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Las Vegas Crime Stories /// Part 2 /// 575

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Las Vegas Crime Stories /// Part 2 /// 575

Part 2 of 2


Chaos at the Bank; June 1990 - F.B.I. Agent John L. Bailey is serving a subpoena at the Security Pacific Bank in Las Vegas. At the same time a robbery is in progress. Join us in the Garage as we gear up for Crime Con 2022 Las Vegas. This week we are talking Vegas True Crime stories. 

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that's enough of the business! everybody gather around grab a chair, gravel beer, let sock some true grab the the It the captain- we are here on part two of what we are calling our las vegas crime, stories of. Why would we be covering multiple crime stories from sin? city? Las Vegas? Well, of course that's because we are a ten crime con. Twenty twenty two! That's right! You boys are back at crime con, we're excited to be there. and in the past we ve done this. You know last year we were in Austin texas for crime gone and we did a bad day in Austin, leading up to that. We,
We want to give you something good to listen to on your travels there and on your travels back just As you know, a bad day and ass in this isn't about food poisoning. Now it's about to real life, true crime cases, some crazy stuff. That, went down all in one day and austin. So as we give up Crime gone here. We are talking about vegas crime store and there are so many interesting ones to cover? We hope you enjoy the ones that we chose for this week, so in a sense everyone. This is a part too, but if you haven't listen apart, one don't worry you can continue on because we covered a completely different. True crime story start to finish in part one this week. So thank you for joining us here in the garage- and we got another great, interesting, vegas crime story for you here today. Let's start off by introducing a very important individual. This man, his name, is John l, bailey, John,
was born in november of nineteen. Forty two in the great state of Massachusetts he ground wait from the university of pittsburgh and serve this great country and the united states marine corps and in the vietnam com inflict during which he was decorated, with two bronze stars and in ten sixty nine, he became a special agent with the federal bureau of investigation, the f b, I and was eventually assigned to several different field offices. This included louisville new york and then, lastly, las vegas. That leads us to the start of today's story here: captain because we're starting off on June twenty four nineteen ninety, and this is when special agent, John l bailey. He is on duty working for the fbi's las vegas office. Now one of you
assignments for that day is to go to these security pacific bank. Today the bank is still there, but it's called bank of america. This is in LAS vegas. Nevada their special agent. Bailey was serving a subpoena in the bank agent bailey arrived at the bank with no issues at all, but while inside the bank, something happened, agent, bailey, here's a scream, followed by some commotion. He quickly identifies where the dream came from any russia's over to a female bank teller. Now the teller tells special agent bailey that the man who had just left her window had a gun and attempted to rob her attempted to rob the bank. Now all break from the action for a second here lay john madden cometary for you and fill in the blanks. What
This happened here is that a man has disguised himself as a woman with god. on one cheek and he's one of his arms in a sling. My guess is that might have been using the sling to hide or seal the gun, rain or maybe heard his arm with too much flaky flaky. He approaches the teller heat. How's the teller? You know she's friendly, hey, welcome to security pacific bank. How can I help you here shut up. This is a robbery, so he it's a robbery attempt but the teller if freaks morale, she screams when she sees the gun- and he says, shut up, she screams and its work, ordered that she screamed five, to earth or five. Ninety, two, those now so now I'm guessing that some kind of code in that bank for robbery.
or you know she shouts us out and jumps back from the counter this in turn startles the robber who then must have decided to abort the whole robbery plan altogether right because in he turns and to walk back toward the door to exit the building. While this is win special agent, John Bailey stepson, so picking up where left off now the teller is telling- special agent bailey, the man who had just left her window. He had a gun and had attempted to rob her so bailey. Barnes and runs after the robber and, of course he all his service weapon. He identifies himself as an fbi agent and ordered the bank robber to stop the man still walking to the nearest exit, starts to turn back toward the agent
as this man turns keep in mind, he still has his gun. In his hand, react to seeing the gun special, jim bailey fired off one shot, which does not hit our robber. It hits the or that he was attempting to leave from which, as most I know a lot of these doors in these banks or our glass, so He hits this door and the girl shatters! Well, this here's the would be robber enough to the point where he is now. To listen to the agent he does drop his god will thus backup to slow, but because I do have some experience of being a banker and working in the industry for quite a while. This was go over some protocol. When you are a teller and look, I will I work, many years and sometimes
roaming teller, so you have a home location but then there's multiple locations when their short staff, then you have to go over and work and one of the things that tellers talk a lot about is: have you been robbed but no have been this. What happened and they remember every detail, but oddly they might room for their actions and what they were doing and how they felt they might remember the details of the actual robert themselves, so the protocols this or an and I'm sure it's change throughout the years and technology, but we've all seen in hollywood movies.
the silent alarm that you hit and that alarm then will let your security. If you have security know, but it also could send an alarm to police. It also sends alarms to other employees at the bank. If, if your system set up, I have worked in different banks where it would alarm the managers and other people, and I've worked in other situations. Where you you hit the button. You have no clue what it does. It might go straight to alerting local police, but so am the teller. Guy comes up. Let's say he As is me a note, gimme, all your money, I'm gonna, try to hit that alarm. If I can, if I can't, I have two things that I can give the robber one a die pack, it looks just like a strap
money. Sometimes, on the note they'll say: no strap money just lose money, so that scenario or if there are communicating you with your vocally and they said no strap money. The you are trained to just don't even try to hand it to him or they might tell you will put it on the counter see if they take it. So you have the dye pack, which will then eventually explode and then you have another pack which is marked money. So the marked money is it just regular money, but we have a record of what the serial numbers of those dollars are so you can get to the silent alarm if you can give them the dye pack or if you could give them what they called the bait money again, I'm sure it's different for every bank, but one of the banks that I worked at once you pulled the bait money. It would also trigger
alarm, so the main situation you're trying to avoid as the teller as a takeover situation you want the robber in and out as fast as you can, and you want to this situation, like the movie point break, for example, that's a terrifying. Take over situation, multiple men, multiple gun, and their violent and willing to shoot and willing the fire in and yelling and screaming at the the the employer he's as well as the customers of the bank as well yeah and in all people might be familiar with the movie. The town, which I think is a brilliant movie, brilliant it take over in the sense of a robber, multiple robbers. Getting behind the line you want to keep the desk or the whatever so you're behind in between you two and he wanted get them whatever they want. That's why lilies bank robbers will say? Well, if you, if you don't
after a bunch of money, you're going to get a bunch of stuff real, quick and then get out of there. But you might a lot of people would think that the number is high, but they would give you a yearly estimate like this here the average bank robber only walked away with three hundred dollars. So it's a lot lower than you think which is insane because it's a federal offense, because it's a bank be smarter. As a criminal go rapid, a business sweep. We ve learned that from true crime garage, when we cover these cases where a businesses robbed its thousands of dollars, usually that they're leaving with business yeah. So we had a scenario in also weirdly happens where there's not that many customers in the bank- and I don't know if that's something the bank robbers are
Looking for or maybe there's two me people on the banks are, then they get scared, because you would have to deal with like in this situation off duty police officer on duty, police officer but I remember a case where those too, the bottom line. There was a lady there was a man and there's just two tellers out. I was on the far left side. The other taylor was on the far right side. There was multiple workstations in between us and the lady finished, and I noticed that the teller to the right of me was kind of busy. So I motion the guy come forward come forward and I just knew like I just had this feeling there's something off about this guy, and so I ducked down cuz. I had a bunch of coin that I needed to put in my stations little tiny v and lock the door, and I did that and he decided to not go to me.
Again, I'm six three, my my colleague was five four. Maybe he was a pretty small guy, so he went to him and as I'm coming up thinking that the guy is going to be at my station turn the guy's already gone, and my co workers just white you, the ghostly. Why and I'm a yoke aisy this was robbed and other hate your button and then there's a protocol afterwards. Well, did Did you hit your alarm? No, you didn't. That's ok, hit this alarm. Did you pull your big money now go ahead and pull that and then then I'm directed to hit my alarm and then I went and lock the doors and he call the cops in you to shut down the whole bank, so even other there no gun involved. There is no no involved in this case, but you see right away how
acted. Somebody is just by the robbery attempt yeah without the presence of a firearm you as a person you're being robbed you never the idea there could be a firearm on this person, does not leave your mind. and so in just a kind of point something out here. Captain you pointed out height, but I am also thinking yeah no kidding. He went to the smaller teller, because if this into It was not armed and just wants to hand a no in the captains having a bad day. Well, you got quite the wingspan to my friend. You could grab this guy and his hold him to the counter until the authorities get there in the hills was funny and and not to look. I I think people should take this very serious, and I would also suggest that in the banking industry they've dealt with
this so much that they know, would rather lose money than a person. Yes, and so we have came up with these protocols for safety, but when my coworker was his name was re, his eye was robbed I I don't know what happened was like this shot of a giant drawn a line, and I was a yellow hen and cursing, and it's like because I didn't, like I said when I said come over- here hey, I can help you down here. Like I knew there was something wrong and then he goes I was Robert, I'm screamin. You know that the mother effort could a came to me. Like that? The coward like screaming and again it could be. One situation veer handed that, no
and you're having a bad day, an ego now not today body what that guy pulls out a gun takes over the bank. It becomes a whole difference scenario. Not tell you, don't talk too much. In my personal story, but then I have to notify everybody in the bank. We were just robbed a couple of ladies in the break room, and I say hey guys. I just locked the doors Just robbed and my manager at the time just goes goes why and she's like physically shaking and too just rushing out of her face. She gives up,
she's she's, our manager. So she trying to make sure that embraces okay and I notice that she there's something wrong with her and I might heather it's ok, we're we're the guide to scatter cup box. We locked the door raise fine, and then I found out that she actually was a part of a takeover up in. I don't know if you remember this in western bill and one, the security guards which was off duty cop was actually she was laying on the ground and he was in a room and he was trying to come out. I think he had his gun drawn and everything was going to try to come out onto the people, robbing the bank and they shot him, and he fell and like right by her and he end up dying, and it was a big case in ohio.
I didn't know that she was a part of that, but she was, I mean she was a mass. I mean you get to see your ptsd happening in front of your face. You could see what trauma does to an individual which then took our seeming to be not such a serious life, threatening relation became way more intense and primary reason. Why remember every little step that happen for the next hour? Well, it's real interesting to me to the way that these agencies will work on these types of crimes and indifferent crimes you know, but in reference to bank robberies, you know the fbi years and probably still do had a squad that was back then back in the seventies, was referred to as the crime prevention, so Back in the seventies and eighties was referred to as the crime, prevention and reactionary squad and in fact, job
Douglas friend of our show he served in that reactionary squad. Before this whole profiling thing came, with the behavioral science unit, and so one thing that they did when they specialized in bank robberies- and I always found this to be fascinating. We're trying to go in and teach bank teller and bank managers and a kind of set up the protocols that you are talking about here, captain so that one not only can we try to prevent, as many future bank robbery is possible. But if one should happen house, the teller or managers behave so that we get some information on the criminal right and One thing that I found fascinating was he was saying the first thing that they notice that was wrong in most of the bank: robberies mode the bank robberies go down. Just like you said, the person robbing the bank much different than our las vegas situation.
Hands? Oh no, instead of saying hey, shut up, this is a robbery. Hands they wanted to be kind of on the dl, be very quiet. They want to get that money and they want to get out of there and hopefully not have to pull a gun in the process, but the very far sing that they noticed it would be, would be to the fbi vantage who would later investigate the bank robbery? Was it the teller just of natural instinct, almost always gave the note back. Two the robber along with the money yeah not to cut you off, but that that's again one of the protocols. If the robber then comes in and hands you a note, you are to take that note. Yes, just as you would a dick and so what they were teaching. The fbi was actively teaching banks, specifically banks in certain regions where there was a high trend of bank robberies going on the first thing that they
hot them was at the very least, drop the on the floor in front of you behind the counter right. Do not give it back to the robber, because at the very least we can get a handwriting sample, or maybe they'll be something on that piece of paper that will bus to later identify this person or where they came from all very entry think stuff. I imagine with your protocols, are you had There was No- and I can imagine that this being a protocol anywhere all of these years later, and ninety ninety? I can only assume her screaming five, nine to what some of code for the bank, She wouldn't want to do that, because I would believe that screaming something like that and in and I'm not faulting the stellar bring she simply reacting very stressful and surprise. Situation but yeah, something like that could very quickly
two, maybe even a hostage situation. I dont know. If there we were corrected. during training of where to put the note, but we had to drawers, are top money drawer and then we had our second neri drawer and we were then instructed, if you get not put it in the secondary drawer and shut it. You off have to lock it by us what about you, don't try to remain calm and look. The bacon industry is high turn over. You work with some way for a couple months in their gone, especially at the lower level, visions, but one thing that I can applaud them for is: did we I may call the best decisions. Did he give the note back if you made mistakes or or he did things differently than your training during that situation, no be faulted, you right there. It was a lot of compassion to go
hey you went through this in ever now there that there be some jerk, you know him. ever been robbed. All youse rubbed his terrified. What was their god knows just no here your sissy or your this, her yeah, you don't want stick around to find out if there is a god yeah, that's like that, My argument there is some douche bag, a corner. we have man. Why would it I would have jumped over the counter and crowding kicked the guy in the face? It's not your money do if their crazy enough to come in knowing that is a federal charm You don't know what their intentions zirk intent to get a thousand bucks there and tat for you to open up the drawer. then they pull out again yo r, in this moment. Are they going to go from what I wanted, thousand bucks, but now I think it more when I in the overall general idea, is, and unfortunately it's not going to work out that way in today's true crime story, but I would imagine
The general idea is: give them the bait money and get Matter there as soon as possible, hopefully they just take what you give them turn around and they leave, and then we don't end up with a situation where someone gets hurt. Unfortunately, and our case here today- captain that will not be the situation. We of agent bailey, who identifies himself to the fleeing robber as an fbi, agent he's got his service gun drawn pointed to this man who's trying to flee the exit. He turned the robber, turns and looks at him and when that happens. The agent identifies the gun in his hand. He fires off the shop, the age of five off a shot which then goes through the glass door. scares the robber enough that he drops his gun so age, Bailey grabs, the robber now he's holding him up against a wall, as
kind of picture. When these cops, you know arrest somebody on tv, they put him up against the wall and we look like we're about to cuff this guy ok so now as it would appear. We have. everything under control. We had all this commotion. Now we have everything under control. Guy attempts, a bank and, as luck would have it for him, an fbi agent just so happens to be in the bank, mind you This bank had none of its own security at the bank, so it is time for this guy to be taken into custody. Now thing swiftly special agent bailey, he fresh the robber and he has him sit down in a chair, so he can kind control him. Now teller, dials nine one one- an agent bailey, told someone else to call the low fbi office and let them know that there has been a robbery attempt, but there's an agent here.
It's got the situation under control. Can you send additional agents? and then he asked to ask another bank employees to go in retrieve his handcuffs from his car and keep in mind social agents with the fbi are not frequently using handcuffs day to day No, they they're not like beat cops in me to carry the handcuffs, all the time or multiple handcuffs as they are using them frequently, the robber in the chair while bailey is waiting for the handcuffs the bank employ returns with the cops but before- Jim Bailey, could shackle the robber his attend special agent. Baileys attention was apparently diverted and when this house The robber sees an opportunity and so bank robber lunged at bailey knocking the agents gone out of his hand and knocking bailey. To the ground. So there's a brief scuffle now, but
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who's, trying to apprehend this individual that try to rob the security pacific bank and instead before he could shackle this individual, we have a scuffle that breaks out. The robber season, opportunity, knox bailey to the ground and then before Bailey can recover his weapon. Well, the bank robber recovered his own weapon. Now, with gun in hand the raw We're takes a couple step toward agent, bailey and fires off a shot. Then another step tour, agent and then fires off several more shots. Meanwhile, remember nine. When one has already been called by this point, this done right after the robbery attempt so right the robber was attempting to flee and Bailey was in pursuit of him nine when one is called so now, now the teller has to dramatic we changed the information that she is providing to the
urgency dispatcher, because unfortunately, this whole situation went for apprehending the robbery to way out of control, very, very quick, clearly the teller is saying to the nine. When one dispatcher quote, the suspect is fine. During shots, the teller, told the emergency dispatcher quote yet He has shot the fbi agent. The fbi agent has been shot. End quote absolute chaos but again, remind the listeners. What this individual looks like you, remember: the robber has disguised himself as a woman, dressed as a woman and injured woman. With the guy on the face and an arm in the sling and, of course, after this, Couple breaks out. I'm sure that the is no longer in a sling here, but in all the robber, unfortunately man
to shoot special agent bailey three times a total of three times. Well now, wanting to stick around the robber runs out of the building and then Two is seen running to a blue firebird. Now not only did this guy show up armed to the bank that and in a disguise he get away car and driver waiting for him outside of the bank. So the right bert jumps into this blue firebird in the passenger side and the driver steps on the gas and away they go now, as the gunman fled to the waiting car special agent bailey still lying on the ground, severely injured, he's in very bad shape. At this point shot three times
Lord time later, bailey was transported to a hospital where he had succumb to the three gunshot wounds. Unfortunately, agent bailey passed away on that Nineteen? Ninety now this man thought he was going to be walking out of the bank with a big bag of cash right. The robber thought he would have a successful robbery at this point in his day had everything gone as planned. He thought he would be getting somewhere celebrating, probably having a drink or to dividing up the cash with his get away. Guy right, instead, he's got nothin except a pissed off driver was murdered
Large. Yes, now he's responsible for killing a federal agent. Given let's go back to the before the conflict. Robber comes up. She yells what five nine to correct scares, the guy he takes off if there is no shot. If there's no confronting the individual there is no. There is no murder right. That's one of those things about this case. It's just haunting to me how you know we talk about all the time how life can change on a dime specially in these true crime cases, The weird scenario of two things: one: We would later learned that they case this joint and you'll see once we start going through some of this evidence that that is obvious, but they can the joint and this robber, whoever he is. He picked this bank and decided to go forward plan, because they had no security. They didn't have armed officer
security guards there at the bank, so that was one of the reasons for choosing this bank, who would have thought agent bailey never would have thought this. The bank robber never would have thought this. Anybody in the bank that day never would have thought this that, on the same day, At the same moment, to individuals that probably decided that they had to be at this bank on this day for completely deaf reasons. days earlier right. The aid knows he has the serve a subpoena. At some point, this robber decides yes, this is the bank for me to go to. the job who would have thought that two people from very different walks of life would be walking into that same bank roughly the same time and be in this four walls, both armed to carry out completely different missions in Lives have changed in a matter of just seconds two minutes here in this Is one life taken way too early and
now another man who is on the run and you're right calf it's one of those things, it is just so damn haunting and really sad to to sit back and think about it and look back on it is hindsight- is always twenty twenty, that's what they tell us, and I guarantee you if you could ask special agent bailey if you asked the robber. If you could ask anybody that was there that day, if we would have done nothing or done something different. We approve hopefully be looking at a completely different outcome. One one of the reasons why the bank's release these statistics are. You come the bank and us in a way with the average of a couple hundred bucks so that even worth putting yourself into this situation That's why a lot of these banks they used, have armed guards, and they realise that sometimes that escalate situations and said d.
escalating them, and then you see now a lot of situations where banks won't have armed guards on staff. While I wanna be perfectly clear here too, I am not blaming I'm blaming zero per cent of the situation on special agent bailey. This man took an oath to protect him. serve, and he certainly did that that day he die. A hero, and this is a man that served our great country to braun stars This is a man that that decided one day when I see something wrong going on, When I see a bad person, I'm going to say in the action and I'm going to take care of business or that so they they may justly with nurses other make, though, to to help individuals-
if you ever seen some. I am public as on a plane. Recently in this lady was have an issue and there was a couple nurses that spring into action, and he just realized that these are some elite humans just like this individual heat he made those somewhere and protect and sir my community and an end. He did so and what's so sad is okay. So this guy comes in to rob the bank walk away with a commander, barks Anna, Murder charge: is it worth the greed all The blame lies on the side of the bad guys of the robbers, because had this not taken place at all, none of this would have come so not blaming agent bailey and in fact the the is with a lot of our group, Women and men that protect and serve ants this country in the military. You ask them. Do a job that most people cannot do. It's not fair to ask them.
turn it on and off their debt, otto beyond a lot of these people have to be on all the time. It was this guy's a ship bag and also your make up to look very good either. Now I bet you he made for one ugly, less warhoon, welly woman. check. This out, though, captain are guy special agent, John Bailey, before the man rushed him. Knocking him to the floor. Bailey took the guy's wallet He he was already in the the apprehending process so far that he had taken this man's wallet so after the robber fled the scene. We now have police, auntie, em, tease, arriving on the scene and officers quickly notice. The robbers wallet is still at the scene, a police, officer who arrived at the crime scene shortly after the robber fled.
covered a motorcycle parked in the handicap parking space. Just outside of these security pacific bank, an investigation of the vehicle identification number or the van on the motorcycle, revealed that a man named Jose atta vera was the owner of that motorcycle. Now, quick, check with the dm veer be, am veer, whoever you are and wherever you're from whatever they call it they're disclose that the license plate attack Add to that motorcycle in the handicap spot belonged to another vehicle. It was not a lot. Since plate, that was to go on that motorcycle, some had switched the plate. We know who the motorcycle belongs to, because we the Van but the rifle, or of the license plate found on the motorcycle was identified as a one, Carlos Alfredo gurry. Let's review some
the evidence that we have here captain, because we have this motorcycle. We have the license plate. We have the wall it of the individual? Who was attempting to rob the bank? We also the grainy surveillance cameras, video footage captured the desperate fight, we in the asian and the robber. And we also have the nine one one call which was recorded, which was the teller meaning what was going on shortly after the robbery attempt and through the scuffle and the shots itself. Unfortunately, you can even here We in the background, some of the shots, wild operator, is on the phone with this teller. If you had this in nation. It was just a robbery, I mean they obviously take it pretty serious, but you have officer dead. This becomes very serious, so where are they gonna? Take this information, and why are they going?
who, with your exactly right captain this is an all hands on deck type of sitting nation. We got everybody at the las vegas branch of the fbi that that is going to want to find. both of these individuals, arrest and convict them, and look that spreads this entire country. That's a federal agency and then you have local pd. This ends up being a very big case, very quickly very big investigation and luckily, for the investigate, in itself you ve kind been delivered. Your prime suspects names on a silver platter. You got them motorcycle, you got the license plate and you got some man's identification so they do as a quick check on both of these individuals running their names through the system. Mr carlo and mister jose running their names through the system. They very quickly figure out that the two, of course they know each other
I'm guessing that at one point they probably were concerned that may be jose simply lifted a play off of somebody else and put it on the motorcycle, but Can they know that somebody drove Jose away from the scene after the robber attempt they figure out These two guys share an apartment together. and when I'm guessing happen here. Captain is that you have. There were on rent where I, who knows what they needed the money for wanted, the money for, but regardless thinking. As far as what played out before the robbery attempt is probably of these individuals likely jose arrives the scene parks moon, cycle in the handicap, spot probably fashions himself up quickly in this. This not so great eyes of a woman with the the the arm in a sling, because you don't
your getaway vehicle sitting out in the parking lot for it sore an hour or what have you? You also don't want your get away, driver constantly to circling around the building weight and waiting for you to come out, so I'm guessing he went in there on them recycle parks, it goes in in disguise, thinks it you can make a quick robbery whom who knows how much money they were hoping to get they. Probably a designated time hey at this time. This is when I'm going to be in sight the bank. You need to be out front, the bank as quickly as possible, and I can fully jump into that vehicle we can drive off into the sunset together may be rich if the motorcycle later or leave it there, all too other who knows, but of course, we know that they are planned, didn't work out that way and when discovered that these two individuals lived again in sheridan apartment together. There is a lot, bit of breaking the action right there. Gonna know immediately how to track down
of these individuals it takes just I'm. Imagine in here just hours, if not one days, turnaround time, but ultimately they locate Carlos girl, The getaway driver at his home at the apartment he still there. They arrest him at the apartment. Now, what they're doing in the meantime is they have his picture? and they have Jose Alvarez as well. There showing these pictures to people that work at the bank and anybody they think may have seen these individuals are interacted with them before what they end up here. In here. Captain is a lot of people are starting to tell the investigators hey that that Carlos gurry guy I saw a guy look. Just like him lie king around the bank days before.
and, yes, he was always on a motorcycle or near a motorcycle. Noise is kind of hanging around outside of the bank. They figure out ultimate, that he was casing? The joint my guess here too Is it jose? Atrophy air was probably casing the joint as well. We don't have anybody saying that they saw jose edge of air there before the robbery, so they cast out this job and believe you me it is not by accident, opinion that they picked this bank because there was no armed guard now there on the look out for this house. Introvert well, on the twenty sixth of june there, going to get a phone call. The day really wanted- and Is the mexican authorities calling and saying we got your guy jose patch of air fled to mexico, but was apprehended by mexican authorities and he was
then taken to an airport and returned to the united states, gaddi, now both men, are going to be facing charges of first degree, murder and, of course, they didn't plan on killing anybody that day when they chose to rob the bank but as we know in many states, if you commit murder specially that of a federal agent in the process of committing other felonies well you're, going to face gonna be looking at the most strictness of punishments that the most strictness of charges and so they're. Both charged with first degree, murder nineteen. Ninety one jose acha vera was convicted on five counts was first degree, murder and the use of a deadly weapon, burglary, attempted robbery escape and conspiracy. He was sentenced to death.
Carlos was also convicted of first degree murder with the use of a deadly weapon, burglary, attempted robbery and conspiracy receive in a life sentence in prison with the possibility of parole. Now both men appealed their convictions, Jose also appealed his sentence is charges higher because it's a federal building and it's a federal agent. I would imagine, that's all encompassing ran this situation here. The other thing that, key to is not only did he kill an fbi agent, but he killed fbi agent, after the man Your agent bailey identified himself as such right so that this aspect knows that this is a federal agent and with that comes a different set of charges in pencil and penalties. One of the
the difficult things here in this case, so captain and one of the things that is in jose agile, very appeals. He had multiple appeals, obviously by one of appeals. His argument was mexican authorities. they sounds like they did a number on him once he was arrested or at least according to hoses version of the story. They beat him up pretty good and this before returning him to the united states. Here, during the course of of the beating him up and in the torture whenever they put him through it. That's when he confessed to them. What's because here, though, is it doesn't appear that that confession was really used in any way for the conviction of this. Visual and I dont know how this would work. You know a lot of this illegal stuff is very tricky to kind of parts out and sift through, but the situation would be even if he
he's telling the truth he was assaulted an agency outside of this country, not by an of our agencies. That worked his case in las vegas or in the united states. My my issue with allow these criminals is that want to be treated certain way. They want to be pampered in such a way, essentially that these, these horrible shit stains their animals. It's like you see tv somebody there's a high speed chase. and when the officers get the guy, the slave him on the ground is a little bit too hard it will go I'll. Look at that. That's police brutality This guy was driving hundreds of miles an hour in all these zones, where, if he, what a hit a child s- or I mean it's like an end- that's The frustration wants to get their hands on right. One of these shit preserves its like that
ok, they slammed download too hard. They left him a little too They don't care that he's a little uncomfortable in its criminal brutality for the all the events that led up to be slammed on the ground exactly it's the these human endeavour. Toward other potential loss of life or injury to your fellow man by the criminal as well. That upsets me. It's just like what we talked about yesterday's case. They put that bomb on top of a car in a public place, any but he couldn't walked up and pick that thing up. It could have been someone that was not intended for, and I am not saying that I wanted it to anybody at all right, I'm just saying anybody a child could have walked over and pick that thing up and then The thing that then I get upset about two here captain is it these crimes as we see it time and time again, this these guys set out on a mission to tee
in armed weapon to be armed and go into a bank with a weapon and rob the place for money for money and in the process as one of them murdered. A federal and the other individual helped drive that person away from the scene, and so we have time and time again where criminals will ask or expect certain level of respect exe a certain level of compassion of human decency from the rest of us from the general public from of the citizens of this great country and other great countries when turn they would never give us any respect. They would never show us any compassion, they would never show us any human decency and I'm a get. What should give kind person. You ain't gettin that for me preach on brother may. We also had a couple situations take place that I think are interesting to this case and provide a dish
evidence against these two individuals. One was that blue firebird was recovered, it was found, abandoned along a highway and they all figured out that at jose javert request another in visual, actually buried to the two guns that were used in the robbery, the one that shot John I'll bailey and guns were later recovered, so we had some other individuals that face some charges as well. In this situation, we do have agent bay he who he had a family had a wife and a family, his door is now grown and what they did was the They actually dedicated the the las Vegas fbi building which is located at lake mead and at martin luther king. This building was
dedicated and named in memory of special agent, John l bailey that took place in august of two thousand. and seven- and I know with what we do. It's called crime garage. I know we're gonna talk about crimes but it's aggravating but yeah. I mean that site just be better people, it's his eyes and the grocery store, I know day and think they didn't have enough lines open and this law de the started actin like a child, and I just thought you knew daughters here be better kinder humans. Patients truly is a virtue. Yankee you get up in the line in the lady in front of me is complaining complaining to that Here it's like: do you think the cash here wants a huge line, no she looks miserable. She looks miserable because of twenty people on her line and there's no back.
upcoming than these go like he be better people or like, when you're driving down a two lane highway, and you see a car coming into your lane because they're on their freakin phone. I can't can't we all just start being a little bit more mature, a little more aware of others. Loam whip me compassionate, like you can red kindness that sounds maybe a little hippy savvy what wants to, but you can spread kindness. You could spread kindness, you can spread love, try to make this try to wake up every and make this world a little bit better
We will be a crime. Car las vegas, this friday and saturday hon podcast rows of you are there in attendance. Please drop by air little table and say hello to the captain, say hello to the colonel and ever buddy, travelling to las vegas this week in safe travels to you have a fun. Save time here. There is wide hog and squeeze and kiss it each and every one of you hold you tat to my bosom. I feel good, like, like I'm filled up with her warm campbell soup colonel do having recommended reading for the beautifulest. Yes, we do In this week we are recommending a new book. That's a great book. It's called the girl. I never knew by Madonna humphrey and guess what surprise here. The forward
written by yours. Truly, so make sure you check out the girl. I never knew by Madonna humphrey, and that is available in paper back and it's about the militia wit case still unsolved after all of these years. Did he have a ghost writer now? Did you use it or did he use a typewriter. I used a computer and a notepad if we We were gonna, get outta here, first class penda paper and then fingers to keyboard check out the girl. I never knew you could find that great title. Many more on our website, a true crime garage dotcom on our recommended page, yes, much stuff anything true programme that you want to check out, we had a great store page gather recommended reading, get the links for off the record, so much stuff check it out
until next week be good because and don't let.
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