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Mind Hunter: John Douglas /// Part 1 /// 445

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Mind Hunter: John Douglas /// Part 1 /// 445

Part 1 of 2


This week we are joined once again by Legendary F.B.I. Profiler John Douglas, the Mindhunter. Nic ask questions regarding some of the cases that haunt us. Listen in as we discuss The Zodiac, The West Memphis 3 and JonBenet Ramsey.

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The John doe I started his career with the f b I and nineteen seventy in the field he served as a hostage negotiator. He transferred to the f b I's behavioral science unit or b s. U, for short in nineteen, seventy seven, where he taught hostage negotiation and applied criminal psychology at the b, I academy in quantico douglas later went on to create and manage the f b I's criminal profiling program, while
evelyn around the country providing instruction to law enforcement agencies douglas, began, interviewing serial killers and other violent sex offenders. At various presence. He interviewed some of the most notable violent criminals as part of the study, including David Berkowitz ted Bundy, John wayne gayle, see Charles manson and Edmund camper. He usually information gathered from these interviews. He examined crime scenes and create a profiles of the perpetrators, describing their habits and attempting to predict their next move in cases where his work help to capture the criminals. He built strategies for interrogating and prosecuting them as well. Douglas first made a public name for himself with the involvement in the atlantic. Child murders douglas first made a public name for himself with his involvement. In the end,
and a child murders case back and nineteen seventy seven to nineteen. Eighty one is the author of two of the garage is favorite true crime books, mind hunter and the cases that haunt us and he's joining us here in the garage today via telephone and mister douglas. It is an honour to have you joining us once again. Well, thank you. First saw mister douglas, everybody wants to know. Will there be season three of mine hunter? You, sir, We have the inside track. What can you tell us? Will it happen and when I tell you right now, it's like two months ago, I got a Holt mccallany, who plays bill tench character, he's stay with me when he was developing his part in the show it, but he sound account a grim and wish that all the actors want to return. There was a question with the director he spent
at the time so much time filming in pittsburgh for each each season. He spent about seven months there and he's such a perfectionist that the actors I'm working almost the entire year on the on each each year. what they were saying that he that he is a you know exhausted. I just don't personally understand that neither the us or some of the actors are Why don't you get you some other directors, some of the other the involved in and season one and season, two of the nineteen total polemics sows and two seasons venture did did seven of them. Personally, seven, but when he did series house of cards he started but then other other directors took over over for the ah for the show. So I don't I mean it's just a everyone's. You know hoping that it
You got tremendous ratings, the reviews were were all you know all good, but I I mean it doesn't. Ah for now it's I mean he takes. If you can recall season two, the first episode I just given an idea that there was a barbecue scene with bill tench and he's meeting neighbours refining out for the first time kind of what he does with it. The profiling at quantico an honest. I ask questions that one scene was repeated. Seven nearly seventy five times seventy five times before a century approved it, how he wanted that seem to go because I had made the east is made. He's made the netflix a lot of money. It was. It was anyone else
say they would say: okay, it's fine, we'll get another director, but now they're they're not doing it, but I I just went back of my mind. I just think they will some point yeah I mean I may be dead and buried, but let's see some point, I hope they'll bring it back. so much more to tell I'm even season two, the atlanta child killings, or I mean that and and and you're you know, you're a people listened to your show to realize that's based on the book, but it's not the book or the like atlanta case did not go down like that. In fact, in reality I saw yeah. It is a real way and went down a lot more dramatic and my role in that case. As far as coaching the the prosecution are on how to to interrogate him when he would take the stand or my attitude was towards the the ah. Is it prosecute, interested experts at the f b I and the state brought in there and how? How are they gonna, throw my ass out of there. They did because
so critical of them on how they testify. They were so technical. could even understand what they were saying. I mean I couldn't saying what they were saying: a and the defense experts that they brought in to talk. They may have been saying stuff, that's not correct or their analysis, but it was, it was clear, we have in the future as could follow, and it was not in their heads like an agreement with us with their experts. So there's so much like the maiden In that case, I always think of season three. They got that case. I mean they got. They have, I think, there's just so many different cases, the the ted Bundy case, do robber hansen up in alaska who hunted women down like one animals would set them loose in the wilderness and ah- and you have that casey is the you- have a buffalo twenty two caliber killer. He I mean it's just there's a tylenol.
Then, cases of smaller, no one really the public doesn't even know about, but just very, very interesting, interesting. Ah you know cases and they may not follow that fuck they're kind interpreting it the way they want to, but but it's a it's it's better than some of the other shows that are a joke that I've seen even like with well minds, it was very successful show, but but they have you were, when you you're not, you know, you don't go in making arrests you're not taking cases away from police you're, not kicking down doors. You know it's cerebral when you reach when you reach the ah the unit and your coach you're you're coaching, a a sci you're, coaching local law enforcement on on a on on how to to investigate or or or you know or lead them. You know it's in the best direction for saying an unknown subject
Ah, okay, so are they what they portrayed in mind? Hunters series was good and yeah. Hopefully it's a five year. It was a fight the arc to the show is supposed to be on for five years a and a then there's plenty of cases to fill up those five years. So we will see. Yes, when asked to give a brief description about mine hunter. When I recommend the show to friends and family, I always say it's the more adult, more intelligent, real life version of criminal minds, I'm in a just the if such interested in that car. That kind of show today, in his crime conferences around a country that is just as it's amazing one. I haven't done any public speaking because covered virus, but what I would go out, how much is Ninety percent of the audience are women or two that are really really into this. While they want to know because they too they're they're the victims of the
the kind of violent crimes that I my colleagues have worked over the years and there it shouldn't to better understand the personality. What creates these people? What makes these people you know are different than we are what what? What was your background, so it was predictable that they would commit to. You know these types of a types of crimes. And now with all these dating services. You know that meeting people locations. You don't know you just because someone puts a nice picture up and gives you this background by this little bio doesn't mean that's who the person really is. Oh, my mother, when, when my ex has since passed away She used tell my sister when you meet when you meet a man or boy. If this is years ago, even a boy The relationship is with his mother and my mother, was right on the money there because of the people who live in it most violent offenders. There was always an issue on the mother
side b where they were, they would just abuse or neglect of some of some type, a a going on with them a and a it's a love, their mother. I found that hated it monitor when I interviewed Gary Hyde nick from philadelphia who kept women in the pith, like in the movie silence of the lambs interviews, I'm Lesley Stahl of sixty minutes just got to sixty minutes is so long ago. It was nineteen. Ninety one and followed me into pittsburgh to interview or interview Gary Hyde, nick and when I got around to talking about his mother. He just went absolutely nuts, you know and and crying and and uh. You know he he loved her and hated her all at the same time, and she was very, very abusive towards him, and this is not to say that everyone is because his abuse will turn out to be a violent. You know anything, but I'm just saying of the people
I've interviewed, and rarely I I can't think of one that you could say, came from some loving nurturing kind of background. You all have some type of dysfunction in their lives. Let's talk about the still unsolved: terrorizing murders and threats from the unidentified serial killer, who called himself the zodiac you. viewed in profile, the zodiac case years after the fact, and still were able to offer up some very fascinating, an intriguing analysis about the crimes and the person who committed them. They would well with the zodiac. We never take the unit and really never got involved with the ah, the analysis of that case we've had a lot of people come for over the years, has been different suspects, the developed When a case was going on, we really didn't even have a behavioral science unit. When we we finally got the case it was it was when Socal
zodiac was riding a communication, wrote a communication to the detective I was assigned to the case. He had a private office, a private line hotline and we got what we were going to do an analysis of the communication. We could call cycle linguistic analysis, or is it just that you're doing a profile? As the author of the communication, a the the uh police immediately called us up and said, stop to forget about it. You know why why we figured out who wrote the communication, who was it the cactus? What the detective wrote the communication, himself too he's trying to because he had not had any good leaves no leaves everything just died. There was nothing going on and to perpetuate the case. He wrote this so called letter from the you know the the zodiac
so uh. But as far as I mean, if it's a case of if it was a case today, I I think we'll be successful or when you get a case like that hi. I am and how I was evolving in when I was a unit chief in the beer training, others. It's I was gonna, be emphasising the profile because we could see the
If you have a profile as you're trying to generate leads, you try try to take a peek. The minded interests of people who may know are some of the characteristics of a fitting this character of a the the person responsible for the crime. So I began to focus in more on on proactive techniques and a to to to maybe get the subject or to inject himself in the investigation or get the subject to to go to a particular location or because we we may have a planted, something there if I had a memorial service there, a a and a if you just give me an example. I was she I was sent to go before the internal affairs. They call whole pr officer, responses, Billy and and which is not good. When you go before internal affairs, as
I went, buy one before a group and they said giant I you're not lying, are you too or to the media through the media or to the public or you're a liar yeah? I suppose. So? What do you mean? Are you telling the truth? I said? Well, I dunno, I said. Let me give you an example. I said this Is the case, then I and I told them as the case in san diego, but after a women car was a. Down on the side of the road. You return was sure she ran out of gasoline. No one knows where she is for day to day finer up in outside of san diego and some foothills She has a a dog collar around her neck. She she's been sexually assaulted and she's been garage. I worked with the police. I tell telling the internal affairs this I work with if we came out with a series of articles, I said it because it was my opinion that it as a whole
we're killer was got picked her up the tiger. Maybe two aghast faces gas station, so she thought, and so we really want put a series of communications out looking for lead value, that anyone see anything. They would say thing any vehicles stop any description of a vehicle or car. We put that out to flood the airways. We wait a couple of days and now we come out with another another week, we'll get very good leads leech the public. Where are now description of not only the vehicle but the individual who or who, who stopped alongside of the victim's car, and the purpose of that was to get the to inject himself into the investigation to to come up with a legitimate reason why he may have been spotted there, their sure enough. The guy's injects himself. The investigation that Just you know that I was there offered a ride. She said she and a gas, but she she said,
so I went on my on my merry way. So I totally internal affairs that was, but that was the guy. We arrested him and the police arrested him. Now, if you're telling me you're telling me, though my lying to the press or whatever, so it's not exactly the truth, that's the truth, but we caught this. They, the police, caught us by using this technique. So what what? And so they look at me and a ah, they said well look out. It will just tell you something: that's just what we understand what you're saying, but if, if it ever gets or any thing are you you screw up. Man
we're going to have your head we're going to we're going to have your head and I'll be working cattle, rustling cases in butte montana or someplace like that or if it's not fired from the bureau. So I started really working on on on proactive kinds of things, an interview, interview or techniques and suggestions, because because sometimes you may do a profile and it doesn't fit every character so someone will say well, is this that profile they they they said he would have a a a a a a a college education or a and and this guy who only he is a high school high school educator We may messy age, which is difficult. Age is difficult. colonel logical age and behavioral age, and and you may miss, may miss that we miss the arthur Shawcross case up in rochester new york. We missed it by about fifteen years and the recently
that was because he was incarcerated for those fifteen years for well. Homicide were killed, two children and then he gets out of prison. I believe, a bully, let him out of prison at the serb fifteen years, because up to rochester nice, just killing prostitutes up in rochester everything right, miss the age but car, but we staked out, we told them the stake out. And a body don't recover it right away but stake it out, and so they so the cops. If they get a lead, they there's a body below a bridge and overpass below bridge in the country and and ah and down. There is frozen over with ice and stake it out and guess what
Police are civilians. Here comes a guy, just sits on the on the edge of the bridge, eating and having a drink, and the victim is right or below him, as that was arthur, shawcross serial killer in rochester new york. So so it's it's! It's it's I liked the idea of developing you know a usually imagination and creativity to to catch these guys and and kind of deemphasize and, like I said, the emphasize, the a profile. Sometimes you can be right on the money. Some cases you can forget you can't you can't do it because too many maybe too many types of people could perpetrate this kind of a type of crime. A and a cases we have surviving victims. We can be pretty good once we do right kind of interview, or or we coach the coach, a police to determine what the verbal
well, it was what the sexual assault was once the physical assault was verbal sexual physical and what was it like throughout the first counter, with the victim during this sexual assault and afterwards verbal sexual and how that information would do a good interview with that kind of case we can do a very good profile and come up with because we have a rape type. We have like there are five or six rape type policies based upon. If we have that kind of information, when we can turn it pretty good who the offenders in a similar fashion. In regards to the zodiac attack at lake berryessa. This is the murder of Cecelia,
shepherd in the attempted murder of Brian heart. Now, during the course of tying up the victims, the zodiac killer wearing black executioners type hood with clip on sunglasses over the eye holes disguise he claimed to be an escaped convict from the montana state prison in dear lodge Montana, where he had killed a guard and stole a car to make a get away. Now he's telling the young couple he just needed their vehicle and money to drive and escape to mexico. You said you would have used that information to try to draw the killer out to present himself to law enforcement and come forward. What would have been your strategy to do so? It would have to have just been to release, I just believe in and that work in which the media investigative reporters with me. Really
all information and not sitting on you sit on information for a period of a couple of yeah, maybe a couple of days or so. But at some point you have to re, you know, release the release the information. Now, whether or not that information was true or not. We we, you know, we wouldn't a a you know. We wouldn't have to you know, have a known that a a a b again it would I'd, have to it's been so long since even look that case, but allowed. Many should tell you something else but similar what he did his technique, what it was he's trying to defuse the situation shot, trying to calm, calm, the victims, Don't worry. All I want is your vehicle same thing. I interviewed dentistry bt k strangler an occasion, but I didn't seven
his eighties and and never never analysis never led to his arrest. His his stupidity led to his arrest, but he used that same a technique with the Otero family when you kill the terrorism and the ah, the children, the mother and the other. That plea- or at least all I want you know- I just want your car and you know it and and your money- I'm not gonna, do anything to you and and and so that they allowed it It was a very good modus operandi. It allowed him to defuse the situation and a a and gain control of them, and- and ah you know and tie them up- If we go back to the zoo react with the cash
if the show is you know a that's pretty sophisticated, it's it's a pretty good ammo a you know to use and almost sounds like a stick. So long as that sounds like a law enforcement technique Dennis rader a was a pseudo law enforcement. Yeah he's a compliance officer in town studying criminal justice at which it or state I saw a lot of these serial killer types. Do have law enforcement backgrounds, look like a golden gate, killer, out there and ah, but even others who or you ask them. What are you or what would be your favorite for a profession, it'd be generalise law enforcement is what they've taken some of the most active, forgive actual work as security guards. So but sometimes it's disturbing to a to see how I can't think of the name. You probably know the snake, the
in indiana are the two little girls that were on that bridge. Yes, the murders of Abigail Williams and liberty, german from delphi indiana. I could prevent of yoga and I think that good morning, america, I think I had that other book kill accordingly throughout that case and they never, I mean, you can sit on that information, but when they said I had the the audiotapes, the audiotapes, and ah you know it's like, I think for call it something like come with me. Follow me or something like come with me. Yes, the perpetrator said guys down the hill yeah. It's it's a sound, solitary man I mean, yeah, and then they sat on africa kind of wasn't it like two years or so it was. It was ridiculous, you don't you don't sit on on something like a you know like that, or you know for that period of time. That case to me, that was a solvable kind of case.
That is not a it's not a case where some stranger comes roaming into a community and just by the fluke I think it was like a winter day see she comes across this railroad trestle and he confronts these girls. It's like he has didn Is this knowledge of knowledge of the area? That's his comfort zone. That area there never that areas like I don't I just don't know it was you justice role. I dont know if we don't know how killed? If you knew how they were killed, even a you can like, I said you can sit on it for awhile, but a or a but I think it would have been very sample if I wouldn't like when he sexually assaulted, yes or no sexually assaulted. What are they redressed. Lay on closely deposed the bodies. Did he try to secrete the bike, hide the body from from from open view,
im missing anything any drill or any clothing, or any anything like that, a method of death or who can we can determine who was killed first or not it it's a solvable. It's really a solid case, but not not a year later, two years or two years later I mean unless they, unless they luck out and get dna, but it's a yeah. I just have to fetch me. Sometimes when I see why didn't they release a sinful nation, I mean, I did say that bureau to have only our own their own cases, you can sit on it for awhile, but get bits and pieces of information can certainly lead out to the public.
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Mister Douglas you reverenced bt k dennis raider, and I was talking about these zodiac attack at lake bury esa. Do you think that there is a high probability, a good chance that Dennis raider learned that technique by reading about designing act killer. Yes, because, like I said he would think he was in criminal justice the initial analysis. We did everyone within one semi nine and we were just getting golan really, but then we did a really good one and eighty four with a group of us and which we wanted to focus. We call them
it over. If you have a criminal justice university nearby and sure enough, it was Wichita in retrospect he went to which is wichita on a you know, a a very they will. They follow a bell, read books and things like that. People will always ask nick to a question like well. Can they learn from from your books? I mean it becomes like a manual and uh, not really because What because you should be able to read, you can see when things are done, that the patterns- just don't, don't always fit there, that the the killer may do something to the victim that gives himself
away and maybe the way the body is disposed of, or their parents killing their child. And ah you know it and maybe read a book. You know you know too, okay. Well, make sure you don't. Ah, ah you know let somebody else find the victim, don't be the one to find the victims. I just read some case like that. Ah, but in a case like that, when we fight say where we found the victim, we see the things were done to the victim, but the victim was buried. I'm thinking of the cases I'm telling you this,
it's buried in the back of a house and the ah, the there's plastic bag over the face and a part of the body, or to protect it from really from the the from the elements protect it from insects and a dirt, or something that, ah, that you know that someone close to the victim would have done so we're not looking for a stranger, a stranger murder assault, so you should be able to. You should be able to pick up if someone has a cause. Following a a a a case, a we had. We had a case of a of a this is years ago and was Roy hazelwood who's since passed away it's really good. He did a lot in the area of rape and a woman, a guy would get the sub same scene calls and she got a whistle and she blew the whistle into the phone
and she would be murdered and a whistle would be found, be thrown on body. Also a magazine, a magazine disguise so happen to have the killer. Had a women using that technique. Obscene telephone call these will these old Trudy techno magazines had used to have used ears ago. So so uh he got back you he got. He got back to her or
in the interests of a very direct way from a magazine, a and retaliate. But we ended up. You know getting getting him as you know as well that guy you referenced that a criminal could read and could study crimes and possibly read your books to help them get away with murder and avoid being apprehended. One thing that I found fascinating when reviewing some old video footage was a gentleman that you met and spoke with mark buyers who, at one time,
was considered a suspected least in the minds of the public in the west Memphis three case, and I noticed in that video footage when he was being interviewed at his apartment, that there were several of your books on his shelves or his desk. Can you tell us why you believe that mark buyers is not a good suspect in the west Memphis three case he had a book. I gave him a book after I, just harmony was not a suspect it out in the you're in the case or more fires yeah. He recently he recently died when and when that series of shows what was the name of the first one. First one, the h b, o documentary, paradise lost the child murders at robin hood hills. He was plied with alcohol and prescription drugs. He was, he was scripted. You know through you know through out that the the the the
person who killed those children and the method of of disposal told me. It was not till it was not mark byers. He did not have a history, major kind of history of assault, a passive behavior or it was the other stepfather who was never interviewed by the police throughout the years or the that. Fifty analysis that I did a for the team that was working on the case that she eat the children. Ah it It showed me and my goal was what was the EU could make? This was a teenage lily. Streaky natures involve no and the way the children were disposed though they were children, did close on which be a way of controlling the kids if they fit the stripped down
had been playing out there and it could have been naked to begin with when someone approach them, but the. it was disposed of and the person a stuck a sticks in the clothing and and and poked it down under the water. Ah, that is pretty fairly criminally a you know, sophisticated a the the children died of combination of drowning and the force trauma? Or there were people early on the investigation said they were teeth, marks that were human teeth marks on the body but turned out it was a animal predation or you know the people. You probably know that a now getting back to buyers. I spent hours and hours I spent a a with with all the victims. My goal after I determined who was who was
not responsible that this is an unsolved case. They they they meaning the investigative team, Peter Jackson, the director who was funding this and these experts here was to talk to the parents, and I got to talk to all the parents except the more victims that they had since divorced. And ah I got the mother on the phone and- and I just could not- or even even have the opportunity to speak with her. I did get to speak to the other victims or the other victims, families and first they wanted to throw me out of their homes. But once I sat and explained to them how different things, how or what happened to their children or that that this was not a useful type of a a crime at all, and it was then next again to the person who they came up with as a suspect who's. Who was the
The other part, the stepfather father, was never interviewed. Remember the name, terry hobbs, the fairy hobbs. I got to innovate, I did interview him. He certainly has the history history of a of a of of violence, or they found a hair which is interesting, but it was a as a human hair, an ace one of the a in a ligature of the shoelaces, or that was used to tie one of the victims There are always mitochondrial dna was found on hair and also branch that was
the conjugal link to your link back to him? But the case the case isn't going anywhere because the if they're, not if they're, not working the investigation or at all, they had me speak to the district attorney or down there and and I'm after a we came out with a you know, our show a peter jackson produced and ah it was called west of memphis a and a the the father uh. Oh calvin, I'm trying to figure out what temperature the I'm trying to think of the ah that's the name of the show that we we did did it anyway, plus they had me talk to them yeah. I can't see it but doesn't matter. I suppose I just speak to the district attorney in district attorney.
I saw the show he was kinda miffed or about our our take on it, and he says- and he said I don't I don't know I don't if they did it or not, and I said I do know they didn't didn't do as I explained in the crime scene and and the type of person with the perpetrators of these crimes, now useful type and defender, and he tells me those as will the timing is in. I got the timing and I didn't know what he know. I thought maybe timing because he just release them from prison, but it turned out, like thirty late. I find out. The timing is any good because he's running for political office down there and that's why the timing was in any good, but no one is, to this day
I mean they didn't bring in like the arkansas arkansas state police, and they very good police agency or the bureau really never got involved in the investigation or you know either a they were hell bent on making this a a a satanic type of murder. That was a big thing then, that period of time you had people like geraldo they're, on television, saying that this fifty thousand children are being abducted yearly in and shown it to tat connection, even Oprah Winfrey, special on her show cops are being trained. Look for certain graffiti indicating satanism and and ah yeah and ah so they were hell bent on making down a satanic crime, and you have Damien, Echols and wearing black and and a they had blinders on, and so they they made a case using the initially Jessie misskelley. So call him
so called a confession, or that he you know that he gave. But it's a shame. It was a shame, a of wrongful conviction how lives are were pretty much pretty much destroyed. we want a guy, did booker and disorder is that includes that case closed the domini ramsay case include Amanda knox case all cases I was in wild with the next couple of to you
four years ago, namely that you guys so much for joining us here in the garage join us again tomorrow, if you're not following us on instagram, twitter or facebook, or you can follow the colonel, the krispijn of colonels on the app called untapped. So you can see what thanks the colonel has been drinking. That's right, join us back here in the garage tomorrow in till then be good, be kind in, don't let it
The Here's the lowdown on lowering bad cholesterol from lectio law bad cholesterol is hard, but you could do card. You lived through five fad diets, eleven sleep, training, knives, nine mediocre middle school recitals, one hundred hag and with
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