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Lindsay Buziak /// Part 1 /// 324

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On February 2, 2008 an innocent 24 year old realtor was savagely stabbed to death while showing a home. Join Nic and the Captain for this week’s discussion of one of Canada’s highest profile unsolved murders. Beer of the Week - 120 Days Dry Aged Stout by Evil Twin Brewing Garage Grade - 4 and 3 quarter bottle caps out of 5

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a real estate agent gets a call from a potential buyer. The young, ambitious real estate agent, receives the type of call the all real letters dream of a motivated buyer, wants to purchase a home and has a large budget the by wants to find a place fast, but things that seem too good to be true are usually just that the agent met with some mysterious clients to show them a beautiful home it met. There
of occasions, but once inside the agent was brutally viciously killed. Her attackers fled into the night. Who would want to kill this pretty and vibration? young professional, and why would they set up a sham real estate, deal to get to her, and probably the most important thing to ask is why would anyone want her dead with this crime? It appears that motive may be the fastest road to finding the killer this week, we will be discussing the true story of the unsolved murders of lindsey boozy at the end, sagacious into her killing has been almost lost,
in the sheer volume of misinformation out their surrounding this case. It is rare to find a case that is so cluttered with false facts: unfair rumours, baseless allegations and downright contradictory evidence. What you will hear this week is not what you will hear elsewhere. We will discuss the act. concrete facts, as stated by police investigators and sources close to the investigation. All of the other stuff, the rumour and unsubstantiated innuendo. We will get in. that, when necessary, if you ve heard of the case of a lazy buzek or even if you have not get ready for the truth surrounding this case, this is true I'm am garage, this is the case. Lindsey loser
the victoria is the capital city of british columbia. Canadian province located the southernmost tipp of vancouver island. This is close proximity to seattle, on the: u s side of the border and to the large canadian city of vancouver across the water Victoria has a large population of over three hundred and fifty thousand in its greater metro area, but it feels smaller and more intimate than its number suggest. Most people are connected somehow and no or are acquainted with many
their locals; in other words, everyone pretty much knows each other or knows of one another on February. Second, two thousand and eight A twenty four year old, real at her name, lindsey boozy act was scheduled to show a house to some potential clients. Linsey was new to the business she started about a year before and at this time she had not sold that many homes. Yet but she loved the job and she was enthusiastic about her future in the residential housing business linsey was a very outgoing young woman who was energetic and ambition and she had a lot of friends. She also had a sister name, sarah, with whom she was very close, and she was also close with her mother evelyn, who lived in the area, and she had a good relationship with her father, Jeff lindsays parents, ward,
forced and lived hundreds of miles apart, linsey mention to some colleagues and friends that she was excited because she had been contacted by some very motivated potential new clients. This has been backed up in interviews with her closed circle. Lizzie received a call on Friday February. First, the call was from a woman and from lindsays notes. In her day, planner and from our friends and colleagues have related, we can pieced together the conversations she had with this female client. The woman collar spoke a thick accent that lindsay could not specifically identify but which led her to nickname the woman and her husband, the mexicans and her cell phone. This woman called lindsay out of the blue. She said that she and her husband were coming to the area for three days.
To look at houses. They were beneficiaries of a corporate relocation package and they had a fine house very quickly. She specified that they saw a new three bedroom three bath home, which was move in ready fifteen to twenty minutes from downtown with a large master bedroom and a separate space for a housekeeper. What truly pert lindsays ears the woman said they could spend up to one million dollars on a home now linsey did not receive this call on her business phone line at the re max office that she worked at of. She received this call on her personal cellphone. Her cell number was available posted public on some of her listings. Linsey was a lesser known, junior agent, so she did find it strange that the woman contacted her. So linsey asked the woman
She got her information. The woman told her. She was referred to her by a former client of lindsays. She told linsey this person's name and it has been reported that linsey called the former client, but that lady was travelling and could not be reached, In any event, this one million dollar deal would be very big for a junior agent and linsey jumped at the chance to find homes that would meet the clients requirements over the next twenty four hours. There were six calls back and forth, but lindsey and the clients. Of course, we do not know what was actually said during those calls we do know.
The couple in lindsey made an appointment to see a specific house, one that was listed by some other remarks: agents likely known to linsey. The appointment was set for five thirty on Saturday february. Second, to see the home is seventeen o to de susa place and savage. This is an upscale suburb of Victoria. There are reports that they scheduled showings at five different homes and seventeen o to de Susa was to be the first of these appointments. Now some reports say that in one of them Does the female client told lindsey that she would be attending the showing alone, as her husband was ill? There are other reports. They say that it was the opposite that linsey was told only the husband would attend. The fact is
We don't know for sure, as only lindsey and clients know the content of those conversations now. The house on de sosa place was a new build that was sitting on the market for close to a year. The asking price was nine hundred in
eighty four thousand dollars. It was situated on a new subdivision on a cul de sac, named for the developer of the new ST john d sosa, his company owned the seventeen o to property. He reportedly was present on a building site near by on that day and wrap things up by five p m and left for the day, as did the construction workers building another house on the street. The cul de sac was located off of a residential road. This is torquay drive, which was lined with houses. Now we're gonna have to eye witnesses from the neighborhood that night and what these two witnesses reported. Seeing was a young dark, haired woman
presumably to be lindsey greeting and shaking hands with two other adults outside of the de sosa place property that evening they are one male and one female, so one witness was driving by in a vehicle. He confirmed seeing three people the other witness was a little more detail. This was a woman walking her dog. She was able to provide police with a description of the couple that lindsey
talking to this was a man and a woman. It appeared to heard that the couple did not know the young brunette did not know linsey. She also reported a car parked in the driveway. So no here we have one vehicle. Three people, this car, that was parked in the driveway, was later confirmed to be lindsays vehicle after shaking hands. The three then walked toward the home. The lock box to the decisive place address was ex access at five. Twenty nine p m.
This would be when linsey use the key in the lock box to enter the home with the clients, so no car other than lindsays was parked in the call to sack or in the driveway of the home. According to these two witnesses, at five forty five p m lindsays boyfriend, jason Zella he's a mortgage broker and a real at her at the same company is linsey. He pulled up outside of the home. Jason was a coup, led by a friend, name, cohen, oatman cohen, worked with jason and the two were on a hockey team together, and they actually had a game later that evening, Jason was exchanging text with linsey prior to his arrival, but jason not being able to reach his girlfriend eventually went up to the front door of the home and tried the handle. The door was locked. Jason recognise that, during a showing
the door should not be locked further. He saw linsey shoes black heels, lying on the floor in the entryway, which isn't that on common cause a lot of times when they have shown they make you remove your shoes. This was
it's. He found it to be strange, but only in combination with his inability to reach her so right, you gotta factor in all these things. He sees the shoes in the entryway. The door is locked which he found odd plus. She is aware that he is going to meet her at this property and she's not responding to any of his boss and also his maiden are there because she feels odd about the meeting in general. She feels a little suspicious of these two individuals, so she can ask him to be there. Something doesn't feel right to her. I mean that she's, the one getting a million dollar listing call with being such a young agent, and then on top of that the accent doesn't make sense to her. I then again on top of that now one of them's going to be sick and so they're just going to shop as one person instead of a couple. Well, let's go through what he found
because there is a good reason for debate on his motivation for meeting her at that property that night. So once he is kind of set on alarm here right, the door's locked he's unable to reach her. He is then going to interrupt the showing and this is he rang the doorbell he knocked repeatedly when no one answered
he called nine one, one at six, o five p m requesting police to do a welfare check on the property. Now not satisfied with waiting for the cops, jason and Cohen circled the house and noted that the french doors facing the fenced patio on torquay drive on that side that they were open, so cohen got over the fence, and this has been reported to ways. Some reports say that jason boosted comin over the fence, others say that there was a gap in the fence where some boards were missed.
and co and slip through their while jason was on the phone with normal one. Now Cohen entered the home through the french doors that were already open. He walked inside passing through the downstairs to the front door, unlocking it to let jason inside then a second nine one. One call came in at six eleven p m this time from inside the house. At seventeen o to day sosa the caller jason reported fining linsey on her back lying on the floor in the corner of the master bedroom, seemingly dead and lots of blood in the There was no one else in the house and they had not seen one leave. The police arrived and jason and Cohen, were taken to the police station for questioning,
lindsey was beyond help? The c b c reported that she died of multiple stab wounds. They have never confirmed the extent of the injuries they are keeping this information to themselves. The scene was secured crime, scene tape was put up around the house, crime scene, tex, began, processing the home and the detectives com through the home and canvassed the neighborhood, so police have not officially confirmed that the nine when one collar was jason or cohen, and they have not even officially confirmed that it was they who found lindsey. Remember that keeping a lot of stuff to themselves. But we know this because jason has given some interviews, notably to date, lie and participated in a police reenactment of what happened when he entered the home through the front door. Sandwich police sarge
Chris Horsley has also given interviews relaying jason's movements, as he arrived at the house and found lindsay so let's get into what we know about lindsays movements, that day the text between jason and Lindsey and what was found at the murder scene So lindsay and jason were living together. They had ate lunch that day at a restaurant called sauce. They paid the bill there at four twenty four p m and they left in separate vehicles. We aren't certain where lindsay went directly after this lunch, but some reports state that she told Jason that she was going home to change her clothes before her meeting jason left to go meet Cohen and the two went to an auto shop called S, h c, where jason was doing a mortgage deal, the two were seen on. Sir
ireland scammer outside of s age, see at five thirty p m. This is them getting into jason's range rover. Now, around this time, Jason, texted, lindsey, saying I'll, come me you and I'll, be ten to fifteen minutes or so Lindsey responded. Ok, I'll see you in a bit I gotta go. The mexicans are here Let us be clear, we don't know if these individuals are in fact mexican right. This is simply a nickname right that the lindsey gave to these potential clients. I find this all very strange for, a multitude of reasons. One we can see online her daily planner, where she took notes from the call that she received from the woman with a thick accented linsey could not identify right.
but what I find weird here is, it doesn't seem to indicate well not that it doesn't seem. It does not indicate in her notes the name of these potential clients. And then, on top of that in her cell phone, she nickname nicknames them. The mexicans. This based off of what she said was a weird accent ray. I also think it wasn't just those weird that it came off phony to her. So at five, thirty, eight p m jason, texted lindsays phone again this time saying just a couple of minutes away. This text was never read. on linsey set at five forty one p m lindsays blackberry made a call to a contact in her phone. This is to a friend the lindsey had not spoken to and quite some time the friend can hear some things.
But it is muffled in jumbled and there is really nothing clearly audible to the french police believe that this call was a butterfly that somehow during the attack a button on lindsays blackberry was pressed and the call went out ass, she was being attacked. Sergeant hoarsely said quote, so we believe that was actually at the point of attack when the couple attacked linsey, somehow it hit buttons on the black
and it sent out a phone call and quote the blackberry was found in lindsey's pocket after she was killed. As said, the autopsy findings in lindsay's case have never been released. We know that she was stabbed to death. A press conference held by the sandwich police confirmed that lindsay died from quote multiple stab wounds, but police have never explained or expanded on this information. Am I the the rumors were over forty stab wounds? Oh man, okay, let's get into some of these rumors and just a real, quick disclaimer that this is going to be one of the more brutal parts of of this case, but keep in mind. These are not facts.
These are what what I'm calling Hillis I'm calling these internet facts where they're they're, really just rumour okay, so ones that I found was that she was stabbed fifty four times in the chest and head one stating that she was stabbed forty times and then one that, as you mentioned, stab over forty times, she was stabbed where her new breast implants, with linsey had recently got breast enhancements. And those were mutilated. They said why so yet further that rumour people say that that if they were deliberately or intentionally mutilated and then
have the other statement of that she was nearly decapitated again to be perfectly clear. These are just rumours. There has never been any official confirmation of the extent of her injuries or the number of times she was stabbed, or the bodily areas where she was TAT does may make cases that the person dies from knife injuries that you hear rumours of almost decapitated. Yes, so all we have a source that is close to the investigation, and this is author, Gary rogers, whom we were able to talk to our covering this case. He's working on a book about the case now Gary says the heat
was privy to the autopsy report and he did share some of this information with us, and this is information. I have not heard elsewhere, he says: linsey was the victim of between ten to fifteen stab wounds, to be clear and to credit Gary rogers he's being somewhat vague on that number, because we're not gonna compromise the investigation that that has not been released to the public now. This quote for sergeant hoarsely provide some more information stating when they went upstairs, there's a master bedroom and in an sweet bathroom. We know,
law enforcement that, when lizzie turned to show that in sweet bathroom, she was then attacked from the rear. There's no defensive wounds whatsoever. We don't believe she had any pre indication that something was amiss. Carry tells us that linsey was in fact attacked from behind almost certainly with a large knife and incapacity aided by severing her central nervous system. This means her spinal cord was severed by the I've, she was then rolled over and stab in the chest area and down to her abdomen, judging this information? It seems to me that whoever did this wanted to be one hundred percent certain that she was dead now no weapon was found at the scene.
Lindsey was found on the floor of the master bedroom near the bathroom. Her body fell so that it would have been visible to someone coming up the stairs and glancing into the master bedroom, so the injuries to the spine. They think we're done purposefully that the person who, without doing possibly that that certainly possibility or good ass, it could also be just happened stance, but what I think we can point out and say for certain, given this information in she was in fact, attack from behind did not know that she was about to be attacked, because there was no defensive wounds and I really think that their
there's multiple areas that you could have hit with that first strike that would have left her incapacitated. Lindsey was found lying on her back. There was zero evidence of sexual assault, lindsays wallet, purse cell phone and jewelry were all found at the scene undisturbed. Lindsays business suit soaked up much of the blood, although there was still plenty left at the scene. How much blood would have been on. The killers is anyone's guess, if you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it wonderings, newest gas frozen head hosted by ashen. Alina of the hit show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence.
room, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life, because for him, death wasn't the end. It was just the beginning, It's his dream to be frozen and brought back to life in the future, pulls us into a cryonics soap. Opera filled with dead pets, grenades, family feuds, hall of fame, baseball legends and frozen heads, lots of frozen heads. It's a story about the desire to avoid death. The links that people will go to that a reality and what it means to be alive to begin with, listen the latest episodes of frozen head. Where Ever you find your favorite pod guest The arrived back, maybe you're back watch your back watchman
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and in Japan it's called off the record right in and all everything we just said is off the record. Okay captain. So the choice of weapon here in this case really and unfortunately makes a lot of sense right. It's a knife was used in this murder now, unlike a gun, this is going to leave little forensic evidence behind it's going to make no noise and does not require a permit so less of a trail here, right, Canada much stricter gun laws than the united states and a knife would just simply be easier, quieter and leave no trail. But the other thing that we can figure out too is that this knife was brought to the house by the killers and taken away now and given our source. He says it was a rather
large knife. So if, in fact, this was a large knife, you do have to wonder how it was concealed and I'm also guessing that the attack taking place upstairs rather than downstairs on the ground level, this was also deliberate, so one? You would be leaving the body left away from prying eyes, the upstairs in compared to in comparison to the ground level, where anybody could just walk up and looked through a window right. The other thing to is if the attack does not go as planned. and there's a longer escape route for lindsey to get away from her attackers and again it just
seems to be deliberate. You know they knew that they were going to be shown the house. So let's wait until she takes us upstairs or let's suggest hey. Can we see the upstairs and then when her back was turned, the attack went down now, jason and Cohen, as we said, were actually taken to end to police custody, the other actually handcuffed and taken into custody. So this is obviously for several different reasons right they found the body and they are at the scene of the murder scene. Now, Jason probably had blood on him. We do know that he attempted cpr. This is in spite of him, saying that he could tell that lindsay was dead now, jason's, a pretty big man. I think he's like six, two six, three, two thirty to forty yeah yeah and he was a, I believe, a amateur.
our hockey player or semi pro yeah, something something of her home amateur their difference, who, I think, you're you're, partially professional. much like you're you're slander done the shirt, so he tells police that he arrived at the house around five. Forty four pm. Now I want everybody to really pay attention here, because we are not just we're not going back through stuff that we have already discussed we're going to go into more detail about what his movements were that night and that day right. So he says he arrived arap around five forty five p m at the house ass. She was showing he incoherence
aid in the car they parked in the call to sack, and they were watching the hat. Lawless back up. He was running a little bit later than he was told, lends he would be, but that's because when they left the car dealership that they actually had a call to get directions there weren't really familiar with how to get to the house, and I know there is some people out there that are saying: hey we're missing something a big Part of this case, which is jason, may or may not have seen the killers wearing pulled up near the property I just want to. So we can all get a clear understanding.
Of what may be going on that we go through these items, one at a time, so they are part jason and co and our part in the call to sack- and they are watching the house. He says they arrived at five. Forty five p m, then at five, fifty five p m. He texts, linsey saying, are you ok but received? No response. Jason then moved the car to an actual parking spot on torquay drive and he says he got out any went up and looked through the front door glass. This is when he saw lindsays shoes. He became concern and made some calls. These calls were him trying to gain access to the home. Remember the door is locked at this,
time here- and this is in fact backed up by cell phone records when this didn't work when he couldn't gain access to the house. This is when jason made the first nine when one call is six: oh five, p m now: crime scene, investigators, tracking fingerprints and footprints. They have verified jason and Cohen's stories about their travel into and throughout the house the home had been thoroughly cleaned the morning before the showing and was empty. Nobody was living in this house right, so it was very easy for them to establish what took place or to verify that their stories were in fact, correct. Well, stay on that for one
one second, because the house was basically empty as ready to be shown, and this is one of the reasons why they start rule out the idea of a robbery because of lindsays belongings are still there and then there's obviously nothing to be taken in the house. Again, you got a question. The motivation right right the while we're talking about evidence. The only dna that was recovered from the house is was lindsays, jason and Cohen were released. After this initial questioning and jason did obtain a lawyer now, with his lawyers, assistance jason cooperated with police in performing the reenactment walk through of
his actions when he entered the front door of the home. He says immediately. He ran up the stairs calling for lindsey, and this has caused a lot of people to be suspicious of jason maza. So after this video and after the interview with jason was aired on dateline in two thousand and ten people were wondering how there pointing out in thinking that he may have known in advance prior to walking through the front door, that linsey would be found upstairs here's the thing we got it if, if you're going to make that leap, let's all
keep some other possible leaps in mind as well. Right, you have to wonder it's possible, since cohen, already ran through the downstairs to get to the front door. That jason may have just anticipated. That lindsey was not on that ground level floor and we also have the police statements of her boy he could be easily seen from somebody who was going up the stairs and looking in the reckon of the master bedroom well now, in his own words, it took him. He said maybe two seconds from the time he opened the door to get up the steps yeah. He knows it. His friend by this time had already run through the back door through the french shores, all the way through to the front door yeah I am, but I can see why there suspicious of that. I think that something, as far as I am thus gaiters that they want to question- and you can see them do that during this
reenactment or this walked through. So one thing that I really want to dive into right here before we get to all this other stuff with jason, is the all reason for him being at the property that she was showing in the first place right. This is where going to try to really start to cut through some of the crap. That's out there and try to present what I believe is to be real So this is another reason why people are suspicious of jason, and this. Comes from one narrative that has really taken over this case, the story is low, z was nervous about the showing and the prospect of meeting strangers whose accents she was was not familiar with and that she in fact ass jason to attend this showing for her protection on february forth
This is two days after the murder cbc reported that lindsays colleagues said that she had quote a bad feeling about. The self calls right, see tv news attributes this quote to her friend Vicki Mackey. This is a story repeated by lindsays father Jeff, but there is evidence that this story, in fact, is incorrect. or, at the very least, extremely exaggerated. Okay. So for one thing, linsey was a smart, ambitious professional young
woman. She knew that part of her realtor's job involved, showing properties to people right often, people she's never met before jason. For his part, he told police that he arranged to meet lindsey at seventeen o to dissociate place, because he was the listing agent on the s age, see property. Now remember, this is the poverty that he left with common to go over to day so someplace right. The reason why he was going to meet lindsey there in jason's words was not for her protection. He was just stopping by their to pick up some paperwork. This was just going to be a quick stop talk with her briefly grab some paperwork,
lindsey. The reason for this is lindsey was representing a buyer. A potential buyer who made an offer on the s h, see property. That jason was the listing agent for okay, so there s h The owner made a counter offer and jason wanted to get that two linsey to submit it to her client, a s ap. Anybody that's in the real estate business. Anybody that's in sales will tell you if you got if you got talks going on back and forth, and you think that you're
to be able to get a deal done you get that deal done right, you don't you don't give somebody time to talk themselves out of purchasing love depends on a you're, a professional where fear, so my professional, so it seems like jason, would have had a different reason for being at the house, and this in fact, does change a lot of what one could think or be suspicious of changes. It drastically began my first
question in all this is if you're there to protect your girlfriend, or even your friend or whatever you're a real estate agent. It's not that these are people who these are people, people right they want to their wouldn't feel uncomfortable pulling up in the driveway they when it fill in awe unconquerable interrupting the showing, because it's as simple as hey I work with lindsey. I am here and if you guys need me what a great property it's you know, I'm here as part of the showing they don't need to know why you're part of the showing exactly and if you are in fact there for her protection, then you are there for part of this. Going right- and why park your you're, your six three two hundred forty pounds, hockey does. This guy doesn't have a problem of if there's gonna be a fight so again that this
story. The narrative has been she felt, uncomfortable jason is gonna go there. You know for her protection again, doesn't make a lot of sense, and that makes you really question jason. But then, when Jason says we'll note, that's not why I was going there. I had to give her paperwork bolt if you're, just given survey paperwork You're not gonna, be that concerned that you're running a little bit lake you're not gonna, be that concerned, because your technically not late. right, you are therefore the showing if he were to be there to be part of the showing he would have been late. But, however, what he stating as I are to have a quick meeting with lindsey regarding this property that I have the seller, she has the potential buyer. We have to do some quick paperwork, so in fact he is actually there for another purpose which is going to take place ass
the showing an oh he's, not even used, not late he's, not part of the showing and therefore, like you said, if he was there for protection, he would have been less and you would have anticipated he park the car and go into the house and say, hey sorry, I'm late. I was well surprise for the year yeah yeah, I mean you'd think again yeah. I I backup all that stuff I I think of, but then it becomes it's it's convoluted, which story is correct, because what's weird too is the little bit of both can be correct. At the same time, she could have felt weirded out by this girl that she thinks is given put in on a fake accent- that's a little strange, but you got a million dollar listening so may
He mentioned that to your father. That seems a little strange kind, little weird it out by it, but will see what happens and even if the she mentions that to a friend, ok, baby. That's us some conversation. If that conversation didn't happen with jason and if his reason for being there was for protection? Then history makes sense, so I'm not going to throw the father under the bus or the friend under the bus to say that she didn't say those things, but that didn't that doesn't mean that she went the extra step to say: hey jason. I want you to be there at a certain time and and to be here at the showing with me. The other thing too. You know the sandwich police. They spoke to all parties around this case, her colleagues, her friends, and their official statement on this is: did they say, while lindsey felt the
Showing was unusual because she was not the listing agent. She wasn't apprehensive. about it right now, let's go over there a little bit, because the way this story kind of reeds is that there were dislike, hey we're just looking for a house. I believe this first house that the murder scene house was one that they actually picked out. That makes sense when, when, when the quorum quote, mexicans called her dead. Well, that's a that again. That's why I was quick to point out that other than lindsays notes and some conversations that she had with colleagues and such We don't know exactly what was discussed on those phone calls brain and that has been something that's been hotly debated to. How did they end up at this property? Why was it at the club?
ants suggestion was it at lindsey suggestion or was it somebody else woke again, I'm gonna go back to what I heard that the logical thing that some point lindsey was telling her friend or her father that she thought it was a little strange that they called her and not the listing agent of that house. So to me, He that is, that she's gone well. Why are you calling me when you could have called the listing agent of that house? So to me? They knew about that house to me that house was they brought that house into the equation. So I saw her notes from the initial phone call. Yep, there's no address that she wrote down
her notes, and so what that leads me to believe. I'm not saying that! I'm right, I don't I'm not going to pretend that I know, but what that would lead me to believe. Is it that property was not discussed during that phone call and was not brought up by the clients, while I had been as simple as that she just googled it and left it up and then put in our notes I see your logically because she wrote down like what they what they were looking for yeah, she wrote down three bedroom three bath space for housekeeper, separate living area for housekeeper, large master, bedroom.
I'm just saying that the the idea general distance from downtown right, I'm just saying the idea that this rumor is out there. That she's saying hey it's kind of weird that they called me and that low listing agent of this house. The fact that that kind of rumor of that conversation is out there leads me to believe that the the mexicans knew about this property. so makes some sense too, though, because we know that they are not trying to buy house. We know we now that they were there are legion, her somewhere and they're gonna murder her, and so why would you want to pick the local and you will know that why, wouldn't you want to pick up a vacant house? You know like where I I don't know, maybe lives, and I believe the attack going down upstairs is deliberate. That's that's for the purpose of them. finding her body as quickly
were they would make me. Somebody lived there then you're. Like date, they have to return home at some point right, but again her conversation about. Why would they call me When there's a listing age will that was the point that was the police, a statement right where we don't know that she actually said those words. But what I'm saying is again then a golden another logical step is, if you're the one planning this murder plan this attack. Why? What did you want to know everything about the property so you're, the one that found the property jason in the public's. I is, I mean the only way to look at this captain would be to say that in the public's I he's likely the number one suspect, according to the internet, and there is concern because of two very asians of the story that he told to police about
thing he saw that night. This is something we touched on earlier, but we have not gotten into you. Ok, so on dateline, on the daylight episode about this case, Jason told sleepy, Josh manka. What's that he saw two shadow, shadowy figures through the frost, a glass of the front door, he assumed jason assumed that they were the couple that lindsey was meeting but on true crime daily sergeant, Chris hoarsely said that jason saw the killers from his car as the front door of the house opened. Saying quote: the killers were actually about to walk out the front door and leave he turned into the cul de sac and interrupted them leaving if he meaning jason had been five seconds later. He would have driven right into the suspects walking out of the house into the driveway rains, its belief that he,
got a pretty clear look at the mail, but not so much the female. So, according to the sergeant jason told police that the couple turned around and closed the door and that he actually saw them- or, as you said at least the man and hoarsely goes on to say quote, and his assumption is the are the clients and the showing is just starting as the door closes quoth. He then parks outside because he is waiting for the showing to end but the showing didn't end lindsey, never emerged from the home and eventually jason called nine one one. So it's let's dive into this real quick here. According to sergeant hoarsely jason interrupts these two leaving but jason doesn't know the lindsey has been attacked at this point. He actually thinks that they, just
around in their walking into the home in the showing is about to begin and that's why he kind of just sits there and chills firm it, but then, when he doesn't he back from lindsey and when lindsey and nobody else leaves the home, then he started question. What's going on? Ok, so here's a big problem with these two story. one what was said on dateline and what was said by the sergeant unclear on true crime daily. This looks like it's two different story right now, so the dateline episode mate made. It appear that jason only saw people through the glass of the front door when he actually said he could see two people through the glass only after they went back inside the house upon seeing his car
so this is. This is one of those weird situations where it's not to variations of of a story he's not telling two different stories. It's just different portions of the same story, but these people report in the story differently. Right so the dateline episode made jason come across as telling two different stories now Ah the sandwich police- and this is one thing that I think it is a key morrison on amazon but ago ha. Aha, I know that, while jason be telling us doesn't long as you sleepy josh Manco, it's like josh alot I do too very nice guy. I do too he's a great drinking partner. He looks half asleep during his interview. He looks half asleep when you're sometimes fully asleep during the exams. So
real, quick near their jason, pulls up to the house. Well, real, quick, here's, the thing that that people are missing in this case- and this is where you can't have you can't have this whole idea that jason told to different stories. It it where it gained legs and went off, walk and on its own. It needs. We can very quickly remove those legs. There should not be a story here, because the savage police, held a very unusual press conference. This is shortly after the dateline episode aired in this press conference. The spanish police said that the episode resulted in rampant speculation that jason in his family were responsible for lindsays murder, police reiterated in the press conference that jason and his family are not suspects in the
ace. So what that tells me is there, which is, I think, a stupid line anyways, because we know now. What we think we now is that they don't find any dna in their house other than lindsays, but they did ask jason to submit a dna tests and, as far as I know, he's never submitted that dna test now again goes from the crime scene gets handcuff, goes down, town, yell, extensive and a view. Interrogation goes back with his lawyer to actually go through the property
to walk through being very cooperative but ass for dna again, when you lawyer up, what's your lawyer, gonna tell you now we're not submitted dna, so I dont know if I put that so much on jason. But if that rumours true, then you can't sit there and tell me that you that he's cleared in their not suspect Ok, so I stay on this for a little bit, so we have a murdered young relator, mysterious foreign clients.
Virtually no forensic evidence that the police will discuss and no clues as to the killers, identities or motives. So, let's go through what we do know according to sergeant hoarsely, we know from forensic evidence that both the man and female did go through the home. This is his words, but he says quote: we do have evidence of them leaving the home. However, we don't have anything in the form of dna orphan, prince and quote now, thanks to our source, Gary rogers, we can tell you exactly what this evidence is. According to Gary investigators were able to track. Sock in nylon, impressions of lindsey and two others throughout the house. They found a bloody trail of,
Prince one in a larger wool blend pattern sock the other, a smaller, more feminine nylon print, leaving bloody prince leading from the upstairs down to the fire this probably where they presumably picked up their footwear, their shoes and out the french doors leading to the patio now based on this police could tell pretty much exactly what happened. in the home and determined that the female and male couple scene with linsey were almost certainly the perpetrators of her murder, it seems that they just got lucky that there was a hole in the fence so that they can sneak out of the patio and exit onto the street yeah got lucky or they knew they knew this house in advance, so but it, but it does seem that their exit plan was to leave out the front door, the way that they came an. But this was got all messed up when jason drove up to the property rights
it parked on a different road, or we can assume that while we wait on the different room well that that that is a good question they didn't park on that road, we know that now could they how to get away car get away driver where they dropped off right, where they picked up. That's also the barely so again, who are these two people? We know that the per police statements that they are most one hundred percent, almost one hundred percent, the perpetrators of lindsays murder and back to the two eye witnesses the lady walking her dog salt to people in the driveway with lindsey the description she provided is of a six foot tall caucasian man in his mid cities with a medium, build, dark, hair. Now the one walking her dog only all the man from the back. She didn't get a look at the front of ok and she also described.
Caucasian woman and her mid thirty's to forties medium height and build was shorter length, blonde hair She only saw the woman from the side the woman she described was wearing address. The dress was a wavy pattern and white black and reddish pink. This is described. Very distinctive dress and actually police wondered at the time if it was worn specifically to distract any witnesses from noticing any facial features of the two or any other distinguishing character. sticks, and it wasn't reported that the man was wearing a brown jacket of some kind. From my notes, I don't have anything regarding a brown jacket, but keep in mind the other eye witness was driving his car, so he only got like a glimpse right of these two
and I I bring that up because not saying it happens all the time, but you have this reddish pink black dress man wearing a brown jacket. Chances are, if the the couple left together, then they would change the jack to the black jacket and they would match on some level, and my gut feeling tells me that these people don't leave that they live in separate houses. That's what my gut feeling is telling me and- and I know sounds silly based off of color coordination, but that's my gut feeling there enough you're not wearing some type of uniform dedicate the outer together now sounds silly, but that's my gut feeling
well regarding I went to pick up the woman she got in the car and we don't match we'll match regarding the dress, I think the dress is very important because it is described as very distinctive again it was a wavy pattern in in white, black and reddish pink, the police went on to say that, because it was so distinctive, they thought that may be. The dress would actually led them to the park killer or at least to whoever the warrant was that that attended, that showing right so there, there statement was quote, we think we may have even found the exact brand of the dress. It wasn't it,
designer high end name brand. Unfortunately, it was something that could commonly be purchased in a department store, so, unfortunately, the dress did not pan out for police why the gap may be possibly two purposes, one to distract people, so they're not looking at facial features, but I think, on the other, and if its red and pink, if he, if you leave and reddish pink, so it's it's actually a black and white dress with a reddish pink wavy pattern round. But what I'm saying is so you're leaving the house but some blood on you. It might distract people from the of the fact that you have blood on you, it's possible. I personally. I think that whatever they were wearing that day was to look as if they should be looking at home that cost over nine hundred thousand now. Okay, that's that's why I think when, when they get this description, when law
where's my gets to the description of this dress. I think that's why they immediately thought that it could have been a higher and designer brand that there would have been less of and they would have had a chance of tracing it in some form or fashion. Now, a year after the murder police released a sketch of the blonde female, seen by the witness in profile. Unfortunately, this did not lead to any leads. Now police examined lindsays phone and her day planner and found the phone number for the quote: mexicans ass. She called them. They traced the phone number and found something startling. The phone used was a barn or phone purchased with cash the previous november, at a convenience store in vancouver. There was no surveillance footage of the phone purchase and keep in mind it wasn't that the store didn't have cameras,
It was more so that this took place so long before right. Nobody had asked for this footage eventually, eventually they lose it or you know copy over it. Anything like that, so the barn burner phone was activated online just days before the sure murder and it was activated under a name- paulo rodriguez p, a o o o rodriguez. I've spelled out just cause, I probably mispronounced it and was listed to a business address. This business was located in vancouver now to be perfectly clear when they registered the phone.
And to get the phone number they had to provide and address okay, so they provided and addressed to a business, and it's been determined that this business is unrelated to anything in this case right now, the first call on that phone, the first call made to linsey was possibly on January thirty. First, two thousand and eight, and it came from the vancouver area- the phone then traveled to Victoria on Friday february, first two thousand eighteen. This is by way of the two hour fairy from vancouver. This is confirmed by cellphone pings along the way, and it
used again to call lindsey more than once that day and again on February second, which was the day of the killing. The phone was never used again after the murder, and it was never it's never been found. The phone was only ever used for one thing: communicating with Nancy sergeant hoarsely, says quote it's a level of planning that clearly shows linsey. Boozy act was the target the and you captain and thank you to all of you out there for listening and telling a friend. Please join us back here in the girl. tomorrow for part two until then be good
I don't.
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