick in diane foot and they home around eight p m watch tv and then went to bed so not a great alibi and the stuff that I see in. Me here, captain states that they did not cooperate in the sense of giving fingerprints blood hair handwriting samples. I couldn't find a confirmation that those things were provided from Jeff Merrick too the authorities? I will say this- he was questioned multiple times and he did answer their questions and he too I gary merriment was one that said. I here. Answering your questions. Where is John Ramsay? He's accused me of this of being a suspect. And I'm reading in the papers that you guys are unable to speak to the Ramsay family, were they able to test his dna? To do you know?
The information that I have states it, none of that was provided to police, but they pretty much common rolled him out I again, I know have any information stating that they ruled them out there. Formation. I have states, he was question and multiple times to which he ultimately ended getting confrontational with them in the end, because he's reading paper and seeing on tv that the ram These are untouchable and they won't answer the police's questions. But here you are disrupting my personal life right by asking me the same questions on several occasions. Both a guy Chris wolf jezreel aim. Is robert christian wolf he's an extremely interesting to me for a number of reasons. One here, somebody that was on the internet. all of the ramses or on the inner circle of access, graphics, Zuleika, unknown intruder. He comes to our attention from his girlfriend his girlfriend Jackie delson. She
comes forward to police and states because remember there is a time that's going on here, where the police, And the ramses are asking the public for their help, so she comes forward to border police and states. Did Chris Wolfe was out all night long regarding the night in question and when he came home he was covered in mud and he was acting extremely strange. This is all her opinion. Obviously, The weird connection he may have is this kind of furthers this suspicion along here is this same girlfriend adds that he should be considered a suspect in the death in the murder of suzanne chase who was killed December twenty first nineteen. Ninety seven wolf apparently do
did suzanne chase at some point. His knowledge regarding the mcs or the case itself. He was a journalist who worked as a reporter for colorado daily and for the boulder county business reports. Currently he interviewed cheryl Mcgraw, who is a secretary at access, graphics, he comes onto our radar again by a tip from his girlfriend at the time it states here now. This is his own claims, so I cannot back up, but Wolfe was a guest on the o reilly factor. was from may of two thousand two thousand where he dates in his interview that he did provide fingerprints and hair and handwriting samples. Again, that's his claims. The weird thing about Chris wolf, though
his alibi is completely the opposite statement from his girlfriends Chris Wolf says I in bed early, approximately nine, thirty or ten p m. I did not wake up or get up or go out until the next morning when, according to the book, perfect murder, perfect town, it does state that Chris Wolf did provide his dna and it was not a match for what they were. Looking for. the next one we're going to have to call the unknown suspect, and this is in reference to a crime, her just nine months after job, and I was murdered. This takes place in an affluent part of bolder, not terribly far from the ramses home a mother and her twelve year old daughter came home from the movies they are alone in their home. It's late. The mom sets the burglar alarm and goes to bed and intruder crept into the girls
He put his hand over the girls mouth said the girls name and told her. He knew her. He starts a sexual assault and its believed he was working toward a possible abduction of this girl as well, but the mother she wakes up she hears noises and goes to or die the room. She sees the man, he runs. Any goes out of a bedroom window jumps off the roof to. ground below and fleas the area the man was dressed in all black from head to toe and wearing a mask. This twelve year old girl attended the same dance studio as job and ate the dance west studio Person has never been identified and we have the father of the victim who says he believes that the intruder may have already been hiding inside the home
When the mother and daughter returned to the house just waiting there to attack this girl, roofs in that and a lot of different cases seems to me like that. As a great lead and something that law enforcement should have followed up on more because we have that connection of the dance studio in and having especially a predator. That is able to go to a place that he knows that kids are going to be at. He can walk in there freely base, stock, these individuals and then attack on their home, the dance studio very well could have nothing to do with that attack raise a weird connection to getting us back to job. In his case their home not being terribly far from the ramses, the rain, the second crime taking place just nine months, later. Those are all very weird things that really put a chance at this
under is somehow in the the circle of the ramses or the neighbourhood or that dance studio. is really truly interesting, and the other thing to I want to point out for me anyway. If the intruder three in the ramsay case is in fact correct. Then I believe that we need to have a and level of criminal sophistication. Where here we have that in this particular crime, we see somebody that is good. At getting into the home, they got close to the assault that they were seeking. Potential abduction of this girl, and they were able to flee the area without being identified. So there is some sophistication there way back in two thousand and four Aaron Moriarty reported the following: the boulder district attorney investigators having completely ruled out anyone and have a list of people
like to talk to reportedly more than one hundred names? It's a list that still includes Gary Bolivia. and anyone who can shed more light on the mysterious death of Michael helge off, and that includes their friends and associates that investigator strongly consider people of interest there is now what is believed to be a complete dna profile of been a ramses killer. Unknown mail. There is strong evidence that he may have had an accomplice in that he may have tried to kill again a really great way to listen to true crime garage and check out all of our old episodes is the free sticker app
a really great other show to listen to its called off the record, it's our other show its on sticker premium. You can go true crime garage dot com to learn more about both of those. Thank you. Everyone for joining us in the garage today. Please join us again tomorrow for episode. Six until then be good, be kind and don't the.
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