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Logan Schiendelman ////// 454

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Logan Schiendelman ////// 454

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On May 19th, 2016 Ginnie Gebo had a short conversation with her grandson Logan Schiendelman. He said something very strange to her, he had an epiphany. Logan told a friend “I don’t know if I’m going to survive this week”. These brief conversations would be some of the last communications of record to anyone from Logan. He has been missing since. If you or anyone you know has information about this case please call the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office @ 1-360-786-5500. Ask for Detective Frawley. Beer of the Week - Shiner Holiday Cheer by Spoetzl Brewery Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps The full archive of True Crime Garage is available on the Stitcher listening app - for FREE. Our show “Off the Record” is only on Stitcher Premium. For a FREE month of listening go to http://stitcherpremium.com/truecrimegarage and use promo code GARAGE

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true. Crime addict you're, going to need our other show called off the record. We do case updates every other week on stitcher premium, and that is enough of the is ness all right. Everybody gather round grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk, some true crime The it was may 19th two thousand and sixteen was preparing to leave for work. it is about seven forty, five, a m to her surprise, her nineteen,
europe old, grandson, logan, shinto men who lived with her and her husband bill came into the kitchen from the garage Logan had been out all night, which was not a big surprise. He is nineteen years old, logan, says he was out all night just driving around jenny, he seemed nervous and anxious about something he seemed to want to talk, but yet was hesitant. Something seemed to be bothering him. Finally, he said to her that he recently had an epiphany and he used uncommon word epiphany, literary definition of epiphany visionary moment when someone has a sudden insight or realisation that changes ones understanding of themselves or their comprehension of the world.
was already running late and told logan that the two would sit together and talk that evening when she got home from work and so jenny, The house, whatever the young man had to say or get off of his chest, is a mystery. We will do our best to try to at Logan's possible movements and actions sense because there would be no such conversation between jenny and logan after jenny returned home from work that evening. In fact, it has now been almost I long years since her grandson told her. He had an epiphany and jenny has not spoken to seen. Logan sense. This is true crime
watch the Andrew shindelman was born on June 27th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six to mom Hannah and a father that he never I knew his mom Hannah is mixed race and her mother is jenny. Who was a white woman who dated a black man who is Hannah's father, but Hannah did not have much if any have a relationship with her father
Hannah, grew up with her mom jenny and tom water, washington about sixty miles south of seattle and just north of libya. Hannah herself turned out to be a young single mom to a daughter named chloe when chloe was still very young. Hannah met a young engineer visiting the country from Saudi Arabia. Hannah got pregnant, but the man had to return to his homeland, so he never met his son. His son would turn out to be logan. It's not even certain that this man even knows that he has a son in the. U s: Logan grew up with his older sister
lower mom Hannah and, Graham all jenny and step father bill who they all lived with. He had no father figure in his life, except for bill and his great uncle mike, where who is Mary to Logan's aunt mary? This is jenny's sister, Mary and mike live not too far from the gmo housel. Eventually, at the age of twenty, three Hannah decided to leave her kids with her mother and move to olympic to start art school. So the grandmother jenny obtain legal guardianship of the kids, so they could be on
Her health insurance Hannah does not speak publicly about this case, but she seems to have had a good relationship with her son logan, who would visit her frequently and spend the night at her place. Logan play football at some water high and he was very popular funny and well liked. He played the fence of back on the team, which was state champs for two of logan's for years in high school. Things were good for logan, He was a good looking kid very athletic, very attractive young man, and he was a pretty decent student as well this, despite not really putting forth much effort into his schoolwork. This is according to his grandma. also like to write, poetry and was really into music by all, He was multi, nature after graduation in two thousand and fourteen logan, intended to go to college at eastern washing
and to room there with one of his good bodies from high school. But the summer after his senior year, Logan started to change his friends say that he was going through something, but they didn't really know what exactly it was now. There is one noted incident that might clue us in on what those changes were in his life. This is when Logan was at a party where he has kind of interaction with a girl that he knew a girl. He went to school with any new are fairly well. This girl made some racist comments specifically about logan at the party. Now many p, claim that the tumwater area is an integrated town and logan stand out because he was black, but others say
the area is overwhelmingly white and that it would have been difficult for logan to fit in a top yan extra difficult, come in from people that he thought where you friends well. Reportedly this incident at the port He seems to be the beginning of logan withdrawing from his group of friends whom he must have felt did not have his back. They weren't there to defend him you weren't there for him. This is one of those life moments that I always call hate you find out, sometimes who your real friends are at these. eyes and girls truly were his friends, they would have stood up for him in this moment, so he stopped responding to friends messages, even though they could tell from facebook that he had read these messages. He abruptly cancelled his plans to go to the college he had committed to instead
switch to washington state university. This is a much larger and more diverse school, but this is Where that he would know one going into his freshman year. jenny. His grandmother believes that he was going through some sort of identity, crisis and possible Wanted to reinvent himself, reportedly, he had recently learned the truth about who his father was a saudi national, the timing on this and how much of a surprise it was not clear and logan had recently spent some time connecting with his grandfather side of the family. This is the african american side of logan's family who later claim that jenny try to keep logan from this part of his heritage. We don't really know whether this is true. There is a little bit of drama here, that's obvious!
Logan's african american relative, say: jenny was keeping logan from them and that logan told them jenny would be anger, he if she knew he had been in contact with them, but jenny said that that side of the family had never exhibited any interest in low and that their interaction with him often quickly fizzle out. She said she was happy logan to interact with all of his relatives and that all of his questions about his father had been answered at that time at the time of his disappearance. But his great aunt tina said that logan started posting some stuff. Relating to malcolm x and other racially aware items on his social media. All in all, it sounds like logan was struggling a bit to figure out who he was
where he belonged both in the family and in the world. Logan went off to w s. U in the fall, he made some friends, he didn't have a lot of trouble fitting in there. We know he dated at least one girl, but they broke up. Logan was not diligent about his skin work and when he came home for the summer after his freshman year, he was permitted to enroll for the following year, because of poor grades, so logan lived at home with his grandma and her husband, jenny says it: Logan had a few jobs including working at a commercial laundry service, he also spent quite a bit of time helping his great uncle remember. This is mike where on MIKE's farm mike, where was a retired Thurston county sheriff's lieutenant who served for thirty seven years at this point of our timeline mike, where was retired for about
two years mike is very fond of logan and says: Logan was a hard worker who deserve the twenty dollars an hour that might paid him. Jenny says it. During this time, Logan seemed isolated and a little deeper last spending a lot of time in his room, listening to music or watching movies, and he started smoking a lot of pot. She says it was at this point: that it was making him a little paranoid. Logan seem to mostly keep to himself. He had a talking and texting relationship with a girl, an organ. The two met on a dating app, but the two: never actually met and purse. While this transition from high school to college is difficult on anybody, but it seems like there was extra pressure. Extra weight on logan folders
This gives us a good amount of background information regarding logan in his family, and it brings us up to the time when he is going to go missing. So this is on. thursday may nineteenth. Jenny has grandmother left for work. This is after that very brief. Epiphany conversation Logan was at home when Janni laugh, everything was fine when she left for work, but when she return from work, Logan's car was gone. And going into the home. She notices he's not there as well. He didn't come home that night and on friday, Jenny became concerned enough to track his phone She says this was around eleven. A m per a post on the family's facebook. Page quote the eighty att locator services, gps, indicated the phone logan
bone was on boulevard road in olympia, approximately within an eight block radius of steel street, where Logan's mother lives, and I hope so. Jenny sees this right. Captain she's wandering her grandson. Is it wasn't terrible? unusual for him not to come home, but again as the When continues on, she starts to worry tracks. The phone, the old fat, family, locator, friends, locator app, that's on most phones sees that his phone is in the general area of where Logan's mother lives, an uncommon for him to go visit his mother. It was an uncommon for him to see the night there once in a while it doesn't and like they had an every day relationship, though right. You know it wasn't working
It will continue to get into the family a little bit as we go through the case, but I just want to point out here seems to be. This is not a close family. I couldn't spot any obvious problems within the family, but it doesn't seem to be a very close family law, Logan drove up black sea, bring any by that's a fan of the office would know who Michael Scott drove a sea bring. So as I could, convertible by the looks of the picture doesn't look to be in the greatest condition, but not the worst condition. Yet it was a ninety six chrysler see bring so would have been about ten years old at the time that Logan went missing, pretty entered for a college student win, jenny sees that Logan's phone is over near his moms house in a limp here she says: okay, this was pretty normal stopped, so she stops worrying at this time.
but logan didn't come home that night either and when Jenny checked with her daughter, Hannah, Logan's mom. She said logan never came over to the house. She had seen him in a week so now this is concerning jenny got in her car and drove around tumwater. Looking for Logan's ninety six black chrysler sebring convertible. She does not find the vehicle she decided to report him missing, so Jenny drove over to the Thurston county sheriff's office, to her surprise, and Thankfully, to my surprise as well right part me, I'm just some dumb guy in a garage and central live dumb. Super tub. I've never in the washington always wanted to go to washington state. So I'm not very familiar with this area captain, but she says to her surprise: the county sheriff's office was closed.
On a day that she went to report her grandson, missus o the departments closed. Yet two thousand- and sixteen I feel like crime is high enough now everywhere that they just stay open. Unfortunately, we don't have enough to do well. They are close. No staff was on site on this saturday. The only way to get in touch with them would be to make a nine one. One call jenny decides for a reason not to do this right. She decided just to wait until monday to report her grandson missing was tough, took, as you know, he's gone through some stuff and he's a doll, so there you know I've been many times where he's been out party him with friends or disdain the night out of friends house- and maybe you didn't- let them know says not that unusual- that a nineteen year old would be not seen from his parental figures for a couple days well, and he was away at school for
a whole school year, rain. So she's use to him not being there and he's use to taking care of himself. As you said, he's in a doll in a very capable one at that now, by the actual time and date that jenny reports Logan miss in this is Monday may twenty third logan had not been seen nor heard from in four days, when Jenny reported logan missing the detective in her opinion was dismissive. The detective took down. The information that Logan was missing in action and that he was seen wearing a black windbreaker apparel genes, a white shirt and a pair of nike shoes this point, your call, nine one, one you're com, hospitals, you're now talk in to the police department.
they're not gonna, see mass concern. Because again this is this: is it a man? Yes he's nineteen years old, but he's a man he's six foot tall he's not end of, Was that typically preyed upon it's not like a nineteen year old female, so I can see why there are little dismissive all k. You haven't seen your college age son, but I could see why there are low dismissive of it. Yeah in that is what's going on here, he's an adult as you
it out and the detective is gonna remind janni, hey, he could go missing if he wants to. He does not need to be accounted for or answer to anyone, because he's an adult, but jenny says it. She kind of fell ignored in the whole situation. One thing that the detective did before Jenny left was: she asked for the license plate and the vehicle identification number four logan's vehicle right. Jenny gave this information to the detective and the car registered to jenny and bill gibault. Jenny got a call that afternoon the same afternoon that she reported logan to be missing when the detective ran the plates of the missing vehicle. She discovered that the car was towed by the state patrol on friday may Logan's car was sitting in the tow yard. For several days. The captain- and I have pointed this out a hundred times-
We always point out that vehicles to be much easier to locate than actual people. So great thing, great thinking by the detective there who says gimme. vehicle information, because not only is this young man missing his vehicles missing as well. This is going to be our first major breadcrumb and to try to finding out the whereabouts of this young man, so it seems like his car, was part on the side of a highway or road, and then I was told by the county to their toe yard. This looks like yeah in an abandoned, cole situation per law enforcement, where they're going to see what appears to be an abandoned vehicle and there a toe it off, and it's going to sit there until the owner comes to claim it? Jenny is horrified to hear about Logan's vehicle, its abandoned on the inside, shoulder of interstate five southbound at mile post. Ninety two laws
against the concrete barrier in the center median lawyer. We have a missing kid, but now we find his car, maybe if it's on the side of the road, but the fact that it's in the middle that causes a lot more concern for me. so for those that know the area. The reports I have captain say that the vehicle just a little way south of the may town rest area, which would be about ten miles south of Tom water, where he lives with his grandmother, yeah, but again, ten miles it if it was abandoned, like maybe a mile or two more away. You'd go okay, well, something and maybe his car broke down and he would of walk to us but being ten miles away. It's it's pretty fishy! Now. Do these
courts state if there was anything wrong with the car cause normally they'd, just it. They don't like check the engine or check to see if there's gas or anything so two of the biggest mysteries that I could not answer when diving into this case to the biggest mysteries for myself, because I What we're going to see- and I I know for myself anyway- that a lot of my big Questions are sparked by this vehicle by the abandonment of this vehicle, or was there foul play in somebody else, move the vehicle, so I could not figure out. I could not find somebody email us, or rather more importantly, put it on the blog, so everybody can read it, but was the vehicle locked when it was located. It doesn't sound like it was because it almost sounds like in some reports that possibly even one of the doors was open, ray the other.
I couldn't figure out was like you question was the vehicle and operating order was it was able to run right because Most of the time people abandon a vehicle on the freeway out of necessity, not out of choice, was that tire, gas yeah? Nobody wants to get out and have to trek along freeway or call for help on the freeway you get off to the side and that's the other weird thing captain in you pointed this out as well: it's the center median, it's not like dangerous right. If you could choose to get off of the freeway. You would go off to the right hand, side in and try to get yourself out of harm's way. You got vehicles passing by at sixty seven seventy five thousand miles out if I'll send tony
One thousand miles seventy five thousand miles an hour at warp speed, but that's cause you're super dumb dumb. I was watching a lot of sci fi offers, so the vehicle was found at two pm. We think- and I wanted clear about that. This is based off of information, that jenny revealed later about Logan's phone and when cool calls came in regarding the abandoned vehicle, so the closest timestamp I could find of when the vehicle was located. To be abandoned by the sheriff's department, was at two p dot m. and look into this case, I end up talking to a highway patrol officer the same yeah. Maybe you could determine the time frame based on calls in, but normally happens when there's abandoned car is highway patrol or share for or who have in that area in charge of that area will go by, maybe maybe
couple marks on the window, maybe even write down a time cause. I want to give the person an opportunity to take care of the vehicle themselves. Yeah they normally don't do it right away. So two p dot m. I don't know if that's the number that really rely on. So here's what I go with but mind you. This is the same guy that just said vehicles traveling at seventy five thousand miles per hour, a pacifier scar that the fast miring my general thoughts here on the time of when the vehicle would be towed. I think the calls are coming in at two. So then you have to back add up a little bit before an officer can actually respond to the area to find the vehicle and, like you said mostly time, they're gonna, try
I get and leave it come back and if it's still there eventually to it away, I think because it's at the center median it's a problem for for traffic purposes and they probably towed it much quicker than they. Traditionally. What kind, though this is you've, got gotta, be fearful here. Look I know when a nineteen year old girl goes missing, we talk about or or crime shows, we'll talk about all while she was a pretty girl or whatever. But here we have this. Individual Logan is a good looking kid he's. As he's a smart kid he's a hard worker. This just doesn't make a lot of sense that one you find his vehicle and he has no contact with friends or family for multiple days. We do know that calls were coming in about the vehicle at two p m. The car was towed by
baker, towing and it was towed to their lot. At the request of washington state patrol sergeant shades, the sergeant said that he found the car and then drove around the area to check for any one on foot who may be the owner of the abandoned vehicle, but he did not see, The. And now a word from our sponsor better help. It's my favorite spot. It's the one I use most often it's. What has changed my life so dramatically mental, the so important and something that we need to be discussing every day you invest time into yourself and taking care of yourself
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the cars drive and seventy five thousand miles per hour. That's warp speed the police when they find the vehicle, they didn't search the car, and this makes total sense because they did not suspect It was connected to any type of crime when they located or on the freeway. There are certain is get it off of interstate five rope there go up to the car and of no blood and there's no seemed like there's no wreckage they're, not gonna, search the vehicle, yeah and there's nothing obvious in play site does not. Yet it is not only in the royal while others, seventy Five thousand pounds of cocaine death. That number is stuck in our heads for a long time, your fault, when the green mother when Logan's grandmother retrieves the vehicle after it was towed back to her home. She found that it contained logan's cell phone car keys, water
model and snacks in a large paper grocery bag. Some reports say that there were two large paper grocery bags. This ban It was either sitting on the passenger seat or on the center console, depending on which news article you read, Logan's wallet containing most reports, say twenty five dollars, some say twenty four dollars in cash and his wallet also contained his debit card and driver's license. The wallet was found in the glove compartment. There were
other small amounts of cash, small bills and change in various spots of the interior of the vehicle, like one, would expect to find a most people's vehicles. The cars registration was in the glove box as well, but we point out these items. The cell phones, particularly important the car keys, particularly important. We all I question so the cell phone car keys, where they found and the glass box as well. I do Now we begin here's why you should question his cell phone in the keys. This is why I bring up this question right, because, if you're the person towing the car and on the passenger seat, you see wallet, car keys, cell phone, blah blah blah right, I'm towing the car. I know it's going to sit at the lot may be locked may be unlocked, but just as a safety measure, I'm going to open up that glove,
or a center console or something and put these loose items, these important items into the glove box. So I bring up this point. His. I don't necessarily think that means that logan or somebody else put his wallet in the glove box. It could have been done by a police officer or the towing age or whoever dump the vehicle there. If it wasn't low and that left it on on the center median it I five. We point all these items, because it's important information to the case, but it's also it can also help lead you to several conclusions: the cash If it wasn't logan the dump the vehicle, if it was a robbery wanna take, the gay would have taken the cash
a dumb robber would have taken the debit card as well and the cellphone. Unless the wall it was in the glove box and they didn't know what is fine for whatever reason, regardless. This is a bad bad situation. Low, god and his car with all of his important personal possessions in it were found the band, in the middle of a major interstate and Janni. his grandmother, knew that logan loved and took a lot of pride in his vehicle, so she could not Imagine him abandoning it, especially in that particular way. Yeah the his pride for his sebring was just like Michael Scott's pride He brain there's some added factors in here to captain. It looks like from reports that I found Logan is
highly allergic to peanuts and he did not have his epi pen with him when he went missing. The reports are unclear, though I couldn't figure out, was the epi pen found in his vehicle, or was it something that was left? at behind at home, brain after the family, inform the sheriffs department of what was found in the vehicle. A detective from the Thurston county sheriff's office was assigned to the case and started to investigate. He came out to jenny's house search the car dusted for prince and took photographs of the vehicle
and the items that were found inside if anything other than what we have reported was found or any prints fingerprints of interest were lifted. We know nothing about this. There's no reports at this time about that, and I I just want to applaud jenny for a second right, raising, logan and anytime that there's a missing person. Somebody has to step up to the plate, not law enforcement, somebody in the family or a friend somebody has to be the general, the captain, the colonel that says: hey, we have a missing loved one. We give a shit about them and we're going to push that on too long. Forcement we're going to push that onto the community. We should keep in mind, though, that this search of the vehicle per the family, their opinion is that this was
A general and cursory search of the vehicle that it never really forensically processed by mean that there were prince, they looked for fingerprints, but there was never like they didn't put any. They didn't apply, luminal, roar, comparable chemicals to try to detect blotter anything of that nature. My guess is that there is no obvious sign of a struggle inside the view coal or outside of the vehicle and why there is no by coming forward saying hey. I have looked at the car myself where I smelled any kind of decay. Coming from the vehicle so and we do have some eye regarding the vehicle, because we know that that nine one one was called a couple of times regarding the the abandoned vehicle
but there was no one saying that hey. I saw you guys fighting on the side of the road re investigators did take when they came out and looked at the vehicle. They were smart enough to take Logan's computer and his cell phone and they did search his room while they were there. We have read that a thorough friends examination of logan's phone was done, but this did not seem to lead investigators to Logan or his whereabouts. I think that's very key here. I don't know, I don't know exactly what to make that, but I know that this was done in it was done very thoroughly and if there was a significant lead on that phone I don't know that we're sitting here today, captain talking about a young man that still missing but question real quick. Is it possible that,
is a lead on the phone that the police or does not telling us about it, could be. But there has been some things that took place in this case since he's gone missing. They would tell me that they're at a point where they run out of leads or run out of ideas, and so I think maybe that phone pointed them in any direction at all early on in the investigation that those have dried up or they they were just simply dead ends. So it's seems to me and I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the idea is that we find this car. We find the cell phone, we find the keys but find the wallet. Did you not find logan? So it's when they find the car? This is roughly giving us a decent point of when he possibly,
missing right, but here's where things get tricky because remember this is per the phone. This is still phone information. This is from the families fake, but facebook page and from the Charlie project page for logan. Both say that jenny ran a family locator on Logan's phone on friday may twentieth, and it should. that he was in the olympia area near his mother's house. Jenny said that This was done around eleven, a m. His car was found. Roughly three hours later by our calculations sometime around two p re by, but in an interview on, I disappeared. The current lead detective on the case. Frank folly says that they checked this
phone records for the phone and on thursday night, the phone traveled southbound on I five down to southern washington to the camas area, and it's spent the phone spent about forty five minutes. There then went north to tumwater at three. then then at three forty five, a m the the phone stop moving by may twentieth early morning, all phone activity ended. He said he said that he believes the phone died, again this would be may twentieth early morning, but that is I don't. I do not know the science behind it to question jenny statements. running the locator at eleven. A m dot m phone be dead and still located still tracked gps.
bright at the same time again that I think that's going to vary based on model. How old the phone was. What kind of tracking service they used right? So I can't they if this information regarding the phone, what jenny saying what the police are saying, give there's inconsistency in this information again to a. We ve had several cases where the pig technology is not cent yeah and I what I really want to know regarding the phone. Is there any indication on that phone, be it text phone calls What have you to indicate that logan was meeting someone communicating with anyone? We have a lot of time that seems to go by mean when jenny last sees logan and when the vehicle is found. We have over twenty four hours between the two
it's roughly thirty hours. If you really want to break it down, and then we have the further question of time did Logan actually go missing? What Did he leave the home? We know that jenny left the home. She said that he was there when I left the home. I have seen some reports that say that he was. He was going off to work as well that day, however, we don't have any reports of saying he never arrived at work. So was he supposed to just stay at home and he does. Decided to leave the house at some point there a real lack in information here in this case- and I don't think it's because of his attacks- she's situation where investigators are holding this info. Asian back. I think that this Is information that people just don't know while, like you said at some point, he's well, maybe not logan, but maybe his phone
that's all we can say we can't save- will we know where logan was because we know where the phone line right, because we do have no proof that logan was with his phone, but if he was with his foreign at some point, is in an area for forty five minutes almost seems like he's meeting up with somebody or having lunch with somebody or or running an errand, but we have no evidence to tell us what that was. So. My before we move on. My general father gave anybody gives a shit about your thoughts today. Super dumb, dumb regarding the movement of of the phone? Yes, this programme because I asked the bali, I think common sense is going to tell us that the phone, the movement of the phone and the vehicle are probably insane we know that later the phone is found inside the vehicle yeah, where I be this phone moving, it's it's almost like it. It's heading one direction than
turns around and heads back to where it came from and then turns back around one more time and heads back to where it just came from. These are kind of radek strange movements to me it's either. It tells me a couple things either wasn't logan doing a lot of that movement or he's in a of mind it that is as radical as the the movement itself right. You know it's almost. It would mean since, if we have someone to fill in the blanks as such a simple someone saying he laughed. Oh, but he had to come back about forty five minutes later because he forgot something or I forgot to give him something brain. That's that's the type of movement that I see here, but we don't have anybody to to fill in those blanks forced to make sense these movements, but there are some eyewitnesses that claim that they saw his car. Yes, yes, and
It has been something that's been a little tricky, because everything in this case seems tricky. Some reports say that there are two eye witnesses. Some say that there are three some say as many as four I think what we have here captain is. We probably have three or four eye witnesses: it's just how much do law enforcement believe each one of these witnesses to be credible brain, so, let's through the eye witness accounts on wednesday after Logan had been gone for six days, Jenny contacted her. sister and brother in law mike and Mary, where to tell them that logan was missing mike, who had contacts from here, days and working with the sheriff's office spoke with the detective assigned to the case.
he had very little information but had discovered something important. A truck driver, a semi truck driver called nine one one after seeing something on. I five on the previous friday a black sebring convertible, was driving, erratically, swerving and driving too slow according to the truck driver. No one, to be behind the wheel, was in the slow lane, far right lane and then hold onto the shoulder and stopped the driver side door open and closed again? Then a man emerged from the passenger door and ran into the woods the car apparently and gear or left in news on uneven ground rolled and drifted
cross three lanes of southbound traffic and came to a stop after running into the center barricade. This is where it was eventually found wow now over the course. This witness information is crucially important and it all comes down to the man? The witness all running into the woods reports are that the witness believes that the man he saw was white calculation about six feet. Tall Logan was nearly six feet tall, so that fits by racial he's not going to. I don't believe that logan would be described by an eye as caucasian I actually could see it see him be an identified that way he has a lighter skin black man. Yeah I'm just saying I think it's possible, but could
imagine you see this car it's going to slow, so that makes you think that I witness is correct. There's nobody driving the car It is a runaway vehicle right here, and to slow the that make sense, because there's nobody and the driver side to be pushing the gas pedal right or did driver- decide to go from the driver side to the passenger side, steer off to the shoulder and then get out. But again, why would logan that has no history of behavior this do this and it makes you wonder I mean look everybody, not everybody. it makes you wonder, what was going on if this was logan, what was happening was it
driving under the influence of possibly we'd or the influence of alcohol were just impaired. Driving from cause, he had several jobs who is working? It just doesn't doesn't make a lot of sense at all. No, it makes zero. It makes zero sense again it's without somebody to fill in some of these blanks and we don't have anybody coming forward saying that they spoke with logan or met with him or hung out with him during this time without plenty to fill in some of these blanks. We we really can't make any sense of it. I don't think anybody caught one that let's go back to something too, because if this truck driver big shout out to the truck drivers, love truck drivers, shout out to the truck drivers, but the interesting thing here is: if we knew from the towing company or law enforcement hey when we came up to the car, the car was neutral or the car and drive or the yeoman? That's a great question.
One thing I also thought about in regards to the vehicle itself like okay, so did leave it in drive and it was simply idling because we know was traveling at a slow speed, whereas idling or was, left in neutral and is just on uneven ground in it, and it's moving to until it stops itself right. Was it a stick shift in whom ever was moving it or you know There's a lot of questions about. I believe it was on a magic, but I could be wrong now. I think you might be right because one of the the fan, statements regarding the vehicle was that the gear shift and I didn't want take it as far to say that it that it was an automatic or stick shift based off of this information, but they did say that the the gear shift, was pretty loose in, sebring. You know how sometimes they can get really.
Easy to to maneuver right over time. Some of them may have a button to engage them and you don't even have to use the button after a few years, but the statement was that they believed that if somebody bumped it did that it moved easy enough that if you just bumped it it may you may be able to put it into a different gear one. So the thought maybe is whoever was on the passenger seat. Get out of the vehicle could have bumped it. That's that's a possibility. What we do have here, though, in regards to these, I witness or potential eyewitness accounts of this vehicle moving across lanes. It's really. This is very dangerous. What we're talking about a situation where several people could have crashed or had some kind of vehicle accident regarding the movement of this vehicle What we do have is we have the detective frawley who is currently the lead? He was not the the lead detective, initially
but he's currently the lead on the case today. He said specifically that there is only regardless of how people called nine one, one to report the vehicle. There was Only one witness who saw someone actually get out of the vehicle and flee into the woods says ours. The truck driver. Now. Do we get this drawing from the truck driver? Now we get this from a from a potential. I witness? We should point out that this area of interstate five is not entirely rural, but is surrounded by acres upon acres of woodlands and was described by one searcher as thick in brushing this area was searched for logan. Now, keep in mind, he's missing for four days before they realize he's missing. So there was a six hour search using six teams, utilizing both tracking
cadaver dogs that found none, in this area. They also used heat seeking aerial ecology to penetrate the thickly wooded areas surrounding the scene. out where his vehicle was found and came up with nothing. I think that, if something add happen too low in now in the woodlands area, Were there or the media area, whereas car was here, I don't know how much heat on his body, which is going to be a left five six days later. I I can't tell you that, but it doesn't seem like that. Would work for me. Now, police did scour nine one one call records and found that another call could be headed to Logan. This call came in at three a dot m remind you. The vehicle was found at two p dot m. This call came in at three a dot m on may 21st from a driver near the intersection
case, road and paul and road. This is very near where Logan's vehicle was later found. The collar reported a young man side have the laugh. The collar reported seeing a young man who was nude from the waist down, stumble along the roadway. He saw me. The call said the demand that they saw was possibly black, but the caller wasn't one hundred percent sure this. is apparently near an area that is frequented by crack addicts. So. there doesn't seem to be a crackhead run around if the pants on you know during the helicopter playing flipkey flipkey and that he doesn't know for sure. If he's black, we, you know, we have to report this because
is some information, but I want to be clear: there is no there's euro evidence whatsoever that this was logan an janni. His grandmother is adamant that the that she and other family members believe that they do not believe logan was heavy into drugs. They do not believe that that was Logan that was spotted by this nine one hundred yeah. I caller. and we all know that it only takes one time. But again, I just don't think with this kid's history with his character that this is something that, like they said, would be. Evidence of Logan well and given what you know is in the area what the area is kind of known, for it seems much much more likely that it was just somebody else that was spotted and this night,
One call some he's a call and into report a There's a man out here that you might want to come out and ask him to put some pants on yemen issue is: how do you not know what race he is well? his naked ass, its interstate five, it's three a m in the morning and you're, probably travelling between somewhere between sixty three sixty miles an hour in seventy five thousand miles an hour, so you're, probably not getting that great of a look at the end of it Well, I also wonder if it's one of those millennial kids with the super tight pants on They thought that there are new, but they just really had super tight pants on here's a little ray of hope for the family for Logan's family logan's, facebook page reported a check in at the airport in olympia, meaning someone's checking into a flight.
the airport in olympia. But sadly it turned out to be a one year ago alert from facebook, actual activity on his page yeah. But this is weird to me because, normally what happens- and I know- you're, not big- into social media but normally what happens is facebook goes hey here's, this memory of what happened on this day a year ago, two years ago, five years ago. Do you want to share that you normally have to click? Yes, I want to share this again. It normally doesn't just share that, for you that's interesting so, but then I talked to a lot of people about this too. As there are so many hackers that go into accounts change. Some names delete people's history. Could it just be a facebook glitch? Could it be some kind of hacker on
Who his page? Could it be a family member or a friend or some girl that he dated for a while that knew his information and decided, log on to see if they could help find anything, but I want that's tricky because the general statement that has been put out there- and this was years after when messing, is that Logan's accounts social media accounts, have been untouched, so it seems like a pretty blanketed statement there, but that that's the general statement that's out there. And but, like you said, somebody going in there to monitor, does that trigger anything right. Eight months after he went missing, the sheriff's department admitted
publicly that all leads had been exhausted by that time and they were out of ideas, but then yeah, but look I I applaud law enforcement to do that. I am. I applaud for them to go. Look we had some leads. We followed them. They went nowhere we need more leads. We need more help. Yes, I do, and I think that that is sparked by the possibility because this is not a murder investigation. This is a missing persons, investigation and the sheriff's. The It was very open, saying: look we have no It is to lead us to the conclusion that logan is dead. However, have no evidence to lead us to the conclusion that he is still alive right. So there is some hope. If he's there? Maybe he decided to leave, maybe said you know what I've had enough.
I don't know who I am I'm looking up, I'm trying to figure out who I am in this world, his his family, with my wages, are where, where I come from, what are route. He may have decided to to part with his personal belongings and his vehicle on and take off its. It certainly a possibility. Thirteen months after you went missing. This is at the end of june of two thousand and seventeen another witness came. or they are actively looking for Logan? This isn't one of those cases that just went cold. This was a case that they were pumping out information and looking for the public's help. They were posting his picture and the sheriff's office phone number places looking for information, and this is the result of possible lead. Third, months later. This witness came forward who believe she had information. Now I want to be clear here. I'm taking this with a grain of sand
for reasons that I'll get into, but the family seized on this information seeming to accept it at all face value as a legitimate sighting of logan likely out of desperation, the sheriff's office received a tip from a woman who says she saw logan's car on the freeway the day that he went missing. Yeah, that's key, that's key right! There we do not know per the statements released to the public. Did this witness give us the actual date in her tipp or just say I saw his car the day. He went missing, I would did no inquire further does. She actually know the date of when she says that she saw this. You want the truth, but yet so it's not clear and to take that a step further. It's not even clear what that means the day he went missing. Does that mean thursday, when jenny last saw logan
friday, when his vehicle was found, the woman told deputies that the vehicle was sitting on the right. Shoulder of I five southbound near ninety five, when she was driving to work that day and the same vehicle was oh they're, on her way home from work. But this time the hood was up and there was a blackmail standing at the rear of the vehicle, and there were two white males standing with him. She described one of the men as white six foot tall and very thin with thin blonde hair styled in a bulk. He was wearing jeans that she described as
way too short and a tank top. That was way too small. The sheriff's office released a sketch of this man who is? Is it creepy, looking catherine to her pretty creepy? Look at our post this picture on our instagram. You can find, instagram at true crime garage or rather the website, true crime, garage dot com. I'm warning you, though, as far as drawings go this. This looks like something like out of a horror movie me thinking the undead I've seen online people say that it looks like a little bit like Marilyn manson yeah. I'm just warning you it's like you're, going to see this, it's something almost.
like if you had a bad dream and you're like? I was fighting this guy and he was scary looking or what did he look like? This is what you would draw, so they law enforcement released this sketch the creepy looking dude, the other man, was also white witch older length, blonde hair. He was wearing a. Randal sure and genes according to the witness, but the witness did not get a very good look at this second man with blonde hair, so they ve not released a sketch of this other guy. So here we go again with witness sightings of logan that could turn the whole case on its head. If this was low, if this is true, he was in the company of two men whom police have not been able to find he's in the car.
Of these two guys right before he goes missing right and then, if this I witness is true than the car after logan was with these two individuals. The car then moves after yes well that's correct, but but the according to the witness. She saw this in the general area of where his vehicle was eventually found. But yes, given her description, the vehicle moved at some point, but I have to say Then there is reason for I believe there is reason for us to doubt that this citing was actually logan one, the woman who supposedly saw him she's eating by on the highway. We have already talked about this. Seventy five thousand miles per hour very hard to see anything at them rate of speed down, She did not know Logan either right to this tip was reported more
than a year after Logan went missing. So what convinced her in thirteen months time, that it was Logan that she had passed on that day by three. There is no indication whatsoever that Logan's car had any kind of vehicle trouble that I could find when it was returned to the family. I think that if it had trouble like if it were A gas battery was dead. It was inoperable. for any reason at all. I think that information would have been released. I think that information would have been stated outright. Yeah, it is, is very tricky because if you're going to approach a vehicle, let's say you're just you're a bad person you're approaching the vehicle, because you have something to do with Logan gone missing. You could always pop the hood to make it look like you're. You know, oh we're just taking care of this car
on the side of the road, no need to stop blaming, so it could be some kind of ruse, but I I know that's that's gone out on a limb and here's the other thing we talked about tagging the vehicle She says that when she initially passed it the vehicle on her way to work It was on the right shoulder. Okay, when she comes back from work now, the hood is up. So we talked about the moving, but if it was abandoned on the right shoulder hours before was found, you would think that, maybe somebody would have called it in or police would have come by and tag the vehicle. That was never done as well, not to say that it has to happen. But it didn't happen. There is one man who was looked at as a possible suspect and logan's disappearance, mike where
remember this is the uncle that employed logan at his farm right said that logan was not happy living at his grandmother's house after he returned, from college. This was because, while he was at college, his sister chloe, her boyfriend moved in with his two kids This was a guy named jake jake and logan did not really get along. The extent of this depends on who you talk to MIKE, where it says that they hated each other and there were fistfights between the two ah fisticuffs grandma. Jenny says that the two weren't friends but they just avoided each other and it was no big deal. Never look of here avoiding somebody. You don't want that son of a bitch to live with you well, and
has a little bit of a history as well he's glossy the convicted on some domestic violence charges from the past pleading guilty to felony assault in a previous relationship. This is back from an incident in two thousand and thirteen. now. Does this Jake look like somebody that would like come crawling out your tv from a horror movie? No, no It seems at the very least that he and logan butted heads right at the very least if we're going to go by jenny. They didn't like each other, but they just avoided one another in october of two thousand and sixteen jake from state was arrested for violating his probation. I threw in all state park by the police, used this as an opportunity question him about Logan's disappearance and they, even ali graft him at this time. The reports are that he passed the polly mike where the uncle
we spent thirty seven years in law enforcement, says he's publicly stated this: I'm skeptical saying that you know the polygraphs can be beat or it could just be, not administered correctly. Correct and of course, totally possible that jake and Logan got into it on that thursday. After jenny left for work, something happens to Logan, and now we got situation where we're moving vehicle and leaving it somewhere. I do want to point out something here, though, if Logan met with foul play the movement the vehicle and where the vehicle was found makes zero sense. I get, let's abandon the vehicle to make it look like something happened to the young man. I all get hey, let's, let's abandon it on the side of the road somewhere to make it look like maybe broke down and he took off on foot and some
What happened to him, then I get that having it urged against the the center barricade and then have a witness who says witnesses that say they saw the vehicle moving, but no one driving the vehicle. That doesn't make any sense to me now, but I could see we have all of logan's items: cell phone Wallet drive around a little bit before you abandoned the vehicle and, like you said it's that forty five minute spot that is at cause. Like you said, people go while he's supposed to go to work or was going to work, and we we just don't know what that forty five minute gap was well and there's no shortage of theories in this case, but there have been ones that I think are are more plausible,
than others, and this is put forward by the Thurston county sheriff's office and say that there is a possibility that logan was experiencing some kind of psychotic break in two thousand. Sixteen shark sergeant carla Carter of the Thurston county sheriff's office, said quote some indication, perhaps of some mental health issues. Logan was the age that schizophrenia and often manifest itself, and apparently latent mental illness can be spurred on by excessive marijuana use in some people. That's their statement, if and was having a psychotic episode. It would explain. His withdrew on an erotic behaviour his paranoia, his a penny and his bizarre disappearance, Bonn also possibly would explain.
his eye, witness sea and a half naked man. If, if he's gone into some kind of psychosis or psychotic break, then you know it's very possible that that was logan, that somebody saw half naked on this, I the road, it just seems like we would have more eye witnesses. That also saw this individual. I'm in other than the the thick woods it doesn't seem like. This is such a desolate place that we will not find Logan it? It would be, I think, it's possible, but it was. It was searched. Now we should point out, though, too, that the same law where's my agency says it another big theory that they have logan is in fact, still out there that he left on his own wanted a fresh start and that's a big read
why they have been so transparent with the public with the information- that they have an seeking the public's help in finding and locating this young man. Also have a situation, though captain, where We know his phone records. Blowguns phone has been thoroughly traced in tracked by law enforcement. Some of his last tech. were to his online friend or online girlfriend. They have not met in person, so I think you're friends it a bit of a strong label there. I agree, her name is carolina and he says to her in attacks. Logan says the carolina. I don't know if I'm going to survive,
I have this week. That's one of his last texts to her. This would be right around the same time. Maybe the day before he says to grandma I've had an epiphany something's going on with this young man. and I don't know if it's identity, crisis or just not liking he's fitting in in this world at the time or what have you or it's a mental break in and the You wouldn't know, what's up and what's down right, and this seems to me to be two situations for a potential cry for help. We also have text messages from jenny, the guy. mother. She says she came home, Logan's, not there, but the tv that would be in his bedroom was out in the family, room unplugged and nothing. functionally wrong with the tv. So much so we know that, to be true because she text him one time
find him, but to in these texts that he's not responding to says Is there something wrong with your tv? So that's weird cuz again you could. It could be something so simple, as he was moving something around or going to take it to a friend's house or or was he packing up? I mean it's. It's weird you could put this you could put so many different angle as on this little piece of information, but I have seen stories right, talk earlier about the paranoia well at least points out the paranoia and a lot of people. You just chalk that up to a well, he smoke and a lot of pot. You know people have experienced that that's pretty common thing, but was this paranoia was. Was this the start of some kind of skit? So you know episode. I've I've, seen situations, I've, read situations of people, believing that their being list
into through electronics that are near them, but I don't know of skipped, so I don't know if that's the correct term, it's definitely not a correct term, and so I have my apologies, but I have heard of situations where people think that the others are listening to them was this gives us tv away for me kind of kind of situation. I in the tough thing is we only have jenny talking about this. We don't have anybody coming forward from his work, saying hey, I worked with Logan and he seemed to be a little off. We don't have really any way from his school other than this quote unquote online. Girlfriend saying that he might not make it through the week
I mean, that's, that's not a good sign. What we do have those we do have those former friends that seem to agree with the idea that jenny puts forward that the year before the summer before Logan seems to be withdrawing from his group of friends and of course he decides to change colleges at the last minute. We of them agree with that. But look just on that. No, it's not longer by racial kid. Regardless of your regard, lucy, If somebody saying race racial braces and to me and my friends. I have my back, I'm not their friends anymore, Maybe they were never my friends to begin with, so I don't see that as a thing, I think that I see as a thing here. A very big problem in this case is I touch on this earlier. This is not
close family there's some kind of drama, there's something strange with this family, and I don't mean strange as in their bad people, there's something I can't to identify, cuz, I don't have enough information, but what I can say is that I've seen reports where jenny says that Logan saw his mother between the time that that heat, that she last saw him and he went missing, and I see reports it's where the mother says she had seen him for a week before he went missing my almost like their covering something up: there's no unity inside it family right. There's, no unity, there's not a united front of people coming forward. In saying we know that a b c and d happened and then are loved one disappeared, and that is cause problems. I believe in
you're standing of the case, as well as the investigation itself by law enforcement rights to cite jake the sank roberts, the though the boy from the two kids like what's his deal you'd break that the family would be coming out again. United, all look yeah. He has some issues and stuff, but he's he wanted to do something where it would cause logan to disappear. While MIKE, where the uncle the great uncle who Logan seems to have been close with, he says it was to the point where the guys were getting into fistfights and then grandma says has been there's like no mention of him in any of the stories at all. I I don't. I don't know why that is. It could be very simple that he's not at home very, no mention of him in any of the stories at all. I I do I dont know why that is. It could be very simple that he's What's very bizarre to Me- and I don't want to sound
and then what's very bizarre to me, and I don't want to sound like I'm attacking a victim because, as far as I know, Jenny is a victim. The fan What's very bizarre to me and I want to sound like I'm attacking a victim, because, as far as I know, Jenny is a victim. The family members are victims here, in this case as well, but discovering for what she did going down to the police department or the there this in following the report in person, I always think, is a hundred times greater than doing it over the phone. However, when she got this- can wait two more days you could have called nine hundred and eleven or what I think would have made even more energy put forward other than you know what this can wait till Monday this, wait two more days called nine one one or what I think
He could have made a phone call. He could have clued you in onto what to do. There seems to be some kind of disconnect here in this family, a phone call he could have clued in onto what to do. There seems to be some kind of disconnect here in this family that makes me very confused about the whole situation and trying to identify what happened? hu, this young man did he leave on his own. Did something happened to him? How far outside of his inner circle. Do we need to be looking for what could have happened to this young man again kid. A young man good looking young man logan smart, hard working yeah, maybe is struggling with some identity stuff for or maybe the struggling with, where he
so go in life. That doesn't mean that there is a mental break. I dont know if there's enough evidence to show that he will have him some mental break. Yes, is that part of the equation? You have to look at a core. Should we be talking more about mental health issues? Of course, it's just a strange to me and late. We were talking before it's almost like you're looking for him, but you're not really looking for him and it's like you call family members, you call people that he worked for. why wasn't that done? Why? Why was there? If there seems to be a lack of days, a cool effort on some levels and other levels? It seemed like the again I got you have to apply the person that is spearheading the investigation as far as the family or friend level, because you have to have that spearhead that's gone into law enforcement goin. We need action, we need something done yet
Do you want to be very clear here on my thoughts and feelings, because I believe that over all the families commit, it. Finding logan has been admirable. The family was forced to take others in their own hands. At one point we did have the sheriff's office saying we ve run at elites. We ve of ideas and so the family. Started the logan tional men is missing facebook page which, over thirteen thousand members today this to spread the word of his disappearance. They did hire a private investigator. They raise this money and some of them have even pestered local tv news channels for coverage on the case. One thing that I do find to be very interesting, and I said something just a few minutes ago, Catherine Howe
and some of them have even pestered local tv news channels for coverage on the case. One thing that I do find to be very interesting- and I said something just a few minutes ago- captain how far outside of Logan's inner circle should we be looking for answers as to what happened to this young man. I found this to be fascinating in february of two thousand and seventeen, the family, Logan's family, sent letters to thirty seven homeowners. In that case road area. This is near where the vehicle logan's vehicle was found, asking them simply to please check their yards, their properties. These people have a curse of land, thirty, seven homeowners, property owners who have a grudge. Please check your acreage for anything suspicious, any suspicious objects or any possible
Signs of logan, I feel like the answers. I don't know where in fact they lie, but I think that we've we've said where the answers could be found. We just need some somebody to come forward and fill in the blake blanks with some more information here now the case has been assigned to detective frank folly, and the family feels confident that the case is being worked by some one. Who cares someone who wants to fight logan as badly as they do. If you or anyone else, has any info station. Please call the Thurston county sheriff's office at three six zero. Seven: six: five five zero zero and we will have that phone number in today's shown
The interesting theories that you fascinating case. It's truly a mystery. We want to hear your thoughts on this case we know law enforcement checks are blogs, so any four mason that you have or any theories that you have would be much appreciated. You could check out our blog at your crime garage. It's dot com and, while you're there sign up on the mainland list colonel do we have any recommended reading for this. I think we are recommending the snow killings inside the oakland county child killer investigation by marnie rich keenan. This is our second time recommending this book, and that is because it is one of the best true crime books from the
monday, twenty so may intelligent and powerful women and the true crime community. agree more so check out the stone killings. It is well written and laid out perfectly for the reader at times. I felt like I was reading from the investigators case. File check out are recommended page, a true crime, garage dot com and stay tuned into, True crime garage next week, we have an all new episode of off the record on Monday and a new case for you tuesday right here back in the garage until then be good, be kind.
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