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Kyron Horman /// In Their Own Words

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In Their Own Words...It's a parents worst nightmare... You send your kid off to school and you think they are safe. Once they get inside the four walls of their school nothing bad should happen. In June of 2010, 7 year old Kyron Horman was dropped off at his school. His stepmother last saw him walking to his classroom. She left when Kyron was just feet from the classroom door. When school was let out, Kyron was to be picked up from the bus stop. When the bus arrived and let the kids out, Kyron was not there. Sometime during the school day he was taken from his school. Tonight we discuss the tragic story of a missing little boy. Beer of the week - Pallet Jack by Barley Brown's Garage Grade - 4 bottle caps out of 5

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the katherine is seven years old. He attends the skyline elementary school and organ. He is in the second grade now on Friday june. Fourth, two thousand- ten. The skyline elementary opens early at eight, a m, so students and parents can tore the science fair, terry horsemen, cairo stepmother arrived, with cairo at school shortly after eight a m. We know this to be true. because there are several people that spot the two of them together during the science fair at eight forty five I am terry hormone- is getting ready to leave the school. She says watched, Keimer and walking towards his classroom and then he leaves the school at ten a m, classes begin and at some point we're home room teacher. This is christina porter reports and marks him as absent. Now, wouldn't be until
Three thirty p m: when tyrants, father and stepmother go to meet the school bus, the bus driver. inform them that cairo had not boarded the bus after school. The bus driver was then asked to call the school and asked where cairo was the bus driver was informed by the school secretary. The cairo had not been in school since early that day and had been marked absent the driver. She reports, the secretary, that she did not have Kyron and neither did the parents. Therefore he was missing just for four p m. The school secretary notified nine one, one of the boy being missing the nine one, one all centre, then reported this information to the police and shortly afterwards, the search for common horsemen began. So that's a quick overview of what happened that day, and if you want more information on that, we have the current woman. Disappearance episode in the search episode. and sadly enough
He went missing back in two thousand and ten and to this day It has not been located and since then we have had a lot of suspicions cast on the parents of him in his inner circle, people looking at them as suspicious and them castings patient upon one another tat early. In this case we had a united front. We had for parents that we're trying to find this boy, as the case would develop. We start seeing conflict, when the parents yet and as we saw during the search for Cairum, you know that unity quickly fell apart now. There's in plenty of opportunity and plenty of time that has gone by since he went missing for these parents to talk about their thoughts of what happened, a tyrant who could have been involved in this and a chance to do and themselves without it was important for you to hear their thoughts and their feelings coming straight from them. Let's
cindy tyrants, mother, mother, Desiree ass. She describes the day that he went missing. I got a phone call from the school and I she said sisters or a young- and I said yes, it is- and she said your listed as emergency notification for current hormone, and I said, yeah he's my son. What could I do? She said I have to notify. You is missing and first what second I thought it was a joke. I said why she said: he's missing I said I don't understand, how could it be missing? I said: ok, where tarrying, terri and terry's here terry's right, thank you and I hung up with her and immediately called terry, and I am coastal, oh but said what the health card.
When she said that they went to the science fair and everything was fine and she waved goodbye to him and he went into his class, or so she thought there is something in my gut that just didn't feel good. I had told her I'm coming up there and she said you are, and she seemed surprised at that, which I thought was range said. Of course, I am I'll be there in our for four and a half hours kind words Mother tearfully describing a phone call that she will never ever forget. and shortly afterwards calling terry tyrant, stepmother who knew beforehand. You know she's known for a little bit of time. Now, maybe it's minutes, maybe it's hour an hour. So by this point, the tyrants, missing and desert says the terry seem surprised that she would be hopping in the car and going to their house immediately to figure out? What's going on right and it's a pretty long drive yeah
it's gonna take them? What for five hours to get there? But I mean this is your son? If your sons, the thing of course, you're jumping in the car and you're going to assist in the search, and you hope that at some point on that I've, your cell phone rings and they blockade Your son is just a big misunderstanding, while she's claiming that it suspicious that the step mom would say why are you coming, I again, I think, with a lot of these little tiny pieces of evidence that people are going to speculate on. It goes both ways right, there's a part of you that it's like, of course the mom would drive four to five hours, but maybe the step mom's is thinking hey he's gonna turn up, she might have been thinking. There is no need to worry yourself. There is no need to jump in the car and drive for hours. We got We'll find him. Now. We also have tony young, whose mary to cairo mother, now
gonna have an interesting perspective on things because he works in law enforcement. I was watching the investigation right from the start. I explained to you Each person that now our lives are not private anymore, that the investigators going to want to know very deep Tell the information about our lives. She instantly started to express some displeasure at that and in not one feeling like she was persecuted, and I thought that was kind of an unusual reaction that early or a a couple things to unpack here. First of all, yes, your child is missing, so you gotta be a open book right. If you gonna help law enforcement,
also better. I mean we ve talked about this look of your. If your spouse was murdered, chances are you're, gonna be investigated rat and you just have to be ok with that. I understand people still one in their privacy. I understand that people, maybe don't want to air some of their dirty laundry, but you know this is gonna happen, so I think it was small that he he said everybody down and said this is what common here's the storm that's coming in and we, if we ban together, it's gonna, be better yeah and you can speed up the process says too. If, if you can get everybody on board and everybody is willing to talk with the police and the investigators, you can speed up the process to wear that, sir, who is no longer around the immediate family in the circle gets larger and the potential for finding tyrant increases the problem here. Is you hear tony honing in on terry's reaction to him saying hey now. We to be an open book? Almost you get the sense that in
so many words, he kind of scenes be saying you know what terry, seems to me to think that they should just be out. There were looking for kyra nation, be looking at me or looking at my husband. Are you or him they We should not be the focus or the microscope here. They should just be why freedom busy out looking for current and obviously, according to tony she's, very uncomfortable with that idea. Yeah that maybe seems a little fishy. We covered another case, the missy beavers case and her husband was very forthcoming. Brandon beavers and he was very cooperative with the police and in his thoughts, was like, of course, I'm gonna. Be aspect and of course you have to romeo, but the more I talk to you. Ass. Her youth and rule me out the sooner that we can actually get to the bottom up now terry she's, the stepmother and her huh
Cain tyrants, father will have an opportunity to defend his wife. She liked asked of us is extremely committed to fighting piracy and and she's working extremely hard, with investigators, as are the rest of us too, to help bring them home, but his he's gonna quickly, change gear very quickly, because just one two days after Cairum disappears. He's informed kane is informed by the day actively involved in the case that terry I have tried to hide, some one to have him killed yeah this something that we could speculate a lot later and to ah, let's just try to get where they're at but again because of this information coming to kane come into caverns father he's going to kind of change the way he's looking at the stepmom, oh yeah, it's a one, eighty man,
He wants to getting this information. He takes the daughter that he had with terry and he leaves the house here some of his thoughts on this new information it at first, something that I can even rap my head around at the time but no indication in your marriage that things were that bad or that she was upset with you. Do you think she is capable of hurting a child review? We ask me before the situation. My answers you know based on what I know now I don't know I think, if anything is possible based on the way things have gone over the past few weeks. You fear for years do you know came for your daughter from my daughter, and so your message to her now is as wide can fully cooperate with law enforcement. Tell the truth There's some telling things in their captain. The first thing that kind of jumps off to me is: did you know when ass did ever see anything like this coming. You know talking about the the possible me
or for hire it it. You know we have Third, on many shows many times where people have had attempts against their life and they ve been asked. The same question and he usually get one of two answers you get. No, I had no clue as what what what kane said or you have the other than with yes well, but no no you're, not yes, you get this person yet had showed some violence towards me in the past had threaten me threatened to do this or that against me right, but I never thought. would do it. So what I'm saying that this is telling of is key. Doesn't seemed he doesn't seem. We don't get the idea that there is any threats that at any point, terry threatened him or was violent towards him. this seems to really come at a left field for him right or that there was any signs at all that she was a neglect full stepmother. Other thing here too, when asked, do you
fear for your life or death your daughter's life you know he says I fear for my daughter will. What does that come from that comes from there was a situation after kane left the home and with his daughter once the two had been you know not legally separated, but they split up by this point there had been on at least one occasion Terry had gone to keynes. Jim remember. We said that the that they had they had the little kitty. Section? You know where you could. You could drop your kid off. They would be obtained and watched during your work out session, there was at least on one occasion, if not more, where terry to that Jim asking if kane was there and if the daughter was there now she never said this to anybody, but we the employees and and people that attended the gym. They said that they believed that she would have taken. The daughter had had the daughter been
there when she arrived on those occasions raised with heads evidence of nothing but since their thoughts, but but is its reason to understand his concern for his safety of his daughter. When you have you have her, this randomly showing up at the gym in asking employees about the whereabouts of her daughter. Here's a cup of that terry was inquiring. If kings was working now, then she asked if her daughter was here in our kids club and the common she made. she had been here. I would have taken you think she came here to the club with the intention of finding chiaja, her daughter and taking her Certainly would look why and how bout iron's mothers reaction to what the stepmother's been up to, since she has split with her husband hearing that what all think she's got some guts- I
now is not a good time to be done stuff like that, but I guess I I don't expect anything lass ryan, that some suspicious actions there by the stepmom. But again If you're not involved- and you know- you're not involved and the disappearance of her steps on, then you would want to see her child. Your other child you'd want to be a part of her life yeah, and then we have the question about the polygraph test. We have the city wait. Where terry takes one fails. One and she's asked to take another test and potentially another test at that, but at some point, sheaf starts refusing to be apart These polygraph test yeah I'm kind of backing away from the whole investigation as a whole and hears tony the step fathers thoughts on that when I heard that
that made the decision in my mind, at the fork in the road we knew which road to go down. We implore terry harmon to fully cooperate with the investigators to bring cairo home. So you can hear the parents pleading with us that mom after the veil, polygraph hey just be honest and work with okay. Well, in sometimes throughout this process we tyrants, mother instead father, who seemed to be a little bit vague about what they believe may have happened to cairo and who could have been involved but when there sat down- and they are asked the direct question regarding terry- the stepmother- well, it's obvious how they feel I absolutely, but that terry harmon is responsible for tyrants disappearance in angle, tat, with with help get someone help her
we don't have any evidence. That indicates that, but we personally think that's the case. Do you think Terri Horman planned to do something something coherent, oh yeah, without a doubt which here they bring up a great point, because the tough thing about the whole stepmother theory is her timeline and did she have enough time? She also was soll buyout. A lot of eye witnesses with her daughter out and about no signs of current. So if she was involved, was there somebody else involved yeah in any your exactly right. Captain there are breaks in her time line. There are, points in her time line of what went down what she was doing that day where she is unaccounted for, but like we ve talked about and so many cases
Was there enough time to do something? Well, if you have somebody else involved right, if you have a drop off point or somebody, they can take this kid from you or for you, your time line, isn't so doesn't have to be so precise egg. You know we don't need a whole day to take cairo and get rid of him right in her goin to these stores and bring her baby in the stores. Are we have a couple accounts with with eyewitnesses saying hey? yeah. I saw her but whose law on how much she talked to me, how much detail she got almost like, maybe she's, establishing an alibi right right, Is she in fact just running necessary errants, or does she want people to know where She is that debt right. Ok, so we this atom bomb. The goes off the terry, the stepmother potentially try to hire somebody to kill tyrants father came
but then the other shoe falls another bomb boom. And what is this well? Sex bomb? A big fat stinky sweaty stood. sex bile, but now here's the thing captain. So we have terry, the stepmom her phone is being monitored by the police by this point in the investigation and social he's very careful about what she said. when she's on her phone. However, clever enough to figure out that they are not just me. during the phone calls vacancy all of the activity going on and on her phone and when, we say all we mean all all the whole thing well, the thing here is: we have to ensure a guy named Michael cook, so who is he? He was an old friend of keynes. Its like they were friends, you know maybe from high school or college and then You know I didn't have much interaction for many years, but at some point
are living close and proximity to one another they rekindled their friendship, while Your cairum goes missing. We have Michael cook who's going to help, try to help the family saw them, you know be a friend he actually was involved in helping to organise one of the first vigils that was held for Cairum, while they were still out searching for him. Well after after we have cain and terry speed, up after kane finds out. Hey your loving carrying wife may have tried to have somebody kill you right, any says, guess what I'm taken my daughter and are now well. We have to who still living at the horn and home and at some point she thinks you know what I'm gonna start texting this friend of the family Michael cook, and he going to start texting her back, and the conversation starts as casual things, questions about the investor asian questions
is there any you know leads anything good coming in helping to find Cairum? Well it very quickly and to some very, very Aubrey it discussions between the two of them. Here's a clip of michael talking about the searches, in terms of right of the street from me cookies and all girlfriend of cane, as they recently reconnected in the first days of the hunt for current cook joined the search, and, of course, with us in this and seemed to go out of his way to defend terry when suspicions about her first emerge. I would hope that if, if people had energy, they would put it toward helping to find this missing boy as opposed to investing in speculating about whether the family dinner didn't have something to do with it alone. He bore dispute and speculation on the family. A lot of people are put in speculation on terry, yet some kind of weird
they're all now that she's shown me hurt tatars or hurt turtle tatars. Now I will be defending yeah and well in the thing is you know it just doesn't seem like you know, we look at the things from the outside and we after wonder how we would behave in how we would hand for dealing with something like this in our lives. While when it's handled in a way that we agree with, of course, we automatically think well, this person either just doesn't care ready. as no soul, no heart or there. They are involved in this thing in somehow One. A cheater doesn't make you murder, but you know being a cheater, does make you a liar, and I also think it makes you question somebody's character and they're going to ask a tyrants mom about these new allegations, payroll your eyes, you I'm sorry, I guess to say it tactfully,
it goes to someone's character of your doing something like that man. It's disgusting, Cairo mother is going to be asked if her and her husband, tyrant stepfather, if they feel guilty because of what was the result of what happened to cairo because he disappeared. And now we learn that we have all the suspicious behaviour going on around the stepmother. Cairo was in her care. Tat know that I was four and a half hours away He needed me to protect him. That's what I feel guilty for the fact that I had to work that day, instead of going to the science fair like I wanted to that, I feel guilty for two: he wanted to come live with us. He expressed on several occasions and just several times he would just breakdown just sob
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I ride, cheers maids we're back our eye, so so far Captain we have heard allegation after allegation just kind of stacking up against terry horsemen, the stepmother, who was the last person. As far as we know, to see the cairo harmon the morning that he disappeared. Now she is going to get a chance to react to of these allegations and lets or her talk about that strange facebook post of I'm going to hit the gym this just days into the search for kyron. Well, that would be because the day law enforcement told us to go to do is tell us to do things that we normally do so they you to go grocery shopping. They want you to go to the gym ass. This we told both came and he was with me that day we day well aware, but this statement makes a sense to me. I mean long. I will tell you: hey: you got it lives,
colonel of life, if he does focus only on searching you're going to drivers of crazy, I dont think I'd be able to do anything but search, but saw as I get that point, the other weird thing that she throws and there is Oh yeah, I went to the gym that day and kane was with me, get I don't think it's Here too mean some people, as a stress reliever, you know, do yoga go to the jam. The guy go running I'll. Take. That is super odd, but you posted on facebook right now, stop being such a moron well, in a on more than one occasion, she's going to claim that she was not allowed to be involved in the search for kyron, which again makes sense to me and the investigators, and the search and rescue teams should be that the experts are the ones that should be doing that. But furthermore
but she doesn't need to be involved in this search for tyrant, because she, self, as well as other family members, are still under investigation. Very early on yeah. That's a very good point, and you know, law enforcement might have said: hey go the gym. They probably didn't tell her because they didn't think she was so stupid. He don't post it on facebook, Other weird behaviour is the sexting, and so this is Terry's response to being caught. Sexting her husband, and this was in retaliation for something that he was doing, that I found out about wallace is happening and this particular person was actually friend and sent to the house. So this was a set up. I'm saying this. Person came to the house. He was keynes friend. I did this deliberately because I was angry and getting back at him. two wrongs always make a right. Captain yeah I don't know that's how it works. Weird stuff,
though, because first of all a she's, a gown conflict change nurse, well, you know, see, see first of all, was set up right. This guy came to the house and they set me up. Ah, she also says well, but care was cheating too so so that's why and then she says well because he was cheating. I did it for revenge. You I mean it makes the euro cents in europe constantly changing your story, just a minute that you're a horrible person. I have no interest in having this person in my life, this was something to screw with came because I was angry with him because he was doing the exact same thing with somebody else there, but also by this time or not, then together anymore, all right so averse to set up then its revenge and then at the end of that little statement it was well, but we weren't even together right,
your legally married well and Other thing here is you know from throw all that out the window because you know he does such a good job of just cleaning this up very quickly, very nice in neat. Oh it's! You know. I did this because of this. didn't really matter we're not together with the thing here is, the and then you have you know who else does a good job of cleaning this up Michael cook, because later Michael cook would tell the media. You know what yeah I was sexting with her. I went or to her home on one occasion to speak with her and I never had sex with her yeah. Well, hey! Let me break this down for you. Alright, first of all, Michael cook read those text messages and we all know anybody. That's follow this case for some time every,
that's follow. This case knows the terry has been interviewed on more than one occasion regarding these tat. These text messages to and from Michael cup. are in those interviews they dumbing down. They have Damn it down, because the material in those text messages are so graphic. Did they Can I say those things on the radio or on tv or in the newspaper re. Luckily, for us we're in a garage- and we can say whatever we want as as far as it pertains to these cases. The thing here is Michael cook, arms. man, I'm never going to believe you that you didn't have sex with terry harmon for several reasons. One these these things got so explicit that there's no way you went over there just to talk with the person, because guess what at some point in the ex messages. You have two options. Bro, you could have said you could have said that
either I'm gonna go over there and give her what she's beg and for all I'm gonna, remove myself from this horrible situation that somehow I I've end albion and been apart of for a you know. They were texting for days. It wasn't like amis, but it is possible that he just wanted some. You know booby pics as possible yeah, but you don't have to go to her home to receive. those she had already sent those to you before. You went to her home and the other thing, but buddy. Here's the thing. According to the text messages and according to tears, the messages that she sent to you, and not only did you go to her home, but she went to your home on one occasion, though yeah. So, let's, let's not pretend like thing only happened wants, and we just sat around talking and in hoping for the best snow. I think it went down exactly how everybody's thinking that it went down and why you look one
other than to as micro have this weird fetish with turtles simple true. But the thing here is, even after she sending pictures of herself he's asking for more pictures and, as the captain pointed out, maybe just into pictures. However, eddie more than one occasion, during these text message: exchanges they both admit to having been masturbating during the sex situation Then at some point she says: hey, I'm glad that we she says, look given I'm tellin, you don't have any money that I came over to your house last night, because I told my attorney- and I told my friend daddy that I just had to go up for a drive because I was stressed- and I ve been locked up in the house all day right, which is another piece of evidence that a lie to anybody should lie to her by her own lawyer. Yeah, it's a deadly arm, a detail of your character.
The only other issue to the other problem with this case is that you have- two adults we have terry first and we have michael cook by this point- that that is yes, just speculation on my behalf, but whether or not they had sex together we have. We have two adults and in the inner circle of a situation of a missing child and their behaving like teenagers their behaving like teenagers they're, not assisting there now doing anything productive as far as I'm concerned, in helping the family helping Cairum their running around in in. In in these games with each other and hide from everybody else, while on the other, Then here too, as a mean, like we said before, current father, of carbons mother why she was pregnant because he has had an affair with the turtle. Terry. And the problem here is that now she saying that
while keynes doing the same thing and this man been going on before tyrant went missing, but then it starts make you want, wonder about motive, you know if the kids are the picture, what happens to the relationship right I think we throw a lotta shade on her, but if king is doing the same thing then he's equally a guy that AG of flaming but that's a road that I dont even care to go down right, but why? we do it with her or not him because of this. Because of this exact fact, we have in her own words her saying I lied to my best friend into my attorney to people that are supposed to, her best interests involved. What's going on in her world, and she admittedly, lying to them. So how can I put any weight on her back, the only one saying that kane? While he doing the same thing, so I did it to
But we have evidence that he's done this before, so that there is some wait there I get. I feel I feel you there bring up a good boy. The problem I have, as I have a big problem, believing anything dietary says and while we're you know why we are in the business of throwing shade of people. I think that we need ro some shade on Michael cook, because here's the thing since his own words. his own words when asked why they did the investor asian is focusing on terry or why? Public seems to be swarming around her, like vultures thinking that she's involved in cairo disappearance, somehow his own. Words? Are I wish Anybody that has energy would focus in and put their efforts towards trying to find tyrant would guess what Michael, how much energy did you waste on those visits? Whatever how much energy did you waste, texting and sexting back and forth with her? You should have focused your efforts.
I'm looking for tyrant as well. I think it's very obvious where I stand as far as how I but you my belief on whether terry is a somewhat honest person, or you know not honest at all. I can't it's hard for me to believe anything. She says- and this is a good point this the time for her to address this situation. Regarding the polygraph tests, so that the first one was proximate. Our long. and reading the results took about three hours to do it and I'm very hard of hearing virtually deaf in my left ear. So I have to look at people when I talk to them to understand what they're saying he was behind me when he was doing the first polygraph, and so I took the middle of the time to process what he was saying to respond. I was gone for the three hours while he put it together, it came back and he just I don't even know what
it's up on the screen, but if you fail, then I'm like, how can I possibly fail? They told the truth and then they came in to have the Bobby. Oh Donald, lead investigator. Another guy named will he's an fbi guy. He was part of the group and we're talking to me about it and for discussion and where I was upset went back and I had at that time called cain, and I told you I'm just done cooperating. I've had it, I cannot see that they're focused on me, they're, not focusing where they need to be, and they took me home? I was at home the lead investigator of the FB I's name's lee gossip. He called me over to the school or the fire station and asked that we have a discussion And about saying that they needed my help to continue on, because I know current, as well as I do agreed that I am what is just. I just said
was angry because of all this is going on. He said. Well, if had you had any other reaction, I would have thought that you were guilty, because I don't feel that way about you. Okay, Yes, she wants to make sure that she includes in there that one of the investigators says to her that he doesn't feel that she's guilty of any Yet we have no way of knowing if he said that are not right. The other thing gonna bring up, is the fact that she has hearing problems so that could affect the polygraph which could explain why she failed. She failed the test heavy enough. I have to the context the person what they're saying there facial expression. It helps alot yardstick I'm studying this way, and I'm doing it he's right here at a table. So I can hear out this year is just it makes it much more difficult told him I couldn't hear. Then he made it so that I was scooted over low enough that I could hear more out of my right ear.
Yeah and this investigation is going to take another twist, like I said before, there were united. As for you know the the step mom, the father, the son, dad and the mother, they were united but quickly it turns into well. We think terry is possibly line about some stuff and not cooperating as much as she should then what's gonna happen is that this the alligator come out that she hired the landscaper or the gardener to kill her husband and once this comes out, he is gonna then have to file for ah a divorce when kane files for that divorce. Ah, he is going to submit all this stuff allegations against her with drinking, and god knows what else, but I think some of that it. So you know again not this guide cheated on his pregnant wife
I don't know how much we can believe, but even if he was making up stories, I think he was doing so to protect his daughter, and I commend him, for tat, while one big part of the battle of this whole divorce is going to be custody of the child of of the daughter. Cain and terry hand together right, you know, came not just saying hey, I'm separating from my wife. He sang no I'm separate from my wife from Terry and I'm taking our daughter and she separating from her as well right and so for this to happen. He's not only going to have to prove reasons why they should be divorced and and why they shouldn't be together, but he's going to have to prove reasons why she is not fit to be a t
have their daughter in her care again. I commend him because if you think that she had anything to do with the disappearance of your son, you do not want to take that chance. Now, what what comes on the public as that the mother of carbon is gonna, hear all this information and go away what the heck yeah. Why don't we know about this earlier right when our kid went missing? You should have been talking about this and that's gonna say over their relationship as well on here as currents mom talking about. That is why this is the first time that you expect out about current without your ex husband came up until now, you too have maintained a united front. So what has changed were we're still a united front in the goal that we want cairo, home and and we want answers that hasn't changed. I I personally have learned of information lately that has
disappointed man kings choices on his behavior and I just can't stand by and support the choices that he's making. some of that has to do with these court documents that you ve seen where he talks about his wife, terry being visibly impaired alcohol several times a week, putting kids at risk. He calls her emotionally disturbed, yet he never shared any of his concerns with you. Is that correct correct we learned of all of this information. After the fact and from the media he had several opportunities to Let tony and I know what was going on in the house and he did not. He had several opportunities to make the right choice
There are, let me know or remove cairo from the house. I would have removed cairo. The house had, I have noted what was going on. Did you see? Any signs ever on does worry that they, terry, was dealing with alcohol abuse or that she was is as kane put it emotionally disturbed. Yeah, I did not see any evidence of of alcohol abuse. In fact, I did about the deal I until after Cairum went missing, but as far as a purse in reality, disorder I did for years. I was aware that she had some issues with pet logical lying things of that nature, but just I way from my interactions with her. I don't I didn't see, you know as much as kane did the. If you have any concerns with the theory, why didn't do it anytime, or did you try to get your son current out of that home
Oh yes, I did starting a year prior to his him going missing. I tried to get custody of him and what would happen. cain told me. It was not an option on several occasions and it was a point of contention with us when he was exhibiting some problems in school and he was expressing a lot of sad. Ass, an upset at the situation in cairo and on many occasions told me he wanted to come, live with me and on a couple a different occasions. Terry had called me specifically so that I could talk to cairo because he was so upset, and terry personally wanted me to take Cairum and then, on friday the police showed you some emails. The terry had sent to two friends of hers describing her marriage. cain and her feelings about your son, I know you can't
bill, the the specifics because of the investigation, but generally what did they say? It's very clear from terry's a horrible words that she a severe hatred for kyron and that a lot she blamed a lot of the merit or problems between cain and herself on Cairum, that it was issued point of contention in their marriage She had expressed in great detail her hatred for kyron I now believe without us of a doubt that not only is it capable of Hurting Kyron, but it's its clear. She couldn't hurt him worst possible way. Do you still hold out hope that your son is alive. I will until the day I die. Theirs
a lot of talk about these emails on the internet lot of people chiming in with their thoughts and opinions about this. I've heard and read some people. Unfortunately that say you know, far as these emails go, We have not been able to see them. They're there be no they're not been released to the public so all we can go off of does a cairo mom saying that this mother hated Cairum. This is what I see. in the emails and there's also been speculation, that there were hung in hundreds of e mails that were of this nature of her speaking, italy of her marriage and her steps on and even saying that her steps on work adding to the turmoil in their merit her marriage, my comments to those people that have posted. That is two things. Your dad right. We have not seen we have seen these have not been made public and yes
we have is what she is stating that she was shown, because she was shown these by the investigators. they wanted to get her opinion. Yet you know what I I believe that some of those emails were saying bad things about her stepson. Were things too same bad things about cairum, bad things. her marriage now, if the, if desert, had to pore over hundreds of emails, and I and I'm asking with the activity that ives in a made public regarding terry's computer active and how active she was on her phone. I'm guess that there were probably hundreds of e mails. My guess here would be that probably Very few of them actually pertained to her saying that she hated Cairum. That she had a bad marriage because of him I do not doubt does ray. I do not doubt that she, he is coming forward with saying it.
Nation. That is true that his factual, the problem We have people taking it. Information watching these interviews and then you're saying, while they were, Hundreds and hundreds of emails have heard the saying She hated kyron in all, we have is the step. Mom got no you're jumping to inclusions. There you're jumping inclusion say we ve seen evidence so far in this case of us the nation, where does ray is lying about anything I take her it fit. I take her for her work yeah and as far as we know, I mean like the kid goes missing- restart diving into these individuals past. That's how it about how kane interrogate together this during pregnancy, horrible. The other thing about it, too, is that I don't like we said. We have evidence that
Mary has lied about stuff, but also to the fact that she is willing to cheat. I think that's evidence that she's a selfish individual yourself individual them. Maybe you don't want to be taken care of a son, that's not biologically years right. So and again as they don't into these people's lives, there is really nothing that we can discuss as far as desert re. Obviously, by this point, We have a situation where the relationship is has been severed between the biological, mother and dialogue. we'll father of cairo There are no longer like the captain use, referring to as a unit unified front You know now we have. We have two against one into against another one and for the first time, after what three years, we have we have kane the biological, father and desert the biological mother who have the
opportunity to sit down and discuss some of their differences? I don't blame kane for karen's disappearance. I want to make that very clear. However, the things that I have a hard time with is the fact that I feel, like things were happening in the year prior to kyra and going missing that I was bringing attention to, and I don't know if you were busy with your life or what was going on, but it was just ignored and I feel like in that we failed or we didn't protect him. That's that's interesting. A lot of the dialogue was
war between you and terry, then you and I she made deliberate attempts to put herself in the middle of the communication. So your emails. I never saw your emails her and I never spoke about them, and this is what I have a problem with with kane. Is he does the same thing that terry does? He puts the blame onto other people need to flex all the blame instead of just saying, hey, you know, yeah messed up right but he's gonna be asked? Did he miss anything and then he's going to say? Yes, he did. But again I think it's put in the blame onto somebody else. I think I've solely. I did, I think at the time the economy was was going, a really bad direction for all of us. I was focused on work. I was for
just an all of a sudden. We had a daughter, a new daughter coming that wasn't expected. We had a lot of things that were happening in life and I spent a lot of my time focused on my kids and focused on my job, and I didn't focus on her and not. I definitely should have spent more time, but I've also in hindsight, in all the discussions I have with other people, most normal people aren't investigating their spouse on a day to day yeah, but if you're awesome some, he listened the true graham garage. You are investigating your spouse on a day to day basis, heath nurse you, you better be as tracker on their car. You have cameras how's that they don't know about you have. Maybe gps ps, you have on the person's body. You know, I don't know where you put. It use your imagination. Well and another thing the tyrants parents disagreed on was the search of cairo hormones home in property keynes home in Prague.
now the deal is that police said hey. Why don't you let come out there and dig up your yard and will look for more evidence. Will look for Cairum. We have kane who says no. I don't want to do that and we des array, tyrants, mom, who says that could have been beneficial to this whole investigation and here's keynes explanation of that. I have an open invitation with law enforcement and the search and rescue teams, the certified search and rescue teams to search my property any day. Any time when I was called, I said no to the private search, but at I immediately said, and I will continue to say right now, any time any time the sheriff's office in the search and rescue teams wanna come with their dogs, assorted, my property qualify with
if the property has been searched more than the schoolhouse probably, and my invitation is open, always open. So I think what happened here was he wasn't on the property at the time that they wanted to do the search, and so he said no, and I think one of the that he did. That is. I don't think this guy has a lot of great morals and I think he was also afraid of what else they'd uncut, well I'd be curious to if they actually at any time, dug up the yard, because I I've I take desert side on this. I believe that, yes, there are gaps in terry hormones timeline then day and disposing of sir. Thing at home in her own property. Would have she We have had time to do that. That would have been been a convenient place for her to do such things. I gotta believe, though, at this at the same time, you know
There's everybody has you know you got your yard, I got my yard. There's obvious parts of my yard. If I dug something up on a friday or buried something on a friday the friday night, sir today, sunday monday, it's going to be very obvious that that's disc, disturbed ground and this next clip is going to be a deseret his words to whoever might be responsible for the disappearance of kyron to the person or persons I have karen, I miss my son, so much that I can't breathe at times my heart aches, every second of every day, and I am afraid that I can't live without him. I know This situation has turned out much bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. Please do the right thing here and help us find him think about kind he needs me as well. There are so many things he has
gotten to do yet freeze let him go just take. to our remote pay phone and tell them to call night one one, and then we can come and get him million the people have seen has photo. Do your why someone has said something? Yet I do. I do wonder that every day I pray for them to come forward, have the strength to do it's right for current tomorrow we will release part four of the cairo harm in case titled, the suspect until then be good behind and don't let her
the sergeant and MR smith you're gonna love this house bunk bed, in a closet, there's no field manual for finding the right home. But when you do u s a homeowners, insurance canal protected the white way restrictions apply.
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