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Melanie Goodwin ////// 48 TrueCrimeGarage.com September 25, 2007, A call to 911 reports the finding of a dead body. The body is of a female who has been killed and dumped in a ditch near a parking lot. Someone had set the body on fire attempting hide evidence and the girl's identity. Police were able to pull surveillance footage from the cameras watching the nearby parking lot. On the footage they can clearly see a man dragging what appears to be the body of a women from a car. Shortly after there is a huge flash of light. This is the fire being set. Police use what information they can from the video and that information leads them to the doorstep of Melanie Goodwin's parents. This week we discuss the tragic death of Melanie Goodwin and the tracking of her killer. Beer of the Week - Noble King by Jester King Brewery - Austin, TX Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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Her badly burned body was discovered in a field in Carrollton, because a burnt body in a ditch in the body is charred beyond recognition, we were afraid that might be a serial killer. Just the way that the body was laid out in the ditch. It almost looked like it was posed with her facing the parking lot and in these kind of up- and you can only tell that it's a female by her hair and by the french fingernail tips, as she's had done. I've seen my share of terrible things that people do to each other. This one is probably the most terrific that I've seen. whatever happened to this young woman happened on
to get excited cause. You had a video which showed an early morning hour, vehicle pulling up, and somebody pulling the body out of the car found to date back up to the car to get something out of the car back down to where the body was in D C horrific the flight We were afraid that might be a serial killing. Within an hour of binding the unidentified body. The detectives know how their victim got in such terrible condition and key to finding her identity and tape, also reveals the type of car used to dispose of her a red satin. I now have a vehicle. I can look for. There's an image which looks like a male got a little bit of clothing that I can see from the video you can see. A white church can see half pants, and I have hope that we can get around start on something that we had nothing just a few moments ago. This
is true crime garage- and this is case of Melanie Goodwin, the. The morning of Tuesday September, twenty fifth, two thousand and seven, the employees arriving to work at the Trans Tech Software company in Carrollton Texas. They see the unthinkable and they call nine hundred and eleven to report, finding a dead body lying in a ditch near the building's parking lot. The burnt body is charred beyond recognition. Now the police and detectives arrived and
first glance they thought may be. A serial killer had moved into the area the the body appeared to have been posed. The legs were facing the parking lot and the knees were up giving it that posed appearance. They could tell that the body was of a female because of the have long, hair and fingernails. She had done that that french fingernail tips that you can have done, but with little to go on, please could not make an identification on the burp body in the ditch shortly afterwards they realized and they discovered that the tech companies parking lot is under twenty four hour. Video surveillance police obtain these videos and the video revealed a PA, a vehicle,
parking and somebody pulling a body out of the car and dragging the body down to the ditch the person which appears to be a man, and this man he's wearing shorts and a White T shirt after putting the body in the ditch. The man then goes back to the car to retrieve something he goes back down to the ditch where the body is and suddenly there is a flash of burst of light. It's a large flame, Yes, it's almost a big explosion and if you see the surveillance tape, it's not like a small irish burn it's it's. It's like when you dump a large amount of accelerated on a bonfire in an you you Why didn't you realize I'm staying away to close this thing and it just seems to go up. I mean on surveillance camera on the footage it lights up the whole night sky. that. You can see inside the car. You can see the shadow inside the car so
this is when you can see the body burning after you see the the large flame. The man then comes back to the car up from the ditch he in the vehicle, and he drives off now. Police, no cars most cops Are you the make and model of vehicle just by seeing the design of the vehicles, headlights or the rear bumper, so seeing the vehicle on tape can be a big break for police and able that they are looking for a sadder for most of you. Not familiar with Saturn's there, a smaller two, maybe three or four door vehicles. These are smaller cars they believe the Saturn appears to be red in color you know anything about. Nick he had a red Saturn. I did have a red Saturn at one time I had a gold saturn at one time as well. They're very good on gas, on the other side of Carrollton, the police find the red Saturn. Now they don't know,
so the one that they're looking for, but a beat cop out doing his shift. He discovers a red Saturn. Now this car is part all by itself, away from all the other vehicles in the back portion of it. part and complex parking lot. So they're going to run these plates and they're running address, and at this point there as soon mean that it's not the victims car that it's the whoever murdered her car. Yet they believed that the who ever committed this crime was driving the Red sadder and the officer the finds a vehicle. He approaches the vehicle, and, oddly enough, he detects a smell of gasoline coming from he says even coming from the inside of the vehicle. He also can see a gas can sitting on the driver seat, while police and detectives run the plate, like the captain, said.
and this provides a name and address for the owner of the vehicle in the vehicle is registered to a Glenn Goodwin Police Drive to Arlington Texas, to talk to Glenn Goodwin, the owner of the vehicle when they get to the door. A woman Peggy answers the door and she is asked if she owns a red Saturn and the woman says yeah. That's our daughters vehicle now keep in mind again. They still have not identified the body of the woman that they found in the ditch right. But what the captain was alluding to is now coming to fruition. Now. The detective he's starting to gather that the Red Saturn belongs to the girl that was found burnt in the ditch and that the girl is the daughter of the lady that he is now faced, a swift and one of the documentaries I was watching. He was talking about how we think we got our guy. This is a big lead,
so, when he's gone up to that house he's assuming, I am talking to the number one suspect tat. He believed Glenn good wines going to be his his spect right. What were you doing? Where were you at? You know all that information yeah. This is really. This is really taking the tables and flipping them. I the detective now has to tell this woman that he's not for certain, because the body has not yet been ideal, but the found body it might be her daughter and soon after they have this conversation. They are able to determine- and I d the victim as Melanie threes good. What melanie- is nineteen year old, she's a sophomore, majoring in communications, at the nearby North, Texas, university, calling also worked at for the red Bull energy drink company as a promoter for
drink now, I'm sure everybody's familiar with this kind of thing. Sometimes you see these types of promotions. They may take place at like a bar or a football game depending on the product or the targeted, the graphic yeah. I see this all the time in my line of work, promotional, girls, please find them cuz. They normally have free t shirts. I like to get the free teacher after after Peggy figures out that something terrible has happened to her daughter, she's, going to go on the investigation herself. She decides that she's going to call Melanie friend to find out more about her daughters movements and where she may have been and what she might have been doing. Leading up to the hours of her death balinese boyfriend is Ali. Valencia Ali tells Peggy that Melanie was working for red ball at the game. Stop video game store and she was doing late night promotions thing there, the Gamestop store they were releasing a much anticipated halo. Three YO game. At at the midnight hour that night.
So I imagine this is the type of thing like Release party, where you have the front doors are locked, you know where we're we're closed in everybody gets lead in at midnight. there there's probably a long line of Pope of people out front and this a perfect promotion for red Bull to get involved with, because here you are staying up you're standing in line you're, probably a little tired and all there's a free energy, drink load, the caffeine and sugar to keep you up for the night one. Also these video game guys and they like to stay up. You know so they need that caffeine to be, I'd rather plain well- and I can say this because I'm a man of the people and a man of all the people, but line of people out front of Gamestop waiting for HALO. Three is probably got a high percentage of nerdy teenage boys in it and
would one make a lasting impression on a nerd teenage boy, Summah good, lookin, promotional grass right. You have good looking college girls and cute outfits handing out those red bulls. After doing the game, stop promotion Melanie is supposed to be heading back to see her boy. For After working very late that night now Melanie's mother takes all this new info Asian and she passes along to the detectives so now the police, They have their first suspect they thought Glenn Goodwin was going to be a suspect, turns out to be the victim's father. Now they want to talk to victim's boyfriend. She was supposed to see alley that night, yet pretty high percentage of when a girl is murdered, that it's a significant the oar and acts as though the detail if they go and they talked to Ali and by all accounts. It's pretty like he's very obviously upset and he's terribly sad.
The news. This is all news to him and to take this figure out, the alley was not there Ali was with several people and had been seen during the time that they suspected that something could have had Melanie. What where he lives, he has bunch of roommates. So it's not. one room mate, it's a bunch of roommates, so there's a bunch of alibis. Yet he says he was staying up late. He was going to wait up for he decides to him bed and he's going to leave the door unlocked so that she can. She can let herself in when she gets there right, but then he kind of another bomb when he says why actually ask her to stop and get me a snack there, and He says you know she had stopped at a Quiktrip convenience store to pick up the snack food that he requested especially at this age, you can check in with your significant other, a lot more through tax recalls. So she just calls him on the way home. Hey, I'm stopping by place must stay there. Ok final,
The door unlocked and he says: hey, can you get me a snack and not only that she I didn't checked in with him again, while she was at the Kwik trip, convenience store so Now- please have another led to follow and they go to the store to him, fire about Melanie and had anybody seen her? You know any of the store clerk seen her or knew what could have happened where she could have gone after that, Well now they discovered that the store has surveillance cameras as well, just like the park what it and they probably assume that they did and so we're going to review the surveillance footage and they find footage of Melanie the surveillance. Footage shows a man in the store about same time as Melanie, and you ask can see him walking behind her when she's in the store Melanie walked into the store shortly before
who I am- and you see this man following her out of the store so Melanie Goodwin- was driving her red Saturn she's on her way home from work. She stops at the store about. Why forty two am the loitering man had arrived at the store about one and a half hours before Melanie arrives at the store. During this time, the man had told the store clerk that he had just been dumped by his on and off again girlfriend. and he s price apprise. Yet he had asked multiple times if he could use the stores cordless phone to he wanted it. All her and try to get a ride from his ex girlfriend. Well, he called several times and makes unsuccessful attempts at achieving this ride. The ex girlfriend she won't come to get him. He also told the store clerk that his mother had recently kicked him out of the house for beating up his brother and he asked if he could sleep at the store but
course the the clerk says. No man, you you're, not staying here down the guy, didn't have any money so he's basically ordering for an hour hour and a half and at some The gas station attendant gave him like a pastry and a drink or something games on that one The man also told the clerk that he had been. He had pending warrants for his arrest, but he didn't mention the specific crimes of these warrants. The clerk even spoke to them Ann's Ex girlfriend on the phone trying to help the man out. You know trying to get him. The ride and by the way, just as a meal, Pierre say, if warrants out for your arrest, don't go around telling strangers about it's, not a good way to meet, make friends and here's Another thing to if
you're loitering in my store, and you tell me that you got pending warrants. Maybe I'm going to use that cordless phone to call the police and get you out of my store that you just been hanging out in for the last hour and a half. Maybe I don't want a pending warrant guy standing in the store, the Ex that store clerk is on the phone with the ex girlfriend. She says that she would not come pick him up, because he had once tried to steal. Her vehicle or he had took her vehicle. in the man of course is claiming that he had just simply borrowed The store clerk would go on to tell the police that the man did not interact with most of the store's customers. However, the clerk overheard him talking to Melanie and asking her for a ride You can actually hear this a little bit on the surveillance tape yeah this
When Melanie is on the phone with her boyfriend. The man asked Melanie for a ride as she approaches the register yet his at when she comes in she. I think she goes the restroom for a minute and when she's back at the restroom, that's when she's up approach and of course, it looks and sounds like she's trying to brush off. You know she's hesitant since she problem. You know she was a nice girl. She wanted to be nice and polite, but she also was Leary about helping the sky and very hesitant to do so. So she doesn't want to help this guy and he kind of keeps bugging her and she is. She is even overheard, saying the words pretty normal. She still on the phone as she's walking out the door. I think part of you know if you feel uncomfortable in a public space. It's it's great thing with cell phones call somebody and talk and or I put my earbuds in now. You can talk with your earbuds and or listen to podcast and sometimes I'll just be listening to podcasts I'll just start talking to myself and then
bother you. They just think thank our he's on the phone he's on the phone. He's got no time for me. Well, Melanie, isn't sure she is only in this store for about two or three minutes. And then later the Clarice as you're you're skipping over something. That's I go for it, it's interesting to me and what her boyfriend asked for. He asked for snack. Can you stop and get me a snack, a chocolate milk in cheat owes yeah. I mean that's like this one, the weirdest combinations ever I wouldn't during Chukka Millcote Cheetahs. But who knows the store clerk is unsure if Melanie ended up giving in to offering the ride, but at some point they see the two of them in the vehicle together driving out of the parking lot. Now. I've always wondered about this with melodies case, because the the person that did did goes off in the car with her. He he is not.
Well he's kind of funny. Let's this is thrown out their act to fully foggy he's. I you know, I would let him in my car, but you would also not drink trunk. The milk he doesn t just don't know about you. I got some standards, but you know maybe she broke down in and offered to give him a ride, bad for him That was a mile away I'll just to the Stork store clerk keeps saying that that the guy kept he had every like SK use in the book. You know like oh it's very persistent. It's not for I would walk there, but you know it's late at night and on and on and on and on bugging her and I'm guessing, that may be. She did eventually let him in her vehicle,
Unless, because it was ass, there was no seen right there wasn't it wasn't anything obvious to the people working all us get into that more after a beer break. At this point, we were talking about Melanie getting into the vehicle and we saw the distort clerk, saw the man in the vehicle with her as they drove out of the parking lot now. I've always wondered: how did he get into the car because, like the store clerk said, she wasn't very eager to help him out. She was kind of brushing him off and you can see that on the tape and we've DIS, This loitering man, you know, but he he wasn't much older than her. He he was roughly her,
age. You know, so maybe that makes him a little less opposing. Maybe she identifies with him a little bit more at ease, he's a taller guy. He seems bigger and nature kind of a stocky guy thought he would be short he's not sure nobody's is big, ran a big looking husky husk there you go husky, and so I've always wondered. What do you think captain you think that maybe he forced his way into the vehicle Oh yeah, the he threatened her at some point, because I mean the clerk never leads on to that cause. He does see some kind of driving off, but one at this problem more likely that he's like hey a mile away and just thinking well, that's far to walk, but I can drop him off real, quick, just trying to be nice, and I just don't know if she's that type of person I met teaches nice person, I don't think she's the one, that's kind of a careless act and I I
He might just open up the doors set down and he might have said something tour and whatever he said was threatening enough. I think that's a possibility because when, when looking at the guy and by her actions beforehand, I just don't see her letting him into the car. as also another possibility that he had a gun yeah he could. He could have been armed at the time and forced his way into the car. What's weird about this case, is that we have surveillance footage at the gas station and then we got to go that's about an hour and a half long. And then we have surveillance at the warehouse where the body was set on fire. Yet in the parking lot for the tech company right, but the psycho, the tech companies and a giant warehouse, but in what can what the police are able to.
Drought is that the man in the quick trip footage he looks similar to the footage of the man dragging the body from the red Saturn that they would see later on, and but what this provides them, because you know the surveillance footage of the parking lot, there's quite a bit of a distance between the camera and between the the Red Saturn now, with the footage that they find from the Kwik Trip Convenience store. Obviously this is much closer. You know this is up close in part now they have by obtaining this footage. They have a clearer, cleaner footage of the man that they are looking for and they're hoping to identify this man or using that footage. They are relatively quickly able to identify the man as twenty year old,
stow re ass now, but they dont use actual footage. They there the what they actually use with the phone record. They figured out who he called when he used the stores phone on. That's how they got the name of by calling his ex girlfriend search. for the right one and also they can then use it. For I mean they use the footage on some level, because they then show the footage to some of that. SAM and they go yeah. That's our nest. and I mean there several horrible things about this crime. But one weird coincidence is shortly after the two of them
This surely, after Melanie left with our nest o in her vehicle, the Ex girlfriend called backs the quick trip and was offering to come pick up our Nesta from the gas station Willis Starr by breaking down the gap in time now. This is the gap between the time that her nest o is seen in the quick trip with Melanie Goodwin and the gap of time between the time that he seen dragging her body from her vehicle and placing her in the Ditch This gives us about what an hour and a half pretended to roughly about them well later here they know who they're looking for they have identified their suspect. He takes off he Fleas to Mexico, I ended up they just not suspicious at all. Well, I mean he's in Texas and I guess that's his name's Ernesto. You know he can go right into Mexico, I'm sure, but they end up picking him up and in there
to talk with him and her nest starts to fill in that gap a little bit and he talks about how he met Melanie at the gas station and she was looking for drugs that he sparked up a conversation looking for a ride and she says you know she was looking for some weed. and he knew somebody that they could get that from and if he, if she would give him a ride, he could hook her up with with some we, so they drive out to his friends house the young and they make up Donovan younger. They knock on his door. Maybe he's already awake Donovan Young comes out to the vehicle to hang out with the two of them now earnest at this point, says he's sitting in the back seat of the car right. so he's sitting in the back see, and he says that they're all hanging out the three of em they're they're smokin pot, and he got the
pressure on whether be through what I don't know, but he says that he believed she was looking to hook up with somebody for that night and at some point he witnesses An argument break out between Donovan Young and Melanie, who are both sitting in the front seats yeah. I believe at this point that our Nesta claims he's out of out of the car when the fight breaks out. That's not very you're in the story, which would make more sense. I mean not only I mean Maybe he was in the back seat at some point according to his story, but out yet can pot. You ve seen the size of our Nesta right. You remember how small my two door Saturn was canoe, magic him fitting in the back seat of that car I never set in the back right. I mean those not fitting in the backseat of that car? Esto says that he witnesses and argument break out between Melanie and Donovan and at some point Donovan starts. Hitting mail
Now he also says that Donovan has a gun and things things get way out of hand, and this is what would end up being. The death Melanie yeah and then he claims Donna then says you know we're gonna burn her body, so they go to a gas station. He has a gas, can he's on tape or nest. Oh, is he guessed gas like a dollar is a dollar seventy six and it's at a chevron station and they actually end up having surveillance footage of that well right and then he claims that Donovan's in the back of the car and he then drags and Melanie yeah. They drive to the parking lot and you see or Nesta, pulling Melanie out of the vehicle dragging her down to the ditch one night in her eyes, claiming that Donovan's and the backs with a gun saying you're gonna.
Yet telling him what to do. This is what you're going to do in earnest o saying the whole time that this is taking place, that he is in fear of his life and he's telling he's telling Donovan that he doesn't want anything to do with this, and he doesn't know why they're doing this, and he even says that he's not going to go along with it. But his life was threatened and he was, he was afraid so he's basically claiming I'm just a I would not. I didn't, do the murder I'm just a comp compass? So then the other story comes out, Now we going to find this Donovan guy So then they talk to Donovan, and his story goes something like this. Yet Don and says that around three a m that Ernesto pulled up to his apartment, an oar Nesta was in Melanie Good Wines car. He said that he saw blood. What looked like to be blood on
cast of sure it had her nesto looked scared. Ernesto told young that he had killed. So on a day of in looks in the car, and he says that he sees melodies body in the back seat and that it appears that her underwear has pulled down in her skirt was pulled out yet under where's pull down just a little bit and then her Tom, I think, is pulled up a little bit as well. But it is clear to him that this is it body yeah. He says that he he saw the eyes open, but he's being told by her nest. Oh that the girls dead in pieces from what he could see. It appeared that she was that right and not only that Ernesto is asking him to help dispose of the body and this is where it doesn't make a lot of sense at all to me. I mean it makes sense, but it's really hard to wrap my head around to your buddy shows up. He just killed this girl
can you for help and then you don't call the cops. You actually hand him a gas can Hand him money and tell him to leave and Tom hey you're. You know you need to get rid of this evidence. Well, maybe to back up young story here, Donovan Young story- that when later did or nest o scene at the Chevron gas Station purchasing a dollar. Seventy six worth of gas filling up. The gas can write again on this aliens tape. There is no record of Donovan being in the car not I see that at some point on the surveillance tape it appears that Ernesto notices something on his shirt. This must be the blood that Donovan had talked about earlier and he he does. What does he like flip his shirt inside out yeah like that's gone on this cover everything up and but shortly after that? That's when they have the surveillance footage of Ernesto pulling the body from the.
Saturn down into the ditch and lighting it on fire and, like we said when, there's that explosion that happened, the whole car lights up and you don't see any shadowy figure in the car. Well, not only that there is, there is a second. There is basically a confession that is made from Ernesto to Donovan. Now this takes place later. This is after Donovan gave the gas can, after he gave the money and after the body was disposed of, but The next day or nest o tells Donovan Young that that this is what he says really happen. You know he's gotta tell his friend how this whole thing went down right now, and he says that him and Goodwin, Melanie Goodwin, decided to smoke marijuana together and they started
messing around like they were going to hook up like they're going to have sex, and he says that Melanie's boyfriend called the cell phone. While they were in the back seat of the car in the middle of having and that good, when male, Melanie Goodwin said we ve got to stop and that she's got to go home now. Ernesto says that he wanted to finish and that she did not want to. So he decided to take it upon himself to to attack her right and during the course of this Tak, he was trying to hold her down and he says at some point she stopped moving. He had hit her in the face a few times and said that her nose was bleeding and he's holding her down and she stops moving it's at trial. The both of these stories are presented, they're presented to the public and they're presented to the victim's family yeah, but it's presented in two different passions. The first fashion is, we have done Donovan young. The police have talked to him
now a method that he's accessory basically and he is going to be charged with tampering of evidence. But he is going to testify against Ernesto now when he testifies. He is presented in front of the jury and front you down front of the whole court room. Then he is allowed to be cross examined so at the prosecutors, gonna talk to him, we'll get the fence. It's going to talk to him when our nest presents his side of the story. They do it. He he basically did. interview for like some mexican tv station and they displayed that tape. And by doing that, they couldn't cross, examined him well in what they are trying to do here is earnest those defence theyve they're going to You know there is an open door here for that right, so they have to prove b on the state has to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt of reason.
Well now I don't think they use shadow of a doubt. That is not a legal term, but they have to prove that he is guilty. So what our Nesta defense team is going to put together that he might be guilty, because this Donovan young person seem so kind of. I mean he's cold blooded too, where where he may not have even killed anybody but he's young, and he is testifying I think, he's been very truthful and one of the and they ask Em- is why do you come forward before and he was The like, I don't know what I wish. I did a kind of laugh. He laughs kind of after his answers, but I get some nervous lack could be a nervous me he's a young guy he's probably not been put under this much pressure and he's going to be facing time now he's gone trial right now. But on all this evidence and everything that you are presenting that trial we going to sentence you to time. So what story?
is most believable even captain we could. We got multiple stories here. Ok, we have of an young story of of disguise shows up at my apartment, with a dead body around three m. He shows me this discouraged it's in the back seat of a car right- and this is not. This- is not my friends car this not or nest of cod. raise the victim's car and he looks in the window. He sees her. She appears to be dead. Eyes are open, but she appears to be dead and he's asking for help to dispose of this body Donovan helps out by giving a gas can, and some money not think helps out is the right word. You know he's basically acting like we. You know well, of course, but according to the law, that's what he did. He he helped write where he helped in the disposing of this body or tampering with evidence. Now we then we have the Ernesto Ce Story, which is completely different at first. You know it's it's Donovan did this
and indeed of indeed this. He had a gun. He was commanding me to be involved and to dispose of the body. well normally any time that in others, dear sighed, the story, you know their side of the story and but there's three sides and then there's the truth, and so yours, his In this case, we do have some video footage, so we know that Donovan was not at the gas station and it doesn't seem like he was at the tech warehouse is never seen on the quick trip, surveillance footage so this seems like to me are nesters story doesn't make any sense. Well, let's, let's just go down the road Roquat Kate Donovan's, never seen at the quick trip. Surveillance for where, where Melanie is seen, leaving the parking lot with Ernesto never seen at the Chevron Gas Station, where Ernesto is clearly the person their purchasing gas and filling up a gas can and then again.
we don't see Donovan getting out of the vehicle at the parking lot to help carry the body. This bodies being dragged by Our Nesta and furthermore, you know one thing that that the jury said that really sold them on the case was when, when he, when the, when the flame shot up, we talked about the big flame and that big burst of light right when it lit up the night sky. You could see through that. go and like you said there did appear to be anybody and had Ivan salary, shadowy figure, and also Donovan Young for all, we know did not go running when ya your in Texas, but you went to another country our nest went to another country. Get by that country fled the area as soon as they were looking for, Anna Again Donovan could adjusts they could it came to him and said: hey. Your name was brought up in this and he did it said I don't know what you're talking about, but he came clean and he got charge for this. He ends up spinning charged with it.
years, I believe, eight or nine years, and so I coming forward, I mean I think he regrets it. Has one he's charge with that crime, but I think you were it on on this a human level as well. Well, I hope so because it's I mean it's pretty cold blooded to to assist in that you know, even though you didn't know the person who didn't know the victim to hand gas. can and to hand over money into just walk away and go to bed like a cold like a lighted, the killer probably did while not only does he go to sleep, but he lets arnesto come back to his apartment to sleep and that's where they find the car, and I mean You should spend time in jail for this, because this is not how he is just not what you should be doing yet. Had he never been approached by anybody. He was never going to tell anybody in law enforcement about this. He was never going to come out about this, no one I yeah, I think
He was approached by think it was also charged with something like a marijuana charge or something and that's how he got more involved. But yeah I mean hopefully, spend that time realizing. You know you're you're, human and you have you know you have a duty to protect others. You have a duty to say, hey this ain't right, Now again, who knows if our Nestor has a gun, which I believe that he possibly did and that's how he got in? her car in the first place or when he just sat down in her car. He showed her the gun and she was like okay, well shit and he could have just said hey. I got this gun, I'm going to take you for a ride. You're going to take me, to my buddy's house, but I believe that there was a gun involved, but I can see that because I don't see heard, letting him in the vehicle- and you know all of his stories they're just their outright lies every single one of em in, even
even that third story that may be closer to the truth. Then the other stories that we ve heard you know the one about they, they were driving to Donovan's apartment complex and they started messing around. I dont think that any of that was was her willingly doing anything. I think that this is something that our nest of choice what to do and then at some point he was he was commanding and he was in charge and eat and I would argue she might not have been conscious for any of this stuff. I mean they got okay, so autopsy wise, a visible injuries to her head bruising on the front of her chin right, forehead, right, Temple, left side of the head near the top and the back. The these injuries were sustained with blunt force, trauma, possibly hand or plot, possibly something else while she was alive
there was also bruising and hemorrhaging and the lower part of the neck most and in strangulation. Now there was blue, from both eyes, which was also that's a sign of strangulation, insignificant forced hold on. Yes, I'm reading this off this sweep no, but what what they can tell from this? here's. The other thing that is there was a lot of chess injuries and. This would happen from somebody especially or size and Melanie was, you know smaller girl, but hurt his knees on her to hold her down yet so They do find dna on. This is again another piece of evidence that doesn't backup
so story they find dna inside her arm and its own estimates, its wrought Donovan youngster. It's her nest owes and but what the autopsy shows you know where they talk about. That trauma to the head right that in they say, while she was alive. What that means is that the that those injuries appear appears that she was probably moving during the time that she took on those injuries and that that that was being inflicted now his story, that he tells Donovan Young the next day Oh here again we see him kind of deflecting blame from himself. You know he says that at one point she just stopped moving it's he's a liar liar, but but what what the autopsy shows is? The opposite of that yeah, maybe at some point she stopped moving, but it wasn't when he was holding her down. It was after he died. and then she may have
moving and then he chose to strangle her yeah and then so. That's where I was she conscious when he was forcing himself on her well I don't. I don't think she was. I don't think she was either and she wasn't. She wasn't doing anything that Ernesto said she wasn't looking for drugs. She wasn't looking to hook up with anybody. This guy got in the vehicle and he he abused her right and once in more than abused her killed her. So I think it's just him trying to cover his ass. They sit in the courtroom? You know, I think it's, why they put them in these suits so that you know, Why don't you put them in the bloody fuckin shirt? He has right put them in that shirt. and hand. Then he wears these glasses. I also love it when these guys that always want to ask tough and hard. Then they put on glasses during the courtroom and
you can tell it, doesn't need em cause, he puts them at the edge of his nose the whole time and he tries it, and I think that's what these guys do. They sit there they think they're, smarter than everybody they think they're going to get out of this. They think you know nothings ever come their way and you got caught and and not only that, but then the guy that you didn't think would write rat you out. Did you out yeah and he's going time and still rat you out, and so I think it was is bad enough that you do this crime, but then you tried to make her out to seem like somebody she's, not right and destroy You know this reputation because that's what we do we're born and we have a series of actions those series of actions build up your character, build up. You know what defines you and she had a series of actions that define this great person, a talent,
and she was involved in music- is involved in plays she's going to college is trying to do something with your life and here's this guy doing nothing but loitering for hours and hours has warrants out for his arrest yeah. He was a bad guy before this night, right and because of all your actions, because of all those little steps that you made in your life that your character and you're here, your timeline, your Billy August or not Bibbs Biography- is that your bag and then you do this and that just makes you a fucking monster and then, like I said, to drag her name through this stuff. It's just awful in front of her parents and I in front of the pub and not even just that but in front of your mother, you know Could you imagine what his mother's going through by gone? This is my son this,
evidence that they're presenting in this is evidence. That's really hard to dispute. You know yeah. Like has said, if you want to look at his story and you want to look at Donovan story, historic has no evidence to back it up. Donovan story has a lot of pieces of Evan. That back it up and you're the mother of earnest, dough and you're gone and Aren't. You are asked to told her, I'm not guilty, but He had a sit in that room and listen. all the evidence, and I believe that she knew he was just as guilty as everybody else knew he was guilty. One hundred percent and actually fortunate for the investigators is that Ernesto. I don't think he's the brightest bulb in the you know. Was tool in the shed. Let's say he's he's pretty much a dumb ass. I mean he's on camera three different times during the course of this crime
He gives these stories that just don't have any sense to him. Keep he laid out the case for the prosecutors and for the detectives involved. That's the fortunate thing. The unfortunate part is, like you said, captain we have this. We have this good kid of this good young lady, twenty years old, doing all the right things and she's leaving work one night, and this is how life can stop on a dime. It can just change. Sheet within the matter of it of minutes she's in the she's in the the convenience store for two minutes? Maybe three minutes and she comes across its. it literally is the case- if being in the wrong place at the wrong time, yeah, maybe so, or just the fact that she crossed evil and there's evil out there and the other disturbing thing about this, too, is I mean, I think, attention because of all the surveillance and stuff like that, but you get this attract
young lady, but I really think what made her most attractive is: is her character, qualities and I say when you see this home footage and you see these pictures of her- I mean she's constantly two smiling. I mean on on on a happy meter of one to ten. She seems like she's At nine and that's the kind of person you want to strive to be like well and remember what the police said early in this investigation, they wandered are finding the body if they were dealing with a serial killer here? I think that if our Nesta wasn't so damn damn that's what they would have been dealing with this. This appears to me to be the type of person that, if you and just sit there at a at a quick, stop convenience store one night and decide that he's going to take some doesn't mean this was his first time and it may not have been, but but his actions in the he went about it. I couldn't him getting away with with one crime, let alone many
but what I'm getting at is. He is the type he's got. The type of person he's the type of makeup that could be signing super guys he's his, the polluter. He's a liar. He's I mean he's the worst that we have to offer us a race, and here we have Glenn and Peggy Goodwin, the that seem. You know their great parents. They got this daughter, that's in it at university, she's going to school, they went to every one of her plays. You know they were very involved in their daughters life, and this is the baby I'm in she has a brother and sister above her she's the baby. If the group Peggy the mother she gets involved in the investigation, is she reached out the boyfriend, which sets this whole thing and emotion, to figure out what happened to her daughter and then later they have to sit through this trial, and I hear this air this Turkey sit there and say horrible things about their their daughter. That was a very, very good person,
yeah- and this is where I like- what they do at the end of the trial, because en Estos mother is devastated? I mean she had to listen to this evidence that her son is, you know a monster it well and in a way to I mean it's hard to see it. This way I'm sorry but her nest, those mom is a victim in this as well, I mean they're them. You know me These parents lost everything right, but our nesters mother lost something as well. Yeah, I'm in seed loses her son. Technically I mean the and the image of what she had and her son. No you have an image of of what you're your brother is or what your father is an. Obviously, what who
his son is a now. That's all gone yeah, it's I mean it's an incredibly selfish act, of course, to take somebody else's life. But on top of that, this is the kind of thing that ruins it destroys families you know, and it it ruins people's lives and ruins the victim's life. In a ruined your own families lives as well as after the trial. The good wines actually go in comfort, her, which I think was to serve a sign of their faith in the sign of the character that they have in their intelligence as well because he s those mother's, not not to blame. Now she is, she didn't do anything and yes, I think that that's where the good and then there's a lawsuit going on with the good ones and the quickie Meyer? Yes, so that the good wines, eventually day after after nest of trial, they come out and they do sue the quick trip convenience store for wrongful death of their daughter.
and in actually they win the first trial and then, after it goes to a second trial, they lose the second trot. Now I don't fault the good at all. For this I mean again, this is the type of thing that ruins lives and they were left being very hurt and they did what most I would think most people would. You you want someone to blame and of course you have her nest. Oh, but heavy have ok! You have our nest, though, at this gas station for about Now I have to ours, yet he shouldn't business reload or any had sought in their way that amounted to move on. You know your ask him here, for brides. That's that's not how this works. It's a store! If you going to buy something by something, get in and get out, but when I don't know, but there they enabled him to this, hang out there they didn't know that anything bad was going to happen, but this guy, also he's using your phone and then he, oceans warrants and again
Like you said earlier, if you're mentioned these warrants, this is time to go for the safety of your customers. I completely agree with that, but I also completely agree with, second trial, where they ruled that the two quick trip wouldn't have there's no way them to have foreseen. One has going to happen there. He didn't than him saying that he had some warrants, he didn't appear to be dangerous to anybody the warrants is enough, but again yeah. I I'm I'm on the fence with this, because I I see the Goodwin's argument and I respect it. I also respect the the the trial and the ruling but yeah. At the same time, I dunno- I, you gotta, get that guy of the store you gotta get them out of the store he mentions warrant. you call somebody right there, so I mean at some point you're not helping anybody more you're, just letting them hang out if a guy's soon, therefore, an you know a half an hour, so he's collins,
people he is making an effort to get out of there. Okay help the guy here's a drink, here's a pastry after an hour and he's just walking around doing nothing. Okay, you gotta, go, you know, I dunno cause, because this story would have this story, one possibly one and have been a story, and it's just like if Her boyfriend never asked her to stop and get the chocolate milk in the Cheetos this my neck, happen, and this kid or had or nest. Oh just been there. Ten minutes longer in his ex girlfriend call an offer to actually pick him up more. If the store store clerk would have made him leave my feel bad for her boyfriend, I mean he has to know he. obviously cared about her, and he asked the simple I mean we've all done it. You know a girlfriend wife, whatever is
go on and you ask, can you stop and get me a pop or you can study? Can you stop and get me beer whatever? It is. We've all done it before and to have them not come back. Because of that you know, that's something that you know. After Russell with, and I hope he's doing. Ok with it because you you had way of knowing you didn't, have any ill intentions. No, and when you hear him talk about what happened, you can tell that he's blamed himself and he's blamed himself for a long time and the only person that should be blamed- and this is ernesto- and I We the end, you definitely have to gotta, put some blame on Donovan to begin. If he would have came forward earlier, they would have got him earlier. Leader there would been close. Earlier would have done the right thing. I think that being young and dumb on who will pay for that and what? But one good thing: this was a capital case
Ernesto Reyes should never get out of prison for this yeah he got so. The sentencing was this automatic life and I don't think, there's any possible of pearl now and actually he's appealed the ruling multiple times and again he said in court with a stupid sue with his glasses pulled down. Looking like an idiot and in those appeals have been denied every time they ve Dave, roared under the original ruling, every single time, one apologize for my language. I think I dropped a couple of f bombs. Some people like that, so sometimes it's a little too much. Are we get any recommended reading for the week, but you know what, though, captain sometimes we're sitting here in the garage and we we go through these cases. We and we see the victim's faces and we hear the story and we we see and hear about the people that did these terrible things and it pisses you off. You get you get upset. You know
yet all worked up is another shit should happen now it should happen, and then you see this video footage of this does any it that you know. Took away. A good person in this world needs more good people We need more good wines, you know and it upon. If this were a perfect world, you know that we we should all strive for. the none of these terrible things would happen. We would have to talk about them. It me in the camp getting together every week, and we would just talk about beer and talk about the garage should be so exciting and talk about third love and thereby amazing about twenty four seven brawls. That's all we did our service us talking about problems, ok, recommended reading recommended reading this week, we are recommending the search for truth and justice after serial. This is Adnan story now, a lot people know the serial podcast right about. I'm going to be honest with you, I've not read the entire bout time about I'm coming clean,
time, you're, honest I've, not read the entire book, yet I'm a little more than halfway through, and I gotta tell you the book. If the book is better than the pocket you're reading it I'm actually listening to it. I liked but sometimes I have to listen, because I don't have the time to sit down and in actually but no! No! It's is a great thing and on one of our earlier sponsors, what you know earlier in the season was audible. but calm- and they talked about this book and allow our listeners of jumped on this book- because obviously fans of true crime, fans of the cereal and back So many so many of our listeners listen to it within a day or two. So if you haven't check this out- and I would recommend to actually get the audio the audio book instead of actually reading it, because it's good quality she's Robbie it as a really good job of this telling the story, so we should say who who Rabin shuddery
If so, she is, was a family friend of Adnan and his friends or his family. Kind of related on some level right, I think she's, the older sister of one of add ons best friends. Okay, so she knew Adnan from a younger age and if you're wrong about the If I'm right, I'm right about okay, I know I'm right about that, and so she went to she went to law school. So she has a law background and she. Spent a lot of time looking into his case, and she was the one that presented the case to a this american life which made the serial podcast. Well, I'm telling you this book is fantastic. If you liked the podcast you're going to love the book and if you didn't listen to the podcast, not necessary, you can pick up this book anyway and just start from here. This is the full story, and the cool thing too is the audible. Is an Amazon company. So if you want to pick up the book, whether it be a
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