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Lynda Moore /// Part 2 /// 671

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Lynda Moore /// Part 2 /// 671

Part 2 of 2 



On April 15th, 1986 a young mother was attacked and killed in her home.  She was home alone that day while her husband was at work and her two children were at school.  36 year old Lynda Moore was viciously attacked inside her home.  With no sign of forced entry and some pretty random suspects the Vermont State Police were sure to have a difficult time with this murder investigation.  If you have any information that could help this cold case investigation please contact the Vermont State Police Major Crimes Unit by calling 1-802-244-8727.  Tips may also be submitted anonymously at https://vsp.vermont.gov/tipsubmit or by texting keyword VTIPS to 274637 (CRIMES) 

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Welcome to true gram garage where you are whatever you're doing thanks for listening. I'm your hosts naked with me, as always, is a man that knows that april showers, bring, may flowers and may flower spring pilgrims here is the cap, but you don't want to have a brochure in your pants. It's good to be seen and good to see you thanks for listening thanks for its own, a friend
today. Here in the garage bridge, we still have some swinging bruce left right there on the top shelf winging is an eight point: five percent, a baby pineapple upside down cake imperial shanty that will make you sweet enough to take on its rich, and filled with sugar and spice. This shandy might just be your dream, come true garage rate for at a five bottle caps and here's some of our dreams come true filled by our good friends. First up a shout to steve bump. In montreal, quebec, canada and a big we like the jib to susan from cover, county marrow and last, but certainly not least, scabbed, and we have a shadow that goes to lies from Plymouth massachusetts, a mare. His home town every one we just mentioned. They went to our website. They helped us fill up the fridge for this week show, and for that we
be doubly the bar you in beer run view have picked up next first book. You need to do so check out. True crime grass, com for all the details and he could. then on amazon or wherever you like to get your books is also available on audible. That's enough of them. All right, everybody gather around grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some true crime. the part april. Nineteen thirty six year old linda. More was home alone, while her husband was at work at around p m. That afternoon, she was seen in the yard by someone passing by the home
approximately an hour to an hour. Fifteen minutes later, her husband found her dead in their living room in the entrance way between the kitchen and the living room, the autopsy. What alas, that she was stabbed more than two dozen times its believed that twenty five times approximately is how many blade bladed weapon injuries she suffered Evidence at the scene indicated that she was engaged in a very violent struggle with her assailant and to go further against her husband, stephen, or in the suspicion that was kind of piling on him and the The hours into the investigation was it police could find no signs of forced entry into the home or that nothing was stolen from the home. There was no ransacking that took place.
Within the house itself. Initially detectives thought that the Linda more case would be solved relatively quickly. That was nineteen. Eighty six. we sit in the garage captain. Two thousand twenty three in this case has still not been solved and one of the things that you brought up or or multiple things are you brought up on yesterday's episode. Was the actions of the husband seemed a little suspicious to law enforcement, but one of their actions, I dont think, is that suspicious, as he's out of work site has houses and that far away a few miles, he has to get a check to pay. This dump truck driver said dump truck driver can take it back to the landfill to pay them, but he could it simply if he knew that his wife was murdered or
new that he murdered his wife. He could simply drove back to the house, got the cheque book and came back but he brain somebody to the scene with him, or he could have conveniently sent the driver without going himself as well, and let the driver discover his wife and elm, making it look less suspicious. on Stephen more because, as you pointed out, and as we all know, These are usually suspicious of the person that finds the body there suspicious of the husband in here you have that person is one and the same. There were or and remain to this day a lot of people in that area. The local area there they believe stephen. More is and should be, the prime suspect in his wife's murder,
act. There was a rumour that, because, given his job in the nature of his job as somebody that owns a home remodeling business that he would have discarded of the murder weapon, possibly at one of his construction sites, buried it somewhere somewhere very difficult for the authorities to fight it wasn't. He also put it in a pool correct. I dont, I could not figure out if that was on their property or if it was at another property. Yet looking into Is everybody that I talked to that knew anything about this case said well, it's most likely that if the husband did it, he took, he took the murder weapon and he buried it where he was going to build a pool. But, like you said it's very unclear, was he going to build the pole
on their property or was that for a client and a lot of people have said throughout the years that his wife was outside sunning sunbathing and it went a picture that I immediately think somebody sitting by the pool. This is vermont April fifteenth. Yes, it was a warm sonny that day, but I dont know how warm it could have been, but we do know that she was seen outside sunning. I dont know if that involved, a pool or not, but what's key here captain is that the murder weapon has not found at the scene not found at the more household and you would think, with police being on the scene so quickly that they are active. we looking for that knife for that murder weapon upon their arrival and when they are going through the scene, we know that the kids were sent a
on that day and we know that stephen stayed behind and sat down at the table of the kitchen table with detectives and answered all of their questions. Again. They thought that he was emotional is but a lot of people, come forward and tell detectives later that that's just kind of how the guy was wired right then he would not the type to show a lot of emotion. He was a very controlled, very restraint, type of person so this would go along with his personality. The The thing that we need to be clear on here is regardless of what the rumour say and unfortunately, if anyone's wife is ever murdered or girlfriend is killed.
The boy friend and husband is always gonna be rumoured to be a suspect, even if fees, the the best guy in the world. It's always going to be a rumour plain and simple one. If your law enforcement, I think ok he's, he doesn't seem all choked up he's not crying about this, and we can note that, but that doesn't that doesn't mean anything necessarily because we ve seen, on the other hand where people are calling nine one one there hysterical their create in a big scene when their being question and there actually the ones that are responsible for the murder and lawyer up and he cooperates only from one I could see with the police and their investigation. He asked he's asked to take a lie: detector test. He takes it. He passes,
No signs of deception at all in the lie detector test he's asked to take give a blood sample right. They take his clothing in as evidence The only blood that they find on his clothing belongs to his wife. They don't find any of his blood or anybody else's blood on his clothing, just his wife's blood, and he did say that he moved her and the he checked for a pulse before. Allowing for the ambulance, and we know that he had blood on him because he left blood on the receiver to the phone when he called the ambient when he was gone, comes back to his house and then goes to give a sandwich or whatever the goes back to work site Nobody say that he changed clothes so easter
start. Tightening this window of possibilities of of him being able to even be responsible for this crime, won't keep in mind too. He is in full view of the authorities of the detective, is within minutes not an hour within thirty minutes, roughly a finding his wife and they not noticed any cuts on him. He doesn't look like he's been in any type of struggle, we're talking about minimum twenty five stab wounds or cuts to the victim said this a dozen times and will say it a dozen more given the nature of this attack. One would expect the killer too likely have cut himself or receive some type of injury during the during the struggle. What's crazy, as the viciousness of this attack and the blitzkrieg style of the attack.
So the medical, examiner and vermont would tell us that, Linda more while she had all of these injuries- and this was a very vicious attack. It was a very rapid and very quick attack. They believed that the attack only took approximately forty five to sixty seconds from start to finish. and police were were thrown off by the scene because, given the. Given the nature and the brutality of this attack, there was not like there wasn't furniture knocked over. There was an obvious signs of Drug or other than our victim on the floor, and I think what happened here- captain is probably from the time that the
salient in the victim engaged one another. It probably took place right where she was found and being told being told by the medical examiner that the attack probably lasted a minute or less its inconceivable that the attack took place very quickly in this very ice. they spot in the entry. Between the kitchen in the living room and thus because it didn't span beyond that's base in the home None of these other items were disturbed stephen was very cooperative with police and so regardless what the rooms rumours are here that have lasted all of these years. There's a couple things that we need to point out and this is where I would wish- and I know that police don't get in the habit of clearing anybody publicly right, but I feel like this is one of the situations where I see
So much more evidence to suggest that this guy just didn't do it. He did not have enough time to arrive home before the dump truck driver kill his wife, even though it took place very quickly and then discarded. The murder weapon all before telling his worker to come in calling the ambulance and then call the police and ever arriving on scene. He just didn't have time to cover it. All up. Hetty killed her right when he got on that day when he was prob good? And I wonder if this report is accurate or if they're gone here, we have this full picture. If the husband is responsible, the attack would have had to happen very quickly, so we're going to surmise that it did too keep him as a suspect, won't keep in mind. We know his timeline for that day, he's with his workers. We know that he talked to his wife
and we know that she seen alive by other eye witnesses- they don't have a dog in the fight at two p m. at two p m he's either on the at the work site or he goes to a local store to pick up a quick sandwich. Arby's we got the meat and that happens all but or all prior to two p m, so his only opportunity to attack and kill. His wife would be when he arrived home shortly. After all, right around three o clock tat day when his worker poles in just minutes behind him? other problem with that, too, is what the experts would tell us so go. Examiner is going to tell us. The linda, more was killed between the hours of noon and three p m that afternoon the ambulance driver who arrives on seen, said to police She has been dead for a minimum of thirty minutes, probably
more than an hour. If she had been dead less than thirty minutes, I would have trained toward her in the ambulance to the hospital trying to say her life trying to bring her back right. He says He arrives on the scene. He quickly recognizes and understands that she's been dead for quite some time should be beyond any opportunity of saving her. And now it's crime scene. As you pointed out yesterday, the the empty was very careful to not contaminate the crime scene. The detective when he arrives he's on scene, approximately thirty minutes, maybe twenty five minutes after stephen, more arrives on scene and he says the same thing: it's not his first rodeo assessing the situation and says to himself. This woman's been dead for a couple of hours brain. So you have multiple people telling us
and the medical examiner saying that she was killed between noon and three well, it would appear by what the detective in the empty is saying that she was killed, or to the noon hour. Then the three o clock our and she seen alive at two p m according to eye witnesses or close to two p m, so that, in my opinion, captain makes it practically impossible this. Even more is the killer, so the moors house was basically a landmark when it comes to this country, road and again, the town, pretty small, very small population. But this is a town people pass through to get to your town, so there was a lot of people that sol her out sunbathing that day. Yes, this is,
one twenty one it's heavily trafficked and what police did was they set up roadblocks, as well as putting out request for her? job and for information on the news and through the newspapers saying everybody that drove past the moors hole anybody travelling on one twenty one on that day April, fifteen nineteen. Eighty six, that too His day, especially in the afternoon, call us tell us if you saw anything. Did you see lend more outside? Did he see any vehicles parked at the home right things of that nature? And again they set up roadblocks for on two different occasions for two days and ass: everybody that they stopped. Do you typical,
we drive through here, where you passing through here on April fifteenth. If so, did you see anything and what what they end up getting? Is they get at least fifteen different stories? I don't want to say fifteen, I eye witnesses, because I think that some of these statements were given and they were multiple eye. Witnesses saw the same thing on a couple of the these cases, so there were fifteen different things of it. risk that the police learned from either people calling in and telling them what they saw or people they spoke to at the roadblocks Let's dive into these fifteen items that law enforcement found. Yes, because these are gonna, be fifteen different things that were reported by different. I witnessed is that you need to check off you need to that end. in the figure out. Why person a person be
person see was in the area spot it in the area on the afternoon. That Linda more was killed and what happens I'll, give you the short version, other captain, because there was a bunch of reports of oh, I saw a car and a man walking. He was parked on the street, not at the moor house, but a vehicle of this description and a man walking near by and person reported no a cold, but somebody walking more than one person reported somebody with a knapsack, which I wish that we get a better description of the individual at the knapsack. It was a man with cheap glasses and a nap sack. How would you know that the glass is would cheap? That has a good question reported. Reportedly that's what the witness statements on its way
to what witnesses will add to a statement right that the necessary information is, I saw, guy will describe them. He was a white male wearing glasses, had a backpack or knapsack it's weird what witnesses will add in clearly somebody added in look like cheap glasses, glasses, connoisseur, I could spot a good pair glasses from from a good since, as you know, I would have to take the glasses and put him in my mouth and swim around to know for sure. If their cheap classes, there is all a report of men to men jogging in the area. Now after four days, this is key here asked four days after the murder of linda, more police had tracked down thirteen of the fifteen.
Items that they wanted to check off their box, witness statements that they needed to that. So thirteen of these items they had tracked down orson found out. Who was there was in the area, vetted their story and then checked their alibis and checked their time lines for the day and everything checks off so after four days, the only two things that they had left, that they couldn't verify or figure out or confirm who these people were were the two men that seen jogging in the area and the man that was by himself with the glasses and the knapsack, while in fairness, the guy with the cheap glasses, don't want to come forward because he didn't want everybody in town to know that he
cheap glasses? What's interesting, though, here captain is, none of this information is public at this time for days into it right on day five this is why I think we see a big shift in the public awareness of the investigation, or something that the public should have picked up on me, In the window more investigation, the detective is saying to the newspapers on day five. Unless we catch a big break, I'm not so cough that this is going to be solved so right. Those words should tell us that we ve checked out the husband We're kind of moving on from that angle at this point, even though they ve never publicly cleared him run, but that's what that statement should tell you, because the did this say when they arrive on the scene when they interview the husband when they look at the scene. The first thing that the everything that tells them in their experience. This is a domestic situation we will be able to
rest somebody rather quickly in this investigation, because it's likely the husband and here on day five. We hear a different story unless we catch a big, wake soon. We're not confident that we're going to solve this thing relatively quickly or the thing about. If you're law enforcement, the husband was off the work site for a time period. Okay, did he change his clothes? now. The husbands time line is very tight. I don't know if he would have had an opportunity to do to do so. The husband could have sent the dump truck driver back to the house by himself or he could have just got the check book and came back. Nobody needs to go to the house by invites him to the house. All the the husband calls his lawyer. Well, it's his business lawyer, but also his best friend, the the husband is being cooperative. The husband takes a lie
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Cheers and the people that are up front in centre a written description of this man dead, Zizi top would have described, is wearing apparel, cheap sunglasses these are actually eyeglasses, but a written description of this man was released to the general public about a week or so linda moors murder now, unfortunately, as the case sits as of march nineteen, eighty seven so a little less than eleven months later police are releasing a composite sketch of this individual they're, not calling I'm a suspect, they're, calling him a person of interest, somebody that they would like to talk to a possible witness that may have information that could help further their investigation, and this is coming from the vermont state police, but the
The general description is rather vague, but it tells us that they are looking for someone that was spotted by several reputable. Witnesses in the area of the more home on the day of the murder. In fact, this person is believed to have been spotted close to what is believed to be the possible time of death. So this newspaper article that comes out in nineteen eighty seven, they cite the time of death between twelve thirty and three p m that afternoon and their stating that this person was seen in the noon hour so about twelfth three p m is one of the statements so early
afternoon near the more home. The description is a man described as being a white male five foot, eight inches to five foot, ten inches tall age, twenty to twenty five years old, again, a white male with dark, hair eye glasses and a dark or blue knapsack, remember we had talked about two men that were seen jogging in the areas. Well, one thing that police quickly figured out. This was on day six or seven. Then the two men spotted in the area jogging they were knots of immediate concern because we're spotted in the area and the morning hours break in and that they knew Linda Moore, was still alive. Again, it's not worth again it's one of those details in a case that it's not clear when they say two men are spot.
Georgiana, where are they jogging together or are they separate? In this case we oh that they were jogging together based off of eid, eye witness reports and what's wrong we call here in this situation. Captain is the eye witness reports of the men jogging were so good that they were actually able to track down these two men. So we have all of this movement, and all of these people, based off of I witnessed state it's the police need to track down and after four five days into their investigation, they had checked off thirteen of fifteen boxes. The only boxes that remained unchecked, was the man that we just described with the knapsack in the glasses and the two jaw several days later they identify the two joggers. Now the joggers again work seen around nine o clock at the latest in the morning. We know, Linda more, was still alive at that time. So that's not of great concern.
The odd thing, though, is these: two men were seen again later that afternoon. This was after Linda, more was already found so again not of great concern but but now you have to people that you know to be jogging in the area even though you know that their scene, she still alive and then their seen after she has been killed and found. You want to talk to them because, what did they see while they were out jogging if it was somebody that was watching the house? how long they had been watching the house for the key thing, Here, though, is out of all of those eye witnesses that come forward. What's the number one thing, missing from this equation one ever see says that they see Stephen as vehicle at the home during the time in question. Nobody says
see stephen more coming in and out of the home during the time in question, so they tracked down these two jobs, and what's interesting to me here, captain is unfortunately, one of these joggers had left the area, so the joggers turn out to be two brothers who lived in the area can't trust his brother nope, and the reason why they are able to dent defied. The brothers is. The one man was wearing a shirt that, after started talking to some local law enforcement. They figured Did the shirt was some kind of reference to the navy either naval ship, or a navy base something of that nature, while they tracked a and individual that says a relative of
My young relative. He just left for the navy by he was out with his brother and his brother tells him the full story. That day, they would go jogging together. On occasion they were jogging that morning, and then they went out jogging again that afternoon them oil in the navy shirt he. had already gone overseas to be stationed at subic bay. While we ve heard that name before ass b, t see at the training facilities big bay. This individual is of particular interest to me in this case so. This is a young man. He was approximately, eighteen years of age at the time of and amours martyr. So be it capable of a vicious attack, an attack to happen
very quickly. Here's. Why he's of particular interest to me? He does not have great alibi for that early afternoon. That Linda more was killed. The brother tell law enforcement. We went out jogging together. We came back all right when out for a nice long, jog had a great time, my they wanted to go back out. So we went back out on a second job that morning. I got tired Cited to turn around, he continued on the police reach out to this individual. After he's, I Unified and talk to him at the training facility, the naval training base, and he backs up some of his brother story, but again his brother can account for, his brother after he left the jargon return home, so he tells its authorities that, after
brother left him. He continued on his job. He went back to his old high school where he visited, but some people for a period of time. He went to a friends house where he stayed for a couple of hours. Just relaxing his friend was gone work for approximately two and a half to three hours and before his friend came back, he decided to leave and he went to his friends how another friends home this was a form Teacher of his who happened live very near, linda, moors, home and some stories they say across the street. I've looked her home. It looks like it would be impossible for this house to be across the street, but this would be very near By- and this is after, Linda more was discovered. The friend of this man who renee who will remain anonymous, says that when he was there
she brings up to him. There was a man today across the street. What am I neighbours was killed. She's reacting to this news. He is going on and on talking about well he's getting ready to go overseas. How excited he is were to go into the navy. She says the thing was that she can we stand. He was excited to leave and excited to go into the navy and overseas. He had never been overseas before, but he's trying to bring up her concern about this murder that just took place in close proximity to her home. She lives by herself right, and he and seemed to seems lost on him. He doesn't seem to notice her concern nor want to talk about it with her, which is very odd behaviour a little bit so, he leaves for the navy he's not identified as one of the joggers until after he's already sent overseas to subic bay,
before he is identified. He has a phone call, with that same lady. That lives near linda, moors, home and one The first thing he says to her on the phone is hey what happen with that murder case, that that murder vested geisha near your whole right, and so she, tells police she's where did out because face to face in person afternoon that it happened. He seemed not care, not give two winks about it to shit, to shit coupled later several shits are given out this piles of he's very in stayed in the homicide and negation, did they ever catch a guy? Do they have any leads? Do they know who did it? One of the police saying so that's a very dear print reaction and what he was giving a couple days earlier. I love to be able to question some of the other individuals he whose claiming to be with during that day, when the
authorities talk to his supervisors at the navy. At the training centre data, that he arrived with. Very few belong, means as one would when they go into the military but others belongings. He arrives air with a dark, colored knapsack, an clothes in an glasses that are not terribly unlike the description given by eye witnesses of the man that they still never identified so at a fifteen boxes to check off now after identifying both of these joggers, they ve checked all fourteen or fifteen, but not the fifteenth box. Who is this mysterious guy That we give the description of five foot eight inches to five or ten inches tall caucasian male wearing glasses, aged twenty two the five. So these witnesses spotting a younger man, the man that word
about as nineteen years of age when he enters the navy, and I sit here captain and I tell you, I have to wonder, given that this I have no alibi, no solid alibi for that afternoon. When oh he was in the area. We know within the area by his own account and, by his brother, admit, and by eye witness statements as being a jogger that morning and then later that day, Where was he in between there? Why was at the school visiting friends, then I went to my friends house and watch tv lay down relaxed where a little bit. No my friend wasn't there. He was at work, then I went visited former teacher who live near by
is concerned about the murder he doesn't seem to care goes off to the navy. Now, all of a sudden, it's a big deal, but also has a similar outfit to what one eye witness saw that day. You have to wonder, and there were several people that came forward and said you know. What, Linda, more was a was attractive woman. It did not go unnoticed when she would be outside sunbathing at this property that were was in full view of the road. You have to wonder: was he out their jogging and then he goes out there? His brother turns around and now something else is peaked his interest. He see something else. They never find the hunting knife that they believe that killed
Linda more and they have the navy issue a lie: detector tests to this individual. The navy says that he fails badly ok but then, if intractable ray I badly protective. The navy does disagree with the police of the items that arrived with this MA am they say? Yes, they are similar. There are not terror, unlike what your eye witnesses or say, but they are saying that there's variations. You know different difference of color and things of that nature. the glasses a he arrived with were not cheap glasses, but again will I dont think that means you can't factor that into your eye. Witness statement, in my opinion. I we sit here all these years later. I still think this is the best possible lead in this case. This nineteen year old man
that happened to leave and in its not happen to leave, the area after the murder he knew he was leaving he was going a great distance away for a while. Long period of time. Yes to a view is struggling with any kind of urges to or any kind of fantasies to commit some crime. He would know a. I have this window wherever commit a crime or be gone in a couple days and they'll, be none the wiser, and I know that you can't use the lie. Detector and court of law, but I think it's a good barometer and I think they need a dive more into this individual one individual that we talked about at length when we covered the connecticut river valley killer case was Michael nick, allow- and he was an individual that burst.
onto the scene as a possible suspect because years later he goes down to florida and he kills his wife and then kill himself and his previous wife. for that was missing for a period of time. He lived in this general area during the times of river valley cases, so he becomes tremendously. He becomes a suspect in the river valley cases. He does not look, unlike the description that was given of the man seen the unidentified man seen near Linda, moors home on the day in question. How for one thing, I was shocked to learn. Captain is in further
digging up the lender more case. It appears that Michael nicolaus didn't just burst onto the scene, like we thought and like the story, as the story is generally told after killing himself after killing his wife years later, it sounds like he was being looked at by police, not for the Linda more case, but for some of Some of the other river valley cases bright. I say here, two thousand and twenty three I can't say with absolute certainty. This and the reason why we chose to cover it separately, is it felt very dear and there is a lot more information about this case than there are other unsolved cases in the river valley case, and that simply because of the evidence, the nature of this homicide is different. It took place within a home she's found relatively quickly
we don't lose evidence due to time or to the location, and so this case felt very different, and I know that people say that you have to talk about them. At the same time, you can't talk about one case without talking about the other. I think we probably have a situation where the lender more cases not tied to the others. I think that some of those- their cases are probably connected to one another that were committed by same individual, maybe not all of them, Lot of them say, share similarities, be all the believed. Injuries. Beyond the belief of the way that the victim was killed. but a lot of these individuals to were last seen in the early afternoon hours of the day they disappear, they were hitchhiking or a vehicle. Broke down or had some kind of vehicle trouble. Those victim
I believe ended up in a car or a vehicle or a truck with the killer, and he at some point turned on them and attacked them and killed them in isolated area took them to an isolated area where they were killed in later found. what you are saying that allow these victims, because there were found later there's two composition which would make stab patterns in the attack patterns lobby little bit harder to identify so to say that the Linda more case is connected to them because of the stab patterns. I I just don't know that makes a lot of sense and one individual that we talked about. Two that's always kind have been linked to the river valley. Cases is a man by the name of Delbert. Parliament will delbert
All men is linked to the river valleys cases because he was a suspect in a case that, oddly enough is not believe to be a victim of the river valley keller Eddie, Martin in nineteen, eighty four may twenty first, her body was behind the heartland elementary school. She was stabbed for types eventually Delbert tolman confessed. to being at the scene in witnessing the murder that he sees the bad guy Kill her in the woods he approaches the body afterwards to see if he can help by that point, she's already dead and once police get onto him. They arrest him in that We then changes from him being there in witnessing it too. He did it himself. Delbert swollen face a lot of mental challenges.
re allowed a lot of challenges and I believe there is a chance that police encouraged him to expand on his story and changes story, and they probably rightfully. Right? Isn't it difficult to sit across from a guide him to tell you that yeah? I was there, but I didn't do, hiding killer, I witnessed it, dont know who did it? I approach after the bad guy laughed, but he's acquitted he's. He goes to trial for this case. It's never One hundred percent connected to the river valley cases and he's acquitted and the problem with Delbert Tallman being the river valley killer is he's arrested it's ours or the next day after they find her body and he's held in jail.
for over a year until his trial takes place to which he was acquitted. Well, one of our victims, Ellen Ruth freed she's, abducted July twenty second nineteen. Eighty four, heidi martens body, was, on may twenty. First nineteen, eighty four delbert torment is locked up in jail. Shortly thereafter,. And he's in jail at the time of Ellen ruth freed abduction, who is believe be one of the river valley killers victims, so he doesn't fit great into this. Equation of being the possible river valley killer- and I also don't believe, The person that killed, Linda Moore is responsible for many of those other murders what I see here, as I think we have a younger assailant, a younger killer that behaved and acted,
positively on something that he saw. He saw opportunity and he took it he Bobby watched linda more outside that day, the phone rings a couple of times she goes inside comes back out. He witnesses that on more than one occasion and decides the next She goes in she's pre. probably alone, there's probably nobody home. He decides to follow her in and then the attack takes place and he fleas- and I think, the guy that that was looked at and that they should revisit even all these years later is the guy that was thousands of miles away being trained at a naval base
the alright. We want to thank everybody for joining us here in the garage make sure you check out our website for curb garage, dot, com and sign up the mainly less colonel. Do we have recommended reading for these beautiful, beautiful listeners? Yes, we do captain, sweet? We are recommending the shadow of death, the hunt for the Connecticut river valley killer by philip Ginsburg. This is available, on all formats, you're gonna, wanna check this one out. This is the most complete book put together on this serial killer that is still unidentified and still unknown check out the shadow
death. You'll find that great title and many more wonderful recommendations on our website. True crime garage on the recommended page and until next week be good, kind of. when people are curious, they turn to google with Google lads. You can reach those people at the right time with the right message and turn that curiosity
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