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Lane Bryant Shooting /// Part 2 /// 201

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Lane Bryant Shooting /// Part 2 /// 201

Part 2 of 2


10 years ago a man walked into a Lane Bryant clothing store posing as a delivery man. He announced a holdup and began taking women to a back room where they were bound with tape. One of the brave ladies managed to call 911. The robbery escalated and turned very violent. Before fleeing he shot all six ladies. Despite police arriving on the scene within minutes of the 911 call the killer managed to get away. Police have spent millions of dollars trying to catch this man. Was this a robbery gone very bad or are there bigger motives at play? Beer of the Week - Grinderpunch by Soundgrowler Brewing Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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the I just spoke with: dimly parks, police chief. He tells me this sketch was released on the eve of the anniversary on purpose, because people tend to have the most interests in this cold case. This time of year New three d image is now hanging inside the police station and it's broadcast everywhere. It is an enhanced version of a previous sketch drawn from an eyewitness account in two thousand and eight. The new photo uses so identification technology to make it more lifelike, whoever
Man is entered a timely park lane bride ten years ago and announced a robbery. He ordered a group of women into a back room, tie them up with duct tape and shot five of them dead. one of the victims, dialed nine one, one police released a snippet of that call years ago. One emergency day online airline police say the suspects It can also be heard on the background of that call. Detectives have now isolated the voice, although his words or almost indistinguishable,
Yeah. The disney parks chief says one to two new tips coming on the case every week. They hope this sketch and voice recording will give them even more leads. Can you believe it's been ten years? It's time goes by, but we've worked on it steadily for ten years. I continue to work on at just five one, the net that need us to clear this up in the trailer there captain we hear the news reporter asking the police chief. Can you believe it's been ten years and that's exactly the case here
Two thousand and eight five women were killed inside of the lane. Bryant store in what police would describe as a botched robbery or a robber really turned violent. Now you hear the police chief, their stating we cannot believe that it's been ten years. This is a case that they worked very hard. They ve spent millions of dollars trying to find the guy that shot these five women to death. We also said Ten years later, they have a full time officer working the case as well as another officer that works the case part time over the years. I've I've heard from this detective that there have been three times throughout the last ten years where he believed that they were very close to solving the case that they had a suspect three times. They had a suspect that they like so much they thought that they were going to be able to provide the families with
justice. Finally, after all these years, our least bring charges to these aspects, and today we know that they currently do not have any suspects or anyone. They have named publicly as a suspect in this case now I do before get into some things. Today we got a lot to cover. We want to go. The nine one one call we want to go through some vehicles that in the area at the time, some things that could lead us into some thoughts about our suspect here, but before we do so captain I kind of wanted to highlight some pieces, the investigation along the way so in the very early parts of the investigation. Remember we said that the police have one thing working in their advantage, and that was the a lee part police officer was parked in a vehicle. Just there was adjacent to the parking lot of the. Brian at the time of the nine when one call about two hundred yards away. Yes, so this officer was on,
seen within just a couple of minutes, yeah a couple months out for that those gummy multiple law enforcement that they're gonna be at the scene, there there showing up in arriving to the area. Multiple police departments, the the Chicago p d helicopter was was in the air shortly after the crime was discovered. So what so weird here captain is that we have this guy, that he kills these women. He walks out store. We can see the huge police response. That's going on in the area also immediately afterwards and yet somehow this guy is able to disappear as soon he leaves the store he's not highly noticeable he's. He gets away some how he is able to slip back into the fold or hide in the background ma, am we? But we do have on video camera to cars, though, that left gandhian asked you ve, one being the sudan now police,
investigated? They did investigate whether the killer had any connections to one of the victims, because As we stated in last episode, most robbers- probably why hit a clothing store early in the morning and probably wouldn't stay. Forty minutes like this guy did for the first fifty the days of the investigation, nearly fifty investigators worked, in the lane bryant killer together, they logged over thirty thousand hours. On the case, the the cost of the investigation surpassed four hundred thousand dollars. This was just in the first fifty one days. Another interesting thing here captain when we talk about the pursuit of this man, the pursuit of the killer that fled police Seven locked down stores in the area, including a super target petsmart an office max,
searching the area with guns drawn this cases been? It's been interesting to research in the sense that I know a guy that lives in the greater chicago airy he's not in long for meant but he's familiar with law enforcement and so he and I over the past couple weeks, have been trading a lot of emails back and forth about this case, and why thing that he told me, was that his this his name will call em gregg. I didn't get permission if on a philosophy, is his name But anyway, one thing he told me was that his wife had been in a store that just within a mile of the lane, bryant store at the time of the killings, and she was at this sub place called dinner by design. and she was there with several friends of hers and the during this time, tinley police stormed and they they had. hands on their holster. Some of them had guns drawn and they locked the door
behind them when they came in to search the business. Now, once the business was cleared, they told everybody what had happened. and said that everybody needed to stay inside and they locked the door as they left the the store and then went on two clear another store. So they were, they were heavily heavily in pursuit of this man with cars helicopters. On foot one. Not only the immediate response was huge by law enforcement, but they have continued to work this heavily and use every technology that the king yeah, and they have allowed this to take them down some different avenues in pursuit of this person, they even use the irs to do some background searches.
Then they used nasa. They had nasa pool satellite images of vehicles that were in lots outside of the store within minutes of shots, being fired the secret service helped with phone records. Foreign police agencies have run ballistics test for this case. Illinois state police have screen weapons. They get turned an or brought back to see if they can match it to the hand gun that was used by killer, I'm assuming that they probably ran the dna as well. That's that's an interesting question and I do you want to get into that now, because I know you can a chop in a bid to get at the. Let let me show you what let me wrap this up real quick, so I dont forget something: Ok, I just wanted to mention that in this year alone to show you the activity involved in the community here is that just this year alone they have they have received,
Eighty seven leads that were called in and over the course of the ten years they have investigated in received more than set thousand leads total since the martyrs. So investigators have gone as far as london, to check new fingerprint technology on the shelf, things that were found that day in the village tilney park has spent near two million dollars on this investigation, so the detectives have continued to filter through these leads up to this day, there are going to continue to do so they ve theyve, categorized and logged all these leads in knave investigated them. Also, a huge effort, as you had had stated now, regarding the dna there's a big point of contention for me and it doesn't to be a point of contention for anybody else. When you start looking into this case- and what I mean by that is. I am not convinced that either a
that they have dna or that they have good dna right in Here's here's my thoughts on this and in okay. So in doing research for this case, one one place that it led me- and I think you you fell into this- is well- was read. It there's a lot of caution about this case on, read it and is a lover of it by the its beer. But it's as far as a resource. It's not always the best him investigative tool because their own on there's a lot of conversation on their there's, a big conversation there. That's that's a unique one in a good idea. A very good idea is that, though reason why this case might not be solved is that all these years police have said that they're looking for a man where, where, in fact this might be a woman, ah Ganem fervour guy got something: that's my guts
doing that for whatever reason before we even you know research this at all for what it for whatever reason I was watching some report, some old news report- and I just went- I dont- think its a man well and then my first response to that is well. They have done, and my first thought then would be well if they have dna and they ve said for ten years that there are looking for a man they wouldn't want to screw up their investigation. They need the public's help here right. They would not want us group. There invested asian and say that they are looking for a man when in fact it's a woman, the date they would never do that. So that is people to believe that they ve tested the dna that they had an it's, that the evidence points to it being a man right, but maybe they don't have good enough dna. That's where I question this whole thing: yeah or what if you you have, I witness right that river surviving witness
and for the record she's, always said it's a man a right. She believes it to be a man which I think work on her Martha. Yes, so Martha says, I believe that this guy it was a man. Then they get the dna back from under the fingernails, possibly because we have fingernail clippings and will get touch dna back, possibly right and then they test it, and I go how well for some female dna here. This must be the victim's dna, and that is a contaminant right will cause it if, if it were separate I could decipher that it's separate and they could figure out that it came from the victim. You know they would they would test the victim as well. Ah, but not always, I mean we've seen cases where they've tested people and then accusations that you know somebody's kid is not their kid that it was
yeah, I mean so. I see what you're saying so. Labs can get this wrong sought, but I just wonder if that threw him off and they were like, while this dna evidence is no good, because we don't have any sign of male dna evidence in this time, says what I'm saying. I think you lost me, because I think that the counter you may has always been it has to be a man because they have dna of it. I, but I think think that see why they think it's a man. I think they think it's a man because of eye witness- and I have not seen anywhere that they said we tested the dna evidence and as a man. Thank you. Thank you now now here thorium blow frustrate I, but before we get to foreign to this captain, might my gut feeling is it's that it's a man, but I'm your my boy, I'm gonna! Take you back here my boy, bloom. Well, in the reason, why will not discredit the possibility of it being a woman? Is this
Time or that I've seen a debate on if it's a man or a woman, the the the person always tries to end the debate. Supporting the fact that it's a man by stating they have dna, they No, if it's a man or woman, they ve always said it's a man, so it has to be a man like you just said, though, researching this case for two weeks I couldn't find anywhere. I couldn't find I couldn't find it printed in any newspaper. I couldn't find it where the video footage of of a officer a detective, a police chief at any time
out, rightly stating we have dna of this aspect. They they always hint did. They might have dna. They always throw out statements that would suggest that they have dna. That doesn't mean that they have dna on this guy or girl this. What this means is, they could be trying to put this person off kilter. They can probably be trying to put this person off ease. We have dna that you left at the crime scene because we have fingernail clippings. Are we found blood underneath one of the victims? Fingernails there were things that were left at the crime scene. This just implies that they have dna. They never outwardly state that the one hundred percent do and not only did you or you unable to find that I was unable to find that and I my friend cordon quote gregg in chicago,
who is well aware of this case, and he said the same thing at no point have I ever come across, where the police are outwardly, saying that they in fact have dna and to further that that they ve tested it to confirm that it's a man. So I think, if that's going to be your argument counter punch there. It doesn't work for me because when you throw that out there and you state that that is, that is a fact. Please, post that link underneath your argument, so we can verify that check the box and make sure that it's no longer concern so where we give the homework portion from time to time on the show captain. If anybody, if anybody find Can find a link where there is a officer directly involved in this investigation that is being cut. Did in a newspaper or being interviewed in, and we can see the word and out of their mouth, that they have dna, please post a link to their
on our blog at true crime, garage dot, com, right, and so the other problem too, is that they said that this and the suspect was possibly five. Nine to six foot tall, so you're talking about a gap may be three inches. but now, if you go three inches lower now you're talking about a gap of fives or out height of five six to five nine, which would be more stereotypical female height mm. So I dunno and then the big thing for me is the nine one one call now what police have stated or multiple media sources have stated, as they believe that you can hear the suspect's voice,
on the nine one one call yes so do want to get to that. Yes, let's go ahead and play the nine when one clip that we played yesterday, one one thing: Whereat analyze ever, let me get you to carry out. Don't hang up in real quick here. I want to throw this out to the listeners. There's a toll free number out there, where you call- and you can hear a long Her version of this nine one one call and they actually replay the portion that they believe to be the suspect, which is heard in the background and on our clip that we just played. You can hear the suspect, we're what we believe to be the suspect a little bit in the background as well. Now we didn't include this version on the show.
does it frankly, the audio did the captain just provided that nine one one clip that is shorter, the audio from that is much better than a lot of the stuff they are even that what you will hear on this toll free number, but the number anybody out there that's interested- and this is also where can provide tips to, and that's the key thing with this number here- the numbers eight six, six, eight five, three six two to two and that's a number that is been put up in paid for by the tenderly park police department. Again that numbers eight six six eight I've, three six, two to two. You can call, then here a longer version of the clip you can leave a tip there as well with your information. Now, let's talk bout that nine one one clip a little bit here captain because there is a portion, the did they do not play in that clip that we played
it's where you can hear what is believed to be the suspect talking before Rhoda hang. the phone would nine one one. Now what I did because I had. I had a trouble trying to decipher to decipher what this aspect is saying. and so what I did was I got online and I did a bunch of hunting around and I thought you know it, let's find, let's find the general consensus of others out there of what they believe, that they are hearing now mind you. This is very choppy alot of its not fool sentences by Some of the things that are believed to be being said by the suspect in the background is as follows: that, after the after rodas told not to hang up the phone, you hear the suspect going on about something and its believed that he or she accusations it is possibly saying the following real.
Acts get over here. You're such a hero right now that you're such a hero right This is a one portion of the tape that is highly talked about, but they seemed the general consensus seems to be that the word here ro is somewhere in their because I've seen other versions that are very close. That says something like don't be a hero, ha brood. want to be a hero right, I'm, so something about a hero. It's also believed to be heard that he says you're going to die you're lucky, and I'm losing it now during the course. It is one thing that we are not hearing intently park. Police have been up front about this during the core, of that suspect kind, a rambling on it. It actually sounds like he is kind of direct the hostages or yelling directly at one of them. In the background, there are responses from the victim
that are in the room with him that the police have added out before was released to the public So there's more information on the original tape that they are not going to release and I think, probably for good reason. But the one thing that I seem to be able to make out pretty clearly is: one line of I'm losing it now. I don't know that I hear exactly that. Maybe a different, slightly different view. None of that sentence, but-
word losing seems to be pretty clear at some point and this audio at the beginning, I hear almost like a go. I'm tired of yellin yeah, so, let's hit by the global mortem, one would think analyze airline advocated carry aren't, don't hang up. Well, let me just loop. The one part words. You can clearly tell it somebody else, like the third person, if you will, on the cod, the suspect, buried. analyze while more time, Whereat dandelion rights over, I have the mimic that rose a dope. Yeah. Well, what I hear is- and this is not this not a a
at the tape that we've analyzed. I don't know that others have tried to figure out what the suspect is saying there, because the the whispering coming from the victim and the dispatcher so prominent here. I don't know that this is because it's not important. That is what I'm saying. What's not important. What I'm saying is not that important on what the person, in the background, ST If this is the suspect, what I'm doing is just yo know right. That's that's my point on making it more of a it's a it's a woman's voice as a woman's range. I mean he I think of as a man be like yo, I'm tired of yelling that's way down here. We're talking to you have to go up pretty high and the mail register to to hit what notes they're. That they're saying I mean even when you speak you're speaking,
notes. Does that make sense? So that's why I'm saying to me: it's like doesn't matter what they're saying like to I audibly hear. If that is the suspect in the background and not a victim because we do have, will we have one victim on the phone, so we have four other victims that would be in the room if, if they believed, then that they're not talking- and that is the suspect to me- It's female voice right in in that, but at the same time, though, I kind of point out what I think I hear the person to be saying, because I think that, you if it is the suspect or if it is one of the other victims. Because to me it almost sounds like the person is saying, I'm tired of yelling. Looking for blah blah blah almost like the person is, and announcing to the people that they have taken hostage, that I'm tired
asking you all these questions, wise buddy. Anybody telling me the answers. I want to know I'm looking for this, I'm looking for this and then I'm going to leave I'm getting tired of you helping me out, I came here for money- and I have not found very much money now. I understand I get your point because when you isolate that spot on the tape- and you play it back the couple times that you did is the pitch higher than I and tissue painted hearing. Knowing that, I believe the suspect to be a man. The answer is yes, I pitch is higher than I anticipated to here. However, I just you know the hour of our voices do funny everything does funny I'm just stating that this is a lesson to do some funny things. This is a heightened situation. This is not a calm situation on either part the victims or the suspect,
and I know that sometimes when people are yelling, some people project a higher pitch at times thrown into a stressful situation, somebody's pitch could go up or down depending on their emotion at the time as well with this individuals angry or scared themselves. Who knows what their voice could do, but I agree with the captain a higher pitch than I when intensity regarding a male suspect of that size, one one thing: Whereat analyze ever. Let me get you to carry out, don't hang up want to learn a new language this year, razetta stone makes it easy to get started and they'll create a learning plan for you that keeps you on track. Razetta stone has
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It happened now, your birthday, you don't nothing happened, but you know usually somewhat use cheers whales, cheers and then you move on surveillance footage now. One thing we ve touched upon a little bit here: captain there were some surveillance footage, some video taken from the target superstore across the street. Now it's estimated that these cameras well not estimate, has reported that these cameras were roughly a hundred yards away from the we're about to talk about in this being to vehicles that were spotted in the lane in front of the lane. Bryant store that word leaving the parking
wah around the same time as it's estimated that the suspect was leave yeah. Here's a couple problems with this. First of all, is the time correct on surveillance, like in many cases that we've covered there's been cameras, but the the times weren't correct right. So that is one thing that we have to think about with this surveillance. Well, I I think weaken the I've seen the time stamps on the surveillance footage, and it is a little off of this mark a bit but the report. That I found that I find to be the most credible states They believe that these vehicles were seen exiting or leaving those spots. time between ten forty, six and ten forty nine am so so there'd be off the the time would be off on the on the actual tape correct
slightly by a few men- and I think I think, the time stamp on the surveillance footage, if I remember correctly a slightly ahead of that it's running a little faster than that, but the way that can kind of determine how accurate the time is, is we have within no within maybe minutes or seconds, even we the general idea of what time the police officer is going to state that he arrived on the scene. So once once I can confirm using the other surveillance footage. What time these vehicles, where leaving? They can compare that in comparison to when they are sir arrived to see how close they can get to that time now- what are we seeing in the video? Well, first off anybody out there that seeing this video or one hundred percent back me up on this? This is some grainy footage right that was taken from approximately a hundred yards away and
you police have even commented on this to the point of stating the you know. While this is helpful to the investigation, what it does not allow them to do because of the distance is red license. Plate numbers break off, or to possibly identify people that might be sitting inside these vehicles, but what it does show is a small lack ass, you ve and a black sedan. Now both of these vehicles are at at the lane, bryant and then leaving around the time of the shooting, so the thought here is when police. Asking the community for help. You know the first thing that they're gonna ask is that the driver of of these vehicles come forward right. You know if you were a at lane bryant around this time, and this is your car come forward. We just want to talk to you see if you saw anything, even if you think it's nothing. We want to know what you know. One thing a little interesting here, though, if you like
in the early reports, it states that police are looking for the driver of the small black suv, as well as the black sedan. Then, if you fast forward, like months later They seem to still be looking for the driver of the small black ass, you ve, but we don't. We don't hear them outwardly. asking for the driver of the black sudan to come forward, so I dont know if that means that person has come forward identified. Themself told him what they know when it's nothing and they went. There entities to remain anonymous. It generally believed that the dry ever of the suv could be are suspect and I've seen on several sites. If we talk specifically about the red at sight, where they did name several possible ma,
Models also makes a models of that issue. Be that's how bad the footage is that being a honda or key, possibly a toy oda. I I have not been able to find where the police have stated. We believe it was this, make this model this year. Nowhere could I find that so for purposes of staying on task. I think would that we continue to report that is a small black ass. You read that is in question and again it seems to be be. They added these two vehicles, its belief that the suspect might have been in that fleeing the scene and that small I guess you ve what what's important about this, as if you knew about this case lived in the area of there were some way that you possibly suspected could have done this. Then you cannot reverse engineer. Did they have a black ass? You ve a small black ass. We ve
they would be able to use now. One thing. I also want to point out there that we heard in an earlier clip today that we use for today's trailer. The start of the show was that you her the reporter stating that ten years on the ten year anniversary of this case of the shooting at lane, Brian, it being unsolved. Now for ten years that police released a three d composite sketch of are suspect, and I like this captain because to me When I look at this three d version and if, if anybody have anybody out there as familiar with this case and hasn't done any internet sleuthing on it in awhile, I beg you to get one your computers on your tablet and check some stuff out, because that three d images one it's very haunting. You almost feel like you're, staring directly at the face of the person, did says how d failed. It looks to me and which, on the website and instagram twitter facebook, all that stuff in
to the original composite sketch I felt was pretty general it didn't. I don't feel like it gave me a good sense, of what I should be looking for, who I should be looking for, as were the the diet. Detailed three d account was much better for that. While, though I feel like we've covered a lot, you have any questions that you think we should go over. Well, that's a big part of the frustration. Regarding this case, yes, I do feel like we ve covered a lot. I feel like we ve answered some questions. How I feel like there's a lot of questions out there and again, I know we were. say this a lot. We sound like a broken record. We understand that the investigation has to hold some things back. I feel, like thereof, two items out there that can really help, especially after ten years when you're really asking the public to come forward and help you out with this situation. Yeah the sketch will help but it'd be nice. If there was some other piece of information that they could give us
and that that's what I mean here and I wonder if you know what they holding onto is what they have released. Is that just the tip of the iceberg? I mean they were least what they believe to be a three d composite sketch of the suspect brain theyve, released video footage of a possible suspect vehicle, We have also heard snippets of the nine when one call where you can kind of here the suspect in the back. and shouting or yelling or or or communicating with the hostages by the something that I call into question here, though, is weak. We get a nice good description of what the suspect was wearing that day. Even down to the point of the potential thought there might have been some type of packaging. Taper duct tape in the suspects coat pocket possible that in the susp,
had manicured fingernails, but the weird thing here is: we. We also hear that the suspect may have left behind a baseball cap. If that's the case, can we just say for sure, if there had been in too, can we see what that thing? Look like that team was right or wrong, Well, actually ice. I say baseball cap as a general term and I think it's been reported that way, but could just be some kind of hat of baseball style hat so maybe no team on it. But what could be a company could be any a lot of indicators on their. They could help get used to the conclusion. the identity of this person. You know people recognize an article of clothing just as well, they can a grainy vs surveillance, footage of vehicle more, a possible composite sketch of the actual suspect was there. In fact,
hat there was left behind. If so, what does it look like? I would loved you know I would love if they would release pictures of that, the other eye, two I wish did forget the deal I'm gonna get over the dna. We don't need to know if they have dna or not they can they can handle that portion of it, but I think these things are a little more simple than I have gladly Let them handled, I'm gonna. Let I'm going to let that guy, but here's the other thing the possibility that the suspect remember we say, he was using the roots of some type of delivery and he had papers, with him. They were supposed to be a part of that delivery. Well, here's my guess, I'm guessing that You know these women that were at the store. These are not dumb. Ladies, there was something on those papers that that guy had and what I mean by that is that he's gonna be able to walk in. There was some blank pieces of paper or something nothing to do with anything at all and just be well to go. Hey, I'm here too,
this delivery? My name's joe, you know in any right in rota in these other ladys far forward. She was doing preventative measures to call their store, thinking that there is a potential mix up in some kind of delivery. Now, yes, he could have likely found some This is a paper somewhere that look like there from a deliver. He could have grabbed an invoice from somewhere else, but why I'm getting at is there was enough information on those pieces of paper that he was carrying with him and theres many reports that state that he left those at the scene that the police covered those right? At the very least, could we find out one? Do they still exist and be what was printed on papers is there anything on those papers that would provide any type of information that could lead us to a potential suspect, meaning. Why all these years later having these pay
has been released to the public to help with this investigation, and it could be something as simple as these were papers that this person took from where they worked. They took him at a somebody's car, just like the baseball, had there's there's a million ways that somebody can see something somebody can see the right. nation and peace it together and you get that phone call. You get that tipped that you need Sure you're wearing me out man, I'm wearing you out, he is so, are passionate. Well the thing that here's We ve seen plenty of cases where we're sitting there. Fifteen twice. twenty five years later there, like oh yeah. Ok, we have this piece of information we, this piece of evidence we ve been holding onto it since day, one. Let us show you the general public this now and ask for your help about it now and at some point it gets to be too late.
Spray it just get. I don't want to be sitting here. Twenty years from now and they're like here's, here's the papers, here's the ball cap tell us what you think yeah. So what do you think on this case? As far as a suspect goes limp? Let me go go through this one at a time here. I only got two thing to go through? Ok, so one before the other, but the first one is the kate. The case is very strange to me in the sense that it seems like a strange target unless this person was just looking for a few hundred dollars. but to me that that would be like a smash and grab that would be like getting their creators
little chaos as possible, get your two hundred three hundred dollars and then get the hell out of there. That's not what happened in this situation. For some reason, this person decided that they needed to take these individuals to the back room. What is what is reported as a an employee break room in the back, which seems like a strange place to me. I thought I thought with the rules. Delivery that you're trying to work one of two angles: either a you're trying to get into the store before opens up where either you through. that there is more money involved in the robbery or where you? have to encounter any customers. So, if you're, not if you're not used, to do that, and he was aware that the store was open. Then the the other reason for using the roots of of a delivery is too may be work here way into the back parts of the store into the office of the store. Without causing a commotion out in the store front. You know on the floor as they say
maybe that's what he was using these papers for, but it seems like a strange target to me, sir, seems like a strange way to carry out a crime. The other thing too, if you work your way back to the office using those papers, it sounds to me. They adhere no customers came in later, while this robbery was in progress, so he took time out from what he was doing to go and capture These two individuals take them to the same location and buying them as well, sounds to me like we have a situation. I don't I don't know why he was in that store, for as long as he was dead, sexual, why he would rob a store like that anyways and the sexual component to this is very weird, is well now. I know it's not terribly uncommon for foreign offender to fondle one of the house jeez or say weird sexual things to one
the hostages, I know its not terribly uncommon, but it seems odd to me that this individual pick alain brian store, where you might expect to find thing but females their right and then that sexual aspect occurred money was the thing: why aren't you just get in your money and get the hell out of their at could be sexually, evaded and then the nine one call nine one? One call was placed that spooked them they had to get out of there or this person's incredibly unstable, because he it it's ah What I think it's it's either there's a sexual component to it or this. person got in there didn't really know what they were doing started losing control fast or got angry. Because whatever or, however much money, they thought they would get they didn't get, and they got angry at the hall judges and then, like you, said now, they're already angered, and then they ve. now about the name, when one call they panic or their anger,
more and they're going to take out that anger on all of those women there now my carries on who this person is there not super detailed, but my gut tells me that this person is not local. Too thinly park in any way the the two thousand and ten debt demographics of the area it would have been Eighty eight point: eight percent caucasian three point: seven percent can american and three point nine percent asian, so just playing the numbers. There would tell me that this endeavour, or might not be local to the air. Plus. I also do not think that it's any coincidence that the interstate eighty is right there right there by the scene right by. store he could have walked into any store that he want. He chose that store for specific reason. I also believe that this was not the first time this was. This may be the only time this man
ever in this lane brian store, meaning he didn't case the joint in advance for this robbery, and I have two points to this thought why the guy walks in and its thought that he was looking at the ceiling looking for cameras and too the surviving witness who worked at the store? You know this, the majority of the time super majority of the time. The clientele is strictly female at the store, not mail, and so it's possible that if this man had been in the store before that he might have stood now in some form that may have been memorable to her and she doesn't. there's we don't have any evidence that she has seen this person before the day, so that that's my only thoughts on that guy probably wasn't local, and I do believe that was his first and only time in that store right that your thought them that's as much as I am
hey. Well, you keep saying he and I'm going to keep saying she. I believe that this is a female. I believe that the surviving witness did not get a good enough look at this individual and I think maybe she heard this individual and it was maybe have a more of a male tone to begin with, and so that's she's assuming she saw a man, that's just what my gut is telling me. That's also what my ears are telling me when I listened back and if that is the suspect on the nine one. One call to me. That sounds like a female. Why? I think it's more of a you know: superbikes type thing where this individual she went into this lane bryant at some point. She you know, had bad service, something I don't think the
evasion was to rob the store. I think the motivation was some typo revenge and that's why? Let's gather up all these people unless put them in the back enlist duct tape, 'em- and I don't know how long the person thought they were going to be in there for, but I think once that nine one one call went out and she saw it, she killed all the people and then she left- and I think she left in the small black as she v n, most man. I would you know. Maybe this is sexist on some level, but it's like most men will drive bigger su vs. Women will drive smaller su vs, so that's an the manicured fingernails that would make that makes sense and there's just little things that are really hard.
explain in this case, but they start making a little more sense like the cornrows, with the braid in front spot starts, making a little more sense when you go while that's that's more of the way a female will do their hair. So I that's just what my gut is telling me and that's what my ears are telling me, and I think it was something like where the person felt wronged and they were going to approval point now, where they're going to kill people I mean this. This person is psycho. Well, that's, that's what I mean and in I'm you know, I'm sticking with my thoughts, but what I mean an idle alike, that you bring up the super bike case that we covered here, because that was really went once. That thing was solved you're like holy shit, this whole time. The motivation would make not for this murders in this crime would make zero sense to anybody, but the person that perpetrated the crop right and the biggest problem have with this lane. Bryant case is why
they were there to rob. Why did they stay in the store for so long? Forty, It is a long time when you're trying to rob the store, especially that's. Why that the phone call from the man you're too? Another store would be important to me because if twenty five minutes of that was this quote unquote, every person to standing around waiting for information right. Then then forty minutes doesn't seem so long, but if that call happened within minutes of that individual walking into the store. This person stayed in the store for an incredibly amount of three. Long amount of time, and furthermore, here's what you wondered to honour more on your part if this was a revenge killing or if this was for reasons, we will never understand and how long did this individual intend on staying in the store? Was it We, the nine when one called it, stop them from state who's to say this person, wouldn't it
in their as long as possible, and kept picking off the right individuals as they come in each customer comes in. They are quickly escorted. The back room, they're bound. become another hostage. So I like what you're. Thinking is the other thing to with these surviving witness it may have in a hyper panic situation like this. It may have simply been enough that if a fee el offender was wearing male clothing, they might have thrown her and she might fully believe that she saw a male when, in fact it was a female. Her eyes, I guess I'm right, you're, not right, but this they saw right now, I'd, I dont, think you're wrong a change in my opinion, but you just got them right here we go captain so soon King of females, this week's recommended reading we are recommending hell's princess the mystery of bell gun ass, the butcher of men by hair,
schecter and I've mention his name before on this fabulous show that we do I have also recommended his books before Harold sector is one hell of an author and one of the best researchers out there. So I recommend that you pick up hell's princess this the definitive rendering of one of the most brutal of all female serial killers. His book had me on the edge of my seat into the last page, so check out Harold sectors, new book, Hell's princess and, if you're ever looking for good, true crime books to read, make sure you go to your website for chrome garage dot com, because we do have the recommended page and there's a less yes and for everything true I'm check out true crime garage dot com and for all of our garage friends out there that are on social media. You can follow us at true crime garage. If you are following make sure you wish the captain
A very happy burn, all happy birthday to you, colonel until next time. Friends be good, be kind in, don't listen!. You can go company continental is the smart choice in taxes and a heavy with streams. Anything further guy who finds that one potholes they made the chilean ingenue yet really really real continental available count tire.
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