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Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre /// Part 1 /// 410

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This week Nic & the Captain go through the details, updates and speculation of a horrific mass shooting. The Las Cruces Bowl shooting of 1990 is one of the most well known unsolved cases of the Southwest, but there is still hope. Investigators believe that after 30 years of searching this case is still very much solvable. Join the conversation and find out if the Garage agrees. Beer of the Week - Aztec Death Whistle Garage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of 5 Thank you to this week’s sponsors! Save some CA$H with our promo codes!

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The the. welcome to true crime garage wherever you are whatever you are doing, thanks for listening, I'm your host nick and with me, as always, is a man that used to be there ferd now he's here, for he is the well whether you're there for or here for cheers to you,
good to be seen as good to see you thanks for listening thanks for Tom afresh today we are featuring aztec death whistle by tactical brewing company garage, great four and a half bottle caps out of five. This is an imperial white, stout brood of coffee, cinnamon, harbin, arrow and chocolate. I like to do. This one nice and cold speaking of nice. Here are some nice friends of the show right here. First up a shout out to Gary and all again michigan and a big shout to matthew in nashville tennessee next up and then we have a guy There think it's a guy named jason in atlanta, georgia who says he's not. Telling of friend about the show he's telling everyone about easy g, o good work. Detective. I know a guy from kalamazoo miss again Nathan.
next up. We have page in David in brock's in georgia and last but certainly not least, we have louisiana and water bail, australia. Everyone we just mentioned, went to true crime, barrage, dot com and contributed to this week, spear fun, and for that we thank you yeah a little bw, the bar you win be around for all of our old episodes, download the stitcher app. They are free and check out. Our bonus show called off the record and colonel that's enough of the bs. All right, everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime
we were able to take a deeper without having people came and I've got the police officer round be, would shortly didn't gaining any man wearing or anything I can do. You know me I'm going back to black man. Ok, ok, ok, militia fire fire. I dont you don t know why aren't we all came by air amatory? Came I gotta utility one common, ok militia police officer there. Now, ok, he's gonna, try and find you train traffic. We ve got the eminent members by their injured, worthy office boy. Ok, I'm doing directions on how to give you the police officers into their open new models that we got em. All ok, we're gonna, be brave, gotta be stronger. Now, can you see? Ok? Ok. I got the boys in your head out the police. We ve been doing this for a long time now been. We plead reviewed many. No one calls on this little garage wars there. My friend is one of the more than
durban ones I have heard on this show or really anywhere you just heard, was a nine hundred and eleven call that came in at eight hundred and thirty three, a dot m on the morning of february, tenth one. Ninety, the caller. twelve year old, melissa repass his bravery and quick thinking, despite having been shot, times called nine one one and without doubt prevented further loss of life and a case would later be dubbed the las cruces bowling alley massacre, crisis is the second largest city in the great state of new mexico albuquerque is the largest shot out to my old friend, Jose salazar. Moscow today is pretty big with the population of over one hundred thousand people our case, is thirty years old- and this Going back to ninety ninety and afford
we all have this time has passed, and yet this case remains unsolved. It looks like The population was right around fifty seven thousand back in ninety ninety, so the city It's almost doubled in size since the day in question last crews, is home to the co state university and is located just forty one miles north of the mixed in border at some in park. Any time you get this close to the border captain. This could play a part in the bigger picture here. If someone something terrible and wanted to flee. Well, one would not, I have to go too far, I mean you enter the las cruces bowl, eight, a m or so raw. Kill steal thousands of dollars leave by thirty ish The right amount of horses you're in line to cross the good old mexico line at nine am but the
their thing. We should point out this crisis was safe, in nineteen, eighty nine for the entire year, the city of cruises only had two homicides. One ninety would be, and entirely different situation? Less go through the known details of this case. on the morning of Saturday february, tenth, nineteen, ninety thirty four years Stephanie scenic was scheduled open the bowling alley for the day, a couple of quick things to note your captain that will be particular interest, it's a saturday morning after What is regularly a very busy and profitable friday night at the bowling A lot of bowling alleys have their leagues on Friday night, stephanie scenic is the day manager at the bowling. But she is also the daughter Bowling alleys owner ronald c.
It's my understanding that ron started up las cruces bowl in nineteen. Eighty four bowling alley at this time. In our case timeline has been opened. Six years and is operating with a good deal of success. Stephanie brought to work with her that morning, her twelve year old, daughter, Melissa, repass and melissa thirteen year old friend, Amy houser. The two we're planning to run The bowling alleys daycare for the day now unclear what time the three of them. You know, manager, Stephanie scenic and the two girls arrived, but we do they were the first to arrive. the bowling alley for the day. next to arrive, would be employee, idaho game is typically a busy day for most bowling alleys, but this day at las cruces bowl there were events scheduled for this day they were expected to be quite busy, starting,
ten, a dot m when they have a youth league starting up action and then they're also anticipating a busy lunch hour Ida was in charge of the kitchen that morning, this would mean arriving early before the doors open to prep food, so they can keep but once they start to get busy at ten a m nothing better than some hot nachos. With that bowling ball, greece mixed in the only place that I do. Pictures of beer, the bowling alley I don't know what it is. I will never get past a great pitcher of beer at the bowling alley. We think we just talked about started but for eight a dot m. That morning and we know this for good reason, because just Jesper or eight a m another bowling alley. Employee will arrive on the scene. Steve Teaneck. So you can tell by the last name senac they steve Stephanie's brother also
son of the owner and uncle to Stephanie's daughter, melissa, Steve, is scheduled to work on this day It sounds like he worked there, the busy friday night before he was actually in route to go to class that morning, but he left his pack, there, the previous night very simply. He was going to swing by the bowling alley, retrieve his backpack and then be on his way. I'm guessing the university. This is to be, a very quick in and out for Steve Wright So Steve said that when he arrived, he went the building's main door, the We think that seems to be strange to him is when he arrived. He found that the door was unlocked He says he went: he grabbed his book bag in the autumn. ass. He saw his sister, his niece and his nieces friend he told sister that the door was unlocked and advised her to lock the
hey you're, going to lock the door we're not open. Yet. He then left. later, of course, he would be asked if he locked the door when he left. He says he did not. I don't this was because he was in a hurry. or maybe he didn't have his keys with him now or maybe he's trying to prove a point to sister hey when you open up the bowling alley, you need to keep the doors locked as your response ability, all the reports that we have. They have steve leaving the facility around sometime after eight a m, some state jest after eight and as late as eight fifteen, the thing here is all reports are in this timeframe and only vary by a matter of just a few minutes: so we have employee ida working in the kitchen. manager stephanie doing the books in the office and steve leaves the two girls they leave,
office and they go to the front of the building to get thing from the vending machines, it is This time that the two girls see two men enter through the unlocked door one of the men, went into the kitchen I d says she was busy working, not aware that some one else had entered the kitchen she stopped, to chop up some lettuce when she felt something shoved into her side. She looked down and it was a gun. the unidentified man, had a toy two caliber pistol and order her into the bowling alleys office The gunman walked ida in the two girls into the office where they confronted stephanie, Gunmen ordered the women and children to lie down face down in a corner of the office, the four all have been corralled all he's down in this corner of the office. if the we're taking
proximately four thousand to five thousand dollars from the bowling safe this after, asking where the safe was. And we should note Stephanie, is the only one with access to the safe right now there are some conflicting reports captain as there always are in these matters, but more, reports stated that the younger gunman and Judging by appearance, there seems considerable age discrepancy between our two offenders. This week later cause the one identified gunman to be labeled and refer to. as the younger gunmen or the younger assailant and the us her gun men or the older assailant. So most reports stay that the younger gunman moved the money from the safe to a brief case, the briefcase.
Brought to the scene by the perpetrators. There are a couple of reports that one or both of the younger girl was was ordered by one of the offenders to load the brief case with cash from the safe, yet very similar to like a bank robbery, but normally in a bank robbery. You have some go up to tell her. They slide a note, saying the money right. They normally don't. go to the safe, you even see. This would like point break in and movies like the town where they like, don't go to the safe. It's it's too risky. Well, yes, this is a business and yes, they only have one safe and there's not that many employees, but this is a large location that these two individuals have to basically ah control and contain so this. Like bank take over the lanes. It's If there were thirty two lanes plus a kitchen and
office. I mean you're picturing this I believe there were whole tables dart board. So this is a large building, but at this time because The building is not open to the public, because oh they're, getting ready to open. There is very few People in this large space, usually with businesses, you kind of- have to go to the safe, where the in a bank You see that sometimes they don't want to go to the vault bright by in a business you want to go to the safe, because a lot of time These businesses are trying not to keep a lot of cash on hand or cash in the register itself in case is sub type of robbery or if you can up somebody breaks in then they have to bring into the safe, which is usually very difficult to do to get to the actual big stash of cash, but again with this business I mean this is a bowling alley. This is not it's.
like a lot of people have worked in a bowling alley. If I, if I told you wanna, go rob a restaurant or something a lot of you I worked in the restaurant, they kind understand how it works, so well what I'm getting at is that these two individuals had to know a lot about who work there if was security. What time were arriving. how they arrived, what exits there well, and regardless of who loaded the cash into the briefcase bring that up because I think will swirl back into that a little later, but either way soon. After all of this commotion in the office, another bowling alley employee. This. twenty six year old style, tehran here the bowling alleys mechanic he walks into the bowling alley with him his two daughters to you, valerie tehran and six year old, Paula hoagie
no relation to ida. The two little kids we're going to spend the day at the bowling alleys. daycare whilst I've worked his shift seeing any one in the alley. Stephen, the two girls entered the office in unfortunately stumbled onto the rod. In progress. Ray of them were ordered just like the previous four down to the floor and put their heads down the gunman then shot all seven victims multiple times at point. Blank range, then, the offenders gathered a bunch of papers from around the office scattering about the desk and the floor and ignited the papers setting the office on fire before fleeing the scene. The bowling alley. Fire was reported at eight. Thirty, three am
let's examine the timeframe of everything going on here: real quick before we get to far along a lot of things. start to go into motion around eight am this is when do you see neck arrive to get his backpack and leaves without locking the door. Some between a few minutes. After eight and eight fifteen per the reports so during a very short time frame, as little as seventeen minutes to maybe twenty nine minutes at the very very most and I think, This all went down closer to the seventeen minute range. I would agree less. call twenty or so minutes to guy enter the bowling alley takes or persons hostage from three to four locations inside the bowling alley. They rob the joint reports state that the men I searched through filing cabinets or desk drawers are both stole I mean from the safe and the just her
there was money in the register yet and what time was the bowling alley supposed to open? Nine, a m so add to me, like I said it's, the knowledge of the business who works there. The exit what time they have to have this all done. So there's not the public involved, and this was very quick we'll get to the money. We're going to any eye witnesses and then we're going to set the place on fire which one read of the witnesses as well, but also oh, get rid of any evidence your prince anything that they might have messed up fire troy's all that right and not only did they all seven victims, they managed in truth, all four and then and on top of that intercepted three more victims, controlled them before, shooting all seven and report stated. Twenty five shots in total were fired. Then two gunmen set the office on fire and fled the scene all
very short amount of time. Alright, we're back cheers cheers to all the pirates. The nine one, one call heard in today's trailer the call came in from our little hero. This twelve year old, melissa repass, who has been multiple times five times this in the hague and the head the hands likely as the result of trying to shield herself the call comes, precisely, eight and thirty. Three: a m
hash is the man working dispatch that took the call that day. call lasted a total of four minutes and two seconds, and you can hear on the call officer or officers arrived on the scene before the end of the call. So a good reason. It's time by our police department of under four minutes, I eight thirty, seven, a dot, a it started, just twenty five or so. earlier Now we have police fire rescue emergency medical services dispatched Some of them are starting to arrive at twelve o one east amador avenue. The le cruises ball responders were walking into hell responding with dire situation of a robbery, a mass shooting and a fire execution of seven people office.
There's responding to the call ride and they found a smouldering fire in the bowling alley office with a lot of smoke. Now, at home, we have detective chuck franco. He gets call from his sergeant saying there has been a major crime. Several people are dead, we Did you hear right away down at the crime scene, his boss, then didn't go into specifics, simply saying there was a crime, and we need you here now. He wins anything else detective franco could hear feel the severity of the situation, just from the brief call, but also the serious tone of his urgent on the call, but The season detective arrived at the scene, yet idea what he was walking into this, would be one of the most horrific crimes in the history of las cruces hauser paul, oh Stephen tehran were pronounced dead at the scene.
Valerie tehran was rushed to the hospital but declared dead on arrival. The survivors were rushed to the hospital the were left in place in the building for crime lab personnel which arrived on the scene around noon. The dead, were removed from the building at four p m dead adults. But we have that Children as well I mean that's Us- makes it worse. The yes, it's a special kind of evil. It's a certain kind of evil. That, thankfully, does not exist in very many people. Walking on this planet that took out some regular good people on that very sad day, but It seems these perpetrators seems almost like their actions are very militant now we're going to go in there, we're not going to be in there long we're going right towards the money we're going to take. Although eye witnesses were going to put them all in one location or going to cover our surroundings. We have
new eye witnesses that come into play, we put them into law, has now we're containing the situation we're going to do all of them, I think All that was premeditated get them into the office we've seen takeovers before we've seen rob he's gone bad. We ve seen all these things before and a times even if violent violence towards the people that they kidnapped or took hostage or, however, you want to phrase it there. There sometimes discussion like in the hi fi murders. There's almost like a discussion of what do we do with these individuals? case it doesn't seem like that at all seems like no step. One Go into the building step, to take all the hostages and put him in the office step. Three get all the money step for should all the hostages that five light the place fire and then take off your
you're absolutely right. It really looks like the two of these gunmen had agreed upon everything that they set out to do that morning. before arriving inside the walls of the bowling alley. This is actually a better case study of what we did a what there's so ago, when we covered the hi fi murders, that's life world as an indiscriminate homicide, robbery case study the problem. That is once there some. The offenders decided to torture the hostages. That's not part of that whole bit. Only a part of that story of that case here even more precise even more just straight up, cold blooded. We have a mission to carry out and let's, let's go for it, here's what we're going to do a b c d and e and then we're outta there. This is a very
the perfect case study for indiscreet, homicide, robbery, just meaning that no matter who is in there they are going to be taken out because we One don't want any eye witnesses afterward the earth. They reports were that for our dead, three are wounded police. What, comment on the identities of the survivors but did that the survivors were believed to be in critical condition. Detective we're hoping to get some good information from them on hold on. I I one of the reasons that they did, that it's like again the knowledge that these individuals would have to know to carry out these crimes, so precisely they would possibly know some of these individuals. The individuals might not know them, but that the perpetrators would know those individuals if that makes any sense well, even if they don't they,
that they're in the hospital right so it's the same situation as the hi fi murders, where we have some survivors. Thankfully we have some survivors who might be well to identify these guys by description at least org. Clues or leads to the detectives and there going to say who these people are? They don't want it. they don't want to make it any easier for you to locate them in the hospital and we very likely have officers set up for secure purpose- is to make sure that these two gun don't come back and try to finish the job, after they learned that they were unsuccessful in killing off all of the witnesses, because we know that that was their goal. Right, police set up ten roadblocks in and out of the city, stopping every vehicle and asking the driver and passengers questions. We know we are looking for two men. We are looking for two guns,
got away with about four to five thousand dollars. That's the simple form of what we are looking for police set into motion, a massive manhunt for the killers immediately. This include but was not limited to the following las cruces city police, state police, the cow these sheriff's department university police, us customs. The boar patrol and the federal drug enforcement agency, six aircraft in Hell, copters were used this, including a? U s customs black, hawk helicopter, but this us successfully eluded capture. Ok, but we have no eye witnesses outside of the bowling alley. So we don't know why these individuals were traveling in well get to two leads and suspects here and see what we do have, because we do have some leads on these aspects,
some fairly good ones. I guess I remember steve scenic, who left the bowling alley right before this robbery. Homicide went down rain, he said during his quick stop that he saw two guys and given the very short time frame, we are working with these two, It might be, the perpetrators says he saw two guys, one older than the other, both he believed could be hispanic all the men come from around the back of the building to the side of the building. One I gave the other what appeared to be a briefcase steve, said it was the younger suspect that in kind of kneeled down and looked at steve state. Told the investigators about this and provided a description. This very shortly after the case broke. Now too, are witnesses. A man
working outside said. He saw men matching this description given to poly by steve that he saw the two men running from the bowling alley parking lot Another individual working nearby said they heard the gunshots, but saw nothing based off steve saw and where he were, The two police, as well as the other eye, witness that we just discussed here, is the descriptions of the perpetrators there was released to the newspapers one may is described as spanish, with a dark complexion, approximately twenty, nine or thirty years of age, five foot ten inches in height. And weighing one hundred and seventy pounds the suspect possibly had a sixty eight inch blue steel revolver in his possession. He was last seen travelling in a westerly direction.
the intersection of spina and amador avenue. The second suspect is described as a hispanic. Male five foot six inches in height weighing one hundred and thirty five, two hundred and forty pounds with a meeting build and dark complexion. He has black hair combed back and brown eyes, approximately forty five to fifty years of age. So a discrepancy of fifteen to maybe twenty or more years between the two perpetrators, rio, and we do end up with a vague vehicle description and we also end up with sketches as well it that part of it, because the first description that come out of our suspects? Are the Computer generated? I don't know if that's the right term computer generated images, but their computer
images that are put together and released, we do end up with vague a vague vehicle description papers anyway, it says the suspects may have been driving a green, older model, utility van or truck or pickup And some descriptions of this state that it was a four wheel, drive vehicle That to me, captain for vehicle description is about as vague as it can get when it says older model, utility van or truck or pick up. It's kind of like don't really know but this is also a time where there was less vehicles on the road like that any one. Whether you're familiar with this case or not is poor. he'll be familiar with the sketch the captain was talking about the suspect sketches,
come out. This actually comes out five days into the investigation in the way this comes about is these are technically different. Is that different descriptions of the two suspects. It's just a better composite. Drawing of the two suspects we have it first is the system would be you sit down. You tell the detectives, you tell somebody what you saw and they go okay. Well point which knows purpose or s. Nose looks like an okay, so maybe its nose see, ten on their nose category. And then somebody punches at into a computer and after you go each of the features of the face, and the body then it will it will. The can you'd or will put all those together and now you have an image of what this person looks like based
of what your eye witness says. Each of the features look like once put together. The pictures that were released. The paper. To be honest with you captain, it was hard for me to discern exactly what I was looking at with those old pictures. Now we have here is we have steve, seem act who says I say down with somebody else. They actually did a hand draw sketch What I was telling them and when they turned over the page and showed me I While that looks exactly like the two guys that I saw so, days into this. We have a physical somebody sitting down and having an actual sketch drawn of the two suspects we have number one witness who says it looks just like the two guys that he saw that day that well, then become what I would refer to in this case as the famous posit drawings for the locker his bull case. It's the one that even if
don't know this case very well, but your car dialed into true crime in your dialed into to crime have seen these composite sketches before you've seen them somewhere. Even if you weren't looking in to this case behave as if we are looking at the once catches. The first thing you think is: oh crap, eddie murphy did this Several people have said that one of the one of the persons in the composite. Has a resemblance to eddie murphy, the outcome to america, eddie murphy. I I look at eddie murphy and I don't see a man that has aged more than a few days in physically yeah over decades, we're talking decades, eddie murphy still looks very young to Me- was talking about the thick dance of the moustache and the thickness of his hair reminds me more of coming to america than it does like: beverly hills, copper, yeah,
It was called gore like what I meant. Captain by famous composite sketches is that when researching other cases, these composites pop up on the internet. If you go and you try to look up another case in you, you're looking up forks suspect Was it drawings, in that case, there's a good answer on your image panel there, this image we'll be in that row, and that's why, when we started really looking into this case a few months ago, I thought it was haunting for me to see the composite sketch of the two aspects, because I'm like I've seen that, rural times before now. I have the case to connect it to an who I thought that the donkey from shrek would be capable of murders. This heinous, the one thing its interesting to me about the vehicle description, the van vehicle description
thirty years ago this thirty year old case, what we have seen with the the Sketches of the suspects has been sent out and plastered everywhere over the three decades after this case broke you also even seen age progression, sketches based off of those original sketches from ninety ninety, what is left out of the future such act. Information is this vehicle description: what that what I'm kind of inferring from that is that maybe at some point the detectives believe the including this very vague vehicle description might be hurting that information. More than it's helping, so I think purposely left out, because I think that they go. This might not have anything to do with our case at all. What we
What's happening have happen is that we have steve scenic who is called by police and brought down to the border, because pull over for guys who were still in a vehicle and they have a large sum of cash with them. they want to know. If Steve believes that any of these guys were the gunman for the he saw, cruises bull. He says cannot identify any of the four men as being one or both, of the two men that he saw that day or makes so hey we're going to send two people and we got two people in the vehicle, Maybe the idea was to hit multiple places and they just never did well. Necessarily the other two guys, don't all have to know what the other two guys were up to earlier that day or the previous day regardless What's important here is steve, says those people you're showing me or not the
people that I saw at la cruces bowl before the murders, now? There is one very bizarre incident. All the while police are securing the bowling alley, murder, crime, scene, setting up and executing roadblocks, questioning and searching the area and nothing. What very quick They became a massive manhunt. This is on the same day. Is the la cruces bowl massacre, two thirty in the afternoon police. Found a man wandering around the streets, he was the the of a stabbing that took place shortly before they found him. His thoughts did the man who is only identified as a male in his thirties identity the person who stabbed him and maybe even identified the assailant by name Now police are looking for that guy to the attacker was described in the paper as a male twenty
thirty years old, five foot, eight to five, Levin inches tall, the state victim was taken to the hospital to be treated for his wounds. Unfortunately, that man died while undergoing surgery. The police have stated that this crime has nothing to do with the la cruces bowling alley massacre and iphone we believe them one hundred percent because Could you imagine a better break police right in this very difficult situation, where you are very quickly executing a massive state and even at the border, manhunt for two mass murders, so you don't have a solid idee for or yet all it I'd, what a better radiation of the vehicle either, what a better break that one of em decides, the stab the other one. And now you got one and in a hospital bed and you're out lookin for the other one in an
he's been identified by personally stabbed yeah it's scream at the end, where he it's stab his partner, so they can cover up the murders. Yes, so those two that have deep have nothing to do with one another, but we We stated earlier that look cruces new city for the entire. year of nineteen. Eighty nine only had two homicides on single day, one. Ninety They have a situation where two separate incidents ended up in homicide In the one Fortunately, was multiple homicides. Four people were killed in a press conference, that evening, the police chief. Apologized to the room full of reporters just for not having much information to pass along to them. The poor man told the room
He was sorry, but it has been a very hectic like you said with such a: safe area, the whole department and the munifi has to feel somewhat defeated. Yes One hundred percent- I mean we have a police chief who feels defeated some other feedback, some others What's going on at the time we have a statement from captain fred rubio. He said following he said, we looking at the motive as robbery, we're looking at the motive that, for some reason or other they decide did you rid themselves of any witnesses. And we also have a local business owner. There was interview. I the papers who offered some speculation saying that he thought that the person's response ansible studied it, I'm guessing meaning the business in the building and planned it the robbery. Especially because Friday night, after all,
the legs and everything and all the business, that's one of their busiest nights, meaning they would make off with a pretty good on Saturday morning. The case was also featured on everyone's favorite old, show unsolved mysteries and aired in April of nineteen. Ninety on season, two episode: nineteen It was one of four stories. Some may remember it. It was the Bobby Kennedy episode. One also worth thinking they got roughly around four thousand dollars. Forty five thousand dollars is what has been reported that be roughly eight thousand two ten thousand dollars in today's money. So we're not talk. About like this, it gets you out of trouble. It's maybe Oh some the drug money baby. Oh some, some bad gambling debts or whatever right, but this is not, money. That's going to set you up,
rest your life right right, one hundred It's not life, changing money unless you're in some serious hot water or somebody unless in the hot tub on in the hut. Ah unsolved mysteries, the las cruces bowl murders segment was titled. No one, spared it was. A short part of the episode in the story was the only one that el under the wanted category was kind of a shitty pond. Don't you think? What's that? No one spared. Well, that's the thing because you get strikes and spares that's. It with unsolved mysteries that I that I like to try to point out when we do reference it, because a lot of times we we don't get any information. Like The cases are never called what the victims. It would be or what goes on to be known. As you know, we covered boys on tracks with
Generally. That case of the of those two teenage boys is known as boys on the tracks. Case. I believe was called for till the end, or something like that right and this one was called no once no one spared in you're right. It absolutely is kind of a bad pun. There, but it's also there was the intention of the two gunmen was to get rid of all seven of these people or what what's flying is it didn't matter to them? How many people were there at all, if it was one they were going to to kill one person. If it was seven ten, twelve, whatever it was going to be, they were going to attempt to kill that many people. It was only about a four minute piece, but one thing that I think is really kind of cool. we should give a big kudos to unsolved mysteries for you, we keep in mind that there recording and producing all of these episodes
vance of them being released strike this case took place and February february, tenth of nineteen ninety, it was an april that they aired the their coverage of the las cruces bowling alley: murders and it was really just the wonted segment flashing. Those composite sketches of the two suspects in asking the public for help thanks. The turn around on that its two months turn around. Really that's them. Stepping in some people would look at then say they only four minutes on this big case, that's stepping in and saying after the fact, providing some kind of help any help that they could one, tough sometimes when these cases when they start given some legs, them and the social media world peoples? A cover them and you go others there's not a lot of information out there, and maybe we don't have a source that we can get.
Information, that's not out in the media, yet, like we've had were like been able to do in many cases, but. the cases when it's a missing person or it's a murder a child. You just put out the episode the best you can and hopes that it gets people talking. leads to some results. The interest Thing that I found here, captain was, I went back and I was looking. Okay well What was going on on the local scene right around the time of the unsolved mysteries episode? That featured this case and I found was we have police chief well then police chief ron axel He says publicly Three hundred and twelve potential suspects had been questioned by that point. Well two months later, that's a lot of potential suspects that they spoke to by this point and it does
like the unsolved mystery spot lighting. The case did jenner. some leads, but those don't seem to have really have gone anywhere. The peace did inspire future film maker, Charlie men to make a full length documentary film, called a nightmare and lost cruises. The documentary was released around the twentieth anniversary of the massacre, in two thousand and ten and came out, and it features actual crime scene. Video pictures, an interview with family members It's release more tips reported to the local police. This film really got a lot of folks talking, not just talking about potential leads or potential suspects, but it got people we're very close to the crime, the victims themselves, to get in talk, you know. Sometimes it take the passing of time for people to
fraid or two have some time to grieve for their lost loved ones before can come out and speak to what they know about the case or their feelings. On
such as a lot more to dive into tomorrow and until then be good, be kind and don't work. Now word from our sponsor: better help.
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