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2016-03-09 | 🔗

Long Island Serial Killer - update 

In the final episode of the season Nic & the Captain chat about the first season of True Crime Garage and how much love and help they have received from listeners and the TCG Army. We get to hear bits about cases they intend to cover in season 2 and new information that came out in February 2016 regarding the unsolved Long Island Serial killer and Shannon Gilbert cases. Thanks for a fantastic season 1 & we hope to see you again soon with a HUGE season 2!!!! 

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Thank you Tyler, Timothy, Rebecca, Dana & Niki - cheers & much love! 

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These name for maybe they're this easier. This week there taking it easy on you, she says that she likes that we have in europe. in cases she enjoys our opinions, even though she doesn't agree with all of them, which is totally fine. That's what opinions are for She has a little bit of problem with sometimes the music being too loud, which I mean we're working on that we're still working on it. I think it's getting better and She loves the fact that you ignore all my jokes so nick, I got a job, that's another, the business. Let's talk some true
oh yeah, you know what that sound. Is you know what that sound is time for the beer of the week this week we're drinking florida cracker now captain you know that we typically would pick a beer that is brewed in the area of you know whatever case we're talking about, but that this week we had done, we had several p kick into the beer. Fun want to thank everybody for pitch, and then we have Tyler K from south carolina, Timothy from California, rebecca from Arizona Dana from ireland and nicky from Tampa bay florida, so Nicky suggested that we drink florida cracker from cigar city brewing company, which she calmness crackers. Probably probably that's. Why you're the bill lay a beer of podcasting, that's right, but florida crackers affair
ass beards, so it's a white ale ants and, as you know, blisters no from listening to show that the cigar city brewing companies, one of my favorite brewing companies out So if you're in the florida area, actually you can find that one here in ohio so pick up some cigar city florida cracker, enjoy it with your friends, garage you all these names sound familiar, maybe there some of my twitter peeps soap. Yet so thank you, Tyler! Thank you. Timothy, Rebecca Dana and Nicky cheers All right, so, if you want to donate the show, you can go to true crime, garage dot, com and click on the donate button, and it really does help the show I mean we're both working. Our butts off all week and then we got together early morning. This is early in saturday so early in the garage and obvious
the show won't come out to wednesday by we have or recording a bunch of stuff this week. So that's why we had to do it saturday morning, early edition, we ve never regarded before noon before so this border crackers gonna, have me past I'll, buy five o clock, it's rough. This week, will be discussing our long island serial killer update for those been paying attention to the case. It's heating up again the f b. I is getting involved and some new information has come out. So we thought that, rather than just skipping over it and acting like it's not happening, we did two episodes on this before. So we thought that it would be important to bring up the. information and it's kind of change my mind on some things regarding the case too. So what throw that out there? But this is kind of presented to us by a couple of the listeners couple of our listeners. Thank you for the good emails we had done. one person emailed me, the new information and we had another per
the e mail d in a resting theory that I think we should cover here on the show today too so- where to go through a listener. Theory will go over the new information and then I will give you kind of our where my thinking is at right now with the case regarding the new information, so quick outline of the case for them For anybody that doesn't know this case and, like I said we did to episodes on this before so, if you want to before listening to the rest of the show, maybe go back if you get the time and listened to those those two episodes, if not here's a brief little described in here if you've been living under a rock- and you don't know about this case back in december of two thousand and ten, a four victims were found on long island. Now these these bodies were found in burlap, sacks of decompose, very decomposed bodies in march and April of two thousand and eleven the
lease and bloodhounds, would find six more sets of remains so basically, the long island serial killer is somewhat It is suspected of having killed all ten of these people. They think that this person may even have killed up to seventeen people. So what Gonna go through the all the ins and outs of that because, like Ass said, you can listen to our previous episodes or you can read up on this one again. This is more just about the new information yeah. So one of our one of our listeners sent me what I've I find to be an interesting theory here. This comes from miss Vicki. Thank you for the in theory. She has a theory that Joe brewer is the long island serial killer. Now you know he is the guy that was hosting quote unquote a party at his house and he had asked for a he was looking for tame it for his party, and this is where shannon gilbert, who would lay
go on to be be killed or or pass away in some some undetermined fashion, and but she would bring this case too. light at the time they had not found any bodies They were out supposedly looking for shannon gilbert looking for her body, and this is when they came across the first for bodies. so the general idea, the general story, as we know it is Michael pack- was her drive her. He picks her up on the evening of and it's it's it's in may of two thousand and ten and szeged. He drives shannon gilbert out to long beach, el to gilgal beach, the oak beach area. Sorry, there's there's all these different beaches that are involved on the long island but drives or drives her out to this gated community. She goes into the home, there's a so called party going on and at some point she starts freaking out and she calls nine one one and she flees from the
Michael pack goes looking for her. He can't find- or he says- and he drives home a long time later. Her body is found decomposed There's man, one one cause, and yes, yes, she's on on she's, on the phone with nine one for about twenty three minutes there creepy caused nine when one is shit she's here for her life, yes, she's she's running she's, freaking out about something so and I would just suggest all the listeners if you're gonna have a party in other some other ways to entertain. You guessed maybe pop on some music or something order. Some pizzas, african beers, pictionary pictionary, is always a good time. you don't have to order prostitutes, try not to be so insensitive. I'm sorry I am
I'm I'm only more sensitive at night. Apology accepted okay, so miss Vicki says that she absolutely thinks that brewer is the killer and she thinks it. Law enforcement knows this, but they have very little evidence because the bodies that they found were so decomposed and that they failed to search his home in his car until many months later the facts, the fact the two girls were killed after shannon now remember. These were the two girls that were persuaded by whoever pick them up or whoever they were meeting to not bring their cell phones with them. So she say she saying that brewer ran into trouble because and ends on the phone with nine on one for twenty three minutes or so now he if he wants to continue doing his little dirty deeds that he can't have these girls bringing cellphones with them. He can't he can afford another call.
right right now, keep in mind shannon's body, and these other bodies are not discovered until after these other two girls go missing and our killed, so they don't know to be on the lookout they don't that something horrible is happening on long island right because it took so long to discover, though their bodies, and as always with these cases, it's not what you think. You know it's it's what you can prove Joe brewer can't continue killing people, because, after these bodies were found, and after everybody knows that shannon fled from his home and called nine one one that the light has bent the spotlights been put on him. So now he can't do these things anymore and that's why Joe brewer's not been in trouble. He's not got caught for anything cause. He's not done anything since that he was able to get rid of evidence. He was able do to clear up his name.
in the eyes of law enforcement. As far as covering his ass and he's good for now, she also thinks that brewer might have been assisted by the so called drifter, and this is why shannon on the phone with nine, when once as they are trying to kill me, not he is trying to kill me or someone's trying to kill me. They are trying to kill me. Another thing that is mentioned is the possibility of Joe brewer being a racist, because there was a phone call to one of them. James younger sisters and in this phone call the long island serial killer, where we're guessing. That's who made this phone call to the to the younger sister, the the guy that made the phone call. He had taken the older sister cell phone and had called a couple. people in the contact list, one of them being the little sister and he calls the little sister a half breed. I dont know
was able to access photos on the cell phone and was able to tell that that that the girl is by racial and but they are also. To be other there's other mentions of racial slurs. The the pimp was called in. There was a racial slur at you know in that phone call as well. Now I dont know if this is any. This is not any evidence. If anything, it just is just a theory, but you know there are measuring profile, really well our mission style killers and maybe maybe he's not, maybe he's not try. To kill people that that, because he's racist, but it may be- that helps him. Maybe that's it away of justifying the kill or he's got a big problem with this issue, for whatever reason, and in that's what he's doing So an interesting theory from one of our one of our listeners and we we appreciate the email. I also want to bring
This is the new information that came out now. This just came out a couple weeks ago and one of our listeners, or did me the article. This recall, was in the new york post and its regards regarding shannon gilberts death, I'm going to try to read through some of this article for you and if you want to read it word for word, you can you can look it up on the new york post website, but basically it's inherent goes a craig. Let a craigslist prostitute believed to be one of ten victims of the law, island serial killer. They they released a new new medical findings. and in the original medical examiners statement they had said there is insufficient information to determine the definite cause of death, but the autopsy findings are consistent with homicidal strangling strangulation.
Why don't you find it? We are those who think we did our last case analogy. Would we did that because there is new findings as far as the autopsy he went the same situation, and I apologise that and within a plan that just just what's happening so ok go ahead. You apologize for. Why so well! This is this is the new findings. I apologize
This this is new york city, former chief medical, examiner, Michael Baden, and he states there is instant, insufficient information to determine the definite cause of death. But the autopsy findings are consistent with homicidal strangling and he's talking about the shannon gilbert case. These findings fly in the face of an initial autopsy performed by the suffolk county medical examiners office, which listed gilberts cause of death, has undetermined in the latest report. Baden notes that, while most of gilbert skeletal remains appeared normal with no trauma her high lloyd bone and showed signs of roughness at the margins and her lair nix was missing. Now. This is a big deal, because there was some early speculation by some
detectives and some private investigators, even I think the private investigator for the family thought it was a possibility that when she took off running from whoever she is running from got stuck in these marshes and that maybe she died accidentally. and so that was a theory that they had to play out. Will now at this new evidence? That's Appointing you away from those theories and and to me when you look at any case, you have all these possibilities, all these tree branches and he got it down each one while once you start going, ok well chances It wasn't just an accidental death bomb that is our own down? What you're searching for get your exactly correct that the gist of this is that, once The original medical examiners office ruling was an undetermined death that then the police in investigators.
Went with that assumption, that its undetermined meaning not likely to be they didn't, evidence. It was a homicide. So then they started that area at one time had quite a bit of water there and in they had thought that it was an accidental pounding the cheat sheet. She don't, I dont think they rule out that it's a homicide, but what what it does is it opens up. The possibilities mean it does opens up more you know. Maybe it was homicidal. Maybe it was accidental. It just opens it up more, so they have to go down a bunch of avenues, but that's why these medical exams are really important, because once they kind of steer you in a direction as far as investigations. And we'll get to my theory here in a minute, but but this is going to point out a few things in and all that it did once shannon gilberts death was ruled as undetermined and Well, I thought maybe there was a drowning. All that did, in my opinion, was was muddle
Already murky waters of this case, it it it made this case confusing, where I think I think the solution of this case is absolute. Absolute rather simple, this rather simple, but what will get to that? So john ray is the attorney for shannon gilberts family and he was the one that announced the the findings of this independent autopsy that they had conducted an in this autopsy report. It stated these structures we were just talking about the hype highly bone in the lyrics. These structures, the larynx in the highroad bone, are often fracture during homicidal strangulation, they would go on to the lab or re saying that the two horns at either end of her you shape high oil bone had been broken off now. This would indicate strangulation, so high oil bones broken off lair
missing. These are all things that point too. She was killed. Lennox was missing. Yes, so does it says, break off and go into the body here wonder how hours I don't know. we have a few listeners out there that our doctors, you know we we get tons of e mail from people. So if you're sing to this in you, you can explain to us how that how that works, why the larynx would be missing? but we would be very interested to hear that information. If you're, a single female doctor that likes the captain's voice, you can email us at the website it through crime, ground dot com. I can always use a a good sugar mama. Is that what they call them these days? Yeah, okay, but so basically, what this independent autopsy points out. This is all pointing to things that that shannon was killed. she would. She was killed the night that she was fleeing from Joe brewers home now, I'm on it.
You down? If you want to go down a rabbit, all with me, captain air, we gonna, go your theory, or do we have more to talk about the corner that that's all the new information that came out? Ok, but but the other. The important thing here is the f b I read: Italy has announced that they are going to be heavily if they're, taking over this case, basically, which is great yes, it's it's great if, except for a few people and I'll tell you, This is it. This is who this is not going to work out for and I'm too we with our listener. Who said that she believes I let me let me take us. that back a little bit his here's. What I find frustrating is the autopsy is done, what date while Shannon went missing in may of twenty ten and her body was not discovered until december thirteenth of two thousand and eleven There is considerable amount of time from the time that she expire
to win. This original autopsy would have been conducted here, but when her body is found, this is how can you not find this evidence when you're doing the initial a because if they would have done that initial autopsy code on quote correct then we would not assumed it was an accidental death with assumed it was a murder and then the cops could I went down that path. The cops would have been able to do their job. Your job as a corner is to give the cops and the detectives information to lead them in one way or another, the autopsy is done. Ford leads conveyed they. that somebody miss the boat. I agree, but we should point out that this is this. Recent information is coming out because of an inch
pendant autopsy. So I'm assuming because it's an independent autopsy that, according to the state of new york, they probably still have shannon gilberts demise listed as undetermined. Ok This probably doesn't change anything or more slates. Can right, but then the independent report then sparks and interests with the fbi. Yes, that's a great thing and that the key here is if the independent autopsy is correct. This this opens up a whole lot of stuff, because again that And she was murdered that night that she was fleeing from Joe brewers home right, Michael Paine, while driving around supposedly looking for her, she says they. Are trying to kill me on nine one one, and then these by these are found you no six. Later in this. Area while and we don't have to discover the other bodies that doesn't matter the fact of the matter. She was at the guy's home for work,
She called nine one one and a panic they're trying to kill me. And then she ends up dead and not possibly accidental but possibly murdered, and now I mean that's shine in a big spotlight and I don't care if you can get it connect I don't care if you can connect him to all the other ones I have to do is connected to one that. this is where I want a pat myself on the back. This is where I was right so for those of you that listen to the part, two of our regional, long, island, serial killer episode? You know that he's goin down some different avenues. There are even said that you should check out, bury showman that I think he's guilty as something who knows. Let's, let's push Barry aside, I don't want to talk about Barry. this this is bear. This is where unpacked myself on the back here, because I was right, I was right on that episode. I told you how to solve these cases and the way to do that
exactly what I had said, they found for bodies originally or on they find another set of bodies, and then have shannon gilberts case where she goes missing one night and you have nine one. One call rice said back then that you have to treat these the only way investigate these in a way that would make sense, as you have to have separate investigators, investing investigating each one of those scenarios that you have to one person investigating shannon gilberts disappearance in death, one person with the first set of bodies- and in person for the second set of bodies. Even if you gotta, the team on it. I don't care, but I think that for the only way for this to make sense and a piece something together is you have to look at the separate, and I think where it gets case by case where it gets very confused. thing is before they were trying to figure out a shannon linked. Are all these bodies linked together in have no! You have nothing to go off of it. If you're gonna go down the road that way, I totally agree an legacy.
Look, I don't want to dismiss all the other, Well that went missing or all the other people that died. I dont want is that all their everybody's equally important were all humans. But when you All this evidence, more evidence to solve this case focus on this the singular case, dont I d go while we think she left this guy's house. We think he did it but don't even tried connected to the other ones. Today's episode is sponsored by pay pow honey, the easy way to save when shopping on your iphone or computer. It's no secret
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the time line. We know that it's more likely that she was murdered, not accidental. Well, I think that it would be well if the new autopsy is correct, that she was strangled. It's a homicide and- and I think it's all air rose pointing to Joe brewer saw a yeah, and anybody at that party or or the driver I mean at least we know all the suspects. You know so out of these group of people who did it? Okay, and I'm going to tell you who did that to the police originally came out and they they said we have spoken to Joe brewer, we ve spoken to Michael pack. We ve talked all the poor. There is involved and we don't think of any of these people as suspects. At this moment but now I had a moment of clarity right after this listener sent me the the newspaper article. I was sitting there with a beer range
relaxing no tv on nothin read it just put it down, because the answer to this case was so clear to me. Why? Why does Joe brewer appear not to have killed, shannon well because shannon fleas, his home and Michael pack tells the police shannon fled his home. I followed her in my car trying to find her. She got away from me, couldn't figure out where she was and I drove home. So what makes what makes Joe brewer innocent right now? It's michael pack state run your orient or look to be innocent it. Well, it's it kind presents the light that her driver was the last one to see her alive, and so so she was at the party there trying to kill me. I leave she goes the neighbor's house, He Caesar and then the driver caesar, and then she ends up dead
and I'm not trying to convince anybody. I just want you to hear me out here so where, where Joe borg- look very guilty because she was at his home now use you take a step Can you go well? Maybe he didn't have anything to do with it, because the driver clearly says she had fled his home, Joe berwin back into his house, and then I did Joe, are again, I didn't see her again that so the only statement that makes Joe brewer look innocent is michael pack statement you follow me now. Michael pack took the police believe him that he drove home, in and he just quit- looking for- ok- which which has always sounded strange to me- but I didn't know where to go with it, because I I didn't think that that he would just drive. girl out to nowhere and then she ours is a ruckus and in what so, he strangled or for no reason and in overwhelm strangled or for that reason, and then just drives home. That doesn't make any a lot of sense will now also he has.
Her driver has more to gain from her being alive and being safe than he does her dead. I mean his job is to take her as s court or is that we're we're gonna call it escort guess he his job is to take her from place to place and to keep her safe. and so he gets paid to do that. So, if she's not alive, then he doesn't have that that job, at least with her anymore so well in. Why do we believe, Michael pack, state? We believe his statement because, Joe brewer statement it along with Michael pack statement right that the chin, gilbert ran out of my home, she was freaking out and in edinburgh even said, think she was on something she left my home in Michael pack. He went in doubt whether in there and he went and chased her down,
so. This is where I kind of a long roundabout way of getting to it. But Joe brewers statement backs up michael pack statement. Michael pack statement backs up Joe brewer statement What if these two were in it together and we need a lawyer cause, you're, uganda's be thrown, we wonder the basin of what it I'm after us. What, if Michael on more than one occasion had supplied Joe burrow with a victim yeah, it's possible it's very possible. They would definitely have each other's back. Okay, how many times they weren't interviewed for quite some time after shannon gilbert went missing. They had many a time to discuss this day. The only witness that they had to be concerned with was gus. Poletti gus quality was the guy that shit. On his door in the we hours and said that they are trying to kill me. What is Gus collect says he says it,
she seemed to be running from the vehicle. Michael packs, veal error, which is a little bit strange. Why would she be right? and it does appear that she's running from Michael packs vehicle, if, if I'm, if I'm up central victim and I'm in Joe brewers home and I ve his home would not get in the car. With my driver and go home that spoke protect you, actually now show if therein on it together their bill or you're on a lot of drugs in europe losing your mind again. We don't we. Gotta go into your. What? If I'm not trying to vincent you're, not my what, if they're everybody's, what if but Inga you feel me. You feel me, I'm not touching you I know you don't pay me enough for that now other we're gonna say well. Where does doktor peter hack it fall into this is? Is he is he still a suspect or not a suspect? If, if we were to believe in this,
harry what if he was when the members at the party, I think everyone that was at the party is guilty of something. Well, here's the thing we keep. We keep hearing about this party. We No, the other people at the party. It's never been presented to us who these other people were at the party. What, if the party is Joe brew, Peter Hackett where's our party, while that might, the party and you know how we get down. You know how we party we have. We have a more we party in the garage dismayed We have our house boy, Michael pack, drivers. we're from the city and that's our party that girls not seen alive again. Now people might
I would agree with me on this, but this my opinion is I've never been comfortable with escorts or strippers or anything. I don't like to go to strip clubs out like to have strippers come to friends houses. I dont think its respectful, but I feel like whoever is at the party is responsible for it if the girls, you know murder, I agree, and even if it wasn't a murder, let's just throw murder off the table, and it's just an act more death, you're still responsible, because this this girl, this woman, now as men. We should be taking care of these people. We should be taken care of women and so yeah you invite her to your house and I don't agree with while you invited her to the house on all agree with what your pain or money for don't agree with that. But this is, she should leave so flee. She should fail safe. The fact that she's,
in for her life. Whoever did it didn't make her feel safe I didn't make a girl feel safe and she took off run and she and dying I'm responsible for that. So so, believe. Whoever's involved, whether it's the driver, brewer anybody else at that party there all responsible just so that the gist of my theory is that I believe Joe brewer and michael pack train. down shannon gilbert that night and they killed her. I dont know whose hands were on her on her throat, but those two tractor down and she's no longer alive so mean at this point. You. Just don't give a shit. You d say whatever you want yeah. I can
and bully for me is my show, but I'm Tellin YA, I'm tellin you here's the deal Joe brewer, Michael pack, they tracked down, they killed her and guess what they dupe the police from beginning, I believe, jobbers very smart guy. I believe that Michael pack is a very dumb guy and I believe that they put concocted the story together. Joe put this piece of shit store together and they do the police. The least believe Joe brewer, because of michael pack statement and they believe, Michael pack, because a Joe bird statements they trick them, and then they didn't work as hard because what I stated originally in the first couple of such as that, sometimes the cops don't work that hard for it sport that goes missing and I find that complete bullshit, because you know they don't say: hey, Captain Francesco went missing. What what did he do? He's a podcast, her well we'd, better get on that case. Now they did
they. This person went missing, let's go after them was trying to figure out what happen so shannon was a person she was a lovely lady, she had friends, family get the job done, don't put escort in front of it act like it's, not that big of a deal or because she was at these people's houses because she's involved and all the other stuff we can just assume all these other bad things like she had it coming. While she didn't have it coming. She was a human. She was a lovely lady. They should have done more to The solve this and the big you're absolutely right. They didn't investigate her disappearance, the way that they should have, because They treated her like an escort or a hooker, rather than just of a human being, and that's where they botched. It can end time like a girl goes missing. But it the young pretty college. She had everything gone foreigner life, it's like those
stories blow up in there all over the news there, although over the media and what a bad tragedy, it's a tragedy, matter. What are now you want. a clear this up in and wrap it up in a nice little package and put him in low value bo on top of it. So it's all clear yeah, really clear. So when they sue us and we don't joe brewer that beer, fine money is gonna, have to go way up for our lawyer fees. He's one of the guys is a doktor there. To the arab and he's a either piece of shit to I dont know if he I dont know peter hackett doc. Peter hack, it I dont know if he was involved, but here's the deal is hang on hang on. If. If there was more than one person at Joe brewers party and the second percinet jobbers party was not michael pack, the other person, the party was peter Hackett. That's just what I'm saying. So. If, if
if Peter hack, it was involved. That's his involvement, hate him brewer in it together. What I'm saying what I don't think you should do time what I definitively believe, I don't know about doktor peter, had what I believe with very little evidence is that Joe brewer and Michael pact killed shannon gilbert, and I was right in that in the end, our last episode regarding this case, where I said that you have to investigate these cases individually, each victim. You have to do it in that fascist a week. We just discussed gilbert case, and you want to know how you solve shannon gilberts case I'll. Tell you right now I'll tell you right now: water boarding wash you you. You need to go and arrest brewer and Michael pack right now and I'll. Tell you why I dont care These were the last to we have plenty of evidence that we now can think that her death is probably a homicide. These were the last to people to see her. You have every to bring them into a room and interrogate the shit out of it.
I tell you where you're gonna get your breaking the case, Michael pack, I think is an idiot. I think he's very dumb and I I think that if you talk to him long enough and push him in and get him back into a corner he's going to start telling you stuff that he hadn't told you. History is going to change and at some point he's the weak one between the two and at some point, he's going to break and he's going to save his own, but he will tell you everything that you need to know about Joe bore now. If, if you want to take a step further if Joe brewer and Michael pack together, if he's supplying her with with with more than one victim. If, if you want solve this whole long island serial killer thing. It could very well be Joe brewer now tell you how you figure that out after you're done pickin improvidence pack and he and he gives you what you want on Joe brewer or water boredom if you could find any evidence.
anything linking Michael pact to any of the other girls. There's, there's your hit right. There there's Yes, your lower. You get brewer on death penalty, you get him found guilty with the death penalty and then that that, it was sing and tell you all the information he wants, Jes all the information you want just so he doesn't have the death penalty on the table and I'm going to do a little little call to action here. Little call to action because I know Michael pack was big on Social media and big into you tube, and so there there's s tiny no chance that somebody he knows or an empty, though not following me on twitter. I hope these listing and I'll tell you why, because if it michael back, if you are listing, the best thing you can do right now is to call up the police and tell them everything. You know save your own ass,
Okay, so I'm going to really have to start working out more after this episode. Just in case somebody comes after us that does I'm so angry right now I don't care yeah come at me. Bro come at me, okay, so that's the the new evidence- and I do want to sincerely thank our listeners, the people that they sent me the new and for asian. The new newspaper article, like I said that was from the new york post, and I want to thank our art listener for her face. yeah people send theories and all the time and we try to light all of em, but look here's here's the breakdown of the show This is kind of are long. Island update, show, but also this update on what's happening with the shell. Well in this information just came out a couple weeks ago, so we were, it would be remiss if we were discussing a two months from now right and also like we stated before, were actually gone into a professional studio this. week and we have an author coming down and we're gonna be,
when a really long interview with them and that's actually cost and above money out of our own pockets. Bunch of time. So we figured we don't want to skip a week. So we don't we like to take weeks off in order to put out a show for you. This week we had a kind of take a break from the norm You said you know what we got several days this week, where we're doing things for the show, an end which is too busy to put together a trick, this basically were working on a bunch of cases within this week. So just the research it takes to do, one show were now doing that for three different cases and on top of that we have a life and we have jobs, and so this show this package that we started to me out for fun and we kind of thought at the beginning. Well, maybe will release
in the show maybe two shows a month, and then we thought nah screw it once a week. Let's build this true crime garage garage army and, if our, if our view with our interviews with the author, go as as we plan you'll hear those episodes a few weeks from now, so this part of the show is calling to stir of the union, the state of the union address for the true crime, grudge army and stay of the union strong, my friends So we got a lot lot of stuff that were working on and our goal I said, will maybe one showed to shows a month. Our goal is way more than that now will get so much love from the listeners that we are trying to take this to the next level. You know make this a full time, gig type thing, so we got the author coming in, so we're going to be doing this week. We are going to be discussed in the near future, vienna summit,
and yet the so the upcoming cases, it we're looking to do if everything goes as plan will be covering son of SAM, which is a good one. The oj simpson, of course, Amy Mahal of ec, which was a famous case here, no higher and more ameri, that's my which has the captain's when the captain's favoured the cases women lance, thank you for everybody who had signed up on the mailing list for joining the true crime garage army and I want, all the listeners that have supplied us with emails with theories with questions and support and love for the show. I also you know what I've seen a trend lately in the email to the people of any mailing me and they ve been telling me that their downloading our songs they go to true crime garage dot com. They go to two to the store, pay, and they download arse your songs, the captain songs,
and they been using them as their ring tones on their phones, yet which is pretty cool because their kindness, creepy tones, you know, said to have reformed. Go off in his kindness yet and in our themes, show our theme song for our show works perfect. I am, I am thinking here. Your phone goes off. It's like that you're goin open. Then it closes gang and a big shot out to people on twitter. The twitter count is growing. I just love, I mean I get sent crazy stuff all day long I'll be trying to sleep in my phones is gone off with twitter, constantly buncher fans, their jes stephanie. Maggie Jordan there's a bunch of people that hit me up constantly there. So that's awesome, that's growing in a huge thank you, to a well yeah. Yes, my good, my Lastly, in the air to arabia, so
with this show we we have produced a shall we have to do the research for the shell, then we have to run the website. Then we have to upload everything to itunes. We have to reply to come as emails there. Yes, we have to fight with each other. We fight with each other. We have to get drunk together. That's causes the fights. there's a lot. That's involved and, like I said, is to have a normal life and then to add this. On top of, that has been very difficult, but everything just even a kind word through twitter earth, five star reviews, that's the kind of stuff that keeps us wanting to do. A weekly show and working hard for you. I think you were trying to think a rail yo for doing the facebook application yeah I was I got off on. I went down a rabbit hole, so we were contacted you know. A lot of our fans or listeners have become friends, which is the best and she contacted us a long time ago and said we really
to be on facebook, and I kept on same we I have time we don't have time so real. You said I will take over facebook and if you go to that, It's amazing. Not only is it updates about the shows we're doing, but it's also discuss like a great. News feed of true crime, what's happening in the media, she's constantly finding really great articles or great videos and posts in those so check out programme garage on facebook. I reckon- reading for this week is just a reminder to go to true crime: gorazde com click on the right mendacious. That's are recommended. Reading page we got a lotta grey. Books, all the books were featured in season, one of true crime garage or on their specifically loss girls by robert culture, culture. This is the
unsolved american mystery story regarding the long island serial killer case and said that the best book out there regarding this case and last week, we featured the book corner in that book features a lot of hollywood mysteries, it's a written by a corner with, given the the and the untold story of some of hollywood, most famous deaths and mysterious deaths by the by the coroner so go to true crime, garage dot, com, click on the recommended and loss girls, you can, you can buy it through our website. There is a direct link there and there is also a direct link to audible this book is available on audible and you can get your first book free through our website at now. I love the bear funds because I just think it's super nice of people to put five bucks. Ten bucks in but what's awesome is if you go to amazon. If you go to your website, click through amazon banner, you can buy anything you can
a brand new underwear. If you I've got a pair of work gloves on nice couple days ago, work gloves, what are you gonna use? Does work loves for work Oji. We wanted to make sure that we took this moment to bring you this updated information regarding this case and just kind of talk about it, one more time, We will keep our eyes on this case in and you do as well, and hopefully the fbi comes up with more information and they get this thing solved and and the more stuff that comes out the more stuff will present to you, but we just wanted a kind of like the captain, said, discuss the state of the garage who helped us in the union, I like to call to say the garage, but that kind of sums up. season one. We want to thank everybody for listening to season, one of true crime garage and we look forward to being back. In the next couple weeks to kick off season two of true crime garage, much loved to all the listener. True crime garage we have the best looking listeners and the whole world, and the captain is really looking for.
The season two and see him How far are we can take? This show. and, in the meantime, be well need each other. Well and don't litter the.
so many options for toilet paper, quintuple apply. This role is titanium in forest. This one is made from elderly trees. Is that good, just grab angel soft, it's simple, soft and strong and for any butter angels. I thought and strong simple.
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