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KURT COBAIN ////// 33


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This is neck and the captain for all of our old episodes and for bonus shows go to the itunes store search. crime garage. Now, let's get liquor garage The.
welcome to true crime garage wherever you are whatever you are doing, thanks for listening, I'm your hosts, nick and with me is a man. That's been trapped in your heart shaped box for weeks. The captain hello had allow, has allowed, have low b c, I wanted to do a little case up day before we get into the kirk obeying case I was adding to the missing mara Murray podcast couple weeks ago now we cover the morrow murray case a few weeks ago, and this information was on their show after we had already put together our show, but there was something they revealed that I thought there we got to discuss this because we want to talk about this in one of our shows. Now, captain you know what it is that I'm about to tell you if you, if you guys, having checked out that podcast check out the latest one
anyway. They reveal that there was a cabin up in the white hills near the area that mar Mary went missing from now. This cabin was used by the university of of you, mass, the- u mass students, mainly the track team from my understanding now this places they would go as a get away, and sometimes there were some pretty big parties up there from my understanding. Now you have to correct, No, no, I'm I'm behind on them. Maura, Murray, missing, maura, Murray, podcast, okay, but here's the thing that blew my mind. You know we were talking about different theories in that case and there was a a man in the case hussein baghdadi now who was he he's the assistant track coach for the umass track team? That mara was a part of now he has come out and he said that they had had sex on numerous occasions and that they had partied together well
I think this makes him a very interesting character in this case. I am here is a cabin that was frequented by people of the track team, and I was I was actually talked in one of my boys that teaches or coaches college soccer online, and we trying to now get the record of the coaches. Coaches in the players have to keep a log of there five times in their own time zone. So well, forget, get that information soon. So he told you they have to keep a log of everything he wants to know where the logs are for the? U mass tracking, wa particularly the coach We need to know where you were dead exactly and we could figure out where he sat. That time. So captain am crazy. Is it so that it is a ludicrous to think that, maybe if she was traveling in tandem, maybe she travelled up there with hussein bag, daddy
I mean they party, together before they have Billy, had some kind of relationship. I was thought it was odd that he came out so willy nilly, you know yet he's been pretty forthcoming about their relationship. The other thing to you know James render pointed out the morrow could have been pregnant, that he has suspicions that, if it's a possibility that she might be pregnant, while of course we immediately made the leap and thought while the baby must be Billy's right and I think rendered thought the same thing. What here's a crazy idea for you? What if it's Hussein bag daddy's anything is possible. My friend anything is possible centre, I am shocked that they didn't investigate this more who'd, you know twelve, whether at twelve years ago that when she went missing this as they should have been investigating this, then they do
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the one for today in say is if you It'd
Adele soil again, Kennedy was the likud was formally. He always is getting everybody. Twenty a review of the persistent sunken business That is to you, I really think it takes away the need to read this, considering that it's interesting to view the details for what you ought to say asphalt. really loud. The other wordings for the current quarter would curses of the year
it's my first introduction to the show he said: ethics involved with independence and the abrasive, and if your community has proven to be very true, I haven't felt the excitement of listening to as well as creating music, really writing something. For ten years now, I feel guilty beyond words about these things. For example, we're backstage and the lights go out in the medic worth a crap, because it doesn't affect me the way in which it did for Freddie mercury who seemed to relish the love and adoration of the crowd, well, kirk, so fucking what they do be a rock star, asshole, something I can totally admire. The fact is, I can't for you anyone it simply isn't fair to you or to be the worst crime I can think of would be to pull people off by faking it.
if I had to get hundred percent, but the worst credit I can think of is for you to just continue peter rugs when you fucking hate it just fucking stop for curbs a bill, as I should have put into it. Before I walk out on stage. I've tried everything in my power to appreciate it, edit to kind of believe me. I do, but I'd appreciate that it has affected the educate, a lot of people. It must be one of those nurses who really appreciate eggs with their load sensitive. I need be set up in order to regain the as child the three tours they've had a bunch of better appreciation of other people like them personally and his fans of our music, but I still can't get out the presentation together. The apathy I have for everybody get it all of us,
I simply love people to batch, so why did he just fucking day service that it makes me ill to frederick sad? the british didn't pay for these pieces of shit Y to just enjoy it. I do think it was the same person that, thanks to be in the business, The is this good, very great thing to separate and become hateful towards all humans in general only because it seems so easy for people to get larger. Have empathy. Empathy on the cause of the people
is the fear of matters that concern during the last years. Humans have been erratic. Moody goes into the past the sooner the better. Don't remember this, because this is a fucking lie. It's better fade away.
Is love at the Kurt Cobain, there's more personal things that are done to your damn business interests, or this is all bullshit. That was the eighties conflict. Bullshit, it doesn't work, it's not real. It doesn't work that way, instead of random house, have the initiative back in the day and feel better. It made me feel better. We should have read panther, boy you tell your parents? Have you ever tried to pull should become a desert. Forget work, that's what I think Not bad,
the same way you do sir. You guys it, could I have a barrier listen to people, That idea. With his brother people I wake up in the morning because he started to say just tell him he's a fucker
if you're a fucker, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,. Kirk Cobain Cobain was born february, twentieth. Nineteen sixty seven, it aberdeen washington he passed away at the age of twenty seven and nineteen. Ninety four, how what that makes him captain part of the twenties having club. What is the twenty seven club well heres a list of some notables on the twenty seven club. It's basically rock stars that died at the age of twenty seven, some of the notables are pete ham com
belle was from the ban big star? Amy, worn house. She died of alcohol poisoning janet joplin. We all know who she is. Brian jones? He was now. This is what your favorite bands I lie. The rolling stock and he was kind of, I guess the utility man he could play a bunch of different. obviously there very old now so he was in the band a long time ago if he passed away at the age of twenty seven. But there is also there speculation and in his death as well that that that could have been murdered that that some of the members current members of the stones wanted him out law. No, actually, what happened was he got kicked out and a month after he got kicked out his found in his poor, I believe it was, is found in his poor young high on heroin or somethin Robert Johnson. The protein know him famous blues, guitar player allowed people know
were johnson as the guy that sold him his soul to the devil. At the crossroads at across buzz because dora goes with that guy. Is, he wasn't that good of a player and he goes away for a year, or so we comes back. Skills went through the roof and ambitious goal. What the hell's going on his top by the debt, So, but a lot of believe, a people believe that Robert Johnson was actually poison by a jealous husband, make some way something in his drink Jim Morrison, which we all now as well. The lizard king yeah and that's also maybe a heart attack. Maybe de. Maybe went missing the other one is Jimi hendrix and his pride. The meal famous one also allow, handed guitar player now. Did you know that a lot of people believe that Jimmy hunter was murdered as well. I didn't know that an out actually to cover them
case some day, but you could you could make an argument that Kircher bain might be the most famous person on that list. Or a close second to Jimi hendrix yeah. It is, I think, music is as tougher re. Has there france or their time. I mean anyway, that's older than us, as politicians, say all know, Jimi hendrix, but as far as our our time goes, I think her commands, probably the biggest one on that list in the wild thing about current was he became such an icon in such as big huge rock monster and really he was only known for three years. You know they ve been came up a household name and ninety ninety one and by ninety four he was dead, love people argue because you always have those friends that are like. I discovered their band way back the day everybody knows somebody that discovered nirvana ways. Tat, basically win smells like teens bear. It came out that's when the holly,
closure happening. I wasn't just nirvana, but the whole grunge scene in general, just really kind of took off I heard somewhere that they call them part of the big for which our own over the other four of the garage would be I'm guessing. Pearl jam are the big for ban so yeah, I would guess Nirvana pearl jam, sound garden may be stone. Temple, pilots, yeah! Listen! If you had to pick form me off the top of my head. That's what I'd go with. I think sound garden got popular before nirvana, Well, there's going to be a lot of hate mail. Somebody is going to we left somebody yeah. We don't for the record. We don't know who the big four is supposed to write, but that's that's what came to to me, but obviously we're big fans of alternative music or in the day, the old all the good It came from the garage supposedly when it came to grunge music by anyway, Kurt Kobe,
As we said, born February twentieth, nineteen sixty seven in aberdeen washington, Aberdeen washington, was very much a blue collar town kind of downtrodden full, taverns and bars, and the out what I heard was for every bar. There was a brothel hooker house in which I was pretty yeah, but it like rains. They are constantly. So you have to find indoor activities which I guess it means being drunk in a bar or being a drunken whore. You say it rains all the time. One of the cool things about one of the docks I saw was one of his friends made the comment that she was like how Aberdeen like. for ten years and it was until the eleventh year that actually went there and it didn't rain. So I thought that was pretty interesting for the most part I mean other than what it sounds like aberdeen being a bit of a boring place to grow up. It sounds like Kurt a pretty normal childhood until
at the time that his parents got divorced and seem to be pretty upset about the divorce and embarrassed about the divorce somewhat. Grandpa said is basically and out aberdeen am. I am certain that correctly Aberdeen Aberdeen sigh Aberdeen is, if you lived on the hill, that you were somebody and if you don't live on the hell you're, nobody and once his parents got divorce, he tonnages. went through this crisis of not having a family filling embarrassed about it, this kind of rome, the town if you go there now, there's a bridge that is and one in the songs in there's a bunch of la spray pay and stuff lovey curtain all that stuff. To live with his father after the divorce and his father remarries and would have to children with his new wife, and this pushed her away. he felt a little alienated it that the the father that he he needs.
The or wanted to be close to was now closer to his new family. Let's call them and This kind of pushed him away from his father in from the rest of his family, now. His mother did date. After the divorce she became involved with an abusive relationship one that was so abusive to the point where Kurt had actually seen mothers, boyfriend break her arm. One point so some heavy duty stuff there, yeah. What one of the things that I thought was sad was he didn't feel like he had a place to go. He would come Voters, grandparents this thing out and we're talking about like we said a town that is, it rains all the time and he was known to frequent the library and hang on. Libraries is dry and despair. Time is wasting time basically, and then he also would be found in the hospital. Could he figured out altogether,
hospital where I was born in and await in the waiting room that people will just assume. I'm there you know just sport. a family member, that's in the hospital- and they get a hang out there all day here and it's not too long after the divorce after the father new family did Kurt becomes pretty involved and drugs and alcohol during his team. years. He's crazy about music tries to play just about every instrument is given a guitar, I think, from his uncle at a buddy named dave, that actually was arm Guy was arm. Why with minister actually got kurt two days Dave reed. I think that says they now anger, baptized in the. He is called dave. Ned flanders, from the simpsons but what was interesting to me was she get this kid that is basically roman. Around town
steam time were from a small town, little south. Columbus and one were growing up. There wasn't a lot to do. some it gives you a guitar Richard said, qatar is the never ending videogame, because being pick it up and learn something new on every day? And I think that's what got Kurtz involved in music was here- is now this outlet They get so much artistic outlet as just pure boredom and unless is a this is a tool to not be bored. I think it was both, though I think it was a. He was a guy that liked to create. I think he was creative. I think it was marya and he you know he painted he. He dude already drawled it from from from a very young age, and he too to pick up all these instruments, also hurdy coloured and calm and
He fell in love with punk music and he would eventually try to join a local banned or a one of the bigger bans and the area called the melvin. I believe he was he didn't make the cut. Let's say so. He decided to start his own band and after several different names, He was actually up late night watchman come like a dog memory on buddhism and saw The term nirvana took that for their name, so he warms the band nirvana and they released their first album bleach, which came out nineteen, eighty nine now after changing drummers, thus adding David girl, everybody knows David girl from the foo fighters and a historic nirvana with christian nova selleck. Yes, the base play and once was always the base player factually and multiple members that went in and out of the band for their lives,
the near stent or whatever, but are but yet those the three notable ones and after adding David girl to the ban vodka is signed by a big record label, gaffin records and and ninety ninety one. They changed the world with their release of the album, never mind the little baby floating down very controversial, remember because the the the the naked we in the pool reads like swimming trying to catch the dollar bill, and controversial because of making a baby venus on your album. Our wines, I'm glad you said about me. I don't think you goodbye it that way while more alone came right, naked baby, penis hate mail to neck do so true crime garage dotcom anyway, it was a huge album T. Ninety one never mind early. Ninety. Ninety two cook aven married the front woman of another grunge rock band- and this is Courtney love a lot love
was pregnant with Kurtz baby before the wedding and on august eighteenth courtney gave birth to couples only child, daughter, france. Being Cobain in nineteen, ninety two and vanity fair article loved made that she used heroin during the pregnancy, but this was only before she knew that she was in fact pregnant, because of this news. L a county would take the couples baby away from them for about four weeks, and I mean who knows, she was, I mean you know it. Gonna come out eventually, but Tom were done with those that I mean I've. Finally, her to be earned disgusting I piece of shit well, there's plenty of time to discuss that. But, after after kurt and Courtney give some pushback and they go to fight the allegations, they are given back custody of frances bean and this- has been- is now a pretty talented artists herself. They made
interested in that kind of stuff. So, let's ass forward to ninety ninety. For this be the year they kirk obeying, passes away and we're not gonna music doc. Exactly this the age, one behind the muse well, maybe I mean depends on how much they want a bath yeah. So in the Early part of march of, t ninety four kurt and meet up with court me in rome, ITALY, and this is where we saw this on mtv news when we were kids, this was the accident Overdose of kirk Cobain he had taken god only knows how many pills that I think is pain, pills now, com, it was rohypnol which is, I think, a sleep medication, ah so kind of like a heath ledger thing, but I'm sure, if you take enough it, it could work on pain as well as supposedly. This was mixed with yeah a little bit of alcohol or maybe a lot of alcohol- I don't know, but but the story that we are told, is that Courtney woke up in the.
tell room and she finds Kurt passed out and he's He is hanging on by a thread. Social calls and gets here see there and they take him to the hospital lived he's in the house, for about five days. There's a report that he was in a coma, not certain how long that coma took place, but regardless he was in the hospital for five days, and she may have saved his life. Who knows about smartly a week or so later hurt. Cobain gets the police called on him. Courtney COS, the police on him, because she says that he is wholly in a room and he's high unease a gun, unease locked himself in this room. Now this is when the police show up they confront him. Is it's not really there? big of a deal This is when they take away Kurtz guts march, twenty fifth, ninety, ninety four courtney love and a bunch of
friends they get together and they do in intervention with Kirk obey arrogant one. I have not been too I seen him on t v. You know on t v, they portray it as, like you, you kind of say it's my way or the highway right like either. You get cleaned up well you're, not gonna, be in my life anymore. Now I don't know how they conducted there's or how that went down, but Well, maybe that's what corner was talking about in the trailer like the trailer. Was this her reading the suicide note and then at the end, to talk about that eighties, tough, love, shit, doesn't work frame body to go home and tell your parents that don't try to show me. I wonder if that's what you're talking about She could have been an one thing that didn't make any sense to me. One thing that I do think we should point out: is you know when you talk about when these people talk about conspiracy, that recording recipes or talk about that? Maybe courtney love or somebody else- was responsible for kurtz death and then it was a suicide, they always bring how he was suicidal
there's a lot of people that would report friends and in such would say he was not suicidal. They didn't know him to be suicidal, but nobody arguing that he was having a terrible addiction problem. He was, he was did the heroin. He was doing a lot of it. He was making often staying in hotel rooms getting high and so that couldn't be disputed. Lemme, go on the record and say something out of this. I kept thing in this over and over and over today, because looking up any information. If you think he committed suicide. We have wars and hours and hours of footage of him doing any views and in lyric and all this stuff that I can poor from and say, look use depressed. You know so. Therefore I if he committed suicide said. Therefore, here's all this evidence- and he said this one thing- an interview, two years beforehand and that's a clue. Now
think that he was murdered. There's vanished, looking at stuff is by other people were stuff in interviews that he said start going while he has over his drug addiction. He was there's all that you see what I'm saying I think, that's why some these celebrity cases are so hard to they get read on cancer, so much stuff and its light did then he sat a year before matter at all. Who knows you know like Was he being real or was he playing the part of the rocks and I that's what a lot of his friends would say. You know. Yes, there were suicide in things discussed in his music, but they say you know, just his music. That was in that was kind of grunge music the I know, but I think those into anyway that has dealt with depression, you have.
A way that you are around your friends? Your way that you're on your family? Even if you seem a little moby, you know sometimes people say wine and see this coming ma, because they see you at your dark his time than it see you when you're just buyers, How can you don't have to you just let everything girl, you don't have to be a certain way for anybody, and so are things that we can speculate with. Kirk obey my will never know for sure. They have the intervention and at some point shortly afterwards, Kurt agree to go, seek rehab. Now this takes us to march thirtieth. Ninety ninety four in seattle, Washington hurt goes to and bakers, shooting and sports and buys a gun. Now this was the gun that his friend Dylan helped him purchase. Noun therapy that speculate? Why did dylan purchase it? White encourages purchase it. He he wasn't when they cover
hated. His guns didn't mean he couldn't purchase new gods, but Helen would say they Kurt believed that day he wanted deal I purchase it for him because he believed that they would come and take her to take it away if they knew that he purchased. So he purred This is a gun and I wasn't. There is some circulation that he wanted. It purchase, khazars break ins and in the area where it just bought a new home. Yet there was a burglary or some kind of break in in the area, and can I want anything from the wild wild west right? it's the west wild it is, but the minute while, while with lattes none, so what I did. You know I play with alarm musicians allotted in total musicians in it. I always thought I was interesting. You know for eating artist, would just thought being that, but obviously Kirk was into that later same day, that's when he's going to go off to rehab
his terrible heroin addiction? He then takes us light to LOS angeles, California and ex himself into a rehab clinic was go back rockwork, because in that I'll drive and them airport has grown to airport multiple times this is a normal driver. Yet he said, but an he realised that he is shells for the shock and yet still on him, and he says oh shit, can you take these back to my house in the driver would go on to say that the kurds seem very concerned that the gun that the the ammunition would make its way back to his house but yeah, but that that's an after the fact let us hope anyway easy, but you spent money on something. So who cares you wanted to go back to your house?
yeah. Maybe he stuffed some hair went down in that ammunition box. Who knows that it has in it? Maybe he had a shoot up on the way to the the airport for the rehab anyway, he's he's going to check himself into rehab, He checked himself into the exodus recovery centre to begin twenty eight day programme, as twenty thirty days who knows it? berries in every document. Twenty eight thirty, however long it takes now whenever down where's courtney love. It's all here: where's algorithm american Hernandez, socket. Now! Courtney. Love is an hotel, I believe yes she's doing her own recovery programme, and this is kind of aid. as a fair, let's say he kind of those of the eu, the kind of maybe you do drugs while you're recovering yeah. I know it's kind of controversial workers as
more of a self detox but yeah it's at the peninsula hotel and allay in anybody. That knows a peninsula hotel chain as one of the most exclusive in the world, so dollar to stay in that sweet. I'm sure, as today Kurt. It goes to accidents, extradition and luggage journal entries at the timer him. Basically, sickly talkin, a god. Can you help me get off this drugs? You know, even though therapists in this centre didn't believe he was really. Concern about getting off drugs and didn't really believe that he was a junkie here. I think Let me point out that may be Kurt really don't want to be there. I think. Maybe he felt he was forced into this by the intervention by may be his wife at the time that he was going off to maybe just do this to satisfy other people. Rather himself, however, key has mention two other people along the way it within the ask yourself: is life did did he
was battling an addiction in the EU. Wanted to get off drugs, or he may not have felt this way every day you know I have known other people that have had problems with drugs or alcohol, and sometimes they very much love having a problem with that drug that alcohol, our there does too high to read. is at all or to accept it well. He wouldn't make it for the twenty, eight or thirty or whatever it would take amount of days. He would have a short stay there, but during during that short stay, he would see his daughter she came to visit him for a little bit and there was also. It was reported that Courtney had to to contact him multiple times, while he was at the exodus recovery centre and he was not taking her calls It sounds like more than it more than a dozen calls to the recovery centre by Courtney. Love president when I hear sugar city voice here, ok,
What that I hate courtney love will come to our under on April. First, Kirk Cobain jumps the back wall outside of the egg exodus with her centre, and I find this funny discuss with their pets, said that the door like just down the hall yeah. This was one that you like check yourself in days like there is no security, he got, it is walked out yet or his family didn't commit him there. The police didn't take him in man and escort him into the recovery centre here, but you know he's kirk of any heap. He plays a set. Many smashes a guitar up against the drums set. You know in movies thinkin hey this is about this is the more rockstar way to go out jumped the wall or the other thing is. Maybe you need a little get away time? Maybe you're worried that courtney is gonna, get contacted, or somebody it would be gate getting contacted. You checked rattled, that's what I think it is more likely, but the therapies also said that if you walk out that door prowling about would notice for thirty minutes but
you're, a patient. You he's only been than there a a couple days right, so you know, he's just think. Now, let's make my exit there. He checked in on the thirtieth and he's out there on April first, so he wasn't in their very long at all and now he's at ellie acts and he's going to purchase a flight to take him back to seattle, washington. He. on the aeroplane and whose only I the plane, decisive next to MR duff, but kagan the base player from my. What am I favour, bans, guns and roses. We know his heads of my some bout with the heroin drugs and alcohol himself and they if they're in there they have a couple of drinks, and- and I thought it was funny one of the interviewers ask him: did you guys talk about your drug addiction? He goes
What do who talks about that? Well, not only that, like they're serving you alcohol on the plane, so I think that if you, if you start talking too loudly about your your drug addiction, they probably cut you off from alcohol and that's the only drug you can get and consume on the plane and I loved craig and, I think, he's one of the one of the more underrated basis walt, I know, think he's a great musician. I think, on top of that I mean, if you, if you read it his written work? I mean that guy is a super smart, but if you- if you are unfamiliar with the band, maybe you're more familiar with Keith richards from the from the rolling stones but death. My kagan too, is kind of like Keith richards, where you can look at death, my kagan ngo, yet guys had a drug problem at one point. Maybe he still hasn't from any kind of see it on him. You can guide us in our role as I am, but you know he superpower guide super smart guy, glad that he got clean and I think probably his sobriety has helped many,
So I I applaud him for that of course April. Third, this is easter sunday, after tat, contact several different private investigators. Courtney love calls the grant company and speaks with tom grant for the first time she wants to hire him to find her famous husband, Kurt Cobain, who has gone missing from the rehab center in l a and if you haven't watched soaked in bleach? It's it's a very interesting story. I'm not gonna say that it's all factual very entertaining. Nonetheless, in its one sided story in this, this in place out really funny to me, because they basically They do. Is they re an act alive, the scenes once the private investors? gets involved it's easter sunday. Why? Why? The hell? You haven't a meeting for your private investment gating
company anyways. He says that he was their discussing another case with some of the sum of his co workers and it sounds like they might have been running a skeleton crew or maybe the grant company. I believe it's called the grant company and if so, his last, aimed at our research from the well. His last name is Tom. His name is Tom grant, so maybe a his company and maybe that's his passion or whatever and he'd. He wasn't invited to easter sunday lunch. Yes, oh well, that's what I thought was analyzing was he gets phone call in you do what you know, my dear you open up the pen, a bad and you start taking now. No, and he doesn't know really who Courtney love is or who Kurt Cobain is or who nirvana is he got? He almost turns down the phone call at first, because she says I want to find my missing husband and he's and he's Some credit cards did that we have tried to use them cancelled dance, when Tom grant in
sir. Well, you might want to. If this is a credit card fraud case, you want to contact the police instead of me now or contact your credit card company and deal with it. That way she explains whom, though we are very famous, people and we want to handle it our own way down, think what he heard at that point, not tom. He. You know what sound he heard. teaching young areas that are changing very famous people sitting or sitting all People know who you are just seen: cash registers and his eyes, and there's look, there's nothing wrong with that you're gonna, be entrepreneurs earn you're running your own business. You gonna? U got now the feed so after being told by his please or is co workers who Courtney love incur Cobain? Are he agrees to take the case in greece to meet with courtney, love. I mean it? Nor arguably, at this point I mean I mean
private hate mail. For this comment and look I'm not comparing him John lennon, does everybody should now than alma huge huge beetles fan but at the time like that, he was that voice of that generation so I mean that I mean the minor. arguably, one of the biggest rock names at that time the nineties of course, now April. Fourth Kirk Cobain has gone rogue. Remember now he still missing so Kurt Cobain, mother files and missing persons. Were now. This is actually Courtney love the files it under name so end ass. She discusses this with Tom grudges. A little suspicious maybe she's under maybe she's in the spotlight and doesn't want to bring your into a who knows, but the Courtney love certainly acts fishy. At this stage,
in the proceedings as we had said, Kirk Cobain was known to check himself into these. These low level were seedy hotels. He would he would leave his mansion and he, go stay in these hotels for a night a weekend a week, and he would shoot up and get high and live off. terrible food in god what else? But he would appear from time to time doing this. I think he was in a way hiding his addiction from courtney, love possibly or maybe just everybody. Well, and I know that human courtney did too. together for a long period of time, but with her, with her rushing him to the hospital in rome and with her Organizing this intervention theirs thing going on there, the dynamic between the two year, but also now you have a daughter and maybe you're afraid that I mean even on incur
The venza meaning go to a hotel signal car at your house, and they take away your kid in our yeah. Exactly I mean he could he could be somewhat responsible and behaving that way or it could just be getting away from the person that doesn't want you to do. Drugs are wont. Allow you to do drugs even though there are doing drug so for the next days Tom grant and his team would search for Cobain in these hotels. Now They do find one employee at a hotel that believes that Cobain was staying there. He contacts being grant the private investigator kind, ex courtney love and says. We think that we ve tracked down your husband, we're going to go in there and confront him or talk to him. Now. Remember he's higher under the guise that he is supposed to be to find this man? So
When he contacts courtney love, she says no, no! No. I don't want you to confront him and I want you to just surveil him to stay. There see what he's doing what the fuck does that mean that she him to be followed into foreign nanogram watchin. You know what that means wealth in what the there has to be some speculation. What's the next thing I mean, like, I think, Did she wants proof that Kirk obey my be up to something else, Maybe he's having a fair. I desiring proof of that. Do we I haven't, I didn't see much of that. No, but she openly discusses with more than one of the inner circle of friends. is there that the he might have been having an affair with her base player of the band halt. Not bad looking officer.
Well, mostly, she plays bass too. So I mean you get an extra. You get a couple of extra points if you play bass years later. She would be found dead of an overdose as well, and I don't know her. I never met her never met her, but she there's a lot of people that that wonder about that shit, this that sounds interesting to like what we got a bunch of worms in this case. Let's talk about few people that are involved in the inner circle with Kirk Cobain and courtney, love just to be clear, for when we start going through a couple. These names dylan car, such is the person that we had already mentioned. He was with kurt when he perch the gun on march thirtieth, who is dead. karlsson well, he's a long time friend of Kirk Cobain He's also a heroine attic and accord. to tom grant now remember grants the private investigator hired by courtney, love according to
am grant Dylan karlsson had told Tom grant that kurt is not suicidal, that he was not suicidal at the time of his death, The other person we need to discuss is cowardly. Who was carefully? This is a man who works in the cook in the Cobain house as a nanny he's also a heroine act in the end the court has yet he was a user David Courtney. Our former both boyfriend yourself, something of that so That would make me feel pretty comfortable just yes to hire your your wife's exe boyfriend to watch the kid an insane heroin and hope that he's not doing heroin while he's watching the child they knew he was doing so on April. Seventh court me love once Tom grant to team up with Dylan karlsson, too go to the Cobain home and search for kurtz shot gun now She suggests to them that it might be in a hidden camps.
Meant in the bedroom. Closet Now this is news to Tom grant according to the documentary he says. Well, you know we have been told The house before we look for the search shot gun before For now the of theirs is magical, hidden compartment that nobody told me about and we're gonna go there specifically to look for the gun in this hidden compartment. Then, if you listen to most, these tapes is tom, at one of them, I think them fascinating thing about certain bleach. The documentary is the plain of all these tapes bit between hymning Courtney and to me most of the time that she's talking means some people this make. It seem like that. She's the evil which ah and she just kind of lead him on this, like wild goose chase. I mean maybe there's some of that, but I also think she's just stronger. drugs, so
doesn't know what she's talking about half the time. I think she knows what she's talking about. I think she might be strung out on drugs terrier, but I think she is playing a bit of a game. I think she's not well are you said she priority withholding cards from Tom, saying hey. I want you to just find him and said: it saying like hey, I think, he's cheating on me yet think this is an excuse for her to send tom to the house, within with reason, other than just finding kirk obeying now one thing that I found interesting and this is kind of what tom grant bases his whole documentary of open bleach of they are supposedly a letter that Courtney of claims to have received from Kurt now this is a letter addressed to her according to her that in it was found,
She found it underneath the pillows of her bed now seems to be a big point of contention between the two of them, because Tom grant would say when you sent us there to look for the shotgun we did, thorough search of your home. they. Finally now and we find the no well well that You didn't find it courtney, so because it was underneath my pillows. He goes! No, no. We checked your bed because where we found some pills, so How do I know we checked your bed? I found pills their according. They go back and but they could she swears that this letter was left for her swears! No, it couldn't have been because I was in the home the night before Kurtz body was fat beyond the seven. Yes, now- here's what I here's! What I do want to point out. Ok, maybe he did search the bed. Maybe he did searched the pillows when
How thorough of a search could this be Kirk kobe, lie in the home dead for a couple of days? so we are assuming that he died on. The fifth is what most people think guess so this would be two days, but now he is in the they find him? He is in the room above the garage yet so this is a separate structure. Ok, so I have this big fancy home, which is that it's actually not that fancy, but it's a big home who offer, It's not that fancy of out. So you should see my have its way fancy, but I do not have a green house on top of the true crime garage count anti pants and they had what they called the greenhouse above the rock, which is a separate structure and did a thorough search than you ve searching that structure right. That's what I'm saying a man it Tom it says: well, we were,
I didn't know the debt structure was there and if it was fuckin, see it and if it was a snake it what a bitch Tom so and he goes his excuse. I know I was there. He's got a couple excuses for not knowing that this structure was there one he didn't see it too, dylan karlsson never told him about it He says well that that makes sense, because dylan was strung out on heroin and he was really only doing what I was prompting him too, but at the same time, if your brain dylan there with you. Aren't you relying on him quite a bit, but you choose, was to bring this guy with, and I know that you need somebody on the inner circle us back up his eye to me. If I'm up investigator even applied, invest air some discos hate due to the skies house. I am walking around the whole property. I'm gonna find this other structure, which is not that or from the house, does not mean you can if you see
picture of the house, you see the picture of the good. In the greenhouse, yet so and not only that hit tom's other? use for not searching that structure was there They were in a hurry to leave why Were they in a hurry to leave according to tom grant, because they were worried that Kirk Cobain would come home and heated? we'll be confronted with the shot gun. yeah, I want yeah, I can see okay, I get that nobody wants to be confronted with a shotgun, but can we also agree that Tom grant was hired specifically for the reason of finding one Kurt Cobain? So if, person. Your hired to fine finds its way to you. Yeah you ve, completed your job, sir. The only complete your job and get shot. I get that point but it also seems like we had that's when you grab dylan karlsson in you, throw him in front of you and you use them as a shield as mean the dylan might have been a nice guy. Who knows?
don't throw him under us you're the one making the patriotic no captain, not under the bus, throw him in front of you and use them as a shield. Ok, now butter dorothy into is ah well! Well, you struggle with your words about I point out something that was found during the search. Not only did they find pills Courtney loves bed and they find a note during this thorough urge that they are doing but d a thorough search. They found a two page letter that was written from Kelly. Now, remember he The and home nanny racism- who page letter and supposedly tom grant. He reads this letter any places it back in the exact location that he found it yeah. Well, no, I think he can it's down the letter does any. Something where he because he has the proof of the actual letter
it or what it says, and I know I know that he I dont believe he copied it down here. and claiming he's in a hurry to get out of the place, but he did read the letter. Maybe maybe I'm dismiss remembering, but I want to say to the picture of it or something. I'm are you talking about the letter that Courtney faxed to him later: ok, amateur the death of Kurt. That's what I think you're talking about. Maybe that's what one target or that's one thing about the Watch this movie with my body soaked in bleach and are in his ok. So this happen me no ninety, four we're watching basement that reminded me of member that seventy shell basin. That's what the basement of light and all she kept talking about was how there is and that the backdrop
I have soaked in bleach when Tom is talking, there's the greenhouse there, like in a mock greenhouse and there's this like fake rain, yeah and that's all seek is slight and she's a bit. Kirk Cobain fan, but a like characters: kind of get past the fake rain. So I hope that doesn't get anybody I want to add that I was very entertaining movie. It is it's a visit entertaining documentary, but I think that its well skewed- and the other thing I want to point out here- is after the body is found. Tom grant complains that did dylan karlsson, never told him to check the greenhouse or to check the garage which we had already stated, but then he also says later it's strange because how easily it would be to see this structure. They. They also want at night Maybe that made it harder. It's raining them the low harder so your private investigator, and also you can't see anything in the dark.
Now that you don't have a flashlight. You can't leave your car lights on Ok, so then they find his body on the eighth yeah right, well, Baden find his body right. My limbs as Tom was pissed off about like, if he would, it is told me the day before we would have found them on that big news, if your private investigator and some people would point out that maybe Dylan karlsson was involved and he didn't want the end. again or to find the body. Why would you just bring them to the house and hope that you didn't find the body exactly so end? way the body is found April. Eighth, and this is found by an electrician who is going by the name of Gary smith. I don't know if that's real name or a fake name them if he just has aim now that I on figments, don't be afraid to use your fake, nato be afraid, fake name people, so Kurt Cobain is found dead in the greenhouse. As we said, that's the room above the garage and he's this.
Tradition is their people question what wisest electrician just their roaming around roaming, the property well Electrician was was actually hired to in a surveillance system to put in security cameras, readers of the break and remember the break ins, the burglary- that's that's like her and wanted to buy. gone to begin with, and I got it so yeah I've seen this. You know having worked in sw in several large estates and working in large buildings on you got that big fancy house of yours. That's right in well. I have a surveillance system in my house and I can tell you it didn't happen. To my ask: is this not not that big and not fancy, but I can say is that when I've seen these laws you're surveillance systems installed in other people's homes or on buildings. It is happens. Almost all the time that the the purse Installing this, can show up and they can walk the property. They don't need you to be home.
Well, what are they doing their checking the amount of contacts that they need to put it, they need install contacts on x, amount of windows or x amount, a door in the sensors were put in and sensors, and we are also going to see where we can put cameras, because not only is this guy an electrician, not only He and installer of the security system he's also trying to sell you as much equipment as he can possibly sell you so he's gonna walk. Property he's gonna say you know it big house, scratch with a room above it move. I would put like thirty four cameras on this place in usually what happens in that situation, the homeowner or the deep property manager, wool and struck them that's obscene! We don't need that much equipment. You know we needed on this door that door this corner this corner and so on and so forth. This guy's just they're doing his job trying to sell bunch of equipment. What does he spot That's the body of Kirk, obeying, remember, our conversation with james render he
Electrician says that I thought it was a mannequin its Sorry people, it's never a mannequin, never american. I keep hearing lately too, as I thought was a dear dear a riding dear like when some comes upon a body like the forests or something, and then that would make more sense than a mannequin yet well, I think because the size of the ribcage, maybe possibly ok, finds body yeah, so he sees the body and then he calls his boss and then the the body reported to the police. You think he'd call the police first, but actually in this situation, if I were the electrician, I would have called my boss as well. And seeing how he thought it might have been a mannequin. That's true, you just you just cover your butt and then Here's what I think we should do, MR boss. I think that this might
it looks like a mannequin, but should we be safe? Should I call the cops your more corporate than I am? You know this is a big client. You know anyway, they do. right thing: they call the police, the police show up, they bring e m t with them, of course, and the doors lock. The doors are locked now that they are doors or french doors. So it's it and it's not like it's dead, folded or anything like that. Right. Captain is just like a kind of a push button like you could lie. It and walk out. I think yeah blitzer death. It's the way that it looks to me is that it's more like a push button lock where you could push it and then leave the room and leave. It will leave the room locked behind you anyway. French doors that have multiple panes of glass? You know the little squares of glass and they just punch out one of the little squares unlocked the door and they walk in and they fall Kirk Cobain in there with the gun they find him with. A large amount of heroin and his sister yeah and
drug paraphernalia in there and he's he's dead he's been dead for quite some time. He shot gun blast the face that is the suicide of car Cobain and I mean other than the police kind of russia through the motions there too quickly determine that it was a suicide, probably faster than they needed to looking back, twenty two years later, that's the We think that models and marks the water for me, but I thought, what we are seeing here is a unfortunately, a brilliant young man, they died way too soon. He was, struggling with, with a grin addiction probably some personal things as well, and I think he he took his design if you take his own life, and I know, there's a lotta conspiracies out there, but I at the end of the day, however, of a fast that they went through the investigation and by did a little bit of course, but I think it is
the day. That's that's what happened here. Captain so. Do you believe that other you talk and I They're gonna reopen the case. It should be reopened yeah. I think I think, maybe you know if, if it needs to satisfy the masses to reopen it, then by all means. You know that is the job of the police, that The job of your government is too. Satisfy the masses. So, if they're calling for reopening of this case- and if you have the means by all means to reopen it. An let's go through this thing again, but I think at the end of the day I think, what's goin on true is that this was a suicide. Gives us really how I feel, but ok, well, I'll tell you you have some something I mean. As Kurt said here, we are now entertain us okay to be clever.
No, I think, there's an aggregate one should definitely be looked at mean first, when, when the head investigators on it, they have to reopen multiple of his cases, most of them be enrolled as suicides later find out that it was actually a homicide by a suicide, is open and shut. We'd have to do as much work. done and done citing tat, you enough reason to open up right there. Now. I think, not arguing that it shouldn't be reopened, What I'm saying is that I think once its reopen, I wanted to say investigative again. I think that they're gonna come up to this. Conclusion. But what I'm saying is right, but just then one point gets us to open up again. I think the other eye that here's the There are. Well, let's not, let's not argue about reopening you bring up you if you got stuff for me, bring up. Why think that he didn't kill himself well, I think First of all, this
saying that Courtney love. Stir demeanor, and that could be whether she's on drugs, whether she's I don't know what her motives. To me there's more motives for him to be dead than for him to be alive. Okay, well, here's what I hears, what I'm thing, but Courtney love, Yes, I think, she's weird, I think she's annoying, I hear What strange to me, ok and in forgive me, but I thought when we sat down decided to do this case. Thought. We were doing this basically off of the idea of the whole soaked in bleach scenario. Ok, so what is soaked in bleach? It's tom grant them the private. that's two saying that this case should be reopened and here's. Why? Because Courtney, we're any love was behaving strangely, because she was saying things that sound almost incriminating now I've. Why,
the documentary twice or probably watched again, it is very entertaining. I recommend other people watch it there there's plenty of interesting stuff in there, but one thing it I didn't notice so much the first time for the first time, I've just really kind of blown away, as was wow. This is this kind of mine blowing like I finished watching it gone doubt that was only documentary that I've ever watched about kirk, obeying the and the only you know I've read plenty of things about it. Now was the only time that I walked away from something going well shit. Maybe he didn't kill himself and so it really kind of kind of I as shit. I gotta watch this thing again, so I so I waited a couple months and I I tried to sit down and watch it with with a different set of eyes and not be blown up way by what I'm seeing or maybe you maybe you watch it with irae Carl's eyes or something I think she was drunk eyes the first time, but I watched it was sober eyes. I guess I would say, you're drunk the verse timing. I gotta admit
mad and have any conclusions, but I was certainly I was intrigued and I TAT. There was something here, however, watching at a second time, and anybody that has seen it. I I beg you watch it again, and one thing that I kept notices throughout the entire thing. The thing that's very interesting about the documentary is a lot of. It is based around these recordings that Tom grant made of courtney love on the phone with hand right, okay, so, recording all of their phone conversations. She does say some strange, weird shit during this phone conversations, but what they too, to do more about what they and do what they do in every single instance of this documentary is they will. a little bit of an audio clip her on the phone with him you? get to hear the beginning or the end. So much of the conversation you here like some kind of weird middle part where she is discussing this, or that are the other thing, and it's not really good evidence of anything now
in what they do. Is they showing a reenactment of him being involved in the case where goes to the house or he goes and meets with courtney, love and then supposedly something strange or happens after after the two been turned off, but while is there in person and they keep using this tactic time and time again to kind of draw you in keep you there. Oh you to another thing: keep you there and so on and so forth, and by the andreasen they're gone there holy shit court courtney, loved, killed. Kirk obey What do I think actually happened in in risk in as far the whole documentaries concern. I think, there's things that go on here, while not just to there's probably three things here that went on that made. This look like was possible that somebody could have killed curve now. What are those things? First of all, He loves behaviour, Her behaviour is strange: she could
that she hired tom grant a fine, Kurt Cobain, yet on least one of one occasion when he says that I think we ve tracked down Kurt Cobain. He says courtiers we ve tracked down. She says no, no, no! I don't! I don't want you to confront Kirk. I want you to surveillance rather strange as fuck right eye. I've hired you to do a and now I'm saying no, no, no! No, but us do a raven rebel. I must go back to where she why? Why would she file message, report person report and its it's under his mother, not under her name under the mother, that's suspicious as shit to ok. Here's what's goin on! In my opinion,. and I dont have. I dont have any evidence of this other than listening to her talk on those recordings and listening to her talk in interviews afterwards. This is what I was gort listening their talk when she's reading the suicide of what I want, I think was happening. Was it I think that cargo,
and was making a tunnel money. He was in one of the biggest rock bands of the time. I think, he had plans of walking away from the ban. There was the their strong, strong rumour that they were going to cancel the lollapalooza tour tore, they were gonna, get paid over nine million dollars. For that tour, that's that big chunk of change, so he's gonna walk away from that now does this due to courtney, love I Courtney. Love is exactly who she told us. What who she was. Number that song she tells us she wants to be the girl with the most cake. I believe that's who she is she she wanted to be with the big time rockstar. She wanted to live the rockstar lifestyle she won. Have all the fame and the fortune and guess what too willing to do anything for sheep, and I don't know how much of that fame and fortune she could have got on around. I think they Kirk Cobain was the fame and the fortune in that fame and fortune was about the pack up his bags and take his act elsewhere.
I think what happened was. I think that she said you know what this is not the correct that I know this is not the correct that I fell in love with this, be the drugs, so guess what now car you you need to get clean, buddy we're gonna. Have this intervention were good you're gonna go away for a while you, you need to clean, or I'm leaving you on the love of your life, Now this is a guy that was embarrassed by the divorce of his parents. He's a weird situation. Now he doesn't want to go through a divorce. He checked himself into the recovery he gets there. He figures out. You know what this shit for me and ass, I'm point also she's not traveling, relegate clean right she's in the peninsula hotel. I could go. Do it Somebody send me to the peninsula hotel. I will do a stint, therefore, for ten days so he's not taking her phone calls, while he's out there yep center. I think you shortly after he got there, he made up his mind. You know what I'm gonna leave here. I dont think when he left there that he was suicidal, I don't they
that when he went to the airport and told the driver hate return these brief these bullets to my house- make sure you do it, I don't think he did. with any intention of suicide? I think that he left that recovery centre with with You know what I'm gonna do what I've done in the past. I just want to go to a hotel somewhere. I just want to shoot up. I think this was a guided, did not really love the world that he was living in mary to this bully wife pushing them around. Tell him what he should do when he's the one that's made it. There were heart the hard work and through talent now he's got this bully wife pushing him around he's got everybody else, telling him what he should do when really he just has stinky feet. This guy just wants to be stinky other things too. This is a. This is a guy that just wants to be whole, then a hotel room somewhere watch and bad cable tv shootin smack and eaten junk food. That's what this guy wants to do, he's tired of the world and at some point
think he decided. You know what I'm gonna go home put myself in this room and shoot up until till I can shut up any more till till god takes me and when, when that didn't happen, I think he took matters into his own hands and I think what courtney loves motive. Here I think, was she was trying to locate him, but actually what she said to Tom Tom grant she wanted to locate him just to find out what he was up to. Why does she knew that this dude was walking away from her and guess what she needed at that brand paycheck was laden she's, two she needs evidence that kurt is up to something on the side that he's out bang and somebody else. Why? Because then he could she can keep half of his fame and half of his fortune why surely I think that still leads to some motive that she's involved on some level watching okey mentoring, she's, the queen of spin chief and
she tells tom, grant how she's going to spin some something. That she leaked to the press that she can She can manipulate it later if she needs to have a that that thence reason than I think people needed dig harder, also think this I'll do J. If you are What's that courtney in and the curtain Courtney thing do CHE, he talks about how Courtney love was gonna hire him for two thousand bucks to kill. Cobain and there's a mercedes What it is you you've seen the documentary right. I think that that the people out there that have seen the documentary I I you know. I understand that there There are reasons I think that there is some kind of conspiracy here, but you want to die mentoring is full of holes. It's full of it
full of shit that they try to put on your plate and pass off to you. As fact- and it's not funny knows that this is not the here's. What is fact the you have multiple videos, not just one video but multiple videos of l do J, can about this, and then he implements Alan Alan french and He said that the f b I should talk to him in Kurtz. Are we now that documentary also stated that that the gun they kircher shot himself with was released courtney love and she had it. melted down. Why to make you think that she was trying to hold evidence to two did too guard evident. Did she melt down again? She never received the gun. It still is still on the possession of the seattle police department ok, so you got I'll do J and then he ends up dead.
Five days later after that video comes out. I don't know I I don't know, I don't think it's related to anything with the video. I think that's the kind of guy that was living a lifestyle that he would have ended up dead shortly afterwards anyway, and then you got Leland Cobain the grandfather. He believes that he was met with foul play and not suicide. That's kurt grandfather and then you have courtney loves dad, harrison heap, he came out it or saying that he believed that courting had something to do with it. I think that I think that courtney law- to play the game of life, she loves to manipulate people. She loves to manipulate sit. I situation, doesn't mind taking advantage, and I think, No it may be. The apple did fall too far from the tree. Teething bet The dad dad is just talking he's a little by little fortune do about fortune. You get the same:
You think your daughter was involved more than the fortune you dont get when you don't say she's involved. or maybe they can. It has had a falling eyes as that through the restroom. Who knows his MT the illness. Now, supposedly, there were two other people in cuba: family that committed suicide and that would obviously fall onto them. side of that he committed suicide that were there could be a possibility because I mean, I dont know the stats on this, but I have always heard that the mental illness and develop throughout your life and in its highly likely that if it's going to develop in progress could have no signs of something in one day have signs of it and this kind of stuff. save your can take place in greece, within you in your teenage years to your late twenties while twenty seven years old, Not only that highly addicted to heroin and
What is that got to do? To your mind, I I think in a perfectly sane person, once they get on heroin, could be legally insane or have kind of mental out or lord depression. The abbe if you feel that you're being controlled by the strong I get that neither I mean you're, either high or your sick right. When you you when you're on heroin, whereas a higher you're sick, how? What kind of Well, the coasters that you put yourself on know when I was in jail. That was that was the biggest thing there was this guy. That was, he just got off the cycle I just went through stay and he wasn't sick anymore. He said you wanna talk about. A shitty drug to have said when he drank you feel better? When you spoke low party feel better heroin? you just you're, the sick, all the time, so you you know and taken it to get high. You don't care you just it is trying to fill normal, yellow You gotta take some drug, so you can go to the grocery store
the other thing that ways on the suicide thing was allowed. Those pictures of him with guns in his mouth that I found it on a mean again is that just something that you look at the fact and go out those, but there's like a bunch five than I found. Where he's point, the gun at the camera, always port point a gun in his mouth. Like an elvis presley think, as Elvis was beginning, on two, and it seemed like her cobain was not a violent person, but he seemed like the play with guns. Maybe maybe was just when he was higher, drunk or fucked up or what but the other though to captain is for every person that you can find out there. That says that kurt was not suicidal. you can find you can find somebody that says iep heap. He was depressed that he didn't like this world that he didn't like the fame. He didn't like the fortunate in like being an rock and roll anymore, which an what's really hard,
plan there was dave girl. His statement was sometimes you can't save some way from themselves. That's really telling summit that was obviously is good friend Now I looked and looked because people come on saying what you gonna hear dave roles about this and how he doesn't like courtney- I do believe it is only courting, I believe, those that nirvana stay. I think there were some issues with songwriting credits that will never get you know solved, and I also think of price and jealousy issues on the fact that this girl, that you know, is ninety nine. Joker ono, ah You know she's going get all this money to the other thing, though, that sorry to circle back to this, but the other thing about not being suicidal or being suicidal. I think that is it possible. captain that you know I'm. No, I'm no expert, but you all have to be suicidal that day right have to be suicidal for ten years of two years or two months,
yeah. You really have to be suicidal for that one day, one in the number one things that people do when they are suicidal men in general will get their hair cut that that the odd men get their hair cut. I've always heard like women will like do themselves up so that when their food, that they look pretty or they look pretty well find out. Costly, like this guy went and got a haircut and then he then kill himself, but I don't know the guy was purposely thinking and we are not saying Kurt got his hair cut. So I know what nonsense of all, but I didn't I cut those goldilocks know, but it's just something that you know. I I think it's all just moment to moment. I mean you have some especially depression. Anybody out there with depression knows that you get in this wave does have a really bad day. No matter what you do, you try to deal. Would, however, you try to fix it. You just can't fix it
and then people go while ago, the jammer or get on a biker. Do there, sir? sometimes you don't even have the Energy or you don't even care enough to do that. So Here's the things, here's the three things I can't get over it, you know she found in her own eau de when is an ally. So obviously shouldn't o d. A lot of people believe this was her is trying to establish alibi. That's something I dont like that's that's something I think is superficial. So think it wasn't that long before he was found dead, that she had a private investigator looking form. I think that was another way of her, inserting herself into the case of something that she already knew. That was in action to take place don't think she thought he would kill himself. I really thought
Is she thought that he was running around and he is she wanted proof of that? I think she thought he was going to divorce her, no matter what no, no. I understand that and we've heard that. But what I'm saying is, I think, to me. That was her inserting herself into this case, and I think that very fishy. the three times, the legal dose of heroin I go back and forth on this because you can could do twenty shots in a minute, It's not gonna fully affect your body right away, and we're done heroin but so I dont know how that affects you too. Something that takes a while the sea ben, I hate when I hear people say while he did all this, heroin and then the yet this note that he wrote and then he did this and now I think he wrote them if he, if he committed suicide, he wrote the no
The gun ready and then he took the drugs and then he shot himself and and he then, at the he purposely took more, that thou numb some pain. that was more, but so that's really odd to me, A lot of people talk about the no and how the handwriting changes and there's a bunch of stuff with the handwriting analysis, but I believe, and he could a bit he could have been somewhat sober when he wrote the first portion of the no any could have been pretty high with the second part. The last four lines that that look, it does look like differ handwriting. I'm not a size, is different than style slightly different, but as anybody I write a lot as sometimes for the show some time late at night in olden booze had a few too many to drink. At the end of the writing in hand. It does look a little different on my end. Now thing I wanted to touch on that. You were talking about with the amount of heroin in a system, and I've heard this. A lot Moreover, this that maybe
build up some kind of tolerance that did it required him, a certain higher dosage two of achieve a high. However, I think that those, I think that amount in him was so much. I don't. I think that could be based off of tolerance. That he's up, but what I think it shows to me. I think the disguise holed up in a room he's got this gun and I know No, what the purpose of this gun was. Maybe it was for him to use it on himself, but I think that he sat up there and thought you know what I'm get as high as I can, and if I, if I've I don't come back. I don't come back and who knows what do you do you get as high as you? Can you black out minutes later you wake up. Who knows when there Stuff, so on your system, what do you do when you wake up? You shoot up again, you black out you wake up, you shoot up again. You do this a few times and when that doesn't work, when you keep waken in this world that you don't want to be in Well, there's your all. They are sure different method sit right.
Next year that shaka walking, The biggest part that I have a hard time with is the fingerprints there's no fingerprints on down on the pen. There's really no fingerprints found on the gun. There's nothing prince found on the note. The debt is strong it? I don't think it's entirely strange, though it does happen in other cases where there are no fingerprints. One thing that I that the seattle police really screwed up on here, though, was why not it when you're investigating a case or whether it's a suicide or a possible murder or whatever, and it involves a person that it involves a person of this level. guys worldwide. You know people boy worldwide. Yet so I mean he's cute right. Aren't you are under the spotlight. My friend, you better do your due diligence and they did not. I mean come on. Why couldn't? Why? Don't you wait to say it's a suicide after you find kisser
there's gonna be gunpowder residue on his hand, I mean his hand, was locked around that trigger and around that gun in there would be gunpowder residue on his hand, while he was cremated a few days later. So now, there's no way to figure that out now but why not do your do the service? We hire you four and then we'll have to sit here today and discuss it in and wandering in that the millions of people out there wonder really happened to this guy yeah They can be cremated that quickly. That's again another issue that people need to look at. It also find it funny that that that grudge in that structure was tore down a couple years as well. I find that also does there were so many things about this stuff that is so fishy and again now, for
within that you go while that is really fishy, there's no fingerprints and stuff! Maybe it's as simple of answer as the cops then do their job there. see we're fingerprints. They just never collected on, because I to the idea of suicide right away. So why the fuck would you need a click? Fingerprints on the ten you know, so I mean it could just be this error that they did dismayed and then that points more towards foul play at I think we will now. I think this is a case that I they're gonna reopen now. Obviously you can't you can go back to the scene and look for he then that you missed you can. do anymore. I'd topsy can dig him up and do autopsy on him again, but This case is gonna, be reopened. I think there's gonna be some new light on it and I think what works
Your answers on this one yet- and I think I think, you're right I mean this- is that it is an interesting case, but I do think that its its law That is a possible murder by no by a lot of people. Because of the weird things again, I think Courtney higher private investigator and didn't play the game with her with him. She hired him for her own reasons and didn't give him all the information rouse this private private investigator playing his own game too, with Courtney, I'm not telling her all the details in and maybe not divulging that he's recording everything that they're talking about and the thing that that makes us all mixed up in convoluted. Is that half people involved in this case in the inner circle or their whacked out on drugs. I mean that there is not novel her I mean when you talk the collie and you talk to Dylan there in a bit of a haze man? They don't they not know, what's goin on
its unfortunate at the end of the day you know, regardless. I think the world was a better place with Kirk, obeying in thinking, It was a great guy and and and had a had a good career, and he did a lot of good things for music and but but I think it. I really think it is what what it is. This is what it is. Like my favorite thing, now. I think they should reopen a fisher dive into a low but deeper. I think those did she leads to have it be mark? and really see What her moment was meant for for all. We know that she hired for me to kill him and he and up committed suicide in and. And the guy never was able to take it out, but she still. Of time in jail. I mean at least for you know some a shitty records. She makes captain do we do any final thoughts? Not do we have time for one more beer
now before you get what I want to do something here we win when we decided to do this case, and I started doing my research for it inspired me to listen to all that great music back from the idea from the nineties. Listen to her. I've had a lot of grunge song stuck in my head for the vast three days, so it inspired I mean it inspired this week's a recommended reading and we'll get into that in a little bit. But if you will hand me a beer, I have a game. Then I want to play with you, MR captain fandango on go. So after listening all that great music. It inspired me to look up. I wanted to see where the nirvana never mind. Album fell as far as album sales of the ninety ninetys were concerned, because I knew huge album. You know they went from being a you know. As said everybody knows a guy that supposedly listener vodka, since he was in the room, but you know
nor vodka went from from not being known, no banner to being a household name pretty quickly, and it was it was with the drop of that never mind album they came out and so nor via the nevermind album finished number fourteen with ten point, one million record sales, ten point one ten point, one million, so that kind of gives you an idea of the top one hundred right, I'm and ask a few questions: it cause you're you're, a music aficionado wouldn't ask you a few were. Best selling albums of the ninety nine question. So ok, first, I'm so excited guns and roses are user illusion one we talked about duff, mistaken, the usual illusion. One album fell seventieth on the top one hundred records. of the nineties list. When seven point three million records salt,
that higher or lower than Michael Jackson's dangerous out its lower its higher. Is it yeah, Michael Jackson's, dangerous sold, seven million in it falls to seven million that that would be just the united states. It wouldn't be worldwide right. Others would have now you're picking apart my list here, yeah, that's tooth, that's too bad, for the tax and, according to the list that I found- that's probably all you say this was according to a rolling stone magazine. I'm oh for one day. Yes, Michael Jackson's, album was eighty fifth on the list. Are ok. I believe that a record will do a higher or lower than top. Fifty ok, green! duty was in the top fifty Ah now it was. It was thirty
for I'm really fun yet this game, ten million records sold higher and higher or lower in the top. Fifty vanilla ice is to the stream and the top fifty two extreme among the lower your right lower was seventy. First, number. Seventy one with seven point: three million sold tat. with guns and roses usual allusion, one. Arguably about a record in the top. Fifty or not m, see hammer please hammer, don't hurt him knock. It was it was thirty. First on the list, with ten million record sold, you not doing very well captain. I thought you would nail this: u nailed it with our wheelers, how we talk as major when we talk movies and season one. You were nail in this stuff jasmine that what was the highest selling sound track of the nineteen nineties selling soundtrack the ninety nine theirs,
and good soundtracks, and I feel like you're going to nail this one. I think if you had some time you would nail this one. I don't know the a smack yourself. As soon as I say I fidelity The time has now come on, The body guard the body guard was number five up, one hundred rendered so a lot of sitting in from the captain. This episode twelve point one. Four million albums old is song. I have nothing and others ricky changes in ok Moving on, there was only having anything right, yet you did You got one right which almost vanilla ice. Ok, well, I was pretty easy. Only one band had to albums wounds in the top tat. A ban name, the band band with actual band
your you're, pickin apart the Action is needed on battery boys, you're, exactly right, y'all! You knew that I would call them a group, not a band their group right, they're, not a band now they're a boy band, but I purposely use the word band to try to throw you off yeah. But you didn't get me cause they're, a boy band, okay, yep, all right. Ten, both albums in the top ten who is higher. We have and tat supernatural or hooty in the low fish, cracked, the cracked. You wanna, go with sand him You are right that was number six and who, in the blue, fish, hoodie and overloaded is sold a ton of record. They were number eight, is over ten million album sold almost eleven million. That's why that as well, you hear from much aim or I'll give you three guesses. I want you to guess too, of the top three album sold in the nineteen nineties too, of the top
free, remember, nirvana, never mind was fourteenth on the list, black or white. I don't know that was that was on the dangerous album. I wasn't there. on the danger they are the history record. That on the list, but it was not in the top that's a double discos says tat three records of nineteen nineties. Yet this is stop a sales. According to rolling stone, magazine Eminem. No, his big record was in two thousand and two thousand tat now metallica yes, mallika black, album well or self title, but how we want to refer to it was the number one selling album of the ninety nineties with sixteen point, one million albums cheese, Have you two more guesses to try to hit one of the other two
Can you be a hint cannot friend about every other week when I'm here you reference this one album female singer because It's you and you only reference based off assail, still slain, the young, ass. She was in the top one hundred with two problems, but it was. I was what I'm What I was referring to was Atlantis more so yeah yeah, she's number three with jagged little pill, talk about that record alone, fifteen million Glen ballard and the one that nobody would guess, because who would have thought it was even in the top ten sorry. country music fans, but garth Brooks notion. I twain come on over with fifteen point. Six million. Now tell you what form all over you know.
It's crazy, though Garth brooks had seven albums in the top one hundred in the nineties. You know how much money- that's gotta, be man that he's he goes back and forth with the beatles of number one hardest soul. Alright, alright recommended reading for this week, I'm going to take a break from the true crime genre and I'm going to recommend if you are a music fan. This should be in your home this. the rolling stone, the top five hundred greatest albums of all time, and now this is according to them. This is not based off a sales. This is this. Is there writers and people that they ve been reviewed and a little pulled it? did but a core. To them, the Nirvana nevermind album falls to number seventeen on their list. That's pretty good at the top five hundred puts them one spot above the bruce. sixteen album born to run into space above Michael Jackson's. Thriller so pick this up. This gives you have good little synopsis on each and every album that they feature in the top five hundred here it lol
it's good on every coffee table and it's hell does that have to do with true crime. It doesn't have anything to do with true crap, but it has a lot to do with Kurt Cobain and as a lot to do with good music. So any music lover should pick this up by going to true crime, garage dot, com click on our amazon banner, and you can purchase that book for europe. today and I'm just gonna recommend everybody to watch you haven't seen certain in was attaining whether you fall on the side of suicide or possible wilkins. Here see murder its entertaining. Nonetheless, it was very entertaining and it's somewhat informative too. It's a it's a good movie and will agree to disagree. Ok, till next time till next be good and don't let her
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