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London Nude Murders ////// 55 TrueCrimeGarage.com We have all heard of Jack the Ripper, there is probably no more famous unsolved case invovling a serial killer. But nearly 70 years after Scotland Yard searched for the Ripper police had one of the largest manhunts in London's history. The search for the killer dubbed Jack the Stripper. This Jack was killing prostitutes and leaving their naked bodies in the River Thames and in the cities alleyways. This Jack did not taunt the police by writing letters and laughing at them on paper, no he simply gave them another body. Tonight we take the flying garage ship to England and review this strange cold case. Beer of the Week - Jack-O by Travelers Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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the The year is nineteen sixty four in the united states of america present. London be Johnson declares war on poverty. The Warren commission reports their findings stating that lee Harvey oswald was the loan gunman cassius clay defeat, Sonny liston to become the heavyweight boxing champion of the world.
The civil rights act of nineteen sixty four side, doktor martin luther king, wins the nobel peace prize the first ford mustang hits the streets and, amongst the pop, or films. forgettable mary poppins, the rock band, the rolling stones released their debut record self titled, the rolling stones The beatles make an appearance on the solid and show, and they have thirteen singles in the top. One hundred a little more than seventy. Five years after jack the ripper in the uk, they abolish the death penalty. in the streets of london, there were a string of murders that quickly became known as the london newcomers, the suspect became known, is jack stripper in scotland yard
was about to unleash one of the largest man hunts. London would ever see, and unfortunately, there were the victim. After victor how many total just like jack the Ripper, the victim cow, is up for debate this. It's true crime garage- and this is- of the london renewed murder oak. almost everybody knows the story, or at least has heard of jack the ripper and of course no one really knows who jack the Ripper was. But few have heard of the killer that became known as jack. The stripper we're talking about the
london nude murders. Well, you might know of the name jack the stripper. It's a there's, a rock band cod jack, the stripper, and there was also a rocks. By black sabbath, which was instrumental tuned cod jack. The stripper that's why, on our intro, when I introduce the captain there, I said fairies where boots: that's, because on the album paranoid thee a pair those songs, togethers jack. The stripper slash fairies where boots, which was one of my favorite black, sounded song. So but just like jack, the stirrup I'm sorry just like jack senior jack, the Ripper jack, the stripper too, is an unknown serial killer jack. The Ripper is not just a clever named jack named himself in taunting letters to the poor
He to the public, and some have argued, are those from the actual killer and others would suggest that they are simply a hoax for some sick o or from some one or someone's wishing to increase newspaper sales but jack the ripper. He didn't just kill, he ripped. He would rip his victims apart, meaning he would cut the victim. Sometimes a lot slitting. The throat cutting the abdomen and actually removing body parts. You know uterus, deliver the tipp of one's knows or clipping the ears now jack the stripper he did not cut his victims. He strain them and he did not rip them or remove any body parts. He left his strangled victims, nude or pretty much fully expose this, of course, leading to the name of the unknown perpetrator, but the crimes in remain unsolved and its unsolved murders of seven of london's working girl scope so that go back
Well that mean so. The strip report makes sense, but using jack the strippers just because of the area that these crimes took place yup and they would also become The london nude murders, as well as the hammersmith murders. our story starts in nineteen sixty four london england, earlier I did say seven victims, but, as you will see, when we go through this, that there is some debate where reading the actual number of victims here, yet scenes seems The consensus is that there are six confirmed victims and possibly another two. Maybe even more. But so when you see this normally, if you're looking up this case, you'll see six confirmed, possibly
During the years of nineteen sixty four and nineteen sixty five six women are found dead in or around the river tames. The first victim that we're going to talk about is Hannah tale ford, as she was thirty years old. At the time of her death, Hannah was excluded from several schools when she was a young girl,
as she was pretty disruptive at school, and when she was a teenager, she ran away to the big big city of london. It was not long after her arrival that she started getting into more trouble. She was convicted a couple of times of for soliciting. Now, apparently, she was quite desperate or just a terrible person, because on one occasion she placed a classified ad in a local paper offering to sell her unborn baby to the highest bidder is also been reported. That Hannah had told some friends. She was being paid to participate in the bizarre orgies hosted by some of the more well to do londoners. She was known to have been offered money to have sex on camera and it speculated that she and suck she was in some stag films. Hannah also told a friend she,
attended an orgy at the home of a french diplomat named Andre AL on one occasion after having been paid, she was taken by a limousine to a house where a man and a gorilla costume had sex with her, while a crowd of rich and wealthy onlookers cheered. Now that's definitely strange. yeah. That's you know. Usually, when I throw party, I turn on a football game and put out some glock india. You know but no guerrillas I only have the grill issue does not all the other stuff without guerrilla suits or five. We mention these things to show what kinds of ties she may have had and what kind of suspect pull the police could have been dealing with, because on February second, nineteen sixty four hurt the body of thirty earl Hannah tail ford was found
by rowers on the team shored near hammersmith bridge she was naked, except for a pair of stockings and she had been strangled. Several of her teeth were missing and her underwear had been stuffed in her mouth during the investigation, police interviewed hundreds of people who they knew to have had dealings with prostitutes, including an international soccer player and several members of the clergy. Two months later, this was April. Eighth Irene Lockwood, who was only twenty six years of age, was found a few hundred yards upstream in the river thames. Now so that she's found very close
two, the first victim that we just discuss Hannah tail, for they were able to determine that irene. Had been in the water for less than forty eight hours and like Hannah, she had been strangled with a legged sure, possibly a piece of her own clothing. She had been stripped before being placed in the water like Hannah. The police had Some strange leads to follow things she may have known or things it she may have done, could have played a big part in her murder. Only about a year before the young woman was found dead, one of her friends had been found beaten to death. This is Vicki pender and her body was found in her north london flat Vicki had tried to blackmail some of her clients over photo. She had taken of them and I guess irene
awkward had some of her own tricks. Irene would take clients to a flat and she would insist that the man remove his pants and then leave them outside of the room before entering to have sex. When but go into the room. Someone will go through the man's pockets and steal any money or valuables that were found. Another trick that she did. This was very much like that from the seinfeld episode where George met a war, and then they went to a hotel room and she handcuffed him to the bed and robbed him while Irene. She would agree to go to a private room with a man and she would tie him up and then she would rob him sometimes taking his clothes police suspected that these two murders may have been connected to two previous martyrs, these are the deaths of Elizabeth fig, also known as an philips Elizabeth body was
and in the early morning, hours by officers on their regular beat on june, seventeen nineteen, fifty nine she was kind of sitting up. She was like slumped against a tree and her dress was torn open, exposing her body as well, as you know, easily visible, scratches around her throat she had been strangled. I guess her boyfriend in the beginning was she. He was a suspect early on her boyfriend was a boxer. Anne was elizabeth pampas. Well, he was known to have slapped Elizabeth round, but for some reason he was ruled out fairly quickly into the investigation. The other Oh, that was that of twenty two year old winning reese ray was found about a mile from elizabeth body on the river bank. Now, when its body was found november, eight nineteen sixty three but the weird thing here, She was last seen almost six months before
so she's last seen getting. She is missing for roughly six months yeah. She I'm sorry. Six weeks before I apologize yet. No one had seen her in six weeks and then she turns up on the head. A long time in six months would be obviously lot longer, but six weeks for nobody to see you again. As far as this profession goes, the you're working mostly at night. So I would assume that there be weeks at a time where that your normal crowd of people would not see you Finally- and this is only when she is reported to have been last seen- who knows, but she I have seen getting into a car with a man. This is way back in september of that year, and this is at the end of september, of sixty three police suspected strangulation to be the cause of her death. But this was never one hundred per cent determined to be the
cause of death, and this is why it should be one of the one of the victims that they don't confirm. As one of the victims at of jack, the stripper yeah elizabeth Elizabeth fig murdered in nineteen fifty nine and Gwyneth Rees murdered in nineteen sixty three, some debate that they are part of jack, the strippers case and others area similar they ve lawyers similar, and then it looks to me with all these cases so far and looks girls that have some sort of desperation and then seems either one man or a group, a male that have power that have money and liked to also he meal humiliate not just have sex with, but to do almost like
I am rich and powerful. Let me take this to the extreme or just I'm in control of this situation, so Gwyneth rees just like the other girls again, it wasn't one hundred per cent determined that she was no, but strangulation was suspected ass. She was found naked and she was missing some teeth, like in Elizabeth case, when its pimp now he is not built, not believed to have been her actual boyfriend, but her pimp was suspected. This is cornelius white head and he was a violent criminal with gangster ties. he was suspected of being violent with women as well. We don't know sometimes you'd see this as a way to teach Other women that are working for him? I don't get out alive right, he's he's running his little. We know criminal business and this is how criminals behave well, yeah and you're messing it up. So you mess up you'll end up dead,
and this is a warning to all the other girls that that instills fear and then there never gonna leave. I couldn't find any record of him actually having been violent with her with gwyneth and but we do know that she did say that she intended to leave him. I'm guessing. You know not work for korea least. Why had any more? But shortly this happened just shortly before she disappeared and he reporting lee looking for her after she had disappeared another possible later. Looking for his paycheck, well and another possible lead. Here too, was the abortion angle. Abortions still illegal in the uk at this time, but much like we had discussed in the black dahlia case. You find someone in any legal abortionist to carry out these things and goin, it already had she had two children There were living with her and relying on her for care at the time, which is probably a very good surprise
and but she had some illegal procedures before the summer before her disappearance, Gwyneth had become pregnant and after her disappearance, some other prostitutes had said that she had been looking to contact any legal abortionist one. Also, at this time in nineteen, sixty four birth control is probably a lot harder to get and probably more expensive, and I dont know what forms exactly what forms they would have had. So it's probably limited as well, but right now, captain what we're seeing here is a couple thanks. Okay, so we got two cases that the police or saying are very much connected. We have two that they suspect could be part of this whole thing, but what we can see by the lifestyles that these four women have led in the people that they have known and furthermore, things that they had done to other people. I mean a couple: these girls had, you know, robbed ball. When you know Dunna cup couple things to humiliate their customers are blackmail people
so we're already starting to seek to many suspects. You know we have for debt women, all working the streets of london and weak mediately see an issue with the investigation of each of these cases. Never when you overstep your bout boundaries a mean when these clients are paying for canada obscene almost the grating type of actions. You know it's a It's one thing to go: have sex in a room, it's another thing to go out while the sky is going to put on a monkey suit and we're going to have a crack wild cheering it on now. Look if you're into that thing! That's that's on you, but I could see and be entreated like this be entreated even less then that you expect to be treated that hey I'm going to pay you back You know like ie, you think you got one over on me. While I been stealing stuff from your taking pictures that should have been taken and
I'm gonna get mine death and the first off the obvious is the high risk lifestyle of the profession- and you know that leads to this large suspect pole and we're not talking about just an investigation into the deaths of all four of these. We women, whether their connected or not. We could be talking about them even in a the visual case, we could have a large suspect pool now victim similarities. There are a bunch of similarities here. So far, all four women were five foot, two or less so their shorter women. All four had suffered an s t d, several of them had several missing teeth. now that may not be part of the actual crime? The injuries be the the part of the lifestyle yeah, which is totally just simply point out how poor they were or unable to afford certain products or personal hygiene products. One of this is also the time where they want it. They want to do it.
In plants or do crowns and stuff like that they would just yank the tooth and three of the four women were pregnant and at least two of the pregnant women were trying to cancel the pregnancy. Irene had been taking pills to achieve this, and she believed that they were working, because she said that the the pills had made her tummy move, that's horrible, so police were pretty convinced that they are dealing with the work of one killer. Who is gone? now on four separate occasions and murdered a woman and stripping and dumping the bodies anna around the river, keep One thing in mind, though here he may have been forcing the women to strip before strangling them, or he could have been stripping them of their clothing. Afterward now, police would suspect that he stripping them afterwards because
some post mortem. They. They are familiar with the prostitutes in the area and they say that the working girls in the area are mostly using vehicles to spend their time with the johns, and most of them would not strip at all or they would not need to strip all the way forward for the act right. They were hike up. The sky. yeah. They do you know that you're just remove whatever necessary clothing, they could her or lift something up our full something down by the way if your kids should not be listening to this episode. So if your kids are listened to this have so please turn off or let the state take your children who is but one thing they have figured out and one thing that they suspect is that day don't seem see this killer as some kind of crazy maniac. He doesn't seem to be out of control there,
not really any known sightings of the killer, having been with the women right before their death or the last time that they are seen, but the killer seems to be in control of himself Do you think it's the manner in which they're found? Do you think it's almost like planned? If we do, if, if the body is found like this a b c and d, that the police will assume that it's a man, man, I think that it would show. I think what they are talking about here is that each victim seems to show almost identical an identical form tack. Where he's not you know it's not! Oh, it's not a stabbing one. One time. It's not right, regulation, one time somebody's not beat to death. It's it's seems to be the same attack over and over again, where he's really he's really just It's an answer means almost like you. You know I mean soon end, I'm sorry where he is just part of what he's doing brenda
This is how I kill somebody. I followed this plan and he's getting better at the plan as he goes along what they mean by this too, is it be very messy. If he were a maniac, you know, I think I've heard atta control out of his mind and obviously this guy's a sick, oh, but if he was not in control of himself, he probably would have been set. in disposing of the bodies or scene with the women the last time they were seen yeah. I know that, but I'm just saying I wonder if the person that committed these crimes going to oh I'm going to rip up their clothes and do some things pop, possibly post mortem- is that for a motive to throw the cops off for summer, yeah, and that's one thing that I had wandered about as well and a good thing to bring up you know was he removing the clue? thing just to destroy it. You know just so that there is less evidence, or was it just something that he needed to do again the police wanted to figure out. Was he forcing them to strip in advance or was something he was doing?
afterwards and so now, whereas for possible victims of the total, the eight possible total victims are so. This is good. Time to take a bit. My name is jason alexander, the star of bedtime stories of the angle side in a brand new scripted comedy pakistan, which I play palm springs. Hotelier mel haber through in the nineteen seventies, turned the run down ingle side into the best, kept secret, get away for hollywood's elite. The series also stars- Brian Jordan, Alvarez Michael, the keen richard kind last basque and more you can find bedtime stories of the evils. I didn't on serious example or stitched, or wherever you get your bike. S don't forget to follow the jobs. Are you never missed an episode, support for them programme comes from arkansas, escape to your natural state, outdoor adventures to indoor attractions in just a few miles or a few minutes near it all, but faraway planted trip at arkansas dot com
so many options for toilet paper. Quintuple apply. This role is titanium in forest. This one is made from elderly trees. Is that good, just grab angel, soft, it's simple, soft and strong and for any budget angels have thanked and strong simple break em we're back from the beer break cheers my friends cheers. Let's talk about some of the additional police effort involved in the investigation in the and a nude murders, so police are going to start strategizing, which is what you have to do right. You have to figure out. How are we gonna find this guy? How do we find the criminal? No doubt we have seen some patterns in some repeated behaviors and tendencies of the person that your hunting. So what do you do? You're going to try use those repeated behaviors and tendencies to track him down and apprehend him or, if you can't track him down. You must lay a trap and tried, lower him out of the shadows right and you know
so little where a victim was last seen or who was with that. Earth and you know so it's going to be hard to track this down this guy down so captain. Let's start setting some traps right, the police higher additional officers, they increase their police force and the new officers are brought in with one simple purpose: they are to watch and patrol the river. We can't stop him from killing again, but maybe what we can do is we can limit, this to only one more victim right, but they can also- deter him from it. You know what he's price they patrolling the area himself, and so you seeing more cops beefing up security, you know and then you start thinking well. Is this the best place to to leave my next victim and but if he does continue to do what he does
he should be returning to the rivers edge with another body soon and if your patrolling and watching the river, maybe you can catch him with a body in his arms now or if these guys sir, you know walk industry, or maybe they even walk this river that maybe they'll see Somebody leave with one of them the victims, while just as much as a police can set their trap in the in the killer. Again, he seems much in control of himself and somewhat in control this case they zig and now the killers gone. His egg zag dumps his next victim. He dumped the next body of his fifth victim in an alley way. This is away from the river april, twenty fourth, nineteen sixty four. This is only about two weeks. After the finding of the fourth dead woman, Irene Lockwood. So on April, twenty fourth Helen bartholemy she's only twenty years old, She was found dumped in an alley way, which is low younger than the other victims,
she was nude and signs of strangulation or ex fixation were present. Helen was a short street worker who had suffered in std. Again, we see the same. pattern and shut again, it's nineteen sixty four, so there is less on options, for a pregnancies and and and in concert. Contraceptives there is also probably less health care. As far as sexually transmitted diseases go as well and Helen, she was known to have frequent in or work some of the same areas, including some pubs, underground clubs and drinking dan's, as some of the other girls police find some forensics at this crime scene, though they find microscopic specks of a different of different colored paints on Helen skin analysis of the paint reveals that it was
identical to paint used in an automatic paint spray when they spray paint into cars or onto furniture or any type of metal work identical to that kind of paint. So police have their fur lead and now they will employ a call to action. This was unusual, especially for the time scotland yard made a public appeal for prostitutes to come forward and they were promised absolute secrecy. And of course, they were reminded too that this was in the prostitutes best interest, as they may be the only source of information that the police could have right, but there are also people that are being targeted they're, also in the most danger of being haunted by this monster. Yeah he's not at this point is not hunting anybody that doesn't work in the industry. They are the police statement saying police are fearful if information is not forthcoming by other prostitutes, the other prostitutes.
We killed. They were particularly interested in interviewing any one that had been made to strip and then was assaulted afterwards, right within the first two days their efforts they they see some reward for their efforts and they have over forty female prostitutes come forward and over twenty men came forward to speak with police, so the response was good. They also start logging, the plate numbers of cars that they see out after dark, also have female officers were walking the streets. They are disguised as prostitutes, some of them armed with taper quarters. You know so, get into a situation they can. They can record anything that goes down is interesting for nineteen. Sixty four and the prostitutes were arming themselves as well you know they they were carrying knives or some kind of weapon when they would go out for the night. If, if I were a prostitute which is our myself regardless of what's going on, but that's that's his mate July fourteenth the bar
of Mary fleming, is found in a sitting type position at the entrance of a garage. is in an area that is now being heavily patrolled by the office. This seems like something he would have hoped. Done as a necessity to me or he's trying to talk the police which they they believe that at the time that you we're we're watching this area and he just puts one in our backyard, but the oh yeah. I believe that too, because, like like, we were talking about them. job security on the river. So the guy's gone. Why can't dump him here so, need dumbson alleyway, that's fine, they eat chances. Are he has this body it's in the car. He goes down to the river and sees patrolman needs, I got shit takes her in the car, DR somewhere else dumps. Are there now he's on the look out for more security and, as he sees more police officers
drawn the area and I'm sure he has some knowledge of what's going on because he's here from other prostitutes, hezbollah, here from other johns, he's he's here: and from all these people, what's going on and he's listening to the new year and the news is as the big thing at the time, and so now a yeah, it's it's a total move of I'm gonna put right in your back pocket and you can't stop me yeah yeah, it's definitely it but the police they will get lucky again here because marries body contain the same paint evidence that was discovered earlier This is all evidence is on her body, yes, now. Are we assuming, like you said this is some kind of spray paint which so maybe automobile worker, more furniture worker. something of that nature. So we think it a labour yeah, and this is pretty much confirming their since suspicions that they got what they believe to being
You know they were believing all along that these cases, or most of them are in fact linked right, yeah. I don't like the fact that they do dismissed the two, but are looking continue down the path. On october, twenty third nineteen sixty four to prostitutes had been working together for their own safety. They were going on these things. Together they were approached by two cars, each with a driver, this where the two of them split up each of them. in one of the vehicles. Taylor reported to the police that her friend, Francis Brown got into either a ford, zephyr or z kodiak and she had not been seen since she had not seen her friends since she got in that car, coincidence what the zodiac pay so, but now we here's what we're starting to see were certainly see things loosen up and work more towards the police fave ff.
Or because we have already said hey. We ve made this call out to the people working the streets and said you know, you're sworn to secrecy, we'll keep your information right. When we were you're not going to get any trouble by coming forward. This is the only way that they have a chance at catching the sky. Why and then the obvious chances him does completely messing up, but this guy seems like somebody that's in control, so now they the paint evidence and now they believe they have what could be a description of a vehicle, the body of france's brown. She was the girl that went with the with the other car ford, zephyr or zodiac. Now you said there was a driver, so there's a driver of each car correct I just wanted, I wanted it to be clear that it was in two guys pulling up in one car. It was tonight reveals pulled up too tired. I go to the girls, not like a professional driver whereas it was there is only one person right. There's one person in the car exactly the body of france's brown, the girl in the car and the the ford zephyr or zodiac. She
found one month later on november, twenty fifth, as she has found on a side street again of this victim is a short prostitutes and std carrier and paint spots are again found on her body now, taylor, her friend Jim Taylor, tries to provide a description of the man to police. They use was called in identikit to put together a description of a round faced man, medium height and a sturdy build? This description doesn't provide them any other than they are able to release this general description to the public. Yeah they dont do deposit sketch at this time now is that I think the way that the aid Two kit works is that they show you like a shape of some eyes, and I say it does this look like his eyes and you say, Yes, yes, you know yes or no, and then they put those down than they show you shape of a nose and you
through their and then at the end, they put them all together, and this is what your guy looks like or somewhat, while the sketch of this guy. If you seen it the prodi, the most popular sketch of jack, the stripper he kind it looks like a like a little more some version of the goonies under the crazy guy from the. It is ya. Slough, ok, yeah, with a little more hair too, as the idea doubling his hair, but that's what our post than on instagram female once check it out. Ok, so what we have on this guy. So far we have a general description of his appearance. We have a vehicle which was the ford zephyr zodiac. We can also surmise that he is probably dumping. the bodies in the early morning MAO's here's the problem with this whole theory, those issues for a month and a half, so this is just The last known sighting were right. I mean she could have They went missing two weeks after this, but it said
To me, like this Kim taylor was friends with france's brown, if they at all we made plans that they're going to go out and work together. You ok, no one would assume that Kim taylor was pride going to go work another night and showed look for her friend to go out with her right. So she would see her before, though the month and a half exactly and she's I agree with you. She's come forward to police before her friends bodies even found again, though, let's back to the thinking that we're on here right did that we might be able to figure out that he's probably dumping the bodies in the early morning. Hours and this holds- little bit await here. Captain, because when Mary Flemings body was found, several of the people lived and near? And the near by area had reported hearing a car reversing down the street just minutes before the body was found, body was found by a chauffeur driver at about five, a m. And what's interesting here is a mean yet two thousand sixteen
so we're not used to this lifestyle but were used to his twenty four hours a day. Everything's open? You can go, get talk about that talk about twelve clock on a week day, sometimes later fourth meal forth in So this is nineteen sixty four. This is in nineteen sixty four. Ninety sixty five- this is bad and the day were once it was dinner time. Once the street lights came on that day, tilities normally died down. Nor now this is london. So this is, you know their version of like new york city, but I see that never sleep. But it still was like that. You know people out of work. The next day people would shut down earlier so you're looking at a window for MIKE You don't nine p m so the following day about six, a m where everything becomes very, very calm? And so, if you hear a car at two o clock through
fuck in the morning you're going to remember you and take notice of this yeah, and I hope you know what I hope that the the chauffeur driver was fully vetted and figured out whether he had any kind of involvement at all, but it's a whole another story. Now the other thing going on here is they noticed that after this killer heated up the last few murders they had committed. They were no longer than three months apart so january of nineteen sixty five, the police were really thinking that we are going to find another body any Dana. Well. Something may have thrown the killer off of his game, because this time it was almost four months. You know we see a little bit of o waiting period here. It wasn't until february, sixteenth of nineteen sixty five that the naked body of twenty eight year old bride. He oh, was found.
Behind a stored shed. This is just less than a mile from where they found the last victim. Mary Fleming had been found and, of course, she is found again with the same paint, specks honour so You can't find your killer. You need to find where the paint is located or coming from right yeah. They had been searching for the paint location for months. In fact, they had searched over a twenty four square mile for the origin of the paint. It was after the discovery of bride, your hair's body that they were able to find a matching paint- saint saint, This was beneath a covered transformer and they find this very near where Brady body was found. So this tree former is near well its opposite: a paint spray shop that is located a here and estates they all oh figure out the bride. He had been mummified and this would have taken a heat source to occur,
again the transformer here. It meets all of this criteria or I could have its aryan heat yet its transformer. Would I headed up the body so someone was keeping Brady's body there and had done so for some time, and probably other bodies as well and they find a paint sample. Not this paint. You know this paint could have got there any number of ways right. But I'm wondering if, if this wasn't simple down wind, he know if the transformer was just down wind of the of the paint shop where specks reflects the paint wood which I won't get airborne, and I want if they just got airborne and travel a short distances transformer and the killer, even know that the paint was on the bodies until he veto and starting from police. And the thing is: is this again, this the sixty. So we don't have all these ventilation system.
and and all these things that catch all these particles with inside a warehouse so it'd be more likely that you know cars parked outside this building would have paint specks on it, and people, possibly even walking by, would get paint specks on them. So so we got a couple of to consider here or are the paint specks getting onto the bodies because they're stored near the paint shop in and it's just getting airborne and carrying down wind on them more is the killer, bringing those paint samples to the body, the the heat in that paint shop and bringing them there when he visits the body or goes too the body our depending on how he paints raymond he doesn't use gloves I constantly as paying on its hands. Then there would be a transfer process there. So these are considered to be the six or eight march
how's that are involved in this case, depending on who you talk to some say that all eight were involved. Some say that three or four were involved only the ones with the paint were involved. to me they d seem very connected. You know using the motor motive, was the same there. found in samara locations, the strangled nation is pretty much the same and it if there's any difference, his between that the eight, the very small, and so it's not like all we got to that, don't make any sense and then the other six makes complete sense together because the that you know towards the end, their not being done by the river. Now you could say: well, that's because security beefed up but again. That is something that is different and every victim story. Yet, and sometimes with these lawyers, they either get lazy or they get complacent. You know they feel, like all I've done this before I haven't, got tk
What I don't need to go to all these extreme lengths to not get caught, you know, throw the body in the river or carry it all the way to the river. I just put it right here. You know because can, because I've got away with it before the watch me now. I think it's more likely that he knew the calf or patrolling heavier and up security in and he had to find it too for option and one that we alluded to earlier, which we, which you will see if, with you, study these serial killers, if especially the ones that are involved in taking of prostitutes in and getting high numbers of, hills there very involved in watching the news. Listening to the news reading all the newspaper articles about their case because they're they're playing a game, you know there they are trying to say not get caught dead, what they're gonna do? Yes, that's your bonus on top or they're doing yet their plan is to kill these p. Four, for whatever reason, whatever their motive is. On top of that,
all now. This has become big news, I also think a lot of these people. I think, if you look through history of allowed these syria there's a lot of a modern loners and so the fact that they're getting attention, even though its for a negative reason, they can get off on the attention. You're exactly right, the attention get off on that, but they also get off on thinking there smarter than the people investigating them. They also off on the fact of. While I know something that nobody else knows look all these people that are interested in this thing. Look at all these people that are trying to figure out who I am and what I'm doing Why and that some of that is the societies folk, because we ve done this thing where a serial killer, you know has I kill count, and then we start saying words as genius for mastermind is really like. Well, it's it's it's dead. The lack of intelligence, that you're gonna kill somebody just that
idea in general. I think, would be lack of intelligence. Then you look at situations like Simon the lambs or somethin word. Then we even now. Are we got this? Guy, that's extreme genius and all by the way he was a killer right Actually that movie, I No, it's one of my favorite movies, the bad thing about that is when you talk to a labour and that doesn't really know much about true crime or know much about serial killers. They seem to think that he ape requires level of intelligence to be somebody like that and ran away with it for so long when actually, when study it for very long time. You will figure out that most of the killers are of average intelligence. Some of em are above average. Some of them were below. It does doesn't really hold true. You don't have to be of its superior intelligence, has got way with this stuff. Sometimes it's just luck in sometimes it's just you know, people people what most of the people were good right,
so wint when somebody's is allowed to sail kelly right, but when somebody's doing some horrible stuff we just we assume the bad. Usually we soon, the good, so we do become, little bit blind to some of the things that are going on around us. Because of that, because you know there's only small population, thank god that are that our bad evil people so speaking about evil, Well, let's talk about some of these aspects in this case right so early, Here on, we saw a couple of the boy, friends or pimps were suspected of those murders. Of course you think they were called pimps and Nineteen sixty four will not us of the net came later in the seventies. Not only that. I actually think that, because it was angle and that they were properly called something different, I think they were called pounces or pop. that I read the word and it didn't really did really unregistered, didn't register or any of our london listeners to lend some. This message tell us what the technical
term is over in london. They might use pimp now. But I think pimp is pretty universal now rain, but anyway, so we had seen a couple, the boy for in some of the pimps that work with. It were potential suspects and they were for whatever reason once they were only considered when their case was an individual murder case right and once the police, get out and started connecting these things, and now we have a string of unsolved murders, a lot of these boyfriend. Pimps were no longer considered brain because there were it would make no sense and there would be no zero connection with the pimp to these other problem, the other than the fact that they are pimps, and so there are in the industry and of but other then that there were, however, a few more interesting suspects, so in the key, of irene. Lockwood police had found a business, hard for a man that was simply named kenny on the business card, accompanied
a phone number and will give out that phone number right now now we'd. We shall have that phone them. It's four our four year, four, four, four, four, Of course the phone number makes sense. It makes it very easy to find this kenny character whether that's his real name or if it's a nickname, but when they track down the man, it leads them to a former soldier and his name is guess what Kenneth archibald? Ok. So we are working with gas right. He at first denies having ever known the victim irene lockwood and he says that the only way that she would have got his card, his name his number. They found this in irene apartment right. He says She would have had to have got this from a third party that she received from somebody else, which is very possible, you have somebody net what you know some sir.
Mrs that maybe he can offer in some cases oil common body can canada, here's the number and but then here's the thing later he's brought in again. He's brought in again at a later date for questioning and time. They get an entirely different response. He kind of freaks out autumn, Any shouts out I killed her. I've got tell somebody about what I I've killed, her I've got to tell somebody alright, lock him up large I mean even if he didn't killer, if he felt the need to scream this then dislike him up when he says that the two them had argued about money and that he must have lost his temper and strangled her. He said that we must have a sea assumes like he's, assuming he blacked out yeah, I think so he's got quite the drinkin problem and so it sounds like a liver, unsure of what he's done by.
Did say that he took off irene clothes and he put her in the river and he said that he took the clothes home any burn them this. this promising right right. We gotta get a guy here. Yeah words, the validity, there's, probably some questioning. As far as the validity to his story So what happens is he does go on trial and when he got on trial. He retracts his confession. Surprise there this of course screws everything up, because they have no evidence on him other than the convention. Kenneth. Archibald is a fifty seven year old, former sort soldier, and why They lose the confession while they lose the case, and they also did state that in and they didn't state exactly what it was, but they did state that they found Some inconsistencies and his confession anyway. Yeah- and I think part of this- could be won the drinking problem and then possible ptsd as far as being a soldier.
concerned. As we know, a lot of people are asking us what would that? What the deal is with false confessions I don't think there is a real answer. I think some people get pressured and they just don't know what to say I don't have a reimer reason that seems to come up over seems, like there's very indifferent reasons, but more or less it's the pressure that their being put under I you know I spoke to a detective about that one time and he told me that he, you know he didn't, have the ability to do it himself, but he said that he knew of a detective that did it that he swore that if you spent a certain amount of time in a room with this detective in an interrogation and- and you got nervous enough
I could probably convince you that you had done something that you didn't do right and I don't know the psychology behind that, but that you know that's that's what a nice little power to have yeah it's like jedi, mind trick right now. I agree I couldn't find out exactly why the police ruled amount. But again there were inconsistencies in the confession: they lose the confession they lose the case. It does sound like from the things that I have read that police were starting to doubt: Kenny's confession before he even retracted twelve, a good on them for doubting, because we ve seen in case after case where you get a false. Fashion in the cops. Never let go of that candidate constantly go back to those. We got this confession. What confession doesn't make any sense at one and to when they confess again, there's no logic between confession number one number two: never let it go and that really handers finding the truth. Well, the thing
here too. As you know, it could be something as simple as he got. Some dates wrong right. Maybe he says that while I killed her on this night or I killed her on this morning and she's actually been seen walking around on that time or after that time right, and the other thing we gotta keep in mind too is he's admit. To one of the deaths right and we have a total and the police are pretty certain that they are dealing with the cereal offender so in the The thing to with kenneth confession that that kind of throws a ranch and the whole thing is There was another girl that was found dead. This girl was found dead. You know right around the time he's confessing to it. This was helen basalt bartholemy, we talked about her earlier. She As one that they had discovered with paint on her, so he may not
had the opportunity to be part of her murder, they figure out they. He couldn't have been part of that murder and she's got the paint on her. So we know that this this is connected to all the other ones in the person that he suspected of killing. Has that same paint on her as well right, the one they confessed to end. These me on the northern there that there is a possibility that the paint is getting onto these girls. For some other reason it could be, but he would have to have taken his come to the same location or brought the same paint to the victim as this other killers bringing to all the other victims. So that the you know the math there. Blowing my mind right now. So these are the reasons why he was probably ruled out Talk about some other police tactics and there was a another confession right: sessions we got in this case, there's like fifty there's by a lot of people to that after the fact, years and years later, just car, like with
black dahlia, zodiac and stuff like that, were people come out and say my father was my father that this was a pretty popular case. Yet well. John D rose. I've probably guy's name wrong, but he was the head of scotland yard murder squad back and he was in charge during this investigation and after his retirement, he would go on to write a book called murder was my business. He had some. He hit a cool, nickname aright. So they called him for day Johnny because when he was involved with cases, they were solved very quickly in his book. This cases featured quite extensively of course makes sense as it's one of the largest investigations. I mean power, We even where the largest investigations of the nineteen sixties, so John woody johnny is we'll call em. He decides he's going to turn up the heat right. This is during their
sagacious. He knows his man is still out there and he's going to try to shake the bushes and see what comes crawling out, sir John states that scotland This is to the public. They had a very large list of suspects and after covering the latest evidence and further fact checking that they were able to. whittled down the list to three suspects. And soon that would shrink to just one suspect Oh yes, but they did this thing in this case where they say are. We have now narrative down the forty when down to twenty of them and they can get smaller and you know it the big one was we got it down. The three ballade people think that this is all this: a horse, shit, anyways! Well, I mean come on what you and I and we ve seen this tactic. This was used in lifetime. It was used by the boulder colorado police in the investigation of the death of germany, ramsay right and, of course, its power.
we been used in many investigations where you just say: yeah we get this big. Now is down to three in We're not only you're pretty soon and it's gonna just be you buddy yen. If you turn up that, he you're hoping that they make a mistake or they d get so here. The turn themselves in a up we're here, John, was thinking that may be. Somebody would come forward and confess or that the perpetrator would panic and do something Easy or something to get himself caught, but regardless the murders did stop John do rose now. He is the captain of the murder squad that we ve been talking about so now on the Let's talk about five years after the last murder to rose is on a bbc. Television show he's doing an interview, and in this interview he claims that he knew the identity of jack the stripper now. Furthermore, he says
the detectives had been preparing to make an arrest in march of nineteen sixty five when news reached them that the suspect that they were looking for had committed suicide, the he gasped himself in a locked up garage in south west london, now huh explained that the press in the television publicity that had been orchestrated by the police, it was intended to frighten this. speck right and to make him rod and he one to say eventually it did have the effect they desired, because the killer became so frightened that he took his own life and his nineteen. Seventy one memoir murder was my business, forty johnny, he replete he repeated his claim.
saying that the man had left a suicide, no explaining that he was unable to take the strain any longer at the end of the suicide? No captain, he says if the police are looking for me or I'll. Do the police a favor I'll be in the garage? He says some To that extent, that's where they find him more first voice now invited into this core cheap. They found himself ease gassed himself in the garage enough. author, Brian Mcdonnell. He fleshed out the suspect further in his nineteen seventy four book. Called found, nothing a different us now. This is the same suspect we're talking about the same guy. It is, he goes into a little more detail in his book and his books called found naked and dead, He nickname the murderer as big john and he
cried him as a respectable man in his forties with a wife and several children that had suffered a grim and childhood in scotland, characterized by an extreme puritan puritanism and frequent beatings at the hands of it parents, while this big john, was serving in world war two. He developed a habit of using prostitutes and would often turned a violence when he drank and vet his feelings of self loathing. Beating up The prostitute read this happens, a lot of time with catholics as well and after he got of the war he later joined the police force and eventually was train autonomy to say the self loathing part of being a catholic, ok You you're not a kill him part, you're catholic. You can spot. You asked me for years that big for my own experiences, so apt he gets out of war this this this stand up
This will save jobs. Beating up prostitutes decides that he's going to join the police force. Eventually, he is turned down for promotion. He seeking the rank of detective he's turned down, and at this point he starts drinking again and he turns the bottle and eventually he quits working for the police. Eventually John. He finds work as a security guard, any worked at the here and tick trading estate, where the bodies were believed to have been store. for some time now remember we talked about this. This paint sprang company. It was a part of this here in a state and he worked as a security guard there so I think this is always a failed. Comp works a security guard yet it, but, but both for day johnny and the author Mcconnell. They did refused to reveal big johns, true identity, for the sake that they claimed
the killers living relatives who remain oblivious to his crimes of the you know he's a suspected killer in and they they left, they didn't want the family to to will were in lahti, common victims, bright and logically this. Accents mean. There's all this. He gets turned upon this guy. He's had some failures in his life. He has lost self loading and, as they think, they're getting closer to the know, during this guy in identifying him. Possum not so much to save himself but possibly to save his family. His kids and everything like that bothers kill myself. I kill myself chances are, while one be killing anymore, said be part of the religion, religious, ah background in him. He is remorseful because of the drinking maybe filled because of the drinking and because of my childhood and everything I can't stop. This I've become some kind of monster,
and so to rid the world of me being a problem and then to take. the burden on my family I'll, commit suicide. So I think, logically It all lines up. does all line up, and I think those are all factors as well plus the thing is it looked to this guy. If this is the right guy looks to me like they were zeroing in on him pretty well and that he was going to be caught in a guy If he has connections with police officers, he could still have our personal relationships with them possible. Drinking bodies that are police officer, so he hearing more first than first hand, information. This seems like the clear path I mean, like you said it: the go by the name John or whatever. So no real name there, my thoughts, initially, when reading all this stuff and looking into this case was there's a lot of connections as far as the
the sex scene and I'm gonna caught the sexy nor the sex industry, because, if not this prostitution, but possibly sex movies, and things of that nature, but there is a connection between that and people of power and law. then, and so there was a lot of awe rich man and powerful man using the services of the prostitutes then leading for that the opportunity that they could blackmail the pit of power- and so I always assume not always, but the last week in this case was that I would be looking at somebody that was actually not connected to the prostitutes at all. Somebody similar to this big, John guy, where he's possibly not using the prostitute, but that he is high, by the higher ups to hey, take care of these problems, these girls are. These girls are trying to blackmail
or maybe someday gonna handle didn't pam again we're gonna go to the to the press and and so there hiring higher that's taking care of all these problems, all these and possibly, the higher up the rich and powerful, having connections with the police. Maybe that's why they never solved it because it did just stop because they see higher in them, but also maybe the rich and powerful took proper measures to stop doing this foolish. foolish behaviour of like goin above and beyond what you know. Just the sex acting on I'll pay, you saxon and you beyond your way and so to me that there is something still there. I'd have to read these guys books to dive into that. Their theory, more audits, it's very logical where they come from and again is not just one author looking into this. This is a author diving into more and one
those authors being the captain of the murder squad. At the time and now at like you mentioned, there- was a pretty big ex scandal going on in london in the time, and it did have some ties to this case. But when I looked it when I look this- and this is the only reason why we didn't discuss it more than what we will now was. I didn't see ties to every every victim. mommy. No in the thai would be the sex industry right right. I get that, but I I only saw one instance where somebody was reporting things or was willing to testify against somebody in court. You know
these other people could have had these other victims could have had some ties to to the same sex scandal. I think what I'm seeing here, though, is I'm going to go with the with the lead investigators, in the opinion of of there, at the tour de johnny and exactly in what we were pointing out here was all the extra steps and precautions and all the extra effort that the police put into the search while it at the end it didn't it didn't bring the killer forward, it didn't bring the killer to Justice, however, that the guy in charge firmly believes that their tactics eventually lead it led to their guy. The end in the the justice here was him taking his own life. So if you like The dive into this case, more you're gonna, hear about this big times and all and london called the performer affair, and if you can just google, it go down a couple
rabbit holes. It's also on the Wikipedia page. If you look for the loan in nude murders or if you look up jack. The stripper die into the perfume oh affair. If you like, we could spend a whole our two talking just about that and not got to any of these victims or some other suspects for this case thing out there, but there's deftly when you're goin down the rabbit elders, definitely stuff that you run into dead ends so yeah anna and I think that they are trying to make it bigger than what it even was at the time I think that you know hearing our opinion. I think that this guy has there We're ties to him to this case than what you will find in the the affair case. Many reading for this week. Captain you, you want to read a good book. Why don't you check out the ultimate jack, the Ripper companion? You know we couldn't do this case without picking a jack the Ripper book. There are a bizarre jack, the ripper books out there you can check out any of em you can
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